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Apple Blossom Invitational

Saturday, April 24, 2010

James Wood HS, Winchester

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District of Columbia - IAC
St Albans For Boys
District of Columbia - ISL
National Cathedral for Girls
Maryland - Class 3A
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Joesph Walton11.12aKing George
2.10John Simms11.37aJames Wood
3.-Dennis April11.39aPark View (Sterling)
4.11Kelvin Asante11.64aFrederick
5.-Alex Carter11.94aBriar Woods
6.12Marty Haley12.25aWarren County
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Joesph Walton11.37aKing George
2.-Dennis April11.38aPark View (Sterling)
7.12Dalton Boyd11.44aSherando
3.10John Simms11.51aJames Wood
4.-Alex Carter11.83aBriar Woods
5.11Kelvin Asante11.86aFrederick
7.-Matt Mohr12.02aKing George
8.-Takim Gayle12.06aPark View (Sterling)
6.12Marty Haley12.11aWarren County
10.12Baxter Newman12.13aSherando
11.12Bobby Stanley12.13aMillbrook
12.9Cory Rich12.16aSt Albans For Boys
13.12Adam Yesuf12.18aLoudoun County
14.10Antonio Rutherford12.18aLoudoun County
15.-Ronnie Purnell12.22aJames Wood
16.9Rakwon White12.23aStrasburg
17.10Gage Steele12.25aWarren County
18.11Brody Frost12.26aPotomac Falls
19.12Jejuan Kisino12.28aJohn Handley
20.10Jalen Gee12.31aFrederick
21.-Steven Fields12.47aBroad Run
22.-Kareem Caison12.47aSkyline
23.-Connor Hoft12.57aBriar Woods
24.9Tre White12.60aMillbrook
25.9Kyrell Davis12.62aJohn Handley
26.11Kyle Tsao12.74aPotomac Falls
27.-Andrew Mudd12.75aHeritage (LC)
28.-Alex Nickens12.87aSkyline
29.10William Mann12.87aStrasburg
30.9Chris Collins13.07aClarke County
31.-Alieu Kamara13.10aBroad Run
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Joesph Walton22.56aKing George
2.-Dennis April23.08aPark View (Sterling)
3.11Eric Hiatt23.46aBroad Run
4.12Tarrel Owens23.67aPotomac Falls
5.11Fritz Parker23.77aSt Albans For Boys
6.11Wayne Wyatt24.16aKing George
7.11Dejuan McConnell24.20aLoudoun County
8.-Takim Gayle24.21aPark View (Sterling)
9.10Jared Cromwell24.25aBriar Woods
10.10Teddy Murphy24.58aLoudoun County
11.10Devon Newman24.68aSherando
12.9Kyrell Davis24.95aJohn Handley
13.11Hakeem Harrison25.24aSt Albans For Boys
14.9Rakwon White25.29aStrasburg
15.9Tyler Costello25.30aJames Wood
16.-Steven Fields25.45aBroad Run
17.12Bobby Stanley25.46aMillbrook
18.11David Sargent25.49aPotomac Falls
19.11Deon Gregory25.60aFrederick
20.10Akeel Channer25.65aHeritage (LC)
21.12Billy Parker25.68aClarke County
22.10Brennan Piotter25.71aMillbrook
23.10Dylan Callaway25.83aStrasburg
24.-Andrew Mudd26.04aHeritage (LC)
25.-Kyle Phillips26.09aSkyline
26.-Xavier Roy26.32aSkyline
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.-RJ Brown51.51aKing George
2.-Marcel Wilson51.90aPark View (Sterling)
3.11Zac Kish52.52aBroad Run
4.12David Mangum52.54aBriar Woods
5.-Matt Mohr52.62aKing George
6.12Taylor Davis52.91aPotomac Falls
7.11Mason Smith52.96aJames Wood
8.9Steven Graham53.01aLoudoun County
9.11Adam King53.82aClarke County
10.12Bobby Stanley54.04aMillbrook
11.9Terry Lee54.62aFrederick
12.11Lance Moran54.66aBroad Run
13.11Adam Ferguson54.98aLoudoun County
14.12James Thorne55.09aJames Wood
15.-Terrance Sloane55.43aJohn Handley
16.10Steven Wilson55.60aPotomac Falls
17.10Dylan Callaway55.83aStrasburg
18.12Cameron Kuklick56.20aBriar Woods
19.12Brad Hatton57.04aSherando
20.11Andrew Ogle57.26aSherando
21.9Anthony Wallis57.44aStrasburg
22.9Nick Helmut57.48aClarke County
23.-Stephen Amos57.54aJohn Handley
24.11Clay Southland57.81aWarren County
25.-Ryan Root58.16aMillbrook
26.10Ryan Taylor58.69aHeritage (LC)
27.11Kyle Lauffer58.81aWarren County
28.-Kevin Cox59.33aPark View (Sterling)
29.9Marquis Lewis59.79aSkyline
30.10Greg Weaber1:02.44aSkyline
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Eric Hiatt2:02.09aBroad Run
2.10Grant Deker2:03.77aPotomac Falls
3.11Zac Kish2:03.81aBroad Run
4.12Colin Brown2:04.36aClarke County
5.10Matt Galloway2:05.23aPotomac Falls
6.10Cody Wright2:05.69aJames Wood
7.12Patrick Weaber2:05.94aSkyline
8.-Jordan Owens2:06.41aPark View (Sterling)
9.12Zach Deaton2:08.84aBriar Woods
