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Sky-Em District Championships

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sisters HS, Sisters

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Alex Santana11.36aSweet Home
2.11Conner Gibson11.41aJunction City
3.12Chad Mertens11.43aCottage Grove
4.10Garrett Lewellen11.63aElmira
5.11Chris Carpenter11.66aSweet Home
6.12Alex Coakley11.67aSweet Home
7.12TJay Chambers11.70aCottage Grove
8.12David Cowan11.76aSisters
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Conner Gibson11.50aJunction City
2.12Chad Mertens11.53aCottage Grove
3.12Alex Coakley11.71aSweet Home
4.12David Cowan11.73aSisters
7.11Chris Carpenter11.75aSweet Home
5.12Alex Santana11.88aSweet Home
6.12TJay Chambers11.88aCottage Grove
8.10Garrett Lewellen11.99aElmira
9.10Kole Kimmel12.17aLa Pine
10.10Justin Wilson12.18aLa Pine
10Joe Shacher12.22aJunction City
11.10Brian Spindler12.28aCottage Grove
12.11Denzel Deleon12.45aElmira
13.10Apollo Lizzi12.60aJunction City
14.9Bo Highburger12.73aElmira
15.11Davison Small12.81aSisters
12Jared NelsonFSSisters
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Spencer Wilson23.15aLa Pine
2.12Chad Mertens23.60aCottage Grove
3.12David Cowan23.68aSisters
4.11Conner Gibson23.72aJunction City
5.10Conner Richardson23.78aCottage Grove
6.11Andrew Thaler24.14aCottage Grove
7.11Luis Labastida24.19aElmira
8.11Anders Westlund24.92aElmira
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Spencer Wilson23.38aLa Pine
2.12David Cowan23.88aSisters
3.11Conner Gibson23.96aJunction City
4.12Chad Mertens24.03aCottage Grove
5.11Andrew Thaler24.03aCottage Grove
6.10Conner Richardson24.13aCottage Grove
7.11Luis Labastida24.31aElmira
8.11Anders Westlund24.85aElmira
9.11Zack Neet24.87aLa Pine
10.9Spencer Knight25.07aSweet Home
11.10Apollo Lizzi25.46aJunction City
12.9Damon Barton25.58aElmira
13.11Davison Small26.48aSisters
14.12Jared Nelson26.73aSisters
12Alex SantanaFSSweet Home
10Jeremy DesrosiersFSLa Pine
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Nick Hall50.35aSweet Home
2.11Easton Curtis51.26aSisters
3.12Spencer Wilson52.77aLa Pine
4.12Dustin Hurd53.02aCottage Grove
5.12Taylor Steele53.62aSisters
6.11Anders Westlund54.18aElmira
7.10Conner Richardson55.97aCottage Grove
8.11Luis Labastida57.62aElmira
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Easton Curtis52.13aSisters
2.11Nick Hall52.16aSweet Home
3.12Spencer Wilson52.44aLa Pine
5.12Taylor Steele52.69aSisters
4.12Dustin Hurd53.06aCottage Grove
6.10Conner Richardson53.95aCottage Grove
7.11Anders Westlund54.44aElmira
8.11Luis Labastida54.62aElmira
9.10Justin Wintch55.32aJunction City
10.10Pablo McCoy56.70aCottage Grove
11.9Landon Prescott57.01aSisters
12.9Chace Hutchins58.17aSweet Home
13.11Zack Neet58.52aLa Pine
14.9Jeremy Soto58.76aJunction City
15.10Zach Pew58.82aElmira
16.9Joshua Stinson59.99aLa Pine
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
11Nick Hall49.7Sweet Home
12Alex Coakley54.1Sweet Home
11Chris Carpenter54.3Sweet Home
12Joe Stroud57.4Sweet Home
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Easton Curtis2:04.18aSisters
2.11Austin Place2:04.42aCottage Grove
3.11Jacob Bruhn2:11.12aCottage Grove
4.9Landon Prescott2:11.13aSisters
5.11Mason Calmettes2:11.67aSisters
6.12Joe Stroud2:15.56aSweet Home
7.11Emanuel Romero2:17.47aCottage Grove
