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Park Hill Varsity Invitational

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12LaVance Taylor11.18aRaytown
2.12Quenton Noble11.24aPark Hill
3.10Antwynn Beavers11.26aLiberty North
4.12Burt Taylor11.30aPark Hill
5.11Ben Harvel11.34aBlue Springs South
5.10Anthony Arens11.34aPark Hill
7.11Steven Sullivan11.42aBlue Springs South
8.10Trey Ervin11.45aBlue Springs South
9.12ZaQuante Horn11.77aFort Osage
10.11Lavonte Hickman11.78aPark Hill
11.10Grant Watkins-Davis12.21aFort Osage
12.10Randy Hall12.31aFort Osage
13.11Connor Reeves12.58aBlue Springs South
14.11Jeremy Bain12.89aNorth Kansas City
15.9Joseph Tuimaseve16.92aFort Osage
11Cameron MadisonSCRNorth Kansas City
10Anton BurgetteSCRLiberty North
12B.J. SmithSCRNorth Kansas City
11Raiyan McKinneySCRRaytown
10Marcus JonesSCRNorth Kansas City
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12LaVance Taylor22.87aRaytown
2.12Quenton Noble23.05aPark Hill
3.11Ben Harvel23.19aBlue Springs South
4.12Kevin Webb23.34aNorth Kansas City
5.10Antwynn Beavers23.52aLiberty North
6.10Reese Fisher23.76aRaytown
7.11Jon Saucedo23.77aPark Hill
8.12Clarence Cochran23.91aBlue Springs South
9.12ZaQuante Horn23.96aFort Osage
10.10Anthony Arens24.07aPark Hill
11.11Tevin Williams24.10aBlue Springs South
12.10Anton Burgette24.14aLiberty North
13.10Steve McBee24.93aFort Osage
14.11Cameron Madison25.04aNorth Kansas City
15.10Jesse Frazier25.92aFort Osage
16.10Randy Hall26.57aFort Osage
11Raiyan McKinneySCRRaytown
10Marcus JonesSCRNorth Kansas City
11Leland AndersonSCRBlue Springs South
12Burt TaylorSCRPark Hill
10Dondrell HardimanSCRPark Hill
11Ralph MooreSCRNorth Kansas City
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Devon Belew51.41aPark Hill
2.11Ben Harvel51.46aBlue Springs South
3.12Connor Snowden52.45aBlue Springs South
4.9Austan Jones52.47aFort Osage
5.11Jon Saucedo52.98aPark Hill
6.11Logan Chevalier53.28aPark Hill
7.12Yewhanis Asgedon53.34aNorth Kansas City
8.12Lexus Mans53.69aNorth Kansas City
9.10Samson Sia53.94aFort Osage
10.10Tyler Layton54.42aBlue Springs South
11.11Manuel Pecina54.76aRaytown
12.11Asa Brand55.83aLiberty North
13.11Connor Reeves56.45aBlue Springs South
14.-Alex Harris57.85aNorth Kansas City
15.10Michael Smith57.92aFort Osage
10Reese FisherSCRRaytown
12Brady SmithSCRFort Osage
11Jeremy BainSCRNorth Kansas City
9Nick JennessSCRLiberty North
11Daniel HavensSCRPark Hill
11Jamal JohnsonSCRRaytown
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Joseph Walton2:02.31aPark Hill
2.12Nathan Koehler2:04.17aPark Hill
3.11Adam Todd2:07.62aLiberty North
4.11Matt Zweerink2:08.82aBlue Springs South
5.10Riley Farenholz2:08.86aPark Hill
6.11Nate Huffer2:11.03aPark Hill
7.12Wes Jensen2:12.79aRaytown
8.12Joe Don Hughes2:15.96aBlue Springs South
9.11Nick Dinges2:16.20aBlue Springs South
10.10Brandon Krekel2:17.06aBlue Springs South
11.12Derrick Wilmore2:17.72aRaytown
12.10Danny Blackwell2:25.15aLiberty North
13.12Ali Zantout2:28.37aNorth Kansas City
14.10Jonathan Becker2:34.84aNorth Kansas City
15.12Cody Sparks2:35.21aFort Osage
16.12Emmanuel Morales2:44.95aFort Osage
12Ethan Jain-WashburnDNSFort Osage
12Daren WoodwaredSCRNorth Kansas City
12Mitchell HoppenstedtSCRFort Osage
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Cain Winebrenner4:38.54aPark Hill
2.-Mike Walker4:45.47aRaytown
3.12John Bedsworth4:53.56aRaytown
4.12Marcus Wolfenbarger4:55.54aBlue Springs South
5.10Vince Tutorino4:58.92aPark Hill
6.10Griff Cady5:03.32aBlue Springs South
7.10Kevin Gutierrez5:05.23aNorth Kansas City
