NSIC Championships

Saturday, May 08, 2010
  Minnesota State-Moorhead, Moorhead - Map
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Nebraska - NCAA
WaSCWayne State (NE) College
North Dakota - NCAA
MaryUniversity of Mary
South Dakota - NCAA
ACSDAugustana (SD)
NoStNorthern State (SD)
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrNick Trisko10.53aSt Cloud State
2.FrDerek Bredy10.65aMinnesota State Moor...
3.SoDiahn Zeon10.69aConcordia-St. Paul
4.SoBrock Keaton10.71aMinnesota State Moor...
5.JrOdis Richardson10.81aNorthern State (SD)
6.SoCory Ploof10.82aUniversity of Mary
7.SoUchenna Ogbonnaya10.91aMinnesota State Moor...
8.FrNicholas Nelson10.97aMinnesota State Mank...
X 100 Meters - Decathlon - Finals
1.SrJohn Pimental10.97aConcordia-St. Paul
2.SoCody Diehl11.10aWayne State (NE) Col...
3.FrTandy Juell11.23aBemidji State
4.JrKevin Koglin11.32aConcordia-St. Paul
5.FrRobert Gunderson11.35aMinnesota State Mank...
5.SoLucas Torres11.35aMinnesota State Mank...
7.SrZac Preble11.37aBemidji State
8.JrLuke Bucholz11.49aMinnesota State Moor...
9.SrJimmy Warmuth11.84aMinnesota-Duluth
10.FrAron Velde11.92aMinnesota State Moor...
11.FrJeff Mills12.04aWayne State (NE) Col...
12.FrDavid Braaten12.06aSt Cloud State
13.JrBrian Bauleke12.21aBemidji State
14.FrJacob Pohlmann12.28aAugustana (SD)
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.JrNick Trisko10.52aSt Cloud State
5.FrDerek Bredy10.68aMinnesota State Moor...
2.SoCory Ploof10.75aUniversity of Mary
3.JrOdis Richardson10.76aNorthern State (SD)
6.SoBrock Keaton10.79aMinnesota State Moor...
4.SoDiahn Zeon10.82aConcordia-St. Paul
7.SoUchenna Ogbonnaya10.89aMinnesota State Moor...
7.FrNicholas Nelson10.89aMinnesota State Mank...
9.SrGabe Udia10.92aSt Cloud State
10.SrJohn Pimental10.96aConcordia-St. Paul
11.FrTracy Lide11.01aUniversity of Mary
12.SrJordan Puhalla11.09aUniversity of Mary
13.JrEmmanuel Asamoa11.12aMinnesota State Mank...
13.-Mike King11.12aWayne State (NE) Col...
15.SrDrew Molacek11.17aWayne State (NE) Col...
16.FrDiego Oquendo11.18aAugustana (SD)
17.SoRobert Spence11.19aConcordia-St. Paul
18.FrZuri Nance11.24aNorthern State (SD)
19.SrAdam Luckey11.32aSt Cloud State
20.JrScott Lustig11.33aMinnesota State Mank...
21.SoBeau Wakefield11.40aBemidji State
22.-Keith Smith11.42aBemidji State
23.JrKorey Smith11.53aBemidji State
24.JrAugustus Capers11.78aNorthern State (SD)
25.SoZak Kjolsing11.87aNorthern State (SD)
26.FrJared Grams12.49aMinnesota-Duluth
27.FrBen Niemann15.21aMinnesota-Duluth
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrNick Trisko21.20aSt Cloud State
2.SoCory Ploof21.45aUniversity of Mary
3.FrDerek Bredy21.65aMinnesota State Moor...
4.JrDomonique Gilmer21.74aConcordia-St. Paul
5.FrAustin Eliason21.98aMinnesota State Mank...
6.SrGabe Udia22.02aSt Cloud State
7.SoUchenna Ogbonnaya22.02aMinnesota State Moor...
8.SoBrock Keaton22.05aMinnesota State Moor...
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.JrNick Trisko21.47aSt Cloud State
2.SrGabe Udia21.61aSt Cloud State
3.SoCory Ploof21.78aUniversity of Mary
5.JrDomonique Gilmer21.84aConcordia-St. Paul
4.FrDerek Bredy21.85aMinnesota State Moor...
6.SoUchenna Ogbonnaya22.20aMinnesota State Moor...
7.FrAustin Eliason22.30aMinnesota State Mank...
8.SoBrock Keaton22.31aMinnesota State Moor...
9.JrOdis Richardson22.33aNorthern State (SD)
10.FrNicholas Nelson22.39aMinnesota State Mank...
11.SoDiahn Zeon22.41aConcordia-St. Paul
12.FrTracy Lide22.46aUniversity of Mary
13.JrBrian Kohlman22.62aConcordia-St. Paul
14.SrDrew Molacek22.87aWayne State (NE) Col...
15.-Mike King23.03aWayne State (NE) Col...
16.JrEmmanuel Asamoa23.04aMinnesota State Mank...
17.FrJared Grams23.24aMinnesota-Duluth
18.JrSam Bofferding23.37aBemidji State
19.SoTyler Traynor23.42aMinnesota-Duluth
20.SrKlye Weisbeck23.69aNorthern State (SD)
21.SoBeau Wakefield23.74aBemidji State
22.SoAustin Suther23.82aNorthern State (SD)
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrDomonique Gilmer48.98aConcordia-St. Paul
2.SrSam Lance49.10aMinnesota State Mank...
3.SoAaron Lund49.51aMinnesota State Moor...
4.JrBrian Kohlman49.90aConcordia-St. Paul
5.SrDavid Queck50.21aSt Cloud State
6.SrPercy Watson50.31aMinnesota State Moor...
7.SoAndrew Jansen50.42aWayne State (NE) Col...
8.JrAdam Endres50.59aMinnesota State Mank...
X 400 Meters - Decathlon - Finals
1.SrJohn Pimental51.98aConcordia-St. Paul
2.SrZac Preble52.00aBemidji State
3.SoLucas Torres52.16aMinnesota State Mank...
4.FrTandy Juell52.84aBemidji State
5.SoCody Diehl53.37aWayne State (NE) Col...
6.FrRobert Gunderson53.57aMinnesota State Mank...
7.SrJimmy Warmuth54.31aMinnesota-Duluth
8.FrAron Velde54.38aMinnesota State Moor...
9.JrBrian Bauleke54.77aBemidji State
10.JrLuke Bucholz55.13aMinnesota State Moor...
11.JrKevin Koglin55.48aConcordia-St. Paul
12.FrDavid Braaten55.58aSt Cloud State
13.FrJacob Pohlmann57.49aAugustana (SD)
14.FrJeff Mills58.95aWayne State (NE) Col...
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.SoAaron Lund49.75aMinnesota State Moor...
4.JrBrian Kohlman50.04aConcordia-St. Paul
2.JrDomonique Gilmer50.05aConcordia-St. Paul
3.SrSam Lance50.39aMinnesota State Mank...
5.JrAdam Endres50.60aMinnesota State Mank...
6.SrDavid Queck50.67aSt Cloud State
7.SoAndrew Jansen50.76aWayne State (NE) Col...
8.SrPercy Watson51.08aMinnesota State Moor...
9.SrRyan Conrad51.11aNorthern State (SD)
10.SoCorey Shufelt51.36aMinnesota State Moor...
11.SoJordan Johnson51.62aConcordia-St. Paul
12.FrDeland Weyrauch51.66aUniversity of Mary
13.SrBrady Flies51.67aMinnesota State Mank...
14.SrDave Ubbelohde51.73aMinnesota-Duluth
15.JrJosh Dahl52.00aMinnesota-Duluth
16.FrJared Grams52.17aMinnesota-Duluth
17.FrAnthony Bos53.10aConcordia-St. Paul
18.SrDerek Meyer53.19aMinnesota State Moor...
19.JrChris Lefler53.33aSt Cloud State
20.FrMalik Kassim53.82aSt Cloud State
21.SoMatt Greenfield55.66aNorthern State (SD)
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrDenise Mokaya1:52.06aMinnesota State Mank...
2.FrAdou Omot1:52.56aAugustana (SD)
3.SoAaron Gorman1:54.25aMinnesota-Duluth
4.SrBrian Werner1:54.27aAugustana (SD)
5.JrDan Allen1:54.40aSt Cloud State
6.JrAustin Vande Berg1:55.54aAugustana (SD)
7.FrClayton Foster1:56.41aMinnesota State Moor...
8.SrJonathan Stoltman2:00.10aMinnesota State Mank...
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.JrDan Allen1:56.85aSt Cloud State
2.JrAustin Vande Berg1:57.41aAugustana (SD)
5.SrDenise Mokaya1:57.53aMinnesota State Mank...
3.SoAaron Gorman1:58.04aMinnesota-Duluth
6.FrClayton Foster1:58.12aMinnesota State Moor...
7.SrBrian Werner1:58.39aAugustana (SD)
8.SrJonathan Stoltman1:58.47aMinnesota State Mank...
4.FrAdou Omot1:58.51aAugustana (SD)
9.SoLucas Windholz1:58.65aSt Cloud State
10.SoLouis Hughes1:59.26aMinnesota-Duluth
11.FrJacob Arechigo1:59.59aNorthern State (SD)
12.FrRobbie Jenson1:59.63aMinnesota-Duluth
13.SrMichael McConnell1:59.72aMinnesota State Moor...
14.SrTodd Reed1:59.75aMinnesota State Mank...
15.SoKevin Andresen2:00.23aSt Cloud State
16.SoEric Schauer2:00.27aBemidji State
17.JrNick Ramberg2:02.00aMinnesota State Mank...
18.SoMatt Peterson2:02.86aNorthern State (SD)
19.JrDillon Johnston2:03.22aMinnesota-Duluth
20.JrPatrick Diedrich2:03.41aBemidji State
21.JrAndy Bachman2:03.84aWayne State (NE) Col...
22.SrJim Fay2:04.81aMinnesota State Moor...
