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WVSSAC Region 3AA and 4AA Championships

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Laidley Field, Charleston

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - 4AA - Finals
1.12Jacob Rollo11.25aSherman      
2.11Darrell Ross11.80aSherman      
3.10Justin Mullins12.13aChapmanville      
4.9Dalton Hedrick12.14aPoca      
5.11Josh Jordan12.38aHerbert Hoover      
6.9Trevor Payne12.63aChapmanville      
7.12Justin Slater12.70aPoca      
8.11Michael Painter13.02aSissonville      
X 100 Meters - 3AA - Finals
1.11Dale Mitchell11.45aPikeview      
2.11Adam Whitt11.47aIndependence      
3.12Nathan Miller11.65aWestside      
4.10Casey Talliver11.94aShady Spring      
5.12Shane Anderson11.94aWebster County      
6.9Jovare Brown12.14aOak Hill      
7.11Alex Moore12.27aSummers County      
8.10Jabez Fleming12.56aGreenbrier West      
X 100 Meters - 4AA - Prelims
1.12Jacob Rollo11.41aSherman      
2.11Darrell Ross11.94aSherman      
4.10Justin Mullins12.19aChapmanville      
7.9Dalton Hedrick12.55aPoca      
5.11Josh Jordan12.71aHerbert Hoover      
8.9Trevor Payne12.88aChapmanville      
3.12Justin Slater12.95aPoca      
9.9Justin Clark12.95aSherman      
6.11Michael Painter12.96aSissonville      
10.11Tyler Spurlock13.22aScott      
11.10Kent Smith13.30aSissonville      
12.9Dustin Smith13.36aChapmanville      
13.11Tyler Bellomy13.42aWayne      
14.9Matt Wentz14.09aSissonville      
15.10Kyle Sebastion15.93aWayne      
--11Matt WestfallFSHerbert Hoover      
X 100 Meters - 3AA - Prelims
1.12Nathan Miller11.70aWestside      
2.11Adam Whitt11.90aIndependence      
3.11Dale Mitchell11.96aPikeview      
4.12Shane Anderson12.04aWebster County      
5.9Jovare Brown12.10aOak Hill      
6.11Alex Moore12.32aSummers County      
7.10Casey Talliver12.36aShady Spring      
8.10Jabez Fleming12.54aGreenbrier West      
9.9Nathan Gillian12.56aShady Spring      
10.12Westley Blake12.72aPikeview      
11.9Joe Collins12.85aWebster County      
12.12Kyle Newcom12.91aSummers County      
13.10Scott Hannah12.92aSummers County      
14.10John Green13.21aOak Hill      
15.10Charles Shawyer13.35aGreenbrier West      
16.9Frank Huchens13.37aOak Hill      
17.12Donavan Wilson13.42aIndependence      
18.10Deontre Dickason13.44aBluefield      
19.12Justin Copley13.62aWestside      
20.10JR, Marquess Forney14.07aBluefield      
21.9Dylan Hayslett14.19aJames Monroe      
22.11Raymond Fuller14.57aJames Monroe      
23.10Corey Shumate14.83aIndependence      
24.12Sam Schrader15.86aWebster County      
25.10Tyler Cook16.08aPikeview      
X 200 Meters - 4AA - Finals
1.12Jacob Rollo23.29aSherman      
2.11Josie Pullen24.16aPoca      
3.11Darrell Ross24.84aSherman      
4.11Bill Walker24.89aSissonville      
5.10Justin Mullins26.07aChapmanville      
6.9Trevor Payne27.73aChapmanville      
X 200 Meters - 3AA - Finals
1.11Dale Mitchell23.59aPikeview      
2.10Dylan Trout24.45aGreenbrier West      
3.9Jovare Brown24.80aOak Hill      
4.9Chevez Burress24.96aBluefield      
5.12Anthony Jones24.98aWestside      
6.11Alex Moore25.83aSummers County      
X 200 Meters - 4AA - Prelims
1.12Jacob Rollo23.57aSherman      
2.11Josie Pullen24.09aPoca      
3.11Darrell Ross24.65aSherman      
5.10Justin Mullins25.09aChapmanville      
7.11Bill Walker25.15aSissonville      
4.11Matt Westfall25.30aHerbert Hoover      
6.9Trevor Payne26.02aChapmanville      
8.12Joey Bias26.52aHerbert Hoover      
9.11Tyler Donellan27.11aScott      
10.11Michael Painter27.32aSissonville      
11.11Tyler Bellomy27.36aWayne      
12.9Matt Huffman27.94aHerbert Hoover      
13.11Tyler Collier29.44aChapmanville      
14.10Kyle Sebastion33.38aWayne      
X 200 Meters - 3AA - Prelims
1.11Dale Mitchell23.72aPikeview      
5.12Nathan Miller23.84aWestside      
2.11Adam Whitt24.21aIndependence      
3.9Jovare Brown24.58aOak Hill      
4.10Dylan Trout24.58aGreenbrier West      
6.9Chevez Burress24.71aBluefield      
7.11Alex Moore24.86aSummers County      
8.12Anthony Jones24.88aWestside      
9.11Devin Marr-Madariaga25.03aSummers County      
10.9David Flack25.07aBluefield      
11.10John Green25.26aOak Hill      
12.9Joe Collins25.47aWebster County      
13.10Jordan Nelson25.74aPikeview      
14.10Jabez Fleming25.84aGreenbrier West      
15.12Randle Privett26.68aWestside      
16.9Donte Huff27.05aBluefield      
17.9Toby Williams27.45aWebster County      
18.11Zach Pell27.49aIndependence      
19.9Frank Huchens27.87aOak Hill      
20.11Raymond Fuller29.63aJames Monroe      
21.11Wes Short30.07aWebster County      
22.10Corey Shumate30.19aIndependence      
23.11Zane Daniels42.47aJames Monroe      
X 400 Meters - 4AA - Finals
1.11Josie Pullen51.46aPoca      
2.11Marshall Dodson55.30aSissonville      
3.11Dustin Parsons55.87aPoca      
4.11Bill Walker56.81aSissonville      
5.10Brandon Perdue57.00aSherman      
6.11Tyler Bellomy59.61aWayne      
7.12Chaddrick Trent1:00.06aHerbert Hoover      
8.11Richard Estep1:00.77aSherman      
9.11Jacob Smutko1:03.34aScott      
10.11Colton Fleck1:04.85aSissonville      
--9David WithrowFSHerbert Hoover      
--9Justin ClarkFSSherman      
X 400 Meters - 3AA - Finals
1.12Brent Lake54.93aWebster County      
2.10Hunter Runion55.34aShady Spring      
3.12Anthony Jones55.99aWestside      
4.12Nick White56.09aGreenbrier West      
