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Louisa Country Tri Meet

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Louisa Country HS, Mineral

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Virginia - 3A
Western Albemarle
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kadarius Bruce11.75aFluvanna County
2.11Johnathan White11.80aFluvanna County
3.12Brandon Payne11.85aLouisa County
4.10Cory Osbourne11.92aLouisa County
5.-Cameron Coles12.13aFluvanna County
6.11Corrin Harris12.15aLouisa County
7.-Stephan Vessels12.24aLouisa County
8.10Lorenzo Henson12.38aLouisa County
9.12Ramon Jackson12.49aLouisa County
10.-Mike Salmons12.55aLouisa County
11.10Andre Mealy13.04aLouisa County
12.11Derek Hughes13.12aLouisa County
13.9Devin Goode13.19aFluvanna County
14.12Travis Johnson13.76aLouisa County
15.-Christian Scott13.94aLouisa County
16.-Nathaniel Szarmach14.46aFluvanna County
17.-Bradley Thompson15.44aLouisa County
18.-Roger Jackson15.54aLouisa County
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Johnathan White23.21aFluvanna County
2.11Corrin Harris23.68aLouisa County
3.11Jacob Scott24.37aLouisa County
4.11Kadarius Bruce24.43aFluvanna County
5.-Mike Salmons24.84aLouisa County
6.11Ryan Price24.86aLouisa County
7.-Eric Tibbs25.13aLouisa County
8.-Devante Shelton25.50aLouisa County
8.-Cameron Coles25.50aFluvanna County
10.11Derek Hughes26.19aLouisa County
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brandon Payne51.42aLouisa County
2.11Gregory Dixon52.74aLouisa County
3.11Jacob Scott53.75aLouisa County
4.-Damien Harris54.29aFluvanna County
5.11Ethan Baruch54.33aWestern Albemarle
6.10Trevaughn Ayers54.63aLouisa County
7.11Ryan Price54.74aLouisa County
8.-Eric Tibbs54.99aLouisa County
9.10Peter Barber55.10aWestern Albemarle
10.12Philip Hadwin55.94aWestern Albemarle
11.11Robert Davis56.25aLouisa County
12.10Blake Hills58.14aFluvanna County
13.9David Cox59.12aFluvanna County
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Andrew Jennings2:03.94aWestern Albemarle
2.11Henry Giles2:05.34aWestern Albemarle
3.12Jimmy Taylor2:05.84aWestern Albemarle
4.12Christopher Jackson2:06.34aLouisa County
5.10Bryce Deering2:12.04aWestern Albemarle
6.-Devante Payne2:12.64aLouisa County
7.10Colin Williams2:13.14aWestern Albemarle
8.10Kevin Hogan2:15.14aFluvanna County
9.-Dylan Brandt2:18.24aLouisa County
10.11Ben Casto2:19.24aFluvanna County
11.-Damian Stinnie2:19.94aLouisa County
12.10Francis Malzone2:21.64aLouisa County
13.11Jay Larue2:25.94aWestern Albemarle
14.9Jake Brooks2:30.04aLouisa County
15.9Garrett Faegans2:31.64aLouisa County
16.-Briar Hasty2:32.74aLouisa County
17.11Thomas Wood2:33.64aFluvanna County
18.9Mac Outlaw2:34.94aWestern Albemarle
19.-Nick Harris2:35.94aLouisa County
20.11Alex Bower2:40.54aFluvanna County
21.9Dale Savoy2:41.04aWestern Albemarle
22.8Cyrus Webb2:41.84aWestern Albemarle
23.8Trevor Connolly2:43.84aWestern Albemarle
24.9Andy Jensen2:45.44aWestern Albemarle
25.9Tye Thompson2:45.74aWestern Albemarle
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Andrew Jennings4:32.34aWestern Albemarle
2.12Jimmy Taylor4:33.14aWestern Albemarle
3.11Henry Giles4:34.24aWestern Albemarle
4.10Ben Schiller4:35.34aWestern Albemarle
5.9David Taylor4:45.54aWestern Albemarle
6.11Brady Coleman4:59.84aLouisa County
7.9Caleb Phelps5:02.44aLouisa County
8.11Greg Edwards5:05.44aFluvanna County
9.10Gavin Ratcliffe5:07.54aWestern Albemarle
10.10Jason Meckle5:10.24aLouisa County
11.11Ben Casto5:11.44aFluvanna County
12.9Mark Simmons5:16.74aWestern Albemarle
13.9Garrett Faegans5:18.34aLouisa County
14.9Will Watkins5:26.14aWestern Albemarle
