Somers Freshman Sophomore Championships

Tuesday, May 25, 2010
  Somers HS, Somers - Map
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New York - Section 8
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Henny Omar11.70Fox Lane
2.9Warren Kraemer11.80Bronxville
3.10Jovan Irving11.80Yonkers
4.10Chris Behrens11.90Bronxville
5.10Jabril Taylor11.90Yonkers
6.9Xavier Lassane12.00Bronxville
7.10Kevin Nolan12.10Somers
8.10Keith Orlando12.20Yorktown Heights
9.10Omri Blair12.30Somers
10.9A.J. Goncalves12.40John Jay (Cross River)
11.10Josh Lipane12.50Pearl River
12.9Richard Eldridge12.50Dover
13.9Anders Hade12.60Dover
14.10Teddy Lekakis12.70Saunders Trades & Tech
15.9Jake O'Shea12.80Byram Hills
16.9Peter Sander12.80Dover
17.9Daril Turnbul12.80Dover
18.10Chris Gladstein13.00Byram Hills
19.9Isaac Sims13.00John Jay (Cross River)
20.10Sean Dwyer13.10Somers
21.9Grant Brofman13.20Byram Hills
22.10Shane Cronin13.20Yorktown Heights
23.9Erik Long13.20Fox Lane
24.9Caleb Cassata13.40Somers
25.8Tony Ortega13.50Pearl River
26.9Henry Gulergun13.70Yorktown Heights
27.9Alec Friedman13.80Yorktown Heights
28.10Bryant Yip13.90Yorktown Heights
29.10Devon Odum14.00Fox Lane
30.9Cary Krongard14.10Fox Lane
31.10George Pfaffenberger14.10Yorktown Heights
32.9Paul Schuman14.30Byram Hills
33.10Samuel Apronti14.40Yorktown Heights
34.9Sean Ward14.40Pearl River
35.10Jonah Jeng14.70Byram Hills
36.10Stephen OConnell15.70Byram Hills
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Anthony Djerdjaj23.90John F Kennedy Catho...
2.10Jovan Irving24.00Yonkers
3.9Nick Myers24.30Dover
4.10Henny Omar24.30Fox Lane
5.10Chris Behrens24.30Bronxville
6.10Jabril Taylor24.40Yonkers
7.10Omri Blair24.50Somers
8.10Keith Orlando24.60Yorktown Heights
9.10Josh Lipane25.00Pearl River
10.9A.J. Goncalves25.00John Jay (Cross River)
11.10Daniel Piazza25.50Byram Hills
12.9Xavier Lassane25.70Bronxville
13.9Bryan Maidana25.80Fox Lane
14.9Jatan Anand25.80Syosset
15.9Jake O'Shea25.90Byram Hills
17.9Warren Kraemer26.10Bronxville
18.10Chris Gladstein26.10Byram Hills
19.9Daril Turnbul26.20Dover
20.9JR Kim26.30Syosset
21.10Tashi Thompson26.60Yonkers
22.10Teddy Lekakis26.80Saunders Trades & Tech
23.10Mike LoTurco26.80Pearl River
24.10Neil Ryan26.80Pearl River
25.10Jonah Jeng27.10Byram Hills
26.10Henry Barrera27.20Saunders Trades & Tech
27.10Sean Dwyer27.30Somers
28.10Bryant Yip27.90Yorktown Heights
29.9William Lutz28.20Pearl River
30.9Grant Brofman28.20Byram Hills
31.9Caleb Cassata28.20Somers
32.9Brendan Bourke28.30Pearl River
33.10Samuel Apronti28.40Yorktown Heights
34.-Matt Cohan28.80Syosset
35.9Paul Schuman28.80Byram Hills
36.10George Pfaffenberger29.00Yorktown Heights
37.10Shane Cronin29.20Yorktown Heights
38.9Alec Friedman29.20Yorktown Heights
39.-David Sandberg29.30Syosset
40.9Cary Krongard29.70Fox Lane
41.-Dan Guerrero31.30Syosset
42.10Stephen OConnell32.50Byram Hills
43.10Josh Bernheimer33.80John Jay (Cross River)
44.9Vinny Fortino35.50Pearl River
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Anthony Djerdjaj51.90John F Kennedy Catho...
