KHSAA Class 1A Region 1 Championships

Saturday, May 16, 2009
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Kentucky - 2A
FOCAFort Campbell
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Nathan Bledso11.56aBallard Memorial
2.11Derrious Brown11.63aFort Campbell
3.11Xavier Shelton11.63aMayfield
4.11Jacquise Lockett11.98aFulton City
5.12Josh Bourff12.03aBallard Memorial
6.11Brandon Wicks12.03aMurray
7.11Breeon Moreno12.09aFort Campbell
8.11Timmy Perdue12.14aLyon County
9.11Steven Watwood12.24aReidland
10.7Demarcus Hampton12.26aRussellville
11.10Rondell Bransford12.28aFulton City
12.12Cody Holzer12.37aCrittenden County
13.9Collin Spink12.44aReidland
14.11Paul Lacy12.58aTodd County Central
15.10Shickill Davis12.64aMurray
16.11Woody Stone12.82aCrittenden County
17.12Tyler Spresser12.93aHeath
18.11David Blacksmith13.07aLivingston Central
19.7Dustin Morgan13.20aRussellville
20.9Mitchell Gover13.20aLivingston Central
21.8Erwin Graves13.24aTodd County Central
22.8Shaquon Wilson13.62aFulton County
23.8Sheron Nolan14.19aFulton County
11Tyrese MurrelDNSMayfield
10Tristan SmileyDQDawson Springs
11Tra TharpDNSHeath
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Lonnie Powell23.23aFort Campbell
2.11Derrious Brown23.33aFort Campbell
3.11Nathan Bledso23.58aBallard Memorial
4.11Brandon Wicks23.76aMurray
5.11Xavier Shelton23.78aMayfield
6.11Timmy Perdue24.22aLyon County
7.12Steven Pullen24.24aBallard Memorial
8.11Jacquise Lockett24.81aFulton City
9.11Paul Gong24.82aMurray
10.10Rondell Bransford24.86aFulton City
11.12Charles Woodard24.91aRussellville
12.9LaDevin Fair25.17aFulton County
13.11Steven Watwood25.37aReidland
14.10Carlos Rayburn25.44aReidland
15.10Andrew Freeman25.46aCrittenden County
16.11Paul Lacy25.60aTodd County Central
17.9Jordan Yancey26.22aRussellville
18.10Dylan Barletto26.34aHeath
19.12Tyler Spresser26.48aHeath
20.11David Blacksmith26.63aLivingston Central
21.11Patrick Nielsen26.97aCrittenden County
22.8Erwin Graves27.88aTodd County Central
23.11Clint Goff28.08aSt. Mary
12Gary WaltonDNSMayfield
11Jacob PattonDNSDawson Springs
11Tevin CrumbleDNSFulton County
9Mitchell GoverDNSLivingston Central
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Paul Gong52.32aMurray
2.11Darrell Napier52.61aFort Campbell
3.10Chase Caldwell53.05aHeath
4.12Alan Johnson54.92aFort Campbell
5.12Cody Dunham55.55aCrittenden County
6.9LaDevin Fair55.76aFulton County
7.10Aubrey Leigh55.83aHeath
8.10Christian Duncan55.96aMurray
9.12Jared Anderson56.65aSt. Mary
10.9Paul DeNeve57.63aSt. Mary
11.9Jimmy Hoskins58.86aBallard Memorial
12.12Cody Wiggins59.18aBallard Memorial
13.11Jacob Patton59.65aDawson Springs
14.10Ronald Lewis1:00.23aFulton City
15.11Nash Blais1:00.27aMayfield
16.10Allen Moody1:00.40aTodd County Central
17.11Ethan Edwards1:01.35aRussellville
18.10William Orndorff1:02.75aRussellville
19.10Adam Anderson1:04.87aLivingston Central
20.10Tristan Smiley1:04.90aDawson Springs
21.11Daniel Neihoff1:05.35aReidland
22.11Logan Owen1:07.33aCrittenden County
23.10Travis Plunkett1:07.63aLivingston Central
24.10Haley Hunter1:08.28aTodd County Central
11D'vonte NewbillDNSFulton City
8Kevin BodonDNSFulton County
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11James Maglasang2:05.85aSt. Mary
2.11Darrell Napier2:10.82aFort Campbell
3.11Marc Bridges2:10.91aReidland
4.10Shawn Pace2:11.80aReidland
5.12Travis McDonald2:12.49aLivingston Central
6.9Christian Wingfield2:13.59aCommunity Christian ...
