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Prince Tech T&F Invitational

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Prince Tech HS, Hartford

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Connecticut - LL
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E.O. Smith
Connecticut - Connecticut
Greens Farms Academy
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Chandler Davies11.62aUniversity
2.11Josiah Simmons11.63aCromwell
3.12Justin May11.70aBullard Havens Tech
4.12Taylor Trujillo11.85aSimsbury
5.12Keafier Warburton11.97aCapital Prep
6.10Corey Sparks12.05aBullard Havens Tech
7.9Daryl Ellis12.16aPrince Tech
8.-David McLean-Shinnaman12.27aSimsbury
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Josiah Simmons11.65aCromwell
2.12Justin May11.71aBullard Havens Tech
4.11Chandler Davies11.77aUniversity
3.12Taylor Trujillo11.80aSimsbury
5.10Corey Sparks11.84aBullard Havens Tech
6.12Keafier Warburton12.08aCapital Prep
7.9Daryl Ellis12.13aPrince Tech
8.-David McLean-Shinnaman12.24aSimsbury
9.-Shawn Hymes12.42aUniversity
10.12Miguel Soto12.68aCromwell
11.10Marcus Aurelien13.13aClassical Magnet
12.11Patrick Burke13.25aClassical Magnet
13.11Tenell Rhodes13.82aUniversity
14.9Shane Sylvester14.17aCromwell
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Christopher Rose22.44aClassical Magnet
2.11Josh Helmkamp23.29aSimsbury
3.11Wright Steve23.81aBulkeley
4.11Chandler Davies23.90aUniversity
5.12Keafier Warburton24.12aCapital Prep
6.11Josiah Simmons24.16aCromwell
7.10Casen Thomas24.32aBullard Havens Tech
8.12Justin May24.37aBullard Havens Tech
9.11Rudensky Anselme24.57aPrince Tech
10.12Taylor Trujillo24.58aSimsbury
11.11Patrick Jones24.77aCromwell
12.12Jon Ambler24.84aCromwell
13.9Rakheem Jordan25.11aPrince Tech
14.-Shawn Hymes25.68aUniversity
15.9Equan Brooks25.83aBullard Havens Tech
16.10Roussante Kitson25.93aClassical Magnet
17.11Tenell Rhodes28.64aUniversity
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Christopher Rose51.63aClassical Magnet
2.11Wright Steve52.79aBulkeley
3.11Matt Burns52.92aCromwell
4.11Merritt Gasho53.47aSimsbury
5.11Chandler Davies53.76aUniversity
6.11Dublin Lester53.88aBulkeley
7.11Charles Parker54.42aCromwell
8.12Robert Perry56.14aBullard Havens Tech
9.12Tucker Pope57.43aSimsbury
10.10Nicolas Sherman57.72aCapital Prep
11.11Rudensky Anselme59.54aPrince Tech
12.10Danny Rodgriquez1:00.11aClassical Magnet
13.11Will Tourtillotte1:01.29aSimsbury
--11Tyris FaganDQPrince Tech
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Dublin Lester2:08.37aBulkeley
2.10Kevin Stanko2:09.08aSimsbury
3.12Istvan Alicea2:09.67aCapital Prep
4.11Joshua Boltz2:10.89aSimsbury
5.11Carsten Oberlander2:12.61aSimsbury
6.10Tim Nicholson2:18.54aUniversity
7.11Edwin Rosa2:20.27aPrince Tech
8.11Lucious Slaughter2:21.91aPrince Tech
9.11Joelle Cheatem2:22.09aCapital Prep
10.11McEdwin Marquez2:30.21aPrince Tech
11.12Jordan Taylor2:30.48aBullard Havens Tech
