Sunday, May 16, 2010
  WALSH JESUIT, Stow - Map

  Field Events Start: 1:00 PM  Track Events Start: 1:00 PM
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - 7/8 - Finals
1.8Teddy Helton12.39aHoly Family-Stow
2.8Alex Tafini12.45aImmaculate Heart of ...
3.8Zach Leone12.85aSt. Hilary
4.8Jacob Brown13.08aJeep Davis
5.8Gerald Ivery13.09aSt Vincent Elementary
6.8Jordan Wagner13.29aSeton Catholic
7.8Austin Schweppe13.42aSt. Francis Xavier
8.8Jonte Pooler13.61aHoly Family-Stow
X 100 Meters - 5/6 - Finals
1.6Samuel Parri13.81aSt. Hilary
2.6Craig Dilworth14.08aImmaculate Heart of ...
3.6Vincent Diago14.11aSt. Francis de Sales
4.6Gonzalo Diago14.27aSt. Francis de Sales
5.6Vincent D'Abrosca14.28aImmaculate Heart of ...
6.6Jacob Kepler14.32aJeep Davis
7.6Devin Steibling14.37aJeep Davis
8.6Forrest Hagenmaier14.84aSt. Hilary
X 100 Meters - 3/4 - Finals
1.4Justin Smith14.69aImmaculate Heart of ...
2.4Evan Marando15.08aSt. Hilary
3.4Bryce Lane15.57aSt. Francis Xavier
4.3Michael Heller15.62aHoly Family-Stow
5.4Eric Topliff15.75aImmaculate Heart of ...
6.3Joe Gresser16.21aHoly Family-Stow
7.4Eric Garrrett16.35aSt Vincent Elementary
4Jake SausDNSSt. Sebastian
X 100 Meters - 7/8 - Prelims
1.8Alex Tafini12.50aImmaculate Heart of ...
2.8Teddy Helton12.57aHoly Family-Stow
3.8Zach Leone12.81aSt. Hilary
4.8Gerald Ivery13.39aSt Vincent Elementary
5.8Jonte Pooler13.50aHoly Family-Stow
6.8Austin Schweppe13.53aSt. Francis Xavier
7.8Jordan Wagner13.54aSeton Catholic
8.8Jacob Brown13.70aJeep Davis
9.7Nate Fahey14.05aSt. Francis de Sales
10.7Quinntin Teeling14.52aSt. Matthew
11.8R. Kirk Lewis14.54aSt. Patrick
12.8Jordan Sensabaugh14.60aSt Vincent Elementary
13.8Jeff Crock14.61aHoly Family-Stow
14.7Josh D'Amicone14.68aSacred Heart of Jesus
15.7Hugh IV Cade14.93aEmmanuel Christian A...
16.7Owen Mellon14.96aSt. Francis de Sales
17.7Michael DiSabato14.99aHoly Family-Stow
18.7Jacob Ivery15.01aSt Vincent Elementary
19.7Evan Seiberling15.08aSt. Sebastian
20.7Evan Nichols15.09aSt. Hilary
21.7Garret Knapik15.20aSt. Francis Xavier
22.7Austin Wredberg15.26aSt. Francis Xavier
23.7Jim Meyer15.38aSt. Francis Xavier
24.7Maxwell Bauer15.46aHoly Family-Stow
25.8Zach Arndt15.66aSt Vincent Elementary
26.8Ben Libby16.20aHoly Family-Stow
27.7Johnny Reichard16.40aSeton Catholic
28.7Sean Cavanaugh17.07aHoly Family-Stow
29.7Jacob Caldwell18.01aHoly Family-Stow
30.8Daniel Johns18.09aSt. Patrick
31.7Liam Smith18.84aSeton Catholic
7Mark PostonDNSSeton Catholic
8Christian RaineriDNSSacred Heart of Jesus
7Juan SotoDNSSt Vincent Elementary
7Alex FurlongDNSSt. Francis Xavier
8Joe VitulloDNSSt. Hilary
7John KubekDNSSt. Patrick
8Liam ReynoldsDNSSt. Francis Xavier
8Jack HurleyDNSImmaculate Heart of ...
X 100 Meters - 5/6 - Prelims
1.6Vincent D'Abrosca13.98aImmaculate Heart of ...
2.6Craig Dilworth14.20aImmaculate Heart of ...
3.6Samuel Parri14.30aSt. Hilary
4.6Vincent Diago14.41aSt. Francis de Sales
5.6Forrest Hagenmaier14.65aSt. Hilary
6.6Devin Steibling14.67aJeep Davis
6.6Jacob Kepler14.67aJeep Davis
8.6Gonzalo Diago14.75aSt. Francis de Sales
9.5Zach Kremer14.99aHoly Family-Stow
10.6Andy Ross15.18aSt. Matthew
11.6Matt Restifo15.27aSeton Catholic
12.5Anthony Micale15.29aSt. Matthew
13.6Brandon Taylor-Mitchell15.42aJeep Davis
14.6Michael Mendiola15.47aSeton Catholic
15.6Jack Linert15.70aSeton Catholic
16.6Michael Smith15.84aSt. Hilary
17.5Dominic Garro15.88aSt. Matthew
17.6Grant Kersh15.88aSt. Patrick
19.5Matt Perison15.89aSt. Patrick
20.6Ben Stiller16.08aSt Vincent Elementary
21.6Jacob Beckwith16.22aSt. Patrick
22.5Graham Mellon16.38aSt. Francis de Sales
23.5Conner Maloy16.46aSt. Francis de Sales
24.6Peter Cutri16.71aSeton Catholic
25.6Colin Pamer16.76aSt. Hilary
26.6Adolfo Varela16.79aSt. Patrick
27.6Carmen Digeronimo17.38aSeton Catholic
28.5Andrew Poland17.41aSt. Patrick
29.5Michael Wolfe17.42aSt. Matthew
30.6Mike Spohn17.62aSeton Catholic
31.5John Marchetta17.64aSt. Hilary
32.5Alex Costa17.72aSt. Francis de Sales
33.6Andrew Wagner17.96aSeton Catholic
34.4Thomas Ulinski17.98aSt. Hilary
35.5Isiah Davis18.28aSt. Hilary
36.5Jack Keller18.33aHoly Family-Stow
37.6Liam Eitman18.43aSt. Sebastian
38.5Grant Cummins18.60aSt. Francis de Sales
38.5James Kelly18.60aHoly Family-Stow
40.7Mario Heltzel18.61aSt. Patrick
41.5Brendan Slazinski18.76aSt. Hilary
42.6Alex Holcomb19.24aHoly Family-Stow
43.6Joe Cantwell19.63aSt. Francis de Sales
44.5Tommy Muha20.38aImmaculate Heart of ...
45.5Domanaire Bledsoe24.96aEmmanuel Christian A...
5Richard ReynoldsDNSEmmanuel Christian A...
6Nick JenkinsDNSSt. Patrick
6Alex WrightDNSSt. Patrick
5Alexander WyszkowskiDNSSt. Hilary
5Thomas MautzDNSSt. Hilary
5Henry DolenskyDNSSt. Francis de Sales
6Austin StoradDNSJeep Davis
5Hunter ContosDNSJeep Davis
5Vincente CaporiniDNSJeep Davis
6Patrick FingerDNSHoly Family-Stow
6Alex ThomasDNSSt Vincent Elementary
6Markus WadeDNSSt Vincent Elementary
X 100 Meters - 3/4 - Prelims
1.4Justin Smith15.07aImmaculate Heart of ...
2.4Evan Marando15.63aSt. Hilary
3.4Bryce Lane15.67aSt. Francis Xavier
4.3Michael Heller15.74aHoly Family-Stow
5.4Eric Topliff16.08aImmaculate Heart of ...
6.3Joe Gresser16.41aHoly Family-Stow
7.4Jake Saus16.42aSt. Sebastian
8.4Eric Garrrett16.43aSt Vincent Elementary
9.3Anthony Mazzagatti16.50aSt. Francis de Sales
10.3Jacob Branham16.57aSt. Sebastian
11.4John Brezinski16.64aImmaculate Heart of ...
12.4Kevin McBride16.74aSeton Catholic
13.3Joshua Mitchell16.89aEmmanuel Christian A...
14.3Austin Berlesky17.05aJeep Davis
15.3Jason Turschak17.06aHoly Family-Stow
16.4Yale Dulaney17.17aHoly Family-Stow
17.3Shane Dolan17.29aSeton Catholic
18.4Adam Lenz17.36aSt. Francis de Sales
19.4Chris Stiller17.40aSt Vincent Elementary
20.3Garrett Mellon17.46aSt. Francis de Sales
21.4Jared Musci17.49aSt. Sebastian
22.3Alec Coombs17.64aSt. Sebastian
23.3Adam Shah17.79aHoly Family-Stow
24.4Samuel Brej17.95aSt. Francis Xavier
25.3Connor Bingle17.98aSt. Francis Xavier
26.4Joey Daczko18.05aSt. Patrick
27.3Luke Rajan18.07aHoly Family-Stow
28.4Brandon Lux18.12aSt Vincent Elementary
29.3Andrew Rinaldi18.44aHoly Family-Stow
30.4Bryce Thompson18.48aSt. Francis de Sales
31.4Lucas Watson18.50aSt. Francis de Sales
32.3Greg Muha18.61aImmaculate Heart of ...
33.4Luke Hamel18.72aSt. Francis Xavier
34.4Donald III Wedding18.82aSeton Catholic
35.3Joseph Walsh18.85aSt. Sebastian
36.3Patrick Delaney18.95aSt. Hilary
36.3Demitri Williams18.95aEmmanuel Christian A...
38.3Jeffrey Chi18.96aSt. Hilary
39.4Patrick Hanlon19.01aSeton Catholic
40.3Joshua Hofacker19.02aSt. Hilary
41.3Sam Smith19.04aSeton Catholic
42.3Zyer Saunders19.16aSt Vincent Elementary
43.3Tyler Fischer19.17aSt. Patrick
44.3Ethan Richards19.20aSt. Hilary
45.3Sam Volk19.43aHoly Family-Stow
46.3P.J. Hirsch19.55aSt. Francis de Sales
47.3Petch Skello19.57aSt. Francis de Sales
48.3Lorenzo Jackson19.61aEmmanuel Christian A...
49.4Anthony Periandri19.80aSt. Francis Xavier
50.4Malik Wade19.88aSt Vincent Elementary
51.3Kionnie Dukes19.92aEmmanuel Christian A...
52.3Matthew Takacs20.35aImmaculate Heart of ...
53.3Jeremy Glasgow20.37aHoly Family-Stow
54.4Michael Rinaldi20.50aHoly Family-Stow
55.3Noah Heyd21.42aSt. Francis Xavier
56.4Joe Berger21.76aSt. Sebastian
57.3connor Magoolaghan21.97aSt. Sebastian
3Jimmy QuinnDNSSt. Sebastian
3Ryan ThuneDNSImmaculate Heart of ...
3Andy MuhaDNSImmaculate Heart of ...
3Sam HoffmanDNSSeton Catholic
4Ryan VolcansekDNSSeton Catholic
3Nathaniel PlaspohlDNSSeton Catholic
3Eric ReichardDNSSeton Catholic
3Alec MurrayDNSSt Vincent Elementary
3Joseph MautzDNSSt. Hilary
3Bobby EslickDNSEmmanuel Christian A...
4Tommy BartlebaughDNSSt. Matthew
3Peter DolenskyDNSSt. Francis de Sales
4Augustine WilsonDNSSt. Francis Xavier
4Scott FenwickDNSHoly Family-Stow
X 200 Meters - 7/8 - Finals
1.8Alex Tafini25.09aImmaculate Heart of ...
2.8Teddy Helton25.42aHoly Family-Stow
3.8Austin Schweppe27.12aSt. Francis Xavier
4.8Jacob Brown27.20aJeep Davis
5.8Blair Thompson27.42aSt. Francis de Sales
6.7Nate Fahey27.79aSt. Francis de Sales
7.8Sean Gaffney27.87aSt. Hilary
8.8Jeffrey Bachmann28.34aSt. Francis Xavier
X 200 Meters - 5/6 - Finals
1.6Samuel Parri29.26aSt. Hilary
2.6Forrest Hagenmaier30.45aSt. Hilary
3.6Devin Steibling30.68aJeep Davis
4.6Brandon Taylor-Mitchell30.71aJeep Davis
5.6Andy Ross31.03aSt. Matthew
6.6Michael Smith31.10aSt. Hilary
7.5Jonas Pyle32.57aImmaculate Heart of ...
6Vincent D'AbroscaDNSImmaculate Heart of ...
X 200 Meters - 3/4 - Finals
1.4Justin Smith31.44aImmaculate Heart of ...
2.4Bryce Lane32.62aSt. Francis Xavier
3.4Tony Hewitt32.91aSt. Sebastian
4.3Michael Heller33.74aHoly Family-Stow
5.4Eric Topliff33.89aImmaculate Heart of ...
6.4Alan Dravenstott34.10aSt. Francis Xavier
7.4Jonathan Ambro35.48aSt. Francis Xavier
8.3Austin Berlesky36.19aJeep Davis
X 200 Meters - 7/8 - Prelims
1.8Teddy Helton25.81aHoly Family-Stow
2.8Alex Tafini26.57aImmaculate Heart of ...
3.8Austin Schweppe27.69aSt. Francis Xavier
4.8Jacob Brown27.74aJeep Davis
5.8Blair Thompson28.26aSt. Francis de Sales
6.8Sean Gaffney28.32aSt. Hilary
7.8Jeffrey Bachmann28.41aSt. Francis Xavier
8.7Nate Fahey28.81aSt. Francis de Sales
9.8Michael Redmond29.17aHoly Family-Stow
10.8Tomas Pyle29.94aImmaculate Heart of ...
