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Navy Lidlifter

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Navy, Annapolis

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District of Columbia - NCAA
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Unofficial Results
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Womens Results

X 60 Meter Dash - Varsity - Finals
1.SrAshley Adams7.69aTowson
2.FrTeyanna Green7.73aMorgan State
3.FrDesiree Vaughn7.84aTowson
4.FrBriana Barlow7.86aMorgan State
5.SrAshley Decruise7.87aMt St. Mary's
6.FrRenee Phillips7.88aMorgan State
7.FrShilesha Johnson7.89aMorgan State
8.SrVivian Nwachukwu7.95aTowson
9.SoChantel Lipkins7.97aMt St. Mary's
10.JrMansfield Murph8.05aNavy
11.SrAvionne Sloan8.06aMorgan State
12.SoArabia Littlejohn8.06aNavy
13.FrKiera Joyner8.07aTowson
14.SrAshlyn DeCruise8.08aMt St. Mary's
15.SoJenne Jolie8.16aNavy
16.SoJessica Ridgway8.18aNavy
17.FrHaley Sobrero8.26aNavy
18.Jordan Kronshage8.35aUnattached
19.JrColleen McFadden8.36aNavy
20.JrLauren Carson8.43aNavy
21.SoKatie Whitcombe8.48aNavy
22.FrKerstin Caesar8.60aNavy
23.Camille Ross8.60aUnattached
24.Natalie Logan8.90aUnattached
25.Lucille Lu8.97aUnattached
26.Liz Hatley9.04aUnattached
27.Jasmin Jackson9.13aUnattached
28.Catherine Nuar9.32aUnattached
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrTanisha Kendrick24.95aMorgan State
2.SrAshley Adams25.11aTowson
3.SrAvionne Sloan25.45aMorgan State
4.SrVivian Nwachukwu25.95aTowson
5.FrDesiree Vaughn26.19aTowson
6.FrShilesha Johnson26.31aMorgan State
7.SoArabia Littlejohn26.32aNavy
8.FrMaya Hinton26.90aTowson
9.FrEvan Campbell27.05aTowson
10.SoMelanie Sluzewicz27.07aNavy
11.FrHaley Sobrero27.16aNavy
12.JrColleen McFadden27.30aNavy
13.SoJenne Jolie27.55aNavy
14.FrJeanelle Ovid27.82aMorgan State
15.Rachel Slater28.03aUnattached
16.Camille Ross28.24aUnattached
17.SoJessica Ridgway28.86aNavy
18.SoSarah Snyder29.22aMt St. Mary's
19.Amelia Moore29.22aUnattached
20.Liz Hatley30.15aUnattached
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrEkundayo Sogbesan56.80aMorgan State
2.FrDesiree Scott57.44aMt St. Mary's
3.JrMansfield Murph58.38aNavy
4.JrKamice Smalls58.97aMorgan State
5.SrChristina Boden59.85aTowson
6.JrBritney Wattley1:00.81aMorgan State
7.JrLauren Carson1:01.54aNavy
8.FrLeslie Miles1:02.01aTowson
9.FrNicole Vanagas1:02.30aMt St. Mary's
10.JrTyshia Oliver1:02.53aMorgan State
11.SoShemika Martin1:02.95aTowson
12.SoKatherine Crumbaugh1:03.06aMt St. Mary's
13.SoNatasha Druggan1:03.55aNavy
14.Rachel Slater1:03.95aUnattached
15.FrKerstin Caesar1:04.56aNavy
16.SoStephanie Payne1:04.67aNavy
17.JrRachel Minker1:04.69aNavy
18.SoCaitlyn Fine1:04.84aNavy
19.Amelia Moore1:05.14aUnattached
20.FrDaphne White1:06.09aNavy
21.Casey Trevino1:06.45aUnattached
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrErin Koch2:14.56aAmerican
2.FrDanielle Calhoun2:22.92aMorgan State
3.JrLiya Kasimova2:23.27aTowson
4.JrLauren Campbell2:23.63aMorgan State
5.FrKellie Hall2:27.72aNavy
6.FrElizabeth Shaw2:28.33aTowson
7.FrSamantha Carl2:29.41aNavy
8.Kelly Maw2:29.78aUnattached
9.FrJulia Sullivan2:29.99aAmerican
