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FHSAA 4A District 13 Championships

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Traz Powell Stadium, Miami

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Paul Georges11.06aDr. Michael M. Krop
2.12Dwane Jackson11.21aMiami Carol City Sr
3.10Tyrone Royal11.24aAmerican
4.11De'angelo James11.27aAmerican
5.11Rodney Madison11.28aAmerican
6.12James Bankston11.45aHialeah Miami Lakes
7.12Shaun Fedric11.67aHialeah Miami Lakes
8.11Deandre Dubuche11.70aNorth Miami
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Paul Georges11.10aDr. Michael M. Krop
2.12Dwane Jackson11.12aMiami Carol City Sr
3.11Rodney Madison11.25aAmerican
4.10Tyrone Royal11.28aAmerican
5.11De'angelo James11.47aAmerican
6.12Shaun Fedric11.50aHialeah Miami Lakes
7.12James Bankston11.54aHialeah Miami Lakes
8.11Deandre Dubuche11.66aNorth Miami
9.12Quandre Walker11.69aHialeah Miami Lakes
10.12Adler Cezir11.73aAmerican
11.11Tarquise James11.80aMiami Carol City Sr
12.12Kadeem Watson11.84aDr. Michael M. Krop
13.12Uriel Rawls11.92aDr. Michael M. Krop
14.12Daniel Lozandier11.95aNorth Miami
15.11Herclin Louis12.03aNorth Miami
16.11Fred Moline12.09aNorth Miami Beach Sr
17.12David Howard12.27aDr. Michael M. Krop
18.10Dwayne McGhie12.28aNorth Miami Beach Sr
19.11Brandon Mcintosh12.49aNorth Miami Beach Sr
20.10Raymond Trull12.68aBarbara Goleman
21.11Theophilus Cook12.86aNorth Miami
22.10Juan Hernandez13.18aBarbara Goleman
23.10Steven Figueroa13.35aBarbara Goleman
24.10Mitchel Revnier13.78aBarbara Goleman
--12Darnell PhillipsFSHialeah Miami Lakes
--12Karis BrownDNSNorth Miami Beach Sr
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Miguel Cardenas22.43aBarbara Goleman
2.12Dwane Jackson22.53aMiami Carol City Sr
3.11De'angelo James22.62aAmerican
4.12Paul Georges22.74aDr. Michael M. Krop
5.12David Lozandier22.83aNorth Miami
6.11Leatis Jones22.86aMiami Carol City Sr
7.12Maurice Jackson23.00aAmerican
8.10Tyrone Royal23.02aAmerican
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Dwane Jackson22.71aMiami Carol City Sr
2.12Miguel Cardenas22.81aBarbara Goleman
3.12Paul Georges22.99aDr. Michael M. Krop
4.10Tyrone Royal23.00aAmerican
5.12Maurice Jackson23.10aAmerican
6.11De'angelo James23.15aAmerican
7.11Leatis Jones23.25aMiami Carol City Sr
8.12David Lozandier23.26aNorth Miami
9.11Deandre Dubuche23.37aNorth Miami
10.12James Bankston23.39aHialeah Miami Lakes
11.12Shaun Fedric23.66aHialeah Miami Lakes
12.11Troy Johnson23.70aMiami Carol City Sr
13.12Ernest Archie23.72aDr. Michael M. Krop
14.11Rodney Madison23.72aAmerican
15.11Darian Peters23.86aDr. Michael M. Krop
16.12Uriel Rawls24.19aDr. Michael M. Krop
17.11Leon Green24.22aMiami Carol City Sr
18.11Kevin Cameron24.50aNorth Miami Beach Sr
19.11Herclin Louis24.74aNorth Miami
20.10Dwayne McGhie24.82aNorth Miami Beach Sr
21.11Fred Moline25.08aNorth Miami Beach Sr
22.12Karis Brown25.24aNorth Miami Beach Sr
23.10Steven Figueroa27.28aBarbara Goleman
24.10Juan Hernandez27.51aBarbara Goleman
25.10Mitchel Revnier28.55aBarbara Goleman
--11Theophilus CookDNSNorth Miami
--12Michael WallaceDNSHialeah Miami Lakes
--10Alex DelgadoDNSHialeah Miami Lakes
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Juan Paul Green49.48aMiami Carol City Sr
2.12Miguel Cardenas49.51aBarbara Goleman
3.12David Lozandier49.70aNorth Miami
4.11Leatis Jones50.21aMiami Carol City Sr