7.11Michael Orr2:14.44aMurray
8.11Hunter Bass2:15.91aBallard Memorial
9.8David Arreguin2:15.92aFort Campbell
10.11J R Adams2:20.90aCrittenden County
11.9Steven Speed2:22.37aMurray
12.9Jake Wildharber2:22.55aBallard Memorial
13.10Gabe Wring2:24.65aLivingston Central
14.9Blaine Cartee2:28.78aHeath
15.11Chris Copeland2:29.29aCrittenden County
16.11Matthew Whitt2:32.03aFulton County
17.9Kevin Trevarthen2:32.75aMayfield
18.10William Orndorff2:40.69aRussellville
19.11Ethan Edwards2:42.20aRussellville
20.8LaDarrian Polk2:43.01aFulton County
21.10Tristan Smiley2:44.66aDawson Springs
22.7Hunter Jackovich2:49.05aTodd County Central
23.9Caleb Lay2:49.49aHeath
24.8Damon Henderson3:06.28aTodd County Central
7Daniel DeNeveDNSSt. Mary
10Justin KightDNSFulton City
8Toshj ShearerDNSFulton City
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11James Maglasang4:37.86aSt. Mary
2.12Derek Perry4:45.93aHeath
3.10Shawn Pace4:48.76aReidland
4.12Travis McDonald4:51.48aLivingston Central
5.9Christian Wingfield4:57.31aCommunity Christian ...
6.11Bryan Beeler4:59.29aFort Campbell
7.10Andrew Lehotan5:13.82aHeath
8.9Nathan Ellis5:14.91aSt. Mary
9.11Ryan Miller5:19.29aMurray
10.9Chris Sitar5:22.10aCrittenden County
11.9Steven Speed5:25.71aMurray
12.11Matthew Whitt5:39.33aFulton County
13.12Josh Yancy5:39.44aBallard Memorial
14.12Chris Foederer5:52.25aFulton County
15.8Mikie Mix5:57.22aBallard Memorial
16.8Dylan Wilson5:58.78aLivingston Central
17.9Cody Sydnort6:04.68aRussellville
18.11Allen Kirk6:14.61aCrittenden County
19.9Jalon Johnson6:14.88aMayfield
20.7Hunter Jackovich6:16.86aTodd County Central
21.9Coleman Scott6:37.22aMayfield
8Greg WheelerDNSFulton City
8Toshj ShearerDNSFulton City
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11James Maglasang10:10.29aSt. Mary
2.12Derek Perry10:22.93aHeath
3.11James Howard10:26.45aSt. Mary
4.12Shane Veteto11:23.08aFort Campbell
5.8David Arreguin11:23.34aFort Campbell
6.9Chris Sitar11:43.95aCrittenden County
7.10Rob Deboer11:46.40aMurray
8.8Zachary Hudspeth11:50.73aHeath
9.11Ryan Miller11:59.11aMurray
10.12Josh Yancy12:38.55aBallard Memorial
11.9Anthony Armstrong13:19.97aBallard Memorial
12.9Ricardo Herrera13:22.06aMayfield
13.7Kyle Elder14:28.70aLivingston Central
7Hunter JackovichDNSTodd County Central
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Darien Crank16.27aFort Campbell
2.12Jonathan Lawson17.09aMayfield
3.12Aaron Jones17.24aMurray
4.11Stephen Foriest18.47aMurray
5.12Kamero Neblett18.48aRussellville
6.12Dusty McConnell18.52aCrittenden County
7.11Aaron Garrett18.55aHeath
8.12Michael Craft19.14aFort Campbell
9.11Bobby Crabtree19.78aBallard Memorial
10.11Quinlynn Bell19.92aRussellville
11.10Chase Laster20.21aBallard Memorial
12.12Ryan Cozort24.34aHeath
8Greg WheelerDNSFulton City
11Jed GrayDNSLivingston Central
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Darien Crank42.05aFort Campbell
2.9Cameron Shegog42.96aFort Campbell
3.12Kamero Neblett43.72aRussellville
4.12Dusty McConnell45.18aCrittenden County
5.10Victor Hampton45.51aRussellville
6.11Bobby Crabtree46.76aBallard Memorial
7.12Aaron Jones47.18aMurray
8.11Jed Gray47.57aLivingston Central
