OHSAA Northeast - Amherst Division I District Track

Saturday, May 22, 2010
  Amherst Steele HS, Amherst - Map
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Ohio - Division III
SOUTLorain Southview
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lorenzo Pace10.76aBrunswick Senior
2.12Ricky Earl10.98aLorain Southview
3.12Danny Rymer11.03aMedina Senior
4.9Nick Roberts11.12aBrunswick Senior
5.10Marc Remy11.16aNorth Olmsted
6.10Walter Bailey11.22aMedina Senior
7.10Kyron Trigg11.23aStrongsville
8.12Mike Lewis11.38aBerea
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Ricky Earl10.99aLorain Southview
2.12Lorenzo Pace11.01aBrunswick Senior
3.12Danny Rymer11.07aMedina Senior
4.9Nick Roberts11.31aBrunswick Senior
5.10Kyron Trigg11.31aStrongsville
6.10Marc Remy11.32aNorth Olmsted
7.12Mike Lewis11.33aBerea
8.10Walter Bailey11.36aMedina Senior
9.11Brian Pongallo11.47aOlmsted Falls
10.11Kevin Krakora11.47aAvon
11.11Derek Kilgo11.53aNorth Royalton
12.12Stachon Warren11.56aNorth Royalton
13.11Adam Hamdan11.56aWestlake
14.9Christopher Miller11.65aLorain Southview
15.10Malcolm Nelson11.68aAdmiral King
15.9Ross Douglas11.68aAvon
17.11Zach Echols11.70aRocky River
18.12Mike Mansnerus11.76aAvon Lake
19.10Devan Wilkerson11.79aElyria
20.10Alan Turner11.80aOlmsted Falls
21.11Wesley Charlton11.89aAdmiral King
22.12Bo Heineman11.91aBerea
23.11Lucius Jhonson11.94aElyria
24.12Nick Breidigam12.02aRocky River
25.10Nathan Lampert12.02aStrongsville
26.10Christian Watkins12.11aNorth Ridgeville
27.10Josh Boros12.13aMidpark
28.10Sammy Ibrahim12.24aNorth Olmsted
29.11Arthur Miller12.32aMidview
30.12Ricky Cerny12.51aMidpark
31.10Zach Kelly12.68aAmherst Steele
32.9Tyler Elliott12.70aAmherst Steele
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lorenzo Pace21.82aBrunswick Senior
2.12Ricky Earl22.40aLorain Southview
3.11Malik Tuck22.46aMedina Senior
4.11Jeremiah Crandall22.62aStrongsville
5.12Danny Rymer22.67aMedina Senior
6.12Aaron Perkins22.88aWestlake
7.10Marc Remy22.91aNorth Olmsted
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Lorenzo Pace22.46aBrunswick Senior
2.12Ricky Earl22.51aLorain Southview
3.12Danny Rymer22.51aMedina Senior
4.11Malik Tuck22.58aMedina Senior
5.11Jeremiah Crandall22.95aStrongsville
6.11Nick Bournigal23.00aStrongsville
7.10Marc Remy23.08aNorth Olmsted
8.12Aaron Perkins23.11aWestlake
9.11Troy Richert23.20aNorth Royalton
10.12Trent Hill23.31aElyria
11.11Adam Hamdan23.34aWestlake
12.9Nick Roberts23.39aBrunswick Senior
13.12Josiah Holt23.45aMidview
14.12Derick Schwedt23.54aBerea
15.11Gregg Bokisa23.58aNorth Olmsted
16.12Adam Ciarrone23.63aAvon Lake
17.11Zach Echols23.80aRocky River
18.10Reggie Williams23.84aAdmiral King
19.11Wesley Charlton23.91aAdmiral King
20.12Justin Mercado24.12aAmherst Steele
21.11Ron Bates24.16aBerea
22.11Myles Tyler24.46aElyria
23.10Evan Rieke24.67aOlmsted Falls
24.10Brennan Crofford24.69aMidpark
25.12Ricky Cerny24.84aMidpark
26.10Joey Mulgrew25.06aOlmsted Falls
27.11Adrian Roddy25.37aNorth Royalton
28.11Justin Kaczmarek25.54aAvon
29.9Chase Klingshirn26.76aAmherst Steele
--12Corey PhiferDNFLorain Southview
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Nick Owens49.52aBrunswick Senior
2.12Aaron Young49.76aBerea
3.11Brian Cook50.05aStrongsville
4.12Craig Shaffer52.42aAvon Lake
5.12Mike Mansnerus52.81aAvon Lake
6.12Ethan Arnold52.96aOlmsted Falls
7.10Malcolm Nelson53.75aAdmiral King
--11Sherman ThomasDQLorain Southview
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Brian Cook50.29aStrongsville
2.12Aaron Young50.31aBerea
3.11Nick Owens50.68aBrunswick Senior
4.12Ethan Arnold52.23aOlmsted Falls
5.12Craig Shaffer52.25aAvon Lake
6.11Sherman Thomas52.40aLorain Southview
7.12Mike Mansnerus52.47aAvon Lake
8.10Malcolm Nelson52.52aAdmiral King
9.11Alan Binggeli52.53aOlmsted Falls
10.12Brett Smith52.96aAmherst Steele
11.11Kevin Krakora52.97aAvon
12.10Romeo Staub53.05aStrongsville
13.9Doug Florek53.82aBrunswick Senior
14.12Mason Meek53.96aWestlake
15.11Matt Hawkins53.98aAvon
16.11Michael Stumpf54.54aNorth Ridgeville
17.11Charlie Altizer54.55aNorth Royalton
18.12Brian Lesiecki54.62aRocky River
19.11Tim Munoz54.71aMidpark
20.11Will Concepcion54.78aNorth Olmsted
21.12Will Stevens55.08aMedina Senior
22.9Nick Glowacki55.09aAmherst Steele
23.9Deante Thomas55.18aElyria
24.12Ryan McCarthy55.19aMidpark
25.11Thomas Sandford55.47aNorth Olmsted
26.10Brandon Rodriguez56.13aNorth Ridgeville
27.9Jacob Zimmerman56.29aNorth Royalton
28.11Joseph Nelson56.42aAdmiral King
29.9Adam Prechtl56.70aMidview
--10Marcus WilliamsDQElyria
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Hunter Heaton1:57.29aMedina Senior
2.12Evan McKee1:58.12aMedina Senior
3.11Ryan Yankovich1:59.48aBrunswick Senior
4.10Connor Mcknight1:59.83aBerea
5.11Ryan Aske2:01.34aStrongsville
6.12Mark Bower2:01.39aStrongsville
7.11Justin Housley2:01.60aAvon Lake
8.12John Rodriguez2:03.32aNorth Olmsted
9.12Mardell Pixton2:04.10aNorth Royalton
10.11Connor Friss2:04.67aAvon
11.11Peter Ogonek2:04.76aWestlake
12.11Matthew Marron2:04.95aAvon Lake
13.11Josh Bozin2:05.02aNorth Olmsted
14.11Josh Buzzard2:06.38aWestlake
15.11Sam Bickley2:06.49aAvon
16.11Miles Pittak2:08.08aAmherst Steele
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Hunter Heaton2:01.34aMedina Senior
2.11Ryan Yankovich2:02.74aBrunswick Senior
3.11Peter Ogonek2:03.47aWestlake
5.12Mark Bower2:03.79aStrongsville
7.10Connor Mcknight2:03.88aBerea
9.12John Rodriguez2:04.34aNorth Olmsted
11.11Matthew Marron2:04.48aAvon Lake
13.11Miles Pittak2:04.73aAmherst Steele
4.11Justin Housley2:05.26aAvon Lake
15.11Connor Friss2:05.27aAvon
6.11Josh Buzzard2:05.87aWestlake
8.12Evan McKee2:05.91aMedina Senior
10.11Ryan Aske2:06.27aStrongsville
12.11Josh Bozin2:06.45aNorth Olmsted
17.11Ryan Dombrowski2:06.70aNorth Royalton
14.12Mardell Pixton2:06.93aNorth Royalton
18.12Martin Russ2:07.03aRocky River
16.11Sam Bickley2:07.10aAvon
19.9Kevin Burgett2:07.46aAmherst Steele
20.10Markus Mirandilla2:07.71aMidpark
