Houston Christian HS Mickey Riggs Relays

Saturday, March 26, 2011
  Houston Christian HS, Houston - Map

  Field Events Start: 9:00 AM  Track Events Start: 10:00 AM
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Texas - 2A
ALACAllen Academy
Texas - 2A
COCCCovenant Christian
Texas - Region 3
BELLHouston Bellaire
Texas - Region 3
JDSHouston Davis
Texas - Region 3
SAHOHouston Math Science & Tech
Texas - Region 3
JHRHouston Reagan
Texas - Region 4
Texas - SPC
HOCHHouston Christian
SJSSt John's
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Div1: TAPPS 3A and Smaller - Finals
1.11Gunnar Dorsey11.75aThe Brook Hill
2.11Michael Lopez11.80aThe Village
3.11Cornelius Garab12.25aBaytown Christian
4.11Dimitri Nikolaou12.28aThe Village
5.11Quiton Stamps12.35aRoyal
6.11Mason Martin12.38aRosehill Christian
7.10William Clutterbuck12.46aSt John's
8.9Calvin Novotny12.50aCypress Christian
9.12Brandon Glover12.51aThe Woodlands Christ...
10.12Connor Simpson12.62aFaith West Academy
11.9Terrion Vaughn12.70aRoyal
12.12Matthew Gordon12.72aRosehill Christian
13.11Britain Bost12.76aBrazos Christian
14.10Marcus Murrel12.77aRoyal
15.11Brant Lipscomb12.77aThe Woodlands Christ...
16.10David-Jessalynn Steele-Bright12.95aFaith West Academy
17.9Hamilton Paret12.97aHouston Christian
18.9Wainaina Wanguri13.01aSt John's
19.11Jason Groll13.07aCypress Christian
20.9Canyon Emmot13.13aRosehill Christian
21.9Miles Hermes13.18aHouston Christian
22.10Austin Walls13.21aThe Woodlands Christ...
23.9Sean Yuan13.35aSt John's
24.10Josiah Dalton13.35aCypress Christian
25.9Tyler Goulding13.37aAwty International
26.10Will McCurdy13.47aBrazos Christian
27.11Peng Gao13.54aAllen Academy
27.11Nathan Kola13.54aAllen Academy
28.9Dylan Murray13.57aThe Brook Hill
29.9Basil Baldauf13.70aPope John XXIII
30.9Michael Wong13.82aThe Village
31.10David Hansen13.98aHouston Christian
32.9Nick Bennet14.01aSt Thomas
33.9JonEric Echavarria14.48aSt Thomas
X 100 Meters - Div2: TAPPS 4A/5A, SPC, Public - Finals
1.10Justin Webster11.65aNorthland Christian
2.12Kolby Griffin11.72aSt Pius X
3.12Jareaux Levingston11.88aSt Pius X
4.11Dequante Carter11.90aHouston Bellaire
5.11Chris Ames11.92aRoyal
6.12Curtis Small12.30aRoyal
7.11Trevor Lewis12.35aSt Thomas
8.10Jacoby Dixon12.35aHouston Math Science...
9.10Andrew Thompson12.35aSt Thomas
10.10Collin Prusak12.39aSt Thomas
11.11Austin Anello12.61aLutheran-South
12.11Alex Williams12.66aNorthland Christian
X 100 Meters - Relay Split - Div1: TAPPS 3A and Smaller - Finals
11William Wheeler11.50The Woodlands Christ...
12Brandon Glover11.76The Woodlands Christ...
10Austin Walls11.81The Woodlands Christ...
11Brant Lipscomb12.44The Woodlands Christ...
X 100 Meters - Relay Split - Div2: TAPPS 4A/5A, SPC, Public - Finals
12Ryan McGough10.5Lutheran-South
12Lawrence Maher10.8Lutheran-South
12Nate Volk11.3Lutheran-South
11Austin Anello11.4Lutheran-South
X 200 Meters - Div1: TAPPS 3A and Smaller - Finals
1.12Cameron Davis23.46aThe Woodlands Christ...
2.11Michael Lopez23.78aThe Village
3.11Gunnar Dorsey23.93aThe Brook Hill
4.11William Wheeler24.03aThe Woodlands Christ...
5.12Usman Mohammed24.09aCypress Christian
6.11Wade Karam24.14aThe Brook Hill
7.11Josh Litton24.66aRosehill Christian
8.11Trevion Williams24.68aThe Village
9.11Quiton Stamps24.88aRoyal
10.10Max James24.88aSt Thomas
11.11Barnabas Odeyomi25.31aCypress Christian
12.11Devion Whetstone25.88aThe Village
13.9Brian Woolverton26.07aNorthland Christian
14.11Britain Bost26.21aBrazos Christian
15.10Nick Barnett26.22aNorthland Christian
16.9Randy Gill26.33aSt Thomas Episcopal
17.9Evan Palmer26.68aAwty International
18.9Sean Yuan26.68aSt John's
19.10Zech Firew26.80aRosehill Christian
20.9Wainaina Wanguri26.83aSt John's
21.9Tyler Goulding26.90aAwty International
22.10William Clutterbuck26.90aSt John's
23.10Jeremy Michel27.01aRosehill Christian
24.11Philip Etuk27.07aAwty International
25.10Will McCurdy27.13aBrazos Christian
26.9Basil Baldauf27.45aPope John XXIII
27.9Thomas Wilbanks27.57aSt Thomas
28.9Hamilton Paret27.58aHouston Christian
29.10Dan Crozier27.60aCypress Christian
30.9Brandon Tran27.60aSt Thomas Episcopal
31.12Bryan Tran27.68aSt Thomas Episcopal
32.9Dylan Murray28.08aThe Brook Hill
33.10David Hansen28.40aHouston Christian
34.9Nick Bennet28.42aSt Thomas
35.10Corey Lewis28.70aRoyal
X 200 Meters - Div2: TAPPS 4A/5A, SPC, Public - Finals
1.11Trey Guidry23.50aSt Pius X
1.9Cherokee Taylor23.50aSt Pius X
2.12Christian Dolphus23.61aHouston Bellaire
3.11Jonathan Freeman23.97aAwty International
4.11Ryder Aguileria24.02aAwty International
5.11Chris Ames24.24aRoyal
6.12Adam Weesner24.25aPope John XXIII
7.9Zach Mitchell24.26aNorthland Christian
8.10Justin Webster24.35aNorthland Christian
9.11Cameron Moore24.39aHouston Christian
10.9Justin Grisby24.43aHouston Bellaire
11.10Jacoby Dixon24.95aHouston Math Science...
12.10Robert Kennedy25.02aRoyal
13.10Andrew Thompson25.17aSt Thomas
14.12Graham Eldridge25.33aAwty International
15.11Alex Williams25.88aNorthland Christian
16.12Curtis Small25.91aRoyal
10Collin PrusakNTSt Thomas
X 200 Meters - Relay Split - Div1: TAPPS 3A and Smaller - Finals
12Cameron Davis22.78The Woodlands Christ...
11William Wheeler23.08The Woodlands Christ...
10Jeffrey Chen25.18The Woodlands Christ...
9John Brien25.70Allen Academy
10Austin Walls25.79The Woodlands Christ...
11Nathan Kola26.33Allen Academy
11James Brien27.50Allen Academy
11Jay T Martin27.87Allen Academy
X 200 Meters - Relay Split - Div2: TAPPS 4A/5A, SPC, Public - Finals
12Ryan McGough22.0Lutheran-South
12Zach Lunz23.9Lutheran-South
12Nate Volk24.7Lutheran-South
12Cody Pratt24.9Lutheran-South
X 400 Meters - Div1: TAPPS 3A and Smaller - Finals
1.11Trevion Williams52.03aThe Village
2.11Wade Karam53.13aThe Brook Hill
3.10Max James55.43aSt Thomas
4.11Dimitri Nikolaou55.61aThe Village
5.11Marc Liu55.80aSt Thomas Episcopal
6.10Ahmed Sarraj56.40aThe Village
7.11Britain Bost56.59aBrazos Christian
8.9Brayden Aguilera56.72aAwty International
9.9Andrew Calvert57.10aSt Thomas Episcopal
10.9Michael Boyd57.62aCypress Christian
11.10Tommy Beruetta58.01aAwty International
12.10Paul Odeyomi58.91aCypress Christian
13.9Brian Woolverton59.12aNorthland Christian
14.10Nick Barnett1:00.24aNorthland Christian
15.9Thomas Wilbanks1:00.39aSt Thomas
16.12Caleb Ludrick1:00.66aThe Woodlands Christ...