8.11Chris Needles5:06.09aFort Osage
9.10Nate Thomas5:08.55aPark Hill
10.10Luke Dreiling5:16.24aPark Hill
11.11Tucker Seise5:19.23aNorth Kansas City
12.9Logan Kavanaugh5:21.97aLiberty North
13.10Connor McEntire5:37.92aBlue Springs South
14.10Jonathan Becker5:53.17aNorth Kansas City
15.9Caleb Colyer5:56.40aFort Osage
16.9Tristan Puckett6:13.17aFort Osage
17.10Travis Styron6:20.63aFort Osage
10Mason HarwellSCRBlue Springs South
9Francisco JuarezSCRNorth Kansas City
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12John Bedsworth10:19.95aRaytown
2.-Mike Walker10:24.41aRaytown
3.12Deavon Snyder10:28.86aPark Hill
4.11Nate Huffer10:33.15aPark Hill
5.10Kainen Utt10:33.80aPark Hill
6.11Jacob Colyer10:49.98aFort Osage
7.11Ethan Smith10:50.11aBlue Springs South
8.9Logan Kavanaugh10:55.99aLiberty North
9.10Kevin Gutierrez11:00.21aNorth Kansas City
10.12Andy Iverson11:04.78aPark Hill
11.10Griff Cady11:31.92aBlue Springs South
12.9Anthony Nguyen11:49.53aNorth Kansas City
13.9Jeremiah Reynolds12:15.04aFort Osage
14.11Sam Riley12:35.53aNorth Kansas City
15.9Ethan Nelson12:48.49aFort Osage
16.-Seise Tucker12:54.18aNorth Kansas City
17.11Dylan White13:28.66aFort Osage
10Mason HarwellSCRBlue Springs South
12Marcus WolfenbargerSCRBlue Springs South
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Caleb Brainard15.54aFort Osage
2.11Rodney Green16.04aRaytown
3.11Hunter Stoll16.49aBlue Springs South
4.10Dondrell Hardiman16.62aPark Hill
5.11Staven Little16.83aFort Osage
6.10Josh Menard16.94aBlue Springs South
7.9Tyler Blair18.94aBlue Springs South
8.10Marcus Woods19.00aPark Hill
9.12John Utterback19.87aFort Osage
10.9Evan Ledford20.48aBlue Springs South
12Tim CharltonSCRFort Osage
12B.J. SmithSCRNorth Kansas City
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Dondrell Hardiman41.10aPark Hill
2.12Caleb Brainard41.68aFort Osage
3.11Hunter Stoll41.89aBlue Springs South
4.11Rodney Green42.73aRaytown
5.11Staven Little43.57aFort Osage
6.11Quentin Robinson44.27aRaytown
7.9Sterling Roofener45.16aLiberty North
8.9Tyler Blair45.69aBlue Springs South
9.11Sam Vollbrecht46.03aNorth Kansas City
10.12John Utterback46.17aFort Osage
11.10Marcus Woods47.75aPark Hill
12.10Anton Mann48.22aFort Osage
13.9Gerryn Dudley50.69aBlue Springs South
10Ryan JepsonSCRLiberty North
10Josh MenardSCRBlue Springs South
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Cameron Madison
Ralph Moore
Marcus Jones
Kevin Webb
43.80aNorth Kansas City
2.-Jamal Johnson
Manuel Pecina
Raiyan McKinney
LaVance Taylor
3.-Burt Taylor
Trace Norfleet
Anthony Arens
Quenton Noble
44.12aPark Hill
4.-Cory Welch
Dominique Anderson
Lavonte Hickman
Mike II Williams
45.64aPark Hill
5.-Stephan Mathis
Christian Roustic
Bryan Lushbough
Tevin Williams
45.84aBlue Springs South
6.-Antwynn Beavers
Asa Brand
Anton Burgette
Ryan Jepson
45.92aLiberty North
7.-Clarence Cochran
Leland Anderson
Steven Sullivan
Trey Ervin
46.25aBlue Springs South
8.-Jordan Williams
Jeremy Bain
Damien Mullikin
John Diaz
48.21aNorth Kansas City
9.-Relay Team 48.51aFort Osage
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Burt Taylor
Dondrell Hardiman
Anthony Arens
Quenton Noble
1:30.37aPark Hill
2.-Clarence Cochran
Trey Ervin
Leland Anderson
Steven Sullivan
1:31.98aBlue Springs South
3.-Reese Fisher
Raiyan McKinney
Lavance Talyor
Jamal Johnson
4.-Antwynn Beavers
Adam Todd
Asa Brand
Anton Burgette
1:33.28aLiberty North
-Ralph Moore
Yewhanis Asgedon
Kevin Webb
Marcus Jones
1:33.44aNorth Kansas City
5.-Relay Team 1:33.66aFort Osage
6.-Jeremy Bain
Jordan Williams
Damien Mullikin