8.9Niico Haddad2:19.18aLa Pine
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Austin Place2:11.83aCottage Grove
2.11Easton Curtis2:12.65aSisters
3.11Mason Calmettes2:12.68aSisters
4.11Emanuel Romero2:14.52aCottage Grove
5.9Landon Prescott2:17.00aSisters
6.11Jacob Bruhn2:17.14aCottage Grove
7.12Joe Stroud2:18.57aSweet Home
8.9Niico Haddad2:19.85aLa Pine
9.12Harvir Grewal2:19.95aSweet Home
10.9Darin French2:21.54aElmira
11.10Cody Miller2:25.43aJunction City
12.11Mykle Riggle2:28.36aSweet Home
13.9Cameron Byrd2:32.26aLa Pine
14.10Alex Eddy2:34.96aJunction City
15.10Ian Cooper2:35.99aElmira
16.9Jacob Chappell2:40.35aJunction City
17.9Colby Pantekoek2:42.10aElmira
18.12Reno Nelson2:53.76aLa Pine
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Taylor Steele4:12.63aSisters
2.9Brandon Pollard4:18.66aSisters
3.11Emanuel Romero4:19.31aCottage Grove
4.10Daniel Danforth4:25.35aSweet Home
5.11Teagan Settelmeyer4:26.25aCottage Grove
6.12Alex Garcia4:27.29aCottage Grove
7.11Mason Calmettes4:31.00aSisters
8.11Levi Penter4:31.50aLa Pine
9.12Isaiah Merritt4:31.65aElmira
10.12Kyle Hummer4:41.46aSweet Home
11.10Taylor Ogle4:42.30aLa Pine
12.12Michael O'Halloran4:53.10aLa Pine
13.9Darin French4:57.36aElmira
14.9Ian Wingo5:03.54aSweet Home
15.10Josh Morgan5:16.33aElmira
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Taylor Steele9:21.69aSisters
2.10Daniel Danforth9:38.00aSweet Home
3.9Brandon Pollard9:41.02aSisters
4.12Alex Garcia9:49.76aCottage Grove
5.12Griffin Moser9:50.07aCottage Grove
6.11Teagan Settelmeyer10:06.89aCottage Grove
7.11Levi Penter10:09.27aLa Pine
8.12Isaiah Merritt10:15.10aElmira
9.12Kyle Hummer10:24.86aSweet Home
10.12Scott Budd10:34.14aJunction City
11.10Taylor Ogle10:47.69aLa Pine
12.11Seth Urquhart10:56.46aSisters
13.12Michael O'Halloran11:00.30aLa Pine
14.11Tobi Lizzi11:49.84aJunction City
15.10Josh Morgan11:52.17aElmira
16.12Brandon Percell11:57.61aJunction City
17.10Justin Webb12:01.30aSweet Home
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Garrett Lewellen15.71aElmira
2.12Brandon Nash16.09aJunction City
3.11Chris Carpenter16.38aSweet Home
4.12Dylan Mintonye17.81aJunction City
5.11Jaibir Pannu17.90aCottage Grove
6.9Jake McAllister17.91aSisters
7.11Stefan Bolle18.29aSisters
8.11Dakota Snow20.89aSweet Home
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Garrett Lewellen16.40aElmira
2.12Brandon Nash16.42aJunction City
3.11Chris Carpenter16.87aSweet Home
5.11Stefan Bolle17.39aSisters
4.11Jaibir Pannu17.81aCottage Grove
6.9Jake McAllister17.87aSisters
7.12Dylan Mintonye17.89aJunction City
8.11Dakota Snow21.91aSweet Home
9.10Malachi Estey21.92aJunction City
11Dylan JohnsonFSCottage Grove
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Nick Hall40.81aSweet Home
2.12Dylan Mintonye43.76aJunction City
3.11Dylan Johnson44.28aCottage Grove
4.10Justin Wintch45.43aJunction City
5.9Jake McAllister46.03aSisters
6.9Chace Hutchins47.90aSweet Home
7.11Jaibir Pannu49.64aCottage Grove
10Garrett LewellenFSElmira
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Nick Hall40.18aSweet Home
2.12Dylan Mintonye43.61aJunction City
3.10Garrett Lewellen44.55aElmira
4.11Dylan Johnson44.66aCottage Grove
5.10Justin Wintch44.93aJunction City
6.9Jake McAllister45.50aSisters
7.11Jaibir Pannu48.81aCottage Grove
8.9Chace Hutchins48.87aSweet Home
9.9Ashton Stutzman49.40aSweet Home
