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JV Championships

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Mountain View HS, Bend

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Oregon - 1A
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La Pine
Oregon - 4A
Crook County
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Josh Goutney11.53Crook County
2.9Michael Gruber11.77Crook County
3.10Zach Gogenola11.87Bend
4.9Kelby Mills11.91Mountain View (OR)
5.9Scott McCreery11.92Mountain View (OR)
6.10Corey Cahalane11.93Summit
7.10Pierce Kennedy11.97Mountain View (OR)
8.10Josh McDonald12.03Crook County
8.9Spencer Kennedy12.03Mountain View (OR)
10.9David Porter12.09Mountain View (OR)
11.9Conner Price12.12Mountain View (OR)
12.12Jake Hueners12.17Crook County
13.9Travis Cunningham12.20Mountain View (OR)
14.9Dustin Lane12.25La Pine
15.9Shylow Chapman12.28Gilchrist
15.10Anthony Hill12.28La Pine
17.9Anthony Luff12.34Bend
18.10Jake Miller12.35Redmond
19.10Michael Warsaw12.37Mountain View (OR)
19.9TJ Whitehall12.37Summit
21.9Raymond Klein12.39Bend
22.9Allen Kirkpatrick12.56La Pine
23.10Ethan Caudle12.58Bend
24.11Derek Wood12.59Mountain View (OR)
25.9Kenny Echternkamp12.63Mountain View (OR)
26.11Jack Pratt12.67Culver
27.10Jordan Good12.76Mountain View (OR)
28.10Michael House12.77Redmond
29.9Robert Turner12.82Mountain View (OR)
30.9Devon Carroll12.84Bend
31.10Kyle Criss12.87Mountain View (OR)
32.9Hayden Rollins12.88Redmond
33.11Colin Briggs12.92Culver
33.10Ross Studwell12.92Mountain View (OR)
35.10Garrett Marcy12.98Crook County
36.10Scott Elliott13.15Crook County
36.10Charlie Webb13.15Mountain View (OR)
38.9Doug Peterman13.20Mountain View (OR)
39.10Cody Hester13.27Summit
39.9Kash Burwell13.27Crook County
41.10Martin Martinez13.37Redmond
42.12Cody Vansuela13.39Crook County
43.9Chris McKee13.91Summit
44.11Christian Olea14.03Culver
45.9Erwin Sanchez15.27Culver
46.9Horacio Morales15.37Culver
47.12Casey Olsen22.80Redmond
48.11Gabe West29.67Summit
10Tony LanningSCRCrook County
10Beau StearnsSCRSummit
11Sean JohnsonSCRMountain View (OR)
11Sean KoepfSCRMountain View (OR)
10Andrew BentonSCRMountain View (OR)
X 100 Meters - Wheelchair - Varsity - Finals
49.9Zach Cloud34.23Bend
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Michael Gruber24.17Crook County
2.9Conner Price24.69Mountain View (OR)
3.10Corey Cahalane24.73Summit
4.9Scott McCreery24.77Mountain View (OR)
5.10Zach Gogenola24.84Bend
6.9Byron Riemhofer24.87Mountain View (OR)
9.9Dustin Lane25.20La Pine
7.9TJ Whitehall25.11Summit
8.9Joel Stichler25.13Mountain View (OR)
10.10Ethan Caudle25.58Bend
11.10Josh McDonald25.67Crook County
12.10Juan Terrazas25.87Culver
13.10Scott Edwards25.89Bend
14.9Allen Kirkpatrick25.91La Pine
15.9Anthony Luff25.92Bend
16.10Michael Warsaw25.94Mountain View (OR)
17.10Casey Lowe26.03La Pine
18.10Anthony Hill26.10La Pine
19.11Jack Pratt26.12Culver
20.10Mark Blomquist26.27Crook County
21.9Travis Cunningham26.30Mountain View (OR)
22.12Louis Parks26.59Redmond
23.9Robert Turner26.77Mountain View (OR)
24.11Derek Wood26.89Mountain View (OR)
25.10Michael House27.01Redmond
26.11Wes Jordan27.04Mountain View (OR)
27.11Colin Briggs27.10Culver
28.9Doug Peterman27.48Mountain View (OR)
29.9Daniel Stirewalt28.33Culver
31.11Christian Olea29.90Culver
32.9Horacio Morales31.65Culver
33.12Casey Olsen50.06Redmond
34.11Gabe West1:04.15Summit
10Jake MillerSCRRedmond
10Michael FinleySCRRedmond
11Sean KoepfSCRMountain View (OR)
11James RussumSCRLa Pine