5.9David Flack56.30aBluefield      
6.12Randle Privett56.36aWestside      
7.11Bobby Cook57.22aGreenbrier West      
8.12Jamie Newman57.57aLiberty (Raleigh)      
9.10Jesse Howdershelt58.95aSummers County      
10.9Matthew Copley59.43aWestside      
11.11S. Sims59.65aGreenbrier West      
12.11Zach Pell1:00.22aIndependence      
13.9Toby Williams1:00.65aWebster County      
14.9Jason Young1:00.72aShady Spring      
15.10Curtis Manns1:01.59aBluefield      
16.9Austin Ponce1:03.75aPikeview      
17.10Nic Clay1:05.60aLiberty (Raleigh)      
--9Guy CowgerNTWebster County      
--11Zane DanielsNTJames Monroe      
X 800 Meters - 4AA - Finals
1.12Chase Nelson2:09.16aScott      
2.9Will Shaffer2:10.99aScott      
3.11Brandon Harless2:16.32aSherman      
4.10Forrest Reed2:18.15aWayne      
5.12Chaddrick Trent2:23.56aHerbert Hoover      
6.9Ryan Honeycutt2:26.68aScott      
7.10Alex Barlas2:29.92aSherman      
8.9Robert Grayam2:32.00aHerbert Hoover      
9.10Isaac Shamblin2:32.97aSissonville      
10.10Elijah Saylor2:34.85aSissonville      
11.9Brandon Hanson2:36.94aHerbert Hoover      
12.11Philip Kennedy2:44.61aPoca      
13.12Caleb Hensley2:45.80aSherman      
X 800 Meters - 3AA - Finals
1.12Nick White2:10.93aGreenbrier West      
2.11David Swafford2:12.01aOak Hill      
3.9Isaac Cales2:12.48aIndependence      
4.12Brent Lake2:16.37aWebster County      
5.11Bobby Striker2:17.38aOak Hill      
6.10Michael Mckinney2:21.90aShady Spring      
7.11Josh Hill2:24.74aPikeview      
8.9Luther Stoots2:29.07aWebster County      
9.11Jonathan Neal2:33.03aOak Hill      
10.10Nic Clay2:38.36aLiberty (Raleigh)      
--9Matthew CopleyNTWestside      
--10Jeffrey JamesNTBluefield      
--11Bobby CookNTGreenbrier West      
--8Hunter WalkerNTWestside      
--9Zack FawNTShady Spring      
--11Tyler FosterNTIndependence      
--11Casey MorganNTWestside      
--9James LindseyNTGreenbrier West      
--10Jeremy SaulsNTShady Spring      
--11Eric LawsonNTPikeview      
--12Jordan WeitzelNTPikeview      
--12Matt ClevengerNTWebster County      
X 1600 Meters - 4AA - Finals
1.12Chase Nelson4:50.64aScott      
2.9Will Shaffer4:53.00aScott      
3.11Brandon Harless4:55.95aSherman      
4.9Ryan Honeycutt5:01.26aScott      
5.10Forrest Reed5:07.50aWayne      
6.11Patrick Counts5:28.51aHerbert Hoover      
7.10Alex Barlas5:40.03aSherman      
8.11Joseph Payne5:49.82aSissonville      
9.12Delbert Jones5:51.31aHerbert Hoover      
10.9Cody Naylor5:53.12aHerbert Hoover      
11.11Philip Kennedy5:57.19aPoca      
12.10Ephiram Pittore6:06.61aWayne      
13.12Caleb Hensley6:10.57aSherman      
14.11Cole Johnson6:53.72aSissonville      
X 1600 Meters - 3AA - Finals
1.11Scotty Treadway4:51.09aOak Hill      
2.11Bobby Striker4:54.20aOak Hill      
3.9Camron Davis4:56.47aWestside      
4.10Sam Wood5:10.95aIndependence      
5.10Lucas Gardner5:15.59aOak Hill      
6.11Zack Tincher5:16.75aGreenbrier West      
7.12Jordan Weitzel5:17.90aPikeview      
8.9Tyler Kosut5:25.77aShady Spring      
9.9R.J. Elam5:29.09aLiberty (Raleigh)      
10.9Marshall Hawkins5:30.61aWebster County      
11.11Josh Hill5:32.71aPikeview      
12.11Mike Horton5:35.81aIndependence      
--11Casey MorganNTWestside      
--9James LindseyNTGreenbrier West      
--9Justin AllenNTJames Monroe      
--9Travis PayneNTGreenbrier West      
--9William EdwardsNTWebster County      
--10Michael BurdetteNTJames Monroe      
--10Jeffrey JamesNTBluefield      
--8Hunter WalkerNTWestside      
--9William StumpNTSummers County      
--10Jeremy SaulsNTShady Spring      
--11Ryan MartinNTWebster County      
--10Michael MckinneyNTShady Spring      
--11Eric LawsonNTPikeview      
X 3200 Meters - 4AA - Finals
1.9Will Shaffer10:45.15aScott      
2.9Ryan Honeycutt10:46.32aScott      
3.10Forrest Reed10:48.26aWayne      
4.12Delbert Jones11:55.89aHerbert Hoover      
5.12Caleb Hensley13:06.39aSherman      
X 3200 Meters - 3AA - Finals
1.11Scotty Treadway10:36.32aOak Hill      
2.9Camron Davis10:59.07aWestside      
3.12Jordan Weitzel11:04.36aPikeview      
4.10Lucas Gardner11:17.67aOak Hill      
5.9Tyler Kosut11:28.40aShady Spring      
6.11Zack Tincher11:32.39aGreenbrier West      
7.9R.J. Elam11:35.22aLiberty (Raleigh)      
8.9William Edwards12:01.40aWebster County      
9.9Justin Allen12:11.05aJames Monroe      
10.11Mike Horton12:20.54aIndependence      
11.9Travis Payne12:20.73aGreenbrier West      
12.11Tyler Foster12:38.05aIndependence      
--11Jonathan NealNTOak Hill      
--9Torli BushNTWebster County      
--9Zack FawNTShady Spring      
--9Marshall HawkinsNTWebster County      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - 4AA - Finals
1.12Jeffrey Cooper16.24aSherman      
2.10Michael Aab17.67aHerbert Hoover      
3.12Justin Matheney17.93aSissonville      
4.11Nicholas Casto18.31aSissonville      
5.9Christopher Pontier18.97aPoca      
6.9Richard Pratt19.21aScott      
7.12Jordan Mitchell19.62aScott      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - 3AA - Finals
1.12Charles Propps15.91aGreenbrier West      
2.10Dylan Trout16.58aGreenbrier West      
3.11Chris Setliff16.94aShady Spring      
4.12Justin Manspile17.13aGreenbrier West      
5.9Zack Jordan18.61aWebster County      
6.9Guy Cowger18.84aWebster County      
7.10Jay Morey18.90aSummers County      
