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Lutheran South MS True Team Invitational - Day 2

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Lutheran South Academy, Houston

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Texas - Houston Junior Preparatory
John Cooper
Second Baptist
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Arinze Nwankwo13.02aJohn Cooper
2.8Teodros Calviello13.05aAwty International
3.8Peter Nyberg13.10aPresbyterian
4.7Zachary Adams13.15aFort Bend Christian ...
5.8Kevin Ong13.37aAwty International
6.8Jorge Campos13.41aHoly Spirit Episcopal
7.8Zach Lerner13.44aTrafton Academy
8.8Brandon Little13.71aSecond Baptist
9.8Alex Farley13.74aJohn Cooper
10.8Harlan Ticatch13.80aTrafton Academy
11.8Tobi Oguntona13.87aHoly Spirit Episcopal
12.8Venkat Reddy14.24aLutheran South Academy
13.8Peter Dade14.32aPresbyterian
14.7Ian Hoang14.34aLutheran South Academy
15.6Nick Lucena14.77aHoly Spirit Episcopal
16.8Timothy Nguyen14.82aSecond Baptist
17.8Omar Khan14.99aJohn Cooper
18.8Alex Chauvin15.09aLutheran South Academy
19.8Ahmad Elbakly15.77aAwty International
20.7Cole Harrison15.81aTrafton Academy
21.8Marwan Charafeddine15.96aPresbyterian
7Conner KubesDNSFort Bend Christian ...
8Jon CossDNSFort Bend Christian ...
X 100 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Ben Abdeen13.11aTrafton Academy
2.7Tucker Arrants13.46aAwty International
3.7Cole Rainer13.65aSecond Baptist
4.7Alexandre Marcos13.91aAwty International
5.7Turner Caldwell13.93aJohn Cooper
6.7Jared Skinner14.24aJohn Cooper
7.7Michael Keating14.25aTrafton Academy
8.7Blake Wertheimer14.40aSecond Baptist
9.6Nick Brooks14.63aFort Bend Christian ...
10.6Ryan Edwards14.75aFort Bend Christian ...
11.7Christopher Borders14.96aPresbyterian
12.7Connor Grace15.48aAwty International
13.6Troy Porche15.80aPresbyterian
14.6Carson Fechter15.85aLutheran South Academy
15.6Cooper Lueck15.91aPresbyterian
16.7Jonathan Miertschin16.38aTrafton Academy
17.5Robert Lock16.43aHoly Spirit Episcopal
18.5Ayman Manasia16.62aHoly Spirit Episcopal
19.7Ethan Battaglini16.65aLutheran South Academy
20.8Stefano Morales16.76aLutheran South Academy
21.7Harrison Coons17.18aSecond Baptist
6Luke ThurstonDNSFort Bend Christian ...
6Michael HeinzDNSHoly Spirit Episcopal
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Juan Naranjo25.77aHoly Spirit Episcopal
2.8Preston Eni25.98aJohn Cooper
3.8Dan Guerrero26.06aHoly Spirit Episcopal
4.8Emmanuel Aruho26.15aPresbyterian
5.7Matthew Goodrich26.38aPresbyterian
6.8Peter Nyberg26.85aPresbyterian
7.8Teodros Calviello26.98aAwty International
8.8Kevin Ong28.18aAwty International
9.8Zach Lerner28.23aTrafton Academy
10.8William Graham28.65aTrafton Academy
11.8Sebastian Calleja28.98aJohn Cooper
12.8Stanley Chang29.00aSecond Baptist
13.8Jorge Campos29.48aHoly Spirit Episcopal
14.6Jake Trippett29.81aFort Bend Christian ...
15.8Venkat Reddy29.90aLutheran South Academy
16.8Charles Cutler30.61aTrafton Academy
17.6Reed Villarreal31.33aLutheran South Academy
18.8Alex Pleczko32.06aAwty International
19.8Alex Chauvin32.06aLutheran South Academy
20.9Grant Baecker32.46aFort Bend Christian ...
21.8Andrew Coleman33.09aJohn Cooper
7Conner KubesDNSFort Bend Christian ...
8Jacob RhodesDNSLutheran South Academy
8Peter DadeDNSPresbyterian
X 200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Tucker Arrants27.28aAwty International
2.7Ben Abdeen27.44aTrafton Academy
3.7Joel Izzedin28.53aAwty International
4.7Turner Caldwell28.73aJohn Cooper
5.7Charlie Meacham29.28aAwty International
6.7Lane Drager29.69aPresbyterian
7.7Nick Griswold29.74aTrafton Academy
8.7Jared Skinner30.23aJohn Cooper
9.7Christopher Borders30.78aPresbyterian
10.7Nick Minkoff31.18aTrafton Academy
11.7Bryce Schaner31.97aFort Bend Christian ...
12.7Tanner Bass33.07aSecond Baptist
13.6Justin Jones33.10aFort Bend Christian ...
14.6Jose Macias33.52aLutheran South Academy
15.6Matthew Collins33.94aFort Bend Christian ...
16.5Robert Lock33.95aHoly Spirit Episcopal
17.8Stefano Morales36.22aLutheran South Academy
18.7Jackson Morris38.16aSecond Baptist
19.5Miller McNew38.37aHoly Spirit Episcopal
20.5Ayman Manasia39.58aHoly Spirit Episcopal
21.6Christopher Morgan42.53aLutheran South Academy
7Matthew EvansDNSSecond Baptist
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Emmanuel Aruho58.57aPresbyterian
2.8Arthur Jardin58.98aAwty International
3.8Sam Hodges61.57aJohn Cooper
4.8Akshay Jaggi63.55aPresbyterian
5.7Matthew Goodrich63.98aPresbyterian
6.8Ryan Delaney66.99aFort Bend Christian ...