9Ben HarrisSCRGilchrist
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Byron Riemhofer54.27Mountain View (OR)
2.10Hunter Phillips55.31Summit
3.10Daniel Teater55.43Crook County
4.10Gerald Speas56.67Culver
5.9Mark Flegel56.70Crook County
6.10Juan Terrazas57.23Culver
7.11Wes Jordan58.73Mountain View (OR)
8.12Adrian Gutierrez58.87Culver
9.9Raymond Klein1:00.13Bend
10.11Juan Gutierrez1:00.49Culver
11.11Juan Vega1:00.96Culver
12.9Geoffrey Zath1:03.03Summit
13.9Hayden Rollins1:03.66Redmond
14.11Christian Olea1:04.54Culver
15.10Jeff Hulbert1:06.52Culver
16.9Horacio Morales1:12.75Culver
17.11Gabe West2:06.33Summit
11Morgan MooreSCRCrook County
10Ethan DeVollSCRBend
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Trevor Mottl2:13.08Crook County
2.10Andrew Benton2:13.39Mountain View (OR)
3.9Jordan Wolfe2:13.95Mountain View (OR)
4.10Austin Morrell2:15.08Crook County
5.9Michael Urioste2:15.32Mountain View (OR)
6.9Mike Hanson2:15.86Redmond
7.10Ethan DeVoll2:18.06Bend
8.9Scott Plants2:18.80Mountain View (OR)
9.9Donnie McCaslund2:21.90Redmond
10.9Kristopher Hotchkiss2:26.29Redmond
11.11Ben Schwarz2:26.80Bend
12.10Mark Harper2:27.32Mountain View (OR)
14.10Michael Lytle2:46.80La Pine
15.10Jeff Hulbert2:55.90Culver
16.9Andrew Hawk3:01.40Culver
10Casey AndersonSCRLa Pine
10Nygil McCuneSCRLa Pine
11James RussumSCRLa Pine
10Jordan HollowellSCRBend
9Sam PalacioSCRMountain View (OR)
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Salvador Ulloa4:47.91Mountain View (OR)
2.9Jordan Wolfe4:48.15Mountain View (OR)
3.9Spencer Miller4:48.36La Pine
4.10Trent Pitts4:50.29Redmond
5.11Michael Mangin4:53.94Summit
6.11Ryan Pautz4:58.74La Pine
7.9Sam Palacio5:01.15Mountain View (OR)
8.11Juan Gutierrez5:05.81Culver
9.11Ben Schwarz5:20.09Bend
10.10Bruce George5:24.06Crook County
11.11Kyle Murri5:25.06Mountain View (OR)
12.10Chase Wendel5:30.79Crook County
13.9Jacob Shaw5:34.95Culver
14.9Andrew Hawk5:52.62Culver
15.9Horacio Morales5:53.99Culver
16.9Sam Schwarz6:50.11Bend
10Jordan HollowellSCRBend
10Casey AndersonSCRLa Pine
9Michael UriosteSCRMountain View (OR)
10Clayton MansfieldSCRMountain View (OR)
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Spencer Miller10:51.98La Pine
2.11Ryan Pautz11:14.66La Pine
3.11Jack Pratt11:17.13Culver
4.9Sam Palacio11:23.71Mountain View (OR)
5.9Jacob Shaw12:13.38Culver
6.9Jesse Bronson15:52.00Crook County
10Bruce GeorgeSCRCrook County
10Clayton MansfieldSCRMountain View (OR)
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jason Moore17.33Bend
2.9Conner Price18.10Mountain View (OR)
3.9Seth Hallman18.71Bend
4.10Matt Lorenz18.82Bend
5.11Chase Carlson19.50Bend
6.10Kyle Criss19.63Mountain View (OR)
7.9Daniel Stirewalt19.73Culver
9.10Mike Davis20.40Summit
8.10Casey Lowe20.35La Pine
10.10Thomas Griffin20.90Culver
11.10Matt Agnew21.63Redmond
12.9Salvador Ulloa21.69Mountain View (OR)
10Dean DutroSCRBend
12Jake HuenersSCRCrook County
10Hunter PhillipsSCRSummit
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.9Seth Hallman45.45Bend
2.11Chase Carlson45.97Bend
3.10Gerald Speas48.16Culver
4.10Charlie Webb48.24Mountain View (OR)
5.10Matt Lorenz48.80Bend
6.9Kelby Mills48.99Mountain View (OR)
7.10Mike Davis49.36Summit
8.10Thomas Griffin50.17Culver
9.10Casey Lowe50.54La Pine
10.9Daniel Stirewalt50.59Culver
11.10Kyle Criss50.67Mountain View (OR)
12.9Allen Kirkpatrick51.84La Pine
14.9Salvador Ulloa53.49Mountain View (OR)
15.9Chris McKee54.80Summit
16.10Matt Agnew55.82Redmond
10Dean DutroSCRBend
10Jason MooreSCRBend