5.12Maurice Jackson50.33aAmerican
6.12Wilder Darius52.98aNorth Miami Beach Sr
7.9Troy McCollum53.70aNorth Miami
--10Sean GaldeanoDNFHialeah Miami Lakes
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Miguel Cardenas49.71aBarbara Goleman
2.12David Lozandier49.86aNorth Miami
3.11Leatis Jones49.91aMiami Carol City Sr
4.10Juan Paul Green50.19aMiami Carol City Sr
5.12Maurice Jackson51.03aAmerican
6.10Sean Galdeano52.49aHialeah Miami Lakes
7.9Troy McCollum52.76aNorth Miami
8.12Wilder Darius52.95aNorth Miami Beach Sr
9.12Ernest Archie53.49aDr. Michael M. Krop
10.12Daniel Lozandier53.98aNorth Miami
11.12Lee Cumbie54.03aAmerican
12.11Kevin Cameron56.02aNorth Miami Beach Sr
13.11Herclin Louis56.73aNorth Miami
14.12Andy Delgado57.58aHialeah Miami Lakes
15.11Darian Peters57.62aDr. Michael M. Krop
16.10Friven Dor57.80aAmerican
17.11Brandon Mcintosh57.95aNorth Miami Beach Sr
18.10Carlylian Lewis58.14aMiami Carol City Sr
19.9Thomas Gaskins59.06aDr. Michael M. Krop
20.12Jeffrey Montout59.25aDr. Michael M. Krop
21.10Walla Charlestant1:02.59aNorth Miami Beach Sr
--11Timothy MillerDQAmerican
--12Xavier HopkinsDNSMiami Carol City Sr
--12Michael WallaceDNSHialeah Miami Lakes
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Michael Vidal1:59.73aHialeah Miami Lakes
2.12Teandrick Solcum2:00.08aMiami Carol City Sr
3.12Randall Smith2:04.28aNorth Miami Beach Sr
4.12McDaniel Olivier2:05.42aBarbara Goleman
5.10Juan Paul Green2:05.67aMiami Carol City Sr
6.11Blaise Joseph2:05.74aNorth Miami
7.11Robens Joachim2:07.86aNorth Miami Beach Sr
8.10Syndy Marc2:08.73aNorth Miami
9.10Carlylian Lewis2:09.35aMiami Carol City Sr
10.11Bryan Louissant2:09.37aNorth Miami Beach Sr
11.12Bruce Louis2:11.32aDr. Michael M. Krop
12.12Andy Calixte2:12.16aNorth Miami
13.9Andre Ernest2:13.24aDr. Michael M. Krop
14.12Omar Irizarry2:16.15aBarbara Goleman
15.11Sinson Charles2:16.89aNorth Miami Beach Sr
16.9Jeremiah Oyerenji2:18.63aAmerican
17.12Brandon Braynen2:26.14aDr. Michael M. Krop
18.10Ernesto Rodriguez2:38.79aBarbara Goleman
--10Sean GaldeanoDNFHialeah Miami Lakes
--10Mack PredelusDNFNorth Miami
--9Marcus SmithDNSMiami Carol City Sr
--11Michael JosephDNSDr. Michael M. Krop
--11Rashad ForbesDNSAmerican
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Javier Lara4:43.01aAmerican
2.12OsDaniel Hernandez4:44.74aHialeah Miami Lakes
3.9Marcus Smith4:49.58aMiami Carol City Sr
4.11Jesus Rivas4:50.39aHialeah Miami Lakes
5.11Bryan Louissant5:01.00aNorth Miami Beach Sr
6.12Omar Irizarry5:07.23aBarbara Goleman
7.10Matthew Goncalves5:12.53aNorth Miami
8.11Roosevelt Berrick5:13.19aMiami Carol City Sr
9.11Driko Ducasse5:15.14aNorth Miami
10.12Herby Vernet5:15.92aNorth Miami
11.12Steve Payne5:17.92aMiami Carol City Sr
12.12David Saavedra5:19.06aAmerican
13.12Emmanuel Heredia5:21.22aNorth Miami Beach Sr
14.9Jackson Howard5:26.35aMiami Carol City Sr
15.11Reginald Youyoute5:34.85aNorth Miami Beach Sr
16.9Jeffrey Tait5:38.54aDr. Michael M. Krop
17.11Jamel Pierre5:41.00aNorth Miami Beach Sr
18.10Ernesto Rodriguez5:52.22aBarbara Goleman
19.10Jose Ramos5:57.00aBarbara Goleman
20.10Pablo Brito5:57.17aBarbara Goleman
--9Andre ErnestDNFDr. Michael M. Krop
--10Gabriel ParkerDNSAmerican
--10Syndy MarcDNFNorth Miami
--12Jermaine ThompsonDNSHialeah Miami Lakes
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jesus Rivas10:35.33aHialeah Miami Lakes
2.12Javier Lara10:42.99aAmerican
