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FHSAA 3A District 14 Championships

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dwyer HS, Palm Beach Gardens

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Chris Thomas11.09aDwyer
2.12Michael Ruiz11.16aDwyer
3.12Matthew Rivera11.59aForest Hill Community
4.12Michael Parker11.64aMartin County
5.11Shawn McClaine11.66aDwyer
6.10Chevanne Brunvert11.68aForest Hill Community
7.12Josh Christie12.96aJensen Beach
--10Zach BurrowsDNSJensen Beach
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Chris Thomas11.29aDwyer
2.12Michael Ruiz11.36aDwyer
3.11Shawn McClaine11.68aDwyer
4.10Chevanne Brunvert11.68aForest Hill Community
5.12Matthew Rivera11.71aForest Hill Community
6.10Zach Burrows11.74aJensen Beach
7.12Michael Parker11.76aMartin County
8.12Josh Christie11.96aJensen Beach
9.11Zavonte Davis11.97aPalm Beach Lakes
10.9Kerolin Francois12.00aForest Hill Community
11.9Dante Smith12.11aPalm Beach Lakes
12.11Derrick Cayard12.26aOlympic Heights
13.10Zachary Jenkins12.31aDwyer
14.11Nick Baumann12.36aJensen Beach
15.11Thomas Carr12.37aMartin County
16.9Anthony Rossi12.46aJensen Beach
17.12Kinsley Telusme12.65aForest Hill Community
18.10Robert Hicks12.81aSouth Fork
19.10William Viscount12.83aMartin County
20.10Hyden Rousseau13.21aPalm Beach Lakes
21.9Thomas Ezzo13.34aSouth Fork
22.9Brand Strausbaugh13.58aMartin County
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Chris Thomas22.56aDwyer
2.12Landon Hargrove22.95aDwyer
3.12Michael Ruiz23.49aDwyer
4.11Shawn McClaine23.55aDwyer
5.11John Pereira23.67aSouth Fork
6.12Devon Griffith24.02aSouth Fork
7.12Matthew Rivera24.17aForest Hill Community
--10Zach BurrowsDNSJensen Beach
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Chris Thomas22.97aDwyer
2.12Michael Ruiz22.98aDwyer
3.12Landon Hargrove23.17aDwyer
4.10Zach Burrows23.43aJensen Beach
5.11Shawn McClaine23.60aDwyer
6.11John Pereira23.61aSouth Fork
7.12Devon Griffith23.85aSouth Fork
8.12Matthew Rivera23.86aForest Hill Community
9.10Chevanne Brunvert23.89aForest Hill Community
10.9Dante Smith23.95aPalm Beach Lakes
11.11Derrick Cayard24.67aOlympic Heights
12.11Nick Baumann24.71aJensen Beach
13.11Zavonte Davis24.83aPalm Beach Lakes
14.10Chris Sercia25.28aMartin County
15.12Kevin Moreno25.30aForest Hill Community
16.11Matthew Quesada25.55aJensen Beach
17.12Kinsley Telusme26.29aForest Hill Community
18.12Stephen Shiller26.30aMartin County
19.12Shakiel Givens26.55aPalm Beach Lakes
20.9Thomas Ezzo26.93aSouth Fork
--9Brand StrausbaughDNSMartin County
--11Griffin BellDNSJensen Beach
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11John Pereira52.11aSouth Fork
2.12John Michuda52.16aDwyer
3.11Damion Rose53.36aPalm Beach Lakes
4.10Andre Williams53.39aDwyer
5.12William Waldon53.94aPalm Beach Lakes
6.12Devon Griffith55.13aSouth Fork
7.12Johnie Simon55.61aPalm Beach Lakes
8.11Griffin Bell58.28aJensen Beach
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11John Pereira51.72aSouth Fork
4.12John Michuda51.87aDwyer
2.10Andre Williams52.64aDwyer
5.12William Waldon52.67aPalm Beach Lakes
7.11Damion Rose53.20aPalm Beach Lakes
3.11Griffin Bell53.37aJensen Beach
6.12Devon Griffith54.42aSouth Fork
8.12Johnie Simon55.05aPalm Beach Lakes
9.11Louis Justinvil55.69aPalm Beach Lakes