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Joel Stichler
Scott McCreery
Kelby Mills
Spencer Kennedy
46.31Mountain View (OR)
2.-Mark Blomquist
Michael Gruber
Josh McDonald
Josh Goutney
46.42Crook County
3.-Corey Cahalane
Hunter Phillips
Mike Davis
TJ Whitehall
4.-Carson Baxter
Scott Edwards
Zach Gogenola
Ethan Caudle
5.-Raymond Klein
Zach Cloud
Anthony Luff
Devon Carroll
6.-Pierce Kennedy
Wes Jordan
Sean Johnson
Michael Warsaw
48.43Mountain View (OR)
7.-Jake Miller
Louis Parks
Michael House
Martin Martinez
8.-Thomas Griffin
Colin Briggs
Juan Vega
Juan Terrazas
9.-Ross Studwell
Jordan Good
Taylor Brown
Jesse Buckley
50.56Mountain View (OR)
10.-Scott Elliott
Kelby Myers
Tony Lanning
Garrett Marcy
50.97Crook County
11.-Shylow Chapman
Mike Erwin
Caaleb Clayton
Ben Harris
12.-Ty Colvin
Trevor Mottl
Mark Flegel
Efrain Sanchez
51.17Crook County
13.-Jake Hueners
Cody Vansuela
Morgan Moore
Kash Burwell
54.98Crook County
--Relay Team SCRMountain View (OR)
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Wes Jordan
Conner Price
Byron Riemhofer
Andrew Benton
3:45.63Mountain View (OR)
2.-Austin Morrell
Josh McDonald
Daniel Teater
Josh Goutney
3:46.17Crook County
3.-Aric White
TJ Whitehall
Corey Cahalane
Michael Mangin
4.-Jeff Hulbert
Juan Terrazas
Juan Vega
Gerald Speas
5.-Ethan Caudle
Scott Edwards
Ethan DeVoll
Raymond Klein
6.-Salvador Ulloa
Michael Urioste
Mark Harper
Kyle Criss
4:08.98Mountain View (OR)
7.-Relay Team 4:12.69Redmond
8.-Adrian Gutierrez
Juan Gutierrez
Ethan Roe
Christian Olea
9.-Relay Team 4:24.07La Pine
--Relay team SCRCrook County
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Rawlin Smith41'01.50Crook County
2.11Colman Currie40'03.25Mountain View (OR)
3.9Spencer Kennedy39'03.50Mountain View (OR)
4.11Mike Gamm39'00.00Bend
5.10Alex Hamiltion38'08.00Bend
6.10Zack Robinson38'00.00Mountain View (OR)
7.9Kash Burwell37'11.00Crook County
8.11David Schas37'02.00Crook County
9.10Ransom Smith36'09.50Gilchrist
10.10Mark Blomquist35'11.25Crook County
11.9Cody Stock35'09.50Redmond
12.12Jake Hueners35'04.00Crook County
13.11Matt White35'00.00Redmond
14.11Justin Smith34'07.50Crook County
15.9Caaleb Clayton34'07.00Gilchrist
16.11Jacob Toscano34'04.00La Pine
17.11Justin Kimball33'08.25Bend
18.11Scott Woods33'07.50Bend
19.12Cody Vansuela33'06.00Crook County
20.11Billy Day33'05.25Redmond
21.10Brandon Mcmurrian33'02.00Crook County
22.11Dylan Fraley31'10.00Redmond
23.9Daniel Toledo31'08.00La Pine
24.10Brad Mcmicheals31'05.00Crook County
25.11Neil Storo31'01.00Crook County
26.10Chris King30'02.00Crook County
27.9John Vargas29'08.00Crook County
28.10Trent Pitts29'05.00Redmond
29.10Martin Martinez29'02.00Redmond
30.12Jared Roen29'00.75Culver
31.12DelRay Rhoan28'05.50Culver
32.11Travis Beebe26'06.00Culver
32.9Bret Golden26'06.00Crook County
34.10Austin Morrell26'00.00Crook County
35.9Erwin Sanchez25'11.50Culver
36.12Adrian Gutierrez25'11.25Culver
37.9Drew McDermott25'06.00Gilchrist
38.9Keagen Thompson20'10.50Crook County
10Anthony JacksonSCRBend
11Ben AtchisonSCRMountain View (OR)
11Matt TillerSCRRedmond
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Rawlin Smith125'04Crook County
2.10Jason Moore118'07Bend
3.9Kash Burwell115'00Crook County
4.11Matt White113'00Redmond
5.11Justin Kimball110'09Bend
6.10Alex Hamiltion109'03Bend
7.10Ransom Smith106'07Gilchrist
7.9Cody Stock106'07Redmond
9.9Kenny Echternkamp105'07Mountain View (OR)
10.11David Schas100'05Crook County
11.9Scott Plants93'08Mountain View (OR)
12.10Zack Robinson90'08Mountain View (OR)