23.SrCheto Cerda2:05.63aWayne State (NE) Col...
24.JrBrian Bauleke2:06.48aBemidji State
25.FrAaron Garza2:06.67aWayne State (NE) Col...
26.SoTravis Wagers2:06.76aConcordia-St. Paul
27.FrAndy Wyss2:12.51aConcordia-St. Paul
28.FrJordan Haroldson2:13.04aConcordia-St. Paul
29.FrNde Anye2:20.25aBemidji State
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoTom Karbo3:55.72aAugustana (SD)
2.SrDenise Mokaya3:56.26aMinnesota State Mank...
3.JrDan Allen3:57.39aSt Cloud State
4.JrAustin Vande Berg3:58.45aAugustana (SD)
5.SrJames Krajsa3:59.61aMinnesota State Mank...
6.SrMichael McConnell3:59.74aMinnesota State Moor...
7.SrKyle Eckhoff4:01.74aMinnesota State Moor...
8.SrMike Finnerty4:01.78aMinnesota-Duluth
9.SrJonathan Stoltman4:05.56aMinnesota State Mank...
10.FrJordan Slusser4:06.80aAugustana (SD)
11.SoAaron Gorman4:07.11aMinnesota-Duluth
12.JrLee Anderson4:11.31aWayne State (NE) Col...
X 1500 Meters - Decathlon - Finals
1.JrBrian Bauleke4:42.54aBemidji State
2.SoLucas Torres4:48.13aMinnesota State Mank...
3.FrTandy Juell4:52.17aBemidji State
4.FrDavid Braaten4:55.03aSt Cloud State
5.SrJohn Pimental4:59.81aConcordia-St. Paul
6.SrJimmy Warmuth5:06.33aMinnesota-Duluth
7.FrAron Velde5:12.60aMinnesota State Moor...
8.SrZac Preble5:13.92aBemidji State
9.JrLuke Bucholz5:14.36aMinnesota State Moor...
10.FrJacob Pohlmann5:23.82aAugustana (SD)
11.FrRobert Gunderson5:24.46aMinnesota State Mank...
12.SoCody Diehl5:26.60aWayne State (NE) Col...
13.JrKevin Koglin5:39.71aConcordia-St. Paul
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.SrDenise Mokaya4:02.73aMinnesota State Mank...
3.SoTom Karbo4:03.25aAugustana (SD)
2.SrJonathan Stoltman4:03.50aMinnesota State Mank...
4.JrAustin Vande Berg4:03.83aAugustana (SD)
5.JrDan Allen4:04.58aSt Cloud State
6.SrJames Krajsa4:04.76aMinnesota State Mank...
7.SoAaron Gorman4:04.96aMinnesota-Duluth
8.SrMichael McConnell4:05.10aMinnesota State Moor...
9.SrKyle Eckhoff4:05.49aMinnesota State Moor...
10.JrLee Anderson4:08.35aWayne State (NE) Col...
11.FrJordan Slusser4:08.88aAugustana (SD)
12.SrMike Finnerty4:09.16aMinnesota-Duluth
13.FrEric Mohrabacher4:10.00aUniversity of Mary
14.SoRichard Keroak4:13.52aNorthern State (SD)
15.FrNicholas Emmans4:15.15aMinnesota State Mank...
16.FrTom Ruttger4:16.71aMinnesota-Duluth
17.JrDavid Townsel4:18.92aSt Cloud State
18.SrCheto Cerda4:19.13aWayne State (NE) Col...
19.SoBilly Sackett4:19.73aBemidji State
20.SoKevin Huot4:22.22aMinnesota State Moor...
21.FrCasey Jore4:22.31aUniversity of Mary
22.JrTravis Husen4:24.47aMinnesota State Moor...
23.SoJared Johnston4:25.11aMinnesota-Duluth
24.SoJason Schaaf4:26.01aWayne State (NE) Col...
X 5000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoTom Karbo14:47.08aAugustana (SD)
2.SrJames Krajsa14:51.90aMinnesota State Mank...
3.SoKyle Neumann14:55.51aSt Cloud State
4.SrDenise Mokaya15:00.73aMinnesota State Mank...
5.SrNate Preston15:15.33aWayne State (NE) Col...
6.JrDan Allen15:17.03aSt Cloud State
7.SoTravis Beniak15:18.41aAugustana (SD)
8.JrYork Thomas15:18.94aWayne State (NE) Col...
9.SrMichael McConnell15:20.25aMinnesota State Moor...
10.SrMatt Heesch15:23.61aAugustana (SD)
11.SrDaniel Black15:27.00aAugustana (SD)
12.JrAustin Vande Berg15:28.90aAugustana (SD)
13.SrJonathan Stoltman15:30.30aMinnesota State Mank...
14.SoRichard Keroak15:31.62aNorthern State (SD)
15.FrNicholas Emmans15:37.21aMinnesota State Mank...
16.FrRyan Eason15:39.36aMinnesota-Duluth
17.JrHady Cherif15:39.59aSt Cloud State
18.JrErik Escher15:46.38aMinnesota-Duluth
19.SrZach Varty15:50.17aMinnesota-Duluth
20.JrJohn Kern15:51.50aWayne State (NE) Col...
21.SoSean Gaskell15:52.56aSt Cloud State
22.SrKyle Eckhoff15:59.25aMinnesota State Moor...
23.SrJosh Schmeichel16:05.00aNorthern State (SD)
24.FrJared Hicks16:07.85aSt Cloud State
25.SrDavid Teige16:10.91aMinnesota State Moor...
26.SoMichael Meelhause18:36.56aBemidji State
27.SoLucas Chase19:08.95aBemidji State
X 10,000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrJames Krajsa31:11.30aMinnesota State Mank...
2.SoKyle Neumann31:41.18aSt Cloud State
3.JrJohn Kern32:02.97aWayne State (NE) Col...
4.FrJacob Bastyr32:09.47aMinnesota State Mank...
5.SrMatt Heesch32:15.95aAugustana (SD)
6.SoNick Nygaard32:22.34aMinnesota-Duluth
7.JrErik Escher32:23.34aMinnesota-Duluth
8.JrMatt Braithwaite32:24.69aAugustana (SD)
9.JrYork Thomas32:28.03aWayne State (NE) Col...
10.JrErik Hanson32:37.97aMinnesota State Moor...
11.FrRyan Evans32:55.74aAugustana (SD)
12.SrDavid Teige32:59.90aMinnesota State Moor...
13.JrHady Cherif33:15.11aSt Cloud State
14.JrAdam Noll33:52.88aMinnesota State Mank...
15.SrDaniel Schield34:20.58aConcordia-St. Paul
X 110m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Finals
1.FrLaquone Robinson14.59aMinnesota State Moor...
2.JrJohn Knebel14.80aMinnesota-Duluth
3.SrBen Held14.87aSt Cloud State
4.SoPaul Mallory14.92aAugustana (SD)
5.FrDiego Oquendo14.99aAugustana (SD)
6.FrLuke Hauert15.05aNorthern State (SD)
7.SrBill Cameron15.26aNorthern State (SD)
8.FrRobert Gunderson15.30aMinnesota State Mank...
X 110m Hurdles - 42" - Decathlon - Finals
1.SrJimmy Warmuth15.77aMinnesota-Duluth
2.FrRobert Gunderson15.78aMinnesota State Mank...
3.SrZac Preble15.90aBemidji State
4.SrJohn Pimental16.63aConcordia-St. Paul
5.SoLucas Torres16.64aMinnesota State Mank...
6.FrAron Velde16.86aMinnesota State Moor...
7.JrLuke Bucholz17.35aMinnesota State Moor...
8.SoCody Diehl17.39aWayne State (NE) Col...
9.FrJacob Pohlmann17.43aAugustana (SD)
10.FrTandy Juell17.60aBemidji State
11.FrDavid Braaten19.09aSt Cloud State
12.JrBrian Bauleke19.88aBemidji State
13.JrKevin Koglin20.39aConcordia-St. Paul
14.FrJeff Mills23.44aWayne State (NE) Col...
X 110m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Prelims
1.FrLaquone Robinson14.56aMinnesota State Moor...
2.FrLuke Hauert14.92aNorthern State (SD)
3.FrDiego Oquendo14.97aAugustana (SD)
4.SrBen Held14.97aSt Cloud State
5.SrBill Cameron15.02aNorthern State (SD)
6.JrJohn Knebel15.05aMinnesota-Duluth
7.FrRobert Gunderson15.15aMinnesota State Mank...
8.SoPaul Mallory15.20aAugustana (SD)
9.SrSeth Urtel15.41aMinnesota-Duluth
10.FrTrevor Jellum15.66aMinnesota-Duluth
11.FrMatt Weeks15.69aMinnesota State Moor...
12.FrDerek Barett15.75aSt Cloud State
13.SrJimmy Warmuth15.95aMinnesota-Duluth
14.FrRyan Barnes15.96aMinnesota State Moor...
15.FrZach Pederson16.06aConcordia-St. Paul
16.FrMark Sizer16.38aBemidji State
17.SoMatt Revak20.51aBemidji State
X 400m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.SrBill Cameron53.21aNorthern State (SD)
2.JrJohn Knebel54.48aMinnesota-Duluth
3.SoLucas Torres55.89aMinnesota State Mank...
4.SoPaul Mallory56.36aAugustana (SD)
5.SrEric Asfeld56.78aMinnesota State Moor...
6.SrJimmy Warmuth58.30aMinnesota-Duluth
7.SoBrent Lundgren58.69aMinnesota-Duluth
X 400m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Prelims
1.SrBill Cameron54.28aNorthern State (SD)
2.JrJohn Knebel56.31aMinnesota-Duluth
4.FrLaquone Robinson56.50aMinnesota State Moor...
5.SoLucas Torres57.13aMinnesota State Mank...
3.SrEric Asfeld57.80aMinnesota State Moor...
