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All Idaho Collegiate

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Boise State, Boise

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoEric Capelle10.80aBoise State      
2.SrMarlon Douglas11.08aBoise State      
3.SoEetu Viitala11.12aBoise State      
4.SrSergio Jones11.17aIdaho State      
5.FrAndy Lish11.22aIdaho State      
6.SoDerek Sepe11.46aNorthwest Nazarene      
7.FrCameron Colby11.48aNorthwest Nazarene      
8.SrCorby Kiler11.61aIdaho State      
9.SrEric Zwiefelhofer11.69aNorthwest Nazarene      
10.JrSam Finch11.70aCollege of Idaho      
11.-Andy Swanson11.88aCollege of Idaho      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrPaul Robertson22.89aBoise State      
2.SrMarlon Douglas23.04aBoise State      
3.FrAndy Lish23.21aIdaho State      
4.SoMichael Walrath23.79aBoise State      
5.FrCameron Colby24.17aNorthwest Nazarene      
6.SoDerek Sepe24.27aNorthwest Nazarene      
7.SrEric Zwiefelhofer24.68aNorthwest Nazarene      
8.SoMichael Arnold24.74aIdaho State      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrPaul Robertson49.50aBoise State      
2.SoDusty Klein-Una49.63aBoise State      
3.SoMichael Walrath50.99aBoise State      
4.SoJohn Dalley51.28aIdaho State      
5.SrCorby Kiler51.38aIdaho State      
6.SoBen Heidegger51.53aNorthwest Nazarene      
7.JrDan Hill51.80aNorthwest Nazarene      
8.JrKevin Knight52.50aBoise State      
9.JrKurt Felix53.28aBoise State      
10.SoMatt Stark53.56aNorthwest Nazarene      
11.JrStuart Montgomery55.79aNorthwest Nazarene      
12.FrBrandon Humble56.77aNorthwest Nazarene      
13.JrMark Wade58.61aNorthwest Nazarene      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoEric Strand1:53.99aIdaho State      
2.FrLogan Frederickson1:56.22aBoise State      
3.SoZeke Wilson1:57.50aCollege of Idaho      
4.FrDominic Bolin1:57.68aCollege of Idaho      
5.SoNick Tatro1:58.58aBoise State      
6.SoChaz Anestos1:59.97aIdaho State      
7.SoGeoff Moore2:00.20aBoise State      
8.FrMatt Swan2:00.40aIdaho State      
9.SoBanard Ngeno2:00.82aNorthwest Nazarene      
10.Ethan Slight2:00.89aUnattached - Email      
11.SoGarrett Traughber2:01.80aCollege of Idaho      
12.-Cam Anthony2:02.54aBoise State      
13.SoJosh Merioles2:03.09aNorthwest Nazarene      
14.FrJustin Webb2:03.64aNorthwest Nazarene      
15.-Josh Fortin2:09.15aBoise State      
16.FrJoe Lovell2:12.57aNorthwest Nazarene      
17.SrHank Hetrick2:15.79aNorthwest Nazarene      
3.FrChloe Palakovich2:21.20aIdaho State      
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoEric Strand4:12.82aIdaho State      
2.FrBarak Watson4:13.83aNorthwest Nazarene      
3.SoZeke Wilson4:14.99aCollege of Idaho      
4.FrDominic Bolin4:15.49aCollege of Idaho      
5.JrRyan Davis4:17.09aIdaho State      
6.SoMatthew Moyer4:20.61aBoise State      
7.FrJason Hunt4:20.80aCollege of Idaho      
8.FrJustin Webb4:23.22aNorthwest Nazarene      
9.SoDusty Klein-Una4:23.54aBoise State      
10.SoLuke Hetrick4:23.65aNorthwest Nazarene      
11.SoGarrett Traughber4:23.68aCollege of Idaho      
12.SoBanard Ngeno4:23.72aNorthwest Nazarene      
13.SoJosh Merioles4:26.59aNorthwest Nazarene      
14.SrMike Tobiason4:26.63aCollege of Idaho      
15.FrMatt Rankin4:28.07aNorthwest Nazarene      
