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KHSAA Class 1A Region 1 Championships

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Paducah Tilghman HS

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Dustin Sydnor10.93aRussellville      
2.10Nathan Bledso11.13aBallard Memorial      
3.12Scotty Mayes11.46aTrigg County      
4.10Derrious Brown11.60aFort Campbell      
5.12Andy Trevarthen11.66aMayfield      
6.9Tre Powell11.79aFort Campbell      
7.12Raymond Humphrey11.80aMcLean County      
8.11Taylor Edging11.90aBallard Memorial      
9.11Aaron Jones11.95aMurray      
10.10Timmy Perdue12.05aLyon County      
11.10Nash Blais12.48aMayfield      
12.9Eric Doyle12.55aHancock County      
13.11Jacob Buergey12.74aMcLean County      
14.10Paul Lacy12.81aTodd County Central      
15.9Allen Moody13.05aTodd County Central      
16.9Austin Robinson13.28aCrittenden County      
17.10Brandon Fraliex13.48aLyon County      
18.8Taylor Sydnor13.84aRussellville      
12Adam EmbrySCRHancock County      
10Jacob PattonSCRDawson Springs      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Dustin Sydnor21.94aRussellville      
2.11Josh Bourff22.24aBallard Memorial      
3.10Nathan Bledso22.44aBallard Memorial      
4.10Jalik Alexander23.14aTrigg County      
5.12Ladrekus Moffatt23.14aFulton County      
6.11John Therrell23.24aMurray      
7.11Gary Hall23.44aMayfield      
7.9Tre Powell23.44aFort Campbell      
9.12Olan Andrews23.84aFort Campbell      
10.11Charles Woodard24.14aRussellville      
11.12Raymond Humphrey24.24aMcLean County      
12.10Paul Lacy25.84aTodd County Central      
12.9Anthony Head25.84aMcLean County      
14.9Allen Moody26.04aTodd County Central      
15.9Austin Robinson26.44aCrittenden County      
16.10Shane Luttrell27.84aHancock County      
11Zach WettstainSCRHancock County      
8Austin McCoySCRHancock County      
10Jacob PattonSCRDawson Springs      
8Trey MillerSCRDawson Springs      
12Tony UdleySCRFulton County      
12Adam EmbrySCRHancock County      
12CJ DarcusSCRMurray      
10Chris CopelandSCRCrittenden County      
8Jalon JohnsonSCRMayfield      
10Michael TaylorSCRLyon County      
10Timmy PerdueSCRLyon County      
11Dustin WhiteSCRTrigg County      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Josh Whitt50.94aMcLean County      
2.12Chris Petalino50.94aBallard Memorial      
3.12Tony Udley51.14aFulton County      
4.11John Therrell51.84aMurray      
5.10Jalik Alexander52.54aTrigg County      
6.12Vincent Porrecca54.14aFort Campbell      
7.11Steven Pullen55.14aBallard Memorial      
8.12Jamie Thomas55.54aFort Campbell      
9.10Browning Smith56.74aRussellville      
10.11Jared Anderson57.14aSt. Mary      
11.12Nick Walter57.24aMayfield      
12.11Cody Dunham58.04aCrittenden County      
13.8Steven Speed59.14aMurray      
14.8Austin McCoy1:00.54aHancock County      
15.10Craig Smith1:01.44aHancock County      
16.9Allen Moody1:44.24aTodd County Central      
7Kevin BodonSCRFulton County      
11Justin JonesSCRDawson Springs      
10Ryan BriggsSCRTrigg County      
9Austin RobinsonSCRCrittenden County      
10Michael TaylorSCRLyon County      
11Jo Jo RobersonSCRMayfield      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10DJ Napier2:06.24aFort Campbell      
2.12Chris Petalino2:07.24aBallard Memorial      
3.12Kyle Tincher2:10.24aSt. Mary      
4.11Justin Gross2:13.24aHancock County      
5.10Zeke Wright2:14.24aTrigg County      
5.10Tony Duran2:14.24aFort Campbell      
7.12Jonathan Yancy2:19.24aBallard Memorial      
8.10Chad Taylor2:20.24aCrittenden County      
9.10J R Adams2:22.24aCrittenden County      
9.10Matt Savage2:22.24aTrigg County      
