WCU Invitational

Friday, April 16, 2010
  Western Carolina, Cullowhee - Map
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Georgia - NCAA
NGCUNorth Georgia C & State U
Kentucky - NAIA
UnKYUnion (KY)
North Carolina - NAIA
North Carolina - NCAA
MaHiMars Hill
WeCaWestern Carolina
South Carolina - NCAA
Tennessee - NAIA
Tennessee - NCAA
KiCoKing College
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrArmond Smith10.62aUnion (KY)
2.SrJames Fowler10.70aUnion (KY)
3.JrDominique Young10.84aWestern Carolina
4.JrChristian Bethune10.86aWestern Carolina
5.SoBenny Davis10.90aWestern Carolina
6.FrBrandon Hairston10.99aWestern Carolina
7.FrWillie Bowman11.13aWestern Carolina
9.JrDiverne Ingraham11.54aKing College
10.FrJosh Ball11.58aBryan
11.FrChristian Duguay11.90aNorth Georgia C & St...
12.Andrew Nunnelly12.14aUnattached
13.FrRaul Rodriquez12.16aFurman
14.SrGrayson Elmore13.00aKing College
--SoNathan WadeFSFurman
---Dustin GourdinDNFFurman
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrJames Fowler21.45aUnion (KY)
2.JrChristian Bethune22.07aWestern Carolina
3.SrSantraz Andrews22.12aUnion (KY)
4.SrMarekus Smith22.19aUnion (KY)
5.FrWillie Bowman22.60aWestern Carolina
6.SoEthan Hopkins22.63aNorth Georgia C & St...
7.JrDiverne Ingraham22.79aKing College
8.SrJosh Bradley22.96aBryan
9.FrRaul Rodriquez23.15aFurman
10.FrRoyce McClain23.15aWestern Carolina
11.JrMarcus McClary23.19aWestern Carolina
13.JrLarry McClain24.15aNorth Georgia C & St...
14.FrConnor Halliday24.29aFurman
15.SoMichael Kelly25.06aFurman
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
2.SrSantraz Andrews49.16aUnion (KY)
3.SoMike Ezike49.17aMilligan
4.SrJosh Bradley49.85aBryan
5.FrZarkeed Reeves50.13aMars Hill
6.JrShavar Watson50.65aKing College
7.SrMarekus Smith50.81aUnion (KY)
8.JrRyan Williamson51.15aKing College
9.FrRoyce McClain52.00aWestern Carolina
10.SoRichard Ibeh52.52aKing College
11.JrMarcus McClary52.80aWestern Carolina
12.JrStephon Roach53.08aWestern Carolina
13.JrLarry McClain53.15aNorth Georgia C & St...
14.JrAndrew Gouge56.30aMilligan
15.JrMichael Kaal57.47aMilligan
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrDrew Tucker1:52.16aWestern Carolina
2.SrJosh Bradley1:54.46aBryan
3.SrAaron Wood1:54.94aMilligan
4.FrGarrett West1:55.50aWestern Carolina
5.SoBryson Harper1:56.84aBryan
6.SoDwayne Jordan1:58.56aMilligan
7.FrDavid Smith1:59.27aKing College
8.JrStephen Hammond1:59.33aWestern Carolina
9.JrColby Smith2:00.85aBryan
10.JrDaniel Hamilton2:03.42aKing College
11.Charles Cheney2:04.50aUnattached
12.-Carson Mendez2:04.59aKing College
13.JrGeorge Mccain2:04.93aMars Hill
14.FrJustin Gragg2:05.05aMars Hill
15.SoJustin Humphreys2:05.23aKing College
16.SoCharlie McKinney2:05.53aNorth Georgia C & St...
