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Catholic League AB Championships

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ladywood HS, Livonia

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Pedro Delgado11.30aBrother Rice      
2.11Jake Spuller11.32aDetroit Catholic Cen...      
3.11William Riga11.36aDetroit Catholic Cen...      
4.10Kimani Elliot11.63aOrchard Lake St. Mar...      
5.12Demere Asmar11.66aWarren DeLaSalle      
6.10Sean Lee11.83aDetroit U-D Jesuit      
7.11Nick Dunn11.85aBrother Rice      
8.10David Hughes12.22aDetroit U-D Jesuit      
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11William Riga11.39aDetroit Catholic Cen...      
2.11Jake Spuller11.52aDetroit Catholic Cen...      
3.12Demere Asmar11.54aWarren DeLaSalle      
5.10Sean Lee11.55aDetroit U-D Jesuit      
4.12Pedro Delgado11.56aBrother Rice      
7.10Kimani Elliot11.56aOrchard Lake St. Mar...      
6.11Nick Dunn11.68aBrother Rice      
9.11Connor Hart11.76aBrother Rice      
10.11Jackson Elliot11.83aDetroit Catholic Cen...      
8.10David Hughes11.99aDetroit U-D Jesuit      
11.12Curtis Clemons12.06aWarren DeLaSalle      
12.12Brian Nguyen12.16aDearborn Divine Child      
13.12Andrew Lyng12.51aPontiac Notre Dame P...      
11John BudionganDNSBrother Rice      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Pedro Delgado22.76aBrother Rice      
2.11Jake Spuller23.16aDetroit Catholic Cen...      
3.11William Riga23.27aDetroit Catholic Cen...      
4.11Dominic Salinas23.84aDetroit Catholic Cen...      
5.11Brendan Barkume23.85aWarren DeLaSalle      
6.11Nick Dunn24.29aBrother Rice      
7.9Christian Martain24.50aDearborn Divine Child      
10Blaine HutchesonDNSDearborn Divine Child      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11William Riga23.08aDetroit Catholic Cen...      
3.12Pedro Delgado23.18aBrother Rice      
5.11Dominic Salinas23.41aDetroit Catholic Cen...      
2.11Jake Spuller23.83aDetroit Catholic Cen...      
4.10Blaine Hutcheson23.98aDearborn Divine Child      
6.11Nick Dunn24.04aBrother Rice      
7.11Brendan Barkume24.06aWarren DeLaSalle      
8.9Christian Martain24.14aDearborn Divine Child      
9.9Angelo Johnson24.21aDearborn Divine Child      
10.11Tor Vinson24.30aDetroit U-D Jesuit      
11.10Derek Thornton24.33aWarren DeLaSalle      
12.11Randall Hamlin24.36aDetroit Catholic Cen...      
13.12Andrew Lyng25.63aPontiac Notre Dame P...      
12Brian NguyenDNSDearborn Divine Child      
10Chris GervinDNSOrchard Lake St. Mar...      
12Steven IvanicsDNSDearborn Divine Child      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Spencer Hall50.84aDetroit Catholic Cen...      
2.12Anthony Deblasi52.11aBrother Rice      
3.11Ryan Majsak52.23aDetroit Catholic Cen...      
4.10Blaine Hutcheson52.26aDearborn Divine Child      
5.12Steve Pyzik53.19aDetroit Catholic Cen...      
6.11Tor Vinson53.28aDetroit U-D Jesuit      
7.12Jonathan Paruk53.52aWarren DeLaSalle      
8.9Clift Roach53.90aDetroit U-D Jesuit      
9.10Zach McClain55.21aWarren DeLaSalle      
10.9Justin Flynn55.65aBrother Rice      
11.10John Ireland1:04.96aPontiac Notre Dame P...      
10Adam GorskiDNSBrother Rice      
11Austin HeinemannDNSOrchard Lake St. Mar...      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Wills Fattore2:01.78aDetroit U-D Jesuit      
2.10Joshua Carolin2:02.66aDetroit Catholic Cen...      
