CYO Developmental Meet 3D

Saturday, April 24, 2010 - Meet Website
  Century HS, Hillsboro

  Field Events Start: 8:30 AM  Track Events Start: 9:00 AM
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Oregon - Greater Portland Area CYO
htHoly Trinity
santSt. Anthony
stfvSt. Francis/Visitation
smatSt. Matthew
spxSt. Pius X
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Cadets - Finals
1.8Jake Schmerber12.7hSt. Pius X
2.8Armin Ghorashian12.9hSt. Pius X
3.8Luke McDougald13.5hSt. Pius X
4.7John DeRego13.8hSt. Pius X
5.8Timothy Brunson13.8hSt. Pius X
6.-Ross Hoffman13.8hHoly Trinity
7.-Derek Reed14.1hHoly Trinity
8.7Nathan Lewis14.4hSt. Pius X
9.7Ryan Sussman14.5hSt. Pius X
10.-Duncan Stewart14.6hSt. Francis/Visitation
11.7Cameron Smith14.6hSt. Pius X
12.7Brian Stocks14.7hSt. Pius X
13.8Daniel Bae14.7hSt. Pius X
14.7Nathan Hartmeier14.9hSt. Pius X
15.-Christian Caufield15.0hSt. Anthony
16.-Paul Vickers15.1hSt. Anthony
17.-Tyler Snook15.2hSt. Anthony
18.-Jack Vincent16.1hSt. Anthony
19.8Zechariah Brooke16.1hSt. Pius X
20.-Madison Meeuwsen16.3hSt. Francis/Visitation
21.-Kevin Yatsu16.4hHoly Trinity
22.-Alex Noradki16.4hSt. Matthew
23.8Jim Pfluger16.6hSt. Pius X
24.-Michael Paino16.8hSt. Anthony
25.-Jackson Henry17.0hHoly Trinity
26.-Robert Woodruff Jr17.0hSt. Francis/Visitation
27.8Andrew Andersen17.5hSt. Pius X
28.7Conner Williams18.1hSt. Pius X
29.7Jeffrey Williams18.3hSt. Pius X
30.7Brent Jacobson Jr18.7hSt. Pius X
31.-Dylan Frank19.8hSt. Matthew
X 100 Meters - Cubs - Finals
1.6Evan Brehm13.8hSt. Pius X
2.-Ryan Weiss14.0hSt. Anthony
3.5Mataio Talalemotu14.4hHoly Trinity
4.6Matthew Gerrig14.4hHoly Trinity
5.6Grant Mathews14.5hSt. Pius X
6.5Nicholas Timm14.6hSt. Pius X
7.6Andrew MacMillian14.8hSt. Pius X
8.6Cameron Isaac14.9hHoly Trinity
9.6Patrick Kelly15.0hSt. Pius X
10.-Mason Murphy15.1hHoly Trinity
11.5Jorge Casas15.1hSt. Pius X
12.6Zach Jolie15.2hSt. Pius X
13.5Austin Migchelbrink15.3hSt. Pius X
14.5John Walsh15.4hSt. Matthew
15.6Jake Lampe15.5hSt. Pius X
16.6Zach Enriquez15.5hSt. Pius X
17.5Jared DeVore15.5hSt. Pius X
18.5Nick Wiley15.9hSt. Pius X
19.6Matthew Henningsen16.0hSt. Pius X
19.5Maxwell Morgan16.0hSt. Anthony
21.-Kevin McCarthy16.1hHoly Trinity
22.-Joseph Kellar16.4hSt. Matthew
23.6Nicholas Reed16.4hSt. Pius X
24.-Michael Henderson16.4hSt. Anthony
25.-Garrett Stewart16.6hSt. Francis/Visitation
26.-Brodey Sajal16.7hHoly Trinity
27.-Nathanael Wessels16.7hSt. Francis/Visitation
28.-Patrick Connor16.9hSt. Matthew
29.-Riley Stewart17.1hSt. Francis/Visitation
30.5Logan McIntyre17.2hHoly Trinity
31.5Carson Holley17.2hSt. Pius X
32.5Rob Merrick17.3hSt. Pius X
33.-Andrew Harwood17.3hHoly Trinity
34.-Austin Shirazi17.4hSt. Anthony
35.5Sam Wallace17.8hHoly Trinity
36.-Simon Crowell17.9hSt. Francis/Visitation
37.6Eric Enghold18.0hSt. Pius X
38.-Benjamin Wiren18.5hSt. Anthony
39.5Jacob Small18.6hSt. Pius X
40.-Zack Pelster18.7hSt. Francis/Visitation
41.5Nolan Kincaid18.7hSt. Pius X
42.5Alexander Shiroma18.8hHoly Trinity
43.5Ryan Forster18.9hSt. Pius X
44.6Josh Rickman20.0hSt. Pius X
45.-Joseph Wiechelman20.8hSt. Francis/Visitation
46.5Matthew Hotchkiss24.5hSt. Pius X
47.-Michael Noradki25.2hSt. Matthew
X 100 Meters - Roadrunners - Finals
1.4parker MacMillan15.6hSt. Pius X
2.3Michael Malone15.6hSt. Pius X
3.4Tyler Helms16.0hSt. Pius X
4.4Quintin Thomas16.1hSt. Matthew
5.3Sam Romeo16.2hSt. Matthew
6.4Gabriel Leonard16.5hHoly Trinity
7.4Chris Skufca16.7hSt. Pius X
8.4Hayden J Farris16.8hSt. Matthew
9.3Jackson Jolie16.9hSt. Pius X
10.3Neal Blaisdell17.0hSt. Matthew
11.3Paul McDougald17.0hSt. Pius X
12.3Brett Williams17.0hHoly Trinity
13.-Arthur Gorlorwulu17.2hSt. Anthony
14.4Mitch Sears17.5hSt. Pius X
15.-Jacob Hamada17.5hHoly Trinity
16.3Parker Wade17.6hSt. Anthony
17.-Jack LaPerle17.6hHoly Trinity
18.3Markus Bauer17.7hHoly Trinity
19.-Nickolas Halvorsen17.7hHoly Trinity
20.4Holden Ziels17.8hHoly Trinity
21.-Paul Hamlin17.8hSt. Matthew
22.4Nico Enriquez18.1hSt. Pius X
23.3Maxwell Scott18.6hHoly Trinity
24.4Hunter Schaefer19.1hSt. Matthew
25.-Gabriel Connor19.4hSt. Matthew
26.-Carter Barrett19.5hSt. Anthony
27.-Henry Wisshack20.1hSt. Matthew
27.-Spencer Dunkley20.1hSt. Matthew
29.-Henry Gebken20.3hHoly Trinity
30.-Scot Rein20.4hHoly Trinity
31.3John Fey20.5hSt. Pius X
32.4Sumner Maesaka20.7hHoly Trinity
33.4Matthew Bryan21.7hSt. Pius X
X 200 Meters - Cadets - Finals
1.-Devin Distant27.1hSt. Anthony
2.8Armin Ghorashian27.5hSt. Pius X
3.-Kiuna Talalemotu28.3hHoly Trinity
4.-Ross Hoffman28.9hHoly Trinity
5.-Jose Madrid29.6hHoly Trinity
7.7Ryan Sussman30.6hSt. Pius X
8.8Daniel Bae31.2hSt. Pius X
9.-Paul Vickers31.5hSt. Anthony
10.7Isaac Youm31.6hSt. Pius X
11.7Nathan Hartmeier31.8hSt. Pius X
12.8Benjamin Lewis31.8hSt. Pius X
13.7Alexander Folino32.7hHoly Trinity
14.8Cole Thalmann34.9hSt. Pius X
15.-Nathaniel Trobough38.9hSt. Francis/Visitation
X 200 Meters - Cubs - Finals