9.12Bryan Potts47.66aLivingston Central
10.11Aaron Garrett48.62aHeath
11.10Cedric Cherry48.81aMurray
12.10Chase Laster50.21aBallard Memorial
13.7Daniel DeNeve51.06aSt. Mary
14.10Andrew Lehotan52.01aHeath
15.8Clayton Bradshaw54.32aFulton County
16.9Austin Spees56.38aSt. Mary
8Greg WheelerDNSFulton City
9LaDevin FairDNSFulton County
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Tyrese Murrel
Jevarious Richardson
Gary Walton
Xavier Shelton
2.-Lonnie Powell
Breeon Moreno
Jermaine Ervin
Derrious Brown
44.12aFort Campbell
3.-Steven Pullen
Taylor Edging
Cody Wiggins
Josh Bourff
46.15aBallard Memorial
4.-William Pirtle
Ray Pledge
Rondell Bransford
Jacquise Lockett
46.56aFulton City
5.-Garrick Whatley
Damien Bolen
Aubrey Leigh
Tra Tharp
6.-Brandon Wicks
Shickill Davis
Alex Adams
Steven Speed
7.-Woody Stone
Dusty McConnell
Cody Dunham
Cody Holzer
48.20aCrittenden County
8.-Demarcus Hampton
Victor Hampton
Charles Woodard
Taylor Sydnor
9.-Steven Watwood
Cody Egli
Carlos Rayburn
Collin Spink
-Erwin Graves
Shane Broderick
Allen Moody
Paul Lacy
49.53aTodd County Central
10.-David Blacksmith
Jed Gray
Stogsdill Josh
Mitchell Gover
51.71aLivingston Central
-Victor King
Tevin Crumble
Tyler Vowell
Domontrial Pierce
DNSFulton County
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Stevie Holmes
Jevarious Richardson
Gary Walton
Xavier Shelton
2.-Cameron Shegog
Darien Crank
Jermaine Ervin
Derrious Brown
1:33.48aFort Campbell
3.-Steven Pullen
Taylor Edging
Nathan Bledso
Josh Bourff
1:33.49aBallard Memorial
4.-Paul Gong
Brandon Wicks
Alex Adams
Stephen Foriest
5.-D'vonte Newbill
Ronald Lewis
William Pirtle
Rondell Bransford
1:40.73aFulton City
6.-Demarcus Hampton
Charles Woodard
Quinton Calloway
Quinlynn Bell
7.-Patrick Nielsen
Logan Owen
Allen Kirk
Andrew Freeman
1:42.64aCrittenden County
8.-Tyler Spresser
Dylan Barletto
Jordan Walker
Tyler Derezza
9.-Victor King
Tyler Vowell
Shaquon Wilson
LaDevin Fair
1:44.29aFulton County
10.-Stogsdill Josh
David Blacksmith
Aaron Rowland
Gabe Wring
1:47.12aLivingston Central
11.-Paul DeNeve
Derek Willett
Clint Goff
Jared Anderson
1:48.52aSt. Mary
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Cameron Shegog
Alan Johnson
Bryan Beeler
Darrell Napier
3:36.38aFort Campbell
2.-Alex Adams
Christian Duncan
Landon Russell
Paul Gong
3.-Alex Mallory
Cody Wiggins
Steven Pullen
Jimmy Hoskins
3:44.64aBallard Memorial
4.-J R Adams
Cody Holzer
Dusty McConnell
Cody Dunham
3:49.39aCrittenden County
5.-Aubrey Leigh
Garrick Whatley
Damien Bolen
Chase Caldwell
6.-Jed Gray
Travis McDonald
Bryan Potts
Stogsdill Josh
4:05.08aLivingston Central
7.-Clayton Bradshaw
Chris Foederer
Tyler Vowell
LaDevin Fair
4:11.08aFulton County
8.-Paul DeNeve
Jared Anderson
James Maglasang
James Howard
4:13.74aSt. Mary
9.-Kamero Neblett
Ethan Edwards
William Orndorff
Demarcus Hampton
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Bryan Beeler
David Arreguin
Alan Johnson
Darrell Napier
8:29.17aFort Campbell
2.-Paul DeNeve
James Howard
James Maglasang
Jared Anderson
8:40.39aSt. Mary
3.-Derek Perry
Chase Caldwell
Andrew Lehotan
Jordan Walker
4.-Steven Speed
Michael Orr