3.12Mike Roualet2:03.24aBrother Rice      
4.11Jordan Baginski2:04.77aPontiac Notre Dame P...      
4.10Austin Crutchfield2:04.77aOrchard Lake St. Mar...      
5.10Matthew Mangulaban2:05.14aDearborn Divine Child      
6.12Viktor Puskorius2:05.24aDetroit Catholic Cen...      
7.12Brendan Tamm2:05.66aBrother Rice      
8.12Alex Stoick2:08.30aOrchard Lake St. Mar...      
9.11John Walawender2:08.82aDetroit U-D Jesuit      
10.9John Fenech2:10.82aDearborn Divine Child      
11.10Scott Ratkowski2:11.34aWarren DeLaSalle      
12.10Michael Gutierrez2:11.39aDearborn Divine Child      
14.9Mark Juriga2:18.19aPontiac Notre Dame P...      
15.11Steven Senko2:19.01aWarren DeLaSalle      
12Joseph LunghamerDNSBrother Rice      
-Grace AlliDNSDetroit Catholic Cen...      
9Torin WileDNSBrother Rice      
11Austin ZebrowskiDNSDetroit Catholic Cen...      
11John-Paul ZebrowskiDNSDetroit Catholic Cen...      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Christopher Burns4:31.78aPontiac Notre Dame P...      
2.11Mackenzie Boyd4:36.10aDetroit Catholic Cen...      
3.11Austin Zebrowski4:38.00aDetroit Catholic Cen...      
4.10Ryan Boyd4:41.05aDetroit Catholic Cen...      
5.9Torin Wile4:42.64aBrother Rice      
6.11Garrett Bixler4:44.02aBrother Rice      
7.9Jack Dolan4:48.10aDetroit U-D Jesuit      
8.12Aaron Moore4:53.06aDearborn Divine Child      
9.12Mike Roualet4:53.39aBrother Rice      
10.12Connor Jessup4:55.55aBrother Rice      
11.9Ray Bauer4:56.53aDetroit U-D Jesuit      
12.11Jared Lahiff4:56.76aOrchard Lake St. Mar...      
13.12John Lietz5:00.30aDearborn Divine Child      
14.9Kevin Smith5:07.83aWarren DeLaSalle      
15.-Luke Ross5:37.39aWarren DeLaSalle      
10Matthew MangulabanDNSDearborn Divine Child      
10Adam SavatDNSDearborn Divine Child      
9Troy KauffmanDNSPontiac Notre Dame P...      
12Ricardo GalindoDNSDetroit Catholic Cen...      
11John-Paul ZebrowskiDNSDetroit Catholic Cen...      
11Andrew Garcia-GarrisonDNSDetroit Catholic Cen...      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Christopher Burns9:37.94aPontiac Notre Dame P...      
2.11Andrew Garcia-Garrison9:50.64aDetroit Catholic Cen...      
3.10Nicholas Soter10:07.53aDearborn Divine Child      
4.10Thomas Girardot10:11.21aBrother Rice      
5.10Stephen Fabian10:20.25aDetroit U-D Jesuit      
6.12Christopher Lopez10:21.38aDearborn Divine Child      
7.10Isaac Piepszowski10:44.29aDetroit U-D Jesuit      
8.9Griffin Miller10:46.75aDearborn Divine Child      
9.11Mike Franklin10:52.48aBrother Rice      
10.11Brett Kramer11:17.50aPontiac Notre Dame P...      
11.11Jonathan Szpytman11:32.11aDearborn Divine Child      
12Connor WalbyDNSBrother Rice      
12Jacob BurtDNSOrchard Lake St. Mar...      
11Mackenzie BoydDNSDetroit Catholic Cen...      
11Austin ZebrowskiDNSDetroit Catholic Cen...      
11John-Paul ZebrowskiDNSDetroit Catholic Cen...      
12Ricardo GalindoDNSDetroit Catholic Cen...      
11Jared LahiffDNSOrchard Lake St. Mar...      