6.SoBrent Lundgren57.83aMinnesota-Duluth
7.SoPaul Mallory57.89aAugustana (SD)
8.SrJimmy Warmuth58.47aMinnesota-Duluth
9.FrMatt Weeks58.66aMinnesota State Moor...
10.FrJordan Lewis58.96aConcordia-St. Paul
11.JrZach Morris59.07aAugustana (SD)
12.FrZach Pederson59.67aConcordia-St. Paul
13.SrForrest Randall1:00.74aMinnesota-Duluth
14.FrDerek Barett1:01.17aSt Cloud State
15.SrChris Kotlarek1:02.00aConcordia-St. Paul
16.JrAndrew Chaussee1:02.25aConcordia-St. Paul
17.SoMatt Revak1:08.99aBemidji State
--FrMark SizerFSBemidji State
--FrLuke HauertDNFNorthern State (SD)
X 3k Steeplechase - Varsity - Finals
1.SoTravis Beniak9:11.20aAugustana (SD)
2.SrDaniel Black9:11.22aAugustana (SD)
3.SrNate Preston9:14.78aWayne State (NE) Col...
4.SrJosh Schmeichel9:31.35aNorthern State (SD)
5.SoKyle Larson9:35.47aMinnesota-Duluth
6.JrJohn Kern9:39.49aWayne State (NE) Col...
7.SoJake Womeldorf9:48.77aConcordia-St. Paul
8.FrJayce Seelig9:49.80aNorthern State (SD)
9.FrRobert Kostick9:58.57aMinnesota-Duluth
10.SoBrock Rose10:10.22aNorthern State (SD)
11.JrAbe Hartsell10:10.63aBemidji State
12.SrScott Egeberg10:15.74aMinnesota State Moor...
13.SoBrian Quigley10:21.60aBemidji State
14.FrJacob Bastyr10:24.34aMinnesota State Mank...
15.JrDominique Trom10:38.91aBemidji State
16.SoNick Nygaard10:44.80aMinnesota-Duluth
17.SoDavid Pieper10:45.10aSt Cloud State
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Gabe Udia
David Queck
Chris Lefler
Nick Trisko
41.79aSt Cloud State
2.-Laquone Robinson
Brock Keaton
Uchenna Ogbonnaya
Derek Bredy
41.80aMinnesota State Moor...
3.-Relay Team 42.15aConcordia-St. Paul
4.-Nicholas Nelson
Scott Lustig
Austin Eliason
Emmanuel Asamoa
42.35aMinnesota State Mank...
5.-Mike King
Drew Molacek
Cody Diehl
Alex Timperley
42.74aWayne State (NE) Col...
6.-Jordan Puhalla
Cory Ploof
Thomas Hartwell
Tracy Lide
42.75aUniversity of Mary
7.-Luke Hauert
Zuri Nance
Austin Suther
Odis Richardson
43.03aNorthern State (SD)
8.-Relay Team 44.11aMinnesota-Duluth
9.-Sam Bofferding
Raphy Gelo
Tandy Juell
Keith Smith
44.45aBemidji State
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Adam Endres
Brady Flies
Austin Eliason
Sam Lance
3:17.44aMinnesota State Mank...
2.-Luke Hauert
Ryan Conrad
Jacob Arechigo
Bill Cameron
3:17.63aNorthern State (SD)
3.-Relay Team 3:17.69aConcordia-St. Paul
4.-Drew Molacek
Mike King
Aaron Garza
Andrew Jansen
3:21.26aWayne State (NE) Col...
5.-Relay Team 3:21.96aMinnesota-Duluth
6.-Relay Team 3:23.06aAugustana (SD)
7.-Tracy Lide
Deland Weyrauch
Jordan Puhalla
Cory Ploof
3:23.28aUniversity of Mary
8.-Sam Bofferding
Raphy Gelo
Zac Preble
Keith Smith
3:26.29aBemidji State
9.-Luke Windholz
Nick Trisko
Chris Lefler
David Queck
3:27.21aSt Cloud State
---Corey Shufelt
Percy Watson
Aaron Lund
Derek Bredy
DQMinnesota State Moor...
X Shot Put - 16lb - Varsity - Finals
1.JrBen Jacobson55-10.50University of Mary
2.JrTodd DeJong53-08.50Minnesota State Mank...
3.SrAdam Kershaw51-01.50St Cloud State
4.SoBrian Leonhardt50-10.75Bemidji State
5.JrAnthony Enyi50-02.00Minnesota State Moor...
6.SoAaron Jung50-01.75Augustana (SD)
7.JrTyler Velzke49-07.00Minnesota State Mank...
8.FrGrant Luer48-08.75Minnesota State Mank...
9.SrMichael Robinson47-10.50Minnesota State Mank...
10.SoJose Alba47-08.50Minnesota State Moor...
11.SrZac Preble47-01.75Bemidji State
12.JrTyler Lynch46-07.50Augustana (SD)
13.SoTad Harman45-05.75University of Mary
14.SoJared Thompson44-08.25Northern State (SD)
15.FrJordan Premus44-04.75Northern State (SD)
16.JrJake Strange40-05.00Minnesota-Duluth
17.FrJohn Michelson37-10.75Bemidji State
18.FrAndy Wischnewski35-03.75Concordia-St. Paul
19.JrWill Lange29-05.50Concordia-St. Paul
--SrJustin FrankeFOULConcordia-St. Paul
X Shot Put - 16lb - Decathlon - Finals
1.SrZac Preble46-09.50Bemidji State
2.JrLuke Bucholz38-08.25Minnesota State Moor...
3.FrTandy Juell37-02.25Bemidji State
4.SoCody Diehl36-05.75Wayne State (NE) Col...
5.FrRobert Gunderson36-04.25Minnesota State Mank...
6.SrJohn Pimental34-00.00Concordia-St. Paul
7.FrDavid Braaten33-08.00St Cloud State
8.FrJacob Pohlmann32-11.00Augustana (SD)
9.FrJeff Mills31-08.50Wayne State (NE) Col...
10.JrBrian Bauleke30-10.50Bemidji State
11.SoLucas Torres30-08.25Minnesota State Mank...
12.JrKevin Koglin29-08.25Concordia-St. Paul
13.SrJimmy Warmuth29-04.50Minnesota-Duluth
14.FrAron Velde28-09.00Minnesota State Moor...
X Discus - 2kg - Varsity - Finals
1.SrAdam Kershaw53.17mSt Cloud State
2.FrGrant Luer51.05mMinnesota State Mank...
3.SrMichael Robinson48.37mMinnesota State Mank...
4.JrBen Jacobson47.44mUniversity of Mary
5.JrChristopher Heil46.02mMinnesota State Moor...
6.JrTyler Velzke45.76mMinnesota State Mank...
7.SoJose Alba44.97mMinnesota State Moor...
8.JrTyler Lynch44.77mAugustana (SD)
9.SrZac Preble43.69mBemidji State
10.JrAnthony Enyi42.53mMinnesota State Moor...
11.SoBrian Leonhardt42.50mBemidji State
12.JrJon Evenson42.10mNorthern State (SD)
13.SoAaron Jung42.02mAugustana (SD)
14.SrCyrus Raivo41.38mSt Cloud State
15.JrLogan Robinson40.47mBemidji State
16.SoKyle O'Neill38.67mWayne State (NE) Col...
17.SoTad Harman38.15mUniversity of Mary
18.SoJared Thompson37.77mNorthern State (SD)
19.FrNate Thienes37.40mConcordia-St. Paul
20.SrJacob Mathiesen36.89mWayne State (NE) Col...
21.JrJohn Huber35.46mNorthern State (SD)
22.FrJordan Premus34.16mNorthern State (SD)
23.FrJohn Michelson33.77mBemidji State
24.SrJustin Franke30.91mConcordia-St. Paul
25.JrWill Lange29.78mConcordia-St. Paul
--SoGarret PetersonFOULMinnesota-Duluth
X Discus - 2kg - Decathlon - Finals
1.SrZac Preble42.68mBemidji State
2.FrTandy Juell38.08mBemidji State
3.JrLuke Bucholz37.71mMinnesota State Moor...
4.SrJohn Pimental33.03mConcordia-St. Paul
5.SoCody Diehl32.50mWayne State (NE) Col...
6.FrJacob Pohlmann31.61mAugustana (SD)
7.FrDavid Braaten30.51mSt Cloud State
8.FrJeff Mills29.23mWayne State (NE) Col...
9.SoLucas Torres28.66mMinnesota State Mank...
10.FrRobert Gunderson28.10mMinnesota State Mank...
11.SrJimmy Warmuth27.21mMinnesota-Duluth
12.JrKevin Koglin26.04mConcordia-St. Paul
13.FrAron Velde26.00mMinnesota State Moor...
14.JrBrian Bauleke24.83mBemidji State
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.JrDan Larson52.18mMinnesota-Duluth
2.FrBrent Peltz51.48mUniversity of Mary
3.SrZac Preble51.16mBemidji State
4.SrCyrus Raivo48.44mSt Cloud State
5.JrLuke Bucholz47.40mMinnesota State Moor...
6.JrJon Evenson47.04mNorthern State (SD)
7.SoNick Nellis45.68mSt Cloud State
8.FrDylan Buehler45.14mAugustana (SD)
9.SrForrest Randall44.21mMinnesota-Duluth
10.FrDavid Braaten44.02mSt Cloud State
11.SrBrock Beidleman43.92mBemidji State
12.JrBrandon Larson40.65mMinnesota State Moor...
13.FrNate Thienes40.53mConcordia-St. Paul
14.SrLance Nemec40.13mUniversity of Mary
15.JrLogan Robinson39.12mBemidji State
16.JrWill Lange36.76mConcordia-St. Paul
17.FrRobert Gunderson35.24mMinnesota State Mank...
18.SrJacob Mathiesen34.34mWayne State (NE) Col...
19.SoGarret Peterson34.30mMinnesota-Duluth
20.FrAron Velde31.85mMinnesota State Moor...
21.FrAndy Wischnewski29.54mConcordia-St. Paul
22.SoCody Diehl28.53mWayne State (NE) Col...