17.9Cooper Owen1:00.97aBrazos Christian
18.9John Brien1:01.18aAllen Academy
19.11Alex Barrett1:01.34aHouston Christian
20.10Avram Bukhbinder1:02.01aSt John's
21.9Douglas Moody1:02.28aSt John's
22.10Jeremy Michel1:02.72aRosehill Christian
23.9Bryant Rodekohr1:03.73aHouston Christian
24.9Brian Peyton1:04.07aHouston Christian
25.9James Abanathy1:05.81aRoyal
26.9Jeff Boso1:09.64aCypress Christian
27.9Tarquis Armstead1:15.73aRoyal
X 400 Meters - Div2: TAPPS 4A/5A, SPC, Public - Finals
1.11Garrick Johnson50.40aSt Pius X
2.11Ryan Van Mechelen52.40aAwty International
3.11Christian Johnson52.62aHouston Bellaire
4.11Blake Thompson53.06aHouston Bellaire
5.11Keaton Hart53.72aNorthland Christian
6.12Michael Sunja53.94aHouston Bellaire
7.11Jonathan Freeman54.22aAwty International
8.11Ryder Aguileria55.34aAwty International
9.9Eric Ward55.34aNorthland Christian
10.9Asim Manasia55.66aHouston Christian
11.12Elijah Fitzgerald55.82aSt Pius X
12.12Adam Weesner56.04aPope John XXIII
13.9Risher Randall56.21aSt John's
14.11Evan Kirkland56.88aHouston Christian
15.9Preston Gray57.22aNorthland Christian
16.11Michael Cavazos57.32aLutheran-South
17.11Michael McColloch58.35aHouston Christian
18.9David Harris1:01.57aSt Thomas
19.10Erik Gonzalez1:03.40aHouston Math Science...
20.10Alexander Sotoymayor1:04.60aSt Pius X
21.10Antonio Huerta1:11.38aHouston Math Science...
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Div1: TAPPS 3A and Smaller - Finals
12Cameron Davis51.59The Woodlands Christ...
12J.P Ambler56.8The Woodlands Christ...
9Logan Shearer58.76The Woodlands Christ...
10Jeffrey Chen60.41The Woodlands Christ...
10William Clutterbuck1:01.0St John's
11Jay T Martin1:06.39Allen Academy
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Div2: TAPPS 4A/5A, SPC, Public - Finals
12Zach Lunz53.8Lutheran-South
12Cody Pratt55.2Lutheran-South
11Rainier Richter55.9Lutheran-South
11Michael Cavazos57.6Lutheran-South
11Luis Mejia58.6St John's
X 800 Meters - Div1: TAPPS 3A and Smaller - Finals
1.11Luke Varsamis2:08.35aThe Village
2.11Ian Ramirez2:08.73aRosehill Christian
3.11Marc Liu2:09.00aSt Thomas Episcopal
4.9Mario Rodriguez2:11.25aSt Thomas
5.11Matthew Hawk2:14.42aSt Thomas Episcopal
6.9Tom Landers2:15.42aSt Thomas Episcopal
7.10John Paul Bledsoe2:17.56aCovenant Christian
8.10Tommy Beruetta2:19.36aAwty International
9.9Logan Shearer2:20.59aThe Woodlands Christ...
10.10Andrew Harding2:25.80aHouston Christian
11.9Sam Thurston2:26.73aSt Thomas
12.10Luke Shearer2:28.85aThe Woodlands Christ...
13.9Cooper Owen2:30.52aBrazos Christian
14.9Brendan Jones2:32.19aPope John XXIII
15.9Robert Geyer2:36.17aCypress Christian
16.9Jonathan McCary2:38.46aCypress Christian
17.10Michael Denninghoff2:38.98aThe Brook Hill
18.9Alan Lasater2:38.99aPope John XXIII
19.11Joshua Adebayo2:40.78aCypress Christian
20.9Lukas Kontilis2:45.08aFaith West Academy
21.9Adrian Axel2:45.62aRoyal
22.12Chris Barrett2:48.09aHouston Christian
X 800 Meters - Div2: TAPPS 4A/5A, SPC, Public - Finals
1.11Aaron Murray2:00.71aPope John XXIII
2.11Austin Langemeier2:03.33aThe Brook Hill
3.11Ryan Van Mechelen2:04.35aAwty International
4.10Jo Alan Castilleja2:06.92aSt Thomas
5.12Derek Fossi2:10.20aSt John's
6.11Blake Thompson2:12.32aHouston Bellaire
7.11Layne Schmerin2:13.22aHouston Bellaire
8.11Maxwell Brown2:13.40aHouston Christian
9.11Zach Lopez2:14.40aHouston Bellaire
10.9Eric Ward2:15.00aNorthland Christian
11.11Lamon Roberts2:16.54aSt Pius X
12.11Christopher Mosser2:17.03aHouston Christian
13.9Schuyler Link2:19.93aSt Pius X
14.9Michael Gonzalez2:21.38aHouston Math Science...
15.9Dante Breaux2:23.55aSt Pius X
16.10Ryan Reza2:27.10aSt John's
17.12Sebastian Mirales2:29.37aHouston Math Science...
18.10Erik Gonzalez3:00.40aHouston Math Science...
X 800 Meters - Relay Split - Div1: TAPPS 3A and Smaller - Finals
9Jake Peacock2:19.2St John's
9John Brien2:21.74Allen Academy
X 800 Meters - Relay Split - Div2: TAPPS 4A/5A, SPC, Public - Finals
10Andre' Gras2:11.7St John's
X 1200 Meters - Relay Split - Div1: TAPPS 3A and Smaller - Finals
11Jacob Clanton3:47.7Allen Academy
9Douglas Moody3:51.4St John's
X 1200 Meters - Relay Split - Div2: TAPPS 4A/5A, SPC, Public - Finals
12Derek Fossi3:32.38St John's
X 1600 Meters - Div1: TAPPS 3A and Smaller - Finals
1.11Austin Langemeier4:42.12The Brook Hill
2.12Andrew Coulter4:45.73St Thomas Episcopal
3.10Andrew Hawk4:48.90St Thomas Episcopal
4.11Luke Varsamis4:54.36The Village
5.11Matthew Hawk4:58.64St Thomas Episcopal
6.11Ian Ramirez5:03.70Rosehill Christian
7.11Dexter Phillip5:04.61Baytown Christian
8.12Mark Holland5:11.12Rosehill Christian
9.9Mitchell Gonzales5:11.68St Thomas
10.11Philip Taffet5:12.10St John's
11.9Harrison Grant5:12.70St Thomas
12.9Jake Peacock5:18.97St John's
13.10John Paul Bledsoe5:21.45Covenant Christian
14.11James Brien5:21.98Allen Academy
15.11Jacob Clanton5:25.57Allen Academy
16.10Luke Shearer5:37.03The Woodlands Christ...
17.9Kyle Steel5:41.87Brazos Christian
18.9Sam Thurston5:44.36St Thomas
19.10Josiah Dalton5:49.08Cypress Christian
20.10Nathaniel Regier6:03.90The Woodlands Christ...
21.9Robert Geyer6:28.24Cypress Christian
22.10David-Jessalynn Steele-Bright6:34.62Faith West Academy
23.11Joshua Adebayo6:36.08Cypress Christian
24.9Lukas Kontilis6:37.08Faith West Academy
X 1600 Meters - Div2: TAPPS 4A/5A, SPC, Public - Finals
1.11Aaron Murray4:34.58Pope John XXIII
2.12Remy Sutherland4:42.55Awty International
3.12John Thomas Gaden4:48.08St Thomas
4.10Kimball Streeter4:48.46Houston Bellaire
5.10Matthew Flanagan4:49.37St Thomas
6.10Adrian Alba4:51.54St Thomas
7.10BJ Hillhouse4:55.61Royal
8.12Anthony Cruz4:56.89Lutheran-South
9.11Vincent Rignol4:58.65Awty International
10.11Maxwell Brown5:03.52Houston Christian
11.11Benjamin Gonzalez-Ramirez5:08.73Royal
12.11Cody Koelemay5:10.69Lutheran-South
13.10John Ellis5:14.37Awty International
14.9Connor Carter5:18.59Houston Bellaire
15.9Michael Gonzalez5:19.90Houston Math Science...
16.11Zach Lopez5:25.13Houston Bellaire
17.9Schuyler Link5:36.84St Pius X
18.9Noah Hearn5:39.28Pope John XXIII
19.11Trevor Lauten5:39.61St Pius X
20.10Nestor Ayala5:40.12Houston Math Science...
21.9Hayden McHan6:05.95Northland Christian
X 1600 Meters - Relay Split - Div1: TAPPS 3A and Smaller - Finals
11Philip Taffet5:16.4St John's
11James Brien5:19.57Allen Academy
X 1600 Meters - Relay Split - Div2: TAPPS 4A/5A, SPC, Public - Finals
11Sykes Yeates5:03.0St John's
X 3200 Meters - Div1: TAPPS 3A and Smaller - Finals
1.10Andrew Hawk10:14.66St Thomas Episcopal
2.12Andrew Coulter10:27.62St Thomas Episcopal
3.9Tom Landers10:58.73St Thomas Episcopal
4.11Dexter Phillip11:02.38Baytown Christian
5.12J.P Ambler11:17.92The Woodlands Christ...
