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Friday, May 21, 2010

Belfast HS, Belfast

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Collin Downs11.46aCamden Hills Regional      
2.12Wilbur Fogg11.88aBelfast Area      
3.11Seth London11.99aMt View      
4.10Jake Campbell12.08aBelfast Area      
5.12Jian Giglia12.28aLincoln Academy      
6.12Nate Meade12.32aMedomak Valley      
7.9Jonathan Hendrickson-Belloguet12.39aMedomak Valley      
8.11Kyle Hadyniak12.46aMt View      
9.11Jacky Coyle12.53aCamden Hills Regional      
10.11Jacob Powers12.70aCamden Hills Regional      
11.11Mitch Ryan12.76aMt View      
12.11Liam Mullen12.81aLincoln Academy      
13.9Trevor Cannell12.85aBelfast Area      
14.11Max Mahan12.89aIslesboro Central      
15.11Dakota Smith13.01aGeorges Valley      
16.10Casey Hall13.17aOceanside      
17.11Ben Conary13.32aLincoln Academy      
18.11Quinton Vannah13.41aMedomak Valley      
19.12Conner Schmidt13.51aMt View      
20.12Wade Norcross13.52aLincoln Academy      
21.12Peter Wells13.67aLincoln Academy      
22.12Josh Hezik13.69aLincoln Academy      
23.10Zach Shedyak13.73aMt View      
24.9Will Schoppe13.78aIslesboro Central      
25.11Jonatan Rice13.90aCamden Hills Regional      
26.10Josh Sullivan14.02aLincoln Academy      
27.10Theo Lawrence14.05aMt View      
28.12Craig Dimick14.10aMt View      
29.9Noah LaForge14.13aMt View      
30.12Alex Young14.29aOceanside      
31.12Clint Chandler14.38aLincoln Academy      
32.12AJ Baker14.52aMedomak Valley      
33.9Peter Kelley14.60aBelfast Area      
34.10Patrick Johnson14.63aOceanside      
35.9Edmund McCluskey14.82aCamden Hills Regional      
36.11Candon Needham14.84aMt View      
37.9Rob Millett15.16aLincoln Academy      
38.9Ivan Johnson15.39aMedomak Valley      
39.10Matt Poland15.78aLincoln Academy      
40.9Sam Johnson15.98aOceanside      
41.11William Ivey16.82aMedomak Valley      
42.9Paul Brown18.59aMedomak Valley      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Collin Downs23.41aCamden Hills Regional      
2.12Patrick O'Donnell24.13aMedomak Valley      
3.10Jake Campbell24.54aBelfast Area      
4.11Seth London24.78aMt View      
5.10Curtis Griffin24.83aMt View      
6.12Josh Parmenter25.20aMedomak Valley      
7.11Kyle Hadyniak25.45aMt View      
8.11Nathanial Sigouin25.56aMt View      
9.9Devon Sproul25.64aMedomak Valley      
10.11Liam Mullen25.84aLincoln Academy      
11.11Mitch Ryan26.13aMt View      
12.10Noah Fishman26.13aBelfast Area      
13.9Trevor Cannell26.44aBelfast Area      
14.10Wyatt Lafreniere27.14aCamden Hills Regional      
15.11Ben Conary27.21aLincoln Academy      
16.12Peter Wells27.45aLincoln Academy      
17.12Josh Hezik27.64aLincoln Academy      
18.11Jonatan Rice28.00aCamden Hills Regional      
19.9Miles Lamar28.03aBelfast Area      
20.12Wade Norcross28.28aLincoln Academy      
21.10Zach Shedyak28.34aMt View      
22.10Josh Sullivan28.68aLincoln Academy      
23.9Noah LaForge29.10aMt View      
24.11Mike Gillman29.55aMedomak Valley      
25.12Clint Chandler29.57aLincoln Academy      
26.10John Seekins29.91aBelfast Area      
27.10Sal Azzaretti30.17aLincoln Academy      
28.9Edmund McCluskey30.38aCamden Hills Regional      
29.9Mikey Nichols30.47aBelfast Area      
30.11Bryan Cunningham30.85aBelfast Area      
31.9Sam Johnson30.93aOceanside      
32.12AJ Baker31.03aMedomak Valley      
33.9Jeremy Martin35.90aLincoln Academy      