13.10Brandon Mcmurrian89'06Crook County
14.9Daniel Toledo87'10La Pine
15.11Stewart Briggs87'07Summit
16.9Ty Colvin84'04Crook County
17.11Dylan Fraley82'08Redmond
18.11Jacob Toscano82'06La Pine
19.9Caaleb Clayton82'03Gilchrist
20.10Trent Pitts80'07Redmond
21.9Erwin Sanchez79'11Culver
22.10Michael House79'03Redmond
23.11Neil Storo79'02Crook County
24.10Brad Mcmicheals78'09Crook County
25.11Justin Smith78'03Crook County
26.10Chris King76'06Crook County
27.10Martin Martinez71'11Redmond
28.11Travis Beebe70'09Culver
29.9Drew McDermott69'10Gilchrist
30.9John Vargas68'10Crook County
31.9Bret Golden66'08Crook County
32.9Andrew Hawk62'08Culver
33.9Chris McKee60'02Summit
34.9Keagen Thompson59'10Crook County
10Beau StearnsSCRSummit
10Anthony JacksonSCRBend
11Matt TillerSCRRedmond
12Jake HuenersSCRCrook County
12Cody VansuelaSCRCrook County
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jake Hueners138'08Crook County
2.12Cody Vansuela132'01Crook County
3.10Mark Blomquist130'02Crook County
4.12Ryan Rodewald129'00Mountain View (OR)
5.9Kenny Echternkamp128'01Mountain View (OR)
6.10Ransom Smith123'02Gilchrist
7.9Caaleb Clayton121'03Gilchrist
8.9Geoffrey Zath117'03Summit
9.10Brad Mcmicheals115'03Crook County
10.10Christian Marcy111'07Bend
11.10Tyler Smith109'06Gilchrist
12.12Jared Roen108'04Culver
13.9Robert Turner106'01Mountain View (OR)
14.10Brandon Mcmurrian104'03Crook County
15.11Neil Storo103'09Crook County
16.9Ty Colvin101'08Crook County
17.10Charlie Webb101'05Mountain View (OR)
18.9Efrain Sanchez101'01Crook County
19.9Scott Plants99'08Mountain View (OR)
21.10Chris King99'03Crook County
22.11Travis Beebe97'06Culver
24.10Zach Gogenola94'04Bend
25.10Mark Harper91'08Mountain View (OR)
26.11Nathan Carnahan91'07Summit
27.11David Schas87'09Crook County
27.9Bret Golden87'09Crook County
29.11Justin Smith83'06Crook County
30.9Daniel Toledo80'02La Pine
31.10Michael Lytle79'05La Pine
32.9John Vargas78'00Crook County
33.9Keagen Thompson77'06Crook County
34.9Dan Tovar71'07Bend
35.10Chase Wendel71'01Crook County
36.9Erwin Sanchez70'05Culver
37.9Ian Austin66'09Summit
38.9Andrew Hawk65'06Culver
39.9Drew McDermott62'08Gilchrist
11Jacob ToscanoSCRLa Pine
11Ethan RoeSCRCulver
11Cameron JalbertSCRMountain View (OR)
10Jason MooreSCRBend
X Javelin - 800g-1984 - Varsity - Finals
19.9Cody Stock99'08Redmond
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Sean Johnson6'00.00Mountain View (OR)
2.10Daniel Teater6'00.00Crook County
3.9Aric White5'08.00Summit
4.11Chase Carlson5'06.00Bend
5.10Mike Davis5'06.00Summit
6.9Spencer Kennedy5'06.00Mountain View (OR)
7.10Patrick Laubacher5'04.00Summit
8.9Carson Baxter5'04.00Bend
8.10Shane Lusk5'04.00Crook County
10.10Gerald Speas5'02.00Culver
10.10Cody Hester5'02.00Summit
10.10Anthony Hill5'02.00La Pine
13.9Shylow Chapman5'00.00Gilchrist
13.9Mike Erwin5'00.00Gilchrist
11Ethan RoeSCRCulver
9Efrain SanchezSCRCrook County
9Trevor MottlSCRCrook County
10Beau StearnsSCRSummit
9Brady BrentSCRMountain View (OR)
12DelRay RhoanSCRCulver
12Cody VansuelaSCRCrook County
10Tyler SmithSCRGilchrist
11Cameron JalbertSCRMountain View (OR)
10Dean DutroSCRBend
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Ransom Smith12'06.00Gilchrist
2.12Kelby Myers10'06.00Crook County
3.11Kevin Barnett10'06.00Mountain View (OR)
4.10Jake Miller10'06.00Redmond
5.9Taylor Brown10'00.00Mountain View (OR)
6.9Jesse Buckley10'00.00Mountain View (OR)
7.10Ross Studwell9'06.00Mountain View (OR)
8.9Ray Graversen8'06.00La Pine