10.SoJasmine Hilts2:30.06aMorgan State
11.FrDianne Skidmore2:32.35aMt St. Mary's
12.SoTina Thomas2:34.30aAmerican
13.FrRachel Ward2:35.94aTowson
14.JrAmanda Bonilla2:36.38aNavy
15.Catherine Nuar2:36.86aUnattached
16.FrAryn Barrett2:38.33aTowson
17.FrChristine Brugh2:38.80aAmerican
18.FrShannon Greene2:40.91aMt St. Mary's
19.FrDominique Ridley2:41.99aMt St. Mary's
20.SoNaomi Tucker2:42.62aMorgan State
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrJesusah Palacio4:55.79aNavy
2.JrOctavia Rinehardt5:06.25aAmerican
3.JrKaylin Gilmartin-Donahue5:09.82aTowson
4.Frzatha Loewen5:12.26aNavy
5.FrAlexandra Tyburski5:13.17aAmerican
6.JrKatlyn Dillow5:13.28aTowson
7.FrRachel Honrath5:14.37aNavy
8.FrCarly Birkhold5:16.70aAmerican
9.FrMary Carter Jordan5:24.92aNavy
10.FrRachael Wolff5:28.38aAmerican
11.Ellie Webster5:34.88aUnattached
12.FrDieynava Diagne5:46.17aMorgan State
13.JrChristina Praydis5:46.43aMt St. Mary's
14.JrMolly Clark5:49.74aMt St. Mary's
15.SrKaren Riddle6:34.92aTowson
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoLiz Milewski10:13.76aNavy
2.SoBrigid Byrne10:23.04aNavy
3.JrKatie Taylor10:30.43aNavy
4.SoMegan Kinsella10:37.50aMt St. Mary's
5.JrErika Griffith10:38.73aTowson
6.SoHannah McKenzie10:47.70aTowson
7.FrLeah Haake10:48.02aAmerican
8.SoColleen Smith10:54.53aMt St. Mary's
9.SrMelissa Tabas10:54.76aAmerican
10.FrKelsey Evans11:01.30aAmerican
11.SrBrittni Bradley11:04.48aTowson
12.SoJessica Micciolo12:03.56aAmerican
13.FrMegan Ogden12:26.14aTowson
14.SoMaddy Gregory13:01.77aAmerican
--SoKathryn FrankeDNFMt St. Mary's
X 5000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrKatie Ogden17:58.24aTowson
2.SrBethany Rahall18:29.06aNavy
3.SoJacqueline Blackburn19:01.35aNavy
4.Marina McGrail19:04.21aUnattached
5.Sarah Burns19:09.67aUnattached
6.SrMary Tuttle19:25.76aTowson
7.Chloe Staab20:34.76aUnattached
X 60m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.SrAshley Adams8.54aTowson
2.FrBriana Barlow8.99aMorgan State
3.SrMotara Okusaga9.12aTowson
4.SoKatie Salke9.17aTowson
5.JrAshley Aitkin9.23aNavy
6.JrArian Davis9.23aNavy
7.SoMonnae Waller9.28aMorgan State
8.FrMaya Hinton9.52aTowson
9.SrAshley Robinson9.82aNavy
10.SrKrysta Porterlott9.89aNavy
11.SoSarah Snyder10.08aMt St. Mary's
12.SoStephanie Payne10.10aNavy
13.SoCaitlyn Fine10.50aNavy
14.FrNicole Vanagas10.85aMt St. Mary's
15.FrElan Holston11.13aMorgan State
16.FrDaphne White11.19aNavy
17.SoKatie Whitcombe11.35aNavy
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:49.29aMorgan State
2.-Ashlyn DeCruise
Ashley Decruise
Lily Otu
Desiree Scott
3:49.90aMt St. Mary's
3.-Arabia Littlejohn
Lauren Carson
Mansfield Murph
Kristin Smith
4.-Relay Team 4:01.69aTowson
5.-Relay Team 4:03.56aMorgan State
6.-Erin Koch
Tina Thomas
Ali Tyburski
Julia Sullivan
7.-Relay Team 4:16.16aNavy
8.-Relay Team 4:16.90aMt St. Mary's
9.-Relay Team 4:18.29aNavy
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 9:36.16aNavy
2.-Relay Team 9:42.85aTowson
3.-Jasmine Hilts
Danielle Calhoun
Naomi Tucker
Dieynava Diagne
9:54.56aMorgan State
4.-Relay Team 9:54.87aNavy