12Mike RoualetDNSBrother Rice      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Steven Ivanics14.98aDearborn Divine Child      
2.12Alex Guyon14.99aWarren DeLaSalle      
3.12Joshua Kyles16.11aDetroit Catholic Cen...      
4.12Andrew Campbell16.23aDetroit Catholic Cen...      
5.11Lloyd Webb16.84aDearborn Divine Child      
6.11Antonio Cosenza17.00aDearborn Divine Child      
7.12Tyrel Hamilton18.18aBrother Rice      
8.11Matt Ogren20.51aBrother Rice      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Steven Ivanics15.44aDearborn Divine Child      
3.12Joshua Kyles16.30aDetroit Catholic Cen...      
2.12Alex Guyon16.33aWarren DeLaSalle      
4.12Andrew Campbell16.38aDetroit Catholic Cen...      
5.12Tyrel Hamilton16.88aBrother Rice      
6.11Lloyd Webb16.91aDearborn Divine Child      
7.11Matt Ogren16.94aBrother Rice      
8.11Antonio Cosenza16.99aDearborn Divine Child      
9.10Kahlil DuPerry17.03aBrother Rice      
10.12Christian Vlachos17.62aBrother Rice      
11.9Anthony Tilllman17.84aWarren DeLaSalle      
12.12Chris Vucinaj18.11aOrchard Lake St. Mar...      
13.12Eric Rocheleau19.18aDearborn Divine Child      
10Kyle KirklandDNSDetroit U-D Jesuit      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Andrew Campbell42.52aDetroit Catholic Cen...      
2.9Jack Malinowski42.83aDetroit Catholic Cen...      
3.12Steven Ivanics43.35aDearborn Divine Child      
4.11Tyler Brown43.56aDetroit Catholic Cen...      
5.11Max Gilles44.06aPontiac Notre Dame P...      
6.11Antonio Cosenza44.33aDearborn Divine Child      
7.12Tyrel Hamilton44.90aBrother Rice      
8.10Kyle Kirkland45.29aDetroit U-D Jesuit      
9.11Lloyd Webb45.30aDearborn Divine Child      
10.12Luke Orzech45.94aOrchard Lake St. Mar...      
11.12Alex Guyon46.26aWarren DeLaSalle      
12.12Chris Vucinaj46.80aOrchard Lake St. Mar...      
13.12Ryan Yanik46.91aPontiac Notre Dame P...      
14.11Joey Schoenherr47.19aWarren DeLaSalle      
15.12Eric Rocheleau47.59aDearborn Divine Child      
16.12Christian Vlachos47.60aBrother Rice      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 43.10aDetroit Catholic Cen...      
2.-Relay Team 43.60aBrother Rice      
3.-Relay Team 45.01aWarren DeLaSalle      
4.-Relay Team 45.34aOrchard Lake St. Mar...      
5.-Relay Team 46.80aDetroit U-D Jesuit      
6.-Matthew Swazer
Andrew Lyng
Max Gilles
John Ireland
48.11aPontiac Notre Dame P...      
-Relay Team DQDearborn Divine Child      
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:29.40aDetroit Catholic Cen...      
2.-Relay Team 1:30.39aBrother Rice      
3.-Relay Team 1:35.17aWarren DeLaSalle      
4.-Relay Team 1:35.74aDearborn Divine Child      
5.-Relay Team 1:36.53aOrchard Lake St. Mar...      
6.-Relay Team 1:40.39aDetroit U-D Jesuit      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:31.18aDetroit Catholic Cen...      
2.-Relay Team 3:34.00aDetroit U-D Jesuit      
3.-Relay Team 3:37.34aDearborn Divine Child      
4.-Relay Team 3:37.73aBrother Rice      
5.-Matthew Swazer
Jordan Baginski
John Ireland
Max Gilles
3:38.55aPontiac Notre Dame P...      
6.-Relay Team 3:46.97aWarren DeLaSalle      
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 8:08.16aBrother Rice      
2.-Relay Team 8:11.81aDetroit Catholic Cen...      