17.FrNoah Hall2:05.80aMontreat
18.SrJosh Bradley2:07.04aBryan
19.SoTyler Stanley2:08.46aKing College
20.SoNathan Watson2:08.81aMars Hill
21.SoWill Musto2:14.77aMontreat
22.SoMykal Miller2:24.48aKing College
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoBryson Harper4:03.60aBryan
2.FrJason McLeod4:04.48aBryan
3.SoJosey Weaver4:05.70aWestern Carolina
4.FrNolan Clark4:06.40aWestern Carolina
5.FrDrew Thompson4:06.46aBryan
6.JrDaniel Hamilton4:08.17aKing College
7.SoAustin Ellis4:10.66aMilligan
8.JrCharles McGoogan4:11.50aFurman
9.FrWalter Hendrickson4:12.44aMilligan
10.FrEric Blackburn4:13.58aMars Hill
11.SoJustin Humphreys4:14.08aKing College
12.FrWilkerson Given4:14.55aFurman
13.SoCharlie McKinney4:15.16aNorth Georgia C & St...
14.FrJosh Greenfield-Tuttle4:17.21aMars Hill
15.SoBrendon Hawkins4:17.73aMilligan
16.SoJay Miller4:21.97aFurman
17.SoWill Musto4:23.99aMontreat
18.FrWinston Rheinbolt4:34.63aMontreat
19.SoCameron Witherspoon4:36.79aMars Hill
20.SoMykal Miller4:36.79aKing College
21.SrBen Crenshaw4:38.51aMars Hill
22.SoJake Grondy4:42.25aMars Hill
--JrChristopher PowellDNFMars Hill
X 5000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrBen Hall15:30.65aMontreat
2.SrWilbourn Kosgei15:32.03aMontreat
3.JrZach Buffington15:40.57aBryan
4.FrNaseem Haje15:43.84aKing College
5.Chase Fisher15:44.53aUnattached
6.SoBryson Harper15:50.12aBryan
7.FrMatt Murphy15:54.52aMilligan
8.FrDrew Thompson15:59.31aBryan
9.FrJason McLeod16:03.94aBryan
10.FrAndrew Dibb16:13.37aKing College
11.Jake Swimmer16:30.32aUnattached
12.Tyler Dunn16:33.50aUnattached
13.SoDaniel Harrell16:47.27aMilligan
14.SrJake Clawson16:54.00aWestern Carolina
15.FrDavid Lawler17:14.60aMilligan
16.SoJared Nielsen17:26.13aMontreat
17.SoSeth Grindstaff17:53.24aMilligan
18.JrCody Carlson18:17.23aNorth Georgia C & St...
--SoRyan PierceDNFKing College
--SoStephen DodsonDNFMilligan
X 10,000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrZach Buffington34:30.0hBryan
2.FrDrew Thompson34:38.1hBryan
3.FrJason McLeod34:42.3hBryan
4.JrHunter Hall35:06.7hBryan
5.JrTeale Marchette35:17.1hNorth Georgia C & St...
6.JrNathan Bordelon36:49.7hMilligan
7.SrJed Wilkerson37:08.0hFurman
8.SoStephen Dodson37:17.5hMilligan
--FrJames WeisherDNFFurman
X 110m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Finals
1.Kendrick Cooper13.88aUnattached
2.SrArmond Smith14.33aUnion (KY)
3.FrCordell Livingston15.17aWestern Carolina
4.JrChristian Bethune15.29aWestern Carolina
5.JrSean Reardon15.87aWestern Carolina
6.JrJamaal Miller16.04aWestern Carolina
7.JrDavid Gift16.11aWestern Carolina
8.SoEthan Hopkins16.22aNorth Georgia C & St...