10.10Andrew Snyder49.54aSisters
11.11Seth Urquhart52.11aSisters
12.9Jacob Chappell57.57aJunction City
13.10Jacob Marshall57.72aElmira
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Alex Coakley
Chris Carpenter
Nick Hall
Alex Santana
43.53aSweet Home
2.-Spencer Wilson
Jeremy Desrosiers
Deion Mock
Kole Kimmel
44.52aLa Pine
3.-Chad Mertens
Conner Richardson
Andrew Thaler
TJay Chambers
44.68aCottage Grove
4.-Jeremy Soto
Dylan Mintonye
Joe Shacher
Connor Gibson
45.92aJunction City
5.-Bo Highburger
Luis Labastida
Anders Westlund
Damon Barton
6.-John Green
Devon Prescott
Davison Small
Jared Nelson
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Taylor Steele
David Cowan
Easton Curtis
Landon Prescott
2.-Alex Coakley
Joe Stroud
Chris Carpenter
Nick Hall
3:35.85aSweet Home
3.-Luis Labastida
Garrett Lewellen
Anders Westlund
Denzel Deleon
5.-Spencer Wilson
Jeremy Desrosiers
Deion Mock
Kole Kimmel
3:38.86aLa Pine
-Conner Richardson
Dylan Johnson
Dustin Hurd
Austin Place
FSCottage Grove
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Alex Toureen48-09.00Cottage Grove
2.11Travis Harrison45-03.00La Pine
3.12Zach Jackson42-05.50Sweet Home
4.12John Green41-04.25Sisters
5.12Brandon Phemister40-01.25Cottage Grove
6.10Zane Jackson39-06.75Sweet Home
7.12Alex Larsen39-01.75Sweet Home
8.12Josh Hayes38-03.00La Pine
9.12Simon Baum37-10.00Junction City
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Alex Toureen48-09.00Cottage Grove
2.12Zach Jackson42-05.50Sweet Home
3.12John Green41-04.25Sisters
4.11Travis Harrison40-07.75La Pine
5.10Zane Jackson39-06.75Sweet Home
6.12Brandon Phemister39-05.25Cottage Grove
7.12Alex Larsen39-01.75Sweet Home
8.12Josh Hayes38-03.00La Pine
9.12Simon Baum37-10.00Junction City
10.12TJay Chambers37-06.75Cottage Grove
11.11Ron Brown34-09.50La Pine
12.12Jeran Fry34-07.50Elmira
13.11Stefan Bolle34-01.00Sisters
14.9Bo Highburger32-01.25Elmira
15.9Blake Knirk31-10.00Sisters
16.10Stephen Foley31-05.25Junction City
17.11Elijah Newton28-02.75Elmira
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jake Johnson135-02Sweet Home
2.12Brandon Willis126-00Cottage Grove
3.11Travis Harrison123-09La Pine
4.11Jacob MacDonald114-09Cottage Grove
5.12John Green114-06Sisters
6.12Patrick Long110-07Sweet Home
7.10Kole Kimmel108-07La Pine
8.12James Perkins103-11Cottage Grove
9.9Blake Knirk102-04Sisters
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Jake Johnson135-02Sweet Home
2.12Brandon Willis126-00Cottage Grove
3.11Travis Harrison123-09La Pine
4.11Jacob MacDonald114-09Cottage Grove
5.12John Green114-06Sisters
6.12Patrick Long110-08Sweet Home
7.10Kole Kimmel108-07La Pine
8.12James Perkins103-11Cottage Grove
9.9Blake Knirk102-04Sisters
10.12Jacob Brooks100-02Junction City
11.12Gary Woodward96-04La Pine
12.10Ben Fleming93-11Junction City
13.11Elijah Newton83-10Elmira
14.12Donald Rinehart83-05Sweet Home
15.9Kyle Wattenburg82-08Sisters
16.12Phil Marlen80-10Elmira
12Simon BaumFOULJunction City
12Jeran FryFOULElmira
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.11Zach Borrelli179-03Cottage Grove
2.12Zach Jackson176-11Sweet Home
3.12Devon Prescott171-05Sisters
4.12Patrick Long150-05Sweet Home
5.11Elijah Newton144-09Elmira
6.11Stefan Bolle144-01Sisters
7.11Dylan Johnson144-00Cottage Grove
8.12Brandon Phemister142-04Cottage Grove
9.12Zach McClure140-11Sweet Home