11.7Josh D'Amicone30.57aSacred Heart of Jesus
12.7Hugh IV Cade30.62aEmmanuel Christian A...
13.7Austin Wredberg30.68aSt. Francis Xavier
14.7Quinntin Teeling31.24aSt. Matthew
15.7Danny Bott31.66aSacred Heart of Jesus
16.8Todd Rexroad31.68aSpring Garden
17.7Triston Hornbeck31.77aSt. Francis Xavier
18.8Jack Thorson32.17aHoly Family-Stow
19.8Josh Perison33.11aSt. Patrick
20.8Christian Raineri33.34aSacred Heart of Jesus
21.7Nicholas Fiedler34.82aHoly Family-Stow
22.7John Kovac35.03aSt. Matthew
23.7Andrew Kovac35.77aSt. Matthew
24.8Daniel Johns38.08aSt. Patrick
7Henry StitzelDNSSeton Catholic
8Jordan SensabaughDNSSt Vincent Elementary
X 200 Meters - 5/6 - Prelims
1.6Vincent D'Abrosca28.93aImmaculate Heart of ...
2.6Samuel Parri30.43aSt. Hilary
3.6Forrest Hagenmaier30.93aSt. Hilary
4.6Andy Ross31.40aSt. Matthew
5.6Brandon Taylor-Mitchell31.44aJeep Davis
6.6Devin Steibling31.68aJeep Davis
7.6Michael Smith32.27aSt. Hilary
8.5Jonas Pyle32.41aImmaculate Heart of ...
9.6Aiden Gallagher32.96aSt. Francis Xavier
10.6Michael Mendiola32.97aSeton Catholic
11.5Zachary Reilman33.00aSt. Francis Xavier
12.5Carson Miller33.40aSt. Francis de Sales
13.5Tyler Hornbeck34.83aSt. Francis Xavier
14.6Jack Valendza35.06aHoly Family-Stow
15.5Anthony Ursetti35.13aHoly Family-Stow
16.6Stroud Corr36.16aSeton Catholic
17.5Graham Mellon36.65aSt. Francis de Sales
18.5Clayton Ruffin36.99aEmmanuel Christian A...
19.5Alex Costa37.27aSt. Francis de Sales
20.5Bryce Riggembach37.59aSt. Sebastian
21.5Grant Cummins38.09aSt. Francis de Sales
22.6Hunter Hanlon38.24aSeton Catholic
23.6James Quinn38.55aSt. Sebastian
24.6Liam Eitman39.84aSt. Sebastian
6Tommy MyersDNSHoly Family-Stow
6James RankinDNSSpring Garden
6Alex ThomasDNSSt Vincent Elementary
5Josh VillersDNSSt. Francis de Sales
5Randy NorrisDNSSt. Francis de Sales
5Vincente CaporiniDNSJeep Davis
6James ParisiDNSSt. Hilary
6Nick JenkinsDNSSt. Patrick
5Ryan WebbDNSSt. Francis Xavier
X 200 Meters - 3/4 - Prelims
1.4Justin Smith32.24aImmaculate Heart of ...
2.4Bryce Lane33.32aSt. Francis Xavier
3.4Tony Hewitt34.50aSt. Sebastian
4.3Austin Berlesky34.54aJeep Davis
5.4Alan Dravenstott34.66aSt. Francis Xavier
6.4Eric Topliff34.80aImmaculate Heart of ...
7.3Michael Heller35.49aHoly Family-Stow
8.4Jonathan Ambro35.50aSt. Francis Xavier
9.4Jack Wills35.55aSt. Francis Xavier
10.3Kyle Buzaki35.72aHoly Family-Stow
11.3Simon Haas36.37aHoly Family-Stow
12.4Yale Dulaney36.79aHoly Family-Stow
13.3Solomon Davis36.98aEmmanuel Christian A...
14.4David Bowden39.62aSt. Patrick
15.3Patrick Delaney40.24aSt. Hilary
16.3Joseph Walsh40.77aSt. Sebastian
17.4Patrick Hanlon40.78aSeton Catholic
18.3Lorenzo Jackson45.44aEmmanuel Christian A...
19.3Colin Scahill46.23aSt. Patrick
3Ian QuinnDNSSt. Sebastian
X 400 Meters - 7/8 - Finals
1.8Julian McCreery58.72aSpring Garden
2.8Jack Lostoski59.50aSt. Patrick
3.8Tyler Reimenschneider59.61aImmaculate Heart of ...
4.8Blair Thompson1:00.00aSt. Francis de Sales
5.8Joe Parisi1:01.79aSt. Hilary
6.8Anthony Thomas1:01.84aJeep Davis
7.8Jeffrey Bachmann1:02.48aSt. Francis Xavier
8.8Josh Gutbrod1:04.66aSt. Francis Xavier
X 400 Meters - 5/6 - Finals
1.Nick Kavalec1:04.62aSt.Patrick
1.6Nicholas Kavalec1:04.62aSt. Patrick
2.5Dane Kersh1:06.92aSt. Patrick
3.6Aiden Gallagher1:09.29aSt. Francis Xavier
4.6Nicholas Reeves1:09.49aHoly Family-Stow
5.5Dominic Garro1:10.10aSt. Matthew
6.6Nate Daczko1:11.53aSt. Patrick
7.6Michael Lawrence1:11.84aSacred Heart of Jesus
8.5Tyler Hornbeck1:15.22aSt. Francis Xavier
X 400 Meters - 3/4 - Finals
1.4Bryce Lane1:13.04aSt. Francis Xavier
2.4Justin Smith1:13.14aImmaculate Heart of ...
3.4Andrew Cerroni1:15.17aSeton Catholic
4.4Scott Walter1:16.19aSt. Sebastian
5.3Solomon Davis1:17.54aEmmanuel Christian A...
6.3Joshua Mitchell1:17.59aEmmanuel Christian A...
7.3Ian Quinn1:17.64aSt. Sebastian
8.3Matthew Sollenberger1:17.66aSt. Hilary
X 400 Meters - 7/8 - Prelims
1.8Tyler Reimenschneider59.50aImmaculate Heart of ...
2.8Blair Thompson1:00.55aSt. Francis de Sales
3.8Jack Lostoski1:01.10aSt. Patrick
4.8Julian McCreery1:01.15aSpring Garden
5.8Jeffrey Bachmann1:01.72aSt. Francis Xavier
6.8Anthony Thomas1:03.03aJeep Davis
7.8Josh Gutbrod1:03.33aSt. Francis Xavier
8.8Joe Parisi1:03.46aSt. Hilary
9.7Ryan McBride1:03.82aSeton Catholic
10.7William Haas1:05.23aHoly Family-Stow
11.8Jacob Haag1:05.74aHoly Family-Stow
12.8David Van Note1:06.49aSt. Patrick
13.7Hugh IV Cade1:06.83aEmmanuel Christian A...
14.7Quinntin Teeling1:08.93aSt. Matthew
15.7Nicholas Campbell1:09.19aImmaculate Heart of ...
16.8Kevin Wells1:11.48aHoly Family-Stow
17.7Justus Kendel1:12.66aSt. Francis Xavier
18.8Josh Perison1:13.22aSt. Patrick
19.7Brady Babb1:19.12aImmaculate Heart of ...
7Tyler CoxDNSEmmanuel Christian A...
X 400 Meters - 5/6 - Prelims
1.5Dane Kersh1:10.55aSt. Patrick
2.6Nicholas Kavalec1:10.73aSt. Patrick
2.Nick Kavalec1:10.73aSt.Patrick
3.6Aiden Gallagher1:12.37aSt. Francis Xavier
4.6Michael Lawrence1:14.26aSacred Heart of Jesus
5.6Nate Daczko1:14.41aSt. Patrick
6.6Nicholas Reeves1:14.71aHoly Family-Stow
7.5Dominic Garro1:15.99aSt. Matthew
8.5Tyler Hornbeck1:17.04aSt. Francis Xavier
9.6Ben Loeper1:17.11aSt. Francis Xavier
10.6Zach Martin1:17.13aSt. Matthew
11.6James Parisi1:17.26aSt. Hilary
12.5Isaac Yoho1:18.94aImmaculate Heart of ...
13.5Matthew Chidsey1:18.99aSacred Heart of Jesus
14.6Stroud Corr1:19.12aSeton Catholic
15.6Eduardo Giralt1:19.31aSt. Sebastian
16.6Chris Hird1:19.58aHoly Family-Stow
17.5Estaben Merkt-Navedo1:21.18aSt. Hilary
18.5Grant Cummins1:31.02aSt. Francis de Sales
19.5Ryan Webb1:39.27aSt. Francis Xavier
5Josh VillersDNSSt. Francis de Sales
5Hunter ContosDNSJeep Davis
5Tommy MuhaDNSImmaculate Heart of ...
6Patrick FingerDNSHoly Family-Stow
5Zachary ReilmanDNSSt. Francis Xavier
6Drew BarnesDNSSeton Catholic
6Spencer FoleyDNSSeton Catholic
5Randy NorrisDNSSt. Francis de Sales
X 400 Meters - 3/4 - Prelims
1.4Bryce Lane1:14.97aSt. Francis Xavier
2.3Matthew Sollenberger1:16.64aSt. Hilary
3.3Ian Quinn1:17.47aSt. Sebastian
4.3Solomon Davis1:18.05aEmmanuel Christian A...
5.4Justin Smith1:18.09aImmaculate Heart of ...
6.4Andrew Cerroni1:18.59aSeton Catholic
7.4Scott Walter1:20.49aSt. Sebastian
8.3Joshua Mitchell1:21.27aEmmanuel Christian A...
9.3Matt Wheeler1:21.58aImmaculate Heart of ...
10.4Eric Garrrett1:21.71aSt Vincent Elementary
11.4Derek Friend1:21.75aHoly Family-Stow
12.3Joe Gresser1:23.52aHoly Family-Stow
13.3Patrick McKeon1:23.69aSeton Catholic
14.3Peter Calleri1:24.33aSt. Sebastian
15.3Joe Dragan1:24.52aImmaculate Heart of ...
16.4David Kendrick1:25.43aHoly Family-Stow
17.3Aidan Lynch1:27.34aSt. Sebastian
18.3Jonathan Cutri1:28.61aSeton Catholic
19.3Jack Barnes1:30.02aSeton Catholic
20.3Alec Murray1:30.50aSt Vincent Elementary
21.4Anthony Long1:31.04aSt. Francis de Sales
22.3Charlie Miller1:31.66aSt. Francis Xavier
23.3Aiden Rueher1:32.88aSt. Patrick
24.3Will Miller1:32.92aSt. Francis Xavier
25.3Will Grace1:33.26aSt. Francis Xavier
26.4Lucas Watson1:39.69aSt. Francis de Sales
3Austin BerleskyDNSJeep Davis
3Alex PhilipDNSSt. Sebastian
4Chris StillerDNSSt Vincent Elementary
4Noah MilecDNSSt Vincent Elementary
4Scott FenwickDNSHoly Family-Stow
X 800 Meters - 7/8 - Finals
1.8Drew Truax2:17.26aSeton Catholic
2.8Anthony Thomas2:17.43aJeep Davis
3.7Alex Reimund2:22.87aSt. Sebastian
4.8Tyler Reimenschneider2:31.28aImmaculate Heart of ...
5.8Ben Boshkos2:33.25aSt. Hilary
6.7Mark Bedell2:36.42aImmaculate Heart of ...
7.8Gabriel Sciarretti2:36.65aImmaculate Heart of ...
8.7Michael Walker2:38.53aHoly Family-Stow
9.8Andrew Testa2:45.83aSt. Francis de Sales
10.7Robbie Herold2:45.89aSpring Garden
11.7Joseph McShannic2:58.34aSt. Hilary
7Tyler CoxDNSEmmanuel Christian A...
X 800 Meters - 5/6 - Finals
1.6Drew Barnes2:34.00aSeton Catholic
2.5Matthew Chidsey2:41.00aSacred Heart of Jesus
3.6Sean Kennedy2:48.00aSt. Patrick
4.6Michael Lawrence2:50.00aSacred Heart of Jesus
5.6patrick Walter2:50.10aSt. Sebastian
6.6Ben Loeper2:53.00aSt. Francis Xavier
7.6Colin McNulty2:54.00aHoly Family-Stow
8.5Eli Yoho2:59.00aImmaculate Heart of ...
9.5Will Grayson3:01.00aHoly Family-Stow
10.5Ian McCart3:11.00aSt. Francis de Sales
11.5Stephen Renuart3:12.00aSt. Hilary
12.5Xavier Ascarrunz3:17.00aSt. Matthew
X 800 Meters - 3/4 - Finals
1.3Matthew Sollenberger2:47.00aSt. Hilary
2.3Ryan Thune2:49.00aImmaculate Heart of ...
3.4Joey Graff2:56.00aHoly Family-Stow
4.4Alex Loeper2:59.00aSt. Francis Xavier
5.4Jack Wills3:03.00aSt. Francis Xavier
6.4Jimmy Bowling3:05.00aHoly Family-Stow
6.3Alex Philip3:05.00aSt. Sebastian
8.4Eric Garrrett3:07.00aSt Vincent Elementary
9.3Matthew Bildstein3:08.00aSt. Francis Xavier
10.4Joshua Lee3:09.00aSt. Francis Xavier
11.4Jeremy Leyden3:15.00aImmaculate Heart of ...
