Liberty District Championships

Tuesday, May 18, 2010
  Thomas Jefferson S&T , Alexandria - Map
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Virginia - 6A
JAMAJames Madison
SOLASouth Lakes
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Sean Price11.21aSouth Lakes
2.11Dexter Rogers11.36aStone Bridge
3.11Kelvin Ojo11.39aStone Bridge
4.12Jerold Council11.54aThomas Jefferson S&T
--12David LaddDQFairfax
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Semi-Finals
1.12David Ladd11.08aFairfax
3.11Sean Price11.41aSouth Lakes
2.11Kelvin Ojo11.42aStone Bridge
4.12Jerold Council11.44aThomas Jefferson S&T
5.11Dexter Rogers11.44aStone Bridge
6.11Nabil Mezher11.53aFairfax
7.10Corey Gilmore11.60aSouth Lakes
8.11Chad Allen11.66aFairfax
9.11Efosa Guobadia11.69aLangley
10.12Andrew Matzke11.71aLangley
11.11Fritz Kennely11.89aFairfax
12.12Bobby Lewis11.90aSouth Lakes
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Dexter Rogers11.25aStone Bridge
2.11Nabil Mezher11.28aFairfax
3.11Sean Price11.28aSouth Lakes
4.12Jerold Council11.44aThomas Jefferson S&T
4.11Kelvin Ojo11.44aStone Bridge
6.12David Ladd11.50aFairfax
7.12Andrew Matzke11.52aLangley
8.11Chad Allen11.54aFairfax
9.12Bobby Lewis11.66aSouth Lakes
10.11Efosa Guobadia11.67aLangley
11.10Corey Gilmore11.70aSouth Lakes
12.11Fritz Kennely11.73aFairfax
13.12Albert Luu11.75aStone Bridge
14.11Nicholas Castillo11.81aStone Bridge
15.11Stefan Topalov11.89aLangley
16.10Stephon Sanford11.93aSouth Lakes
17.11Edward Chung11.99aJames Madison
18.10Connor Metcalf12.01aSouth Lakes
19.11Guilherme Coulibaly12.02aLangley
20.-Ja'Juan Jones12.02aSouth Lakes
21.12Ben Stevenson12.11aJames Madison
22.11Robert Dallen12.20aJames Madison
23.9Robert Yu12.24aLangley
24.9Ranyell Lee12.25aSouth Lakes
25.10Louis Fernandez12.26aGeorge C Marshall
26.-Jonathon Hahn12.30aThomas Jefferson S&T
27.10Dylan Clark12.35aSouth Lakes
28.9Alexander Martin12.38aGeorge C Marshall
29.11Aloke Prabhu12.44aMcLean
30.11Kwamina Orleans-probee12.46aThomas Jefferson S&T
31.10Joseph Kotapish12.64aMcLean
32.12Jonathan Gracia13.10aGeorge C Marshall
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Adrian Vaughn22.22aSouth Lakes
2.11Sean Price22.84aSouth Lakes
3.12Alex Maybury23.15aLangley
4.11Dexter Rogers23.20aStone Bridge
5.12Sy Rashid23.58aThomas Jefferson S&T
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Semi-Finals
1.12Adrian Vaughn21.98aSouth Lakes
2.11Dexter Rogers23.03aStone Bridge
3.11Sean Price23.04aSouth Lakes
4.12Sy Rashid23.15aThomas Jefferson S&T
5.12Alex Maybury23.20aLangley
6.12David Ladd23.29aFairfax
7.12Jerold Council23.38aThomas Jefferson S&T
8.12Mohamed Yasin23.68aSouth Lakes
9.10Corey Gilmore23.79aSouth Lakes
10.11Efosa Guobadia24.19aLangley
11.11Nicholas Castillo24.48aStone Bridge
12.11Kelvin Ojo24.51aStone Bridge
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Adrian Vaughn22.27aSouth Lakes
2.12David Ladd22.70aFairfax
3.11Dexter Rogers23.17aStone Bridge
4.11Sean Price23.18aSouth Lakes
6.11Kelvin Ojo23.26aStone Bridge
7.12Mohamed Yasin23.32aSouth Lakes
8.12Jerold Council23.33aThomas Jefferson S&T
9.10Corey Gilmore23.33aSouth Lakes
5.12Alex Maybury23.35aLangley
10.11Efosa Guobadia23.65aLangley
11.12Sy Rashid23.80aThomas Jefferson S&T
12.11Nicholas Castillo24.03aStone Bridge
13.12Albert Luu24.17aStone Bridge
14.12Ben Stevenson24.20aJames Madison
15.12David Secor24.27aJames Madison
16.11Fritz Kennely24.31aFairfax
17.11Stefan Topalov24.76aLangley
18.12Andre Best24.82aStone Bridge
19.12Troy Smith24.92aMcLean
20.9Alexander Martin25.05aGeorge C Marshall
21.10Louis Fernandez25.29aGeorge C Marshall
22.9Will Doran25.31aJames Madison
23.12Bobby Lewis25.52aSouth Lakes
24.12Jonathan Gracia26.25aGeorge C Marshall
25.11Aloke Prabhu27.31aMcLean
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Mohamed Yasin50.62aSouth Lakes
2.12Alvin Moore50.84aSouth Lakes
3.12Stephen Swartz51.41aJames Madison
4.11John Starke51.93aStone Bridge
5.12Hisham Madkour52.00aMcLean