10.10Corey Obrien56.02aMartin County
11.12Nick King56.35aDwyer
12.10Casey Glenn56.47aJensen Beach
13.11Matthew Quesada57.18aJensen Beach
14.9Jacob Prickett57.25aSouth Fork
15.10Jethro St. Hubert58.72aDwyer
16.10Orlando Masso58.78aForest Hill Community
17.10Chris Sercia1:00.18aMartin County
18.12Kinsley Telusme1:01.63aForest Hill Community
19.11David Clark1:03.59aMartin County
--12Jay ArnoldDNSJensen Beach
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Baron Barber2:01.17aPalm Beach Lakes
2.10Jake Burton2:02.87aMartin County
3.11James Martin2:07.56aSouth Fork
4.11Brian Christensen2:08.78aMartin County
5.9Darius Hodges2:10.61aForest Hill Community
6.12Kenneth May2:12.29aForest Hill Community
7.9Mike Paneblanico2:16.31aDwyer
8.11Mason Rosado2:16.82aSouth Fork
9.11Clarence Brockett2:16.96aPalm Beach Lakes
10.9Jacob Prickett2:17.68aSouth Fork
11.9Casey Combes2:17.70aJensen Beach
12.10Patrick Weinberg2:18.05aSouth Fork
13.11Andrew Forst2:18.16aMartin County
14.11Adam Buncy2:22.51aJensen Beach
--10Michael GannonNTJensen Beach
--12Jay ArnoldNTJensen Beach
--11Alex CampNTDwyer
--10Andre WilliamsNTDwyer
--10Justin ChristensenNTMartin County
--12Jooa CappellanoNTDwyer
--11Jack BenjaminNTPalm Beach Lakes
--9Preston GrayNTPalm Beach Lakes
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11James Martin4:43.58aSouth Fork
2.9Samy El-Abbar4:45.72aForest Hill Community
3.11Tyler Brennalt4:45.92aSouth Fork
4.12Jacob Kraft4:46.62aMartin County
5.11Thomas Philipson4:47.42aDwyer
6.12Jeffrey Jerald4:55.60aMartin County
7.9Travis McHale4:56.63aJensen Beach
8.12Tyler Fearns4:57.43aSouth Fork
--11Adam BuncyNTJensen Beach
--12Felipe LeivaNTJensen Beach
--10John BeltranNTJensen Beach
--12Nick ZingaroNTOlympic Heights
--12Matt MonahanNTSouth Fork
--10Justin ChristensenNTMartin County
--11Brian ChristensenNTMartin County
--12Daniel CohenNTOlympic Heights
--9Joshua GoldmanNTOlympic Heights
--11Robert SchongerNTOlympic Heights
--12Billy MilazzoNTDwyer
--9Jared GoodeNTDwyer
--11Sedrick AllenNTDwyer
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jeffrey Jerald10:21.69aMartin County
2.11Tyler Brennalt10:24.41aSouth Fork
3.12Jacob Kraft10:29.63aMartin County
4.12Josh Jacaruso11:00.79aMartin County
5.12Tyler Fearns11:09.90aSouth Fork
6.9Benjamin Fuhrman11:15.91aMartin County
7.12Matt Monahan11:17.53aSouth Fork
8.11Thomas Philipson11:30.97aDwyer
--10Kyle HusseyNTJensen Beach
--9Travis McHaleNTJensen Beach
--11Sedrick AllenNTDwyer
--9Jared GoodeNTDwyer
--12Jooa CappellanoNTDwyer
--12Neil ZimmermanNTSouth Fork
--12Felipe LeivaNTJensen Beach
--10John BeltranNTJensen Beach
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Eddie Lovett13.81aPalm Beach Lakes
2.12Landon Hargrove14.39aDwyer
3.11Emarkis Gunn14.51aPalm Beach Lakes
4.12Tiren Sims15.22aPalm Beach Lakes
5.9Johnathon Moxey16.73aDwyer
6.12Brandon Cespedes18.08aSouth Fork
7.10Victor Wills18.46aDwyer
8.11James Selby19.68aMartin County
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Eddie Lovett14.18aPalm Beach Lakes
2.12Landon Hargrove14.70aDwyer
3.11Emarkis Gunn14.72aPalm Beach Lakes
5.12Tiren Sims16.27aPalm Beach Lakes
4.9Johnathon Moxey17.00aDwyer
6.10Victor Wills17.69aDwyer
7.12Brandon Cespedes18.31aSouth Fork
8.11James Selby19.97aMartin County
9.12Anthony Fioretto20.44aMartin County