6.12Mark Holland12:18.67Rosehill Christian
7.10Nicholas Hoge12:23.54St Thomas
8.10Nathaniel Regier12:28.02The Woodlands Christ...
9.11Robert Bennett13:03.32St Thomas
10.10Conner McColl13:11.72Pope John XXIII
11.9Kyle Steel14:01.49Brazos Christian
X 3200 Meters - Div2: TAPPS 4A/5A, SPC, Public - Finals
1.10BJ Hillhouse10:26.38Royal
2.12Anthony Cruz10:35.11Lutheran-South
3.11Guilhem Hack10:43.86Awty International
4.11Cody Koelemay10:54.91Lutheran-South
5.11Troy Harrington11:02.81St Thomas
6.11Benjamin Gonzalez-Ramirez11:04.35Royal
7.11Mitch Torczon11:12.47St John's
8.9Connor Carter11:18.88Houston Bellaire
9.10Ryan Reza11:20.49St John's
10.10Nestor Ayala11:57.94Houston Math Science...
11.11Arturo Barquin11:58.58Pope John XXIII
12.9Hayden McHan12:15.51Northland Christian
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Div1: TAPPS 3A and Smaller - Finals
1.9Justin Bernard18.53aSt John's
2.11Cornelius Garab18.58aBaytown Christian
3.11Bintliff- Jonathan Haley-Zama?19.65aFaith West Academy
4.10Payson Williams19.71aSt Thomas
5.10Timothy Starbuck19.97aCypress Christian
6.10Derrick Verdun20.25aSt Thomas
7.10Nelson Safo21.32aAwty International
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Div2: TAPPS 4A/5A, SPC, Public - Finals
1.12Brian Green15.82aRoyal
2.11Rainier Richter15.90aLutheran-South
3.12Keaon Hobson16.79aSt Pius X
4.10Jacob Farris17.10aHouston Christian
5.12Matt Bedell17.28aSt Thomas
6.11Sam Jamison17.44aSt John's
7.10Christian Guzman17.49aRoyal
8.9DaDrian Connor17.69aRoyal
9.9Patrick Reinschmidt19.12aLutheran-South
10.9Isaac Kay19.93aHouston Christian
11.9James Zuniga20.85aSt Pius X
12.11Rowan Brumant24.47aSt Thomas
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Div1: TAPPS 3A and Smaller - Finals
1.11Cornelius Garab44.82aBaytown Christian
2.10Jonathan Zama47.57aFaith West Academy
3.9Justin Bernard47.75aSt John's
4.9Logan Shearer48.02aThe Woodlands Christ...
5.9Evan Palmer49.60aAwty International
6.10Timothy Starbuck49.86aCypress Christian
7.10Derrick Verdun50.17aSt Thomas
8.11Bintliff- Jonathan Haley-Zama?50.21aFaith West Academy
9.10Nelson Safo51.01aAwty International
10.9Blaise Fontenot55.41aCypress Christian
11.10Scott Seefelt56.48aThe Woodlands Christ...
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Div2: TAPPS 4A/5A, SPC, Public - Finals
1.11Sam Jamison40.42aSt John's
2.12Brian Green40.65aRoyal
3.12Zach Lunz41.00aLutheran-South
4.12Keaon Hobson43.89aSt Pius X
5.10Christian Guzman44.25aRoyal
6.11Rainier Richter45.07aLutheran-South
10James Dean45.17aHouston Bellaire
7.12Matt Bedell45.24aSt Thomas
8.9Isaac Kay45.69aHouston Christian
9.9DaDrian Connor46.22aRoyal
10.10Maurice Walker46.77aHouston Bellaire
11.10Jacob Farris47.29aHouston Christian
12.10Payson Williams49.27aSt Thomas
13.9Ernett Harris50.16aHouston Math Science...
14.9James Zuniga52.11aSt Pius X
X 4x100 Relay - Div1: TAPPS 3A and Smaller - Finals
1.-Leo Penny
Chris Zook
Max Brant
Eliott Cleveland
46.57aSt Thomas
2.-Calvin Novotny
TJ Mohammed
Barnabus Odeyomi
Usman Mohammed
46.63aCypress Christian
3.-Mason Martin
Matthew Gordon
Zech Firew
Josh Litton
47.43aRosehill Christian
4.-Brant Lipscomb
Austin Walls
Brandon Glover
William Wheeler
47.47aThe Woodlands Christ...
5.-Terrion Vaughn
Caleb Mathews
Marcus Murrel
Wesly Wilson
6.-Sam Siegel
Miles Hermes
Asim Manasia
Hanilton Paret
49.62aHouston Christian
7.-Bryan Tran
Andrew Flato
Brandon Tran
Randy Gill
50.09aSt Thomas Episcopal
X 4x100 Relay - Div2: TAPPS 4A/5A, SPC, Public - Finals
1.-Kolby Griffin
Garrick Johnson
Keaon Hobson
Trey Guidry
43.57aSt Pius X
2.-Keaton Hart
Kevin Robertson
Kyle Martin
Justin Webster
44.05aNorthland Christian
3.-Nate Volk
Lawrence Maher
Ryan McGough
Austin Anello
4.-Anthony Hernandez
John Mouton
Miles Lerch
Myles Jones
44.14aSt Thomas
5.-Dequante Carter
Gabe Byrd
Christian Dolphus
Justin Grisby
44.34aHouston Bellaire
6.-Issac Kay
Sam Kaestner
Evan Kirkland
Cameron Moore
46.30aHouston Christian
X 4x200 Relay - Div1: TAPPS 3A and Smaller - Finals
1.-William Wheeler
Austin Walls
Jeffrey Chen
Cameron Davis
1:37.34aThe Woodlands Christ...
2.-Calvin Novotny
TJ Mohammed
Barnabus Odeyomi
Usman Mohammed
1:38.91aCypress Christian
3.-Max Brant
Eliott Cleveland
Leo Penny
Chris Zook
1:39.68aSt Thomas
4.-Mason Martin
Canyon Emmit
Matthew Gordon
Josh Litton
1:40.54aRosehill Christian
5.-Terrion Vaughn
Caleb Mathews
Marcus Murrel
Wesly Wilson
6.-Brandon Tran
Reese McDonald
Bryan Tran
Randy Gill
1:45.04aSt Thomas Episcopal
7.-Jonathan Zama
Connor Simpson
David Steele
Stan Stanulonis
1:45.81aFaith West Academy
-Jay T Martin
James Brien
John Brien
Nathan Kola
1:47.86aAllen Academy
X 4x200 Relay - Div2: TAPPS 4A/5A, SPC, Public - Finals
1.-Anthony Hernandez
John Mouton
Miles Lerch
Myles Jones
1:33.08aSt Thomas
2.-Gabe Byrd
Dequante Carter
Christian Dolphus
Justin Grisby
1:33.18aHouston Bellaire
3.-Sabatian Schwartz
Jareaux Levingston
Trey Guidry
Kolby Griffin
1:33.40aSt Pius X
4.-Zach Mitchell
Carter Odenweller
Kyle Martin
Kevin Robertson
1:35.10aNorthland Christian
5.-Zach Lunz
Ryan McGough
Cody Pratt
Rainer Richter
X 4x400 Relay - Div1: TAPPS 3A and Smaller - Finals
1.-Ahmed Sarraj
Trevion Williams
Michael Lopez
Dimitri Nikolaou
3:42.07The Village
2.-Andrew Coulter
Marc Liu
Andrew Calvert
Michael Hrncir
3:46.98St Thomas Episcopal
3.-J.P Ambler
Jeffrey Chen
Logan Shearer
Cameron Davis
3:48.30The Woodlands Christ...
4.-Tommy Buretto
Brayden Aguilera
Philip Etuk
Tyler Goulding
4:00.00Awty International
5.-Alex Barrett
Andrew Harding
Issac Kay
Michael McColloch
4:00.93Houston Christian
6.-Michael Boyd
Jonathan McCary
Dan Crozier
Barnabus Odeyomi
4:05.04Cypress Christian
7.-Max James
Mario Rodriguez
Leo Penny
Eliott Cleveland
4:07.26St Thomas
8.-Jonathan Zama
Will Wardell
Jonathan Farr
Stan Stanulonis
4:16.71Faith West Academy
X 4x400 Relay - Div2: TAPPS 4A/5A, SPC, Public - Finals
1.-Christian Johnson
Blake Thompson
Jusitn Rayford
Michael Sunja
3:31.56Houston Bellaire
2.-John Mouton
Julio Medina
Nicholas Mathews
Jo Alan Castilleja
3:35.24St Thomas
3.-Sabatian Schwartz
Garrick Johnson
Lamon Roberts
Jarvis Thibodeaux
3:36.40St Pius X
4.-Graham Eldridge
Ryder Aguileria
Ryan Van Mechelen
Jonathan Freeman
3:37.67Awty International
5.-Zach Lunz
Rainer Richter
Cody Pratt
Patrick Reinschmidt
6.-Eric Ward
Keaton Hart
Preston Gray
Carter Odenweller
3:47.18Northland Christian
7.-DaDrian Connor
BJ Hillhouse
Christian Guzman
Brian Green
X DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - Div1: TAPPS 3A and Smaller - Finals
1.-Matthew Hawk
Tom Landers
Michael Hrncir
Andrew Calvert
12:05.75St Thomas Episcopal
2.-Douglas Moody
William Clutterbuck
Jake Peacock
Philip Taffet
12:28.25St John's
3.-Jacob Clanton
Jay T Martin
John Brien
James Brien
12:34.61Allen Academy
4.-J.P Ambler
Scott Seefelt
Luke Shearer
Nate Regier
13:23.10The Woodlands Christ...
