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NY Section 6 State Qualifier

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Hamburg HS, Hamburg

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Division 1 - Finals
1.10Wayne Gordon10.93aSweet Home
2.10Johnny Newton11.15aNiagara Falls
3.11Dan Teal11.19aWilliamsville North
4.9Alex Reid11.25aLockport
5.12Moe Lauchert11.45aHamburg Central
6.12Sam Harris11.47aHutchinson-Central T...
7.11Dorian Polk11.57aLockport
8.12Kyle Carson11.58aFrontier Central
X 100 Meters - Division 2 - Finals
1.11D'ante Mims11.31aMedina
2.12Jeff Harvey11.64aMaryvale
3.12Hakeem McCarty11.65aWest Valley Central
4.12Shawn Kulig11.68aDunkirk
5.12Andre Frasier11.69aMST Prep @ Seneca
6.11Dave Stupnick11.83aMedina
7.12Desmond Truesdale12.24aMiddle College (OTC)
8.11Brad Borowczyk13.05aAkron Central
X 100 Meters - Division 1 - Prelims
1.10Wayne Gordon11.18aSweet Home
2.10Johnny Newton11.44aNiagara Falls
3.12Kyle Carson11.50aFrontier Central
4.11Dan Teal11.59aWilliamsville North
5.9Alex Reid11.60aLockport
6.12Sam Harris11.62aHutchinson-Central T...
7.11Dorian Polk11.64aLockport
8.12Moe Lauchert11.69aHamburg Central
9.10Jordan Johnson11.72aSweet Home
10.12Jon Mallard11.80aNiagara Falls
11.12jesse Howk11.90aPioneer Central
12.10Josh Carbone12.05aWest Seneca East
X 100 Meters - Division 2 - Prelims
1.11Brad Borowczyk11.38aAkron Central
3.12Jeff Harvey11.47aMaryvale
5.12Andre Frasier11.52aMST Prep @ Seneca
2.11D'ante Mims11.57aMedina
6.12Hakeem McCarty11.65aWest Valley Central
7.11Dave Stupnick11.66aMedina
8.12Desmond Truesdale11.71aMiddle College (OTC)
4.12Shawn Kulig11.73aDunkirk
9.10Jordan Hall11.85aAlden Central
9.10Devin Gibson11.85aCleveland Hill
11.9Joe Peace11.95aPortville Central
12.12Doug Chavers11.97aCleveland Hill
13.10Matt Deim12.00aCleveland Hill
14.10Jarrell Banks12.03aTapestry Charter
15.10Kisun Peters12.11aSalamanca City Central
16.12Dylan Hinson12.19aMaple Grove
X 200 Meters - Division 1 - Finals
1.10Wayne Gordon21.99aSweet Home
2.12Jon Mallard22.76aNiagara Falls
3.12Zachary Maryniewski22.83aLancaster Central
4.12Kyle Carson22.91aFrontier Central
5.10Jeff Hejna22.99aIroquois Central
6.11Cameron Matthews23.04aAmherst Central
7.11Kyle Berry23.38aSweet Home
8.11Torrell Myles23.43aLake Shore Central
X 200 Meters - Division 2 - Finals
1.12Jake Maryniewski22.58aDepew
2.11D'ante Mims22.73aMedina
3.10Devin Gibson23.46aCleveland Hill
4.12Shawn Kulig23.48aDunkirk
5.12Hakeem McCarty23.70aWest Valley Central
6.10Matt Deim23.95aCleveland Hill
7.12Brandon Wyatt-Bell23.97aJohn F Kennedy (Chee...
8.12Desmond Truesdale24.02aMiddle College (OTC)
X 200 Meters - Division 1 - Prelims
1.10Wayne Gordon22.51aSweet Home
2.12Kyle Carson23.28aFrontier Central
3.11Cameron Matthews23.38aAmherst Central
4.12Zachary Maryniewski23.45aLancaster Central
5.12Jon Mallard23.74aNiagara Falls
6.10Jeff Hejna23.76aIroquois Central
7.11Kyle Berry23.80aSweet Home
8.11Torrell Myles23.86aLake Shore Central
9.10Ruben Noel23.95aWilliamsville North
10.11Emmanuel Cott23.96aHutchinson-Central T...
11.12Moe Lauchert23.99aHamburg Central
12.12Brandon Davis24.06aBennett
13.10Josh Carbone24.16aWest Seneca East
14.9Joe Torregrossa24.78aGrand Island Central
X 200 Meters - Division 2 - Prelims
1.11D'ante Mims23.15aMedina
2.12Jake Maryniewski23.47aDepew
3.12Shawn Kulig23.69aDunkirk
5.12Hakeem McCarty23.84aWest Valley Central
4.10Devin Gibson23.91aCleveland Hill
6.12Desmond Truesdale24.10aMiddle College (OTC)
7.10Matt Deim24.15aCleveland Hill
8.12Brandon Wyatt-Bell24.18aJohn F Kennedy (Chee...
9.11Jeremy Kozlowski24.26aDunkirk
10.11Eric McCown24.30aFranklinville Central
11.11Alex Arnal24.47aSouthwestern Central
12.12Dylan Hinson24.53aMaple Grove
X 400 Meters - Division 1 - Finals
1.11Cordell Johnson49.89aNiagara Falls
2.12Ken Boyer50.22aAlbion
3.12Darwin Aiken50.29aKenmore West
4.10Nate Andres50.67aPioneer Central
5.10Dillon Kane51.20aLockport
6.11Cameron Matthews51.73aAmherst Central
7.12Russell Yerger-Moe52.46aIroquois Central
8.12Chris Stessing53.30aGrand Island Central
X 400 Meters - Division 2 - Finals
1.10Anthony Schwartz50.48aRandolph
2.12Jake Maryniewski51.21aDepew
3.11Frank Farinacci51.74aCleveland Hill
4.12Marcus Anderson51.87aLeonardo DaVinci
5.12Eric Hall52.37aMST Prep @ Seneca
6.11Justin Jasinski52.44aJohn F Kennedy (Chee...
7.12Joe Groele52.54aAllegany-Limestone C...
8.12John Vincent52.73aWilson Central
X 400 Meters - Division 1 - Prelims
1.11Cordell Johnson49.60aNiagara Falls
2.12Darwin Aiken49.94aKenmore West
3.12Ken Boyer50.52aAlbion
4.10Nate Andres50.88aPioneer Central
5.10Dillon Kane51.54aLockport
6.11Cameron Matthews51.64aAmherst Central
7.12Russell Yerger-Moe51.73aIroquois Central
8.12Chris Stessing52.51aGrand Island Central
9.10Alec Cody52.57aNiagara-Wheatfield
10.12Travis Stover52.68aLockport
11.11Dusty Perdziak52.69aClarence
12.11Mackie Gage53.25aWilliamsville North
13.12Marc Luko53.40aHutchinson-Central T...
14.10Austin Alvarado53.64aWest Seneca West
X 400 Meters - Division 2 - Prelims
1.10Anthony Schwartz51.75aRandolph
3.11Frank Farinacci52.04aCleveland Hill
2.12Jake Maryniewski52.12aDepew
4.12Marcus Anderson52.53aLeonardo DaVinci
5.11Justin Jasinski52.63aJohn F Kennedy (Chee...
6.12Eric Hall52.74aMST Prep @ Seneca
7.12Joe Groele52.75aAllegany-Limestone C...
8.12John Vincent53.02aWilson Central
9.12Zack Penhollow53.43aFalconer
10.9Russ Catalano53.58aAkron Central
11.9Tucker Rulen53.69aRoyalton Hartland
12.12Doug Chavers53.94aCleveland Hill
13.11Alcides King54.30aAlden Central
14.12Brandon Wyatt-Bell54.55aJohn F Kennedy (Chee...
15.11Alex Arnal55.85aSouthwestern Central
X 800 Meters - Division 1 - Finals
1.12Michael Ballow1:57.32aClarence
2.12Christian Warchocki1:57.97aNiagara-Wheatfield
3.12Anthony George1:58.07aWest Seneca West
4.9Kalen Sullivan1:58.16aWest Seneca West
5.12Brennan Cain1:58.69aLockport
6.12Kyle Pilecki1:58.85aWest Seneca East
7.10Ben Brucker2:00.12aHamburg Central
8.12Donte Ettipio2:00.51aHutchinson-Central T...
9.11Zach Lipp2:00.91aWilliamsville North
10.11Brendan Lanighan2:00.98aWilliamsville East
11.11Chris Meyer2:01.04aGrand Island Central
12.10Mike Feeney2:01.45aLockport
13.12Tom Zwick2:01.99aKenmore West
14.12Peter Galbo2:02.86aWilliamsville South
15.11Jake Wukovits2:04.19aLancaster Central
16.11Brandon Maines2:10.54aKenmore West
X 800 Meters - Division 2 - Finals
1.12Clifford Nielson1:56.73aGowanda Central
2.10Tyler Scheving1:56.83aBarker Central
3.12Caleb Rowan2:01.96aFalconer
4.12Jeff Engels2:02.10aWest Valley Central
5.10Nate Godson2:02.96aDepew
6.12Ryan Lollier2:03.20aOlean
7.11Josh Skowronski2:04.63aAlden Central
8.10Larkin Bohanan2:04.79aEast Aurora
9.12Alex Wills2:05.16aFredonia
10.10Alex Crise2:05.32aFredonia
11.10Jeremy Rushok2:05.55aAkron Central
12.11Trenton Jenkins2:05.81aMaryvale
13.8Zachary Jackson2:05.82aRandolph
14.10Mike Reubens2:06.49aWilson Central
15.12Josh Phelps2:08.96aFalconer
16.10Jedediah Platt2:09.95aBarker Central
17.12Alex Vulaj2:10.33aCleveland Hill
X 1500 Meters - Division 1 Outdoor Pentathlon - Finals
1.10Ben Spaulding4:43.41aPioneer Central
2.12Bob Battaglia4:44.67aPioneer Central
3.11John Mosley4:48.18aNiagara Falls
4.11Dave Gerfin5:02.43aGrand Island Central
5.11Nathan Taggart5:05.06aWilliamsville North
6.11Scott Paige5:08.50aNiagara-Wheatfield
7.12Cody Vassar5:09.51aPioneer Central
8.10Mark Brombacher5:11.14aJamestown
9.12Nate Stock5:13.61aKenmore West
10.11Zachary Maecker5:19.13aHamburg Central
X 1500 Meters - Division 2 Outdoor Pentathlon - Finals
1.10Kameron Dry4:49.36aSalamanca City Central
2.9Shawn Hahn4:49.49aAkron Central
3.11Jordan Thompson4:54.79aOlean
4.11Steven Myers4:57.90aSilver Creek Central
5.9Trevin Barber4:59.79aAllegany-Limestone C...
6.12Ryan Karmazym5:00.75aSilver Creek Central
7.12Levi Pace5:06.54aMedina
8.11Nate Wells5:07.06aSpringville-Griffith...
9.12Zach Gelen5:08.45aAllegany-Limestone C...
10.11Brandon Belz5:08.99aHolland Central
11.11Bruce Rockwell5:28.72aSouthwestern Central
12.10Cody Schweickert5:35.70aSpringville-Griffith...
13.12Trenton Harris5:52.29aLeonardo DaVinci
X 1600 Meters - Division 1 - Finals
1.12Zach Ahart4:26.16aStarpoint Central
2.12Ryan Perry4:26.49aWilliamsville North
3.12Anthony George4:28.21aWest Seneca West
4.12Bryan Deibel4:30.47aAlbion
5.12Greg Dziuba4:30.90aClarence
6.11Nick Masiello4:31.06aGrand Island Central
7.12Kyle Pilecki4:32.44aWest Seneca East
8.12Eric Willis4:32.89aClarence
9.11Vasikan Vijayashanthar4:34.94aWilliamsville East
10.10Mike Feeney4:35.55aLockport
11.11Brendan Lanighan4:40.46aWilliamsville East
12.11Arturo Salas4:41.07aHutchinson-Central T...
13.11Derek Stacey4:41.77aGrand Island Central
14.9Jake Ennix4:42.28aOrchard Park
15.10Brendon Lutnick4:42.58aGrand Island Central
X 1600 Meters - Division 2 - Finals
1.10Jeremy Rushok4:32.82aAkron Central
2.11Alex Gonzalez4:34.21aDunkirk
3.10Tyler Scheving4:39.40aBarker Central
4.12Alex Wills4:40.52aFredonia
5.9Tyler Cassidy4:40.60aFredonia
6.8Zachary Jackson4:41.10aRandolph
7.9Nigel Cordulla4:43.35aJohn F Kennedy (Chee...
