KHSAA Class 1A Region 5 Championships

Saturday, May 29, 2010
  Tates Creek HS
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Aaron Hall11.48aFrankfort
2.9Devin Furlow11.64aDanville
3.10Caleb Pope11.69aNicholas County
4.11Chad Snyder11.74aLexington Christian ...
5.12Malcolm Warfield11.76aParis
6.12Blake Renfro11.83aTrimble County
7.10Marcus Brown11.84aDanville
8.10Jarett Moore12.12aBracken County
9.11Shawn Hoke12.34aLexington Christian ...
10.10Devin Johnson12.50aNicholas County
11.11Bryan Denton12.52aBracken County
12.10Cory Cannon12.62aOwen County
13.10Chris Smith13.08aOwen County
14.9Reese True13.10aTrimble County
15.12Nate Kibler13.42aBurgin Independent
16.11Jeffrey Alford13.46aBurgin Independent
12Tyrone CooperDNSEminence
10Jalen WaltonDNSParis
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Georan Cardwell23.52aFrankfort
2.11Michael Ross23.55aDanville
3.9Devin Furlow23.57aDanville
4.12Andrew Sisenstein23.58aCarroll County
5.10Caleb Pope24.00aNicholas County
6.11Chad Snyder24.01aLexington Christian ...
7.10Jesse Smith24.41aNicholas County
8.9Marcus Champs24.70aParis
9.12Jerome Stanley25.77aParis
10.10Kyle Puckett26.70aTrimble County
11.12Nate Kibler26.80aBurgin Independent
12.10Chris Smith26.94aOwen County
13.11Raymond Manuel27.66aBracken County
14.8Zack Gullian27.96aBurgin Independent
11Tyler BakerDNSBracken County
10Cody GrayDNSOwen County
10Kaleb LeachDNSFrankfort
12Tyrone CooperDNSEminence
9Christian FosterDNSLexington Christian ...
10Ben NewbyDNSTrimble County
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Danthony Collins51.95aCarroll County
2.11Michael Ross51.96aDanville
3.11Georan Cardwell52.50aFrankfort
4.12Trent Rankin53.31aParis
5.9Christian Foster53.64aLexington Christian ...
6.10Brannon McLarney55.57aLexington Christian ...
7.12Tanner Royalty56.14aBurgin Independent
8.12Matt Stethen57.18aTrimble County
9.8Christian Apel58.44aTrimble County
10.12Marias Bagle58.87aNicholas County
11.9Logan Holleran1:00.28aBracken County
12.10Cody Livingood1:01.85aNicholas County
13.9Jared Powell1:02.11aBurgin Independent
14.12Justin Davis1:02.60aOwen County
15.10Carson Baughman1:03.74aSayre
16.9Tyler True1:09.65aOwen County
17.10Adam Case1:25.69aEminence
9Michael BakerDNSDanville
10Tony HeadleyDNSFrankfort
8Leighton LeeDNSBracken County
12Jacob GriffinDNSCarroll County
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
11Shawn Hoke52Lexington Christian ...
10Brannon McLarney53Lexington Christian ...
9Christian Foster54Lexington Christian ...
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Taylor Ball2:05.76aTrimble County
2.11Michael Baird2:06.66aTrimble County
3.12Will Mullett2:07.00aLexington Christian ...
4.10Karl Hempel2:09.39aDanville
5.12Trey Shoemaker2:11.68aLexington Christian ...
6.12Jon Beckerson2:19.51aBurgin Independent
7.11Jeffrey Alford2:21.39aBurgin Independent
8.12Byron Hempel2:25.02aDanville
9.10Jake Blakeman2:27.14aNicholas County
10.11Josh Bryan2:30.05aFrankfort
11.7Andy Smith2:30.62aSayre
12.12Jimmy Coffey2:32.34aNicholas County
13.9Cody Downey2:45.09aOwen County
14.8Dylan Eldred2:46.39aBracken County
7Arthur WallaceDNSBracken County
10Tony HeadleyDNSFrankfort
10Cody GrayDNSOwen County
12Jacob GriffinDNSCarroll County
10Benjamin TingleDNSCarroll County
10Jed BallDNSSayre
X 800 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
12Trey Shoemaker2:07Lexington Christian ...