10.11Keith Murphy20.97aSouth Fork
11.11Isaac Garzon21.09aSouth Fork
12.12Andrew Schmidt22.16aMartin County
13.12Kevin J Sercia23.11aMartin County
--12Steven LouisDQPalm Beach Lakes
--12Stephen SlomaDNSJensen Beach
--12Patrick SchumanDNSJensen Beach
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Steven Louis38.20aPalm Beach Lakes
2.12Eddie Lovett38.28aPalm Beach Lakes
3.11Emarkis Gunn39.02aPalm Beach Lakes
4.12Tiren Sims41.44aPalm Beach Lakes
5.12Ryan Barows43.17aDwyer
6.12Brandon Cespedes43.89aSouth Fork
7.12Stephen Sloma44.69aJensen Beach
8.11Thomas Carr47.51aMartin County
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Steven Louis39.00aPalm Beach Lakes
2.12Eddie Lovett40.28aPalm Beach Lakes
3.11Emarkis Gunn41.20aPalm Beach Lakes
4.12Tiren Sims41.38aPalm Beach Lakes
5.12Ryan Barows43.12aDwyer
7.12Brandon Cespedes44.05aSouth Fork
6.12Stephen Sloma45.27aJensen Beach
8.11Thomas Carr45.97aMartin County
9.9Johnathon Moxey46.30aDwyer
10.10Reid Pirson47.67aMartin County
11.10Victor Wills48.96aDwyer
12.12Stephen Shiller49.14aMartin County
13.12William Younglove49.59aMartin County
14.11Isaac Garzon50.96aSouth Fork
15.12Patrick Schuman52.64aJensen Beach
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Shawn McClaine
Landon Hargrove
Chris Thomas
Michael Ruiz
2.-Levius Louissaint
Jorel Terrell
Thomas Carr
Michael Parker
45.91aMartin County
3.-Nick Baumann
Griffin Bell
Josh Christie
Zach Burrows
46.36aJensen Beach
4.-Kerolin Francois
Matthew Rivera
Lamar Howe
Jonathan Lawson
46.46aForest Hill Community
5.-Thomas Ezzo
Sebastian Collins
Robert Hicks
Christian VanStralendorff
48.69aSouth Fork
6.-Zavonte Davis
Dante Smith
Shakiel Givens
Rakeem Addison
50.91aPalm Beach Lakes
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Steven Louis
Emarkis Gunn
Baron Barber
Eddie Lovett
3:22.57aPalm Beach Lakes
2.-Ryan Barows
John Michuda
Andre Williams
Nick King
3.-Devon Griffith
Brandon Cespedes
James Martin
John Pereira
3:35.58aSouth Fork
4.-Corey Obrien
Reid Pirson
Stephen Shiller
Michael Weissing
3:39.02aMartin County
5.-Jonathan Lawson
Lamar Howe
Maurice Stewart
Orlando Masso
3:41.12aForest Hill Community
6.-Matthew Quesada
Kevin Troche-Martinez
Casey Glenn
Casey Combes
3:53.35aJensen Beach
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jeffrey Jerald
Jacob Kraft
Jake Burton
Brian Christensen
8:31.56aMartin County
2.-Jonathan Lawson
Samy El-Abbar
Kenneth May
Darius Hodges
8:35.16aForest Hill Community
3.-Ryan Barows
Alex Camp
Jooa Cappellano
Thomas Philipson
4.-Mason Rosado
Christian VanStralendorff
Tyler Fearns
Jacob Prickett
8:53.81aSouth Fork
5.-Adam Buncy
Jay Arnold
Felipe Leiva
John Beltran
8:55.31aJensen Beach
6.-Jack Benjamin
Clarence Brockett
Damion Rose
Eric Fagan
9:34.79aPalm Beach Lakes
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Daniel Forgoney46-05.00Dwyer
2.12Alonso Starling45-05.00Dwyer
3.11Cody Sanfratello43-06.00Jensen Beach
4.12Morris Moore42-10.00Palm Beach Lakes
5.12Craig Dowdy42-08.00Dwyer
6.12William Georges42-06.00Palm Beach Lakes
7.12Eric Foster41-01.00Martin County
8.10Curtis Csonka39-09.50Jensen Beach
9.10Kevin Kenton39-01.50Palm Beach Lakes
10.12Dennis Ocampo38-05.50Forest Hill Community
11.12Marcus Goudreau37-09.00Martin County
12.12William Dotson34-10.50Martin County