X Javelin - 800g - Decathlon - Finals
1.SrZac Preble54.24mBemidji State
2.JrLuke Bucholz49.10mMinnesota State Moor...
3.FrDavid Braaten49.07mSt Cloud State
4.SoCody Diehl45.61mWayne State (NE) Col...
5.SrJimmy Warmuth42.57mMinnesota-Duluth
6.SoLucas Torres42.45mMinnesota State Mank...
7.FrJacob Pohlmann40.70mAugustana (SD)
8.FrAron Velde39.82mMinnesota State Moor...
9.FrRobert Gunderson38.97mMinnesota State Mank...
10.FrTandy Juell38.93mBemidji State
11.SrJohn Pimental35.11mConcordia-St. Paul
12.JrKevin Koglin30.28mConcordia-St. Paul
13.JrBrian Bauleke28.88mBemidji State
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.JrAndrew Rose6-08.75Northern State (SD)
2.JrCalvin McGruder6-07.50Northern State (SD)
3.FrCory Sugden6-05.50Augustana (SD)
4.FrRyan Barnes6-05.50Minnesota State Moor...
5.JrTravis Kamm6-05.50Northern State (SD)
6.FrAndy Heffele6-03.50Minnesota-Duluth
7.FrJack Reisner6-03.50Minnesota State Mank...
7.SoMichael Bendix6-03.50Minnesota State Moor...
9.SrLance Nemec6-03.50University of Mary
10.FrTrevor Jellum6-03.50Minnesota-Duluth
11.JrAdedayo Ologunde6-03.50Minnesota State Mank...
12.SoPaul Wagner6-01.50Bemidji State
12.JrBlake Ridgway6-01.50Augustana (SD)
12.FrDavid Braaten6-01.50St Cloud State
15.FrJacob Pohlmann5-11.50Augustana (SD)
15.JrLuke Bucholz5-11.50Minnesota State Moor...
15.JrBrian Bauleke5-11.50Bemidji State
--SoBrent LundgrenNHMinnesota-Duluth
--FrKyle MasonNHSt Cloud State
X High Jump - Decathlon - Finals
1.JrLuke Bucholz6-04.75Minnesota State Moor...
2.SrZac Preble6-03.25Bemidji State
3.JrBrian Bauleke5-11.50Bemidji State
3.SrJohn Pimental5-11.50Concordia-St. Paul
3.FrJacob Pohlmann5-11.50Augustana (SD)
6.SrJimmy Warmuth5-10.50Minnesota-Duluth
6.SoCody Diehl5-10.50Wayne State (NE) Col...
8.FrTandy Juell5-08.00Bemidji State
8.FrDavid Braaten5-08.00St Cloud State
10.FrRobert Gunderson5-07.00Minnesota State Mank...
11.FrJeff Mills5-05.75Wayne State (NE) Col...
11.FrAron Velde5-05.75Minnesota State Moor...
13.SoLucas Torres5-04.50Minnesota State Mank...
14.JrKevin Koglin5-03.25Concordia-St. Paul
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.SoDan Novak16-03.50Minnesota State Mank...
2.SoMatt Masloski15-11.75Minnesota State Mank...
3.FrRaphy Gelo15-11.75Bemidji State
4.SrJake Alexander15-05.75University of Mary
5.SrAdam LeMay15-05.75Concordia-St. Paul
6.SrZac Preble15-05.75Bemidji State
7.SrJason Beutz15-05.75Minnesota-Duluth
8.JrNick Yenser15-00.00Minnesota State Mank...
9.SrWade Royer15-00.00Northern State (SD)
10.SrGreg Schenavar15-00.00University of Mary
11.SoWilliam Brenny14-06.00St Cloud State
12.SoAndrew Fuller14-00.00St Cloud State
12.SrJerry Jonas14-00.00Minnesota State Moor...
14.FrDavid Braaten13-06.25St Cloud State
15.FrTim Simonich13-00.25University of Mary
15.JrAndrew Chaussee13-00.25Concordia-St. Paul
15.FrTandy Juell13-00.25Bemidji State
15.SoMitch Drotts13-00.25Bemidji State
--SoCody DiehlNHWayne State (NE) Col...
--SrCody HagemanNHNorthern State (SD)
--FrJeff MillsNHWayne State (NE) Col...
---Darcy HuffmanNHAugustana (SD)
X Pole Vault - Decathlon - Finals
1.SrZac Preble14-11.00Bemidji State
2.SoCody Diehl14-07.25Wayne State (NE) Col...
3.FrDavid Braaten13-11.25St Cloud State
4.FrTandy Juell13-07.25Bemidji State
4.FrJeff Mills13-07.25Wayne State (NE) Col...
6.SoLucas Torres12-03.50Minnesota State Mank...
7.FrJacob Pohlmann11-11.75Augustana (SD)
8.JrLuke Bucholz11-07.75Minnesota State Moor...
9.SrJohn Pimental11-03.75Concordia-St. Paul
10.SrJimmy Warmuth10-08.00Minnesota-Duluth
11.JrBrian Bauleke10-04.00Bemidji State
12.JrKevin Koglin9-00.25Concordia-St. Paul
--FrRobert GundersonNHMinnesota State Mank...
--FrAron VeldeNHMinnesota State Moor...
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrJohn Pimental7.08mConcordia-St. Paul
2.FrDerek Bredy7.05mMinnesota State Moor...
3.SoDiahn Zeon6.95mConcordia-St. Paul
4.SrChris Nowlin6.88mMinnesota State Mank...
5.FrTrevor Mau6.86mNorthern State (SD)
6.FrSkyler Jackson6.66mMinnesota State Moor...
7.FrThomas Hartwell6.60mUniversity of Mary
8.JrLuke Bucholz6.58mMinnesota State Moor...
9.FrRobert Gunderson6.56mMinnesota State Mank...
10.FrAndre Moore6.46mUniversity of Mary
11.JrCalvin McGruder6.39mNorthern State (SD)
12.FrMike Amofah6.35mSt Cloud State
13.SoAustin Suther6.24mNorthern State (SD)
14.SrAdam Luckey6.17mSt Cloud State
15.JrAdedayo Ologunde6.12mMinnesota State Mank...
16.FrOssie Dukes6.07mUniversity of Mary
17.-Mike King6.05mWayne State (NE) Col...
18.FrShawn Neuberger5.95mUniversity of Mary
19.JrKevin Koglin5.68mConcordia-St. Paul
20.SoZak Kjolsing5.61mNorthern State (SD)
21.FrChris Flaten4.86mConcordia-St. Paul
X Long Jump - Decathlon - Finals
1.SrJohn Pimental7.02mConcordia-St. Paul
2.FrRobert Gunderson6.26mMinnesota State Mank...
2.JrLuke Bucholz6.26mMinnesota State Moor...
4.SoLucas Torres6.18mMinnesota State Mank...
5.SrJimmy Warmuth6.17mMinnesota-Duluth
6.SrZac Preble6.12mBemidji State
7.FrJacob Pohlmann6.06mAugustana (SD)
8.SoCody Diehl6.05mWayne State (NE) Col...
9.FrAron Velde6.04mMinnesota State Moor...
10.FrDavid Braaten5.84mSt Cloud State
11.FrTandy Juell5.77mBemidji State
12.JrKevin Koglin5.72mConcordia-St. Paul
13.FrJeff Mills5.61mWayne State (NE) Col...
14.JrBrian Bauleke5.54mBemidji State
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.JrTyler Zacher14.13mUniversity of Mary
2.SoAlex Timperley14.13mWayne State (NE) Col...
3.FrLucas Sirek14.10mWayne State (NE) Col...
4.FrAndre Moore13.97mUniversity of Mary
5.JrAdedayo Ologunde13.89mMinnesota State Mank...
6.FrDerek Bredy13.87mMinnesota State Moor...
7.JrTravis Kamm13.80mNorthern State (SD)
8.FrThomas Hartwell13.78mUniversity of Mary
9.-Travis Toepfer13.77mWayne State (NE) Col...
10.FrTrevor Mau13.51mNorthern State (SD)
11.FrLaquone Robinson13.41mMinnesota State Moor...
11.SrJohn Pimental13.41mConcordia-St. Paul
13.JrCalvin McGruder13.40mNorthern State (SD)
14.FrSkyler Jackson13.38mMinnesota State Moor...
15.SrJimmy Warmuth13.32mMinnesota-Duluth
16.FrMike Amofah13.00mSt Cloud State
17.FrTrevor Jellum12.98mMinnesota-Duluth
18.FrShawn Neuberger12.92mUniversity of Mary
19.SrChris Kotlarek12.52mConcordia-St. Paul
19.FrKyle Mason12.52mSt Cloud State
21.FrOssie Dukes12.47mUniversity of Mary
X Hammer - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.SrAdam Kershaw54.50mSt Cloud State
2.JrChristopher Heil51.68mMinnesota State Moor...
3.SrMichael Robinson50.45mMinnesota State Mank...
4.JrBen Jacobson49.36mUniversity of Mary
5.SoJose Alba49.25mMinnesota State Moor...
6.JrAnthony Enyi49.05mMinnesota State Moor...
7.SoTad Harman45.51mUniversity of Mary
8.JrLogan Robinson44.05mBemidji State
9.JrJake Strange43.73mMinnesota-Duluth
10.SrPatrick Gerdes43.56mMinnesota State Moor...
11.SrKyle Christianson43.14mBemidji State
12.SrCyrus Raivo43.05mSt Cloud State
13.JrJohn Huber42.87mNorthern State (SD)
14.SoKyle O'Neill41.69mWayne State (NE) Col...
15.SrKevin Knapp41.65mAugustana (SD)
16.JrDan Larson40.67mMinnesota-Duluth
17.FrJohn Michelson38.79mBemidji State
18.SrJustin Franke38.64mConcordia-St. Paul
19.SoJames Pudwill36.21mConcordia-St. Paul
--JrTodd DeJongFOULMinnesota State Mank...