10.12Michael Clarkson2:08.95aHeritage (LC)
11.11Brennan Gillis2:09.42aSt Albans For Boys
12.11George Martinez2:09.87aFrederick
13.12Fred Twigg2:10.85aClarke County
14.12Kyle Frazier2:11.37aLoudoun County
15.12Colin Spangler2:11.60aSherando
16.11Will Robinson2:11.94aJohn Handley
17.12Jeff Schlossberg2:12.35aSt Albans For Boys
18.11Joey Yingling2:12.94aFrederick
19.12Edgar Ramirez2:13.03aJohn Handley
20.11Clement O'Reilly2:14.14aWarren County
21.9Nick Evans2:14.19aHeritage (LC)
22.12Curtis Falkenstein2:15.12aStrasburg
23.11Alex Webb2:15.40aBriar Woods
24.-Michael Tew2:17.41aKing George
25.9Mark Colson2:17.53aStrasburg
26.12Jesse Radolinski2:18.23aKing George
27.11Tam Nyugen2:18.29aWarren County
28.11David Caswell2:18.89aMillbrook
29.-Paul Rachner2:23.14aPark View (Sterling)
30.-Trey Bloomfield2:25.21aJames Wood
31.9James Reese2:26.88aSherando
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Tom Harrison4:27.37aSt Albans For Boys
2.11Seumas O'Reilly4:28.46aWarren County
3.11Thomas Curtin4:29.28aLoudoun County
4.11Connor Wilson4:32.00aPotomac Falls
5.12Adam Owens4:33.17aClarke County
6.11Nick Mogensen4:33.28aPotomac Falls
7.10Cody Wright4:33.54aJames Wood
8.11Berham McDowell4:33.69aSherando
9.10Shaun Park4:36.34aSkyline
10.12Dylan Morey4:37.24aStrasburg
11.9Jim Thomson4:37.99aJohn Handley
12.11Andrei Klein4:43.76aSt Albans For Boys
13.12Patrick Kohlhaas4:46.96aStrasburg
14.12Harley Biddle-Snead4:48.47aClarke County
15.11Clement O'Reilly4:49.46aWarren County
16.10Nick Gibbs-Hill4:52.20aJames Wood
17.11Matt McDevitt4:52.22aBroad Run
18.10Marshall Eckert4:55.09aSkyline
19.12Eli Vanalsburg4:56.40aSherando
20.9Logan Smith4:57.02aLoudoun County
21.9Robert Fleming4:58.10aMillbrook
22.11Jason Ames4:58.36aKing George
23.12Ryan Faulkner4:58.44aBriar Woods
24.10Chase Anders5:06.26aJohn Handley
25.11Andrew Leishman5:07.52aFrederick
26.9Dylan Newell5:08.09aBriar Woods
27.9Mitch Clements5:09.65aBroad Run
28.9Joseph Monseur5:33.14aPark View (Sterling)
29.9Erik Kline5:38.71aKing George
30.9Richard Bowers5:45.39aPark View (Sterling)
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Thomas Madden9:32.55aSkyline
2.12Jamie Durling9:34.25aSt Albans For Boys
3.11Ryan Farnan9:40.60aMillbrook
4.11Tom Delaney9:41.79aJohn Handley
5.11Seumas O'Reilly9:43.20aWarren County
6.11JB Adams9:46.85aSt Albans For Boys
7.10Clay Jones10:06.74aSkyline
8.11James Spence10:11.08aLoudoun County
9.11Patrick Wilson10:13.08aPotomac Falls
10.11Paul Meyer10:18.64aClarke County
11.11Austin Talbot10:21.54aLoudoun County
12.12Dan Zimmerman10:23.58aPotomac Falls
13.12Dylan Morey10:25.95aStrasburg
14.-Trayer Steven10:27.27aClarke County
15.10Chris Arslan10:29.56aJohn Handley
16.11Axel Tarnvik10:35.30aBriar Woods
17.9Jacob Sunderlin10:37.64aJames Wood
18.12Colin Christensen10:40.53aStrasburg
19.10John Thompson10:51.28aBroad Run
20.10Nick Stasiak11:08.29aJames Wood
21.10Gurgeet Chinayna11:10.95aBroad Run
22.12Brian Flowers11:11.70aBriar Woods
23.11Jason Ames11:14.31aKing George
24.11Darrian Cate11:26.60aFrederick
25.11Kyle Cooper11:32.20aFrederick
26.9Bobby Alex11:32.78aHeritage (LC)
27.12Brendan Vieira11:37.69aWarren County
28.11Tyler Griffin11:45.30aHeritage (LC)
29.9Eric Rose12:08.26aKing George
30.12Kevin Cruz12:10.82aPark View (Sterling)
31.9Richard Bowers12:57.43aPark View (Sterling)
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Javar Cruz14.92aFrederick
2.12Terry Santos15.17aKing George
3.12Jamel Johnson15.99aJames Wood
4.12Aaron Shiffler16.33aJames Wood
5.11Ron Anderson16.38aClarke County
--10Daryus BealeDNFPark View (Sterling)
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Terry Santos15.20aKing George
2.11Javar Cruz15.73aFrederick
3.10Daryus Beale16.04aPark View (Sterling)
4.11Ron Anderson16.28aClarke County
5.12Aaron Shiffler16.38aJames Wood
6.12Jamel Johnson16.49aJames Wood
7.12Chase Rexroat16.54aWarren County
8.10Jonathan Russell16.70aBroad Run
9.11Wil Chockley16.85aSt Albans For Boys
10.-John Johnson16.99aBriar Woods
11.12Chris Chhoun17.17aHeritage (LC)
12.-Chris Lee17.32aBroad Run
13.12Tony Milord18.56aJohn Handley