13.12Mike Duane33-11.00South Fork
14.10Kyle Jordan29-09.00Jensen Beach
--11Brandon WoodDNSOlympic Heights
--12Michael FleurizardDNSDwyer
--9Clifton HoldenDNSMartin County
--9Blake BerkheimerDNSOlympic Heights
--10Will McVeighDNSJensen Beach
--11Brian KoniewskiDNSOlympic Heights
--11Jerry BerkheimerDNSOlympic Heights
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Daniel Forgoney152-11Dwyer
2.12Rakeem Addison134-08Palm Beach Lakes
3.12Alonso Starling117-08Dwyer
4.12Karl Reserve113-09Palm Beach Lakes
5.12Marcus Goudreau109-02Martin County
6.12Eric Foster101-07Martin County
7.12James Reed100-08Dwyer
8.12Morris Moore94-10Palm Beach Lakes
9.10Kyle Jordan91-04Jensen Beach
10.12Craig Dowdy91-02Dwyer
11.12Mike Duane89-08South Fork
12.12William Dotson87-03Martin County
13.11Cody Sanfratello85-02Jensen Beach
14.10Olsen Fenelus85-01Forest Hill Community
15.11Ryan Crook79-05Jensen Beach
16.10Alex Bluteau63-04Olympic Heights
--12William GeorgesNDPalm Beach Lakes
--12George GantherDNSMartin County
--9Blake BerkheimerDNSOlympic Heights
--10Tyler DunhamDNSJensen Beach
--11Brian KoniewskiDNSOlympic Heights
--11Jerry BerkheimerDNSOlympic Heights
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kelsey Donaho6-00.00Jensen Beach
2.11Ezra Pugh5-10.00Forest Hill Community
3.12Jorel Terrell5-10.00Martin County
3.12Robert Marcinhes5-10.00Jensen Beach
5.12Patrick Schuman5-10.00Jensen Beach
6.12Johnie Simon5-08.00Palm Beach Lakes
7.10Jethro St. Hubert5-04.00Dwyer
--11Levius LouissaintNHMartin County
--9Brand StrausbaughNHMartin County
--11Shawn McClaineNHDwyer
--11Lamar LawrenceDNSDwyer
--10Morel PittsDNSDwyer
--12Hunter SheckellsDNSMartin County
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Sean Woods11-06.00Martin County
2.11Kelsey Donaho11-00.00Jensen Beach
3.12William Kenney11-00.00Martin County
3.9Aaron Humyn11-00.00Dwyer
5.12C VanStralendorff10-00.00South Fork
6.10Zach Burrows9-06.00Jensen Beach
7.12James Reed9-06.00Dwyer
8.-Chris Guidoboni9-06.00Martin County
9.10Jamal Bryan9-00.00Dwyer
10.9Gant Innes8-06.00Jensen Beach
11.9Kyle Harley-Oppel8-00.00Dwyer
--9Jonathan JohnsonDNSSouth Fork
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Steven Louis21-04.00Palm Beach Lakes
2.12Johnie Simon20-04.50Palm Beach Lakes
3.12Jorel Terrell20-01.25Martin County
4.10Jethro St. Hubert19-08.25Dwyer
5.12Robert Marcinhes19-08.00Jensen Beach
6.11Ezra Pugh19-07.75Forest Hill Community
7.12Chris Thomas19-06.75Dwyer
8.12Jacoby Preston19-05.00Dwyer
9.11Thomas Carr19-05.00Martin County
10.11Levius Louissaint19-03.75Martin County
11.11John Pereira18-10.75South Fork
12.12Michael Ruiz18-10.25Dwyer
13.9Kerolin Francois18-09.00Forest Hill Community
14.9Dante Smith18-07.25Palm Beach Lakes
15.11Louis Justinvil18-06.25Palm Beach Lakes
16.12Stephen Sloma17-06.00Jensen Beach
17.9Matt Baumann16-11.75Jensen Beach
18.10Sebastian Collins16-05.00South Fork
19.10Robert Hicks14-01.75South Fork
--12Michael ParkerNDMartin County
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Eddie Lovett44-09.75Palm Beach Lakes
2.12Landon Hargrove43-03.75Dwyer
3.12Robert Marcinhes42-03.00Jensen Beach
4.9Darius Hodges42-01.00Forest Hill Community
5.12Jorel Terrell41-00.25Martin County
6.11Levius Louissaint40-06.75Martin County
7.11Emarkis Gunn40-04.75Palm Beach Lakes