3.9Marcus Smith10:49.99aMiami Carol City Sr
4.11Driko Ducasse11:44.47aNorth Miami
5.11Mario Alfaro11:55.47aAmerican
6.11Roosevelt Berrick11:59.90aMiami Carol City Sr
7.12David Saavedra12:22.79aAmerican
8.11Reginald Youyoute12:25.91aNorth Miami Beach Sr
9.11Everson Joachim12:26.20aNorth Miami Beach Sr
10.10Alexandrov Silien12:44.78aNorth Miami
--12Emmanuel HerediaDNFNorth Miami Beach Sr
--12OsDaniel HernandezDNSHialeah Miami Lakes
--10Mohammed DurraniDNFHialeah Miami Lakes
--11Reginald MenardDNSNorth Miami Beach Sr
--9David PhanorDNSNorth Miami
--9Jackson HowardDNFMiami Carol City Sr
--11Jose PierreDNSNorth Miami
--12Steve PayneDQMiami Carol City Sr
--11Edison ChaparroDNFBarbara Goleman
--9Jeffrey TaitDNFDr. Michael M. Krop
--10Pablo BritoDNFBarbara Goleman
--10Gerardo FelixDNFBarbara Goleman
--10Jose RamosDNFBarbara Goleman
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Darrell Butler15.26aMiami Carol City Sr
2.11Rannell Hall15.31aMiami Carol City Sr
3.12Jose Bennett16.25aAmerican
4.10Stephon Adderley16.42aBarbara Goleman
5.11Brandon Carter16.93aNorth Miami
6.12Darryl Haile18.91aMiami Carol City Sr
7.11David Jean-Pierre19.53aNorth Miami
8.-Chris Balliou19.72aMiami Carol City Sr
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Darrell Butler15.17aMiami Carol City Sr
2.11Rannell Hall15.23aMiami Carol City Sr
3.12Jose Bennett15.74aAmerican
4.10Stephon Adderley15.80aBarbara Goleman
5.11Brandon Carter16.43aNorth Miami
6.12Darryl Haile18.51aMiami Carol City Sr
7.-Chris Balliou19.74aMiami Carol City Sr
8.11David Jean-Pierre20.08aNorth Miami
9.11Devir Galindo20.22aBarbara Goleman
10.9Troy McCollum20.58aNorth Miami
11.11Rognel Joseph23.07aNorth Miami
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Darrell Butler39.44aMiami Carol City Sr
2.11Darrryl Brown39.49aAmerican
3.11Rannell Hall40.11aMiami Carol City Sr
4.11Mike Bien-Aime40.66aNorth Miami Beach Sr
5.12Jose Bennett40.77aAmerican
6.10Stephon Adderley42.45aBarbara Goleman
7.12Bobby White42.95aAmerican
8.11Brandon Carter44.29aNorth Miami
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Darrell Butler38.87aMiami Carol City Sr
2.11Rannell Hall39.69aMiami Carol City Sr
3.11Darrryl Brown39.92aAmerican
4.11Mike Bien-Aime41.11aNorth Miami Beach Sr
5.12Bobby White42.07aAmerican
6.10Stephon Adderley42.41aBarbara Goleman
7.12Jose Bennett42.45aAmerican
8.11Brandon Carter45.19aNorth Miami
9.11Devir Galindo48.70aBarbara Goleman
10.12Darryl Haile48.75aMiami Carol City Sr
11.11Jean-Marc Etienne49.89aNorth Miami
12.11David Jean-Pierre53.00aNorth Miami
13.11Theophilus Cook53.14aNorth Miami
--10Darnell ButlerFSMiami Carol City Sr
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 43.34aAmerican
2.-Relay Team 44.10aHialeah Miami Lakes
3.-Relay Team 44.80aDr. Michael M. Krop
4.-Relay Team 45.23aMiami Carol City Sr
5.-Relay Team 47.98aBarbara Goleman
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Teandrick Solcum
Leatis Jones
Juanpaul Green
Darrell Butler
3:24.35aMiami Carol City Sr
2.-Maurice Jackson
Willie Bromell
Bobby White
Rashad Forbes
3.-Stephon Adderley
Miguel Cardenas
Omar Irizarry
McDaniel Olivier
3:32.82aBarbara Goleman
4.-Troy McCollum
Deandre Dubuche
Daniel Lozandier
David Lozandier
3:33.05aNorth Miami
5.-Kevin Cameron
Wilder Darius
Mike Bien-Aime
Randall Smith
3:33.23aNorth Miami Beach Sr
6.-Darian Peters
Ernest Archie