12.4Raymond Riter3:16.00aSt Vincent Elementary
X 800 Meters - 7/8 - Prelims
1.8Drew Truax2:22.50aSeton Catholic
2.8Anthony Thomas2:23.44aJeep Davis
3.7Alex Reimund2:27.52aSt. Sebastian
4.8Tyler Reimenschneider2:31.52aImmaculate Heart of ...
5.7Mark Bedell2:34.87aImmaculate Heart of ...
6.8Ben Boshkos2:35.37aSt. Hilary
7.8Gabriel Sciarretti2:35.62aImmaculate Heart of ...
8.7Robbie Herold2:45.40aSpring Garden
9.7Tyler Cox2:45.68aEmmanuel Christian A...
10.7Michael Walker2:47.78aHoly Family-Stow
11.8Andrew Testa2:55.96aSt. Francis de Sales
12.7Joseph McShannic2:58.93aSt. Hilary
13.7Michael Damato3:02.31aSeton Catholic
14.7Keeghan Gallagher3:07.08aSt. Francis Xavier
15.8Austin Kohler3:12.50aSt. Francis de Sales
16.7Christian McShannic3:14.46aSt. Hilary
7Joseph RossettiDNSHoly Family-Stow
8Gus BarberDNSSt. Francis de Sales
8David Van NoteDNSSt. Patrick
8Brady CostiganDNSSt. Hilary
8Hayden WhitmyerDNSSt Vincent Elementary
7Tommy CrookstonDNSSacred Heart of Jesus
X 800 Meters - 5/6 - Prelims
1.6Drew Barnes2:35.69aSeton Catholic
2.6Michael Lawrence2:50.41aSacred Heart of Jesus
3.5Matthew Chidsey2:51.91aSacred Heart of Jesus
4.6Colin McNulty2:57.53aHoly Family-Stow
5.6patrick Walter2:58.28aSt. Sebastian
6.6Ben Loeper3:00.22aSt. Francis Xavier
7.6Sean Kennedy3:02.12aSt. Patrick
8.5Eli Yoho3:06.81aImmaculate Heart of ...
9.5Stephen Renuart3:11.15aSt. Hilary
10.5Will Grayson3:12.41aHoly Family-Stow
11.5Xavier Ascarrunz3:16.31aSt. Matthew
12.5Ian McCart3:21.94aSt. Francis de Sales
13.5Mark Beeson3:24.50aHoly Family-Stow
14.5Jeffrey Muczynski3:31.50aSacred Heart of Jesus
15.5Ryan Webb3:32.84aSt. Francis Xavier
16.6Alex Holcomb3:41.06aHoly Family-Stow
17.6Joe Cantwell3:43.01aSt. Francis de Sales
6John FingerDNSHoly Family-Stow
6Michael MadoniaDNSSeton Catholic
6Jonathon BachDNSSacred Heart of Jesus
6Tanner ReelingDNSSacred Heart of Jesus
5Ross FalascaDNSHoly Family-Stow
X 800 Meters - 3/4 - Prelims
1.3Ryan Thune2:48.47aImmaculate Heart of ...
2.3Matthew Sollenberger2:51.81aSt. Hilary
3.4Joey Graff2:59.41aHoly Family-Stow
4.4Alex Loeper2:59.81aSt. Francis Xavier
5.3Alex Philip3:01.46aSt. Sebastian
6.4Jack Wills3:01.81aSt. Francis Xavier
7.4Jimmy Bowling3:02.08aHoly Family-Stow
8.4Eric Garrrett3:02.59aSt Vincent Elementary
9.3Matthew Bildstein3:05.50aSt. Francis Xavier
10.4Joshua Lee3:06.90aSt. Francis Xavier
11.4Raymond Riter3:09.21aSt Vincent Elementary
12.4Jeremy Leyden3:10.87aImmaculate Heart of ...
13.3Zack Carson3:11.34aSeton Catholic
14.4Matt Demangeont3:12.40aImmaculate Heart of ...
15.3Justin Chalfant3:14.33aSt. Sebastian
16.3Jonathan Cutri3:15.78aSeton Catholic
17.4Anthony Long3:28.37aSt. Francis de Sales
18.3Patrick Murray3:28.81aSt. Patrick
19.4Logan Nemec3:48.46aSt. Sebastian
4Noah MilecDNSSt Vincent Elementary
X 1600 Meters - 7/8 - Finals
1.8Drew Truax5:13.28aSeton Catholic
2.8Gabriel Sciarretti5:31.68aImmaculate Heart of ...
3.8John Spohn5:37.96aSeton Catholic
4.7Tommy Crookston5:38.07aSacred Heart of Jesus
5.8Brady Costigan5:40.67aSt. Hilary
6.8Jack Huscroft5:41.84aSt. Patrick
7.7Alec Bryson6:05.31aSt. Sebastian
8.7Joseph Rossetti6:08.08aHoly Family-Stow
9.7Harley Moyer6:08.80aSpring Garden
10.7Mike Miller6:10.33aSpring Garden
11.7Michael Damato6:20.28aSeton Catholic
8Alex UnderwoodDNSSt. Matthew
X 1600 Meters - 5/6 - Finals
1.6Joe Brennan5:33.00aSt. Matthew
2.5Matthew Chidsey5:43.00aSacred Heart of Jesus
3.5Kyle Surblis6:05.00aSt. Matthew
4.6Jack Linert6:11.00aSeton Catholic
5.6Nick Condos6:12.00aSt. Patrick
6.5Eli Yoho6:16.00aImmaculate Heart of ...
7.6Hunter Hanlon6:21.00aSeton Catholic
8.6August Ciofalo6:23.00aSpring Garden
9.5Stephen Renuart6:32.00aSt. Hilary
10.6John Beck6:34.00aSpring Garden
11.5Mitchell Kozik6:38.00aSt. Hilary
12.5Mark Beeson6:56.00aHoly Family-Stow
X 1600 Meters - 3/4 - Finals
1.4Alex Loeper6:15.00aSt. Francis Xavier
2.4Joey Graff6:23.00aHoly Family-Stow
3.4Andrew Cerroni6:26.00aSeton Catholic
4.3Thomas Rademacher6:32.00aSt. Sebastian
5.4Jimmy Bowling6:34.00aHoly Family-Stow
6.3Matthew Bildstein6:36.00aSt. Francis Xavier
7.4Alan Dravenstott6:49.00aSt. Francis Xavier
8.4Raymond Riter6:54.00aSt Vincent Elementary
9.4Matt Demangeont6:57.00aImmaculate Heart of ...
10.4Ben Thompson7:01.00aImmaculate Heart of ...
11.3Mason Healy7:01.50aSt. Sebastian
12.4Nicholas Beaven7:04.00aSt. Sebastian
X 1600 Meters - 7/8 - Prelims
1.8Drew Truax5:20.15aSeton Catholic
2.8Gabriel Sciarretti5:41.37aImmaculate Heart of ...
3.7Tommy Crookston5:47.75aSacred Heart of Jesus
4.8Brady Costigan5:48.00aSt. Hilary
5.8John Spohn5:56.18aSeton Catholic
6.8Jack Huscroft5:58.81aSt. Patrick
7.8Alex Underwood6:13.02aSt. Matthew
8.7Alec Bryson6:13.31aSt. Sebastian
9.7Joseph Rossetti6:14.37aHoly Family-Stow
10.7Harley Moyer6:19.68aSpring Garden
11.7Michael Damato6:20.02aSeton Catholic
12.7Mike Miller6:20.68aSpring Garden
13.7Keeghan Gallagher6:23.15aSt. Francis Xavier
14.8Jack Hurley6:25.15aImmaculate Heart of ...
15.8Andrew Testa6:27.00aSt. Francis de Sales
16.7Dom Moretti6:30.62aImmaculate Heart of ...
17.8Gregory Wallace6:47.65aHoly Family-Stow
18.8Hayden Whitmyer6:58.94aSt Vincent Elementary
19.8Austin Kohler7:07.24aSt. Francis de Sales
X 1600 Meters - 5/6 - Prelims
1.6Joe Brennan5:42.64aSt. Matthew
2.5Matthew Chidsey5:59.93aSacred Heart of Jesus
3.5Kyle Surblis6:19.88aSt. Matthew
4.6Nick Condos6:21.86aSt. Patrick
5.6Jack Linert6:25.52aSeton Catholic
6.6Hunter Hanlon6:25.92aSeton Catholic
7.5Eli Yoho6:27.68aImmaculate Heart of ...
8.6August Ciofalo6:31.90aSpring Garden
9.6John Beck6:45.98aSpring Garden
10.5Stephen Renuart6:47.12aSt. Hilary
11.5Mitchell Kozik6:51.27aSt. Hilary
12.5Mark Beeson6:51.99aHoly Family-Stow
13.6Andrew Wagner6:54.30aSeton Catholic
14.5Andrew Sollenberger6:55.55aSt. Hilary
15.5Will Grayson7:04.27aHoly Family-Stow
16.5Ian McCart7:11.58aSt. Francis de Sales
17.5Tommy Muha8:28.77aImmaculate Heart of ...
6Alex WrightDNSSt. Patrick
5Ross FalascaDNSHoly Family-Stow
X 1600 Meters - 3/4 - Prelims
1.4Joey Graff6:25.00aHoly Family-Stow
2.4Alex Loeper6:26.46aSt. Francis Xavier
3.4Andrew Cerroni6:35.24aSeton Catholic
4.3Matthew Bildstein6:37.15aSt. Francis Xavier
5.4Jimmy Bowling6:48.35aHoly Family-Stow
6.4Alan Dravenstott6:54.72aSt. Francis Xavier
7.4Matt Demangeont6:58.72aImmaculate Heart of ...
8.3Thomas Rademacher6:58.93aSt. Sebastian
9.3Mason Healy7:08.05aSt. Sebastian
10.4Nicholas Beaven7:08.31aSt. Sebastian
11.4Ben Thompson7:08.59aImmaculate Heart of ...
12.4Raymond Riter7:16.62aSt Vincent Elementary
13.4Evan Kurtz7:16.84aSt. Patrick
14.4Jeremy Leyden7:26.65aImmaculate Heart of ...
15.3Bennett Nichols7:30.93aSt. Hilary
3Andy MuhaDNSImmaculate Heart of ...
4Casey SempleDNSSeton Catholic
X 200m Hurdles - 30" - 7/8 - Finals
1.8Alex Tafini28.04aImmaculate Heart of ...
2.8Ryan Kupcik31.01aSt. Francis Xavier
3.8Sean Gaffney31.72aSt. Hilary
4.7Owen Mellon31.76aSt. Francis de Sales
5.8Alec Berken32.45aSpring Garden
6.8Liam Reynolds33.37aSt. Francis Xavier
7.7Anthony King33.51aJeep Davis
8.7Bobby Schumaker35.29aSt. Sebastian
X 200m Hurdles - 30" - 5/6 - Finals
1.6Brandon Taylor-Mitchell34.08aJeep Davis
2.6Devin Steibling34.66aJeep Davis
3.5Zach Kremer36.09aHoly Family-Stow
4.5Matt Perison37.29aSt. Patrick
5.6Zach Martin37.62aSt. Matthew
6.6Gregery Martin38.17aSt. Patrick
7.5Nick Reimund39.09aSt. Sebastian
8.6Gene Mordarski41.40aHoly Family-Stow
X 200m Hurdles - 30" - 7/8 - Prelims
1.8Alex Tafini28.47aImmaculate Heart of ...
2.8Ryan Kupcik30.76aSt. Francis Xavier
3.8Sean Gaffney30.78aSt. Hilary
4.7Owen Mellon32.74aSt. Francis de Sales
5.8Alec Berken33.90aSpring Garden
6.8Liam Reynolds34.40aSt. Francis Xavier
7.7Bobby Schumaker35.11aSt. Sebastian
8.7Anthony King35.57aJeep Davis
9.8Todd Rexroad36.23aSpring Garden
10.7Johnny Reichard38.08aSeton Catholic
11.7John Kovac38.45aSt. Matthew
12.7Andrew Kovac39.10aSt. Matthew
13.7Sean McKeon40.10aSeton Catholic
14.8Greg Zelch40.11aSeton Catholic
15.7Henry Stitzel47.33aSeton Catholic
X 200m Hurdles - 30" - 5/6 - Prelims
1.6Brandon Taylor-Mitchell35.47aJeep Davis
2.6Devin Steibling35.57aJeep Davis
3.5Matt Perison37.24aSt. Patrick
4.5Zach Kremer37.34aHoly Family-Stow
5.6Gene Mordarski37.76aHoly Family-Stow
6.5Nick Reimund37.87aSt. Sebastian
7.6Gregery Martin37.98aSt. Patrick
8.6Zach Martin39.34aSt. Matthew
9.5Mark Beeson43.80aHoly Family-Stow
6Austin StoradDNSJeep Davis
X 4x100 Relay - 7/8 - Finals
1.-Relay Team 54.05aSt. Francis de Sales
2.-Relay Team 54.47aImmaculate Heart of ...
3.-Relay Team 55.18aHoly Family-Stow
4.-Relay Team 55.93aSt. Patrick
4.Relay Team55.93aSt.Patrick
5.-Relay Team 57.98aSeton Catholic
6.-Relay Team 58.87aSt. Francis Xavier
7.-Relay Team 59.46aSt. Sebastian
X 4x100 Relay - 5/6 - Finals
1.-Relay Team 58.35aSt. Francis de Sales
2.-Relay Team 59.10aSt. Hilary
3.-Relay Team 1:00.87aSeton Catholic
4.-Relay Team 1:01.21aImmaculate Heart of ...
5.-Relay Team 1:01.29aHoly Family-Stow
6.-Relay Team 1:02.63aSt. Patrick
6.Relay Team1:02.63aSt.Patrick
7.-Relay Team 1:08.48aEmmanuel Christian A...