--SrJacob MathiesenFOULWayne State (NE) Col...
X Decathlon Score - Varsity - Finals
1.SrZac Preble6957Bemidji State
2.SrJohn Pimental6151Concordia-St. Paul
3.JrLuke Bucholz6102Minnesota State Moor...
4.SoCody Diehl6057Wayne State (NE) Col...
5.FrTandy Juell6051Bemidji State
6.SoLucas Torres5828Minnesota State Mank...
7.FrDavid Braaten5588St Cloud State
8.SrJimmy Warmuth5566Minnesota-Duluth
9.FrJacob Pohlmann5311Augustana (SD)
10.FrRobert Gunderson5219Minnesota State Mank...
11.JrBrian Bauleke4865Bemidji State
12.FrAron Velde4771Minnesota State Moor...
13.JrKevin Koglin4459Concordia-St. Paul

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrBrittany Henderson11.61aMinnesota State Mank...
2.SoCaitlin Dhein11.96aWinona State
3.FrBecca Schmidt12.25aMinnesota State Mank...
4.SrMishay Weber12.33aUniversity of Mary
5.FrDanielle Jones12.41aMinnesota State Mank...
6.SoNicole Drangstveit12.58aWinona State
7.SoKristyn Nelson12.64aUniversity of Mary
8.SrMarisa Aldinger12.78aNorthern State (SD)
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.SrBrittany Henderson11.89aMinnesota State Mank...
2.FrBecca Schmidt12.15aMinnesota State Mank...
5.FrDanielle Jones12.19aMinnesota State Mank...
3.SoCaitlin Dhein12.30aWinona State
4.SrMishay Weber12.44aUniversity of Mary
6.SoNicole Drangstveit12.61aWinona State
7.SoKristyn Nelson12.69aUniversity of Mary
8.SrMarisa Aldinger12.71aNorthern State (SD)
9.SrLindsey Derby12.72aWinona State
10.SrKatie Johnson12.76aConcordia-St. Paul
11.FrKirsten Bjork12.78aMinnesota-Duluth
12.JrBobbi Jo Buyck12.79aAugustana (SD)
13.FrLindsey Fluharty12.87aNorthern State (SD)
14.JrLaura Bock12.91aMinnesota-Duluth
15.FrHeather Schmit12.92aConcordia-St. Paul
16.FrBrooke Maddox13.05aMinnesota State Moor...
17.FrJill Steinwand13.12aMinnesota State Moor...
18.FrEmily Halverson13.14aAugustana (SD)
19.SoNe'Angela Scott13.16aSt Cloud State
20.SrLaci Hettick13.16aNorthern State (SD)
21.JrMegan Quistorff13.25aSt Cloud State
22.FrAmy Havelange13.33aMinnesota State Moor...
23.SrLinnelle Clark13.34aMinnesota State Mank...
24.SoAdrianna Suttle13.62aConcordia-St. Paul
25.FrRachel Taylor13.74aConcordia-St. Paul
26.FrAshley Larva13.79aBemidji State
27.FrCiara Robinson13.95aBemidji State
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrBrittany Henderson23.98aMinnesota State Mank...
2.SoNicketa Coombs24.35aUniversity of Mary
3.JrKristen Stewart24.37aUniversity of Mary
4.JrKristi Buerkle24.65aBemidji State
5.SrKelsey Leonard24.72aMinnesota State Mank...
6.FrKelly Shaw24.80aWinona State
7.SrChristina King25.23aWayne State (NE) Col...
8.FrBecca Schmidt25.60aMinnesota State Mank...
X 200 Meters - Heptathlon - Finals
1.SrHeather Miller25.42aSt Cloud State
2.JrPaige Pollard26.44aWayne State (NE) Col...
3.SrBrianna Perry26.83aUniversity of Mary
4.JrEmily Asuncion27.51aWinona State
5.SrClaire Severson27.64aAugustana (SD)
6.SrKaitlyn Jensen27.75aWinona State
7.SrAndrea Sellers28.12aMinnesota State Mank...
8.SoMegan Olson28.26aMinnesota State Mank...
9.SoMeagan Grandgenett28.30aAugustana (SD)
10.JrAlyssa Lammers28.32aWinona State
11.JrTanya Vassar28.37aNorthern State (SD)
12.JrPearl Walker28.86aBemidji State
13.JrAngela Walhovd29.15aSt Cloud State
14.JrKaysee Nesmoe31.34aConcordia-St. Paul
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.SrBrittany Henderson24.61aMinnesota State Mank...
2.JrKristen Stewart24.76aUniversity of Mary
3.JrKristi Buerkle25.03aBemidji State
5.SoNicketa Coombs25.13aUniversity of Mary
6.SrChristina King25.17aWayne State (NE) Col...
7.FrBecca Schmidt25.29aMinnesota State Mank...
4.SrKelsey Leonard25.35aMinnesota State Mank...
8.FrKelly Shaw25.43aWinona State
9.FrDanielle Jones25.56aMinnesota State Mank...
10.SoNicole Drangstveit25.85aWinona State
11.SrKatie Johnson26.18aConcordia-St. Paul
12.FrKirsten Bjork26.35aMinnesota-Duluth
13.FrNicole Hall26.78aMinnesota State Moor...
14.JrLaura Bock26.96aMinnesota-Duluth
15.SrKelly Milkent26.99aWinona State
16.JrNacole Kiss27.10aConcordia-St. Paul
17.FrAmy Havelange27.10aMinnesota State Moor...
18.FrBrooke Maddox27.25aMinnesota State Moor...
19.FrBrittany Dohmen27.31aConcordia-St. Paul
20.FrTaylor Kosey27.33aMinnesota-Duluth
21.SrLaci Hettick27.36aNorthern State (SD)
22.JrMegan Quistorff27.39aSt Cloud State
23.FrJill Steinwand27.71aMinnesota State Moor...
24.FrTaylor Sautbine27.77aBemidji State
25.SoAdrianna Suttle27.82aConcordia-St. Paul
26.SoNe'Angela Scott28.14aSt Cloud State
27.FrCiara Robinson28.45aBemidji State
28.FrRachel Vrudny28.47aConcordia-St. Paul
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrKristi Buerkle54.99aBemidji State
2.SrKelsey Leonard55.43aMinnesota State Mank...
3.SrChristina King55.67aWayne State (NE) Col...
4.FrKelly Shaw55.84aWinona State
5.FrKendra Mooberry55.86aMinnesota State Moor...
6.SoNicketa Coombs56.90aUniversity of Mary
7.JrKristen Stewart57.09aUniversity of Mary
8.JrBeth Braun58.74aWinona State
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.SrChristina King56.65aWayne State (NE) Col...
2.JrKristi Buerkle57.00aBemidji State
5.SoNicketa Coombs57.39aUniversity of Mary
3.SrKelsey Leonard57.60aMinnesota State Mank...
6.FrKendra Mooberry57.92aMinnesota State Moor...
7.JrKristen Stewart57.93aUniversity of Mary
4.FrKelly Shaw59.02aWinona State
8.JrBeth Braun59.44aWinona State
9.SoLexi Williams59.65aMinnesota-Duluth
10.SrHeather Miller1:00.10aSt Cloud State
11.JrKristina Anderson1:00.61aMinnesota State Moor...
12.SoMaggie Demulling1:01.43aMinnesota-Duluth
13.SoDanielle Luhmann1:01.62aSt Cloud State
14.FrAmy Wulff1:01.90aMinnesota State Moor...
15.JrNacole Kiss1:02.27aConcordia-St. Paul
16.SrJennifer Bradford1:02.46aWinona State
17.FrLauren Beukelman1:02.56aMinnesota State Mank...
18.JrChelsea Hanson1:03.08aMinnesota-Duluth
19.SoAllison Henke1:03.39aAugustana (SD)
20.FrTaylor Kosey1:03.46aMinnesota-Duluth
21.SoAmy Hellickson1:03.97aMinnesota State Moor...
22.FrBrittany Dohmen1:04.60aConcordia-St. Paul
23.FrRachel Vrudny1:06.19aConcordia-St. Paul
24.JrHayley Reed1:06.28aConcordia-St. Paul
25.FrMandy Heinen1:06.88aSt Cloud State
26.FrTina Larson1:08.64aBemidji State
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrLinn Nilsson2:15.68aAugustana (SD)
2.JrMichelle SanCartier2:16.81aMinnesota-Duluth
3.SoMikayla Barondeau2:18.65aNorthern State (SD)
4.SoLeAnn Severson2:18.74aAugustana (SD)
5.FrEmilee Morehouse2:19.07aUniversity of Mary
6.JrRachel Hanzal2:19.78aMinnesota-Duluth
7.JrAnna VanWechel2:27.67aMinnesota State Moor...
X 800 Meters - Heptathlon - Finals
1.JrPaige Pollard2:21.04aWayne State (NE) Col...
2.SrHeather Miller2:26.19aSt Cloud State
3.SrBrianna Perry2:34.40aUniversity of Mary
4.JrEmily Asuncion2:38.59aWinona State
5.JrTanya Vassar2:39.66aNorthern State (SD)
6.JrPearl Walker2:40.95aBemidji State
7.SrClaire Severson2:43.88aAugustana (SD)
8.SrAndrea Sellers2:45.29aMinnesota State Mank...
9.SrKaitlyn Jensen2:45.56aWinona State
10.SoMeagan Grandgenett2:46.80aAugustana (SD)
11.JrAngela Walhovd2:55.81aSt Cloud State
12.JrAlyssa Lammers2:59.87aWinona State
13.SoMegan Olson3:15.49aMinnesota State Mank...
14.JrKaysee Nesmoe3:37.54aConcordia-St. Paul
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.SoMikayla Barondeau2:17.82aNorthern State (SD)
4.JrMichelle SanCartier2:18.17aMinnesota-Duluth
2.FrCecilie Udstuen2:19.32aAugustana (SD)
5.JrAnna VanWechel2:19.46aMinnesota State Moor...