12Will Mullett2:12Lexington Christian ...
12Mark Jacob2:13Lexington Christian ...
11Cody Neal2:16Lexington Christian ...
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Will Mullett4:40.47aLexington Christian ...
2.12Justin Perkins4:44.87aTrimble County
3.9Alex Beckerson4:51.29aBurgin Independent
4.8Nicholas Waltman4:52.18aSayre
5.10Karl Hempel4:55.79aDanville
6.11Kevin Bailey4:57.79aTrimble County
7.8Brian Rugg4:58.68aLexington Christian ...
8.10Jed Ball4:58.86aSayre
9.10Jake Blakeman5:29.49aNicholas County
10.9Seth Royalty5:33.45aBurgin Independent
11.12Byron Hempel5:33.74aDanville
12.9Spencer Bailey5:40.75aNicholas County
13.10Benjamin Tingle5:48.90aCarroll County
14.8Dylan Eldred6:13.01aBracken County
9Cody DowneyDNSOwen County
8Steven CumminsDNSBracken County
10Cody GrayDNSOwen County
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Will Mullett10:18.77aLexington Christian ...
2.9Alex Beckerson10:33.64aBurgin Independent
3.11Michael Waltman10:38.42aSayre
4.12Trey Shoemaker10:51.18aLexington Christian ...
5.12Kyle Howdyshell10:59.89aTrimble County
8Nicholas Waltman10:59.92aSayre
6.12Justin Perkins11:07.76aTrimble County
7.9Seth Royalty11:42.63aBurgin Independent
8.10Jake Blakeman13:21.43aNicholas County
8Steven CumminsDNSBracken County
9Spencer BaileyDNSNicholas County
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Max Ray17.34aDanville
2.12Jeremy Jennings17.48aDanville
3.11Zach Hunt18.06aLexington Christian ...
4.10Adam Hilton18.13aLexington Christian ...
5.10Travis McEachern19.09aBurgin Independent
6.10Darian Polley19.59aOwen County
7.9Toby Howard19.70aNicholas County
8.9Logan Holleran20.33aBracken County
9.10John Sanders20.81aBracken County
10.11Taz Adams22.63aOwen County
9Zach HowardDNSNicholas County
8Tray RobbinsDNSTrimble County
11Kevin BaileyDNSTrimble County
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Christopher Satterly41.71aCarroll County
2.10Adam Hilton42.83aLexington Christian ...
3.11Shawn Hoke42.88aLexington Christian ...
4.10Max Ray43.60aDanville
5.10Bobby Mingie43.64aOwen County
6.10Evan Mefford45.43aCarroll County
7.12Jeremy Jennings46.31aDanville
8.10Michael Gonterman46.59aTrimble County
9.10Travis McEachern48.61aBurgin Independent
10.12Matt Geisler49.35aTrimble County
11.10Darian Polley49.62aOwen County
12.9Toby Howard49.68aNicholas County
13.11Graham Taylor52.01aBurgin Independent
14.10John Sanders55.36aBracken County
15.9Logan Holleran1:00.23aBracken County
9Zach HowardDNSNicholas County
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Marcus Brown
Iman Jones
Max Ray
Devin Furlow
2.-Zach Adair
Brody Newby
Blake Renfro
Stewart Barnes
45.53aTrimble County
3.-Brannon McLarney
Christian Foster
Shawn Hoke
Chad Snyder
46.57aLexington Christian ...