8.-Relay Team 1:09.27aHoly Family-Stow
X 4x100 Relay - 3/4 - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:04.66aSt. Sebastian
2.-Relay Team 1:05.34aImmaculate Heart of ...
3.-Relay Team 1:07.59aHoly Family-Stow
4.-Relay Team 1:07.63aSeton Catholic
5.-Relay Team 1:08.60aSt. Francis de Sales
6.-Relay Team 1:11.00aImmaculate Heart of ...
7.-Relay Team 1:11.67aSt. Francis Xavier
8.-Relay Team 1:12.60aSt. Francis Xavier
X 4x100 Relay - 7/8 - Prelims
1.-Tomas Pyle
Mark Bedell
Jeff Berghoff
Sam Filipiak
55.07aImmaculate Heart of ...
2.-Gus Barber
Blair Thompson
Nate Fahey
Owen Mellon
55.46aSt. Francis de Sales
3.-Relay Team 55.93aSt. Patrick
3.Relay Team55.93aSt.Patrick
4.-Michael Redmond
Zach Koch
Jonte Pooler
Kevin Wells
56.79aHoly Family-Stow
5.-Jordan Wagner
Ryan McBride
Henry Stitzel
John Spohn
58.29aSeton Catholic
6.-Relay Team 59.46aSt. Sebastian
7.-Daniel Heydinger
Joseph Hassman
Garret Knapik
Liam Reynolds
1:00.47aSt. Francis Xavier
X 4x100 Relay - 3/4 - Prelims
1.-Scott Walter
Jacob Branham
Jake Saus
Tony Hewitt
1:06.04aSt. Sebastian
2.-Derek Friend
Joey Graff
Michael Heller
Jason Turschak
1:06.26aHoly Family-Stow
3.-Matt Wheeler
John Brezinski
Eric Topliff
Steven Musso
1:07.39aImmaculate Heart of ...
4.-Brendan McNamara
Shane Dolan
Kevin McBride
Jadan McDermott
1:09.60aSeton Catholic
5.-Adam Lenz
Bryce Thompson
Anthony Mazzagatti
Garrett Mellon
1:10.28aSt. Francis de Sales
6.-Alexander Baumgartner
Augustine Wilson
Luke Hamel
Nathan Wredberg
1:12.74aSt. Francis Xavier
7.-Greg Muha
Aaron Satina
Leo Sciarretti
Mitch Wheeler
1:15.78aImmaculate Heart of ...
8.-Will Grace
Noah Heyd
Anthony Periandri
Matthew Russo
1:17.98aSt. Francis Xavier
9.-Peter Dolensky
Matthew Fahey
Petch Skello
Nick Evans
1:18.07aSt. Francis de Sales
10.-Jeffrey Chi
Patrick Delaney
Joshua Hofacker
Bennett Nichols
1:18.40aSt. Hilary
X 4x200 Relay - 7/8 - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:49.98aSt. Hilary
2.-Relay Team 1:50.10aImmaculate Heart of ...
3.-Relay Team 1:50.88aSpring Garden
4.-Relay Team 1:55.90aSt Vincent Elementary
5.-Relay Team 2:01.00aSt. Francis Xavier
6.-Relay Team 2:10.12aHoly Family-Stow
7.-Relay Team 2:13.62aSt. Hilary
8.-Relay Team 2:13.72aSpring Garden
X 4x200 Relay - 5/6 - Finals
1.-Relay Team 2:02.78aSt. Francis de Sales
2.-Relay Team 2:06.12aImmaculate Heart of ...
3.-Relay Team 2:11.07aSt. Francis Xavier
4.-Relay Team 2:12.93aHoly Family-Stow
5.-Relay Team 2:22.70aSt. Hilary
X 4x200 Relay - 7/8 - Prelims
1.-Tomas Pyle
Tyler Reimenschneider
Sam Filipiak
Jeff Berghoff
1:51.73aImmaculate Heart of ...
2.-Zach Leone
Joe Parisi
Aaron Bennett
Ben Boshkos
1:54.67aSt. Hilary
3.-Zach Arndt
Gerald Ivery
Harrision Mesek
Jordan Sensabaugh
1:57.49aSt Vincent Elementary
4.-Todd Rexroad
Alec Berken
Joseph Rees
Julian McCreery
1:57.58aSpring Garden
5.-Triston Hornbeck
Garret Knapik
Jim Meyer
Austin Wredberg
2:02.36aSt. Francis Xavier
6.-Maxwell Bauer
Ben Libby
Sam Hudock
Nicholas Fiedler
2:14.03aHoly Family-Stow
7.-Joseph McShannic
Evan Nichols
Christopher Pamer
Christian McShannic
2:17.49aSt. Hilary
8.-Harley Moyer
Griffen Hansen
Mike Miller
Robbie Herold
2:20.37aSpring Garden
9.-Michael Damato
Sean McKeon
Liam Smith
Greg Zelch
2:23.07aSeton Catholic
X 4x400 Relay - 7/8 - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:23.18aHoly Family-Stow
2.-Relay Team 4:30.99aSt. Hilary
3.-Relay Team 4:43.88aImmaculate Heart of ...
4.-Relay Team 4:49.37aSt. Patrick
4.Relay Team4:49.37aSt.Patrick
5.-Relay Team 5:27.65aImmaculate Heart of ...
6.-Relay Team 5:52.27aSt. Hilary
-Relay Team NTSt. Francis Xavier
X SMR 100-100-200-400m - 7/8 - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:58.47aSt. Francis Xavier
2.-Relay Team 1:58.59aSeton Catholic
3.-Relay Team 2:16.89aHoly Family-Stow
4.-Relay Team 2:19.63aSt. Sebastian
5.-Relay Team 2:30.74aImmaculate Heart of ...
X SMR 100-100-200-400m - 5/6 - Finals
1.Relay Team2:12.58aSt.Patrick
1.-Relay Team 2:12.58aSt. Patrick
2.-Relay Team 2:12.59aSt. Patrick
3.-Relay Team 2:20.47aImmaculate Heart of ...
4.-Relay Team 2:22.31aSt. Francis de Sales
5.-Relay Team 2:23.24aImmaculate Heart of ...
6.-Relay Team 2:23.38aSt. Sebastian
7.-Relay Team 2:26.36aHoly Family-Stow
8.-Relay Team 2:28.34aSt. Hilary
X SMR 100-100-200-400m - 3/4 - Finals
1.-Relay Team 2:26.87aSt. Sebastian
2.-Relay Team 2:28.85aSt. Hilary
3.-Relay Team 2:30.16aImmaculate Heart of ...
4.-Relay Team 2:31.03aHoly Family-Stow
5.-Relay Team 2:32.00aSt. Francis Xavier
6.-Relay Team 2:36.33aSt. Francis Xavier
7.-Relay Team 2:38.23aSt. Sebastian
8.-Relay Team 2:38.57aImmaculate Heart of ...
X SMR 100-100-200-400m - 3/4 - Prelims
1.-Josh Kiesling
Ryan Thune
Ben Thompson
Steven Musso
2:28.25aImmaculate Heart of ...
2.-Evan Marando
Ethan Richards
Matthew Sollenberger
Joseph Mautz
2:30.45aSt. Hilary
3.-Jacob Branham
Jordan Jennings
Tony Hewitt
Scott Walter
2:33.31aSt. Sebastian
4.-Jonathan Ambro
Alex Loeper
Samuel Brej
Alan Dravenstott
2:35.85aSt. Francis Xavier
5.-Alec Coombs
Jared Musci
Justin Chalfant
Thomas Rademacher
2:37.16aSt. Sebastian
6.-Patrick White
Garrett Ansley
Simon Haas
Kyle Buzaki
2:38.54aHoly Family-Stow
7.-Connor Bingle
Joshua Lee
Nathan Wredberg
Matthew Russo
2:44.27aSt. Francis Xavier
8.-Aaron Satina
Leo Sciarretti
Michael Piglia
Joe Dragan
2:47.40aImmaculate Heart of ...
9.-Sam Smith
Ryan Volcansek
Zack Carson
Jack Barnes
2:52.05aSeton Catholic
10.-P.J. Hirsch
Petch Skello
Matthew Fahey
Nick Evans
3:09.58aSt. Francis de Sales
X Shot Put - 8lb - 7/8 - Finals
1.8R. Kirk Lewis36-08.00St. Patrick
2.8Josh Gutbrod32-05.00St. Francis Xavier
3.7Zach Koch31-08.00Holy Family-Stow
3.8Connor Ott31-08.00St. Francis de Sales
5.8Anthony Thomas30-06.00Jeep Davis
6.8Travis Pero30-05.00Sacred Heart of Jesus
7.7Andrew Sladek28-00.00St. Matthew
8.8Nick Darago27-02.00Immaculate Heart of ...
9.7William Haas26-00.00Holy Family-Stow
10.8Daniel Heydinger25-06.00St. Francis Xavier
11.7Michael DiSabato24-08.00Holy Family-Stow
12.7Drew Kiesling24-06.00Immaculate Heart of ...
13.7Jacob Sivic24-03.00St. Sebastian
14.7Anthony King24-00.00Jeep Davis
15.7Danny Bott23-10.00Sacred Heart of Jesus
16.7Evan Seiberling23-00.00St. Sebastian
17.7Griffen Hansen22-11.00Spring Garden
18.7Mitchell Holton22-08.00Immaculate Heart of ...
19.7Robbie Unrue21-07.00Holy Family-Stow
20.7Dylan Wichman21-06.00Immaculate Heart of ...
21.7Remy DeYoung21-04.00Sacred Heart of Jesus
22.8Rocco Nuosci20-00.00Immaculate Heart of ...
23.8James Dolensky19-11.00St. Francis de Sales
24.7Ryan Geary19-09.00St. Francis Xavier
25.7Mark Poston18-08.00Seton Catholic
26.8Joseph Hassman17-10.00St. Francis Xavier
27.7Sean McKeon17-05.00Seton Catholic
28.7Zach Heffner17-02.00Immaculate Heart of ...
29.7John Kubek17-00.00St. Patrick
30.7Alex Furlong16-06.00St. Francis Xavier
31.7Anthony Wheeler16-04.00Immaculate Heart of ...
32.7Mario Heltzel13-10.50St. Patrick
7Albert FalkensteinNDSacred Heart of Jesus
7Chris ConsilioNDSt. Sebastian
8Joe VitulloNDSt. Hilary
X Shot Put - 8lb - 5/6 - Finals
1.6Jacob Kepler34-04.00Jeep Davis
2.6Kevin McCarty28-09.00Immaculate Heart of ...
3.6Adam Pastor27-02.00St. Patrick
4.6Dom Sciarretti25-04.50Immaculate Heart of ...
5.5Estaben Merkt-Navedo25-00.00St. Hilary
6.6Danny Helmick24-04.00Immaculate Heart of ...
7.5Anthony Micale23-07.00St. Matthew
8.6Nathan DeHoff22-09.00St. Patrick
9.6Sam Stanley22-08.00St. Patrick
10.6Colin Pamer22-07.00St. Hilary
11.6Sam Ruscak21-06.00St. Sebastian
12.5Domanaire Bledsoe20-09.00Emmanuel Christian A...
13.5Isiah Davis20-03.00St. Hilary
14.5Kevin Cavanaugh20-00.00Holy Family-Stow
15.6Lunden Jamison18-09.00Spring Garden
16.6James Quinn18-07.50St. Sebastian
17.6Spencer Foley18-06.00Seton Catholic
18.6jakob Krejsa18-04.00St. Sebastian
19.5Clayton Ruffin17-00.00Emmanuel Christian A...
20.6James Rankin16-03.00Spring Garden
21.5Richard Reynolds16-00.00Emmanuel Christian A...
21.5James Kelly16-00.00Holy Family-Stow
23.5Henry Dolensky13-08.00St. Francis de Sales
5Hunter ContosNDJeep Davis
5Alexander WyszkowskiNDSt. Hilary
5Nate FalkensteinNDSacred Heart of Jesus
X Discus - 1kg - 7/8 - Finals
1.7Alex Reimund101-01St. Sebastian
2.8Travis Pero95-03Sacred Heart of Jesus
3.8Gus Barber87-08St. Francis de Sales
4.7Zach Koch87-04Holy Family-Stow
5.8Joseph Rees81-08Spring Garden
6.8Daniel Heydinger77-03St. Francis Xavier
7.7Drew Kiesling77-01Immaculate Heart of ...
8.7Remy DeYoung75-10Sacred Heart of Jesus
9.7Michael DiSabato75-05Holy Family-Stow
10.7Dylan Wichman72-08Immaculate Heart of ...
11.7Andrew Sladek71-07St. Matthew
12.8Joseph Hassman71-03St. Francis Xavier
13.7Anthony King69-11Jeep Davis
14.8Connor Ott67-04St. Francis de Sales
15.7Andrew Kovac64-05St. Matthew
16.7Mitchell Holton63-08Immaculate Heart of ...
17.7Griffen Hansen63-07Spring Garden
18.7Jacob Caldwell61-09Holy Family-Stow
19.8James Dolensky57-07St. Francis de Sales
20.7Alec Bryson54-02St. Sebastian
21.8Rocco Nuosci53-10Immaculate Heart of ...
22.7John Kovac53-00St. Matthew
23.7Robbie Unrue51-08Holy Family-Stow
24.7Mark Poston47-10Seton Catholic
25.7Sam Hudock44-05Holy Family-Stow
26.7Anthony Wheeler43-11Immaculate Heart of ...