Brandon Braynen
Bruce Louis
3:41.98aDr. Michael M. Krop
7.-James Bankston
Sean Galdeano
Michael Wallace
Michael Vidal
3:45.48aHialeah Miami Lakes
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Michael Vidal
Jermaine Thompson
OsDaniel Hernandez
Sean Galdeano
8:06.89aHialeah Miami Lakes
2.-Carlylian Lewis
Juanpaul Green
Marcus Smith
Xavier Hopkins
8:13.58aMiami Carol City Sr
3.-Wilder Darius
Randall Smith
Bryan Louissant
Mike Bien-Aime
8:20.83aNorth Miami Beach Sr
4.-Andy Calixte
Blaise Joseph
Syndy Marc
Driko Ducasse
8:37.82aNorth Miami
5.-Devir Galindo
Omar Irizarry
McDaniel Olivier
Ernesto Rodriguez
8:44.11aBarbara Goleman
6.-Rashad Forbes
Javier Lara
David Saavedra
Jeremiah Oyerenji
7.-Brandon Braynen
Bruce Louis
Michael Joseph
Ernest Archie
9:20.47aDr. Michael M. Krop
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Charleston Hankerson46-05.00Miami Carol City Sr
2.11Harry Rhodes45-00.00Miami Carol City Sr
3.12Gerald Love42-10.00Dr. Michael M. Krop
4.12Zephr Jean42-00.00North Miami
5.12Benny Theyson42-00.00Hialeah Miami Lakes
6.11Devaunte Forbes40-10.00Dr. Michael M. Krop
7.12Dante' Roberts39-07.00American
8.11Kervins Lorthe36-04.00North Miami Beach Sr
9.10Criston Cartwright34-00.00North Miami Beach Sr
10.12Pascal Jules33-11.00Barbara Goleman
11.11Paul Vilme33-06.00North Miami
12.11Steven Volmar32-01.00North Miami
13.11Kenneth Bromell31-09.00American
14.10Raymond Trull28-09.00Barbara Goleman
15.11Michael Haynes27-00.00Hialeah Miami Lakes
16.12Kevin Mellers25-06.00North Miami Beach Sr
17.10Lapoleon Hester24-10.00Hialeah Miami Lakes
--12Carl St.HubertDNSBarbara Goleman
--11Isaiah ChisolmDNSAmerican
--12Manny DiazDNSHialeah Miami Lakes
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Charleston Hankerson137-01Miami Carol City Sr
2.12Pascal Jules125-08Barbara Goleman
3.11Harry Rhodes123-06Miami Carol City Sr
4.11Kervins Lorthe113-03North Miami Beach Sr
5.12Benny Theyson109-00Hialeah Miami Lakes
6.11Devaunte Forbes108-07Dr. Michael M. Krop
7.12Zephr Jean101-09North Miami
8.12Kevin Mellers101-08North Miami Beach Sr
9.10Criston Cartwright97-00North Miami Beach Sr
10.11Michael Haynes91-03Hialeah Miami Lakes
11.11Paul Vilme85-01North Miami
12.11Kenneth Bromell79-02American
13.11Steven Volmar75-07North Miami
14.10Lapoleon Hester56-07Hialeah Miami Lakes
--12Gerald LoveFOULDr. Michael M. Krop
--11Isaiah ChisolmDNSAmerican
--11Dennis TiradoDNSAmerican
--12Manny DiazDNSHialeah Miami Lakes
--12Carl St.HubertDNSBarbara Goleman
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Antron Jackson6-08.00Miami Carol City Sr
2.11Willie Bromell6-06.00American
3.12Jakeem Welch6-04.00Barbara Goleman
4.12McDaniel Olivier5-06.00Barbara Goleman
--11Robinson EugeneNHNorth Miami
--11Blaise JosephNHNorth Miami
--12Andy CalixteNHNorth Miami
--12Jeffrey MontoutNHDr. Michael M. Krop
--11Rognel JosephNHNorth Miami
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Devir Galindo7-06.00Barbara Goleman
2.10Stephon Adderley7-06.00Barbara Goleman
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Darrryl Brown22-11.00American
2.11Rannell Hall22-10.00Miami Carol City Sr
3.12Jakeem Welch22-03.00Barbara Goleman
4.10Tyrone Royal21-11.00American
5.11De'angelo James21-09.00American
6.12Vladymir Paul21-07.00American
7.12Paul Georges20-09.00Dr. Michael M. Krop
8.11Rognel Joseph20-06.00North Miami
9.11Brandon Carter19-04.00North Miami