7.8Brett Atwood67.11aJohn Cooper
8.8Zebesian Lunz67.15aLutheran South Academy
9.7Cameron Shih68.93aFort Bend Christian ...
10.7Brady Morgan68.94aFort Bend Christian ...
11.8Kurt Warren68.98aTrafton Academy
12.8Josh Chiasson69.43aAwty International
13.8Jake Hollman70.75aLutheran South Academy
14.6Reed Villarreal72.25aLutheran South Academy
15.8Josh Plank73.05aAwty International
16.7Evan Parish73.45aHoly Spirit Episcopal
17.8Charles Hill73.93aJohn Cooper
18.8Alex Wasserstrom1:20.94aTrafton Academy
19.8Jacob Ehrenstrom1:21.82aTrafton Academy
20.7Adrian Fetterly1:37.30aHoly Spirit Episcopal
8Noe GrahamDNSHoly Spirit Episcopal
X 400 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.6Cooper Lueck60.85aPresbyterian
2.7Turner Caldwell66.40aJohn Cooper
3.6Peter Prentice66.76aAwty International
4.7Alan Walker68.04aTrafton Academy
5.6Alec Hillman70.30aHoly Spirit Episcopal
6.7Austin Clark70.41aSecond Baptist
7.6Justin Jones71.90aFort Bend Christian ...
8.6Matthew Collins72.06aFort Bend Christian ...
9.7Colter Hawkins74.15aSecond Baptist
10.7Jared Skinner74.55aJohn Cooper
11.7Daniel Songer76.08aSecond Baptist
12.6Jose Macias76.09aLutheran South Academy
13.7Alexandre Marcos76.41aAwty International
14.7Chippy Slater76.62aAwty International
15.7Steven Dundee79.01aLutheran South Academy
16.6Carson Fechter1:21.30aLutheran South Academy
17.5Russell Welton1:21.36aHoly Spirit Episcopal
18.6Timothy Pistorius1:29.95aFort Bend Christian ...
19.6Grant Williams1:42.28aHoly Spirit Episcopal
7Jordan WeaverDNSFort Bend Christian ...
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8John Schroeder2:13.98aAwty International
2.8Cody Bohan2:15.44aJohn Cooper
3.8Ray Walker2:17.45aJohn Cooper
4.8Emmanuel Aruho2:19.25aPresbyterian
5.8Noe Graham2:20.18aHoly Spirit Episcopal
6.8Thor Crux2:26.34aAwty International
7.8Ben Matthews2:26.44aAwty International
8.8Kaleb Turner2:28.41aJohn Cooper
9.8Zebesian Lunz2:32.14aLutheran South Academy
10.7Peter Kennedy2:34.85aPresbyterian
11.8Jake Hollman2:36.40aLutheran South Academy
12.8Arjun Das2:43.13aTrafton Academy
13.7Cameron Shih2:45.33aFort Bend Christian ...
14.8Truett White2:49.60aTrafton Academy
15.6Jake Hirth2:50.83aLutheran South Academy
16.7Adrian Fetterly3:06.23aHoly Spirit Episcopal
17.8Kurt Warren3:08.02aTrafton Academy
18.8Michael Actkinson3:48.24aHoly Spirit Episcopal
6William KallmeyerDNSPresbyterian
X 800 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Henry Fisher2:34.26aPresbyterian
2.7Sam Cartwright2:34.49aJohn Cooper
3.7Ben Robinson2:39.01aJohn Cooper
4.6Nicolas Motta2:39.03aAwty International
5.6William Scott2:44.98aFort Bend Christian ...
6.7Corbin Schwinger2:45.07aSecond Baptist
7.6Martin Motta2:45.43aAwty International
8.7Austin Clark2:54.34aSecond Baptist
9.7Omar Jamil2:54.53aJohn Cooper
10.7Scott Miller2:58.61aSecond Baptist
11.7Olivier Kuhn de Chizelle3:01.62aAwty International
12.6Jake Smartt3:05.67aTrafton Academy
13.7Alec Rubenstein3:08.37aTrafton Academy
14.6James Ottermatt3:10.59aTrafton Academy
15.7Jeffrey Walheim3:15.08aLutheran South Academy
16.6Christopher Morgan3:29.93aLutheran South Academy
17.7Jacob Patrenella3:30.06aLutheran South Academy
18.5Kyle Paige3:43.19aHoly Spirit Episcopal
7Caleb SinghDNSFort Bend Christian ...
6Taylor SearsDNSFort Bend Christian ...
7Nick FergusonDNSHoly Spirit Episcopal
X 1200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Vincent Vales4:11.30aAwty International
2.7Henry Fisher4:14.85aPresbyterian
3.7Connor Grace4:17.87aAwty International
4.6Nicolas Motta4:18.27aAwty International
5.7Connor Gallardo4:23.06aSecond Baptist
6.7Sam Cartwright4:24.45aJohn Cooper
7.7Foster Askew4:25.26aSecond Baptist
8.7Sam Wempe4:32.07aPresbyterian
9.7Ben Robinson4:38.83aJohn Cooper
10.6William Kallmeyer4:38.99aPresbyterian
11.7Corbin Schwinger4:55.36aSecond Baptist
12.6Jake Smartt5:30.68aTrafton Academy
13.6James Ottermatt5:32.43aTrafton Academy
14.7Jeffrey Walheim5:37.27aLutheran South Academy
15.6Chase Cambra5:52.88aHoly Spirit Episcopal
16.6Hank Fusillo5:53.90aHoly Spirit Episcopal
7Alec RubensteinDNSTrafton Academy
7Ethan BattagliniDNSLutheran South Academy
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Pedro Nasta4:56.00aJohn Cooper
2.8Thor Crux5:25.72aAwty International
3.8Ben Matthews5:26.82aAwty International
4.8Santi Calleja5:35.24aJohn Cooper
5.8Sebastian Calleja6:00.35aJohn Cooper
6.8Luke Herman6:13.10aAwty International
7.6William Scott6:22.21aFort Bend Christian ...