4.-Cameron Dale
Devin Johnson
Jesse Smith
Caleb Pope
46.99aNicholas County
5.-Stevon Quincy
Marcus Washington
Aaron Hall
Kaleb Leach
6.-Terrell Howard
Jerome Stanley
Marcus Champs
Malcolm Warfield
7.-Cory Cannon
Darian Polley
Dylan Hearn
Bobby Mingie
48.01aOwen County
8.-Nate Kibler
Jeffrey Alford
Graham Taylor
Zack Gullian
54.12aBurgin Independent
-Danthony Collins
Evan Mefford
Dylan Jack
Andrew Sisenstein
DNSCarroll County
-Tyler Baker
Dallas Honan
Jarett Moore
Bryan Denton
DNSBracken County
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Georan Cardwell
DeShaun Floyd
Aaron Hall
Marcus Washington
2.-Danthony Collins
Tyler Grant
Christopher Satterly
Andrew Sisenstein
1:34.20aCarroll County
3.-Marcus Brown
Iman Jones
Max Ray
Devin Furlow
4.-Malcolm Warfield
Jerome Stanley
Trent Rankin
Marcus Champs
5.-Blake Renfro
Brody Newby
Zach Adair
Stewart Barnes
1:37.76aTrimble County
6.-Sven Hagemann
Cameron Dale
Devin Johnson
Jesse Smith
1:39.55aNicholas County
7.-Cory Cannon
Daniel Cummins
Dylan Hearn
Bobby Mingie
1:41.64aOwen County
8.-Raymond Manuel
Dallas Honan
Jarett Moore
Bryan Denton
1:47.29aBracken County
9.-Nate Kibler
Travis McEachern
Jared Powell
Zack Gullian
1:49.11aBurgin Independent
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
-Brannon McLarney
Christian Foster
Shawn Hoke
Chad Snyder
3:35.84aLexington Christian ...
1.-Danthony Collins
Andrew Sisenstein
Jacob Griffin
Evan Mefford
3:39.13aCarroll County
2.-Georan Cardwell
DeShaun Floyd
Stevon Quincy
Marcus Washington
3.-Zach Adair
Blake Renfro
Brody Newby
Taylor Ball
3:46.16aTrimble County
4.-Justin Davis
Daniel Cummins
Cory Cannon
Bobby Mingie
4:00.77aOwen County
5.-Iman Jones
Tryston Ford
Marcus Brown
Jeremy Jennings
6.-Marias Bagle
Cameron Dale
Jesse Smith
Devin Johnson
4:04.12aNicholas County
7.-Jed Ball
Carson Baughman
Andy Smith
Michael Waltman
8.-Zack Gullian
Jon Beckerson
Travis McEachern
Jared Powell
4:24.50aBurgin Independent
-Steven Cummins
Kyle Jefferson
David Fite
Ryan May
DNSBracken County
-Terrell Howard
Trent Rankin
Jerome Stanley
Malcolm Warfield
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Taylor Ball
Michael Baird
Justin Perkins
Conner Ball
8:39.63aTrimble County
2.-Trey Shoemaker
Mark Jacob
Cody Neal
Will Mullett
8:51.76aLexington Christian ...
3.-Alex Beckerson
Jon Beckerson
Tanner Royalty
Seth Royalty
9:06.51aBurgin Independent
4.-Spencer Bailey
Jake Blakeman
Jimmy Coffey
Cody Livingood
10:21.40aNicholas County
5.-Justin Davis
Tyler True
Cody Gray
Daniel Powell
11:30.59aOwen County
-Josh Bryan
Tony Headley
DeShaun Floyd
Stevon Quincy
-Dylan Eldred
Leighton Lee
Arthur Wallace
Andrew White
DNSBracken County
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Zach West40-09.75Lexington Christian ...
2.11Zach Hunt40-07.50Lexington Christian ...
3.12Isael Reyes38-03.25Danville
4.12Zachary Morris37-11.00Paris
5.12Eli Unker35-03.00Carroll County
6.10Trayvon Johnson34-11.00Paris
7.11Charles Usleaman34-09.50Bracken County
8.11Ryan Durrett33-11.50Trimble County
9.12Sven Hagemann32-07.25Nicholas County
10.11Taz Adams32-01.00Owen County
11.12Doug Kilgore31-07.50Bracken County
11.12Ben Wermeling31-07.50Sayre
13.9Kenneth Crawford31-03.50Carroll County
14.11Jonathon Wilson29-03.50Trimble County
15.8Nick Beckerson21-08.00Burgin Independent
12Kristopher BoydDNSEminence
10Travis McEachernDNSBurgin Independent
12Joe NedvidekDNSDanville
10Cody GrayDNSOwen County
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Zachary Morris122-04Paris
2.12Jon Beckerson120-09Burgin Independent
3.12Dillon Mears111-03Owen County
4.11Zach Hunt106-11Lexington Christian ...
