Bellaire Relays Boys

Saturday, April 24, 2010
  Bellaire HS, Bellaire - Map
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Ohio - Division I
WAMEWatkins Memorial
West Virginia - A
CECAWheeling Central Catholic
West Virginia - West Virginia
THLIThe Linsly School
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lance Westlake11.19aSteubenville Catholi...
2.10Devin Cox11.29aWhitehall-Yearling
3.10LaKeith Walls11.43aRhodes
4.12John Murray11.45aSteubenville Catholi...
5.12Dwight Macon11.73aSteubenville
6.12Kyle Jefferson11.95aWhitehall-Yearling
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Semi-Finals
1.10Devin Cox11.39aWhitehall-Yearling
2.12Lance Westlake11.42aSteubenville Catholi...
4.12Kyle Jefferson11.45aWhitehall-Yearling
3.12John Murray11.47aSteubenville Catholi...
5.10LaKeith Walls11.49aRhodes
7.11Brendan Kacor11.52aMagnolia
8.12Luke Tacosik11.58aUnion Local
6.12Dwight Macon11.64aSteubenville
9.10Ricky Jordan11.80aThe Linsly School
10.11Myron Williams11.81aRhodes
11.9Riak Reese11.83aLincoln
12.10Aaron Robison11.84aLincoln
13.10Zane Ayouch12.05aUnion Local
14.12Aaron Wilson12.06aMartins Ferry
15.12Tre' Greiner12.27aBarnesville
16.10Donald Elbert12.34aBuckeye Local
17.11Philip Acrie12.37aThe Linsly School
18.12Jarrod Wallace12.41aBridgeport
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Lance Westlake11.47aSteubenville Catholi...
2.10Devin Cox11.51aWhitehall-Yearling
7.11Brendan Kacor11.53aMagnolia
3.12John Murray11.59aSteubenville Catholi...
4.12Dwight Macon11.61aSteubenville
5.12Kyle Jefferson11.62aWhitehall-Yearling
8.12Luke Tacosik11.63aUnion Local
9.10Aaron Robison11.65aLincoln
6.10LaKeith Walls11.68aRhodes
10.10Ricky Jordan11.91aThe Linsly School
13.9Riak Reese11.91aLincoln
11.11Myron Williams11.93aRhodes
12.10Zane Ayouch11.96aUnion Local
14.12Aaron Wilson12.05aMartins Ferry
15.12Tre' Greiner12.17aBarnesville
16.11Philip Acrie12.19aThe Linsly School
17.12Jarrod Wallace12.24aBridgeport
19.11Eric Roberson12.28aBuckeye Trail
18.10Donald Elbert12.38aBuckeye Local
20.10Devon Knowlton12.38aRiver
21.12Matt Vinka12.39aShadyside
22.11Aaron Roberson12.44aBuckeye Trail
23.12Jordan Jackson12.46aMartins Ferry
24.11Ryan Marling12.85aBellaire
25.11Flint Postle12.86aRiver
26.9Jake Schramm12.86aShadyside
27.9Caleb Agnew13.14aBuckeye Local
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Devin Cox22.62aWhitehall-Yearling
2.10LaKeith Walls23.05aRhodes
3.12John Murray23.06aSteubenville Catholi...
4.11Alvin Taylor23.22aSteubenville
5.12Luke Tacosik23.31aUnion Local
6.12Lance Westlake24.12aSteubenville Catholi...
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Semi-Finals
1.10Devin Cox22.50aWhitehall-Yearling
2.12John Murray22.96aSteubenville Catholi...
3.10LaKeith Walls23.11aRhodes
4.11Alvin Taylor23.13aSteubenville
5.12Luke Tacosik23.17aUnion Local
6.12Lance Westlake23.30aSteubenville Catholi...
7.11Connor Sensabaugh23.65aWatkins Memorial
8.10Aaron Robison23.73aLincoln
9.12Trey Wiggins23.75aSteubenville
10.11Brendan Kacor23.93aMagnolia
11.11Myron Williams23.99aRhodes
12.12Cody Blacker24.24aBellaire
13.11Brent Kirk24.54aBuckeye Local
14.10Zane Ayouch24.69aUnion Local
15.9Riak Reese24.88aLincoln
16.11Aaron Roberson25.13aBuckeye Trail
17.9Brendan Kemp25.38aWatkins Memorial
18.12Jordan Jackson26.10aMartins Ferry
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12John Murray23.02aSteubenville Catholi...