14.11Kevin DiMaria18.74aLoudoun County
15.-Jacob Kern18.85aMillbrook
16.11John Showalter19.79aLoudoun County
17.11Dylan Michael19.85aWarren County
18.-Nick Patton20.90aMillbrook
19.9Chris Aguemon21.70aHeritage (LC)
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Javar Cruz39.14aFrederick
2.12Terry Santos39.63aKing George
3.12Chase Rexroat41.26aWarren County
4.11Wil Chockley42.28aSt Albans For Boys
5.10Daryus Beale43.06aPark View (Sterling)
6.12Jamel Johnson43.22aJames Wood
7.11Ron Anderson43.38aClarke County
8.12Tony Milord43.59aJohn Handley
9.12Aaron Shiffler43.62aJames Wood
10.-John Johnson44.18aBriar Woods
11.11Jules Aquino44.46aPotomac Falls
12.11Cody Miller45.54aSherando
13.12Jamil Lawson45.84aClarke County
14.-Nick Patton46.19aMillbrook
15.10Cameron Acton46.21aLoudoun County
16.11Dylan Michael46.23aWarren County
17.-Jordan Lutz46.60aBriar Woods
18.12Chris Chhoun46.78aHeritage (LC)
19.10Eric Acton46.81aLoudoun County
20.10Jonathan Russell47.48aBroad Run
21.10Ben Brouillette47.52aPotomac Falls
22.-Dominic Lowman47.66aMillbrook
23.9Nick Okoebor47.73aHeritage (LC)
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Nahaniel Santana
Daryus Beale
Takim Gayle
Dennis April
43.94aPark View (Sterling)
2.-RJ Brown
Steven Peyton
Terry Santos
Joesph Walton
43.97aKing George
3.-Relay Team 44.70aWarren County
4.-Dalton Boyd
Baxter Newman
Devon Newman
Cody Miller
5.-Relay Team 45.54aPotomac Falls
6.-Relay Team 45.65aSt Albans For Boys
7.-Relay Team 45.73aBriar Woods
8.-Kyrell Davis
Jejuan Kisino
Isaiah Davis
Terrance Sloane
46.64aJohn Handley
9.-Ronnie Purnell
Anthony Ingle
Tyler Costello
Jamel Johnson
47.46aJames Wood
10.-Relay Team 47.77aBroad Run
11.-Relay Team 47.81aLoudoun County
12.-Logan Rodeffer
Brennan Piotter
Dominic Lowman
Tre White
13.-Relay Team 49.33aHeritage (LC)
---Relay Team DQFrederick
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:31.60aKing George
2.-Jordan Owens
Ryan McCarter
Nahaniel Santana
Marcel Wilson
3:32.21aPark View (Sterling)
3.-Mason Smith
James Thorne
Cody Wright
John Simms
3:35.35aJames Wood
4.-Relay Team 3:36.01aBroad Run
5.-Relay Team 3:37.46aPotomac Falls
6.-Relay Team 3:37.61aSt Albans For Boys
7.-Terrance Sloane
Tom Delaney
Isaiah Davis
Jejuan Kisino
3:40.74aJohn Handley
8.-Devon Newman
Chris Smith
Randy Johnson
Andrew Ogle
9.-Relay Team 3:44.61aClarke County
10.-Dejuan McConnell
Adam Ferguson
Dionte Fitts
Steven Graham
3:47.33aLoudoun County
11.-Chase Rexroat
Kyle Lauffer
Dylan Michael
Isaac Green
3:48.01aWarren County
12.-Relay Team 3:48.94aHeritage (LC)
13.-Robert Fleming
Brennan Piotter
Rodney Culbreath
Christian Crawford
14.-Relay Team 3:52.88aStrasburg
15.-Relay Team 3:54.74aFrederick
16.-Relay Team 3:56.48aSkyline
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Shaun Park
Patrick Weaber
Thomas Madden
Clay Jones
2.-Randy Johnson
Brad Hatton
Berham McDowell
Colin Spangler
3.-Cameron Kuklick
Zach Deaton
Axel Tarnvik
Ryan Faulkner
8:39.47aBriar Woods
4.-Relay Team 8:41.31aPotomac Falls
5.-Kyle Frazier
Tanner Tibbits
James Spence
Devin Schecter
8:45.96aLoudoun County
6.-James Mellody
Kieran Pasco
Mike Dragnich
Miles Graham
8:48.52aSt Albans For Boys
7.-Relay Team 8:50.44aFrederick
8.-Relay Team 9:09.97aKing George
9.-Relay Team 9:12.66aBroad Run
10.-Kareem Fawzi
Paul Monk
Chris Peters
Andy Stephens
9:27.63aHeritage (LC)
11.-Relay Team 9:43.98aClarke County
12.-Relay Team 9:47.28aPark View (Sterling)
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Hilton Morgan47-11.75Clarke County
2.12Mac Stephen45-11.50Frederick
3.-Tim Shepard43-10.75Millbrook
4.-Jacob Zacharko43-01.00Millbrook
5.9Derek Dowrey42-10.50John Handley
6.12Zack Duffin42-00.25Potomac Falls
7.-Alex Evans40-04.25Broad Run
8.12Chase Rexroat40-01.50Warren County
9.-Kendall Woods39-11.00Briar Woods
10.10Joe Thomas39-09.50Potomac Falls
11.-Michael Poltash39-08.00Broad Run
12.10Andrew Lombardi38-10.50Frederick
13.10Marquis Johnson38-07.00St Albans For Boys
14.-DJ Hancock38-06.00King George
14.12Omar Omokodian38-06.00Briar Woods
16.12Caleb Hartsook38-04.50Clarke County
17.-Jesse Barnes37-07.75James Wood