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Zach Borrelli179-03Cottage Grove
2.12Zach Jackson176-11Sweet Home
3.12Devon Prescott162-11Sisters
4.12Patrick Long150-05Sweet Home
5.11Dylan Johnson144-00Cottage Grove
6.12Brandon Phemister142-04Cottage Grove
7.11Stefan Bolle141-00Sisters
8.12Zach McClure140-11Sweet Home
9.11Elijah Newton139-03Elmira
10.10Nolan Messman135-08Elmira
11.10Ben Fleming135-06Junction City
12.12John Green128-06Sisters
13.9Bo Highburger119-05Elmira
14.10Joe Shacher115-01Junction City
15.11Aryton Bryant110-07La Pine
16.10Dillon Patrick106-04La Pine
17.10Justin Wilson87-06La Pine
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Alex Toureen6-04.00Cottage Grove
2.12Brandon Nash6-04.00Junction City
3.12Tre Gray6-02.00Cottage Grove
4.9Joshua Stinson5-08.00La Pine
4.10Nolan Messman5-08.00Elmira
6.12Taylor Mauch5-08.00Sweet Home
6.9Jake McAllister5-08.00Sisters
8.9Brennan Miller5-06.00Sisters
9.9Jacob Richerson5-02.00Sisters
9.9Damon Barton5-02.00Elmira
9.12Evan Ray5-02.00Sweet Home
9.11Aryton Bryant5-02.00La Pine
9.11Taylor Kesling5-02.00Elmira
9Ashton StutzmanNHSweet Home
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Deion Mock14-04.00La Pine
2.11Dylan Seay12-08.00La Pine
3.12Jared Nelson12-04.00Sisters
4.10Andrew Snyder12-00.00Sisters
5.12Harvir Grewal11-00.00Sweet Home
6.9Brennan Miller10-06.00Sisters
7.10Joseph Swayze9-06.00La Pine
8.11Scottie Stockman9-06.00Sweet Home
9.10Jacob Marshall9-00.00Elmira
10Malachi EsteyNHJunction City
10Brent WolkersdorferNHElmira
9Joseph LiebersbachNHJunction City
11Lorenzo VirgenNHSweet Home
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Alex Toureen22-02.75Cottage Grove
2.10Jeremy Desrosiers20-00.75La Pine
3.11Denzel Deleon19-08.25Elmira
4.12Dustin Hurd19-04.75Cottage Grove
5.10Zach Modee18-09.50Elmira
6.9Joshua Stinson18-07.00La Pine
7.11Taylor Kesling18-06.75Elmira
8.9Jacob Richerson18-06.00Sisters
9.12Brandon Nash17-11.75Junction City
X Long Jump - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Alex Toureen22-02.75Cottage Grove
2.10Jeremy Desrosiers20-00.75La Pine
3.12Dustin Hurd19-04.75Cottage Grove
4.11Denzel Deleon19-02.75Elmira
5.10Zach Modee18-09.50Elmira
6.9Jacob Richerson18-06.00Sisters
7.11Taylor Kesling18-03.00Elmira
8.12Brandon Nash17-11.75Junction City
9.9Joshua Stinson17-06.75La Pine
10.11Stefan Bolle17-02.50Sisters
11.9Ashton Stutzman16-09.25Sweet Home
11.11Robert Small16-09.25Sisters
12Donald RinehartFOULSweet Home
10Apollo LizziFOULJunction City
9Kaesy BabbittFOULCottage Grove
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Dustin Hurd41-00.00Cottage Grove
2.12Alex Toureen40-11.00Cottage Grove
3.12Tre Gray40-08.25Cottage Grove
4.10Justin Wintch40-08.25Junction City
5.11Taylor Kesling39-10.75Elmira
6.12Devon Prescott38-04.50Sisters
7.9Jacob Richerson38-03.50Sisters
8.10Ben Fleming38-00.00Junction City
9.11Dylan Seay37-08.50La Pine
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Alex Toureen40-11.00Cottage Grove
2.10Justin Wintch40-08.00Junction City
3.12Dustin Hurd40-05.75Cottage Grove
4.12Tre Gray40-01.75Cottage Grove
5.11Taylor Kesling39-10.75Elmira
6.12Devon Prescott38-04.50Sisters
7.9Jacob Richerson38-01.50Sisters
8.10Ben Fleming37-08.75Junction City
9.11Dylan Seay37-08.50La Pine
10.10Joseph Swayze37-07.25La Pine
11.12Brandon Nash37-05.00Junction City