8.9Edmund Pfeil4:44.23aRoyalton Hartland
9.11Chad Maloy4:46.32aSpringville-Griffith...
10.12Morgan Clark4:46.57aCattaraugus-Little V...
11.11Ryan Koch4:46.90aDepew
12.11Jake Bauer4:48.58aMaryvale
13.12Tyler Sweet4:53.26aClymer Central
14.9Jesse Zientek4:53.50aHolland Central
15.10Cal Vilardo4:59.41aWestfield Academy & ...
16.11Taylor Bold5:03.66aOlean
--10Dakota SpencerDNFOlean
X 3200 Meters - Division 1 - Finals
1.12Zach Ahart9:31.86aStarpoint Central
2.12Brendan Gregg9:43.20aWest Seneca West
3.11Don Seitz9:50.90aWilliamsville North
4.12Bryan Deibel9:52.51aAlbion
5.11Nick Masiello10:01.93aGrand Island Central
6.12Miles Rogers10:07.80aHamburg Central
7.11Arturo Salas10:14.78aHutchinson-Central T...
8.9Adam Murphy10:16.05aAmherst Central
9.8TJ Hornberger10:18.84aLake Shore Central
10.12Lee Swaydis10:21.11aFrontier Central
11.11Vasikan Vijayashanthar10:25.11aWilliamsville East
12.12Jared Quinn10:33.91aNorth Tonawanda
13.11Kevin Carrigan10:35.00aStarpoint Central
14.10Nick Konotopskyj10:41.16aWilliamsville North
15.12Savantuay Boyette10:44.44aJamestown
16.10Nate Smith10:49.21aPioneer Central
X 3200 Meters - Division 2 - Finals
1.12Vincent Donner9:48.25aRoyalton Hartland
2.11Nick Orlowski9:53.28aAlden Central
3.11Alex Gonzalez9:58.89aDunkirk
4.9Edmund Pfeil9:59.11aRoyalton Hartland
5.11Kevin O'Connor10:01.99aEast Aurora
6.11Alex Weberg10:11.88aEast Aurora
7.11Ryan Koch10:13.79aDepew
8.9Sean Phillips10:25.62aEast Aurora
9.11Christian Peehler10:26.97aTonawanda
10.12Morgan Clark10:27.76aCattaraugus-Little V...
11.8Corey Wefing10:33.26aMaple Grove
12.11Dan Egan10:34.06aEast Aurora
13.10Alex Marra10:34.07aOlean
14.11Jake Bauer10:37.82aMaryvale
15.10Chaz Mancino10:42.75aFredonia
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Division 1 - Finals
1.12Durelle Crittenden14.98aNiagara Falls
2.11Jacob Wray15.31aStarpoint Central
3.11Charlie Kenyon15.31aWilliamsville North
4.12Edward Dinki15.74aClarence
5.10Brandon Borden15.78aAmherst Central
6.10Marcus Lobdell16.01aKenmore West
7.11Emmanuel Cott16.15aHutchinson-Central T...
8.9Tyvon Rivers16.32aSweet Home
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Division 2 - Finals
1.11Matt Allen15.31aOlean
2.12Jeff Harvey15.36aMaryvale
3.12Jordan Reynolds15.47aChautauqua Lake Cent...
4.11Travis DeMuth15.69aAlden Central
5.12Jeff Swick15.83aRoyalton Hartland
6.12Willie Simmons16.07aCleveland Hill
7.11Nolan Reimondo16.28aSpringville-Griffith...
8.10Steve Strahin16.77aDepew
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Division 1 Outdoor Pentathlon - Finals
1.12Cody Vassar15.85aPioneer Central
2.11Nathan Taggart16.28aWilliamsville North
3.12Bob Battaglia16.65aPioneer Central
4.11Scott Paige17.15aNiagara-Wheatfield
5.12Nate Stock17.70aKenmore West
6.10Ben Spaulding18.19aPioneer Central
7.11Zachary Maecker18.78aHamburg Central
8.10Mark Brombacher19.37aJamestown
9.11John Mosley19.58aNiagara Falls
10.11Dave Gerfin20.40aGrand Island Central
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Division 2 Outdoor Pentathlon - Finals
1.12Trenton Harris16.39aLeonardo DaVinci
2.12Levi Pace16.69aMedina
3.12Zach Gelen16.71aAllegany-Limestone C...
4.9Trevin Barber17.65aAllegany-Limestone C...
5.11Jordan Thompson18.12aOlean
5.11Steven Myers18.12aSilver Creek Central
7.11Brandon Belz18.35aHolland Central
8.12Ryan Karmazym18.75aSilver Creek Central
9.10Cody Schweickert18.78aSpringville-Griffith...
10.11Bruce Rockwell19.21aSouthwestern Central
11.11Nate Wells19.45aSpringville-Griffith...
12.10Kameron Dry19.51aSalamanca City Central
13.9Shawn Hahn20.58aAkron Central
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Division 1 - Prelims
1.12Durelle Crittenden15.25aNiagara Falls
3.11Jacob Wray15.73aStarpoint Central
2.11Charlie Kenyon16.08aWilliamsville North
4.12Edward Dinki16.13aClarence
5.9Tyvon Rivers16.26aSweet Home
6.11Emmanuel Cott16.28aHutchinson-Central T...
7.10Marcus Lobdell16.38aKenmore West
8.10Brandon Borden16.50aAmherst Central
9.10Brian Barnes16.70aSweet Home
10.11Nick Woodard16.77aLancaster Central
11.12Antoine Williams17.07aNiagara Falls
12.12Sam Coho17.26aKenmore East
13.10Richard Cardoza17.32aHutchinson-Central T...
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Division 2 - Prelims
1.12Jeff Harvey15.72aMaryvale
2.11Matt Allen15.74aOlean
3.11Travis DeMuth15.88aAlden Central
5.12Jeff Swick16.17aRoyalton Hartland
4.12Jordan Reynolds16.42aChautauqua Lake Cent...
6.12Willie Simmons16.45aCleveland Hill
7.10Steve Strahin16.95aDepew
8.11Nolan Reimondo16.96aSpringville-Griffith...
9.11Jeff Lavin17.13aTonawanda
10.10Dane Dechow17.27aRandolph
11.10Stephen Soemann17.30aRoyalton Hartland
12.11Bill Prendergast17.32aHolland Central
12.12Davonte Henry17.32aLeonardo DaVinci
14.10Dylan Cassidy17.45aFredonia
15.12Ivan Smith17.50aMiddle College (OTC)
16.10Ken Minorczyk17.78aJohn F Kennedy (Chee...
X 400m Hurdles - 36" - Division 1 - Finals
1.12Chad Lanham56.85aHamburg Central
2.10Taylor Bennett57.44aJamestown
3.12Edward Dinki57.86aClarence
4.12Rene Beauchemin57.91aIroquois Central
5.11Alex Bock58.31aWilliamsville South
6.11Matt Killian59.46aGrand Island Central
7.10Tyler Chapman1:00.09aLockport
8.10Verdall Cole1:00.15aHutchinson-Central T...
X 400m Hurdles - 36" - Division 2 - Finals
1.10Darryl Spencer55.96aCleveland Hill
2.12Scott Baglia56.08aFalconer
3.10Dylan Cassidy56.66aFredonia
4.10Ken Minorczyk58.81aJohn F Kennedy (Chee...
5.11Bill Prendergast1:00.49aHolland Central
6.12James Hastings1:00.63aAllegany-Limestone C...
7.11Chad Monkhouse1:01.03aAllegany-Limestone C...
8.10Steve Strahin1:01.89aDepew
X 400m Hurdles - 36" - Division 1 - Prelims
1.12Edward Dinki57.11aClarence
2.10Taylor Bennett58.08aJamestown
3.12Chad Lanham58.23aHamburg Central
4.12Rene Beauchemin58.25aIroquois Central
5.11Alex Bock59.65aWilliamsville South
6.10Verdall Cole1:00.14aHutchinson-Central T...
7.10Tyler Chapman1:00.20aLockport
8.11Matt Killian1:00.23aGrand Island Central
9.10Collin Inglut1:00.76aWest Seneca West
10.12Huron Hill III1:01.28aWilliamsville South
11.10Dylan Gaeta1:02.16aJamestown
12.11Nick Woodard1:02.77aLancaster Central
13.10Alec Cody1:03.02aNiagara-Wheatfield
14.12Jared Northrup1:04.05aGrand Island Central
X 400m Hurdles - 36" - Division 2 - Prelims
1.10Darryl Spencer57.21aCleveland Hill
2.12Scott Baglia57.45aFalconer
3.10Ken Minorczyk1:00.14aJohn F Kennedy (Chee...
4.10Dylan Cassidy1:00.58aFredonia
5.12James Hastings1:01.30aAllegany-Limestone C...
6.11Bill Prendergast1:01.38aHolland Central
7.10Steve Strahin1:01.95aDepew
8.11Chad Monkhouse1:02.04aAllegany-Limestone C...
9.12Nicholas Callara1:02.45aMedina
10.12Nick Irr1:02.55aNewfane
11.11Nick Moon1:02.98aWilson Central
12.11Nolan Reimondo1:03.42aSpringville-Griffith...
13.11Josh Sorrentino1:04.67aEast Aurora
X 3k Steeplechase - Division 1 - Finals
1.12Taylor Yerrick9:49.93aClarence
2.12Jared Quinn9:58.28aNorth Tonawanda
3.12Brendan Gregg10:03.95aWest Seneca West
4.12Donte Ettipio10:19.86aHutchinson-Central T...
5.12William Serediuk10:43.71aHutchinson-Central T...
6.12Jerry Hoff10:44.66aFrontier Central
7.12Adam Zaczek10:51.91aNiagara Falls
8.10Ben Brucker10:53.38aHamburg Central
9.11Carl Copeland10:54.17aWilliamsville North
10.11Brandon Delgado11:08.09aJamestown
11.8Carl Daigler11:08.70aStarpoint Central
12.11Nick Taylor11:10.95aPioneer Central
13.11Joe Wangler11:14.59aKenmore East
14.9James Tobias11:22.27aWest Seneca West
15.10Christian Wilks11:27.33aOrchard Park
16.10Mark Mercer11:43.18aOrchard Park
X 3k Steeplechase - Division 2 - Finals
1.11Chad Maloy10:00.08aSpringville-Griffith...
2.11Kevin Brown10:02.71aGowanda Central
3.12John-Louis Pane10:14.80aMedina
4.11Nick Orlowski10:40.51aAlden Central
5.12Matt Phearsdorf10:45.19aAllegany-Limestone C...
6.10Jedediah Platt10:48.54aBarker Central
7.10Alex Marra11:01.77aOlean
8.12Nick Irr11:04.17aNewfane
9.9Gene Baritot11:05.65aEast Aurora
10.10Paul Armstron11:07.70aSouthwestern Central
11.11Dan Egan11:07.72aEast Aurora
12.11Andrew Cotter11:11.30aMedina
13.10Edwin Bliemester11:14.62aAlden Central
14.10Brian McNerney11:23.02aSpringville-Griffith...
15.11Michael Keller11:29.05aMaryvale
16.10Nate Godson11:34.41aDepew
X 4x100 Relay - Division 1 - Finals
1.-Kyle Berry
Dorian Dixon
Jordan Johnson
Wayne Gordon
43.65aSweet Home
2.-Relay Team 43.65aNiagara Falls
3.-Relay Team 43.66aWilliamsville North
4.-Relay Team 44.54aLockport
5.-Relay Team 44.60aFrontier Central
6.-Relay Team 44.72aHamburg Central
7.-Relay Team 45.03aBennett
8.-Relay Team 45.05aNiagara-Wheatfield
X 4x100 Relay - Division 2 - Finals
1.-Jordan Hall
Dakota Peel
Travis DeMuth
Alex Blood
44.06aAlden Central
2.-Relay Team 44.20aAkron Central
3.-Relay Team 44.97aCleveland Hill
4.-Relay Team 45.12aBurgard Vocational
5.-Relay Team 45.54aMedina
6.-Relay Team 45.60aDunkirk
7.-Relay Team 45.62aRandolph
8.-Relay Team 45.90aOlean
X 4x100 Relay - Division 1 - Prelims
1.-Kyle Berry
Dorian Dixon
Jordan Johnson
Wayne Gordon
43.77aSweet Home
2.-Durelle Crittenden
Jon Mallard
Johnny Newton
Dale Stewart
43.77aNiagara Falls
3.-David Fluellen
Dorian Polk
Alex Reid
Javeon Tomlinson
5.-Brandon Davis
Marquise Simpson
Jah Jah Quarles
Langston Brown
6.-Mike Brautlacht
Kyle Carson
Brett Skibiak
Jake Wende
44.71aFrontier Central
7.-Brandon Markant
Edwin Patterson
Tyler Beach
Ryan Brown
4.-Tim Morris
Moe Lauchert
Taylor Weyand
Patrick Tighue
45.08aHamburg Central
8.-Collin Preston
Dan Teal
Ruben Noel
Brandon Shute
45.10aWilliamsville North
9.-Relay Team 45.15aClarence
10.-Brandon Borden
Lloyd Morris
Jailyn Twitty
Cameron Matthews
45.28aAmherst Central
11.-Victor Goudelock
Harold Millender
Tremaine Alls
Terrell Bolden
45.80aRiverside Institute ...