18.11Nick Shelley37-01.25St Albans For Boys
19.10Derek Norris36-10.50Strasburg
20.11Terrance Wells36-10.25Skyline
21.10Travis Ritter36-00.50Sherando
22.-Travis Kline35-08.00King George
23.11Chase Tyler35-03.00James Wood
24.11Derrick Hill34-08.25Sherando
25.12Stephan Harris34-05.00Loudoun County
26.-Joe Kellum33-10.00Heritage (LC)
27.9Zachary Stevens33-03.50Loudoun County
28.10Ethan Sowers32-11.50Strasburg
29.11Phil Whittle32-06.00John Handley
30.-Adarsh Grewal31-06.25Heritage (LC)
---Sam EshelmanNDWarren County
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Omar Omokodian150-03Briar Woods
2.12Caleb Hartsook139-08Clarke County
3.12Mac Stephen134-01Frederick
4.12Billy Parker131-02Clarke County
5.-Kendall Woods127-10Briar Woods
6.11Chase Tyler124-06James Wood
7.9Derek Dowrey124-01John Handley
8.-Leighton Hartson123-04Warren County
9.12Zack Duffin118-05Potomac Falls
10.10Ethan Sowers117-04Strasburg
11.-Michael Poltash116-08Broad Run
12.10Joey Bynog116-06James Wood
13.-DJ Hancock114-08King George
14.11William Omorogieva112-07St Albans For Boys
15.11Kyle Ilgenfritz111-01Potomac Falls
16.-Alex Evans109-08Broad Run
17.2Marcus Blair105-04Skyline
18.-Jacob Zacharko105-02Millbrook
19.11Nick Shelley104-09St Albans For Boys
20.-Justin West101-07Millbrook
21.10Derek Norris99-07Strasburg
22.9Zachary Stevens98-01Loudoun County
23.-Kare Summers97-01Skyline
24.11Derrick Hill94-05Sherando
25.10Travis Ritter93-05Sherando
26.-Travis Kline89-09King George
27.10Christian Fontan79-05Loudoun County
28.10Anthony Chhoun73-02Heritage (LC)
29.-Joe Kellum65-11Heritage (LC)
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12James Thorne6-02.00James Wood
2.11Ron Anderson5-10.00Clarke County
2.11Daulton Teaford5-10.00Clarke County
4.-Dorian Jenkins5-10.00Broad Run
5.10Ryan McCarter5-10.00Park View (Sterling)
6.11Troy Newcomer5-08.00Heritage (LC)
7.9Jonta Baltimore5-08.00Skyline
7.9Chris Smith5-08.00Sherando
7.10Corey Rodriguez5-08.00King George
7.12Dominick Caldwell5-08.00Briar Woods
7.11Colin Gibson5-08.00Loudoun County
12.-Travis Warner5-06.00Loudoun County
12.11Mason Smith5-06.00James Wood
12.12Bobby Stanley5-06.00Millbrook
12.12Marty Haley5-06.00Warren County
12.12Baxter Newman5-06.00Sherando
12.10Osada Allen5-06.00Briar Woods
12.-John Thomas5-06.00Warren County
---Nick MatyufNHPark View (Sterling)
--9Tommy FortNHPotomac Falls
---Kelsey MonroeNHKing George
--10Jalen GeeNHFrederick
---Jacob KernNHMillbrook
--12Greg EhabeNHFrederick
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.-Dennis April20-09.75Park View (Sterling)
2.12James Thorne20-05.50James Wood
3.-Nick Salgado20-02.50Broad Run
4.10Joesph Walton19-08.75King George
5.10Dionte Fitts19-07.50Loudoun County
6.12Dominick Caldwell19-05.00Briar Woods
7.10Eric Sade19-05.00St Albans For Boys
8.9Rakwon White18-09.75Strasburg
9.-Alex Carter18-08.25Briar Woods
10.11Spencer Green18-07.75Loudoun County
10.11Ron Anderson18-07.75Clarke County
12.-Kyle Phillips18-03.50Skyline
13.10Devon Newman18-03.00Sherando
14.-Marcel Wilson18-02.75Park View (Sterling)
15.-Dorian Jenkins18-01.50Broad Run
16.9Tyler Costello17-08.75James Wood
17.10Gage Steele17-08.25Warren County
18.-RJ Brown17-07.25King George
18.11Javar Cruz17-07.25Frederick
20.12Billy Parker17-06.00Clarke County
21.-Dominic Lowman17-04.00Millbrook
22.10Brennan Piotter17-02.00Millbrook
23.10Trevon Freeman16-09.50Skyline
24.9Chris Smith16-08.25Sherando
25.12Tony Milord16-07.00John Handley
26.9Shawn Owens15-09.00Strasburg
27.12Tarrel Owens15-05.00Potomac Falls
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.-Nahaniel Santana42-01.50Park View (Sterling)
2.12James Thorne41-09.50James Wood
3.10Devon Newman41-05.00Sherando
4.-Nick Salgado40-07.00Broad Run
5.10Daryus Beale40-04.00Park View (Sterling)
6.10Trevon Freeman39-04.00Skyline
7.11Wil Chockley38-11.50St Albans For Boys
8.11Javar Cruz38-06.50Frederick
9.12Isaac Green37-11.00Warren County
10.11Mason Smith37-09.00James Wood
11.10Eric Sade37-08.25St Albans For Boys
12.12Michael Clarkson37-05.25Heritage (LC)
13.12Tony Milord36-11.00John Handley
14.-Dorian Jenkins36-05.50Broad Run
15.11Jamere Woody36-05.00Heritage (LC)