27.7Mario Heltzel33-08St. Patrick
28.7Zach Heffner30-05Immaculate Heart of ...
8Austin KohlerNDSt. Francis de Sales
8Andrew TestaNDSt. Francis de Sales
8Greg ZelchNDSeton Catholic
7Albert FalkensteinNDSacred Heart of Jesus
7Chris ConsilioNDSt. Sebastian
X Discus - 1kg - 5/6 - Finals
1.6Jacob Kepler94-07Jeep Davis
2.6Adam Pastor73-02St. Patrick
3.6Danny Helmick62-10Immaculate Heart of ...
4.6Nathan DeHoff61-02St. Patrick
5.6Sam Stanley58-05St. Patrick
6.6John Beck56-11Spring Garden
7.6Lunden Jamison53-02Spring Garden
8.5James Kelly48-11Holy Family-Stow
9.6Spencer Foley47-09Seton Catholic
10.6Hunter Hanlon45-08Seton Catholic
11.6James Rankin45-07Spring Garden
12.6Sam Ruscak44-07St. Sebastian
13.5Kevin Cavanaugh44-05Holy Family-Stow
14.6Dom Sciarretti43-00Immaculate Heart of ...
15.5Randy Norris42-11St. Francis de Sales
16.5Richard Reynolds38-11Emmanuel Christian A...
17.6Liam Eitman37-10St. Sebastian
18.6Mike Spohn37-09Seton Catholic
19.6jakob Krejsa35-08St. Sebastian
20.6Joe Cantwell35-03St. Francis de Sales
21.5Xavier Ascarrunz34-00St. Matthew
22.5Henry Dolensky29-06St. Francis de Sales
5Josh VillersNDSt. Francis de Sales
5Nate FalkensteinNDSacred Heart of Jesus
X High Jump - 7/8 - Finals
1.8Jack Lostoski5-04.00St. Patrick
2.8Julian McCreery5-00.00Spring Garden
3.7Michael Walker4-10.00Holy Family-Stow
4.8Ben Boshkos4-10.00St. Hilary
5.8Jacob Haag4-08.00Holy Family-Stow
6.8Jack Thorson4-04.00Holy Family-Stow
7.7Mark Bedell4-02.00Immaculate Heart of ...
8.8Joe Parisi4-00.00St. Hilary
8.7Tyler Cox4-00.00Emmanuel Christian A...
7Jacob IveryDQSt Vincent Elementary
8Harrision MesekNHSt Vincent Elementary
8Kevin WellsNHHoly Family-Stow
X High Jump - 5/6 - Finals
1.6Nicholas Kavalec4-08.00St. Patrick
1.Nick Kavalec4-08.00St.Patrick
2.6Michael Takacs4-02.00Immaculate Heart of ...
3.6Jack Linert4-02.00Seton Catholic
4.6Ross Moore4-00.00Immaculate Heart of ...
5.5Anthony Ursetti3-10.00Holy Family-Stow
6.6Sean Fejes3-08.00St. Patrick
7.5Zach Kremer3-08.00Holy Family-Stow
8.6Carmen Digeronimo3-06.00Seton Catholic
6Jacob WagnerNHSeton Catholic
6Alec MurrinNHSeton Catholic
X Long Jump - 7/8 - Finals
1.8Teddy Helton18-03.00Holy Family-Stow
2.7Jeff Berghoff17-00.00Immaculate Heart of ...
3.8Anthony Simonetti15-06.00St. Matthew
4.7Alex Reimund15-03.50St. Sebastian
5.8Jonte Pooler15-02.00Holy Family-Stow
6.7Sam Filipiak14-06.00Immaculate Heart of ...
7.8Joseph Rees14-05.00Spring Garden
8.8Jacob Brown14-03.00Jeep Davis
9.7Chad Kanakkanatt13-06.50St. Sebastian
10.7Bobby Schumaker13-01.75St. Sebastian
11.8Josh Perison12-09.00St. Patrick
12.7Robbie Herold12-08.00Spring Garden
13.7Josh D'Amicone12-02.00Sacred Heart of Jesus
14.7Sean Cavanaugh11-03.00Holy Family-Stow
15.7Frank Piglia11-01.50Immaculate Heart of ...
16.8Jonathan Sapp10-10.75St. Hilary
17.7Johnny Reichard10-10.50Seton Catholic
18.7Nicholas Fiedler10-10.00Holy Family-Stow
19.8Daniel Johns9-08.25St. Patrick
20.7Alex Furlong8-02.50St. Francis Xavier
7Ryan GearyNDSt. Francis Xavier
8Jack HuscroftNDSt. Patrick
8Harrision MesekNDSt Vincent Elementary
7Joseph RossettiNDHoly Family-Stow
7Liam SmithNDSeton Catholic
X Long Jump - 5/6 - Finals
1.6Craig Dilworth14-05.50Immaculate Heart of ...
2.6Matt Restifo13-02.00Seton Catholic
3.5Matt Perison12-00.00St. Patrick
4.6Gene Mordarski11-09.50Holy Family-Stow
5.6Tommy Myers11-07.00Holy Family-Stow
6.6Jacob Beckwith11-07.00St. Patrick
7.6Colin McNulty11-07.00Holy Family-Stow
8.6patrick Walter11-05.00St. Sebastian
9.6John Beck11-00.00Spring Garden
10.5Will Grayson10-10.50Holy Family-Stow
11.6James Quinn10-10.00St. Sebastian
12.6John Bowen10-09.00Immaculate Heart of ...
12.6Michael Madonia10-09.00Seton Catholic
14.5Nick Reimund10-08.50St. Sebastian
15.6Brian Cianciolo10-07.50Holy Family-Stow
16.5Alex Thomas10-06.75St. Sebastian
17.6Austin Storad10-05.00Jeep Davis
18.5Jerry Reeves10-04.00St. Sebastian
18.6Peter Cutri10-04.00Seton Catholic
20.6Sam Ruscak10-01.25St. Sebastian
21.6Carmen Digeronimo9-10.50Seton Catholic
22.5Andrew Sollenberger9-08.00St. Hilary
23.6Andrew Wagner9-04.50Seton Catholic
24.5Vincente Caporini9-04.00Jeep Davis
25.5Stephen Renuart9-03.50St. Hilary
26.6Eduardo Giralt9-02.00St. Sebastian
27.6Mike Spohn9-00.00Seton Catholic
28.5Brendan Slazinski8-07.50St. Hilary
29.5Alex Isada8-05.00St. Hilary
29.5Clayton Ruffin8-05.00Emmanuel Christian A...
31.5John Marchetta8-04.00St. Hilary
32.6Jacob Wagner8-02.00Seton Catholic
33.5Bryce Riggembach7-09.75St. Sebastian
6John FingerNDHoly Family-Stow
6Chris HirdNDHoly Family-Stow
6Nicholas ReevesNDHoly Family-Stow
6Alec MurrinNDSeton Catholic
6Drew BarnesNDSeton Catholic
6Stroud CorrNDSeton Catholic
5Mitchell KozikNDSt. Hilary
6Kevin McCartyNDImmaculate Heart of ...
X Standing Long Jump - 3/4 - Finals
1.4Jadan McDermott6-09.00Seton Catholic
2.4Evan Marando6-08.00St. Hilary
3.4Derek Friend6-05.00Holy Family-Stow
4.4Jonathan Ambro6-04.50St. Francis Xavier
5.4Yale Dulaney6-04.00Holy Family-Stow
6.3Alexander Baumgartner6-03.50St. Francis Xavier
7.4Samuel Brej6-02.50St. Francis Xavier
8.4Josh Kiesling6-02.00Immaculate Heart of ...
9.3Aidan Lynch6-01.00St. Sebastian
9.3Jason Turschak6-01.00Holy Family-Stow
11.3Matthew Gies5-11.00Seton Catholic
12.4Patrick White5-09.50Holy Family-Stow
13.3Jeffrey Chi5-09.00St. Hilary
14.3Simon Haas5-08.00Holy Family-Stow
14.3Jeremy Glasgow5-08.00Holy Family-Stow
16.3Colin Scahill5-07.50St. Patrick
16.3Peter Calleri5-07.50St. Sebastian
18.3Mitch Wheeler5-05.00Immaculate Heart of ...
19.3Jack Barnes5-04.00Seton Catholic
19.4Alex Reeves5-04.00St. Sebastian
19.3Andrew Rinaldi5-04.00Holy Family-Stow
22.3Jimmy Quinn5-03.00St. Sebastian
22.3Charlie Miller5-03.00St. Francis Xavier
24.4Joe Berger5-02.50St. Sebastian
24.3Michael Piglia5-02.50Immaculate Heart of ...
26.3Will Miller5-02.00St. Francis Xavier
26.3Matthew Russo5-02.00St. Francis Xavier
26.4Brendan McNamara5-02.00Seton Catholic
29.3Ethan Richards5-00.50St. Hilary
30.3Patrick Murray5-00.00St. Patrick
31.4Cole Giacamo4-11.00St. Patrick
32.4Donald III Wedding4-09.00Seton Catholic
32.3Sam Volk4-09.00Holy Family-Stow
34.3Luke Rajan4-07.50Holy Family-Stow
35.3Nathaniel Plaspohl4-07.00Seton Catholic
35.3Joseph Walsh4-07.00St. Sebastian
37.4Michael Rinaldi4-05.00Holy Family-Stow
38.3Sam Hoffman4-04.00Seton Catholic
38.4David Bowden4-04.00St. Patrick
40.3Matthew Takacs4-03.00Immaculate Heart of ...
41.4Mitchel Reader4-02.00St. Patrick
42.3Eric Reichard3-08.00Seton Catholic
4Brandon LuxNDSt Vincent Elementary
6Markus WadeNDSt Vincent Elementary
4Malik WadeNDSt Vincent Elementary
3Mason HealyNDSt. Sebastian
4Logan NemecNDSt. Sebastian
X Weight Throw - 35lb - 3/4 - Finals
1.4Jordan Jennings116-09.00St. Sebastian
2.4Jadan McDermott115-00.00Seton Catholic
3.3Demitri Williams103-03.00Emmanuel Christian A...
4.3Kyle Buzaki100-07.00Holy Family-Stow
5.4Aaron Satina97-02.00Immaculate Heart of ...
6.3Garrett Ansley96-02.00Holy Family-Stow
7.3Matthew Bildstein92-01.00St. Francis Xavier
8.3Patrick McKeon91-04.00Seton Catholic
9.4Anthony Long89-01.00St. Francis de Sales
10.4Josh Kiesling88-07.00Immaculate Heart of ...
11.3Zack Carson87-06.00Seton Catholic
12.3Adam Shah85-05.00Holy Family-Stow
13.4David Kendrick85-01.00Holy Family-Stow
14.4Lucas Watson83-07.00St. Francis de Sales
15.3Tyler Fischer81-09.00St. Patrick
16.4Jimmy Bowling81-07.00Holy Family-Stow
17.4Cole Giacamo76-03.00St. Patrick
18.3Aiden Rueher74-05.00St. Patrick
19.4Joe Berger70-00.00St. Sebastian
20.3Andrew Rinaldi64-07.00Holy Family-Stow
21.3Joshua Hofacker63-03.00St. Hilary
22.3Bennett Nichols62-03.00St. Hilary
23.3Matthew Gies61-08.00Seton Catholic
24.3Kionnie Dukes60-01.00Emmanuel Christian A...
25.3Bobby Eslick59-08.00Emmanuel Christian A...
26.3connor Magoolaghan56-08.00St. Sebastian
27.4Donald III Wedding47-06.00Seton Catholic
28.4Michael Rinaldi47-04.00Holy Family-Stow
29.3Eric Reichard34-05.00Seton Catholic
30.3Sam Hoffman34-01.00Seton Catholic
3Nathaniel PlaspohlNDSeton Catholic
3Joseph MautzNDSt. Hilary
4Chris StillerNDSt Vincent Elementary
4Alex ReevesNDSt. Sebastian
3Jimmy QuinnNDSt. Sebastian
4Joey DaczkoNDSt. Patrick
4Scott FenwickNDHoly Family-Stow

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - 7/8 - Finals
1.8MacKenzie Nolte13.76aSeton Catholic
2.8Malia Musso13.99aImmaculate Heart of ...
3.8Sarah Taylor14.15aSt Vincent Elementary
4.8Shannon Jack14.23aSacred Heart of Jesus
5.8Lexi Nolte14.38aSeton Catholic
6.7Heidi Lewis14.43aSt. Patrick
7.8Lainie Glasgow14.47aHoly Family-Stow
8.8Karley Dougherty14.73aSt. Francis de Sales
X 100 Meters - 5/6 - Finals
1.6Lauren Heller13.50aHoly Family-Stow
2.6Sarah Talley14.51aSpring Garden
3.6Samantha Williams14.62aSt. Sebastian
4.6Samatha Thune15.08aImmaculate Heart of ...
5.8Kianna Wilson15.16aSt Vincent Elementary
6.6Annie Kubec15.38aSt. Patrick
7.6Bridget McBride15.67aSeton Catholic
8.6Megan Urbanic15.70aSeton Catholic
X 100 Meters - 3/4 - Finals
1.4Jermaine Watkins15.32aJeep Davis
2.4Rachel McDowell15.35aHoly Family-Stow
3.4Katelyn McDowell15.83aHoly Family-Stow
4.4Megan Hissong16.12aSt. Hilary
5.4Sierra Walker16.71aJeep Davis
6.4Sydney Williams16.74aSt. Sebastian
7.4Leah Eberly16.79aSt. Sebastian
8.4Gina Villanti16.97aSeton Catholic
X 100 Meters - 7/8 - Prelims
1.8MacKenzie Nolte14.05aSeton Catholic
2.8Sarah Taylor14.54aSt Vincent Elementary
3.8Malia Musso14.64aImmaculate Heart of ...