9.FrJosh Ball16.40aBryan
10.FrLuke Burton16.45aWestern Carolina
11.JrWilliam Barber17.02aMars Hill
12.FrKevin Patton17.94aMilligan
13.FrAlfonso Banks17.97aKing College
14.FrJosh DeBerry18.01aMars Hill
X 400m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.FrCordell Livingston54.18aWestern Carolina
2.JrJestin Jennings54.48aWestern Carolina
3.FrSherman Ragland56.10aMars Hill
4.SrArmond Smith56.18aUnion (KY)
5.FrLuke Burton57.01aWestern Carolina
6.JrJamaal Miller57.88aWestern Carolina
7.FrAlfonso Banks58.59aKing College
8.FrJosh Ball1:00.04aBryan
9.FrKevin Patton1:00.37aMilligan
10.FrTyler Bentley1:02.79aWestern Carolina
11.JrEric Kinman1:10.42aUnion (KY)
--JrSean ReardonDNFWestern Carolina
X 3k Steeplechase - Varsity - Finals
1.JrHunter Hall10:19.02aBryan
2.FrAlex Stephens10:19.34aBryan
3.JrDaniel Dunn10:36.06aMontreat
4.JrEric Kinman10:56.16aUnion (KY)
5.JrColin McEachran10:59.88aUnion (KY)
6.FrBradley Fieldhouse11:25.70aUnion (KY)
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 41.66aWestern Carolina
2.-Relay Team 41.86aWestern Carolina
3.-Relay Team 42.90aKing College
4.Relay Team43.49aNorth Georgia
---Relay Team DNFUnion (KY)
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:11.16aWestern Carolina
2.-Relay Team 3:17.11aUnion (KY)
3.Relay Team3:20.44aCullowhee Track Club
4.-Relay Team 3:22.99aWestern Carolina
5.-Relay Team 3:24.45aMilligan
6.-Relay Team 3:31.65aFurman
7.-Relay Team 3:32.93aMars Hill
8.-Relay Team 3:37.57aWestern Carolina
9.-Relay Team 3:37.68aKing College
10.-Relay Team 3:50.77aMars Hill
---Relay Team DNFKing College
X Shot Put - 16lb - Varsity - Finals
1.JrCale McDaniel51-09.00Western Carolina
2.SrQuincy Marshall48-09.00Western Carolina
3.JrRyan Pless47-01.75Western Carolina
4.Jonathan Newton44-02.75Unattached
5.SoJamie Van Pelt43-02.25Western Carolina
6.SrDerek Nave42-10.25King College
7.SrScotty Barnes41-06.50Union (KY)
8.SrJared Ford41-05.25Union (KY)
9.FrScott Des Marais41-02.25Furman
10.JrAllyn Bursley40-04.75Milligan
11.JrMatt Evans39-10.75Western Carolina
12.-Justin Westerman36-09.50Milligan
13.SoTyler Harris35-09.25North Georgia C & St...
14.SrMarekus Smith29-10.25Union (KY)
--SoTanner PayneFOULMilligan
X Discus - 2kg - Varsity - Finals
1.SoJamie Van Pelt47.32mWestern Carolina
2.SrDerek Nave40.63mKing College
3.JrRyan Pless40.38mWestern Carolina
4.SrRichard Clarke40.06mMars Hill
5.SoTanner Payne38.81mMilligan
6.Travis Riner38.62mUnattached
7.JrCale McDaniel38.30mWestern Carolina
8.FrScott Des Marais37.55mFurman
9.Jonathan Newton37.01mUnattached
10.SoRichard Ibeh35.24mKing College
11.SrWilliam Leighton34.93mNorth Georgia C & St...
12.SoTyler Harris33.92mNorth Georgia C & St...
13.JrAllyn Bursley33.31mMilligan
14.SrScotty Barnes32.29mUnion (KY)
15.JrDavid Gift32.10mWestern Carolina
16.FrLuke Burton28.56mWestern Carolina
17.SrJared Ford27.80mUnion (KY)
18.SrMarekus Smith19.21mUnion (KY)
--SrQuincy MarshallFOULWestern Carolina
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.JrMatt Evans58.67mWestern Carolina
2.SoDarron Dotson55.69mWestern Carolina
3.SrMarekus Smith49.59mUnion (KY)
4.SoWayne Parker48.95mWestern Carolina
5.JrSean Reardon47.20mWestern Carolina
6.SoTanner Payne45.00mMilligan
7.SrScotty Barnes44.42mUnion (KY)
8.SrJed Wilkerson43.92mFurman
9.SrWilliam Leighton42.39mNorth Georgia C & St...
