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SCL/Sunset League Special District Meet

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Gail Field, Rogue River

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Joseph Harris11.09aCoquille      
2.12Drew Vickery11.33aGlide      
3.10Walker Adams11.60aGlide      
4.10Ben Mainini11.73aLakeview      
5.12Tyler Stickler11.78aCascade Christian      
6.9Marcus Hardman11.90aBandon      
7.10Calvin Roberts12.02aSt Mary's      
8.10Tony Tong Ou12.18aSt Mary's      
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Joseph Harris10.99aCoquille      
2.12Drew Vickery11.16aGlide      
4.10Ben Mainini11.39aLakeview      
3.12Tyler Stickler11.23Cascade Christian      
5.10Calvin Roberts11.57aSt Mary's      
6.9Marcus Hardman11.64aBandon      
6.10Walker Adams11.64aGlide      
8.10Tony Tong Ou11.81aSt Mary's      
9.10Glenn Alvarez11.83aSt Mary's      
11.9Tristan Dixon12.10aCoquille      
12.10Jesse Mulder12.25aLakeview      
10.12Trenton Sanders12.09Cascade Christian      
13.10Devin Johnson12.46aCoquille      
15.10Andy Valencia12.51aRogue River      
16.9Tom DeBell12.63aGlide      
14.9Andrew Hubbard12.48Cascade Christian      
17.12Anthony Sanchez13.47aMyrtle Point      
11Jason DalySCRRogue River      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Joseph Harris22.62aCoquille      
2.11Harrison Leep22.72aSt Mary's      
3.12Drew Vickery22.93aGlide      
4.10Ben Mainini23.48aLakeview      
5.12Tyler Stickler23.69aCascade Christian      
6.12Josh Muswieck23.81aCascade Christian      
7.11Jordan Peak24.25aCoquille      
8.10Brandon Williams40Cascade Christian      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Joseph Harris22.90aCoquille      
2.12Drew Vickery23.10aGlide      
3.11Harrison Leep23.28aSt Mary's      
4.10Brandon Williams23.55aCascade Christian      
5.12Tyler Stickler23.68aCascade Christian      
6.10Ben Mainini24.20aLakeview      
7.12Josh Muswieck24.28aCascade Christian      
8.11Jordan Peak24.41aCoquille      
9.10Daniel Jerome24.52aGlide      
10.10Calvin Roberts25.08aSt Mary's      
11.11Alec Galpin25.53aSt Mary's      
12.10Andy Valencia25.93aRogue River      
13.11Blake Cavanaugh26.18aLakeview      
14.10Devin Johnson26.49aCoquille      
15.12Jacob Maurer27.46aGlide      
16.12Anthony Sanchez28.85aMyrtle Point      
11Jason DalySCRRogue River      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Harrison Leep50.23aSt Mary's      
2.10Brandon Williams51.04aCascade Christian      
3.11Noah Kotler51.32aSt Mary's      
4.11Ben Taylor53.76aBandon      
5.10Glenn Alvarez54.84aSt Mary's      
6.11Ned Corning55.67aLakeview      
7.10Ismael Iscar56.47aGlide      
8.12Ryan Alcantara56.74aCascade Christian      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Noah Kotler51.60aSt Mary's      
2.11Harrison Leep52.40aSt Mary's      
3.12Ryan Alcantara53.80Cascade Christian      
4.10Brandon Williams53.90Cascade Christian      
5.11Ben Taylor54.10aBandon      
6.10Glenn Alvarez54.60aSt Mary's      
7.11Ned Corning55.70aLakeview      
8.10Ismael Iscar55.80aGlide      
9.11Tyler Sinclair57.70aCoquille      
9.12DJ Clark57.70Cascade Christian      
11.9Mikel Farley58.70aGlide      
12.9Riley Train59.40aMyrtle Point      
13.12Jacob Maurer1:02.80aGlide      
14.9Tanner Flood1:06.20aCoquille      
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
11Harrison Leep50.6St Mary's      