21.12Joe Pedicini2:08.11aOlmsted Falls
22.12Adam Broski2:08.52aOlmsted Falls
23.12Robert Michael2:08.85aNorth Ridgeville
24.11Jash Ayers2:09.28aMidview
25.11Mason Bednash2:09.46aMidpark
26.9Mike Paulocsak2:09.52aBerea
27.11Clay Vild2:10.18aBrunswick Senior
28.11Dave Mytnick2:10.58aNorth Ridgeville
29.12Kenny Bazydlo2:13.48aRocky River
30.10Ryan Franklin2:13.85aLorain Southview
31.11Joseph Nelson2:15.59aAdmiral King
32.9Anthony Lawerence2:16.66aElyria
33.9Blake Benyard2:27.77aAdmiral King
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Colby Alexander4:13.99aStrongsville
2.12James Adams4:30.46aAvon Lake
3.12Devin Evancho4:31.16aStrongsville
4.9Tommy Menyes4:31.51aMedina Senior
5.11Miles Pittak4:36.13aAmherst Steele
6.9Lou Styles4:37.33aMidpark
7.11Ryan Jones4:37.40aMidpark
8.10Austin Olshavsky4:37.64aBrunswick Senior
9.11Brent Gaither4:37.95aMedina Senior
10.12Dann Herwerden4:39.46aBerea
11.11Mike Coury4:39.61aOlmsted Falls
12.10Trevor Norris4:40.50aAvon Lake
13.12Ed Holecko4:42.73aBerea
14.10Adrien Hall4:44.82aAmherst Steele
15.10Dan Hollo4:45.07aNorth Olmsted
16.9Tyler Menear4:47.28aBrunswick Senior
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Devin Evancho4:39.59aStrongsville
3.12James Adams4:41.12aAvon Lake
2.11Ryan Jones4:41.18aMidpark
5.9Tommy Menyes4:41.66aMedina Senior
4.11Mike Coury4:41.69aOlmsted Falls
6.12Colby Alexander4:41.69aStrongsville
7.10Austin Olshavsky4:41.84aBrunswick Senior
8.11Miles Pittak4:41.91aAmherst Steele
9.11Brent Gaither4:42.01aMedina Senior
10.10Adrien Hall4:42.16aAmherst Steele
11.9Lou Styles4:42.24aMidpark
13.12Dann Herwerden4:42.34aBerea
12.10Trevor Norris4:42.53aAvon Lake
14.9Tyler Menear4:43.30aBrunswick Senior
15.10Dan Hollo4:44.14aNorth Olmsted
16.12Ed Holecko4:44.85aBerea
17.12Tyler Bokman4:45.92aOlmsted Falls
18.12Ryan Kelly4:47.36aNorth Olmsted
19.10Luke Jeske4:53.47aNorth Royalton
20.10Cory Vetovitz4:53.65aNorth Royalton
21.9Blake Willaims4:54.19aRocky River
22.9Don Henderson4:55.42aNorth Ridgeville
23.11Kele Harkless4:55.65aAdmiral King
24.11Matt Vielhaber4:57.55aAvon
25.11Joe Yost4:59.86aNorth Ridgeville
26.9Aaron Tolson5:09.36aElyria
27.11Eric Collins5:11.13aAvon
28.10Collin Callahan5:13.97aMidview
29.9Blake Benyard5:25.12aAdmiral King
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11David Knack9:34.41aMedina Senior
2.12Tom Eldridge9:39.75aRocky River
3.12Matt Link9:39.86aAvon Lake
4.11Michael Parsons9:46.31aAvon Lake
5.11Tyler Kvach9:54.58aAvon
6.10Mike Miller9:55.01aStrongsville
7.11Kevin Paradise9:59.19aMedina Senior
8.11Aaron Moore10:06.12aStrongsville
9.10Mark Matos10:10.81aAmherst Steele
10.10Nathan Geiss10:13.19aBrunswick Senior
11.12Tyler Weseling10:16.74aRocky River
12.12Jacob Poldruhi10:18.43aNorth Royalton
13.11Ayoub Kirresh10:23.91aAvon
14.12Anthony Napoli10:24.20aBrunswick Senior
15.12Tom Derr10:24.98aOlmsted Falls
16.12Brian Szczodrowski10:27.98aAmherst Steele
17.12Matt Ode10:28.55aNorth Royalton
18.10Zach Siefker10:37.34aMidview
19.9Don Henderson10:40.86aNorth Ridgeville
20.11Chris Myers10:43.28aMidpark
21.11Casey Castenir10:43.50aMidpark
22.10Edwin Rosa10:45.67aOlmsted Falls
23.12Keith Novarese10:49.78aElyria
24.9Conrad Doehne10:52.76aMidview
25.10Cameron Ressel11:00.24aNorth Olmsted
26.11Kele Harkless11:00.70aAdmiral King
27.12Bud Denega11:08.88aBerea
28.12Tom White11:27.91aBerea
29.12John Derov11:28.03aNorth Olmsted
30.12Aaron Kellar11:30.02aNorth Ridgeville
31.11Juan Lugo11:57.25aAdmiral King
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Donovan Robertson14.15aBerea
2.12Clay Febus14.29aMedina Senior
3.11Nick Bossard14.61aAvon Lake
4.11Peter Lancione14.70aAvon Lake
5.11Sam Chester14.71aMedina Senior
6.12Joe Hanigosky15.08aRocky River
7.11Cody Smith15.27aBrunswick Senior
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Donovan Robertson14.23aBerea
2.12Josh Price14.77aNorth Olmsted
3.12Clay Febus15.02aMedina Senior
4.12Joe Hanigosky15.16aRocky River
5.11Nick Bossard15.24aAvon Lake
6.11Sam Chester15.30aMedina Senior
7.11Peter Lancione15.58aAvon Lake
8.11Cody Smith15.69aBrunswick Senior
9.11Jeremy Ortiz15.81aOlmsted Falls
10.12Joshua Shook16.07aNorth Royalton
11.11Chris Screen16.27aWestlake
12.12Alex Truong16.35aRocky River
13.10Alec Cusick16.39aWestlake
14.10Xavier Elder16.40aBerea
15.12Robert Hritz16.47aNorth Royalton
16.12Zach Wearsch16.59aAvon
17.9Dustin Stout17.07aStrongsville
18.12Marty Zeszotek17.21aMidpark
19.12A.J. Myosky17.36aAmherst Steele
20.9Aaron Pycraft17.46aNorth Ridgeville
21.11Mat Zocchi17.78aAmherst Steele
22.12Avery Ware17.85aLorain Southview
23.10Michael Hydzik17.86aBrunswick Senior
24.9Andrew Ong18.02aStrongsville
25.11Ricky Bibbins18.07aMidpark
26.12Luis Castro18.33aLorain Southview
27.11Colin Cole18.38aMidview
28.11Zach Wiles18.48aNorth Ridgeville
29.9Mike Gib18.58aOlmsted Falls
30.9Graham Smith18.87aElyria
31.9Pat Wynn18.92aMidview
32.9Jordan Dozier19.65aAdmiral King
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Donovan Robertson38.20aBerea
2.12Clay Febus38.91aMedina Senior
3.11Peter Lancione39.56aAvon Lake
4.11Cody Smith40.12aBrunswick Senior
5.11Sam Chester40.83aMedina Senior
6.12Joshua Shook40.86aNorth Royalton
7.10Canon Abbenhaus42.22aMidpark
8.11Nick Bossard45.73aAvon Lake
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Donovan Robertson38.40aBerea
2.12Clay Febus38.98aMedina Senior
3.11Sam Chester40.82aMedina Senior
4.11Cody Smith40.96aBrunswick Senior
5.11Peter Lancione40.98aAvon Lake
6.12Joshua Shook41.16aNorth Royalton
7.10Canon Abbenhaus42.01aMidpark
8.11Nick Bossard42.07aAvon Lake
9.9Carlos Sanchez42.10aLorain Southview
10.12Joe Hanigosky42.43aRocky River
11.10Daniel Rivera42.72aMidpark
12.10Xavier Elder43.16aBerea
13.12Robert Hritz43.22aNorth Royalton
14.10Tyler Lenchak43.43aAvon
15.10Kyle Perkins43.45aWestlake
16.11Matt Taylor43.47aNorth Olmsted
17.11Danny Zilich43.68aStrongsville
18.10Daniel Pritchard43.85aRocky River
19.10Stephen Hause44.36aAmherst Steele
20.10Cody Smith44.63aNorth Ridgeville
21.9Mike Gib44.74aOlmsted Falls