12.-Sam Harris
Emmanuel Cott
Marc Luko
Fareed Abdullah
45.83aHutchinson-Central T...
13.-Luke Moyer
Joe Torregrossa
Jared Northrup
Eric Breier
45.86aGrand Island Central
14.-Jason Cukierski
Jeff Hejna
Alex Figueroa
Russell Yerger-Moe
46.28aIroquois Central
15.-Nate Andres
jesse Howk
Mike Learn
Mark Lemon
46.77aPioneer Central
X 4x100 Relay - Division 2 - Prelims
1.-Jordan Hall
Dakota Peel
Travis DeMuth
Alex Blood
44.16aAlden Central
2.-Ian Brown
Brad Borowczyk
Jason Donovan
Josh Cory
44.78aAkron Central
3.-Matt Deim
Devin Gibson
Doug Chavers
Willie Simmons
45.03aCleveland Hill
4.-Shamari Cheney
Amir Shanks
Rakeem Reed
Dante Browning
45.14aBurgard Vocational
5.-James Diblasi
Louis Proto
Tyler Plaud
Matt Allen
6.-Shawn Kulig
Ken Dill
Eddie Marshall
Eddie Wilson
7.-Mason Burch
Anthony Schwartz
Anthony Pastorchik
Brandon Boyer
8.-Dave Stupnick
Calvin Atkins
Bennie Coger
D'ante Mims
9.-Eric Hall
Travis Reynolds
Andre Frasier
Deleon Alfred
45.99aMST Prep @ Seneca
10.-Evan DePronio
Amine Johnson
Steve Strahin
Ryan Baer
11.-Craig Howard
Cam Baker
Steve Kenny
Jordan Reynolds
46.32aChautauqua Lake Cent...
12.-Josh Radecki
Tom Makin
Bill Prendergast
Tom Wiskup
46.45aHolland Central
13.-Patrick Walch
Alex Brennan
Brennan Moxham
John Vincent
46.89aWilson Central
---Nick Berning
Rich Brown
Anthony Coastanzo
Justin Harvey
X 4x400 Relay - Division 1 - Finals
1.-Cordell Johnson
Nick Appoloney
Dale Stewart
Johnny Newton
3:24.15aNiagara Falls
2.-Travis Stover
Jim May
Dillon Kane
Brennan Cain
3.-Relay Team 3:27.51aClarence
4.-Eric Breier
Matt Killian
Chris Meyer
Chris Stessing
3:31.54aGrand Island Central
5.-Relay Team 3:31.93aKenmore West
6.-Brian Bannister
Kyle Berry
Juwan Douglas
Brian Barnes
3:34.37aSweet Home
7.-Nate Andres
Jared Bliss
Mike Learn
Mark Lemon
3:34.67aPioneer Central
8.-Ryan Tomala
Rene Beauchemin
Max DeNies
Russell Yerger-Moe
3:34.73aIroquois Central
9.-Relay Team 3:35.52aWilliamsville South
10.-Chad Lanham
Ben Brucker
Jared Brucker
Moe Lauchert
3:36.41aHamburg Central
11.-Leo Grucella
Zachary Maryniewski
Nick Woodard
Jake Wukovits
3:37.00aLancaster Central
12.-Taylor Bennett
Dylan Gaeta
Jake Petruccell Ross
David Morse
13.-Jason Thornton
Marquise Riddick
Ken Boyer
Azael Tapia
14.-Corey De Wald
Cameron Olejniczak
Nick Mclean
Jovan Hatch
3:45.85aCheektowaga Central
X 4x400 Relay - Division 2 - Finals
1.-Zack Penhollow
David Olson
Scott Baglia
Caleb Rowan
2.-Anthony Schwartz
Brandon Boyer
Travis Nagle
Mason Burch
3.-Mark Macaldo
Darryl Spencer
Doug Chavers
Frank Farinacci
3:35.15aCleveland Hill
4.-Relay Team 3:36.21aTonawanda
5.-John Vincent
Nick Moon
Tyler Truesdell
Mike Reubens
3:37.79aWilson Central
6.-Nigel Cordulla
Ken Minorczyk
Justin Jasinski
Brandon Wyatt-Bell
3:37.91aJohn F Kennedy (Chee...
7.-Dylan Cassidy
Zack Schober
Alex Crise
Alex Wills
8.-Josh Cory
Brad Borowczyk
Russ Catalano
Jason Donovan
3:41.11aAkron Central
9.-Shawn Kulig
Ken Dill
Jeremy Kozlowski
Eddie Marshall
10.-James Diblasi
Ryan Lollier
Chris Mosher
Tyler Plaud
11.-Jeff Elwell
James Hastings
Joe Groele
Chad Monkhouse
3:44.12aAllegany-Limestone C...
12.-Cal Vilardo
Manzella Elias
Knappenberger Robson
Mike Riley
3:44.43aWestfield Academy & ...
13.-Steve Buchannan
Aaron Caya
Jake Parker
Jordan Smith
3:46.04aPortville Central
14.-Zachary Alt
Ryan Levy
David Poyfair
Tyler Scheving
3:47.79aBarker Central
15.-Jake Bauer
TC Baumgart
Jeff Harvey
Matt Hawbaker
X 4x800 Relay - Division 1 - Finals
1.-Michael Ballow
Eric Willis
Greg Dziuba
Alex Polino
2.-Anthony George
Brendan Gregg
Joe O'Mara
Kalen Sullivan
8:06.37aWest Seneca West
3.-Mackie Gage
Don Seitz
Zach Lipp
Ryan Perry
8:17.51aWilliamsville North
4.-Ryan Berkun
Sean Lauer
Vasikan Vijayashanthar
Brendan Lanighan
8:20.02aWilliamsville East
5.-Nick Masiello
Chris Meyer
Derek Stacey
Brendon Lutnick
8:23.81aGrand Island Central
6.-Jereme Wilson
Evan Bullard
Brandon Maines
Tom Zwick
8:26.15aKenmore West
7.-Mike Specht
Max DeNies
Tobias Luder
Larry Gromley
8:39.56aIroquois Central
8.-Arturo Salas
Donte Ettipio
William Serediuk
Verdall Cole
8:40.85aHutchinson-Central T...
9.-Zach Ahart
Adam Yacos
Kevin Carrigan
Matt Prohaska
8:43.72aStarpoint Central
10.-Ben Brucker
Jared Brucker
Sean Pine
Josh Folaron
8:49.80aHamburg Central
X 4x800 Relay - Division 2 - Finals
1.-Cory King
Alcides King
Nick Orlowski
Josh Skowronski
8:22.11aAlden Central
2.-Larkin Bohanan
Kevin O'Connor
Luke Wolfling
Alex Weberg
8:24.34aEast Aurora
3.-Jarred Bogardus
Kevin Brown
Christian Igielinski
Clifford Nielson
8:31.19aGowanda Central
4.-Ryan Lollier
Miguel Narvaez
Taylor Bold
Chris Mosher
5.-Ryan Koch
Nate Godson
Jake Maryniewski
Andrew Popovich
6.-Jake Prindle-Cassidy
Nick Zuroski
Corey Wefing
Dan Green
8:43.10aMaple Grove
7.-Mark Macaldo
Jacob Radlich
Dylan Bajer
Alex Vulaj
8:48.35aCleveland Hill
8.-Zachary Alt
Michael Lantinen
Jedediah Platt
Tyler Scheving
8:50.67aBarker Central
9.-Zach Blask
Aaron Caya
Mikel Pierce
Jordan Smith
8:53.02aPortville Central
10.-Steve Zybert
Josh Radecki
Jesse Zientek
Jake Herr
8:54.16aHolland Central
11.-Juan Broyles
Matt Johnson
Jarred Hinkson
Vincent Donner
8:55.66aRoyalton Hartland
12.-Jake Bauer
Matt Hawbaker
Trenton Jenkins
Michael Keller
13.-Relay Team 9:18.39aFrewsburg Central
14.-James Cardot
Mike Saff
Josh Phelps
Caleb Rowan
15.-Jeff Elwell
James Hastings
Joe Groele
Chad Monkhouse
9:24.44aAllegany-Limestone C...
X Shot Put - 12lb - Division 1 - Finals
1.12Sean Harvey53-10.25Lancaster Central
2.12Jim Donner51-10.50Niagara-Wheatfield
3.12Jake Knier49-02.50Lancaster Central
4.10Jordan Kihl46-00.75Lancaster Central
5.12Antae Miller45-08.50Hutchinson-Central T...
6.11Dylan Hall45-06.75Albion
7.12Cody Zampella45-03.50Frontier Central
8.10Mike Prevorse44-10.75Pioneer Central
9.12Scott Farrell43-06.00North Tonawanda
10.11Jordan Eliason42-01.75Clarence
11.12Matt Hornung41-01.75Cheektowaga Central
12.11Oscar Lopez40-07.00West Seneca West
13.10Phil Lee40-02.25Lancaster Central
14.11Mike Sciarrino40-00.00Lake Shore Central
15.11Leivaunte Dortch39-11.50Niagara Falls
16.10Brandon Lathrop37-02.75Kenmore West
--12Jeff SleyFOULIroquois Central
X Shot Put - 12lb - Division 2 - Finals
1.12Jon Jones51-07.25Portville Central
2.10Andrew Burgio46-05.75Depew
3.12Rick Trietley46-02.50Allegany-Limestone C...
4.12Brodey Linderman44-07.75Allegany-Limestone C...
5.11Mike Kasprzak43-03.00Depew
6.11Brandon Damato42-10.75John F Kennedy (Chee...
7.11Nick Puntillo41-11.75East Aurora
8.10Mitchell Wilber41-07.75Allegany-Limestone C...
9.11John Austin40-07.00Barker Central
10.11Howard TenPas40-05.25Falconer
11.12Corey Bell39-10.75Forestville Central
12.12Dallas Dunn38-09.75Akron Central
13.11Luke Nickerson38-09.50Maple Grove
14.10Greg Kahle38-09.25Olean
X Shot Put - 12lb - Division 1 Outdoor Pentathlon - Finals
1.12Cody Vassar37-06.50Pioneer Central
2.10Ben Spaulding36-09.50Pioneer Central
3.11Dave Gerfin34-01.50Grand Island Central
4.12Nate Stock33-10.75Kenmore West
5.11Scott Paige32-00.75Niagara-Wheatfield
6.12Bob Battaglia31-05.25Pioneer Central
7.10Mark Brombacher31-01.00Jamestown
8.11Nathan Taggart30-07.75Williamsville North
9.11Zachary Maecker30-02.75Hamburg Central
10.11John Mosley29-01.75Niagara Falls
X Shot Put - 12lb - Division 2 Outdoor Pentathlon - Finals
1.12Levi Pace41-05.25Medina
2.12Zach Gelen39-04.00Allegany-Limestone C...
3.12Ryan Karmazym38-04.00Silver Creek Central
4.12Trenton Harris36-09.00Leonardo DaVinci
5.11Nate Wells35-03.00Springville-Griffith...
6.11Bruce Rockwell31-05.75Southwestern Central
7.9Trevin Barber31-02.50Allegany-Limestone C...
8.11Jordan Thompson29-10.00Olean
9.11Steven Myers29-01.75Silver Creek Central
10.10Cody Schweickert28-07.50Springville-Griffith...