10.SrRichard Clarke41.33mMars Hill
11.FrLuke Burton39.18mWestern Carolina
12.JrDavid Gift38.15mWestern Carolina
13.Travis Riner37.68mUnattached
14.JrRyan Williamson36.40mKing College
15.-Justin Westerman30.75mMilligan
16.FrAndrew Johnston22.49mUnion (KY)
17.SrJared Ford18.60mUnion (KY)
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.JrMatt Evans6-09.50Western Carolina
2.SoStephen Eckenroth6-05.50North Georgia C & St...
3.SrArmond Smith6-01.50Union (KY)
4.SoBrian Toney6-01.50Furman
5.FrQuarderius Clark5-11.50King College
5.JrDavid Gift5-11.50Western Carolina
7.FrChristian White5-11.50Union (KY)
8.FrBilly Parker5-11.50Montreat
9.JrSean Reardon5-05.75Western Carolina
9.FrLuke Burton5-05.75Western Carolina
11.SrMarekus Smith5-05.75Union (KY)
12.JrBryce McGuire5-03.75Bryan
13.FrJosh Ball5-03.75Bryan
14.JrWill Johnson5-01.75Furman
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.SrMichael O'Steen14-09.00Western Carolina
2.JrSean Reardon14-09.00Western Carolina
3.SoWayne Parker13-09.25Western Carolina
5.FrAndrew Johnston13-03.50Union (KY)
6.SrScotty Barnes13-03.50Union (KY)
---Aaron SmithNHKing College
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.FrLawren Willard6.95mWestern Carolina
2.SrAlex Dollard6.90mWestern Carolina
3.Thomas Funderburk6.67mUnattached
4.SoCornelius Williams6.51mWestern Carolina
5.JrSean Reardon6.40mWestern Carolina
6.FrQuarderius Clark6.28mKing College
7.JrShavar Watson6.19mKing College
8.SrMarekus Smith6.07mUnion (KY)
9.FrBilly Parker5.92mMontreat
10.FrLuke Burton5.89mWestern Carolina
11.JrDavid Gift5.78mWestern Carolina
12.SrScotty Barnes5.42mUnion (KY)
12.SrGrayson Elmore5.42mKing College
14.FrJosh Ball5.39mBryan
15.FrChristian White5.31mUnion (KY)
16.JrBryce McGuire5.23mBryan
17.FrNoah Hall5.03mMontreat
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoCornelius Williams14.07mWestern Carolina
2.FrCordell Livingston13.83mWestern Carolina
3.SrAlex Dollard13.82mWestern Carolina
4.FrLawren Willard13.10mWestern Carolina
5.SrMarekus Smith13.04mUnion (KY)
6.JrJestin Jennings12.42mWestern Carolina
7.FrQuarderius Clark11.83mKing College
8.JrBryce McGuire11.76mBryan
9.FrJosh Ball11.27mBryan
--SrScotty BarnesFOULUnion (KY)
X Hammer - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.JrCale McDaniel54.15mWestern Carolina
2.SrQuincy Marshall52.07mWestern Carolina
3.SoJamie Van Pelt51.50mWestern Carolina
4.SoTanner Payne49.91mMilligan
5.SrDerek Nave48.29mKing College
6.JrRyan Pless47.47mWestern Carolina
7.Jonathan Newton38.12mUnattached
8.SrScotty Barnes33.73mUnion (KY)
9.JrAllyn Bursley31.35mMilligan
10.-Justin Westerman30.42mMilligan
11.SrJared Ford26.60mUnion (KY)