1.6Matthew Ferguson28.8hSt. Anthony
2.6Evan Brehm29.9hSt. Pius X
3.5Mataio Talalemotu30.3hHoly Trinity
4.5Nicholas Timm30.4hSt. Pius X
5.6Matthew Gerrig30.5hHoly Trinity
6.5Jacob Leonard31.1hHoly Trinity
7.6Matthew Ruka31.3hSt. Pius X
8.6Grant Mathews31.8hSt. Pius X
9.5Nihar Doshi32.0hSt. Pius X
10.7Alex Conradt32.0hHoly Trinity
11.5Cameron Parker32.0hHoly Trinity
12.5Austin Migchelbrink32.1hSt. Pius X
13.5Jared DeVore32.3hSt. Pius X
14.6Zach Jolie32.5hSt. Pius X
15.6Matthew Henningsen34.0hSt. Pius X
16.5Nick Wiley34.0hSt. Pius X
17.5Ibrahim Youm34.4hSt. Pius X
18.5Maxwell Morgan36.0hSt. Anthony
19.-Jason DuMont36.1hHoly Trinity
20.5Rob Merrick36.5hSt. Pius X
21.5Logan McIntyre37.8hHoly Trinity
22.-Simon Crowell38.3hSt. Francis/Visitation
23.5Logan Seiffert38.8hSt. Pius X
24.5Ryan Forster39.0hSt. Pius X
X 200 Meters - Roadrunners - Finals
1.3Aidan Maloney33.4hSt. Matthew
2.4Hayden J Farris33.4hSt. Matthew
3.3Sam Romeo35.0hSt. Matthew
4.3Jackson Jolie35.5hSt. Pius X
5.3Paul McDougald36.1hSt. Pius X
6.3Brett Williams37.6hHoly Trinity
7.4Chris Skufca37.7hSt. Pius X
8.3Tyson Parker38.5hHoly Trinity
9.4Quintin Thomas38.7hSt. Matthew
10.-Nicolas Lupo40.6hHoly Trinity
11.3Marco Navarro40.6hSt. Pius X
12.-Paul Hamlin42.1hSt. Matthew
13.3David Bridgeman42.8hSt. Pius X
14.-Carter Barrett45.0hSt. Anthony
15.-Henry Wisshack46.7hSt. Matthew
16.-Jacob Hermance55.0hSt. Francis/Visitation
X 400 Meters - Cadets - Finals
1.8Jake Schmerber59.6hSt. Pius X
2.-Kiuna Talalemotu1:01.0hHoly Trinity
3.8Armin Ghorashian1:03.3hSt. Pius X
4.7John DeRego1:05.1hSt. Pius X
5.-Ross Hoffman1:05.6hHoly Trinity
6.7Nathan Lewis1:06.6hSt. Pius X
7.-Nicholas Boguski1:09.2hSt. Francis/Visitation
8.7Isaac Youm1:10.7hSt. Pius X
9.-Derek Reed1:11.8hHoly Trinity
10.8Matthew Lemmond1:12.8hSt. Pius X
11.7Nathan Hartmeier1:15.4hSt. Pius X
12.-Mark Geisler1:16.4hSt. Anthony
13.7Alexander Folino1:18.6hHoly Trinity
14.-Alex Noradki1:21.5hSt. Matthew
15.-Glen Rein1:36.7hHoly Trinity
X 400 Meters - Cubs - Finals
1.6Matthew Ruka1:08.2hSt. Pius X
2.6Cameron Isaac1:09.0hHoly Trinity
3.5Nick Wiley1:09.2hSt. Pius X
4.5Mataio Talalemotu1:09.4hHoly Trinity
5.7Alex Conradt1:09.8hHoly Trinity
6.6Evan Brehm1:10.3hSt. Pius X
7.6Zach Jolie1:11.2hSt. Pius X
8.5Jacob Leonard1:12.0hHoly Trinity
9.5Austin Migchelbrink1:14.1hSt. Pius X
10.5Ibrahim Youm1:16.0hSt. Pius X
11.5John Walsh1:16.3hSt. Matthew
12.-John Kunis1:17.4hSt. Francis/Visitation
13.-Kevin McCarthy1:18.0hHoly Trinity
14.-Jason DuMont1:18.1hHoly Trinity
15.-Joseph Kellar1:18.2hSt. Matthew
16.-Julian Kirchler1:18.3hSt. Francis/Visitation
17.-Brodey Sajal1:18.3hHoly Trinity
18.-Kieshon Averette1:22.3hHoly Trinity
19.-Andrew Harwood1:23.3hHoly Trinity
20.-Riley Stewart1:25.1hSt. Francis/Visitation
21.6Nash Rauen1:25.6hSt. Anthony
22.-Nicholas Johnson1:27.3hSt. Matthew
23.5Nikolaus Jacobson1:28.6hSt. Pius X
24.-Garrett Stewart1:30.9hSt. Francis/Visitation
---Nathanael WesselsSCRSt. Francis/Visitation
X 400 Meters - Roadrunners - Finals
1.3Aidan Maloney1:15.2hSt. Matthew
2.4parker MacMillan1:18.5hSt. Pius X
3.3Jackson Jolie1:18.8hSt. Pius X
4.3Paul McDougald1:19.5hSt. Pius X
5.4Gabriel Leonard1:20.2hHoly Trinity
6.3Neal Blaisdell1:20.4hSt. Matthew
7.3Jack De la motte1:24.4hSt. Matthew
8.3Brett Williams1:25.3hHoly Trinity
9.3Marco Navarro1:25.8hSt. Pius X
10.3Markus Bauer1:27.0hHoly Trinity
11.3Maxwell Scott1:28.1hHoly Trinity
12.3Tyson Parker1:28.9hHoly Trinity
13.-Nicolas Lupo1:30.1hHoly Trinity
14.4Conner Graziano1:30.5hHoly Trinity
15.3John Fey1:36.0hSt. Pius X
16.3David Bridgeman1:40.9hSt. Pius X
17.3Andrew Records1:41.0hSt. Matthew
18.4Matthew Bryan1:50.0hSt. Pius X
19.-Khoa Van1:52.7hSt. Matthew
X 800 Meters - Cadets - Finals
1.8Peter Bergmann2:13.0hHoly Trinity
2.7Zachary Sims2:16.4hHoly Trinity
3.8Mikey Fey2:16.7hSt. Pius X
4.8Kyle Thompson2:18.2hSt. Pius X
5.7Sam Truax2:19.1hHoly Trinity
6.12Tim Motsiff2:30.4hHoly Trinity
7.-Drew Larabee2:31.0hHoly Trinity
8.-John Caufield2:38.1hSt. Anthony
9.-Devin Distant2:42.3hSt. Anthony
10.7Tom Murphy2:42.8hSt. Pius X
11.8Matthew Goodman3:00.6hSt. Pius X
12.7Isaac Youm3:00.8hSt. Pius X
13.-Alex Satterlee3:02.5hSt. Matthew
14.-Jeremy Lambert3:06.1hSt. Anthony
15.-Scott Lepschat3:09.4hSt. Francis/Visitation
16.-Glen Rein3:31.4hHoly Trinity
---Tristan SommersSCRHoly Trinity
X 800 Meters - Cubs - Finals
1.6Daniel Thompson2:31.6hSt. Pius X
2.5Andrew Lang2:35.7hHoly Trinity
3.5Cameron Parker2:38.5hHoly Trinity
4.5Logan Phillips2:38.8hSt. Anthony
5.6David Bridges2:40.1hSt. Pius X
6.6Jacob Hillman2:41.4hSt. Pius X
7.6Matthew Ruka2:42.6hSt. Pius X
8.6Luca Ostetag-Hill2:45.8hSt. Pius X
9.6Zachary Rabin2:54.6hHoly Trinity
10.6Stephen Fey2:55.6hSt. Pius X
11.-John Kunis2:56.7hSt. Francis/Visitation
12.5Alan Wild3:02.9hHoly Trinity
13.5Cody Grater3:20.3hSt. Pius X
14.-Nicholas Johnson3:29.7hSt. Matthew
15.-Nathanael Wessels3:37.4hSt. Francis/Visitation