11Noah Kotler51.9St Mary's      
10Glenn Alvarez54.8St Mary's      
9Tracy Salgado54.9St Mary's      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Tracy Salgado2:01.72aSt Mary's      
2.12Judah Andrist2:02.05aBandon      
3.9Zach Blanco2:02.47aRogue River      
4.12Joseph Bruner2:03.31aGlide      
5.11Mat Blanco2:05.47aRogue River      
6.11Tyler Sinclair2:08.28aCoquille      
7.12Ryan Alcantara2:08.49aCascade Christian      
8.10Alex Cummings2:09.82aCascade Christian      
9.9Riley Train2:14.97aMyrtle Point      
10.10Ismael Iscar2:16.09aGlide      
11.10Aaron Hargis2:18.08aLakeview      
12.12Travis Brown2:25.19aRogue River      
13.10Steven Mein2:28.30aCascade Christian      
14.10Zack Oliviera2:31.03aGlide      
15.10Lane Myers2:31.71aMyrtle Point      
16.9Tanner Flood2:32.84aCoquille      
17.10Sam Bauermeister2:43.87aSt Mary's      
18.11Marshall Kinnaird3:00.91aCoquille      
9Conor KeatingSCRSt Mary's      
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Hudson Eustace4:25.51aCascade Christian      
2.12Ryan Alcantara4:26.70aCascade Christian      
3.11Tate Jacobson4:30.14aSt Mary's      
4.11Josh Carpenter4:34.50aMyrtle Point      
5.11Terryn Downhill4:38.02aRogue River      
6.11Evan Little4:38.69aBandon      
7.9Mikel Farley4:45.14aGlide      
8.12Julio Silva4:49.41aSt Mary's      
9.9Chris Martin4:55.98aSt Mary's      
10.12Celilo Nordal4:56.02aIllinois Valley      
11.12Travis Brown4:56.15aRogue River      
12.10Aaron Hargis4:56.54aLakeview      
13.10Jimmy Harmon4:57.55aMyrtle Point      
14.12Noel Cummings4:57.62aCascade Christian      
15.10Zack Oliviera5:16.83aGlide      
16.9Elijah Hawkins5:31.01aGlide      
17.10Cody Hagen5:38.22aCoquille      
11Chris KochSCRBandon      
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Hudson Eustace8:56.22aCascade Christian      
2.11Josh Carpenter9:56.24aMyrtle Point      
3.11Tate Jacobson10:08.06aSt Mary's      
4.10Alex Cummings10:09.60aCascade Christian      
5.11Evan Little10:20.86aBandon      
6.11Terryn Downhill10:26.00aRogue River      
7.9Chris Martin10:48.83aSt Mary's      
8.10Jimmy Harmon11:04.67aMyrtle Point      
9.9Eric Oliveri11:25.34aCascade Christian      
10.10Cody Hagen11:28.86aCoquille      
11.9Adam Lohman11:43.52aSt Mary's      
12.11Anthony Whipple11:55.00aRogue River      
13.10Michael White11:57.33aLakeview      
14.9Elijah Hawkins12:05.98aGlide      
15.9Cole Mcfetridge12:10.60aRogue River      
16.10Jacob LaCasse12:40.40aMyrtle Point      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Justin Angove15.56aBandon      
2.10Seth Gretz16.25aRogue River      
3.12Andy Piper16.42aSt Mary's      
4.9Marcus Hardman17.37aBandon      
5.9Garrett Short19.25aGlide      
6.9Justin Casebier20.28aCascade Christian      
7.12Darrick Samuelson20.44aCascade Christian      
8.9Jacob Scianna20.87aCascade Christian      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Justin Angove15.77aBandon      
2.12Andy Piper17.34aSt Mary's      
3.10Seth Gretz17.36aRogue River      
4.9Marcus Hardman17.78aBandon      
5.9Garrett Short19.77aGlide      
6.12Darrick Samuelson20.13Cascade Christian      
7.9Justin Casebier21.21Cascade Christian      
8.9Jacob Scianna21.66Cascade Christian      
9.11Jonathan Dotson23.41aCoquille      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Justin Angove41.00aBandon      
2.10Seth Gretz43.60aRogue River      
3.9Marcus Hardman43.95aBandon      