22.10Stuart Jennings45.63aWestlake
23.11Mat Zocchi45.88aAmherst Steele
24.9Chris Fox45.89aOlmsted Falls
25.9Graham Smith46.23aElyria
26.12Luis Castro48.23aLorain Southview
27.9Pat Wynn48.48aMidview
28.9Jordan Briggs49.87aMidview
29.9Jordan Dozier51.26aAdmiral King
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Nick Roberts
Tyler Jindra
Jared Kaderbek
Steven Uhler
43.34aBrunswick Senior
2.-Jeremiah Crandall
Kyron Trigg
Matt Bianco
Nick Bournigal
3.-Brett Thomascik
Pete Nolan
Adam Hamdan
Aaron Perkins
4.-Brett Bomba
Derek Kilgo
Stachon Warren
Troy Richert
43.84aNorth Royalton
5.-Cory Brightharp
Bo Heineman
Derick Schwedt
Mike Lewis
6.-Christopher Miller
Ricco Lorenzana
Jordan Foster
Emmanuel Cook
44.40aLorain Southview
7.-Wesley Charlton
Malcolm Nelson
David Cato
Jeremy Mincy
44.97aAdmiral King
---Danny Rymer
Walter Bailey
Malik Tuck
Clay Febus
DQMedina Senior
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Prelims
1.-Danny Rymer
Walter Bailey
Malik Tuck
Clay Febus
42.92aMedina Senior
2.-Jeremiah Crandall
Kyron Trigg
Matt Bianco
Nick Bournigal
3.-Nick Roberts
Tyler Jindra
Jared Kaderbek
Steven Uhler
43.38aBrunswick Senior
4.-Brett Bomba
Derek Kilgo
Stachon Warren
Troy Richert
43.89aNorth Royalton
5.-Brett Thomascik
Pete Nolan
Adam Hamdan
Aaron Perkins
6.-Cory Brightharp
Bo Heineman
Derick Schwedt
Mike Lewis
7.-Christopher Miller
Ricco Lorenzana
Jordan Foster
Emmanuel Cook
44.51aLorain Southview
8.-Wesley Charlton
Malcolm Nelson
David Cato
Jeremy Mincy
44.73aAdmiral King
9.-Zach Echols
Joe Hanigosky
Alex Truong
Nick Breidigam
45.02aRocky River
10.-Michael Woolfork
Trent Hill
Warnsley Betts
Myles Tyler
11.-Tyler Knapp
Jeremy Ortiz
Alan Turner
Brian Pongallo
45.38aOlmsted Falls
12.-Jordan Market
Zach Johnson
Alex Grunick
Adam Ciarrone
45.48aAvon Lake
13.-Christian Watkins
Isaac Reed
Mohamad Jaber
Mike Hale
45.95aNorth Ridgeville
14.-Brennan Crofford
Chris Huba
Ricky Bibbins
Braxton Repasy
15.-Arthur Miller
Kyle Dobbins
Drew Bowman
Eli Radosevich
---Justin Mercado
Jeremy Sanchez
Josh Birkline
Matt Zvosec
DNFAmherst Steele
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Tyler Jindra
Nick Owens
Lorenzo Pace
Steven Uhler
1:29.72aBrunswick Senior
2.-Jeremiah Crandall
Brian Cook
Anthony Fiorini
Nick Bournigal
3.-Mike Lewis
Tyler Harris
Aaron Young
Donovan Robertson
4.-Danny Rymer
Clay Febus
Laterian Brown
Malik Tuck
1:30.59aMedina Senior
5.-Ricco Lorenzana
Jordan Foster
Christian Nogueras
Ricky Earl
1:31.64aLorain Southview
6.-Ethan Arnold
Tyler Knapp
Alan Binggeli
Brian Pongallo
1:32.35aOlmsted Falls
7.-Brett Bomba
Derek Kilgo
Carl Lint
Troy Richert
1:32.50aNorth Royalton
8.-Marc Remy
Alec Nuendorfer
Gregg Bokisa
Thomas Sandford
1:34.59aNorth Olmsted
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Prelims
1.-Tyler Jindra
Nick Owens
Lorenzo Pace
Steven Uhler
1:29.77aBrunswick Senior
2.-Mike Lewis
Tyler Harris
Aaron Young
Donovan Robertson
3.-Danny Rymer
Clay Febus
Laterian Brown
Malik Tuck
1:30.87aMedina Senior
4.-Jeremiah Crandall
Brian Cook
Anthony Fiorini
Nick Bournigal
5.-Marc Remy
Alec Nuendorfer
Josh Price
Gregg Bokisa
1:31.39aNorth Olmsted
6.-Ethan Arnold
Tyler Knapp
Alan Binggeli
Brian Pongallo
1:32.02aOlmsted Falls
7.-Ricco Lorenzana
Jordan Foster
Christian Nogueras
Ricky Earl
1:32.76aLorain Southview
8.-Brett Bomba
Derek Kilgo
Carl Lint
Troy Richert
1:32.90aNorth Royalton
9.-Jordan Market
Craig Shaffer
Mike Mansnerus
Adam Ciarrone
1:33.54aAvon Lake
11.-Matt Hawkins
Zach Wearsch
Ross Douglas
Nate Furnas
12.-Trent Hill
Warnsley Betts
Myles Tyler
Michael Woolfork
13.-Nick Breidigam
Daniel Pritchard
John Luciano
Brian Lesiecki
1:36.57aRocky River
14.-Tim Munoz
Chris Huba
Brennan Crofford
Braxton Repasy
15.-Justin Mercado
Jeremy Sanchez
Jason Stump
Jack McDonald
1:37.32aAmherst Steele
16.-Chris White
Kyle Dobbins
Arthur Miller
Josiah Holt
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Laterian Brown
Malik Tuck
Hunter Heaton
Evan McKee
3:21.82aMedina Senior
2.-Brian Cook
Jimmy Hartig
Colby Alexander
Nick Bournigal
3.-Derick Schwedt
Connor Mcknight
Tyler Harris
Aaron Young
4.-Alan Binggeli
Kyle Meehan
Brian Pongallo
Ethan Arnold
3:28.30aOlmsted Falls
5.-Christian Nogueras
Lynnwood McGrier
Sherman Thomas
Ricco Lorenzana
3:30.41aLorain Southview
6.-Ryan Dombrowski
Carl Lint
Charlie Altizer
Brett Bomba
3:32.41aNorth Royalton
7.-Matt Hawkins
Nate Furnas
Connor Friss
Christian Ortiz
8.-Martin Russ
Daniel Pritchard
Tim Gibbons
Brian Lesiecki
3:36.19aRocky River
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Prelims
1.-Laterian Brown
Malik Tuck
Hunter Heaton
Evan McKee
3:25.57aMedina Senior
2.-Brian Cook
Jimmy Hartig
Ryan Hopkins
Romeo Staub
3.-Derick Schwedt
Connor Mcknight
Tyler Harris
Donovan Robertson
4.-Christian Nogueras
Lynnwood McGrier
Sherman Thomas
Ricco Lorenzana
3:29.62aLorain Southview
5.-Alan Binggeli
Kyle Meehan
Brian Pongallo
Grant Budic
3:34.28aOlmsted Falls
6.-Derek Kilgo
Carl Lint
Charlie Altizer
Brett Bomba
3:34.86aNorth Royalton
7.-Matt Hawkins
Nate Furnas
Connor Friss
Christian Ortiz
8.-Martin Russ
Daniel Pritchard
Tim Gibbons
John Luciano
3:35.54aRocky River
9.-Trent Hill
Myles Tyler
Deante Thomas
Marcus Williams
10.-Lou Styles
Brennan Crofford
Daniel Rivera
Tim Munoz
11.-Brett Smith
Nick Glowacki
Andrew Cser
Miles Pittak
3:39.88aAmherst Steele
---Nick Bossard
Craig Shaffer
Peter Lancione
Mike Mansnerus
FSAvon Lake
---Brandon Laffin
Alex Hendricks
Nick Owens
Michael Hydzik
DQBrunswick Senior
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Evan McKee
David Knack
Robert Robinson
Hunter Heaton
8:00.13aMedina Senior
2.-Devin Evancho
Ryan Aske
Colby Alexander
Ryan Hopkins
3.-Matt Link
Justin Housley
Francesco Maiorca
James Adams
8:09.55aAvon Lake
4.-Ryan Yankovich
Austin Olshavsky
Brandon Laffin
Clay Vild
8:12.77aBrunswick Senior
5.-Dann Herwerden
Mike Paulocsak
Ed Holecko
Connor Mcknight
6.-Lou Styles
Tim Munoz
Ryan Jones
Markus Mirandilla
7.-Matt Ode
Thomas Werner
Mardell Pixton
Ryan Dombrowski
