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Mt. Hood Multi Meet

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Idaho - NAIA
College of Idaho
Oregon - JC
Mt Hood
Washington - JC
Clark College
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Decathlon - Finals
1.SoChris Zeller11.34aMt Hood
2.-Jguwon Hogges11.50aOregon Tech
3.SoZach Young11.65aMt Hood
4.SrAlex Waroff11.68aSouthern Oregon Univ...
5.SrBryant Sentman11.83aOregon Tech
6.FrJosh Wilson11.91aSouthern Oregon Univ...
7.FrRobert Hanke11.92aMt Hood
8.FrAustin Basterrechea11.98aCollege of Idaho
9.FrJoel Phillips12.05aOregon Tech
11.SrMicah Johnson12.32aOregon Tech
12.FrTyson Bennett12.35aClark College
13.FrMichael Oman12.46aClark College
14.JrKevin Ellingson12.62aOregon Tech
15.FrTyler Park13.00aOregon Tech
16.John Hlavacs13.75aBAC
17.Mark Murdock13.96aTeam Idaho
X 400 Meters - Decathlon - Finals
1.SoChris Zeller49.74aMt Hood
2.SrAlex Waroff50.30aSouthern Oregon Univ...
3.SoZach Young50.63aMt Hood
4.FrAustin Basterrechea51.10aCollege of Idaho
5.FrRobert Hanke51.99aMt Hood
6.SrBryant Sentman53.82aOregon Tech
7.FrJosh Wilson54.10aSouthern Oregon Univ...
8.SrMicah Johnson55.05aOregon Tech
9.FrTyler Park56.78aOregon Tech
10.FrJoel Phillips57.03aOregon Tech
11.FrMichael Oman57.40aClark College
12.FrTyson Bennett57.51aClark College
13.JrKevin Ellingson59.88aOregon Tech
14.John Hlavacs1:02.74aBAC
15.Mark Murdock1:04.62aTeam Idaho
16.-Jguwon Hogges1:14.13aOregon Tech
X 1500 Meters - Decathlon - Finals
1.FrAustin Basterrechea4:36.03aCollege of Idaho
2.SrAlex Waroff4:39.12aSouthern Oregon Univ...
3.FrRobert Hanke4:41.85aMt Hood
4.SrMicah Johnson4:45.57aOregon Tech
5.FrTyler Park4:46.93aOregon Tech
6.SoZach Young4:47.89aMt Hood
7.SrBryant Sentman4:48.88aOregon Tech
8.FrJosh Wilson4:52.05aSouthern Oregon Univ...
9.SoChris Zeller4:52.13aMt Hood
10.John Hlavacs5:00.67aBAC
11.FrMichael Oman5:10.92aClark College
12.Mark Murdock5:12.17aTeam Idaho
13.FrTyson Bennett5:27.75aClark College
14.JrKevin Ellingson5:34.71aOregon Tech
15.FrJoel Phillips5:43.45aOregon Tech
-Jguwon HoggesNTOregon Tech
X 110m Hurdles - 42" - Decathlon - Finals
1.SrAlex Waroff16.01aSouthern Oregon Univ...
2.SrBryant Sentman16.06aOregon Tech
3.SoZach Young16.12aMt Hood
4.SoChris Zeller17.02aMt Hood
5.FrJosh Wilson17.03aSouthern Oregon Univ...
6.FrAustin Basterrechea17.07aCollege of Idaho
7.FrJoel Phillips17.46aOregon Tech
8.FrRobert Hanke17.60aMt Hood
9.FrTyson Bennett17.75aClark College
10.FrMichael Oman17.95aClark College
11.JrKevin Ellingson18.63aOregon Tech
11.FrTyler Park18.63aOregon Tech
13.SrMicah Johnson19.06aOregon Tech
14.Mark Murdock20.09aTeam Idaho
15.John Hlavacs20.35aBAC
-Jguwon HoggesNTOregon Tech
X Shot Put - 16lb - Decathlon - Finals
1.SrBryant Sentman11.79mOregon Tech
2.SrAlex Waroff10.84mSouthern Oregon Univ...
3.FrAustin Basterrechea10.78mCollege of Idaho
4.Mark Murdock10.37mTeam Idaho
5.SoChris Zeller9.89mMt Hood
6.-Jguwon Hogges9.53mOregon Tech
7.FrJoel Phillips9.37mOregon Tech
8.FrJosh Wilson9.35mSouthern Oregon Univ...