11.10Browning Smith2:27.24aRussellville      
12.12Atit Thamrongvarangkul2:30.24aFulton County      
13.8Andrew Brazil2:37.24aLyon County      
14.9Dylon Peek2:38.24aDawson Springs      
15.10Ben Turley2:40.24aMcLean County      
16.9Garrett West2:55.24aMcLean County      
11David TindleSCRHancock County      
10Matthew WhittSCRFulton County      
12JT KnoblockSCRTodd County Central      
12Johnathan KennedySCRRussellville      
8Cody TherrellSCRMurray      
11Jared AndersonSCRSt. Mary      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10James Maglasang4:40.49aSt. Mary      
2.11Thomas Wilson4:53.50aFort Campbell      
3.10Tony Duran5:01.74aFort Campbell      
4.10Jacob Patton5:09.08aHancock County      
5.11Jay Jolly5:09.68aTrigg County      
6.10Chase Darnell5:18.49aMurray      
7.10Ryan Miller5:22.60aMurray      
8.8Chris Sitar5:24.23aCrittenden County      
9.7Romaine Cunningham5:26.00aTrigg County      
10.8Ryan McKnight5:29.37aDawson Springs      
11.8Jake Wildharber5:32.64aBallard Memorial      
12.12Jonathan Yancy5:36.60aBallard Memorial      
13.11Trevor Pierrard5:44.03aHancock County      
14.9Jake Carpenter5:44.29aMcLean County      
15.9Dylon Peek5:49.86aDawson Springs      
16.8Andrew Brazil5:50.30aLyon County      
17.9Matt Kinney6:42.96aLyon County      
12JT KnoblockSCRTodd County Central      
9Andrew MenserSCRCrittenden County      
12Johnathan KennedySCRRussellville      
10Matthew WhittSCRFulton County      
10Hart JonesSCRMcLean County      
10James HowardSCRSt. Mary      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10James Maglasang10:17.24aSt. Mary      
2.11Thomas Wilson10:55.24aFort Campbell      
3.10James Howard11:13.24aSt. Mary      
4.10Ryan Miller11:37.24aMurray      
5.10Chase Darnell11:38.24aMurray      
6.12Kyle Moyers11:50.24aFort Campbell      
7.11John Reinick11:56.24aTrigg County      
8.8Chris Sitar12:03.24aCrittenden County      
9.11David Tindle12:04.24aHancock County      
10.10Jacob Patton12:12.24aHancock County      
11.10Hart Jones12:21.24aMcLean County      
12.11Josh Yancy12:47.24aBallard Memorial      
13.10Tyler Hatley14:43.24aBallard Memorial      
12JT KnoblockSCRTodd County Central      
9Matt KinneySCRLyon County      
12Lucas RobinsonSCRDawson Springs      
9Andrew MenserSCRCrittenden County      
8Ryan McKnightSCRDawson Springs      
9Jake CarpenterSCRMcLean County      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Mikie Benton14.90aRussellville      
2.12Chris Carpenter16.03aMcLean County      
3.11Ryan Acree17.37aTrigg County      
4.9David Burden17.53aMcLean County      
5.10Quinlynn Bell17.70aRussellville      
6.10Chris Bertke18.40aHancock County      
7.10Stephen Foriest18.81aMurray      
8.11Dusty McConnell19.40aCrittenden County      
9.11Mike Craft19.94aFort Campbell      
10.10Bobby Crabtree20.41aBallard Memorial      
11.9Luke Ellison21.21aFort Campbell      
12.8Jaylon Byas23.08aBallard Memorial      
13.8Casey Brandle23.95aHancock County      
11Jonathan LawsonSCRMayfield      
12Corey CrowleySCRMurray      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Aaron Jones42.97aMurray      
2.12Ladrekus Moffatt43.58aFulton County      
3.10Stephen Foriest43.65aMurray      
4.11Kamero Neblett44.98aRussellville      
5.11Ryan Acree45.68aTrigg County      
6.12Chris Carpenter46.52aMcLean County      
7.10Chris Bertke46.65aHancock County      
8.11Dusty McConnell47.12aCrittenden County      
9.10Bobby Crabtree47.75aBallard Memorial      
10.10Quinlynn Bell47.82aRussellville      
11.11Mike Craft48.48aFort Campbell      
12.9Luke Ellison49.35aFort Campbell      
13.8LaDevin Fair50.85aFulton County      