8.11Dustin Miller19.88aWebster County      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - 3AA - Prelims
1.12Justin Manspile17.13aGreenbrier West      
2.10Dylan Trout17.36aGreenbrier West      
3.11Chris Setliff17.38aShady Spring      
4.12Charles Propps17.40aGreenbrier West      
5.11Dustin Miller17.77aWebster County      
6.9Zack Jordan18.66aWebster County      
7.9Guy Cowger19.24aWebster County      
8.10Jay Morey19.61aSummers County      
9.11Weston Ponce19.67aPikeview      
10.9Matthew Bailey21.12aLiberty (Raleigh)      
11.9Zach Sanger21.45aOak Hill      
12.12Brent Stacy21.55aWestside      
13.10Jordan Bryant21.95aIndependence      
--11John StoverFSLiberty (Raleigh)      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - 4AA - Finals
1.11Jordan Brandon43.75aPoca      
2.12Justin Matheney44.02aSissonville      
3.12Jeffrey Cooper46.60aSherman      
4.10Michael Aab46.75aHerbert Hoover      
5.9Christopher Pontier47.72aPoca      
6.9Travis Davis49.66aPoca      
7.11Zachary Cummings50.30aSissonville      
8.9Richard Pratt51.71aScott      
9.12Jordan Mitchell53.39aScott      
10.11Jacob Smutko54.21aScott      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - 3AA - Finals
1.12Corey Showalter44.10aIndependence      
2.10Dylan Trout44.13aGreenbrier West      
3.12Nick White44.58aGreenbrier West      
4.11Chris Setliff44.65aShady Spring      
5.12Charles Propps45.20aGreenbrier West      
6.9Matthew Rosberry46.08aShady Spring      
7.10Jay Morey46.13aSummers County      
8.9Cody Lowe46.34aShady Spring      
9.9Caleb Chipps47.42aWebster County      
10.9Matthew Bailey47.91aLiberty (Raleigh)      
11.11Weston Ponce49.10aPikeview      
12.11John Stover49.69aLiberty (Raleigh)      
13.9Zack Jordan49.82aWebster County      
14.12Donavan Wilson50.03aIndependence      
15.9Aarron Kessler52.15aWebster County      
16.9Zach Sanger52.27aOak Hill      
17.10Jordan Bryant53.44aIndependence      
X 4x100 Relay - 4AA - Finals
1.-Matt Westfall
Joey Bias
Mason Schoolcraft
Josh Jordan
47.96aHerbert Hoover      
2.-Relay Team 48.02aSissonville      
3.-Justin Mullins
Dustin Smith
Andy Bender
Trevor Payne
4.-Relay Team 49.96aPoca      
X 4x100 Relay - 3AA - Finals
1.-Westley Blake
Corey Clark
Tommy Symns
Dale Mitchell
2.-Grant Perrine
Joe Collins
Shane Anderson
Chad Brinson
47.00aWebster County      
3.-Alex Moore
Devin Marr-Madariaga
Scott Hannah
Kyle Newcom
47.23aSummers County      
4.-Nathan Gillian
Cody Lowe
Chris Setliff
Casey Talliver
47.40aShady Spring      
5.-Adam Whitt
Corey Showalter
Ben Cadle
Donavan Wilson
6.-Jovare Brown
John Green
Jayden Shephard
David Swafford
49.22aOak Hill      
7.-Relay Team 49.36aGreenbrier West      
8.-Relay Team 50.35aBluefield      
9.-Relay Team 54.23aWestside      
X 4x200 Relay - 4AA - Finals
1.-Jordan Brandon
Dustin Parsons
Josie Pullen
Dalton Hedrick
2.-Nicholas Casto
Marshall Dodson
Andrew Jones
Bill Walker
3.-Darrell Ross
Brandon Smith
Justin Clark
Richard Estep
4.-Justin Mullins
Dustin Smith
Andy Bender
Trevor Payne
5.-Matt Huffman
Josh Gurski
Joey Bias
Mason Schoolcraft
1:46.87aHerbert Hoover      
X 4x200 Relay - 3AA - Finals
1.-Jordan Nelson
Tommy Symns
Corey Clark
Dale Mitchell
2.-Jovare Brown
John Green
Jayden Shephard
David Swafford
1:37.45aOak Hill      
3.-Nathan Gillian
Hunter Runion
Jason Young
Casey Talliver
1:38.91aShady Spring      
4.-Relay Team 1:39.50aGreenbrier West      
5.-Alex Moore
Scott Hannah
Kyle Newcom
Devin Marr-Madariaga
1:39.76aSummers County      
6.-Chad Brinson
Shane Anderson
Cody Taylor
Grant Perrine
1:41.90aWebster County      
7.-Chevez Burress
David Flack
Donte Huff
Curtis Manns
8.-Relay Team 1:44.20aWestside      
9.-Relay Team 1:56.05aJames Monroe      
X 4x400 Relay - 4AA - Finals
1.-Jordan Brandon
Dustin Parsons
Dalton Hedrick
Josie Pullen
2.-Relay Team 3:56.74aSissonville      
3.-Brandon Harless
Darrell Ross
Brandon Perdue
Justin Clark
4.-Tyler Spurlock
Jordan Mitchell
Jacob Smutko
Richard Pratt
X 4x400 Relay - 3AA - Finals
1.-Bobby Cook
Jabez Fleming
Joey Phillips
James Lindsey
3:47.91aGreenbrier West      
2.-Jesse Howdershelt
Devin Marr-Madariaga
Scott Hannah
Kyle Newcom
3:49.43aSummers County      
3.-Sam Wood
Ben Cadle
Isaac Cales
Corey Showalter
4.-Justin Matherly
William Austin
Corey Clark
Tyler Rose
5.-Brandon Rumney
Caleb Chipps
Bradley Bright
Cody Taylor
3:53.28aWebster County      
6.-Camron Davis
Matthew Copley
Randle Privett
Anthony Jones
7.-Relay Team 3:57.38aShady Spring      
8.-Curtis Manns
Donte Huff
David Flack
Jeffrey James
9.-Frank Huchens
Michael Rader
Jonathan Neal
Zach Sanger
4:25.47aOak Hill      
X 4x800 Relay - 4AA - Finals
1.-Will Shaffer
Ryan Honeycutt
Jordan Nunnery
Chase Nelson
2.-Dustin Parsons
Caleb Kennedy
Philip Kennedy
Travis Davis
3.-Brandon Harless
Caleb Hensley
Alex Barlas
Michael Layton
4.-Isaac Shamblin
Byron Black
Elijah Saylor
Joseph Payne
5.-Relay Team 10:02.76aHerbert Hoover      
X 4x800 Relay - 3AA - Finals
1.-Lucas Gardner
Bobby Striker
David Swafford
Scotty Treadway
9:01.65aOak Hill      
2.-Mike Horton
Sam Wood
Isaac Cales
Zach Pell
3.-Eric Lawson
William Austin
Josh Hill
Jordan Weitzel
4.-Relay Team 9:25.02aShady Spring      
5.-Relay Team 9:47.33aWebster County      
6.-Relay Team 10:10.73aGreenbrier West      
X 4x55 Shuttle Hurdles - 39" - 4AA - Finals
1.-Zachary Cummings
Nicholas Casto
Justin Matheney
Michael Painter
2.-Richard Estep
Brandon Smith