16.6Christopher Goodman3:44.4hSt. Pius X
X 800 Meters - Roadrunners - Finals
1.4Cameron Thompson2:52.0hSt. Pius X
2.4Eric Brecht3:04.9hSt. Pius X
3.4Ryan Olson3:09.7hHoly Trinity
4.3Parker Wade3:19.7hSt. Anthony
5.-Jacob Hamada3:22.1hHoly Trinity
6.-Jack LaPerle3:35.6hHoly Trinity
7.3Andrew Records3:45.3hSt. Matthew
8.-Joseph Boguski3:47.5hSt. Francis/Visitation
X 1500 Meters - Cadets - Finals
1.8Peter Bergmann4:32.6hHoly Trinity
2.8Mikey Fey4:38.1hSt. Pius X
3.7Sam Truax4:40.2hHoly Trinity
4.7Zachary Sims4:55.9hHoly Trinity
5.-Jordan Hamada4:56.4hHoly Trinity
6.8Matthew Lemmond5:00.4hSt. Pius X
7.7Mark Sussman5:01.3hSt. Pius X
8.12Tim Motsiff5:03.0hHoly Trinity
9.8Benjamin Lewis5:27.4hSt. Pius X
10.7Cameron Smith5:36.8hSt. Pius X
11.-Mark Geisler5:37.0hSt. Anthony
12.8Zechariah Brooke5:42.6hSt. Pius X
13.-Duncan Stewart5:48.9hSt. Francis/Visitation
14.-Christian Caufield5:58.4hSt. Anthony
15.-Tyler Snook5:59.7hSt. Anthony
16.-Scott Lepschat6:00.5hSt. Francis/Visitation
17.8Matthew Goodman6:05.0hSt. Pius X
18.-Kevin Yatsu6:09.7hHoly Trinity
19.-Nathaniel Trobough6:36.4hSt. Francis/Visitation
20.8Justin Reed7:02.4hSt. Pius X
X 1500 Meters - Cubs - Finals
1.5Logan Phillips5:12.4hSt. Anthony
2.6Jacob Hillman5:19.4hSt. Pius X
3.6David Bridges5:24.7hSt. Pius X
4.6Luca Ostetag-Hill5:36.3hSt. Pius X
5.5Alan Wild5:40.1hHoly Trinity
6.6Zachary Rabin5:44.3hHoly Trinity
7.6Stephen Fey5:46.5hSt. Pius X
8.6Zach Enriquez6:06.9hSt. Pius X
9.6Nicholas Reed6:10.3hSt. Pius X
10.6Matthew Henningsen6:11.8hSt. Pius X
11.5Nihar Doshi6:12.2hSt. Pius X
12.5Cody Grater6:18.4hSt. Pius X
13.5Justin Gower6:38.7hSt. Pius X
14.-Peter Wilmes6:42.8hSt. Anthony
15.-Andrew Dunn7:01.4hSt. Anthony
16.6Dillon Brady7:16.7hSt. Pius X
17.6Patrick Kelly7:30.3hSt. Pius X
18.6Peter Bernard7:39.5hSt. Pius X
19.6Christopher Goodman7:39.8hSt. Pius X
20.6Eric Enghold8:02.4hSt. Pius X
21.6Josh Rickman8:27.6hSt. Pius X
22.-Austin Shirazi8:53.6hSt. Anthony
X 1500 Meters - Roadrunners - Finals
1.4Cameron Thompson5:29.2hSt. Pius X
2.4Eric Brecht5:59.9hSt. Pius X
3.4Holden Ziels6:22.1hHoly Trinity
4.3Jack De la motte6:24.3hSt. Matthew
5.4Conner Graziano6:24.8hHoly Trinity
6.4Skyler Gambill6:28.7hSt. Anthony
7.-Joseph Boguski7:25.9hSt. Francis/Visitation
X 3000 Meters - Cadets - Finals
1.8Kyle Thompson9:41.4hSt. Pius X
2.7Mark Sussman10:20.0hSt. Pius X
3.-Marty Ramos10:39.4hSt. Anthony
4.7Tom Murphy11:48.5hSt. Pius X
5.7Matt Oordt12:05.4hSt. Pius X
6.-Jack Vincent12:38.7hSt. Anthony
X 3000 Meters - Cubs - Finals
1.6Daniel Thompson10:21.4hSt. Pius X
2.5Andrew Lang11:33.1hHoly Trinity
3.5Nikolaus Jacobson12:58.1hSt. Pius X
X 4x60 Relay - Roadrunners - Finals
1.-Holden Ziels
Jacob Hamada
Brett Williams
Jack LaPerle
40.3hHoly Trinity
2.-Henry Wisshack
Andrew Records
Hunter Schaefer
Gabriel Connor
40.5hSt. Matthew
2.-Paul McDougald
Mitch Sears
parker MacMillan
Chris Skufca
40.5hSt. Pius X
4.-Relay Team 43.9hSt. Pius X
5.-Relay Team 44.8hHoly Trinity
X 4x100 Relay - Cadets - Finals
1.-Jake Schmerber
Nathan Lewis
Timothy Brunson
Armin Ghorashian
55.3hSt. Pius X
2.-Isaac Youm
Daniel Bae
Ryan Sussman
John DeRego
58.1hSt. Pius X
3.-Christian Caufield
Jack Vincent
Dom Pham
Tyler Snook
1:00.7hSt. Anthony
4.-Nathaniel Trobough
Robert Woodruff Jr
Duncan Stewart
Nicholas Boguski
1:04.4hSt. Francis/Visitation
---Kiuna Talalemotu
Jose Madrid
Derek Reed
Ross Hoffman
DQHoly Trinity
X 4x100 Relay - Cubs - Finals
1.-Grant Mathews
Andrew MacMillian
Jorge Casas
Evan Brehm
58.1hSt. Pius X
2.-Matthew Gerrig
Cameron Isaac
Alex Conradt
Jacob Leonard
58.4hHoly Trinity
3.-Jason DuMont
Kevin McCarthy
Kieshon Averette
Mataio Talalemotu
1:03.6hHoly Trinity
4.-Patrick Maloney
Patrick Connor
Joseph Kellar
John Walsh
1:05.6hSt. Matthew
5.-Matthew Henningsen
Nikolaus Jacobson
Rob Merrick
Nicholas Timm
1:07.1hSt. Pius X
6.-Julian Kirchler
Nathanael Wessels
Garrett Stewart
Riley Stewart
1:07.6hSt. Francis/Visitation
7.-Austin Shirazi
Maxwell Morgan
Peter Wilmes
Michael Henderson
1:07.9hSt. Anthony
X 4x100 Relay - Roadrunners - Finals
1.-Aidan J Maloney
Neal W Blaisdell
Sam Romeo
Quintin H Thomas
1:06.1hSt. Matthew
2.-Jack de la Motte
Hayden J Farris
Spencer Dunkley
Paul Hamlin
1:13.0hSt. Matthew
3.-Carter Barrett
Arthur Gorlorwulu
Skyler Gambill
Parker Wade
1:13.8hSt. Anthony
4.-Tiernan Morgan
Ryan Olson
Maxwell Scott
Tyson Parker
1:14.2hHoly Trinity
5.-Cameron Thompson
Eric Brecht
Matthew Bryan
Marco Navarro
1:15.8hSt. Pius X
X 4x400 Relay - Cadets - Finals
1.-Peter Bergmann
Sam Truax
Zachary Sims
Kiuna Talalemotu
4:08.9hHoly Trinity
2.-Mark Sussman
Kyle Thompson
Jake Schmerber
Michael Fey
4:12.8hSt. Pius X
3.-Marty Ramos
John Caufield
Devin Distant
Alex Saunders
4:53.1hSt. Anthony
4.-Tom Murphy
Benjamin Lewis
Zechariah Brooke
Matthew Lemmond
5:02.5hSt. Pius X
X 4x400 Relay - Cubs - Finals
1.-Matthew Ruka
Luca Ostetag-Hill
Daniel Thompson
David Bridges
4:46.9hSt. Pius X
