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Maryland 4A South Region Meet

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Lzerek Chapman11.11aLaurel
2.11Deandre Smith11.35aHenry A Wise
3.11Cyrus Britt11.38aBowie
4.11Levern Jacobs11.41aSuitland
5.10Fonyi Agendia11.45aDuVal
6.11Oshea Johnson11.46aC.H. Flowers
7.11Jamaal Jones11.52aHenry A Wise
8.11Diamond Hansford11.54aNorthwestern-PG
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Lzerek Chapman11.03aLaurel
2.11Deandre Smith11.04aHenry A Wise
3.11Levern Jacobs11.36aSuitland
4.11Jamaal Jones11.37aHenry A Wise
5.11Oshea Johnson11.37aC.H. Flowers
6.11Cyrus Britt11.38aBowie
7.10Fonyi Agendia11.39aDuVal
8.11Diamond Hansford11.44aNorthwestern-PG
9.11Blake Anderson11.53aBowie
10.12Paris Baxter11.54aDuVal
11.11Derrick Amenyedor11.56aNorthwestern-PG
12.11Bryant Nwosu11.59aBowie
13.12Lorenzo Hoff11.64aDuVal
14.11Melvin Silas11.67aEleanor Roosevelt
15.11Dakari Chisolm11.68aC.H. Flowers
16.12Rahn Fisher11.70aEleanor Roosevelt
17.11Quincy Sanders11.79aC.H. Flowers
17.12Karlmichae Bailey11.79aParkdale
19.10Derrick Graham11.84aSuitland
20.10Marc Beatty12.33aParkdale
21.11Nick Adade12.44aBladensburg
22.12Josh Gibbs12.82aBladensburg
23.11Correll Mack13.22aSuitland
--12Brian DavidFSHenry A Wise
--11Donte WilliamsDQEleanor Roosevelt
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Donte Williams22.11aEleanor Roosevelt
2.10Lzerek Chapman22.32aLaurel
3.11Diamond Hansford22.68aNorthwestern-PG
4.12Brian David23.01aHenry A Wise
5.11Levern Jacobs23.04aSuitland
6.11Clyde Partlow23.42aHenry A Wise
7.11Jordan Colman23.63aSuitland
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Donte Williams21.93aEleanor Roosevelt
2.10Lzerek Chapman22.23aLaurel
5.11Deandre Smith22.29aHenry A Wise
3.11Jordan Colman22.56aSuitland
4.11Diamond Hansford22.57aNorthwestern-PG
6.12Brian David22.66aHenry A Wise
7.11Levern Jacobs22.75aSuitland
9.11Jaquon Perry22.77aDuVal
10.11Jalaeme Gomez22.89aEleanor Roosevelt
8.11Clyde Partlow22.92aHenry A Wise
11.10Joel Roberson23.13aLaurel
12.11Nelson Alston23.43aDuVal
13.12Paris Baxter23.46aDuVal
14.12Karlmichae Bailey23.82aParkdale
15.11Blake Anderson23.85aBowie
16.12James Smith24.16aC.H. Flowers
17.10Nick Snead24.21aC.H. Flowers
18.11Derrick Amenyedor24.40aNorthwestern-PG
19.12Amanji Goito24.61aEleanor Roosevelt
20.10Marc Beatty24.62aParkdale
21.12Josh Gibbs24.79aBladensburg
22.11Derrick Echevarria25.29aC.H. Flowers
23.10Stephon Samauls26.21aSuitland
24.12Bryan Dubon28.00aBladensburg
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brian David49.41aHenry A Wise
2.11Jordan Colman49.46aSuitland
3.11Edose Ibadin49.92aDuVal
4.11Saquan Johnson49.95aSuitland
5.11Jaquon Perry49.99aDuVal
6.10Joel Roberson50.28aLaurel
7.12Paul Ford50.51aEleanor Roosevelt
8.9Teyvon Jacobs50.77aSuitland
9.12Kalada Abbey50.78aLaurel
10.11Issac Carr51.28aEleanor Roosevelt
10.11Gyasi Lester51.28aHenry A Wise