Brandon Perdue
Jeffrey Cooper
3.-Relay Team 1:09.50aPoca      
4.-Jordan Mitchell
Tyler Donellan
Tyler Spurlock
Richard Pratt
5.-Michael Aab
Tyler Casillas
Josh Gurski
Mason Schoolcraft
1:10.84aHerbert Hoover      
X 4x55 Shuttle Hurdles - 39" - 3AA - Finals
1.-Charles Propps
Nick White
Justin Manspile
Dylan Trout
1:00.92aGreenbrier West      
2.-Relay Team 1:05.83aShady Spring      
3.-Tyler Rose
William Austin
Justin Matherly
Weston Ponce
4.-Chad Brinson
Matt Clevenger
Dustin Miller
Tyler Chipps
1:07.74aWebster County      
5.-Corey Showalter
Isaac Cales
Donavan Wilson
Jordan Bryant
X Shot Put - 12lb - 4AA - Finals
1.12Tyler Thompson42-07.00Scott      
2.11David Skeens40-06.00Poca      
3.10John Toler39-07.00Chapmanville      
4.11Chase Coffman39-04.50Sissonville      
5.11Charles Lynch37-06.00Sissonville      
6.12Ricky Clendenin34-08.00Poca      
7.12Michael Layton34-03.00Sherman      
8.10Thomas Belcher30-07.50Chapmanville      
9.9Waylon Dingess30-06.00Chapmanville      
10.12Chaddrick Trent30-01.00Herbert Hoover      
11.12Jacob Potter28-05.00Scott      
12.9Quentin Buckley28-01.50Poca      
13.9David Withrow20-00.50Herbert Hoover      
X Shot Put - 12lb - 3AA - Finals
1.12Nathan Ameling47-07.25Westside      
2.11Eric Sharier41-09.50Liberty (Raleigh)      
3.10Mike Green41-05.00Independence      
4.11Anthony Trout41-04.00Greenbrier West      
5.10Colton Cogar40-09.50Webster County      
6.12Matt Clevenger38-11.00Webster County      
7.10Rob StClair37-09.00Independence      
8.11Hunter Smith34-05.50Pikeview      
9.12Greg Chapman33-09.00Independence      
10.10Brandon Woods33-04.50Pikeview      
11.9D.J. Greene32-01.50Pikeview      
12.10Andrew Spade31-11.00Greenbrier West      
13.12Craig Moore30-07.00Summers County      
14.11Tim Moran29-09.00Liberty (Raleigh)      
15.10Jacob Jeffries29-08.00Summers County      
16.11Nick Pennington29-07.00Oak Hill      
17.10William Graff28-10.00Shady Spring      
18.11Kevin Hall28-04.00Westside      
19.10Austin Reed28-03.00Summers County      
20.10Justin Matherly27-01.00Shady Spring      
21.9Josh Epps26-10.00James Monroe      
22.9Dylan Hayslett25-03.00James Monroe      
23.11Zane Daniels14-11.00James Monroe      
X Discus - 1.6kg - 4AA - Finals
1.12Tyler Thompson125-02Scott      
2.12Michael Layton119-00Sherman      
3.11Charles Lynch114-02Sissonville      
4.9Quentin Buckley109-10Poca      
5.11Chase Coffman102-06Sissonville      
6.11Nicholas Casto95-11Sissonville      
7.12Ricky Clendenin88-06Poca      
8.9Waylon Dingess87-01Chapmanville      
9.10John Toler86-09Chapmanville      
10.12Jacob Potter85-10Scott      
11.10Thomas Belcher73-03Chapmanville      
12.12Chaddrick Trent71-01Herbert Hoover      
13.12William Martin66-01Poca      
X Discus - 1.6kg - 3AA - Finals
1.11Eric Sharier134-00Liberty (Raleigh)      
2.11Anthony Trout110-07Greenbrier West      
3.12Matt Clevenger109-09Webster County      
4.10Ryan Bailey108-00Shady Spring      
5.10Nick Johnson106-03Shady Spring      
6.10Mike Green104-07Independence      
7.10Logan Hartsog96-02Shady Spring      
8.10Colton Cogar95-07Webster County      
9.10Jacob Jeffries93-00Summers County      
10.10Rob StClair92-02Independence      
11.10Brandon Woods90-00Pikeview      
12.9Josh Epps88-00James Monroe      
13.10Andrew Spade87-03Greenbrier West      
14.12Greg Chapman84-07Independence      
15.11Tim Moran83-04Liberty (Raleigh)      
16.12Craig Moore80-00Summers County      
17.9D.J. Greene77-06Pikeview      
18.10Austin Reed77-00Summers County      
19.11Nick Pennington74-00Oak Hill      
20.9Derek Stokes57-00Liberty (Raleigh)      
--11Hunter SmithNDPikeview      
X High Jump - 4AA - Finals
1.12Jacob Rollo6-00.00Sherman      
2.9Jeffery Stowers5-02.00Sissonville      
3.11Andrew Jones5-02.00Sissonville      
4.11Marshall Dodson5-02.00Sissonville      
5.12Justin Slater5-00.00Poca      
6.11Thomas Davis4-09.00Poca      
X High Jump - 3AA - Finals
1.11Tommy Symns5-10.00Pikeview      
2.11Joey Phillips5-06.00Greenbrier West      
3.11Tyler Chipps5-06.00Webster County      
4.12Justin Manspile5-06.00Greenbrier West      
5.9Luther Stoots5-04.00Webster County      
6.12Brent Lake5-04.00Webster County      
7.12Ben Cadle5-02.00Independence      
8.10Sam Wood5-00.00Independence      
X Pole Vault - 4AA - Finals
1.9Travis Davis8-06.00Poca      
2.12Justin Matheney7-06.00Sissonville      
--12Garrett RevealNHSissonville      
--12Byron BlackNHSissonville      
X Pole Vault - 3AA - Finals
1.11Chad Brinson11-01.00Webster County      
2.9Dalton Miller9-06.00Webster County      
3.10Issiah Hamrick8-00.00Webster County      
4.12Justin Matherly7-06.00Pikeview      
--11Tyler RoseNHPikeview      
X Long Jump - 4AA - Finals
1.12Jacob Rollo19-09.50Sherman      
2.12Justin Slater18-02.25Poca      
3.12Brad Carpenter17-11.50Sissonville      
4.9Jeffery Stowers17-01.25Sissonville      
5.10Brandon Perdue16-09.25Sherman      
6.11Richard Estep16-09.00Sherman      
7.11Mason Schoolcraft16-01.50Herbert Hoover      
8.12Jordan Nunnery15-10.75Scott      
9.9Christopher Pontier15-03.25Poca      
10.12Joey Bias14-09.00Herbert Hoover      
11.11Tyler Spurlock13-04.00Scott      
12.11Thomas Davis12-06.50Poca      
13.11Tyler Collier11-10.25Chapmanville      
X Long Jump - 3AA - Finals
1.11Tyler Chipps21-00.00Webster County      
2.12Shane Anderson19-11.25Webster County      