2.11Alvin Taylor23.38aSteubenville
3.10LaKeith Walls23.61aRhodes
4.12Trey Wiggins23.78aSteubenville
7.10Aaron Robison24.14aLincoln
8.10Devin Cox24.18aWhitehall-Yearling
13.11Myron Williams24.23aRhodes
5.11Connor Sensabaugh24.24aWatkins Memorial
9.11Brendan Kacor24.30aMagnolia
6.12Lance Westlake24.36aSteubenville Catholi...
10.12Luke Tacosik24.40aUnion Local
11.12Cody Blacker24.45aBellaire
14.9Brendan Kemp24.63aWatkins Memorial
15.10Zane Ayouch25.00aUnion Local
12.9Riak Reese25.03aLincoln
16.11Brent Kirk25.06aBuckeye Local
17.11Aaron Roberson25.11aBuckeye Trail
19.10Devon Knowlton25.18aRiver
20.9Andy Stock25.37aBuckeye Local
21.12Jarrod Wallace25.49aBridgeport
22.11Bryson Stephen25.97aBarnesville
23.10Travis Jenkins26.03aMartins Ferry
24.11Anthony Devolld26.11aBuckeye Trail
25.10Jesse Stoudt26.26aBarnesville
18.12Jordan Jackson26.64aMartins Ferry
26.11Flint Postle26.99aRiver
27.11Ryan Marling27.15aBellaire
28.12Ray Gavlik28.18aShadyside
29.9Adam Koonce28.50aShadyside
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12William McCoy49.77aRhodes
2.11Kane Boroski51.28aThe Linsly School
3.12Nick Pierghallini51.89aBuckeye Local
4.12Justin Sweat52.51aWhitehall-Yearling
5.12Tyler Chandler52.62aLincoln
6.12Craig Kuhar53.11aThe Linsly School
7.10Luke Rogers53.61aLincoln
8.10Najee Murray53.67aSteubenville
9.12Ross Fuller53.87aBellaire
10.11Allen Ritchie55.13aWhitehall-Yearling
11.9Connor Severino55.33aWatkins Memorial
12.11Mychal Patterson55.34aBuckeye Trail
13.9Ethan George55.39aWatkins Memorial
14.10Thomas Flowers55.71aBridgeport
15.10Sam Ivkovich56.06aSteubenville Catholi...
16.10Christian Edmond56.55aBellaire
17.10Tyler Fitzpatrick57.79aBarnesville
18.11Eric Roberson58.97aBuckeye Trail
19.11Josiah Endsley59.87aMartins Ferry
20.12Zane Reinacher1:01.04aBarnesville
21.9Mitchell Earley1:04.91aRiver
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Harry McFann1:58.54aLincoln
2.12Tim Schiefer2:04.60aLincoln
3.10Jontey Hammock2:04.86aWhitehall-Yearling
4.10Ramon Nieves2:05.84aSt John Central
5.11Simon Sanders2:06.25aRhodes
6.12Peter Schreck2:06.76aSteubenville Catholi...
7.11Ryan James2:12.29aBellaire
8.12Johnathan Ehn2:13.17aMartins Ferry
9.9Zach Herron2:14.78aThe Linsly School
10.9Austin Evans2:18.40aBuckeye Trail
11.11Kane Boroski2:20.53aThe Linsly School
12.11Alex Snyder2:23.18aUnion Local
13.12Lorean Malone2:28.63aRhodes
14.9B.J. Primovic2:29.64aBuckeye Local
15.9Jeffrey Simmons2:33.26aBuckeye Trail
16.9Joey Donbeck2:36.29aBridgeport
17.9Andrew Westfall2:37.54aBuckeye Local
18.10Brandon Rodgers2:44.29aBridgeport
19.9Vernon Trigg2:50.26aBellaire
--9Brandon StephensNTBarnesville
--10Michael OhiemborNTPaul L Dunbar
--11Otis LewisNTPaul L Dunbar
--12Josh FitchNTUnion Local
--12Ian GulleyNTSt John Central
--11Zac ZoumpoulidisNTMartins Ferry
--9Joseph DotsonNTRiver
--10Alec HinermanNTMagnolia
--10Nick BlattNTMagnolia
--10Mike PalkovicNTWheeling Central Cat...
--11Derron WhitehurstNTSteubenville
--12Robert HinesNTSteubenville
--11Bernardo GonzalezNTSteubenville Catholi...