Ben Day
1:40.18aNorth Kansas City
7.-Relay Team 1:41.64aFort Osage
-Stephan Mathis
Khadrun Black
Christian Roustic
Tevin Williams
DQBlue Springs South
-Daniel Havens
Dominique Anderson
Sean Cash
Lavonte Hickman
DQPark Hill
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Nathan Koehler
Logan Chevalier
John Saucedo
Devon Belew
3:31.70aPark Hill
2.-Relay Team 3:32.80aFort Osage
3.-Reese Fisher
Xavier Rider
Manuel Pecina
Jamal Johnson
4.-Sam Buccero
Dylan Hernandez
Connor Snowden
Tyler Layton
3:34.99aBlue Springs South
5.-Yewhanis Asgedon
Kevin Webb
Lexus Mans
Francisco Juarez
3:35.35aNorth Kansas City
6.-Asa Brand
Sterling Roofener
Adam Todd
Nick Hess
3:46.08aLiberty North
7.-Jordan Williams
John Diaz
Ben Day
Damien Mullikin
3:52.98aNorth Kansas City
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Cain Winebrenner
Joseph Walton
Riley Farenholz
Nathan Koehler
8:24.73aPark Hill
2.-Matt Zweerink
Lake Robinson
Joe Don Hughes
Connor Snowden
8:45.55aBlue Springs South
3.-John Bedsworth
Wes Jensen
Derrick Wilmore
Mike Walker
4.-Juan Hinojosa
Michael Bidwell
Albert Rychecky
Austin Martin
8:46.21aPark Hill
5.-Nick Dinges
Brandon Krekel
Ethan Smith
Marcus Wolfenbarger
9:02.38aBlue Springs South
6.-Lexus Mans
Francisco Juarez
Yewhanis Asgedon
Darren Woodward
9:11.72aNorth Kansas City
7.-Jacob Colyer
Mitchell Hoppenstedt
Seth Goins
Anton Mann
9:22.37aFort Osage
8.-Danny Blackwell
Logan Kavanaugh
Nick Hess
Ty Hughes
9:56.00aLiberty North
9.-Sam Riley
Eli White
Ali Zantout
Jonathan Becker
10:00.23aNorth Kansas City
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Steven DeShazer53-00.50Raytown
2.12Shelby Gray45-00.00Blue Springs South
3.10Jordan Jamerson43-05.50Raytown
4.9Cole West40-04.50Blue Springs South
5.9Milton Hall40-00.00North Kansas City
5.10Kyle Bates40-00.00North Kansas City
7.12Jacob Moore39-10.00Blue Springs South
8.10Jason Ellison38-02.50Raytown
9.-Ricky Sanchez38-01.00North Kansas City
10.10Blake Wyatt37-09.50Blue Springs South
11.10Brandon Cross35-08.00Fort Osage
12.11Seth Goins35-04.00Fort Osage
13.11Konnon Braughton34-02.50Liberty North
14.12Garrett Sage34-00.50Fort Osage
15.10Nick Muller33-09.00Park Hill
16.10Darius McCray33-06.00Park Hill
17.10Alex Ely33-03.00Fort Osage
18.9Harrison Trinidad32-07.00Liberty North
19.10Brian Davis29-08.00Park Hill
10Ryan JepsonSCRLiberty North
12Nick SmithSCRPark Hill
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Steven DeShazer169-02Raytown
2.12Jacob Moore127-07Blue Springs South
3.12Tyler Naudet123-09Fort Osage
4.9Milton Hall120-01North Kansas City
5.10Kyle Bates117-06North Kansas City
6.12Garrett Sage117-05Fort Osage
7.12Jeremy Crane116-06Fort Osage
8.10Blake Wyatt111-03Blue Springs South
9.10Jordan Jamerson109-07Raytown
10.9Josh Watson109-05Blue Springs South
11.9Harrison Trinidad108-04Liberty North
12.10Jason Ellison106-03Raytown
13.11William Rice101-00North Kansas City
14.10Darius McCray98-10Park Hill
15.10Alex Ely88-11Fort Osage
16.10Martin Santibanez86-04Park Hill
17.11Konnon Braughton84-08Liberty North
18.10Brian Davis78-08Park Hill
10Nick MullerSCRPark Hill
-Ricky SanchezSCRNorth Kansas City
10Ryan JepsonSCRLiberty North
12Paul GerlichSCRBlue Springs South
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Bobby Bradley6-02.00Raytown
2.12Khadrun Black6-02.00Blue Springs South
3.12Nick Shepherd5-08.00Park Hill
4.11Trent Richardson5-08.00Raytown
5.10Steven Clopine5-06.00Park Hill
6.10Austin Regier5-06.00Fort Osage
6.10D'Vante Mosby5-06.00Fort Osage
8.11Manual Sullivan5-06.00Fort Osage
9.12Jonathan Taylor5-04.00Raytown