8.12Stephen Shiller39-11.50Martin County
9.10Reid Pirson39-09.25Martin County
--10Sebastian CollinsNDSouth Fork
--9Matt BaumannNDJensen Beach
--10Jethro St. HubertNDDwyer
--12Stephen SlomaNDJensen Beach
--11Curtis MaggettDNSDwyer
--12Jacoby PrestonDNSDwyer

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Amanda Worley12.82aJensen Beach
2.12Brie Williams12.90aPalm Beach Lakes
3.10Isha Richardson12.99aDwyer
4.12Adrianne Wilson13.05aForest Hill Community
5.12Kierra Whiteside13.30aDwyer
6.10Chelsea Myers13.34aDwyer
7.12Samantha Anderson13.44aSouth Fork
8.12Lauren Jeck13.52aSouth Fork
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Amanda Worley12.98aJensen Beach
2.10Isha Richardson13.08aDwyer
3.12Brie Williams13.15aPalm Beach Lakes
4.12Adrianne Wilson13.17aForest Hill Community
5.12Kierra Whiteside13.33aDwyer
6.12Lauren Jeck13.36aSouth Fork
7.10Chelsea Myers13.36aDwyer
8.12Samantha Anderson13.50aSouth Fork
9.11Shenique Perriel13.71aPalm Beach Lakes
10.10Brianna Jackson13.73aDwyer
11.10Mary Jane Malone14.31aJensen Beach
12.12Shannequa Farro14.40aMartin County
13.9Katie Guerra14.41aJensen Beach
14.11Christine Guinan14.44aSouth Fork
15.12Lauryn Blatch14.63aJensen Beach
16.10Taylor Barfield14.76aMartin County
17.9Abby Remsburg14.82aMartin County
18.9Lisa Iturriaga16.12aMartin County
19.9Megahn Metzgis16.56aOlympic Heights
20.9Mikayla Holmes16.62aOlympic Heights
--12Albreynia WalkerDQPalm Beach Lakes
--11Myeisha HallDNSPalm Beach Lakes
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ashley Hicks26.04aDwyer
2.12Brie Williams26.76aPalm Beach Lakes
3.9Shanice Pettigrew26.90aDwyer
4.10Isha Richardson27.35aDwyer
5.12Adrianne Wilson27.90aForest Hill Community
6.12Samantha Anderson28.30aSouth Fork
7.9Noel Jadon28.43aJensen Beach
8.10Brianna Jackson29.43aDwyer
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Ashley Hicks26.04aDwyer
4.12Brie Williams26.83aPalm Beach Lakes
2.9Shanice Pettigrew27.00aDwyer
3.10Isha Richardson27.45aDwyer
5.12Adrianne Wilson27.85aForest Hill Community
7.12Samantha Anderson28.27aSouth Fork
8.9Noel Jadon28.39aJensen Beach
6.10Brianna Jackson28.64aDwyer
9.10Sheyana Bryant28.80aSouth Fork
10.10Mallory Bastion29.87aJensen Beach
11.10Kayli Combass30.19aJensen Beach
12.12Brittany Burton30.43aMartin County
13.10Anecia Prensa31.24aForest Hill Community
14.12Lauryn Blatch31.32aJensen Beach
15.11Jenna Hagler31.74aSouth Fork
16.11Martina Thomas34.57aPalm Beach Lakes
17.9Megahn Metzgis34.67aOlympic Heights
18.10Rebecca Monson34.80aMartin County
19.9Mikayla Holmes34.81aOlympic Heights
20.9Shelby Heggerick36.88aMartin County
--12Chantay PerryDNSMartin County
--11Myeisha HallDNSPalm Beach Lakes
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Amanda Worley1:00.86aJensen Beach
2.11Mallory Gillespie1:01.78aJensen Beach
3.9Melanie Vaughn1:02.48aSouth Fork
4.9Noel Jadon1:05.05aJensen Beach
5.9Diamond Gilbert1:07.73aPalm Beach Lakes
6.9Kara Haggerty1:07.75aSouth Fork
7.11Victoria Floyd1:08.25aDwyer
8.10Sheyana Bryant1:08.27aSouth Fork
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Amanda Worley1:00.94aJensen Beach
4.9Melanie Vaughn1:02.71aSouth Fork
2.11Mallory Gillespie1:02.72aJensen Beach
3.9Noel Jadon1:04.66aJensen Beach
5.9Diamond Gilbert1:05.58aPalm Beach Lakes