16.-Wesley Porter4:30.41aBoise State      
17.SoChaz Anestos4:31.99aIdaho State      
18.SoElliot Gould4:32.67aCollege of Idaho      
19.SoAlexander Crystal4:33.84aNorthwest Nazarene      
20.SoKiprotich Langat4:34.65aCollege of Idaho      
21.-Weston Carmichael4:35.73aBoise State      
22.SrCory Kniep4:37.74aCollege of Idaho      
23.FrJoe Lovell4:45.13aNorthwest Nazarene      
24.SrHank Hetrick4:54.37aNorthwest Nazarene      
25.JrAlex Goold4:55.78aCollege of Idaho      
6.FrChloe Palakovich5:01.09aIdaho State      
X 5000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrPaul Sartin16:20.40aCollege of Idaho      
2.FrAndrew Hugill16:26.07aCollege of Idaho      
3.FrBryce Jenkins16:30.19aIdaho State      
4.SrJ.J. Burk16:37.25aCollege of Idaho      
5.JrKeane Shuler16:41.30aIdaho State      
6.Cassidy Biggsby16:43.14aUnattached - Email      
7.FrJesse Bagganstos16:48.71aNorthwest Nazarene      
X 110m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Finals
1.FrRolando Trammel15.15aBoise State      
2.SrBrad Silvester15.62aIdaho State      
3.FrTim Steiglitz16.23aNorthwest Nazarene      
4.FrJustin Critser16.76aIdaho State      
5.JrTrevor White18.90aIdaho State      
X 400m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.SoMaurus Hope55.11aNorthwest Nazarene      
2.FrRolando Trammel57.11aBoise State      
3.SrMark Hanson57.18aNorthwest Nazarene      
4.SrBrad Silvester58.67aIdaho State      
5.FrJustin Critser59.74aIdaho State      
6.SoJohn Dalley1:00.83aIdaho State      
7.JrKevin Knight1:01.67aBoise State      
8.FrTim Steiglitz1:02.73aNorthwest Nazarene      
X 3k Steeplechase - Varsity - Finals
1.JrRyan Davis9:29.3hIdaho State      
2.FrBarak Watson9:32.0hNorthwest Nazarene      
3.SrGeoff Williams10:15.1hCollege of Idaho      
4.SoLuke Hetrick10:23.6hNorthwest Nazarene      
5.SoAlexander Crystal10:28.7hNorthwest Nazarene      
6.FrMatt Rankin10:38.7hNorthwest Nazarene      
7.SoNeil Easter10:41.9hNorthwest Nazarene      
8.JrNash Ricci11:11.2hCollege of Idaho      
9.SoTaylor Hansen11:26.4hIdaho State      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Eric Capelle
Rolando Trammel
Marlon Douglas
Paul Robertson
42.01aBoise State      
2.-Derek Sepe
Cameron Colby
Dan Hill
Maurus Hope
42.95aNorthwest Nazarene      
3.-Andy Lish
Sergio Jones
Corby Kiler
John Dalley
43.04aIdaho State      
4.-Sam Finch
Andy Swanson
Andre Archer
Gavin Gaskell
45.22aCollege of Idaho      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Marlon Douglas
Michael Walrath
Paul Robertson
Rolando Trammel
3:18.93aBoise State      
2.-Maurus Hope
Dan Hill
Derek Sepe
Mark Hanson
3:21.98aNorthwest Nazarene      
3.-John Dalley
Tysun Gunter
Corby Kiler
Zach Barrett
3:24.40aIdaho State      
4.-Justin Critser
Andy Lish
Sam Pierson
Michael Arnold
3:26.40aIdaho State      
5.-Andre Archer
Dominic Bolin
Nick Hampton
Sam Finch
3:26.54aCollege of Idaho      
6.-Relay Team 3:30.24aBoise State      
X Shot Put - 16lb - Varsity - Finals
1.SoChase Sexton51-07.00Boise State      
2.Grant Miller49-02.50Unat-Northwe      
3.FrMatt Farrell44-00.50Idaho State      
4.SrBrad Silvester43-11.75Idaho State      
5.JrJD Riener42-06.75Idaho State      
6.JrJordan Fenters42-01.50Northwest Nazarene      
7.JrDiego Estrada39-06.00Northwest Nazarene      