4.8Lexi Nolte14.84aSeton Catholic
5.8Lainie Glasgow14.90aHoly Family-Stow
6.7Heidi Lewis14.91aSt. Patrick
7.8Shannon Jack15.03aSacred Heart of Jesus
8.8Karley Dougherty15.08aSt. Francis de Sales
9.8Alexis Wyatt15.14aSt Vincent Elementary
10.8Tailiya Carter15.19aSt Vincent Elementary
11.8Megan McCullough15.22aImmaculate Heart of ...
12.7Jasmine Baker15.35aSpring Garden
13.8Emma Twardzik15.39aSt. Patrick
14.8Kennedy Glenn15.43aSt. Hilary
15.8Becka Miller15.44aImmaculate Heart of ...
16.8Emily Pugliese15.45aHoly Family-Stow
17.8Ralyn Trice15.47aSt Vincent Elementary
18.7Alyssa Owens15.61aJeep Davis
19.8Tatiyana Whatley15.62aSt Vincent Elementary
20.7Allison Coughlin15.64aSt. Sebastian
21.8Hannah Komorny15.72aSacred Heart of Jesus
22.7Nicole Miller15.89aSt. Francis Xavier
23.8Natalie Anderson16.18aSt. Sebastian
24.8Libby Sobnosky16.24aHoly Family-Stow
24.7Zoe Leciejewski16.24aSeton Catholic
26.7Olivia Cloud16.35aSt. Francis Xavier
27.8Maddie Quinn16.39aSt. Sebastian
28.7Grace Davis16.49aSt Vincent Elementary
29.8mary Walsh16.60aSt. Sebastian
30.8Kayla Kulla16.62aSt. Patrick
31.8Maddie Mazzola16.64aSt. Hilary
32.8Maggie Moneypenny16.66aHoly Family-Stow
33.7Angela Bohrer17.27aSt. Hilary
33.8Erin Winchester17.27aSt. Francis Xavier
35.8Julia Yoho17.43aImmaculate Heart of ...
36.7Rachael Krajcovic17.70aJeep Davis
37.7Anna McMurchy17.84aSeton Catholic
38.5Hannah Wright18.70aSt. Patrick
7Allegra BoleDNSJeep Davis
7Annie MellodyDNSSt. Francis de Sales
8Audrey MaloyDNSSt. Francis de Sales
7Crystal SeidelDNSSt. Francis de Sales
8Sabreigha DixonDNSSt Vincent Elementary
7Maria DotyDNSHoly Family-Stow
8Gabrielle YarbroughDNSSt. Sebastian
X 100 Meters - 5/6 - Prelims
1.6Lauren Heller14.10aHoly Family-Stow
2.6Sarah Talley14.99aSpring Garden
3.6Samantha Williams15.05aSt. Sebastian
4.8Kianna Wilson15.73aSt Vincent Elementary
5.6Annie Kubec15.94aSt. Patrick
6.6Samatha Thune15.97aImmaculate Heart of ...
7.6Megan Urbanic16.01aSeton Catholic
8.6Bridget McBride16.04aSeton Catholic
9.6Katie Bradshaw16.06aSt. Francis de Sales
10.6Micheda Fry16.12aSt Vincent Elementary
11.6Alli Morvai16.28aJeep Davis
12.6Marshayla Haynes16.30aSt Vincent Elementary
13.6Hannah McClaskey16.47aHoly Family-Stow
14.5Chloe Richards16.57aSt. Hilary
15.5Sheila Bradley16.86aSt. Francis Xavier
16.5Dorothy Muren17.10aJeep Davis
16.5Dayonna Anderson17.10aEmmanuel Christian A...
18.5Nichole Charnigo17.18aSt. Francis Xavier
19.5Maria Fahey17.34aSt. Francis de Sales
20.6Alie Skronski17.35aSt. Patrick
21.6Elise Davis17.37aSt Vincent Elementary
22.5Caroline Srail17.68aSt. Francis Xavier
23.6Olivia Kraus17.79aJeep Davis
23.5Madeleine Peck17.79aSt. Patrick
25.5Pamela Lewis17.87aSt. Patrick
25.5Kaci Lucas17.87aSt. Sebastian
27.6Kendra Stallard17.92aSt. Francis Xavier
28.5Grace Salzeider18.05aHoly Family-Stow
29.6Jaeden Sensabaugh18.11aSt Vincent Elementary
30.5Ariel Cheatam-King18.24aEmmanuel Christian A...
31.5Jenny Sobnosky18.35aHoly Family-Stow
32.6Zanna Leciejewski18.41aSeton Catholic
33.5Ellie Stieber18.86aSacred Heart of Jesus
34.5Rachel Hornyak19.00aJeep Davis
35.4Vicky Woodburn19.06aSt. Hilary
36.5Alexis Painter19.46aJeep Davis
37.6Jessica Wronkovich19.62aHoly Family-Stow
38.5Claire Stock19.64aSt. Hilary
39.5Maddie Wallace20.02aHoly Family-Stow
40.5Emily Armbrust20.21aHoly Family-Stow
41.5Grace Durbin20.44aHoly Family-Stow
42.6Kierra Carmichael20.60aSt Vincent Elementary
43.5Logan Kiesling23.11aImmaculate Heart of ...
5Veronica ClarkDNSSt. Francis de Sales
6Carnae OdenDNSSt Vincent Elementary
6Eryca GarrettDNSSt Vincent Elementary
6Roxane KihnDNSSpring Garden
6Madeline LowingDNSSpring Garden
6Julia KuhrtDNSSeton Catholic
6Gracie MorganDNSSeton Catholic
6Arianna RichardsonDNSEmmanuel Christian A...
5Timbrea ChilliousDNSEmmanuel Christian A...
5Gabbi CampanaDNSSt. Patrick
5Sydney KullaDNSSt. Patrick
X 100 Meters - 3/4 - Prelims
1.4Jermaine Watkins15.60aJeep Davis
2.4Rachel McDowell15.90aHoly Family-Stow
3.4Megan Hissong16.25aSt. Hilary
4.4Katelyn McDowell16.40aHoly Family-Stow
5.4Leah Eberly16.73aSt. Sebastian
6.4Sierra Walker16.74aJeep Davis
7.4Gina Villanti16.90aSeton Catholic
8.4Sydney Williams17.03aSt. Sebastian
9.4Isabella Stanziano17.09aSt. Francis Xavier
9.3Taylor Getz17.09aImmaculate Heart of ...
11.4Alexis Fichter17.17aJeep Davis
12.3Carlie Friess17.42aSt. Patrick
13.3Jessica Sheldon17.54aSt. Francis Xavier
14.4Macy Ries17.80aJeep Davis
15.4Emma Terzola17.83aSt. Francis de Sales
16.4Makayla Chillious18.06aEmmanuel Christian A...
17.4Alexa Ballinger18.18aJeep Davis
18.3McGee Huffman18.22aImmaculate Heart of ...
19.4Divine Bates18.26aSt Vincent Elementary
20.4Aubrey Zelch18.55aSeton Catholic
21.3Mallorie Rohrbach18.56aSt. Francis Xavier
22.3Mallory Kozik18.63aSt. Hilary
23.3Katie Bachmann18.80aSt. Francis Xavier
23.3Taylor Storad18.80aJeep Davis
25.3Mackenzie Cassiday19.07aHoly Family-Stow
26.3Erin Kipp19.11aSeton Catholic
27.3Kate Greene19.34aSt. Francis Xavier
27.4Erin Wagner19.34aSt. Sebastian
29.3Myanah Keys19.41aEmmanuel Christian A...
30.3Zoe Zimcosky19.46aHoly Family-Stow
31.4Emma Williams19.50aSt. Sebastian
32.4Annie Lewandowski19.51aSt. Hilary
33.4Emma White19.82aImmaculate Heart of ...
34.4Addison Onchak19.83aSt. Patrick
35.4Sydney Wright19.99aSt. Patrick
36.3Emma Partridge20.09aSeton Catholic
37.4Gabrielle Humphrey20.44aJeep Davis
38.3Caitlin Winston20.64aSeton Catholic
39.3Lauryn Slazinski21.01aSt. Hilary
40.3Julia Mazzotti21.18aSt. Hilary
41.3Madalyn Rusinoff21.88aHoly Family-Stow
42.3Hannah Cantwell24.19aSt. Francis de Sales
3Caty FarnsworthDNSJeep Davis
4Caroline BisahaDNSSt. Francis de Sales
4Jada HainesDNSSt Vincent Elementary
4Gabby AzarDNSHoly Family-Stow
4Molly SwartoutDNSSt. Patrick
X 200 Meters - 7/8 - Finals
1.8MacKenzie Nolte29.24aSeton Catholic
2.8Malia Musso29.35aImmaculate Heart of ...
3.8Katy Easton29.40aSacred Heart of Jesus
4.8Shannon Jack29.77aSacred Heart of Jesus
5.7Tiffany Pryce30.19aHoly Family-Stow
6.8Annie Graff30.34aHoly Family-Stow
7.8Lexi Nolte30.63aSeton Catholic
8.8Natalie Winters30.66aHoly Family-Stow
X 200 Meters - 5/6 - Finals
1.6Lauren Heller28.40aHoly Family-Stow
2.6Bailey Booth29.95aHoly Family-Stow
3.6Sarah Talley30.74aSpring Garden
4.6Samatha Thune31.55aImmaculate Heart of ...
5.5Mary Figler31.57aHoly Family-Stow
6.5Sydney Dalrick33.27aSeton Catholic
7.5Lauren Walker34.97aHoly Family-Stow
5Samantha RossDNSSt. Francis Xavier
X 200 Meters - 3/4 - Finals
1.4Jermaine Watkins32.30aJeep Davis
2.4Megan Hissong33.17aSt. Hilary
3.4Sydney Shufford33.22aEmmanuel Christian A...
4.4Isabella Stanziano34.48aSt. Francis Xavier
5.4Sierra Walker34.53aJeep Davis
6.4Alexis Fichter35.57aJeep Davis
7.3Carlie Friess36.80aSt. Patrick
8.4Emma Terzola37.53aSt. Francis de Sales
X 200 Meters - 7/8 - Prelims
1.8MacKenzie Nolte29.65aSeton Catholic
2.8Katy Easton30.34aSacred Heart of Jesus
2.8Natalie Winters30.34aHoly Family-Stow
4.8Lexi Nolte30.40aSeton Catholic
5.8Shannon Jack30.56aSacred Heart of Jesus
6.7Tiffany Pryce30.96aHoly Family-Stow
7.8Annie Graff31.12aHoly Family-Stow
7.8Malia Musso31.12aImmaculate Heart of ...
9.7Cynthia Haas31.34aHoly Family-Stow
10.7Jasmine Baker31.84aSpring Garden
11.8Michelle Felden32.28aSt. Hilary
12.7Allison Coughlin32.47aSt. Sebastian
13.8Kennedy Glenn32.76aSt. Hilary
14.8Hannah Komorny33.09aSacred Heart of Jesus
15.8Colleen Cummins33.28aSt. Francis de Sales
16.8Mary Kozik33.34aSt. Hilary
17.8Maddie Mazzola35.20aSt. Hilary
18.7Teresa Crater35.72aSt. Francis de Sales
19.7Annie Mellody35.93aSt. Francis de Sales
7Crystal SeidelDNSSt. Francis de Sales
7Katie BisahaDNSSt. Francis de Sales
8Hannah NorrisDNSSt. Francis de Sales
8Katie VankeDNSSt. Francis de Sales
8Gabrielle YarbroughDNSSt. Sebastian
8Erin WinchesterDNSSt. Francis Xavier
8Emma TwardzikDNSSt. Patrick
X 200 Meters - 5/6 - Prelims
1.6Lauren Heller29.42aHoly Family-Stow
2.6Bailey Booth30.46aHoly Family-Stow
3.6Sarah Talley31.02aSpring Garden
4.6Samatha Thune31.81aImmaculate Heart of ...
5.5Mary Figler31.84aHoly Family-Stow
6.5Samantha Ross33.14aSt. Francis Xavier
7.5Sydney Dalrick33.81aSeton Catholic
8.5Lauren Walker33.99aHoly Family-Stow
9.5Meredith Grenci34.15aSeton Catholic
10.5Jamie Piglia34.43aImmaculate Heart of ...
11.5Chloe Richards34.46aSt. Hilary
12.5Dorothy Muren35.00aJeep Davis
13.5Sheila Bradley35.84aSt. Francis Xavier
14.6Kalen Lucas36.43aSt. Sebastian
15.5Dayonna Anderson36.84aEmmanuel Christian A...
16.6Elise Davis36.99aSt Vincent Elementary
17.5Veronica Clark37.24aSt. Francis de Sales
18.6Kendra Stallard39.02aSt. Francis Xavier
19.4Vicky Woodburn41.56aSt. Hilary
5Alexandria OliverioDNSSacred Heart of Jesus
5Timbrea ChilliousDNSEmmanuel Christian A...
5Gabbi CampanaDNSSt. Patrick
5Maria FaheyDNSSt. Francis de Sales
6Carnae OdenDNSSt Vincent Elementary
8Kianna WilsonDNSSt Vincent Elementary
5Claire StockDNSSt. Hilary
5Sydney KullaDNSSt. Patrick
X 200 Meters - 3/4 - Prelims
1.4Jermaine Watkins33.34aJeep Davis
2.4Megan Hissong33.84aSt. Hilary
3.4Sydney Shufford34.24aEmmanuel Christian A...
