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CUNYAC Championships

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Icahn Stadium, New York

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrSaddecky King10.85aKingsborough      
2.SoAndre Gouldbourne11.00aCUNY Lehman      
3.SrNkosi Dick11.10aCUNY Medgar Evers      
4.SrYruy Clarke11.13aCUNY Medgar Evers      
5.FrDavid Vaughan11.17aCity College of NY      
6.FrDonnell Lockhart11.23aCUNY Queensborough      
7.JrAlain Saint Dic11.88aCity College of NY      
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.FrSaddecky King10.98aKingsborough      
2.FrTashaka Adolph11.03aKingsborough      
3.SrYruy Clarke11.07aCUNY Medgar Evers      
4.FrDonnell Lockhart11.11aCUNY Queensborough      
5.SrNkosi Dick11.14aCUNY Medgar Evers      
6.SoAndre Gouldbourne11.15aCUNY Lehman      
7.FrDavid Vaughan11.16aCity College of NY      
8.JrAlain Saint Dic11.17aCity College of NY      
9.SoChinedu Agu11.48aCUNY York      
10.SoRobens Bien-Aime11.54aCUNY Queensborough      
11.FrSamuel Nkama11.59aCity College of NY      
12.SoLeonard Osman11.63aKingsborough      
13.FrElias Fano11.76aCUNY York      
14.SrCavohdyah Ben-Levi11.79aCUNY York      
15.FrKerrie Price11.97aCUNY Medgar Evers      
16.FrAlexander Wright12.02aCUNY City Tech      
17.SoOmar Rodriquez12.05aCUNY Queensborough      
18.FrJuan Wagner12.17aCUNY Lehman      
19.FrGregory Graham12.30aCUNY York      
20.FrEric Sutton13.52aBronx      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrPaul Dedewo22.25aCity College of NY      
2.FrDonnell Lockhart22.39aCUNY Queensborough      
3.SrYruy Clarke22.69aCUNY Medgar Evers      
4.SrNkosi Dick22.85aCUNY Medgar Evers      
5.SoChinedu Agu22.90aCUNY York      
6.SoAndre Gouldbourne23.29aCUNY Lehman      
7.FrElias Fano23.35aCUNY York      
8.SoRonel Phillip23.42aCUNY York      
9.FrSamuel Nkama23.56aCity College of NY      
10.FrDarnell Gatling II23.59aCUNY Lehman      
11.JrEmson Esprit23.66aCity College of NY      
12.SoLeonard Osman23.72aKingsborough      
13.FrJavier Levy23.83aCUNY Hunter      
14.SrCavohdyah Ben-Levi24.12aCUNY York      
15.FrMatthew Date24.16aKingsborough      
16.SrKadeem Campbel24.35aCUNY Medgar Evers      
17.SoOmar Rodriquez24.69aCUNY Queensborough      
18.FrHalsteat Stefar26.73aCUNY Medgar Evers      
19.SoKhalid Lewis27.15aCUNY City Tech      
20.SoRichard Espisito27.24aCUNY Lehman      
21.FrEric Sutton27.45aBronx      
21.SoOmar Olivella27.45aCUNY Hunter      
23.FrTidjany Diop28.03aCUNY City Tech      
24.FrJose Jaime28.30aCUNY Hunter      
25.FrAnthony Taveras28.63aCUNY City Tech      
26.FrPeter Esposito30.90aCUNY Lehman      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrPaul Dedewo49.07aCity College of NY      
2.JrOscar Kalamalu49.80aCUNY Lehman      
3.SoJean Desrosiers49.89aCUNY Queensborough      
4.SoJahmel Upshaw50.56aCUNY Queensborough      
5.SoChinedu Agu50.79aCUNY York      
6.SoRonel Phillip51.06aCUNY York      