8:18.25aNorth Royalton
8.-John Rodriguez
Josh Bozin
Zak Benmerzouga
Jerod Miller
8:19.79aNorth Olmsted
9.-Connor Friss
Tyler Kvach
Matt Vielhaber
Sam Bickley
10.-Tom Eldridge
Kenny Bazydlo
Alex Rokakis
Martin Russ
8:37.69aRocky River
11.-Mark Matos
Cory Bissett
Andrew Cser
Tom Wesley
8:39.94aAmherst Steele
12.-Grant Budic
Adam Binggeli
Edwin Rosa
Tom Derr
9:05.65aOlmsted Falls
13.-Anthony Lawerence
Vince Cudlin
Aaron Tolson
Tony Cassity
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Zac Papay53-05.50Amherst Steele
2.11Jessie Braun52-09.00Brunswick Senior
3.11Elias Chbeir51-07.00Westlake
4.10Jake Young51-02.75Avon Lake
5.12John Flesher47-10.00North Ridgeville
6.12Jonathan Rodgers47-02.00Avon Lake
7.10Duncan O'Leary46-06.00Strongsville
8.12Rob Schrader46-02.00Medina Senior
9.11Andre Perry45-09.25Brunswick Senior
10.11Alex Tegel44-05.00Westlake
11.11Alex Gillock44-03.00North Ridgeville
12.10Bryan Cox43-00.00Avon
13.9Gino Cioffe42-09.50Amherst Steele
14.12Kamran Arif42-07.75North Olmsted
15.12Andrew Sinko42-00.00Strongsville
16.12Dylan Bell41-08.00Midview
17.12Mike Horner41-07.50Midpark
18.12Clay Krafft41-05.75North Royalton
19.12Ariel Jimenez41-03.00Lorain Southview
19.12Gabe Kramer41-03.00Medina Senior
21.12George Kontoveros40-06.00North Royalton
22.11Will Monahan40-00.00Rocky River
23.12Julian Jackson-Ross39-11.00Midview
24.12Corey Phifer39-03.75Lorain Southview
25.12Isaac West38-09.50Admiral King
25.11Shawn McCluskey38-09.50Midpark
27.11Zack Catavalos38-05.00Rocky River
28.9Daniel Medvetz38-02.00Berea
29.12Dustin Rojka38-01.50Berea
30.12David Corrigan37-04.25North Olmsted
31.10Nolan Brandt37-00.00Olmsted Falls
32.10Derrick Jackson35-09.75Elyria
33.11Bill Budosh34-09.50Olmsted Falls
34.11Jeff Huhra31-08.00Avon
35.10Devin Wrice29-09.00Admiral King
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11CONNOR NEU188-04Midpark
2.12Jonathan Rodgers149-03Avon Lake
3.12Kyle Woodward149-00Strongsville
4.12John Flesher145-11North Ridgeville
5.11Jordan Bohlen141-04Olmsted Falls
6.11Jessie Braun139-05Brunswick Senior
7.11Elias Chbeir139-03Westlake
8.10Matt O'Brien138-02Medina Senior
9.11Jake Mauer135-09Brunswick Senior
10.11Alex Gillock135-02North Ridgeville
11.11Andrew Bohan131-02Avon Lake
12.12Clay Krafft128-06North Royalton
13.12Brad Spreng126-09Westlake
14.12Aaron Etzler121-07Midview
15.12Ted Keith120-08Rocky River
16.12Nate Filut119-10Strongsville
17.12Dylan Bell119-09Midview
18.12Rob Schrader115-11Medina Senior
19.12George Kontoveros115-09North Royalton
20.12Cody Balko114-02Amherst Steele
21.11Ross Reinema113-09Rocky River
22.10Nick Murray111-09Midpark
23.12Ariel Jimenez110-07Lorain Southview
24.10Matt Weber110-04North Olmsted
25.11Josh Baire109-08Amherst Steele
26.10Devin Wrice96-00Admiral King
27.10Matt Gib95-10Olmsted Falls
28.11Josh Fadenholz90-09Berea
29.10Ronnie Clark Stree89-09Berea
30.11Brandon DeKoning89-06Avon
31.10Brandon Lucarelli86-04Avon
--12Kyle SwansegarNDNorth Olmsted
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Deverin Muff6-08.00Strongsville
2.11Tyler Parrish6-08.00Amherst Steele
3.11Mo Hassen6-04.00Strongsville
4.12Jared Kaderbek6-04.00Brunswick Senior
5.11Mike Jones6-02.00Rocky River
6.12David Mogilnicki6-00.00Midpark
7.12Shane Skelly6-00.00Westlake
8.11Chris Screen5-10.00Westlake
9.12Will Stevens5-10.00Medina Senior
9.10Kevin Pipkins5-10.00Berea
9.10Trevon Sawyer5-10.00Berea
10.11Jeremy Ortiz5-10.00Olmsted Falls
10.12Robert Hritz5-10.00North Royalton
14.10Jason Swords5-08.00Brunswick Senior
14.12Jared Lawrence5-08.00Avon
14.11Matt Haney5-08.00Avon
14.11Chris Clark5-08.00Olmsted Falls
14.11Remi King5-08.00Medina Senior
14.9Connor Mencke5-08.00Midview
14.10Josh Hudson5-08.00North Ridgeville
14.11Colin Cole5-08.00Midview
14.10Josh Boros5-08.00Midpark
--12Stachon WarrenNHNorth Royalton
--10Cody SmithNHNorth Ridgeville
--10Brandon DickersonNHElyria
--11Peter RufoNHAdmiral King
--9Tyler ElliottNHAmherst Steele
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Matt Zvosec14-06.00Amherst Steele
2.12Matt Stenger14-06.00Olmsted Falls
3.12Dylan Ortenzi13-03.00Strongsville
4.12Anthony Tarrant13-03.00Berea
5.10Tyler Knapp12-00.00Olmsted Falls
6.12Tim Gibbons12-00.00Rocky River
6.12Jon Piazza12-00.00North Olmsted
6.11Charles Elias12-00.00North Ridgeville
9.11Paul Montanari12-00.00Midpark
10.11Alex Buza12-00.00Westlake
11.9Matt Stefano12-00.00Strongsville
11.10Shawn Obrien12-00.00Brunswick Senior
13.11Hayden Buckley11-06.00Avon
14.9Aaron Owens11-06.00Midpark
15.12Kale Klekota11-06.00Amherst Steele
16.10Will Hobson11-06.00Rocky River
17.11Alex Schultz11-00.00Westlake
17.12Tyler Yezerski11-00.00Medina Senior
17.11Robert Berg11-00.00North Royalton
20.11Adam Dearlove10-06.00Medina Senior
20.12Aaron Schicker10-06.00North Olmsted
--9Conrad DoehneNHMidview
--12Matt WhiteNHMidview
--12Chris MoodyNHBrunswick Senior
--10Tyler SmithNHAvon Lake
--11Chandler ClementsNHBerea
--9Sam BittnerNHAvon
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Josh Price22-05.50North Olmsted
2.10Christian Nogueras22-03.00Lorain Southview
3.12David Mogilnicki22-00.50Midpark
4.11Nate Furnas21-08.50Avon
5.12Ryan Gerard21-06.75Strongsville
6.12Anthony Bowers21-00.00Brunswick Senior
7.11Tyler Parrish20-09.00Amherst Steele
8.12Joshua Shook20-07.50North Royalton
9.11John Semenik20-02.25Medina Senior
10.10Walter Bailey20-00.75Medina Senior
11.12Braxton Repasy20-00.00Midpark
12.12Brett Bomba19-11.50North Royalton
13.11Tevin Jackson19-11.00Brunswick Senior
14.12Michael Woolfork19-10.75Elyria
15.9Christopher Miller19-10.00Lorain Southview
16.12Shane Skelly19-09.75Westlake
17.11Matt Bianco19-09.50Strongsville
17.12Bo Heineman19-09.50Berea
17.10Matt Reece19-09.50Berea
20.11Zach Stevens19-09.25Olmsted Falls
21.10Reggie Williams19-08.75Admiral King
22.12Bryan Kasberg19-07.25North Olmsted
23.12Levantae Russell19-04.25Olmsted Falls
24.12Alex Truong19-03.75Rocky River
25.12Robert Parrish19-03.25Amherst Steele
26.11Charles Elias19-01.00North Ridgeville