--9Tim WellsFSLincoln Academy      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Wilbur Fogg56.68aBelfast Area      
2.9Devon Sproul57.32aMedomak Valley      
3.12Ben Fox57.64aMt View      
4.10Ben Low58.53aBelfast Area      
5.10Noah Fishman58.81aBelfast Area      
6.10Wyatt Lafreniere58.90aCamden Hills Regional      
7.11Dylan Webster59.47aBelfast Area      
8.11William Buker59.64aMt View      
9.12Peter Wells1:00.77aLincoln Academy      
10.12Josh Hezik1:02.10aLincoln Academy      
11.11Shawn Grooms1:02.93aLincoln Academy      
12.11Ben Conary1:02.98aLincoln Academy      
13.11Quinton Vannah1:03.09aMedomak Valley      
14.10Kevin Bragdon1:04.43aOceanside      
15.9Kevin Sandefur1:05.06aLincoln Academy      
16.12Oliver Hodous1:05.44aLincoln Academy      
17.10Josh Sullivan1:06.40aLincoln Academy      
18.10Sal Azzaretti1:08.17aLincoln Academy      
19.9Will Hadden1:08.77aLincoln Academy      
20.9Montana Maynard1:09.41aMt View      
21.9Rob Millett1:13.02aLincoln Academy      
22.10Josh Richards1:15.94aLincoln Academy      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ryan Widzgowski2:00.16aCamden Hills Regional      
2.12Jian Giglia2:04.89aLincoln Academy      
3.12Ryan James2:05.70aBelfast Area      
4.11Jeremiah Kahn2:13.78aBelfast Area      
5.11Tucker Morehouse2:14.12aBelfast Area      
6.9Houston Mathis2:15.64aBelfast Area      
7.12William Watson2:16.13aOceanside      
8.10Davis Saltonstall2:17.81aCamden Hills Regional      
9.11Joe Murphy2:22.77aMedomak Valley      
10.11Dakota Smith2:23.21aGeorges Valley      
11.9Taylor Packard2:24.01aMedomak Valley      
12.10Brendon O'Donnell2:28.34aMedomak Valley      
13.12Pat Mank2:36.24aOceanside      
14.9Kevin Sandefur2:37.69aLincoln Academy      
15.10Ian Rixon2:37.84aMedomak Valley      
16.12Oliver Hodous2:38.36aLincoln Academy      
17.-Jonathan Oakes2:41.05aWatershed      
18.9Yanni Rakis2:42.48aBelfast Area      
19.10Justin Sigouin2:43.73aMt View      
20.9Will Hadden2:44.15aLincoln Academy      
21.9Ivan Johnson2:46.35aMedomak Valley      
22.9Edmund McCluskey2:49.76aCamden Hills Regional      
23.9Brice Campbell2:53.23aBelfast Area      
24.12AJ Baker3:11.73aMedomak Valley      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Patrick O'Donnell4:41.69aMedomak Valley      
2.11Charlie Jones4:49.95aNorth Haven Community      
3.12Ben Fox4:51.81aMt View      
4.12William Watson4:57.30aOceanside      
5.11Joe Murphy5:17.30aMedomak Valley      
6.10Brendon O'Donnell5:22.87aMedomak Valley      
7.12Holden Rogers5:29.01aIslesboro Central      
8.9Taylor Packard5:34.96aMedomak Valley      
9.9Tommy Schleicher5:36.30aBelfast Area      
10.9Jake Jones5:39.55aMt View      
11.12Pat Mank5:44.95aOceanside      
12.10Stan Grunder5:54.72aCamden Hills Regional      
13.10Justin Sigouin6:20.08aMt View      
14.9Brice Campbell6:23.14aBelfast Area      
15.12Craig Dimick6:43.06aMt View      
X 1600m Racewalk - Varsity - Finals
1.10Ian Rixon8:39.24aMedomak Valley      
2.9Yanni Rakis9:50.63aBelfast Area      
3.10Stan Grunder9:52.64aCamden Hills Regional      
4.9Edmund McCluskey10:18.41aCamden Hills Regional      
--9Paul BrownDQMedomak Valley      
--11Mike GillmanDQMedomak Valley      
--9William CowardDQBelfast Area      
--9Kyle WilliamsDQBelfast Area      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Charlie Jones10:31.70aNorth Haven Community      
2.12William Watson11:09.30aOceanside      
3.9Carl Pilliterri11:56.01aBelfast Area      