16.9Anthony Wallis36-02.50Strasburg
17.12Caleb Hartsook36-02.25Clarke County
18.9Tre White36-01.00Millbrook
19.12Tarrel Owens35-11.50Potomac Falls
20.-Kelsey Monroe34-09.00King George
21.9Sean Paige34-08.00Skyline
22.10Corey Rodriguez34-03.75King George
23.-Devin Bostelman34-01.50Briar Woods
24.11Lexington Martinez34-01.00Frederick
25.11Matthew Cristwell33-02.00Loudoun County
25.-Travis Warner33-02.00Loudoun County
--9Rakwon WhiteNDStrasburg
--11Jules AquinoNDPotomac Falls

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Alisha James12.59aFrederick
2.11Amethyst Polk12.80aKing George
3.9Jasmain Ford12.81aWarren County
4.11Andrea Gaither13.13aClarke County
5.9Qurontez Miller13.54aFrederick
6.10Sarah Weber13.57aBroad Run
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Amethyst Polk12.92aKing George
2.10Alisha James13.00aFrederick
3.9Jasmain Ford13.14aWarren County
4.9Qurontez Miller13.50aFrederick
5.11Andrea Gaither13.51aClarke County
6.10Sarah Weber13.53aBroad Run
7.10Kara Dixon13.53aJohn Handley
8.-Zuri Polk13.55aKing George
9.11Lauren Wilkins13.66aSherando
10.10Oshene Kelly13.77aSkyline
11.-Kelsey Mills13.82aMillbrook
12.-Kaitlin Harriman13.83aWarren County
13.-Brianna Curry13.93aMillbrook
14.9Valerie Salcido14.06aNational Cathedral f...
15.-Kathryn Davidson14.12aBriar Woods
16.-Lillie Mathew14.13aJohn Handley
17.11Jessica Feddersen14.20aBroad Run
18.11Ayana Wright14.34aSherando
19.10Hannah Clinedinst14.43aStrasburg
20.10Miriam Boukhira14.53aPotomac Falls
21.12Heather Shaffer14.54aJames Wood
22.9Leah Jackson14.58aHeritage (LC)
23.-Hilado Sarah14.69aHeritage (LC)
24.9Elizabeth Cosham14.72aPark View (Sterling)
25.10Nirali Khusal15.15aStrasburg
26.10Carissa Coleman15.19aPotomac Falls
27.-Ashley Messina16.18aPark View (Sterling)
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Alisha James26.30aFrederick
2.11Amethyst Polk26.74aKing George
3.9Nisha Moore27.76aSherando
4.10Mindy Cooper27.96aMillbrook
5.-Zuri Polk28.20aKing George
6.-Kelsey Mills28.24aMillbrook
7.10Sarah Weber28.44aBroad Run
8.9Valerie Salcido28.54aNational Cathedral f...
9.11Shannan Thorne28.58aJames Wood
10.11Caroline Crowe28.82aJohn Handley
11.10Ashley Goodrick29.17aPotomac Falls
12.10Aleshia Watson29.19aSherando
13.9Morgan Craig29.25aJames Wood
14.10Marion Droe29.30aFrederick
15.11Kelly Pyle29.57aBroad Run
16.9Hannah Bacon29.91aJohn Handley
17.9Jessica Lee30.06aPotomac Falls
18.10Hannah Clinedinst30.18aStrasburg
19.9Leah Jackson30.26aHeritage (LC)
20.9Natalie Flagg30.55aClarke County
21.9Elizabeth Cosham30.64aPark View (Sterling)
22.10Corissa Alsberry31.20aStrasburg
23.-Tasha Surles32.44aHeritage (LC)
24.-Ashley Messina33.26aPark View (Sterling)
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Morgan Carroll1:00.12aFrederick
2.11Amethyst Polk1:00.89aKing George
3.10Britani Myers1:01.51aJohn Handley
4.9Verna Hilaire-Lee1:02.75aJohn Handley
5.12Yesenia Ruiz1:03.68aMillbrook
6.11Shannan Thorne1:03.84aJames Wood
7.9Valerie Batey1:05.56aSherando
8.10Aleshia Watson1:05.85aSherando
9.-Kaitlyn Fillmore1:06.18aLoudoun County
10.12Monique Lassiter1:06.52aMillbrook
11.9Takiea Edmonds1:06.80aHeritage (LC)
12.10Megan Waring1:07.02aClarke County
13.11Nicole Stevenson1:07.29aHeritage (LC)
14.10Emily Meredith1:07.29aBroad Run
15.12Juliana Canfield1:07.45aNational Cathedral f...
16.10Corissa Alsberry1:07.57aStrasburg
17.-Caroline Leverett1:07.89aBriar Woods
18.9Sammy Clark1:07.92aLoudoun County
19.9Jessica Lee1:07.93aPotomac Falls
20.11Mariam Gado1:08.13aFrederick
21.-Lizzy Gilbride1:09.20aBroad Run
22.-Elizabeth Wieland1:09.47aPotomac Falls
23.11Destiny Thomas1:09.66aClarke County
24.9Taylor Hall1:10.10aJames Wood
25.10Vanessa Dyce1:11.63aBriar Woods
26.10Kacey Butler1:13.04aStrasburg
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Shelby Spangler2:24.30aSherando
2.12Morgan Carroll2:24.70aFrederick
3.12Rachel Carson2:24.81aJames Wood
4.12Tammy Cheung2:26.48aMillbrook
5.9Jackie Deffer2:27.51aBriar Woods
6.10Crystal Nelson2:29.50aMillbrook
7.10Leanna Eisenman2:32.29aWarren County
8.10Bethany Leidl2:33.53aNational Cathedral f...