8.SoCody Jenkins33-06.50Idaho State      
9.SoZach Lovell32-03.75Northwest Nazarene      
--FrSam CorbetFOULIdaho State      
X Discus - 2kg - Varsity - Finals
1.SoChase Sexton47.75mBoise State      
2.SoCody Jenkins45.56mIdaho State      
3.JrPontus Thomee45.12mBoise State      
4.Grant Miller44.92mUnat-Northwe      
5.SrBrad Silvester42.98mIdaho State      
6.JrJD Riener42.50mIdaho State      
7.FrSam Corbet39.05mIdaho State      
8.FrElmer Williams38.81mNorthwest Nazarene      
9.JrDiego Estrada35.16mNorthwest Nazarene      
10.FrMatt Farrell33.02mIdaho State      
11.JrJordan Fenters33.01mNorthwest Nazarene      
12.SrAlex Eaton30.90mNorthwest Nazarene      
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.Alex Cartwright64.58mUnattached - Email      
2.JrPontus Thomee64.57mBoise State      
3.SrEric Zwiefelhofer57.76mNorthwest Nazarene      
4.JrKurt Felix55.52mBoise State      
5.Steve Pippo50.97mUnattached - Email      
6.FrAddison Gisaffi50.76mIdaho State      
7.JrTrevor White43.50mIdaho State      
8.-Andy Swanson42.24mCollege of Idaho      
9.JrJosh Jones40.22mNorthwest Nazarene      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.JrTysun Gunter6-05.50Idaho State      
2.FrMichael Standley6-03.50Idaho State      
3.FrJustin Critser6-03.50Idaho State      
4.FrGavin Gaskell5-11.50College of Idaho      
5.SrSergio Jones5-09.75Idaho State      
5.SrSam Pierson5-09.75Idaho State      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.SrSam Pierson15-07.00Idaho State      
2.SoMichael Arnold14-07.25Idaho State      
3.FrClint Gossack14-01.25Idaho State      
3.JrDaniel Thompson14-01.25Boise State      
5.FrBruno Bennett13-01.50Northwest Nazarene      
6.FrGavin Gaskell12-07.50College of Idaho      
--FrNathan BalcirakNHBoise State      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoEetu Viitala7.36mBoise State      
2.SrSergio Jones6.82mIdaho State      
3.JrTysun Gunter6.67mIdaho State      
4.SrSam Pierson6.65mIdaho State      
5.SoAndre Archer6.39mCollege of Idaho      
6.JrSam Finch6.35mCollege of Idaho      
7.SrCorby Kiler6.14mIdaho State      
8.FrJustin Critser6.13mIdaho State      
9.FrMichael Standley5.93mIdaho State      
10.FrGavin Gaskell5.86mCollege of Idaho      
11.SrMark Hanson5.83mNorthwest Nazarene      
12.JrStuart Montgomery5.66mNorthwest Nazarene      
13.JrTrevor White5.30mIdaho State      
14.JrMark Wade5.27mNorthwest Nazarene      
15.SoBen Heidegger5.26mNorthwest Nazarene      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrZacharias Arnos15.47mBoise State      
2.Ryan Grinnell14.98mUnattached - Email      
3.Josh Butler14.55mUnattached - Email      
4.FrRolando Trammel13.69mBoise State      
5.SoAndre Archer13.19mCollege of Idaho      
--SoEric CapelleFOULBoise State      
X Hammer - 16lb - Varsity - Finals
1.SoTrevor Kraychir59.10mBoise State      
2.SoAlex Nelson59.09mBoise State      
3.JrJordan Fenters47.88mNorthwest Nazarene      
4.JrJD Riener40.98mIdaho State      
5.FrMatt Farrell39.91mIdaho State      
6.SrAlex Eaton37.59mNorthwest Nazarene      
7.FrElmer Williams36.93mNorthwest Nazarene      
8.JrDiego Estrada36.65mNorthwest Nazarene      
9.FrSam Corbet35.69mIdaho State      
--SoCody JenkinsFOULIdaho State      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrRacquel Jones12.12aBoise State      