6.11Justin Rexroad56.13aJames Madison
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Mohamed Yasin51.09aSouth Lakes
2.12Alvin Moore51.72aSouth Lakes
3.12Stephen Swartz51.72aJames Madison
5.11John Starke51.74aStone Bridge
4.11Justin Rexroad52.57aJames Madison
6.12Hisham Madkour52.68aMcLean
7.12Hyun- Jun Kim52.83aLangley
8.-Christiaan Firmani54.30aStone Bridge
9.10Yol Ho Sung54.64aFairfax
10.12Dylan Kelly54.66aFairfax
11.11Young Jeon55.10aJames Madison
12.-John Boshier55.37aStone Bridge
13.9Greg Sims55.59aFairfax
14.10Omeed Maghzian55.62aThomas Jefferson S&T
15.10Alex Zaita56.23aThomas Jefferson S&T
16.10Joel Rasmussen56.58aLangley
17.-Ashrit Bagali56.64aThomas Jefferson S&T
18.12Jonathan Pierre57.28aGeorge C Marshall
19.9Robert Yu57.79aLangley
20.11Cesar Parodi59.37aGeorge C Marshall
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11William Sickenberger2:01.67aSouth Lakes
2.11Nicholas Hedrick2:01.79aMcLean
3.10Jacob Grundahl2:02.26aSouth Lakes
4.12Andrew Dickson2:03.41aGeorge C Marshall
5.12Sean Williams2:03.84aSouth Lakes
6.12Tom Inglis2:04.34aJames Madison
7.9Cole Rosenberg2:06.00aThomas Jefferson S&T
8.10Kenny Bowden2:06.01aJames Madison
9.11Saweel Ahmed2:06.19aGeorge C Marshall
10.10Kai Keoho2:06.44aJames Madison
11.-Allen Krieg2:06.77aMcLean
12.11Timothy Tran2:07.40aThomas Jefferson S&T
13.9Ben Click2:08.99aFairfax
14.11Jesse Pedroni2:09.88aStone Bridge
15.10Brenton Jackson2:10.80aStone Bridge
16.11Jake Peker2:11.45aLangley
17.9Zack Dailey2:13.31aLangley
18.9Daniel Matson2:13.62aThomas Jefferson S&T
19.11James Werking2:14.52aGeorge C Marshall
20.11Taylor Bohlen2:14.78aLangley
21.10Mark Newberry2:15.26aStone Bridge
22.11Albert Doumar2:16.61aMcLean
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jonathan Phillips4:30.56aThomas Jefferson S&T
2.12Tom Inglis4:31.17aJames Madison
3.10Morten Grundahl4:33.07aSouth Lakes
4.12Andrew Dickson4:34.12aGeorge C Marshall
5.11Jake Peker4:36.15aLangley
6.12Nick Driskill4:38.31aStone Bridge
7.10Jason Richards4:41.38aMcLean
8.9Jacob Zucker4:42.54aThomas Jefferson S&T
9.11Joseph Galiano4:43.58aJames Madison
10.11Austin Leggett4:44.02aSouth Lakes
11.10Eric Leimkuhler4:45.08aMcLean
12.11Andrew Reinhold4:46.46aSouth Lakes
13.11Taylor Bohlen4:47.18aLangley
14.12Andrew Dilworth4:51.93aFairfax
15.11Dave Warrington4:52.45aThomas Jefferson S&T
16.11Jesse Pedroni4:52.46aStone Bridge
17.9Zack Dailey4:55.52aLangley
18.12Joe Montoya4:57.46aFairfax
19.10Mark Newberry4:58.38aStone Bridge
20.10Ryan McCabe5:02.29aJames Madison
21.11James Werking5:04.40aGeorge C Marshall
22.10Cabell Sawyer5:20.45aMcLean
23.12Spencer Tollo5:32.90aGeorge C Marshall
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jonathan Phillips9:46.99aThomas Jefferson S&T
2.11Nicholas Guarnaccia9:52.64aSouth Lakes
3.12Jimmy Wu9:54.86aThomas Jefferson S&T
4.12Will Manaker10:07.66aThomas Jefferson S&T
5.11Alexander Norton10:10.06aGeorge C Marshall
6.12Holden Vanderveer10:10.21aFairfax
7.11Kevin Muir10:21.92aSouth Lakes
8.11Austin Leggett10:24.71aSouth Lakes
9.11Joe Robinson10:26.18aJames Madison
10.12Joseph Gerner10:28.98aGeorge C Marshall
10.12Daniel Mooney10:28.98aMcLean
12.10Steven Swayne10:33.90aLangley
13.10Max Alm10:36.09aMcLean
14.9Jack Flatley10:37.48aLangley
15.12Curtis Khol10:38.07aJames Madison
16.9Austin Lushinski10:39.51aStone Bridge
17.10David Benjamin10:45.77aStone Bridge
18.12Jesse Cohen10:51.30aJames Madison
19.9Kyler Blodgett11:13.93aMcLean
20.10Daniel Vanderplas11:14.72aFairfax
21.11Nathan LaPuma11:26.22aStone Bridge
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Andre Best14.79aStone Bridge
2.12Kevin Kim14.80aMcLean
3.11Rielly Wall16.10aStone Bridge
4.9Selwyn Lawrence16.14aStone Bridge
5.10Ed Cai16.27aThomas Jefferson S&T
6.10Armando Drain16.64aSouth Lakes
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Semi-Finals
1.12Kevin Kim14.95aMcLean
2.12Andre Best15.28aStone Bridge
3.10Armando Drain16.15aSouth Lakes