4.10Brad Larsen44.97aMyrtle Point      
5.12Leif Bowlin45.83aSt Mary's      
6.12Celilo Nordal45.87aIllinois Valley      
7.12Andy Piper46.60aSt Mary's      
8.10Levi Girardot48.44aRogue River      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Justin Angove41.50aBandon      
2.9Marcus Hardman42.50aBandon      
3.10Seth Gretz43.10aRogue River      
4.12Leif Bowlin45.40aSt Mary's      
5.10Levi Girardot45.50aRogue River      
6.12Andy Piper46.40aSt Mary's      
7.12Celilo Nordal46.70aIllinois Valley      
8.10Brad Larsen46.90aMyrtle Point      
9.9Cody Parker47.80aCascade Christian      
10.9Tristan Dixon49.40aCoquille      
11.9John Black49.60aGlide      
12.12Darrick Samuelson49.70aCascade Christian      
13.12DJ Clark50.80aCascade Christian      
14.9Garrett Short51.80aGlide      
15.9Nate Hoyt52.30aSt Mary's      
16.11Jonathan Dotson1:00.10aCoquille      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Leif Bowlin
Noah Kotler
Andy Piper
Harrison Leep
44.55aSt Mary's      
2.-Tyler Stickler
Brandon Williams
Jordan Brown
Josh Muswieck
44.63aCascade Christian      
3.-Tyler Pelc
Jordan Peak
Rex Dixon
Joseph Harris
4.-Lane Roseberry
Bryce Davis
Jon Gruber
Ben Mainini
-Josh Carpenter
David Dill
Riley Train
Jimmy Harmon
52.76aMyrtle Point      
-Joseph Bruner
Drew Vickery
Daniel Jerome
Ismael Iscar
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Joseph Bruner
Drew Vickery
Daniel Jerome
Walker Adams
2.-Tyler Stickler
Josh Muswieck
Jordan Brown
Brandon Williams
3:31.69aCascade Christian      
3.-Noah Kotler
Tracy Salgado
Harrison Leep
Glenn Alvarez
3:32.39aSt Mary's      
4.-Judah Andrist
Ben Taylor
Evan Little
Justin Angove
5.-Mat Blanco
Travis Brown
Andy Valencia
Zach Blanco
3:44.92aRogue River      
6.-Brad Larsen
Jimmy Harmon
Riley Train
David Dill
4:04.56aMyrtle Point      
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jason Lawrence44-00.75St Mary's      
2.10Wilson Hodge43-11.00Coquille      
3.11Lane Roseberry43-08.00Lakeview      
4.11Matt McViegh42-05.50Rogue River      
5.11Dustin Polan42-01.75Cascade Christian      
6.12Landon Weimar42-00.00Glide      
7.12Mikel Mann40-01.75Cascade Christian      
8.9Aaron Cesaro40-01.00Cascade Christian      
9.12Sean Baughman36-05.00Glide      
10.10Kyle Seals35-11.50Myrtle Point      
11.12Celilo Nordal35-06.50Illinois Valley      
12.12Seth Ballaine35-05.75Lakeview      
13.12Jesse Bethke35-02.50Illinois Valley      
14.11Jordan Peak35-01.75Coquille      
15.11Cody Freel35-01.50St Mary's      
16.10Matt Brock35-00.25Illinois Valley      
17.10Austin Steele34-06.75Coquille      
18.10Sam Ugalde34-00.00Lakeview      
19.12Michael Whitney32-03.75Bandon      
20.11Jared Helms32-03.00Bandon      
21.12Anthony Sanchez31-10.50Myrtle Point      
22.10Matt Farland30-11.75St Mary's      
23.10Jacob LaCasse22-04.50Myrtle Point      
24.9Jacob Cole22-03.75Glide      
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jason Lawrence130-04St Mary's      
2.12Mikel Mann125-01Cascade Christian      
3.9Aaron Cesaro125-00Cascade Christian      
4.12Jesse Bethke119-03Illinois Valley      
5.10Wilson Hodge114-05Coquille      
6.12Landon Weimar110-11Glide      
7.11Grayson Boren108-08Cascade Christian      
8.10Matt Brock103-00Illinois Valley      
9.12Seth Ballaine102-07Lakeview      
10.11Cody Freel99-09St Mary's      
11.10Sam Ugalde98-09Lakeview      
12.10Austin Steele95-06Coquille      