7.FrSamuel Nkama52.80aCity College of NY      
8.FrRishawn Marshal53.41aCUNY Lehman      
9.SrCavohdyah Ben-Levi53.50aCUNY York      
10.JrKwaynce Leonce53.96aKingsborough      
11.FrElias Fano54.05aCUNY York      
12.FrDarnell Gatling II54.09aCUNY Lehman      
13.JrEmson Esprit54.11aCity College of NY      
13.FrCory Johnson54.11aCUNY City Tech      
15.FrRendell Sooknanan54.49aCUNY City Tech      
16.FrMatthew Date54.53aKingsborough      
17.FrLorenzo Daley55.66aCUNY Hunter      
18.FrDexter Dixon57.14aKingsborough      
19.SrChrist Welsh57.43aCUNY Medgar Evers      
20.FrMarckenly Montour1:02.28aCUNY Queensborough      
21.SoRichard Espisito1:02.73aCUNY Lehman      
22.FrAlex Ronis1:08.79aCUNY Hunter      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrRobert Harley2:00.05aKingsborough      
2.SrIrfan Anwar2:01.14aCUNY Lehman      
3.SoTarik Weekes2:02.00aCUNY York      
4.FrKevaun Hentley2:03.46aKingsborough      
5.SoLance Fleming2:04.05aCUNY York      
6.SoRonel Phillip2:05.41aCUNY York      
7.JrOscar Kalamalu2:05.63aCUNY Lehman      
8.FrPaul Adetola2:07.33aCUNY York      
9.FrCartwright Brown2:07.54aKingsborough      
10.FrCory Johnson2:08.12aCUNY City Tech      
11.FrDarnell Simon2:08.32aCity College of NY      
12.FrZisan Kasham2:08.80aCity College of NY      
13.JrSergio Soto2:11.10aCity College of NY      
14.FrRishawn Marshal2:14.74aCUNY Lehman      
15.SrNicholas Nichson2:17.30aCUNY Medgar Evers      
16.FrLaurent Mathurin2:26.29aCUNY Queensborough      
17.FrRendell Sooknanan2:32.80aCUNY City Tech      
18.FrBakary Touray2:35.25aCity College of NY      
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrMatthew Agard4:15.44aKingsborough      
2.SrIrfan Anwar4:16.06aCUNY Lehman      
3.SoTarik Weekes4:23.21aCUNY York      
4.JrSergio Soto4:23.90aCity College of NY      
5.SoLance Fleming4:27.49aCUNY York      
6.FrJerry Francois4:28.78aCUNY Queensborough      
7.JrJames McArdle4:32.06aCUNY Hunter      
8.JrKenny Jacquet4:32.12aCUNY York      
9.FrAlexander Arslan4:33.45aCUNY City Tech      
10.FrZisan Kasham4:34.79aCity College of NY      
11.FrPaul Adetola4:52.10aCUNY York      
12.SoEric Persaud5:05.77aCity College of NY      
13.SoYorki Munoz5:25.54aCUNY Queensborough      
14.FrTodd Naraswan5:33.26aCUNY Queensborough      
X 5000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrKenny Jacquet17:10.01aCUNY York      
2.FrJoseph Papa17:16.08aCUNY Hunter      
3.FrAlexander Arslan17:54.32aCUNY City Tech      
4.SrIrfan Anwar18:08.82aCUNY Lehman      
5.FrZisan Kasham18:27.01aCity College of NY      
6.FrJose Miranda18:45.17aCUNY Hunter      
7.JrGem Alegre18:52.83aCUNY Hunter      
8.FrDerrick Davis18:59.42aKingsborough      
9.SoEric Persaud21:13.89aCity College of NY      
10.JrSergio Soto21:22.48aCity College of NY      
X 10,000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrKenny Jacquet37:33.12aCUNY York      
2.FrJoseph Papa38:06.80aCUNY Hunter      
3.FrJose Miranda41:39.22aCUNY Hunter      