6.JrRachel Hanzal2:21.42aMinnesota-Duluth
3.FrLinn Nilsson2:21.52aAugustana (SD)
7.SoLeAnn Severson2:21.60aAugustana (SD)
8.FrEmilee Morehouse2:21.66aUniversity of Mary
9.SrCaitlin Polgreen2:21.71aAugustana (SD)
10.SrNatalie Lyster2:22.11aMinnesota State Mank...
11.SoBrittany Moffatt2:23.21aSt Cloud State
12.SoCarolyn Wardell2:23.81aMinnesota-Duluth
13.JrToni Fritz2:25.05aNorthern State (SD)
14.JrKelsey Stensland2:25.61aWinona State
15.SrMegan Fulton2:29.52aConcordia-St. Paul
16.JrMelissa McIntosh2:30.68aWayne State (NE) Col...
17.FrAli Anderson2:31.00aWinona State
18.FrMichelle Ohman2:31.02aBemidji State
19.FrKenzie Tenter-Fox2:31.80aConcordia-St. Paul
20.SoKirsten Maras2:31.81aBemidji State
21.FrHillary Gorder2:33.90aNorthern State (SD)
22.FrJessica Brandli2:36.36aNorthern State (SD)
23.JrGenna Ironi2:39.60aBemidji State
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrMichelle SanCartier4:32.34aMinnesota-Duluth
2.SrCaitlin Polgreen4:33.22aAugustana (SD)
3.FrLinn Nilsson4:33.92aAugustana (SD)
4.JrAnna VanWechel4:34.64aMinnesota State Moor...
5.FrMelissa Agnew4:35.72aUniversity of Mary
6.FrDakota Wolf4:45.21aUniversity of Mary
7.FrMolly Kokesh4:51.24aAugustana (SD)
8.FrKy'lee Engelken4:53.59aWayne State (NE) Col...
9.JrKelsey Stensland4:58.90aWinona State
10.SoCarolyn Wardell5:01.68aMinnesota-Duluth
11.SoAndrea Neugebauer5:08.76aSt Cloud State
--FrCecilie UdstuenDNFAugustana (SD)
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.JrMichelle SanCartier4:50.12aMinnesota-Duluth
3.FrCecilie Udstuen4:50.58aAugustana (SD)
4.FrMelissa Agnew4:50.87aUniversity of Mary
2.JrAnna VanWechel4:53.51aMinnesota State Moor...
5.FrDakota Wolf4:55.69aUniversity of Mary
6.FrLinn Nilsson4:57.52aAugustana (SD)
7.SoCarolyn Wardell4:57.64aMinnesota-Duluth
8.SrCaitlin Polgreen4:57.95aAugustana (SD)
9.FrMolly Kokesh4:59.92aAugustana (SD)
10.JrKelsey Stensland5:00.68aWinona State
11.FrKy'lee Engelken5:04.72aWayne State (NE) Col...
12.SoAndrea Neugebauer5:04.81aSt Cloud State
13.FrAli Anderson5:06.31aWinona State
14.SrJenny Hoese5:08.68aMinnesota State Mank...
15.FrBrittney Olfert5:11.72aNorthern State (SD)
16.JrJen Lang5:15.71aMinnesota State Mank...
17.FrSteph Sjostrom5:19.97aWinona State
18.FrJessica Brandli5:20.49aNorthern State (SD)
19.JrGenna Ironi5:21.73aBemidji State
20.SoAlison Hougen5:27.37aBemidji State
21.FrAlyssa Tait5:31.35aMinnesota State Moor...
22.JrKatie Monahan5:36.10aConcordia-St. Paul
23.SoTatiana DeLosSantos5:38.39aWayne State (NE) Col...
24.SoJenna McCoy5:42.41aWayne State (NE) Col...
X 5000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoMorgan Place17:02.64aMinnesota-Duluth
2.FrRuna Falch17:25.92aAugustana (SD)
3.FrKyle Blakeslee17:41.32aAugustana (SD)
4.SoAli Paul17:43.94aMinnesota State Mank...
5.JrRachel Stack17:54.60aMinnesota-Duluth
6.JrWhitney Hines18:04.38aMinnesota-Duluth
7.SoIrene Kosgei18:08.80aUniversity of Mary
8.FrDakota Wolf18:10.48aUniversity of Mary
9.SrSarah Thomsen18:16.24aWayne State (NE) Col...
10.SrMegan Zavorka18:18.03aWayne State (NE) Col...
11.FrAnnie Pfiefle18:20.63aAugustana (SD)
12.JrKristen Neumiller18:26.98aUniversity of Mary
13.JrPaula Marozas18:39.12aSt Cloud State
14.SrStephanie Smith18:39.65aWinona State
15.SrJenny Hoese18:43.26aMinnesota State Mank...
16.SrJenna Southworth18:47.55aWinona State
17.FrAli Anderson19:02.15aWinona State
18.JrShelly Saksa19:11.23aBemidji State
19.FrKrystal Hughes19:14.72aNorthern State (SD)
20.JrKari Linneman19:25.73aNorthern State (SD)
21.SoAmanda Schilling19:26.27aSt Cloud State
22.SrMeagan MCConnell19:32.86aMinnesota State Mank...
23.JrRebecca Reinsma19:42.75aSt Cloud State
24.SoEmily Doty20:34.75aSt Cloud State
--JrDanielle ThompsonDNFMinnesota State Moor...
X 10,000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoMorgan Place35:27.70aMinnesota-Duluth
2.FrRuna Falch36:16.26aAugustana (SD)
3.SrMolly Clark36:21.64aAugustana (SD)
4.SrMyram Hovda36:26.25aAugustana (SD)
5.SoAli Paul36:39.53aMinnesota State Mank...
6.SoIrene Kosgei37:36.73aUniversity of Mary
7.SrAlyssa Anderson37:52.97aAugustana (SD)
8.JrKristen Neumiller37:54.99aUniversity of Mary
9.SrStephanie Smith38:13.78aWinona State
10.SrSarah Thomsen38:23.64aWayne State (NE) Col...
11.SoCourtney Rasmussen38:36.34aAugustana (SD)
12.SrJenna Southworth38:46.09aWinona State
13.JrPaula Marozas39:17.90aSt Cloud State
14.FrKayla Gudmundson39:44.32aWinona State
15.JrKari Linneman39:55.50aNorthern State (SD)
16.JrRebecca Reinsma40:13.30aSt Cloud State
17.SrMeagan MCConnell40:35.74aMinnesota State Mank...
18.FrKelsey Magnuson40:38.18aMinnesota State Mank...
19.JrTaylor Marble41:57.15aMinnesota-Duluth
20.SoJackie Rich42:38.76aSt Cloud State
21.FrKaeley Troyer45:29.56aMinnesota State Moor...
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.SrHeather Miller14.19aSt Cloud State
2.SrBrianna Perry14.45aUniversity of Mary
3.SoKristyn Nelson14.74aUniversity of Mary
4.JrBobbi Jo Buyck15.25aAugustana (SD)
5.SrAndrea Sellers15.40aMinnesota State Mank...
6.FrJessica Keesling15.40aMinnesota State Moor...
7.SrClaire Severson15.99aAugustana (SD)
8.JrPaige Pollard19.25aWayne State (NE) Col...
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Heptathlon - Finals
1.SrHeather Miller14.07aSt Cloud State
2.SrBrianna Perry14.36aUniversity of Mary
3.SoMegan Olson15.18aMinnesota State Mank...
4.JrPaige Pollard15.33aWayne State (NE) Col...
5.SrAndrea Sellers15.59aMinnesota State Mank...
6.JrEmily Asuncion15.73aWinona State
7.JrTanya Vassar15.77aNorthern State (SD)
8.JrAngela Walhovd15.91aSt Cloud State
9.SrClaire Severson15.99aAugustana (SD)
10.SoMeagan Grandgenett16.42aAugustana (SD)
11.JrAlyssa Lammers16.45aWinona State
12.SrKaitlyn Jensen16.56aWinona State
13.JrPearl Walker16.69aBemidji State
14.JrKaysee Nesmoe20.35aConcordia-St. Paul
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.SoKristyn Nelson14.96aUniversity of Mary
4.FrJessica Keesling15.17aMinnesota State Moor...
2.SrHeather Miller15.19aSt Cloud State
3.SrBrianna Perry15.27aUniversity of Mary
5.JrPaige Pollard15.41aWayne State (NE) Col...
6.JrBobbi Jo Buyck15.47aAugustana (SD)
7.SrAndrea Sellers15.58aMinnesota State Mank...
8.SrClaire Severson15.61aAugustana (SD)
9.FrMelissa Walker15.65aUniversity of Mary
10.JrAndrea Sjomeling15.76aNorthern State (SD)
11.FrTaylor Sautbine15.85aBemidji State
12.JrAngela Walhovd15.86aSt Cloud State
13.SoMeagan Grandgenett16.06aAugustana (SD)
14.FrAshley Salwey16.07aUniversity of Mary
15.FrRebecca Lee16.18aMinnesota-Duluth
16.SrKatie Hopper16.53aMinnesota State Mank...
17.FrAshley Larva17.11aBemidji State
18.JrPearl Walker17.30aBemidji State
19.JrEmily Asuncion17.62aWinona State
20.SoMegan Olson20.31aMinnesota State Mank...
X 400m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.JrPaige Pollard1:02.18aWayne State (NE) Col...
2.JrAmanda Sunnarborg1:05.00aMinnesota-Duluth
3.FrAshley Berg1:05.52aMinnesota State Moor...
4.JrAndrea Sjomeling1:05.62aNorthern State (SD)
5.FrAnnie Dahl1:06.74aMinnesota State Mank...
6.FrJill Schaefer1:07.22aNorthern State (SD)
7.FrCatie Bettendorf1:07.47aMinnesota-Duluth
8.SoMegan Erspamer1:10.85aAugustana (SD)
X 400m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Prelims
1.JrPaige Pollard1:03.04aWayne State (NE) Col...