12.10Navedo Javier2:32.35aBulkeley
13.10Danny Rodgriquez2:39.37aClassical Magnet
14.10Soren Hough2:40.38aUniversity
15.11Cole Sylvester2:41.87aCromwell
16.9Jonathan McNeil2:49.25aClassical Magnet
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Louis Tobias4:44.37aCromwell
2.10Joel Kirk4:45.56aSimsbury
3.10Wills Rooney4:49.78aGreens Farms Academy
4.11Christopher Jackson4:54.72aSimsbury
5.10Ramos Jeremy5:02.13aBulkeley
6.12Tommy Ross5:04.02aGreens Farms Academy
7.12Riley Maynard5:04.63aClassical Magnet
8.11Storm Butler5:05.11aUniversity
9.9Liam Regula5:05.71aCromwell
10.-Quinn Snowdon5:07.50aSimsbury
11.12Jules Lefevre5:08.85aCromwell
12.10Andy Wilcoxen5:11.99aUniversity
13.10Isaac Rios5:36.33aPrince Tech
14.11Diaz Chris5:46.50aBulkeley
15.9Christian Battey5:46.52aCapital Prep
16.11Luis Cruz5:51.35aCapital Prep
17.12Nathan Ramos5:57.17aBullard Havens Tech
18.9Jonathan McNeil6:08.78aClassical Magnet
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Louis Tobias10:32.46aCromwell
2.10Wills Rooney10:33.65aGreens Farms Academy
3.10Alex Constantin10:56.82aSimsbury
4.12Riley Maynard11:03.85aClassical Magnet
5.11Andy Shepard11:06.08aSimsbury
6.12Jules Lefevre11:07.74aCromwell
7.10Andy Wilcoxen11:27.80aUniversity
8.10James Brasel11:29.26aSimsbury
X 5000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Johnathan Annelli16:24.96aXavier
2.12Nick Lemon16:29.55aXavier
3.12David Pugliese16:45.91aXavier
4.12Dan Kalamarides17:04.08aSimsbury
5.10John Corona17:10.33aXavier
6.12Tom Benneche17:24.90aSimsbury
7.11Michael Joyce17:34.21aXavier
8.11Ray Lapinski17:37.86aNorthwestern
9.12Russell Stevens17:50.48aXavier
10.11Matt Pastuszak18:33.25aXavier
11.9Matt Pias18:34.32aXavier
12.12Kyle Langdell18:39.05aSimsbury
13.10Quinn Rochford18:52.93aXavier
14.12Kyle Mclaughlin19:06.01aXavier
15.12Tim Fagan19:19.40aXavier
16.9Sebastian Herrera19:34.74aXavier
17.10Conor Zawilinski19:50.09aXavier
18.9Garrett Yantosh19:55.81aXavier
19.9Jack Woods20:12.05aXavier
20.9Peter Zablocki20:12.97aXavier
21.9Jonathan Cyr20:13.22aXavier
22.9Steve Radomski24:23.79aXavier
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.-Omari Archer17.18aSimsbury
2.10Jajuan Robinson19.18aBullard Havens Tech
3.11Harrison Bird19.25aSimsbury
4.11Raheem Smith19.65aClassical Magnet
5.9Christian Santiago20.82aBullard Havens Tech
6.9Calvern Millet21.85aPrince Tech
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Nick Shea43.29aSimsbury
2.10Keith Mitto46.39aPrince Tech
3.12Ranger Tyrell46.76aBulkeley
4.11Harrison Bird47.85aSimsbury
5.11Raheem Smith48.62aClassical Magnet
6.12Jon Ambler49.30aCromwell
7.10Jajuan Robinson50.47aBullard Havens Tech
8.9Calvern Millet52.94aPrince Tech
9.9Robinson Horace58.25aClassical Magnet
10.9Armando Torruellas59.52aCromwell
11.12Luis Torres1:01.02aBullard Havens Tech
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Nick Shea
Merritt Gasho
Josh Helmkamp
David McLean-Shinnaman
2.-Jon Ambler
Matt Burns