9.FrTyson Bennett9.29mClark College
10.FrRobert Hanke9.03mMt Hood
11.FrMichael Oman9.00mClark College
12.SrMicah Johnson8.84mOregon Tech
13.JrKevin Ellingson7.58mOregon Tech
14.John Hlavacs7.49mBAC
15.FrTyler Park6.76mOregon Tech
16.SoZach Young6.60mMt Hood
X Discus - 2kg - Decathlon - Finals
1.SrBryant Sentman42.87mOregon Tech
2.SrAlex Waroff37.60mSouthern Oregon Univ...
3.Mark Murdock35.14mTeam Idaho
4.FrAustin Basterrechea29.60mCollege of Idaho
5.FrMichael Oman27.62mClark College
5.FrJoel Phillips27.62mOregon Tech
7.FrTyson Bennett27.50mClark College
8.SrMicah Johnson26.60mOregon Tech
9.SoChris Zeller24.81mMt Hood
10.FrJosh Wilson22.82mSouthern Oregon Univ...
11.John Hlavacs20.62mBAC
12.JrKevin Ellingson19.90mOregon Tech
13.FrRobert Hanke17.69mMt Hood
14.SoZach Young17.49mMt Hood
15.FrTyler Park15.98mOregon Tech
-Jguwon HoggesNDOregon Tech
X Javelin - 800g - Decathlon - Finals
1.SrBryant Sentman63.60mOregon Tech
2.SrAlex Waroff52.90mSouthern Oregon Univ...
3.Mark Murdock42.70mTeam Idaho
4.FrTyson Bennett41.23mClark College
5.SoChris Zeller38.41mMt Hood
6.FrJoel Phillips36.68mOregon Tech
7.SrMicah Johnson36.20mOregon Tech
8.FrAustin Basterrechea36.17mCollege of Idaho
9.SoZach Young33.77mMt Hood
10.John Hlavacs31.77mBAC
11.FrTyler Park30.93mOregon Tech
12.JrKevin Ellingson30.91mOregon Tech
13.FrMichael Oman28.19mClark College
14.FrRobert Hanke27.54mMt Hood
-Jguwon HoggesNDOregon Tech
FrJosh WilsonNDSouthern Oregon Univ...
X High Jump - Decathlon - Finals
1.SrBryant Sentman1.98mOregon Tech
2.-Jguwon Hogges1.92mOregon Tech
3.FrAustin Basterrechea1.89mCollege of Idaho
3.FrTyson Bennett1.89mClark College
5.SrAlex Waroff1.77mSouthern Oregon Univ...
6.FrJosh Wilson1.74mSouthern Oregon Univ...
7.FrJoel Phillips1.71mOregon Tech
8.SrMicah Johnson1.62mOregon Tech
8.SoChris Zeller1.62mMt Hood
8.FrMichael Oman1.62mClark College
11.SoZach Young1.59mMt Hood
12.FrRobert Hanke1.53mMt Hood
13.John Hlavacs1.47mBAC
14.JrKevin Ellingson1.44mOregon Tech
15.FrTyler Park1.38mOregon Tech
16.Mark Murdock1.32mTeam Idaho
X Pole Vault - Decathlon - Finals
1.SrMicah Johnson4.15mOregon Tech
1.JrKevin Ellingson4.15mOregon Tech
1.SrBryant Sentman4.15mOregon Tech
4.SrAlex Waroff4.05mSouthern Oregon Univ...
5.SoChris Zeller3.75mMt Hood
6.FrAustin Basterrechea3.65mCollege of Idaho
7.FrTyler Park3.35mOregon Tech
7.FrTyson Bennett3.35mClark College
9.FrMichael Oman3.15mClark College
10.Mark Murdock3.05mTeam Idaho
11.SoZach Young2.95mMt Hood
12.FrJosh Wilson2.85mSouthern Oregon Univ...
13.FrRobert Hanke2.75mMt Hood
13.FrJoel Phillips2.75mOregon Tech
15.John Hlavacs2.55mBAC
-Jguwon HoggesNHOregon Tech
X Long Jump - Decathlon - Finals
1.FrAustin Basterrechea6.38mCollege of Idaho
2.SrAlex Waroff6.36mSouthern Oregon Univ...
3.SrBryant Sentman6.19mOregon Tech
5.SoZach Young6.16mMt Hood
6.FrJoel Phillips5.98mOregon Tech
6.-Jguwon Hogges5.98mOregon Tech
8.JrKevin Ellingson5.89mOregon Tech
9.FrTyson Bennett5.83mClark College
10.SrMicah Johnson5.80mOregon Tech
11.SoChris Zeller5.71mMt Hood
12.FrRobert Hanke5.57mMt Hood
13.John Hlavacs5.14mBAC
14.FrTyler Park5.02mOregon Tech
14.FrMichael Oman5.02mClark College
16.FrJosh Wilson4.56mSouthern Oregon Univ...