2.SrJessica Williams12.36aIdaho State      
3.FrTaryn Campos12.42aBoise State      
4.SrPaige Olivetti12.43aBoise State      
5.FrMelissa Grammer12.53aNorthwest Nazarene      
6.JrLatoya Tidwell12.73aNorthwest Nazarene      
7.FrAndrea Wilson12.88aBoise State      
8.FrKelsi Latimore12.89aIdaho State      
9.SrLindsay Brady13.03aNorthwest Nazarene      
10.SrChrista Brediger13.10aNorthwest Nazarene      
11.SoMolly Reid13.12aNorthwest Nazarene      
12.FrJordan Cornelison13.20aIdaho State      
13.FrErica Hill13.26aBoise State      
14.SrCourtney Mitchell13.28aCollege of Idaho      
15.FrJasmyn Jewitt13.33aNorthwest Nazarene      
16.FrSam Alderman13.46aBoise State      
16.FrLexis Lange13.46aCollege of Idaho      
18.FrHailey Bull13.47aCollege of Idaho      
19.FrJessica Case13.63aNorthwest Nazarene      
20.JrMolly Tipton13.69aNorthwest Nazarene      
21.-Melissa Dorris14.03aCollege of Idaho      
22.FrMaria Ramirez14.11aNorthwest Nazarene      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrPaige Olivetti25.87aBoise State      
2.SrJessica Williams25.88aIdaho State      
3.FrTaryn Campos26.17aBoise State      
4.FrRacquel Jones26.56aBoise State      
5.SrTrinelle McKinley26.66aIdaho State      
6.JrKylee Gleason26.69aIdaho State      
6.FrKristie Sigloh26.69aIdaho State      
8.FrKelsi Latimore26.83aIdaho State      
9.SrEmily McCutchan27.01aCollege of Idaho      
10.JrLatoya Tidwell27.16aNorthwest Nazarene      
11.FrMelissa Grammer27.48aNorthwest Nazarene      
12.SrChrista Brediger28.04aNorthwest Nazarene      
13.SrCourtney Mitchell28.22aCollege of Idaho      
14.FrLexis Lange28.27aCollege of Idaho      
15.SrLindsay Brady28.34aNorthwest Nazarene      
16.FrSam Alderman28.55aBoise State      
17.FrShanna Rippy28.73aNorthwest Nazarene      
18.FrAndrea Wilson28.77aBoise State      
19.FrErica Hill28.83aBoise State      
20.FrHailey Bull29.49aCollege of Idaho      
21.JrMolly Tipton29.87aNorthwest Nazarene      
22.-Melissa Dorris30.06aCollege of Idaho      
23.FrTiera Weaver30.12aIdaho State      
24.-Annie Ball30.77aCollege of Idaho      
24.FrRebecca Holding30.77aNorthwest Nazarene      
26.FrChelsea Layne31.00aNorthwest Nazarene      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrKristie Sigloh58.12aIdaho State      
2.SrTrinelle McKinley58.40aIdaho State      
3.SrJessica Williams58.61aIdaho State      
4.FrKelsi Latimore1:01.36aIdaho State      
5.FrShanna Rippy1:02.66aNorthwest Nazarene      
6.SoAmy Ciaccio1:05.38aNorthwest Nazarene      
7.-Annie Ball1:07.09aCollege of Idaho      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrMaggie Miller2:18.27aCollege of Idaho      
2.SrAshley Miller2:19.88aCollege of Idaho      
4.SoCydney Jacobsen2:23.42aIdaho State      
5.SrStephanie Sparks2:23.59aCollege of Idaho      
6.SoBradi Hutchison2:23.62aIdaho State      
7.JrColleen Smith2:24.47aCollege of Idaho      
8.FrChristine Harwood2:25.96aNorthwest Nazarene      
9.FrChelsea Layne2:27.99aNorthwest Nazarene      
10.SoKris Thomasberg2:28.06aIdaho State      
11.FrAli Rabe2:31.78aCollege of Idaho      
12.FrElynn Smith2:34.72aCollege of Idaho      
13.FrSamantha Hill2:39.21aNorthwest Nazarene      
14.JrElisa Decker2:39.56aNorthwest Nazarene      
15.SoAriel Hopewell2:49.52aBoise State      