Charles Parker
Josiah Simmons
3.-Equan Brooks
Corey Sparks
Robert Perry
Shane Rowe
47.43aBullard Havens Tech
4.-Edward Redding
Keith Mitto
Alrick Stevens
Rakheem Jordan
47.54aPrince Tech
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Josh Helmkamp
Carsten Oberlander
Merritt Gasho
Nick Shea
2.-Matt Burns
Zachary Hicks
Charles Parker
Patrick Jones
3.-Corey Sparks
Justin May
Casen Thomas
Robert Perry
3:47.01aBullard Havens Tech
4.-Daryl Ellis
McEdwin Marquez
Edwin Rosa
Lucious Slaughter
3:49.66aPrince Tech
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-McEdwin Marquez
Edwin Rosa
Isaac Rios
Lucious Slaughter
9:01.96aPrince Tech
2.-Tucker Pope
Will Tourtillotte
Dan Connolly
Greg Zito
3.-Zachary Hicks
Patrick Jones
Liam Regula
Cole Sylvester
4.-Shacqueme Rowe
Jordan Taylor
Equan Brooks
Nathan Ramos
9:47.44aBullard Havens Tech
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.-Curtis Pertillar39-02.50Classical Magnet
2.12Rasheen Patton38-03.50Bullard Havens Tech
3.-Jack Mulcahy38-03.00Simsbury
4.12Johnnie Medina38-01.25Bullard Havens Tech
5.11Alexander Kern37-00.00Simsbury
6.10Robert Ritz36-07.50Simsbury
7.10Anthony Reid33-11.50Classical Magnet
8.10Creshon Morrison33-04.00Capital Prep
9.-Juan Maisonett33-00.50Prince Tech
10.10Ramos Ryan31-01.50Bulkeley
11.12Hodge Edwin30-09.75Bulkeley
12.10Tommy Williams30-04.50Capital Prep
13.9Felix Alvarez28-08.75Capital Prep
14.12Joshua Sibblies27-03.50University
15.10David Thomas27-01.00University
16.9Michael Rodriquez25-00.25Classical Magnet
17.10William Gallagher24-10.50Bullard Havens Tech
18.11Jake Doerfler23-11.00University
19.12Gerald Villar23-05.00Capital Prep
20.9Emmanual Torres19-01.00Classical Magnet
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Marquez Palmer123-04Prince Tech
2.12Hodge Edwin107-04Bulkeley
3.10Anthony Reid105-04Classical Magnet
4.-Jack Mulcahy103-03Simsbury
5.10Robert Ritz102-00Simsbury
6.10Creshon Morrison97-11Capital Prep
7.12Johnnie Medina90-03Bullard Havens Tech
8.12Brandon Okray84-08University
9.10Matt Zall82-09Simsbury
10.10David Thomas82-07University
11.11Patrick Burke81-00Classical Magnet
12.-Juan Maisonett78-03Prince Tech
13.10Ramos Ryan69-06Bulkeley
14.12Rasheen Patton69-02Bullard Havens Tech
15.10William Gallagher65-01Bullard Havens Tech
16.10Tommy Williams48-00Capital Prep
--12Joshua SibbliesFOULUniversity
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.-Carl Johnson121-01Simsbury
2.-Lucas White116-05Simsbury
3.12Keafier Warburton113-06Capital Prep
4.12Brandon Okray103-05.50University
5.10Craig Watson96-03Capital Prep
6.11Tenell Rhodes94-08University
7.11Jake Doerfler93-08.50University
8.11Patrick Burke87-06Classical Magnet
9.9Michael Rodriquez84-03Classical Magnet
10.12Rasheen Patton82-08Bullard Havens Tech
11.10Tommy Williams79-01Capital Prep
12.12Johnnie Medina75-00Bullard Havens Tech
13.10Marcus Aurelien69-04.50Classical Magnet
14.10William Gallagher64-04Bullard Havens Tech