5.10Ben Newby102-06Trimble County
6.10Daniel Cummins102-06Owen County
7.9Jared Powell96-01Burgin Independent
8.12Josh Edington95-04Trimble County
8.12Cameron Mott95-04Paris
10.11Zach West94-00Lexington Christian ...
11.12Isael Reyes93-08Danville
12.12Ben Wermeling91-09Sayre
13.9Zach Howard81-00Nicholas County
14.11Charles Usleaman75-09Bracken County
15.12Doug Kilgore75-03Bracken County
12Kristopher BoydDNSEminence
12Joe NedvidekDNSDanville
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Christopher Satterly6-02.00Carroll County
1.12Tyrone Cooper6-02.00Eminence
3.10Stewart Barnes6-00.00Trimble County
4.12Malcolm Warfield5-10.00Paris
5.10Dylan Jack5-08.00Carroll County
6.12Tanner Royalty5-06.00Burgin Independent
6.10Sam Maybrair5-06.00Lexington Christian ...
8.11Ryan Durrett5-06.00Trimble County
9.11Shawn Hoke5-06.00Lexington Christian ...
10.11Charles Usleaman5-00.00Bracken County
11.9Alex Beckerson5-00.00Burgin Independent
12DeShaun FloydDNSFrankfort
8David FiteDNSBracken County
10Iman JonesDNSDanville
9Michael BakerDNSDanville
12Justin DavisNHOwen County
11Taz AdamsNHOwen County
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Josh Bishop9-06.00Sayre
2.12Matt Stethen9-00.00Trimble County
3.11Zach Hunt8-06.00Lexington Christian ...
11Jordan BlantonDNSTrimble County
12Byron HempelNHDanville
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Christopher Satterly19-07.50Carroll County
2.11Michael Ross19-06.50Danville
3.10Caleb Pope19-04.00Nicholas County
4.11Tyler Grant18-02.50Carroll County
5.12Tanner Royalty18-01.00Burgin Independent
6.11Bryan Denton17-02.00Bracken County
7.12Matt Geisler16-07.50Trimble County
8.10Sam Maybrair16-03.00Lexington Christian ...
9.10Michael Gonterman16-00.50Trimble County
10.10Dylan Hearn15-10.50Owen County
11.10Darian Polley15-08.00Owen County
12.11Graham Taylor15-05.00Burgin Independent
13.12Jonathan Reed13-06.00Eminence
14.9Dallas Honan13-05.00Bracken County
10Tryston FordDNSDanville
12Sven HagemannDNSNicholas County
11Stevon QuincyDNSFrankfort
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Michael Ross42-10.00Danville
2.10Iman Jones41-04.00Danville
3.11Tyler Grant39-07.00Carroll County
4.12Aaron Hall39-05.25Frankfort
5.10Stewart Barnes36-02.25Trimble County
6.10Michael Gonterman36-00.25Trimble County
7.9Zach Howard34-02.00Nicholas County
8.11Graham Taylor33-03.50Burgin Independent
9.9Seth Royalty31-07.00Burgin Independent
10.9Cody Downey31-04.00Owen County

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Candice Taylor12.56aDanville
2.7Asia Sims13.18aParis
3.11Shakila Grant13.24aParis
4.11Becca Kemplin13.46aLexington Christian ...
5.11Morgan Thaxton13.52aLexington Christian ...
6.12Marla Rhodes13.55aFrankfort
7.9Nora Fremin13.66aCarroll County
8.12Jessica Smith13.68aTrimble County
9.11MaryEsther Fremin13.90aCarroll County
10.10Shavon Majors13.92aBurgin Independent
11.10Kristiana Johnson14.66aOwen County
12.9Jasmine Washington14.69aFrankfort
13.8Brookelynn Brindley14.73aBracken County
14.10Susan O'Neill14.77aSayre
15.10Emma Holland15.28aBurgin Independent
16.9Colyn True15.46aTrimble County
17.10Shelby Ogden17.85aOwen County
8Mary ScolfDNSBracken County
11Shelby RansdellDNSDanville
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Shakila Grant26.92aParis
2.11Marchae Williams27.36aParis
3.9Emily Terry27.37aLexington Christian ...