13.10Kyle Seals94-02Myrtle Point      
14.11Tyler Sinclair93-11Coquille      
15.11Matt McViegh89-07Rogue River      
16.11John Watkins85-11Bandon      
17.10Bronson Bass85-06Glide      
18.10Matt Farland69-07St Mary's      
19.10Lane Myers53-03Myrtle Point      
20.10Jacob LaCasse52-02Myrtle Point      
21.9Jacob Cole48-11Glide      
11Garrett HarlanSCRLakeview      
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.12Landon Weimar173-01Glide      
2.11Lane Roseberry171-00Lakeview      
3.10Levi Girardot162-09Rogue River      
4.12Sean Baughman150-03Glide      
5.10Kyle Seals149-05Myrtle Point      
6.12Tyler Martin148-02Coquille      
7.12Tyler Pelc141-04Coquille      
8.12Celilo Nordal132-03Illinois Valley      
9.11Cody Freel131-00St Mary's      
10.11Jordan Peak128-06Coquille      
11.9Tanner Parker125-03Cascade Christian      
12.12DJ Clark122-05Cascade Christian      
13.12Calvin Halpin121-02Bandon      
14.12Jesse Bethke119-07Illinois Valley      
15.12Nick Brooks115-00St Mary's      
16.11Alec Galpin112-09St Mary's      
17.10Evan Samuelson110-00Cascade Christian      
18.10Bronson Bass84-00Glide      
19.10Jacob LaCasse82-03Myrtle Point      
20.9Thomas Fisher72-05Bandon      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Noah Kotler5-10.00St Mary's      
2.11Bryce Davis5-10.00Lakeview      
3.12Joseph Harris5-08.00Coquille      
4.11Tyler Sinclair5-06.00Coquille      
4.12Jesse Bethke5-06.00Illinois Valley      
4.11Zach Verrastro5-06.00Bandon      
7.11Tanner Howard5-06.00Coquille      
8.10Kyle Seals5-04.00Myrtle Point      
9.10Seth Gretz5-02.00Rogue River      
10.9Cody Parker5-00.00Cascade Christian      
9Nate HoytSCRSt Mary's      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Bryce Davis12-00.00Lakeview      
2.12Calvin Halpin11-06.00Bandon      
3.11Austin Igelman11-06.00St Mary's      
4.10Seth Gretz10-04.00Rogue River      
5.10Brandon Kynsi9-00.00Rogue River      
5.10Jesse Stephens9-00.00Bandon      
5.11Ken Krska9-00.00Illinois Valley      
8.12Michael Whitney8-09.00Bandon      
9.11Anthony Whipple8-06.00Rogue River      
10.9Joshua Allan8-00.00Illinois Valley      
10.12Darrick Samuelson8-00.00Cascade Christian      
12.12Noel Cummings7-06.00Cascade Christian      
12.10Steven Mein7-06.00Cascade Christian      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Bryce Davis20-09.50Lakeview      
2.12Jon Gruber20-03.00Lakeview      
3.12Rex Dixon20-00.00Coquille      
4.10Brad Larsen18-08.00Myrtle Point      
5.12Jordan Brown18-06.00Cascade Christian      
6.11Mitchell Deiter18-05.25Lakeview      
7.10Levi Girardot18-02.00Rogue River      
8.12Tyler Pelc17-06.50Coquille      
9.10Aric Alcantara17-05.25Cascade Christian      
10.11Jason Daly16-04.50Rogue River      
11.10Ben Collins16-01.50Cascade Christian      
12.11Spencer Murry16-00.50Bandon      
13.12Taewoo Kim15-09.00St Mary's      
14.11Joseph Stoll14-00.00St Mary's      
15.10Lane Myers12-00.00Myrtle Point      
10Peter SchwartzSCRSt Mary's      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jon Gruber41-08.50Lakeview      
2.10Brad Larsen40-05.50Myrtle Point      
3.10Levi Girardot40-03.00Rogue River      
4.11Mitchell Deiter39-05.75Lakeview      
5.9Cody Parker38-04.00Cascade Christian      
6.12Jordan Brown37-10.00Cascade Christian      
7.11Spencer Murry37-06.00Bandon      
8.11Mark Lane36-07.50Bandon      
9.10Peter Schwartz36-01.00St Mary's      