2.-Alex Conradt
Cameron Parker
Jacob Leonard
Cameron Isaac
4:56.1hHoly Trinity
3.-Ryan Weiss
Nash Rauen
Matthew Ferguson
Logan Phillips
5:02.9hSt. Anthony
4.-Jacob Hillman
Josh Rickman
Stephen Fey
Cody Grater
5:42.0hSt. Pius X
X Shot Put - 6lb - Cadets - Finals
1.-Dom Pham10.03mSt. Anthony
2.8Mikey Fey9.85mSt. Pius X
3.-Nolan Corrado8.82mSt. Anthony
4.-Alex Satterlee8.31mSt. Matthew
5.-Paul Vickers8.24mSt. Anthony
6.8Cole Thalmann7.84mSt. Pius X
7.8Matthew Goodman7.79mSt. Pius X
8.-Nicholas Boguski7.01mSt. Francis/Visitation
9.8Andrew Andersen6.90mSt. Pius X
10.-Jackson Henry6.68mHoly Trinity
11.-Drew Larabee6.65mHoly Trinity
12.-Dylan Frank6.24mSt. Matthew
13.7Conner Williams5.84mSt. Pius X
14.-Ryan Caufield5.81mSt. Anthony
15.-Madison Meeuwsen5.74mSt. Francis/Visitation
16.-Robert Woodruff Jr5.68mSt. Francis/Visitation
17.7Jeffrey Williams5.05mSt. Pius X
X Shot Put - 6lb - Cubs - Finals
1.6Eric Enghold8.10mSt. Pius X
2.6Jake Lampe7.27mSt. Pius X
3.-Jacob Halvorsen7.13mHoly Trinity
4.-Kieshon Averette7.06mHoly Trinity
5.6Christopher Goodman7.03mSt. Pius X
6.-Mason Murphy6.24mHoly Trinity
7.6Nash Rauen6.09mSt. Anthony
8.5Alexander Shiroma5.41mHoly Trinity
9.-Zack Pelster4.90mSt. Francis/Visitation
10.-Michael Noradki3.09mSt. Matthew
X Shot Put - 6lb - Roadrunners - Finals
1.3Tiernan Morgan5.58mHoly Trinity
2.4Tyler Helms5.22mSt. Pius X
3.4Sumner Maesaka4.78mHoly Trinity
4.4Holden Ziels4.61mHoly Trinity
5.4Hunter Schaefer4.47mSt. Matthew
6.3David Bridgeman4.36mSt. Pius X
7.-Nickolas Halvorsen4.34mHoly Trinity
8.-Khoa Van4.26mSt. Matthew
9.4Nico Enriquez4.24mSt. Pius X
10.-Jacob Hermance3.96mSt. Francis/Visitation
11.-Spencer Dunkley3.95mSt. Matthew
12.3Ira Luquin3.58mSt. Pius X
13.-Joseph Boguski3.00mSt. Francis/Visitation
14.-Gabriel Connor2.92mSt. Matthew
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Cadets - Finals
1.-Nolan Corrado35.07mSt. Anthony
2.-Michael Paino30.53mSt. Anthony
3.-Jack Vincent28.65mSt. Anthony
4.8Zechariah Brooke28.21mSt. Pius X
5.8Andrew Andersen27.86mSt. Pius X
6.-Drew Larabee27.10mHoly Trinity
7.8Jim Pfluger24.20mSt. Pius X
8.7Matt Oordt23.26mSt. Pius X
9.-Alex Noradki21.15mSt. Matthew
10.7Conner Williams19.68mSt. Pius X
11.-Ryan Caufield18.23mSt. Anthony
12.7Brent Jacobson Jr17.27mSt. Pius X
13.7Alexander Folino16.68mHoly Trinity
14.-Robert Woodruff Jr15.92mSt. Francis/Visitation
15.-Madison Meeuwsen14.78mSt. Francis/Visitation
16.-Nathaniel Trobough14.55mSt. Francis/Visitation
17.7Jeffrey Williams12.11mSt. Pius X
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Cubs - Finals
1.-John Kunis26.26mSt. Francis/Visitation
2.-Jacob Halvorsen25.55mHoly Trinity
3.-Ryan Weiss23.82mSt. Anthony
4.6Stephen Fey23.24mSt. Pius X
5.5Logan Phillips20.34mSt. Anthony
6.5Nikolaus Jacobson18.64mSt. Pius X
7.-Michael Henderson17.44mSt. Anthony
8.6Zachary Rabin16.84mHoly Trinity
9.5Justin Gower16.43mSt. Pius X
10.-Joseph Wiechelman16.17mSt. Francis/Visitation
11.5Alan Wild16.07mHoly Trinity
12.6Peter Bernard15.39mSt. Pius X
13.-Peter Wilmes15.26mSt. Anthony
14.-Simon Crowell15.24mSt. Francis/Visitation
15.5Jacob Small13.00mSt. Pius X
16.5Nolan Kincaid12.52mSt. Pius X
17.5Sam Wallace12.39mHoly Trinity
18.-Nathanael Wessels11.91mSt. Francis/Visitation
---Julian KirchlerSCRSt. Francis/Visitation
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Roadrunners - Finals
1.4Gabriel Leonard21.51mHoly Trinity
2.-Nickolas Halvorsen18.77mHoly Trinity
3.4Eric Brecht17.98mSt. Pius X
4.-Henry Gebken15.24mHoly Trinity
5.4Mitch Sears15.01mSt. Pius X
6.-Nicolas Lupo13.94mHoly Trinity
7.3Tiernan Morgan13.74mHoly Trinity
8.-Gabriel Connor12.36mSt. Matthew
9.-Spencer Dunkley12.26mSt. Matthew
10.4Matthew Bryan11.86mSt. Pius X
11.4Hayden J Farris11.78mSt. Matthew
12.3Andrew Records10.38mSt. Matthew
13.-Henry Wisshack10.05mSt. Matthew
14.3Spencer Brown8.86mHoly Trinity
X High Jump - Cadets - Finals
2.-Dom Pham1.32mSt. Anthony
---Jeremy LambertNHSt. Anthony
---Scott LepschatNHSt. Francis/Visitation
---Nicholas BoguskiNHSt. Francis/Visitation
--7Brian StocksNHSt. Pius X
X High Jump - Cubs - Finals
1.6Matthew Ferguson1.49mSt. Anthony
2.-Ryan Weiss1.37mSt. Anthony
3.6Patrick Maloney1.24mSt. Matthew
4.6Grant Mathews1.16mSt. Pius X
---Patrick ConnorNHSt. Matthew
--6Nash RauenNHSt. Anthony
---Andrew DunnNHSt. Anthony
--5Cameron ParkerNHHoly Trinity
X Long Jump - Cadets - Finals
1.-Marty Ramos4.34mSt. Anthony
2.8Timothy Brunson4.29mSt. Pius X
3.7John DeRego4.19mSt. Pius X
4.7Cameron Smith4.13mSt. Pius X
5.7Brian Stocks3.88mSt. Pius X
6.8Daniel Bae3.87mSt. Pius X
7.-Derek Reed3.82mHoly Trinity
8.7Ryan Sussman3.81mSt. Pius X
9.-Devin Distant3.65mSt. Anthony
10.8Benjamin Lewis3.63mSt. Pius X
11.8Jim Pfluger3.55mSt. Pius X
12.-Duncan Stewart3.54mSt. Francis/Visitation
13.7Nathan Lewis3.49mSt. Pius X
14.-Alex Satterlee3.38mSt. Matthew
15.-Mark Geisler3.31mSt. Anthony
16.7Matt Oordt3.08mSt. Pius X