3.-Relay Team 8:33.73aDearborn Divine Child      
4.-Max Gilles
Troy Kauffman
Mark Juriga
Jordan Baginski
8:45.93aPontiac Notre Dame P...      
5.-Relay Team 8:55.38aWarren DeLaSalle      
-Relay Team DNSDetroit U-D Jesuit      
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Sean Grisan51-02.00Brother Rice      
2.12Jeff Sherman49-03.00Detroit Catholic Cen...      
3.11George Darany49-01.75Detroit Catholic Cen...      
4.12Kyle Kabacinski47-07.25Dearborn Divine Child      
5.12Mike Padula47-04.00Orchard Lake St. Mar...      
6.11Levi Richards47-00.00Brother Rice      
7.10Matthew Godin45-06.50Detroit Catholic Cen...      
8.12Lanni Norris44-00.50Brother Rice      
9.12Keith Jones43-07.50Detroit U-D Jesuit      
10.10Dylan Anderson43-06.75Detroit Catholic Cen...      
11.12John Kure42-07.00Brother Rice      
12.12Tomasz Grzesiak42-05.00Warren DeLaSalle      
13.11Cortez Riley41-10.25Orchard Lake St. Mar...      
14.12Cam Davis41-08.00Detroit U-D Jesuit      
15.11David Bussiere39-07.75Warren DeLaSalle      
16.12John Pasko36-04.00Pontiac Notre Dame P...      
17.12Andrew Grozenski36-02.00Dearborn Divine Child      
18.12Ray Leduc34-03.50Pontiac Notre Dame P...      
11John ManchellDNSDearborn Divine Child      
12Jeff ShermanDNSDetroit Catholic Cen...      
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Michael Still160-02Detroit Catholic Cen...      
2.12Dylan Young150-07Detroit Catholic Cen...      
3.10Matthew Godin148-11Detroit Catholic Cen...      
4.12Kyle Kabacinski139-04Dearborn Divine Child      
5.11George Darany139-01Detroit Catholic Cen...      
6.11Levi Richards138-09Brother Rice      
7.12Sean Grisan133-11Brother Rice      
8.11Justin D'Agostino131-11Detroit Catholic Cen...      
9.11Stone Monarch130-01Detroit Catholic Cen...      
10.11David Bussiere124-08Warren DeLaSalle      
11.12Ray Leduc123-05Pontiac Notre Dame P...      
12.12Jake Cherroci121-05Brother Rice      
13.10Perry Edgell117-05Dearborn Divine Child      
14.12John Pasko114-08Pontiac Notre Dame P...      
15.11Joe Koch106-10Detroit U-D Jesuit      
16.12Cam Davis106-03Detroit U-D Jesuit      
17.12Nicholas Popiel105-05Dearborn Divine Child      
18.11Nicholas Padula103-04Orchard Lake St. Mar...      
19.12John Rybski88-02Orchard Lake St. Mar...      
12Tomasz GrzesiakFOULWarren DeLaSalle      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Michael Shearon6-03.00Detroit Catholic Cen...      
2.10Jared McNair5-10.00Detroit U-D Jesuit      
2.12Alex Guyon5-10.00Warren DeLaSalle      
4.9Jack Malinowski5-07.00Detroit Catholic Cen...      
4.12Adam Lewan5-07.00Brother Rice      
6.12Alex Stoick5-07.00Orchard Lake St. Mar...      
7.9Grant Veach5-07.00Dearborn Divine Child      
7.12Eric Rocheleau5-07.00Dearborn Divine Child      
7.11Layvon Suell5-07.00Warren DeLaSalle      
10Brandon SabornidoDNSWarren DeLaSalle      
10Robert DemmerDNSDearborn Divine Child      
10Kahlil DuPerryNHBrother Rice      
12Andrew CampbellDNSDetroit Catholic Cen...      