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrFelicia Paulding11.99aWestern Carolina
2.JrSherelle Froneberger12.09aWestern Carolina
3.FrValerie Parks12.36aWestern Carolina
4.SoEmma Bowers12.45aWestern Carolina
5.FrLanneka Brewton12.51aKing College
6.FrRaven Parrish12.57aWestern Carolina
7.FrSuzanna Johnson13.09aMilligan
8.-Janae McKinney13.10aWestern Carolina
9.FrMaurisha Griffin13.55aUnion (KY)
10.SrFeiarra Foster13.56aUnion (KY)
11.SoJessica McEntyre13.67aMars Hill
12.FrLaura Perkins13.68aUnion (KY)
13.SrSharisse Sutherland13.87aMars Hill
14.-Chelsea Daughtry14.43aMars Hill
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrSherelle Froneberger24.41aWestern Carolina
2.SoFelisha Garren24.52aWestern Carolina
3.SrAmanda Davis25.03aKing College
4.SoEmma Bowers25.06aWestern Carolina
5.FrLanneka Brewton25.30aKing College
6.FrValerie Parks25.73aWestern Carolina
7.JrCarlyn Wright26.30aWestern Carolina
8.FrYolanda Migoyo26.36aMilligan
9.FrJill Hooker26.68aKing College
10.SrKierra Holmes26.73aUnion (KY)
11.FrSuzanna Johnson26.78aMilligan
12.-Janae McKinney27.06aWestern Carolina
13.SoJessica McEntyre27.80aMars Hill
14.FrMaurisha Griffin28.33aUnion (KY)
15.SrFeiarra Foster28.97aUnion (KY)
16.-Chelsea Daughtry29.15aMars Hill
17.SrSharisse Sutherland29.47aMars Hill
18.FrAli Smith30.58aNorth Georgia C & St...
--SrNathelie ZetrenneDNFUnion (KY)
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrJanet Carothers55.59aWestern Carolina
2.JrShalyn McMichael56.51aWestern Carolina
3.SrAmanda Davis56.58aKing College
4.SoHannah Bowers58.22aWestern Carolina
5.SrKierra Holmes1:01.81aUnion (KY)
6.FrAshley Ruth1:05.04aKing College
7.SrNathelie Zetrenne1:06.36aUnion (KY)
8.FrAli Smith1:07.39aNorth Georgia C & St...
9.FrLauren Turner1:07.50aNorth Georgia C & St...
10.SrCierra Brown1:07.88aUnion (KY)
11.FrRachel Wingard1:08.30aKing College
12.SrMellissa Holloway1:09.20aMars Hill
13.JrTabitha Kielhack1:12.48aMars Hill
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrMorgan Turner2:19.14aWestern Carolina
2.FrCassie Adamson2:23.39aMars Hill
3.SrShanna Raines2:24.22aMilligan
4.FrHeather Exline2:24.33aMilligan
5.FrDanielle Beauvais2:25.88aKing College
6.SoDanielle Alfano2:26.09aKing College
7.FrAlyssia Lindsay2:26.22aBryan
8.FrAraminta Tyra2:29.16aUnion (KY)
9.FrChristelle Vereb2:32.20aWestern Carolina
10.SoKathryn Vance2:32.45aNorth Georgia C & St...
11.Alyse Childress2:37.99aUnattached
12.FrLacey Bradley2:41.25aMars Hill
13.-Kim Hibbett2:41.53aMontreat
14.FrKathryn Barnett2:42.63aNorth Georgia C & St...
15.SrMellissa Holloway2:45.32aMars Hill
16.JrTaylor Jaye Hansen2:45.82aNorth Georgia C & St...
17.FrSamantha Silvers2:47.81aNorth Georgia C & St...