4.SoJeffrey Castano43:12.57aCUNY Hunter      
5.SoDean Kunjravia44:40.99aCUNY Staten Island      
6.SoYorki Munoz45:46.48aCUNY Queensborough      
7.SrAndrew Wong52:27.66aCUNY Hunter      
X 110m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Finals
1.FrRicardo Grange16.48aCity College of NY      
2.FrBrian Broadbelt16.82aCUNY York      
3.JrPhilip Akogu17.12aCUNY Lehman      
4.SoNikoloz Rekhviashvili17.19aCUNY Hunter      
5.SoJonathan Alexis17.67aKingsborough      
6.SoSteve Burnett21.50aCUNY York      
--FrAngel RodriguezDNFKingsborough      
X 110m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Prelims
1.FrRicardo Grange16.69aCity College of NY      
2.SoNikoloz Rekhviashvili17.04aCUNY Hunter      
3.JrPhilip Akogu17.33aCUNY Lehman      
3.FrBrian Broadbelt17.33aCUNY York      
5.SoMax Zamor18.67aCUNY Hunter      
6.-Kevin Lausell19.71aCUNY York      
7.SoSteve Burnett20.76aCUNY York      
8.SoRobens Bien-Aime21.13aCUNY Queensborough      
X 400m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.FrPaul Dedewo57.02aCity College of NY      
2.SoChinedu Agu58.15aCUNY York      
3.SoNikoloz Rekhviashvili59.54aCUNY Hunter      
4.FrRicardo Grange1:01.99aCity College of NY      
5.SoMarvin Cox1:02.04aKingsborough      
6.SoShariq Mian1:03.72aCity College of NY      
7.JrPhilip Akogu1:06.68aCUNY Lehman      
8.FrRobert Bobb1:06.69aKingsborough      
9.SrCavohdyah Ben-Levi1:08.49aCUNY York      
10.JrKenny Jacquet1:16.03aCUNY York      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Tashaka Adolph
Keoto Peterson
Saddecky King
Jonathan Alexis
2.-David Vaughan
Samuel Nkama
Darnell Simon
Alain Saint Dic
43.47aCity College of NY      
3.-Nkosi Dick
Yruy Clarke
Kadeem Campbel
Kerrie Price
44.26aCUNY Medgar Evers      
4.-Shadel James
Shane King
Peter Esposito
Richard Espisito
45.29aCUNY Lehman      
5.-Donnell Lockhart
Jahmel Upshaw
Omar Rodriquez
Steven Renteria
45.38aCUNY Queensborough      
6.-Brian Broadbelt
Cavohdyah Ben-Levi
Lesile Ennever
Gregory Graham
47.46aCUNY York      
7.-Halsteat Stefar
Carol Pinnock
Christ Welsh
Nicholas Nichson
48.60aCUNY Medgar Evers      
8.-Chiziterem Uwaga
Joseph Tam
Keron Rose
Shariq Mian
50.15aCity College of NY      
9.-Legenry Sosa
Omar Olivella
Alex Ronis
Jose Jaime
54.27aCUNY Hunter      
---Chinedu Agu
Alex Niles
Ronel Phillip
Elias Fano
DQCUNY York      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jean Desrosiers
Jahmel Upshaw
Donnell Lockhart
Rafael Nunez
3:20.91aCUNY Queensborough      
2.-Chinedu Agu
Ronel Phillip
Tarik Weekes
Lance Fleming
3:24.32aCUNY York      
3.-Darnell Gatling II
Rishawn Marshal
Andre Gouldbourne
Oscar Kamalu
3:31.55aCUNY Lehman      
4.-Paul Dedewo
Emson Esprit
Samuel Nkama
David Vaughan
3:33.32aCity College of NY      
5.-Tashaka Adolph
Robert Harley
Kevaun Hentley
Matthew Agard
6.-Cavohdyah Ben-Levi
Elias Fano
Paul Adetola
Kenny Jacquet
3:36.79aCUNY York      
7.-Nkosi Dick
Yruy Clarke
Kadeem Campbel
Nicholas Nichson
3:37.55aCUNY Medgar Evers      