10.12Darryl Haile19-01.00Miami Carol City Sr
11.12David Lozandier18-05.00North Miami
12.12Quandre Walker18-04.00Hialeah Miami Lakes
13.10Max Dorvilier18-00.00Dr. Michael M. Krop
14.11David Jean-Pierre17-09.00North Miami
15.11Keandre Shine17-08.00Miami Carol City Sr
16.11Dodswic Ellington17-04.00Dr. Michael M. Krop
17.9Donnie Howard16-07.00Miami Carol City Sr
18.12Andy Delgado15-10.00Hialeah Miami Lakes
19.11Darrius McTier14-08.00Dr. Michael M. Krop
20.10Alex Delgado14-07.00Hialeah Miami Lakes
--10Mohammed DurraniFOULHialeah Miami Lakes
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Antron Jackson45-06.00Miami Carol City Sr
2.12Jakeem Welch45-03.00Barbara Goleman
3.12Vladymir Paul45-02.00American
4.11Rannell Hall44-03.00Miami Carol City Sr
5.12Quandre Walker41-09.00Hialeah Miami Lakes
6.11Darrell Butler41-03.00Miami Carol City Sr
7.10Carlylian Lewis41-03.00Miami Carol City Sr
8.11Jean-Marc Etienne38-05.00North Miami
9.11Robinson Eugene38-04.00North Miami
10.10Max Dorvilier37-10.00Dr. Michael M. Krop
10.11Brandon Carter37-10.00North Miami
12.11Rognel Joseph36-10.00North Miami
13.11Darrius McTier33-04.00Dr. Michael M. Krop

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Dominique Mills12.52aMiami Carol City Sr
2.10Rasheeka Hanson12.74aDr. Michael M. Krop
3.11Diamond Robinson12.99aMiami Carol City Sr
4.10Amber Collier13.15aMiami Carol City Sr
5.10Sade Tutson13.21aAmerican
6.9N'Kiru Anyagaligbo13.26aDr. Michael M. Krop
7.9Ieshia Smalls13.47aDr. Michael M. Krop
8.11Daria Sims14.67aDr. Michael M. Krop
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Dominique Mills12.32aMiami Carol City Sr
2.10Rasheeka Hanson12.78aDr. Michael M. Krop
3.11Diamond Robinson12.93aMiami Carol City Sr
4.10Amber Collier13.07aMiami Carol City Sr
5.10Sade Tutson13.18aAmerican
6.9N'Kiru Anyagaligbo13.20aDr. Michael M. Krop
7.9Ieshia Smalls13.35aDr. Michael M. Krop
8.11Daria Sims13.37aDr. Michael M. Krop
9.9Shirlendy Jean13.77aNorth Miami
10.9Kiara Jones14.04aAmerican
11.12Niesha Benjamin14.04aMiami Carol City Sr
12.11Jessi Dutherville14.36aNorth Miami Beach Sr
13.10Britney McIntosh14.91aNorth Miami Beach Sr
14.11Stephany Collazo15.04aBarbara Goleman
--9Askia CollierDNSHialeah Miami Lakes
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Rasheeka Hanson26.56aDr. Michael M. Krop
2.11Diamond Robinson26.80aMiami Carol City Sr
3.10Amber Collier26.83aMiami Carol City Sr
4.11Dominique Mills27.65aMiami Carol City Sr
5.10Sade Tutson27.75aAmerican
6.10Elesha Alyn28.24aDr. Michael M. Krop
7.10Joi Carter29.09aMiami Carol City Sr
8.9Frankeisha Allen29.68aDr. Michael M. Krop
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Dominique Mills26.59aMiami Carol City Sr
2.11Diamond Robinson26.62aMiami Carol City Sr
3.10Rasheeka Hanson26.77aDr. Michael M. Krop
4.10Amber Collier27.52aMiami Carol City Sr
5.10Sade Tutson27.54aAmerican
6.10Elesha Alyn28.10aDr. Michael M. Krop
7.9Frankeisha Allen28.14aDr. Michael M. Krop
8.10Joi Carter28.64aMiami Carol City Sr
9.10Rebecca Antoine28.82aBarbara Goleman
10.12Marie Leon28.90aDr. Michael M. Krop
11.9Shirlendy Jean29.14aNorth Miami
12.12Christell Villard29.56aNorth Miami Beach Sr
13.9Kiara Jones29.95aAmerican
14.10Lourdes Silva30.24aAmerican
15.11Jessi Dutherville30.97aNorth Miami Beach Sr
16.12Sellina Capetillo33.46aNorth Miami
17.10Britney McIntosh36.79aNorth Miami Beach Sr
--11Jessica LeyroyDNSNorth Miami Beach Sr