14.10Logan Owen52.92aCrittenden County      
15.8Jaylon Byas53.52aBallard Memorial      
16.8Casey Brandle1:00.43aHancock County      
10Jacob PattonSCRDawson Springs      
11Jonathan LawsonSCRMayfield      
10Michael TaylorSCRLyon County      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Olan Andrews
William Battle
Derrious Brown
Tre Powell
44.60aFort Campbell      
2.-Scotty Mayes
Brandon Bridges
Dustin White
Antonio Grubbs
44.63aTrigg County      
3.-Andy Trevarthen
Gary Hall
Xavier Shelton
DeAngelo Noonan
4.-Darrell Todd
Charles Woodard
Mikie Benton
Dustin Sydnor
5.-Dariquez Scott
Ladrekus Moffatt
Lance Mudd
Tony Udley
45.67aFulton County      
6.-Steven Pullen
Robert Abernathy
Taylor Edging
Josh Bourff
45.70aBallard Memorial      
7.-CJ Darcus
Paul Gong
John Therrell
Aaron Jones
7.-Mason Baker
Chris Copeland
Cody Dunham
Woody Stone
45.74aCrittenden County      
-Anthony Head
Matt Eubanks
Jacob Buergey
Drew Crabtree
SCRMcLean County      
-Jonathan Sanders
Eric Doyle
Zach Wettstain
Ian Mittelberg
SCRHancock County      
-Relay Team SCRTodd County Central      
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Scotty Mayes
Brandon Bridges
Dustin White
Jalik Alexander
1:31.48aTrigg County      
2.-Steven Pullen
Taylor Edging
Nathan Bledso
Josh Bourff
1:32.88aBallard Memorial      
3.-Olan Andrews
Derrious Brown
Tre Powell
Vincent Porrecca
1:33.32aFort Campbell      
4.-Browning Smith
Charles Woodard
Mikie Benton
Dustin Sydnor
5.-Andy Trevarthen
Gary Hall
Xavier Shelton
DeAngelo Noonan
6.-Mason Baker
Chris Copeland
Austin Robinson
Woody Stone
1:40.54aCrittenden County      
7.-Jonathan Sanders
Adam Embry
Zach Wettstain
Ian Mittelberg
1:40.84aHancock County      
8.-Steven Speed
Jesse Speed
Landon Russell
CJ Darcus
9.-LaDarrian Polk
Mike McClerkin
Chris Allen
Kevin Bodon
1:58.45aFulton County      
-Anthony Head
Matt Eubanks
Jacob Buergey
Drew Crabtree
SCRMcLean County      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Vincent Porrecca
Jamie Thomas
Derrious Brown
DJ Napier
3:37.67aFort Campbell      
2.-Steven Pullen
Robert Abernathy
Cody Wiggins
Chris Petalino
3:38.43aBallard Memorial      
3.-LaDevin Fair
Lance Mudd
Ladrekus Moffatt
Tony Udley
3:45.21aFulton County      
4.-Drew Crabtree
Michael VanCleve
Chris Carpenter
Josh Whitt
3:52.35aMcLean County      
5.-Jay Jolly
Zeke Wright
Jalik Alexander
Sean BeeBe
3:53.99aTrigg County      
6.-Mason Baker
J R Adams
Austin Robinson
Cody Dunham
3:55.12aCrittenden County      
7.-Michael Orr
Jesse Speed
Paul Gong
Landon Russell
8.-Browning Smith
Charles Woodard
Johnathan Kennedy
Kamero Neblett
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Thomas Wilson
Jeff Kelley
Tre Such
Tony Duran
8:34.86aFort Campbell      
2.-Kyle Tincher
James Maglasang
James Howard
Jared Anderson
8:54.81aSt. Mary      
3.-Chris Petalino
Matt Smith
Dillon Green
Jonathan Yancy
9:04.89aBallard Memorial      
4.-Chase Darnell
Paul Gong
Michael Orr
Ryan Miller
5.-Jay Jolly
Zeke Wright
John Reinick
Depaul Hendrix
9:15.83aTrigg County      
6.-Cody McElveen
Jonathan Sanders
Ian Mittelberg
Justin Gross
9:22.04aHancock County      
7.-J R Adams
Chris Sitar
Chad Taylor
Cody Dunham
9:27.78aCrittenden County      
8.-Jake Carpenter
Michael VanCleve
Hart Jones
Ben Turley
10:01.01aMcLean County      
-Lance Mudd
Matthew Whitt
Atit Thamrongvarangkul
LaDarrian Polk
SCRFulton County      
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brian Tucker44-06.00Ballard Memorial      
2.10Michael Burden44-02.00McLean County      
3.10Cody Hoskin42-06.00Ballard Memorial      
4.10Anthony Topps41-10.00Fort Campbell      
5.12Ben Koenig41-08.00Trigg County      
6.12Dariquez Scott40-04.00Fulton County      