3.11Tommy Symns19-05.00Pikeview      
4.12Ben Cadle18-10.25Independence      
5.11Alex Moore18-05.25Summers County      
6.11Tyler Rose18-01.50Pikeview      
7.11Joey Phillips17-09.25Greenbrier West      
8.9Zack Jordan17-02.00Webster County      
9.12Jamie Newman16-11.00Liberty (Raleigh)      
10.11John Stover16-08.00Liberty (Raleigh)      
11.10Jordan Bryant16-05.25Independence      
12.10Jordan Nelson15-06.00Pikeview      
13.10Michael Burdette14-10.00James Monroe      
14.11S. Sims14-03.00Greenbrier West      
15.11Raymond Fuller13-02.00James Monroe      
16.9Josh Epps12-02.00James Monroe      
17.10Corey Shumate11-01.75Independence      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - 4AA - Finals
1.12Demi Kirk13.12aSherman      
2.12Donnie Kirk13.14aSherman      
3.9Ashley Johnson13.59aScott      
4.11Emily McComas13.92aPoca      
5.9Tyler Webb14.27aWayne      
6.10Chelsea Crabtree14.50aWayne      
7.12Amanda Honeycutt14.63aChapmanville      
8.12Destiny Vance14.90aChapmanville      
X 100 Meters - 3AA - Finals
1.10Candace Brown12.75aSummers County      
2.10Mercedes Lawson12.90aOak Hill      
3.11Ebony Brown13.33aIndependence      
4.10Hayle Martin13.45aOak Hill      
5.12Tara Hazelwood13.55aPikeview      
6.9Tyra Wynes13.70aSummers County      
7.9Jade Oar13.84aShady Spring      
8.11Roelyn Irick14.92aWestside      
X 100 Meters - 4AA - Prelims
1.12Donnie Kirk13.35aSherman      
2.12Demi Kirk13.55aSherman      
3.9Ashley Johnson13.91aScott      
4.11Emily McComas14.10aPoca      
5.9Tyler Webb14.21aWayne      
6.10Chelsea Crabtree14.49aWayne      
7.12Amanda Honeycutt14.59aChapmanville      
8.12Destiny Vance14.81aChapmanville      
9.12Sydnee Kuhn14.81aScott      
10.10Danielle Paxton14.88aHerbert Hoover      
11.9Katie Harris14.96aHerbert Hoover      
12.9Mackenzie Ford14.96aScott      
13.11Kayla Kirk15.06aChapmanville      
14.9Jordan Canterbury15.49aSherman      
15.9Montana Stewart15.50aPoca      
16.12Jami Patton15.70aSissonville      
17.10Megan Smith16.86aWayne      
18.10Sierra Parsons17.41aSissonville      
X 100 Meters - 3AA - Prelims
1.10Candace Brown13.11aSummers County      
2.11Ebony Brown13.20aIndependence      
3.10Mercedes Lawson13.23aOak Hill      
5.12Tara Hazelwood13.24aPikeview      
4.10Hayle Martin13.38aOak Hill      
6.9Tyra Wynes13.72aSummers County      
7.9Jade Oar13.90aShady Spring      
8.11Roelyn Irick14.59aWestside      
9.9Mackenzie Prince14.84aIndependence      
10.9Lisa Weiss15.00aShady Spring      
11.10AMANDA GUY15.06aShady Spring      
12.9Leikeisha Terry15.10aOak Hill      
13.9Laura Phillips15.67aGreenbrier West      
14.10Denea Vandall15.94aGreenbrier West      
15.9Valerie Lemon16.49aLiberty (Raleigh)      
16.10Tiffany Kenney16.65aWestside      
17.9Amanda Amos16.69aJames Monroe      
18.10Emilee Cox16.74aBluefield      
19.12Jaleiza Williams16.85aBluefield      
20.9Candi Walker16.89aWestside      
21.9Marissa Bennett17.19aJames Monroe      
22.9Cayla McMillion17.67aGreenbrier West      
23.10Kayla Beverly17.85aLiberty (Raleigh)      
24.10Tiffany Lemon18.56aLiberty (Raleigh)      
25.9Tiffani Scott18.62aPikeview      
26.10Brianna Vineyard19.03aBluefield      
X 200 Meters - 4AA - Finals
1.12Donnie Kirk27.33aSherman      
2.12Demi Kirk27.54aSherman      
3.10Adrian Cunningham28.18aPoca      
4.9Marissa Perkins29.33aPoca      
5.10Brooke Hager29.61aPoca      
6.9Ashley Johnson30.16aScott      
7.9Autumn Baisden30.57aChapmanville      
8.9Tyler Webb32.08aWayne      
X 200 Meters - 3AA - Finals
1.10Mercedes Lawson26.25aOak Hill      
2.10Candace Brown26.65aSummers County      
3.12Shakilya Cosby26.95aOak Hill      
4.11Ebony Brown28.11aIndependence      
5.9Jade Oar29.94aShady Spring      
6.9Mackenzie Prince31.25aIndependence      
7.10Alex Farley31.29aShady Spring      
X 200 Meters - 4AA - Prelims
1.12Donnie Kirk27.54aSherman      
3.10Adrian Cunningham28.46aPoca      
2.12Demi Kirk28.54aSherman      
4.10Brooke Hager28.96aPoca      
5.9Ashley Johnson29.03aScott      
6.9Marissa Perkins29.59aPoca      
7.9Autumn Baisden30.47aChapmanville      
8.9Tyler Webb31.07aWayne      
9.9Mikayla Larzo31.47aSherman      
10.9Mackenzie Ford33.60aScott      
11.10Megan Smith35.75aWayne      
12.10Sierra Parsons36.92aSissonville      
13.9Ronni Lynn Wood37.15aScott      
X 200 Meters - 3AA - Prelims
1.10Candace Brown26.31aSummers County      
2.10Mercedes Lawson26.43aOak Hill      
3.12Shakilya Cosby27.36aOak Hill      
4.11Ebony Brown27.81aIndependence      
5.9Jade Oar29.70aShady Spring      
6.10Alex Farley30.57aShady Spring      
7.9Mackenzie Prince30.77aIndependence      
8.11Roelyn Irick30.80aWestside      
9.10AMANDA GUY30.90aShady Spring      
10.12Callie Hayes31.18aSummers County      
11.10Ariel Thomas31.27aJames Monroe      
12.10Whitney Harless31.31aGreenbrier West      
13.9Sabrina Morgan31.58aLiberty (Raleigh)      
14.10Ashley Short31.77aWebster County      
15.9Beth Daniel32.38aLiberty (Raleigh)      
16.10Veandala Coleman32.45aPikeview      
17.12Kayla Tygrett32.69aGreenbrier West      
18.11Tiffany Estep33.34aWestside      
19.12Shanice McCain33.43aOak Hill      
20.11Michelle Morgan33.83aWestside      
21.9Valerie Lemon34.76aLiberty (Raleigh)      
22.9Amanda Amos35.59aJames Monroe      
23.10Emilee Cox35.69aBluefield      
24.10Brianna Vineyard40.11aBluefield      