4.9Selwyn Lawrence16.51aStone Bridge
5.11Rielly Wall16.55aStone Bridge
7.12Matt Chan16.59aThomas Jefferson S&T
6.10Ed Cai16.69aThomas Jefferson S&T
8.11Lucas Grim16.85aLangley
9.10Kaden Calderwood17.33aLangley
10.11Sam Bechert17.61aFairfax
11.12Dominic Yanger17.89aSouth Lakes
12.12Mo Yang Lu18.11aThomas Jefferson S&T
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Kevin Kim15.35aMcLean
2.12Andre Best15.67aStone Bridge
3.11Sam Bechert16.11aFairfax
4.11Rielly Wall16.45aStone Bridge
5.10Armando Drain16.47aSouth Lakes
6.9Selwyn Lawrence16.74aStone Bridge
7.10Ed Cai16.99aThomas Jefferson S&T
8.12Matt Chan17.12aThomas Jefferson S&T
9.11Lucas Grim17.43aLangley
10.10Kaden Calderwood17.62aLangley
11.12Dominic Yanger17.68aSouth Lakes
12.12Mo Yang Lu17.85aThomas Jefferson S&T
13.-Isaac Hayes18.18aJames Madison
14.10Benjamin Blumenthal18.33aMcLean
15.10Jonathan Ledesma18.38aLangley
16.11Paul Headrick18.91aJames Madison
17.-Kevin Ngo18.95aJames Madison
18.9Aaron Urban19.38aSouth Lakes
19.9Jason Patrick R Tinio20.12aGeorge C Marshall
20.9Andrew Konnath20.43aGeorge C Marshall
21.-Brandon Zapata21.84aGeorge C Marshall
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Alex Maybury39.32aLangley
2.12Kevin Kim39.93aMcLean
3.11Chad Allen41.24aFairfax
4.10Armando Drain41.46aSouth Lakes
5.10Ian Angara42.04aSouth Lakes
6.12Ivan Saucedo42.23aMcLean
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Alex Maybury39.72aLangley
2.12Kevin Kim41.27aMcLean
3.10Armando Drain41.64aSouth Lakes
4.11Chad Allen42.21aFairfax
5.10Ian Angara42.79aSouth Lakes
6.12Ivan Saucedo43.42aMcLean
7.10Ed Cai43.43aThomas Jefferson S&T
8.10Christian Paluzzi43.82aStone Bridge
9.11Ben Tutko43.83aStone Bridge
10.12Dominic Yanger44.33aSouth Lakes
11.12Daniel Ngo44.36aMcLean
12.10Jonathan Day45.37aLangley
13.10Joaquin Alzola45.41aJames Madison
14.11Lucas Grim45.63aLangley
15.-Alex Makki46.16aStone Bridge
16.12Mo Yang Lu46.25aThomas Jefferson S&T
17.10Thus Laddaphan46.52aJames Madison
18.9Bryan Lee46.87aJames Madison
19.9Jason Patrick R Tinio48.11aGeorge C Marshall
20.9Andrew Konnath49.00aGeorge C Marshall
21.11Richie Hernandez49.59aThomas Jefferson S&T
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Chad Allen
Sam Bechert
David Ladd
Nabil Mezher
2.-Relay Team 44.45aSouth Lakes
3.-Relay Team 44.70aThomas Jefferson S&T
4.-Kenny Bowden
Robert Dallen
Ben Stevenson
Shane Nelson
45.17aJames Madison
5.-Andre Best
Kevin Libuit
Albert Luu
Kelvin Ojo
47.21aStone Bridge
6.-Relay Team 47.86aMcLean
7.-Gabriel Ritter
Louis Fernandez
Jonathan Gracia
Alexander Martin
48.15aGeorge C Marshall
---Efosa Guobadia
Hyun- Jun Kim
Andrew Matzke
Alex Maybury
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:22.68aSouth Lakes
2.-Young Jeon
David Secor
Shane Nelson
Stephen Swartz
3:29.18aJames Madison
3.-Relay Team 3:29.84aMcLean
4.-John Boshier
Ben Tutko
Christiaan Firmani
John Starke
3:32.70aStone Bridge
5.-Jake Peker
Andrew Matzke
Taylor Bohlen
Hyun- Jun Kim
6.-William Dykstra
Dylan Kelly
Greg Sims
Yol Ho Sung
7.-Relay Team 3:41.50aThomas Jefferson S&T
8.-Saweel Ahmed
Jonathan Pierre
Gabriel Ritter
Cesar Parodi
3:47.55aGeorge C Marshall
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Sean Williams
Morten Grundahl
Jacob Grundahl
Will Sickenberger
8:10.01aSouth Lakes
2.-Stephen Swartz
Tom Inglis
Joseph Galiano
Kenny Bowden
8:21.03aJames Madison
3.-Jacob Zucker
Timothy Tran
Cole Rosenberg
Will Manaker
8:24.09aThomas Jefferson S&T
4.-Nicholas Hedrick
Eric Leimkuhler
Max Alm
Jason Richards
5.-Saweel Ahmed
Andrew Dickson
Alexander Norton
Gabriel Ritter
8:33.26aGeorge C Marshall
6.-Relay Team 8:48.71aStone Bridge
7.-Ben Click
Andrew Dilworth
Joe Montoya
Holden Vanderveer
8.-Ryan Swirsky
Steven Swayne
Jack Flatley
Zack Dailey
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Richard Lowe46-08.00Fairfax
2.12James Drasbek45-10.00Langley
3.11Rob Burns44-00.75Stone Bridge
4.12Jesse Evans43-10.75James Madison
5.10Scott Lafoon43-08.75McLean