2.JrAmanda Sunnarborg1:06.64aMinnesota-Duluth
3.FrAshley Berg1:07.17aMinnesota State Moor...
4.JrAndrea Sjomeling1:07.43aNorthern State (SD)
5.SoMegan Erspamer1:08.36aAugustana (SD)
6.FrAnnie Dahl1:08.47aMinnesota State Mank...
7.FrJill Schaefer1:08.90aNorthern State (SD)
8.FrCatie Bettendorf1:08.99aMinnesota-Duluth
9.FrJessica Keesling1:10.02aMinnesota State Moor...
10.SrAria Walker1:11.02aMinnesota State Mank...
11.JrPearl Walker1:11.44aBemidji State
12.FrRachel Biederman1:11.51aAugustana (SD)
13.SoMeagan Grandgenett1:12.14aAugustana (SD)
14.FrBrietta Clementson1:15.17aMinnesota-Duluth
X 3k Steeplechase - Varsity - Finals
1.FrKyle Blakeslee10:43.14aAugustana (SD)
2.JrDanielle Thompson11:01.67aMinnesota State Moor...
3.SoMikayla Barondeau11:02.37aNorthern State (SD)
4.JrWhitney Hines11:04.25aMinnesota-Duluth
5.SrMegan Zavorka11:14.15aWayne State (NE) Col...
6.SrMyram Hovda11:16.64aAugustana (SD)
7.FrJennifer Agnew11:21.05aUniversity of Mary
8.FrMegan Snyder11:26.46aWinona State
9.JrBridget Hines11:29.62aMinnesota-Duluth
10.SrSamantha Smith11:33.30aMinnesota-Duluth
11.SrAmanda Dettman11:44.32aMinnesota State Mank...
--SrSandra JamesDNFConcordia-St. Paul
--SrMolly ClarkDNFAugustana (SD)
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kristyn Nelson
Nicketa Coombs
Brianna Perry
Kristen Stewart
46.93aUniversity of Mary
2.-Linnelle Clark
Becca Schmidt
Kelsey Leonard
Brittany Henderson
46.96aMinnesota State Mank...
3.-Kelly Milkent
Nicole Drangstveit
Lindsey Derby
Caitlin Dhein
48.70aWinona State
4.-Jessica Keesling
Kendra Mooberry
Ashley Berg
Kristina Anderson
49.18aMinnesota State Moor...
5.-Kirsten Bjork
Laura Bock
Maggie Demulling
Lexi Williams
6.-Relay Team 49.86aConcordia-St. Paul
7.-Meagan Grandgenett
Claire Severson
Emily Halverson
Bobbi Jo Buyck
50.43aAugustana (SD)
8.-Ne'Angela Scott
Megan Quistorff
Amanda Eggebrecht
Danielle Luhmann
50.76aSt Cloud State
9.-Lindsey Fluharty
Marisa Aldinger
Laci Hettick
Emily Fritz
51.62aNorthern State (SD)
---Kristi Buerkle
Ashley Larva
Taylor Sautbine
Pearl Walker
DQBemidji State
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kelly Milkent
Beth Braun
Brittany Rynda
Kelly Shaw
3:52.01aWinona State
2.-Kirby Black
Kristina Anderson
Ashley Berg
Kendra Mooberry
3:54.71aMinnesota State Moor...
3.-Kristen Stewart
Brandee DeVine
Megan Jenkins
Nicketa Coombs
3:55.61aUniversity of Mary
4.-Relay Team 3:59.20aMinnesota State Mank...
5.-Megan Quistorff
Danielle Luhmann
Amanda Eggebrecht
Heather Miller
3:59.48aSt Cloud State
6.-Relay Team 4:00.66aMinnesota-Duluth
7.-Christina King
Melissa McIntosh
Paige Pollard
Ky'lee Engelken
4:03.45aWayne State (NE) Col...
8.-Kristi Buerkle
Genna Ironi
Kirsten Maras
Michelle Ohman
4:03.74aBemidji State
9.-Relay Team 4:06.12aConcordia-St. Paul
10.-Andrea Sjomeling
Emily Fritz
Toni Fritz
Jill Schaefer
4:07.32aNorthern State (SD)
---Relay Team DNFAugustana (SD)
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.SoMelodi Boke45-02.25Northern State (SD)
2.JrRebecca Stier45-00.25Winona State
3.SrAmanda Madden43-10.50Northern State (SD)
4.SrChelsey Brown43-02.50Winona State
5.FrMary Theisen43-02.50Winona State
6.SoLachel Milander43-01.00Wayne State (NE) Col...
7.JrElizabeth Crane43-00.50Minnesota-Duluth
8.FrShanai Guider40-10.25Winona State
9.FrMeghan Paul40-02.75Northern State (SD)
10.FrKristen Nielsen39-10.00Augustana (SD)
11.FrAmanda Mohs39-07.75Minnesota State Moor...
12.JrKaysee Nesmoe39-04.50Concordia-St. Paul
13.SoRachel Christansen38-09.00Augustana (SD)
14.FrHeather Schultz38-02.00Minnesota State Moor...
15.SrAmelia Schaller37-07.25Minnesota State Mank...
16.SoLindsay Conroy36-05.00St Cloud State
17.JrLibby Fandry35-09.50Minnesota-Duluth
18.FrJatonna Freeman-Andrews35-08.00Concordia-St. Paul
19.FrAudom Hathaway34-01.50Minnesota State Mank...
20.SoMallory Skoff33-06.00Minnesota-Duluth
20.SoBritt Bickert33-06.00Concordia-St. Paul
22.FrMallory Stier33-04.75Minnesota State Moor...
--FrChristina MedeirosFOULUniversity of Mary
--JrNoel BenteleFOULAugustana (SD)
--JrBrita JohnsonFOULMinnesota State Mank...
X Shot Put - 4kg - Heptathlon - Finals
1.JrKaysee Nesmoe40-02.75Concordia-St. Paul
2.JrTanya Vassar34-07.50Northern State (SD)
3.JrAngela Walhovd33-10.25St Cloud State
4.SrKaitlyn Jensen33-02.50Winona State
5.SoMeagan Grandgenett32-00.00Augustana (SD)
6.JrPaige Pollard31-10.00Wayne State (NE) Col...
7.SrHeather Miller31-06.00St Cloud State
8.SrClaire Severson31-04.75Augustana (SD)
9.SrBrianna Perry30-07.50University of Mary
10.SrAndrea Sellers26-11.00Minnesota State Mank...
11.SoMegan Olson26-07.75Minnesota State Mank...
12.JrPearl Walker25-10.25Bemidji State
13.JrAlyssa Lammers25-05.25Winona State
14.JrEmily Asuncion21-09.50Winona State
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.FrMary Theisen45.99mWinona State
2.FrShanai Guider45.25mWinona State
3.JrRebecca Stier43.90mWinona State
4.SrAmanda Madden41.22mNorthern State (SD)
5.SrJenna Bickel40.94mWinona State
6.FrYvonne Freese40.37mNorthern State (SD)
7.SoRachel Christansen39.22mAugustana (SD)
8.SrAmelia Schaller38.86mMinnesota State Mank...
9.SoMallory Skoff37.97mMinnesota-Duluth
10.FrAmanda Mohs37.22mMinnesota State Moor...
11.SrKatie Smith35.97mNorthern State (SD)
12.FrKristen Nielsen35.78mAugustana (SD)
13.FrAudom Hathaway35.70mMinnesota State Mank...
14.FrJodi Nordquist35.69mWayne State (NE) Col...
15.JrJasmine Henrichs35.16mMinnesota State Moor...
16.FrKrystal Lacey34.50mNorthern State (SD)
17.JrKaysee Nesmoe34.02mConcordia-St. Paul
18.SoLindsay Conroy32.77mSt Cloud State
19.JrElizabeth Crane32.70mMinnesota-Duluth
20.FrHeather Schultz32.57mMinnesota State Moor...
21.FrMallory Stier32.15mMinnesota State Moor...
22.JrBrita Johnson31.92mMinnesota State Mank...
23.FrLenora Wilson31.24mMinnesota State Mank...
24.SoMegan Stroh30.84mMinnesota-Duluth
25.JrLibby Fandry30.46mMinnesota-Duluth
--FrChristina MedeirosFOULUniversity of Mary
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.JrLauren Brown42.46mWinona State
2.JrHolly Hassler39.06mUniversity of Mary
3.JrKrystle Lonning37.15mWinona State
4.SrChelsea Preble34.62mBemidji State
5.SrAndrea Sellers33.82mMinnesota State Mank...
6.FrBritlyn Sturlaugson33.56mNorthern State (SD)
7.JrLaura Kohtala32.98mMinnesota State Moor...
8.SrKaitlyn Jensen32.76mWinona State
9.JrAngela Walhovd32.50mSt Cloud State
10.FrKrystal Lacey30.48mNorthern State (SD)
11.SoRachel Christansen29.92mAugustana (SD)
12.JrKaysee Nesmoe29.50mConcordia-St. Paul
13.FrKim Anderson29.33mNorthern State (SD)
14.SrMelissa Jackson28.39mAugustana (SD)
15.JrTanya Vassar28.37mNorthern State (SD)
16.SoBritt Bickert27.77mConcordia-St. Paul
17.FrJatonna Freeman-Andrews25.05mConcordia-St. Paul
18.FrKari Novtony23.68mMinnesota-Duluth
19.FrAmanda Mohs22.04mMinnesota State Moor...
20.SoBrianne Hofstetter19.32mWayne State (NE) Col...
21.JrLibby Fandry18.53mMinnesota-Duluth
X Javelin - 600g - Heptathlon - Finals
1.JrTanya Vassar37.23mNorthern State (SD)
2.JrKaysee Nesmoe32.64mConcordia-St. Paul
3.SrAndrea Sellers31.56mMinnesota State Mank...