2.9Nick Myers53.40Dover
3.10Nassir Faulkner54.90Yonkers
4.10Joe Martello54.90Somers
5.10Gary Crumm55.10Yorktown Heights
6.10Jake Hernandez56.20Yorktown Heights
7.10Daniel Piazza56.30Byram Hills
8.10Robert Klein56.40Saunders Trades & Tech
9.10Joey Quaranti56.80Pearl River
10.10Andrew Bellantoni57.50Yonkers
11.9John Vetromile58.20Bronxville
12.9Sahejveer Bhatua58.40Yonkers
13.10Sean Kelly58.90Yorktown Heights
14.10Tashi Thompson59.00Yonkers
15.9Erick Cobos59.50Dover
16.-Eric Loo59.60Syosset
17.10TJ Williams59.60Byram Hills
18.10Arian Pushka1:01.00Byram Hills
19.-Jon Wong1:01.30Syosset
20.-Tim Lafferty1:01.40Syosset
21.10Alonzo Dacosta1:01.60Saunders Trades & Tech
22.9Thomas Harrison1:01.70Bronxville
23.10Zach Grullan1:01.80Somers
24.10Andy Vitucci1:01.80Syosset
25.10Eamon Sheerin1:02.60Syosset
26.-Stephen Hoetil1:02.80Syosset
27.9Gregory Fishberger1:02.90Byram Hills
28.9William Lutz1:03.10Pearl River
29.10Nicholas Zaberowsky1:04.30Byram Hills
30.9Will Tarry1:06.50Bronxville
31.-David Sandberg1:06.70Syosset
32.-Dan Guerrero1:07.10Syosset
33.10Spencer Cohen1:08.70Yorktown Heights
34.-Matt Cohan1:09.70Syosset
35.10Luke Nolan1:14.90Yorktown Heights
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Scott Friedman2:04.70Somers
2.10Brendon Cutler2:08.31Byram Hills
3.10Marc Violone2:08.60Byram Hills
4.8John Flannery2:10.60Bronxville
5.10Evan Skloot2:12.10Byram Hills
6.9Sean Flanagan2:13.10Byram Hills
7.10Alexei Naumann2:14.50Yorktown Heights
8.10Dan Mooney2:14.70Bronxville
9.10Michael Conotan2:16.50Bronxville
10.10Robert Klein2:18.11Saunders Trades & Tech
11.9Kevin Lynn2:20.11Pearl River
12.-Junru Wu2:29.10Syosset
13.9Matt Bordonaro2:30.00Yorktown Heights
14.9David Martinez2:32.40Fox Lane
15.9James Canzoneri2:33.30Dover
16.10Ben Holland2:35.00Bronxville
17.8Owen Hayes2:36.80Bronxville
18.9Anderson Hershey2:37.90Bronxville
19.10Steven Chrappa2:38.21Bronxville
20.9Matt Lee2:38.50Dover
21.9Scott May2:39.00Fox Lane
22.10Brennan Spellacy2:40.10John Jay (Cross River)
23.-Jan Roediger2:41.60Bronxville
24.9Thomas McEleney2:42.00Fox Lane
25.9Cosmo Zappoli2:42.20Dover
26.10Spencer Cohen2:42.90Yorktown Heights
27.9Max Pearlman2:47.10Fox Lane
28.9Nick Kohomban2:54.90Dover
29.10Luke Nolan3:06.80Yorktown Heights
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9James Shea4:48.20Yorktown Heights
2.10Evan Skloot4:48.70Byram Hills
3.10Jahmar Hudson4:50.60Yonkers
4.10Koei Uchida4:54.40Syosset
5.9Stephen Moroney4:56.60Pearl River
6.10Ben Ferraro4:59.20Byram Hills
7.9Sean Flanagan5:00.00Byram Hills
8.9Alexander Bertand5:00.80Syosset