17.-Glen Rein2.97mHoly Trinity
18.-Kevin Yatsu2.89mHoly Trinity
19.-Jeremy Lambert2.80mSt. Anthony
20.-Jackson Henry2.71mHoly Trinity
21.-Dylan Frank2.27mSt. Matthew
22.7Brent Jacobson Jr1.58mSt. Pius X
X Long Jump - Cubs - Finals
1.6Matthew Ferguson4.64mSt. Anthony
2.5Nicholas Timm4.03mSt. Pius X
3.6Patrick Maloney3.98mSt. Matthew
4.6Jake Lampe3.76mSt. Pius X
5.5Jorge Casas3.63mSt. Pius X
6.-Mason Murphy3.49mHoly Trinity
7.5Ibrahim Youm3.42mSt. Pius X
8.5Jared DeVore3.40mSt. Pius X
9.6Andrew MacMillian3.35mSt. Pius X
10.-Kieshon Averette3.34mHoly Trinity
11.-Patrick Connor3.17mSt. Matthew
12.5Rob Merrick3.13mSt. Pius X
13.-Brodey Sajal3.04mHoly Trinity
14.5John Walsh3.03mSt. Matthew
15.-Garrett Stewart3.02mSt. Francis/Visitation
16.-Andrew Dunn3.00mSt. Anthony
17.6Zach Enriquez3.00mSt. Pius X
18.5Maxwell Morgan2.92mSt. Anthony
18.-Riley Stewart2.92mSt. Francis/Visitation
20.5Carson Holley2.89mSt. Pius X
21.5Nihar Doshi2.87mSt. Pius X
22.5Matthew Hotchkiss2.87mSt. Pius X
22.6Patrick Kelly2.87mSt. Pius X
24.-Joseph Kellar2.72mSt. Matthew
25.-Julian Kirchler2.67mSt. Francis/Visitation
26.-Nicholas Johnson2.65mSt. Matthew
27.-Zack Pelster2.61mSt. Francis/Visitation
27.5Sam Wallace2.61mHoly Trinity
29.-Andrew Harwood2.57mHoly Trinity
30.-Joseph Wiechelman2.51mSt. Francis/Visitation
31.5Justin Gower2.48mSt. Pius X
32.5Jacob Small2.43mSt. Pius X
33.5Ryan Forster2.39mSt. Pius X
34.6Peter Bernard2.36mSt. Pius X
35.5Logan McIntyre2.33mHoly Trinity
36.6John Barkhurst2.29mHoly Trinity
37.6Dillon Brady2.26mSt. Pius X
38.5Alexander Shiroma1.84mHoly Trinity
39.5Nolan Kincaid1.83mSt. Pius X
40.-Michael Noradki1.01mSt. Matthew
--5Nikolaus JacobsonSCRSt. Pius X
---Nathanael WesselsSCRSt. Francis/Visitation
---Nolan CorradoSCRSt. Anthony
---Austin ShiraziNDSt. Anthony
X Long Jump - Roadrunners - Finals
1.4Quintin Thomas3.51mSt. Matthew
2.3Aidan Maloney3.46mSt. Matthew
3.4Cameron Thompson3.42mSt. Pius X
4.4Ryan Olson3.22mHoly Trinity
5.4Chris Skufca3.14mSt. Pius X
6.-Paul Hamlin3.12mSt. Matthew
7.4Mitch Sears3.07mSt. Pius X
8.4parker MacMillan2.97mSt. Pius X
9.3Ira Luquin2.97mSt. Pius X
10.4Tyler Helms2.92mSt. Pius X
11.4Nico Enriquez2.87mSt. Pius X
12.3Neal Blaisdell2.83mSt. Matthew
13.3Marco Navarro2.79mSt. Pius X
14.3Markus Bauer2.70mHoly Trinity
15.3Tyson Parker2.69mHoly Trinity
16.4Hunter Schaefer2.66mSt. Matthew
17.-Carter Barrett2.46mSt. Anthony
18.3Maxwell Scott2.43mHoly Trinity
19.3Parker Wade2.41mSt. Anthony
20.3John Fey2.31mSt. Pius X
21.-Jacob Hermance2.28mSt. Francis/Visitation
22.-Henry Gebken2.19mHoly Trinity
23.-Scot Rein2.13mHoly Trinity
24.-Khoa Van1.86mSt. Matthew
25.3Spencer Brown1.79mHoly Trinity

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Cadets - Finals
1.8Taylor Coon13.7hSt. Pius X
2.7Jasmine Gilmore13.9hSt. Matthew
3.7Kylie Rickman14.2hSt. Pius X
4.8Sydney Sirgy14.3hSt. Pius X
5.7Katarina Moffett14.7hSt. Pius X
6.-KenAli Averette14.7hHoly Trinity
7.-Melisande Gavin14.7hSt. Anthony
8.-Shannon Hammond14.9hSt. Francis/Visitation
9.8Madeline Kincaid15.0hSt. Pius X
10.8Megan Forster15.3hSt. Pius X
11.7Madeline Leavitt15.3hSt. Pius X
12.7Clare Malone15.4hSt. Pius X
13.7Jenna Fortner15.5hSt. Pius X
14.7Cassie Davis16.3hSt. Pius X
15.-Emma Combine16.5hHoly Trinity
16.7Anna Pfluger16.5hSt. Pius X
17.8Danielle Field16.5hSt. Pius X
18.-Angela Hamlin16.7hSt. Matthew
19.8Terece Anctil17.6hSt. Pius X
X 100 Meters - Cubs - Finals
1.6Katherine Andersen14.4hSt. Pius X
2.6Kristina Thomas14.8hSt. Matthew
3.5Macey Lane14.9hSt. Pius X
4.5Gracie Doherty15.0hSt. Pius X
5.5Julia Lauren Gerig15.1hHoly Trinity
6.5Nia McFerrin15.2hSt. Pius X
7.6Cecillia Pham15.5hSt. Anthony
8.6Audra Neyman15.5hSt. Pius X
9.5Nicole Gower15.6hSt. Pius X
10.5Hannah Croy15.8hSt. Pius X
11.6Nicole Griffiths15.8hSt. Pius X
11.-Sofia Riverman15.8hHoly Trinity
13.5Cassandra Harrigan16.1hSt. Pius X
14.6Carson Blodgett16.4hHoly Trinity
15.6Alexis Kerr16.4hSt. Pius X
16.5Kasey O'Rourke16.5hSt. Pius X
17.5Rose Pflug16.6hSt. Pius X
18.5Tessa Thalmann16.64St. Pius X
19.5Bonnie Romeo16.7hSt. Matthew
20.5Mika Nevo17.0hHoly Trinity
21.-Haley Voorhees17.3hHoly Trinity
22.5Simone Helfrich17.8hSt. Pius X
23.-Bailey Hammond17.8hSt. Matthew
24.5Maya Talbert18.4hSt. Pius X
25.5Becca Appling18.6hSt. Pius X
26.-Anika Schaedler20.2hSt. Francis/Visitation
X 100 Meters - Roadrunners - Finals
1.4Lena Colson16.1hSt. Pius X
2.4Emily Wenzel16.2hSt. Pius X
3.4Kelly Makin16.2hSt. Pius X
4.4Caroline Easton16.4hSt. Pius X
5.3Joanna Cloutier16.6hSt. Pius X
6.4Jill Makin16.6hSt. Pius X
7.4Erin Lang16.9hHoly Trinity
8.4Aisling Taylor17.0hHoly Trinity
9.3Kayla Robbins17.0hHoly Trinity
10.3Jordan Wheeler17.3hSt. Pius X
11.3Courtney Smith17.3hSt. Pius X
12.4Darby Olson17.3hHoly Trinity
13.-Madison Hogan17.4hSt. Anthony
14.4Sophia Braun17.5hSt. Pius X
15.-Elizabeth Voulgaris17.6hSt. Matthew
16.3Gabby Navarro17.7hSt. Pius X
17.3Claire McCarthy17.9hHoly Trinity