10Sean LeeNHDetroit U-D Jesuit      
10Ethan WoelkeDNSOrchard Lake St. Mar...      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Michael Johnson20-09.50Brother Rice      
2.12Andrew Campbell20-00.50Detroit Catholic Cen...      
3.11Sam Castillo19-08.50Detroit U-D Jesuit      
4.12Gage Antishin19-05.00Brother Rice      
5.9Christian Martain19-05.00Dearborn Divine Child      
6.12Joshua Kyles18-08.00Detroit Catholic Cen...      
7.11Ryan Majsak18-07.50Detroit Catholic Cen...      
8.10Zach Lowe17-03.00Brother Rice      
9.9Grant Veach16-08.50Dearborn Divine Child      
12Lance MillerDNSOrchard Lake St. Mar...      
11Matt SwazerDNSWarren DeLaSalle      
9Angelo JohnsonDNSDearborn Divine Child      
11Keith AlangadenDNSDetroit U-D Jesuit      
12Joe CaseFOULWarren DeLaSalle      
12Alex StoickFOULOrchard Lake St. Mar...      
11William RigaDNSDetroit Catholic Cen...      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Paige Patterson13.00aDearborn Divine Child      
2.12Cydny Henry13.22aFarmington Hills Mercy      
3.12Melissa Janos13.36aBloomfield Hills Mar...      
4.11Ronni McGee13.54aFarmington Hills Mercy      
5.9Priscilla Asekome13.71aFarmington Hills Mercy      
6.11Emerald Stanley13.75aFarmington Hills Mercy      
7.9Stephanie Norwood13.89aDearborn Divine Child      
8.11Katie Begin13.99aDearborn Divine Child      
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.9Paige Patterson13.09aDearborn Divine Child      
2.12Cydny Henry13.35aFarmington Hills Mercy      
3.9Priscilla Asekome13.36aFarmington Hills Mercy      
5.12Melissa Janos13.52aBloomfield Hills Mar...      
4.11Ronni McGee13.57aFarmington Hills Mercy      
7.11Emerald Stanley13.66aFarmington Hills Mercy      
6.9Stephanie Norwood13.68aDearborn Divine Child      
9.11Liz Messina13.96aWarren Regina      
8.11Katie Begin13.98aDearborn Divine Child      
10.11Stephanie Pieper14.21aBloomfield Hills Mar...      
11.9Maggie Martinez14.36aPontiac Notre Dame P...      
12.9Jazmine Skala-Wade14.41aWarren Regina      
9Gillian GelinasDNSPontiac Notre Dame P...      
12Liz ArroyoDNSDearborn Divine Child      
11Caroline StrasserDNSDearborn Divine Child      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Paige Patterson26.51aDearborn Divine Child      
2.11Caroline Strasser26.88aDearborn Divine Child      
3.12Juliet Brown27.85aBloomfield Hills Mar...      
4.10Kiaya Allen-Bowman27.92aPontiac Notre Dame P...      
5.12Cydny Henry28.42aFarmington Hills Mercy      
6.9Stephanie Norwood28.76aDearborn Divine Child      
7.12Timme Mackie28.89aFarmington Hills Mercy      
8.9Priscilla Asekome29.50aFarmington Hills Mercy      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.9Paige Patterson27.06aDearborn Divine Child      
2.11Caroline Strasser27.40aDearborn Divine Child      
3.12Juliet Brown27.94aBloomfield Hills Mar...      
4.9Priscilla Asekome28.02aFarmington Hills Mercy      
5.10Kiaya Allen-Bowman28.20aPontiac Notre Dame P...      
6.9Stephanie Norwood28.36aDearborn Divine Child      
7.12Cydny Henry28.40aFarmington Hills Mercy      
8.12Timme Mackie28.40aFarmington Hills Mercy      
9.12Shannon Scarlett28.41aLivonia Ladywood      
10.9Trish Dine28.70aBloomfield Hills Mar...      