--9Starline JanvierDNSNorth Miami
--9Askia CollierDNSHialeah Miami Lakes
--12Olivia JonesDNSHialeah Miami Lakes
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Adriana Allen56.38aDr. Michael M. Krop
2.11Jennife Hernandez1:01.33aAmerican
3.10Jasmine Long1:02.90aMiami Carol City Sr
4.9Imani White1:03.12aMiami Carol City Sr
5.9Frankeisha Allen1:03.73aDr. Michael M. Krop
6.12Christell Villard1:06.14aNorth Miami Beach Sr
7.10Rebecca Antoine1:08.03aBarbara Goleman
8.12Marie Leon1:22.09aDr. Michael M. Krop
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.9Adriana Allen56.84aDr. Michael M. Krop
2.11Jennife Hernandez1:01.11aAmerican
3.12Christell Villard1:03.17aNorth Miami Beach Sr
4.9Frankeisha Allen1:03.33aDr. Michael M. Krop
5.9Imani White1:03.57aMiami Carol City Sr
6.12Marie Leon1:03.86aDr. Michael M. Krop
7.10Rebecca Antoine1:04.55aBarbara Goleman
8.10Jasmine Long1:05.78aMiami Carol City Sr
9.11Jessica Leyroy1:05.88aNorth Miami Beach Sr
10.9Natashalett Carey1:07.11aMiami Carol City Sr
11.9Felicia Everette1:07.19aMiami Carol City Sr
12.10Hope Wilcox1:11.44aAmerican
13.11Katianna Marchena1:11.75aAmerican
14.10Leslie Arzu1:12.61aBarbara Goleman
15.11Tamara Paul1:13.05aNorth Miami
16.12Sellina Capetillo1:16.07aNorth Miami
--9Starline JanvierDNSNorth Miami
--12Olivia JonesDNSHialeah Miami Lakes
--11Tamali DawkinsDNSNorth Miami Beach Sr
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Ebony Rose2:19.34aDr. Michael M. Krop
2.11Kathrena Regnier2:26.54aNorth Miami Beach Sr
3.9Tiff Johnbaptiste2:26.58aMiami Carol City Sr
4.9Lauren Houghteling2:36.18aDr. Michael M. Krop
5.10Sarah Sutnick2:47.91aBarbara Goleman
6.11Jesus Delcid2:53.44aBarbara Goleman
7.10Cynthia Harris2:57.65aMiami Carol City Sr
8.9Jaquilla Johnson3:06.07aMiami Carol City Sr
9.11Tamara Paul3:09.73aNorth Miami
10.11Gillaine Ortiz3:18.07aBarbara Goleman
11.9Gloria Mompremier3:35.40aNorth Miami
12.9Aimee Garces3:48.78aBarbara Goleman
--11Jennife HernandezDNFAmerican
--11Dasia RawlsDNSDr. Michael M. Krop
--10Didi GarciaDNSHialeah Miami Lakes
--11Medjine JusteDNSNorth Miami
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Akeeba Rose5:44.46aDr. Michael M. Krop
2.11Kathrena Regnier5:44.86aNorth Miami Beach Sr
3.9Lauren Houghteling5:55.40aDr. Michael M. Krop
4.10Desiree Harvey6:07.43aNorth Miami Beach Sr
5.12Magdaline Marc6:10.56aNorth Miami
6.11Paggie Saintilien6:19.96aNorth Miami Beach Sr
7.10Melissa Avril6:22.94aDr. Michael M. Krop
8.11Kimberly Calix6:26.79aAmerican
9.11Lissett Rios6:46.98aAmerican
10.10Didi Garcia6:49.77aHialeah Miami Lakes
11.11Gillaine Ortiz7:17.52aBarbara Goleman
12.11Mariah Marah7:20.39aNorth Miami Beach Sr
13.10Bonnie Vasquez7:22.51aAmerican
14.11Victoria Dorsett7:35.41aMiami Carol City Sr
15.9Aimee Garces7:57.59aBarbara Goleman
16.10Cynthia Harris8:05.39aMiami Carol City Sr
17.10Alexandra Nieto8:14.13aBarbara Goleman
18.11Medjine Juste9:16.15aNorth Miami
--12Hessie HernandezDNSNorth Miami
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Akeeba Rose13:37.52aDr. Michael M. Krop
2.11Kimberly Calix14:04.58aAmerican
3.12Magdaline Marc14:10.99aNorth Miami
4.11Paggie Saintilien14:49.50aNorth Miami Beach Sr
5.10Desiree Harvey14:58.90aNorth Miami Beach Sr
6.10Melissa Avril14:59.68aDr. Michael M. Krop
7.11Lissett Rios15:01.09aAmerican
8.10Bonnie Vasquez17:00.96aAmerican
--12Hessie HernandezDNSNorth Miami