5.-Chris Barrett
Thomas Hanhausen
Andrew Harding
Alex Barrett
14:22.37Houston Christian
X DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - Div2: TAPPS 4A/5A, SPC, Public - Finals
1.-John Cantu
Anthony Hernandez
Nicholas Mathews
Jo Alan Castilleja
10:56.66St Thomas
2.-Derek Fossi
Luis Mejia
Andre' Gras
Sykes Yeates
11:45.65St John's
3.-Michael Sunja
Jonas Rudel
Jusitn Rayford
Christian Johnson
12:00.92Houston Bellaire
4.-Dante Breaux
Skylar Link
Cherokee Taylor
Trevor Lauten
12:59.17St Pius X
X Shot Put - 12lb - Div1: TAPPS 3A and Smaller - Finals
1.12Robert Beach46-01.00Rosehill Christian
2.10Brennan Tighe39-01.75Rosehill Christian
3.12Patrick Lorden37-02.25Allen Academy
4.11Gunnar Dorsey36-10.00The Brook Hill
5.10Mickel Kahil36-06.00Brazos Christian
6.9Gregory Guidry36-03.50St Thomas
7.11Jason Groll36-02.00Cypress Christian
8.10Stephen Mason35-03.25St Thomas Episcopal
9.11Jay T Martin34-03.50Allen Academy
10.10Cameron Arndt33-11.50St Thomas
11.11Britain Bost33-09.00Brazos Christian
12.11Andrew Gustafson33-08.50Brazos Christian
13.9Roland Frederick33-00.00Rosehill Christian
14.11Brooks Hinnant32-11.75The Woodlands Christ...
15.9Aaron Chu32-10.00St John's
16.9Joe Lowery32-09.00St Thomas
17.11Devion Whetstone32-05.25The Village
18.9Calvin Novotny31-00.00Cypress Christian
19.11Nick Vrakas30-09.50Houston Christian
20.12Trevar Mayon29-10.75Allen Academy
21.9Brian Peyton29-06.25Houston Christian
22.10Christian Murphy28-11.50Northland Christian
23.12Connor Simpson28-08.50Faith West Academy
24.9Connor Landrum23-01.00St John's
X Shot Put - 12lb - Div2: TAPPS 4A/5A, SPC, Public - Finals
1.12Kenneth McKinney44-11.00Royal
2.12Collin Leitko42-10.50Houston Christian
3.10Jeffrey Allegria40-05.50Pope John XXIII
4.11Eric Martin39-10.25St Thomas
5.10Travis Bradford39-09.50St Thomas
6.12Drew Earnest36-10.50Houston Christian
7.11Joey Cowan36-02.75St John's
8.10Jonathan Cohen35-08.50St Thomas
9.9Jayvon Jackson34-02.00Northland Christian
10.11Bradley Langford34-00.00Northland Christian
11.11Michael Cavazos33-10.25Lutheran-South
12.11Robby Smith33-08.00St John's
13.9Will Roberts33-07.00Northland Christian
14.11Richard Alfonso33-03.50Pope John XXIII
15.11Nick Cassata33-01.25St John's
16.12Chris Tutunjian32-09.50Houston Christian
17.9Jonathan Sload31-08.50Awty International
18.10Blake Graham31-05.00Lutheran-South
19.9Robert Ueno29-07.50Awty International
20.10Raul Gama29-05.00Houston Math Science...
21.11Abel Cavazos29-04.00Houston Math Science...
22.11Jarrid Singleton28-08.00Houston Math Science...
X Discus - 1.6kg - Div1: TAPPS 3A and Smaller - Finals
1.11Devion Whetstone114-05The Village
2.12Robert Beach108-03Rosehill Christian
3.10Mickel Kahil103-04Brazos Christian
4.10Stephen Mason98-07St Thomas Episcopal
5.11Brooks Hinnant89-09The Woodlands Christ...
6.10Christian Murphy87-05Northland Christian
7.11Nikolai Story86-03The Woodlands Christ...
8.9John Brien83-10Allen Academy
9.10Nicholas Pasta81-06St Thomas
10.9Roland Frederick81-05Rosehill Christian
11.9Connor Lorden81-04Allen Academy
12.11Jason Groll79-05Cypress Christian
13.9Joe Lowery77-10St Thomas
14.11Matthew Ford77-06Brazos Christian
15.9Brian Peyton77-04Houston Christian
16.10Cameron Arndt76-07St Thomas
16.9Aaron Chu76-07St John's
18.10Dan Crozier75-01Cypress Christian
19.10Will Wardell73-07Faith West Academy
20.11Kody Davis71-06Rosehill Christian
21.12Connor Simpson69-03Faith West Academy
22.12Trevar Mayon65-03Allen Academy
23.11Andrew Gustafson63-05Brazos Christian
24.9Connor Landrum61-04St John's
X Discus - 1.6kg - Div2: TAPPS 4A/5A, SPC, Public - Finals
1.12Kenneth McKinney146-02Royal
2.10Travis Bradford135-10St Thomas
3.11Doc Perrier126-03St Thomas
4.9Jayvon Jackson122-08Northland Christian
5.11Michael Cavazos115-10Lutheran-South
6.12Andrew Rihani115-02Northland Christian
7.12Collin Leitko114-04Houston Christian
8.11Joao Bermudez110-06St Thomas
9.12Marshall Cornett104-08Houston Christian
10.11Joey Cowan101-06St John's
11.11Robby Smith94-09St John's
12.11Nick Cassata91-11St John's
13.9Jonathan Sload90-02Awty International
14.11Richard Alfonso83-10Pope John XXIII
15.10Blake Graham81-00Lutheran-South
16.9Ife Olaifa80-04Northland Christian
17.10Raul Gama80-00Houston Math Science...
18.9Robert Ueno79-07Awty International
19.11Mario Martinez75-06Houston Math Science...
20.10Jeffrey Allegria72-06Pope John XXIII
21.10Ubaldo Mendez67-01Houston Math Science...
X High Jump - Div1: TAPPS 3A and Smaller - Finals
1.11Evan Doremus6-07.00Cypress Christian
2.9Chris Zook5-10.00St Thomas
3.9Hamilton Paret5-04.00Houston Christian
4.9Bryant Rodekohr5-04.00Houston Christian
5.10Jeremy Michel5-00.00Rosehill Christian
6.9Blaise Fontenot4-10.00Cypress Christian
9Justin VincentNHSt John's
12Caleb LudrickNHThe Woodlands Christ...
9Evan PalmerNHAwty International
11Matthew FordNHBrazos Christian
X High Jump - Div2: TAPPS 4A/5A, SPC, Public - Finals
1.11Rowan Brumant6-00.00St Thomas
2.11Rainier Richter5-08.00Lutheran-South
3.10Jacob Farris5-06.00Houston Christian
4.9Risher Randall5-06.00St John's
11Trey GuidryNHSt Pius X
9Patrick ReinschmidtNHLutheran-South
9Asim ManasiaNHHouston Christian
X Pole Vault - Div1: TAPPS 3A and Smaller - Finals
1.9John Williams10-06.00St Thomas
2.11Mitchell Buchanan10-00.00Houston Christian
3.11Sam Siegel9-06.00Houston Christian
4.11William Wheeler9-06.00The Woodlands Christ...
5.9Collin Klenke9-00.00St Thomas
6.11Brant Lipscomb8-06.00The Woodlands Christ...
7.9Mitchell Brown7-06.00Houston Christian
10Will BomarNHSt John's
X Pole Vault - Div2: TAPPS 4A/5A, SPC, Public - Finals
1.10Andrew Thompson11-00.00St Thomas
2.10Payson Williams10-06.00St Thomas
3.12Kevin Hesse10-06.00St Thomas
4.11Michael McColloch10-00.00Houston Christian
5.10Thomas Hanhausen9-00.00Houston Christian
6.11Evan Kirkland8-06.00Houston Christian
7.11Trevor Lauten7-00.00St Pius X
X Long Jump - Div1: TAPPS 3A and Smaller - Finals
1.9Chris Zook18-07.00St Thomas
2.9Max Brant18-03.00St Thomas
3.11Josh Litton18-00.75Rosehill Christian
4.12Cameron Davis17-09.50The Woodlands Christ...