10.10Ben Collins32-08.75Cascade Christian      
11.9Garrett Short32-08.50Glide      
12.12Damon White31-05.00Coquille      
13.9Chris Elmer29-08.50Coquille      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Mackenzie Krieser12.64aSt Mary's      
2.12Rashauna Belloir13.17aGlide      
3.12Kayla Bateman13.24aMyrtle Point      
4.9Amanda Brooks13.57aIllinois Valley      
5.10Brittany Brown13.62aCascade Christian      
6.10Erika Peterson13.67aSt Mary's      
7.9Sam Weiland13.88aSt Mary's      
8.9Mallory Mann13.95aCascade Christian      
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Mackenzie Krieser12.6St Mary's      
2.12Rashauna Belloir12.95aGlide      
3.12Kayla Bateman13.03aMyrtle Point      
5.9Amanda Brooks13.32aIllinois Valley      
6.9Sam Weiland13.41aSt Mary's      
4.10Brittany Brown13.16Cascade Christian      
7.10Erika Peterson13.47aSt Mary's      
9.11Makayla Carter13.72aRogue River      
10.9Hannah Smith13.76aBandon      
12.11Marisol Villagrana14.03aLakeview      
8.9Mallory Mann13.72Cascade Christian      
13.9Bethany Meyer14.19aMyrtle Point      
11.12Mariah McLemore13.91Cascade Christian      
14.10Joselynn Smith14.42aCoquille      
15.10Jenna Tressider14.76aCoquille      
16.11Ashley Kame14.91aGlide      
17.11Jasmine Grantham14.96aMyrtle Point      
18.12Brittney Bissonnette14.98aCoquille      
19.10Kari Wynn15.09aGlide      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Abby Steinsiek26.33aSt Mary's      
2.9Sophia Landau26.83aLakeview      
3.12Kayla Bateman27.65aMyrtle Point      
4.12Rashauna Belloir28.00aGlide      
5.10Darci Frederick28.01aLakeview      
6.9Sam Weiland28.13aSt Mary's      
7.10Claire Ledig28.46aBandon      
8.10Brittany Brown29.55aCascade Christian      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Abby Steinsiek26.20aSt Mary's      
2.9Sophia Landau26.99aLakeview      
3.12Kayla Bateman27.38aMyrtle Point      
4.10Darci Frederick28.00aLakeview      
5.9Sam Weiland28.22aSt Mary's      
6.10Claire Ledig28.26aBandon      
7.12Rashauna Belloir28.57aGlide      
8.10Brittany Brown28.62aCascade Christian      
9.9Mallory Mann29.58aCascade Christian      
10.9Bethany Meyer30.58aMyrtle Point      
11.9Mia Bianchi30.92aSt Mary's      
12.10Jenna Tressider31.58aCoquille      
13.11Ashley Kame32.72aGlide      
14.10Kari Wynn32.85aGlide      
15.12Tawna Stancliff33.28aLakeview      
11Jasmine GranthamSCRMyrtle Point      
9Megan KillamSCRCascade Christian      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Abby Steinsiek58.81aSt Mary's      
2.9Sophia Landau1:00.17aLakeview      
3.11Brenna Stinson1:03.24aGlide      
4.12Darian Clark1:03.37aRogue River      
5.11Lauren Spence1:04.86aCascade Christian      
6.9Emily Alvarez1:05.92aSt Mary's      
7.12Alissa Miller1:06.97aBandon      
8.9Katelyn Stephens1:07.14aCascade Christian      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Abby Steinsiek59.80aSt Mary's      
2.9Sophia Landau1:02.20aLakeview      
3.9Katelyn Stephens1:03.90Cascade Christian      
4.11Lauren Spence1:04.70Cascade Christian      
5.9Emily Alvarez1:05.30aSt Mary's      
6.12Darian Clark1:07.10aRogue River      
7.11Brenna Stinson1:07.20aGlide      
8.12Alissa Miller1:08.50aBandon      
9.10McKenna Barnum1:08.80aSt Mary's      
10.10Daysha Stidham1:11.30aMyrtle Point      
11.9Megan Killam1:12.60Cascade Christian      
12.10Charity Walker1:14.20aGlide      