--11Victoria DorsettDNSMiami Carol City Sr
--11Mariah MarahDNSNorth Miami Beach Sr
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.9Brandi Harrington17.45aDr. Michael M. Krop
2.10Sandy Noel18.17aNorth Miami
3.10Joi Carter18.98aMiami Carol City Sr
4.10Samantha Wright18.99aDr. Michael M. Krop
5.11Kiandra Brooks19.14aDr. Michael M. Krop
6.12Quanteria Jones20.29aAmerican
7.12Medjina Metivner20.37aNorth Miami Beach Sr
8.12Jessica Martin20.90aNorth Miami Beach Sr
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.9Brandi Harrington17.34aDr. Michael M. Krop
2.10Sandy Noel17.89aNorth Miami
3.10Joi Carter18.68aMiami Carol City Sr
4.10Samantha Wright19.12aDr. Michael M. Krop
5.11Kiandra Brooks19.38aDr. Michael M. Krop
6.12Quanteria Jones19.80aAmerican
7.12Medjina Metivner19.93aNorth Miami Beach Sr
8.12Jessica Martin20.52aNorth Miami Beach Sr
9.9Darlene Desmangles20.55aDr. Michael M. Krop
10.12Reginique Abel22.79aMiami Carol City Sr
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Samantha Wright48.61aDr. Michael M. Krop
2.9Brandi Harrington50.28aDr. Michael M. Krop
3.12Berline Oswald50.63aNorth Miami Beach Sr
4.12Quanteria Jones52.41aAmerican
5.11Kiandra Brooks56.18aDr. Michael M. Krop
6.10Kendra Walker58.97aMiami Carol City Sr
7.10Sandy Noel59.61aNorth Miami
--9Imani WhiteDNFMiami Carol City Sr
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Samantha Wright49.34aDr. Michael M. Krop
2.9Brandi Harrington52.25aDr. Michael M. Krop
3.12Quanteria Jones53.20aAmerican
4.10Sandy Noel53.33aNorth Miami
5.11Kiandra Brooks53.84aDr. Michael M. Krop
6.12Berline Oswald53.97aNorth Miami Beach Sr
7.10Kendra Walker54.70aMiami Carol City Sr
8.9Imani White56.76aMiami Carol City Sr
9.12Jessica Martin57.50aNorth Miami Beach Sr
10.9Darlene Desmangles57.71aDr. Michael M. Krop
11.12Medjina Metivner59.99aNorth Miami Beach Sr
12.11Jeimy Fernanderz1:02.57aBarbara Goleman
13.9Annmari Rodriguez1:04.28aBarbara Goleman
--10Candace St. LouisDNSHialeah Miami Lakes
--10Adalina StreeterDNSHialeah Miami Lakes
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 48.91aMiami Carol City Sr
2.-Relay Team 50.43aDr. Michael M. Krop
---Relay Team DQBarbara Goleman
---Relay Team DNSHialeah Miami Lakes
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Ebony Rose
Rasheeka Hanson
Adriana Allen
Samantha Wright
4:02.21aDr. Michael M. Krop
2.-Jasmine Long
Tiffany Johnbaptiste
Kendra Walker
Imani White
4:13.00aMiami Carol City Sr
3.-Jennifer Hernandez
Quanteria Jones
Lourdes Silva
Sade Tutson
4.-Relay Team 4:37.10aNorth Miami Beach Sr
5.-Sarah Sutnick
Leslie Arzu
Tamara Jean-Charles
Rebecca Antoine
4:51.25aBarbara Goleman
---Didi Garcia
Desiree Day
Candace St. Louis
Olivia Jones
DNSHialeah Miami Lakes
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Akeeba Rose
Ebony Rose
Adriana Allen
Lauren Houghteling
9:57.15aDr. Michael M. Krop
2.-Kathrena Regnier
Berline Oswald
Paggie Saintilien
Jessica Leyroy
10:40.01aNorth Miami Beach Sr
3.-Natashalette Carey
Felicia Everette
Jaquilla Johnson
Cynthia Harris
11:45.79aMiami Carol City Sr
4.-Sarah Sutnick
Jesus Delcid
Gillaine Ortiz
Leslie Arzu
11:52.70aBarbara Goleman
5.-Kimberly Calix
Katianna Marchena
Lourdes Silva
Bonnie Vasquez
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Lena Grier37-09.00Miami Carol City Sr
2.9Jasmine Willaims32-06.00Miami Carol City Sr
3.12Berline Oswald31-02.00North Miami Beach Sr