4.SrHeather Miller30.37mSt Cloud State
5.SrKaitlyn Jensen29.08mWinona State
6.JrAngela Walhovd28.97mSt Cloud State
7.SrClaire Severson28.33mAugustana (SD)
8.JrPaige Pollard27.40mWayne State (NE) Col...
9.SoMeagan Grandgenett25.74mAugustana (SD)
10.SrBrianna Perry24.45mUniversity of Mary
11.JrEmily Asuncion23.15mWinona State
12.JrPearl Walker21.10mBemidji State
13.SoMegan Olson19.93mMinnesota State Mank...
14.JrAlyssa Lammers15.00mWinona State
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoDanielle Luhmann5-06.00St Cloud State
2.SrBrianna Perry5-04.25University of Mary
3.SoBrittany Beehler5-04.25University of Mary
4.SoKarissa Pepin5-02.25Augustana (SD)
5.FrSavannah Wakeley5-02.25Wayne State (NE) Col...
6.FrKayla Kapsner5-02.25Minnesota State Moor...
6.SrAndrea Sellers5-02.25Minnesota State Mank...
8.JrAlyssa Lammers5-02.25Winona State
9.JrTanya Vassar5-02.25Northern State (SD)
10.SoNichelle Rubash5-00.25St Cloud State
10.JrAngela Walhovd5-00.25St Cloud State
10.JrAshley Hagen5-00.25Minnesota State Moor...
10.JrKale Johnson5-00.25Winona State
14.FrMoriah Miller5-00.25Minnesota State Mank...
15.SoCourtney Johnson4-10.25Winona State
16.JrHayley Reed4-10.25Concordia-St. Paul
17.JrAshley Reitz4-10.25Minnesota State Moor...
--FrKendra CobbNHBemidji State
X High Jump - Heptathlon - Finals
1.SrHeather Miller5-03.75St Cloud State
2.SrAndrea Sellers5-02.50Minnesota State Mank...
2.SrBrianna Perry5-02.50University of Mary
4.JrAlyssa Lammers5-01.25Winona State
4.JrAngela Walhovd5-01.25St Cloud State
4.JrPaige Pollard5-01.25Wayne State (NE) Col...
4.JrTanya Vassar5-01.25Northern State (SD)
8.SrKaitlyn Jensen4-09.75Winona State
9.SoMeagan Grandgenett4-08.75Augustana (SD)
9.SoMegan Olson4-08.75Minnesota State Mank...
11.JrEmily Asuncion4-06.25Winona State
12.JrKaysee Nesmoe4-05.00Concordia-St. Paul
12.JrPearl Walker4-05.00Bemidji State
14.SrClaire Severson4-04.00Augustana (SD)
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.JrLauren Stelten12-06.00Minnesota State Mank...
2.JrMiranda Fehilly12-00.00University of Mary
3.SrJayme Wyss11-00.25Concordia-St. Paul
3.SrWhitney Kroschel11-00.25Minnesota State Mank...
5.JrKaylyn Ronke11-00.25Minnesota State Moor...
5.FrKari Novtony11-00.25Minnesota-Duluth
7.JrKacia Erickson10-06.25Augustana (SD)
8.SoAlyssa McCarthy10-06.25Winona State
8.FrLaura Schuneman10-06.25Minnesota State Mank...
10.SoLisa Stocker10-06.25Minnesota State Mank...
11.SrKatie MacRae10-00.50Minnesota State Moor...
11.SrNicole Ackerman10-00.50University of Mary
11.JrMaria Bellinger10-00.50Minnesota-Duluth
11.FrHollie Bloom10-00.50Augustana (SD)
11.FrCalley Worth10-00.50Northern State (SD)
16.FrTheresa Knapp9-06.50Northern State (SD)
16.JrTanya Vassar9-06.50Northern State (SD)
--JrNikki MartellNHMinnesota-Duluth
--SrGina EbnetNHMinnesota-Duluth
--FrKendra CobbNHBemidji State
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrHeather Miller5.65mSt Cloud State
2.FrMelissa Walker5.64mUniversity of Mary
3.JrKirby Black5.48mMinnesota State Moor...
4.SrBrianna Perry5.47mUniversity of Mary
5.JrBobbi Jo Buyck5.43mAugustana (SD)
6.JrAlyssa Lammers5.24mWinona State
7.SrKatie Johnson5.19mConcordia-St. Paul
8.FrTaylor Farella5.17mUniversity of Mary
9.FrChristina Erickson5.12mMinnesota State Mank...
9.SoBrittany Beehler5.12mUniversity of Mary
11.FrSamantha Williams5.09mUniversity of Mary
12.SrMarisa Aldinger5.05mNorthern State (SD)
13.SoKersten Hanson5.04mMinnesota State Mank...
14.JrEmily Asuncion5.02mWinona State
15.SoMegan Olson5.01mMinnesota State Mank...
16.JrLaura Schmitz4.88mMinnesota-Duluth
17.SoCarissa Hotovy4.85mAugustana (SD)
18.SoBrianne Hofstetter4.84mWayne State (NE) Col...
19.FrBrooke Maddox4.83mMinnesota State Moor...
20.SoMeagan Grandgenett4.82mAugustana (SD)
21.FrHeather Schmit4.67mConcordia-St. Paul
22.JrCaitlin Laudon4.53mMinnesota-Duluth
23.FrShayla Wrage4.47mWayne State (NE) Col...
24.FrMegan Dias4.44mWayne State (NE) Col...
X Long Jump - Heptathlon - Finals
1.SrHeather Miller5.70mSt Cloud State
2.SrBrianna Perry5.29mUniversity of Mary
3.JrAlyssa Lammers5.18mWinona State
4.JrTanya Vassar5.04mNorthern State (SD)
5.JrPaige Pollard5.02mWayne State (NE) Col...
6.SrAndrea Sellers5.01mMinnesota State Mank...
7.JrEmily Asuncion5.00mWinona State
8.SoMegan Olson4.90mMinnesota State Mank...
9.SoMeagan Grandgenett4.76mAugustana (SD)
10.SrKaitlyn Jensen4.75mWinona State
11.JrAngela Walhovd4.71mSt Cloud State
12.SrClaire Severson4.49mAugustana (SD)
13.JrPearl Walker4.27mBemidji State
14.JrKaysee Nesmoe4.22mConcordia-St. Paul
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrHeather Miller12.12mSt Cloud State
2.FrSamantha Williams11.70mUniversity of Mary
3.SrBrianna Perry11.68mUniversity of Mary
4.FrMelissa Walker11.67mUniversity of Mary
5.SrKatie Johnson11.62mConcordia-St. Paul
6.JrKirby Black11.42mMinnesota State Moor...
7.FrBrittany Rynda11.34mWinona State
8.JrBobbi Jo Buyck10.84mAugustana (SD)
9.FrMegan Dias10.81mWayne State (NE) Col...
10.SoBrianne Hofstetter10.68mWayne State (NE) Col...
11.SoKersten Hanson10.65mMinnesota State Mank...
12.JrEmily Asuncion10.64mWinona State
13.SoVanessa Friestad10.60mUniversity of Mary
14.JrLaura Schmitz10.57mMinnesota-Duluth
15.JrCaitlin Laudon10.51mMinnesota-Duluth
16.JrKale Johnson10.47mWinona State
17.FrHillary Gorder10.46mNorthern State (SD)
18.SoKarissa Pepin10.33mAugustana (SD)
19.FrChristina Erickson10.32mMinnesota State Mank...
20.FrMoriah Miller9.95mMinnesota State Mank...
21.FrRebecca Lee9.94mMinnesota-Duluth
X Hammer - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.SrAmanda Madden54.55mNorthern State (SD)
2.SoJenny Schuler52.21mWinona State
3.JrNoel Bentele49.16mAugustana (SD)
4.JrRebecca Stier48.12mWinona State
5.SoMegan Stroh47.95mMinnesota-Duluth
6.JrKrystle Lonning46.11mWinona State
7.SrAmelia Schaller45.79mMinnesota State Mank...
8.JrKaysee Nesmoe45.53mConcordia-St. Paul
9.SoTessa Olson45.38mMinnesota-Duluth
10.SrChelsey Brown44.68mWinona State
11.SrMissy Graber-Kelsey44.22mBemidji State
12.FrMegan Elliott44.08mWinona State
13.SoRachel Christansen43.50mAugustana (SD)
14.SrKatie Smith42.46mNorthern State (SD)
15.JrElizabeth Crane39.97mMinnesota-Duluth
16.JrBrita Johnson39.84mMinnesota State Mank...
17.SoMallory Skoff38.79mMinnesota-Duluth
18.FrHeather Schultz38.73mMinnesota State Moor...
19.SoLindsay Conroy38.68mSt Cloud State
20.FrAmanda Mohs37.27mMinnesota State Moor...
21.FrChristina Medeiros35.28mUniversity of Mary
22.SrMichelle Jetvig34.21mMinnesota State Moor...
23.FrAmber Johnson33.86mWayne State (NE) Col...
24.FrSamantha Berge32.78mMinnesota State Mank...
25.FrJatonna Freeman-Andrews28.49mConcordia-St. Paul
--FrKristen NielsenFOULAugustana (SD)
--FrMallory StierFOULMinnesota State Moor...
--SoLachel MilanderFOULWayne State (NE) Col...
X Heptathlon Score - Varsity - Finals
1.SrHeather Miller5063St Cloud State
2.JrPaige Pollard4558Wayne State (NE) Col...
3.SrBrianna Perry4515University of Mary
4.JrTanya Vassar4361Northern State (SD)
5.SrAndrea Sellers4104Minnesota State Mank...
6.SrKaitlyn Jensen3885Winona State
7.JrAngela Walhovd3851St Cloud State
8.SoMeagan Grandgenett3727Augustana (SD)
9.JrEmily Asuncion3717Winona State
10.SrClaire Severson3704Augustana (SD)
11.JrAlyssa Lammers3510Winona State
12.SoMegan Olson3445Minnesota State Mank...
13.JrPearl Walker3291Bemidji State
14.JrKaysee Nesmoe2787Concordia-St. Paul
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