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Christopher Springer10:01.34aLouisa County
2.11William Plews-Ogan10:12.94aWestern Albemarle
3.11Calvin Wheat10:25.74aWestern Albemarle
4.9Ryan Donlon10:35.04aLouisa County
5.11Brady Coleman10:51.24aLouisa County
6.10Dallas Pugh10:55.34aWestern Albemarle
7.10Riley Saunders10:57.64aWestern Albemarle
8.11Robbie Peake10:58.14aFluvanna County
9.11Arun Dutta10:58.84aWestern Albemarle
10.11Jody Miller11:09.54aWestern Albemarle
11.9Caleb Phelps11:14.24aLouisa County
12.10Adam Schiller11:20.24aWestern Albemarle
13.11Colum Bowyer11:26.54aWestern Albemarle
14.10Jason Meckle11:33.94aLouisa County
15.10Nate Ludwig11:51.84aFluvanna County
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Dante Davis15.23aLouisa County
2.11Alan White17.06aLouisa County
3.10Bryan Kenward17.45aFluvanna County
4.-Quinn Johnson20.48aFluvanna County
5.-Elliott Hamilton20.53aFluvanna County
6.-T.J. Jenkins20.58aLouisa County
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Dante Davis41.24aLouisa County
2.10Lorenzo Henson42.38aLouisa County
3.10Bryan Kenward44.31aFluvanna County
4.10Idris Clark45.36aLouisa County
5.11Alan White45.93aLouisa County
6.-T.J. Jenkins46.25aLouisa County
7.-Elliott Hamilton50.07aFluvanna County
8.-Quinn Johnson51.19aFluvanna County
9.9Chris Markham53.16aFluvanna County
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kadarius Bruce
Jordan Green
Johnathan White
Cameron Coles
45.66aFluvanna County
2.-Relay Team 50.70aLouisa County
3.-Relay Team 53.89aWestern Albemarle
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Cory Osbourne
Gregory Dixon
Brandon Parker
Brandon Payne
3:34.83aLouisa County
2.-Relay Team 3:38.45aWestern Albemarle
3.-Jordan Green
Greg Edwards
Damien Harris
Bryan Kenward
3:42.22aFluvanna County
4.-Relay Team 3:51.68aWestern Albemarle
5.-Relay Team 4:00.44aWestern Albemarle
6.-Relay Team 4:00.49aFluvanna County
7.-Relay Team 4:01.14aWestern Albemarle
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Christopher Jackson
Brandon Parker
Devante Payne
Rockale Quarles
8:43.34aLouisa County
2.-Relay Team 8:55.04aWestern Albemarle
3.-Ben Casto
Damien Harris
Greg Edwards
Kevin Hogan
9:03.74aFluvanna County
4.-Relay Team 9:35.94aWestern Albemarle
5.-Relay Team 9:52.44aFluvanna County
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.-CeJay Lambert47-06.00Louisa County
2.10Andre Mealy45-05.00Louisa County
3.9Devin Goode39-10.00Fluvanna County
4.11Michael Adcock38-02.00Western Albemarle
5.-Tony Comfort38-00.00Louisa County
6.-Jamie McCloud37-11.00Fluvanna County
7.-Damion Holland36-00.00Louisa County
8.-Joe Bishop34-10.50Louisa County
9.-Nathaniel Szarmach34-04.00Fluvanna County
10.-Kris Mallory34-02.25Louisa County
11.11Justin Pugh33-09.00Western Albemarle
12.-Bradley Thompson33-06.00Louisa County
13.10Cam Mayo32-10.00Western Albemarle
14.-Christian Scott32-07.00Louisa County
15.10Daniel Crowley32-05.25Western Albemarle
16.10Chris Rivera31-04.00Western Albemarle
17.-Roger Jackson30-00.50Louisa County
18.-Zac Peery30-00.00Fluvanna County
19.11Chad Bryant28-11.00Western Albemarle
20.-Rashad Byers27-08.00Fluvanna County
21.9Michael Crowley26-04.75Western Albemarle
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Travis Johnson125-09Louisa County
2.10Chris Rivera122-00Western Albemarle
3.-Nathaniel Szarmach121-02Fluvanna County
4.12Chris Denby119-03Fluvanna County
5.12Casey Hodges114-03Louisa County
5.-Jamie McCloud114-03Fluvanna County
7.11Derek Hughes110-05Louisa County
8.11Michael Adcock103-11Western Albemarle
9.9Devin Goode103-05Fluvanna County
10.-Ryan Bullock101-11Louisa County