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Luke Holubeck4:30.06aSt John Central
2.12Ian Gulley4:37.19aSt John Central
3.11Wesley Lewis4:37.78aBarnesville
4.11Dan Schlich4:41.02aSteubenville Catholi...
5.11Kyle Schmitz4:43.45aLincoln
6.12Dan Gilloon4:43.87aSteubenville Catholi...
7.10Travis Opritza4:45.63aLincoln
8.10Alec Hinerman4:53.21aMagnolia
9.11Ryan James4:56.22aBellaire
10.9Stan Borrell4:59.60aThe Linsly School
11.10Zach Caretti5:03.76aRiver
12.10Trever Pontius5:04.06aBuckeye Trail
13.12Carl Gavlik5:07.73aShadyside
14.10Raymond Humieny5:10.28aSteubenville
15.10Weston Devolld5:16.81aBuckeye Trail
16.10Lee Ackerman5:18.41aMartins Ferry
17.11Casey Morrison5:19.50aMartins Ferry
18.9Zach Pastva5:30.49aUnion Local
19.9B.J. Primovic5:30.61aBuckeye Local
20.9Vernon Trigg5:41.51aBellaire
21.9Skyler Gibson5:46.83aShadyside
22.9Andrew Westfall5:48.97aBuckeye Local
23.12Billy Padgelek5:49.09aUnion Local
24.9Tristan Clegg6:37.57aRiver
--12Robert HinesNTSteubenville
--9Zach HerronNTThe Linsly School
--11Dominique McCaryNTPaul L Dunbar
--10Michael JeffersonNTPaul L Dunbar
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Dan Schlich10:10.04aSteubenville Catholi...
2.12Matthew Moscato10:10.63aSt John Central
3.10Jason McDonald10:22.31aLincoln
4.12Nathan Harshberger10:23.28aMagnolia
5.11Matt Riffle10:28.57aSt John Central
6.10Alec Hinerman10:38.83aMagnolia
7.12Dan Gilloon10:45.45aSteubenville Catholi...
8.10Bill Feeney10:49.23aMagnolia
9.12Malcolm Blackwell11:08.28aSteubenville
10.11Casey Morrison11:11.46aMartins Ferry
11.10Raymond Humieny11:18.81aSteubenville
12.12Billy Padgelek11:37.11aUnion Local
13.11Ian McConville11:37.68aBellaire
14.9Corey Leasure12:17.49aBuckeye Local
15.9Micheal Moore12:37.46aMartins Ferry
16.9Christopher Baker12:48.17aBarnesville
17.9Zach Pastva12:55.65aUnion Local
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Herman Washington14.49aLincoln
2.11Josh Thompson14.50aSteubenville
3.12Zak Cernansky14.57aSteubenville Catholi...
4.12Brandon Harrison14.73aWatkins Memorial
5.11Anthony Phillips14.99aMartins Ferry
6.12Matt Correll15.65aWatkins Memorial
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Semi-Finals
1.12Zak Cernansky14.51aSteubenville Catholi...
2.11Josh Thompson14.58aSteubenville
3.12Herman Washington14.75aLincoln
5.12Brandon Harrison14.95aWatkins Memorial
4.11Anthony Phillips15.11aMartins Ferry
6.12Matt Correll15.48aWatkins Memorial
7.12Troy Johnson15.70aRhodes
8.10Jake Dull16.48aShadyside
9.10Cody Frey17.02aBridgeport
10.12Josh Wilson17.02aWheeling Central Cat...
11.12Hasan Davis17.18aRhodes
5.10Cody Frey17.02Bridgeport
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Josh Thompson14.72aSteubenville
2.12Zak Cernansky15.43aSteubenville Catholi...
3.12Brandon Harrison15.43aWatkins Memorial
4.12Hasan Davis15.57aRhodes
5.11Anthony Phillips15.67aMartins Ferry
6.12Herman Washington15.74aLincoln
9.12Troy Johnson16.04aRhodes
10.10Jake Dull16.54aShadyside
7.10Cody Frey16.62aBridgeport
11.12Sage Cutri16.67aSteubenville
8.12Matt Correll16.72aWatkins Memorial
13.10Jalen Jones16.86aLincoln
3.10Cody Frey16.62Bridgeport
14.10Richie Padyjasek16.97aMartins Ferry
12.12Josh Wilson17.23aWheeling Central Cat...
15.9Doug Maslowski17.44aSteubenville Catholi...