27.11Alex Schultz18-11.75Westlake
28.11Peter Rufo18-00.25Admiral King
29.11Jaydel Santo Domin18-00.00Elyria
30.11Zach Echols17-10.25Rocky River
31.10Brandon Rodriguez17-06.25North Ridgeville
32.11Tyler Carter16-09.75Midview
33.12Josiah Holt15-00.00Midview

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kaila Barber11.84aMidpark
2.10Brianna Neitzel12.09aBrunswick Senior
3.10Alicia Arnold12.13aLorain Southview
4.11Meghan Drews12.40aNorth Olmsted
5.11Nicole Hudec12.48aNorth Royalton
6.10Erin Peskura12.97aStrongsville
7.11Katie Shamblin12.98aMidview
8.11Jennelle Ramsumair13.02aBrunswick Senior
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Kaila Barber12.23aMidpark
2.10Brianna Neitzel12.55aBrunswick Senior
3.11Nicole Hudec12.61aNorth Royalton
4.11Meghan Drews12.81aNorth Olmsted
5.10Alicia Arnold12.86aLorain Southview
6.10Erin Peskura13.00aStrongsville
7.11Jennelle Ramsumair13.05aBrunswick Senior
8.11Katie Shamblin13.12aMidview
9.10Alexandra Burkes13.18aAvon
10.9Becky Szabo13.19aNorth Olmsted
11.9Allison Duber13.21aOlmsted Falls
12.12Brittany Schneider13.29aNorth Ridgeville
13.9Emily Ciborek13.34aStrongsville
14.9Megan Braye13.41aAvon Lake
15.10Katie Toporowsky13.48aMedina Senior
16.11Sabrina Rizea13.60aWestlake
17.9Kalie Simonelli13.63aNorth Royalton
18.10Erin D'Ettorre13.68aWestlake
19.9Erin Mielcusny13.80aAvon Lake
20.10Rose Burk13.85aMidpark
21.12Brittani Cox13.89aAvon
22.10Kelsey Nemeth13.96aMedina Senior
23.10Alley Yusko14.01aMidview
24.10Ciara Kessler14.23aRocky River
25.10Angelina Santiago14.46aAmherst Steele
26.10Ascia H-Phillips14.53aBerea
27.11Jorden Strehle14.61aAmherst Steele
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Alicia Arnold25.15aLorain Southview
2.11Meghan Drews25.99aNorth Olmsted
3.11Nicole Hudec26.35aNorth Royalton
4.12Corinne Pasela26.56aMidpark
5.9Sarah Lesiecki26.63aRocky River
6.11Anna Lobas26.87aMidpark
7.12Elisabeth Neumann26.90aAvon
8.10Erin Peskura27.12aStrongsville
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Alicia Arnold25.53aLorain Southview
2.12Corinne Pasela26.68aMidpark
3.11Meghan Drews26.73aNorth Olmsted
4.11Nicole Hudec26.80aNorth Royalton
5.9Sarah Lesiecki27.06aRocky River
6.11Anna Lobas27.30aMidpark
7.10Erin Peskura27.40aStrongsville
8.12Elisabeth Neumann27.55aAvon
9.9Emily Ciborek27.57aStrongsville
10.10Justine Cabbil27.64aElyria
11.10Jessica Fields27.69aAdmiral King
12.9Myk'a Walker27.81aNorth Olmsted
13.9Becki Stuckart27.82aAmherst Steele
14.10Kaitlyn Foye27.93aAvon
15.9Briana Moss28.29aBrunswick Senior
16.9Brianna Blythin28.31aBrunswick Senior
17.9Sarah Wildenheim28.33aMidview
18.10Isabella Mercurio28.42aNorth Ridgeville
19.12Jasmine Garcia28.56aAdmiral King
20.10Taylor Walsh28.67aNorth Royalton
21.10Kelsey Nemeth28.71aMedina Senior
22.9Megan Braye28.93aAvon Lake
23.11Staci Bohannon28.94aBerea
24.9Sienna Wright29.20aElyria
25.12Chelsea Hoch29.24aMedina Senior
26.10Taylor Ledwell29.28aOlmsted Falls
27.9Emily Pechaitis29.40aAvon Lake
28.9Trinity Harrison-Clark29.73aMidview
29.10Ciara Kessler30.13aRocky River
30.10Jordan Skinner30.38aAmherst Steele
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Brianna Neitzel57.40aBrunswick Senior
2.11Jade Barber59.14aMidpark
3.11Jillian Graff59.31aMedina Senior
4.12Olivia Vitou59.83aRocky River
5.12Rachel Beckett1:01.14aNorth Ridgeville
6.10Samantha Narducci1:02.34aNorth Royalton
7.9Alyssa Biedron1:02.86aBrunswick Senior
8.9Sarah Wildenheim1:03.16aMidview
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Jade Barber58.65aMidpark
2.12Olivia Vitou59.57aRocky River
3.10Brianna Neitzel1:00.59aBrunswick Senior
4.12Rachel Beckett1:00.81aNorth Ridgeville
5.11Jillian Graff1:01.91aMedina Senior
6.9Sarah Wildenheim1:02.26aMidview
7.10Samantha Narducci1:02.42aNorth Royalton
8.9Alyssa Biedron1:02.58aBrunswick Senior
9.10Alanna Fitzgerald1:03.08aOlmsted Falls
10.10Caroline Buehl1:03.25aBerea
11.12Lindsey Koehler1:03.64aAvon
12.11Megan Coughlin1:03.70aOlmsted Falls
13.12Taylore Urban1:04.37aMedina Senior
14.11Amanda Stauder1:05.07aStrongsville
15.11Kevisha Daniely1:05.26aElyria
16.9Monica Bickley1:06.04aAvon
17.9Avianna Velez1:06.37aLorain Southview
18.9Christy Martin1:06.43aStrongsville
19.12Brittney Towner1:07.12aRocky River
20.10Sabrina Quinones1:07.26aNorth Olmsted
21.10Veronica Boyd1:07.30aMidpark
22.10Kristianna Bankrof1:08.04aNorth Royalton
23.10Kati Sooy-Schultz1:08.37aAmherst Steele
24.12Carrie Kurish1:08.58aAmherst Steele
25.9Anytra Pye1:09.82aAdmiral King
26.10Theresa Sulminski1:12.88aBerea
27.9Shanique Goodman1:15.09aLorain Southview
28.10Triana Seymore1:16.92aAdmiral King
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Anna Boyert2:16.18aMedina Senior
2.12Alexx Mueler2:17.61aBrunswick Senior
3.10Charlotte Tate2:18.36aWestlake
4.10Megan O'Keefe2:19.19aRocky River
5.11Kasey Schuler2:20.92aAmherst Steele
6.10Taylor Wickey2:21.55aMedina Senior
7.11Nicole Armstrong2:24.57aAvon
8.9Liz Kobe2:25.22aWestlake
9.12Alex Goots2:25.65aNorth Olmsted
10.10Maddy McDonough2:27.08aRocky River
11.12Becca Lamb2:27.50aNorth Ridgeville
12.12Erica Kelly2:27.88aAmherst Steele
13.12Brianna Adams2:30.46aMidview
14.10Chloe Fadenholz2:30.47aBerea
15.11Sophia Gentile2:33.00aBrunswick Senior
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Taylor Wickey2:24.99aMedina Senior
3.12Alexx Mueler2:25.88aBrunswick Senior
5.10Charlotte Tate2:26.56aWestlake
7.12Alex Goots2:26.65aNorth Olmsted
9.10Maddy McDonough2:27.02aRocky River
2.10Anna Boyert2:27.64aMedina Senior
4.11Nicole Armstrong2:27.67aAvon
11.11Kasey Schuler2:28.10aAmherst Steele
6.12Becca Lamb2:28.17aNorth Ridgeville
8.9Liz Kobe2:28.31aWestlake
13.12Brianna Adams2:28.51aMidview
10.9Haley Reines2:28.53aNorth Olmsted
12.10Megan O'Keefe2:28.77aRocky River
14.11Sophia Gentile2:29.23aBrunswick Senior
15.12Erica Kelly2:29.52aAmherst Steele
16.10Chloe Fadenholz2:29.66aBerea
17.11Kayla Welch2:32.27aAvon
18.9Natalie Vidacs2:32.98aNorth Royalton
19.10Maria Cocita2:33.71aMidpark
20.10Sara Gregg2:33.93aStrongsville