8.8Truett White6:25.98aTrafton Academy
9.6Jake Hirth6:28.28aLutheran South Academy
10.8Daniel Sweat6:40.39aSecond Baptist
11.8Jacob Ehrenstrom6:43.89aTrafton Academy
12.8Arjun Das7:27.91aTrafton Academy
13.8Tim Johnson8:27.60aHoly Spirit Episcopal
7Evan ParishDNSHoly Spirit Episcopal
5Sebastian SanhuezaDNSHoly Spirit Episcopal
7Conner PrinceDNSFort Bend Christian ...
6Taylor SearsDNSFort Bend Christian ...
8Stephen TowerDNSSecond Baptist
8Matthew BeallDNSSecond Baptist
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.7Landon Malouf16.02aHoly Spirit Episcopal
2.8Santi Calleja16.69aJohn Cooper
3.7Zachary Adams17.06aFort Bend Christian ...
4.8Tobi Oguntona18.06aHoly Spirit Episcopal
5.8Connor Hogan18.64aAwty International
6.6Nick Lucena19.19aHoly Spirit Episcopal
7.8Federico Portela19.76aJohn Cooper
8.8Drew Kibbe20.08aTrafton Academy
9.7Ian Hoang20.27aLutheran South Academy
10.8Josh Plank20.43aAwty International
11.8Ahmad Elbakly21.13aAwty International
12.6Seth Schutze21.71aLutheran South Academy
13.7Cole Harrison21.74aTrafton Academy
14.8Alex Wasserstrom21.74aTrafton Academy
15.6Blaine Broussard22.08aLutheran South Academy
8Riley PepperDNSJohn Cooper
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Nick Griswold18.53aTrafton Academy
2.7Michael Flores19.30aSecond Baptist
3.6Nathan Jolly19.45aHoly Spirit Episcopal
4.7Lynnard Rose19.58aSecond Baptist
5.6Jake Trippett19.60aFort Bend Christian ...
6.7Michael Keating20.59aTrafton Academy
7.7Vincent Vales20.86aAwty International
8.6Luke Thurston21.01aFort Bend Christian ...
9.7Brady Morgan21.15aFort Bend Christian ...
10.6Kameran Pouncy21.50aTrafton Academy
11.7Lucas Jonasch22.23aAwty International
12.7Walker Crow22.43aSecond Baptist
13.6Carlos Hernandez22.82aHoly Spirit Episcopal
14.7Chippy Slater23.55aAwty International
15.6Mark Ghebranious28.75aLutheran South Academy
7Nicholas RiekertDNSLutheran South Academy
6Michael HeinzDNSHoly Spirit Episcopal
X 200m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.8John Schroeder29.22aAwty International
2.8Connor Hogan31.69aAwty International
3.8Tobi Oguntona32.26aHoly Spirit Episcopal
4.8Arinze Nwankwo33.21aJohn Cooper
5.6Nick Lucena33.86aHoly Spirit Episcopal
6.8Drew Kibbe34.61aTrafton Academy
7.8Federico Portela34.91aJohn Cooper
8.6Seth Schutze36.93aLutheran South Academy
9.7Ian Hoang37.39aLutheran South Academy
10.8Harlan Ticatch37.73aTrafton Academy
11.7Cole Harrison38.31aTrafton Academy
12.8Ahmad Elbakly39.57aAwty International
13.7Evan Parish39.58aHoly Spirit Episcopal
14.6Blaine Broussard41.55aLutheran South Academy
8Riley PepperDNSJohn Cooper
X 200m Hurdles - 30" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Alexandre Marcos33.29aAwty International
2.7Walker Crow34.12aSecond Baptist
3.7Michael Flores34.50aSecond Baptist
4.7Bryce Schaner35.65aFort Bend Christian ...
5.7Lynnard Rose35.70aSecond Baptist
6.6Carlos Hernandez36.39aHoly Spirit Episcopal
7.7Jordan Weaver37.97aFort Bend Christian ...
8.7Max Roberson38.24aTrafton Academy
9.6Giancarlo Minotti38.75aFort Bend Christian ...
10.6Kameran Pouncy39.92aTrafton Academy
11.7Tom Grant40.19aAwty International
12.7Lucas Jonasch41.32aAwty International
13.7Nicholas Riekert42.60aLutheran South Academy
14.7Jonathan Miertschin43.34aTrafton Academy
15.5Russell Welton44.18aHoly Spirit Episcopal
16.6Mark Ghebranious47.67aLutheran South Academy
6Michael HeinzDNSHoly Spirit Episcopal
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jorge Campos
Landon Malouf
Juan Naranjo
Dan Guerrero
51.14aHoly Spirit Episcopal
2.-Santi Calleja
Alex Farley
Preston Eni
Arinze Nwankwo
51.51aJohn Cooper
3.-Josh Chiasson
Teodros Calviello
Andres Morales
Kevin Ong
52.09aAwty International
4.-Conner Kubes
Zachary Adams
Ryan Edwards
Jon Coss
53.94aFort Bend Christian ...