18.4Erin Gibbons17.9hSt. Pius X
19.-Brenna Cosio17.9hSt. Anthony
20.4Calista Hodgert18.2hHoly Trinity
21.3Olivia Leavitt18.2hSt. Pius X
22.-Lindsey Lambert18.5hSt. Anthony
23.3Payton Schleh18.5hSt. Pius X
24.3Grace Mathews18.6hSt. Pius X
24.3Audrey Lewis18.6hSt. Pius X
26.4Keara Barrett18.7hSt. Pius X
27.4Lauren Williams18.8hSt. Pius X
28.3Kylie Lampe18.8hSt. Pius X
29.3Caitlyn Monfries19.0hSt. Pius X
30.-L Jeanelle Gaerlan19.0hSt. Anthony
30.4Jenna Bartels19.0hHoly Trinity
32.4Sophia Galati19.1hSt. Pius X
33.-Brooke Isaly19.3hHoly Trinity
34.3Olivia Lowman19.7hSt. Pius X
35.3Grace Merrick19.9hSt. Pius X
36.4Aisha Ghorashian20.0hSt. Pius X
37.-Allyson Blair20.1hHoly Trinity
38.-Kalais Samuelson20.4hHoly Trinity
39.-Kalea Averette20.4hHoly Trinity
40.3Ellie Wiley20.4hSt. Pius X
41.4Glenna Fulitano20.7hHoly Trinity
42.3Na'ama Nevo20.8hHoly Trinity
43.3Emily Merrick21.2hSt. Pius X
44.3Alaina Phillips21.3hSt. Pius X
45.-Natalie Harwood21.4hHoly Trinity
46.3Emily Hrehocik21.6hHoly Trinity
47.-Lily Marshall21.9hHoly Trinity
48.3Lucy Rohlman22.1hSt. Pius X
49.-Raina Smeaton22.3hHoly Trinity
X 200 Meters - Cadets - Finals
1.7Jasmine Gilmore27.7hSt. Matthew
2.8Sydney Sirgy30.3hSt. Pius X
6.Alex Saunders30.3hSt. Anthony
3.-Marvah Gorlorwulu30.6hSt. Anthony
4.-KenAli Averette30.7hHoly Trinity
5.7Katarina Moffett30.9hSt. Pius X
6.8Madeline Henningsen32.0hSt. Pius X
7.-Kelly Fox32.5hSt. Anthony
8.8Madeline Kincaid32.5hSt. Pius X
9.7McKenzie Moore33.1hSt. Pius X
10.8Megan Forster34.6hSt. Pius X
11.-Angela Hamlin34.7hSt. Matthew
12.7Amy Bloch34.9hHoly Trinity
13.8Cayleigh Thalmann37.3hSt. Pius X
X 200 Meters - Cubs - Finals
1.6Kristina Thomas31.3hSt. Matthew
2.5Cassandra Harrigan32.8hSt. Pius X
2.6Courtney Harmon32.8hSt. Pius X
4.6Riley Hackley32.8hSt. Pius X
5.5Rose Pflug33.3hSt. Pius X
6.6Carson Blodgett33.8hHoly Trinity
7.5Natalie Luquin33.9hSt. Pius X
8.-Natalie Shaw34.0hSt. Anthony
9.5Peyton Hudspeth34.9hSt. Pius X
10.5Kasey O'Rourke35.0hSt. Pius X
11.-Natalie Greenberg35.1hSt. Anthony
12.5Ammel Sawan36.8hSt. Pius X
13.-Haley Voorhees37.8hHoly Trinity
14.-Gemma Gebken38.9hHoly Trinity
15.5Simone Helfrich39.5hSt. Pius X
X 200 Meters - Roadrunners - Finals
1.3Joanna Cloutier35.5hSt. Pius X
2.4Naomi Li35.9hSt. Pius X
3.4Madison Ellsworth35.9hSt. Matthew
4.4Emily Wenzel36.4hSt. Pius X
5.4Emily Shannon37.4hSt. Pius X
6.4Kayla Angell37.6hSt. Pius X
7.2Kamryn J Jones37.8hSt. Matthew
8.-Madison Hogan38.2hSt. Anthony
8.3Claire McCarthy38.2hHoly Trinity
10.-Elizabeth Voulgaris38.4hSt. Matthew
11.3Gabby Navarro39.0hSt. Pius X
12.3Payton Schleh39.4hSt. Pius X
13.-Bailey Hammond39.7hSt. Matthew
14.4Gabrielle Horne39.8hHoly Trinity
15.3Olivia Leavitt40.7hSt. Pius X
16.4Keara Barrett40.9hSt. Pius X
17.4Lauren Williams41.2hSt. Pius X
18.3Lena Seeger41.2hHoly Trinity
19.-Damaris Lozano41.4hSt. Matthew
20.3Emily Hrehocik42.3hHoly Trinity
21.4Madelyn Will43.4hSt. Matthew
22.4Sophia Galati44.3hSt. Pius X
23.3Grace Merrick44.6hSt. Pius X
24.3Caitlyn Monfries44.8hSt. Pius X
25.4Aisha Ghorashian45.6hSt. Pius X
26.4Jenna Bartels45.7hHoly Trinity
27.4Amy Simmons45.8hSt. Pius X
28.-Kalea Averette46.4hHoly Trinity
29.3Emily Merrick46.6hSt. Pius X
30.-Natalie Harwood50.5hHoly Trinity
31.3Lucy Rohlman50.9hSt. Pius X
32.-Lily Marshall51.0hHoly Trinity
X 400 Meters - Cadets - Finals
1.7Jasmine Gilmore1:04.9hSt. Matthew
2.-Lauren Lykins1:05.5hSt. Matthew
3.-Zani Moore1:06.8hHoly Trinity
4.-Allison Martinez1:06.9hHoly Trinity
5.7Hailey Sears1:08.1hSt. Pius X
6.8Alexandra Chin1:10.6hSt. Pius X
7.-Marvah Gorlorwulu1:11.4hSt. Anthony
8.8Colleen Sullivan1:12.0hSt. Pius X
9.7Kylie Rickman1:12.1hSt. Pius X
10.8Elizabeth Hamilton1:12.9hSt. Pius X
11.-Kelly Fox1:14.4hSt. Anthony
12.7McKenzie Moore1:14.6hSt. Pius X
13.7Abby Duitsman1:14.7hSt. Pius X
14.7Amy Bloch1:15.2hHoly Trinity
15.7Madeline Leavitt1:15.2hSt. Pius X
16.7Katie Allie1:15.6hSt. Matthew
17.7Mira J Gill1:15.6hSt. Matthew
18.-Anna MacDonald1:16.3hHoly Trinity
19.8Madeline Henningsen1:17.8hSt. Pius X
20.7Katherine Vames1:21.7hSt. Matthew
21.-Emily Szekely1:34.8hHoly Trinity
X 400 Meters - Cubs - Finals
1.6Nicole Griffiths1:08.0hSt. Pius X
2.5Macey Lane1:11.5hSt. Pius X
3.5Cassandra Harrigan1:12.8hSt. Pius X
4.5Gracie Doherty1:13.1hSt. Pius X
5.5Hannah Croy1:13.6hSt. Pius X
6.5Nia McFerrin1:13.8hSt. Pius X
7.6Riley Hackley1:14.1hSt. Pius X
8.6Courtney Harmon1:14.3hSt. Pius X
9.6Audra Neyman1:14.3hSt. Pius X
10.5Nicole Gower1:15.2hSt. Pius X
11.6Alexis Kerr1:15.5hSt. Pius X
12.5Natalie Luquin1:16.1hSt. Pius X
13.5Monet Kunz1:18.0hSt. Pius X
14.5Emmelien Graham1:18.1hSt. Pius X
15.5Mary Catherine Morgan1:19.2hHoly Trinity
16.6Janel Cisneros1:20.9hSt. Pius X
17.5Mika Nevo1:21.0hHoly Trinity
18.-Sofia Riverman1:23.0hHoly Trinity
19.5Ammel Sawan1:24.7hSt. Pius X
20.-Taylor Rosholt1:26.7hSt. Francis/Visitation
21.-Kristen Fox1:28.7hSt. Anthony
22.5Maya Talbert1:30.0hSt. Pius X