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrJaclyn Puga4:52.13aNorthwest Nazarene      
2.SrMaggie Miller4:52.66aCollege of Idaho      
3.JrErica Wendt-Richardsen4:55.72aIdaho State      
4.SoBradi Hutchison4:57.49aIdaho State      
5.SrAshley Miller4:59.35aCollege of Idaho      
7.SoShea Hanson5:01.51aBoise State      
8.FrChristine Harwood5:03.04aNorthwest Nazarene      
9.JrAlexandria Bell5:03.05aBoise State      
10.FrJordan Powell5:05.72aNorthwest Nazarene      
11.SoKris Thomasberg5:08.75aIdaho State      
12.JrColleen Smith5:10.18aCollege of Idaho      
13.SoCydney Jacobsen5:11.43aIdaho State      
14.JrCarly Gerard5:11.96aBoise State      
15.SoMietra Smollak5:13.48aIdaho State      
16.FrJamie Knapp5:15.42aBoise State      
17.SoPaige Orcutt5:16.84aBoise State      
18.SrStephanie Sparks5:17.18aCollege of Idaho      
19.FrElynn Smith5:19.28aCollege of Idaho      
20.FrMeagan Swenson5:19.76aNorthwest Nazarene      
21.JrBreanne Whitlock5:24.31aBoise State      
22.FrAli Rabe5:26.41aCollege of Idaho      
23.SoKristi Pace5:29.82aBoise State      
24.FrAndi Hayes5:34.82aCollege of Idaho      
25.SrAshley Morman5:37.67aNorthwest Nazarene      
26.FrChelsea Herren5:40.16aBoise State      
27.FrSamantha Hill5:40.70aNorthwest Nazarene      
28.JrJena Sherrick5:45.84aCollege of Idaho      
29.FrAudie Balue5:47.78aBoise State      
30.FrSarah Bisterfeldt5:59.07aBoise State      
31.SoDanielle Beesley6:02.04aNorthwest Nazarene      
X 5000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrKristine Smith19:03.11aCollege of Idaho      
2.JrStephanie Helm19:03.17aCollege of Idaho      
3.FrKaitlyn Gerard19:43.48aCollege of Idaho      
4.JrBrittnee Sanchez19:54.57aBoise State      
5.SrMolli Lee-Painter20:12.07aCollege of Idaho      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.SrMegan Olivetti14.152aBoise State      
2.FrMarjani Maldonado14.202aBoise State      
3.FrMonisha Davis14.452aBoise State      
4.SrCassie Merkley14.70aIdaho State      
5.FrTajanee Simmons15.06aBoise State      
6.JrSasha Buylova15.50aIdaho State      
7.SrAmanda Vink15.95aIdaho State      
8.SrEmily McCutchan16.20aCollege of Idaho      
9.SoJill Bennett16.76aNorthwest Nazarene      
10.FrLaura Pridgen17.16aNorthwest Nazarene      
11.FrStevee Alletag17.70aCollege of Idaho      
12.FrTiera Weaver18.01aIdaho State      
13.FrJordan Cornelison18.07aIdaho State      
14.SoBeth McLam18.22aNorthwest Nazarene      
15.SrNicole Anderson20.10aIdaho State      
X 400m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.FrEmily Funkhouser1:05.35aBoise State      
2.SrMegan Olivetti1:08.00aBoise State      
3.FrTajanee Simmons1:08.86aBoise State      
4.SoJoi Glass1:08.97aBoise State      
5.SoLacy Hopkins1:10.20aBoise State      
6.SoAmy Ciaccio1:11.84aNorthwest Nazarene      
7.FrLaura Pridgen1:11.99aNorthwest Nazarene      
8.FrStevee Alletag1:12.46aCollege of Idaho      
9.FrMarjani Maldonado1:14.78aBoise State      
10.FrMonisha Davis1:16.45aBoise State      
X 3k Steeplechase - Varsity - Finals
1.JrErica Wendt-Richardsen11:24.5hIdaho State      
2.JrJaclyn Puga11:28.8hNorthwest Nazarene      
3.FrJordan Powell11:46.8hNorthwest Nazarene      
4.SoMelody Braden11:50.8hBoise State      
5.SrMolli Lee-Painter12:02.2hCollege of Idaho      
6.JrKristine Smith12:04.5hCollege of Idaho      