5.-Ben Bliss
Charles Cutler
William Graham
Drew Kibbe
54.36aTrafton Academy
6.-Marwan Charafeddine
Peter Nyberg
Akshay Jaggi
Peter Dade
7.-Timothy Nguyen
Brandon Little
Stanley Chang
Stephen Tower
60.22aSecond Baptist
8.-Jacob Rhodes
Drew Beakey
Alex Chauvin
Venkat Reddy
61.83aLutheran South Academy
X 4x100 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Walker Crow
Cole Rainer
Case Miller
Blake Wertheimer
53.94aSecond Baptist
2.-Nick Griswold
Nick Minkoff
Alan Walker
Michael Keating
55.87aTrafton Academy
3.-Connor Grace
Peter Prentice
Joel Izzedin
Charlie Meacham
56.42aAwty International
4.-Sam Wempe
Lane Drager
Troy Porche
Christopher Borders
5.-Nick Brooks
Justin Jones
Jake Trippett
Matthew Collins
60.58aFort Bend Christian ...
6.-Robert Lock
Ayman Manasia
Nathan Jolly
Alec Hillman
62.16aHoly Spirit Episcopal
7.-Carson Fechter
Jose Macias
Steven Dundee
Stefano Morales
62.98aLutheran South Academy
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kaleb Turner
Cody Bohan
Sam Hodges
Ray Walker
3:59.38aJohn Cooper
2.-Connor Hogan
Arthur Jarden
Andres Morales
John Schroeder
4:04.07aAwty International
3.-Landon Malouf
Juan Naranjo
Dan Guerrero
Noe Graham
4:08.17aHoly Spirit Episcopal
4.-William Graham
Charles Cutler
Alex Wasserstrom
Harlan Ticatch
4:41.29aTrafton Academy
5.-Jake Hollman
Seth Schutze
Reed Villarreal
Zeb Lunz
4:41.46aLutheran South Academy
6.-Timothy Nguyen
Brandon Little
Stanley Chang
Daniel Sweat
4:41.73aSecond Baptist
X 4x400 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Peter Kennedy
William Kallmeyer
Sam Wempe
Matthew Goodrich
2.-Martin Motta
Joel Izzedin
Charlie Meacham
Tucker Arrants
4:32.31aAwty International
3.-Max Roberson
Nick Minkoff
Alan Walker
Ben Abdeen
4:45.55aTrafton Academy
4.-Foster Askew
Connor Gallardo
Colter Hawkins
Case Miller
4:54.73aSecond Baptist
5.-Nathan Jolly
Alec Hillman
Russell Welton
Miller McNew
5:51.55aHoly Spirit Episcopal
X Shot Put - 8lb - Varsity - Finals
1.8Peter Nyberg36-08.50Presbyterian
2.8Rammy Allouche36-00.75Second Baptist
3.8Marwan Charafeddine31-07.00Presbyterian
4.8Alex Chauvin31-06.75Lutheran South Academy
5.8Kevin Ong30-07.75Awty International
6.8Sebastian Calleja28-09.00John Cooper
7.8Michael Hecht28-06.75John Cooper
8.8Drew Beakey26-08.75Lutheran South Academy
9.8Dan Guerrero26-07.00Holy Spirit Episcopal
10.8Omar Khan26-06.00John Cooper
11.8Alex Miller26-03.50Second Baptist
12.8Kurt Warren24-09.75Trafton Academy
13.8John Schroeder23-11.00Awty International
14.8Zach Boyd23-10.50Fort Bend Christian ...
15.8Venkat Reddy21-00.75Lutheran South Academy
16.6Trey Palomo19-11.00Holy Spirit Episcopal
17.8Michael Actkinson17-06.25Holy Spirit Episcopal
7Cameron ShihDNSFort Bend Christian ...
8Luke HermanDNSAwty International
8Sydney RobinsonDNSTrafton Academy
8Zach LernerDNSTrafton Academy
X Shot Put - 8lb - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.6Troy Porche28-05.00Presbyterian
2.7Nick Griswold28-00.00Trafton Academy
3.8Stefano Morales27-10.75Lutheran South Academy
4.7Kane Daniel26-04.00Trafton Academy
5.7Lane Drager26-02.50Presbyterian
6.7Colter Hawkins25-05.00Second Baptist
7.7Kian Raissian24-03.00Awty International
8.7Harrison Rose23-09.50Trafton Academy
9.7Daniel Songer22-10.00Second Baptist
10.6Hank Fusillo22-06.25Holy Spirit Episcopal
11.5Chris Miller21-04.50Holy Spirit Episcopal
12.6Josh Kent19-08.25Fort Bend Christian ...
13.7Chippy Slater19-02.00Awty International
14.7Thomas Perry17-05.00Fort Bend Christian ...
15.7Harrison Coons17-04.00Second Baptist
16.8George Ishac16-07.50Lutheran South Academy
17.6Jose Macias16-05.25Lutheran South Academy
18.6Chase Cambra15-05.50Holy Spirit Episcopal
19.7Lucas Jonasch14-01.50Awty International
6Charles KingDNSFort Bend Christian ...
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.8Peter Nyberg120-10Presbyterian
2.8Sebastian Calleja93-02John Cooper
3.8Kevin Ong92-05Awty International
4.8Zach Lerner90-06Trafton Academy
5.8William Graham87-06Trafton Academy
6.8Kurt Warren83-11Trafton Academy
7.8Grant Simmons82-05Fort Bend Christian ...
8.8Michael Hecht80-06John Cooper
9.8Marwan Charafeddine78-05Presbyterian
10.8Omar Khan75-11John Cooper
11.8Drew Beakey75-06Lutheran South Academy
12.8Rammy Allouche75-00Second Baptist
13.8Noe Graham73-01Holy Spirit Episcopal
14.8Connor Hogan63-02Awty International
15.8Alex Chauvin60-11Lutheran South Academy
16.6Trey Palomo60-07Holy Spirit Episcopal
17.8Venkat Reddy56-02Lutheran South Academy
18.8Alex Miller55-01Second Baptist
19.8Michael Actkinson36-08Holy Spirit Episcopal
8Ryan DelaneyDNSFort Bend Christian ...