Ryan Greer
Ryan Miller
5.-Hunter Bass
Alex Hill
Chris Jones
Jake Wildharber
9:42.10aBallard Memorial
6.-J R Adams
Patrick Nielsen
Chris Copeland
Chris Sitar
9:53.28aCrittenden County
7.-Dylan Wilson
Bryan Potts
Stogsdill Josh
Gabe Wring
10:11.79aLivingston Central
8.-Chris Foederer
Matthew Whitt
LaDarrian Polk
Clayton Bradshaw
10:34.65aFulton County
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Anthony Topps45-03.00Fort Campbell
2.10Matt Deese43-04.00Murray
3.11Cody Hoskins42-03.25Ballard Memorial
4.11Victor King40-07.00Fulton County
5.9Nathan Myers39-11.50Ballard Memorial
6.10Anthony Banderas39-03.00Murray
7.10Carlos Parrot37-00.25Mayfield
8.10Jeremy McCormick35-07.75Lyon County
9.12Chris Kell33-10.50Reidland
10.11Spencer Bright33-04.75Heath
11.10Andrew Freeman33-01.25Crittenden County
12.12Jacob Goodman32-10.75Fulton County
14.10Jared Frazier31-08.00Heath
15.10Zach Lisanby31-03.00Lyon County
16.9Chance Vondette30-09.50Fort Campbell
17.8Daniel Price30-01.75Crittenden County
18.11Taylor Smith27-11.50Livingston Central
19.11Cory Boles27-00.00Dawson Springs
20.9Mason Walker25-11.00Livingston Central
21.10Greg Trisch24-05.00Fulton City
10Jamonte PattonDNSFulton City
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ryan Buchanan135-06Ballard Memorial
2.12Mitchell Mulcahy122-03Fulton County
3.12Zach Buck122-01Murray
4.10Robert Olive111-10Murray
5.10Carlos Parrot107-07Mayfield
6.11Will Mallory107-07Ballard Memorial
7.10Zach Lisanby106-00Lyon County
9.11Spencer Bright102-06Heath
10.11Anthony Topps97-05Fort Campbell
11.9Chance Vondette92-02Fort Campbell
12.11Victor King88-06Fulton County
12.10Max Plumer88-06Heath
14.10Andrew Freeman88-03Crittenden County
15.11Taylor Smith85-02Livingston Central
16.9Mason Walker79-09Livingston Central
17.11Cory Boles79-06Dawson Springs
18.8Daniel Price78-09Crittenden County
19.10Jeremy McCormick78-02Lyon County
20.10Greg Trisch41-11Fulton City
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Lonnie Powell6-02.00Fort Campbell
2.11Jacquise Lockett6-00.00Fulton City
3.11Matt Lassiter6-00.00Fort Campbell
4.11Bobby Crabtree5-10.00Ballard Memorial
5.10Alex Hill5-08.00Ballard Memorial
6.9Jordan Yancey5-08.00Russellville
7.12Cody Holzer5-06.00Crittenden County
8.11Jacob Patton5-04.00Dawson Springs
8.11Devon Smith5-04.00Murray
8.12Aaron Jones5-04.00Murray
11.11Woody Stone5-02.00Crittenden County
11.9Trey Miller5-02.00Dawson Springs
11.9Quinton Calloway5-02.00Russellville
14.8Clayton Bradshaw4-10.00Fulton County
9Aaron PerdueNHLyon County
9Austin SpeesNHSt. Mary
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Michael Orr11-06.00Murray
2.11Ryan Greer11-06.00Murray
3.9Sam Arreguin8-06.00Fort Campbell
12Devon WellsNHFort Campbell
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Nathan Bledso21-09.75Ballard Memorial
2.12Cody Wiggins21-03.00Ballard Memorial
3.11Tra Tharp20-11.25Heath
4.11Timmy Perdue20-10.00Lyon County
5.10Lonnie Powell20-03.50Fort Campbell
6.12Stevie Holmes18-07.25Mayfield
7.12Jermaine Ervin18-06.00Fort Campbell
8.11Shane Broderick18-04.00Todd County Central
9.11Paul Lacy17-11.00Todd County Central
10.11Woody Stone17-10.00Crittenden County