4.11Karl Stearns12:08.66aBelfast Area      
5.10Josh Richards15:20.19aLincoln Academy      
6.10Matt Poland15:50.83aLincoln Academy      
7.10Justin Sigouin15:53.91aMt View      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Curtis Griffin16.65aMt View      
2.12Zach Miller18.25aLincoln Academy      
3.9Grant Richards19.26aBelfast Area      
4.12Jared Hustus19.31aMt View      
5.12Kyle Story19.88aMt View      
6.10Casey Hall20.53aOceanside      
7.10Ben Shepard20.73aBelfast Area      
8.9Thomas Harriman21.08aMedomak Valley      
9.11Candon Needham21.88aMt View      
10.9Andrew Violette22.99aBelfast Area      
11.10Patrick Johnson31.53aOceanside      
--9John HaddadDQMt View      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Curtis Griffin42.65aMt View      
2.12Josh Parmenter42.71aMedomak Valley      
3.12Zach Miller46.21aLincoln Academy      
4.11Sean Bardon47.37aCamden Hills Regional      
5.10Ben Shepard48.21aBelfast Area      
6.9Grant Richards48.46aBelfast Area      
7.11Dakota Smith48.98aGeorges Valley      
8.9Jake Levangie50.49aBelfast Area      
9.12Steven Severance52.14aLincoln Academy      
10.12Jared Hustus54.71aMt View      
11.9Andrew Violette55.14aBelfast Area      
12.9John Haddad57.85aMt View      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Dylan Webster
Jake Campbell
Noah Fishman
Wilbur Fogg
46.46aBelfast Area      
2.-Seth London
Curtis Griffin
Nathanial Sigouin
Kyle Hadyniak
47.20aMt View      
3.-Sean Bardon
Matthew Heath
Wyatt Lafreniere
Jacky Coyle
49.79aCamden Hills Regional      
---Tim Bennett
Kyle Story
Zach Shedyak
William Buker
51.13aMt View      
4.-Gerard Scherr
Will Schoppe
Charlie Cilley
Max Mahan
52.45aIslesboro Central      
5.-TJ Dodge
Casey Hall
Alex Young
Pat Mank
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Wilbur Fogg
Jake Campbell
Noah Fishman
Ryan James
3:48.53aBelfast Area      
2.-Nathaniel McBrien
Josh Parmenter
Devon Sproul
Patrick O'Donnell
3:49.55aMedomak Valley      
3.-Zach Miller
Peter Wells
Ranger Langdon
Jian Giglia
3:55.70aLincoln Academy      
4.-Collin Downs
Davis Saltonstall
Wyatt Lafreniere
Ryan Widzgowski
4:14.00aCamden Hills Regional      
5.-William Buker
Ben Fox
Tim Bennett
Montana Maynard
4:14.30aMt View      
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jeremiah Kahn
Ben Low
Tucker Morehouse
Ryan James
8:57.21aBelfast Area      
2.-Nathaniel McBrien
Brendon O'Donnell
Taylor Packard
Joe Murphy
9:38.01aMedomak Valley      
3.-Kevin Sandefur
Oliver Hodous
Steven Severance
Shawn Grooms
10:21.04aLincoln Academy      
4.-Noah LaForge
Craig Dimick
Jake Jones
Justin Sigouin
10:42.24aMt View      
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Dylan Webster42-10.00Belfast Area      
2.12Alex Young42-07.00Oceanside      
3.11Nathanial Sigouin41-10.00Mt View      
4.11Adam Heroux38-11.00Belfast Area      
5.12Tim Parker38-01.00Belfast Area      
6.10Brandon Graffam37-05.00Camden Hills Regional      
7.12Jared Hustus36-10.00Mt View      
8.9Wyatt Roberts36-06.00Belfast Area      
9.12Eric Roberts36-03.00Lincoln Academy      
10.10Ben Kormann34-07.00Mt View      
11.11Jared Meklin34-03.00Oceanside      
12.11Mike Gillman34-00.00Medomak Valley      
13.11Tyler Hadyniak33-07.00Mt View      
14.11Jacob Powers33-06.00Camden Hills Regional      
15.9Peter Kelley32-09.00Belfast Area      
16.11Sebastian LaForge32-08.00Mt View      
17.10Nate Boggs31-10.00Oceanside      
18.11Kris Ravin30-08.00Mt View      