8Luke HermanDNSAwty International
7Zachary AdamsDNSFort Bend Christian ...
X Discus - 1kg - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.6Troy Porche86-11Presbyterian
2.7Joe Flinn70-04Trafton Academy
3.7Harrison Rose69-11Trafton Academy
4.7Tyler Poleshov69-07Trafton Academy
5.7Lane Drager57-00Presbyterian
6.8Stefano Morales56-06Lutheran South Academy
7.8George Ishac56-02Lutheran South Academy
8.6Chase Cambra49-05Holy Spirit Episcopal
9.5Chris Miller49-04Holy Spirit Episcopal
10.7Daniel Songer47-11Second Baptist
11.7Tom Grant47-10Awty International
12.7Chippy Slater47-04Awty International
13.6Jose Macias46-08Lutheran South Academy
14.6Josh Kent45-11Fort Bend Christian ...
15.7Colter Hawkins45-04Second Baptist
16.7Thomas Perry43-01Fort Bend Christian ...
17.7Nick Ferguson42-07Holy Spirit Episcopal
18.7Harrison Coons37-10Second Baptist
6Charles KingDNSFort Bend Christian ...
7Alexandre MarcosDNSAwty International
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Preston Eni5-00.00John Cooper
1.8Andres Morales5-00.00Awty International
3.7Zachary Adams4-10.00Fort Bend Christian ...
4.7Landon Malouf4-10.00Holy Spirit Episcopal
4.8Zach Lerner4-10.00Trafton Academy
6.8Drew Kibbe4-08.00Trafton Academy
7.7Juan Naranjo4-08.00Holy Spirit Episcopal
7.8Josh Chiasson4-08.00Awty International
9.8William Graham4-06.00Trafton Academy
9.8Emmanuel Aruho4-06.00Presbyterian
11.8Josh Plank4-06.00Awty International
11.8Tobi Oguntona4-06.00Holy Spirit Episcopal
13.8Federico Portela4-02.00John Cooper
8Santi CallejaDNSJohn Cooper
X High Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Nick Griswold4-08.00Trafton Academy
2.7Alan Walker4-06.00Trafton Academy
3.7Tucker Arrants4-06.00Awty International
4.7Matias Preti4-06.00Awty International
5.7Ben Robinson4-04.00John Cooper
6.7Michael Keating4-02.00Trafton Academy
7.7Jared Skinner4-02.00John Cooper
8.7Alexandre Marcos4-02.00Awty International
9.6Alec Hillman3-10.00Holy Spirit Episcopal
10.7Turner Caldwell3-10.00John Cooper
11.6William Kallmeyer3-10.00Presbyterian
12.5Robert Lock3-08.00Holy Spirit Episcopal
6Michael HeinzNHHoly Spirit Episcopal
6Jake TrippettDNSFort Bend Christian ...
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.8Harlan Ticatch4-11.00Trafton Academy
8Benjamin DeanNHTrafton Academy
8Arjun DasNHTrafton Academy
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Sam Hodges16-08.75John Cooper
2.8Emmanuel Aruho16-03.25Presbyterian
3.8Cody Bohan16-01.00John Cooper
4.8John Schroeder15-11.00Awty International
5.8Teodros Calviello15-08.75Awty International
6.8Santi Calleja15-04.50John Cooper
7.7Landon Malouf15-03.75Holy Spirit Episcopal
8.8Brandon Little14-04.00Second Baptist
9.7Juan Naranjo14-01.25Holy Spirit Episcopal
10.8Timothy Nguyen13-09.00Second Baptist
11.8Ben Bliss13-05.00Trafton Academy
12.8Jake Hollman13-01.00Lutheran South Academy
13.8Stanley Chang12-10.50Second Baptist
14.8Arjun Das12-09.25Trafton Academy
15.8Harlan Ticatch12-08.00Trafton Academy
16.8Josh Chiasson12-05.75Awty International
17.6Reed Villarreal12-04.00Lutheran South Academy
18.8Jorge Campos11-07.50Holy Spirit Episcopal
19.9Grant Baecker11-07.50Fort Bend Christian ...
20.8Zebesian Lunz11-05.00Lutheran South Academy
8Ryan DelaneyDNSFort Bend Christian ...
8Jon CossDNSFort Bend Christian ...
X Long Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Tucker Arrants13-10.25Awty International
2.7Max Roberson13-08.75Trafton Academy
3.7Jordan Weaver13-06.00Fort Bend Christian ...
4.7Ben Abdeen13-05.25Trafton Academy
5.6Jake Trippett13-03.00Fort Bend Christian ...
6.7Turner Caldwell13-03.00John Cooper
7.7Charlie Meacham12-10.75Awty International
8.6Alec Hillman12-07.00Holy Spirit Episcopal
9.7Peter Kennedy12-05.50Presbyterian
10.7Sam Wempe12-04.00Presbyterian
11.7Foster Askew12-01.00Second Baptist
12.7Cole Rainer11-07.25Second Baptist
13.7Caleb Singh11-05.00Fort Bend Christian ...