21.12Rachel Blasko2:35.39aNorth Royalton
22.11Allison Gregg2:35.61aStrongsville
23.10Chelsea Kovalcsik2:36.75aBerea
24.10Tess Comnick2:41.93aNorth Ridgeville
25.10Rachel Gates2:46.00aAvon Lake
26.9Vanessa Reyes2:54.16aLorain Southview
27.12Rashay Earl3:07.97aLorain Southview
28.9Holly Galloway3:25.07aAdmiral King
--10Michelle ThimkeDNFElyria
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Anna Boyert4:58.65aMedina Senior
2.10Maddy McDonough5:15.75aRocky River
3.10Allison Harbart5:19.05aNorth Royalton
4.12Brittney Towner5:23.62aRocky River
5.10Loren McDaniel5:26.00aBrunswick Senior
6.12Erin Schneider5:31.37aAvon
7.12Alison McDaniel5:35.59aBrunswick Senior
8.9Haley Reines5:37.09aNorth Olmsted
9.11Andrea McArdle5:37.25aStrongsville
10.11Leah Lehotsky5:39.61aNorth Royalton
11.12Abbie Hornyak5:40.45aAmherst Steele
12.11Kristie Haslett5:40.54aBerea
13.10Angelica Bucci5:44.01aAmherst Steele
14.11Melanie Trefny5:48.96aNorth Olmsted
15.11Morgan Rogers5:49.16aNorth Ridgeville
16.12Katelynn Siwierka5:49.84aElyria
17.10Maddie Furrer5:50.96aAvon Lake
18.10Emily Starr5:52.98aAvon
19.9Lindsey Kaschak5:54.58aOlmsted Falls
20.10Jaime Larsen5:55.00aStrongsville
21.10Kristin Kenny6:00.95aAvon Lake
22.10Taylor Lowery6:10.42aNorth Ridgeville
23.11Jessica Albright6:13.91aOlmsted Falls
24.10Jackie Drake6:15.08aMidpark
25.10Chloe Fadenholz6:15.88aBerea
26.10Denise Labis6:17.07aAdmiral King
27.10Tiffany Roenigk6:21.75aMidview
28.12Brigitte Kovar6:21.81aMidpark
29.10Molly Roup6:32.94aMedina Senior
30.9Kristen Paige7:34.12aLorain Southview
31.9Holly Galloway7:56.47aAdmiral King
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Hannah Neczypor11:06.52aNorth Royalton
2.10Selena Pasadyn11:11.61aBrunswick Senior
3.10Katy Link11:17.83aAvon Lake
4.12Dana Tomasello11:19.63aNorth Royalton
5.10Elyse Bierut11:31.71aRocky River
6.10Alexis Uber11:53.89aBrunswick Senior
7.11Alyssa Moran11:55.52aStrongsville
8.10Shakita Kabicek11:57.14aMidpark
9.9Madison Connelly11:59.88aRocky River
10.10Olivia DiBiasio12:00.14aBerea
11.12Vanessa Gut12:06.92aNorth Olmsted
12.9Emily Johnson12:14.30aAmherst Steele
13.12Lauren Hutka12:19.97aMidview
14.10Sarah Walters12:28.72aAmherst Steele
15.10Katie Connolly12:39.31aStrongsville
16.12Kristin Tripi12:39.95aMidpark
17.11Alesha Beverly12:43.83aWestlake
18.10Caitlyn Tipple12:44.03aNorth Ridgeville
19.11Liz Bruno13:00.26aAvon
20.10Sydney Simpson13:02.63aAvon
21.9Sammy Meuler13:07.27aMedina Senior
22.9Amy Veverka13:28.67aNorth Olmsted
23.10Maddelyn Duncan13:34.64aMidview
24.10Britney March13:35.86aElyria
25.10Caitlin Dahlin13:39.83aOlmsted Falls
26.12Laura Richins13:45.10aMedina Senior
27.11Emily Herwerden13:51.54aBerea
28.11Alaina Clark13:54.09aOlmsted Falls
29.10Kelsey Sikon13:58.92aNorth Ridgeville
30.10Denise Labis14:54.07aAdmiral King
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jade Barber15.00aMidpark
2.12Sheral Robinson15.26aAdmiral King
3.10Kristen Winkle15.43aAvon Lake
4.11Alex Wasik15.62aMedina Senior
5.12Carley Ballow15.74aBrunswick Senior
6.11Megan Kane15.94aRocky River
7.12Tanaka Mutiti16.19aBrunswick Senior
8.12Devon Albright16.52aNorth Royalton
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Jade Barber15.78aMidpark
2.10Kristen Winkle15.91aAvon Lake
3.12Sheral Robinson16.13aAdmiral King
4.11Alex Wasik16.42aMedina Senior
5.12Carley Ballow16.45aBrunswick Senior
6.12Devon Albright16.45aNorth Royalton
7.11Megan Kane16.50aRocky River
8.12Tanaka Mutiti16.51aBrunswick Senior
9.9Ellyn Hanford16.54aNorth Royalton
10.11Rachel Olach16.56aAvon
11.11Cassie Sopko16.75aMedina Senior
12.11Alexa Katrinchak16.94aMidview
13.10Morgan Berg17.01aRocky River
14.9Shaunte Hopper17.09aElyria
15.12Lauryn Smith17.13aWestlake
16.12Gabbi Cardamone17.35aMidview
17.11Anastasia Souris17.46aOlmsted Falls
18.9Taylor Welch17.47aNorth Olmsted
19.11Mallory Balmert17.53aAvon
20.10Kelly Essi17.66aWestlake
21.10Veronica Boyd17.91aMidpark
22.10Jenna Minnick18.05aStrongsville
23.12Mel Carolin18.49aStrongsville
24.10Natica Harris18.65aBerea
25.12Jessica Jurcak18.66aOlmsted Falls
26.9Alicia Senart18.86aNorth Ridgeville
27.12Ashley Kozak19.06aBerea
28.11Maddie Bernard19.35aAvon Lake
29.9Erin Kasper19.41aAmherst Steele
30.10Julia Piros19.72aNorth Olmsted
31.9Sara Moore19.87aAmherst Steele
32.9Catlin Johnson20.07aElyria
32.11Kiana Howard20.07aLorain Southview
34.10Melanie Smith20.82aNorth Ridgeville
35.11Melissa Cortes21.35aAdmiral King
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kaila Barber42.28aMidpark
2.10Melody Farris44.15aLorain Southview
3.11Valerie Shymske46.91aMidpark
4.10Sarah Fisher47.28aAmherst Steele
5.11Alexa Katrinchak48.03aMidview
6.11Megan Kane48.32aRocky River
7.10Katie Toporowsky48.51aMedina Senior
8.12Tanaka Mutiti48.54aBrunswick Senior
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Kaila Barber43.16aMidpark
2.10Melody Farris45.80aLorain Southview
3.11Valerie Shymske47.97aMidpark
4.11Megan Kane48.36aRocky River
5.10Katie Toporowsky48.43aMedina Senior
6.10Sarah Fisher48.63aAmherst Steele
7.11Alexa Katrinchak48.65aMidview
8.12Tanaka Mutiti48.77aBrunswick Senior
9.11Kristen Toth48.92aStrongsville
10.9Ellyn Hanford49.09aNorth Royalton
11.11Kemi Osundina49.19aNorth Ridgeville
12.11Cassie Sopko49.84aMedina Senior
13.11Mallory Balmert50.27aAvon
14.12Mel Carolin50.28aStrongsville
15.9Claire Jones50.45aAvon Lake
16.9Brianna Balduff50.63aNorth Ridgeville
17.9Jalen Davis50.75aAvon
18.11Alesha Beverly50.98aWestlake
19.10Morgan Berg51.34aRocky River
20.11Anastasia Souris51.58aOlmsted Falls
21.9Amber Slavik52.20aAmherst Steele
22.11Mariana Lopes52.35aNorth Royalton
23.9Ashley Martin52.78aBrunswick Senior
24.9Erin Hoadley52.87aOlmsted Falls
25.11Katy Newton52.99aElyria
26.10Natica Harris53.42aBerea
27.11Maddie Bernard54.82aAvon Lake
28.10Danielle Pinter56.05aMidview
29.12Ashley Kozak1:01.38aBerea
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Melody Farris
Brittaney Cook
Ashley Malone
Alicia Arnold
49.54aLorain Southview
2.-Brianna Blythin
Tanaka Mutiti