8.-Lorenzo Daley
Javier Levy
Nikoloz Rekhviashvili
John Minogue
3:43.17aCUNY Hunter      
X Shot Put - 16lb - Varsity - Finals
1.SoJoseph Charles15.46mBronx      
2.FrElston Alexis12.47mCUNY Medgar Evers      
3.SoMax Zamor11.59mCUNY Hunter      
4.FrLeston Alexis11.18mCUNY Medgar Evers      
5.JrPhilip Akogu10.62mCUNY Lehman      
6.SoLaron Blount10.56mKingsborough      
7.SoJonathan Alexis10.45mKingsborough      
8.SrKadeem Campbel9.96mCUNY Medgar Evers      
9.SoSteve Burnett9.81mCUNY York      
10.-Elijah Evelyn9.38mCUNY York      
11.FrSamuel Nkama9.33mCity College of NY      
12.FrAngel Rodriguez9.22mKingsborough      
13.-Lenox Norville9.07mCUNY York      
14.FrMaurice Diong8.68mCity College of NY      
15.SoSamuel Forioe8.29mCUNY Lehman      
16.SoPhillip Acevedo8.18mCity College of NY      
17.FrRyan Baxter8.01mCUNY Hunter      
18.FrC Mammers7.62mCUNY Lehman      
19.-Edward Hubbard7.24mCUNY City Tech      
20.FrPirvette Lee7.04mCUNY City Tech      
21.FrChiziterem Uwaga6.80mCity College of NY      
X Discus - 2kg - Varsity - Finals
1.SoJoseph Charles39.00mBronx      
2.SoLaron Blount34.13mKingsborough      
3.FrElston Alexis32.99mCUNY Medgar Evers      
4.FrLeston Alexis31.06mCUNY Medgar Evers      
5.JrPhilip Akogu30.14mCUNY Lehman      
6.SoSteve Burnett29.42mCUNY York      
7.SoMax Zamor28.12mCUNY Hunter      
8.-Elijah Evelyn25.86mCUNY York      
9.FrRyan Baxter20.56mCUNY Hunter      
10.FrSamuel Nkama20.40mCity College of NY      
11.-Lenox Norville19.25mCUNY York      
12.SoJonathan Alexis18.87mKingsborough      
13.SoPhillip Acevedo18.61mCity College of NY      
14.FrChiziterem Uwaga16.45mCity College of NY      
15.SoSamuel Forioe13.08mCUNY Lehman      
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.FrLeston Alexis44.82mCUNY Medgar Evers      
2.SrKadeem Campbel43.98mCUNY Medgar Evers      
3.-Shawn Young42.22mCUNY York      
4.FrElston Alexis41.59mCUNY Medgar Evers      
5.FrJuan Wagner40.86mCUNY Lehman      
6.SoPhillip Acevedo40.53mCity College of NY      
7.SoMax Zamor37.55mCUNY Hunter      
8.FrSamuel Nkama35.52mCity College of NY      
9.FrChiziterem Uwaga34.34mCity College of NY      
10.SoShariq Mian33.71mCity College of NY      
11.FrAngel Rodriguez33.39mKingsborough      
12.SoJonathan Alexis31.63mKingsborough      
13.FrC Mammers30.66mCUNY Lehman      
14.JrPhilip Akogu29.85mCUNY Lehman      
15.FrCurwin Laurent29.18mCUNY York      
16.SrChrist Welsh28.43mCUNY Medgar Evers      
17.-Kojo Addo25.12mCUNY City Tech      
18.-Troy-Elliot Dash22.97mCUNY City Tech      
19.SoLaron Blount21.82mKingsborough      
20.-Elijah Evelyn17.48mCUNY York      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.FrAdamu Mende1.96mBronx      
2.SoMax Zamor1.66mCUNY Hunter      
3.FrAlex Niles1.66mCUNY York      
3.SrKadeem Campbel1.66mCUNY Medgar Evers      
--JrKwaynce LeonceNHKingsborough      
--SoJonathan AlexisNHKingsborough      
--SoNikoloz RekhviashviliNHCUNY Hunter      