12.12Taylor Mauch36-04.25Sweet Home
13.11Alec Haddad34-05.50La Pine
14.10Zach Pew34-05.25Elmira
15.11Robert Small34-02.50Sisters
16.12Matthew Long32-09.00Sweet Home
17.11Dakota Snow31-07.50Sweet Home

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Maria Kropf12.58aSweet Home
2.11Devyn Makin12.96aSweet Home
3.9Ahsha Mootz13.03aCottage Grove
4.11Jessika Stewart13.09aSweet Home
5.11Jodie Reoch13.24aSisters
6.12Hayley Palmer13.28aSisters
7.9Bailey Bremer13.35aSisters
8.9Josi Sisco13.48aCottage Grove
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Devyn Makin12.75aSweet Home
3.9Ahsha Mootz12.88aCottage Grove
2.12Maria Kropf12.89aSweet Home
5.11Jodie Reoch12.97aSisters
4.11Jessika Stewart13.09aSweet Home
7.12Hayley Palmer13.11aSisters
8.9Josi Sisco13.12aCottage Grove
6.9Bailey Bremer13.27aSisters
9.9Jana Hutchinson13.30aJunction City
10.9Kirstyn Groshong13.45aElmira
11.12Mekayla Walker13.70aCottage Grove
12.10Aireanna Rodriguez14.01aElmira
13.12Savannah Michael14.37aLa Pine
14.10Kiyah Sennett14.49aElmira
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kristine Dunn26.55aCottage Grove
2.9Natalie Ambrose26.90aSisters
3.12Hayley Palmer26.97aSisters
4.9Bailey Bremer27.33aSisters
5.12Maria Kropf27.46aSweet Home
6.9Jamilla Gambee27.71aJunction City
7.9Josi Sisco27.87aCottage Grove
8.11Jessika Stewart28.03aSweet Home
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Kristine Dunn26.82aCottage Grove
2.12Hayley Palmer27.04aSisters
3.9Natalie Ambrose27.30aSisters
4.9Josi Sisco27.62aCottage Grove
5.9Bailey Bremer27.74aSisters
7.12Maria Kropf27.76aSweet Home
6.9Jamilla Gambee28.23aJunction City
8.11Jessika Stewart28.50aSweet Home
9.9Jana Hutchinson29.01aJunction City
10.12Mekayla Walker29.80aCottage Grove
11.10Sami Kihn29.83aJunction City
12.9Courtney Kent29.86aSweet Home
13.9Laura Hayes29.92aElmira
14.10Aireanna Rodriguez29.94aElmira
15.10Jacie Palmer30.14aElmira
16.10Jessie Sealey34.00aLa Pine
17.12Savannah Michael34.03aLa Pine
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kristine Dunn57.78aCottage Grove
2.9Natalie Ambrose59.01aSisters
3.9Jamilla Gambee1:01.84aJunction City
4.11Jodie Reoch1:03.47aSisters
5.12Brittany Glenn1:04.70aLa Pine
6.10Hannah Bolton1:07.52aJunction City
7.12Caitlin Johnson1:08.42aElmira
8.9Ahsha Mootz1:11.08aCottage Grove
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Kristine Dunn59.97aCottage Grove
2.9Natalie Ambrose1:01.38aSisters
3.9Jamilla Gambee1:02.88aJunction City
4.10Hannah Bolton1:03.66aJunction City
5.11Jodie Reoch1:04.28aSisters
7.12Brittany Glenn1:05.64aLa Pine
8.9Ahsha Mootz1:05.89aCottage Grove
9.12Jessica Hubbard1:06.19aElmira
6.12Caitlin Johnson1:06.80aElmira
10.11Leann Abelin1:07.02aCottage Grove
11.9Courtney Kent1:07.79aSweet Home
12.10Sabrina Davis1:10.25aSweet Home
13.12Ashley Crenshaw1:12.13aJunction City
14.10Sierra Kohler1:12.35aElmira
15.11Shennen Chick1:14.17aSisters
16.12Sami Webb1:14.69aSweet Home
9Chloee SazamaFSLa Pine
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
11Devyn Makin64Sweet Home
12Carissa Swanson67Sweet Home
9Courtney Kent67Sweet Home
9Nicole Rasmussen69Sweet Home
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Zoe Falk2:25.49aSisters
2.12Carissa Swanson2:34.83aSweet Home
3.10Kristina Johns2:37.94aSisters
4.9Isabel Iboa2:39.49aJunction City
5.10Paige Sanders2:39.74aSweet Home