11.10Kameron Dry26-04.50Salamanca City Central
12.9Shawn Hahn26-03.00Akron Central
13.11Brandon Belz25-01.25Holland Central
X Discus - 1.6kg - Division 1 - Finals
1.12Sean Harvey153-03Lancaster Central
2.12Jim Donner150-11Niagara-Wheatfield
3.11Brian Corretore144-06Williamsville North
4.12Scott Farrell144-00North Tonawanda
5.12Jeff Sley129-05Iroquois Central
6.12Chris Willer128-08Williamsville North
7.10Mike Prevorse126-11Pioneer Central
8.11Dalton Maska126-07Starpoint Central
9.11Jake Matteson126-03Clarence
10.12Jake Knier123-02Lancaster Central
11.11Jordan Eliason118-05Clarence
12.11Dylan Hall117-08Albion
13.11Ben Kowalski116-03Lancaster Central
14.12Matt Krempholtz115-01Iroquois Central
15.11Grant Haseley113-07Niagara-Wheatfield
16.12Cody Zampella111-10Frontier Central
17.10Phil Lee104-05Lancaster Central
X Discus - 1.6kg - Division 2 - Finals
1.12Jon Jones143-04Portville Central
2.12Brodey Linderman140-08Allegany-Limestone C...
3.11Ben Fluent137-05Randolph
4.10Andrew Burgio134-01Depew
5.12Aaron Kroll133-07Gowanda Central
6.10Mitchell Wilber128-03Allegany-Limestone C...
7.12Rick Trietley127-07Allegany-Limestone C...
8.12Bill Duncanson125-07Maple Grove
9.10Greg Kahle124-05Olean
10.11Jake Summers122-05Newfane
11.11Howard TenPas119-02Falconer
12.12Michell Simons117-11Cleveland Hill
13.11John Kling111-02Depew
14.11Jacob Klimchuk109-08Akron Central
15.12Casey Eaker108-08Falconer
X High Jump - Division 1 - Finals
1.10Brandon Joyce6-06.00Niagara Falls
2.10Marcus Lobdell6-02.00Kenmore West
3.12Mike Mauri6-01.00Lockport
4.10Madison Wesolowski5-10.00Iroquois Central
5.12Ron Major5-10.00West Seneca West
5.10Alessio Gulino5-10.00Williamsville North
7.12Aaron Snyder5-10.00Pioneer Central
8.12Kevin Ferguson5-10.00Cheektowaga Central
9.10Mike Josey5-08.00East Buffalo
9.12Shyhiem Rhodes5-08.00Albion
11.12Gilbert Melendez5-06.00Niagara Falls
X High Jump - Division 2 - Finals
1.12Kevin Lutz6-07.00Springville-Griffith...
2.12Eric Hall6-07.00MST Prep @ Seneca
3.12John Strickland6-06.00Panama Central
4.11Evan DePronio6-00.00Depew
5.12Louis Proto5-10.00Olean
5.11Travis Nagle5-10.00Randolph
7.12Andrew Gilliam5-08.00Cleveland Hill
8.12Jacob Peters5-08.00Royalton Hartland
9.12Christian Boetcher5-06.00John F Kennedy (Chee...
10.12Ray Graser5-06.00Cattaraugus-Little V...
X High Jump - Division 1 Outdoor Pentathlon - Finals
1.11Nathan Taggart5-08.75Williamsville North
1.12Cody Vassar5-08.75Pioneer Central
3.12Bob Battaglia5-07.75Pioneer Central
4.11Dave Gerfin5-06.50Grand Island Central
4.11Zachary Maecker5-06.50Hamburg Central
6.12Nate Stock5-05.25Kenmore West
7.11Scott Paige5-01.75Niagara-Wheatfield
7.11John Mosley5-01.75Niagara Falls
9.10Ben Spaulding4-09.00Pioneer Central
--10Mark BrombacherNHJamestown
X High Jump - Division 2 Outdoor Pentathlon - Finals
1.12Levi Pace6-00.50Medina
2.9Trevin Barber5-11.25Allegany-Limestone C...
2.10Cody Schweickert5-11.25Springville-Griffith...
4.11Steven Myers5-06.50Silver Creek Central
5.12Trenton Harris5-04.25Leonardo DaVinci
6.12Zach Gelen5-03.00Allegany-Limestone C...
6.11Nate Wells5-03.00Springville-Griffith...
8.11Bruce Rockwell5-01.75Southwestern Central
9.11Jordan Thompson5-00.50Olean
10.11Brandon Belz4-11.50Holland Central
10.12Ryan Karmazym4-11.50Silver Creek Central
10.10Kameron Dry4-11.50Salamanca City Central
13.9Shawn Hahn4-10.25Akron Central
X Pole Vault - Division 1 - Finals
1.12Tom Calandra13-09.00Williamsville North
2.12Joe Miller13-09.00Starpoint Central
3.12Jim May13-06.00Lockport
4.11Henry Haines13-00.00Albion
5.10Jared Brucker13-00.00Hamburg Central
6.10David Morse12-03.00Jamestown
7.12Nestor Diaz-Ordaz12-03.00Clarence
8.12Ryan Tomala12-00.00Iroquois Central
9.12Dustin Ferguson12-00.00Albion
10.12Ben Vandewater11-00.00Hamburg Central
11.10Robert Ralyea11-00.00Lockport
12.11Nate Anastasia11-00.00Kenmore West
13.12Brandon Yendall10-06.00Kenmore East
14.10Mike Kellar10-06.00Lake Shore Central
14.11Kevin Monheim10-06.00Lancaster Central
16.12Dan Major10-00.00Grand Island Central
X Pole Vault - Division 2 - Finals
1.11Matt Allen13-03.00Olean
2.11Jake Crocker13-03.00Alden Central
3.12Craig Howard12-09.00Chautauqua Lake Cent...
4.10Marcus Hoffman12-06.00Gowanda Central
5.12Joe Pagano12-06.00Holland Central
6.11Luke Cristina12-00.00Depew
7.11Travis Nagle11-06.00Randolph
8.10Jeff Green11-06.00Southwestern Central
9.12Tom Wiskup11-06.00Holland Central
10.12Alex O'Brien11-06.00East Aurora
11.12Mitch Graw11-00.00Silver Creek Central
11.12Cam Gordon11-00.00Alden Central
13.12Justin Kozlowski11-00.00Dunkirk
14.12Bryan Szegda11-00.00John F Kennedy (Chee...
15.12Ricky Coburn11-00.00Depew
16.10Cody Link10-06.00East Aurora
17.12Ryan Day10-06.00Falconer
18.12Matt Phearsdorf10-00.00Allegany-Limestone C...
--12Jon GirouxNHSpringville-Griffith...
--11Brad NennoNHOlean
X Long Jump - Division 1 - Finals
1.11Nick Cahill21-03.75Kenmore West
2.10Jailyn Twitty20-09.00Amherst Central
3.12Kyle Carson20-05.50Frontier Central
4.12Eric Breier20-03.75Grand Island Central
5.12Byron Jones20-02.75Niagara Falls
6.10Leo Grucella19-11.75Lancaster Central
7.12Ryan Brown19-10.75Niagara-Wheatfield
8.12Aaron Snyder19-07.25Pioneer Central
9.12jesse Howk19-04.00Pioneer Central
9.11Collin Preston19-04.00Williamsville North
11.10Mike Josey18-10.25East Buffalo
12.12Nick Mclean18-10.00Cheektowaga Central
13.10Corey De Wald18-09.00Cheektowaga Central
14.12Brandon Davis17-06.25Bennett
--9Lloyd MorrisFOULAmherst Central
X Long Jump - Division 2 - Finals
1.10Mason Burch20-10.50Randolph
2.12Jordan Reynolds20-06.75Chautauqua Lake Cent...
3.12Eric Hall20-03.75MST Prep @ Seneca
4.12Louis Proto20-01.75Olean
5.11Dave Nowak20-01.00Maryvale
6.12Kevin Lutz20-00.50Springville-Griffith...
7.12Tom Makin19-11.00Holland Central
8.10Nick Berning19-05.50Newfane
9.11Jeff Aldinger19-02.50Alden Central
10.11Evan DePronio19-01.75Depew
11.9Jonathan Thomas18-04.75Cleveland Hill
11.10Eddie Marshall18-04.75Dunkirk
13.11Shamari Cheney17-09.75Burgard Vocational
14.11Dillion Jones17-05.00Silver Creek Central
15.12Amir Shanks16-07.75Burgard Vocational
X Long Jump - Division 1 Outdoor Pentathlon - Finals
1.12Cody Vassar19-08.75Pioneer Central
2.12Bob Battaglia18-10.50Pioneer Central
3.11Nathan Taggart18-07.75Williamsville North
4.11Dave Gerfin18-03.75Grand Island Central
5.10Mark Brombacher17-07.00Jamestown
6.11John Mosley16-10.75Niagara Falls
7.11Scott Paige16-01.00Niagara-Wheatfield
8.10Ben Spaulding15-11.50Pioneer Central
9.11Zachary Maecker15-07.75Hamburg Central
10.12Nate Stock15-06.75Kenmore West
X Long Jump - Division 2 Outdoor Pentathlon - Finals
1.12Levi Pace19-06.75Medina
2.12Zach Gelen18-06.50Allegany-Limestone C...
3.10Cody Schweickert17-06.00Springville-Griffith...
4.10Kameron Dry17-05.50Salamanca City Central
5.11Steven Myers16-08.00Silver Creek Central
6.12Ryan Karmazym16-07.75Silver Creek Central
7.11Nate Wells16-07.00Springville-Griffith...
8.11Jordan Thompson16-06.50Olean
9.9Trevin Barber16-06.00Allegany-Limestone C...
10.12Trenton Harris16-05.75Leonardo DaVinci
11.11Bruce Rockwell16-04.50Southwestern Central
12.11Brandon Belz15-02.00Holland Central
13.9Shawn Hahn14-03.00Akron Central
X Triple Jump - Division 1 - Finals
1.12Jason Cukierski44-07.75Iroquois Central
2.12Byron Jones44-06.00Niagara Falls
3.10Jailyn Twitty43-07.00Amherst Central
4.11Nick Cahill42-08.00Kenmore West
5.12Gilbert Melendez41-11.00Niagara Falls
6.10Brandon Joyce41-10.25Niagara Falls
7.10Camryn Knight40-11.00Jamestown
8.10Corey De Wald40-02.25Cheektowaga Central
9.12Ryan Tomala39-11.50Iroquois Central
10.11Taylor Ordines39-07.00Jamestown
11.12Nate Hall39-04.25Williamsville South
12.12Cody Degen39-01.50Williamsville East
13.12Matt Lyford38-11.00Kenmore West
14.11Brad Dobinski37-02.25Iroquois Central
--12Shyhiem RhodesFOULAlbion
X Triple Jump - Division 2 - Finals
1.12Joe Pagano42-09.25Holland Central
2.12Kevin Lutz42-09.00Springville-Griffith...
3.12Jake Maryniewski42-00.50Depew
4.10Eddie Marshall41-11.75Dunkirk
5.10Justin Harvey41-02.00Newfane
6.11Jeff Aldinger40-06.75Alden Central
7.11Dillion Jones40-04.75Silver Creek Central
8.10Nick Berning40-03.25Newfane
9.12Alex Brennan39-09.25Wilson Central
10.12Louis Proto39-08.25Olean
11.11Jeremy Magara38-09.25Falconer
12.11Chris Mulkin38-03.50Fredonia
13.12Ricky Coburn37-10.75Depew
14.9Jonathan Thomas34-02.75Cleveland Hill
X Pentathlon Score (Outdoor) - Division 1 - Finals
1.12Cody Vassar3002Pioneer Central
2.12Bob Battaglia2865Pioneer Central
3.11Nathan Taggart2783Williamsville North
4.10Ben Spaulding2432Pioneer Central
5.11Dave Gerfin2408Grand Island Central
6.11Scott Paige2397Niagara-Wheatfield
7.12Nate Stock2387Kenmore West
8.11John Mosley2284Niagara Falls
9.11Zachary Maecker2220Hamburg Central
10.10Mark Brombacher1805Jamestown
X Pentathlon Score (Outdoor) - Division 2 - Finals
1.12Levi Pace3064Medina
2.12Zach Gelen2749Allegany-Limestone C...
3.9Trevin Barber2599Allegany-Limestone C...
4.11Steven Myers2438Silver Creek Central
5.12Trenton Harris2417Leonardo DaVinci
6.12Ryan Karmazym2389Silver Creek Central
7.11Jordan Thompson2343Olean
8.10Cody Schweickert2316Springville-Griffith...