11.11Justin Pugh100-00Western Albemarle
12.-Damion Holland97-05.50Louisa County
13.-Nick Harris97-01Louisa County
14.-Tony Comfort93-08Louisa County
15.9Chance Parmly91-06Fluvanna County
16.-Zac Peery90-05Fluvanna County
17.9Michael Crowley86-08Western Albemarle
18.-Roger Jackson84-08Louisa County
19.-Matthew Harris84-04Louisa County
20.9Charles Tucker82-11Louisa County
21.11Chad Bryant79-04Western Albemarle
22.10Daniel Crowley77-05Western Albemarle
23.10Cam Mayo76-02Western Albemarle
24.-Rashad Byers76-01Fluvanna County
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.-Damien Harris6-02.00Fluvanna County
2.11Alan White5-08.00Louisa County
3.10Blake Hills5-06.00Fluvanna County
4.12Brandon Payne5-06.00Louisa County
5.12Dillon Hollins5-06.00Louisa County
6.-Cameron Coles5-04.00Fluvanna County
7.-Jordan Green5-04.00Fluvanna County
8.-Devante Shelton5-04.00Louisa County
9.11Jacob Scott5-02.00Louisa County
--11Kadarius BruceNHFluvanna County
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Zach Lawson13-06.00Western Albemarle
2.9Chance Parmly13-06.00Fluvanna County
3.11Johnathan White13-00.00Fluvanna County
4.12Tim Nguyen12-06.00Western Albemarle
5.12Dillon Hollins11-06.00Louisa County
6.12Michael Terribile11-00.00Western Albemarle
7.12Casey Hodges10-00.00Louisa County
8.10Adam Schiller9-06.00Western Albemarle
9.11Lucas Roumillat9-00.00Louisa County
10.11Thomas Wood8-06.00Fluvanna County
10.11Alex Bower8-06.00Fluvanna County
12.11Zeke Atwell8-06.00Western Albemarle
13.10Arthur Sigmund8-06.00Louisa County
---Chris NeelyNHLouisa County
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kadarius Bruce21-01.50Fluvanna County
2.-Cameron Coles20-03.25Fluvanna County
3.12Dante Davis19-11.50Louisa County
4.10Idris Clark19-04.00Louisa County
5.-Stephan Vessels19-03.50Louisa County
6.-Damien Harris19-02.50Fluvanna County
7.-Jordan Green19-01.50Fluvanna County
8.12Ramon Jackson19-00.00Louisa County
9.9Devin Goode17-10.25Fluvanna County
10.11Henry Truzy17-03.25Louisa County
11.10Spencer Kulow15-11.00Western Albemarle
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kadarius Bruce41-05.25Fluvanna County
2.-Stephan Vessels40-01.50Louisa County
3.-Jordan Green39-07.00Fluvanna County
4.10Idris Clark38-06.25Louisa County
5.12Ramon Jackson38-05.00Louisa County
6.-Damien Harris38-02.00Fluvanna County
7.12Dante Davis38-01.25Louisa County
8.11Rockale Quarles37-07.50Louisa County
9.9Devin Goode37-00.75Fluvanna County
10.-T.J. Jenkins36-08.25Louisa County
11.10Spencer Kulow35-00.00Western Albemarle
12.10Arthur Sigmund30-10.50Louisa County

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Javanique Burruss13.30aLouisa County
2.10Natese Ragland13.87aLouisa County
3.10Aesia Tolliver14.05aFluvanna County
4.9Monica Mallory14.08aLouisa County
5.10Adrienne Mitchell14.51aLouisa County
6.-Gabrielle Sprouse14.83aLouisa County
7.10Danielle Daniels15.04aFluvanna County
8.10Tierra Jackson15.05aLouisa County
9.-Tefoni Egbojyi15.12aLouisa County
10.10Brianna Chambers15.17aFluvanna County
11.10Alisha Washington15.30aFluvanna County
12.11Killian O'Connell15.54aWestern Albemarle
13.-Brianna Whalen15.70aLouisa County
14.9Kathryn Poos15.70aWestern Albemarle
15.10Millicent Williams15.88aFluvanna County
16.12Devin Maxey15.98aFluvanna County
17.10Kim Washington16.05aLouisa County
18.-Angelique Tyree16.45aLouisa County
19.9Katlyn Morgan16.53aFluvanna County
20.8Carly Witt16.55aWestern Albemarle
21.9Melanie Thomas17.35aFluvanna County
22.-Gabby Barnes17.38aLouisa County
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jasmyne Johnson28.04aLouisa County
2.12Kia Christmas28.06aLouisa County