23.5Simone Helfrich1:31.2hSt. Pius X
X 400 Meters - Roadrunners - Finals
1.4Naomi Li1:17.9hSt. Pius X
2.4Lena Colson1:19.7hSt. Pius X
3.2Kamryn J Jones1:21.3hSt. Matthew
4.4Erin Lang1:22.0hHoly Trinity
5.4Sophia Braun1:22.1hSt. Pius X
6.4Darby Olson1:23.6hHoly Trinity
7.4Calista Hodgert1:24.4hHoly Trinity
8.3Hallie DeVore1:25.2hSt. Pius X
9.4Sabrina J Hopman1:26.2hSt. Matthew
10.3Kayla Robbins1:27.1hHoly Trinity
11.-Damaris Lozano1:28.9hSt. Matthew
12.4Kayla Angell1:29.3hSt. Pius X
13.3Theresa D'Silva1:35.0hSt. Pius X
14.3Lena Seeger1:36.5hHoly Trinity
15.-Kalais Samuelson1:44.7hHoly Trinity
16.4Glenna Fulitano1:45.0hHoly Trinity
17.-Kalea Averette1:48.4hHoly Trinity
18.3Alaina Phillips1:49.8hSt. Pius X
--3Gabby NavarroNTSt. Pius X
X 800 Meters - Cadets - Finals
1.-Allison Martinez2:33.5hHoly Trinity
2.-Lauren Lykins2:34.0hSt. Matthew
3.-Anna MacDonald2:45.6hHoly Trinity
4.8Charlotte Corless2:46.5hSt. Pius X
5.8Alexandra Chin2:49.2hSt. Pius X
6.8Colleen Sullivan2:49.6hSt. Pius X
7.8Elizabeth Hamilton2:50.1hSt. Pius X
8.-Karolina Ryerson2:51.1hHoly Trinity
9.7Katie Allie2:51.3hSt. Matthew
10.7Kylie Rickman2:53.4hSt. Pius X
11.7Mira J Gill2:57.4hSt. Matthew
X 800 Meters - Cubs - Finals
1.5Nia McFerrin2:54.1hSt. Pius X
2.5Monet Kunz2:57.3hSt. Pius X
3.5Emmelien Graham2:59.0hSt. Pius X
4.5Kasey O'Rourke3:00.6hSt. Pius X
5.6Darilyn Distant3:02.7hSt. Anthony
6.5Anna Martinez3:05.1hHoly Trinity
7.5Olivia Rabin3:05.8hHoly Trinity
8.-Natalie Shaw3:06.8hSt. Anthony
9.5Mika Nevo3:14.0hHoly Trinity
10.5Ammel Sawan3:16.8hSt. Pius X
11.5Kenna Holt3:22.9hSt. Pius X
X 800 Meters - Roadrunners - Finals
1.4Kelly Makin3:00.4hSt. Pius X
2.4Jill Makin3:04.2hSt. Pius X
3.4Sabrina J Hopman3:22.7hSt. Matthew
4.3Elizabeth Rinck3:24.2hSt. Matthew
5.3Hallie DeVore3:29.7hSt. Pius X
6.4Madelyn Will3:39.5hSt. Matthew
7.3Audrey Lewis3:48.8hSt. Pius X
8.3Na'ama Nevo3:49.4hHoly Trinity
X 1500 Meters - Cadets - Finals
1.-Melisande Gavin5:33.3hSt. Anthony
2.8Charlotte Corless5:42.7hSt. Pius X
3.-Anna MacDonald5:45.4hHoly Trinity
4.-Karolina Ryerson6:02.3hHoly Trinity
X 1500 Meters - Cubs - Finals
1.6Nicole Griffiths5:12.8hSt. Pius X
2.5Mary Catherine Morgan6:13.3hHoly Trinity
3.5Olivia Rabin6:21.3hHoly Trinity
4.5Anna Martinez6:23.6hHoly Trinity
5.5Tessa Thalmann6:33.6hSt. Pius X
--3Audrey LewisSCRSt. Pius X
X 1500 Meters - Roadrunners - Finals
1.4Jill Makin5:51.7hSt. Pius X
2.4Kelly Makin5:53.3hSt. Pius X
3.4Taylor Chiotti6:15.7hSt. Pius X
4.4Madison Ellsworth6:23.9hSt. Matthew
5.4Darby Olson6:25.7hHoly Trinity
6.3Elizabeth Rinck6:26.2hSt. Matthew
7.4Gabrielle Horne7:13.5hHoly Trinity
8.4Aisling Taylor7:27.7hHoly Trinity
X 3000 Meters - Cadets - Finals
1.-Zani Moore11:29.9hHoly Trinity
X 3000 Meters - Cubs - Finals
1.5Kenna Holt12:38.4hSt. Pius X
2.-Kristen Fox14:47.01St. Anthony
X 4x60 Relay - Roadrunners - Finals
1.-Alaina Phillips
Payton Schleh
Lucy Rohlman
Amy Simmons
40.8hSt. Pius X
---Relay Team 41.1hSt. Matthew
2.-Joanna Cloutier
Theresa D'Silva
Hallie DeVore
Sophia Galati
41.1hSt. Pius X
3.-Kayla Angell
Sophia Braun
Keara Barrett
Taylor Chiotti
41.4hSt. Pius X
4.-Courtney Smith
Ellie Wiley
Jordan Wheeler
Lauren Williams
42.2hSt. Pius X
5.-Madison W Ellsworth
Madelyn Will
Elizabeth Rinck
Sabrina J Hopman
42.8hSt. Matthew
6.-Kalea Averette
Glenna Fulitano
Jenna Bartels
Calista Hodgert
45.8hHoly Trinity
7.-Aisha Ghorashian
Olivia Leavitt
Kylie Lampe
Audrey Lewis
46.0hSt. Pius X
8.-Naomi Li
Grace Mathews
Olivia Lowman
Caitlyn Monfries
46.7hSt. Pius X
9.-Brooke Isaly
Raina Smeaton
Erin Lang
Na'ama Nevo
49.6hHoly Trinity
X 4x100 Relay - Cadets - Finals
1.-Abby Duitsman
Hailey Sears
Sydney Sirgy
Taylor Coon
59.7hSt. Pius X
2.-Relay Team 1:02.4hHoly Trinity
3.-Madeline Kincaid
Anna Pfluger
Megan Forster
Madeline Leavitt
1:03.5hSt. Pius X
X 4x100 Relay - Cubs - Finals
---Relay Team 1:03.5hSt. Francis/Visitation
---Relay Team 1:03.5hSt. Matthew
1.-Gracie Doherty
Hannah Croy
Courtney Harmon
Audra Neyman
1:03.8hSt. Pius X
2.-Cecillia Pham
Natalie Shaw
Natalie Greenberg
Darilyn Distant
1:03.9hSt. Anthony
3.-Alexis Kerr
Natalie Luquin
Macey Lane
Peyton Hudspeth
1:04.9hSt. Pius X
X 4x100 Relay - Roadrunners - Finals
1.-Lauren Williams
Emily Wenzel
Erin Gibbons
Lena Colson
1:09.5hSt. Pius X
2.-Darby Olson
Aisling Taylor
Calista Hodgert
Erin Lang
1:10.2hHoly Trinity
3.-Carole Ramos
Lindsey Lambert
Brenna Cosio
L Jeanelle Gaerlan
1:15.8hSt. Anthony
4.-Claire McCarthy
Kalais Samuelson
Kayla Robbins
Gabrielle Horne
1:16.4hHoly Trinity
X 4x400 Relay - Cadets - Finals
1.-Hailey Sears
Elizabeth Hamilton
Charlotte Corless
Alexandra Chin
5:02.9hSt. Pius X
X 4x400 Relay - Cubs - Finals
1.-Nia McFerrin
Rose Pflug
Cassandra Harrigan
Nicole Griffiths
5:08.6hSt. Pius X
2.-Emmelien Graham
Nicole Gower
Ammel Sawan
Peyton Hudspeth
5:32.0hSt. Pius X
X Shot Put - 6lb - Cadets - Finals
1.7Jenna Fortner7.71mSt. Pius X