14.7Michael Flores11-02.00Second Baptist
15.5Robert Lock10-08.00Holy Spirit Episcopal
16.6Carson Fechter10-07.50Lutheran South Academy
17.7Steven Dundee10-03.50Lutheran South Academy
18.6Michael Heinz9-03.00Holy Spirit Episcopal
19.7Jeffrey Walheim9-01.00Lutheran South Academy
7Christopher BordersDNSPresbyterian
7Nick MinkoffDNSTrafton Academy
7Alexandre MarcosNDAwty International
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Cody Bohan35-05.25John Cooper
2.8Teodros Calviello34-10.75Awty International
3.8Andres Morales34-10.75Awty International
4.8Dan Guerrero33-10.00Holy Spirit Episcopal
5.8Arinze Nwankwo33-07.75John Cooper
6.8Sam Hodges32-09.00John Cooper
7.8Tobi Oguntona30-00.50Holy Spirit Episcopal
8.8Connor Hogan29-09.75Awty International
9.8Drew Kibbe28-11.75Trafton Academy
10.8Jorge Campos27-01.25Holy Spirit Episcopal
11.8Jake Hollman26-06.25Lutheran South Academy
12.8Zebesian Lunz26-04.75Lutheran South Academy
13.6Reed Villarreal26-02.00Lutheran South Academy
14.8Timothy Nguyen24-02.25Second Baptist
15.6Sam Bliss18-09.75Trafton Academy
8Arjun DasNDTrafton Academy
8Stanley ChangNDSecond Baptist
8Jon CossDNSFort Bend Christian ...
X Triple Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Joel Izzedin29-03.50Awty International
2.7Nick Minkoff28-05.75Trafton Academy
3.7Lynnard Rose27-11.50Second Baptist
4.7Charlie Meacham27-11.50Awty International
5.7Max Roberson27-04.50Trafton Academy
6.7Walker Crow25-04.00Second Baptist
7.7Cole Rainer24-00.50Second Baptist
8.7Connor Grace23-06.50Awty International
9.6Carson Fechter23-02.00Lutheran South Academy
10.7Michael Keating22-11.00Trafton Academy
11.7Jeffrey Walheim20-08.50Lutheran South Academy
7Steven DundeeNDLutheran South Academy

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Kirby Bowers13.64aPresbyterian
2.8Sydney Ladner14.47aAwty International
3.8Muna Uzodike14.49aJohn Cooper
4.8Ashley Durrett14.51aSecond Baptist
5.6Chinaza Ndee14.79aHoly Spirit Episcopal
6.8London Lane14.88aFort Bend Christian ...
7.8Ruth Farmer14.99aHoly Spirit Episcopal
8.7Toni Oladute15.11aFort Bend Christian ...
9.6Morgan Howard15.20aFort Bend Christian ...
10.8Sophie Baggott15.28aLutheran South Academy
11.8Stephanie Zeller15.31aLutheran South Academy
12.8Naia Daniel15.41aAwty International
13.8Evelien Quint15.46aAwty International
14.8Abby Anello15.47aLutheran South Academy
15.7Sara Olshefski15.95aTrafton Academy
16.8Suzanne Pfeffer16.02aSecond Baptist
17.8Maci Billiot16.44aJohn Cooper
18.8Arlin Dawson16.55aSecond Baptist
19.7Ellen Teuscher16.81aJohn Cooper
20.8Alex McMurtry17.35aTrafton Academy
21.5Julia Lasater17.54aHoly Spirit Episcopal
7Emily CurlDNSTrafton Academy
X 100 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.6Bola Adeyeri14.19aTrafton Academy
2.7Margo Cox14.30aPresbyterian
3.7Elizabeth Andress14.56aLutheran South Academy
4.6Margaret Schroeder14.76aAwty International
5.7Carine Rizk14.83aAwty International
6.7Clara Dubois15.01aAwty International
7.6Taylor Bannister15.08aFort Bend Christian ...
8.7Esther Yeboah15.40aSecond Baptist
9.6Davette Stegman15.44aFort Bend Christian ...
10.6Elyse Anaya15.54aFort Bend Christian ...
11.6Noura Mahaini15.77aTrafton Academy
12.7Katy Childs16.67aLutheran South Academy
13.7Kinley Stokes17.06aSecond Baptist
14.6Lauren Applebaum17.27aTrafton Academy
15.7Hannah Dargahi18.28aSecond Baptist
16.7Lerah Lockett18.42aPresbyterian
17.6Julia Schmidt19.77aLutheran South Academy
18.6Eva Schneller19.80aPresbyterian
6Morgan HowardDNSFort Bend Christian ...
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Kirby Bowers27.68aPresbyterian
2.8Casey Craft29.62aHoly Spirit Episcopal
3.8Miriam Ramirez29.82aHoly Spirit Episcopal
4.8Shelby Zimmerman30.10aPresbyterian
5.8Michelle Chauvin30.38aLutheran South Academy
6.8Pauline Duhen30.43aAwty International
7.8Abby Jardine30.77aSecond Baptist
8.8Jessica Gonzalez31.35aAwty International
9.7Maddie Zimmermann32.10aLutheran South Academy
10.8Simone Bergsrud32.15aJohn Cooper
11.8Sarah Oldfield32.19aHoly Spirit Episcopal
12.8Evelien Quint32.60aAwty International
13.8Michaela Schirra32.77aSecond Baptist
14.6Morgan Howard32.95aFort Bend Christian ...
15.6Davette Stegman33.37aFort Bend Christian ...
16.8Elizabeth Tarantino33.47aSecond Baptist
17.8Elizabeth Lipscomb33.64aJohn Cooper
18.8Kelly Finnerman33.99aTrafton Academy
19.8Maci Billiot34.31aJohn Cooper
20.7Sara Olshefski34.44aTrafton Academy
21.8Abby Anello34.54aLutheran South Academy
7Emily CurlDNSTrafton Academy
7Christina PateDNSFort Bend Christian ...
X 200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Gracey Wallace28.16aPresbyterian
2.6Bola Adeyeri30.14aTrafton Academy
3.7Marianne Sauvagnac31.21aAwty International
4.6Bundum Ezanwukwa31.36aFort Bend Christian ...