7.12Zach Rhinestine39-09.00Fort Campbell      
8.9Matt Deese39-03.00Murray      
9.12Aaron Wilson38-10.00McLean County      
10.10Victor King38-08.00Fulton County      
11.10Michael Thomasson37-01.00Hancock County      
12.10Aaron Berry35-03.00Crittenden County      
13.10Jamaude Noonan33-07.00Mayfield      
14.12Calvin Dennis32-09.00Hancock County      
15.11Jarrod Noonan32-07.00Mayfield      
16.12Josh Ipock31-09.00Crittenden County      
17.9Garrett Wright31-08.00Murray      
12Jeremy LucasSCRRussellville      
12Jerry OliverSCRDawson Springs      
9Jeremy McCormickSCRLyon County      
9Zach LisanbySCRLyon County      
11Timmy McGeeSCRTrigg County      
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brian Tucker140-00Ballard Memorial      
2.11Mitchell Mulcahy122-07Fulton County      
3.10Ryan Buchanan120-04Ballard Memorial      
4.10Javin Grubbs120-00Trigg County      
5.12Aaron Wilson116-08McLean County      
6.9Robert Olive114-08Murray      
7.12Patrick Clouse113-07McLean County      
8.12Adam Hall112-11Fort Campbell      
9.11Max Mosier103-06Fort Campbell      
10.12Josh Ipock102-09Crittenden County      
11.12Dariquez Scott101-09Fulton County      
12.9Robbie Jones98-02Murray      
13.9Zach Lisanby95-10Lyon County      
14.12Jerry Oliver95-07Dawson Springs      
15.9Carlos Parrot94-03Mayfield      
16.12Calvin Dennis91-06Hancock County      
17.10Jeremy Kinnis89-03Lyon County      
18.10Aaron Berry89-02Crittenden County      
19.9Akeem Johnson62-06Trigg County      
12Scott BrimerSCRMayfield      
12Jeremy LucasSCRRussellville      
10Michael ThomassonSCRHancock County      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12CJ Croft5-10.00Fort Campbell      
2.10Bobby Crabtree5-08.00Ballard Memorial      
3.11Matt Smith5-06.00Ballard Memorial      
4.12Michael VanCleve5-06.00McLean County      
5.10Michael Taylor5-06.00Lyon County      
5.8Dylan Johnson5-06.00Fulton County      
6.11Ryan Acree5-06.00Trigg County      
7.9Jevarious Richardson5-04.00Mayfield      
8.11David Tindle5-04.00Hancock County      
10.10Woody Stone5-02.00Crittenden County      
10.12Jerry Oliver5-02.00Dawson Springs      
10.10Matt Lassiter5-02.00Fort Campbell      
10.10Michael Thomasson5-02.00Hancock County      
14.8Trey Miller5-00.00Dawson Springs      
14.12Mason Baker5-00.00Crittenden County      
10Bryant HoukSCRLyon County      
12Andy TrevarthenSCRMayfield      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Michael Orr10-02.00Murray      
2.10Ryan Greer8-02.00Murray      
9Jake TillinghastNHFort Campbell      
10Tony DuranDQFort Campbell      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Nathan Bledso21-07.50Ballard Memorial      
2.10Xavier Shelton20-03.50Mayfield      
3.12Scotty Mayes20-02.50Trigg County      
4.10Timmy Perdue19-11.50Lyon County      
5.12Raymond Humphrey19-07.50McLean County      
6.11Cody Wiggins19-04.50Ballard Memorial      
7.10Woody Stone18-07.00Crittenden County      
8.11Stevie Holmes18-04.50Mayfield      
9.9Darian Jones17-07.50Fort Campbell      
10.10Paul Lacy17-02.00Todd County Central      
11.12Olan Andrews17-01.50Fort Campbell      
12.10Chris Bertke15-08.00Hancock County      
13.11Dusty McConnell15-04.50Crittenden County      
13.10Michael Thomasson15-04.50Hancock County      
15.8Trey Miller14-05.50Dawson Springs      
16.10Darrell Todd14-03.50Russellville      
17.8Taylor Sydnor13-10.50Russellville      
11Justin JonesSCRDawson Springs      
12Matt EubanksSCRMcLean County      
10Sean BeeBeSCRTrigg County      
12Tony UdleySCRFulton County      
12Ladrekus MoffattSCRFulton County      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Mikie Benton42-09.50Russellville      