4.12Marla Rhodes27.82aFrankfort
5.11Morgan Thaxton28.02aLexington Christian ...
6.12Candice Taylor28.12aDanville
7.12Teila Winburn28.16aCarroll County
8.10Shavon Majors28.69aBurgin Independent
9.11Rebecca Raine30.02aFrankfort
10.9Sara Kate Long30.76aTrimble County
11.12Baylie Robbins32.03aTrimble County
12.10Shelby Ogden37.91aOwen County
8Daisha HallDNSBracken County
10Jessica BreezeDNSBracken County
10Lizzy AndersonDNSOwen County
10Alea BatesDNSDanville
10Susan O'NeillDNSSayre
8Megan HughesDNSBurgin Independent
9Nora FreminDNSCarroll County
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Emily Terry1:02.71aLexington Christian ...
2.11Bea Cameron1:04.97aSayre
3.11Shelby Lane1:07.74aLexington Christian ...
4.10Susan O'Neill1:08.49aSayre
5.8Haley McCowan1:09.52aDanville
6.8Olivia Cooley1:10.48aTrimble County
7.8Megan Hughes1:10.59aBurgin Independent
8.8Amber Wilcoxson1:12.89aFrankfort
9.9Michaela Gibson1:15.11aOwen County
10.9Ashley Tyler1:17.02aOwen County
11.9Kelly Wheeler1:18.96aCarroll County
12.10Hannah Marsh1:20.26aBracken County
13.12Alex Rand1:21.04aTrimble County
11MaryEsther FreminDNSCarroll County
10Megan NagelDNSBurgin Independent
11Lanie WillDNSDanville
12Marla RhodesDNSFrankfort
10Shawn CrainDNSParis
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
10Tori Lelbach63Lexington Christian ...
11Becca Kemplin64Lexington Christian ...
11Morgan Thaxton65Lexington Christian ...
9Emily Terry65Lexington Christian ...
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Tori Lelbach2:23.92aLexington Christian ...
2.11Erin Gonterman2:36.13aTrimble County
3.7Philippine Couturier2:38.92aSayre
4.12Jessica Cooley2:41.27aTrimble County
5.8Sydney Berry2:44.82aLexington Christian ...
6.12Maggie Wilson2:47.04aSayre
7.12Thalia Perez2:52.57aParis
8.8Emily Baldridge3:05.14aParis
9.11Lanie Will3:08.54aDanville
10.11Bailey Phillips3:11.25aDanville
11.10Emma Holland3:16.16aBurgin Independent
12.9Ashley Tyler3:18.01aOwen County
13.10Brittany Hughes3:26.52aBurgin Independent
X 800 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
10Tori Lelbach2:28Lexington Christian ...
10Jenna Wooten2:32Lexington Christian ...
9Lauren Harris2:36Lexington Christian ...
10Callen Cave2:41Lexington Christian ...
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kaitlin Snapp5:13.00aDanville
2.11Ann Eason5:15.60aSayre
3.7Maddox Patterson5:29.62aSayre
4.8Sydney Berry5:43.83aLexington Christian ...
5.11Morgan Downs5:45.51aLexington Christian ...
6.11Erin Gonterman5:58.19aTrimble County
7.12Brandi Chappell6:10.63aTrimble County
8.7MacKenzie Kibler6:21.54aBurgin Independent
9.12Thalia Perez6:26.15aParis
10.11Franziska Reimler7:13.47aDanville
11.10Brittany Hughes7:32.62aBurgin Independent
12.9Megan O'Donnell9:05.97aOwen County
10Mary HillDNSCarroll County
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kaitlin Snapp11:48.05aDanville
2.11Ann Eason11:51.25aSayre
3.7Maddox Patterson11:52.61aSayre
4.11Morgan Downs12:27.82aLexington Christian ...