10.10Jesse Frazier5-02.00Fort Osage
10.10Tyler Reynolds5-02.00Liberty North
12.10Josh Menard5-00.00Blue Springs South
10Phoenyx WigginsSCRRaytown
9Nick HessNHLiberty North
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Luke Bossert12-06.00Park Hill
2.10Steven Clopine11-06.00Park Hill
3.12Toby Parker11-06.00Park Hill
4.12Nate Conrad11-00.00Fort Osage
5.12Josiah Reynolds9-06.00Fort Osage
5.11Stephen Graham9-06.00Liberty North
5.11Bryan Lushbough9-06.00Blue Springs South
5.11Logan Chevalier9-06.00Park Hill
5.10Grant Watkins-Davis9-06.00Fort Osage
10.9Tyler Titus9-00.00Fort Osage
10.9Nick Jenness9-00.00Liberty North
10.11Justin Schroeder9-00.00Blue Springs South
10.10Max Irby9-00.00North Kansas City
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Khadrun Black20-01.00Blue Springs South
2.11Tyler Wells19-05.00Raytown
3.12Xavier Rider19-04.50Raytown
4.11Jorgeo Spears19-00.00Raytown
5.10Dylan Hernandez18-09.00Blue Springs South
6.9Elijah McGill18-05.00Fort Osage
7.9Sterling Roofener18-01.50Liberty North
8.11Trent Richardson18-01.00Raytown
9.11Billy Hreczanik17-09.00Fort Osage
10.12Clarence Cochran17-08.50Blue Springs South
11.11Manual Sullivan17-07.50Fort Osage
12.11Julian Terrada17-02.50North Kansas City
13.12Jeremy Crane16-08.50Fort Osage
14.-Alex Harris16-02.00North Kansas City
10Tyler ReynoldsSCRLiberty North
9Malik DoranSCRPark Hill
9Joey CationSCRPark Hill
10Trey ErvinSCRBlue Springs South
10Artis NorfleetSCRPark Hill
10Jordan BrownSCRPark Hill
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Khadrun Black42-05.50Blue Springs South
2.12Xavier Rider41-06.00Raytown
3.11Ralph Moore40-05.50North Kansas City
4.10Austin Regier40-04.50Fort Osage
5.11Trent Richardson40-01.00Raytown
5.10Dylan Hernandez40-01.00Blue Springs South
7.11Billy Hreczanik39-06.50Fort Osage
8.9Sterling Roofener38-09.50Liberty North
9.10Anudike Celestine38-08.50Raytown
10.10Steve McBee38-08.00Fort Osage
11.12Nick Shepherd37-00.00Park Hill
12.10Jordan Brown36-03.00Park Hill
13.11Julian Terrada35-00.00North Kansas City
14.10Nate Ledezma34-07.50Blue Springs South
15.9Walker Pittman29-08.00Park Hill
9Malik DoranSCRPark Hill
9Ben GansSCRRaytown
10Tyler ReynoldsSCRLiberty North
10Josh MenardSCRBlue Springs South
12Tim CharltonSCRFort Osage

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lauren Cheadle12.42aLee's Summit West
2.10Jazmin McCoy12.65aNorth Kansas City
3.10Lauren Holm12.83aLiberty
4.10Marche' Belcher13.06aPark Hill
5.11Mahogany Jones13.53aLiberty
6.12Elaine McAlister13.60aFort Osage
6.9Terri Saunders13.60aRaytown
8.10Ciera Canady13.61aRaytown
9.9Shayna Stevens13.65aBlue Springs South
10.10Danielle Coffer13.66aLiberty
11.9Raven Bunn13.71aFort Osage
12.9Stevie Anderson13.90aBlue Springs South
13.10Onjhana Davis14.04aPark Hill
14.10Rashae Taylor14.09aRaytown
15.9Donita Beavers14.12aLiberty North
16.10Celine Pinkney14.31aNorth Kansas City
17.11Alex Palmer14.40aLee's Summit West
18.9Kari Clark14.52aLiberty North
19.11Kayla Reed14.74aBlue Springs South
20.10Kylie Musgrove14.80aBlue Springs South
21.10Melissa Long15.23aFort Osage
12Rachel MonroeSCRNorth Kansas City
10BreAnne HoughtalingSCRFort Osage
9Daisha BattlesSCRPark Hill
11Hannah RyanSCRLiberty
12Fredlyne CalixteSCRPark Hill
9Jasmine WoodsSCRLee's Summit West
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lauren Cheadle25.61aLee's Summit West
2.10Jazmin McCoy26.34aNorth Kansas City
3.9Jamie Newsome27.26aLee's Summit West
4.9Asia Cole27.63aFort Osage
5.10Denisha Boston27.63aRaytown
6.10Marche' Belcher27.65aPark Hill
7.9Terri Saunders28.47aRaytown