9.9Kevin McGeever5:01.00Pearl River
10.9Kevin Sun5:03.10Syosset
11.8Ryan DePinto5:07.00Syosset
12.9Matt Bordonaro5:12.30Yorktown Heights
13.9Michael Maloney5:13.20Somers
14.9John Courtien5:15.60Somers
15.9Ryo Nakamura5:16.80Syosset
16.8Adam Struhl5:17.90Syosset
17.9Keron Phillip5:19.11Saunders Trades & Tech
18.10Paul Gardella5:20.80Yonkers
19.9Eric London5:21.80Dover
20.9Jake Schlessinger5:31.00Syosset
21.10Connor McCune5:32.71John Jay (Cross River)
22.9Anthony Marden5:33.50Syosset
23.10Daniel Dittrich5:35.00Fox Lane
24.9Reo Uchida5:36.00Syosset
25.-Michael Shikhai5:37.60Syosset
26.9Taylor Mathews5:38.30Fox Lane
27.9James Canzoneri5:40.10Dover
28.9Cosmo Zappoli5:41.00Dover
29.9Matt Lee5:41.30Dover
30.9Michael Alleyne5:41.80Fox Lane
31.9Michael Insera5:43.90Fox Lane
32.9Steven Robare5:45.20Fox Lane
33.-Michael Essheoh5:50.20Syosset
34.10Brennan Spellacy5:50.70John Jay (Cross River)
35.10Nicholas Engert5:52.90Fox Lane
36.10Matthew Engert5:53.20Fox Lane
37.9Joe Loroca6:00.10Somers
38.9Dylan McMichael6:04.30John Jay (Cross River)
39.9Matt Kerschner6:07.00John Jay (Cross River)
40.9David Linus Hamann6:08.00Yorktown Heights
41.8Kyle Swanson6:10.60Bronxville
42.9Nick Kohomban6:30.10Dover
43.9Vinny Fortino6:42.40Pearl River
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Michael Campobasso16.11John F Kennedy Catho...
2.9Francisco Wilson King17.61Saunders Trades & Tech
3.10Aidan Fullerton18.90Yorktown Heights
4.9Bryan Maidana19.61Fox Lane
5.10Mike LoTurco20.00Pearl River
6.9Jason Kleinberger20.30Pearl River
7.9Henry Arcano20.40Bronxville
8.9Chris Tran20.80Saunders Trades & Tech
9.9Keron Phillip21.90Saunders Trades & Tech
10.10Tyler Clark22.00John Jay (Cross River)
11.10Alonzo Dacosta23.30Saunders Trades & Tech
X 400m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.9Francisco Wilson King59.30Saunders Trades & Tech
2.10Jahmar Hudson1:04.80Yonkers
3.10James Harrison1:07.50Bronxville
4.9Sahejveer Bhatua1:10.60Yonkers
5.10John Harrison1:11.70Bronxville
6.8Brian Berwick1:13.50Pearl River
7.9James Canzoneri1:15.50Dover
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 45.90Bronxville
2.-Relay Team 46.90Somers
3.-Relay Team 47.30Yonkers
4.-Relay Team 49.80Syosset
5.-Relay Team 50.40Saunders Trades & Tech
6.-Relay Team 50.70Yorktown Heights
7.-Relay Team 54.80Pearl River
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:42.00Bronxville
2.-Relay Team 3:47.10Somers
3.-Relay Team 3:47.50Saunders Trades & Tech
4.-Relay Team 3:49.70Yorktown Heights
5.-Relay Team 3:49.90Syosset
6.-Relay Team 3:50.80Yonkers
7.-Relay Team 3:52.70John F Kennedy Catho...