7.JrAshley Rendahl12:55.7hNorthwest Nazarene      
8.FrMeagan Swenson12:55.8hNorthwest Nazarene      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Destiny Gammage
Megan Olivetti
Taryn Campos
Paige Olivetti
47.192aBoise State      
2.-Jessica Williams
Kristie Sigloh
Trinelle McKinley
Kelsi Latimore
47.98aIdaho State      
3.-Christa Brediger
Latoya Tidwell
Christabel Leonce
Melissa Grammer
49.22aNorthwest Nazarene      
4.-Cassie Merkley
Jordan Cornelison
Sasha Buylova
Kylee Gleason
49.54aIdaho State      
5.-Taryn Campos
Racquel Jones
Andrea Wilson
Sam Alderman
50.45aBoise State      
6.-Courtney Mitchell
Hailey Bull
Lexis Lange
Emily McCutchan
50.72aCollege of Idaho      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Paige Olivetti
Taryn Campos
Megan Olivetti
Joi Glass
3:51.262aBoise State      
2.-Trinelle McKinley
Cassie Merkley
Kristie Sigloh
Kylee Gleason
3:52.162aIdaho State      
3.-Tajanee Simmons
Emily Funkhouser
Marjani Maldonado
Lacy Hopkins
3:59.37aBoise State      
4.-Maggie Miller
Ashley Miller
Courtney Mitchell
Emily McCutchan
4:05.08aCollege of Idaho      
5.-Sasha Buylova
Kelsi Latimore
Mietra Smollak
Chloe Palakovich
4:06.01aIdaho State      
6.-Elisa Decker
Christine Harwood
Jaclyn Puga
Shanna Rippy
4:06.58aNorthwest Nazarene      
7.-Sam Alderman
Paige Orcutt
Erica Hill
Andrea Wilson
4:09.87aBoise State      
8.-Alexandria Bell
Jamie Knapp
Shea Hanson
Audie Balue
4:17.49aBoise State      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.JrCarrie Talbot40-09.50Idaho State      
2.SoJoy Warrington39-05.75Northwest Nazarene      
3.JrMele Vaisima38-11.75Boise State      
4.SoAlyssa Osai37-10.50Boise State      
5.SrCassie Merkley36-10.50Idaho State      
6.SrShayna Shute36-08.25Northwest Nazarene      
7.FrCarly Dranginis36-05.50Northwest Nazarene      
8.Kady Stafford36-01.25Unattached - Email      
9.FrMercedes Crouch35-06.50Idaho State      
10.JrNadine Russell35-03.00Boise State      
11.FrAngela Phillips35-00.50Idaho State      
12.FrCandice Talbot32-09.50Idaho State      
13.Branzell Porchia31-07.50Unattached - Email      
14.SrNicole Anderson30-07.75Idaho State      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.JrMele Vaisima46.18mBoise State      
2.JrCarrie Talbot42.08mIdaho State      
3.SoAlyssa Osai37.81mBoise State      
4.SoJoy Warrington36.71mNorthwest Nazarene      
5.FrCandice Talbot36.56mIdaho State      
6.FrMercedes Crouch36.44mIdaho State      
7.Kady Stafford35.33mUnattached - Email      
8.SrShayna Shute34.51mNorthwest Nazarene      
9.Branzell Porchia33.13mUnattached - Email      
10.JrCheyenne Andrade33.10mIdaho State      
11.FrAngela Phillips32.46mIdaho State      
12.SoLakiesha Nilles32.24mNorthwest Nazarene      
13.FrAlicia Hedrick29.86mNorthwest Nazarene      
14.FrCarly Dranginis29.68mNorthwest Nazarene      
15.JrChelsey Jones27.78mNorthwest Nazarene      
16.-Sarah Mattly27.63mNorthwest Nazarene      
17.SrErika McCarthy26.88mNorthwest Nazarene      
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.FrAngela Phillips33.82mIdaho State      
2.SrAmanda Vink31.93mIdaho State      
3.SrSarah Elwell27.83mNorthwest Nazarene      
4.JrChelsey Jones27.12mNorthwest Nazarene      
5.JrSasha Buylova26.30mIdaho State      
6.SrNicole Anderson23.30mIdaho State      