--FrAngel RodriguezNHKingsborough      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoJonathan Alexis6.55mKingsborough      
2.JrAlain Saint Dic6.31mCity College of NY      
3.SrKadeem Campbel6.28mCUNY Medgar Evers      
4.FrMatthew Date6.04mKingsborough      
5.JrPhilip Akogu5.89mCUNY Lehman      
6.-Ancil Porter-Lee5.85mCUNY Medgar Evers      
7.FrCurwin Laurent5.84mCUNY York      
8.SrNkosi Dick5.82mCUNY Medgar Evers      
9.SoRobens Bien-Aime5.80mCUNY Queensborough      
10.FrAngel Rodriguez5.41mKingsborough      
11.FrKerrie Price5.36mCUNY Medgar Evers      
12.FrElias Fano5.27mCUNY York      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrKadeem Campbel13.61mCUNY Medgar Evers      
2.SoMarvin Cox13.09mKingsborough      
3.SoJonathan Alexis12.81mKingsborough      
4.JrAlain Saint Dic12.80mCity College of NY      
5.SoRobens Bien-Aime12.20mCUNY Queensborough      
6.FrCurwin Laurent11.71mCUNY York      
7.FrMatthew Date11.54mKingsborough      
8.FrAlex Niles10.60mCUNY York      
X Hammer - 16lb - Varsity - Finals
1.SoJoseph Charles42.22mBronx      
2.SoLaron Blount37.42mKingsborough      
3.SoSteve Burnett31.36mCUNY York      
4.SoMax Zamor25.44mCUNY Hunter      
5.FrElston Alexis23.72mCUNY Medgar Evers      
6.-Elijah Evelyn23.32mCUNY York      
7.FrLeston Alexis22.28mCUNY Medgar Evers      
8.SoPhillip Acevedo15.06mCity College of NY      
9.-Lenox Norville14.15mCUNY York      
--FrMaurice DiongFOULCity College of NY      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrJillene Sennon12.38aCUNY Lehman      
2.SoGabrielle Charles12.70aCUNY Medgar Evers      
3.FrDenecia Gardiner12.71aCUNY York      
4.JrWendella Rankin13.22aCUNY York      
5.FrTervana Harford13.31aCUNY Medgar Evers      
6.SrAllana Wilson13.70aCUNY York      
7.JrShanoy Francis13.75aCUNY Lehman      
8.FrTrisha Townsend14.49aCUNY Hunter      
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.SrJillene Sennon12.43aCUNY Lehman      
2.FrDenecia Gardiner12.66aCUNY York      
3.SoGabrielle Charles12.89aCUNY Medgar Evers      
4.JrWendella Rankin13.07aCUNY York      
5.SrAllana Wilson13.15aCUNY York      
6.FrTervana Harford13.22aCUNY Medgar Evers      
7.JrShanoy Francis13.65aCUNY Lehman      
8.FrTrisha Townsend14.43aCUNY Hunter      
9.FrMonae Mingoes15.07aCUNY Queensborough      
10.FrElisa Marquis15.09aCUNY Medgar Evers      
11.FrMiriam Bussey15.29aCUNY Medgar Evers      
12.JrTheresa Martinez15.31aCUNY Lehman      
13.FrSarai Garcia15.59aCUNY City Tech      
14.SoBarbara Richards17.17aCUNY City Tech      
15.FrLorena Gomez17.61aCUNY City Tech      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoKadisha Wickham25.58aCUNY York      
2.SrJillene Sennon25.79aCUNY Lehman      
3.FrDenecia Gardiner26.77aCUNY York      
4.JrWendella Rankin26.78aCUNY York      
5.FrStephanie Ravello27.29aCity College of NY      
6.SoDiane Joseph27.45aKingsborough      
7.SrAllana Wilson27.81aCUNY York      
8.FrTia Gardner30.21aKingsborough      