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jessemar Jessemar5-08.00Bulkeley
2.10Shane Rowe5-06.00Bullard Havens Tech
3.10Jerome Mariano5-04.00Prince Tech
4.12Marquez Palmer5-04.00Prince Tech
5.11Zach Azer5-04.00Cromwell
5.11Devin Conley5-04.00Simsbury
5.10Roussante Kitson5-04.00Classical Magnet
8.-Antwan Byrd5-02.00Capital Prep
9.-Jeff Hunt5-00.00Simsbury
9.10Jajuan Robinson5-00.00Bullard Havens Tech
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Dominick Gerardi10-06.00Simsbury
2.9Levi Lilly10-00.00Simsbury
--11Shane ArenaNHSimsbury
--11Zach AzerNHCromwell
--11Chris GustafsonNHCromwell
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Robinson Jessemar20-03.00Bulkeley
2.10Jerome Mariano19-03.00Prince Tech
3.12Zachariah Campion19-00.00Simsbury
4.10Nicolas Sherman18-09.75Capital Prep
5.10Isaac Rios18-04.00Prince Tech
6.12Ranger Tyrell17-09.25Bulkeley
7.11Devin Conley17-05.50Simsbury
8.12Kyle Heubner17-02.00Simsbury
9.11Zach Azer16-09.50Cromwell
10.10Casen Thomas16-09.00Bullard Havens Tech
11.12Jordan Taylor16-07.50Bullard Havens Tech
12.10Zachary Hicks16-01.50Cromwell
13.10Raymond Gant16-00.00Bullard Havens Tech
14.9Robinson Horace14-09.50Classical Magnet
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Matthew Martensen41-05.50Simsbury
2.-Omari Archer38-03.00Simsbury
3.12Zachariah Campion37-06.50Simsbury
4.11Chris Gustafson35-06.50Cromwell
5.10Marcus Aurelien33-03.50Classical Magnet
6.9Armando Torruellas26-11.00Cromwell

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Santina Williams12.29aPrince Tech
2.12Sonnett Bromfield12.54aCapital Prep
3.11Heather Ingraham12.81aCromwell
4.9Daijah Tindle12.92aCapital Prep
5.10Leanna Hilager12.95aPrince Tech
6.9Diamond Tyson13.40aCromwell
7.10Brianna Wallace13.94aPrince Tech
8.10Cristal Thompson14.19aBullard Havens Tech
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Santina Williams12.44aPrince Tech
2.12Sonnett Bromfield12.60aCapital Prep
3.9Daijah Tindle12.94aCapital Prep
4.11Heather Ingraham13.00aCromwell
5.10Leanna Hilager13.25aPrince Tech
6.9Diamond Tyson13.56aCromwell
7.10Cristal Thompson13.97aBullard Havens Tech
8.10Brianna Wallace13.98aPrince Tech
9.9Nicole Gormley14.00aE.O. Smith
10.10Alexa Riley14.08aCromwell
11.11Cameah Wood14.36aClassical Magnet
12.10A'Shira Heard14.43aBullard Havens Tech
13.10Kelsey Rankin14.56aE.O. Smith
14.9Suzanne Cayer15.05aE.O. Smith
15.9Imani Jones15.46aBullard Havens Tech
16.12Racquel Bell16.02aCapital Prep
17.11Shamiah McDonald16.07aUniversity
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Santina Williams25.79aPrince Tech
2.11Heather Ingraham26.99aCromwell
3.9Daijah Tindle27.78aCapital Prep
4.11Aminah Foxworth29.26aCapital Prep
5.11Maggie Sundberg29.74aE.O. Smith
6.11Nicole Wolliston30.30aClassical Magnet
7.10Leniza Almeida30.51aBullard Havens Tech
8.12Danielle Koch30.96aE.O. Smith
9.9Imani Jones31.54aBullard Havens Tech
10.9Shannon Bailey32.05aE.O. Smith