6.12Kyle Wrenn42-10.75Stone Bridge
7.11Steven Savage42-04.50George C Marshall
8.12Maurice Scott42-03.00Langley
9.11Zachary Buffkin41-10.00Langley
10.11Travis Johnson41-03.00James Madison
11.9Carlos Vasquez41-02.50Fairfax
12.12Austin Patteson40-06.00Fairfax
13.9Matt Fecher40-04.75James Madison
14.12Lawrence Diao40-03.50Thomas Jefferson S&T
15.11Ken Robair38-09.75South Lakes
16.10Aaron Palmer37-07.25Stone Bridge
17.11Stas Schaller35-07.75Thomas Jefferson S&T
18.11Brandt Dawson34-08.25McLean
19.11John Tortella33-10.00George C Marshall
20.10Jay Li32-11.00Thomas Jefferson S&T
21.11Jared Borda32-06.50George C Marshall
22.-Wiliam David32-01.00McLean
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Steven Savage137-01George C Marshall
2.12Austin Patteson128-06Fairfax
3.12James Drasbek125-00Langley
4.10Scott Lafoon124-09McLean
5.12Mike Lillie123-07Langley
6.12Joe Scholle120-04Thomas Jefferson S&T
7.12Maurice Scott115-08Langley
8.12Richard Lowe114-05Fairfax
9.11Rob Burns112-09Stone Bridge
10.11Brandt Dawson111-02McLean
11.11Ken Robair109-06South Lakes
12.11John Tortella109-03George C Marshall
13.11Travis Johnson108-06James Madison
14.11Sean Lyons106-08Langley
15.12Kayla Scott106-05Stone Bridge
16.10Brian Brinson103-05South Lakes
17.12Jesse Evans96-01James Madison
18.12John Anderson94-05Thomas Jefferson S&T
19.9Carlos Vasquez89-06Fairfax
20.11Jared Borda88-03George C Marshall
21.9Matt Fecher86-03James Madison
22.12Kyle Wrenn82-06Stone Bridge
23.-Charles Davis76-11McLean
23.11Stas Schaller76-11Thomas Jefferson S&T
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Efosa Guobadia6-02.00Langley
2.9Rashan Jones6-00.00South Lakes
3.11Sean Price5-10.00South Lakes
4.12Duncan Hartt5-08.00James Madison
5.12Freedom Jones5-06.00Fairfax
6.10Matthew Kinnebrew5-06.00Stone Bridge
7.12Alex Maybury5-04.00Langley
--12Kevin KimNHMcLean
--12Andrew MatzkeNHLangley
--12Ivan SaucedoNHMcLean
--11Evan MayNHJames Madison
---Amed AhmedNHThomas Jefferson S&T
---Alex MakkiNHStone Bridge
--11Rielly WallNHStone Bridge
--9Alexander HedrickNHMcLean
--9Imran KhanNHThomas Jefferson S&T
--11Jason ChouNHThomas Jefferson S&T
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Stephen Browne12-00.00Langley
2.9Logan Besougloff11-06.00Langley
3.11Lucas Grim11-00.00Langley
4.12Ivan Saucedo10-06.00McLean
5.11Sean Long10-06.00Thomas Jefferson S&T
6.11Jim Skehan10-06.00Thomas Jefferson S&T
8.10Billy Chen10-06.00Thomas Jefferson S&T
9.11Paul Headrick10-00.00James Madison
11.11Mark Orloff10-00.00James Madison
10.12Daniel Ngo9-06.00McLean
7.12Mic Byrne9-00.00Thomas Jefferson S&T
12.12Ben Stevenson8-06.00James Madison
--10Joseph KotapishNHMcLean
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Sean Price21-09.50South Lakes
2.12Alex Maybury21-01.75Langley
3.12Adrian Vaughn20-00.50South Lakes
4.11Antonio Coulibaly19-11.75Langley
5.12Peter Sanson19-10.25Langley
6.11Stefan Topalov19-09.50Langley
7.11Guilherme Coulibaly19-07.25Langley
8.12Freedom Jones19-03.00Fairfax
9.11Efosa Guobadia19-01.00Langley
10.10Stephon Sanford18-11.25South Lakes
11.-Amed Ahmed18-02.50Thomas Jefferson S&T
12.10Louis Fernandez18-01.50George C Marshall
13.10Matthew Kinnebrew17-06.75Stone Bridge
14.9Shawn Fleming17-02.25Fairfax
14.-Matthew Campo17-02.25James Madison
16.12Kevin Libuit17-01.00Stone Bridge
17.10Benjamin Blumenthal16-08.50McLean
18.10Joaquin Alzola16-07.50James Madison
19.9Jason Patrick R Tinio16-07.00George C Marshall
20.9Alexander Hedrick16-01.50McLean
21.12Jonathan Gracia15-00.50George C Marshall
--10Micheal VignaliNDMcLean
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Sean Price45-07.25South Lakes
2.12Alex Maybury43-11.50Langley
3.11Efosa Guobadia43-03.50Langley
4.10Ed Cai40-05.25Thomas Jefferson S&T
5.11Antonio Coulibaly39-10.50Langley
6.12Kevin Kim39-08.50McLean
7.12Jerold Council39-06.25Thomas Jefferson S&T
8.10Matthew Kinnebrew39-05.25Stone Bridge
9.9Rashan Jones38-09.75South Lakes
10.12Kyle Goddard38-01.25James Madison