9.FrMonae Mingoes31.14aCUNY Queensborough      
10.SoSharm JN Pierre32.00aCUNY City Tech      
11.JrTheresa Martinez32.05aCUNY Lehman      
12.FrAnoelle Tanis33.77aCUNY City Tech      
13.JrDally Perez37.61aCUNY Lehman      
14.SoChristine Jackson38.01aCUNY City Tech      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrAlexandra Nkrumah58.67aCUNY York      
2.FrPaula Richardson59.16aCUNY Medgar Evers      
3.FrNancy Olisma1:01.84aCUNY Hunter      
4.FrLatiffa Dobbins1:02.38aCUNY Queensborough      
5.SoKadisha Wickham1:02.99aCUNY York      
6.SrAllana Wilson1:03.57aCUNY York      
7.FrStephanie Ravello1:03.69aCity College of NY      
8.FrRoshell Ross1:04.04aCUNY Medgar Evers      
9.SoDiane Joseph1:04.31aKingsborough      
9.SoD'Jaunae Lewis-Stephenson1:04.31aCUNY Medgar Evers      
11.JrWendella Rankin1:04.91aCUNY York      
12.FrTia Gardner1:06.89aKingsborough      
13.-J Moore1:11.18aCity College of NY      
14.FrNatarah Simpson-Lewis1:15.86aCUNY City Tech      
--JrSimonie MooreDNFCUNY Lehman      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrDorothy Jean-Pierre2:22.89aCUNY Lehman      
2.FrGerale Middleton2:28.41aCUNY Queensborough      
3.SrAlexandra Nkrumah2:32.36aCUNY York      
4.SoMichaelle Garcon2:33.21aCUNY Lehman      
5.FrZenia George2:34.47aKingsborough      
6.FrBeatrice Bonhomme2:36.64aCUNY Medgar Evers      
7.SoAlexis Schloss2:39.37aCUNY York      
8.SoAntoinette Smile2:42.54aCUNY York      
9.SrTaneisha Renaud2:44.55aCUNY York      
10.-J Moore2:46.45aCity College of NY      
11.FrNatoya Broomfield2:46.97aCUNY Hunter      
12.FrGabrielle Dixon2:49.15aCity College of NY      
13.FrLizzy Mahoney2:50.35aCUNY Hunter      
14.FrZuleyka Polanco2:51.82aCity College of NY      
15.FrStephanie Ravello2:55.93aCity College of NY      
16.FrLuisa Garcia2:56.84aCUNY Lehman      
17.FrCaroline Chung3:00.25aCUNY Lehman      
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrDorothy Jean-Pierre5:08.35aCUNY Lehman      
2.SoMichaelle Garcon5:11.89aCUNY Lehman      
3.FrGerale Middleton5:24.36aCUNY Queensborough      
4.FrLizzy Mahoney5:29.57aCUNY Hunter      
5.FrJacklyn Henderson5:29.96aCUNY Hunter      
6.-J Moore5:33.85aCity College of NY      
7.SrTaneisha Renaud5:35.02aCUNY York      
8.FrGabrielle Dixon5:36.00aCity College of NY      
9.SoFiona Brown5:41.65aCUNY York      
10.FrLuisa Garcia5:54.85aCUNY Lehman      
11.FrCaroline Chung5:57.08aCUNY Lehman      
12.FrZuleyka Polanco6:00.27aCity College of NY      
13.FrAndrea Techera6:05.35aCUNY Queensborough      
X 5000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoMichaelle Garcon21:09.18aCUNY Lehman      
2.FrJacklyn Henderson22:00.91aCUNY Hunter      
3.FrJennifer Arozemeda22:11.04aCUNY Hunter      
4.SrTaneisha Renaud22:19.72aCUNY York      
5.SoFiona Brown23:00.43aCUNY York      
6.FrMichelle Munevar23:12.83aCUNY Hunter      
7.FrLuisa Garcia24:14.17aCUNY Lehman      
8.FrShante Richardson26:10.88aCUNY Lehman      
9.FrZuleyka Polanco26:10.93aCity College of NY      