9.11Nate Wells2300Springville-Griffith...
10.10Kameron Dry2222Salamanca City Central
11.11Bruce Rockwell2102Southwestern Central
12.11Brandon Belz2054Holland Central
13.9Shawn Hahn1929Akron Central

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Division 1 - Finals
1.11Ashley Fields11.94aAmherst Central
2.10Kala Allen12.11aWilliamsville East
3.9Natalie Barrea12.89aWest Seneca West
4.11Amanda Perilli12.96aLockport
5.9Lauren Sullivan13.15aLancaster Central
6.11Andrea Marion13.15aRiverside Institute ...
7.12Maggie Hewitt13.20aHamburg Central
8.12Codi Hall13.20aLockport
X 100 Meters - Division 2 - Finals
1.11Mallory Clark12.68aAllegany-Limestone C...
2.10Emilee McGee12.89aJohn F Kennedy (Chee...
3.11Nicole Porter13.00aMedina
4.10Kimberly Obermeier13.17aDepew
5.11Jillian Sosnowski13.31aDepew
6.9Catherine Mammoser13.32aEden Senior
7.9Makalia Haveron13.44aFalconer
X 100 Meters - Division 1 - Prelims
1.10Kala Allen12.55aWilliamsville East
2.11Ashley Fields12.61aAmherst Central
3.9Natalie Barrea13.13aWest Seneca West
5.11Andrea Marion13.26aRiverside Institute ...
6.12Codi Hall13.28aLockport
4.11Amanda Perilli13.36aLockport
7.12Maggie Hewitt13.37aHamburg Central
7.9Lauren Sullivan13.37aLancaster Central
9.10Sierra Seymour13.44aSouth Park
9.11Christen Braunscheidel13.44aFrontier Central
11.9Kylie Wilson13.56aJamestown
12.9Shannon Ponitz13.58aLancaster Central
13.12Pham Leanna13.60aCheektowaga Central
14.8Abby Squicciarini13.66aAlbion
15.12Jamie King Prunty13.89aJamestown
X 100 Meters - Division 2 - Prelims
1.11Mallory Clark12.87aAllegany-Limestone C...
3.11Nicole Porter13.24aMedina
5.9Catherine Mammoser13.33aEden Senior
6.11Savanna Gancasz13.35aBarker Central
2.10Kimberly Obermeier13.44aDepew
4.10Emilee McGee13.47aJohn F Kennedy (Chee...
7.11Jillian Sosnowski13.54aDepew
8.9Makalia Haveron13.57aFalconer
9.11Megan Grace13.59aAllegany-Limestone C...
10.12Dana Cryan13.70aHolland Central
10.10Brittany Burg13.70aRoyalton Hartland
12.12Devon Peace13.82aPortville Central
13.10Briana Gist13.87aJohn F Kennedy (Chee...
14.11Gabby Villar14.02aEden Senior
15.10DeeAnna Rammelt14.10aWestfield Academy & ...
16.7Taylor Alston14.32aTapestry Charter
X 200 Meters - Division 1 - Finals
1.11Ashley Fields24.19aAmherst Central
2.10Kala Allen25.20aWilliamsville East
3.12Jackie Hoffman26.15aLancaster Central
4.12Lindsay Welsh27.00aStarpoint Central
5.11MaryEllen Ringler27.30aNorth Tonawanda
6.12Kozakiewicz Alissa27.31aCheektowaga Central
7.12Jessica Little27.36aWilliamsville North
8.12Abigail Zabrodsky29.62aJamestown
X 200 Meters - Division 2 - Finals
1.11Mallory Clark25.61aAllegany-Limestone C...
2.12Mallory Deuink25.85aClymer Central
3.11Mary Strand26.17aFalconer
4.10Emilee McGee26.91aJohn F Kennedy (Chee...
5.12Breonna Norward27.06aCity Honors
6.10Kimberly Obermeier27.30aDepew
7.8Christina Walter27.31aMaple Grove
8.12Dana Cryan27.70aHolland Central
X 200 Meters - Division 1 - Prelims
1.11Ashley Fields24.96aAmherst Central
2.10Kala Allen25.97aWilliamsville East
3.12Abigail Zabrodsky26.61aJamestown
4.12Jackie Hoffman26.73aLancaster Central
5.12Jessica Little27.42aWilliamsville North
6.12Lindsay Welsh27.50aStarpoint Central
7.11MaryEllen Ringler27.84aNorth Tonawanda
8.12Kozakiewicz Alissa28.15aCheektowaga Central
9.10Summer Weinheimer28.49aLake Shore Central
X 200 Meters - Division 2 - Prelims
1.11Mallory Clark25.91aAllegany-Limestone C...
3.10Kimberly Obermeier26.54aDepew
2.12Mallory Deuink26.64aClymer Central
4.11Mary Strand26.66aFalconer
5.10Emilee McGee27.03aJohn F Kennedy (Chee...
6.12Breonna Norward27.35aCity Honors
7.8Christina Walter27.47aMaple Grove
8.12Dana Cryan27.54aHolland Central
9.10DeeAnna Rammelt27.68aWestfield Academy & ...
10.9Jessica Stengel27.77aAlden Central
11.11Jillian Sosnowski27.92aDepew
12.10Kati Winterburn28.01aFrewsburg Central
13.11Megan Grace28.12aAllegany-Limestone C...
14.10Erin Quattrone28.19aRandolph
15.9Jenna Clauson28.80aMaple Grove
X 400 Meters - Division 1 - Finals
1.10Kala Allen55.52aWilliamsville East
2.11Meghan Manley57.01aOrchard Park
3.10Jazlyn Porter58.92aNiagara Falls
4.9Liz Wilson59.23aStarpoint Central
5.12Nasya Watson1:00.05aAmherst Central
6.12Olivia DiPalma1:00.25aNorth Tonawanda
7.12Ondrea Barker1:00.43aHutchinson-Central T...
8.12Lindsay Welsh1:00.55aStarpoint Central
X 400 Meters - Division 2 - Finals
1.12Mallory Deuink57.81aClymer Central
2.10Eliza Dewart59.93aBarker Central
3.7Mckenna Maycock1:00.73aRandolph
4.9Molly Gorski1:01.10aAkron Central
5.11Amy Roemer1:01.19aLewiston Porter
6.12Julia Marsh1:01.34aMaple Grove
7.12Hannah Hughes1:01.97aOlean
8.8Christina Walter1:04.95aMaple Grove
X 400 Meters - Division 1 - Prelims
1.11Meghan Manley57.45aOrchard Park
2.10Kala Allen57.97aWilliamsville East
3.9Liz Wilson59.21aStarpoint Central
5.10Jazlyn Porter59.99aNiagara Falls
4.12Ondrea Barker1:00.00aHutchinson-Central T...
6.12Nasya Watson1:00.03aAmherst Central
7.12Lindsay Welsh1:00.61aStarpoint Central
8.12Olivia DiPalma1:00.79aNorth Tonawanda
9.12Jessica Little1:00.89aWilliamsville North
10.11Brittany Porter1:02.13aOrchard Park
11.12Pham Leanna1:02.71aCheektowaga Central
12.11Staci Czaja1:02.79aNorth Tonawanda
13.9Joy Nyaanga1:03.35aWilliamsville North
14.10Sharae Smith1:03.84aNiagara Falls
X 400 Meters - Division 2 - Prelims
1.12Mallory Deuink59.24aClymer Central
2.10Eliza Dewart59.94aBarker Central
3.8Christina Walter1:00.91aMaple Grove
4.7Mckenna Maycock1:01.13aRandolph
5.12Julia Marsh1:01.57aMaple Grove
6.11Amy Roemer1:01.74aLewiston Porter
7.9Molly Gorski1:01.75aAkron Central
8.12Hannah Hughes1:02.37aOlean
9.8Chelsea Grupp1:02.74aHolland Central
10.9Jill Faltyn1:03.49aHolland Central
11.11Ashley Skelly1:04.44aFredonia
X 800 Meters - Division 1 - Finals
1.11Abbie Benson2:15.69aIroquois Central
2.12Maritina Tsembelis2:16.32aGrand Island Central
3.10Shannon Dalton2:18.14aFrontier Central
4.10Emily Krasinski2:18.31aFrontier Central
5.11Chelsea Reinhardt2:18.32aClarence
6.12Mikella Cala2:20.06aLake Shore Central
7.12Kim Kucharski2:20.94aOrchard Park
8.12Colleen Fischman2:21.54aHamburg Central
9.11Taylor Greene2:21.98aNorth Tonawanda
10.10Emily Wilks2:22.63aOrchard Park
11.11Maggie Russell2:22.85aLockport
12.12Amanda Olsen2:23.04aFrontier Central
13.10Kathrine Carbeck2:23.72aOrchard Park
14.11Dominique DeGregorio2:24.88aGrand Island Central
15.9Rebecca Schmitt2:25.05aWest Seneca East
16.10Katelyn Tresino2:27.26aClarence
17.10Rachel Dorogi2:27.78aWilliamsville North
X 800 Meters - Division 2 - Finals
1.8Marta McLaughlin2:15.50aEast Aurora
2.11Casey Arnold2:16.42aAlden Central
3.11Emily Steves2:16.52aGowanda Central
4.12Erin Holbrook2:18.27aEast Aurora
5.11Kacie Jones2:20.09aHolland Central
6.11Brandi Pettit2:20.54aHolland Central
7.11Sarah Mars2:20.84aEast Aurora
8.11Megan Hulton2:21.40aEast Aurora
9.12Liz Budzinski2:23.81aDepew
10.10Allyssa McLaughlin2:25.36aEast Aurora
11.9Kaylee Zbytek2:27.68aAkron Central
12.8Cortnie Vaughn2:27.80aAllegany-Limestone C...
13.10EMILY NEU2:28.33aEast Aurora
14.8Sarah Ziemba2:28.93aNewfane
15.9Emily Simon2:29.92aPortville Central
16.12Christina LeBlanc2:34.67aSalamanca City Central
X 800 Meters - Division 1 Outdoor Pentathlon - Finals
1.12Amanda Breymeier2:31.79aWilliamsville South
2.12Jocyln Redlinski2:34.30aOrchard Park
3.11Jamie Kohl2:35.51aOrchard Park
4.11Mara Doran2:36.94aIroquois Central
5.12Amy French2:43.61aWilliamsville East
6.8Madasyn Matusiak2:45.87aWest Seneca East
7.12Ashling Flannery2:46.14aPioneer Central
8.11Rebecca Powley2:50.85aAlbion
9.10Taylor Sanders2:51.65aNiagara Falls
X 800 Meters - Division 2 Outdoor Pentathlon - Finals
1.11Leanne Johnson2:26.91aFalconer
2.11Lauren Johengen2:36.98aSilver Creek Central
3.10Kendall Pierce2:40.21aEden Senior
4.10Elise Grzeskiewicz2:44.38aSpringville-Griffith...
5.10Laura Jaremko2:46.34aAllegany-Limestone C...
X 1500 Meters - Division 1 - Finals
1.12Katie Niblock4:39.40aSweet Home
2.11Abbie Benson4:46.79aIroquois Central
3.12Maritina Tsembelis4:56.06aGrand Island Central
4.11Taylor Greene4:58.11aNorth Tonawanda
5.11Maggie Russell4:59.64aLockport
6.11Emily Smith5:01.71aOrchard Park
7.8Marissa Saenger5:02.49aClarence
8.7Danielle Dorogi5:02.73aWilliamsville North
9.10Rachel Dorogi5:03.25aWilliamsville North
10.9Madison Wawrzynek5:03.77aNorth Tonawanda
11.11Chelsea Reinhardt5:03.84aClarence
12.11Dominique DeGregorio5:07.85aGrand Island Central
13.9Rebecca Schmitt5:08.64aWest Seneca East
14.10Kathrine Carbeck5:10.37aOrchard Park
15.11Rachel Prutsman5:10.75aPioneer Central
16.10Katelyn Tresino5:11.27aClarence
17.12Holly Bly5:16.98aClarence
18.12Cara Zimmerman5:21.70aClarence
X 1500 Meters - Division 2 - Finals
1.12Catherine Phillips4:38.60aEast Aurora
2.11Emily Steves4:43.48aGowanda Central
3.8Caroline Benson4:57.45aMaple Grove
4.10Allyssa McLaughlin4:57.56aEast Aurora
5.11Brandi Pettit4:59.01aHolland Central
6.12Liz Budzinski5:02.23aDepew
7.10Sarah Anstett5:04.78aEast Aurora
8.8Ashley Blidy5:08.02aSpringville-Griffith...