4.12Samantha Stanley30-07.00Miami Carol City Sr
5.11Stephanie Felix28-02.00North Miami Beach Sr
6.10Diamon Montgomery27-02.00Barbara Goleman
7.12Kai Daniels27-00.00Dr. Michael M. Krop
8.12Lashawn Walker26-11.00North Miami Beach Sr
9.11Cassandra Redding25-10.00Miami Carol City Sr
10.10Briana Stewart23-04.00American
11.11Mardel Desverieux22-02.00Barbara Goleman
--11Margarette GibsonDNSNorth Miami Beach Sr
--12Domonique HigginsDNSAmerican
--12Mileana GonzalezDNSHialeah Miami Lakes
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Lena Grier103-01Miami Carol City Sr
2.12Lashawn Walker99-10North Miami Beach Sr
3.9Jasmine Willaims93-01Miami Carol City Sr
4.10Diamon Montgomery85-09Barbara Goleman
5.12Theresa Wyatt84-00Miami Carol City Sr
6.12Samantha Stanley80-06Miami Carol City Sr
7.11Stephanie Felix79-09North Miami Beach Sr
8.10Briana Stewart59-02American
9.11Mardel Desverieux55-03Barbara Goleman
--12Kai DanielsFOULDr. Michael M. Krop
--11Margarette GibsonDNSNorth Miami Beach Sr
--12Mileana GonzalezDNSHialeah Miami Lakes
--12Domonique HigginsDNSAmerican
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Ieshia Smalls4-10.00Dr. Michael M. Krop
2.9N'Kiru Anyagaligbo4-08.00Dr. Michael M. Krop
3.11Kiandra Brooks4-06.00Dr. Michael M. Krop
4.9Darlene Desmangles4-04.00Dr. Michael M. Krop
5.12Reginique Abel4-04.00Miami Carol City Sr
6.12Quanteria Jones4-02.00American
7.11Tama Jean-Charles4-02.00Barbara Goleman
8.11Kristina Brown4-00.00Barbara Goleman
--11Jeimy FernanderzNHBarbara Goleman
--12Desiree DayDNSHialeah Miami Lakes
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
--11Stephany CollazoNHBarbara Goleman
--10Alexandra NietoNHBarbara Goleman
--9Annmari RodriguezNHBarbara Goleman
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9N'Kiru Anyagaligbo17-00.00Dr. Michael M. Krop
2.11Dominique Mills16-07.75Miami Carol City Sr
3.9Ieshia Smalls16-07.00Dr. Michael M. Krop
4.9Tiff Johnbaptiste16-06.50Miami Carol City Sr
5.10Sade Tutson16-01.00American
6.10Elesha Alyn15-09.00Dr. Michael M. Krop
7.10Sandy Noel15-03.00North Miami
8.10Kendra Walker14-02.50Miami Carol City Sr
9.11Diamond Robinson13-06.50Miami Carol City Sr
10.10Sarah Sutnick13-05.00Barbara Goleman
11.11Stephany Collazo13-02.00Barbara Goleman
12.11Kristina Brown12-05.25Barbara Goleman
13.9Annmari Rodriguez12-02.00Barbara Goleman
14.9Gloria Mompremier11-08.75North Miami
15.12Sellina Capetillo11-03.50North Miami
--10Rasheeka HansonFOULDr. Michael M. Krop
--10Candace St. LouisDNSHialeah Miami Lakes
--12Olivia JonesDNSHialeah Miami Lakes
--12Desiree DayDNSHialeah Miami Lakes
--10Adalina StreeterDNSHialeah Miami Lakes
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Rebecca Antoine33-08.00Barbara Goleman
2.9Darlene Desmangles33-01.00Dr. Michael M. Krop
3.11Kiandra Brooks31-09.50Dr. Michael M. Krop
4.9Natashalett Carey29-11.50Miami Carol City Sr
5.11Jennife Hernandez29-11.00American
6.11Tama Jean-Charles29-06.50Barbara Goleman
7.12Reginique Abel29-00.50Miami Carol City Sr
8.10Leslie Arzu27-11.00Barbara Goleman
9.10Cynthia Harris26-02.50Miami Carol City Sr
10.10Lourdes Silva25-04.00American
--11Katianna MarchenaFOULAmerican
--9Frankeisha AllenFOULDr. Michael M. Krop
--12Berline OswaldFOULNorth Miami Beach Sr
--12Niesha BenjaminFOULMiami Carol City Sr
--11Dasia RawlsDNSDr. Michael M. Krop
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