13.12Tawna Stancliff1:16.70aLakeview      
14.10Cassandra Davis1:18.40aMyrtle Point      
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
12Abby Steinsiek60.3St Mary's      
11Sarah Bennion61.5St Mary's      
9Emily Alvarez65.2St Mary's      
10Erika Peterson65.6St Mary's      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Sarah Bennion2:20.17aSt Mary's      
2.9Hailey Iverson2:22.06aBandon      
3.9Katelyn Stephens2:25.77aCascade Christian      
4.9Chelsie Fandel2:36.12aMyrtle Point      
5.11Carly Smith2:42.62aCascade Christian      
6.11Lindsey Miguel2:42.94aRogue River      
7.11Anna Murphy2:44.76aCascade Christian      
8.9Samantha Milner2:46.24aIllinois Valley      
9.10Daysha Stidham2:48.94aMyrtle Point      
10.10Annmarie Earl3:18.15aCoquille      
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Sarah Bennion4:58.92aSt Mary's      
2.10Caroline Brown5:06.43aGlide      
3.9Stephanie Croy5:14.62aCascade Christian      
4.9Taylor Williams5:15.84aCascade Christian      
5.12Jenna George5:21.10aCascade Christian      
6.9Samantha Milner5:39.10aIllinois Valley      
7.10Kenzie Hitner5:43.16aMyrtle Point      
8.9Madeline Gregg5:54.07aSt Mary's      
9.9Hailey Natho6:11.15aRogue River      
10.10Annmarie Earl6:16.47aCoquille      
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Caroline Brown11:18.92aGlide      
2.9Stephanie Croy11:36.03aCascade Christian      
3.10Riley Wahl11:59.62aBandon      
4.12Jenna George12:02.32aCascade Christian      
5.10Kenzie Hitner12:27.80aMyrtle Point      
6.12Sophie Stiles12:50.22aCascade Christian      
7.9Hailey Natho13:40.62aRogue River      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Madison Gladding17.10aGlide      
2.10Gracie Bevan17.17aCascade Christian      
3.9Cherise Kirkpatrick17.33aMyrtle Point      
4.12Jessica Clement17.75aSt Mary's      
5.9Shelby Thompson17.84aGlide      
6.10Caitlyn Robison17.97aMyrtle Point      
7.10Mackenzie Kelton18.23aCascade Christian      
8.9Amanda Brooks19.00aIllinois Valley      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Gracie Bevan17.00Cascade Christian      
2.10Madison Gladding17.30aGlide      
3.10Caitlyn Robison17.70aMyrtle Point      
3.12Jessica Clement17.70aSt Mary's      
3.9Shelby Thompson17.70aGlide      
6.9Amanda Brooks18.20aIllinois Valley      
6.9Cherise Kirkpatrick18.20aMyrtle Point      
8.10Mackenzie Kelton18.50Cascade Christian      
9.9Elle Rappe'19.00aGlide      
10.9Caitlin Gleason19.10aRogue River      
11.9Hannah Smith19.50aBandon      
12.9Grace Thieme20.20aSt Mary's      
12.10Sam Gallagher20.20aLakeview      
14.11Becca Garrett20.50aLakeview      
15.10Cassandra Davis22.38aMyrtle Point      
10Eryn WolfSCRRogue River      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Sarah Bennion47.61aSt Mary's      
2.10Gracie Bevan47.94aCascade Christian      
3.12Desirae Hall49.44aBandon      
4.10Madison Gladding49.86aGlide      
5.10Sam Gallagher50.93aLakeview      
6.10Caitlyn Robison51.59aMyrtle Point      
7.9Shelby Thompson52.56aGlide      
8.9Emma Angeletti53.73aRogue River      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Sarah Bennion48.10aSt Mary's      
2.10Gracie Bevan49.40aCascade Christian      
3.12Desirae Hall50.20aBandon      
4.10Madison Gladding51.20aGlide      
5.9Shelby Thompson52.60aGlide      
6.10Sam Gallagher53.40aLakeview      
7.10Caitlyn Robison53.80aMyrtle Point      
8.9Emma Angeletti54.20aRogue River      