11.12Liz Arroyo29.15aDearborn Divine Child      
12.10Kelly Campbell29.38aLivonia Ladywood      
13.9Natalie Hlavaty30.58aWarren Regina      
14.10Alessandra Lucido33.52aWarren Regina      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Paige Patterson57.77aDearborn Divine Child      
2.12Paige Cataldo57.84aBloomfield Hills Mar...      
3.12Katie Clark1:02.52aFarmington Hills Mercy      
4.12Colleen Ross1:03.75aBloomfield Hills Mar...      
5.9Kristen Neville1:04.73aDearborn Divine Child      
6.11Mackenzie Backonen1:05.68aBloomfield Hills Mar...      
7.12Rachel Hanson1:05.94aPontiac Notre Dame P...      
8.11Teresa Wojnarowski1:06.02aLivonia Ladywood      
9.12Kayla Borkowski1:06.75aWarren Regina      
10.10Lindsey Tartaglia1:07.90aFarmington Hills Mercy      
11.12Sarah Colonnello1:09.48aWarren Regina      
12.10Meaghan. Mulcahy1:10.76aLivonia Ladywood      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Megan Vitale2:20.07aLivonia Ladywood      
2.10Sara Barron2:24.91aPontiac Notre Dame P...      
3.12Erica Crane2:27.29aDearborn Divine Child      
4.12Erin Asher2:27.97aBloomfield Hills Mar...      
5.11Ashley Wile2:28.23aBloomfield Hills Mar...      
6.11Sarah Michalski2:32.16aBloomfield Hills Mar...      
7.11Elizabeth Lelli2:33.50aBloomfield Hills Mar...      
8.11Arianna Leonardi2:37.20aDearborn Divine Child      
9.10Colette Chapp2:37.79aWarren Regina      
10.10Lindsey Tartaglia2:39.65aFarmington Hills Mercy      
11.10Lynsey Paganes2:40.02aWarren Regina      
12.-Erin Murphy2:42.86aDearborn Divine Child      
13.9Samantha West2:42.87aWarren Regina      
14.12Katie Clark2:44.34aFarmington Hills Mercy      
15.9Megan Talty2:45.38aLivonia Ladywood      
16.10Anne Okonowski2:46.20aDearborn Divine Child      
10MacKenzie BrewisDNSDearborn Divine Child      
12Liz ArroyoDNSDearborn Divine Child      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Erica Crane5:09.02aDearborn Divine Child      
2.10Sara Barron5:15.05aPontiac Notre Dame P...      
3.10MacKenzie Brewis5:31.97aDearborn Divine Child      
4.10Heather Smith5:32.53aFarmington Hills Mercy      
5.12Meredith Houska5:37.46aLivonia Ladywood      
6.10Michelle Kerr5:39.75aDearborn Divine Child      
7.12Kim Crockett5:40.54aBloomfield Hills Mar...      
8.12Alex Lallier5:46.67aPontiac Notre Dame P...      
9.11Carmen Folk6:14.84aWarren Regina      
10.9Jaclyn Godwin6:17.04aFarmington Hills Mercy      
11.11Lauren Micallef6:17.61aLivonia Ladywood      
12.9Kelly Schulte6:53.50aWarren Regina      
12Rachel HansonDNSPontiac Notre Dame P...      
-Claire SchalskiDNSBloomfield Hills Mar...      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Erica Crane11:52.23aDearborn Divine Child      
2.10Heather Smith12:00.44aFarmington Hills Mercy      
3.12Meredith Houska12:05.20aLivonia Ladywood      
4.12Alex Lallier12:39.40aPontiac Notre Dame P...      
5.10Michelle Kerr12:50.38aDearborn Divine Child      
6.10Angelica Arriola12:50.67aDearborn Divine Child      
7.11Emma Mcclory13:17.97aLivonia Ladywood      
8.10Shae Bouguslawski13:54.12aBloomfield Hills Mar...      
9.9Jaclyn Godwin14:07.75aFarmington Hills Mercy      
10.10Ashley Orlando14:08.87aWarren Regina      
11.10Christina Casali14:22.73aPontiac Notre Dame P...      