2.11Cody Wiggins42-00.50Ballard Memorial      
3.10Timmy Perdue42-00.00Lyon County      
4.11Dustin White39-02.00Trigg County      
4.11Stevie Holmes39-02.00Mayfield      
6.12Raymond Humphrey39-00.50McLean County      
7.11JD Ervin38-07.00Fort Campbell      
8.9Darian Jones38-00.00Fort Campbell      
9.11Aaron Jones36-10.50Murray      
10.9Alex Mallory36-02.50Ballard Memorial      
11.11Dusty McConnell32-10.50Crittenden County      
12.8Austin McCoy31-10.00Hancock County      
13.10Logan Owen31-00.00Crittenden County      
14.8Trey Miller30-10.50Dawson Springs      
15.8Taylor Sydnor30-00.50Russellville      
16.7LaDarrian Polk24-10.00Fulton County      
9Eric DoyleSCRHancock County      
7Kevin BodonSCRFulton County      
12Kyle ChappellSCRDawson Springs      
12Chris FergusonSCRHancock County      
12Tony UdleySCRFulton County      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Abby Gail Torian12.60aTrigg County      
2.8Kalisha Rose13.06aTodd County Central      
3.12Sharika Smith13.08aFulton County      
4.10Ladaria Gaston13.40aFulton County      
5.11Ambra Noble13.60aFort Campbell      
6.7Khadijah Grubbs13.63aTrigg County      
7.9Hannah McAllister13.70aMurray      
8.9Ayrika Damron14.02aBallard Memorial      
9.7Nathansia Haskins14.16aRussellville      
10.9Samantha Crider14.19aDawson Springs      
11.9Sarah Hazelip14.29aMcLean County      
12.8Kaitlyn Moss14.36aCrittenden County      
13.10BethAnne Dickens14.43aDawson Springs      
14.12Leah Keene14.45aCrittenden County      
15.8Justice Mosbey14.57aTodd County Central      
16.10Becky Crump14.87aMurray      
17.7Shayna Case15.21aMcLean County      
18.9Tanisha Johnson15.34aHancock County      
19.11Jourdan Kratzer16.01aHancock County      
8Amber BerrySCRBallard Memorial      
11Kristina TerrelSCRLyon County      
7Beth RatesSCRHancock County      
8Tara SandersSCRHancock County      
11Uniqua ColeSCRMayfield      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Abby Gail Torian25.84aTrigg County      
2.12Sharika Smith26.24aFulton County      
3.8Kalisha Rose26.24aTodd County Central      
4.8Shelby Grubbs26.94aTrigg County      
5.10Jaymee Faggart27.64aFort Campbell      
6.11Anna Jimenez27.84aCrittenden County      
7.10Ladaria Gaston28.44aFulton County      
8.7Nathansia Haskins28.84aRussellville      
9.9Tenisha Trammel29.04aFort Campbell      
10.8Justice Mosbey29.24aTodd County Central      
11.12Breanna Cozart29.34aCrittenden County      
12.10BethAnne Dickens29.74aDawson Springs      
12.9Samantha Crider29.74aDawson Springs      
14.9Renee Clingamayer30.84aMurray      
15.9Brionna Martin31.14aBallard Memorial      
16.7Shayna Case31.74aMcLean County      
17.9Tanisha Johnson31.94aHancock County      
18.7Victoria Matthews32.14aMcLean County      
19.11Jourdan Kratzer32.94aHancock County      
20.9Kelly Chronister33.34aBallard Memorial      
21.7Kathleen Noe33.54aRussellville      
7Beth RatesSCRHancock County      
10Victoria LeeSCRLyon County      
11Kristina TerrelSCRLyon County      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Alex McClanahan1:01.85aMayfield      
2.7Brandi Jones1:03.22aBallard Memorial      
3.11Janada Acree1:03.42aTrigg County      
4.11Betty Jane Williamson1:04.15aHancock County      
5.8Rachel Rushing1:04.72aFort Campbell      
6.10Selina LaJeret1:07.32aMurray      
7.10BethAnne Dickens1:07.43aDawson Springs      
8.9Lauren Hunt1:07.79aCrittenden County      
9.7Beth Rates1:08.82aHancock County      
10.10Kathryn French1:10.90aLyon County      
11.9Krista McGill1:13.00aLyon County      
12.7Shelby Qualls1:14.40aFulton County      