4.4Sierra Walker34.34aJeep Davis
5.4Alexis Fichter35.14aJeep Davis
6.4Isabella Stanziano36.06aSt. Francis Xavier
7.3Carlie Friess37.42aSt. Patrick
8.4Emma Terzola37.84aSt. Francis de Sales
9.4Makayla Chillious37.99aEmmanuel Christian A...
10.4Emma White38.22aHoly Family-Stow
11.3Mallorie Rohrbach38.76aSt. Francis Xavier
12.4Maura Knox39.00aHoly Family-Stow
13.3Cecelia Walter39.68aSt. Sebastian
14.3Katie Bachmann40.12aSt. Francis Xavier
15.4Leah Lisle40.34aHoly Family-Stow
16.3Myanah Keys43.02aEmmanuel Christian A...
17.4Miranda Montgomery43.34aSt. Sebastian
18.4Emma Williams43.77aSt. Sebastian
19.4Sydney Wright45.28aSt. Patrick
20.3Lauryn Slazinski48.07aSt. Hilary
4Anne Marie McCombsDNSHoly Family-Stow
4Anna PorcellaDNSSt. Francis de Sales
X 400 Meters - 7/8 - Finals
1.8Ashley Pryce1:02.84aHoly Family-Stow
2.8MacKenzie Nolte1:04.70aSeton Catholic
3.8Katy Easton1:06.34aSacred Heart of Jesus
4.8Annie Graff1:08.04aHoly Family-Stow
5.8Shannon Jack1:08.10aSacred Heart of Jesus
6.7Alyssa Kendrick1:10.95aHoly Family-Stow
7.8Hannah Komorny1:11.90aSacred Heart of Jesus
8Sarah TaylorDNSSt Vincent Elementary
X 400 Meters - 5/6 - Finals
1.6Bailey Booth1:07.84aHoly Family-Stow
2.6Eryca Garrett1:08.14aSt Vincent Elementary
3.6Rachel Iacofano1:08.65aSt. Francis Xavier
4.5Mary Figler1:09.26aHoly Family-Stow
5.6Cami Miller1:10.98aSpring Garden
6.6Samatha Thune1:11.04aImmaculate Heart of ...
5Samantha RossDNSSt. Francis Xavier
7.5Michaela McVicker1:13.84aSt. Francis de Sales
X 400 Meters - 3/4 - Finals
1.4Emily Wisniewski1:14.50aHoly Family-Stow
2.4Megan Hissong1:15.31aSt. Hilary
3.4Katelyn McDowell1:15.35aHoly Family-Stow
4.3Taylor Getz1:18.50aImmaculate Heart of ...
5.4Emma Terzola1:25.24aSt. Francis de Sales
6.4Sydney Shufford1:26.02aEmmanuel Christian A...
7.4Mary Stitzel1:27.53aSeton Catholic
4Anna RuscakDNSSt. Sebastian
X 400 Meters - 7/8 - Prelims
1.8Ashley Pryce1:04.27aHoly Family-Stow
2.8MacKenzie Nolte1:06.31aSeton Catholic
3.8Katy Easton1:08.09aSacred Heart of Jesus
4.8Sarah Taylor1:08.45aSt Vincent Elementary
5.8Annie Graff1:08.59aHoly Family-Stow
6.8Shannon Jack1:10.25aSacred Heart of Jesus
7.7Alyssa Kendrick1:12.25aHoly Family-Stow
8.8Hannah Komorny1:12.56aSacred Heart of Jesus
9.7Tiffany Chi1:12.76aSt. Hilary
10.7Emily Hissong1:15.58aSt. Hilary
11.8Julia Yoho1:28.69aImmaculate Heart of ...
X 400 Meters - 5/6 - Prelims
1.6Bailey Booth1:09.60aHoly Family-Stow
2.6Eryca Garrett1:10.08aSt Vincent Elementary
3.5Mary Figler1:10.67aHoly Family-Stow
4.6Rachel Iacofano1:11.35aSt. Francis Xavier
5.6Cami Miller1:12.73aSpring Garden
6.5Samantha Ross1:14.12aSt. Francis Xavier
7.5Michaela McVicker1:14.27aSt. Francis de Sales
8.6Samatha Thune1:15.63aImmaculate Heart of ...
9.5Sydney Dalrick1:17.09aSeton Catholic
10.5Jamie Piglia1:19.57aImmaculate Heart of ...
11.6Arianna Richardson1:19.83aEmmanuel Christian A...
12.6Emily Gresser1:20.27aHoly Family-Stow
13.5Meredith Grenci1:20.85aSeton Catholic
14.5Dorothy Muren1:24.20aJeep Davis
15.6Solene Daigle1:25.71aSeton Catholic
16.5Jessica Chessey1:26.44aSt. Francis Xavier
17.5Nonee Mitchell1:27.21aHoly Family-Stow
18.6Elaina Delmoro1:27.35aSacred Heart of Jesus
19.5Micahela Barry1:29.16aHoly Family-Stow
20.5Claire Stock1:34.85aSt. Hilary
21.5Alexis Painter1:35.36aJeep Davis
22.5Maddie Wallace1:37.21aHoly Family-Stow
23.5Emily Armbrust1:38.61aHoly Family-Stow
24.5Kathrine Doty1:46.70aHoly Family-Stow
25.5Logan Kiesling1:51.71aImmaculate Heart of ...
X 400 Meters - 3/4 - Prelims
1.4Megan Hissong1:16.52aSt. Hilary
2.4Anna Ruscak1:16.85aSt. Sebastian
3.4Katelyn McDowell1:17.44aHoly Family-Stow
4.4Emily Wisniewski1:18.61aHoly Family-Stow
5.4Sydney Shufford1:20.80aEmmanuel Christian A...
6.3Taylor Getz1:23.96aImmaculate Heart of ...
7.4Mary Stitzel1:24.62aSeton Catholic
8.4Emma Terzola1:29.12aSt. Francis de Sales
9.4Megan Sutterluety1:34.16aSt. Francis de Sales
10.4Anna Porcella1:38.50aSt. Francis de Sales
11.4Nicole Heffner1:38.66aImmaculate Heart of ...
4Annie LewandowskiDNSSt. Hilary
4Molly ChelovitzDNSSt. Hilary
X 800 Meters - 7/8 - Finals
1.8Melinda Renuart2:39.95aSt. Hilary
2.8Erin McNulty2:40.29aHoly Family-Stow
3.8Kirsten Stepanek2:48.21aSeton Catholic
4.8Maddy Heupler2:50.86aSeton Catholic
5.8Abbey Cerroni2:51.55aSeton Catholic
6.7Grace Davis2:54.72aSt Vincent Elementary
7.7Ariel Soudry3:20.45aSpring Garden
7Lauren VolpeDNSImmaculate Heart of ...
8Katy EastonDNSSacred Heart of Jesus
7Tess JonesDNSOur Lady of the Elms
X 800 Meters - 5/6 - Finals
1.6Rachel Iacofano2:42.00aSt. Francis Xavier
2.5Tori Shulan2:55.00aOur Lady of the Elms
3.6Eryca Garrett3:02.00aSt Vincent Elementary
4.6Sarah Welton3:05.00aSpring Garden
4.6Brenna Truax3:05.00aSeton Catholic
6.6Kristen Buzaki3:06.00aHoly Family-Stow
7.6Solene Daigle3:07.00aSeton Catholic
8.5Abigail Volk3:08.00aHoly Family-Stow
9.6Becca Weiss3:09.00aHoly Family-Stow
10.5Alexandria Oliverio3:11.00aSacred Heart of Jesus
11.6Susan McCauliff3:12.00aHoly Family-Stow
12.6Shannon Fischer3:15.00aSeton Catholic
X 800 Meters - 3/4 - Finals
1.4Mary Claire Valenziano3:02.00aSeton Catholic
2.4Claire Penney3:12.00aHoly Family-Stow
3.3Mallory Kozik3:16.00aSt. Hilary
4.4Jenna Kupcik3:17.00aSt. Francis Xavier
4.3Isabel Grenci3:17.00aSeton Catholic
6.Kailey Maroni3:18.00aSt.Patrick
7.3Zoe Zelch3:20.00aOur Lady of the Elms
8.4Maria White3:21.00aHoly Family-Stow
9.3Ada Wyszinski3:31.00aSt. Sebastian
10.3Hannah Bessmer3:33.00aSt. Francis Xavier
11.4Morgan Ciccotelli3:36.00aOur Lady of the Elms
12.4Megan Sutterluety3:43.00aSt. Francis de Sales
4Nicole HeffnerNTImmaculate Heart of ...
X 800 Meters - 5/6 - Prelims
1.6Rachel Iacofano2:47.50aSt. Francis Xavier
2.6Eryca Garrett2:49.56aSt Vincent Elementary
3.5Abigail Volk3:04.09aHoly Family-Stow
4.6Kristen Buzaki3:06.90aHoly Family-Stow
5.6Brenna Truax3:07.32aSeton Catholic
6.6Susan McCauliff3:10.18aHoly Family-Stow
7.5Tori Shulan3:13.81aOur Lady of the Elms
8.5Alexandria Oliverio3:15.15aSacred Heart of Jesus
9.6Becca Weiss3:17.87aHoly Family-Stow
10.6Sarah Welton3:18.56aSpring Garden
11.6Solene Daigle3:20.40aSeton Catholic
12.6Shannon Fischer3:22.27aSeton Catholic
13.5Jessica Chessey3:22.62aSt. Francis Xavier
14.6Cara Heupler3:23.02aSeton Catholic
15.6Elaina Delmoro3:25.65aSacred Heart of Jesus
16.6Zanna Leciejewski3:26.84aSeton Catholic
17.5Ellie Stieber3:27.78aSacred Heart of Jesus
18.5Rachael Berlin3:28.04aJeep Davis
19.6Jessica Wronkovich3:57.04aHoly Family-Stow
5Nonee MitchellDNSHoly Family-Stow
5Kathrine DotyDNSHoly Family-Stow
X 1600 Meters - 7/8 - Finals
1.8Melinda Renuart5:47.53aSt. Hilary
2.8Kirsten Stepanek5:59.85aSeton Catholic
3.7Emily Hissong6:14.65aSt. Hilary
4.8Abbey Cerroni6:17.09aSeton Catholic
5.7Rachael Massi6:26.51aSt. Francis Xavier
6.8Natalie Ziegler6:33.64aImmaculate Heart of ...
7Lauren VolpeDNSImmaculate Heart of ...
7Tess JonesDNSOur Lady of the Elms
X 1600 Meters - 5/6 - Finals
1.6Rachel Iacofano5:48.00aSt. Francis Xavier
2.6Brenna Truax6:24.00aSeton Catholic
3.5Abigail Volk6:35.00aHoly Family-Stow
4.6Alicia Furlan6:48.00aSeton Catholic
5.6Sarah Welton6:53.00aSpring Garden
6.6Kristen Buzaki6:58.00aHoly Family-Stow
7.6Susan McCauliff7:11.00aHoly Family-Stow
8.5Olivia Brady7:28.00aSt. Patrick
9.5Micahela Barry7:38.00aHoly Family-Stow
10.5Maria Nuosci7:40.00aImmaculate Heart of ...
X 1600 Meters - 3/4 - Finals
1.4Mary Claire Valenziano6:27.00aSeton Catholic
2.4Bryanna Renuart6:31.00aSt. Hilary
3.Kailey Maroni6:54.00aSt.Patrick
4.4Jenna Kupcik6:58.00aSt. Francis Xavier
5.4Morgan Ciccotelli7:05.00aOur Lady of the Elms
6.4Maria White7:06.00aHoly Family-Stow
7.3Zoe Zelch7:10.00aOur Lady of the Elms
8.4Sara Hauck7:18.00aHoly Family-Stow
9.3Kayla Hofmeister9:09.00aSt. Francis Xavier
3Valerie DeightonNTImmaculate Heart of ...
X 200m Hurdles - 30" - 7/8 - Finals
1.7Tiffany Pryce32.52aHoly Family-Stow
2.8Sabreigha Dixon34.81aSt Vincent Elementary
3.7Alyssa Owens35.21aJeep Davis
4.8Madison Deckert36.00aSpring Garden
5.7Marie Conti36.24aHoly Family-Stow
6.8Jennifer Lewis38.13aSeton Catholic
7.8Maddie Quinn38.69aSt. Sebastian
8.8Sammi DiGeronimo39.36aSeton Catholic
X 200m Hurdles - 30" - 5/6 - Finals
1.6Samantha Williams35.92aSt. Sebastian
2.6Lizzy Muzilla37.16aOur Lady of the Elms
3.5Sheila Bradley37.27aSt. Francis Xavier
4.5Nichole Charnigo37.81aSt. Francis Xavier
5.6Janine Plachet37.86aSeton Catholic
6.6Mya Chordar37.88aOur Lady of the Elms
7.6Madison Mercer37.96aSt. Patrick
8.6Annie Kubec38.04aSt. Patrick
X 200m Hurdles - 30" - 7/8 - Prelims
1.7Tiffany Pryce33.67aHoly Family-Stow
2.8Sabreigha Dixon36.09aSt Vincent Elementary
3.8Madison Deckert36.41aSpring Garden
4.7Marie Conti37.07aHoly Family-Stow
5.7Alyssa Owens37.25aJeep Davis
6.8Maddie Quinn38.11aSt. Sebastian
7.8Jennifer Lewis38.65aSeton Catholic
8.8Sammi DiGeronimo39.56aSeton Catholic
9.7Rachael Massi41.46aSt. Francis Xavier
8Hannah NorrisDNSSt. Francis de Sales
8Emma TwardzikDNSSt. Patrick
X 200m Hurdles - 30" - 5/6 - Prelims
1.6Samantha Williams35.90aSt. Sebastian
2.5Nichole Charnigo38.31aSt. Francis Xavier
3.6Annie Kubec38.50aSt. Patrick
4.6Lizzy Muzilla38.59aOur Lady of the Elms
5.5Sheila Bradley39.14aSt. Francis Xavier
6.6Madison Mercer39.57aSt. Patrick
7.6Mya Chordar39.87aOur Lady of the Elms
8.6Janine Plachet41.08aSeton Catholic
9.6Julia Partridge43.21aSeton Catholic
10.6Mary Grace Corrigan43.93aSeton Catholic
11.5Caroline Srail47.52aSt. Francis Xavier
X 4x100 Relay - 7/8 - Finals
1.-Relay Team 57.38aSt Vincent Elementary
2.-Relay Team 58.47aImmaculate Heart of ...