5.12Brandi Chappell13:32.74aTrimble County
6.12Jordan Emmert13:49.25aLexington Christian ...
7.7MacKenzie Kibler14:23.92aBurgin Independent
8.12Thalia Perez14:41.92aParis
9.7Kylie Wilberding15:14.92aTrimble County
10.11Franziska Reimler16:21.76aDanville
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.9Nora Fremin16.92aCarroll County
2.10Maria Gifford18.22aLexington Christian ...
3.12Danyal Adams18.81aTrimble County
4.8Shantiqua Shaw19.49aFrankfort
5.9Jasmine Washington19.67aFrankfort
6.10Hannah Marsh19.84aBracken County
7.9Ina Emerson20.33aDanville
8.11Kelsey Johnson20.49aOwen County
9.8Brookelynn Brindley20.69aBracken County
10.11Cali Brashear20.71aLexington Christian ...
11.7Ashby Drake20.74aTrimble County
12Teila WinburnDNFCarroll County
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Diamond Pace49.33aDanville
2.11Kelsie Courtney51.58aTrimble County
3.8Shantiqua Shaw52.82aFrankfort
4.10Maria Gifford54.00aLexington Christian ...
5.9Mary Perros54.66aDanville
6.12Danyal Adams56.60aTrimble County
7.11Cali Brashear57.30aLexington Christian ...
8.10Robyn Cohorn57.55aNicholas County
9.9Lauren Holloway58.13aCarroll County
10.11Kaylynn Workman58.91aOwen County
9Haley DeCandiaDNSOwen County
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Shakila Grant
Asia Sims
Shawn Crain
Marchae Williams
2.-Becca Kemplin
Morgan Thaxton
Shelby Lane
Emily Terry
52.78aLexington Christian ...
3.-Rebecca Raine
Marla Rhodes
Shantiqua Shaw
Jasmine Washington
4.-Eden Lacefield
Sara Kate Long
Baylie Robbins
Jessica Smith
56.05aTrimble County
5.-Kimberly Letcher
Robyn Cohorn
Laken Howard
Mandi McLean
58.24aNicholas County
6.-Emma Holland
Shavon Majors
Megan Hughes
Hannah Harley
58.84aBurgin Independent
7.-Haley DeCandia
Michaela Gibson
Kelsey Johnson
Kristiana Johnson
59.14aOwen County
Shelby Ransdell
9.-Brookelynn Brindley
Hannah Marsh
Daisha Hall
Jessica Breeze
1:03.52aBracken County
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Shakila Grant
Asia Sims
Morgan Crain
Marchae Williams
2.-Sara Kate Long
Eden Lacefield
Jessica Smith
Baylie Robbins
1:59.82aTrimble County
3.-Robyn Cohorn
Laken Howard
Kimberly Letcher
Mandi McLean
2:03.43aNicholas County
4.-Shelby Ransdell
Haley McCowan
5.-Haley DeCandia
Michaela Gibson
Kaylynn Workman
Kristiana Johnson
2:06.11aOwen County
6.-Christina Vangorp
Emma Holland
Shavon Majors
Megan Hughes
2:06.16aBurgin Independent
7.-Brookelynn Brindley
Daisha Hall
Hannah Marsh
Jessica Breeze
2:12.88aBracken County
-Marla Rhodes
Shantiqua Shaw
Jasmine Washington
Amber Wilcoxson
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Becca Kemplin
Morgan Thaxton
Tori Lelbach
Emily Terry
4:19.32aLexington Christian ...
2.-Kaitlin Snapp
Haley McCowan
Diamond Pace
3.-Shawn Crain
Morgan Crain
Asia Sims
Marchae Williams
4.-Brittany Arvin
Kirsten Arvin
Sydney Brewer
Andrea Hardesty
4:38.45aCarroll County
5.-Jessica Cooley
Olivia Cooley
Jessica Smith
Eden Lacefield
4:42.94aTrimble County
6.-Bea Cameron
Susan O'Neill
Philippine Couturier
Maggie Wilson
7.-Haley DeCandia
Michaela Gibson
Ashley Tyler
Shayla Lainhart
5:12.12aOwen County
-Hannah Harley
Brittany Hughes
Shavon Majors
Emma Holland
DNSBurgin Independent
-Robyn Cohorn
Kimberly Letcher
Haley McConnell
Mandi McLean
DNSNicholas County
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Lauren Harris
Jenna Wooten
Callen Cave
Tori Lelbach
10:18.75aLexington Christian ...