9.11Amanda Presler2:36.34aBriar Woods
10.10Cara Murphy2:36.63aNational Cathedral f...
11.11Rachel Hagen2:39.33aPotomac Falls
12.11Becca Hinch2:39.70aLoudoun County
13.11Erin Gardner2:39.74aJames Wood
14.11Nell Garver2:40.82aSherando
15.9Anna Nordseth2:40.97aLoudoun County
16.9Lindsey Armentrout2:41.12aKing George
17.9Amanda Spain2:41.16aClarke County
18.-Leila Kouame2:42.13aHeritage (LC)
19.9Jenny Baker2:44.13aPotomac Falls
20.9Sarah Elbon2:44.90aStrasburg
21.-Lizzy Gilbride2:48.30aBroad Run
22.10Sharena Snyder2:49.71aHeritage (LC)
23.10Kelly Lee2:49.72aClarke County
24.11Tiffany Hatcher2:50.98aWarren County
25.10Bryanna Porter2:51.55aKing George
26.10Valerie Long2:55.20aPark View (Sterling)
27.10Emily Meredith3:08.35aBroad Run
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Tammy Cheung5:10.27aMillbrook
2.10Crystal Nelson5:17.82aMillbrook
3.12Rachel Carson5:23.20aJames Wood
4.12Lottie Hedden5:34.89aNational Cathedral f...
5.11Giana Leone5:36.71aBriar Woods
6.12Hannah Wolfe5:38.22aNational Cathedral f...
7.10Natalie Wright5:38.66aPotomac Falls
8.11Becca Hinch5:39.21aLoudoun County
9.11Rachel Hagen5:39.42aPotomac Falls
10.10Kathryn Eder5:42.96aLoudoun County
11.9Sarah Elbon5:45.92aStrasburg
12.9Haley Armentrout5:49.11aKing George
13.9Rachel Taylor5:50.77aStrasburg
14.11Ally Kuehm5:53.01aClarke County
15.12Jenny Jackson5:54.45aHeritage (LC)
16.12Ciara Mading5:57.70aKing George
17.10Noa Sager6:02.56aSkyline
18.11Grace Foulke6:05.35aHeritage (LC)
19.12Brooke Krossman6:08.23aJames Wood
20.9Carolyn Gorick6:08.69aBriar Woods
21.9Audrey Davis6:16.85aBroad Run
22.11Pam Redburn6:18.41aBroad Run
23.10Amanda Thompson6:22.85aWarren County
24.11Lindsay Pilong6:26.49aJohn Handley
25.12Janelle Myers6:35.49aPark View (Sterling)
26.10Victoria Elliott6:37.65aFrederick
27.10Valerie Long6:37.99aPark View (Sterling)
28.10Naseem Azadi6:45.97aFrederick
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Julie Strange11:37.51aLoudoun County
2.9Kayla Gibbons11:45.27aWarren County
3.10Natalie Wright11:55.43aPotomac Falls
4.10Karly Krechtel12:05.10aMillbrook
5.10Madi Horner12:09.94aBriar Woods
6.9Haley Armentrout12:12.75aKing George
7.10Emily Seifert12:18.82aLoudoun County
8.9Rachel Taylor12:22.19aStrasburg
9.10Gabbi Maher12:33.11aFrederick
10.12Ciara Mading12:33.62aKing George
11.10Samantha Ratcliffe12:34.82aJames Wood
12.11Maggie Gaffney12:38.13aNational Cathedral f...
13.11Amy Youmans12:51.48aJohn Handley
14.12Sarah Andrew12:53.16aHeritage (LC)
15.11Annaylyse Apodaca12:57.80aBriar Woods
16.12Paige Shaw13:00.15aStrasburg
17.10Noa Sager13:20.58aSkyline
18.11Haley Innes13:27.75aFrederick
19.9Morgan McMahon13:37.32aSherando
20.11Adrienne Larson13:38.18aNational Cathedral f...
21.9Hannah McKiernan13:44.58aJohn Handley
22.11Pam Redburn13:49.43aBroad Run
23.11Jillian Stoddard13:50.93aHeritage (LC)
24.12Danielle Marchessault13:52.61aSherando
25.-Zaveri Lamiya14:04.84aPotomac Falls
26.9Aine Gallagher14:10.59aBroad Run
27.12Janelle Myers14:42.16aPark View (Sterling)
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Shearl Levere16.53aKing George
2.11Jessica Feddersen16.81aBroad Run
3.-Helena Niu17.14aBriar Woods
4.10Caitlin Lake17.72aClarke County
5.12Gabrielle Giersch18.02aStrasburg
--9Teakea QueenDNFFrederick
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.-Helena Niu17.38aBriar Woods
2.11Shearl Levere17.46aKing George
3.11Jessica Feddersen17.57aBroad Run
4.12Gabrielle Giersch17.77aStrasburg
5.10Caitlin Lake17.84aClarke County
6.9Teakea Queen18.02aFrederick
7.9Candice Banks18.09aSherando
8.10Hannah Clinedinst18.19aStrasburg
9.-Jasmine Stone18.46aBriar Woods
10.9Gracyn Sharples19.02aJohn Handley
11.12Naomi Bates19.21aNational Cathedral f...