5.7Esther Yeboah32.54aSecond Baptist
6.6Jessica Simon32.81aPresbyterian
7.7Eugenie Tard33.23aAwty International
8.7Joni Grommesh34.50aAwty International
9.7Kinley Stokes34.55aSecond Baptist
10.7Katy Childs34.78aLutheran South Academy
11.6Christina Rockrise35.01aPresbyterian
12.6Ashley Boyd37.75aFort Bend Christian ...
13.6Tiffany Selph39.10aFort Bend Christian ...
7Camryn OdomDNSTrafton Academy
7Rebecca LeistenDNSTrafton Academy
6Julia SchmidtDNSLutheran South Academy
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Shelby Zimmerman67.33aPresbyterian
2.8Carly Jackson69.85aLutheran South Academy
3.7Bella Evans71.21aJohn Cooper
4.6Elyse Anaya73.02aFort Bend Christian ...
5.7Lauren Richmond73.44aFort Bend Christian ...
6.8Serena Tohme74.38aAwty International
7.8Victoria Hartman74.53aSecond Baptist
8.8Ashri Anurudran76.20aJohn Cooper
9.8Celeste Terni76.94aJohn Cooper
10.8Mena Barakat76.97aAwty International
11.8Stephanie Lucena77.32aHoly Spirit Episcopal
12.8Marie Corcoran77.59aAwty International
13.8Sophie Baggott78.07aLutheran South Academy
14.8Anna Lee Carothers78.93aHoly Spirit Episcopal
15.6Claire McKissick79.03aFort Bend Christian ...
16.8Meagan Applebaum79.63aTrafton Academy
17.6Laisha Ochu1:24.32aHoly Spirit Episcopal
8Reagan BazarskyDNSTrafton Academy
7Emily CurlDNSTrafton Academy
8Carly WeidemannDNSLutheran South Academy
X 400 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Caroline Ankoma-Sey65.35aPresbyterian
2.7Margaret Hofmann66.66aSecond Baptist
3.7Sydney Arceneaux67.80aAwty International
4.7Simona Everts73.92aAwty International
5.6Bundum Ezanwukwa74.30aFort Bend Christian ...
6.7Marion Bocabarteille78.14aAwty International
7.6Kelsey Farris78.99aFort Bend Christian ...
8.7Elizabeth Andress79.83aLutheran South Academy
9.6Kendall Bohny1:20.10aFort Bend Christian ...
10.7Ashley Raymond1:23.67aSecond Baptist
11.8Katie Galbraith1:28.01aLutheran South Academy
6Claire McKissickDNSFort Bend Christian ...
7Meredith O'NealDNSPresbyterian
6Lauren ApplebaumDNSTrafton Academy
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Natalie Geisler2:38.19aPresbyterian
2.8Nikita Prasad2:40.26aAwty International
3.8Miriam Ramirez2:40.29aHoly Spirit Episcopal
4.8Harriett McDonald2:43.01aAwty International
5.8Allyson Peters2:43.56aFort Bend Christian ...
6.7Bella Evans2:43.59aJohn Cooper
7.7Ellana Slade2:46.71aAwty International
8.6Marleen Guerrero2:53.55aLutheran South Academy
9.7Madelyn Morales2:54.97aLutheran South Academy
10.7Lauren Richmond2:55.96aFort Bend Christian ...
11.7Kylie Melodick2:56.37aJohn Cooper
12.7Ashley Dinges3:00.53aFort Bend Christian ...
13.7Natalie Sos3:03.40aJohn Cooper
14.6Grace Psencik3:10.90aLutheran South Academy
15.6Laisha Ochu3:23.57aHoly Spirit Episcopal
16.8Diamond Braxton3:31.44aTrafton Academy
17.8Victoria Silva3:44.14aSecond Baptist
7Georgia MichaudDNSTrafton Academy
5Julia LasaterDNSHoly Spirit Episcopal
8Jackie GammonDNSFort Bend Christian ...
X 800 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Hannah Isaksen2:41.03aAwty International
2.7Caroline Sempere2:48.29aAwty International
3.7Gaby Amaya2:50.03aSecond Baptist
4.7Amanda Gerlach2:51.63aAwty International
5.7Meredith Prado2:58.30aFort Bend Christian ...
6.7Alena Peters3:03.41aPresbyterian
7.6Kendall Bohny3:05.63aFort Bend Christian ...
8.6Claire McKissick3:07.01aFort Bend Christian ...
9.6Laura Hardwicke3:07.86aTrafton Academy
10.6Blair Johnson3:08.31aTrafton Academy
11.7Sadie Crumley3:08.83aLutheran South Academy
12.7Ashley Raymond3:10.00aSecond Baptist
13.6Lindsey Rogers3:13.98aPresbyterian
14.7Kelsie Shoemake3:14.10aSecond Baptist
15.8Katie Galbraith3:22.07aLutheran South Academy
16.6Leah Potylchansky3:29.87aTrafton Academy
7Meredith O'NealDNSPresbyterian
X 1200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Christina Moreno4:28.78aAwty International
2.7Caroline Sempere4:30.79aAwty International
3.7Margaret Hofmann4:39.85aSecond Baptist
4.7Gaby Amaya4:40.50aSecond Baptist
5.7Amanda Gerlach4:42.65aAwty International
6.7Alena Peters4:52.17aPresbyterian
7.6Lindsey Rogers4:57.30aPresbyterian
8.7Kelsie Shoemake4:58.00aSecond Baptist
9.6Blair Johnson5:02.63aTrafton Academy
10.6Laura Hardwicke5:18.17aTrafton Academy
11.6Maddie Shutack5:40.21aLutheran South Academy
12.7Claire Grable5:58.67aLutheran South Academy
13.7Victoria Veltri6:00.06aLutheran South Academy
14.6Leah Potylchansky6:08.38aTrafton Academy
6Taylor BannisterDNSFort Bend Christian ...