5.9Sean Yuan17-07.25St John's
6.10Jonathan Zama17-05.00Faith West Academy
7.9Justin Bernard17-04.50St John's
8.9John Brien16-07.50Allen Academy
9.9Cooper Owen16-05.75Brazos Christian
10.12Brandon Glover16-04.50The Woodlands Christ...
11.9Tyler Goulding16-03.00Awty International
12.9Michael Boyd15-09.25Cypress Christian
13.10Andrew Harding15-05.00Houston Christian
14.9TJ Mohammed15-04.50Cypress Christian
15.10Jeremy Michel15-01.00Rosehill Christian
16.10David-Jessalynn Steele-Bright14-11.75Faith West Academy
17.10Josiah Dalton14-09.00Cypress Christian
18.11Bintliff- Jonathan Haley-Zama?14-08.00Faith West Academy
19.11Matthew Ford14-01.25Brazos Christian
20.11Nathan Kola13-05.00Allen Academy
X Long Jump - Div2: TAPPS 4A/5A, SPC, Public - Finals
1.11Miles Lerch20-00.25St Thomas
2.11Keaton Hart19-11.50Northland Christian
3.9Justin Grisby19-04.75Houston Bellaire
4.10Sebastian Schwartz18-11.75St Pius X
5.12Christian Dolphus18-10.75Houston Bellaire
6.11Jonathan Freeman18-09.75Awty International
7.11Rowan Brumant18-08.50St Thomas
8.12Kevin Robertson18-08.25Northland Christian
9.11Justin Rayford18-07.75Houston Bellaire
10.11Lamon Roberts18-07.25St Pius X
11.12Ryan McGough18-06.25Lutheran-South
12.12Nate Volk17-11.25Lutheran-South
13.10Collin Caram17-10.50St Thomas
14.9Isaac Kay17-09.75Houston Christian
15.11Austin Anello17-06.00Lutheran-South
16.10Justin Webster16-02.75Northland Christian
17.11Ross Hutchison15-09.25St Pius X
X Triple Jump - Div1: TAPPS 3A and Smaller - Finals
1.12Usman Mohammed39-03.50Cypress Christian
2.9Justin Bernard38-00.25St John's
3.11Josh Litton37-07.50Rosehill Christian
4.9Sean Yuan35-08.00St John's
5.9Tyler Goulding35-04.75Awty International
6.9TJ Mohammed34-10.50Cypress Christian
7.10Andrew Harding34-05.75Houston Christian
8.11Sam Siegel33-10.00Houston Christian
9.10Jeremy Michel32-04.00Rosehill Christian
X Triple Jump - Div2: TAPPS 4A/5A, SPC, Public - Finals
1.11Trey Guidry43-09.00St Pius X
2.11Keaton Hart41-07.25Northland Christian
3.11Rowan Brumant38-06.75St Thomas
4.12Zach Lunz37-11.00Lutheran-South
5.10Carter Odenweller37-09.00Northland Christian
6.11Rainier Richter36-11.75Lutheran-South
7.9Dante Breaux36-04.75St Pius X
8.9Risher Randall35-08.25St John's
9.12Cody Pratt35-00.25Lutheran-South

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Div1: TAPPS 3A and Smaller - Finals
12Megan Briggs12.92aSt Pius X
1.10Tayler Millhollon14.30aBrazos Christian
2.9Chelbi Orrick14.32aCypress Christian
3.10Ashley Dalton14.47aRosehill Christian
4.10Caroline Midy14.72aAwty International
5.11Julie Farag14.76aIncarnate Word Academy
6.10Haishat Alli14.92aSt John's
7.9Paola Boitel15.14aIncarnate Word Academy
8.10Chelsea Benjamin15.24aRoyal
9.9Katie Hadfield15.25aCypress Christian
10.9Hannah Ramey15.29aCovenant Christian
11.9Kaitlyn Burrow15.35aFaith West Academy
12.9Haley Sandoval15.45aFaith West Academy
13.10Molly Welch15.52aHouston Christian
14.10Cynthia Yeun15.54aBrazos Christian
15.10Cameron Childress15.57aSt John's
16.11Kelsey Fore15.74aCovenant Christian
17.10Mackenzie Jenkins15.82aThe Brook Hill
18.9Rowan Harris15.89aCovenant Christian
19.11Samantha Izquierdo15.99aFaith West Academy
20.9Sarah Mason16.12aCypress Christian
21.9Chelsea Ledbetter16.24aThe Woodlands Christ...
22.9Lizzie Downs17.55aHouston Christian
23.9Hope Bradshaw18.62aThe Woodlands Christ...
X 100 Meters - Div2: TAPPS 4A/5A, SPC, Public - Finals
1.12Mirtha Perez12.88aHouston Davis
2.12Loreal Curtis13.12aLutheran-South
3.11Leonna Brooks13.60aRoyal
4.12Maggie Walker13.72aIncarnate Word Academy
5.10Imani Lacey13.78aRoyal
6.9Abby Avery13.97aSt John's
7.11Taylor Gillespie14.54aIncarnate Word Academy
8.9Gina Escandon14.65aPope John XXIII
9.12Nika Tafarroji14.70aLutheran-South
10.9Lanique Bradley14.70aHouston Math Science...
11.9Taylor Newhouse14.75aHouston Christian
12.9Emilie Khoury14.83aAwty International
13.10Alci-Lou Pina14.98aSt Pius X
14.10Alexa Matos15.06aSt Pius X
15.9Brenda Cheong 115.29aPope John XXIII
16.9Shelby Tate15.53aNorthland Christian
17.12Samantah Fakahany15.70aDuchesne Academy
18.10Valyncia Willrich15.91aHouston Davis
19.9Latay Thompson16.03aSt Pius X
20.10Emily Smart16.10aDuchesne Academy
X 100 Meters - Relay Split - Div1: TAPPS 3A and Smaller - Finals
11Erin Shireman12.4Lutheran-South
10Jasmin Freeborn12.6Lutheran-South
11Rebecca Earle13.39The Woodlands Christ...
11Allie Riemold13.67The Woodlands Christ...
12Abigail Hart13.9Lutheran-South
12Nika Tafarroji14.1Lutheran-South
9Abby Caron14.86The Woodlands Christ...
11Courtney Young15.7The Woodlands Christ...
X 200 Meters - Div1: TAPPS 3A and Smaller - Finals
1.12Lexus Van Pelt27.93aCypress Christian
2.9Enjel Pierre28.42aThe Village
3.12Amy Jo Teague28.95aThe Brook Hill
4.12Jennifer Ma29.39aSt Thomas Episcopal
5.11Lu-Cheree de Jager29.95aCovenant Christian
6.10Ashley Dalton29.97aRosehill Christian
7.10Christi Brigman30.20aBrazos Christian
8.10Tayler Millhollon30.35aBrazos Christian
9.12Bria Temple30.55aIncarnate Word Academy
10.11Rebecca Earle30.75aThe Woodlands Christ...
11.9Christal Ames30.82aRoyal
12.10Haishat Alli31.84aSt John's
13.10Cameron Childress32.19aSt John's
14.9Anastasia Koloslov32.20aAwty International
15.10Timber Garner32.39aThe Brook Hill
16.10Cynthia Yeun32.40aBrazos Christian
17.11Allie Riemold32.77aThe Woodlands Christ...
18.10Chelsea Benjamin33.19aRoyal
19.9Rachel Vance33.22aCypress Christian
20.9Sorcha Walshe33.26aThe Village
21.11Kelsey Fore33.29aCovenant Christian
22.9Rowan Harris34.22aCovenant Christian
23.9Hannah Smati34.71aAwty International
24.9Sarah Mason34.87aCypress Christian
X 200 Meters - Div2: TAPPS 4A/5A, SPC, Public - Finals
1.12Loreal Curtis26.56aLutheran-South
2.10Barbara Newsom27.26aLutheran-South
3.10Samantha Night28.31aSt John's
4.10Imani Lacey28.34aRoyal
5.9Abby Avery28.51St John's
6.11Erin White28.78Duchesne Academy
7.11Kristen Klos29.51Northland Christian
9.12Nika Tafarroji30.36aLutheran-South
8.12Daniela Covarrubias30.24St John's
10.11Leonna Brooks30.69aRoyal
11.11Asia Woods31.24aSt Pius X
12.9Shelby Tate31.39aNorthland Christian
13.9Bridget Groff31.83aDuchesne Academy
14.10Abby Gleuk31.84aPope John XXIII
15.9Brenna Haffey32.11aAwty International
16.9Iris Paez33.18aHouston Davis
17.10Valyncia Willrich34.04aHouston Davis
18.9Latay Thompson35.86aSt Pius X
19.10Emily Smart1:30:34.33aDuchesne Academy
9Emilie KhouryNTAwty International
9Meredith HeimNTNorthland Christian
11Lora NinoNTPope John XXIII
10Sage NguyenNTHouston Christian
X 200 Meters - Relay Split - Div1: TAPPS 3A and Smaller - Finals
10Barbara Newsom25.3Lutheran-South
10Jasmin Freeborn27.8Lutheran-South
11Rebecca Earle28.53The Woodlands Christ...