8.-Relay Team 3:53.20Pearl River
9.-Relay Team 3:57.00Dover
10.-Relay Team 3:59.50Somers
11.-Relay Team 4:07.60Syosset
12.-Relay Team 4:12.60Byram Hills
13.-Relay Team 4:21.40Syosset
14.-Relay Team 4:30.10Fox Lane
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 8:42.00Bronxville
2.-Relay Team 8:47.20Somers
3.-Relay Team 9:05.40Syosset
4.-Relay Team 9:23.10Yorktown Heights
5.-Relay Team 9:35.60Syosset
6.-Relay Team 9:40.80Byram Hills
7.-Relay Team 10:14.60Dover
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.10Joesph Hanley40-0Somers
2.10Brian Sheng38-0Syosset
3.10Alex Preisig37-0.5Somers
4.10Joseph Demicco35-9Yorktown Heights
5.10Christopher Groton35-6Somers
6.10James Schuler33-7Byram Hills
7.9Noah Leiboff33-3John Jay (Cross River)
8.10Robert Bayron32-0Byram Hills
9.10Peter DiCristofaro31-1Byram Hills
10.11Brian Kwon29-0Pearl River
11.10Ryan McGinn28-11Pearl River
12.9Adam Krog27-2.5Byram Hills
13.9Steven Ayaurugh26-11Saunders Trades & Tech
14.9Caleb Cassata26-9Somers
15.10Paul Erlic25-3Byram Hills
16.9Tom Marston24-4.5Dover
17.9Andrew Blum21-9John Jay (Cross River)
18.9Noah Brenner21-4Somers
19.10Nash Weiner19-3Somers
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Brian Sheng123-0Syosset
2.10Christopher Groton106-10Somers
3.10Robert Bayron105-11Byram Hills
4.10Michael Pierz105-0Somers
5.10Joseph Demicco92-5Yorktown Heights
6.10Peter DiCristofaro91-10Byram Hills
7.11Brian Kwon91-7Pearl River
8.10Joesph Hanley90-11Somers
9.10Alex Preisig85-7Somers
10.9Noah Brenner78-11Somers
11.9Adam Krog72-1Byram Hills
12.9Tom Marston69-9Dover
13.9Steven Ayaurugh67-9Saunders Trades & Tech
14.10Paul Erlic59-7Byram Hills
15.9Andrew Blum57-10John Jay (Cross River)
16.10Aaryn Goldstein56-10Pearl River
17.9Jamieson Ring53-8John Jay (Cross River)
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.10Devon Odum129-10Fox Lane
2.10Michael Pierz106-4Somers
3.10Jake Hernandez97-2Yorktown Heights
4.10Alex Preisig88-6Somers
5.10Joseph Demicco79-10Yorktown Heights
7.10Aaryn Goldstein73-6Pearl River
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Aidan Fullerton5-06Yorktown Heights
2.10Michael Campobasso5-06John F Kennedy Catho...
3.10Thomas Hudson5-06Bronxville
4.10Tyler Grantham5-02Bronxville
5.9Francisco Wilson King5-02Saunders Trades & Tech
6.9Alex Mattos5-02Somers
7.9Richard Eldridge5-00Dover
8.10Steven Chrappa4-09Bronxville
9.9Stephen Moroney4-09Pearl River
10.9Nick Vulpescu4-09John Jay (Cross River)
11.10Brendon Cutler4-06Byram Hills
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10James Schuler11-09Byram Hills
2.10Kevin Nolan11-00Somers
3.10Thomas Hudson10-00Bronxville
4.10Arthur Fiorella9-06Somers
5.9John Davin9-00John F Kennedy Catho...
6.9Nick Vulpescu9-00John Jay (Cross River)
7.9Peter Sander8-00Dover
8.10Chris Behrens8-00Bronxville
9.9Mark Linkletter8-00Somers
10.8Liam McGarry8-00Pearl River
11.9A.J. Goncalves7-00John Jay (Cross River)
12.10Jack Dennen7-00Bronxville
13.10William Panzarino7-00Somers
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Chris Ramsey18-11Byram Hills
2.9Chris Tran18-8Saunders Trades & Tech
3.10Thomas Hudson18-1Bronxville
4.10Robert Klein17-11Saunders Trades & Tech
5.9Joe Segatti17-10Byram Hills
6.10Aidan Fullerton17-8.5Yorktown Heights
7.10Gabriel Perez17-6Byram Hills
8.9Peter Sander17-5Dover
9.9John Davin17-2John F Kennedy Catho...