18.JrLaurel Sitze2:50.82aMars Hill
19.JrElyse Gildernew2:55.52aMontreat
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrJordan Gaddy4:46.89aWestern Carolina
2.FrHeather Exline4:51.71aMilligan
3.SoDanielle Alfano4:51.79aKing College
4.SrShanna Raines4:54.91aMilligan
5.Michelle Ziegler4:56.94aUnattached
6.FrDanielle Beauvais4:57.91aKing College
7.SrLindsay Groce4:58.44aWestern Carolina
8.FrAlyssia Lindsay5:03.26aBryan
9.SoOlivia Jacobs5:07.33aWestern Carolina
10.SoKathryn Vance5:22.05aNorth Georgia C & St...
11.FrRachael Rogers5:26.21aMars Hill
12.FrKathryn Barnett5:34.31aNorth Georgia C & St...
13.FrSamantha Silvers5:42.49aNorth Georgia C & St...
14.-Kim Hibbett5:55.14aMontreat
15.JrElyse Gildernew6:02.90aMontreat
X 5000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrCarrie Nelson19:09.48aKing College
2.FrLeah Nelson19:18.72aMilligan
3.Mara Smith19:45.51aUnattached
4.FrDanielle Mitchell19:57.35aMilligan
5.FrHannah Witt20:01.19aKing College
6.SoAllie Stollings20:38.48aKing College
7.Heidi Hooker20:53.53aUnattached
8.SrCandace Chumley21:13.91aNorth Georgia C & St...
9.FrNatalia Rivas21:23.09aMilligan
10.JrHannah Moore22:00.75aMars Hill
11.JrCorey McIntyre23:06.13aNorth Georgia C & St...
--FrLauren HubbardDNFMilligan
--SoLindsay MizokDNFMontreat
--FrCatie McMahonDNFMilligan
--SoJaney RobinsonDNFMilligan
X 10,000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoEricka Simpson42:08.9hBryan
2.SoGillian Giffen43:48.2hMilligan
3.SoJaney Robinson43:54.6hMilligan
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.SoNicole Okolo14.20aWestern Carolina
2.JrCarlyn Wright14.86aWestern Carolina
3.SoTori Jones15.42aWestern Carolina
4.SrNathelie Zetrenne16.56aUnion (KY)
5.-Saquita Barino16.89aWestern Carolina
6.SoGinny Smith18.56aMars Hill
7.SoMeredith Mercer18.67aMars Hill
8.FrVictoria Wingler19.09aMars Hill
9.FrCallie Todt19.34aKing College
10.JrKaci Foster20.17aKing College
X 400m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.SrBrittany Simmons1:04.00aKing College
2.JrMorgan Joseph1:04.33aWestern Carolina
3.JrTierra Johnson1:04.70aWestern Carolina
4.SoTori Jones1:07.75aWestern Carolina
5.FrTsanni Collier1:11.44aWestern Carolina
6.SoLindsay Oltmann1:12.92aMilligan
7.SrNathelie Zetrenne1:14.66aUnion (KY)
8.-Saquita Barino1:17.36aWestern Carolina
9.JrKaci Foster1:23.29aKing College
10.FrCassy Kost1:25.07aUnion (KY)
X 3k Steeplechase - Varsity - Finals
1.FrAdrian Cooke12:25.61aWestern Carolina
2.FrLeslie Raymond12:29.63aWestern Carolina
3.FrCassy Kost13:33.08aUnion (KY)
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 46.02aWestern Carolina
2.-Relay Team 47.99aWestern Carolina
3.-Relay Team 48.27aWestern Carolina
4.-Relay Team 48.83aKing College
5.-Relay Team 50.95aUnion (KY)
6.Relay Team56.72aNorth Georgia
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:53.53aWestern Carolina
2.-Relay Team 3:58.12aKing College
3.-Relay Team 4:17.78aWestern Carolina
4.-Relay Team 4:21.85aKing College
5.Relay Team4:25.22aNorth Georgia
6.-Relay Team 4:26.96aWestern Carolina
7.-Relay Team 4:34.78aMars Hill
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.JrZakiyyah Stewart42-06.75Western Carolina
2.SoDeirdra Morrison41-11.50Western Carolina
3.FrAshtan Hibar39-00.25King College
4.FrElise King36-01.25Milligan
5.FrJocelyn Rice35-07.75Western Carolina
6.JrChelsea Leavell35-05.75Milligan
7.JrCarlyn Wright32-05.00Western Carolina
8.SrKristie Hurlston30-09.25King College
9.SrFeiarra Foster30-07.00Union (KY)
10.SoRachel Underwood29-05.50Union (KY)
11.FrLaura Perkins27-08.25Union (KY)
12.FrCallie Todt26-09.25King College
13.FrMaurisha Griffin20-11.25Union (KY)
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.JrZakiyyah Stewart40.13mWestern Carolina
2.FrJocelyn Rice39.04mWestern Carolina
3.JrChelsea Leavell38.17mMilligan
4.SoCourtney Cantrell35.73mNorth Georgia C & St...