9.11Abby Boss5:08.26aEast Aurora
10.9Kaylea Rustay5:08.40aJohn F Kennedy (Chee...
11.8Kirsten Holmberg5:11.04aFalconer
12.9Kaylee Zbytek5:12.73aAkron Central
13.11Amanda Westfall5:13.83aEast Aurora
14.7Kendra Hill5:25.28aMedina
15.9Kate McKeown5:30.45aOlean
X 3000 Meters - Division 1 - Finals
1.12Katie Niblock10:17.07aSweet Home
2.12Kim Vona10:38.61aLake Shore Central
3.10Laura Hintermeier10:51.26aFrontier Central
4.7Danielle Dorogi10:51.75aWilliamsville North
5.11Emily Smith10:56.27aOrchard Park
6.11Chelsea Needham10:58.12aWest Seneca West
7.9Madison Wawrzynek11:01.40aNorth Tonawanda
8.12Sarah Krolick11:03.46aPioneer Central
9.12Stephanie Schmidt11:05.75aNiagara-Wheatfield
10.9Jenny DelSignore11:10.86aSweet Home
11.11Mary Janak11:18.00aWest Seneca West
12.8Marissa Saenger11:20.95aClarence
13.8Emily Garrett11:52.13aClarence
14.10Johanna Pettibon12:16.61aJamestown
--8Livia ChaseDQStarpoint Central
X 3000 Meters - Division 2 - Finals
1.12Catherine Phillips10:13.49aEast Aurora
2.10Sarah Anstett10:35.19aEast Aurora
3.8Kirsten Holmberg10:58.17aFalconer
4.8Holly Eliason11:08.63aClymer Central
5.7Lauren Reyda11:11.43aFredonia
6.7Nikki Weber11:21.38aFrewsburg Central
7.12Olivia Hill11:25.15aMedina
8.10Paige Anderson11:25.72aEast Aurora
9.11Emma Holbrook11:28.85aEast Aurora
10.10Emiily Dutton11:31.45aHolland Central
11.8KiKi Dy11:31.70aNewfane
12.12Isabella Zuroski11:32.78aMaple Grove
13.9Alyssa Stroud11:41.89aAllegany-Limestone C...
14.8Taylor Norris11:46.09aMaple Grove
15.8Mackenzie Wright12:10.27aMedina
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Division 1 - Finals
1.10Kailyn Arcury14.27aWilliamsville South
2.10Sabrina Bush15.49aSweet Home
3.12Erin Parker15.79aLake Shore Central
4.12Carly Biondi16.38aClarence
5.12Emilie Edwards16.50aAlbion
6.12Chelsea Hall16.52aGrand Island Central
7.11Lauren Sibolski16.58aLockport
8.10Ashley Andrews16.94aWest Seneca West
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Division 2 - Finals
1.12Breonna Norward15.72aCity Honors
2.9Ciena Simon16.02aFalconer
3.11Bridget Shanahan16.26aRoyalton Hartland
4.11Kristie Augustino16.28aAkron Central
5.11Summer Sawaya16.77aOlean
6.12Samantha Wulff17.11aWest Valley Central
7.12Janessa Phillips17.36aEmerson Vocational
8.11Holly Scarpino17.38aFrewsburg Central
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Division 1 Outdoor Pentathlon - Finals
1.12Jocyln Redlinski15.80aOrchard Park
2.12Amanda Breymeier16.20aWilliamsville South
3.12Amy French16.83aWilliamsville East
4.11Mara Doran17.52aIroquois Central
5.11Rebecca Powley18.30aAlbion
6.12Ashling Flannery18.84aPioneer Central
7.10Taylor Sanders19.01aNiagara Falls
8.8Madasyn Matusiak20.06aWest Seneca East
9.11Jamie Kohl20.69aOrchard Park
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Division 2 Outdoor Pentathlon - Finals
1.11Leanne Johnson17.13aFalconer
2.11Kayla Goode17.71aFranklinville Central
3.10Kendall Pierce18.67aEden Senior
4.11Lauren Johengen20.21aSilver Creek Central
5.10Laura Jaremko20.75aAllegany-Limestone C...
6.10Elise Grzeskiewicz21.67aSpringville-Griffith...
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Division 1 - Prelims
1.10Kailyn Arcury14.50aWilliamsville South
2.10Sabrina Bush15.92aSweet Home
3.12Erin Parker16.00aLake Shore Central
4.12Carly Biondi16.72aClarence
5.12Chelsea Hall16.85aGrand Island Central
6.10Ashley Andrews16.86aWest Seneca West
7.11Lauren Sibolski16.91aLockport
8.12Emilie Edwards17.00aAlbion
9.9Onasia Stewart17.16aNiagara Falls
10.12Alexis Whelan17.19aCheektowaga Central
11.10Summer Weinheimer17.25aLake Shore Central
12.11Rachel Bodeker17.67aLancaster Central
13.12Megan Lesch17.96aHamburg Central
14.12Catie Benson18.26aIroquois Central
15.12Shelbey Gray18.30aWilliamsville North
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Division 2 - Prelims
1.12Breonna Norward16.06aCity Honors
3.11Kristie Augustino16.41aAkron Central
2.9Ciena Simon16.42aFalconer
5.11Summer Sawaya16.69aOlean
4.11Bridget Shanahan17.06aRoyalton Hartland
6.12Samantha Wulff17.36aWest Valley Central
7.11Holly Scarpino17.40aFrewsburg Central
7.12Janessa Phillips17.40aEmerson Vocational
9.12Ashley Thierfeldt17.42aFalconer
10.11Jessica Bork17.62aJohn F Kennedy (Chee...
11.10Falicia Elom17.75aFranklinville Central
12.11Alyssa Ratacjzak17.79aMaryvale
13.11Anna King17.81aEden Senior
14.10Christine Garrity17.89aTonawanda
15.10Hannah Phearsdorf17.92aAllegany-Limestone C...
16.12Sandra Reed17.95aCassadaga Valley Cen...
X 400m Hurdles - 30" - Division 1 - Finals
1.10Sarah Loud1:05.10aWilliamsville North
2.12Kayleigh Bermisderfer1:05.71aNorth Tonawanda
3.12Victoria Kuberka1:07.09aClarence
4.10Nicole Kaczor1:08.40aNorth Tonawanda
5.10Sabrina Bush1:08.42aSweet Home
6.9Brianna Colello1:09.12aWest Seneca West
7.10Sarah Spitznogle1:10.56aWilliamsville East
8.11Rachel Prutsman1:16.48aPioneer Central
X 400m Hurdles - 30" - Division 2 - Finals
1.10Shantell Nichols1:04.53aClymer Central
2.11Summer Sawaya1:05.66aOlean
3.11Kristie Augustino1:08.13aAkron Central
4.12Hailee Herc1:10.13aEden Senior
5.12Samantha Wulff1:10.33aWest Valley Central
6.11Alexandra Gancasz1:10.85aBarker Central
7.12Kelly McKeown1:14.08aOlean
--10Brittany BurgDQRoyalton Hartland
X 400m Hurdles - 30" - Division 1 - Prelims
1.10Sarah Loud1:06.20aWilliamsville North
2.12Kayleigh Bermisderfer1:06.65aNorth Tonawanda
3.12Victoria Kuberka1:07.62aClarence
4.10Sabrina Bush1:08.68aSweet Home
5.9Brianna Colello1:09.65aWest Seneca West
6.10Nicole Kaczor1:09.66aNorth Tonawanda
7.10Sarah Spitznogle1:10.02aWilliamsville East
8.11Rachel Prutsman1:10.57aPioneer Central
9.11Lisa Epstein1:11.04aLancaster Central
9.12Violet Wise1:11.04aKenmore West
11.12Tera Juda1:11.62aNiagara-Wheatfield
12.10Lindsey Rensel1:12.52aJamestown
13.8Morgan Lorenz1:12.77aWest Seneca East
14.10Briana Sanford1:14.08aLockport
15.10Ashley Sanders1:15.50aNiagara Falls
X 400m Hurdles - 30" - Division 2 - Prelims
1.11Summer Sawaya1:06.40aOlean
3.11Kristie Augustino1:07.21aAkron Central
2.10Shantell Nichols1:08.06aClymer Central
5.12Hailee Herc1:09.16aEden Senior
4.10Brittany Burg1:09.21aRoyalton Hartland
6.11Alexandra Gancasz1:10.39aBarker Central
7.12Kelly McKeown1:10.50aOlean
8.12Samantha Wulff1:10.60aWest Valley Central
9.12Caitlin Devlin-Brooks1:10.77aTonawanda
10.10Hannah Dorpfeld1:11.26aMedina
11.11Michela Meleen1:12.67aChautauqua Lake Cent...
12.10Tiffany Anderson1:12.74aCattaraugus-Little V...
13.10Erin Kraus1:12.85aJohn F Kennedy (Chee...
14.11Emily Papke1:13.39aAkron Central
15.10Alisha West1:14.67aEast Aurora
16.7Jasmine Singh1:16.77aLewiston Porter
X 2k Steeplechase - Division 1 - Finals
1.12Mikella Cala7:22.29aLake Shore Central
2.11Amy Cooper7:31.05aStarpoint Central
3.12Stephanie Schmidt7:37.84aNiagara-Wheatfield
4.11Alley Zielinski7:38.51aWest Seneca East
5.11Elisa Frazier7:44.82aWilliamsville South
6.12Allie Bartkowiak7:51.34aLockport
7.12Sarah Krolick7:53.63aPioneer Central
8.10Emily Wilks7:57.64aOrchard Park
9.9Jenny DelSignore7:59.04aSweet Home
10.8Grace Rich7:59.15aAlbion
11.10Jackie Ellwood8:02.18aHamburg Central
12.8Bethy Mercer8:11.38aOrchard Park
13.10Kaitlin McCadden8:11.50aClarence
14.10Danielle Detwiler8:17.92aOrchard Park
15.10Katelynne Klossner8:23.58aAlbion
16.10Justina Bonaventura8:57.02aClarence
X 2k Steeplechase - Division 2 - Finals
1.10Shannon Murphy7:13.35aFalconer
2.12Jamie Wallace7:38.97aAlden Central
3.10Katie Saff7:43.34aFalconer
4.12Rachel Parker7:45.66aNewfane
5.8Sarah Ziemba7:50.53aNewfane
6.11Kacie Jones7:57.22aHolland Central
7.12Olivia Hill7:59.88aMedina
8.9Megan Baritot8:03.49aEast Aurora
9.7Kendra Hill8:08.22aMedina
10.10EMILY NEU8:08.56aEast Aurora
11.12Jamie Wallace8:12.38aAlden Central
12.11Emma Holbrook8:12.47aEast Aurora
13.12Kelly Heuer8:23.14aRoyalton Hartland
14.12Emily Crawford8:26.12aEast Aurora
15.9Angela Wager8:27.11aAkron Central
16.9Shaelyn Smith8:41.12aSalamanca City Central
X 4x100 Relay - Division 1 - Finals
1.-Jamie King Prunty
Kylie Wilson
Aliz Scott
Abigail Zabrodsky
2.-Relay Team 49.76aLancaster Central
3.-Relay Team 50.14aLockport
4.-Relay Team 50.66aFrontier Central
5.-Relay Team 51.04aWest Seneca West
6.-Relay Team 51.15aNorth Tonawanda
7.-Relay Team 51.73aNiagara Falls
8.-Relay Team 52.97aAlbion
X 4x100 Relay - Division 2 - Finals
1.-Hannah Phearsdorf
Stephanie Foster
Mallory Clark
Megan Grace
50.69aAllegany-Limestone C...