7.JrCharleen Everett20.71mNorthwest Nazarene      
8.FrTiera Weaver16.48mIdaho State      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrCassie Merkley5-02.50Idaho State      
2.SrAmanda Vink5-00.50Idaho State      
3.SoKris Thomasberg5-00.50Idaho State      
4.Panagiota Louka5-00.50Unattached - Email      
5.FrJasmyn Jewitt5-00.50Northwest Nazarene      
6.SoJill Bennett4-08.75Northwest Nazarene      
6.FrCandace Crew4-08.75College of Idaho      
7.JrSasha Buylova4-08.75Idaho State      
8.SrEmily McCutchan4-08.75College of Idaho      
10.FrJordan Cornelison4-06.75Idaho State      
10.SoBeth McLam4-06.75Northwest Nazarene      
--SoBrooke DemersNHBoise State      
--FrTiera WeaverNHIdaho State      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.JrHeidi Dorling11-11.75Boise State      
2.JrKylee Gleason11-05.75Idaho State      
3.JrBreAnna Craig10-11.75Boise State      
4.SrKarina Elzinga10-06.00Northwest Nazarene      
5.SrMJ Usabel10-00.00Northwest Nazarene      
6.SoReve Tortel9-06.25Idaho State      
7.JrAmanda Konzol9-00.25Northwest Nazarene      
8.FrHaley Hathorn9-00.25Idaho State      
--JrWhitney AdamsNHBoise State      
--JrAshley EggerNHNorthwest Nazarene      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.FrRacquel Jones5.40mBoise State      
2.SrCassie Merkley5.22mIdaho State      
3.FrJordan Cornelison5.03mIdaho State      
4.FrJasmyn Jewitt4.91mNorthwest Nazarene      
5.SrEmily McCutchan4.90mCollege of Idaho      
6.FrHailey Bull4.84mCollege of Idaho      
7.SoJill Bennett4.82mNorthwest Nazarene      
8.SrLaura Vonarx4.73mNorthwest Nazarene      
9.JrMaycee Bekkedahl4.61mNorthwest Nazarene      
10.JrAnnie Larlee4.48mNorthwest Nazarene      
11.SrLindsay Brady4.39mNorthwest Nazarene      
12.FrTiera Weaver4.34mIdaho State      
13.SoReve Tortel4.28mIdaho State      
14.SoBeth McLam4.08mNorthwest Nazarene      
--SoMolly ReidFOULNorthwest Nazarene      
--SrAmanda VinkFOULIdaho State      
--FrMaria RamirezFOULNorthwest Nazarene      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.JrSasha Buylova12.10mIdaho State      
2.SrLaura Vonarx11.22mNorthwest Nazarene      
3.SoMolly Reid11.03mNorthwest Nazarene      
4.FrJasmyn Jewitt10.97mNorthwest Nazarene      
5.JrMaycee Bekkedahl10.89mNorthwest Nazarene      
6.JrAnnie Larlee10.33mNorthwest Nazarene      
7.FrHailey Bull10.19mCollege of Idaho      
8.FrCandace Crew9.45mCollege of Idaho      
X Hammer - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.SoAlyssa Osai51.04mBoise State      
2.JrMele Vaisima50.89mBoise State      
3.JrNadine Russell47.24mBoise State      
4.JrCarrie Talbot45.66mIdaho State      
5.SrErika McCarthy43.98mNorthwest Nazarene      
6.SoJoy Warrington43.70mNorthwest Nazarene      
7.SrShayna Shute43.60mNorthwest Nazarene      
8.Kady Stafford42.51mUnattached - Email      
9.JrCheyenne Andrade41.99mIdaho State      
10.JrDani Schwalbe41.34mBoise State      
11.Branzell Porchia36.05mUnattached - Email      
12.FrCandice Talbot35.64mIdaho State      
13.FrAngela Phillips35.54mIdaho State      
14.FrCarly Dranginis33.24mNorthwest Nazarene      
15.-Sarah Mattly30.08mNorthwest Nazarene      
--FrMercedes CrouchFOULIdaho State      
--FrAlicia HedrickFOULNorthwest Nazarene      
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