10.10Josh Lipane17-1Pearl River
11.10John Harrison16-10Bronxville
12.9Henry Arcano16-6Bronxville
13.9Richard Eldridge16-6Dover
14.9Daril Turnbul15-10Dover
15.10Neil Ryan15-8Pearl River
16.10Mike LoTurco15-8Pearl River
17.8Tony Ortega15-7Pearl River
18.9Sean Ward15-2Pearl River
19.9Jason Kleinberger14-11Pearl River
20.8Ian Kelly14-9Pearl River
21.8Brian Berwick13-10Pearl River
22.9Thomas Harrison13-10Bronxville
23.10Robert DAgostino13-4Byram Hills
24.9Brendan Bourke13-1Pearl River
25.9Henry Gulergun11-1Yorktown Heights
26.9Warren KraemerNDBronxville
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Chris Ramsey39-1Byram Hills
2.10Gregory Cusano37-9Yorktown Heights
3.9Chris Tran37-0Saunders Trades & Tech
4.10Gabriel Perez36-3.5Byram Hills
5.9Joe Segatti35-9Byram Hills
6.10Alex Lieberman35-0Byram Hills
7.10Joey Quaranti34-6Pearl River
8.10Omri Blair34-5Somers
9.10Robert DAgostino33-3Byram Hills
10.10John Harrison33-1Bronxville
11.8Tony Ortega32-10Pearl River
12.9Sahejveer Bhatua32-3.5Yonkers
13.9Jason Kleinberger32-3Pearl River
14.8Ian Kelly31-0Pearl River
15.9Tom Marston29-4Dover
16.8Brian Berwick29-4Pearl River
17.9Sean Ward28-7Pearl River

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Shannon Teevens13.10Yorktown Heights
2.10Hannah Casill13.10John Jay (Cross River)
3.9Destiny Matthew14.00Yonkers
4.9Gabrielle Levin14.00Byram Hills
5.9Deja McKoy14.10Yonkers
6.9Diandra Liso14.20Byram Hills
7.9Alexis Austin14.20Yorktown Heights
8.8Jamie Carroll14.30Bronxville
9.9Olivia Recabo14.50Yorktown Heights
10.9Niasia Watford14.50Saunders Trades & Tech
11.9Carmel Joseph14.60Dover
12.-Emma O'Loughlin14.80Dover
13.10Emma Harris15.00Byram Hills
14.8Lise Hudson15.00Bronxville
15.9Casey Spor15.10Somers
16.9Taylor Smith15.20Yorktown Heights
17.-Elise Weir15.30Bronxville
18.9Jaime Gannon15.50Fox Lane
19.10Elvia Flores Galdamez15.50Yonkers
20.9Alexa Cunnion15.60Yorktown Heights
21.9Stephanie Kurzer15.60Byram Hills
22.9Xiomara Padilla15.80Saunders Trades & Tech
23.10Nina Wahl15.80Yorktown Heights
24.10Alexa Shkrelja15.90Fox Lane
25.10Jessica Weiss16.00Byram Hills
26.9Jillian Ruskin16.20Byram Hills
27.10Naomi Pinkus16.50Byram Hills
28.-Grace Winant16.61Bronxville
29.10Alexandra Berkey17.00Byram Hills
30.10Taylor Lynn Leon17.20Dover
31.9Yazmine Olivera17.70Yorktown Heights
32.9Lorena Ortiz17.80Fox Lane
33.9Aileen Galvin18.20Fox Lane
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Shannon Teevens26.50Yorktown Heights
2.10Hannah Casill27.40John Jay (Cross River)
3.9Julianne Roth28.50Pearl River
4.10Janae Stewart28.60Yonkers
5.8Tricia Thornton29.00Pearl River
6.10Lauren Riggs29.30Byram Hills
7.10Amie Kovarik29.30Pearl River
8.-Lucy Kohlhoff29.30Bronxville
9.9Olivia Recabo29.90Yorktown Heights
10.9Deja McKoy30.00Yonkers
11.9Gabrielle Levin30.00Byram Hills
12.9Ally Galanek30.10Pearl River
13.9Carmel Joseph30.20Dover
14.9Niasia Watford30.40Saunders Trades & Tech
15.9Zaivy Luke-Aloman30.50Yonkers
16.10Emma Harris31.10Byram Hills
17.10Catherine Purdy31.40John F Kennedy Catho...