6.10Sheyana Bryant1:05.68aSouth Fork
7.9Kara Haggerty1:07.48aSouth Fork
8.11Victoria Floyd1:07.99aDwyer
9.10Anecia Prensa1:08.66aForest Hill Community
10.10Courtney Hughes1:08.73aSouth Fork
11.10Kayli Combass1:09.08aJensen Beach
12.11Alexis McDowell1:09.75aDwyer
13.10Diamond Wilson1:09.85aMartin County
14.10Chelsea Myers1:10.05aDwyer
15.10Dariel Edwards1:11.73aMartin County
16.11Wideline D'Aout1:12.08aForest Hill Community
17.10Carsen Bascetta1:16.64aMartin County
18.9Amber Phillips1:22.38aPalm Beach Lakes
19.10Laneesia Harmon1:25.50aPalm Beach Lakes
--12Albreynia WalkerDNSPalm Beach Lakes
--12Chantay PerryDNSMartin County
--12Jessica SilverioDNSOlympic Heights
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Samantha Haddad2:34.25aJensen Beach
2.11Mallory Gillespie2:35.48aJensen Beach
3.9Marissa Martinez2:38.52aSouth Fork
4.9Madeleine Desena2:39.44aSouth Fork
5.9Morgan Bowman2:42.56aJensen Beach
6.10Courtney Hughes2:45.09aSouth Fork
7.9Jenna Hocking2:45.44aDwyer
8.11Taylor Barnaby2:48.51aSouth Fork
--12Kelsey CotyNTJensen Beach
--9Alexa WadsworthNTMartin County
--11Felicia CurleyNTMartin County
--9Leeanne HrebenarNTMartin County
--9Oliv StubblefieldNTMartin County
--9Ashlyn HannaNTDwyer
--12Alda RiveraNTForest Hill Community
--11Karina AlarconNTForest Hill Community
--11Sylvania MichelSCRDwyer
--9Katrina WilliamsNTDwyer
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Chantelle Brodie5:31.87aMartin County
2.12Julie Holling5:33.43aJensen Beach
3.12Lauren Gelzinis5:41.53aSouth Fork
4.12Kelsey Coty5:42.53aJensen Beach
5.11Kelly Scott5:46.39aSouth Fork
6.9Laurie Scott5:48.71aSouth Fork
7.9Reilly Dawson5:52.26aDwyer
8.11Taylor Barnaby6:01.77aSouth Fork
--12Amanda PentaNTOlympic Heights
--9Nicloe ShawNTJensen Beach
--9Atheanna SvenningNTMartin County
--11Nikita MachakNTDwyer
--10Patterson McDulinNTDwyer
--10Caitlyn InnisNTMartin County
--9Gina RomanoNTMartin County
--9Katrina WilliamsNTDwyer
--11Emil DermarkarianNTJensen Beach
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Chantelle Brodie12:26.13aMartin County
2.9Reilly Dawson12:28.94aDwyer
3.12Lauren Gelzinis12:40.78aSouth Fork
4.9Laurie Scott12:53.66aSouth Fork
5.11Kelly Scott13:01.75aSouth Fork
6.10Patterson McDulin13:02.49aDwyer
7.9Nicloe Shaw13:13.00aJensen Beach
8.11Nikita Machak13:18.43aDwyer
--10Danielle SteinbergNTMartin County
--11Lauren RicchiutiNTJensen Beach
--11Mary SoddersNTDwyer
--10Caitlyn InnisNTMartin County
--10Meghan GrassNTMartin County
--12Danielle SchiffmanNTSouth Fork
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Tishora Thompson16.35aPalm Beach Lakes
2.11Arion Bynes16.88aDwyer
3.12Victoria Kraczkowski17.65aDwyer
4.11Michelle Dimarco18.32aDwyer
5.11Sydney Schack18.48aMartin County
6.9Emily Robertson18.63aSouth Fork
7.9Julyanna Espinal19.15aDwyer
--9Caitlin MildnerDNSJensen Beach
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Tishora Thompson16.39aPalm Beach Lakes
2.12Victoria Kraczkowski17.16aDwyer
3.11Arion Bynes17.23aDwyer
4.11Michelle Dimarco18.26aDwyer
5.11Sydney Schack18.62aMartin County
7.9Emily Robertson18.67aSouth Fork
6.9Caitlin Mildner19.20aJensen Beach
8.9Julyanna Espinal19.29aDwyer
9.9Amanda Fote19.98aJensen Beach
10.9Britney Elder20.17aOlympic Heights
11.12Shannon Schriner20.21aJensen Beach
12.11Jenna Hagler20.22aSouth Fork