13.11Crystal Truitt1:16.47aBallard Memorial      
14.9Maranda Perkins1:17.24aDawson Springs      
9Raven PorreccaSCRFort Campbell      
12Amanda LawrenceSCRTrigg County      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Zhanna Trimm2:30.24aLyon County      
2.12Antoinette Dorsey2:33.24aFort Campbell      
3.8Casey Dowty2:39.24aFulton County      
4.11Ashley Such2:40.24aFort Campbell      
5.8Lenease Byers2:48.24aTrigg County      
6.10Jessica Felden2:49.24aMayfield      
7.8Amber Genseal2:52.24aDawson Springs      
8.7Natalie Lawerence2:53.24aBallard Memorial      
9.9Latasha Blake2:56.24aMcLean County      
10.11Rebecca Powers3:03.24aHancock County      
11.8Cynthia Maglasang3:07.24aSt. Mary      
12.10Allison White3:17.24aTrigg County      
12.10Allison Crowe3:17.24aMcLean County      
14.9Savannah Peek3:19.24aCrittenden County      
12Meagan PickettSCRBallard Memorial      
8Kensey EstesSCRHancock County      
7Bethany SturgeonSCRFulton County      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Zhanna Trimm5:39.87aLyon County      
2.8Kaycee Grimes5:54.76aFort Campbell      
3.8Amber Genseal6:09.94aDawson Springs      
4.11Emily Such6:15.87aFort Campbell      
5.12Meagan Pickett6:21.75aBallard Memorial      
6.11Rebecca Powers6:23.82aHancock County      
7.8Cynthia Maglasang6:33.66aSt. Mary      
8.8Kensey Estes6:38.13aHancock County      
9.8Rihana McKnight6:38.30aDawson Springs      
10.8Heatherly Paschall6:43.74aMurray      
11.10Chloe Zimmerer7:17.60aMurray      
8Dusty McKinneySCRLyon County      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Kaycee Grimes13:04.94aFort Campbell      
2.11Emily Such13:11.74aFort Campbell      
3.8Dusty McKinney13:12.44aLyon County      
4.7Cydnie Wiggins13:29.24aBallard Memorial      
5.8Kensey Estes14:27.24aHancock County      
6.10Alexandra Nance14:54.24aMurray      
11Rebecca PowersSCRHancock County      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Chiquita Rose16.50aRussellville      
2.10Jasmine Craft17.37aFort Campbell      
3.9Kathryn Zeigler18.80aFort Campbell      
4.9Daphne Bommarito19.23aBallard Memorial      
5.9Ania Phillips19.24aMurray      
6.9Lauren Owens19.43aMurray      
7.11Rachel Donaldson19.73aDawson Springs      
8.7Diasia Acree19.90aTrigg County      
9.9Amanda Want20.00aTrigg County      
10.9Ami Wiggins20.33aBallard Memorial      
11.11Tiffany Mattingly20.34aMcLean County      
12.7Chloe Burden21.80aMcLean County      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Sharika Smith46.94aFulton County      
2.10Chiquita Rose49.64aRussellville      
3.9Kathryn Zeigler52.44aFort Campbell      
4.7Diasia Acree54.34aTrigg County      
5.11Laura Brown54.54aLyon County      
6.9Daphne Bommarito54.64aBallard Memorial      
7.9Mallory Adelman55.24aFort Campbell      
8.7Amber Sydnor56.94aRussellville      
9.7Cydnie Wiggins59.64aBallard Memorial      
10.8Rihana McKnight1:01.04aDawson Springs      
11.11Tiffany Mattingly1:02.74aMcLean County      
12.10Courtney Wright1:06.54aMcLean County      
13.9Tara Ford1:08.94aCrittenden County      
7Gabrielle ReadenourSCRFulton County      
9Amanda WantNTTrigg County      
9Hannah McAllisterNTMurray      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Abby Gail Torian
Janada Acree
Shelby Grubbs
Khadijah Grubbs
50.03aTrigg County      
2.-Ambra Noble
Cori Hatley
Jaymee Faggart
Tenisha Trammel
52.47aFort Campbell      
3.-Carly Mathis
Lauren Owens
Hannah McAllister
Addie Rigsby
4.-Kaitlyn Moss
Leah Keene
Anna Jimenez
Breanna Cozart
54.24aCrittenden County      
5.-Ayrika Damron
Amber Berry
Ami Wiggins
Brandi Jones
55.21aBallard Memorial      
6.-Justice Mosbey
Demetria Rose