18.-Jackie Saralegui31.40Bronxville
19.9Taylor Smith31.60Yorktown Heights
20.-Julia Keating31.90Bronxville
21.9Alexa Cunnion32.00Yorktown Heights
22.9Kristin Lynn32.60Pearl River
23.9Xiomara Padilla32.71Saunders Trades & Tech
24.10Nina Wahl32.90Yorktown Heights
25.-Emily Law33.00Bronxville
26.-Bridget Reilly33.21Bronxville
27.9Andrea Setaro34.71Dover
28.-Grace Winant35.60Bronxville
29.9Tara King36.00Pearl River
30.10Taylor Lynn Leon36.10Dover
31.9Zoe Berman37.60Byram Hills
32.9Yazmine Olivera38.21Yorktown Heights
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Lise Hudson1:01.80Bronxville
2.10Janae Stewart1:02.90Yonkers
3.9Deja McKoy1:06.30Yonkers
4.10Carly Rahal1:06.30Pearl River
5.9Grace Vetromile1:07.20Bronxville
6.8Jessica Tighe1:08.00Bronxville
7.-Maddy Foley1:08.40Bronxville
8.8Danielle Muchoe1:08.50Pearl River
9.10Jackie DeSimone1:09.10Pearl River
10.9Rachel Voyd1:10.10Saunders Trades & Tech
11.8Danielle Decourcey1:11.40Pearl River
12.9Zaivy Luke-Aloman1:12.30Yonkers
13.9Samantha Errico1:13.40Byram Hills
14.10Kelly Weir1:14.00Pearl River
15.8Kristin Hanson1:15.30Pearl River
16.9Elena Semenza1:17.70Somers
17.-Katherine Bopp1:17.70Bronxville
18.9Paige O'Flynn1:19.20Pearl River
19.-Linnea Chesman1:21.60Pearl River
20.9Mackenzie McDonagh1:30.30Pearl River
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Molly Shine2:22.40Pearl River
2.10Caitlin Kenny2:27.50Pearl River
3.9Carly Schwartz2:33.90Fox Lane
4.10Kendall Coniaris2:34.40John Jay (Cross River)
5.8Jordan Sears2:39.60Bronxville
6.9Samantha Errico2:42.20Byram Hills
7.8Kaitlin O'riordan2:43.30Pearl River
8.10Caroline Cooper2:46.50Pearl River
9.12CRISTINA DeFILIPPIS2:48.20Croton Harmon
10.8Meghan Keetley2:48.50Pearl River
11.10Sadie Schroeter2:48.90Fox Lane
12.9Emily Mittlestadt2:49.70John F Kennedy Catho...
13.10Brianna Harrington2:50.00Pearl River
14.10Isabelle Hastings2:51.80John Jay (Cross River)
15.8Julia Delaney2:52.40Pearl River
16.8Kyla Coffey2:52.60Pearl River
17.10Erin Cardenty2:52.70Pearl River
18.8Caitlin Bravo2:56.20Pearl River
19.9Kristen McAdams2:59.60Pearl River
20.9Treasa Murphy3:00.50Pearl River
21.9Dana Santini3:01.60Pearl River
22.9Gabrielle King3:05.90Dover
23.9Andrea Setaro3:20.60Dover
24.-Lara Blom3:33.71Bronxville
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Lauren Perschetz5:05.30Byram Hills
2.9Olivia Lappas5:16.20Pearl River
3.8Courtney Campbell5:17.80Bronxville
4.10Sarena Malsin5:19.70Fox Lane
5.10Rachel Sweeney5:24.40John Jay (Cross River)
6.8Argentina Chrappa5:28.20Bronxville
7.10Rachel Eisman5:29.40Fox Lane
8.9Hannah Reach5:38.60Fox Lane
9.8Grace Naef5:39.00Bronxville
10.9Jazzmyn Rodriguez5:47.50Saunders Trades & Tech
11.10Sapna Mall5:48.90Saunders Trades & Tech
12.10Allie Flynn5:52.70Pearl River
13.10Lauradelle Feri5:58.50Saunders Trades & Tech
14.10Carly Schneider5:58.70Byram Hills
15.10Samantha Ingersoll6:02.21Fox Lane
16.9Sarah Barr6:06.10Somers
17.10Kirstein Labaso6:10.00Yonkers
18.10Diana Pernicano6:12.80Yorktown Heights
19.10Hannah Laitman6:27.30Byram Hills