11.12Chris Foederer17-06.00Fulton County
12.9Quinton Calloway17-05.00Russellville
13.9Taylor Sydnor17-01.00Russellville
14.11Garrick Whatley16-11.00Heath
15.11Stephen Foriest15-10.00Murray
16.9Austin Spees15-05.00St. Mary
17.9Trey Miller14-09.25Dawson Springs
18.10Adam Anderson14-08.00Livingston Central
19.11Devon Smith13-05.50Murray
20.10Tristan Smiley13-05.00Dawson Springs
21.8Shaquon Wilson13-03.00Fulton County
22.10Joseph Walker12-10.50Livingston Central
10Justin KightDNSFulton City
11Patrick NielsenDNSCrittenden County
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Cody Wiggins44-05.00Ballard Memorial
2.11Timmy Perdue43-09.00Lyon County
3.11Tra Tharp41-10.25Heath
4.12Jermaine Ervin41-03.00Fort Campbell
5.11Darien Crank39-01.00Fort Campbell
6.10Alex Mallory38-07.50Ballard Memorial
7.12Aaron Jones38-06.00Murray
8.9Quinton Calloway37-07.50Russellville
9.10Damien Bolen37-04.00Heath
10.11Devon Smith36-09.00Murray
11.9Taylor Sydnor35-03.00Russellville
12.12Cody Dunham33-08.75Crittenden County
13.10Adam Anderson32-07.00Livingston Central
14.11Logan Owen32-03.00Crittenden County
15.9Trey Miller31-07.50Dawson Springs
16.9Aaron Perdue29-08.00Lyon County
17.8LaDarrian Polk29-01.50Fulton County
18.10Aaron Rowland28-06.00Livingston Central
11Tevin CrumbleDNSFulton County
10Jevarious RichardsonDNSMayfield
12Stevie HolmesDNSMayfield

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jourdan Lewis13.11aFort Campbell
2.9Kalisha Rose13.25aTodd County Central
3.11Ladaria Gaston13.51aFulton County
4.11Karmeshia Rose13.52aRussellville
5.7Asia Powell13.56aMayfield
6.12Anna Jimenez13.81aCrittenden County
7.12Heather Christen14.19aReidland
8.11Jaymee Faggart14.19aFort Campbell
9.8Nathansia Haskins14.36aRussellville
10.10Samantha Crider14.51aDawson Springs
11.9Kaitlyn Moss14.54aCrittenden County
12.9Aneta Sloma14.64aLivingston Central
13.11Tori Mitchell14.68aLivingston Central
14.9Raneshia Warren15.21aFulton County
15.8Maddie Riney15.22aHeath
16.10Brionna Martin15.37aBallard Memorial
17.9Amber Berry15.47aBallard Memorial
12Ja'Vonna Dunbar15.92aHeath
18.9Carissa Bishop15.99aReidland
10Renee ClingamayerDNSMurray
8Demetria RoseDNSTodd County Central
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Kalisha Rose26.71aTodd County Central
2.10Jourdan Lewis27.47aFort Campbell
3.11Karmeshia Rose27.63aRussellville
4.8Brandi Jones28.36aBallard Memorial
5.12Anna Jimenez28.38aCrittenden County
6.12Heather Christen29.14aReidland
7.11Jaymee Faggart29.16aFort Campbell
8.11Heather Mifflin29.27aLivingston Central
9.7Davonna Sydnor29.49aRussellville
10.8Maggie Simons29.92aTodd County Central
11.11Ladaria Gaston29.93aFulton County
12.11Selina LaJeret30.86aMurray
13.9Latia Kendley30.93aMurray
14.10Laken Tabor31.39aCrittenden County
15.10Brionna Martin32.01aBallard Memorial
16.8Allison Clinger32.53aLivingston Central
17.10Alejandra Garcia35.32aHeath
18.12Ja'Vonna Dunbar35.68aHeath
8Antavia KirbyDNSMayfield
7Asia PowellDNSMayfield
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kirsten Amorine1:02.20aFort Campbell
2.12Ambra Noble1:02.50aFort Campbell
3.9Casey Dowty1:03.32aFulton County