2.-Relay Team 50.76aFalconer
3.-Relay Team 52.02aHolland Central
4.-Relay Team 52.15aEden Senior
5.-Relay Team 54.27aDepew
6.-Relay Team 54.34aLewiston Porter
7.-Relay Team 54.47aRandolph
X 4x100 Relay - Division 1 - Prelims
1.-Jackie Hoffman
Corinne McCarthy
Shannon Ponitz
Nikki Tolsma
50.37aLancaster Central
2.-Jamie King Prunty
Abigail Zabrodsky
Aliz Scott
Kylie Wilson
3.-Rylie Bean
Christen Braunscheidel
Cara Costa
Megan Toole
50.83aFrontier Central
4.-Codi Hall
J'Vonna Clarke
Nataleigh Simmons
Amanda Perilli
5.-Kristen Harrigan
Brianna Colello
Gina Mucha
Natalie Barrea
51.43aWest Seneca West
6.-Asha Carter
Diamond Hamilton
Shanice Hamilton
Onasia Stewart
51.88aNiagara Falls
7.-Relay Team 52.17aAlbion
8.-Relay Team 52.45aNorth Tonawanda
9.-Maggie Hewitt
Kendra Stumpf
Mary Simoncelli
Megan Lesch
52.76aHamburg Central
10.-Liz Kowalik
Rachel Ripellino
Julia Kelly
Thalia Melendez
52.83aGrand Island Central
11.-Carissa Turner
Lauren Yacobucci
Charley Falletta
Evelyn Mangold
52.93aWilliamsville South
12.-Kozakiewicz Alissa
Pieroni Allison
Kali Krazinowski
Pham Leanna
53.23aCheektowaga Central
13.-Sara Albers
Lauren Czarniak
Jessica Massey
Marthe Limage
53.67aKenmore West
14.-Relay Team 53.99aWilliamsville North
15.-Audrey Mariacher
Brooke D'Arcy
Amanda Rusek
Andrea Zydel
54.28aIroquois Central
---Kennisha Crump
Miasia Hillman
Alexus Stover
Jaelyn Killings
DQHutchinson-Central T...
X 4x100 Relay - Division 2 - Prelims
1.-Eliza Dewart
Alexandra Gancasz
Savanna Gancasz
Breanna Sutch
50.74aBarker Central
3.-Ashley Thierfeldt
Makalia Haveron
Jordan Steele
Mary Strand
2.-Hannah Phearsdorf
Stephanie Foster
Mallory Clark
Megan Grace
51.24aAllegany-Limestone C...
4.-Relay Team 51.57aDepew
5.-Gabby Villar
Hailee Herc
Anna King
Catherine Mammoser
52.04aEden Senior
6.-Dana Cryan
Jill Faltyn
Chelsea Grupp
Corine Pettit
52.74aHolland Central
7.-Alexandra Evans
Mckenna Maycock
Makenzie Evans
Erin Quattrone
8.-Anna Carpenter
Sarina Flores
Mia Fontanarosa
Giovanna Hibbard
52.94aLewiston Porter
9.-Briana Gist
Kristine Wojtusiak
Kate Wiess
Emilee McGee
52.97aJohn F Kennedy (Chee...
10.-Ashtin Fiegel
Molly Gorski
Ashley Lauricella
Rielee Welch
53.16aAkron Central
11.-Whitney Wright
Becca Kasper
Grace Williamson
Kelly Hustak
12.-Breonna Norward
Adrienne Threats
Diamond Lewis
Dorian Garrett
54.26aCity Honors
13.-Keisha Weakfall
Christina LeBlanc
Kalyssa Tome
Chelsea Cole
54.29aSalamanca City Central
14.-Aimie Young
Jenna Clauson
Molly Beaton
Hannah Griffith
54.56aMaple Grove
15.-Keyana Houston
Alysa Ferer
Kayla Davis
Emily Marino
56.05aCleveland Hill
X 4x400 Relay - Division 1 - Finals
1.-Emily Irish-Ryan
Victoria Sosnowski
Nasya Watson
Ashley Fields
3:56.91aAmherst Central
2.-Relay Team 4:04.98aNorth Tonawanda
3.-Relay Team 4:05.50aWilliamsville North
4.-Kala Allen
Jill Cutspec
Sarah Spitznogle
Claire Suharski
4:07.80aWilliamsville East
5.-Crystal Hailey
Jazlyn Porter
Sharae Smith
Shana Ventresca
4:10.21aNiagara Falls
6.-Victoria Kuberka
Chelsea Reinhardt
Katelyn Tresino
Sydney Saccone
7.-Kim Engels
Rachel Wolniewicz
Nina Osuch
Catie Benson
4:12.99aIroquois Central
8.-Kozakiewicz Alissa
Alexis Whelan
Jen Behlmeier
Pham Leanna
4:14.60aCheektowaga Central
9.-Evelyn Mangold
Lauren Yacobucci
Jenny Mooney
Charley Falletta
4:15.97aWilliamsville South
10.-Lauren Czarniak
Sharon Guarino
Marthe Limage
Jessica Zawadzki
4:17.06aKenmore West
11.-Kristen Harrigan
Natalie Barrea
Abigail Jankowski
Kathleen Zimmer
4:18.52aWest Seneca West
12.-Kim Kucharski
Anna Frey
Brittany Porter
Meghan Manley
4:20.98aOrchard Park
13.-Leah Holt
Lindsey Rensel
Maria Liuzzo
Rachel Oelbracht
14.-Colleen Fischman
Carey Murzynski
Madison Cole
Jenna Covelli
4:22.46aHamburg Central
15.-Relay Team 4:26.21aAlbion
16.-Courtney Jarka
Tera Perilli
Kaitlin Purpura
Brittany Sanford
17.-Rebecca Love
Shannon Dalton
Emily Krasinski
Amanda Olsen
4:53.51aFrontier Central
X 4x400 Relay - Division 2 - Finals
1.-Camille Thompson
Tanisha Robinson
Alishia Newman
Nicole Porter
2.-Marta McLaughlin
Sarah Mars
Erin Holbrook
Hannah Rice
4:04.38aEast Aurora
3.-Dana Cryan
Chelsea Grupp
Jill Faltyn
Corine Pettit
4:07.89aHolland Central
4.-Kelly McKeown
Hannah Hughes
Katie Mack
Summer Sawaya
5.-Molly Gorski
Ashley Lauricella
Emily Papke
Rielee Welch
4:16.86aAkron Central
6.-Relay Team 4:22.95aSpringville-Griffith...
7.-Stephanie Foster
Mallory Clark
Christine Wittmeyer
Cortnie Vaughn
4:23.12aAllegany-Limestone C...
8.-Makalia Haveron
Sarah Spangenburg
Jordan Steele
Mary Strand
9.-Sophie Connor
Allison Cuzzacrea
Rachel Parker
Sarah Ziemba
10.-Chelsea Cole
Paige Papa
Kalyssa Tome
Alyssa Coustenis
4:24.86aSalamanca City Central
11.-Hannah Griffith
Julia Marsh
Aimie Young
Christina Walter
4:25.07aMaple Grove
12.-Maggie France
Elizabeth Roosa
Mckenna Maycock
Erin Quattrone
13.-Devon Peace
Jenny Olson
Kristin Woodhead
Emily Simon
4:25.41aPortville Central
14.-Jessica Bork
Erin Kraus
Emilee McGee
Kaylea Rustay
4:26.12aJohn F Kennedy (Chee...
15.-Anna Carpenter
Anna Huebschmann
Hannah Mathews
Amy Roemer
4:31.97aLewiston Porter
16.-Relay Team 4:33.89aDepew
X 4x800 Relay - Division 1 - Finals
1.-Rebecca Love
Emily Krasinski
Amanda Olsen
Shannon Dalton
9:25.31aFrontier Central
2.-Kim Kucharski
Emily Wilks
Kathrine Carbeck
Meghan Manley
9:30.07aOrchard Park
3.-Rachel Wolniewicz
Kim Engels
Chelsea Oberkieser
Abbie Benson
9:46.63aIroquois Central
4.-Taylor Bates
Erin Parker
Kim Vona
Mikella Cala
9:54.56aLake Shore Central
5.-Colleen Fischman
Amanda Murray
Madison Cole
Jackie Ellwood
10:06.93aHamburg Central
6.-Liz Wilson
Livia Chase
Amy Cooper
Marissa Lilienthal
10:09.71aStarpoint Central
7.-Amber Spiesz
Dominique DeGregorio
Maritina Tsembelis
Ayla Marino
10:10.96aGrand Island Central
8.-Chelsea Needham
Megan Weinreber
Michelle McLaughlin
Kathleen Zimmer
10:11.66aWest Seneca West
9.-Stephanie Bowman
Stephanie Schmidt
Melissa Smith
Tera Juda
10.-Relay Team 10:23.73aNorth Tonawanda
11.-Johanna Pettibon
Olivia Zabrodsky
Alexandra Perkins
Ashley Tylor
12.-Chelsea Reinhardt
Kaitlin McCadden
Victoria Kuberka
Katelyn Tresino
13.-Morgan Kennedy
Evelyn Mangold
Jenny Mooney
Elisa Frazier
10:30.28aWilliamsville South
14.-Allie Bartkowiak
Kaylin Moore
Maggie Russell
Chelsea Turton
15.-Relay Team 10:57.12aAlbion
X 4x800 Relay - Division 2 - Finals
1.-Megan Hulton
Marta McLaughlin
Erin Holbrook
Catherine Phillips
9:44.20aEast Aurora
2.-Caroline Benson
Katelyn Benson
Isabella Zuroski
Julia Marsh
9:48.31aMaple Grove
3.-Shantell Nichols
Mallory Deuink
Grace VanEarden
Holly Eliason
10:00.28aClymer Central
4.-Sarah Ziemba
Allison Cuzzacrea
Rachel Parker
KiKi Dy
5.-Emiily Dutton
Kacie Jones
Brandi Pettit
Laura Zakrzewski
10:08.36aHolland Central
6.-Relay Team 10:14.51aFrewsburg Central
7.-Cortnie Vaughn
Alyssa Stroud
Stephanie Foster
Christine Wittmeyer
10:22.43aAllegany-Limestone C...
9.-Ashley Blidy
Caitlyn Hotchkiss
Jessica Hotchkiss
Brooke Reed
10.-Molly Gorski
Alicia Sowinski
Emma Wilson
Kaylee Zbytek
10:34.67aAkron Central
12.-Christina LeBlanc
Mackenzie Hoag
Shaelyn Smith
Tess Follman
10:45.25aSalamanca City Central
13.-Luisa Bonilla
Rachel Rosas
Kristen Bunge
Amanda Michalski
14.-Morgan Casal
Brenna Donovan
Caitlin Drennan
Hannah Mathews
10:50.54aLewiston Porter
15.-Brittany Campaign
Michaela Tramuta
Lauren Reyda
Kaitlyn Marshall
16.-Jenny Olson
Emily Simon
Ali Doty
Nikita Warner
10:53.66aPortville Central
X Shot Put - 4kg - Division 1 - Finals
1.12Melissa Kurzdorfer43-11.00Lancaster Central
2.12Katie Baglio37-11.75Starpoint Central
3.12Ally Hubble37-02.75Frontier Central
4.12Andrea Dycha36-04.50Williamsville South
5.12Beth George33-10.25Pioneer Central
6.8McKenzie Kuehlewind33-10.00Lancaster Central
7.11Maryellen Knaszak33-09.50Hamburg Central
8.11Rebecca Hildebrand33-05.75West Seneca West
9.11Haley Hale31-08.00Williamsville North
X Shot Put - 4kg - Division 2 - Finals
1.12Taylor Eldridge41-00.25Cleveland Hill
2.12Sariah Charleston35-01.00Olean
3.11Samantha Stayer34-08.50Allegany-Limestone C...
4.11Corri Hannon33-11.00Falconer
5.11Paige Wilson32-10.00Springville-Griffith...
6.11Krista Wolf32-08.75Lewiston Porter
7.11Rasheena Hamilton32-00.00Cleveland Hill
8.12Rachel Bantleman31-06.75Olean
9.12Nikki Skurka31-03.75Cleveland Hill
10.11Stephanie Peterson30-09.75Depew
11.11Erin Betts30-05.00Cassadaga Valley Cen...
12.11Corina Giannone29-11.50Barker Central
13.12Chelsea Connor29-00.50Randolph
14.11Nicole Lobur28-09.00Akron Central
15.10Kassandra Erdmann28-07.25Randolph
16.10Emily Smith28-06.00Cattaraugus-Little V...
X Shot Put - 4kg - Division 1 Outdoor Pentathlon - Finals
1.12Amanda Breymeier29-07.25Williamsville South
2.12Jocyln Redlinski28-01.00Orchard Park
3.12Ashling Flannery27-06.75Pioneer Central
4.11Jamie Kohl23-02.50Orchard Park
5.11Mara Doran22-09.75Iroquois Central
6.10Taylor Sanders22-06.25Niagara Falls
7.12Amy French20-10.75Williamsville East
8.11Rebecca Powley20-00.25Albion
9.8Madasyn Matusiak19-04.00West Seneca East
X Shot Put - 4kg - Division 2 Outdoor Pentathlon - Finals
1.10Elise Grzeskiewicz30-04.25Springville-Griffith...