16.11Cliff Wilson17.46aBuckeye Trail
17.11Paul DeMarchi18.44aUnion Local
18.10Timmy Martin20.37aBellaire
19.11Brent Turrentine22.36aUnion Local
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brandon Harrison38.97aWatkins Memorial
2.11Anthony Phillips39.59aMartins Ferry
3.12Herman Washington40.48aLincoln
4.12Matt Correll41.07aWatkins Memorial
5.12Zak Cernansky41.20aSteubenville Catholi...
6.10Cody Frey41.76aBridgeport
7.10Jake Dull42.28aShadyside
8.11Josh Thompson42.96aSteubenville
9.9Sam Sciarra43.79aWhitehall-Yearling
10.10Richie Padyjasek44.08aMartins Ferry
11.12Sage Cutri45.04aSteubenville
12.11Cliff Wilson45.12aBuckeye Trail
13.11Tyler Davis45.17aThe Linsly School
14.12Kody Crooks45.66aBarnesville
15.10Josh Davis45.98aBellaire
16.10K.J. Newton46.42aLincoln
17.12Chance Lucas46.71aBarnesville
18.9Chuckie Stock46.73aBuckeye Local
19.11Josh Tysz47.67aSteubenville Catholi...
20.10Dominick Kemp48.10aUnion Local
21.10Timmy Martin48.55aBellaire
22.10Cody Evans48.56aBuckeye Trail
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Dwight Macon
Trey Wiggins
Najee Murray
Alvin Taylor
2.-John Murray
Cody Minor
Joey Zapolnik
Lance Westlake
44.50aSteubenville Catholi...
3.-Brendan Kacor
Lance Anderson
Timmy Shreeves
Stephen Rogalski
4.-Kyle Jefferson
Justin Davis
Ifa Abduljelili
Devin Cox
5.-Antuan Williams
Myron Williams
Tyshaun Darden
LaKeith Walls
6.-Riak Reese
Geoff Helms
Aaron Robison
William Anderson
7.-Cody Blacker
Trevor Bobka
Randy Esaw
Kyle Koshenka
8.-Donald Elbert
Caleb Agnew
Andy Stock
Brent Kirk
47.26aBuckeye Local
9.-Eric Roberson
Mychal Patterson
Aaron Roberson
JC Huber
47.54aBuckeye Trail
10.-Matt Vinka
Ray Gavlik
Jake Schramm
Jake Dull
11.-Cody Frey
Thomas Flowers
Joey Baggs
Jarrod Wallace
12.-Eddie King
Alex Snyder
Dominick Kemp
Brandon Nicholes
54.82aUnion Local
---Tyler Davis
Jarred Smith
Alex Pappas
Philip Acrie
DNFThe Linsly School
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Dwight Macon
Johnathan Sherrell
Alvin Taylor
Najee Murray
2.-John Murray
Cody Minor
Joey Zapolnik
Lance Westlake
1:33.53aSteubenville Catholi...
3.-Justin Davis
Devin Cox
Justin Sweat
Kyle Jefferson
4.-Connor Sensabaugh
Joey Rich
Connor Severino
Brendan Kemp
1:35.57aWatkins Memorial
5.-Hasan Davis
Tyshaun Darden
Antuan Williams
Myron Williams
6.-Lance Anderson
Brendan Kacor
Timmy Shreeves
Stephen Rogalski
7.-Aaron Robison
Geoff Helms
Riak Reese
William Anderson
8.-Cody Blacker
Trevor Bobka
Kyle Koshenka
Ross Fuller
9.-Kyle Pytlack
Tyler Davis
Craig Kuhar
Ricky Jordan
1:37.42aThe Linsly School
10.-Paul DeMarchi
Eddie King
Alex Snyder
Brandon Nicholes
1:43.85aUnion Local
11.-Thomas Flowers
Joey Baggs
Brandon Rodgers
Joey Donbeck
12.-Devon Knowlton
Nick Asturi
Mitchell Earley
Flint Postle
---Anthony Devolld
Cody Evans
Aaron Roberson
Mychal Patterson
FSBuckeye Trail
---Andy Stock
Brent Kirk
Zack Bonds
Nick Pierghallini
DQBuckeye Local
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Troy Johnson
Simon Sanders
LaKeith Walls
William McCoy
2.-Harry McFann
Tyler Chandler
Luke Rogers
Herman Washington
3.-Jontey Hammock
Justin Sweat
Allen Ritchie
Ifa Abduljelili
4.-Matt Correll
Connor Severino
Brandon Harrison
Ethan George
3:35.71aWatkins Memorial
5.-Nick Blatt
Cameron Benson
Stephen Rogalski
Timmy Shreeves
6.-Peter Schreck
Bernardo Gonzalez
Sam Ivkovich
Zak Cernansky
3:50.67aSteubenville Catholi...