12.11Jerome Brown51.31aBowie
13.11David Thompson51.88aEleanor Roosevelt
14.12Karlmichae Bailey52.12aParkdale
15.11Michael McCoy52.34aLaurel
16.12Alonzo Jarmon52.77aC.H. Flowers
17.12Keven King52.86aHenry A Wise
18.10Xavier Bynum53.85aDuVal
19.12Omozopkia Olumese54.92aOxon Hill
20.11Lavar Peacock55.15aOxon Hill
21.10Marc Beatty55.19aParkdale
22.9Brandon Waller55.40aC.H. Flowers
23.10Sulu Adewoli56.27aBowie
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Charles Bolinger1:55.75aEleanor Roosevelt
2.11Edose Ibadin1:56.27aDuVal
3.11Garland Brooks1:56.44aC.H. Flowers
4.12Troy Browne1:58.69aC.H. Flowers
5.12Jd Tharpe1:59.16aSuitland
6.12Cullen Moseley2:00.15aParkdale
7.11Rahim Bussie2:01.32aBladensburg
8.12Trevon Butler2:03.24aHenry A Wise
9.11Thair Walker2:03.94aEleanor Roosevelt
10.11Jerome Brown2:04.14aBowie
11.12Marcel Mcintire2:04.63aSuitland
12.11Mohmad Jalloh2:05.18aBowie
13.11Javier Davis2:06.90aSuitland
14.12Lawrence Garrett2:07.18aC.H. Flowers
15.10Juan Cartledge2:07.32aOxon Hill
16.12Paul Ford2:08.18aEleanor Roosevelt
17.9Victor Ouegbam2:10.65aDuVal
18.12Keven King2:11.63aHenry A Wise
19.10Ricolis Jones2:12.07aLaurel
20.9Uche Oparaku2:13.36aDuVal
21.9Marc Dixon2:19.58aLaurel
22.10Jordan Slade2:38.00aHigh Point
23.11Maurice Wilson2:46.68aBladensburg
24.9Josue Mendoz2:47.12aHigh Point
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Cullen Moseley4:36.93aParkdale
2.11Christian Harrison4:37.63aC.H. Flowers
3.12Gidewon Zecarias4:39.30aBladensburg
4.10Justin Ahalt4:39.39aEleanor Roosevelt
5.12Adrain Miller4:41.23aHenry A Wise
6.11Paul Yuan4:43.93aEleanor Roosevelt
7.10Adam Snyder4:50.99aEleanor Roosevelt
8.9Marc Dixon4:54.50aLaurel
9.12Rhema Ndjani4:54.89aBladensburg
10.10John Walker4:56.10aBowie
11.11Wendall Brown4:56.15aHenry A Wise
12.12Calvin Crawley4:58.80aDuVal
13.12Lenworth Mckenzie4:59.60aSuitland
14.11Mathew Haile5:13.47aParkdale
15.9Alan Ottenstein5:26.50aBowie
16.10Amajoyi Ihiou5:56.20aDuVal
17.9Tony Dacosta6:04.11aOxon Hill
18.11Maurice Wilson6:23.00aBladensburg
--10Gerardo AmayaDQBowie
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Cullen Moseley9:55.4hParkdale
2.10Justin Ahalt10:09.9hEleanor Roosevelt
3.9Alan Ottenstein10:18.0hBowie
4.12Adrain Miller10:21.1hHenry A Wise
5.11Wendall Brown10:55.2hHenry A Wise
6.12Nelson Damachi10:59.2hParkdale
7.12Calvin Crawley11:07.5hDuVal
8.11Simmon Duong11:47.0hEleanor Roosevelt
9.10Sean Clayton12:25.0hBowie
10.10Theno Diallo13:38.5hDuVal
--10John WalkerDNFBowie
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Steve Ehahoun14.67aBladensburg
2.11Lorenzo Steele15.04aSuitland
3.11Tavon Cooper15.23aHenry A Wise
4.9Andrew Carter16.07aEleanor Roosevelt
5.9Steven Gilliam16.26aBowie
6.10Vadille Grant16.76aOxon Hill
7.12Edward Weller17.27aEleanor Roosevelt
8.12Damien Brown18.32aDuVal
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Steve Ehahoun14.91aBladensburg
3.11Tavon Cooper15.29aHenry A Wise