19.11Eric Jorgensen30-06.00Mt View      
20.10Andrew Gibbs30-01.00Mt View      
21.12Ben Bartlett29-08.00Lincoln Academy      
22.11William Ivey28-06.00Medomak Valley      
23.10Ryan Graffam27-04.00Camden Hills Regional      
24.9Riley Venger27-00.00North Haven Community      
24.9Zack Picard27-00.00Oceanside      
26.10Craig Waterman26-11.00North Haven Community      
27.11Jonatan Rice26-07.00Camden Hills Regional      
28.9Thomas Harriman26-06.00Medomak Valley      
29.10Jordan Fowler26-05.00Mt View      
29.10Matthew Heath26-05.00Camden Hills Regional      
31.10Stephen Hess24-10.00Belfast Area      
32.9William Coward24-00.00Belfast Area      
--9Paul BrownDNFMedomak Valley      
--12Alex BobollaDNFMedomak Valley      
--10Kyle ChaseDNFMt View      
--11Alex BraleyDNFLincoln Academy      
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Dylan Webster121-06Belfast Area      
2.12Tim Parker108-01Belfast Area      
3.12Alex Young107-03Oceanside      
4.11Jared Meklin100-04Oceanside      
5.11Adam Heroux97-08Belfast Area      
6.10Andrew Gibbs97-00Mt View      
7.11Tyler Hadyniak93-10Mt View      
8.11Colby Blanchard92-02Mt View      
9.12Eric Roberts91-03Lincoln Academy      
10.9Wyatt Roberts87-08Belfast Area      
11.12Ben Bartlett83-08Lincoln Academy      
12.12TJ Dodge83-02Oceanside      
13.11Mike Gillman82-09Medomak Valley      
14.10Ben Kormann80-07Mt View      
15.10Nate Boggs78-02Oceanside      
16.9Riley Venger75-08North Haven Community      
17.11Eric Jorgensen74-10Mt View      
18.11William Ivey73-10Medomak Valley      
19.9Peter Kelley72-07Belfast Area      
20.10Jordan Fowler72-04Mt View      
21.9Zack Picard71-09Oceanside      
22.11Kris Ravin69-04Mt View      
23.9Thomas Harriman68-05Medomak Valley      
24.10Brandon Graffam66-11Camden Hills Regional      
25.11Sebastian LaForge66-06Mt View      
26.10Matthew Heath66-02Camden Hills Regional      
27.10Craig Waterman58-11North Haven Community      
28.10Ryan Graffam58-01Camden Hills Regional      
29.9William Coward58-00Belfast Area      
30.11Jonatan Rice56-03Camden Hills Regional      
31.10Stephen Hess55-09Belfast Area      
32.9John Haddad50-05Mt View      
33.10Josh Richards48-05Lincoln Academy      
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.11Adam Heroux140-08Belfast Area      
2.11Dakota Smith136-09Georges Valley      
3.11Nathanial Sigouin132-03Mt View      
4.11Collin Downs129-05Camden Hills Regional      
5.9Nick Anderson125-08Medomak Valley      
6.11Alex Braley123-01Lincoln Academy      
7.9Owen Freeman122-02Mt View      
8.11Jason Hatch121-02Islesboro Central      
9.12TJ Dodge117-09Oceanside      
10.10Brandon Graffam115-10Camden Hills Regional      
11.10Nate Boggs110-08Oceanside      
12.12Nathaniel McBrien108-09Medomak Valley      
13.11Jared Meklin107-06Oceanside      
14.10Andrew Gibbs106-11Mt View      
15.10Davis Saltonstall106-09Camden Hills Regional      
16.12Jared Hustus105-09Mt View      
17.12Ben Bartlett102-08Lincoln Academy      
18.12Eric Roberts99-02Lincoln Academy      
19.9Montana Maynard97-04Mt View      
20.9Wyatt Roberts96-04Belfast Area      
21.12Thorin Walton93-10Belfast Area      
22.9Peter Kelley91-03Belfast Area      
23.9Tremmil Groene89-04Belfast Area      
24.10Ian Rixon81-05Medomak Valley      
25.10Ryan Graffam81-00Camden Hills Regional      
26.9John Haddad79-06Mt View      
27.9Thomas Harriman77-05Medomak Valley      
28.10Sal Azzaretti77-02Lincoln Academy      