X 400 Meters - 4AA - Finals
1.11Shannon Rutherford1:00.89aWayne      
2.12Demi Kirk1:03.81aSherman      
3.10Jordan Merritt1:06.27aWayne      
4.9Paula Ord1:06.76aPoca      
5.10Brooke Hager1:08.35aPoca      
6.9Autumn Baisden1:09.80aChapmanville      
7.9Alexis McClanahan1:15.17aPoca      
8.12Chessie Shamblin1:17.84aSissonville      
9.9Brittany Bowdish1:19.64aSherman      
10.12Jami Patton1:20.35aSissonville      
11.9Ronni Lynn Wood1:26.90aScott      
--9Alisha ConleyFSChapmanville      
X 400 Meters - 3AA - Finals
1.12Shakilya Cosby58.99aOak Hill      
2.12Tara Hazelwood1:05.27aPikeview      
3.9Erin Brown1:06.15aWebster County      
4.10Emily Lilly1:06.33aIndependence      
5.11Deidra DeMoss1:09.33aPikeview      
6.10Chloe Oar1:12.51aShady Spring      
7.10Ariel Thomas1:13.34aJames Monroe      
8.9Leikeisha Terry1:13.93aOak Hill      
9.9Kaylee Dickerson1:15.70aShady Spring      
10.9Mickaela Eastham1:15.76aGreenbrier West      
11.9Lakin Lively1:16.46aSummers County      
12.9Sierra Williams1:17.74aShady Spring      
13.11Tiffany Estep1:18.11aWestside      
14.11Michelle Morgan1:18.16aWestside      
15.10Chelsey Eastham1:19.06aGreenbrier West      
16.9Casey Shulock1:22.02aBluefield      
17.9Candace Harless1:25.91aSummers County      
18.10Tambria Franklin1:30.83aJames Monroe      
19.9Marissa Bennett1:44.19aJames Monroe      
X 800 Meters - 4AA - Finals
1.11Shannon Rutherford2:25.66aWayne      
2.11Erica Hayes2:32.42aHerbert Hoover      
3.11Alexis Kitzmiller2:33.18aHerbert Hoover      
4.9Paula Ord2:40.51aPoca      
5.9Jessy Blakenship2:45.00aScott      
6.9Amber Jordan2:51.72aSissonville      
7.12Sidney Sisson2:52.00aSissonville      
8.12Destany Sumpter2:55.96aChapmanville      
9.9Alexis McClanahan2:59.78aPoca      
10.12Brittany Watts3:01.48aChapmanville      
11.9Jordan Canterbury3:07.04aSherman      
12.9Alisha Conley3:08.33aChapmanville      
13.12Katie Harmon3:15.17aScott      
14.9Rachel Snedegar3:19.18aPoca      
--9Alexis GriffithDQScott      
X 800 Meters - 3AA - Finals
1.12Neaire Miller2:25.01aOak Hill      
2.11Chelsea East2:32.94aPikeview      
3.10Joi Fruit2:37.86aOak Hill      
4.11Amelia Paine2:38.86aShady Spring      
5.10Sarah Phillips2:48.27aShady Spring      
6.10Lindsey Sanson2:49.39aWebster County      
7.10Kayla Bishop2:50.48aIndependence      
8.12Cassie Kelly2:51.93aPikeview      
9.9Hayley Shrewsbury2:56.53aSummers County      
10.9Melissa Daniels2:57.00aLiberty (Raleigh)      
--11Caitlyn StaffordNTWestside      
--11Michelle MorganNTWestside      
--9Taylor JacksonNTShady Spring      
--10Cheyenne SelbeNTOak Hill      
--10Morgan FarrellNTIndependence      
--10Julie SheltonNTGreenbrier West      
--10Brittany BenderNTWebster County      
--9Casey ShulockNTBluefield      
--11Ali RichardsNTIndependence      
--9Kelly PayneNTGreenbrier West      
--9Lakin LivelyNTSummers County      
--9Mickaela EasthamNTGreenbrier West      
--9McKenzie PettryNTLiberty (Raleigh)      
X 1600 Meters - 4AA - Finals
1.11Erica Hayes5:39.59aHerbert Hoover      
2.9Alexis Griffith5:56.40aScott      
3.9Amanda Powers6:07.68aScott      
4.12Katie Harmon6:35.12aScott      
5.12Sidney Sisson6:35.91aSissonville      
6.9Rachel Peaytt7:36.69aPoca      
7.10Beth Graley7:40.24aPoca      
X 1600 Meters - 3AA - Finals
1.12Neaire Miller5:27.84aOak Hill      
2.11Chelsea East5:40.96aPikeview      
3.12Trisha Galligher6:01.89aPikeview      
4.10Allison Clevenger6:02.16aWebster County      
5.10Sarah Phillips6:06.59aShady Spring      
6.9Laura Hill6:10.66aPikeview      
7.11Nichole Hardee6:31.03aJames Monroe      
8.12Katie Backus6:32.57aShady Spring      
9.12Tracy Adkins6:36.12aWebster County      
10.9Rebecca Graham6:36.37aShady Spring      
11.9Kelly Payne6:37.55aGreenbrier West      
--10Morgan FarrellNTIndependence      
--10Tori PatrickNTWestside      
X 3200 Meters - 4AA - Finals
1.11Erica Hayes12:08.51aHerbert Hoover      
2.9Alexis Griffith12:58.27aScott      
3.12Anna Toler13:53.87aScott      
4.10Kailtyn Ingraham14:41.90aScott      
5.9Rachel Peaytt16:02.69aPoca      
6.10Beth Graley17:12.56aPoca      
--9Keree MolesDNFPoca      
X 3200 Meters - 3AA - Finals
1.12Trisha Galligher12:54.98aPikeview      
2.10Allison Clevenger13:14.56aWebster County      
3.9Laura Hill13:29.13aPikeview      
4.12Katie Backus13:42.51aShady Spring      
5.9Morgan Wynne14:11.06aOak Hill      
6.11Nichole Hardee14:18.61aJames Monroe      
7.9Taylor Jackson14:31.55aShady Spring      
8.11Desiree Roseberry15:28.41aShady Spring      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - 4AA - Finals
1.10Adrian Cunningham17.02aPoca      
2.12Donnie Kirk17.65aSherman      
3.11Krystle Hayes17.87aPoca      
4.10Cheyenne Hedrick18.73aPoca      
5.10Lisa Osborne19.74aHerbert Hoover      
6.9Madison Lively20.80aHerbert Hoover      
7.10Candice Ritter22.46aWayne      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - 3AA - Finals
1.11Mariah Farley16.38aPikeview      
2.12Anna Cangemi16.53aLiberty (Raleigh)      
3.10Kristen Boyd17.46aShady Spring      
4.10Sabrina Hylton17.53aLiberty (Raleigh)      
5.12Kristen Turschmann18.32aShady Spring      
6.11Amanda Presley18.49aPikeview      
7.11MacKenzie Ansley18.73aJames Monroe      
8.12Quartney Settle19.18aOak Hill      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - 3AA - Prelims