3.-Relay Team 1:01.19aSt. Francis de Sales
4.-Relay Team 1:01.23aSt. Sebastian
5.-Relay Team 1:02.07aSt. Patrick
5.-Relay Team 1:02.07aSt. Hilary
5.Relay Team1:02.07aSt.Patrick
7.-Relay Team 1:02.23aHoly Family-Stow
8.-Relay Team 1:04.44aSt. Patrick
9.-Relay Team 1:04.61aSeton Catholic
X 4x100 Relay - 5/6 - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:00.35aSt Vincent Elementary
2.-Relay Team 1:02.89aSeton Catholic
3.-Relay Team 1:03.11aSt. Francis de Sales
4.-Relay Team 1:06.73aHoly Family-Stow
5.-Relay Team 1:08.65aJeep Davis
6.-Relay Team 1:09.20aSt. Sebastian
7.-Relay Team 1:14.22aSt. Patrick
-Relay Team DNSEmmanuel Christian A...
X 4x100 Relay - 3/4 - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:07.06aSt. Sebastian
2.-Relay Team 1:07.40aJeep Davis
3.-Relay Team 1:11.80aHoly Family-Stow
4.-Relay Team 1:16.27aJeep Davis
5.-Relay Team 1:16.66aHoly Family-Stow
6.-Relay Team 1:17.56aSeton Catholic
-Relay Team 1:18.01aSt. Francis Xavier
7.-Relay Team 1:19.91aSt. Hilary
X 4x200 Relay - 7/8 - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:56.58aHoly Family-Stow
2.-Relay Team 2:07.57aSpring Garden
3.-Relay Team 2:09.76aSt. Hilary
4.-Relay Team 2:12.04aSt. Francis de Sales
5.-Relay Team 2:21.54aSt. Patrick
5.Relay Team2:21.54aSt.Patrick
X 4x200 Relay - 5/6 - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:59.31aHoly Family-Stow
2.-Relay Team 2:12.78aSt. Francis de Sales
3.-Relay Team 2:14.16aOur Lady of the Elms
4.-Relay Team 2:17.86aEmmanuel Christian A...
X 4x400 Relay - 7/8 - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:48.27aHoly Family-Stow
2.-Relay Team 5:09.03aImmaculate Heart of ...
X SMR 100-100-200-400m - 7/8 - Finals
1.-Relay Team 2:10.14aImmaculate Heart of ...
2.-Relay Team 2:14.95aHoly Family-Stow
3.-Relay Team 2:17.24aSeton Catholic
4.-Relay Team 2:17.55aHoly Family-Stow
5.-Relay Team 2:20.50aSt. Sebastian
6.-Relay Team 2:24.36aSt. Francis Xavier
X SMR 100-100-200-400m - 5/6 - Finals
1.-Relay Team 2:25.62aOur Lady of the Elms
2.-Relay Team 2:29.76aHoly Family-Stow
3.-Relay Team 2:32.29aSt. Sebastian
4.-Relay Team 2:33.66aSeton Catholic
5.-Relay Team 2:34.35aSt. Francis Xavier
6.-Relay Team 2:35.10aHoly Family-Stow
7.-Relay Team 2:41.80aSt. Patrick
8.-Relay Team 2:50.05aHoly Family-Stow
9.-Relay Team 2:53.31aJeep Davis
X SMR 100-100-200-400m - 3/4 - Finals
1.-Relay Team 2:25.19aHoly Family-Stow
2.-Relay Team 2:34.67aSeton Catholic
3.-Relay Team 2:39.60aSt. Francis Xavier
4.-Relay Team 2:41.39aSt. Hilary
5.-Relay Team 2:43.04aImmaculate Heart of ...
6.-Relay Team 2:48.42aSt. Sebastian
X Shot Put - 6lb - 7/8 - Finals
1.8Steffany Martin27-04.00St. Patrick
2.8Lainie Glasgow26-10.00Holy Family-Stow
3.8Kayla Kulla26-05.00St. Patrick
4.8Lauren Davis25-10.00Holy Family-Stow
5.8Alexandria Biege21-09.50Spring Garden
6.8Julie Durbin17-11.00Holy Family-Stow
7Maria DotyNDHoly Family-Stow
81027 KillingsworthNDSt. Sebastian
7Hannah CampbellNDSt. Patrick
8Hallie SinkoNDSt. Hilary
X Shot Put - 6lb - 5/6 - Finals
1.6Madison Mercer30-09.00St. Patrick
2.5Jamie Piglia23-02.50Immaculate Heart of ...
3.5Rachael Berlin19-11.00Jeep Davis
4.6Alli Morvai18-11.00Jeep Davis
5.5Grace Durbin16-07.00Holy Family-Stow
6.5Maria Nuosci14-04.00Immaculate Heart of ...
7.5Logan Kiesling10-01.00Immaculate Heart of ...
X Discus - 1kg - 7/8 - Finals
1.8Natalie Winters77-02Holy Family-Stow
2.8Steffany Martin75-07St. Patrick
3.8Lauren Davis68-03Holy Family-Stow
4.7Alyssa Kendrick58-08Holy Family-Stow
5.8Skylar Beck54-02Spring Garden
6.7Annie Mellody47-11St. Francis de Sales
7.8Alexandria Biege45-04Spring Garden
8.8Maddy Heupler43-11Seton Catholic
9.8Julie Durbin41-07Holy Family-Stow
10.7Teresa Crater37-03St. Francis de Sales
11.7Anna McMurchy35-05Seton Catholic
12.8Hannah Norris31-11St. Francis de Sales
13.7Crystal Seidel28-11St. Francis de Sales
8Katie VankeNDSt. Francis de Sales
7Hannah CampbellNDSt. Patrick
X Discus - 1kg - 5/6 - Finals
1.6Madison Mercer64-10St. Patrick
2.6Brenna Truax53-02Seton Catholic
3.5Grace Durbin47-01Holy Family-Stow
4.6Olivia Kraus40-03Jeep Davis
5.6Julie Ciotola33-07St. Sebastian
6.6Hannah Eberly32-03St. Sebastian
7.6Cara Heupler29-01Seton Catholic
8.6Emily Gresser27-11Holy Family-Stow
6Kalen LucasNDSt. Sebastian
5Kaci LucasNDSt. Sebastian
X High Jump - 7/8 - Finals
1.8Steffany Martin4-05.00St. Patrick
2.8Karley Dougherty4-02.00St. Francis de Sales
3.8Mary Kozik4-02.00St. Hilary
4.8Madison Deckert4-02.00Spring Garden
5.8Michelle Felden4-00.00St. Hilary
5.7Emma Noethen4-00.00St. Hilary
7.8Katie Vanke3-10.00St. Francis de Sales
7.8Emily Pugliese3-10.00Holy Family-Stow
7.8Libby Sobnosky3-10.00Holy Family-Stow
10.7Nicole Miller3-08.00St. Francis Xavier
11.7Olivia Cloud3-06.00St. Francis Xavier
12.7Angela Bohrer3-04.00St. Hilary
8Hallie SinkoNHSt. Hilary
7Zoe LeciejewskiNHSeton Catholic
X High Jump - 5/6 - Finals
1.6Megan Urbanic4-02.00Seton Catholic
2.6Cami Miller4-00.00Spring Garden
3.6Hannah McClaskey3-08.00Holy Family-Stow
4.5Katie Caldwell3-06.00Holy Family-Stow
5.5Nichole Charnigo3-06.00St. Francis Xavier
5.6Solene Daigle3-06.00Seton Catholic
7.5Micahela Barry3-06.00Holy Family-Stow
8.6Julia Partridge3-04.00Seton Catholic
6Alicia FurlanNHSeton Catholic
5Grace SalzeiderNHHoly Family-Stow
X Long Jump - 7/8 - Finals
1.8Ashley Pryce14-01.00Holy Family-Stow
2.7Olivia Buzzi13-01.75St. Sebastian
3.7Marie Conti12-10.50Holy Family-Stow
4.7Heidi Lewis12-02.00St. Patrick
5.8Madison Deckert12-01.00Spring Garden
6.8Sammi DiGeronimo11-06.25Seton Catholic
7.8Jennifer Lewis11-04.25Seton Catholic
8.7Tiffany Chi10-11.00St. Hilary
9.8Anna Varella10-06.75St. Patrick
10.7Emma Noethen9-11.75St. Hilary
11.7Rachael Krajcovic9-02.50Jeep Davis
7Grace DavisNDSt Vincent Elementary
8Hallie SinkoNDSt. Hilary
X Long Jump - 5/6 - Finals
1.6Cami Miller12-07.50Spring Garden
2.6Samantha Williams10-09.00St. Sebastian
3.6Gracie Morgan10-08.50Seton Catholic
4.6Jillian Anderson10-07.00St. Sebastian
5.6Bridget McBride10-04.00Seton Catholic
6.5Sydney Dalrick10-04.00Seton Catholic
7.5Connie Agner10-00.00St. Francis de Sales
8.6Mary Grace Corrigan9-10.25Seton Catholic
9.5Alexandria Oliverio9-10.00Sacred Heart of Jesus
10.5Mikayla Milford9-08.75Jeep Davis
11.5Olivia Brady9-06.00St. Patrick
12.6Becca Weiss9-05.00Holy Family-Stow
13.5Ellie Stieber6-07.00Sacred Heart of Jesus
6Julia KuhrtNDSeton Catholic
5Chloe RichardsNDSt. Hilary
5Maria NuosciNDImmaculate Heart of ...
X Standing Long Jump - 3/4 - Finals
1.4SaraJo Stokes6-00.00Jeep Davis
2.4Alexa Ballinger5-09.00Jeep Davis
3.4Rachel McDowell5-09.00Holy Family-Stow
4.3Kristen Kuhrt5-08.00Seton Catholic
5.4Emily Wisniewski5-07.00Holy Family-Stow
6.3Ada Wyszinski5-07.00St. Sebastian
7.4Anna Ruscak5-05.00St. Sebastian
7.4Annie Lewandowski5-05.00St. Hilary
10.4Sara Hauck5-03.00Holy Family-Stow
11.3Morgan Pulling5-02.00Immaculate Heart of ...
12.3Taylor Getz5-01.00Immaculate Heart of ...
13.3Caitlin Winston5-00.00Seton Catholic
13.4Maura Knox5-00.00Holy Family-Stow
15.4Anne Marie McCombs4-10.00Holy Family-Stow
15.3Natalie Ruth4-10.00Immaculate Heart of ...
17.3Carlie Friess4-09.00St. Patrick
18.4Miranda Montgomery4-08.00St. Sebastian
19.4Bryanna Renuart4-07.00St. Hilary
20.3Amanda Apel4-04.00Holy Family-Stow
21.3Emily Grayson4-03.00Holy Family-Stow
21.4Emma White4-03.00Immaculate Heart of ...
23.3Hannah Mordarski4-02.00Holy Family-Stow
24.3Zoe Zimcosky4-01.00Holy Family-Stow
25.4Leah Lisle4-00.00Holy Family-Stow
25.4Gabby Azar4-00.00Holy Family-Stow
27.3Mackenzie Cassiday3-10.00Holy Family-Stow
28.3Hannah Cantwell3-02.00St. Francis de Sales
29.3Madalyn Rusinoff2-10.00Holy Family-Stow
3Shannon FurkaNDHoly Family-Stow
4Molly SwartoutNDSt. Patrick
3Taylor StoradNDJeep Davis
3Mackenzie MilfordNDJeep Davis
3Caty FarnsworthNDJeep Davis
4Caroline BisahaNDSt. Francis de Sales
4Gabrielle HumphreyNDJeep Davis
4Helena KrejsaNDSt. Sebastian
4Aubrey ZelchNDSeton Catholic
4Jada HainesNDSt Vincent Elementary
4Divine BatesNDSt Vincent Elementary
X Weight Throw - 20lb - 3/4 - Finals
1.3Kristen Kuhrt94-00.00Seton Catholic
2.4Claire Penney93-02.00Holy Family-Stow
3.4Anna Ruscak91-08.00St. Sebastian
4.4Gabby Azar87-00.00Holy Family-Stow
5.4Macy Ries87-00.00Jeep Davis
6.3Jordyn Ritchie64-08.00St. Hilary
7.4Katie Guist62-05.00Jeep Davis
8.4Nicole Heffner59-00.00Immaculate Heart of ...
9.3Caitlin Winston48-04.00Seton Catholic
10.3Olivia Conti46-05.00Holy Family-Stow
11.3Julia Mazzotti44-05.00St. Hilary
12.4Emma White43-10.00Holy Family-Stow
13.3Emma Partridge41-07.00Seton Catholic
4Jada HainesNDSt Vincent Elementary
4Erin WagnerNDSt. Sebastian
3Caty FarnsworthNDJeep Davis
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