Jennelle Ramsuair
Brianna Neitzel
50.41aBrunswick Senior
3.-Myk'a Walker
Becky Szabo
Karissa Bozin
Meghan Drews
50.55aNorth Olmsted
4.-Dayna Roberts
Kelsey Snider
Abby Nichols
Allison Duber
50.99aOlmsted Falls
5.-Alexandra Burkes
Elisabeth Neumann
Kaitlyn Foye
Natalie Wilden
6.-Isabella Mercurio
Brianna Balduff
Whitney Hansen
Danielle Daveant
52.88aNorth Ridgeville
---Nicole Hudec
Ellyn Hanford
Taylor Walsh
Devon Albright
DQNorth Royalton
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Prelims
1.-Melody Farris
Brittaney Cook
Ashley Malone
Alicia Arnold
49.85aLorain Southview
2.-Brianna Blythin
Tanaka Mutiti
Jennelle Ramsuair
Brianna Neitzel
50.05aBrunswick Senior
3.-Nicole Hudec
Ellyn Hanford
Taylor Walsh
Devon Albright
50.81aNorth Royalton
4.-Dayna Roberts
Kelsey Snider
Abby Nichols
Allison Duber
50.92aOlmsted Falls
5.-Myk'a Walker
Becky Szabo
Karissa Bozin
Meghan Drews
51.06aNorth Olmsted
6.-Alexandra Burkes
Elisabeth Neumann
Kaitlyn Foye
Natalie Wilden
7.-Isabella Mercurio
Brianna Balduff
Whitney Hansen
Danielle Daveant
52.31aNorth Ridgeville
8.-Sheral Robinson
Daisha Campbell
Jasmine Garcia
Jessica Fields
52.36aAdmiral King
9.-Alley Yusko
Trinity Harrison-Clark
Erica Briggs
Katie Shamblin
10.-Emily Ciborek
Julie Stenger
Erin Peskura
Christine Watson
11.-Bridget Smik
Sabrina Rizea
Andi DeMarsh
Erin D'Ettorre
12.-Antashia Williams
Shaunte Hopper
Sienna Wright
Justine Cabbil
13.-Kelsey Nemeth
Chelsea Hoch
Ali Kovarik
Katie Toporowsky
53.05aMedina Senior
14.-Becki Stuckart
Jordan Skinner
Kaitlyn Given
Hailey Dziak
53.60aAmherst Steele
15.-Ashley Hart
Ascia Phillips
Staci Bohannon
Anna Gulan
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Sarah Lesiecki
Megan Kane
Maeve Kessler
Olivia Vitou
1:45.80aRocky River
2.-Brittani Cox
Elisabeth Neumann
Kaitlyn Foye
Natalie Wilden
3.-Dayna Roberts
Kelsey Snider
Abby Nichols
Allison Duber
1:47.60aOlmsted Falls
4.-Isabella Mercurio
Kemi Osundina
Brittany Schneider
Rachel Beckett
1:48.61aNorth Ridgeville
5.-Miranda Young
Anna Lobas
Valerie Shymske
Corinne Pasela
6.-Becki Stuckart
Jordan Skinner
Kaitlyn Given
Hailey Dziak
1:49.67aAmherst Steele
7.-Emily Ciborek
Amanda Stauder
Erin Peskura
Kristen Toth
8.-Hayley Smik
Erin D'Ettorre
Sarah Stachowiak
Natalie Bechtel
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Prelims
1.-Isabella Mercurio
Kemi Osundina
Brittany Schneider
Rachel Beckett
1:48.25aNorth Ridgeville
2.-Brittani Cox
Elisabeth Neumann
Kaitlyn Foye
Natalie Wilden
3.-Dayna Roberts
Kelsey Snider
Abby Nichols
Allison Duber
1:48.72aOlmsted Falls
4.-Hayley Smik
Erin D'Ettorre
Sarah Stachowiak
Natalie Bechtel
5.-Emily Ciborek
Amanda Stauder
Erin Peskura
Kristen Toth
6.-Miranda Young
Anna Lobas
Valerie Shymske
Corinne Pasela
7.-Sarah Lesiecki
Megan Kane
Maeve Kessler
Olivia Vitou
1:49.86aRocky River
8.-Becki Stuckart
Jordan Skinner
Kaitlyn Given
Hailey Dziak
1:51.12aAmherst Steele
9.-Jasmine Garcia
Anytra Pye
Daisha Campbell
Jessica Fields
1:52.34aAdmiral King
10.-Kailey McClain
Kim Zelonis
Jessica Murdock
Kristen Winkle
1:52.76aAvon Lake
11.-Kelsey Nemeth
Chelsea Hoch
Ellie Muniak
Emily Sheerer
1:52.97aMedina Senior
12.-Kalie Simonelli
Taylor Walsh
Devon Albright
Aliah Simonelli
1:53.77aNorth Royalton
13.-Antashia Williams
Kevisha Daniely
Elayza Scott
Justine Cabbil
14.-Ashley Hart
Ascia Phillips
Staci Bohannon
Caroline Buehl
---Megan Kidd
Nicole Kells
Briana Moss
Anastasia Fitzroy
DQBrunswick Senior
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Corinne Pasela
Anna Lobas
Valerie Shymske
Kaila Barber
2.-Dayna Roberts
Allison Duber
Megan Coughlin
Kelsey Snider
4:00.94aOlmsted Falls
3.-Alexx Mueler
Jennelle Ramsuair
Alyssa Biedron
Brianna Neitzel
4:02.45aBrunswick Senior
4.-Maeve Kessler
Megan O'Keefe
Sarah Lesiecki
Olivia Vitou
4:05.42aRocky River
5.-Jillian Graff
Taylor Wickey
Taylore Urban
Anna Boyert
4:05.42aMedina Senior
6.-Hayley Smik
Bridget Smik
Natalie Bechtel
Sarah Stachowiak
7.-Sarah Fisher
Kaitlyn Given
Amanda Taylor
Kasey Schuler
4:11.67aAmherst Steele
8.-Kemi Osundina
Chelsea Rose
Brittany Schneider
Rachel Beckett
4:13.07aNorth Ridgeville
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Prelims
1.-Dayna Roberts
Allison Duber
Megan Coughlin
Kelsey Snider
4:01.73aOlmsted Falls
2.-Corinne Pasela
Anna Lobas
Valerie Shymske
Kaila Barber
3.-Jillian Graff
Taylor Wickey
Taylore Urban
Anna Boyert
4:06.99aMedina Senior
4.-Maeve Kessler
Megan O'Keefe
Sarah Lesiecki
Olivia Vitou
4:07.85aRocky River
5.-Alexx Mueler
Jennelle Ramsuair
Alyssa Biedron
Nicole Kells
4:08.54aBrunswick Senior
6.-Hayley Smik
Bridget Smik
Natalie Bechtel
Sarah Stachowiak
7.-Kemi Osundina
Chelsea Rose
Brittany Schneider
Rachel Beckett
4:12.59aNorth Ridgeville
8.-Sarah Fisher
Kaitlyn Given
Amanda Taylor
Kasey Schuler
4:13.74aAmherst Steele
9.-Claire Jones
Kim Zelonis
Cheyenne Lukstein
Katy Link
4:16.94aAvon Lake
10.-Kalie Simonelli
Aliah Simonelli
Samantha Narducci
Kristianna Bankrof
4:18.72aNorth Royalton
11.-Sarah Torok
Amanda Stauder
Christy Martin
Mel Carolin
12.-Brianna Adams
Paige Tesmer
Sarah Linn
Sarah Wildenheim
13.-Marlene Michelich
Baylee Ford
Lindsey Koehler
Monica Bickley
14.-Caroline Buehl
Ascia Phillips
Jaclyn Thomason
Chelsea Kovalcsik
15.-Avianna Velez
Ashley Malone
Rashay Earl
Kiana Howard
4:48.05aLorain Southview
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jillian Graff
Taylor Wickey
Alexis Smith
Anna Boyert
9:25.32aMedina Senior
2.-Madison Connelly
Maddy McDonough
Elyse Bierut
Megan O'Keefe
9:32.24aRocky River
3.-Selena Pasadyn
Loren McDaniel
Alexis Uber
Alexx Mueler
9:36.22aBrunswick Senior
4.-Kasey Schuler
Erica Kelly
Emily Johnson
Abbie Hornyak
9:44.82aAmherst Steele
5.-Charlotte Tate
Liz Kobe
Bridget Smik
Alesha Beverly
6.-Haley Reines
Alex Goots
Grace Kereky
Vanessa Gut
9:48.77aNorth Olmsted
7.-Corinne Pasela
Maria Cocita
Jenn Angelo
Shakita Kabicek
8.-Erin Schneider
Kayla Welch
Melissa Bruno
Nicole Armstrong
9.-Katy Link
Taylor Nedrich
Claire Jones
Cheyenne Lukstein