1.12Anna Cangemi16.72aLiberty (Raleigh)      
2.11Mariah Farley17.13aPikeview      
3.10Kristen Boyd17.20aShady Spring      
4.12Kristen Turschmann17.80aShady Spring      
5.10Sabrina Hylton18.03aLiberty (Raleigh)      
6.11Amanda Presley18.43aPikeview      
7.11MacKenzie Ansley18.45aJames Monroe      
8.12Quartney Settle18.95aOak Hill      
9.9Rikki Mcclure19.50aIndependence      
10.11Cayla Carnell19.74aShady Spring      
11.10Angel Becker20.30aIndependence      
12.9Katana Bryant21.35aLiberty (Raleigh)      
13.9Raelynn Smith21.77aPikeview      
14.9Jasmine Wilcox22.35aOak Hill      
15.10Courtney Adams22.46aIndependence      
16.10Renee Richmond25.60aGreenbrier West      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - 4AA - Finals
1.10Adrian Cunningham48.09aPoca      
2.12Donnie Kirk50.36aSherman      
3.10Cheyenne Hedrick54.43aPoca      
4.9Hannah Atkins55.72aSissonville      
5.9Mackenzie Lloyd57.48aPoca      
6.9Jordan Canterbury1:03.55aSherman      
7.9Sabrina Waseem1:09.80aScott      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - 3AA - Finals
1.11Mariah Farley48.89aPikeview      
2.10Kristen Boyd49.66aShady Spring      
3.10Jessica Murray52.16aIndependence      
4.10Sabrina Hylton53.27aLiberty (Raleigh)      
5.11Amanda Presley55.10aPikeview      
6.10Haley Wilkinson55.35aGreenbrier West      
7.11MacKenzie Ansley55.78aJames Monroe      
8.12Carrie Culicerto56.10aShady Spring      
9.12Kristen Turschmann56.34aShady Spring      
10.9Rikki Mcclure56.57aIndependence      
11.10Imani Spradley58.59aOak Hill      
12.9Jasmine Wilcox59.77aOak Hill      
13.9Shelby Daniel59.81aLiberty (Raleigh)      
14.9Raelynn Smith59.95aPikeview      
15.11Ali Richards1:00.13aIndependence      
16.10Heidi Gum1:00.34aWebster County      
17.10Faith Gabbert1:00.64aGreenbrier West      
18.10Carli McQuain1:08.55aGreenbrier West      
X 4x100 Relay - 4AA - Finals
1.-Haylie Damron
Sydnee Kuhn
Ashley Poe
Ashley Johnson
2.-Cheyenne Hedrick
Marissa Perkins
Amber Bailey
Brooke Hager
3.-Candice Corathers
Kayla Kirk
Destiny Vance
Amanda Honeycutt
4.-Chelsea Crabtree
Elizabeth Ferguson
Candice Ritter
Tyler Webb
5.-Chelsie Chapman
Brittany Ball
Katie Harris
Danielle Paxton
56.87aHerbert Hoover      
X 4x100 Relay - 3AA - Finals
1.-Joi Fruit
Hayle Martin
Savannah Robertson
Mercedes Lawson
52.46aOak Hill      
2.-Jessica Murray
Brenna Williams
Amanda Whitt
Ebony Brown
3.-Callie Hayes
Lashae Bonds
Tyra Wynes
Candace Brown
54.49aSummers County      
Marissa Elmore
Chloe Oar
Jade Oar
55.67aShady Spring      
5.-Sabrina Morgan
Kristen Kincaid
Jenna Burdette
Sabrina Hylton
57.76aLiberty (Raleigh)      
6.-Hannah Jennings
Kayla Akers
Stevi Thomure
Tara Hazelwood
7.-Stephanie Boothe
Mattie Hicks
Autumn Neely
Whitney Harless
58.27aGreenbrier West      
8.-Ashley Short
Kal-le Hicks
Erin Bean
Erin Brown
1:00.20aWebster County      
9.-Tiffany Estep
Tori Patrick
Roelyn Irick
Caitlyn Stafford
X 4x200 Relay - 4AA - Finals
1.-Haley Reed
Elizabeth Ferguson
Jordan Merritt
Chelsea Crabtree
2.-Amber Bailey
Emily McComas
Marissa Perkins
Brooke Hager
3.-Haylie Damron
Ashley Poe
Mackenzie Ford
Ashley Johnson
4.-Chelsea Thompson
Amanda Honeycutt
Destiny Vance
Autumn Baisden
5.-Chelsie Chapman
Brittany Ball
Lisa Osborne
Madison Lively
2:08.49aHerbert Hoover      
X 4x200 Relay - 3AA - Finals
1.-Mercedes Lawson
Shakilya Cosby
Savannah Robertson
Hayle Martin
1:50.19aOak Hill      
2.-Callie Hayes
Lashae Bonds
Tyra Wynes
Candace Brown
1:53.81aSummers County      
Marissa Elmore
Chloe Oar
Jade Oar
2:01.56aShady Spring      
4.-Stevi Thomure
Kayla Akers
Deidra DeMoss
Hannah Jennings
5.-Relay Team 2:06.33aWebster County      
6.-Whitney Harless
Faith Gabbert
Autumn Neely
Haley Wilkinson
2:07.75aGreenbrier West      
7.-Michelle Morgan
Tiffany Estep
Tori Patrick
Roelyn Irick
8.-Jessica Hoke
Amanda Amos
Marissa Bennett
Kayla Trent
2:15.81aJames Monroe      
9.-Relay Team 2:20.23aLiberty (Raleigh)      
---Jessica Murray
Emily Lilly
Amanda Whitt
Ebony Brown
X 4x400 Relay - 4AA - Finals
1.-Jordan Merritt
Elizabeth Ferguson
Haley Reed
Shannon Rutherford
2.-Amanda Powers
Jessy Blakenship
Ashley Poe
Anna Toler
3.-Paula Ord
Rachel Skeens
Alexis McClanahan
Marissa Perkins
X 4x400 Relay - 3AA - Finals
1.-Shakilya Cosby
Marissa Harler
Neaire Miller
Savannah Robertson
4:18.40aOak Hill      
2.-Emily Lilly
Kayla Bishop
Brenna Williams
Jessica Murray
3.-Hannah Jennings
Deidra DeMoss
Chelsea East
Tara Hazelwood
4.-Erin Bean
Jamie Utes
Erin Brown
Lindsey Sanson
4:43.12aWebster County      
5.-Kristen Boyd
Carrie Culicerto
Katie Backus
Desiree Roseberry
4:51.01aShady Spring      
6.-Haley Wilkinson
Whitney Harless
Autumn Neely
Kelly Payne
5:05.93aGreenbrier West      
X 4x800 Relay - 4AA - Finals
1.-Jordan Merritt
Haley Reed
Candice Ritter
Elizabeth Ferguson
2.-Alexis Griffith
Amanda Powers
Jessy Blakenship
Anna Toler
3.-Paula Ord
Mackenzie Lloyd
Alexis McClanahan
Rachel Skeens
4.-Relay Team 11:40.84aChapmanville      
5.-Amber Jordan
Jami Patton
Chessie Shamblin
Sidney Sisson
X 4x800 Relay - 3AA - Finals
1.-Trisha Galligher
Deidra DeMoss
Laura Hill
Chelsea East
2.-Amelia Paine
Sarah Phillips
Desiree Roseberry
Katie Backus
11:06.03aShady Spring      
3.-Tracy Adkins
Jamie Utes
Heidi Gum
Lindsey Sanson
11:06.69aWebster County      
4.-Kayla Bishop
Ali Richards
Emily Lilly
Morgan Farrell
5.-Amanda Clay
Joi Fruit