Maggie Simons
Kalisha Rose
55.44aTodd County Central      
7.-Beth Rates
Tara Sanders
Tanisha Johnson
Betty Jane Williamson
56.04aHancock County      
8.-Ladaria Gaston
Raneshia Warren
Shelby Qualls
Alex Barnett
56.24aFulton County      
9.-Chiquita Rose
Nathansia Haskins
Passion Townsend
Amber Sydnor
10.-Stephanie Gray
Krista McGill
Laura Brown
Kathryn French
58.31aLyon County      
11.-Megan Payne
Victoria Matthews
Bridget Blake
Shayna Case
1:00.97aMcLean County      
-Jessica Felden
Courtney Jackson
Paige Purdom
Paige McClanahan
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Janada Acree
Abby Gail Torian
Khadijah Grubbs
Shelby Grubbs
1:45.56aTrigg County      
2.-Jasmine Craft
Jaymee Faggart
Ambra Noble
Tenisha Trammel
1:50.22aFort Campbell      
3.-Carly Mathis
Lauren Owens
Amanda McDonald
Addie Rigsby
4.-Kaitlyn Moss
Leah Keene
Anna Jimenez
Breanna Cozart
1:53.86aCrittenden County      
5.-Justice Mosbey
Demetria Rose
Maggie Simons
Kalisha Rose
1:56.94aTodd County Central      
6.-Chiquita Rose
Nathansia Haskins
Passion Townsend
Amber Sydnor
7.-Megan West
Emma Hinton
Sarah Hazelip
Chelsey Logsdon
2:00.10aMcLean County      
8.-Beth Rates
Tara Sanders
Rebecca Powers
Betty Jane Williamson
2:01.12aHancock County      
9.-Victoria Lee
Stephanie Gray
Ali Simpson
Kathryn French
2:04.09aLyon County      
10.-Brionna Martin
Kelly Chronister
Natalie Lawerence
Hannah Bing
2:10.10aBallard Memorial      
11.-Porsche Wilson
Bethany Sturgeon
Abby Miller
Raneshia Warren
2:19.01aFulton County      
-Jessica Felden
Courtney Jackson
Paige Purdom
Paige McClanahan
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Ambra Noble
Ashley Such
Rachel Rushing
Antoinette Dorsey
4:12.78aFort Campbell      
2.-Amanda McDonald
Cammie Jo Bolin
Selina LaJeret
Catherine Claywell
3.-Khadijah Grubbs
Ellie Jolly
Amanda Lawrence
Lenease Byers
4:36.93aTrigg County      
4.-Jessica Blake
Megan West
Sarah Hazelip
Chelsey Logsdon
4:40.17aMcLean County      
5.-Beth Rates
Jaclyn Long
Tara Sanders
Betty Jane Williamson
4:41.84aHancock County      
6.-Victoria Lee
Stephanie Gray
Ali Simpson
Kathryn French
4:44.77aLyon County      
7.-Natalie Lawerence
Crystal Truitt
Meagan Pickett
Kelly Chronister
5:04.19aBallard Memorial      
-Shelby Qualls
Raneshia Warren
Sarah Beth Bennett
Casey Dowty
SCRFulton County      
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Antoinette Dorsey
Kaycee Grimes
Ashley Such
Emily Such
10:50.18aFort Campbell      
2.-Amanda Lawrence
Ellie Jolly
Diasia Acree
Lenease Byers
11:02.13aTrigg County      
3.-Laura Brown
Dusty McKinney
Krista McGill
Zhanna Trimm
11:13.51aLyon County      
4.-BethAnne Dickens
Amber Genseal
Rihana McKnight
Maranda Perkins
11:39.77aDawson Springs      
5.-Latasha Blake
Allison Crowe
CeCe Crowe
Jessica Blake
11:41.23aMcLean County      
6.-Cydnie Wiggins
Meagan Pickett
Natalie Lawerence
Ami Wiggins
11:46.87aBallard Memorial      
7.-Porsche Wilson
Abby Miller
Bethany Sturgeon
Sarah Beth Bennett
14:02.51aFulton County      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Destany Johnson32-03.00Fulton County      
2.11Deanna Dean32-00.00Fulton County      
3.11Hallie Freeman30-00.00Lyon County      
4.10Kayla Gray29-09.00Hancock County      
5.12Amanda Hylton29-03.00Hancock County      
6.9Elizabeth Torian28-09.00Trigg County      
7.9Eboni Blanton28-02.00Murray      
8.9Mazzie Ellis24-00.00Fort Campbell      
9.8Rachel Lassiter23-11.00Fort Campbell      
10.11Kari Coleman23-08.00Murray      
11.7Mallie Myers23-05.00Ballard Memorial      
12.9Katelyn Newcom23-03.00Crittenden County      
13.9Cammi Underwood22-11.00McLean County      
14.12Cinamon Ashby21-02.00McLean County      