12.11Carmen Folk14:26.65aWarren Regina      
10MacKenzie BrewisDNSDearborn Divine Child      
11Amelia ZelenakDNSBloomfield Hills Mar...      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Megan Yanik15.03aLivonia Ladywood      
2.9Mallory Myler16.48aDearborn Divine Child      
3.11Ceara O'Leary16.98aDearborn Divine Child      
4.11Natalie DeLave16.98aPontiac Notre Dame P...      
5.11Amanda Polly17.21aDearborn Divine Child      
6.10Rosanna Reynolds17.37aDearborn Divine Child      
7.12Annika Barkovic17.49aWarren Regina      
8.11Lauren Reinhold19.07aFarmington Hills Mercy      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Megan Yanik15.47aLivonia Ladywood      
2.9Mallory Myler16.87aDearborn Divine Child      
3.11Ceara O'Leary17.56aDearborn Divine Child      
4.11Amanda Polly17.70aDearborn Divine Child      
5.10Rosanna Reynolds17.70aDearborn Divine Child      
6.11Natalie DeLave17.77aPontiac Notre Dame P...      
7.12Annika Barkovic18.04aWarren Regina      
8.11Lauren Reinhold18.64aFarmington Hills Mercy      
9.10Amanda Ranusch19.12aWarren Regina      
10.12Jessie Bednarz-Gray19.80aFarmington Hills Mercy      
11.11Kaitlyn Forbes19.90aPontiac Notre Dame P...      
12.11Samantha Asman20.07aWarren Regina      
13.10Monica Rouke21.09aBloomfield Hills Mar...      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Megan Yanik45.02aLivonia Ladywood      
2.11Dana Carey45.66aBloomfield Hills Mar...      
3.10Rosanna Reynolds49.13aDearborn Divine Child      
4.11Amanda Polly50.77aDearborn Divine Child      
5.11Katie Begin51.35aDearborn Divine Child      
6.11Natalie DeLave51.55aPontiac Notre Dame P...      
7.11Micah Ernst54.47aFarmington Hills Mercy      
8.11Ceara O'Leary54.68aDearborn Divine Child      
9.10Amanda Ranusch55.74aWarren Regina      
10.12Jessie Bednarz-Gray56.71aFarmington Hills Mercy      
11.9Hannah Genord56.71aPontiac Notre Dame P...      
12.10Alexandria Carey57.91aBloomfield Hills Mar...      
13.11Amanda Picciche58.71aWarren Regina      
9Mallory MylerDNSDearborn Divine Child      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 51.42aDearborn Divine Child      
2.-Relay Team 52.39aFarmington Hills Mercy      
3.-Relay Team 53.44aBloomfield Hills Mar...      
4.-Gillian Gelinas
Emily Wade
Maggie Martinez
Kiaya Allen-Bowman
53.65aPontiac Notre Dame P...      
5.-Relay Team 54.53aLivonia Ladywood      
6.-Relay Team 55.80aWarren Regina      
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:48.41aDearborn Divine Child      
-Relay Team 1:51.50aFarmington Hills Mercy      
2.-Relay Team 1:53.79aBloomfield Hills Mar...      
3.-Relay Team 1:54.38aLivonia Ladywood      
4.-Gillian Gelinas
Emily Wade
Stephanie Rutila
Kiaya Allen-Bowman
1:56.64aPontiac Notre Dame P...      
5.-Relay Team 1:57.53aWarren Regina      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:01.33aLivonia Ladywood      
2.-Relay Team 4:09.16aBloomfield Hills Mar...      
3.-Relay Team 4:14.03aDearborn Divine Child      
4.-Relay Team 4:24.97aFarmington Hills Mercy      
5.-Relay Team 4:27.51aWarren Regina      
6.-Kiaya Allen-Bowman
Natalie DeLave
Rachel Hanson
Emily Wade
4:34.04aPontiac Notre Dame P...      
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 10:07.72aFarmington Hills Mercy      
2.-Relay Team 10:11.95aDearborn Divine Child      
3.-Relay Team 10:34.74aBloomfield Hills Mar...      