9.9Taylor Williams54.20aCascade Christian      
10.9Anne Oursler55.00aSt Mary's      
11.10Logun Mather55.20aCoquille      
12.9Elle Rappe'55.30aGlide      
13.9Grace Thieme55.80aSt Mary's      
14.9Caitlin Gleason56.00aRogue River      
15.9Hannah Smith56.10aBandon      
10Eryn WolfSCRRogue River      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Mia Harrie
Abby Steinsiek
Erika Peterson
Mackenzie Krieser
50.90aSt Mary's      
2.-Sophia Landau
Darci Frederick
Sam Gallagher
Nicholl Jessie
3.-Rashauna Belloir
Robin Hansen
Brenna Stinson
Madison Gladding
4.-Hannah Smith
Claire Ledig
Grace Garrett
Desirae Hall
5.-Gracie Bevan
Brittany Brown
Mallory Mann
Mariah McLemore
52.53aCascade Christian      
6.-Alli Ehrhardt
Kelly Maxey
Makayla Carter
Darian Clark
53.04aRogue River      
7.-Cherise Kirkpatrick
Chelsie Fandel
Bethany Meyer
Caitlyn Robison
53.14aMyrtle Point      
-Theresa Frederick
Amanda Brooks
Samantha Milner
Kayla Johnson
SCRIllinois Valley      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Prelims
1.-Mia Harrie
Abby Steinsiek
Erika Peterson
Mackenzie Krieser
50.63aSt Mary's      
2.-Sophia Landau
Darci Frederick
Sam Gallagher
Nicholl Jessie
3.-Rashauna Belloir
Robin Hansen
Brenna Stinson
Madison Gladding
4.-Gracie Bevan
Brittany Brown
Mallory Mann
Mariah McLemore
52.53aCascade Christian      
5.-Hannah Smith
Claire Ledig
Grace Garrett
Desirae Hall
6.-Cherise Kirkpatrick
Chelsie Fandel
Bethany Meyer
Caitlyn Robison
53.43aMyrtle Point      
7.-Theresa Frederick
Amanda Brooks
Samantha Milner
Kayla Johnson
54.36aIllinois Valley      
8.-Alli Ehrhardt
Kelly Maxey
Makayla Carter
Darian Clark
55.32aRogue River      
-Relay Team 58.73aCoquille      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Sarah Bennion
Erika Peterson
Emily Alvarez
Abby Steinsiek
4:12.66aSt Mary's      
2.-Grace Garrett
Desirae Hall
Hailey Iverson
Claire Ledig
3.-Gracie Bevan
Lauren Spence
Jenna George
Brittany Brown
4:19.54aCascade Christian      
4.-Bethany Meyer
Chelsie Fandel
Kayla Bateman
Kenzie Hitner
4:50.44aMyrtle Point      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jo-Anne Jesse38-06.00Rogue River      
2.12Allison Cook37-02.50Coquille      
3.9Kristina Knox31-04.00Bandon      
4.12Kayla Johnson30-11.50Illinois Valley      
5.12Becca Eccleston28-11.75St Mary's      
6.12Domonique Valdez28-02.50St Mary's      
7.12Kirsten Pitari27-07.50Rogue River      
8.9Michelle Kinney27-04.75Cascade Christian      
9.9Gabby Scoggins25-04.50Cascade Christian      
10.9Alana Hultin25-03.50Bandon      
11.11Sylvia Leal24-05.25Lakeview      
12.12Amanda Messing24-01.75Cascade Christian      
13.9Nicole Romine23-07.00Coquille      
14.12Celia Hermann23-04.50Myrtle Point      
15.10Shannon Kidd23-00.25Glide      
16.10McKenzie Mican22-02.25Glide      
17.10Jennifer Enserink21-10.25Glide      
18.10Nina Console21-01.25St Mary's      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kayla Johnson124-01Illinois Valley      
2.12Kirsten Pitari119-03Rogue River      
3.12Alana Leet99-05Lakeview      
4.9Michelle Kinney97-04Cascade Christian      
5.12Domonique Valdez82-02St Mary's      
6.12Allison Cook82-01Coquille      
7.9Alana Hultin78-01Bandon      
8.10Shannon Kidd73-10Glide      
9.10Nina Console63-08St Mary's      
10.12Amanda Messing62-06Cascade Christian      
11.12Becca Eccleston59-08St Mary's      
12.9Darby Gibson56-05Rogue River      