7.-Ross Fuller
Ryan James
Christian Edmond
Kyle Koshenka
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Tyler Chandler
Jason McDonald
Tim Schiefer
Harry McFann
2.-Dan Gilloon
Bernardo Gonzalez
John Schlich
Peter Schreck
8:38.97aSteubenville Catholi...
3.-Zach Herron
Stan Borrell
Michael Hammond
Kane Boroski
8:47.70aThe Linsly School
4.-Alex Snyder
Dominick Kemp
Collin Jones
Josh Fitch
8:50.47aUnion Local
5.-Ethan Kelly
Robert Hines
Malcolm Blackwell
Derron Whitehurst
6.-Cody Evans
Weston Devolld
Jeffrey Simmons
Trever Pontius
9:32.89aBuckeye Trail
7.-Cody Wiltshire
Andrew Westfall
Corey Leasure
B.J. Primovic
9:42.81aBuckeye Local
8.-Zac Zoumpoulidis
Josiah Endsley
Johnny Payton
Casey Morrison
10:07.18aMartins Ferry
X 4x110 Shuttle Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.-Josh Thompson
Sage Cutri
Shamus Nixon
Derron Whitehurst
2.-Luke Pietrykowski
K.J. Newton
Jalen Jones
Herman Washington
3.-Casey Bain
Richie Padyjasek
Travis Jenkins
Anthony Phillips
1:01.93aMartins Ferry
4.-Doug Maslowski
Josh Tysz
Bernardo Gonzalez
Zak Cernansky
1:02.15aSteubenville Catholi...
5.-Carter Huffman
Daniel Scott
John Belancic
Josh Wilson
1:02.41aWheeling Central Cat...
6.-Kyle Jefferson
Ifa Abduljelili
Allen Ritchie
Jontey Hammock
7.-Collin Jones
Dominick Kemp
Paul DeMarchi
Kyle Jarrett
1:03.97aUnion Local
8.-Trevor Bobka
Ryan Fry
Josh Davis
Kyle Koshenka
9.-Philip Acrie
Kevin Langue
Erick Kim
Tyler Davis
1:08.71aThe Linsly School
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Aaron Schneid50-09.50Wheeling Central Cat...
2.12Josh Lancione49-00.75Bellaire
3.12Emory George49-00.75Watkins Memorial
4.11Matthew Riggs48-00.00Magnolia
5.11Nick Rozler47-08.50Lincoln
6.12Russell Kittel46-09.00Lincoln
7.12John Williams43-08.00Union Local
--10Nick StewartNDSt John Central
--12Robert (Tito) JeffriesNDBuckeye Trail
--11Michael WallaceNDBellaire
--12Wade ReimenschneiderNDBarnesville
--9Casey OpicNDSt John Central
--11Malcolm WardNDPaul L Dunbar
--12Erik NeilsonNDUnion Local
--11Keith GrimmettNDBridgeport
--11Kyle DigiandomenicoNDBridgeport
--12Zachary CoatesNDShadyside
--12Tim KellyNDSteubenville Catholi...
--12Robbie BrubakerNDThe Linsly School
--12Chad MurphyNDThe Linsly School
--11Cameron BensonNDMagnolia
--12Jamie DevaulNDSteubenville
--10Jared HinkleNDRiver
--12Devon ParsonNDMartins Ferry
--12Brent BowenNDRiver
--12Rob MayleNDBuckeye Local
--12Jordan SmithNDPaul L Dunbar
--12Joe RineNDBuckeye Local
--11Michael BoineyNDSteubenville
--9Nick FowlerNDBuckeye Trail
--9Sean McGeeNDMartins Ferry
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Matthew Riggs148-01Magnolia
2.11Aaron Schneid141-07Wheeling Central Cat...
3.12Rob Mayle140-08Buckeye Local
4.12Russell Kittel135-05Lincoln
5.12Emory George134-08Watkins Memorial
6.10Chris Baldridge129-02Barnesville
7.11Nick Rozler125-07Lincoln
--11Frankie CanelNDBuckeye Trail
--12Brent BowenNDRiver
--12Devon ParsonNDMartins Ferry
--10Jared HinkleNDRiver
--11Delshawn WoodsNDSteubenville
--10Leshawn LukeNDSteubenville
--12Joe RineNDBuckeye Local
--12Jordan SmithNDPaul L Dunbar
--9Sean McGeeNDMartins Ferry
--11Justin WadeNDMagnolia
--12Tim KellyNDSteubenville Catholi...