29.12AJ Baker76-11Medomak Valley      
30.9Will Schoppe72-10Islesboro Central      
31.10Jordan Fowler68-11Mt View      
32.10Josh Richards65-11Lincoln Academy      
33.9Ivan Johnson59-06Medomak Valley      
34.10Stephen Hess47-05Belfast Area      
35.9William Coward39-10Belfast Area      
36.9Sam Johnson35-10Oceanside      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Max Mahan5-08.00Islesboro Central      
2.11Gerard Scherr5-08.00Islesboro Central      
3.9Jake Levangie5-07.00Belfast Area      
4.12Alex MacKenzie5-06.00Medomak Valley      
5.9Devon Sproul5-04.00Medomak Valley      
6.11Colby Blanchard5-04.00Mt View      
7.11Jacky Coyle5-00.00Camden Hills Regional      
--9Will SchoppeNHIslesboro Central      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kyle Story8-06.00Mt View      
2.9Mikey Nichols8-06.00Belfast Area      
3.10John Seekins8-06.00Belfast Area      
4.9Tremmil Groene7-06.00Belfast Area      
5.9Kyle Williams6-06.00Belfast Area      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Alex MacKenzie18-11.00Medomak Valley      
2.12Nate Meade18-09.00Medomak Valley      
3.11Jacky Coyle17-06.25Camden Hills Regional      
4.12TJ Dodge17-05.75Oceanside      
5.11Colby Blanchard17-02.00Mt View      
6.10Charlie Cilley17-01.00Islesboro Central      
7.11Sean Bardon16-02.00Camden Hills Regional      
8.11Jeremiah Kahn15-11.50Belfast Area      
9.9Jonathan Hendrickson-Belloguet15-10.75Medomak Valley      
10.10Ben Shepard15-10.50Belfast Area      
11.11William Buker15-10.00Mt View      
12.10Tim Bennett15-06.75Mt View      
13.9Trevor Cannell15-03.50Belfast Area      
14.11Gerard Scherr15-03.00Islesboro Central      
15.12Kyle Smith15-00.00Belfast Area      
16.10Casey Hall14-08.00Oceanside      
17.11Quinton Vannah13-06.00Medomak Valley      
18.10Theo Lawrence13-05.00Mt View      
19.10Brandon Graffam13-04.00Camden Hills Regional      
20.9Will Schoppe13-02.00Islesboro Central      
21.11Candon Needham12-09.50Mt View      
22.9Ivan Johnson11-04.50Medomak Valley      
23.10Ryan Graffam10-08.50Camden Hills Regional      
--10Matt PolandFOULLincoln Academy      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Nate Meade40-11.00Medomak Valley      
2.9Jonathan Hendrickson-Belloguet38-08.50Medomak Valley      
3.11Mitch Ryan36-07.25Mt View      
4.11Colby Blanchard35-11.50Mt View      
5.12TJ Dodge35-05.75Oceanside      
6.12Nathaniel McBrien34-10.00Medomak Valley      
7.12Kyle Smith33-06.00Belfast Area      
8.10Ben Shepard33-02.00Belfast Area      
9.9Jake Levangie31-06.00Belfast Area      
10.10Matthew Heath26-11.50Camden Hills Regional      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lianne McCluskey13.56aCamden Hills Regional      
2.11Hannah Hill13.63aBelfast Area      
3.11Hayleigh Kein14.01aMt View      
4.10Gracie Sheldon14.35aBelfast Area      
5.12Madeline Smeaton14.42aCamden Hills Regional      
6.10Emma Mason14.57aOceanside      
7.10Delainey Kein14.59aMt View      
8.9Katharine Marki14.60aCamden Hills Regional      
9.11McKenzie Meservey14.62aCamden Hills Regional      
10.9Emily Leach14.63aMedomak Valley      
11.9Hannah Fake14.83aLincoln Academy      
12.11Roxanne Jelenfy14.88aMedomak Valley      
13.12Lacy Massengale14.90aMedomak Valley      
14.9Desiree Leary14.94aMedomak Valley      
15.11Shannon Armstrong15.04aMt View      
16.9Jessica Widzgowski15.18aCamden Hills Regional      
17.10Tamika Brown15.34aOceanside      
18.9Emily Smith15.36aCamden Hills Regional      