8.11Antaneesha Corral28.51aNorth Kansas City
9.10Davon Thomas28.54aPark Hill
10.9Stevie Anderson28.88aBlue Springs South
11.9Sam Chiarelli29.14aLee's Summit West
12.12Elaine McAlister29.30aFort Osage
13.10Karis Smith29.43aRaytown
14.10Sam Snodgrass29.89aPark Hill
15.11Alycia Shepherd30.31aLiberty North
16.10Raven Horn30.49aFort Osage
17.9Meagan Kelly30.49aFort Osage
18.9Donita Beavers31.36aLiberty North
9Jasmine WoodsSCRLee's Summit West
11Kariel HuttSCRBlue Springs South
12Ania JamersonSCRPark Hill
9Shayna StevensSCRBlue Springs South
11Hannah RyanSCRLiberty
10Cheyenne WatkinsSCRBlue Springs South
10Danielle CofferSCRLiberty
11Kyaunna RobinsonSCRNorth Kansas City
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Cynthia Orisakwe1:00.60aRaytown
2.12JacQue Timberlake1:00.96aLee's Summit West
3.12Jakyra Shelton1:02.51aNorth Kansas City
4.10Denisha Boston1:02.87aRaytown
5.12Hannah Reasbeck1:02.89aLee's Summit West
6.11Amellia Coffey1:03.29aNorth Kansas City
7.10Imani Jones1:03.88aFort Osage
8.10Karis Smith1:05.06aRaytown
9.10Emily Abrahamson1:05.21aLee's Summit West
10.10Rebecca Lyle1:05.21aFort Osage
11.12Kelsey Ruoff1:06.05aPark Hill
12.11Nikki Moss1:06.08aPark Hill
13.12Chloe Huxol1:06.63aBlue Springs South
14.10Sam Snodgrass1:07.85aPark Hill
15.10Delaney Stevenson1:08.47aPark Hill
16.9Kari Clark1:08.96aLiberty North
17.9Meagan Kelly1:10.03aFort Osage
18.11Halie Ewing1:10.12aLiberty
19.9Beth Hemenway1:16.08aLiberty North
12Emilie FarrisSCRBlue Springs South
10BreAnne HoughtalingSCRFort Osage
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Alex Katzfey2:30.91aLee's Summit West
2.10Sarah Hassan2:33.56aLiberty
3.10Kayla West2:35.01aLee's Summit West
4.10Haylie Wiesner2:35.05aLiberty
5.12Johanna Kleinsasser2:37.22aLee's Summit West
6.11Mikayla Griesbauer2:39.46aBlue Springs South
7.10Paige Carey2:40.26aPark Hill
8.10Caitlin Harris2:41.69aLiberty
9.10Delaney Stevenson2:46.34aPark Hill
10.10Melissa Stockwell2:47.13aLiberty North
11.10Mariah Garrett2:56.26aFort Osage
12.11Taylor Kinsey3:10.28aLee's Summit West
13.9Alex Eplee3:20.77aPark Hill
9Katie EbbrechtSCRPark Hill
10Callie WarrenSCRNorth Kansas City
10Noella WehnerSCRNorth Kansas City
10BreAnne HoughtalingSCRFort Osage
10Bethany NelsonSCRLiberty
12Chloe HuxolSCRBlue Springs South
12Emilie FarrisSCRBlue Springs South
11Samantha NightingaleSCRBlue Springs South
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Samantha Nightingale5:23.83aBlue Springs South
2.9Elizabeth Nolke5:30.94aLee's Summit West
3.10Sarah Hassan5:42.54aLiberty
4.10Haylie Wiesner5:42.62aLiberty
5.12Johanna Kleinsasser5:46.80aLee's Summit West
6.10Chelsay Lewis5:47.77aPark Hill
7.10Taylor Kahle5:51.21aBlue Springs South
8.12Comelanie Wilson5:51.80aRaytown
9.10Maddie Bischof6:01.38aPark Hill
10.10Kayla Shepard6:03.04aBlue Springs South
11.10Joanna Grauberger6:08.29aPark Hill
12.10Ashley Henry6:10.59aNorth Kansas City
13.11Mikayla Griesbauer6:16.67aBlue Springs South
14.11Allison Davis6:21.44aLiberty
15.10Laura Haskell6:34.79aLiberty North
16.10Jillian VanZandt6:37.47aNorth Kansas City
17.11Cassie Weathers6:42.28aLiberty
18.11Stephanie Krogh6:57.17aLee's Summit West
19.11Megan Holtz7:03.93aLee's Summit West
10BreAnne HoughtalingSCRFort Osage
10Ryann FahrenholzSCRPark Hill
11Hannah DeVriesSCRNorth Kansas City
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Chelsey Phoebus11:06.82aLee's Summit West
2.9Kiersten West11:14.20aLee's Summit West
3.12Alex Moase11:16.39aLee's Summit West
4.9Kennadee Williams11:24.19aLee's Summit West
5.12Mel Wilson12:33.64aRaytown