8.9Ben Harris8'06.00Gilchrist
8.9Devon Carroll8'06.00Bend
8.9Robert Turner8'06.00Mountain View (OR)
12.9Ian Austin8'00.00Summit
13.10Michael Stormberg7'06.00Summit
14.9Jacob Shaw7'00.00Culver
10Chase WendelSCRCrook County
11Jack PrattSCRCulver
10Tony LanningSCRCrook County
11Nathan CarnahanSCRSummit
10Garrett MarcySCRCrook County
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Daniel Teater18'10.00Crook County
2.9Scott McCreery18'09.00Mountain View (OR)
3.10Pierce Kennedy18'08.00Mountain View (OR)
4.10Tyler Smith18'03.00Gilchrist
5.9Kelby Mills17'09.50Mountain View (OR)
6.9Dustin Lane17'07.50La Pine
7.10Jordan Good17'05.00Mountain View (OR)
8.11Travis Beebe17'04.00Culver
9.10Josh McDonald17'02.50Crook County
10.9Shylow Chapman17'02.00Gilchrist
11.9Joel Stichler17'00.00Mountain View (OR)
12.9Kenny Echternkamp16'08.00Mountain View (OR)
13.9Ty Colvin16'07.50Crook County
14.11Michael Mangin16'06.00Summit
14.9Carson Baxter16'06.00Bend
16.10Scott Elliott16'05.00Crook County
17.10Cody Hester15'11.00Summit
18.11Kevin Barnett15'02.50Mountain View (OR)
19.12DelRay Rhoan15'02.00Culver
20.11Juan Gutierrez15'01.00Culver
21.12Louis Parks14'08.00Redmond
22.11Colin Briggs14'07.00Culver
23.10Jeff Hulbert14'04.00Culver
24.9Efrain Sanchez14'03.00Crook County
25.9Jesse Buckley14'00.00Mountain View (OR)
25.10Thomas Griffin14'00.00Culver
27.10Charlie Webb13'11.00Mountain View (OR)
28.9Nicholas Sanseri13'10.50Redmond
29.12Kelby Myers13'02.00Crook County
10Tony LanningSCRCrook County
9Taylor BrownSCRMountain View (OR)
11Derek WoodSCRMountain View (OR)
10Patrick LaubacherSCRSummit
9Mike ErwinSCRGilchrist
11Sean KoepfSCRMountain View (OR)
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Pierce Kennedy38'03.00Mountain View (OR)
2.10Shane Lusk38'00.75Crook County
3.9Joel Stichler35'10.50Mountain View (OR)
4.9Carson Baxter34'09.75Bend
5.10Jordan Good34'06.50Mountain View (OR)
6.9Ty Colvin33'09.50Crook County
7.9Daniel Stirewalt33'07.25Culver
8.9Nicholas Sanseri31'07.75Redmond
9.9Efrain Sanchez30'01.50Crook County
10.9Ray Graversen28'08.50La Pine
10Nygil McCuneSCRLa Pine
12Louis ParksSCRRedmond
10Tyler SmithSCRGilchrist
11Michael ManginSCRSummit

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jasmine Wilder13.4hRedmond
2.9Betsy Gascon13.75Summit
3.9Nicole Oelkers13.86Bend
3.9Alexis Parkhurst13.9hRedmond
5.10Amber Binam14.00Crook County
6.9Courtney George14.03Mountain View (OR)
7.9Mariah Clark14.07La Pine
8.9Katie Souther14.13Summit
9.10Chelsea Finnerin14.35Crook County
10.9Anne Brinich14.44Summit
12.9Kirsten Tobey14.68Summit
13.9Tauna Curtis14.80Crook County
14.9Victoria Pedersen14.82Mountain View (OR)
15.9Alisha Jones14.87Bend
16.9Haley Hester14.92Mountain View (OR)
17.11Christina Dellera14.97Culver
18.11Alissa Barret14.98La Pine
19.9Codi Johnston15.2hRedmond
20.10Amanda Gangstead15.37Culver
21.9Nicole Pilling15.5hRedmond
22.9Rheanna May15.64Crook County
23.9Casey Parker15.71Crook County
24.10Erica Benitez15.87La Pine
25.9Katie White16.0hRedmond
26.10Kacey Anderson16.40Crook County
27.9Meagan Mansfield16.92Mountain View (OR)
28.12Ainura Bakimbayeva17.30La Pine
10Miriam VegaSCRCulver
9Kelsey DeanSCRCrook County
9Maddie YeakelSCRSummit
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Awbrey Gould28.22Bend
3.9Alexis Parkhurst29.21Redmond
4.10Meghanne Denecochea29.30La Pine
5.12Jasmine Wilder29.38Redmond
6.10Randi Carlson29.42Gilchrist
8.9Chelsea Conklin29.54Summit
9.10Jamaica Pinnick29.57Bend
9.9Ashley Wildman29.57Bend