12Abigail Hart29.4Lutheran-South
12Emily Rosenhagen29.7Lutheran-South
9Abby Caron31.94The Woodlands Christ...
11Allie Riemold32.15The Woodlands Christ...
11Courtney Young32.54The Woodlands Christ...
X 400 Meters - Div1: TAPPS 3A and Smaller - Finals
1.12Jennifer Ma1:05.54aSt Thomas Episcopal
2.10Christi Brigman1:05.77aBrazos Christian
3.10Lindsey Frank1:06.92aSt Thomas Episcopal
4.9Bella Grant1:06.95aAwty International
5.11Lu-Cheree de Jager1:08.48aCovenant Christian
6.10Callie Parish1:10.52aHouston Christian
7.9Hannah Ramey1:11.81aCovenant Christian
8.10Abby Gleuk1:14.26aPope John XXIII
9.-MacKenna Powers1:16.04aRoyal
10.10Hayley Landry1:19.70aCypress Christian
11.11Leah Poffenberger1:21.17aRosehill Christian
12.10Cassidy Norton1:22.72aBrazos Christian
X 400 Meters - Div2: TAPPS 4A/5A, SPC, Public - Finals
1.12Loreal Curtis57.67aLutheran-South
2.11Katy Wefelmeyer1:01.95aDuchesne Academy
3.12Mary Louise Clawson1:02.30aHouston Christian
4.10Sarah Welter1:04.29aDuchesne Academy
5.11Madison Lee1:04.42aNorthland Christian
6.9Elise Viguet1:04.93aSt John's
7.9Jaela Dejean1:05.19aHouston Christian
8.9Alexis Pope1:06.44aNorthland Christian
9.10Teaubrie Johnson1:07.71aHouston Math Science...
10.11Erin White1:08.66aDuchesne Academy
11.12Kathleen Bryan1:10.98aLutheran-South
12.9Andie Garcia1:11.33aSt Pius X
13.9Siera Coulter1:11.46aNorthland Christian
14.9Brenna Haffey1:12.00aAwty International
15.11Xochilt Villegas1:15.97aHouston Davis
16.10Ana Arguello1:21.86aHouston Math Science...
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Div1: TAPPS 3A and Smaller - Finals
10Barbara Newsom64.2Lutheran-South
10Jasmin Freeborn65.1Lutheran-South
9Kristen Santiago1:06.88St John's
9Rachel Earle67.62The Woodlands Christ...
11Rachael McDaniel68.44The Woodlands Christ...
9Natasha Kalaouze1:09.77Allen Academy
12Emily Rosenhagen70.3Lutheran-South
12Kathleen Bryan71.6Lutheran-South
9Abby Caron74.27The Woodlands Christ...
9Sarah Spohn1:15.14Allen Academy
9Sarah Spohn1:16.39Allen Academy
10McKenna Brown1:16.43Allen Academy
9Katie Rogers78.61The Woodlands Christ...
12Sarah Brien1:21.18Allen Academy
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Div2: TAPPS 4A/5A, SPC, Public - Finals
9Kristen Willson1:07.26St John's
X 800 Meters - Div1: TAPPS 3A and Smaller - Finals
1.10Christi Brigman2:35.58aBrazos Christian
2.9Kristen Santiago2:35.66aSt John's
3.10Lindsey Frank2:39.09aSt Thomas Episcopal
4.11Ashley Miller2:39.18aRosehill Christian
5.9Raleene Ortiz2:42.44aRoyal
6.12Hiromi Oka2:43.04aAwty International
7.9Natasha Kalaouze2:44.09aAllen Academy
8.9Erin Merrifield2:46.14aThe Village
9.-MacKenna Powers2:52.78aRoyal
10.11Christiana Charleston2:52.93aRoyal
11.10Catherine Sullivan2:53.61aSt John's
12.11Madison Flores2:54.10aIncarnate Word Academy
13.9Katie Rogers2:55.33aThe Woodlands Christ...
14.11Laken Carleton2:56.55aIncarnate Word Academy
15.10Natalie Farr2:59.71aFaith West Academy
16.9Alezeh Rauf3:01.51aSt John's
17.9Kalkidan Calviello3:07.01aThe Village
18.11Leah Poffenberger3:07.31aRosehill Christian
19.10Allison Pruet3:11.35aFaith West Academy
20.11Kaitlyn Hirschbuehler3:15.05aHouston Christian
21.9Cally Moudry3:16.42aIncarnate Word Academy
22.9Hannah Gustafson3:18.00aHouston Christian
23.9Rachel Cook3:19.76aCypress Christian
24.11Mercy Aguilar3:21.13aFaith West Academy
25.10Cassidy Norton3:25.52aBrazos Christian
26.9Rachel Craft3:36.96aHouston Christian
X 800 Meters - Div2: TAPPS 4A/5A, SPC, Public - Finals
1.11Paige Weishaar2:28.14aIncarnate Word Academy
2.11Kathryn Quandt2:30.59aHouston Christian
3.10Gabbie Fontana2:33.96aNorthland Christian
4.10Jacqueline Jackie2:34.38aSt John's
5.9Diana Moreno2:35.61aRoyal
6.9Elizabeth Hirs2:36.16aAwty International
7.9Lauren Stockton2:36.98aIncarnate Word Academy
8.11Melissa Thurber2:42.75aDuchesne Academy
9.11Sabrina Hayes2:42.78aRoyal
10.11Lauren Schultz2:45.35aHouston Christian
11.12Kathleen Bryan2:47.62aLutheran-South
12.11Holly Josey2:51.24aSt Pius X
X 800 Meters - Relay Split - Div1: TAPPS 3A and Smaller - Finals
10McKenna Brown2:54.76Allen Academy
10Catherine Sullivan2:55.98St John's
X 800 Meters - Relay Split - Div2: TAPPS 4A/5A, SPC, Public - Finals
9Elise Viguet2:39.06St John's
X 1200 Meters - Relay Split - Div1: TAPPS 3A and Smaller - Finals
9Natasha Kalaouze4:15.94Allen Academy
9Molly Vitek4:27.54St John's
X 1200 Meters - Relay Split - Div2: TAPPS 4A/5A, SPC, Public - Finals
10Jacqueline Jackie4:16.06St John's
X 1600 Meters - Div1: TAPPS 3A and Smaller - Finals
1.11Julia Daniel5:50.50Incarnate Word Academy
2.12Claire Coulter5:57.21St Thomas Episcopal
3.12Christine McGough5:58.93St Thomas Episcopal
4.11Megan Lillie6:00.33St John's
5.9Molly Vitek6:11.04St John's
6.11Ashley Miller6:12.14Rosehill Christian
7.9Yazkyn Caldera6:31.23Royal
8.10Miranda Hernandez6:38.47Incarnate Word Academy
9.10Christiana Zgourides6:39.18The Village
10.11Laken Carleton6:39.47Incarnate Word Academy
11.11Brenda Guerrero6:44.23Royal
12.9Erica Swain7:05.23Houston Christian
13.12Analisa Luning7:10.61The Woodlands Christ...
14.10Helen Sharpless7:11.37St John's
15.11Katy Craft7:14.35Houston Christian
16.11Katherine Allison7:37.95Houston Christian
X 1600 Meters - Div2: TAPPS 4A/5A, SPC, Public - Finals
1.9Carson Peacock5:55.15St John's
2.Kate Taylor6:01.52Unattached
3.12Claire Jardin6:05.77Awty International
4.10Maria Gonzalez6:06.60Pope John XXIII
5.10Danielle Ferris6:12.53Lutheran-South
6.11Sabrina Hayes6:13.05Royal
7.11Lauren Schultz6:13.66Houston Christian
8.10Maddie Clayton6:14.07St John's
9.12Rebecca Fritsch6:28.36Duchesne Academy
10.10Margaret Goode6:29.99Houston Christian
11.10Ester Belmaraz-Martinez6:39.19Houston Davis
12.9Luisa Stainback6:41.57Awty International
13.10Bethany Vuyk6:42.00Pope John XXIII
14.10Stephanie Ibarra6:44.78Houston Davis
X 1600 Meters - Relay Split - Div1: TAPPS 3A and Smaller - Finals
11Megan Lillie5:58.28St John's
12Sarah Brien6:38.55Allen Academy
X 1600 Meters - Relay Split - Div2: TAPPS 4A/5A, SPC, Public - Finals
9Carson Peacock5:51.78St John's
X 3200 Meters - Div1: TAPPS 3A and Smaller - Finals
1.12Claire Coulter12:20.80St Thomas Episcopal
2.12Christine McGough12:33.58St Thomas Episcopal
3.11Julia Daniel13:14.10Incarnate Word Academy
4.12Sarah Brien13:36.07Allen Academy
5.11Brenda Guerrero14:00.94Royal
6.9Raleene Ortiz14:18.45Royal
7.11Christiana Charleston14:25.63Royal
8.11Valerie Lerma14:40.93Incarnate Word Academy
9.10Miranda Hernandez14:56.79Incarnate Word Academy
10.10Natalie Farr15:06.24Faith West Academy
11.12Analisa Luning15:35.97The Woodlands Christ...