19.9Ally Craig15.44aIslesboro Central      
20.11Laura Lee15.45aLincoln Academy      
21.9Kara Mullin15.59aLincoln Academy      
22.11Elizabeth Rauch15.64aBelfast Area      
23.9Jessica Prescott15.68aMedomak Valley      
24.9Laura Otterbein15.84aLincoln Academy      
25.9Masha Faulkner15.86aMt View      
26.9Kaysie Corey16.25aOceanside      
27.9Kaytlyn Porter16.52aMt View      
28.11MaryKate Bickford16.82aBelfast Area      
29.9Sami Randall17.00aBelfast Area      
30.9Caitlin Small17.74aIslesboro Central      
31.11Samara Ethier17.81aLincoln Academy      
32.9Melissa Rice18.02aCamden Hills Regional      
33.11Amy Hubbard18.39aBelfast Area      
34.10Toni Flagg19.53aBelfast Area      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Hannah Hill27.73aBelfast Area      
2.11Hayleigh Kein28.16aMt View      
3.10Gracie Sheldon28.86aBelfast Area      
4.12Lianne McCluskey29.29aCamden Hills Regional      
5.9Emily Lopez29.69aCamden Hills Regional      
6.12Nikki Leeman29.70aLincoln Academy      
7.9Emily Leach29.73aMedomak Valley      
8.10Emma Mason29.95aOceanside      
9.11McKenzie Meservey30.40aCamden Hills Regional      
10.12Madeline Smeaton30.52aCamden Hills Regional      
11.10Brooklyn Curry31.03aBelfast Area      
12.9Laura Swanson31.27aOceanside      
13.11Laura Lee31.33aLincoln Academy      
14.11Elizabeth Rauch31.52aBelfast Area      
15.9Emily Smith31.53aCamden Hills Regional      
16.10Tamika Brown31.57aOceanside      
17.9Jessica Widzgowski31.78aCamden Hills Regional      
18.12Fanny Fennimore32.12aBelfast Area      
19.9Katharine Marki32.16aCamden Hills Regional      
20.9Kara Mullin32.46aLincoln Academy      
21.9Masha Faulkner33.15aMt View      
22.9Ally Craig33.37aIslesboro Central      
23.9Kaytlyn Porter33.64aMt View      
24.9Kaysie Corey33.76aOceanside      
25.9Sami Randall35.55aBelfast Area      
26.12Kiley Bickford36.11aLincoln Academy      
27.11Samara Ethier37.65aLincoln Academy      
28.9Melissa Rice37.69aCamden Hills Regional      
29.9Caitlin Small38.12aIslesboro Central      
30.11Amy Hubbard38.50aBelfast Area      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Nikki Leeman1:04.59aLincoln Academy      
2.9Rachel Kahn1:04.97aBelfast Area      
3.12Madeline Smeaton1:05.84aCamden Hills Regional      
4.9Laura Swanson1:06.27aOceanside      
5.10Heidi Harris1:07.02aMedomak Valley      
6.10Naomi Holzhauer1:09.70aOceanside      
7.11McKenzie Meservey1:10.08aCamden Hills Regional      
8.9Kara Mullin1:13.89aLincoln Academy      
9.9Kyrstyn Keating1:16.01aMt View      
10.9Brianna Gross1:17.29aMedomak Valley      
11.9Ally Craig1:17.74aIslesboro Central      
12.9Kelsie Grady1:17.78aMedomak Valley      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lianne McCluskey2:32.56aCamden Hills Regional      
2.11Nicole Weaver2:38.07aMedomak Valley      
3.10Allison James2:42.27aBelfast Area      
4.12Casie James2:43.07aBelfast Area      
5.11Annie Fagan2:43.71aCamden Hills Regional      
6.9Hannah Fake2:55.42aLincoln Academy      
7.-Julienna Brooks3:01.04aWatershed      
8.11Lauren Martin3:08.03aBelfast Area      
9.9Maria Swebilius3:09.11aBelfast Area      
10.11Sarah Kennedy3:50.53aCamden Hills Regional      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kiana Ocean5:47.29aMedomak Valley      
2.11Chrissy Larrabee5:52.31aMt View      
3.11Kasey Laveway6:32.36aBelfast Area      
4.11Katie Moran6:33.30aLincoln Academy      
5.-Julienna Brooks6:36.02aWatershed      