11.9Lauren Miro32.16aBullard Havens Tech
12.11Sesay Billigisher32.41aBulkeley
13.11Shamiah McDonald32.87aUniversity
14.9Ashley Spence35.63aCromwell
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Santina Williams59.29aPrince Tech
2.12Shameil Samuels1:01.75aCapital Prep
3.10Rachel Stewart1:03.18aE.O. Smith
4.11Jillian Mather1:07.28aE.O. Smith
5.10Alexa Manaskie1:07.46aE.O. Smith
6.10Danielle Woodard1:08.26aPrince Tech
7.12Kiara Brannon1:10.90aCapital Prep
8.11Nicole Wolliston1:11.29aClassical Magnet
9.11Roldan Brittany1:17.61aBulkeley
10.9Lauren Miro1:17.85aBullard Havens Tech
11.10Jordan Mathis1:18.62aBullard Havens Tech
12.11Shamiah McDonald1:21.17aUniversity
13.11Brandie Dawson1:23.76aCapital Prep
14.10Paula Rios1:24.36aBullard Havens Tech
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Britteni Simpson2:28.36aCapital Prep
2.10Mary Oneil2:32.04aE.O. Smith
3.11Maggie Sundberg2:35.83aE.O. Smith
4.12Chelsea Combs2:42.99aE.O. Smith
5.10Shaneka Campbell2:54.45aUniversity
6.12Gurahoo Ceilena2:55.55aBulkeley
7.12Oneilla Robinson3:05.06aCapital Prep
8.10LeNiece Supersad3:06.96aBullard Havens Tech
9.9Aisha Dumbuya3:10.62aClassical Magnet
10.10Ashley Singh3:18.80aUniversity
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Britteni Simpson5:30.60aCapital Prep
2.11Maggie Sundberg5:35.18aE.O. Smith
3.12Chelsea Crooke5:38.47aE.O. Smith
4.9Lindsay Cadwallader6:04.02aClassical Magnet
5.9Miranda Cilfone6:13.46aE.O. Smith
6.10Shaneka Campbell6:50.01aUniversity
7.11Ashley James7:12.72aClassical Magnet
8.10Ashley Singh7:22.14aUniversity
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Chelsea Crooke12:27.91aE.O. Smith
2.9Lindsay Cadwallader13:16.29aClassical Magnet
3.10Abigail Jeffers13:50.49aE.O. Smith
4.9Laura Jones14:13.35aE.O. Smith
5.11Ashley James15:39.54aClassical Magnet
X 5000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Annmarie Tuxbury18:59.95aNorthwestern
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Danika Pierece19.27aE.O. Smith
2.11Anna Perracchio20.56aE.O. Smith
3.11Cameah Wood21.12aClassical Magnet
4.9Jill Christie21.13aCromwell
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Leanna Hilager53.06aPrince Tech
2.11Aminah Foxworth53.43aCapital Prep
3.11Anna Perracchio56.70aE.O. Smith
4.9Jasmine White57.14aClassical Magnet
5.11Danika Pierece58.62aE.O. Smith
6.12Leah Krohn59.67aE.O. Smith
7.12Kathryn Mikolinski1:00.87aCromwell
8.10Antriss Delgato1:04.03aClassical Magnet
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kimdin Tran
Daijah Tindle
Shameil Samuels
Sonnett Bromfield
51.99aCapital Prep
2.-Sequoia Cornelius
Danielle Woodard
Leanna Hilager
Brianna Wallace
54.15aPrince Tech
3.-Callie Glynn
Abby Marchinkoski
Alexa Riley
Michelle Turkington
4.-Relay Team 55.33aE.O. Smith
5.-Ashira Heard
Leniza Almeida
Imani Jones
Cristal Thompson
58.79aBullard Havens Tech
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Aminah Foxworth
kiara brannon
Shameil Samuels