11.-Kevin Ngo37-04.75James Madison
12.10Stephon Sanford37-03.00South Lakes
13.12Kevin Libuit36-11.75Stone Bridge
14.9Alan Barte36-03.50Thomas Jefferson S&T
14.10Benjamin Blumenthal36-03.50McLean
16.9Alexander Hedrick36-02.50McLean
17.10Thus Laddaphan35-08.75James Madison
18.-Sean Owusu35-07.50Stone Bridge
19.12Jonathan Pierre32-11.75George C Marshall
20.12Jonathan Gracia32-11.00George C Marshall

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brittany Johnson12.45aGeorge C Marshall
2.11Ayom Izegbu12.95aMcLean
3.11Jaleece Durham13.10aJames Madison
4.11Amanda Gladney13.22aFairfax
5.9Adrienne Schmidt13.37aLangley
6.11Amanda Morgenthal13.69aStone Bridge
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Semi-Finals
1.12Brittany Johnson12.81aGeorge C Marshall
2.11Jaleece Durham13.13aJames Madison
3.11Ayom Izegbu13.21aMcLean
4.11Amanda Gladney13.38aFairfax
5.9Adrienne Schmidt13.44aLangley
6.11Amanda Morgenthal13.78aStone Bridge
7.10Molly Bremer13.88aLangley
8.12Claire Shaw13.92aStone Bridge
9.11Taylor Boone13.97aFairfax
10.12Claudia Castaneda14.01aGeorge C Marshall
11.12Tyeisha Newman14.02aFairfax
12.12Charlotte Bergo14.20aJames Madison
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Brittany Johnson12.79aGeorge C Marshall
2.11Amanda Gladney13.07aFairfax
3.11Jaleece Durham13.21aJames Madison
5.9Adrienne Schmidt13.31aLangley
4.11Ayom Izegbu13.44aMcLean
6.11Amanda Morgenthal13.80aStone Bridge
7.12Claire Shaw13.96aStone Bridge
8.10Molly Bremer13.97aLangley
9.11Taylor Boone13.97aFairfax
10.12Claudia Castaneda14.05aGeorge C Marshall
11.12Tyeisha Newman14.08aFairfax
12.12Charlotte Bergo14.12aJames Madison
13.10Alex Jochems14.12aStone Bridge
14.10Meigan McManus14.26aLangley
15.9Aleena Torres14.50aJames Madison
16.9Sydney Barker14.58aGeorge C Marshall
17.10Elaine Chen14.67aThomas Jefferson S&T
18.9Allison Carone15.09aSouth Lakes
19.9Ales Vagonis15.35aSouth Lakes
19.9Lizzy Miranda15.35aThomas Jefferson S&T
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brittany Johnson25.74aGeorge C Marshall
2.12Dominique Graham25.74aMcLean
3.11Ayom Izegbu26.88aMcLean
4.10Karissa Love27.61aStone Bridge
5.9Kyannah Calhoun27.65aSouth Lakes
6.11Jaleece Durham28.43aJames Madison
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Semi-Finals
1.12Brittany Johnson26.30aGeorge C Marshall
2.12Dominique Graham26.30aMcLean
3.11Ayom Izegbu26.91aMcLean
4.9Kyannah Calhoun27.32aSouth Lakes
5.10Karissa Love27.58aStone Bridge
6.11Jaleece Durham27.77aJames Madison
7.9Adrienne Schmidt27.84aLangley
8.10Liz Nguyen27.91aFairfax
9.11Sarah Woodford28.05aLangley
10.-Marshe Wiliams28.33aGeorge C Marshall
11.10Molly Bremer28.59aLangley
12.12Shakiyla Jenkins28.99aMcLean
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Jaleece Durham27.27aJames Madison
2.10Karissa Love27.46aStone Bridge
5.12Brittany Johnson27.47aGeorge C Marshall
6.10Liz Nguyen27.56aFairfax
3.12Dominique Graham27.71aMcLean
4.11Ayom Izegbu27.73aMcLean
7.9Kyannah Calhoun27.82aSouth Lakes
8.9Adrienne Schmidt27.92aLangley
9.-Marshe Wiliams27.99aGeorge C Marshall
10.11Sarah Woodford28.13aLangley
11.12Shakiyla Jenkins28.35aMcLean
12.10Molly Bremer28.48aLangley
13.10Emily Lopynski28.52aSouth Lakes
14.11Taylor Boone28.73aFairfax
15.10Alex Jochems29.04aStone Bridge
16.11Amanda Morgenthal29.33aStone Bridge
17.9Sydney Barker29.83aGeorge C Marshall
18.10Elaine Chen29.92aThomas Jefferson S&T
19.10Shayla Williams30.32aJames Madison
20.11Abigail Kim30.47aJames Madison
21.9Allison Carone30.96aSouth Lakes
22.9Lizzy Miranda31.12aThomas Jefferson S&T
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Dominique Graham58.36aMcLean
2.11Ayom Izegbu59.40aMcLean
3.9Kyannah Calhoun1:00.46aSouth Lakes
4.10Emily Lopynski1:01.76aSouth Lakes
5.-Marshe Wiliams1:02.76aGeorge C Marshall
6.10Karissa Love1:04.82aStone Bridge
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Dominique Graham1:01.02aMcLean
2.9Kyannah Calhoun1:01.44aSouth Lakes
3.11Ayom Izegbu1:01.50aMcLean