6.12Jessica Hubbard2:40.50aElmira
7.10Harley Bowler2:45.18aSisters
8.10Samantha Gilmore2:48.56aCottage Grove
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.9Isabel Iboa2:40.42aJunction City
3.12Carissa Swanson2:41.60aSweet Home
5.10Harley Bowler2:42.53aSisters
2.9Zoe Falk2:44.12aSisters
7.12Jessica Hubbard2:44.40aElmira
4.10Kristina Johns2:44.47aSisters
6.10Paige Sanders2:44.94aSweet Home
8.10Samantha Gilmore2:50.62aCottage Grove
9.9Jessica Sand2:55.24aElmira
10.9Madison Loveland2:56.30aElmira
11.11Christina Ulmer3:05.76aSweet Home
12.10Jennifer Jones-Carlson3:08.27aCottage Grove
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Zoe Falk5:06.58aSisters
2.12Carissa Swanson5:10.66aSweet Home
3.10Hannah Bolton5:21.24aJunction City
4.9Nicole Rasmussen5:21.50aSweet Home
5.12Olivia Johnson5:24.15aSweet Home
6.9Isabel Iboa5:29.59aJunction City
7.10Katie Stewart5:35.14aSisters
8.9Danielle Jones5:54.91aElmira
9.11Danae Perkey5:59.08aCottage Grove
10.9Jessica Sand6:05.66aElmira
11.9Madison Loveland6:10.45aElmira
12.10Jordan Williams6:24.62aSisters
13.10Michelle Sand6:44.15aCottage Grove
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Nicole Rasmussen11:29.12aSweet Home
2.12Olivia Johnson11:31.87aSweet Home
3.10Hannah Bolton12:06.91aJunction City
4.10Paige Sanders12:23.19aSweet Home
5.9Danielle Jones13:00.36aElmira
6.11Danae Perkey13:11.41aCottage Grove
7.12Taylor Boxberger13:20.28aCottage Grove
8.11Fabiola Schellworth14:15.77aSisters
9.10Marcy Calavan14:43.84aSisters
10Katie StewartDNFSisters
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Maria Kropf15.09aSweet Home
2.12Meesha Baldree15.98aElmira
3.10Alisha Haken16.48aSisters
4.11Chelsea Reifschneider16.70aSisters
5.12Elizabeth Nordella16.74aCottage Grove
6.12Tenaya Smith16.83aCottage Grove
7.9Kelsey Shaw17.00aJunction City
8.11Zoe McAllister17.91aSisters
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Maria Kropf14.94aSweet Home
2.12Meesha Baldree15.67aElmira
3.12Tenaya Smith16.64aCottage Grove
4.10Alisha Haken16.96aSisters
5.9Kelsey Shaw17.01aJunction City
7.12Elizabeth Nordella17.13aCottage Grove
6.11Chelsea Reifschneider17.14aSisters
8.11Zoe McAllister17.74aSisters
9.12Kaitlin Keenon17.99aSweet Home
10.9Kirstyn Groshong18.24aElmira
11.9Chyanne Carr19.74aJunction City
12.10Jessie Sealey21.14aLa Pine
13.11Kim Juaire24.41aElmira
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Chelsea Reifschneider48.70aSisters
2.12Meesha Baldree50.04aElmira
3.9Kirstyn Groshong50.30aElmira
4.10Shannon Fouts51.24aSisters
5.12Brittany Glenn51.34aLa Pine
6.9Chloee Sazama53.06aLa Pine
7.12Elizabeth Nordella54.82aCottage Grove
8.11Zoe McAllister57.13aSisters
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Chelsea Reifschneider49.99aSisters
2.12Meesha Baldree51.74aElmira
3.10Shannon Fouts52.71aSisters
4.9Chloee Sazama52.88aLa Pine
5.12Brittany Glenn53.14aLa Pine
6.9Kirstyn Groshong53.28aElmira
7.12Elizabeth Nordella55.45aCottage Grove
8.11Zoe McAllister57.69aSisters
9.10Sabrina Davis57.92aSweet Home
10.12Caroline Amendola59.25aSweet Home
11.12Caitlin Johnson1:00.03aElmira
12.12Ashley Crenshaw1:01.44aJunction City
13.9Samantha Bowden1:02.42aJunction City
14.9Chyanne Carr1:03.91aJunction City
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Devyn Makin
Jessika Stewart
Annie Whitfield
Maria Kropf
49.96aSweet Home
2.-Tenaya Smith