2.9Steven Gilliam15.59aBowie
5.11Lorenzo Steele15.81aSuitland
4.9Andrew Carter16.02aEleanor Roosevelt
6.10Vadille Grant16.79aOxon Hill
7.12Damien Brown17.31aDuVal
8.12Edward Weller17.39aEleanor Roosevelt
9.10Xavier Bynum17.79aDuVal
10.12Babatunda Adokumn18.91aDuVal
11.11Jaylon Watson20.79aEleanor Roosevelt
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Steve Ehahoun39.20aBladensburg
2.12Malik Cross39.34aOxon Hill
3.11Tavon Cooper40.65aHenry A Wise
4.10Robert Mercer40.72aOxon Hill
5.12Derrick Williams40.88aEleanor Roosevelt
6.11Lorenzo Steele41.85aSuitland
7.9Uche Oparaku43.60aDuVal
8.12Edward Weller43.90aEleanor Roosevelt
9.9Steven Gilliam44.00aBowie
10.12Damien Brown44.36aDuVal
11.11Chuka Elue44.45aLaurel
12.11Daniel Nwosu45.16aBladensburg
13.10Alpha Jollah45.43aParkdale
14.10Xavier Bynum46.50aDuVal
15.11Jason Montgomery48.04aEleanor Roosevelt
16.10Dillon Hari53.74aHigh Point
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Andrew Carter
Rahn Fisher
Amanji Goito
Jalaeme Gomez
43.05aEleanor Roosevelt
2.-Keith Brown
Jordan Colman
Levern Jacobs
Teyvon Jacobs
3.-Fonyi Agendia
Paris Baxter
Lorenzo Hoff
Jaquon Perry
4.-Blake Anderson
Cyrus Britt
Brynt Nwosu
Bilal Rahim
5.-Uriah Bethea
Gyasi Lester
Clyde Partlow
Mohamad Sesay
43.69aHenry A Wise
6.-Dakari Chisolm
Alonzo Jarmon
Oshea Johnson
Quincy Sanders
44.57aC.H. Flowers
7.-Relay Team 45.69aHigh Point
8.-Relay Team 47.30aBladensburg
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jalaeme Gomez
Issac Carr
Donte Williams
Rahn Fisher
1:29.60aEleanor Roosevelt
2.-Gyasi Lester
Jamal Jones
Xavier Deleon
Clyde Partlow
1:30.05aHenry A Wise
3.-Joel Roberson
Lzerek Chapman
Chuka Elue
Kalada Abbey
4.-Paul Edwards
Cyrus Britt
Bilal Rahim
Blake Anderson
5.-Lorenzo Steele
Teyvon Jacobs
Jd Tharpe
Saquan Johnson
6.-Oshea Johnson
Alonzo Jarmon
Quincy Sanders
Nick Snead
1:32.43aC.H. Flowers
7.-Relay Team 1:34.76aHigh Point
8.-Fonyi Agendia
Nelson Alston
Xavier Bynum
Paris Baxter
---Relay Team FSNorthwestern-PG
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kalada Abbey
Lzerek Chapman
Chuka Elue
Michael McCoy
2.-Jordan Colman
Terry Cooper
Teyvon Jacobs
Jermiah Johnson
3.-Oluwapelumi Adenikiju
Charles Bolinger
Issac Carr
Paul Ford
3:24.45aEleanor Roosevelt
4.-Brian David
Xavier Deleon
Keven King
Gyasi Lester
3:26.17aHenry A Wise
5.-Rahim Bussie
Steve Ehahoun
Kasim Mansaray
Paul Momoh
6.-Nelson Alston
Xavier Bynum
Edose Ibadin
Jaquon Perry
7.-Anthony Bagley
Tony Decosta
Omozopkia Olumese
Lavar Peacock
3:31.18aOxon Hill
8.-Garland Brooks
Troy Browne
Lawrence Garrett
Alonzo Jarmon
3:33.94aC.H. Flowers
9.-Sulu Adewoli
Jerome Brown
Paul Edwards
Mohmad Jalloh
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Lawrence Garrett
Troy Browne
Christian Harrison
Garland Brooks
8:02.35aC.H. Flowers
2.-Paul Ford
Adam Snyder
Paul Yuan
Charles Bolinger
8:05.00aEleanor Roosevelt
3.-Marcel Mcintire
Javier Davis
Saquan Johnson
Jd Tharpe