15.9Samantha Crider20-00.00Dawson Springs      
16.9Kenlee McAlpin19-02.00Mayfield      
17.10Brittney Miller19-00.00Ballard Memorial      
18.9Tara Ford17-03.00Crittenden County      
10Ebony HarmonSCRMayfield      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Destany Johnson101-07Fulton County      
2.11Deanna Dean87-00Fulton County      
3.11Hallie Freeman80-07Lyon County      
4.11Jessica Lee80-00Murray      
5.9Elizabeth Torian73-02Trigg County      
6.9Cassie Litterall69-11Fort Campbell      
7.9Samantha Crider68-00Dawson Springs      
8.12Amanda Hylton65-09Hancock County      
9.8Rachel Lassiter63-07Fort Campbell      
10.7Mallie Myers63-01Ballard Memorial      
11.12Cinamon Ashby55-04McLean County      
12.9Katelyn Newcom50-10Crittenden County      
13.10Brittney Miller47-06Ballard Memorial      
14.9Kenlee McAlpin45-10Mayfield      
15.9Tara Ford45-06Crittenden County      
16.10Tabatha Embry43-04Hancock County      
10Ebony HarmonSCRMayfield      
11ShaeLea McKinneySCRMurray      
9Elizabeth ArnoldSCRMcLean County      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Janada Acree5-04.00Trigg County      
2.9Daphne Bommarito5-02.00Ballard Memorial      
3.8Catherine Claywell5-00.00Murray      
4.12Breanna Cozart4-10.00Crittenden County      
5.10Megan Tincher4-10.00St. Mary      
6.11Jessica Budd4-08.00Dawson Springs      
7.8Casey Dowty4-08.00Fulton County      
8.11Rachel Donaldson4-06.00Dawson Springs      
8.11Laura Brown4-06.00Lyon County      
8.12Leah Keene4-06.00Crittenden County      
11.7Cydnie Wiggins4-00.00Ballard Memorial      
11.9Mallory Adelman4-00.00Fort Campbell      
11Megan WestDNSMcLean County      
7Sarah Beth BennettSCRFulton County      
9Jaclyn LongDNSHancock County      
9Tanisha JohnsonDNSHancock County      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Elizabeth Brown5-08.00Fort Campbell      
2.9Katie Klein5-02.00Fort Campbell      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Sharika Smith17-05.75Fulton County      
2.7Brandi Jones14-07.50Ballard Memorial      
3.11Courtney Jackson14-06.25Mayfield      
4.10Jasmine Craft14-04.75Fort Campbell      
5.8Kaitlyn Moss14-03.25Crittenden County      
6.9Cori Hatley14-01.25Fort Campbell      
7.9Ayrika Damron14-00.75Ballard Memorial      
8.10Megan Tincher13-08.50St. Mary      
9.8Cammie Jo Bolin13-07.00Murray      
10.8Shelby Grubbs13-00.25Trigg County      
11.9Lauren Hunt12-08.75Crittenden County      
12.10Ladaria Gaston12-07.50Fulton County      
13.10Paige McClanahan12-05.75Mayfield      
14.9Emma Hinton12-01.75McLean County      
15.11Rachel Donaldson12-00.50Dawson Springs      
16.11Terri Blane11-11.75Trigg County      
17.9Jaclyn Long11-09.50Hancock County      
17.7Kathleen Noe11-09.50Russellville      
19.8Passion Townsend11-03.50Russellville      
8Kensey EstesSCRHancock County      
11Jessica BuddSCRDawson Springs      
11Kelsey ClineSCRMcLean County      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Addie Rigsby32-05.25Murray      
2.10Jasmine Craft32-01.25Fort Campbell      
3.10Megan Tincher31-05.50St. Mary      
4.8Casey Dowty31-04.75Fulton County      
5.7Brandi Jones31-04.50Ballard Memorial      
6.9Jaclyn Long30-01.25Hancock County      
7.9Tanisha Johnson28-10.25Hancock County      
8.9Ami Wiggins28-00.75Ballard Memorial      
9.10Alex Barnett27-07.00Fulton County      
10.11Rachel Donaldson27-06.50Dawson Springs      
11.11Terri Blane26-06.25Trigg County      
12.11Anna Jimenez25-11.75Crittenden County      
9Lauren HuntSCRCrittenden County      
11Kelsey ClineSCRMcLean County      
9Nadia AdamsSCRTrigg County      
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