12.11Katy Craft15:36.43Houston Christian
13.9Erica Swain15:41.98Houston Christian
14.11Mercy Aguilar15:45.76Faith West Academy
15.12Martha Wells17:46.00The Woodlands Christ...
X 3200 Meters - Div2: TAPPS 4A/5A, SPC, Public - Finals
1.9Diana Moreno12:19.31Royal
2.10Nicole Payne12:28.73Incarnate Word Academy
3.11Mayra Curiel13:17.32Houston Math Science...
4.10Ester Belmaraz-Martinez13:21.12Houston Davis
5.10Maria Gonzalez13:21.40Pope John XXIII
6.12Brianna Faustino13:21.70Incarnate Word Academy
7.12Madison Flavin13:44.19Awty International
8.11Cassandra Longoria14:07.67Royal
9.10Danielle Ferris14:08.26Lutheran-South
10.10Margaret Goode14:32.53Houston Christian
11.10Bethany Vuyk15:08.97Pope John XXIII
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Div1: TAPPS 3A and Smaller - Finals
1.11Arden Houghton18.96aIncarnate Word Academy
2.11Courtney Young19.49aThe Woodlands Christ...
3.11Kathleen Franks20.36aRosehill Christian
4.10Alyssa Mckenzie20.84aHouston Christian
5.9Gabby Dena20.91aIncarnate Word Academy
6.9Kristen Willson21.72aSt John's
7.10Alex Howard21.93aAwty International
8.9Ella Jackson22.14aIncarnate Word Academy
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Div2: TAPPS 4A/5A, SPC, Public - Finals
1.12Babette Hohrath17.21aAwty International
2.10Kyla Wilcher17.71aNorthland Christian
3.10Brianna Brandyburg18.06aRoyal
4.11Erin Shireman18.26aLutheran-South
5.10Lexi Alexander18.68aSt Pius X
6.9Madison Sheehy18.91aHouston Christian
7.9Gina Escandon19.15aPope John XXIII
8.9Miranda Turner21.95aSt Pius X
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Div1: TAPPS 3A and Smaller - Finals
1.9Rachel Earle54.10aThe Woodlands Christ...
2.9Emily Freeman55.49aThe Village
3.10Alyssa Mckenzie56.62aHouston Christian
4.11Ashley Miller56.65aRosehill Christian
5.9Gabby Dena57.59aIncarnate Word Academy
6.9Kristen Willson59.07aSt John's
7.9Ella Jackson59.94aIncarnate Word Academy
8.10McKenna Brown1:02.25aAllen Academy
9.11Kathleen Franks1:03.93aRosehill Christian
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Div2: TAPPS 4A/5A, SPC, Public - Finals
1.12Babette Hohrath47.29aAwty International
2.11Tashea Williams51.23aRoyal
3.11Ariana Montelongo51.24aIncarnate Word Academy
4.9Elizabeth Hirs52.07aAwty International
5.12Alex Williams52.08aSt Pius X
6.9Carley Pope53.40aNorthland Christian
7.9Madison Sheehy55.02aHouston Christian
8.11Erin Shireman55.12aLutheran-South
9.10Kyla Wilcher55.60aNorthland Christian
10.9Marlin Bange56.85aHouston Davis
11.11Natalie Reyes59.53aHouston Davis
12.9Miranda Turner1:04.77aSt Pius X
X 4x100 Relay - Div1: TAPPS 3A and Smaller - Finals
1.-McKenzie Harken
Tyesha Jackson
Timber Garner
Amy Jo Teague
53.34aThe Brook Hill
2.-Lexus Van Pelt
Chelbi Orrick
Katie Hadfield
Katie Moore
54.05aCypress Christian
3.-Relay Team 56.46aIncarnate Word Academy
4.-Callie Parish
Molly Welch
Ashton Binkley
Alyssa Mckenzie
56.71aHouston Christian
5.-Courtney Young
Allie Riemold
Abby Caron
Rebecca Earle
57.66aThe Woodlands Christ...
6.-Kelsey Fore
Lu-Cheree de Jager
Rowan Harris
Hannah Ramey
57.89aCovenant Christian
X 4x100 Relay - Div2: TAPPS 4A/5A, SPC, Public - Finals
1.-Madison Sheehy
Morgann Davis
Jaela Dejean
Mary Louise Clawson
51.70aHouston Christian
2.-Imani Lacey
Leonna Brooks
Christal Ames
Tashea Williams
8.-Relay Team 51.83aSt Pius X
3.-Katy Wefelmeyer
Razan Beidas
Bridget Daly
Nenye Okoro
52.01aDuchesne Academy
4.-Madison Zeinert
Kristen Klos
Alexis Pope
Carley Pope
52.18aNorthland Christian
5.-Abigail Hart
Jacqueline Maher
Erin Shireman
Allie Seale
6.-Relay Team 53.54aIncarnate Word Academy
7.-Lanique Bradley
Frantasia Smith
Christina Espinoza
Brittany Castillo
55.15aHouston Math Science...
8.-Relay Team 57.25aSt Pius X
X 4x200 Relay - Div1: TAPPS 3A and Smaller - Finals
1.-Timber Garner
Tyesha Jackson
Amy Jo Teague
McKenzie Harken
1:56.74aThe Brook Hill
2.-Lexus Van Pelt
Katie Hadfield
Chelbi Orrick
Katie Moore
1:57.54aCypress Christian
3.-Relay Team 2:01.68aIncarnate Word Academy
4.-Courtney Young
Allie Riemold
Abby Caron
Rebecca Earle
2:05.55aThe Woodlands Christ...
5.-Brooke Graham
Haley Sandoval
Kaitlyn Burrow
Samantha Izquierdo
2:08.48aFaith West Academy
6.-Reghan Gillman
Molly Welch
Callie Parish
Leigh Cummings
2:09.90aHouston Christian
X 4x200 Relay - Div2: TAPPS 4A/5A, SPC, Public - Finals
6.-Courtney Madden
Vicki Markantonis
Alex Williams
Megan Briggs
1:49.96aSt Pius X
1.-Razan Beidas
Bridget Daly
Nenye Okoro
Jackie Manley
1:50.39aDuchesne Academy
2.-Abigail Hart
Emily Rosenhagen
Barbara Newsom
Jasmin Freeborn
3.-Madison Zeinert
Kristen Klos
Meredith Heim
Carley Pope
1:53.71aNorthland Christian
4.-Catherine Vasquez
Mirtha Perez
Natalie Reyes
Marlin Bange
1:57.60aHouston Davis
5.-Taylor Newhouse
Morgann Davis
Sage Nguyen
Emma Hennessey
1:57.81aHouston Christian
6.-Emily Robinson
Alexa Matos
Alci-Lou Pina
Asia Woods
1:59.96aSt Pius X
X 4x400 Relay - Div1: TAPPS 3A and Smaller - Finals
1.-Christal Ames
Brianna Brandyburg
Raleene Ortiz
Christiana Charleston
2.-Relay Team 4:47.09Incarnate Word Academy
3.-Rachael McDaniel
Abby Caron
Rachel Earle
Katie Rogers
4:48.81The Woodlands Christ...
4.-Natasha Kalaouze
McKenna Brown
Sarah Spohn
Sarah Brien
5:03.58Allen Academy
5.-Natalie Farr
Jourdan Gabriel
Brooke Graham
Allison Pruet
5:14.84Faith West Academy
X 4x400 Relay - Div2: TAPPS 4A/5A, SPC, Public - Finals
1.-Katy Wefelmeyer
Sarah Welter
Jackie Manley
Razan Beidas
4:14.62Duchesne Academy
2.-Nikki Chavanelle
Babette Hohrath
Emilie Khoury
Liz Hirs
4:20.18Awty International
3.-Relay Team 4:22.44Incarnate Word Academy
4.-Madison Zeinert
Madison Lee
Gabbie Fontana
Alexis Pope
4:22.85Northland Christian
5.-Jasmin Freeborn
Jacqueline Maher
Emily Rosenhagen
Barbara Newsom
6.-Natalie Reyes
Mirtha Perez
Catherine Vasquez
Marlin Bange
4:39.13Houston Davis
7.-Emily Robinson
Alex Williams
Holly Josey
Courtney Madden
4:50.78St Pius X
X DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - Div1: TAPPS 3A and Smaller - Finals
1.-Jennifer Ma
Christine McGough
Claire Coulter
Lindsey Frank
14:03.09St Thomas Episcopal
2.-Molly Vitek
Kristen Santiago
Catherine Sullivan
Megan Lillie
14:28.97St John's
2.-Molly Vitek
Kristen Santiago
Catherine Sullivan
Megan Lillie
15:00.06St John's
3.-Relay Team 15:34.70Incarnate Word Academy
4.-Natasha Kalaouze
Sarah Spohn
McKenna Brown
Sarah Brien
15:55.40Allen Academy
5.-Katherine Allison
Hannah Gustafson
Rachel Craft
Sarah Helm
18:01.98Houston Christian
6.-Analisa Luning
Rachael McDaniel
Katie Rogers
Martha Wells
18:04.20The Woodlands Christ...
X DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - Div2: TAPPS 4A/5A, SPC, Public - Finals
1.-Jacqueline Dickey
Kristen Willson
Elise Viguet
Carson Peacock
13:54.04St John's
2.-Cassandra Longoria
Tashea Williams
Sabrina Hayes
Diana Moreno
3.-Relay Team 14:12.05Incarnate Word Academy
4.-Melissa Thurber
Kate Woodward
Rebecca Fritsch
Sarah Welter
14:28.99Duchesne Academy
5.-Relay Team 15:06.88Houston Davis
X Shot Put - 4kg - Div1: TAPPS 3A and Smaller - Finals
1.12Jessica Woodard31-02.75Rosehill Christian
2.10Kirby Vinson27-03.00The Brook Hill
3.11Drake Tobola27-01.25Incarnate Word Academy
4.10Blessing Ajibero26-08.25Cypress Christian
5.10Kimberly Villegas26-04.50Incarnate Word Academy
6.12Amy Jo Teague25-07.75The Brook Hill
7.10Mackenzie Jenkins25-07.50The Brook Hill
8.9Paige Shenkir23-07.50Allen Academy
9.10Emory Strawn20-07.25St John's
X Shot Put - 4kg - Div2: TAPPS 4A/5A, SPC, Public - Finals
1.10Amie Leitko33-01.75Houston Christian
2.10Briana Williams30-07.00St John's
3.10Ada Oguejiofor29-03.00Duchesne Academy
4.11Destiny Taylor29-01.75Incarnate Word Academy
5.12Saffron Hill28-00.00St Pius X
6.9Mariah Weise25-09.75Lutheran-South
7.11Rebecca Whisler25-08.00Northland Christian
8.10Lauren Lockett25-06.50St John's
9.9Kennedy Payne25-06.25Houston Davis
10.11LeAnn Tobola25-03.00Incarnate Word Academy
11.10Maddy Adams25-02.50Lutheran-South
12.11Tannisha Dillard21-06.75Houston Davis
13.9Alejandra Bonilla19-03.00Houston Davis
14.11Rebecca Ward15-11.00Awty International
X Discus - 1kg - Div1: TAPPS 3A and Smaller - Finals
1.10Kirby Vinson98-09The Brook Hill
2.10Mackenzie Jenkins86-10The Brook Hill
3.11Drake Tobola86-07Incarnate Word Academy
4.10Blessing Ajibero79-00Cypress Christian
5.10Kimberly Villegas78-03Incarnate Word Academy
6.12Lexus Van Pelt76-04Cypress Christian
7.12Jessica Woodard75-02Rosehill Christian
8.9Abby Caron58-11The Woodlands Christ...
9.10Emory Strawn50-02St John's
10.9Katie Rogers49-02The Woodlands Christ...
X Discus - 1kg - Div2: TAPPS 4A/5A, SPC, Public - Finals
1.10Amie Leitko127-05Houston Christian
2.11LeAnn Tobola89-05Incarnate Word Academy
3.10Briana Williams85-10St John's
4.10Ada Oguejiofor85-05Duchesne Academy
5.10Maddy Adams79-09Lutheran-South
6.10Lauren Lockett67-06St John's
7.9Mariah Weise64-05Lutheran-South
8.10Chelsea Benjamin62-08Royal
9.9Kennedy Payne57-01Houston Davis
10.10Gabs Okoh55-06Northland Christian
11.9Siera Coulter54-11Northland Christian
12.9Alejandra Bonilla54-04Houston Davis
13.12Saffron Hill53-10St Pius X
14.11Tannisha Dillard53-03Houston Davis
15.11Rebecca Ward33-06Awty International
X High Jump - Div1: TAPPS 3A and Smaller - Finals
1.12Lexus Van Pelt5-00.00Cypress Christian
2.12Amy Jo Teague4-10.00The Brook Hill
3.10Ashley Dalton4-08.00Rosehill Christian
4.9Rachel Earle4-08.00The Woodlands Christ...
5.10Christi Brigman4-06.00Brazos Christian
9Sarah SpohnNHAllen Academy
10McKenna BrownNHAllen Academy
X High Jump - Div2: TAPPS 4A/5A, SPC, Public - Finals
1.10Brianna Brandyburg5-02.00Royal
2.9Nenye Okoro5-02.00Duchesne Academy
3.10Stephanie Guo4-10.00St John's
4.11Natalie Reyes4-04.00Houston Davis
10Madison LadnerNHAwty International
X Pole Vault - Div1: TAPPS 3A and Smaller - Finals
1.11Rachael McDaniel7-00.00The Woodlands Christ...
2.9Kristen Santiago6-06.00St John's
3.9Kristen Willson6-00.00St John's
4.10Helen Sharpless6-00.00St John's
5.11Reghan Gillman5-06.00Houston Christian
11Leigh CummingsNHHouston Christian
X Pole Vault - Div2: TAPPS 4A/5A, SPC, Public - Finals
1.11Erin Shireman10-00.00Lutheran-South
2.10Allie Robinson8-00.00St John's
3.9Emma Hennessey7-06.00Houston Christian
4.12Abigail Hart7-00.00Lutheran-South
5.10Maddie Clayton6-06.00St John's
X Long Jump - Div1: TAPPS 3A and Smaller - Finals
1.11Courtney Young14-10.50The Woodlands Christ...
2.10Ashley Dalton14-00.00Rosehill Christian
3.9Gina Escandon13-10.00Pope John XXIII
4.9Enjel Pierre13-06.25The Village
5.9Haley Sandoval12-11.75Faith West Academy
6.9Paola Boitel12-09.25Incarnate Word Academy
7.11Arden Houghton12-07.50Incarnate Word Academy
8.10Cassidy Norton12-06.50Brazos Christian
8.9Chelsea Ledbetter12-06.50The Woodlands Christ...
10.11Ruby Grant11-09.75Awty International
11.10Haishat Alli11-09.25St John's
12.10Cameron Childress11-02.50St John's
13.10Huda Razzack11-00.50Awty International
14.9Katie Hadfield10-00.00Cypress Christian
15.9Hope Bradshaw8-09.00The Woodlands Christ...
12Bria TempleNDIncarnate Word Academy
X Long Jump - Div2: TAPPS 4A/5A, SPC, Public - Finals
1.9Jaela Dejean16-10.50Houston Christian
2.12Babette Hohrath16-08.00Awty International
3.10Bridget Daly15-11.00Duchesne Academy
4.9Carley Pope14-11.25Northland Christian
5.12Loreal Curtis14-10.00Lutheran-South
6.11Tashea Williams14-08.50Royal
7.10Lexi Alexander14-08.25St Pius X
8.9Elizabeth Hirs14-03.75Awty International
9.9Alexis Pope14-02.75Northland Christian
10.9Meredith Heim13-08.75Northland Christian
11.12Daniela Covarrubias13-05.00St John's
12.11Asia Woods12-02.00St Pius X
13.12Courtney Madden10-05.50St Pius X
X Triple Jump - Div1: TAPPS 3A and Smaller - Finals
1.11Courtney Young32-04.50The Woodlands Christ...
2.9Katie Moore31-11.00Cypress Christian
3.11Allie Riemold30-01.00The Woodlands Christ...
4.10Ashley Dalton27-07.50Rosehill Christian
5.9Natasha Kalaouze27-06.00Allen Academy
6.10Cassidy Norton25-02.00Brazos Christian
7.9Sarah Spohn23-07.00Allen Academy
X Triple Jump - Div2: TAPPS 4A/5A, SPC, Public - Finals
1.12Babette Hohrath34-08.50Awty International
2.10Bridget Daly33-09.25Duchesne Academy
3.9Carley Pope32-00.50Northland Christian
4.10Jasmin Freeborn31-06.75Lutheran-South
5.10Lexi Alexander31-05.25St Pius X
6.12Loreal Curtis31-03.50Lutheran-South
7.12Daniela Covarrubias31-02.25St John's
8.12Emily Rosenhagen30-06.75Lutheran-South
9.9Alexis Pope30-05.50Northland Christian
10.11Morgann Davis30-03.75Houston Christian
11.9Elizabeth Hirs30-00.25Awty International
12.9Meredith Heim28-10.25Northland Christian
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