6.10Taylor Kahle12:37.87aBlue Springs South
7.10Ashley Henry12:41.66aNorth Kansas City
8.10Kayla Shepard12:57.20aBlue Springs South
9.10Jordan Gette13:29.86aBlue Springs South
10.10Jillian VanZandt14:39.81aNorth Kansas City
11.10Heather Copeland14:51.05aFort Osage
12.10Ryann Fahrenholz14:57.80aPark Hill
10Madison EibergerSCRPark Hill
9Erin BowerSCRPark Hill
10Jasmine LimSCRPark Hill
11Mikayla GriesbauerSCRBlue Springs South
11Hannah DeVriesSCRNorth Kansas City
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kyaunna Robinson15.49aNorth Kansas City
2.11Brittany Kalleberger15.53aLee's Summit West
3.10Lauren Holm16.20aLiberty
4.11Kaylee Marquardt16.80aLiberty
5.11Darcie Nixon17.36aLiberty
6.10Savanna Hoyle18.29aBlue Springs South
7.9Marissa Jarnagin18.89aFort Osage
8.9Carly Moyer19.27aPark Hill
9.10Jessa Adams19.28aLiberty North
10.12Brittany Litle19.82aFort Osage
11.9Jasmine Stewart19.95aPark Hill
12.11Alycia Shepherd20.57aLiberty North
13.9Sydney Dejanes21.20aFort Osage
14.10Megan Espinoza21.22aPark Hill
15.9Lexus Williams21.34aPark Hill
16.10Hannah O'Donnell21.34aBlue Springs South
9Chinello EzeukaSCRNorth Kansas City
10Grace StephensSCRFort Osage
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kyaunna Robinson48.52aNorth Kansas City
2.11Kaylee Marquardt48.54aLiberty
3.11Katie Page50.98aLiberty
4.11Brooke Stetzler51.05aBlue Springs South
5.10Marche' Belcher51.39aPark Hill
6.9Mackenzie Thomas51.74aPark Hill
7.9Bailey Katzfey52.65aLee's Summit West
8.10Andrea Chism52.73aRaytown
9.10Hannah O'Donnell52.88aBlue Springs South
10.9Marissa Jarnagin52.92aFort Osage
11.10Jessa Adams55.04aLiberty North
12.10Lizzy Rider55.88aPark Hill
13.11Whitney Harper57.02aLee's Summit West
14.11Alycia Shepherd57.20aLiberty North
15.10Grace Stephens1:00.01aFort Osage
16.12Brittany Litle1:04.06aFort Osage
17.9Sydney Dejanes1:06.03aFort Osage
9Chinello EzeukaSCRNorth Kansas City
11Deboine LewisSCRPark Hill
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 51.29aLiberty
2.-Shayna Stevens
Kariel Hutt
Brooke Stetzler
Stevie Anderson
53.07aBlue Springs South
3.-Ciera Canady
Ciera Clark
Rashae Taylor
Terri Saunders
4.-Daisha Battles
Onjhana Davis
Davon Thomas
Nikki Moss
53.62aPark Hill
5.-Ashley Stevenson
Destiny Jones
Antaneesha Corral
Celine Pinkney
54.22aNorth Kansas City
6.-Charlotte Gbomina
Angela Toney
Chinello Ezeuka
Elaysha Johnson
55.28aNorth Kansas City
7.-Jessa Adams
Donita Beavers
Anna Gomez
Kari Clark
55.79aLiberty North
8.-Fredlyne Calixte
Tiara Hammond
Ania Jamerson
Rylie Bicknell
57.56aPark Hill
-Raven Horn
Socorro Brundige
Morgan Berg
Grace Stephens
1:01.28aFort Osage
-Cheyenne Titus
Makayla Allen
Layla Weger
Samantha Jeffries
1:03.53aFort Osage
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kyaunna Robinson
Jakyra Shelton
Jazmin McCoy
Rachel Monroe
1:45.45aNorth Kansas City
2.-Hannah Reasbeck
Emilie Abrahamson
Jacque' Timberlake
Shae Boyd
1:50.51aLee's Summit West
3.-Marche' Belcher
Onjhana Davis
Kelsey Ruoff
Davon Thomas
1:52.12aPark Hill
4.-Denisha Boston
Cynthia Orisakwe
Ciera Clark
Karis Smith
5.-Imani Jones
Meagan Kelly
Elaine McAlister
Asia Cole
1:53.30aFort Osage
6.-Shayna Stevens
Hannah O'Donnell
Brooke Stetzler
Kariel Hutt
1:54.40aBlue Springs South
7.-Destiny Jones
Antaneesha Corral
Angela Toney
Celine Pinkney
1:58.51aNorth Kansas City
-Rylie Bicknell
Ania Jamerson
Tiara Hammond
Fredlyne Calixte
2:01.32aPark Hill
8.-Katelyn Downing
Donita Beavers
Asia Holland
Alycia Shepherd
2:02.61aLiberty North
9.-Pitiane Leota
Melissa Long
Lane Collins
Morgan Berg
2:07.93aFort Osage