X 10,000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrJennifer Arozemeda43:11.70aCUNY Hunter      
2.SrTaneisha Renaud46:10.66aCUNY York      
3.FrJohanna Keilwitz49:02.02aCUNY Hunter      
4.JrLisa Lamanna51:13.42aCUNY Staten Island      
5.SoAlexis Schloss55:13.21aCUNY York      
--FrMichelle MunevarDNFCUNY Hunter      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.SrAlexandra Nkrumah15.62aCUNY York      
2.JrLissette Robertson17.71aCUNY Medgar Evers      
3.SoLaverne Hardy18.09aCUNY Queensborough      
4.SoMehida Alexandre18.10aCUNY Hunter      
5.SoKemilla John20.04aCUNY York      
6.SoAyanna Osson20.60aCUNY York      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.SrAlexandra Nkrumah16.03aCUNY York      
2.SoAyanna Osson16.24aCUNY York      
3.SoLaverne Hardy17.59aCUNY Queensborough      
4.SoMehida Alexandre18.32aCUNY Hunter      
5.JrLissette Robertson19.76aCUNY Medgar Evers      
6.SoKemilla John23.71aCUNY York      
X 400m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.FrChristine Neptune1:10.68aCUNY Lehman      
2.FrNancy Olisma1:13.07aCUNY Hunter      
3.SoMehida Alexandre1:15.48aCUNY Hunter      
4.SoAlexis Schloss1:16.79aCUNY York      
5.FrLisa Kurner1:17.10aCUNY Queensborough      
6.SrAlexandra Nkrumah2:36.40aCUNY York      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Denecia Gardiner
Wendella Rankin
Allana Wilson
Kadisha Wickham
49.92aCUNY York      
2.-Gabrielle Charles
Paula Richardson
D'Jaunae Lewis-Stephenson
Roshell Ross
50.64aCUNY Medgar Evers      
3.-Dorothy Jean-Pierre
Jillene Sennon
Mobria Small
Theresa Martinez
51.54aCUNY Lehman      
4.-Sadika Francis
Gerale Middleton
Laverne Hardy
Lisa Kurner
51.81aCUNY Queensborough      
5.-Tervana Harford
Lissette Robertson
Navia Nelson
Dominique Jerome
54.60aCUNY Medgar Evers      
---Trisha Townsend
Barbara Erdei
Stephanie Reyes
Heidi Rim
DQCUNY Hunter      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Alexandra Nkrumah
Kadisha Wickham
Wendella Rankin
Allana Wilson
4:07.14aCUNY York      
2.-D'Jaunae Lewis-Stephenson
Navia Nelson
Paula Richardson
Tervana Harford
4:07.60aCUNY Medgar Evers      
3.-Jillene Sennon
Simonie Moore
Christine Neptune
Dorothy Jean-Pierre
4:07.77aCUNY Lehman      
4.-Gerale Middleton
Latiffa Dobbins
Lisa Kurner
Monae Mingoes
4:26.98aCUNY Queensborough      
5.-Trisha Townsend
Stephanie Reyes
Aimee Salazar
Natoya Bromfield
5:12.93aCUNY Hunter      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.FrNatasha Hill10.17mBronx      
2.FrNancy Olisma9.51mCUNY Hunter      
3.FrSadika Francis8.85mCUNY Queensborough      
4.SrNicole Bailey8.75mCity College of NY      
5.SrJanina Browne8.61mCUNY Lehman      
6.FrDominique Jerome8.49mCUNY Medgar Evers      
7.FrCrystal Chery8.04mKingsborough      
8.FrBarbara Erdei7.43mCUNY Hunter      
9.JrSimonie Moore7.42mCUNY Lehman      
10.JrShanoy Francis7.02mCUNY Lehman      
11.FrHeidi Rim6.90mCUNY Hunter      
12.-Annabel Michel5.78mCUNY Medgar Evers      