4.11Selina LaJeret1:06.79aMurray
5.11BethAnne Dickens1:08.24aDawson Springs
6.7Natasha Trimm1:08.24aLyon County
7.8Maggie Simons1:09.71aTodd County Central
8.9Cammie Jo Bolin1:09.87aMurray
9.10Lauren Hunt1:10.15aCrittenden County
10.9Passion Townsend1:11.45aRussellville
11.12Samantha Holmes1:12.82aReidland
12.11Danosha Edwards1:12.89aRussellville
13.8Aerika Wood1:13.78aLivingston Central
14.11Carmen Baum1:15.88aLivingston Central
15.8Sarah Beth Bennett1:15.89aFulton County
16.8Kristen Armstrong1:16.60aMayfield
17.10Maranda Starks1:17.78aDawson Springs
18.9Brittany Pace1:18.24aReidland
19.7Shelbi Wiggins1:21.29aBallard Memorial
20.9Nadya Trimm1:21.97aLyon County
21.8Madison Farr1:24.24aHeath
22.7Sydney Kuiper1:25.18aHeath
12Alex McClanahanDNSMayfield
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Zhanna Trimm2:29.81aLyon County
2.10Payton Bodecker2:31.95aFort Campbell
3.11Kirsten Amorine2:45.27aFort Campbell
4.10Kayla Kitchens2:50.18aLivingston Central
5.7Rebecca Orndorff2:55.01aRussellville
6.10Zori Taylor2:56.36aMurray
7.11Carmen Baum2:58.60aLivingston Central
8.12Darcy Powers2:59.44aHeath
9.7Anna Schnittker3:00.51aCrittenden County
10.7Sarah Huddleston3:01.21aDawson Springs
11.7Katey Hargrove3:03.26aBallard Memorial
12.7Haley Ashworth3:03.81aBallard Memorial
13.11BethAnne Dickens3:05.69aDawson Springs
14.8Bethany Sturgeon3:27.79aFulton County
15.9Nadya Trimm3:29.60aLyon County
16.7Faith Sitar3:31.00aCrittenden County
17.8Laiken Dickson3:47.68aFulton County
7Nikki GermainDNSHeath
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Zhanna Trimm5:33.57aLyon County
2.9Kaycee Grimes5:40.05aFort Campbell
3.12Ashley Such6:02.46aFort Campbell
4.7Rebecca Orndorff6:15.31aRussellville
5.8Cydnie Wiggins6:22.31aBallard Memorial
6.10Zori Taylor6:23.25aMurray
7.9Kim Jones6:29.83aMurray
8.12Mirena Cissell6:31.34aHeath
9.7Katey Hargrove6:39.32aBallard Memorial
10.7Anna Schnittker6:39.35aCrittenden County
11.12Darcy Powers6:44.41aHeath
12.7Faith Sitar8:07.48aCrittenden County
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Kaycee Grimes12:45.06aFort Campbell
2.12Emily Such13:14.50aFort Campbell
3.7Natasha Trimm13:59.57aLyon County
4.8Cydnie Wiggins14:11.61aBallard Memorial
5.9Kim Jones14:48.40aMurray
6.9Heatherly Paschall15:52.48aMurray
11Kelsey MartinDNSLyon County
7Nikki GermainDNSHeath
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Chiquita Rose16.39aRussellville
2.11Jasmine Craft16.55aFort Campbell
3.11Miriah Cissell16.57aHeath
4.11Chanelle Crank18.17aFort Campbell
5.9Aneta Sloma18.95aLivingston Central
6.10Daphne Bommarito19.01aBallard Memorial
7.12Britney Hubbard19.05aMayfield
8.12Rachel Donaldson19.58aDawson Springs
9.10Alejandra Garcia22.01aHeath
10.7Faith Morris22.42aRussellville
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Chiquita Rose49.06aRussellville
2.11Kirsten Amorine49.28aFort Campbell
3.11Miriah Cissell50.25aHeath
4.10Tenesha Trammell51.39aFort Campbell
5.12Laura Brown54.97aLyon County
6.10Daphne Bommarito56.72aBallard Memorial
7.7Faith Morris58.39aRussellville
8.9Rihana McKnight1:00.75aDawson Springs
9.11Tori Mitchell1:01.91aLivingston Central