2.-Brandi Chappell
Jessica Cooley
Kelsie Courtney
Erin Gonterman
10:32.08aTrimble County
3.-Diamond Pace
Haley McCowan
Kaitlin Snapp
-Brittany Arvin
Kirsten Arvin
Sydney Brewer
Andrea Hardesty
DNSCarroll County
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Megan Hunter29-11.50Nicholas County
2.9Cailyn Jouett27-09.00Frankfort
3.11Kassie Jones27-07.00Bracken County
4.12Christina Vangorp26-02.50Burgin Independent
5.11Hannah Harley24-05.00Burgin Independent
6.9Elizabeth Johnson23-04.00Nicholas County
7.9Sara Kate Long23-04.00Trimble County
8.8Kaelyn Baughman22-01.50Danville
9.9Megan O'Donnell21-02.00Owen County
10.10Jayde Snelling18-11.00Trimble County
11.11Shayla Lainhart18-05.00Owen County
9Raenah HawkinsDNSCarroll County
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Megan Hunter97-08Nicholas County
2.11Hannah Harley87-05Burgin Independent
3.12Danyal Adams76-06Trimble County
4.9Kendra Letcher73-06Nicholas County
5.12Christina Vangorp72-09Burgin Independent
6.11Cali Brashear70-02Lexington Christian ...
7.9Cailyn Jouett68-07Frankfort
8.11Kassie Jones62-10Bracken County
9.9Raenah Hawkins61-00Carroll County
10.10Kayla Barnes60-11Trimble County
11.8Kaelyn Baughman56-05Danville
12.9Megan O'Donnell46-00Owen County
13.11Shayla Lainhart40-01Owen County
10Sydney BrewerDNSCarroll County
10Jenna WootenDNSLexington Christian ...
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kelsie Courtney5-00.00Trimble County
2.10Maria Gifford4-10.00Lexington Christian ...
3.10Andrea Hardesty4-10.00Carroll County
4.9Haley DeCandia4-08.00Owen County
5.10Kayla Barnes4-06.00Trimble County
10Mary HillDNSCarroll County
11Cali BrashearNHLexington Christian ...
10Lizzy AndersonDNSOwen County
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kelsie Courtney8-00.00Trimble County
2.12Danyal Adams8-00.00Trimble County
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Candice Taylor17-09.00Danville
2.11Bea Cameron16-05.00Sayre
3.10Maria Gifford14-05.50Lexington Christian ...
4.11MaryEsther Fremin14-04.00Carroll County
5.11Mandi McLean13-11.50Nicholas County
6.10Laken Howard13-04.50Nicholas County
7.8Olivia Cooley13-02.50Trimble County
8.11Shelby Ransdell13-02.50Danville
9.10Kayla Barnes12-07.00Trimble County
10.10Kristiana Johnson10-06.50Owen County
10Lizzy AndersonDNSOwen County
10Brittany HughesDNSBurgin Independent
12Teila WinburnDNSCarroll County
11Shelby LaneDNSLexington Christian ...
8Megan HughesDNSBurgin Independent
8Shantiqua ShawDNSFrankfort
11Chundra BowdryDNSFrankfort
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Diamond Pace34-05.50Danville
2.12Candice Taylor34-02.00Danville
3.11Bea Cameron33-08.50Sayre
4.11Mandi McLean31-03.75Nicholas County
5.8Olivia Cooley31-03.00Trimble County
6.10Laken Howard30-07.50Nicholas County
7.11Erin Gonterman29-06.75Trimble County
8.9Destiny Tingle27-01.50Carroll County
9.11Chundra Bowdry26-05.50Frankfort
10.7MacKenzie Kibler25-05.50Burgin Independent
12Christina VangorpNDBurgin Independent
10Andrea HardestyDNSCarroll County
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