2.8Madeline Henningsen7.69mSt. Pius X
3.8Madeline Mathews7.04mSt. Pius X
4.8Sydney Sirgy6.95mSt. Pius X
5.-Angela Hamlin6.57mSt. Matthew
6.8Terece Anctil6.14mSt. Pius X
7.8Madeline Kincaid5.89mSt. Pius X
8.7Anna Pfluger5.85mSt. Pius X
9.8Danielle Field5.76mSt. Pius X
X Shot Put - 6lb - Cubs - Finals
1.6Katherine Andersen7.37mSt. Pius X
2.5Nicole Gower6.80mSt. Pius X
3.-Bailey Hammond5.82mSt. Matthew
4.5Bonnie Romeo5.53mSt. Matthew
5.-Gemma Gebken3.87mHoly Trinity
X Shot Put - 6lb - Roadrunners - Finals
1.4Amy Simmons4.99mSt. Pius X
2.3Carole Ramos4.97mSt. Anthony
3.3Kylie Lampe4.69mSt. Pius X
4.4Aisling Taylor3.96mHoly Trinity
5.3Emily Hrehocik3.73mHoly Trinity
6.3Olivia Lowman3.70mSt. Pius X
7.-Natalie Harwood3.49mHoly Trinity
8.4Katerina Small3.32mSt. Pius X
9.-Damaris Lozano3.16mSt. Matthew
10.-Brooke Isaly2.88mHoly Trinity
11.-Raina Smeaton2.62mHoly Trinity
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Cadets - Finals
1.8Cayleigh Thalmann23.62mSt. Pius X
2.8Alexandra Chin21.94mSt. Pius X
3.8Terece Anctil19.83mSt. Pius X
4.8Madeline Mathews17.09mSt. Pius X
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Cubs - Finals
1.6Katherine Andersen28.65mSt. Pius X
2.5Becca Appling23.11mSt. Pius X
3.6Cecillia Pham22.02mSt. Anthony
4.5Monet Kunz15.29mSt. Pius X
5.-Anika Schaedler8.81mSt. Francis/Visitation
6.-Gemma Gebken8.38mHoly Trinity
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Roadrunners - Finals
1.-Lindsey Lambert17.70mSt. Anthony
2.4Sophia Braun14.96mSt. Pius X
3.4Caroline Easton13.84mSt. Pius X
4.4Erin Lang13.61mHoly Trinity
5.-Brenna Cosio13.00mSt. Anthony
6.4Emily Shannon12.29mSt. Pius X
7 L-Jeanelle Gaerlan11.78mSt. Anthony
8.4Katerina Small11.53mSt. Pius X
9.4Amy Simmons11.35mSt. Pius X
10.4Taylor Chiotti11.04mSt. Pius X
11.-Allyson Blair10.94mHoly Trinity
12.3Lena Seeger9.62mHoly Trinity
13.4Aisha Ghorashian8.73mSt. Pius X
14.-Kalais Samuelson7.26mHoly Trinity
15.3Ellie Wiley6.22mSt. Pius X
16.-Brooke Isaly5.61mHoly Trinity
X High Jump - Cadets - Finals
1.Alex Saunders1.42mSt. Anthony
1.-Shannon Hammond1.37mSt. Francis/Visitation
2.7Abby Duitsman1.27mSt. Pius X
---Marvah GorlorwuluNHSt. Anthony
X High Jump - Cubs - Finals
1.6Darilyn Distant1.14mSt. Anthony
2.-Taylor Rosholt1.06mSt. Francis/Visitation
3.-Natalie Greenberg0.96mSt. Anthony
3.5Bonnie Romeo0.96mSt. Matthew
X Long Jump - Cadets - Finals
1.8Taylor Coon4.26mSt. Pius X
2.-Shannon Hammond3.92mSt. Francis/Visitation
3.7Abby Duitsman3.83mSt. Pius X
4.7Katarina Moffett3.82mSt. Pius X
5.8Megan Forster3.73mSt. Pius X
6.7Madeline Leavitt3.60mSt. Pius X
7.7Jenna Fortner3.54mSt. Pius X
8.7Kylie Rickman3.42mSt. Pius X
9.8Elizabeth Hamilton3.37mSt. Pius X
10.8Charlotte Corless3.22mSt. Pius X
11.7Katherine Vames3.14mSt. Matthew
12.7Cassie Davis3.07mSt. Pius X
13.7Anna Pfluger2.97mSt. Pius X
---KenAli AveretteNDHoly Trinity
X Long Jump - Cubs - Finals
1.6Audra Neyman3.68mSt. Pius X
2.6Kristina Thomas3.41mSt. Matthew
3.6Alexis Kerr3.27mSt. Pius X
4.6Riley Hackley3.17mSt. Pius X
5.5Hannah Croy3.14mSt. Pius X
6.5Natalie Luquin3.10mSt. Pius X
7.-Sofia Riverman3.09mHoly Trinity
8.5Mary Catherine Morgan3.08mHoly Trinity
9.-Natalie Greenberg2.99mSt. Anthony
10.5Macey Lane2.92mSt. Pius X
11.6Janel Cisneros2.83mSt. Pius X
12.5Tessa Thalmann2.81mSt. Pius X
13.5Kenna Holt2.62mSt. Pius X
14.-Taylor Rosholt2.39mSt. Francis/Visitation
15.5Maya Talbert2.35mSt. Pius X
16.-Anika Schaedler2.24mSt. Francis/Visitation
17.5Becca Appling2.20mSt. Pius X
18.-Haley Voorhees2.04mHoly Trinity
X Long Jump - Roadrunners - Finals
1.3Kayla Robbins3.25mHoly Trinity
2.4Lena Colson3.20mSt. Pius X
3.3Hallie DeVore3.09mSt. Pius X
4.4Emily Wenzel3.09mSt. Pius X
5.2Kamryn J Jones2.92mSt. Matthew
6.4Madelyn Will2.92mSt. Matthew
7.3Jordan Wheeler2.89mSt. Pius X
8.3Payton Schleh2.89mSt. Pius X
9.-Allyson Blair2.87mHoly Trinity
10.4Katerina Small2.84mSt. Pius X
11.4Madison Ellsworth2.81mSt. Matthew
12.4Sabrina J Hopman2.79mSt. Matthew
13.-Brenna Cosio2.74mSt. Anthony
14.4Caroline Easton2.63mSt. Pius X
15.3Joanna Cloutier2.61mSt. Pius X
15.3Kylie Lampe2.61mSt. Pius X
17.4Sophia Galati2.54mSt. Pius X
18.4Keara Barrett2.51mSt. Pius X
18.4Kayla Angell2.51mSt. Pius X
18.4Emily Shannon2.51mSt. Pius X
18.4Lauren Williams2.51mSt. Pius X
22.4Calista Hodgert2.49mHoly Trinity
23.3Olivia Leavitt2.48mSt. Pius X
24.3Carole Ramos2.47mSt. Anthony
25.3Grace Merrick2.46mSt. Pius X
26.-L Jeanelle Gaerlan2.38mSt. Anthony
27.3Audrey Lewis2.33mSt. Pius X
27.3Ellie Wiley2.33mSt. Pius X
29.3Emily Hrehocik2.31mHoly Trinity
30.3Courtney Smith2.28mSt. Pius X
30.3Olivia Lowman2.28mSt. Pius X
32.3Claire McCarthy2.26mHoly Trinity
33.3Caitlyn Monfries2.23mSt. Pius X
34.3Grace Mathews2.20mSt. Pius X
35.3Emily Merrick2.01mSt. Pius X
36.-Lily Marshall1.90mHoly Trinity
37.3Lucy Rohlman1.86mSt. Pius X
38.3Alaina Phillips1.62mSt. Pius X
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