12.12Chelsea Millis19.63aHeritage (LC)
13.-Hannah Parrish19.77aJames Wood
14.10Shelby Feliciano19.82aMillbrook
15.9Jessica Swenson19.93aKing George
16.10Cherelle Bowie20.46aFrederick
17.11Robin Mikulak21.05aWarren County
18.-Abby Green21.87aPark View (Sterling)
19.-Claire Foote22.06aPark View (Sterling)
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.9Lisa Meneau47.74aJohn Handley
2.-Helena Niu49.51aBriar Woods
3.11Shearl Levere50.14aKing George
4.9Candice Banks50.49aSherando
5.10Shelby Feliciano50.55aMillbrook
6.12Gabrielle Giersch50.95aStrasburg
7.10Imani Murray51.18aKing George
8.11Jessica Feddersen51.36aBroad Run
9.9Morgan Craig51.36aJames Wood
10.10Sarah Weber51.54aBroad Run
11.12Erica Butkiewicz52.06aLoudoun County
12.9Teakea Queen52.84aFrederick
13.9Gracyn Sharples54.27aJohn Handley
14.10Caitlin Lake55.03aClarke County
15.-Justine Carlisle56.05aBriar Woods
16.-Claire Foote56.63aPark View (Sterling)
17.12Chelsea Millis56.77aHeritage (LC)
18.10Cherelle Bowie57.62aFrederick
19.11Robin Mikulak59.64aWarren County
20.9Julia Birch1:07.56aPark View (Sterling)
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 51.52aFrederick
2.-Caitlyn Kitts
Kara Dixon
Verna Hilaire-Lee
Britani Myers
51.87aJohn Handley
3.-Candice Banks
Ayana Wright
Chasity Milhon
Lauren Wilkins
4.-Kaitlin Harriman
Gabby Turner
Ariel Asher
Jasmain Ford
53.55aWarren County
5.-Mindy Cooper
Kelsey Mills
Monique Lassiter
Brianna Curry
6.-Jasmine Stone
Taren Henry
Kathryn Davidson
Ashley O'Neill
53.79aBriar Woods
7.-Naomi Bates
Juliana Canfield
Awa Goodwin
Valerie Salcido
53.94aNational Cathedral f...
8.-Relay Team 54.59aKing George
9.-Relay Team 54.97aClarke County
10.-Relay Team 56.35aPotomac Falls
11.-Tabitha Cornett
Kristin Light
Kelsey VanSickler
Heather Shaffer
56.55aJames Wood
12.-Relay Team 57.57aPark View (Sterling)
13.-Relay Team 58.05aBroad Run
14.-Takiea Edmonds
Tasha Surles
Leah Jackson
Jaliyah Brown
59.11aHeritage (LC)
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Caroline Crowe
Kara Dixon
Verna Hilaire-Lee
Britani Myers
4:12.43aJohn Handley
2.-Shannon Thorne
Morgan Craig
Taylor Hall
Rachel Carson
4:18.92aJames Wood
3.-Jackie Deffer
Ashley O'Neill
Amanda Presler
Giana Leone
4:21.35aBriar Woods
4.-Valerie Batey
Izze Ramos
Shelby Spangler
Aleshia Watson
5.-Relay Team 4:25.81aFrederick
6.-Sammy Clark
Amy Lee
Amanda Armstrong
Brittany Tobias
4:29.57aLoudoun County
7.-Relay Team 4:30.17aMillbrook
8.-Juliana Canfield
Awa Goodwin
Kimora Brock
Cara Murphy
4:34.01aNational Cathedral f...
9.-Tessa Warfield
Nicole Stevenson
Kayleigh McKenzie
Takiea Edmonds
4:36.68aHeritage (LC)
10.-Relay Team 4:37.52aClarke County
11.-Corissa Alsberry
Gabrielle Giersch
Nirali Khusal
Kacey Butler
12.-Brittany Waltz
Leanna Eisenman
Ariel Asher
Tiffany Hatcher
4:39.07aWarren County
13.-Relay Team 4:48.13aKing George
14.-Relay Team 4:57.59aBroad Run
15.-Relay Team 5:05.95aPark View (Sterling)
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Tammy Cheung
Yesenia Ruiz
Karly Knechtel
Crystal Nelson
2.-Krista DeCeault
Erin Dougherty
Valerie Batey
Shelby Spangler
3.-Jackie Deffer
Madi Horner
Amanda Presler
Giana Leone
10:11.82aBriar Woods
4.-Tiffany Hatcher
Kayla Gibbons
Ariel Asher
Leanna Eisenman
10:19.19aWarren County
5.-Bethany Leidl
Carolyn Gigot
Tess Paoletta
Kimora Brock
10:30.90aNational Cathedral f...