11.9Kayle Fancher29.93Summit
12.9Betsy Gascon29.98Summit
13.9Natalie Sharpe30.01Summit
2.9Anne Brinich30.12Summit
14.9Nicole Oelkers30.11Bend
15.11Camila Coelho30.14La Pine
16.11Miriam Schwarzenthal30.34Summit
17.10Katie Hermeling30.46Summit
18.9Tauna Curtis31.00Crook County
19.11Christina Dellera31.02Culver
20.9Jori Umphress31.31Mountain View (OR)
21.9Alisha Jones31.64Bend
22.9Haley Hester31.85Mountain View (OR)
23.10Ryann Child32.48Summit
24.11Alissa Barret32.50La Pine
25.9Darragh Hildreth32.57Summit
26.10Amanda Gangstead32.95Culver
27.9Codi Johnston33.06Redmond
28.9Victoria Pedersen33.13Mountain View (OR)
29.9Nicole Pilling33.22Redmond
30.9Rheanna May33.36Crook County
31.9Erica Marley33.68Summit
32.10Hillary Hawk34.43Culver
33.9Katie White34.71Redmond
34.9Kelsey Dean35.73Crook County
35.9Meagan Mansfield37.36Mountain View (OR)
36.9Caitlin Knight37.81Culver
10Amber BinamSCRCrook County
10Chelsea FinnerinSCRCrook County
9Mariah ClarkSCRLa Pine
10Erica BenitezSCRLa Pine
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Dana Fenster1:03.15Bend
2.10Jamaica Pinnick1:06.15Bend
3.10Shelby Scevers1:06.71Gilchrist
4.9Kayle Fancher1:06.75Summit
5.9Chelsea Conklin1:07.96Summit
6.10Katie Hermeling1:09.50Summit
7.9Jori Umphress1:09.99Mountain View (OR)
8.9Iorbelit Gutierrez1:22.96Culver
9.9Caitlin Knight1:23.90Culver
11Ashlin ReevesSCRCrook County
10Meghanne DenecocheaSCRLa Pine
11Camila CoelhoSCRLa Pine
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Kelsey Briggs2:39.00Summit
2.10Keeley Kinley2:47.30Culver
3.11Tiffany Curtis2:47.68Crook County
4.11Ashlin Reeves2:47.80Crook County
5.9Lacey Wisseman2:51.00Crook County
6.9Lynsey Fisher2:54.00Culver
7.9Lacey Weddel2:59.00Bend
8.10Lauren Sporck3:04.00Summit
9.10Jennifer Klein3:14.00Summit
10.9Caitlin Knight3:17.00Culver
11.10Amanda Landry3:19.50Redmond
12.9Cynthia Lopez3:43.00Culver
9Cassidy SmithDQRedmond
11Katie JorgensenSCRRedmond
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Lacey Wisseman5:48.81Crook County
2.10Tasha Culbertson6:04.34Culver
3.11Mary Flegel6:11.45Crook County
4.11Jessica Calvin6:18.10Culver
5.11Katie Jorgensen6:22.14Redmond
6.11Carly Ziegler6:27.31Summit
10Laura HootenSCRSummit
10Rosey BaberSCRSummit
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Tasha Culbertson13:20.81Culver
2.9Michelle Kolb13:32.76Summit
3.9Seeca Krueger15:30.89Culver
10Laura HootenSCRSummit
11Heidi PriceSCRSummit
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Susie Whitehall18.15Summit
2.11Heidi Price18.53Summit
3.12Jamie Martin18.71Bend
4.9Katie Souther18.87Summit
5.10Michelle Carlson19.07Gilchrist
6.9Jenna Stewart19.23Redmond
7.10Hillary Hawk19.57Culver
8.10Randi Carlson19.91Gilchrist
9.10Kendra Spansel20.10Redmond
10.11Jaci Smith21.74Mountain View (OR)
11.9Elli Westmoreland21.90Redmond
12.11Capri Stiffler23.68Mountain View (OR)
13.11Teri Thomasberg24.80Redmond
14.9Katelyn Johnson28.49Bend
10Erin HatlestadSCRBend
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Michelle Carlson53.69Gilchrist
2.9Katie Souther54.09Summit
3.10Kendra Spansel56.08Redmond
4.11Heidi Price56.33Summit
5.11Autumn VanMeter56.54Bend
6.11Teri Thomasberg57.12Redmond
7.11Susie Whitehall57.43Summit
8.12Jamie Martin59.20Bend
9.10Hillary Hawk1:02.05Culver
10Erin HatlestadSCRBend
9Kayla PantonSCRLa Pine
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kayle Fancher
Susie Whitehall
Betsy Gascon
Savannah Knighten
2.-Alexis Parkhurst
Jenna Stewart
Kendra Spansel
Jasmine Wilder
3.-Camila Coelho
Kayla Panton