13.12Celia Hermann55-05Myrtle Point      
14.9Nicole Romine54-02Coquille      
15.11Sylvia Leal51-09Lakeview      
16.10McKenzie Mican48-00Glide      
17.10Jennifer Enserink40-06Glide      
18.9Gabby Scoggins26-02Cascade Christian      
10Jo-Anne JesseSCRRogue River      
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.10Maggie Eddings131-02Glide      
2.12Kayla Johnson109-06Illinois Valley      
3.10Jo-Anne Jesse108-02Rogue River      
4.12Samantha Sutherland105-07Bandon      
5.12Alana Leet100-11Lakeview      
6.12Kirsten Pitari94-11Rogue River      
7.10Cassandra Davis86-09Myrtle Point      
8.9Karlee Britton86-03Cascade Christian      
9.10Kenzie Hitner84-10Myrtle Point      
10.12Domonique Valdez71-01St Mary's      
11.11Lauren Spence70-01Cascade Christian      
12.9Nicole Romine69-04Coquille      
13.11Ashley Holton68-04St Mary's      
14.9Mikaela Chasteen67-07Glide      
15.12Celia Hermann63-07Myrtle Point      
16.12Jaid Morse62-08Cascade Christian      
17.10Ashlee Fox59-08Glide      
18.9Darby Gibson58-03Rogue River      
19.12Becca Eccleston51-01St Mary's      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Alexi Provost-Shean5-02.00St Mary's      
2.11Alli Ehrhardt5-00.00Rogue River      
3.9Cherise Kirkpatrick5-00.00Myrtle Point      
4.12Grace Garrett4-10.00Bandon      
5.9Theresa Frederick4-04.00Illinois Valley      
6.11Jasmine Grantham4-00.00Myrtle Point      
10Cassandra DavisSCRMyrtle Point      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Linnea Fong10-06.00St Mary's      
2.10Mia Harrie9-00.00St Mary's      
3.10Hannah Graunke8-06.00St Mary's      
4.12Alissa Miller8-00.00Bandon      
5.9Theresa Frederick7-00.00Illinois Valley      
6.11Jessica Nicholes6-06.00Cascade Christian      
6.10Hannah Natho6-06.00Rogue River      
6.9Darby Gibson6-06.00Rogue River      
9.12Alana Leet6-06.00Lakeview      
10.10Charity Walker6-06.00Glide      
10.10Darci Frederick6-06.00Lakeview      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Mackenzie Krieser17-06.00St Mary's      
2.12Rashauna Belloir16-09.50Glide      
3.12Mariah McLemore15-05.25Cascade Christian      
4.11Alli Ehrhardt15-04.00Rogue River      
5.10Madison Gladding14-10.75Glide      
6.9Cherise Kirkpatrick14-09.75Myrtle Point      
7.9Karlee Britton14-05.50Cascade Christian      
8.10Mackenzie Kelton14-05.25Cascade Christian      
9.11Makayla Carter14-05.00Rogue River      
10.10Mary Eaton13-05.00St Mary's      
11.10Joselynn Smith13-02.00Coquille      
12.9Theresa Frederick13-00.00Illinois Valley      
13.10Taysha Hodge12-10.00Illinois Valley      
14.12Alek Elmer12-07.50Coquille      
15.11Clarissa Yance12-03.50St Mary's      
16.11Jasmine Grantham12-00.00Myrtle Point      
17.10Kari Wynn11-01.00Glide      
18.9Stephanie Gordon8-10.50Bandon      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Mackenzie Krieser34-10.50St Mary's      
2.12Mariah McLemore34-07.75Cascade Christian      
3.11Brenna Stinson31-03.25Glide      
4.10Caitlyn Robison30-01.00Myrtle Point      
5.11Alli Ehrhardt29-09.00Rogue River      
6.9Mallory Mann29-01.75Cascade Christian      
7.11Alexi Provost-Shean28-08.00St Mary's      
8.10Mackenzie Kelton28-04.75Cascade Christian      
9.9Lily Harrie26-08.75St Mary's      
10.9Anneka Bracken24-08.50Glide      
11.10Ashlee Fox24-06.25Glide      
12.9Hailey Natho23-04.50Rogue River      
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