13.11Tricia Wojtisek22.37aMartin County
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Dazia Tucker46.69aPalm Beach Lakes
2.12Victoria Kraczkowski48.85aDwyer
3.11Tishora Thompson49.90aPalm Beach Lakes
4.9Julyanna Espinal51.33aDwyer
5.10Kristina Perryman51.72aPalm Beach Lakes
6.11Arion Bynes52.13aDwyer
7.9Emily Robertson54.35aSouth Fork
--9Caitlin MildnerDNSJensen Beach
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Dazia Tucker48.03aPalm Beach Lakes
2.12Victoria Kraczkowski48.23aDwyer
3.11Tishora Thompson48.60aPalm Beach Lakes
4.9Julyanna Espinal50.62aDwyer
5.10Kristina Perryman51.89aPalm Beach Lakes
6.11Arion Bynes52.31aDwyer
7.9Emily Robertson54.14aSouth Fork
8.9Caitlin Mildner54.24aJensen Beach
9.9Britney Elder54.26aOlympic Heights
10.11Michelle Dimarco54.87aDwyer
11.11Jenna Hagler54.89aSouth Fork
12.12Lauren Jeck56.50aSouth Fork
13.9Amanda Fote57.22aJensen Beach
14.11Sydney Schack59.92aMartin County
15.9Krystal Rosado1:05.54aSouth Fork
16.12Rylee Pirson1:08.14aMartin County
17.11Tricia Wojtisek1:11.18aMartin County
--12Brittany BurtonDNSMartin County
--10Destiny JasperDNSPalm Beach Lakes
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Shanice Pettigrew
Isha Richardson
Kierra Whiteside
Ashley Hicks
2.-Shenique Perriel
Dazia Tucker
Brie Williams
Tishora Thompson
50.74aPalm Beach Lakes
3.-Samantha Anderson
Christine Guinan
Mallory Johnson
Lauren Jeck
52.09aSouth Fork
4.-Mallory Bastion
Mary Jane Malone
Katie Guerra
Lauryn Blatch
54.99aJensen Beach
5.-Abby Remsburg
Rebecca Monson
Taylor Barfield
Shannequa Farro
58.83aMartin County
---Relay Team DNSForest Hill Community
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Ashley Hicks
Shanice Pettigrew
Victoria Kraczkowski
Julyanna Espinal
2.-Samantha Haddad
Julie Holling
Mallory Gillespie
Amanda Worley
4:11.35aJensen Beach
3.-Dazia Tucker
Destiny Jasper
Diamond Gilbert
Kristina Perryman
4:21.05aPalm Beach Lakes
4.-Marissa Martinez
Melanie Vaughn
Kara Haggerty
Sheyana Bryant
4:27.25aSouth Fork
5.-Diamond Wilson
Dariel Edwards
Brittany Burton
Leeanne Hrebenar
4:39.53aMartin County
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Samantha Haddad
Julie Holling
Kelsey Coty
Nicloe Shaw
10:26.81aJensen Beach
2.-Taylor Barnaby
Kelly Scott
Courtney Hughes
Laurie Scott
10:29.27aSouth Fork
3.-Chantelle Brodie
Diamond Wilson
Leeanne Hrebenar
Felicia Curley
10:59.65aMartin County
4.-Jenna Hocking
Jennifer Brustad
Victoria Floyd
Patterson McDulin
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Shanice Watkins31-10.50Palm Beach Lakes
2.12Elise Walch31-06.00Martin County
3.11Ashanty Cox30-08.00Palm Beach Lakes
4.10Nicole Walch29-11.00Martin County
5.11Laura Lamothe27-10.25Martin County
6.12Kayla Udzinski26-02.00Martin County
7.11Andrea Peavy24-10.50Dwyer
8.10Brianna Hedgemond24-06.25South Fork
9.10Julia Burns22-10.50South Fork
10.10Jasmine Longley22-04.50South Fork
11.9Gabriel Arsenault21-06.50Dwyer
12.12Jada Williams20-06.50Dwyer
13.11Trikita Deyounks19-06.50Dwyer
14.9Savanna Daugherty19-04.50Jensen Beach
15.11Katrina Mosciski19-04.00South Fork
16.12Kaitlynn Orlandi18-04.50Jensen Beach
17.9Jane Ash18-04.00Jensen Beach
18.10Jessica Perez15-07.00Palm Beach Lakes
--9Hanna SchagrinDNSJensen Beach
--9Denisha HuffDNSOlympic Heights