-Relay Team SCRLiberty
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Emilie Abrahamson
Hannah Reasbeck
Jacque' Timberlake
Shae Boyd
4:09.36aLee's Summit West
2.-Andrea Chism
Cynthia Orisakwe
Denisha Boston
Karis Smith
3.-Relay Team 4:15.54aLiberty
4.-Emilie Farris
Chloe Huxol
Samantha Nightingale
Stevie Anderson
4:15.81aBlue Springs South
5.-Relay Team 4:23.72aNorth Kansas City
6.-Davon Thomas
Nikki Moss
Kelsey Ruoff
Daisha Battles
4:25.42aPark Hill
7.-Rebecca Lyle
Mariah Garrett
Meagan Kelly
Marissa Jarnagin
4:34.14aFort Osage
8.-Sam Chiarelli
Jamie Newsome
Bailey Katzfey
Kayla Rivers
4:34.52aLee's Summit West
9.-Jessa Adams
Laura Haskell
Melissa Stockwell
Kari Clark
4:44.60aLiberty North
10.-Paige Carey
Sam Snodgrass
Lizzy Rider
Delaney Stevenson
4:49.06aPark Hill
-Antaneesha Corral
Noella Wehner
Callie Warren
Elaysha Johnson
SCRNorth Kansas City
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Brooke Bischof
Maddie Bischof
Joanna Grauberger
Chelsay Lewis
10:10.05aPark Hill
2.-Emilie Farris
Samantha Nightingale
Mikayla Griesbauer
Chloe Huxol
10:11.00aBlue Springs South
3.-Katie Ebbrecht
Ryann Fahrenholz
Paige Carey
Delaney Stevenson
10:16.00aPark Hill
4.-Relay Team 10:20.00aNorth Kansas City
5.-Relay Team 11:00.00aLiberty
-Kayla Rivers
Ashley Lee
Bre Jordan
Katey Stoetzel
11:10.00aLee's Summit West
6.-Brennan Canuteson
Melissa Stockwell
Laura Haskell
Beth Hemenway
11:20.00aLiberty North
7.-Mariah Garrett
Rebecca Lyle
Raven Horn
Heather Copeland
11:30.00aFort Osage
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Elaine McAlister40-00.00Fort Osage
2.11Payton White38-00.00Liberty
3.9Dominique Broados36-05.50Park Hill
4.9Asia Cole36-04.00Fort Osage
5.11Allyn Lee34-09.50Liberty
6.10Gilbrianna Bowls34-03.50Raytown
7.12Ashleigh Auman33-05.00Liberty
8.11Setoa Talimatasi33-00.00Fort Osage
9.11Katesha Long31-09.00North Kansas City
10.10Cierra Ellis31-07.00Park Hill
11.10Taylor Thompson30-09.00North Kansas City
12.10Asia Holland29-10.00Liberty North
13.12Taylor Shipman28-07.50North Kansas City
14.10Brianna Neal28-05.00Blue Springs South
15.9Shelby Bartlett28-03.00Liberty North
16.10Pachionetta Powell27-08.00Raytown
17.9Stephanie Lane27-03.50Park Hill
18.11Taylor Thomas27-00.00Park Hill
19.9Courtney Matney26-09.00Liberty North
20.9Emily Barron20-09.00Lee's Summit West
21.9Paige Benton20-04.50Lee's Summit West
22.9Elizabeth Mosakowski19-11.00Lee's Summit West
11KeOndra ParkerSCRRaytown
10Marisa MooreSCRBlue Springs South
12Mikayla OliphantSCRFort Osage
11Alexis SimonSCRNorth Kansas City
11Taylor BoswellSCRLee's Summit West
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.9Asia Cole108-10Fort Osage
2.10Meredith Graves101-08Liberty
3.12Taylor Shipman101-05North Kansas City
4.11Allyn Lee99-09Liberty
5.12Nichole New91-07North Kansas City
6.10Asia Holland90-08Liberty North
7.10Gilbrianna Bowls90-03Raytown
8.11Setoa Talimatasi85-10Fort Osage
9.12Ashleigh Auman84-11Liberty
10.11Payton White83-07Liberty
11.11Kalie Ohrenberg80-10North Kansas City
12.9Stephanie Lane79-11Park Hill
13.10Cierra Ellis78-01Park Hill
14.9Dominique Broados74-10Park Hill
15.10Lane Collins73-04Fort Osage
16.10Pachionetta Powell66-00Raytown
17.9Shelby Bartlett65-08Liberty North
18.11Taylor Thomas63-10Park Hill
19.9Courtney Matney63-02Liberty North
20.12Amani Harton61-04Lee's Summit West
21.9Paige Benton57-02Lee's Summit West
22.10Marisa Moore54-01Blue Springs South
23.9Elizabeth Mosakowski48-11Lee's Summit West
12Ingeborg JensenSCRLee's Summit West
11KeOndra ParkerSCRRaytown
11Alexis SimonSCRNorth Kansas City