5.SrTara Tounzen33.82mWestern Carolina
6.FrAshtan Hibar32.79mKing College
7.SoDeirdra Morrison32.74mWestern Carolina
8.FrElise King28.58mMilligan
9.SoRachel Underwood22.75mUnion (KY)
10.FrAraminta Tyra18.98mUnion (KY)
11.SrFeiarra Foster14.23mUnion (KY)
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.SoSummer Hughes37.66mWestern Carolina
2.SrAnna Waldburt36.91mKing College
3.SrTara Tounzen34.95mWestern Carolina
4.JrChelsea Leavell32.44mMilligan
5.JrZakiyyah Stewart24.69mWestern Carolina
6.SoRachel Underwood24.09mUnion (KY)
7.FrJocelyn Rice22.55mWestern Carolina
8.JrCarlyn Wright15.89mWestern Carolina
9.SrCierra Brown12.42mUnion (KY)
10.FrAraminta Tyra11.64mUnion (KY)
11.FrCassy Kost11.62mUnion (KY)
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.JrJanet Carothers5-03.00Western Carolina
2.SoGinny Smith4-11.00Mars Hill
3.FrAraminta Tyra4-09.00Union (KY)
3.JrKaci Foster4-09.00King College
--FrLaura PerkinsNHUnion (KY)
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.JrKassie McKie10-11.75Western Carolina
2.FrAshley Wala10-11.75Western Carolina
3.SoSummer Hughes10-06.00Western Carolina
4.SrAnna Waldburt9-06.25King College
5.JrAnnie James9-00.25North Georgia C & St...
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.FrRaven Parrish5.24mWestern Carolina
2.FrBrittany Powell5.11mWestern Carolina
3.FrLanneka Brewton5.07mKing College
4.JrTiana Jones5.02mWestern Carolina
5.FrLaura Perkins4.81mUnion (KY)
6.SrFeiarra Foster4.72mUnion (KY)
7.FrKiana Hagler4.61mKing College
8.SrNathelie Zetrenne4.45mUnion (KY)
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.FrBrittany Powell11.16mWestern Carolina
2.FrKiana Hagler10.67mKing College
3.FrLaura Perkins10.58mUnion (KY)
4.FrMaurisha Griffin8.80mUnion (KY)
--SoNicole OkoloFOULWestern Carolina
X Hammer - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.JrZakiyyah Stewart50.53mWestern Carolina
2.SoDeirdra Morrison45.06mWestern Carolina
3.SrTara Tounzen43.04mWestern Carolina
4.SrKristie Hurlston39.88mKing College
5.JrChelsea Leavell39.66mMilligan
6.FrJocelyn Rice38.73mWestern Carolina
7.SoSummer Hughes24.83mWestern Carolina
8.SoRachel Underwood13.16mUnion (KY)
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