7Ashley CollyerDNSCrittenden County
8Cydnie WigginsDNSBallard Memorial
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Ambra Noble
Cori Hatley
Rachel Rushing
Jourdan Lewis
51.63aFort Campbell
2.-Antavia Kirby
Asia Powell
Courtney Jackson
Alex McClanahan
3.-Karmeshia Rose
Nathansia Haskins
Davonna Sydnor
Chiquita Rose
4.-Kaitlyn Moss
Laken Tabor
Lauren Hunt
Anna Jimenez
54.68aCrittenden County
5.-Justice Mosbey
Demetria Rose
Maggie Simons
Kalisha Rose
55.60aTodd County Central
-Aneta Sloma
Heather Mifflin
Allison Clinger
Tori Mitchell
59.15aLivingston Central
-Ariel Long
Ja'Vonna Dunbar
Jordyn Phillips
Miriah Cissell
6.-Deanna Dean
Bethany Sturgeon
Annesha Jackson
Porsche Wilson
1:00.35aFulton County
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Ambra Noble
Jaymee Faggart
Rachel Rushing
Jasmine Craft
1:49.07aFort Campbell
2.-Antavia Kirby
Asia Powell
Courtney Jackson
Alex McClanahan
3.-Justice Mosbey
Demetria Rose
Maggie Simons
Kalisha Rose
1:54.11aTodd County Central
4.-Karmeshia Rose
Davonna Sydnor
Passion Townsend
Chiquita Rose
5.-Ladaria Gaston
Porsche Wilson
Casey Dowty
Raneshia Warren
1:54.75aFulton County
6.-Kaitlyn Moss
Laken Tabor
Lauren Hunt
Anna Jimenez
1:55.36aCrittenden County
7.-Heather Mifflin
Allison Clinger
Kayla Kitchens
Tori Mitchell
1:59.33aLivingston Central
8.-Jordyn Phillips
Alejandra Garcia
Emily Parrott
Maddie Riney
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Ambra Noble
Rachel Rushing
Jourdan Lewis
Kirsten Amorine
4:24.74aFort Campbell
2.-Selina LaJeret
Cammie Jo Bolin
Latia Kendley
Zori Taylor
3.-Natasha Trimm
Laura Brown
Nadya Trimm
Zhanna Trimm
4:44.90aLyon County
4.-Emily Parrott
Miriah Cissell
Mirena Cissell
Ariel Long
5.-Passion Townsend
Rebecca Orndorff
Danosha Edwards
Nathansia Haskins
6.-Cydnie Wiggins
Brandi Jones
Katey Hargrove
Shelbi Wiggins
4:57.90aBallard Memorial
7.-Carmen Baum
Aerika Wood
Kayla Kitchens
Heather Mifflin
5:07.11aLivingston Central
8.-Sarah Beth Bennett
Laiken Dickson
Bethany Sturgeon
Abby Miller
5:55.82aFulton County
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Payton Bodecker
Ashley Such
Emily Such
Kaycee Grimes
10:34.98aFort Campbell
2.-Natasha Trimm
Laura Brown
Kelsey Martin
Zhanna Trimm
11:00.69aLyon County
3.-Maranda Starks
Rihana McKnight
Sarah Huddleston
BethAnne Dickens
12:30.73aDawson Springs
4.-Bethany Sturgeon
Annesha Jackson
Sarah Beth Bennett
Laiken Dickson
14:12.19aFulton County
-Relay Team DNSMurray
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
13.12Taylor Heathcott32-03.00Mayfield
1.12Hallie Freeman30-01.25Lyon County
2.12Deanna Dean29-10.00Fulton County
3.9Kathryn Sanders28-00.50Livingston Central
4.9Talyce Patterson26-05.50Reidland
5.12Britney Hubbard26-01.25Mayfield
6.8Mallie Myers24-07.00Ballard Memorial
7.8Rachel Lassiter24-05.00Fort Campbell
8.10Elizabeth Burch24-02.00Reidland
9.10Kayla Hartley23-08.00Livingston Central
10.8Kaylin McConnell22-04.00Crittenden County
10.12Shae Mckinney22-04.00Murray
12.10Ebony Harmon22-00.50Mayfield
13.10Katelyn Newcom22-00.00Crittenden County
14.10Kaitlyn Myrick21-05.25Heath
15.11Porshia Austin20-09.00Fort Campbell