4.-Keven King
Trevon White
Xavier Deleon
Galvin Burton
8:06.16aHenry A Wise
5.-Kalada Abbey
Michael McCoy
Ricolis Jones
Marc Dixon
6.-Gidewon Zecarias
Rahim Bussie
Dera Nwosu
Rhema Ndjani
7.-Malik Cross
Omozopkia Olumese
Tony Decosta
Robert Mercer
8:44.69aOxon Hill
8.-Uche Oparaku
Calvin Crawley
Amajoyi Ihiou
Victor Ouegbam
---Relay Team DNFHigh Point
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jeff Butler52-05.00Henry A Wise
2.12Okayo Bozeman47-11.00Bowie
3.12Anthony Mcdaniel42-08.00Henry A Wise
4.12Taylor Fallin41-03.00Bowie
5.12Meji Layeni40-07.00DuVal
6.12Chaning Johnson40-03.00Henry A Wise
7.12Cal Kilby39-07.00C.H. Flowers
8.12Simon Ebulu38-10.00DuVal
9.9Steven Gilliam33-03.00Bowie
10.9Joseph Gbassah25-09.00Parkdale
11.11David Harvin25-08.00Northwestern-PG
9.11Nastacia Samuels25-03.00Bowie
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jeff Butler139-00.50Henry A Wise
2.12Chaning Johnson127-00Henry A Wise
3.12Anthony Mcdaniel120-07Henry A Wise
4.12Meji Layeni108-09DuVal
5.12Simon Ebulu105-01.50DuVal
6.12Okayo Bozeman103-04Bowie
7.12Taylor Fallin93-10.50Bowie
8.11Jorden Ford86-09Parkdale
9.11Durell Thomas85-08.50Parkdale
10.11David Harvin78-06Northwestern-PG
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Vadille Grant5-10.00Oxon Hill
2.12Titus Till5-10.00Henry A Wise
3.11Tavon Cooper5-06.00Henry A Wise
3.10Didas Akognon5-06.00Bowie
3.11Lavar Peacock5-06.00Oxon Hill
3.11Brittan Anderson5-06.00Bowie
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Robert Mercer13-00.00Oxon Hill
2.11Tavon Cooper9-06.00Henry A Wise
--11Derrick WilliamsNHHenry A Wise
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Levern Jacobs21-04.00Suitland
2.12Lorenzo Hoff20-03.00DuVal
3.11Bryant Nwosu19-04.00Bowie
4.11Claudius Solomon18-10.00Henry A Wise
5.9Steven Gilliam18-07.00Bowie
6.12Marcus Johnson18-03.00Bladensburg
7.11Alvin Abston18-01.00Laurel
8.10Alpha Jollah17-06.50Parkdale
9.10Ricolis Jones17-03.00Laurel
9.12Anthony Hooks17-03.00Henry A Wise
11.10Thomas Hayes17-02.00Eleanor Roosevelt
12.11Brittan Anderson17-01.00Bowie
13.12Edward Weller15-09.00Eleanor Roosevelt
14.9Justin Brown15-04.00Eleanor Roosevelt
15.9Shamek Perry14-11.00DuVal
--10Uriah BetheaFOULHenry A Wise
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Derrick Williams38-06.00Eleanor Roosevelt
2.11Claudius Solomon37-05.00Henry A Wise
3.12Lorenzo Hoff36-11.00DuVal
4.9Uche Oparaku36-10.00DuVal
5.11Brittan Anderson35-10.00Bowie
6.11Yamoussa Cisse35-08.00Bladensburg
7.11Bryant Nwosu32-10.00Bowie
8.9Alex Cole31-01.00Henry A Wise
9.9Shamek Perry30-08.00DuVal

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Mobolaji Adeokun12.41aDuVal
2.12Lorraine Graham12.51aC.H. Flowers
3.11Whitney Ikpeze12.66aBladensburg
4.12JoAnne Pitman12.84aC.H. Flowers
5.12Ericka Butler12.99aSuitland
6.11Leeneatric Jenkins13.02aEleanor Roosevelt
7.9Briana Gooding13.12aBowie
8.10Tericka Lathern13.17aSuitland