Britteni Simpson
4:32.80aCapital Prep
2.-Jillian Mather
Maggie Sundberg
Rachel Stewart
Molly Fisher
4:42.02aE.O. Smith
3.-Relay Team 5:25.90aBullard Havens Tech
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Molly Fisher
Mary Oneil
Rachel Stewart
Shannon Bailey
10:34.66aE.O. Smith
2.-Danielle Koch
Chelsea Combs
Miranda Cilfone
Abby Jeffers
11:49.98aE.O. Smith
3.-Aisha Dumbuya
Lindsay Cadwallader
Ashley James
Nicole Wolliston
12:30.33aClassical Magnet
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Rivera Tatiana32-00.25Bulkeley
2.11Marjani Johnson27-07.00Capital Prep
3.10Chelsey Terry27-02.00Prince Tech
4.9Brown Alexis25-09.50Bulkeley
5.10Kelsey Rankin24-09.50E.O. Smith
6.12Emily Trotochaud24-08.50E.O. Smith
7.12Iesha Soto23-08.50Capital Prep
8.9Kimdin Tran22-02.50Capital Prep
9.9Gabriella Torruellas20-04.50Cromwell
10.10Madison Powell20-01.25Classical Magnet
11.9Kate Kowalyshyn19-09.00E.O. Smith
12.9Tiffany Eastwick17-02.50Prince Tech
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kaitlyn Murphy88-04E.O. Smith
2.9Melissa Higley76-08E.O. Smith
3.10Chelsey Terry75-02.50Prince Tech
4.12Alyssa Cowles67-05.50E.O. Smith
5.9Brown Alexis64-00Bulkeley
6.10Madison Powell58-09Classical Magnet
7.9Tiffany Eastwick58-08Prince Tech
8.12Rivera Tatiana57-04Bulkeley
9.9Brown Mellisa57-00Prince Tech
10.10Ana Loor45-10Bullard Havens Tech
11.9Eno Bonnah41-01Cromwell
12.9Tatiana Mullins28-04Cromwell
--9Kimdin TranFOULCapital Prep
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jillian Mather101-07.50E.O. Smith
2.11Marjani Johnson99-08.50Capital Prep
3.10Alexa Manaskie94-02.50E.O. Smith
4.12Alyssa Cowles77-03E.O. Smith
5.9Brown Alexis65-07.50Bulkeley
6.12Rivera Tatiana59-00Bulkeley
7.12Iesha Soto56-07Capital Prep
8.10Ana Loor46-03Bullard Havens Tech
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Sequoia Cornelius4-10.00Prince Tech
2.12Kathryn Mikolinski4-10.00Cromwell
3.9Jasmine White4-10.00Classical Magnet
4.12Danielle Cote4-08.00E.O. Smith
5.12Leah Krohn4-06.00E.O. Smith
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Danika Pierece7-06.00E.O. Smith
2.10Callie Glynn7-06.00Cromwell
3.12Ariana Levin7-00.00E.O. Smith
4.10Cailyn Crinity6-00.00E.O. Smith
--9Jill ChristieNHCromwell
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Marjani Johnson14-06.50Capital Prep
2.9Jasmine White14-06.00Classical Magnet
3.10Cassie Svelnys14-04.75E.O. Smith
4.12Danielle Cote14-00.00E.O. Smith
5.11Cameah Wood13-06.75Classical Magnet
6.9Suzanne Cayer12-02.50E.O. Smith
7.10Antriss Delgato11-10.75Classical Magnet
8.9Aisha Dumbuya11-04.00Classical Magnet
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Danielle Cote31-00.25E.O. Smith
2.10Kelsey Rankin30-10.25E.O. Smith
3.10Cassie Svelnys29-02.50E.O. Smith
4.12Kiara Brannon28-03.50Capital Prep
5.11Sequoia Cornelius27-11.50Prince Tech
6.10Antriss Delgato27-01.75Classical Magnet
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