6.11Cindy Ahrens7:30.04aMt View      
7.11Sarah Kennedy7:46.06aCamden Hills Regional      
8.11Marissa Cox8:30.47aMt View      
X 1600m Racewalk - Varsity - Finals
1.11Lauren Martin9:28.23aBelfast Area      
2.11Julia Thurston9:30.33aBelfast Area      
3.12Nikki Leeman10:08.29aLincoln Academy      
4.9Andrea Gemeinhardt10:44.80aLincoln Academy      
5.9Maxine Buretta11:07.64aOceanside      
6.9Kaytlyn Porter11:08.87aMt View      
7.11MaryKate Bickford11:49.71aBelfast Area      
8.11Selena Ding12:00.39aMedomak Valley      
--9Melissa RiceDQCamden Hills Regional      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Abbie Wessels12:38.20aBelfast Area      
2.9Kellie Howie13:46.80aBelfast Area      
3.9Kelsie Grady15:24.89aMedomak Valley      
4.11Julia Thurston15:30.53aBelfast Area      
5.11Cindy Ahrens16:42.49aMt View      
6.11Selena Ding16:46.59aMedomak Valley      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Anna Piotti18.31aMt View      
2.11Emily Violette18.48aBelfast Area      
3.11Gowesky Julia18.95aCamden Hills Regional      
4.10Pamela Karr20.17aCamden Hills Regional      
5.12Sara Komorowski20.27aLincoln Academy      
6.10Emma Mason20.42aOceanside      
7.11Roxanne Jelenfy21.41aMedomak Valley      
8.9Abbie Vail21.45aMedomak Valley      
9.9Allie Njaa22.14aBelfast Area      
10.12Kiley Bickford22.85aLincoln Academy      
11.9Rachel Borch24.21aCamden Hills Regional      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Emily Violette52.28aBelfast Area      
2.12Sara Komorowski54.16aLincoln Academy      
3.9Laura Otterbein54.21aLincoln Academy      
4.11Laura Lee58.44aLincoln Academy      
5.10Pamela Karr59.67aCamden Hills Regional      
6.11Gowesky Julia1:02.81aCamden Hills Regional      
7.9Allie Njaa1:03.24aBelfast Area      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Hayleigh Kein
Delainey Kein
Anna Piotti
JJ Barreiros
55.12aMt View      
3.-Relay Team 55.12aMedomak Valley      
2.-Gracie Sheldon
Emily Violette
Casie James
Brooklyn Curry
56.11aBelfast Area      
3.-Julie Ennamorati
Lacy Massengale
Ashley Rackliff
Emily Leach
57.48aMedomak Valley      
4.-Pamela Karr
Jessica Widzgowski
Emily Smith
Katherine Marki
58.33aCamden Hills Regional      
5.-Laura Otterbein
Kiley Bickford
Kara Mullin
Laura Lee
1:01.20aLincoln Academy      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Gracie Sheldon
Rachel Kahn
Emily Violette
Hannah Hill
4:26.20aBelfast Area      
2.-Madeline Smeaton
Emily Smith
McKenzie Meservey
Lianne McCluskey
4:35.62aCamden Hills Regional      
3.-Sara Komorowski
Hannah Fake
Katie Moran
Nikki Leeman
4:45.94aLincoln Academy      
4.-Nicole Weaver
Heidi Harris
Megan Wyllie
Kiana Ocean
4:57.96aMedomak Valley      
4.-Relay Team 4:57.96aMedomak Valley      
5.-Chrissy Larrabee
Kyrstyn Keating
Katie Cloutier
Delainey Kein
5:10.40aMt View      
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Allison James
Casie James
Kellie Howie
Abbie Wessels
12:30.96aBelfast Area      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Rebecca Picard29-11.00Oceanside      
2.12Morgan Baum28-09.00Medomak Valley      
3.11Gowesky Julia28-09.00Camden Hills Regional      
4.12Paige Kelley28-04.00Belfast Area      
5.11Katja Assfalg25-00.00Medomak Valley      
6.12Sara Komorowski24-10.00Lincoln Academy      
7.12Kelsey Woodbury24-08.00Belfast Area      
8.11Shannon Armstrong23-07.00Mt View      
9.11Carly Emt23-05.00Belfast Area      