Cheyenne Selbe
Morgan Wynne
11:42.68aOak Hill      
6.-Relay Team 12:27.85aLiberty (Raleigh)      
7.-Relay Team 12:40.83aGreenbrier West      
X 4x55 Shuttle Hurdles - 36" - 4AA - Finals
1.-Adrian Cunningham
Krystle Hayes
Cheyenne Hedrick
Emily McComas
2.-Madison Lively
Katie Harris
Chelsie Chapman
Lisa Osborne
1:22.14aHerbert Hoover      
3.-Hannah Atkins
Chessie Shamblin
Amber Jordan
Jami Patton
X 4x55 Shuttle Hurdles - 36" - 3AA - Finals
1.-Anna Cangemi
Jenna Burdette
Beth Daniel
Sabrina Hylton
1:11.25aLiberty (Raleigh)      
2.-Carrie Culicerto
Cayla Carnell
Kristen Boyd
Kristen Turschmann
1:11.94aShady Spring      
3.-Hannah Jennings
Amanda Presley
Brianna Farley
Kayla Akers
4.-Joi Fruit
Imani Spradley
Neaire Miller
Quartney Settle
1:12.14aOak Hill      
5.-Mattie Hicks
Stephanie Boothe
Faith Gabbert
Haley Wilkinson
1:20.02aGreenbrier West      
6.-Rikki Mcclure
Angel Becker
Courtney Adams
Stacie Daniel
7.-Relay Team 1:21.44aWebster County      
X Shot Put - 4kg - 4AA - Finals
1.9Tasha Maynard31-04.00Wayne      
2.12Erika Maloney28-04.00Poca      
3.12Ashlee Tomblin28-02.00Chapmanville      
4.9Lexy Beckett27-04.00Wayne      
5.11Ashley Poe26-03.00Scott      
6.11Kathryn LeMaster26-02.00Poca      
7.12Sydnee Kuhn25-10.50Scott      
8.9Jordan Canterbury24-10.00Sherman      
9.10Kim Ellis23-03.00Chapmanville      
10.9Brittany Bowdish20-03.00Sherman      
11.9Keree Moles18-08.00Poca      
X Shot Put - 4kg - 3AA - Finals
1.9Jasmine Johnson33-05.50Pikeview      
2.10Darrien Lane31-07.00Shady Spring      
3.12Quartney Settle28-11.50Oak Hill      
4.9Tanequa Smith28-08.00Summers County      
5.9Alicia Marshall27-03.00Shady Spring      
6.9Alexis Ince27-01.50Oak Hill      
7.11Kiersten White25-09.00Pikeview      
8.12Stephanie Boothe25-04.00Greenbrier West      
9.10Alicia Swecker24-11.00Webster County      
10.12Jaleiza Williams24-07.00Bluefield      
11.9Shelby Daniel23-02.00Liberty (Raleigh)      
12.11Bowles Ramona21-08.00Oak Hill      
13.10Mattie Hicks21-07.25Greenbrier West      
14.10Danielle Johnston21-05.00Shady Spring      
15.10Tambria Franklin21-00.50James Monroe      
16.9Ashley Walker20-11.50Pikeview      
17.9Beth Daniel20-05.00Liberty (Raleigh)      
18.9Roena Ponce19-07.50Summers County      
19.12Janniell Charlton16-11.50Bluefield      
20.9Katie Daniel15-06.00Liberty (Raleigh)      
--10Jessica HokeFOULJames Monroe      
X Discus - 1kg - 4AA - Finals
1.12Erika Maloney93-06Poca      
2.9Lexy Beckett87-00Wayne      
3.9Keree Moles67-07Poca      
4.11Kathryn LeMaster60-09Poca      
5.10Kim Ellis60-00Chapmanville      
6.12Ashlee Tomblin54-02Chapmanville      
X Discus - 1kg - 3AA - Finals
1.12Quartney Settle95-10Oak Hill      
2.10Darrien Lane93-01Shady Spring      
3.9Alicia Marshall90-08Shady Spring      
4.12Anna Cangemi90-01Liberty (Raleigh)      
5.11Kesea Miller88-09Independence      
6.11Bowles Ramona87-08Oak Hill      
7.9Jasmine Johnson87-05Pikeview      
8.9Alexis Ince81-01Oak Hill      
9.12Stephanie Boothe76-02Greenbrier West      
10.9Tanequa Smith70-10Summers County      
11.12Jaleiza Williams68-06Bluefield      
12.11Kayla Hill65-10Pikeview      
13.10Amber Shrewsberry65-08Shady Spring      
14.10Jessica Hoke61-06James Monroe      
15.9Katie Daniel60-09Liberty (Raleigh)      
16.11Kiersten White58-03Pikeview      
17.10Alicia Swecker58-00Webster County      
18.9Roena Ponce57-00Summers County      
18.9Beth Daniel57-00Liberty (Raleigh)      
20.10Ariel Thomas43-03James Monroe      
21.12Janniell Charlton38-10Bluefield      
X High Jump - 4AA - Finals
1.12Haley Reed4-04.00Wayne      
2.11Chasity Hill4-04.00Poca      
3.9Mackenzie Lloyd4-00.00Poca      
4.9Rachel Skeens3-08.00Poca      
X High Jump - 3AA - Finals
1.10Brenna Williams5-00.00Independence      
2.12Katie Jarrell4-10.00Liberty (Raleigh)      
3.11Amelia Paine4-06.00Shady Spring      
3.11Emilee Comer4-06.00Pikeview      
5.11MacKenzie Ansley4-04.00James Monroe      
6.9Kaylee Dickerson4'02.00Shady Spring      
6.10Lindsey Sanson4'02.00Webster County      
8.10Jamie Utes4-00.00Webster County      
9.10Marissa Harler4-00.00Oak Hill      
--9Katana BryantNHLiberty (Raleigh)      
X Pole Vault - 3AA - Finals
1.12Savannah Robertson7-01.00Oak Hill      
2.10Destiny Stout7-00.00Webster County      
--11Amanda PresleyNHPikeview      
X Long Jump - 4AA - Finals
1.12Demi Kirk14-10.75Sherman      
2.11Shannon Rutherford14-07.25Wayne      
3.9Haylie Damron14-04.50Scott      
4.10Danielle Paxton14-02.00Herbert Hoover      
5.11Emily McComas13-11.00Poca      
6.11Krystle Hayes13-08.25Poca      
7.9Rachel Skeens13-05.00Poca      
8.12Destiny Vance12-09.00Chapmanville      
9.10Kim Ellis12-03.00Chapmanville      
10.10Chelsie Chapman12-01.00Herbert Hoover      
--9Mikayla LarzoFOULSherman      
X Long Jump - 3AA - Finals
1.11Mariah Farley15-09.00Pikeview      
2.12Anna Cangemi14-08.50Liberty (Raleigh)      
3.10Marissa Harler14-02.00Oak Hill      
3.12Kristen Turschmann14-02.00Shady Spring      
5.9Hayley Shrewsbury13-10.25Summers County      
6.10Kylie Smith12-11.75Shady Spring      
7.12Kristen Kincaid12-11.00Liberty (Raleigh)      
8.10Destiny Stout12-04.00Webster County      
9.12Katie Jarrell12-01.00Liberty (Raleigh)      
10.11Cayla Carnell11-10.00Shady Spring      
11.9Amanda Amos10-02.00James Monroe      
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