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ashanty Cox98-01Palm Beach Lakes
2.10Nicole Walch97-08Martin County
3.12Elise Walch94-01Martin County
4.11Andrea Peavy85-01Dwyer
5.11Laura Lamothe80-01Martin County
6.12Jada Williams79-07Dwyer
7.12Kayla Udzinski77-11Martin County
8.12Shanice Watkins66-11Palm Beach Lakes
9.10Brianna Hedgemond65-04South Fork
10.11Trikita Deyounks59-02Dwyer
11.12Kaitlynn Orlandi57-06Jensen Beach
12.11Katrina Mosciski53-11South Fork
13.9Dinarys Castro49-07Dwyer
14.10Colleen Lindgren48-01South Fork
15.10Jasmine Longley46-09South Fork
16.10Jessica Perez38-05Palm Beach Lakes
--9Hanna SchagrinDNSJensen Beach
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Denisha Huff5-00.00Olympic Heights
2.12Hillary Diffee4-10.00South Fork
3.10Claudyne Bolivar4-10.00Palm Beach Lakes
4.12Christie Capen4-08.00Martin County
5.10Dariel Edwards4-08.00Martin County
6.9Caitlin Mildner4-08.00Jensen Beach
7.12Amanda Worley4-06.00Jensen Beach
8.9Ella Donaho4-06.00Jensen Beach
9.12Rebecca Steele4-02.00South Fork
9.12Kierra Whiteside4-02.00Dwyer
11.12Kayla Udzinski4-00.00Martin County
11.11Sylvania Michel4-00.00Dwyer
11.10Jennifer Brustad4-00.00Dwyer
11.10Taylor Barfield4-00.00Martin County
11.10Chelsea Myers4-00.00Dwyer
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Mallory Johnson10-06.00South Fork
2.9Vanessa Ucelo8-06.00Dwyer
2.12Alexis L Veatch8-06.00Martin County
4.11Jenna Ingram8-06.00Jensen Beach
5.9Abby Remsburg8-00.00Martin County
6.10Taylor Morris8-00.00Jensen Beach
7.9Marissa Martinez7-06.00South Fork
8.9Melanie Vaughn7-06.00South Fork
9.9Morgan Bowman7-06.00Jensen Beach
9.11Mary Sodders7-06.00Dwyer
11.9Ashlyn Hanna6-06.00Dwyer
11.11Sydney Schack6-06.00Martin County
11.11Nikita Machak6-06.00Dwyer
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Albreynia Walker17-09.00Palm Beach Lakes
2.10Isha Richardson16-05.50Dwyer
3.12Samantha Anderson16-01.50South Fork
4.11Christine Guinan15-00.00South Fork
5.10Claudyne Bolivar15-00.00Palm Beach Lakes
6.10Mallory Bastion14-11.00Jensen Beach
7.12Marcel Totrtorici14-10.00Jensen Beach
8.12Christie Capen14-08.00Martin County
9.11Sylvania Michel14-05.50Dwyer
10.9Shanice Pettigrew14-05.00Dwyer
11.10Dariel Edwards14-01.00Martin County
12.9Emily Robertson14-00.00South Fork
13.9Sarah Nicely13-06.00Jensen Beach
14.12Shannequa Farro13-02.00Martin County
15.11Victoria Floyd12-08.00Dwyer
16.11Jenna Hagler12-07.00South Fork
--11Myeisha HallDNSPalm Beach Lakes
--10Curtressia HaleDNSPalm Beach Lakes
--12Chantay PerryDNSMartin County
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Denisha Huff33-10.50Olympic Heights
2.12Dazia Tucker33-01.50Palm Beach Lakes
3.12Victoria Kraczkowski32-07.50Dwyer
4.11Brionna Smith31-05.50Palm Beach Lakes
5.12Christie Capen31-04.00Martin County
6.12Marcel Totrtorici30-07.00Jensen Beach
7.10Taylor Barfield30-04.00Martin County
8.11Christine Guinan30-03.00South Fork
9.12Brianca Maggitt29-10.00Dwyer
10.9Sarah Nicely28-10.00Jensen Beach
11.11Alexis McDowell27-07.00Dwyer
11.9Julyanna Espinal27-07.00Dwyer
13.9Abby Remsburg27-01.00Martin County
14.11Hallie Delater25-10.00South Fork
15.11Lucianne Gabriel25-02.00Palm Beach Lakes
16.9Lisa Iturriaga24-03.00Martin County
--11Audra MillerDNSPalm Beach Lakes
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