6.-Kathryn Eder
Devin Bowers
Julie Strange
Ana Valdez
10:45.26aLoudoun County
7.-Relay Team 11:08.99aFrederick
8.-Relay Team 11:31.38aHeritage (LC)
9.-Relay Team 11:54.56aClarke County
10.-Relay Team 11:57.52aBroad Run
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jenn Richards33-05.00Potomac Falls
2.11Keyaira Newman33-01.00Sherando
3.-Caitlin Lee32-01.00James Wood
4.10Taylor Cockerille31-03.50Strasburg
5.12Caitlin Hayes30-08.00Sherando
6.12Akenya Surles29-04.00Heritage (LC)
7.12Kea Jones28-11.00Broad Run
8.-Jasmine Curtis28-08.00John Handley
9.10Octavia Shanks28-07.50Warren County
10.12Nikki Maticic27-11.25Heritage (LC)
11.11Corri Underwood27-07.00Clarke County
12.-Shaquoy Morris27-03.50King George
13.12Kelsey VanSickler27-03.00James Wood
14.10Darian Little26-11.50Frederick
15.12Abbi O'Connell26-09.75Frederick
16.11Alyssa Bane26-07.00Strasburg
17.10Tori Janzen26-05.50Briar Woods
18.-Raeisha Kidrick26-04.00Clarke County
19.-Randi Jones26-01.50Millbrook
20.9Jessica Swenson26-00.00King George
21.-Corey Huffstickler25-01.00Skyline
22.-Jess Richardella24-05.50Briar Woods
23.-Kelly Whittle24-01.50John Handley
24.10Ellen Northrup23-03.50Loudoun County
25.12Alyssa Battle22-04.00Potomac Falls
26.10Ashly Woods22-03.50Park View (Sterling)
27.11Amy Marshall22-02.25Loudoun County
--11Hayley BushNDWarren County
---Kelsey CochranNDSkyline
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Meredith Oare118-04Park View (Sterling)
2.12Kea Jones104-04Broad Run
3.10Taylor Cockerille103-03Strasburg
4.-Jenn Richards102-09Potomac Falls
5.11Keyaira Newman98-05Sherando
6.11Alyssa Bane90-08Strasburg
7.12Akenya Surles87-08Heritage (LC)
8.-Randi Jones83-05Millbrook
9.12Kelsey VanSickler79-07James Wood
10.-Jasmine Curtis77-07John Handley
11.10Brandy Robinson77-06Frederick
12.11Davinelle Woodson72-01.50Heritage (LC)
13.-Corey Huffstickler69-09Skyline
14.-Caitlin Lee69-06James Wood
15.-Kelsey Cochran69-05Skyline
16.9Jessica Swenson68-01King George
17.11Kelsey Phoebus67-06Loudoun County
18.-Heather Cheney65-11Briar Woods
19.11Michaela Garrison64-07Clarke County
20.12Sara Kenney64-05.50Warren County
21.11Marianne Crowley63-02Millbrook
22.-Shaquoy Morris63-01King George
23.11Corri Underwood62-11Clarke County
24.11Amy Marshall62-08Loudoun County
25.12Alyssa Battle57-11Potomac Falls
26.-Kelly Whittle57-03John Handley
27.10Ashly Woods51-00Park View (Sterling)
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Taren Henry5-03.00Briar Woods
2.12Morgan Carroll5-02.00Frederick
3.12Gabrielle Giersch4-10.00Strasburg
4.11Shannan Thorne4-10.00James Wood
4.11Kayla Hennessy4-10.00Broad Run
4.11Brittany Kersey4-10.00King George
7.11Nicole Stevenson4-10.00Heritage (LC)
8.11Caroline Crowe4-10.00John Handley
8.10Anna Sullivan4-10.00Loudoun County
10.11Lauren Wilkins4-06.00Sherando
10.12Jenny Jackson4-06.00Heritage (LC)
10.9Lindsey Armentrout4-06.00King George
10.-Helena Niu4-06.00Briar Woods
--11Amelia EylesNHClarke County
--10Chloe GayNHBroad Run
---Kelsey MillsNHMillbrook
--9Gracyn SharplesNHJohn Handley
--10Megan WaringNHClarke County
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Naomi Bates15-11.25National Cathedral f...
2.10Oshene Kelly15-05.25Skyline
3.11Lauren Wilkins15-05.25Sherando
4.10Alisha James15-02.75Frederick
5.11Shearl Levere14-10.25King George
6.11Amethyst Polk14-09.00King George
7.10Caitlin Lake14-04.00Clarke County
8.10Ashley O'Neill14-00.50Briar Woods
9.-Kelsey Mills13-10.25Millbrook
10.10Hannah Clinedinst13-09.75Strasburg
11.10Kara Dixon13-08.25John Handley
12.11Robin Mikulak13-07.50Warren County
13.10Ashley Goodrick13-07.00Potomac Falls
14.9Qurontez Miller13-06.25Frederick
15.12Monique Lassiter13-03.25Millbrook
16.-Jasmine Stone13-02.50Briar Woods
17.12Alyssa Battle13-02.00Potomac Falls
18.9Isabella Eyles12-11.00Clarke County
19.12Heather Shaffer12-10.00James Wood
20.9Taylor Hall12-09.50James Wood
21.10Jenni Callen12-07.75Heritage (LC)
22.11Ayana Wright12-06.50Sherando
23.10Lauren Jackson12-01.00Loudoun County
24.-Nicole Quigg11-10.00Broad Run
25.10Corissa Alsberry11-04.75Strasburg
26.10Jessica Watts9-07.25Park View (Sterling)
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Oshene Kelly34-02.25Skyline
2.12Naomi Bates32-08.75National Cathedral f...
3.11Shearl Levere32-08.00King George
4.10Ashley Goodrick32-01.75Potomac Falls
5.11Shannan Thorne31-04.75James Wood
6.9Natalie Flagg30-10.00Clarke County
7.11Amethyst Polk30-08.25King George
8.12Alyssa Battle29-11.00Potomac Falls
9.-Helena Niu29-10.00Briar Woods
10.12Taren Henry28-11.00Briar Woods
11.10Jenni Callen28-10.50Heritage (LC)
12.-Lillie Mathew28-10.25John Handley
13.12Jessica Dinkins28-06.00Clarke County
14.10Gabby Turner28-04.25Warren County
15.10Corissa Alsberry28-04.00Strasburg
16.10Hannah Clinedinst27-11.00Strasburg
17.12Monique Lassiter27-10.50Millbrook
18.11Kayleigh McKenzie27-05.00Heritage (LC)
19.10Lauren Jackson27-04.75Loudoun County
20.9Taylor Hall27-01.00James Wood
21.-Nicole Quigg26-07.00Broad Run
22.-Jenna Fries26-05.00Millbrook
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