Ahsha Mootz
Josi Sisco
Kristine Dunn
50.86aCottage Grove
3.-Jodie Reoch
Hayley Palmer
Chelsea Reifschneider
Bailey Bremer
4.-Sami Kihn
Kelsey Shaw
Jana Hutchinson
Jamilla Gambee
52.40aJunction City
5.-Meesha Baldree
Laura Hayes
Jessica Hubbard
Kirstyn Groshong
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Chelsea Reifschneider
Natalie Ambrose
Zoe Falk
Hayley Palmer
2.-Leann Abelin
Tenaya Smith
Josi Sisco
Kristine Dunn
4:20.97aCottage Grove
3.-Carissa Swanson
Courtney Kent
Nicole Rasmussen
Devyn Makin
4:27.35aSweet Home
4.-Jana Hutchinson
Isabel Iboa
Jamilla Gambee
Hannah Bolton
4:31.48aJunction City
5.-Caitlin Johnson
Laura Hayes
Paris Piva
Jessica Hubbard
6.-Brittany Glenn
Savannah Michael
Brittnie Haigler
Kendall Porter
4:52.28aLa Pine
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Tricia Ingraham32-05.50Cottage Grove
2.12Jessika McCullough32-03.50Elmira
3.9Sylvia Dean30-08.50Cottage Grove
4.11Ashley Agenbroad30-04.50La Pine
5.11Annie Whitfield30-00.25Sweet Home
6.11Hannah Harrer28-06.00Sisters
7.11Laura Mauer26-09.00Sweet Home
8.11Lauryn Chauncey25-02.00Sisters
9.9Olivia Chandler24-09.75Sisters
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Jessika McCullough31-01.25Elmira
2.10Tricia Ingraham30-06.25Cottage Grove
3.11Ashley Agenbroad30-04.50La Pine
4.9Sylvia Dean29-06.75Cottage Grove
5.11Hannah Harrer28-06.00Sisters
6.11Annie Whitfield27-10.00Sweet Home
7.11Laura Mauer26-09.00Sweet Home
8.11Lauryn Chauncey24-09.75Sisters
9.9Olivia Chandler24-05.50Sisters
10.9Mkenzie Conard24-01.75La Pine
11.9Katie McIntosh23-03.25Junction City
12.11Valita Volkman23-02.00Junction City
13.10Marissa Roth22-06.50Cottage Grove
14.10Sierra Kohler22-05.00Elmira
15.10Emily Claborn22-04.75Sweet Home
16.12Corrin Schlim21-07.25Junction City
17.11Amara Abadie20-08.25La Pine
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jessika McCullough102-09Elmira
2.11Ashley Agenbroad99-04La Pine
3.11Laura Mauer94-08Sweet Home
4.10Marissa Roth89-00Cottage Grove
5.9Kaitlyn Watts85-03Sweet Home
6.9Chelsie Woolley84-04Junction City
7.10Tricia Ingraham84-02Cottage Grove
8.9Sadie Gordon82-03Sweet Home
9.10Emily Jensen80-01Junction City
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Jessika McCullough102-09Elmira
2.11Ashley Agenbroad99-04La Pine
3.11Laura Mauer90-09Sweet Home
4.9Kaitlyn Watts85-03Sweet Home
5.10Tricia Ingraham83-10Cottage Grove
6.9Sadie Gordon82-03Sweet Home
7.9Chelsie Woolley80-06Junction City
8.10Emily Jensen80-01Junction City
9.10Marissa Roth77-00Cottage Grove
10.11Zoe McAllister75-09Sisters
11.10Brittaney Searcy73-07La Pine
12.11Valita Volkman71-10Junction City
13.9Sylvia Dean71-06Cottage Grove
14.9Mkenzie Conard68-05La Pine
15.11Lauryn Chauncey68-00Sisters
16.11Elizabeth Cookson65-05Elmira
17.9Olivia Chandler64-04Sisters
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.11Annie Whitfield142-04Sweet Home
2.9Kelsey Shaw130-00Junction City
3.12Jessika McCullough102-04Elmira
4.11Rachel Beach98-10Cottage Grove
5.11Lauryn Chauncey96-04Sisters
6.12Josie David96-01Sweet Home
7.11Sara Small95-03Sisters
8.11Tiffany Miller92-09Sweet Home
9.11Ashley Agenbroad88-09La Pine
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Annie Whitfield142-04Sweet Home
2.9Kelsey Shaw130-00Junction City
3.11Rachel Beach98-10Cottage Grove
4.12Jessika McCullough97-01Elmira
