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55 Meter Dash  Junior Varsity - Finals

12Devon Herring6.9cSouth Hagerstown
12Darious Phillips7.0cSouth Hagerstown
11Jacob Tripp7.2Century
11Tim Kasella7.3cSouth Hagerstown
9Ian McConnell7.28Oakdale
10Justin Dobratz7.35Oakdale
11DJ Banks7.5cSouth Hagerstown
11Cody Griner7.53Century
9John Wiley7.64Oakdale
9Sloan Gill7.75Oakdale
11Austin Cole7.9Century
9Garrett Friday7.95Oakdale
10Rashad Connor8.02Oakdale
10Jesse Blankenbeckler8.11Oakdale
9Chris Deckert8.2Boonsboro
9Ryan Curtis8.3Boonsboro
10Ryan Brown8.39Oakdale
9Noah Beach8.48Oakdale
9Brian Day8.9Boonsboro
9Ben Humphrey9.07Oakdale

200 Meters  Junior Varsity - Finals

12Darious Phillips24.4cSouth Hagerstown
12Devon Herring25.4cSouth Hagerstown
10Connor Good26.27Oakdale
9Ian McConnell26.38Oakdale
10Justin Dobratz26.6Oakdale
11Jacob Tripp26.94Century
11Tim Kasella27.2cSouth Hagerstown
10James Gruber27.5Oakdale
10Zachary Ginsburg28.74Oakdale
10Peder Delia28.94Oakdale
9Anthony Barber29.33Oakdale
9Garrett Friday29.32Oakdale
9Paul Previti30.2Boonsboro
9Ryan Curtis30.4Boonsboro
9Jonathan Almendarez30.4cSouth Hagerstown
10Rashad Connor30.31Oakdale
10Ryan Brown30.56Oakdale
9Rudy Linde30.53Century
9Kevin Jeanneret31.7Oakdale
9Noah Beach32.5Oakdale
9Brian Closs32.82Oakdale
9Timothy Alexander33.23Oakdale
9Brian Day33.3Boonsboro

400 Meters  Junior Varsity - Finals

12Darious Phillips61.1cSouth Hagerstown
10Mickey Bernoi1:02.47Oakdale
12Tyquan Young62.6cSouth Hagerstown
9Sloan Gill1:04.9Oakdale
10Zachary Ginsburg1:04.9Oakdale
9Ben Harrah67Boonsboro
10Eric Baldree1:08.8Oakdale
10Peder Delia1:09.1Oakdale
10Nicholas Riley1:09.7Oakdale
10James Gruber1:11.23Oakdale
9Paul Previti72Boonsboro
10Damien Droneburg72.3cSouth Hagerstown
9Alex Lee1:15.6Oakdale
9Rudy Linde1:16.5Century
9Brian Closs1:20.47Oakdale
9Ben Humphrey1:23.42Oakdale
9Timothy Alexander1:25.4Oakdale
9Nick Zielinski1:27Boonsboro

800 Meters  Junior Varsity - Finals

10Connor Good2:16Oakdale
10Eric Baldree2:23Oakdale
9John Wiley2:27Oakdale
9Wesley Prettyman2:27.0Century
9John Mead2:28.8Century
10Bryan Dubarow2:30South Hagerstown
10Nicholas Riley2:34Oakdale
9Jacob Staley2:35Oakdale
9Patrick Boddicker2:36Oakdale
10Trevor Farnsworth2:39Oakdale
9Ben Harrah2:40Boonsboro
10Damien Droneburg2:48South Hagerstown
9Alex Lee2:50Oakdale
9Frank Tiburzi2:58Century

1600 Meters  Junior Varsity - Finals

10Bryan Dubarow5:26.1South Hagerstown
10Mikey Chapman5:30.2Oakdale
9John Mead5:38.26Century
9Wesley Prettyman5:39Century
9Jacob Staley5:40.5Oakdale
9John Wiley5:44.2Oakdale
9Patrick Boddicker5:49.4Oakdale
10Trevor Farnsworth6:00.7Oakdale
9Otto Solberg6:13Boonsboro
10Jesse Blankenbeckler6:20.7Oakdale
10Bryan Letendre6:39Boonsboro

Shot Put - 12lb  Junior Varsity - Finals

11Austin Cole32'0.5Century
10Robert Coates25'7"South Hagerstown
9Nick Zielinski18'Boonsboro

Pole Vault  Junior Varsity - Finals

11Cody Griner6'06Century
9Jonathan Almendarez6'0"South Hagerstown


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