17.Mark Murdock4.24mTeam Idaho
X Decathlon Score - Decathlon - Finals
1.SrBryant Sentman6864Oregon Tech
2.SrAlex Waroff6617Southern Oregon Univ...
3.FrAustin Basterrechea6017College of Idaho
4.SoChris Zeller5656Mt Hood
5.SrMicah Johnson5143Oregon Tech
6.SoZach Young5142Mt Hood
7.FrTyson Bennett5063Clark College
8.FrJoel Phillips4766Oregon Tech
9.FrRobert Hanke4751Mt Hood
10.FrJosh Wilson4502Southern Oregon Univ...
11.FrMichael Oman4473Clark College
12.JrKevin Ellingson4282Oregon Tech
13.FrTyler Park4035Oregon Tech
14.Mark Murdock3854Team Idaho
15.John Hlavacs3524BAC
16.-Jguwon Hogges2587Oregon Tech

Womens Results

X 200 Meters - Heptathlon - Finals
1.FrWhitney Swenson27.11aMt Hood
2.SoHailey Bull27.46aCollege of Idaho
3.FrMariah Villa27.59aClackamas
4.FrTerra Zodrow27.72aMt Hood
5.FrBreanna Burns28.19aOregon Tech
6.JrTracy Filley29.27aOregon Tech
7.-Bri Williams29.61aCollege of Idaho
8.SoSharon Johnson30.18aOregon Tech
X 800 Meters - Heptathlon - Finals
1.FrTerra Zodrow2:40.31aMt Hood
2.FrBreanna Burns2:41.87aOregon Tech
3.FrMariah Villa2:42.47aClackamas
4.SoSharon Johnson2:43.89aOregon Tech
5.SoHailey Bull2:44.20aCollege of Idaho
6.-Bri Williams2:52.88aCollege of Idaho
JrTracy FilleyNTOregon Tech
FrWhitney SwensonNTMt Hood
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Heptathlon - Finals
1.FrTerra Zodrow16.59aMt Hood
2.FrMariah Villa16.69aClackamas
3.FrWhitney Swenson16.86aMt Hood
4.JrTracy Filley18.25aOregon Tech
5.SoSharon Johnson19.23aOregon Tech
6.SoHailey Bull19.40aCollege of Idaho
7.FrBreanna Burns20.28aOregon Tech
8.-Bri Williams23.12aCollege of Idaho
X Shot Put - 4kg - Heptathlon - Finals
1.JrTracy Filley10.61mOregon Tech
2.FrBreanna Burns9.69mOregon Tech
3.FrWhitney Swenson9.62mMt Hood
4.FrMariah Villa8.62mClackamas
5.SoSharon Johnson8.39mOregon Tech
6.-Bri Williams7.94mCollege of Idaho
6.SoHailey Bull7.94mCollege of Idaho
8.FrTerra Zodrow7.34mMt Hood
X Javelin - 600g - Heptathlon - Finals
1.SoSharon Johnson32.73mOregon Tech
2.JrTracy Filley31.20mOregon Tech
3.FrBreanna Burns29.28mOregon Tech
4.SoHailey Bull24.10mCollege of Idaho
5.FrMariah Villa22.42mClackamas
6.FrTerra Zodrow19.50mMt Hood
7.-Bri Williams16.24mCollege of Idaho
FrWhitney SwensonNDMt Hood
X High Jump - Heptathlon - Finals
1.JrTracy Filley1.55mOregon Tech
2.SoHailey Bull1.43mCollege of Idaho
3.FrMariah Villa1.40mClackamas
4.FrWhitney Swenson1.37mMt Hood
5.FrBreanna Burns1.34mOregon Tech
5.FrTerra Zodrow1.34mMt Hood
7.SoSharon Johnson1.31mOregon Tech
-Bri WilliamsNHCollege of Idaho
X Long Jump - Heptathlon - Finals
1.FrTerra Zodrow5.10mMt Hood
2.SoHailey Bull4.93mCollege of Idaho
3.FrMariah Villa4.79mClackamas
4.FrBreanna Burns4.29mOregon Tech
4.JrTracy Filley4.29mOregon Tech
6.SoSharon Johnson3.71mOregon Tech
7.-Bri Williams3.70mCollege of Idaho
FrWhitney SwensonNDMt Hood
X Heptathlon Score - Heptathlon - Finals
1.FrMariah Villa3630Clackamas
2.FrTerra Zodrow3539Mt Hood
3.SoHailey Bull3398College of Idaho
4.FrBreanna Burns3244Oregon Tech
5.JrTracy Filley3119Oregon Tech
6.SoSharon Johnson2984Oregon Tech
7.FrWhitney Swenson2301Mt Hood
8.-Bri Williams1895College of Idaho
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