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Mobolaji Adeokun12.50aDuVal
2.11Whitney Ikpeze12.69aBladensburg
3.12Lorraine Graham12.70aC.H. Flowers
5.11Leeneatric Jenkins12.88aEleanor Roosevelt
4.12Ericka Butler12.94aSuitland
6.10Tericka Lathern12.99aSuitland
7.12JoAnne Pitman13.01aC.H. Flowers
8.9Briana Gooding13.17aBowie
9.11Ebony Fentry13.18aC.H. Flowers
10.10Kiana Reid13.26aNorthwestern-PG
11.11Channae Manning13.34aParkdale
12.9Taylor Clark13.41aHenry A Wise
13.10Melisa Yates13.42aParkdale
14.12Maseray Kai-Kai13.43aEleanor Roosevelt
15.9Jordyn Jones13.48aHenry A Wise
16.9Asia Baskins13.74aDuVal
17.9Markeeta Gaynor13.85aOxon Hill
18.11Annastacia Samuels13.89aBowie
19.10Aniyah Liggins14.00aOxon Hill
20.9Sabria Bell14.20aSuitland
21.9Lezia Brown14.23aBowie
22.12Chanell Hawkins14.59aHenry A Wise
23.11Romitta Hoff14.60aDuVal
24.11Olufunke Olasanoye14.98aBladensburg
25.9Jonetta Blackie15.20aNorthwestern-PG
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Aurieyall Scott23.79aEleanor Roosevelt
2.12Corryn Hurrington25.39aC.H. Flowers
3.10Mobolaji Adeokun25.40aDuVal
4.12Shena Brownell25.81aLaurel
5.11Chanel Beaudoin25.94aC.H. Flowers
6.11Leeneatric Jenkins26.67aEleanor Roosevelt
7.9Briana Bailey26.73aC.H. Flowers
8.11Maria Campbell26.88aSuitland
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Mobolaji Adeokun24.86aDuVal
2.12Aurieyall Scott24.91aEleanor Roosevelt
3.12Corryn Hurrington25.02aC.H. Flowers
5.12Shena Brownell25.09aLaurel
9.12Taylor Blackwell25.75aHigh Point
6.11Chanel Beaudoin25.91aC.H. Flowers
4.11Leeneatric Jenkins26.16aEleanor Roosevelt
10.11Whitney Ikpeze26.34aBladensburg
7.9Briana Bailey26.51aC.H. Flowers
8.11Maria Campbell26.76aSuitland
11.9Briana Gooding26.87aBowie
12.9Taylor Clark26.97aHenry A Wise
13.12Ericka Butler27.17aSuitland
14.11Cierra Kenney27.30aHenry A Wise
15.10Kiana Reid27.40aNorthwestern-PG
16.10Kayla Roman27.79aHenry A Wise
17.9Markeeta Gaynor28.28aOxon Hill
18.9Asia Baskins28.40aDuVal
19.10Kedisha Miller28.69aNorthwestern-PG
20.10Aniyah Liggins28.91aOxon Hill
21.9Marin Page29.38aSuitland
22.11Yarne White29.87aBladensburg
23.11Romitta Hoff31.11aDuVal
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Deseree' King55.20aOxon Hill
2.12Afia Charles55.34aEleanor Roosevelt
3.12Deborah Adelola56.97aBladensburg
4.12Corryn Hurrington57.69aC.H. Flowers
5.11Deborah Fajuyigbe58.03aBowie
6.12Shena Brownell58.40aLaurel
7.12Taylor Blackwell58.87aHigh Point
8.11Tangalia Butler59.41aSuitland
9.12Danielle Calhoun1:00.11aEleanor Roosevelt
10.12Talisha Eads1:00.38aHenry A Wise
10.12Ikea Long1:00.38aHenry A Wise
12.12Carole Ngondi1:01.12aEleanor Roosevelt
13.10Aliyah Nickens1:01.25aC.H. Flowers
14.12Juliana Adeoye1:01.78aC.H. Flowers
15.12samatha Clarkson1:01.86aHenry A Wise
16.10Kayla Davis1:03.07aBladensburg
17.10Christinea Francis1:03.56aNorthwestern-PG
18.10Aniyah Liggins1:05.09aOxon Hill
19.9Markeeta Gaynor1:05.77aOxon Hill