5.10Emily Lopynski1:01.51aSouth Lakes
4.-Marshe Wiliams1:01.79aGeorge C Marshall
6.10Karissa Love1:02.16aStone Bridge
7.12Tania Ermak1:02.31aThomas Jefferson S&T
8.11Sarah Woodford1:03.00aLangley
9.11Jade Murray1:03.44aFairfax
10.9Liana Kramer1:03.59aLangley
11.11Kathryn Bonifield1:04.37aStone Bridge
12.10Maddison Abboud1:04.42aLangley
13.12Marie French1:04.70aThomas Jefferson S&T
14.10Chantel Smith1:04.85aFairfax
15.11Katie Lin1:04.95aThomas Jefferson S&T
16.12Claudia Castaneda1:05.10aGeorge C Marshall
17.-Patrici Ulloa Solorzano1:08.47aFairfax
18.12Ashleigh Rainero1:08.67aJames Madison
19.9Tara Razjouyan1:08.74aJames Madison
20.11Abigail Kim1:08.95aJames Madison
21.9Amber O'Rourke1:10.15aGeorge C Marshall
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Stephanie Marzen2:21.85aThomas Jefferson S&T
2.12Caitlin Baker2:23.99aMcLean
3.9Elissa Purdy2:24.94aLangley
4.11Caroline Snell2:25.12aStone Bridge
5.11Ronit Malka2:25.45aThomas Jefferson S&T
6.12Valerie Moyer2:26.44aSouth Lakes
7.10Anya Maggio2:29.12aJames Madison
8.11Bridget Chesney2:29.88aLangley
9.9Stephanie Finnegan2:32.67aJames Madison
10.11Kelly Ivins-O'Keefe2:33.11aThomas Jefferson S&T
11.12Katey Peck2:34.86aMcLean
12.11Sandra Reynoso2:35.36aSouth Lakes
13.10Leandi Venter2:36.40aMcLean
14.12Shannon Hall2:37.46aStone Bridge
15.10Hannah Strei2:37.57aStone Bridge
16.10Sreya Kamineni2:37.67aSouth Lakes
17.9Jessica Miles2:37.89aLangley
18.9Gelare Ghajar-Rahimi2:48.21aGeorge C Marshall
19.10Natasha Yaqub2:55.06aGeorge C Marshall
20.10Brandon Allen2:55.98aGeorge C Marshall
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Stephanie Marzen5:11.65aThomas Jefferson S&T
2.11Lisa Junta5:13.66aThomas Jefferson S&T
3.12Valerie Moyer5:14.18aSouth Lakes
4.9Jessica Miles5:17.00aLangley
5.9Elissa Purdy5:19.87aLangley
6.9Courteney West5:21.43aLangley
7.9Christina Galiano5:22.99aJames Madison
8.9Madalyn Harper5:36.61aMcLean
9.12Kristin Wulff5:38.94aMcLean
10.9Margaret Stonerock5:45.06aJames Madison
11.11Laura Baker5:46.48aMcLean
12.12Shannon Hall5:47.80aStone Bridge
13.10Elizabeth Ellor5:48.64aThomas Jefferson S&T
14.10Nuha Abousan5:51.97aFairfax
15.10Virgini McGiboney6:01.36aSouth Lakes
16.12Jodie Davis6:05.30aStone Bridge
17.10Ashley Dodson6:06.75aStone Bridge
18.11Christina Leas6:07.18aJames Madison
19.10Yosselyn Martinez6:09.70aSouth Lakes
20.12Madeline Lewsen6:28.80aGeorge C Marshall
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Lisa Junta11:09.95aThomas Jefferson S&T
2.9Courteney West11:24.39aLangley
3.9Anna Stone11:36.28aJames Madison
4.10Sarah Stites11:38.57aThomas Jefferson S&T
5.12Alyssa Tutterow11:50.08aJames Madison
6.11Courtney Herbolsheimer11:50.66aGeorge C Marshall
7.10Taylor Reffett11:50.99aThomas Jefferson S&T
8.11Rachel Kuprenas12:12.38aThomas Jefferson S&T
9.10Allison Brady12:42.31aLangley
10.12Mary Covington12:45.42aMcLean
11.11Katerina Cronmiller13:06.50aMcLean
12.12Jodie Davis13:16.52aStone Bridge
13.10Yesenia Stevenson13:27.00aJames Madison
14.9Katie Montgomery13:27.56aMcLean
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brittany Schanck16.64aStone Bridge
2.11Clare Nelson16.93aMcLean
3.12Lauren Laffosse17.45aThomas Jefferson S&T
4.11Simone Janssen17.47aMcLean
5.12Anneka Day17.54aLangley
6.12Candice Kremer17.70aThomas Jefferson S&T
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Semi-Finals
1.12Brittany Schanck16.41aStone Bridge
2.11Clare Nelson17.32aMcLean
3.11Simone Janssen17.45aMcLean
5.12Lauren Laffosse17.48aThomas Jefferson S&T
4.12Anneka Day17.50aLangley
6.12Candice Kremer17.96aThomas Jefferson S&T
7.9Alexandra Sandlin18.09aGeorge C Marshall
8.10Gabriella Jacobsen18.11aLangley
9.12Kathryn Moore18.16aThomas Jefferson S&T
10.10Chance Heare18.29aSouth Lakes
11.12Meredith Scaggs18.44aStone Bridge
12.10Amalia Harte18.53aSouth Lakes
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Brittany Schanck16.60aStone Bridge
2.11Clare Nelson17.21aMcLean