12Mikayla OliphantSCRFort Osage
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Brittany Kallenberger5-06.00Lee's Summit West
2.9Raven Bunn5-00.00Fort Osage
3.9Jamie Newsome4-10.00Lee's Summit West
4.10Payton Lyon4-08.00Lee's Summit West
4.11Kaylee Marquardt4-08.00Liberty
4.11Bailey Cation4-08.00Park Hill
7.10Taylor Thompson4-08.00North Kansas City
8.10Lauren Austin4-08.00North Kansas City
9.11Emily Nelson4-06.00Lee's Summit West
10.11Kariel Hutt4-06.00Blue Springs South
11.11Brennan Canuteson4-04.00Liberty North
12.10Jordan Gette4-04.00Blue Springs South
13.9Pitiane Leota4-02.00Fort Osage
14.11Maggie McConnell4-02.00Park Hill
15.11Sarah Sumpter4-02.00Park Hill
15.10Lane Collins4-02.00Fort Osage
15.9Chloe Lane4-02.00Park Hill
9Samantha JeffriesNHFort Osage
9Mattie SwensonSCRLiberty
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Brittany Kallenberger11-06.00Lee's Summit West
2.12Stephanie Atkinson10-00.00Park Hill
3.10Heather Glenn10-00.00Liberty
4.11Cheyenne Titus9-06.00Fort Osage
5.10Payton Lyon9-00.00Lee's Summit West
6.10Taylor Thompson8-06.00North Kansas City
7.11Makayla Allen8-00.00Fort Osage
8.10Cheyenne Watkins8-00.00Blue Springs South
9.10Melanie Keiffer7-06.00Liberty
9.10Hannah Pio7-06.00North Kansas City
11.9Kaylene Murphy7-06.00Lee's Summit West
12.11Kelsey Dean7-06.00Blue Springs South
13.10Emily Lorei7-06.00Liberty
14.10Charlotte Gbomina7-00.00North Kansas City
14.10Josi Plyman7-00.00Liberty North
16.9Rylee Stoulil6-06.00Park Hill
17.9Layla Weger6-00.00Fort Osage
9Mackenzie ThomasSCRPark Hill
11Deboine LewisNHPark Hill
9Hayley RawsonNHFort Osage
10Courtney MiliusSCRLiberty North
9Abbey BalesSCRLee's Summit West
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jakyra Shelton18-00.00North Kansas City
2.12Lauren Cheadle16-11.00Lee's Summit West
3.11Essence Chalmers16-03.50Lee's Summit West
4.9Raven Bunn16-03.00Fort Osage
5.12Amanda Cofield14-11.50Blue Springs South
6.12Meredith Hughes14-10.00Liberty
7.10Naomi Glay14-08.00Park Hill
8.11Bailey Cation14-07.50Park Hill
9.10Cheyenne Watkins14-06.00Blue Springs South
9.9Pitiane Leota14-06.00Fort Osage
11.9Marissa Jarnagin14-00.00Fort Osage
12.11Sarah Sumpter13-09.00Park Hill
13.11Audree Sifuentez13-08.00Liberty
13.11Kayla Reed13-08.00Blue Springs South
15.9Layla Weger13-05.00Fort Osage
16.9Daisha Battles13-03.00Park Hill
17.9Sam Chiarelli13-02.50Lee's Summit West
18.9Anna Gomez12-09.50Liberty North
19.11Crysella Brown12-09.00Lee's Summit West
20.10Ali Smith11-09.50Liberty North
10Kylie MusgroveSCRBlue Springs South
10Jazmin McCoySCRNorth Kansas City
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Mahogany Jones34-10.00Liberty
2.9Jamie Newsome32-04.50Lee's Summit West
3.11Bailey Cation32-02.00Park Hill
4.12Meredith Hughes31-09.50Liberty
4.12Amanda Cofield31-09.50Blue Springs South
6.10Savanna Hoyle31-02.00Blue Springs South
7.10Naomi Glay31-00.50Park Hill
8.9Raven Bunn30-05.50Fort Osage
9.10Cheyenne Watkins29-11.00Blue Springs South
10.11Destiny Jones29-10.00North Kansas City
11.9Sam Chiarelli29-07.50Lee's Summit West
12.10Jessie Huff29-07.00Lee's Summit West
13.11Sarah Sumpter29-01.50Park Hill
14.9Layla Weger28-10.00Fort Osage
15.9Samantha Jeffries28-07.50Fort Osage
16.9Anna Gomez28-05.00Liberty North
17.9Katelyn Downey28-00.00Liberty North
18.9Chloe Lane27-10.00Park Hill
18.10Hannah O'Donnell27-10.00Blue Springs South
20.10Raven Horn24-08.00Fort Osage
11Audree SifuentezSCRLiberty
12Rachel MonroeSCRNorth Kansas City
12Lauren CheadleSCRLee's Summit West
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