Cambrie Caldwell
Alissa Barret
55.66La Pine
4.-Keeley Kinley
Christina Dellera
Amanda Gangstead
Lynsey Fisher
5.-Jordan Batha
Michaela Jagnow
Anne Brinich
Lindsey Baro
6.-Tauna Curtis
Rheanna May
Lacey Wisseman
Kacey Anderson
57.38Crook County
7.-Mary Catherine Luerson
Kirsten Tobey
Chase Yeakel
Hannah Ross
8.-Relay Team 58.75Crook County
9.-Relay Team 59.10Mountain View (OR)
--Alex Lelli
Riley Peters
Natalie Sharpe
Chelsea Conklin
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kelsey Briggs
Maddie Yeakel
Chelsea Conklin
Kayle Fancher
2.-Ashlin Reeves
Lacey Wisseman
Amber Binam
Tiffany Curtis
4:39.26Crook County
3.-Katie Hermeling
Natalie Sharpe
Savannah Knighten
Jordan Batha
4.-Relay Team 4:44.18Gilchrist
5.-Lacey Weddel
Jamaica Pinnick
Ashley Wildman
Autumn VanMeter
6.-Lynsey Fisher
Amanda Gangstead
Hillary Hawk
Keeley Kinley
7.-Christina Dellera
Iorbelit Gutierrez
Gabbi Hawk
Caitlin Knight
--Meghanne Denecochea
Kara Snyder
Cambrie Caldwell
Camila Coelho
SCRLa Pine
--Relay Team SCRGilchrist
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Tristyne Slater28'01.50La Pine
2.10Alyssa Dewey27'07.00Mountain View (OR)
3.9Kady Stafford27'01.00Crook County
4.11Michaela Jagnow26'00.00Summit
5.10Eva Silva25'03.50Mountain View (OR)
6.9Megan LaVine24'04.50La Pine
7.9Cynthia Lopez24'00.00Culver
8.11Kristen Caraway23'11.50Crook County
9.9Seeca Krueger23'04.50Culver
10.10Tasha Culbertson22'09.50Culver
11.10Shelby Forrest22'04.50Crook County
12.9Amber Oxford22'01.50Mountain View (OR)
13.9Melissa Dumas21'11.00Bend
14.11Dez France21'10.00Crook County
15.10Sally Finneran21'09.00Gilchrist
16.9Elli Westmoreland21'07.00Redmond
17.9Cassidy Smith21'06.50Redmond
18.9Iorbelit Gutierrez21'03.00Culver
19.9Samantha Bainbridge20'05.00Mountain View (OR)
20.9Halla Byer20'03.00Redmond
21.11Elizabeth Hamlin20'01.00Crook County
22.9Emelia Amanal19'05.50Bend
23.9Maria Perez19'03.00Crook County
24.9Ashley Baldwin18'01.75Culver
10Rochell ZamoraSCRCulver
10Tori HillSCRBend
10Kimberly LundSCRBend
9Vitoria StoneSCRMountain View (OR)
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Tristyne Slater94'11La Pine
2.10Shelby Scevers91'06Gilchrist
3.9Kady Stafford76'06Crook County
4.10Shelby Forrest74'07Crook County
5.10Eva Silva74'05Mountain View (OR)
6.11Michaela Jagnow66'09Summit
7.9Cassidy Smith64'07Redmond
8.9Megan LaVine63'07La Pine
9.10Kayla Link63'00Gilchrist
10.9Cynthia Lopez62'10Culver
11.9Samantha Bainbridge59'05Mountain View (OR)
12.9Elli Westmoreland59'03Redmond
13.11Dez France59'00Crook County
14.9Emelia Amanal58'08Bend
15.11Elizabeth Hamlin58'03Crook County
16.9Seeca Krueger56'07Culver
17.9Amber Oxford55'04Mountain View (OR)
18.9Iorbelit Gutierrez50'10Culver
19.10Sally Finneran44'09Gilchrist
20.9Halla Byer43'00Redmond
21.9Ashley Baldwin42'08Culver
22.9Maria Perez42'04Crook County
10Rochell ZamoraSCRCulver
10Tori HillSCRBend
9Vitoria StoneSCRMountain View (OR)
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kristen Caraway93'06Crook County
2.10Kayla Link92'04Gilchrist
3.10Shelby Forrest84'07Crook County
5.9Devyn Kilby77'00Bend
6.10Eva Silva69'06Mountain View (OR)
7.9Megan LaVine66'04La Pine
8.11Capri Stiffler66'02Mountain View (OR)
9.10Tristyne Slater65'02La Pine
10.9Katelyn Johnson63'04Bend
11.9Melissa Dumas61'04Bend
12.9Cynthia Lopez57'06Culver
13.9Amber Oxford53'01Mountain View (OR)
14.9Samantha Bainbridge44'04Mountain View (OR)
15.11Elizabeth Hamlin42'09Crook County
16.10Sally Finneran40'08Gilchrist
17.9Maria Perez35'03Crook County