4.-Relay Team 11:11.51aWarren Regina      
5.-Relay Team 11:38.16aLivonia Ladywood      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.9Ashley O' Neill33-05.50Dearborn Divine Child      
2.12Kelsey Pizana32-04.50Farmington Hills Mercy      
3.11Jane Fountain32-01.00Pontiac Notre Dame P...      
4.11Abbey Lovat32-00.00Farmington Hills Mercy      
5.9Kilyn Bulluck31-10.50Bloomfield Hills Mar...      
6.12Kellie Boisineau31-09.50Dearborn Divine Child      
7.12Delia Uke31-01.00Farmington Hills Mercy      
8.12Amber Gniewek28-09.50Dearborn Divine Child      
9.12Kaitlin Clark27-06.00Pontiac Notre Dame P...      
10.9Hannah Schultz27-05.50Dearborn Divine Child      
11.11Caitlin Nahirniak27-04.00Warren Regina      
12.9Jasmine Johnson26-03.00Bloomfield Hills Mar...      
13.9Sarah Koch23-04.75Livonia Ladywood      
13.9Letha Jones23-04.75Warren Regina      
15.10Sarah Wickman22-10.25Livonia Ladywood      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Teresa Wojnarowski105-00Livonia Ladywood      
2.11Kellie Hagopian100-03Farmington Hills Mercy      
3.12Amber Gniewek98-03Dearborn Divine Child      
4.9Ashley O' Neill97-00Dearborn Divine Child      
5.11Abbey Lovat93-06Farmington Hills Mercy      
6.12Delia Uke88-06Farmington Hills Mercy      
7.10Gabby Bowers88-00Pontiac Notre Dame P...      
8.11Caitlin Nahirniak79-10Warren Regina      
9.9Hannah Schultz79-07Dearborn Divine Child      
10.10Marcie Bulger75-09Bloomfield Hills Mar...      
11.12Jillian Wills71-11Warren Regina      
12.12Kaitlin Clark69-06Pontiac Notre Dame P...      
13.11Kaylah Turner67-09Bloomfield Hills Mar...      
14.10Sarah Wickman60-08Livonia Ladywood      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Abbey Lovat5-02.00Farmington Hills Mercy      
2.11Ceara O'Leary5-01.00Dearborn Divine Child      
3.11Micah Ernst4-10.00Farmington Hills Mercy      
3.11Jane Fountain4-10.00Pontiac Notre Dame P...      
5.12Timme Mackie4-10.00Farmington Hills Mercy      
6.12Delia Uke4-07.00Farmington Hills Mercy      
6.9Shannon Schroeder4-07.00Dearborn Divine Child      
8.9Caroline Farney4-07.00Bloomfield Hills Mar...      
8.12Catherine Wieczorek4-07.00Pontiac Notre Dame P...      
10Monica RoukeNHBloomfield Hills Mar...      
9Laura NowakowskiNHWarren Regina      
12Annika BarkovicDNSWarren Regina      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Caroline Strasser16-11.00Dearborn Divine Child      
2.9Mallory Myler15-04.50Dearborn Divine Child      
3.11Lisa Achacon15-02.50Livonia Ladywood      
4.11Jane Fountain15-00.00Pontiac Notre Dame P...      
5.11Abbey Lovat14-07.25Farmington Hills Mercy      
6.11Ronni McGee14-03.00Farmington Hills Mercy      
7.11Liz Messina13-08.50Warren Regina      
8.12Haley Giordano13-06.00Livonia Ladywood      
9.12Delia Uke13-02.50Farmington Hills Mercy      
10.10Lynsey Paganes13-01.50Warren Regina      
11.11Nikki Mazur12-09.75Bloomfield Hills Mar...      
12Caitlyn HaringtonDNSBloomfield Hills Mar...      
11Amanda PollyDNSDearborn Divine Child      
11Arianna LeonardiDNSDearborn Divine Child      
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