--10Brandon CoatesNDShadyside
--10Rowan CloustenNDShadyside
--12Robbie BrubakerNDThe Linsly School
--12Chad MurphyNDThe Linsly School
--11Ryan StokesNDUnion Local
--12John WilliamsNDUnion Local
--10Nick StewartNDSt John Central
--11Allen RitchieNDWhitehall-Yearling
--11Jerry ManukinNDSt John Central
--11Kyle DigiandomenicoNDBridgeport
--11Joey BaggsNDBridgeport
--12Buddy FosterNDBellaire
--12Robert BieryNDPaul L Dunbar
--11Michael WallaceNDBellaire
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Zack Bonds6-00.00Buckeye Local
2.11Joey Rich6-00.00Watkins Memorial
3.10Jalen Jones5-10.00Lincoln
4.12John Belancic5-10.00Wheeling Central Cat...
5.12Patricio Orellana5-08.00Steubenville
5.10Tyler Fitzpatrick5-08.00Barnesville
7.12Randy Esaw5-06.00Bellaire
7.12Ross Fuller5-06.00Bellaire
9.10Cody Frey5-04.00Bridgeport
9.11Brent Turrentine5-04.00Union Local
9.11Kurtis Ogilbee5-04.00Union Local
9.12Demichael Johnson5-04.00Steubenville
9.10K.J. Newton5-04.00Lincoln
9.9Andy Stock5-04.00Buckeye Local
--9Cody SchauNHMartins Ferry
--11Aaron SchusterNHMartins Ferry
--12Dakota PerkinsNHBuckeye Trail
--9Mitchell EarleyNHRiver
--11Anthony DevolldNHBuckeye Trail
--11James WestNHRiver
--9Skyler GibsonNHShadyside
--9Joey DonbeckNHBridgeport
--12Jeron JohnsonNHPaul L Dunbar
--12Delve GivensNHPaul L Dunbar
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jacob Blankenship14-08.00Lincoln
2.11Cameron Johnson13-00.00Watkins Memorial
3.10Daniel Scott11-00.00Wheeling Central Cat...
4.10Holden Sensabaugh11-00.00Watkins Memorial
5.10Dylan Frizzi11-00.00Bellaire
6.12Journey Wayts10-06.00River
6.-John Trovato10-06.00Lincoln
8.10Josh Davis9-06.00Bellaire
9.11Paul DeMarchi9-00.00Union Local
9.10Travis Jenkins9-00.00Martins Ferry
--10Logan PostleNHRiver
--9Chris BoydNHBuckeye Trail
--9Nate HuberNHBuckeye Trail
--10Noah ClarkNHWheeling Central Cat...
--9Collin JonesNHUnion Local
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Brendan Kacor20-08.50Magnolia
2.12Demichael Johnson20-02.50Steubenville
3.12Justin Sweat20-00.50Whitehall-Yearling
4.12Trey Wiggins19-09.50Steubenville
5.11Joey Rich19-05.50Watkins Memorial
6.11Brad Christman18-02.50Watkins Memorial
7.10Kirk Ray18-01.00Bellaire
--12Randy EsawNDBellaire
--11Brent TurrentineNDUnion Local
--11Kurtis OgilbeeNDUnion Local
--10Jaecob SnowNDPaul L Dunbar
--12Tre' GreinerNDBarnesville
--10Brandon RodgersNDBridgeport
--11Dwayne HarrisNDPaul L Dunbar
--12Chance LucasNDBarnesville
--12Ty CoulsonNDBridgeport
--12Zack BondsNDBuckeye Local
--11JC HuberNDBuckeye Trail
--11Anthony DevolldNDBuckeye Trail
--9Eric BucknerNDLincoln
--9Demarcus GrahamNDLincoln
--10Richie PadyjasekNDMartins Ferry
--10Jared HinkleNDRiver
--11James WestNDRiver
--11Casey BainNDMartins Ferry
--10Donald ElbertNDBuckeye Local
--9Doug MaslowskiNDSteubenville Catholi...
--12Joey ZapolnikNDSteubenville Catholi...
--10Jake DullNDShadyside
--11Erick KimNDThe Linsly School
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