10.9Jessica Prescott21-00.00Medomak Valley      
11.10Jerika Horton20-11.00Belfast Area      
12.9Melissa Rice19-08.00Camden Hills Regional      
13.12Erin Dodge19-04.00Lincoln Academy      
14.11Morgan Boyd17-11.00Lincoln Academy      
15.9Kaysie Corey17-10.00Oceanside      
16.9Brianna Flagg16-05.00Belfast Area      
17.9Andrea Gemeinhardt14-09.00Lincoln Academy      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Rebecca Picard95-03Oceanside      
2.12Morgan Baum93-10Medomak Valley      
3.12Kelsey Woodbury81-08Belfast Area      
4.9Abbie Vail78-04Medomak Valley      
5.9Jessica Prescott69-05Medomak Valley      
6.12Erin Dodge59-01Lincoln Academy      
7.10Jerika Horton53-09Belfast Area      
8.11Morgan Boyd48-05Lincoln Academy      
9.11Katja Assfalg45-01Medomak Valley      
10.11Ashley Boden42-01Mt View      
10.9Brianna Flagg42-01Belfast Area      
12.11Samara Ethier36-09Lincoln Academy      
13.11Marissa Cox35-07Mt View      
14.9Andrea Gemeinhardt35-00Lincoln Academy      
--12Paige KelleyFOULBelfast Area      
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.12Morgan Baum94-11Medomak Valley      
2.12Kelsey Woodbury78-07Belfast Area      
3.11Katja Assfalg77-03Medomak Valley      
4.10Rebecca Picard76-08Oceanside      
5.12JJ Barreiros67-09Mt View      
6.11Carly Emt64-01Belfast Area      
7.12Paige Kelley60-07Belfast Area      
8.11Annie Fagan59-08Camden Hills Regional      
9.10Jerika Horton45-09Belfast Area      
10.12Erin Dodge45-08Lincoln Academy      
11.10Pamela Karr37-02Camden Hills Regional      
12.9Brianna Flagg34-08Belfast Area      
13.11Morgan Boyd30-05Lincoln Academy      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Hayleigh Kein5-03.00Mt View      
2.9Emily Lopez4-08.00Camden Hills Regional      
3.11Chrissy Larrabee4-06.00Mt View      
4.9Allie Njaa4-04.00Belfast Area      
4.9Hannah Fake4-04.00Lincoln Academy      
6.9Desiree Leary4-02.00Medomak Valley      
7.12Sarah Bowen4-00.00Belfast Area      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Allison James8-00.00Belfast Area      
2.12Fanny Fennimore7-00.00Belfast Area      
3.11Kasey Laveway6-06.00Belfast Area      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Delainey Kein13-10.25Mt View      
2.10Anna Piotti13-06.25Mt View      
3.12Fanny Fennimore13-05.75Belfast Area      
4.11Katie Moran13-05.50Lincoln Academy      
5.12Lacy Massengale13-05.25Medomak Valley      
6.9Emily Lopez13-05.25Camden Hills Regional      
7.9Katharine Marki12-06.00Camden Hills Regional      
8.10Brooklyn Curry12-00.00Belfast Area      
9.9Jessica Widzgowski11-06.50Camden Hills Regional      
10.12Sarah Bowen10-05.50Belfast Area      
11.11MaryKate Bickford10-03.75Belfast Area      
12.9Brianna Gross10-02.00Medomak Valley      
13.11Marissa Cox10-01.00Mt View      
13.12JJ Barreiros10-01.00Mt View      
15.10Toni Flagg8-03.00Belfast Area      
16.11Ashley Boden7-04.00Mt View      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Hannah Hill35-09.00Belfast Area      
2.10Julie Ennamorati33-00.00Medomak Valley      
3.11Kasey Laveway30-10.00Belfast Area      
4.10Anna Piotti29-08.00Mt View      
5.10Brooklyn Curry28-06.00Belfast Area      
6.11Katie Moran25-05.50Lincoln Academy      
7.10Allison James24-07.00Belfast Area      
8.9Maxine Buretta23-00.00Oceanside      
9.11MaryKate Bickford22-11.00Belfast Area      
10.9Brianna Gross22-02.00Medomak Valley      
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