3.10Amber Chapman29.34aLouisa County
4.10Adrienne Mitchell30.26aLouisa County
5.-Gabrielle Sprouse31.01aLouisa County
6.10Alisha Washington31.10aFluvanna County
7.9Kathryn Poos31.25aWestern Albemarle
8.8Carly Witt31.90aWestern Albemarle
9.9Michelle Reynolds31.95aLouisa County
10.10Brianna Chambers32.09aFluvanna County
11.-Brianna Whalen32.31aLouisa County
12.10Millicent Williams33.62aFluvanna County
13.9Katlyn Morgan34.25aFluvanna County
14.12Devin Maxey35.94aFluvanna County
15.9Melanie Thomas38.19aFluvanna County
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Precious Banks1:02.98aFluvanna County
2.10Becca Jones1:04.56aWestern Albemarle
3.10Nojai Veras1:05.07aLouisa County
4.11Dara Johnston1:07.47aLouisa County
5.10Amber Chapman1:08.35aLouisa County
6.9Michelle Reynolds1:09.19aLouisa County
7.-Gabrielle Sprouse1:09.40aLouisa County
8.12Breonne Brooks1:10.17aLouisa County
9.9Bobbiejoe Davis1:11.19aFluvanna County
10.9Kelsey Schlein1:11.62aFluvanna County
11.10Krystal Soler1:23.38aFluvanna County
12.9Melissa Ludwig1:27.32aFluvanna County
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Hannah Best2:28.84aLouisa County
2.12Lynelle Douma2:30.44aFluvanna County
3.11Killian O'Connell2:30.74aWestern Albemarle
4.11Mary Miller2:41.54aLouisa County
5.12Ashley Lounsbury2:45.84aWestern Albemarle
6.9Samantha Lee Evans2:57.34aLouisa County
7.9Anna Beth Higgins3:02.54aWestern Albemarle
8.-Amy Clifton3:07.74aLouisa County
9.11Megan Dierolf3:11.64aWestern Albemarle
10.9Emily Shareff3:13.94aFluvanna County
11.11Ethel Baber3:28.24aFluvanna County
12.9Adriel Barrett-Johnson3:37.84aWestern Albemarle
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Hannah Best5:29.64aLouisa County
2.11Emily Moffett5:40.94aWestern Albemarle
3.12Lauren Hite6:08.54aWestern Albemarle
4.11Mary Miller6:29.64aLouisa County
5.9Anna Beth Higgins6:35.94aWestern Albemarle
6.-Janie Houlgrave6:49.04aLouisa County
7.-Amy Clifton6:54.14aLouisa County
8.11Megan Dierolf6:55.24aWestern Albemarle
9.9Adriel Barrett-Johnson7:10.04aWestern Albemarle
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Casey Clune12:34.44aLouisa County
2.12Becky Johnson12:51.94aLouisa County
3.12Katie Henry13:15.14aFluvanna County
4.11Rachel Gildersleeve13:26.94aWestern Albemarle
5.9Alicia Cardwell13:53.24aWestern Albemarle
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Michelle Best17.31aLouisa County
2.10Greer Brown17.46aFluvanna County
3.10Meghan Jennings18.47aWestern Albemarle
4.10Lindsay Jones20.00aLouisa County
5.10Michaela Banks20.07aFluvanna County
6.10Deveney McNary23.79aLouisa County
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.9Javanique Burruss49.23aLouisa County
2.12Michelle Best50.70aLouisa County
3.10Greer Brown51.21aFluvanna County
4.10Meghan Jennings52.43aWestern Albemarle
5.10Lindsay Jones55.70aLouisa County
6.10Michaela Banks56.70aFluvanna County
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Monica Mallory
Natese Ragland
Jasmyne Johnson
Kia Christmas
51.64aLouisa County
2.-Relay Team 52.74aFluvanna County
3.-Relay Team 55.96aWestern Albemarle
4.-Relay Team 57.31aFluvanna County
5.-Mattie Webb
Emily Moffett
Ashley Lounsbury
Lauren Hite
58.84aWestern Albemarle
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Javanique Burruss
Kia Christmas
Michelle Best
Jasmyne Johnson
4:16.68aLouisa County
2.-Relay Team 4:29.18aWestern Albemarle
3.-Relay Team 4:38.41aFluvanna County
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Hannah Best
Nojai Veras
Casey Clune
Breonne Brooks
10:36.54aLouisa County
2.-Lauren Hite
Rachel Gildersleeve
Mattie Webb
Ashley Lounsbury
10:42.24aWestern Albemarle