20.10Daniella Tcheussa1:06.04aParkdale
21.10Jennifer Dewitt1:06.05aLaurel
22.9Asia Baskins1:08.14aDuVal
23.11Annastacia Samuels1:13.28aBowie
24.9Claudette Wesley1:21.11aNorthwestern-PG
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Deseree' King2:19.24aOxon Hill
2.12Danielle Gaynor2:20.65aC.H. Flowers
3.12Denae Ford2:21.07aC.H. Flowers
4.11Amirah Johnson2:21.65aEleanor Roosevelt
5.10Alexxis Walston2:23.90aSuitland
6.9Elise Allen2:26.60aEleanor Roosevelt
7.9Charde Barnes2:26.87aBowie
8.11Mia Dabney2:30.72aHenry A Wise
9.10Christinea Francis2:31.53aNorthwestern-PG
10.9Maya Perry2:32.15aBowie
11.10Olukemi Adeniji2:32.99aC.H. Flowers
12.9Esther Omolola2:33.00aParkdale
13.9Donica Morris2:38.29aHenry A Wise
14.12Cearah Camp-Green2:38.77aBladensburg
15.12Breana Dugger2:39.52aBladensburg
16.10Stephanie Choh2:39.90aHigh Point
17.9Asha Spears2:43.07aSuitland
18.12Elan Holston2:44.12aEleanor Roosevelt
19.11Oshin Bennett2:45.90aLaurel
20.10Daniella Tcheussa2:55.20aParkdale
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Amirah Johnson5:26.00aEleanor Roosevelt
2.12Tnay Williams5:32.00aC.H. Flowers
3.11Neema Rowe5:45.10aEleanor Roosevelt
4.12Elizabeth Carino5:45.19aParkdale
5.9Esther Omolola5:48.70aParkdale
6.11Sarah Tanveer5:56.10aC.H. Flowers
7.9Bibiana Valdes6:18.00aHigh Point
8.9Katherin Brizuela6:33.00aBladensburg
9.11Waalande Lintiso6:38.00aHigh Point
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Esther Omolola14:06.0hParkdale
2.9Bibiana Valdes14:20.0hHigh Point
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lorraine Graham14.56aC.H. Flowers
2.12JoAnne Pitman15.15aC.H. Flowers
3.12Chanell Hawkins15.51aHenry A Wise
4.10Mobolaji Adeokun15.70aDuVal
5.9Lena Allen18.53aHenry A Wise
6.12Elan Holston21.59aEleanor Roosevelt
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lorraine Graham44.60aC.H. Flowers
2.10Mobolaji Adeokun47.79aDuVal
3.11Shakia Mercer47.84aSuitland
4.9Lena Allen49.51aHenry A Wise
5.12Chanell Hawkins51.36aHenry A Wise
6.11Ajiri Eroraha52.41aEleanor Roosevelt
7.12Vivian Williams1:04.79aBladensburg
--11Whitney IkpezeDQBladensburg
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Imani Arrington
Afia Charles
Leeneatric Jenkins
Maseray Kai-Kai
48.81aEleanor Roosevelt
2.-Sabria Bell
Ericka Butler
Maria Campbell
Maia Jefferson
3.-Lezia Brown
Deborah Fajuyigbe
Briana Gooding
Rachel Jordan
4.-Brianna Bailey
Ebony Fentry
JoAnne Pitman
Noelle Smith
50.10aC.H. Flowers
5.-Taylor Clark
samatha Clarkson
Talisha Eads
Chanell Hawkins
50.68aHenry A Wise
6.-Lurona Alexander
Sheyi Ashiru
Channae Manning
Tochi Ukwu
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Ebony Fentry
Corryn Hurrington
Jamiece Hargrove
Chanel Beaudoin
1:42.98aC.H. Flowers
2.-Briana Gooding
jessica Navas
Rachel Jordan
Deborah Fajuyigbe
3.-Maria Campbell
Tangalia Butler
Ericka Butler
Tericka Lathern
4.-Morgan Keys
Erika Mallory
Carol Ngondi
Leeneatric Jenkins