3.12Candice Kremer17.39aThomas Jefferson S&T
5.11Simone Janssen17.55aMcLean
4.12Lauren Laffosse17.72aThomas Jefferson S&T
6.12Anneka Day17.79aLangley
7.12Kathryn Moore18.09aThomas Jefferson S&T
8.10Amalia Harte18.47aSouth Lakes
9.10Gabriella Jacobsen18.50aLangley
10.9Alexandra Sandlin18.74aGeorge C Marshall
11.10Chance Heare18.77aSouth Lakes
12.12Meredith Scaggs19.02aStone Bridge
13.11Jillian Reagan19.56aJames Madison
14.11Lucy Negash19.62aJames Madison
15.11Caitlin Greene19.65aGeorge C Marshall
16.9Veronica Garcia19.67aGeorge C Marshall
17.10Nikki Cheshire19.86aLangley
18.9Ariana Carter20.71aMcLean
19.10Grace Barnes20.73aSouth Lakes
20.12Chanel Williams20.94aJames Madison
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Danielle Swasey46.94aStone Bridge
2.11Clare Nelson48.20aMcLean
3.12Brittany Schanck49.23aStone Bridge
4.12Kathryn Moore49.60aThomas Jefferson S&T
5.11Simone Janssen50.09aMcLean
6.12Anneka Day50.89aLangley
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Danielle Swasey47.23aStone Bridge
2.11Clare Nelson49.69aMcLean
5.12Kathryn Moore49.76aThomas Jefferson S&T
3.12Brittany Schanck50.01aStone Bridge
4.11Simone Janssen50.62aMcLean
6.12Anneka Day50.72aLangley
7.11Pague Richards51.09aMcLean
8.10Amalia Harte52.62aSouth Lakes
9.-Sophie Goewey53.41aJames Madison
10.9Alexandra Sandlin53.46aGeorge C Marshall
11.12Meredith Scaggs54.38aStone Bridge
12.11Jillian Reagan54.82aJames Madison
13.10Jamie McCormick55.07aFairfax
14.11Caitlin Greene55.61aGeorge C Marshall
15.10Gabriella Jacobsen55.66aLangley
16.10Chance Heare56.67aSouth Lakes
17.9Tangie Shaw57.74aGeorge C Marshall
18.10Kayla Kern58.12aSouth Lakes
19.10Nikki Cheshire58.17aLangley
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Taylor Boone
Amanda Gladney
Jade Murray
Tyeisha Newman
2.-Sarah Woodford
Caitie Simpson
Meigan McManus
Adrienne Schmidt
3.-Marshe Wiliams
Claudia Castaneda
Alexandra Sandlin
Brittany Johnson
52.10aGeorge C Marshall
4.-Clare Nelson
Ayom Izegbu
Shakiyla Jenkins
Caitlin Baker
5.-Chanel Williams
Kelsey Kaehler
Charlotte Bergo
Jaleece Durham
52.40aJames Madison
6.-Brittany Schanck
Alex Jochems
Amanda Morgenthal
Claire Shaw
52.49aStone Bridge
7.-Amanda Gilbert
Tania Ermak
Lauren Laffosse
Katie Lin
53.33aThomas Jefferson S&T
8.-Yenifer Montalvo
Jai Photavath
Yosselyn Martinez
Claire Sands
57.40aSouth Lakes
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Shakiyla Jenkins
Jessica Burnam
Caitlin Baker
Dominique Graham
2.-Karissa Love
Caroline Snell
Kathryn Bonifield
Danielle Swasey
4:10.04aStone Bridge
3.-Relay Team 4:10.85aSouth Lakes
4.-Ronit Malka
Marie French
Katie Lin
Tania Ermak
4:11.78aThomas Jefferson S&T
5.-Elissa Purdy
Liana Kramer
Maddison Abboud
Meigan McManus
6.-Charlotte Bergo
Ashleigh Rainero
Kelsey Kaehler
Anna Stone
4:21.15aJames Madison
7.-Relay Team 4:26.80aFairfax
8.-Madeline Lewsen
Amber O'Rourke
Helene Nygard
Caitlin Greene
4:45.75aGeorge C Marshall
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Hannah Strei
Ashley Dodson
Caroline Snell
Danielle Swasey
9:52.63aStone Bridge
2.-Ronit Malka
Kelly Ivins-O'Keefe
Margret Coad
Stephanie Marzen
9:53.59aThomas Jefferson S&T
3.-Alyssa Tutterow
Anya Maggio
Christina Galiano
Anna Stone
10:00.57aJames Madison
4.-Bridget Chesney
Grace Brasell
Allison Brady
Brittany Stinger
5.-Kristin Wulff
Madalyn Harper
Mary Covington
Katey Peck
6.-Courtney Herbolsheimer
Maha Hassan
Gelare Ghajar-Rahimi
Madeline Lewsen
10:49.98aGeorge C Marshall
7.-Relay Team 10:50.19aSouth Lakes
8.-Chantel Smith
Nuha Abousan
Haley Reynolds
Allie Sawyer
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Sara Gokturk33-10.00Thomas Jefferson S&T
2.12Meara Goss33-06.75George C Marshall
3.12Molly Jones32-10.25Stone Bridge
4.12Tyeisha Newman31-10.00Fairfax
5.10Sumiya Yates31-04.75South Lakes
6.11Erin Mundy30-09.00McLean
7.11Taylor Deivert30-07.50Fairfax
8.10Jasmin Colon28-10.50South Lakes
9.11Jaleece Durham28-01.75James Madison
10.10Diamond Tutt27-08.50McLean