X 1500m Racewalk - Varsity - Finals
1.10Renate Leone8:31.80Byram Hills
2.9Olvia Myers8:46.20Somers
3.9Kristi Licursi8:54.30Somers
4.10Julia Katz9:34.10Byram Hills
5.9Gigi Antonelle10:39.60John Jay (Cross River)
6.10Gina Villazhinay10:52.80Yorktown Heights
7.10Sophie Barson11:19.40John Jay (Cross River)
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.8Amanda Moroney17.40Pearl River
2.8Ana Timony17.80Bronxville
3.10Jessica Liberatore18.00Somers
4.9Alexandra Hebard18.20Yorktown Heights
5.10Hannah Goldberg18.30Bronxville
6.9Nicole Bartosch18.50Yorktown Heights
7.10Laura Leddy18.61Yorktown Heights
8.10Kristen Vergine18.80Pearl River
9.9Amanda Pearson19.20Pearl River
10.10Neidin Loughran19.40Pearl River
11.10Jaime Caponera20.40Somers
12.10Caily Chong20.60Saunders Trades & Tech
13.9Shannon Spillane20.70John F Kennedy Catho...
14.9Meg Ahern22.10Byram Hills
15.9Gloriann Jaichon22.70Saunders Trades & Tech
X 400m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Alexa Baiano1:10.40Somers
2.10Hannah Goldberg1:12.90Bronxville
3.10Catherine Kastberg1:19.80John F Kennedy Catho...
4.10Emily Enoch1:24.00Somers
5.9Jillian Taub1:35.60Byram Hills
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 54.80Saunders Trades & Tech
2.-Relay Team 54.90Yonkers
3.-Relay Team 55.40Bronxville
4.-Relay Team 55.70Yorktown Heights
5.-Relay Team 56.60Pearl River
6.-Relay Team 1:00.30Saunders Trades & Tech
7.-Relay Team 1:01.40Bronxville
8.-Relay Team 1:01.50Somers
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:21.20Pearl River
2.-Relay Team 4:21.70Byram Hills
3.-Relay Team 4:28.40Pearl River
4.-Relay Team 4:35.50Bronxville
5.-Relay Team 4:36.10Yorktown Heights
6.-Relay Team 4:38.90Saunders Trades & Tech
7.-Relay Team 4:42.70Somers
8.-Relay Team 4:43.20Pearl River
9.-Relay Team 4:49.30John Jay (Cross River)
10.-Relay Team 4:56.40Bronxville
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 10:26.30Bronxville
2.-Relay Team 10:34.71John Jay (Cross River)
3.-Relay Team 10:40.71Yorktown Heights
4.-Relay Team 10:51.20Somers
5.-Relay Team 10:57.40Pearl River
6.-Relay Team 11:03.90Pearl River
7.-Relay Team 11:44.10John F Kennedy Catho...
8.-Relay Team 11:57.20Bronxville
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.8Claire Sargent27-5Bronxville
2.9Brittany Butts23-8Dover
3.11Megan Callaghan22-6John F Kennedy Catho...
4.9Kaila Torres22-0Saunders Trades & Tech
5.9Meg Ahern21-11.5Byram Hills
6.10Natalie Irizarry21-6Yonkers
7.9Madison Evans19-11John F Kennedy Catho...
8.9Sam Jackson19-10.5Dover
9.10Emma Harris19-10Byram Hills
10.10Rachelle Campos19-8Saunders Trades & Tech
11.10Lisette Smith19-6John Jay (Cross River)
12.9Josefa Civit18-2Yonkers
13.9Natalie Zhong17-6Byram Hills
14.9Aileen Galvin17-6Fox Lane
15.9Jessica Sander17-4Dover
16.10Diana Granados15-1Byram Hills
17.10Gina Villazhinay14-6.5Yorktown Heights
18.10Danielle Carpenter13-0Yonkers
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.9Amy Brady77-0Somers
2.11Megan Callaghan69-0John F Kennedy Catho...