1:44.86aEleanor Roosevelt
5.-Relay Team 1:47.29aHigh Point
6.-Kayla Roman
Cierra Kenney
Lena Allen
Mia Dabney
1:50.49aHenry A Wise
7.-Channae Manning
Tochi Ukwu
Lurona Alexander
Melisa Yates
8.-Kedisha Miller
Christinia Francis
Claudette Wesley
Chelsea Brown
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Elise Allen
Danielle Calhoun
Afia Charles
Amirah Johnson
3:54.57aEleanor Roosevelt
2.-Tangalia Butler
Marin Page
Alexxis Walston
Bria Williams
3.-Kemi Adeniji
Juliana Adeoye
Jamiece Hargrove
Corryn Hurrington
4:01.62aC.H. Flowers
4.-Charde Barnes
Rashanda Dickens
Kenyetta Louis
Maya Perry
5.-samatha Clarkson
Talisha Eads
Cierra Kenney
Ikea Long
4:02.85aHenry A Wise
6.-Deborah Adelola
Cearah Camp-Green
Kayla Davis
Jessica Day
7.-Taylor Blackwell
Sidnie Christian
Zahrina Hutchins
Janae Nelson
4:15.68aHigh Point
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 9:55.75aC.H. Flowers
2.-Relay Team 9:57.82aHenry A Wise
3.-Relay Team 10:13.72aBowie
4.-Relay Team 10:22.87aSuitland
5.-Relay Team 12:12.90aHigh Point
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brelyn Finley40-03.00C.H. Flowers
2.9Antonella Taylor38-03.50Bowie
3.11Jazmyne Claggett38-00.00Eleanor Roosevelt
4.12Onome Agbaza37-02.00Bladensburg
5.11Gleniece Payne35-10.00Henry A Wise
6.12Sharita Moore34-06.00C.H. Flowers
7.11Alexus Scott33-07.00Eleanor Roosevelt
8.11Tochi Ukwu27-10.00Parkdale
10.9Kayla Harley22-04.25C.H. Flowers
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Sharita Moore119-10.50C.H. Flowers
2.12Onome Agbaza111-04Bladensburg
3.11Jazmyne Claggett107-08.50Eleanor Roosevelt
4.11Alexus Scott101-00Eleanor Roosevelt
5.11Gleniece Payne99-08Henry A Wise
6.12Brelyn Finley96-05C.H. Flowers
7.9Kayla Harley60-01C.H. Flowers
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Kenyetta Louis4-10.00Bowie
2.12Elan Holston4-08.00Eleanor Roosevelt
--11Ajiri ErorahaNHEleanor Roosevelt
--9Jamia MontgomeryNHEleanor Roosevelt
--9Marah HackettNHHenry A Wise
--9Lena AllenNHHenry A Wise
--9Donica MorrisNHHenry A Wise
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
--10Rioni VoidNHHenry A Wise
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Maria Campbell16-05.00Suitland
2.12Lorraine Graham16-00.00C.H. Flowers
3.11Sharice Stona15-08.00Bowie
4.12JoAnne Pitman15-06.50C.H. Flowers
5.11Lanesha Edwards15-05.00Bowie
6.10Tericka Lathern14-09.00Suitland
7.11Porsha Porter14-04.00Henry A Wise
8.12Elan Holston14-00.00Eleanor Roosevelt
9.10Jean Udo13-05.00C.H. Flowers
10.11Romitta Hoff13-02.00DuVal
11.12Aurieyall Scott12-11.00Eleanor Roosevelt
12.9Taylor Clark12-08.00Henry A Wise
13.9Kenyetta Louis12-05.00Bowie
14.11Maya Dickerson11-03.00Parkdale
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Lanesha Edwards32-00.00Bowie
2.11Sharice Stona29-09.00Bowie
3.9Jamia Montgomery29-00.00Eleanor Roosevelt
4.11Ajiri Eroraha28-11.00Eleanor Roosevelt
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