18.9Ashley Baldwin28'07Culver
10Rochell ZamoraSCRCulver
9Suna ChoiSCRLa Pine
11Alina MazinaSCRSummit
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jaci Smith4'10.00Mountain View (OR)
2.9Nicole Oelkers4'10.00Bend
3.9Maddie Yeakel4'08.00Summit
4.10Lindsey Baro4'06.00Summit
5.10Mary Catherine Luerson4'06.00Summit
6.11Heidi Price4'04.00Summit
7.10Rachel Phillips4'02.00Summit
7.11Michaela Jagnow4'02.00Summit
8.10Hannah Ross4'02.00Summit
8.10Lauren Woodmansee4'02.00Mountain View (OR)
10Alex LelliSCRSummit
10Elena AbsalonSCRSummit
11Alissa BarretSCRLa Pine
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kara Snyder8'06.00La Pine
2.10Amber Binam8'06.00Crook County
3.9Maddie Yeakel7'06.00Summit
3.9Jenna Stewart7'06.00Redmond
4.9Ari Brunett7'00.00Bend
4.9Ashley Wildman7'00.00Bend
5.9Courtney George7'00.00Mountain View (OR)
10Keeley Kinley6'6Culver
6.11Lisa Haak6'06.00Summit
7.9Margaret Weller6'06.00Summit
8.9Tauna Curtis6'06.00Crook County
11.11Cambrie Caldwell6'00.00La Pine
11.11Jessica Calvin6'00.00Culver
13.11Gabbi Hawk5'06.00Culver
13.10Randi Carlson5'06.00Gilchrist
10Kayla LinkSCRGilchrist
10Cassie LopezSCRMountain View (OR)
9Kayla PantonSCRLa Pine
10Monica TristanSCRGilchrist
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Kayla Panton14'07.50La Pine
10Alex Lelli14'7Summit
2.9Courtney George14'06.00Mountain View (OR)
3.10Kara Snyder14'04.00La Pine
4.11Miriam Schwarzenthal13'11.00Summit
5.10Michelle Carlson13'09.00Gilchrist
6.9Danielle Graham13'08.00Bend
7.10Elena Absalon13'08.00Summit
8.11Jaci Smith13'06.00Mountain View (OR)
9.9Awbrey Gould13'06.00Bend
10.9Natalie Sharpe13'03.50Summit
11.11Lisa Haak13'03.00Summit
13.10Shay-Lin Magnuson12'11.00Summit
14.9Haley Hester12'07.00Mountain View (OR)
15.10Riley Peters12'06.00Summit
15.10Rachel Phillips12'06.00Summit
15.10Shelby Scevers12'06.00Gilchrist
18.9Erica Marley12'04.00Summit
19.10Jordan Batha11'10.50Summit
20.9Darragh Hildreth11'09.50Summit
21.10Monica Tristan11'09.00Gilchrist
22.10Lauren Sporck11'08.00Summit
23.9Jessica Carr11'06.00Bend
24.10Ryann Child11'05.00Summit
25.9Ciarra Jones11'02.00Bend
26.10Erica Benitez10'11.00La Pine
26.10Jennifer Klein10'11.00Summit
28.9Rheanna May10'10.00Crook County
29.9Casey Parker10'09.00Crook County
30.9Jori Umphress10'03.50Mountain View (OR)
31.12Ainura Bakimbayeva10'01.00La Pine
32.10Tasha Culbertson10'00.00Culver
33.10Chase Yeakel9'11.00Summit
34.9Victoria Pedersen9'07.00Mountain View (OR)
9Meagan MansfieldSCRMountain View (OR)
10Kailey StevensSCRSummit
10Tara RussellSCRSummit
10Kayla LinkSCRGilchrist
10Kacey AndersonSCRCrook County
10Lauren WoodmanseeSCRMountain View (OR)
9Kelsey DeanSCRCrook County
9Suna ChoiSCRLa Pine
9Mariah ClarkSCRLa Pine
9Ashley BaldwinSCRCulver
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Meghanne Denecochea30'10.25La Pine
2.10Kara Snyder30'07.75La Pine
3.9Awbrey Gould30'04.75Bend
4.9Savannah Knighten30'04.50Summit
6.11Jaci Smith29'00.00Mountain View (OR)
7.9Danielle Graham27'10.00Bend
8.10Shay-Lin Magnuson27'01.75Summit
9.10Tara Russell27'00.00Summit
10.10Elena Absalon26'06.75Summit
11.11Cambrie Caldwell26'05.00La Pine
12.9Ciarra Jones25'11.75Bend
13.11Susie Whitehall25'05.50Summit
14.11Cassie Hickey25'04.00Mountain View (OR)
15.9Seeca Krueger23'09.75Culver
16.9Jessica Carr22'11.25Bend
9Casey ParkerSCRCrook County
10Rosey BaberSCRSummit
10Kailey StevensSCRSummit
10Mary Catherine LuersonSCRSummit
11Capri StifflerSCRMountain View (OR)
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