11.-Nanaosaa Owusu27-06.50Stone Bridge
12.10Molly Bremer27-01.00Langley
13.-Vanita Green26-09.25Stone Bridge
14.10Chemara White25-05.75South Lakes
15.-Hallie McIntyre24-07.25George C Marshall
16.10Mallory Johnson24-05.00Fairfax
17.9Nicole Bramlett24-04.00Langley
18.-Alicen McCarrick22-09.25James Madison
19.-Kate Kingsbury22-04.25Thomas Jefferson S&T
20.-Kate Mcatamney22-02.50Thomas Jefferson S&T
21.10Abby Matzke20-06.25Langley
22.10Bridget Smith4-05.25McLean
--9Marie O'ConnellNDStone Bridge
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Haley Springman108-10Stone Bridge
2.12Sara Gokturk104-08Thomas Jefferson S&T
3.12Meara Goss92-07George C Marshall
4.11Taylor Deivert85-03Fairfax
5.12Tyeisha Newman80-10Fairfax
6.10Sumiya Yates79-07South Lakes
7.10Bridget Smith77-03McLean
8.11Erin Mundy76-02McLean
9.10Chemara White71-01South Lakes
10.12Kimee Moore70-00Thomas Jefferson S&T
11.10Jasmin Colon69-06South Lakes
12.-Alicen McCarrick68-04James Madison
13.-Vanita Green67-01Stone Bridge
14.9Anne Gent66-07Langley
15.12Tien Bui66-05Thomas Jefferson S&T
16.-Hallie McIntyre62-09George C Marshall
17.9Alexandra Sandlin58-11George C Marshall
18.10Diamond Tutt55-05McLean
19.10Abby Matzke54-01Langley
20.10Elizabeth Meiser49-01Langley
--9Marie O'ConnellNDStone Bridge
--10Mallory JohnsonFOULFairfax
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Dominique Graham5-00.00McLean
2.12Nora Gayer5-00.00Thomas Jefferson S&T
3.12Valerie Moyer4-10.00South Lakes
3.12Brittany Johnson4-10.00George C Marshall
5.11Jade Murray4-10.00Fairfax
6.12Chanel Williams4-08.00James Madison
7.11Pague Richards4-06.00McLean
8.12Candice Kremer4-06.00Thomas Jefferson S&T
8.11Erin Mundy4-06.00McLean
10.11Amy Fissmer4-04.00Stone Bridge
10.12Amanda Gilbert4-04.00Thomas Jefferson S&T
12.10Gabriella Jacobsen4-04.00Langley
12.9Tara Razjouyan4-04.00James Madison
--10Nikki CheshireNHLangley
--10Emily TenshawNHStone Bridge
--10Rebekkah HigginsonNHStone Bridge
--11Caitie SimpsonNHLangley
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lauren Laffosse8-06.00Thomas Jefferson S&T
2.12Kimee Moore8-00.00Thomas Jefferson S&T
2.10Meigan McManus8-00.00Langley
4.12Amanda Gilbert8-00.00Thomas Jefferson S&T
5.11Katalina Khoury7-06.00McLean
6.11Catherine Flessas7-00.00Langley
7.10Margo Moyer7-00.00South Lakes
8.12Dominique Graham6-06.00McLean
9.11Simone Janssen6-06.00McLean
9.11Caitie Simpson6-06.00Langley
--9Sarah HeadrickNHJames Madison
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brittany Johnson16-11.50George C Marshall
2.12Dominique Graham16-08.00McLean
3.12Tania Ermak16-03.75Thomas Jefferson S&T
4.11Amanda Gladney15-10.75Fairfax
5.11Jade Murray15-08.75Fairfax
6.12Candice Kremer15-07.25Thomas Jefferson S&T
7.10Nia Hill15-07.00Stone Bridge
8.10Gabriella Jacobsen14-11.75Langley
9.12Charlotte Bergo14-09.75James Madison
10.9Adrienne Schmidt14-09.00Langley
11.11Clare Nelson14-08.25McLean
12.12Lauren Laffosse14-06.50Thomas Jefferson S&T
13.9Brianna Gladney14-05.25Fairfax
14.10Meigan McManus14-02.50Langley
14.9Andy Acosta14-02.50Stone Bridge
16.12Caitlin Baker14-00.25McLean
17.9Aleena Torres13-03.25James Madison
18.9Tara Razjouyan12-09.00James Madison
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brittany Johnson36-02.00George C Marshall
2.12Dominique Graham35-04.50McLean
3.11Amanda Gladney34-10.25Fairfax
4.12Candice Kremer33-10.00Thomas Jefferson S&T
5.12Lauren Laffosse33-09.25Thomas Jefferson S&T
6.12Tania Ermak33-07.25Thomas Jefferson S&T
7.9Brianna Gladney33-02.00Fairfax
8.11Clare Nelson30-09.75McLean
9.10Amalia Harte30-09.25South Lakes
10.9Adrienne Schmidt30-01.00Langley
11.10Karissa Love29-06.00Stone Bridge
12.10Anya Maggio29-05.75James Madison
13.12Caitlin Baker29-01.00McLean
14.10Gabriella Jacobsen29-00.50Langley
15.10Caroline Clouse28-11.00Stone Bridge
16.11Caitlyn Purdy27-02.00Langley
--9Tara RazjouyanFOULJames Madison
--11Amy FissmerNDStone Bridge
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