16.10Samantha Crider20-08.50Dawson Springs
17.8Alyssa Reece19-09.50Dawson Springs
18.10Alex Worell19-03.00Ballard Memorial
19.10Marissa Renfrow13-02.00Heath
8Kathleen NoeDNSRussellville
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
8.12Taylor Heathcott104-07Mayfield
1.12Deanna Dean95-01Fulton County
2.12Hallie Freeman90-08Lyon County
3.8Rachel Lassiter86-08Fort Campbell
4.10Samantha Crider74-05Dawson Springs
5.9Kathryn Sanders74-00Livingston Central
6.8Mallie Myers73-08Ballard Memorial
7.11Jaymee Faggart70-05Fort Campbell
8.10JoAnna Croft69-10Livingston Central
9.12Shae Mckinney65-09Murray
10.10Ebony Harmon64-03Mayfield
11.10Nicole Simmons63-08Mayfield
12.10Katelyn Newcom59-07Crittenden County
13.10Kaitlyn Myrick55-09Heath
14.8Alyssa Reece55-06Dawson Springs
15.8Kaylin McConnell55-01Crittenden County
16.8Kathleen Noe49-04Russellville
17.7Shelbi Wiggins48-08Ballard Memorial
18.10Marissa Renfrow35-00Heath
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Catherine Claywell5-07.50Murray
2.12Jessica Budd4-10.00Dawson Springs
3.10Daphne Bommarito4-10.00Ballard Memorial
4.9Casey Dowty4-08.00Fulton County
5.12Rachel Donaldson4-06.00Dawson Springs
6.11Jackie Pierson4-04.00Fort Campbell
7.12Laura Brown4-04.00Lyon County
8.9Bianca Sanders4-02.00Fort Campbell
9.8Sarah Beth Bennett4-00.00Fulton County
8Emily ParrottNHHeath
7Sydney KuiperNHHeath
9Audrey KellettNHMurray
10Laken TaborNHCrittenden County
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Emily Such6-06.00Fort Campbell
2.11Elizabeth Brown6-00.00Fort Campbell
3.11Christina Keifer6-00.00Murray
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jasmine Craft15-08.00Fort Campbell
2.12Alex McClanahan15-06.50Mayfield
3.12Heather Christen15-06.00Reidland
4.10Cori Hatley15-03.50Fort Campbell
5.8Brandi Jones15-03.50Ballard Memorial
6.9Aneta Sloma14-08.50Livingston Central
7.9Cammie Jo Bolin14-05.50Murray
8.12Yuko Biggers14-03.00Mayfield
9.9Kaitlyn Moss13-05.00Crittenden County
10.9Catherine Claywell13-04.50Murray
11.9Passion Townsend12-07.50Russellville
11.12Rachel Donaldson12-07.50Dawson Springs
11.9Amber Berry12-07.50Ballard Memorial
14.8Porsche Wilson12-04.00Fulton County
15.10Jordyn Phillips11-10.00Heath
16.9Raneshia Warren11-09.50Fulton County
17.8Kathleen Noe11-09.00Russellville
18.10Alejandra Garcia11-06.00Heath
19.10Katelyn Riley11-02.50Livingston Central
20.9Halee Vanvactor10-07.50Dawson Springs
21.7Ashley Collyer10-05.00Crittenden County
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jasmine Craft33-05.50Fort Campbell
2.9Catherine Claywell31-11.00Murray
3.9Casey Dowty30-11.00Fulton County
4.8Brandi Jones30-00.00Ballard Memorial
5.12Britney Hubbard28-10.50Mayfield
6.12Rachel Donaldson27-07.25Dawson Springs
7.9Audrey Kellett27-00.75Murray
8.10Lauren Hunt25-08.00Crittenden County
9.10Kayla Kitchens23-09.50Livingston Central
9.9Amber Berry23-09.50Ballard Memorial
11.9Halee Vanvactor22-08.50Dawson Springs
12.7Ashley Collyer22-04.00Crittenden County
13.8Madison Farr19-00.75Heath
9Curtice BarrowFOULFort Campbell
12Courtney JacksonDNSMayfield
12Deanna DeanDNSFulton County
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