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.FrTeronda Brown13.39mNavy
2.FrRanita Mealer13.20mMorgan State
3.JrShannel Shivers12.63mTowson
4.SrJanet Voneiff12.47mNavy
5.JrAmanda Phelps12.14mNavy
6.SrJoy Nameth12.00mNavy
7.SrCandace Shirley11.77mMorgan State
8.SoMorgan Ostasewski11.61mMt St. Mary's
9.FrSamantha Clay11.50mMorgan State
10.JrShianna Smith11.44mTowson
11.FrMaressa Guynn11.22mNavy
12.FrMelissa Shirley10.70mTowson
13.FrLauren Allam10.41mNavy
14.JrMargaret Pierce10.30mMt St. Mary's
15.FrKathryn Kennedy10.23mTowson
16.FrSharita Moore10.20mMorgan State
17.SoMadeleine Midles10.08mMt St. Mary's
18.Amanda Ragan8.59mUnattached
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoMonnae Waller1.65mMorgan State
2.JrChristine Scales1.60mNavy
3.SoAshley Dabney1.55mTowson
3.FrJeanelle Ovid1.55mMorgan State
5.JrArian Davis1.55mNavy
5.SoJessica Cooke1.55mTowson
7.JrAshley Aitkin1.50mNavy
8.FrEvan Campbell1.50mTowson
9.FrKerri Robinson1.50mTowson
9.FrAli Swietek1.50mAmerican
--FrKathryn KennedyNHTowson
--FrElan HolstonNHMorgan State
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.FrAllison Vanek3.45mMt St. Mary's
2.JrChristine Scales3.15mNavy
3.JrJessica Huber3.00mMt St. Mary's
4.Jordan Kronshage2.85mUnattached
6.FrMeghan Connor2.70mNavy
7.FrEmilee Petti2.55mTowson
8.SoHeather Gula2.55mMt St. Mary's
8.JrGina Benigno2.55mTowson
--SoSarah SnyderNHMt St. Mary's
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrAshley Adams5.64mTowson
2.SoChantel Lipkins5.49mMt St. Mary's
3.SrLily Otu5.49mMt St. Mary's
4.FrShilesha Johnson5.46mMorgan State
5.SrAshley Bucholz5.27mNavy
6.JrAshley Aitkin5.17mNavy
7.JrArian Davis5.12mNavy
8.SoTeika Robinson5.12mMt St. Mary's
9.SoMonnae Waller5.11mMorgan State
9.SoMelanie Sluzewicz5.00mNavy
10.SoJessica Cooke5.00mTowson
12.SoJessica Ridgway4.86mNavy
13.FrJenise Everett4.85mMorgan State
14.SrLindsay Bumbernick4.80mTowson
15.FrAli Swietek4.25mAmerican
16.Jordan McCullough4.23mUnattached
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.FrJenise Everett11.48mMorgan State
2.SrAshley Bucholz11.35mNavy
3.SrMotara Okusaga11.09mTowson
4.SoTeika Robinson11.05mMt St. Mary's
5.SrLindsay Bumbernick10.79mTowson
6.Audrey Stiles10.56mUnattached
7.SrAshley Robinson10.53mNavy
8.SoKatie Salke10.48mTowson
9.SoJessica Cooke10.43mTowson
10.SoMelanie Sluzewicz10.25mNavy
11.Jordan McCullough10.05mUnattached
12.SoLauren Carpenter9.81mNavy
13.SrKrysta Porterlott9.79mNavy
X Weight Throw - 20lb - Varsity - Finals
1.JrAmanda Phelps17.12mNavy
2.SrCandace Shirley16.78mMorgan State
3.JrShannel Shivers16.74mTowson
4.JrShianna Smith16.28mTowson
5.SoMorgan Ostasewski15.47mMt St. Mary's
6.SrJoy Nameth14.80mNavy
7.SrJanet Voneiff13.77mNavy
8.JrMargaret Pierce13.39mMt St. Mary's
9.FrRanita Mealer13.03mMorgan State
10.FrSamantha Clay12.70mMorgan State
11.JrElla Starr12.53mNavy
12.FrMaressa Guynn12.42mNavy
13.SoMadeleine Midles12.31mMt St. Mary's
14.FrTeronda Brown11.85mNavy
15.FrLauren Allam10.65mNavy
16.SrHannah Dubois9.96mMt St. Mary's
17.FrMelissa Shirley9.91mTowson
18.Amanda Ragan9.88mUnattached
19.FrKatherine Poulin8.39mNavy
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