2.10Kendall Pierce27-00.50Eden Senior
3.11Leanne Johnson24-10.50Falconer
4.11Lauren Johengen23-08.25Silver Creek Central
5.11Kayla Goode22-11.00Franklinville Central
6.10Laura Jaremko20-11.75Allegany-Limestone C...
X Discus - 1kg - Division 1 - Finals
1.12Melissa Kurzdorfer157-07Lancaster Central
2.12Katie Baglio122-08Starpoint Central
3.11Rebecca Hildebrand102-01West Seneca West
4.10Bernice Dumbleton101-07Starpoint Central
5.11Maryellen Knaszak100-00Hamburg Central
6.12Maria Grant96-00Grand Island Central
7.12Olivia Schwartz95-03Lockport
8.12Rahsanica Ford93-07Grand Island Central
9.12Beth George91-07Pioneer Central
10.10Terry McAninch91-03Lockport
11.11Haley Hale91-02Williamsville North
12.12Sara Hill90-06Sweet Home
13.12Ally Hubble86-09Frontier Central
14.12Andrea Dycha78-06Williamsville South
--12Jessica McCleanFOULFrontier Central
X Discus - 1kg - Division 2 - Finals
1.12Taylor Eldridge117-11Cleveland Hill
2.11Rasheena Hamilton107-06Cleveland Hill
3.12Rachel Bantleman105-08Olean
4.11Corina Giannone102-00Barker Central
5.10Ashley Gatchell101-09Maple Grove
6.11Samantha Stayer100-04Allegany-Limestone C...
7.11Nicole Lobur96-05Akron Central
8.12Katie Arnold94-11Allegany-Limestone C...
9.12Courtney Ziemba93-00Fredonia
10.11Kelly Mayer90-02Maryvale
11.12Deanna Bowers89-04Tonawanda
12.9Elizabeth Offhaus87-06Royalton Hartland
13.11Corri Hannon83-09Falconer
14.12Jordynn Koroschetz83-07Wilson Central
--12Nikki SkurkaFOULCleveland Hill
X High Jump - Division 1 - Finals
1.11Danielle Anderson5-04.00Jamestown
2.9Alex Brown5-03.00Grand Island Central
3.10Stephanie Izard5-01.00Sweet Home
4.9Liz Wilson4-10.00Starpoint Central
4.12Carly Biondi4-10.00Clarence
6.12Emily Donovan4-08.00Lockport
7.12Samantha Odrobina4-08.00West Seneca West
--10Sydney PelleritoNHJamestown
--9Onasia StewartNHNiagara Falls
--10Jen SchintziusNHIroquois Central
X High Jump - Division 2 - Finals
1.10Mikayla Pearce5-02.00Maryvale
2.10Ashley Petersen5-02.00Allegany-Limestone C...
3.10Jenny Olson5-01.00Portville Central
4.12Jaclyn Prechtl5-00.00Maple Grove
5.8Sophie Connor4-10.00Newfane
6.12Samantha Wulff4-10.00West Valley Central
7.12Janessa Phillips4-10.00Emerson Vocational
8.10Christina McCarthy4-10.00Cassadaga Valley Cen...
9.12Grace Williamson4-08.00Olean
9.7Mckenna Maycock4-08.00Randolph
11.11Kelly Truppo4-08.00Alden Central
12.12Kelly Nelson4-08.00Maple Grove
12.9Miranda Warner4-08.00Westfield Academy & ...
14.9Kalyssa Tome4-08.00Salamanca City Central
15.10Ali Doty4-08.00Portville Central
16.12Kristine Wojtusiak4-06.00John F Kennedy (Chee...
16.11Cara Smith4-06.00John F Kennedy (Chee...
--11Abby DepczynskiNHDepew
--12Skye McClellanNHMaryvale
X High Jump - Division 1 Outdoor Pentathlon - Finals
1.12Jocyln Redlinski5-01.00Orchard Park
2.12Amy French4-11.75Williamsville East
3.12Amanda Breymeier4-10.50Williamsville South
3.11Mara Doran4-10.50Iroquois Central
5.12Ashling Flannery4-09.50Pioneer Central
6.11Jamie Kohl4-06.00Orchard Park
6.10Taylor Sanders4-06.00Niagara Falls
8.11Rebecca Powley4-04.75Albion
--8Madasyn MatusiakNHWest Seneca East
X High Jump - Division 2 Outdoor Pentathlon - Finals
1.11Leanne Johnson4-09.50Falconer
2.11Kayla Goode4-08.25Franklinville Central
3.10Elise Grzeskiewicz4-06.00Springville-Griffith...
3.11Lauren Johengen4-06.00Silver Creek Central
5.10Laura Jaremko4-04.75Allegany-Limestone C...
6.10Kendall Pierce4-03.50Eden Senior
X Pole Vault - Division 1 - Finals
1.11Megann Kaiser10-09.00Clarence
2.12Maggie Hewitt10-06.00Hamburg Central
3.12Heather Becker10-03.00Starpoint Central
4.10Taylor Bates10-03.00Lake Shore Central
5.10Ashley Materise10-00.00Williamsville North
6.12Kelci Yousett10-00.00Lockport
7.10Danyelle Redmond9-09.00Grand Island Central
8.12Emilee Petti9-06.00Lockport
9.12Chelsea Recor9-06.00Lancaster Central
10.10Olivia Sinatra9-03.00Jamestown
11.11Staci Czaja9-00.00North Tonawanda
11.11Ashley Wallace9-00.00Starpoint Central
13.12Marissa Wright8-06.00Lockport
14.9Jenny Thill8-06.00Lancaster Central
15.10Brianna Bartholomew8-06.00Lancaster Central
15.11Maeghan Roberts8-06.00West Seneca West
17.12Mariah Olczak8-06.00Kenmore East
18.11Katie Schmitt8-00.00Kenmore West
18.10Olivia Kurbs8-00.00Lockport
20.10Megan Toole8-00.00Frontier Central
X Pole Vault - Division 2 - Finals
1.11Kelly Truppo11-06.00Alden Central
2.12Jenna VanDusen11-00.00Lewiston Porter
3.12Katie Mack10-00.00Olean
4.8Jen Wasiliewski9-03.00Depew
5.12Melissa Moshier9-00.00Holland Central
6.10Julia Wright8-09.00Newfane
7.9Callie O'Connor8-09.00Alden Central
8.11Alexandra Gancasz8-09.00Barker Central
9.8Brigitte Boettcher8-06.00Fredonia
10.11Danielle Lyndsley8-06.00Eden Senior
11.10Jesse DeWaters8-00.00Royalton Hartland
12.9Brenna McDonald8-00.00Randolph
13.9Kaliana Veros8-00.00John F Kennedy (Chee...
14.10Molly Bartz8-00.00Eden Senior
15.8Emily Harford8-00.00Silver Creek Central
16.12Bethany Dewey7-06.00Newfane
--11Alyssa RatacjzakNHMaryvale
X Long Jump - Division 1 - Finals
1.10Stephanie Izard16-06.50Sweet Home
2.12Emily Cummiskey16-05.25Clarence
3.12Megan Lesch16-03.75Hamburg Central
4.9Jenny Thill16-03.00Lancaster Central
5.12Erin Parker15-08.00Lake Shore Central
5.10Jazlyn Porter15-08.00Niagara Falls
7.11Rachel Stoklosa15-07.50Frontier Central
8.11Kristen Harrigan15-03.50West Seneca West
9.11Kayla Hennessy14-11.25Frontier Central
10.12Annalise Plovino14-04.00Amherst Central
11.10Danette Laguerre13-10.00Hutchinson-Central T...
12.10Sierra Seymour13-09.25South Park
--11Cara CostaFOULFrontier Central
X Long Jump - Division 2 - Finals
1.10Mikayla Pearce18-01.50Maryvale
2.11Kelly Truppo16-00.00Alden Central
3.12Devon Peace15-10.25Portville Central
4.12Grace Williamson15-09.25Olean
5.8Chelsea Grupp15-09.00Holland Central
6.11Bridget Shanahan15-06.25Royalton Hartland
7.12Kate Wiess15-06.25John F Kennedy (Chee...
8.12Skye McClellan15-01.75Maryvale
9.10Jennie Thies15-00.75Southwestern Central
10.11Shaniece Cathey14-09.25Buffalo Acad-Visual ...
11.12Janessa Phillips14-07.75Emerson Vocational
12.11Michela Meleen14-05.25Chautauqua Lake Cent...
13.12Jordan Steele14-04.00Falconer
14.11Kayla Franchina14-00.75Cassadaga Valley Cen...
15.11Gabby Villar11-09.00Eden Senior
X Long Jump - Division 1 Outdoor Pentathlon - Finals
1.12Jocyln Redlinski16-02.50Orchard Park
2.12Amy French15-08.75Williamsville East
3.12Amanda Breymeier14-10.00Williamsville South
4.11Rebecca Powley14-01.25Albion
5.11Mara Doran13-06.00Iroquois Central
6.8Madasyn Matusiak13-04.25West Seneca East
7.11Jamie Kohl12-11.50Orchard Park
8.12Ashling Flannery12-10.75Pioneer Central
9.10Taylor Sanders12-04.00Niagara Falls
X Long Jump - Division 2 Outdoor Pentathlon - Finals
1.11Leanne Johnson15-06.75Falconer
2.10Kendall Pierce13-10.25Eden Senior
3.11Lauren Johengen13-08.75Silver Creek Central
4.10Laura Jaremko13-07.75Allegany-Limestone C...
5.10Elise Grzeskiewicz13-05.50Springville-Griffith...
X Triple Jump - Division 1 - Finals
1.10Stephanie Izard36-03.00Sweet Home
2.9Jenny Thill34-09.75Lancaster Central
3.12Emily Cummiskey34-06.50Clarence
4.11Rachel Stoklosa34-04.75Frontier Central
5.12Olivia May33-10.50Amherst Central
6.12Alexis Whelan33-09.75Cheektowaga Central
7.9Brianna Colello33-04.00West Seneca West
8.12Annalise Plovino32-10.25Amherst Central
9.12Jordan Allen32-01.75Clarence
10.12Chelsea Hall31-02.75Grand Island Central
11.10Rachel Ripellino30-10.00Grand Island Central
12.12Whitney Barrett30-07.75Williamsville North
13.11Amber Biili30-03.50West Seneca West
14.12Ondrea Barker29-00.25Hutchinson-Central T...
X Triple Jump - Division 2 - Finals
1.10Mikayla Pearce37-07.75Maryvale
2.10Jennie Thies34-07.50Southwestern Central
3.12Devon Peace34-05.25Portville Central
4.12Stacie Buchheit33-05.00Holland Central
5.12Kate Wiess33-04.50John F Kennedy (Chee...
6.11Kelly Truppo33-00.00Alden Central
7.10Kelly Hustak32-10.25Olean
8.11Kayla Franchina32-05.50Cassadaga Valley Cen...
9.11Savanna Gancasz32-02.75Barker Central
10.11Ashley Lauricella32-01.75Akron Central
11.12Corine Pettit32-00.75Holland Central
12.9Emily Simon31-09.25Portville Central
13.12Kelly Nelson31-07.25Maple Grove
14.12Brianna Wright31-03.75Olean
15.10Hannah Eklund30-11.50Frewsburg Central
16.12Kaitlyn Thompson29-10.25Wilson Central
X Pentathlon Score (Outdoor) - Division 1 - Finals
1.12Jocyln Redlinski3036Orchard Park
2.12Amanda Breymeier2869Williamsville South
3.12Amy French2590Williamsville East
4.11Mara Doran2422Iroquois Central
5.12Ashling Flannery2203Pioneer Central
6.11Rebecca Powley2019Albion
7.11Jamie Kohl1990Orchard Park
8.10Taylor Sanders1897Niagara Falls
9.8Madasyn Matusiak1392West Seneca East
X Pentathlon Score (Outdoor) - Division 2 - Finals
1.11Leanne Johnson2753Falconer
2.10Kendall Pierce2185Eden Senior
3.11Lauren Johengen2073Silver Creek Central
4.10Elise Grzeskiewicz1994Springville-Griffith...
5.10Laura Jaremko1835Allegany-Limestone C...
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