13.SoKristy Garcia5.32mCUNY City Tech      
14.FrAndreina Douglas4.91mCUNY York      
15.SoLyne Joseph4.73mCUNY City Tech      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.FrSadika Francis31.69mCUNY Queensborough      
2.FrNatasha Hill28.87mBronx      
3.JrRhoda Ocansey26.15mCity College of NY      
4.FrHeidi Rim22.69mCUNY Hunter      
5.SrJanina Browne21.13mCUNY Lehman      
6.FrCrystal Chery20.59mKingsborough      
7.FrNancy Olisma20.39mCUNY Hunter      
8.FrBarbara Erdei17.12mCUNY Hunter      
9.SrNicole Bailey15.92mCity College of NY      
10.FrJohanna Keilwitz15.76mCUNY Hunter      
11.FrAndreina Douglas12.36mCUNY York      
12.FrMay Poh Li12.09mCUNY Lehman      
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.JrRhoda Ocansey28.64mCity College of NY      
2.-Chiquiata Greene28.19mCUNY York      
3.FrRynae Rasley27.44mCity College of NY      
4.FrNatasha Hill22.48mBronx      
5.FrLisa Kurner22.25mCUNY Queensborough      
6.FrSadika Francis22.12mCUNY Queensborough      
7.SrAllana Wilson21.99mCUNY York      
8.SrNicole Bailey19.96mCity College of NY      
9.FrChristine Neptune17.78mCUNY Lehman      
10.FrDominique Jerome16.84mCUNY Medgar Evers      
11.FrAndreina Douglas15.73mCUNY York      
12.FrCrystal Chery15.15mKingsborough      
13.FrAyana Cinque14.98mCUNY City Tech      
14.JrShanoy Francis14.02mCUNY Lehman      
15.FrHeidi Rim13.08mCUNY Hunter      
16.FrBarbara Erdei12.61mCUNY Hunter      
---Faith WolfeFOULCUNY City Tech      
--FrOlayinka SarayiFOULCUNY City Tech      
--FrNancy OlismaFOULCUNY Hunter      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrAlexandra Nkrumah1.46mCUNY York      
2.FrMelanie Boyce1.45mCUNY Hunter      
3.SoKemilla John1.35mCUNY York      
4.JrLissette Robertson1.30mCUNY Medgar Evers      
--FrRynae RasleyNHCity College of NY      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrAlexandra Nkrumah5.05mCUNY York      
2.JrSimonie Moore5.00mCUNY Lehman      
3.JrShanoy Francis4.72mCUNY Lehman      
4.FrMelanie Boyce4.66mCUNY Hunter      
5.JrLissette Robertson4.47mCUNY Medgar Evers      
6.SoLaverne Hardy4.41mCUNY Queensborough      
7.SrJanina Browne4.37mCUNY Lehman      
8.FrDenecia Gardiner4.20mCUNY York      
9.JrCharlene Bailey4.12mCity College of NY      
10.JrWendella Rankin3.97mCUNY York      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrAlexandra Nkrumah10.82mCUNY York      
2.FrMelanie Boyce10.13mCUNY Hunter      
3.SoAntoinette Smile10.10mCUNY York      
4.SoLaverne Hardy9.93mCUNY Queensborough      
5.JrShanoy Francis9.57mCUNY Lehman      
6.JrWendella Rankin9.32mCUNY York      
X Hammer - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.SrJanina Browne36.82mCUNY Lehman      
2.FrNancy Olisma24.55mCUNY Hunter      
3.SrNicole Bailey24.16mCity College of NY      
4.FrAndreina Douglas20.96mCUNY York      
5.FrHeidi Rim19.23mCUNY Hunter      
6.FrBarbara Erdei15.55mCUNY Hunter      
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