10:06.06aAvon Lake
10.-Andrea McArdle
Alyssa Moran
Allison Gregg
Pauline Hage
11.-Dana Tomasello
Allison Harbart
Leah Lehotsky
Rachel Blasko
10:12.24aNorth Royalton
12.-Angie Holecko
Emily Poirier
Emily Herwerden
Taylor Hinton
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Shanique Ogle42-01.50Lorain Southview
2.11Jasmin Poljak37-08.00Midpark
3.12Abby Burgdorf36-03.25Amherst Steele
4.12Destiny Harbin34-10.00Lorain Southview
5.12Bridget Lyons34-06.00Avon Lake
6.11Grace Demyan34-05.75Midview
7.12Brittnae Isom34-05.75Elyria
8.12Jessica Culver34-02.75Rocky River
9.10Suzy Fetter34-02.00Medina Senior
10.12Rachel Hallman32-05.75Brunswick Senior
11.10Akacia Taylor31-05.50Elyria
12.10Kaleigh Timko30-10.00Rocky River
13.12Anwar Mustafa30-01.50North Olmsted
14.12Jenna Daghstani30-00.00Westlake
15.12Jasmine Rodriguez29-07.00Westlake
16.9Cari Pallini29-00.25Medina Senior
17.12Annalyse Frederick28-11.25North Ridgeville
18.11Jennifer Luchansky28-08.75North Olmsted
19.11Skylar Morgan28-06.00Midpark
20.10Shannon Lott28-00.75Berea
21.9Sarah Marino28-00.00North Royalton
22.10Aubrey Langley27-09.00Berea
23.10Sarah Alflen27-07.00Avon Lake
24.10Erin Keyse27-02.00Midview
25.11Kristin Whitehead27-00.00Avon
26.11Shannon Theobald26-03.50Amherst Steele
27.9Anna Glowski25-06.75North Royalton
28.11Heidi Galloway25-02.00Admiral King
29.9Hannah Bissett24-09.00Avon
30.11Kristin Holland24-07.75Olmsted Falls
31.11Sarah Ruese24-02.75Strongsville
32.10Amber Black24-02.00Olmsted Falls
33.12Heidi Rolland22-05.75Strongsville
--10Kristen ValoreNDBrunswick Senior
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Mary Bridges139-05North Olmsted
2.11Jasmin Poljak126-00Midpark
3.12Carley Ballow119-02Brunswick Senior
4.11Grace Demyan118-04Midview
5.10Suzy Fetter117-04Medina Senior
6.9Cari Pallini116-06Medina Senior
7.12Abby Burgdorf116-01Amherst Steele
8.11Sanita Quinn113-04Lorain Southview
9.11Dayna Roberts110-09Olmsted Falls
10.12Bridget Lyons106-10Avon Lake
11.12Heidi Rolland106-01Strongsville
12.12Rachel Hallman99-08Brunswick Senior
13.12Jenna Daghstani99-03Westlake
14.12Jessica Culver98-00Rocky River
15.11Stacy Loushin96-00Amherst Steele
16.11Kristen Troyer94-07North Olmsted
17.10Sarah Alflen92-03Avon Lake
18.11Grace Samenuk91-00Westlake
19.11Chelsey Wright90-11Rocky River
20.9Alexandria Figuero90-03Elyria
21.10Shannon Lott87-05Berea
22.10Emili Grendze86-05Strongsville
23.12Annalyse Frederick85-00North Ridgeville
24.11Maggie Mcmahan79-02North Royalton
25.11Mercedais Grissom79-01Elyria
26.11Skylar Morgan77-10Midpark
27.10Thea Lutz76-04Avon
28.10Lauren Scheerer75-02Berea
29.11Heidi Galloway73-09Admiral King
30.9Anna Glowski72-03North Royalton
31.11Kristin Whitehead72-00Avon
32.10Melody Spraw68-03Midview
33.10Alix Cillo65-05Olmsted Falls
--9Jacque WatkinsNDLorain Southview
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Taylor Burke5-08.00Medina Senior
2.11Renee Mckee5-06.00Midpark
3.11Kalpana Beach5-06.00Westlake
4.11Kristen Toth5-01.00Strongsville
5.11Mariana Lopes5-01.00North Royalton
6.9Madison Cooper5-00.00Avon
7.9Christine Bohan5-00.00Avon Lake
8.12Molly Theiling4-09.00Rocky River
8.10Mary Kate Malony4-09.00Avon Lake
10.12Lindsay Koch4-09.00Brunswick Senior
10.9Masha Ampleyeva4-09.00North Olmsted
12.10Katie McNally4-09.00Rocky River
12.9Tatiana Sedlak4-09.00Strongsville
12.9Sarah Kinch4-09.00Medina Senior
15.10Katie Carroll4-06.00Westlake
15.10Mary Tout4-06.00North Royalton
17.9Dana Borsz4-06.00North Olmsted
17.12Marlene Michelich4-06.00Avon
--10Rose BurkNHMidpark
--10Shauntiel Oliver-SNHElyria
--10Sara WeberNHBerea
--10Kitstie OravecNHBrunswick Senior
--9Meghan AciertoNHAmherst Steele
--9Erin KasperNHAmherst Steele
--11Danielle DaveantNHNorth Ridgeville
--9Arianna RobinsonNHOlmsted Falls
--11Katie ShamblinNHMidview
--12Gabbi CardamoneNHMidview
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Alex Wasik11-00.00Medina Senior
2.12April Andersson10-06.00Avon Lake
3.11Rachel Lasorella10-06.00Midpark
4.12Taylore Urban10-00.00Medina Senior
4.11Briana Krieger10-00.00North Royalton
4.12Carley Ballow10-00.00Brunswick Senior
7.11Morgan Srail10-00.00Avon Lake
8.10Megan Kidd10-00.00Brunswick Senior
9.11Amber Knotek9-06.00North Royalton
10.11Alexis Lucas9-06.00Midpark
11.11Alyssa Beach9-06.00Amherst Steele
12.10Jessica Goepfert9-00.00Rocky River
12.11Caitlin Camp9-00.00Amherst Steele
14.11Bianca Patrini8-00.00Midview
14.11Sara Malone8-00.00Avon
14.10Anne Puzak8-00.00Avon
14.11Katie Powers8-00.00Rocky River
14.9Julie Solarz8-00.00Westlake
14.9Jamie Hamilton8-00.00Westlake
14.11Caitlin Stanley8-00.00Strongsville
14.12Breanne Vedda8-00.00Olmsted Falls
14.11Sarah McClain8-00.00Olmsted Falls
14.11Danielle Slogik8-00.00Strongsville
--12Jackie LucasNHNorth Ridgeville
--11Kiley FletcherNHNorth Ridgeville
--9Paige KatrinchakNHMidview
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kaila Barber19-01.00Midpark
2.11Nicole Hudec18-02.50North Royalton
3.10Alicia Arnold18-00.50Lorain Southview
4.12Olivia Vitou17-06.50Rocky River
5.10Ali Kovarik17-06.50Medina Senior
6.12Lindsay Koch16-10.75Brunswick Senior
7.12Brittani Cox16-10.00Avon
8.12Gabbi Cardamone16-04.75Midview
9.10Ellie Muniak16-02.75Medina Senior
10.10Samantha Narducci16-00.75North Royalton
11.9Taylor Welch16-00.50North Olmsted
12.11Hailey Dziak16-00.00Amherst Steele
13.9Briana Moss15-11.50Brunswick Senior
13.10Karissa Dodge15-11.50Olmsted Falls
15.11Rachel Olach15-11.00Avon
16.9Sarah Lesiecki15-08.50Rocky River
17.10Shauntiel Oliver-S15-07.75Elyria
18.10Justine Cabbil15-05.75Elyria
19.10Jessica Fields15-04.25Admiral King
20.9Anytra Pye15-03.00Admiral King
21.9Kailey McClain15-02.75Avon Lake
22.10Sara Weber15-02.50Berea
23.11Julie Stenger15-00.75Strongsville
24.10Alley Yusko15-00.00Midview
25.12Katie Lynch14-09.75Strongsville
26.11Sarah McClain14-07.00Olmsted Falls
27.11Brittany Roman13-11.75North Olmsted
28.9Erin Kasper13-08.25Amherst Steele
29.12Sarah Magnani12-04.50Berea
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