3.-Relay Team 13:54.74aFluvanna County
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Raven Robinson34-09.00Louisa County
2.9Maggie Kooken31-07.00Western Albemarle
3.10Robin Brizendine30-05.00Louisa County
4.12Torey Cosby28-09.00Louisa County
5.11Ethel Baber28-06.00Fluvanna County
6.10Kim Washington27-09.00Louisa County
7.11Sarah Pollard27-08.00Western Albemarle
8.10Jenna Vitolo27-05.00Fluvanna County
9.10Casey Dudley27-04.00Fluvanna County
10.-Angelique Tyree23-10.50Louisa County
11.-Maddie Morales23-07.00Louisa County
11.12Rachel Nidiffer23-07.00Western Albemarle
13.12Adrianne Knight23-05.00Western Albemarle
13.10Alaina Dimaria23-05.00Western Albemarle
15.-Aja Baldwin22-11.00Louisa County
16.-Brianna Jackson22-07.50Louisa County
17.-Takeya McCowan18-02.00Louisa County
18.-Lachara Shelton16-07.50Louisa County
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Raven Robinson106-00Louisa County
2.11Sarah Pollard95-10Western Albemarle
3.10Robin Brizendine94-01Louisa County
4.10Casey Dudley80-07Fluvanna County
5.9Maggie Kooken77-05Western Albemarle
6.12Torey Cosby76-02Louisa County
7.11Ethel Baber74-09Fluvanna County
8.-Maddie Morales72-06Louisa County
9.12Rachel Nidiffer64-00Western Albemarle
10.10Millicent Williams62-05Fluvanna County
11.12Adrianne Knight60-03Western Albemarle
12.10Jenna Vitolo59-04Fluvanna County
13.10Krystal Soler58-01Fluvanna County
14.-Aja Baldwin53-02Louisa County
15.10Alaina Dimaria49-09Western Albemarle
16.12Devin Maxey47-10Fluvanna County
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Dara Johnston4-10.00Louisa County
2.10Deveney McNary4-06.00Louisa County
2.12Lynelle Douma4-06.00Fluvanna County
4.10Michaela Banks4-04.00Fluvanna County
4.12Christine Wesner4-04.00Western Albemarle
6.10Natese Ragland4-04.00Louisa County
6.9Kelsey Schlein4-04.00Fluvanna County
--12Precious BanksNHFluvanna County
--10Greer BrownNHFluvanna County
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Nicole Harding10-06.00Western Albemarle
2.11Kelsey Grupp10-00.00Western Albemarle
3.12Christine Wesner9-00.00Western Albemarle
4.10Natalie Raynor8-06.00Western Albemarle
5.12Sarah Gaunt8-06.00Western Albemarle
6.12Kayla Speh8-00.00Louisa County
7.12Becky Johnson7-00.00Louisa County
7.-Megan Lively7-00.00Louisa County
9.9Caroline Deale7-00.00Western Albemarle
10.9Jessika Brenin6-06.00Western Albemarle
11.9Kelsey Schlein6-06.00Fluvanna County
11.9Brianna Braxton6-06.00Louisa County
---Sabrina HillNHLouisa County
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Javanique Burruss17-10.00Louisa County
2.10Natese Ragland16-07.00Louisa County
3.12Precious Banks16-01.50Fluvanna County
4.9Monica Mallory15-07.00Louisa County
5.12Kia Christmas14-11.00Louisa County
6.12Nicole Harding14-05.00Western Albemarle
7.10Meghan Jennings14-02.00Western Albemarle
7.10Becca Jones14-02.00Western Albemarle
9.11Killian O'Connell13-11.75Western Albemarle
10.10Tierra Jackson12-09.00Louisa County
11.9Kathryn Poos12-07.75Western Albemarle
12.8Carly Witt12-05.75Western Albemarle
13.10Danielle Daniels12-03.50Fluvanna County
14.-Brianna Whalen11-10.00Louisa County
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Javanique Burruss36-11.00Louisa County
2.12Kia Christmas33-03.75Louisa County
3.10Natese Ragland31-10.50Louisa County
4.10Adrienne Mitchell31-07.75Louisa County
5.12Precious Banks31-07.25Fluvanna County
6.11Killian O'Connell31-06.00Western Albemarle
7.12Jasmyne Johnson30-00.25Louisa County
8.10Greer Brown29-11.75Fluvanna County
9.9Monica Mallory29-10.00Louisa County
10.10Tierra Jackson28-00.00Louisa County
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