3.10Stephanie Riocci65-6John Jay (Cross River)
4.9Madison Evans63-6John F Kennedy Catho...
5.8Claire Sargent57-10Bronxville
6.9Kaila Torres56-5Saunders Trades & Tech
7.9Brittany Butts55-9Dover
8.10Lisette Smith53-6John Jay (Cross River)
9.9Sam Jackson53-5Dover
10.9Emily Mittlestadt53-5John F Kennedy Catho...
11.10Elvia Flores Galdamez50-8Yonkers
12.10Natalie Irizarry50-8Yonkers
13.10Rachelle Campos50-0Saunders Trades & Tech
14.9Jessica Sander49-11Dover
15.9Josefa Civit49-1Yonkers
16.10Danielle Carpenter44-5Yonkers
17.10Gina Villazhinay39-9Yorktown Heights
18.-Marissa Foretta35-11John Jay (Cross River)
19.10Arianna Rappy35-2John Jay (Cross River)
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.10Stephanie Riocci106-7John Jay (Cross River)
2.11Megan Callaghan70-8John F Kennedy Catho...
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Fiona O'Connor5-00Yorktown Heights
2.9Nicole Bartosch4-10Yorktown Heights
3.9Alexandra Hebard4-10Yorktown Heights
4.10Jessica Liberatore4-06Somers
5.9Amy Dobson4-04Yorktown Heights
6.10Ruth Dignam Murphy4-00Yorktown Heights
7.10Kristen Vergine4-00Pearl River
8.8Danielle Muchoe4-00Pearl River
9.9Gabriela Caro3-09Yorktown Heights
10.9Treasa Murphy3-09Pearl River
11.8Kristin Hanson3-09Pearl River
12.9Gloriann JaichonNHSaunders Trades & Tech
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Neidin Loughran8-06Pearl River
2.10Amie Kovarik7-00Pearl River
3.10Zoe Jobe7-00Fox Lane
4.10Elizabeth Benway6-06Fox Lane
5.8Kristin Hanson6-00Pearl River
6.8Johanna Svensson6-00Pearl River
7.9Hannah Reach5-00Fox Lane
8.10Diana Granados5-00Byram Hills
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Nicole Bartosch16-2Yorktown Heights
2.10Alexa Baiano15-6.5Somers
3.8Tricia Thornton14-7Pearl River
4.10Hannah Greenwald14-6Byram Hills
5.9Carmel Joseph13-10.5Dover
6.10Christina Hafkemeyer13-9John Jay (Cross River)
7.10Claudia D'Otillie13-5.5John Jay (Cross River)
8.10Laura Leddy13-2Yorktown Heights
9.9Alexis Austin12-8Yorktown Heights
10.10Jessica Riocci12-5John Jay (Cross River)
11.9Jaime Gannon11-9Fox Lane
12.10Dayna Mercer11-9John Jay (Cross River)
13.10Izzie Kirsch11-7John Jay (Cross River)
14.10Julia Baker11-7John Jay (Cross River)
15.10Sarah Horowitz11-0John Jay (Cross River)
16.10Taylor Lynn Leon10-11Dover
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Amy Dobson31-3Yorktown Heights
2.10Catherine Kastberg30-6John F Kennedy Catho...
3.10Hannah Greenwald30-3Byram Hills
4.9Carmel Joseph28-10Dover
5.10Julia Baker28-10John Jay (Cross River)
6.10Caroline Cooper28-9Pearl River
7.10Claudia D'Otillie28-4John Jay (Cross River)
8.8Amanda Moroney28-3Pearl River
9.9Gabriela Caro27-9Yorktown Heights
10.8Kaitlin O'riordan27-6Pearl River
11.10Jackie DeSimone25-8Pearl River
12.9Tara Gremin24-0John F Kennedy Catho...
13.10Dayna Mercer22-0John Jay (Cross River)
14.10Jessica Riocci21-7John Jay (Cross River)
15.10Sarah Dash21-2John Jay (Cross River)
16.10Caily Chong18-3Saunders Trades & Tech
17.10Lauradelle Feri14-6Saunders Trades & Tech
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