5.11Lauryn Chauncey96-04Sisters
6.12Josie David93-06Sweet Home
7.11Tiffany Miller92-08Sweet Home
8.11Sara Small92-04Sisters
9.11Ashley Agenbroad88-09La Pine
10.10Devyn Spangler79-09Elmira
11.12Hollie Arnold78-10Cottage Grove
12.9Chelsie Woolley78-01Junction City
13.10Jacie Palmer76-01Elmira
14.12Ashley Crenshaw70-09Junction City
15.10Shannon Fouts68-06Sisters
16.10Shannon Lippincott67-08La Pine
17.10Samantha Gilmore56-09Cottage Grove
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Tenaya Smith5-03.00Cottage Grove
2.10Alisha Haken4-10.00Sisters
3.11Sara Small4-08.00Sisters
3.11Brandi Trewin4-08.00Sweet Home
5.9Kelsey Shaw4-08.00Junction City
5.9Bailey Bremer4-08.00Sisters
7.12Elizabeth Nordella4-06.00Cottage Grove
8.10Samantha Gilmore4-06.00Cottage Grove
9.10Jacie Palmer4-06.00Elmira
10.11Kendall Porter4-06.00La Pine
10Crystal CritesNHSweet Home
11Sonya CorlissNHSweet Home
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Sara Small11-00.00Sisters
2.12Hollie Arnold10-00.00Cottage Grove
3.9Chloee Sazama9-00.00La Pine
4.9Olivia Chandler9-00.00Sisters
5.11Paris Piva8-06.00Elmira
6.10Alisha Haken8-00.00Sisters
7.12Kaitlin Keenon8-00.00Sweet Home
8.9Jessica Sand7-06.00Elmira
9.10Jacie Palmer7-00.00Elmira
9.12Caroline Amendola7-00.00Sweet Home
11.12Ashley Crenshaw6-06.00Junction City
11.9Samantha Bowden6-06.00Junction City
13.9Alyssa Freeman6-00.00Junction City
13.11Sonya Corliss6-00.00Sweet Home
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Devyn Makin17-03.00Sweet Home
2.9Zoe Falk16-04.75Sisters
3.11Jodie Reoch15-09.75Sisters
4.11Sara Small15-09.25Sisters
5.12Hollie Arnold15-07.00Cottage Grove
6.12Kelika Kaniaupio15-01.50Sweet Home
7.12Chelsea Roberts14-01.50Elmira
8.10Meghan O'Donnell13-06.75Sweet Home
9.9Grieta King13-02.50Elmira
X Long Jump - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Devyn Makin16-10.75Sweet Home
2.9Zoe Falk16-03.75Sisters
3.11Jodie Reoch15-09.75Sisters
4.12Hollie Arnold15-07.00Cottage Grove
5.11Sara Small15-06.50Sisters
6.12Kelika Kaniaupio14-08.00Sweet Home
7.12Chelsea Roberts14-01.50Elmira
8.10Meghan O'Donnell13-03.00Sweet Home
9.9Grieta King13-02.50Elmira
10.9Brittnie Haigler13-01.75La Pine
11.12Meesha Baldree13-01.50Elmira
12.11Whitley Tucker13-01.25Cottage Grove
13.9Savanah Hepner12-10.25Cottage Grove
14.12Carmen Pierce11-11.50La Pine
15.9Chyanne Carr11-10.00Junction City
16.10Emily Jensen11-08.75Junction City
9Alyssa FreemanFOULJunction City
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Brittnie Haigler32-04.25La Pine
2.12Kaitlin Keenon32-03.50Sweet Home
3.10Alisha Haken31-03.50Sisters
4.12Kelika Kaniaupio31-00.75Sweet Home
5.11Whitley Tucker30-06.25Cottage Grove
6.12Caitlin Johnson30-06.00Elmira
7.11Lauryn Chauncey30-00.75Sisters
8.10Shannon Fouts29-09.75Sisters
9.12Kaitlyn Long29-07.50Sweet Home
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Prelims
1.9Brittnie Haigler31-09.25La Pine
2.12Kaitlin Keenon31-06.00Sweet Home
3.12Kelika Kaniaupio31-00.75Sweet Home
4.10Alisha Haken30-05.75Sisters
5.11Whitley Tucker30-04.00Cottage Grove
6.12Caitlin Johnson30-03.50Elmira
7.10Shannon Fouts29-09.75Sisters
8.11Lauryn Chauncey29-01.00Sisters
9.12Kaitlyn Long27-09.50Sweet Home
10.12Chelsea Roberts27-08.25Elmira
11.9Savanah Hepner25-09.25Cottage Grove
12.9Alexandra Opitz24-10.50Elmira
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