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Nikita Prasad5:51.80aAwty International
2.8Natalie Geisler5:55.57aPresbyterian
3.7Ellana Slade5:59.93aAwty International
4.8Harriett McDonald6:05.87aAwty International
5.8Allyson Peters6:11.89aFort Bend Christian ...
6.6Taylor Bannister6:27.47aFort Bend Christian ...
7.8Victoria Hartman6:35.05aSecond Baptist
8.7Madelyn Morales6:36.25aLutheran South Academy
9.7Lexie Brennan-Martin6:47.19aHoly Spirit Episcopal
10.6Marleen Guerrero7:01.27aLutheran South Academy
11.7Kylie Melodick7:06.96aJohn Cooper
12.7Natalie Sos7:10.92aJohn Cooper
13.6Grace Psencik7:22.59aLutheran South Academy
14.7Ashli Mani7:47.80aHoly Spirit Episcopal
15.6Peyton Duke7:49.02aHoly Spirit Episcopal
8Diamond BraxtonDNSTrafton Academy
8Jackie GammonDNSFort Bend Christian ...
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.8Sarah Lewis18.01aPresbyterian
2.8Elizabeth Shu18.29aSecond Baptist
3.8Mariah Brown18.34aJohn Cooper
4.8Morgan Parker18.68aLutheran South Academy
5.8Jessica Gonzalez18.97aAwty International
6.8Casey Craft19.19aHoly Spirit Episcopal
7.8Maci Billiot19.70aJohn Cooper
8.8Carly Jackson20.33aLutheran South Academy
9.8Catherine Vanasse Grosdidier20.44aAwty International
10.8Marie Corcoran20.47aAwty International
11.8Hollyn Coleman20.97aSecond Baptist
12.8Stephanie Lucena21.06aHoly Spirit Episcopal
13.8Stephanie Zeller21.40aLutheran South Academy
14.8Alexandra Siller22.52aTrafton Academy
15.8Ruth Farmer22.71aHoly Spirit Episcopal
16.7Erika Weissman22.97aTrafton Academy
17.7Ellen Teuscher23.71aJohn Cooper
18.8Reagan Bazarsky28.11aTrafton Academy
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Emma Cohn18.85aTrafton Academy
2.6Abbey Rank20.69aPresbyterian
3.7Toni Oladute20.92aFort Bend Christian ...
4.6Abby Walker21.22aTrafton Academy
5.6Margaret Schroeder21.30aAwty International
6.7Chloe Rochette21.47aAwty International
7.7Gentry Barton21.63aPresbyterian
8.6Gabi Daugherty21.73aTrafton Academy
9.7Meredith Prado21.77aFort Bend Christian ...
10.7Simona Everts22.97aAwty International
11.7Lauren Park23.94aSecond Baptist
X 200m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.8Mariah Brown31.86aJohn Cooper
2.8Sarah Lewis32.08aPresbyterian
3.8Elizabeth Shu34.94aSecond Baptist
4.8Morgan Parker35.17aLutheran South Academy
5.7Maddie Zimmermann35.50aLutheran South Academy
6.8Hollyn Coleman36.02aSecond Baptist
7.8Sarah Oldfield36.58aHoly Spirit Episcopal
8.8Elizabeth Lipscomb36.87aJohn Cooper
9.8Amanda Charreton36.92aAwty International
10.8Stephanie Zeller37.49aLutheran South Academy
11.8Marie Corcoran37.75aAwty International
12.8Catherine Vanasse Grosdidier38.43aAwty International
13.7Kylie Melodick39.68aJohn Cooper
14.6Peyton Duke40.34aHoly Spirit Episcopal
15.7Ashli Mani41.17aHoly Spirit Episcopal
16.7Erika Weissman43.42aTrafton Academy
17.8Alexandra Siller45.79aTrafton Academy
18.8Alex McMurtry48.89aTrafton Academy
X 200m Hurdles - 30" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Emma Cohn35.21aTrafton Academy
2.7Nicole Salet36.98aAwty International
3.7Joni Grommesh38.02aAwty International
4.6Abbey Rank38.92aPresbyterian
5.7Gentry Barton39.48aPresbyterian
6.6Olivia Cohn40.80aTrafton Academy
7.6Abby Walker41.12aTrafton Academy
8.7Lauren Park42.17aSecond Baptist
7Amanda GerlachDNSAwty International
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jessica Gonzalez
Pauline Duhen
Sydney Ladner
Mena Barakat
57.50aAwty International
2.-Chinaza Ndee
Stephanie Lucena
Casey Craft
Ruth Farmer
58.62aHoly Spirit Episcopal
3.-Ashri Anurudran
Mariah Brown
Simone Bergsrud
Elizabeth Lipscomb
58.84aJohn Cooper
4.-Ashley Durrett
Katherine Towne
Marybeth McMichael
Madeline Freeman
59.87aSecond Baptist
5.-Sophie Baggot
Carly Weidemann
Michelle Chauvin
Maddie Zimmermann
60.21aLutheran South Academy
6.-Diamond Braxton
Meagan Applebaum
Reagan Bazarsky
Kelly Finnerman
62.42aTrafton Academy
X 4x100 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Gracey Wallace
Caroline Ankoma-Sey
Margo Cox
Jessica Simon
2.-Clara Dubois
Marianne Sauvagnac
Sydney Arceneaux
Isabella Crane
58.11aAwty International
3.-Bola Adeyeri
Gabi Daugherty
Camryn Odom
Emma Cohn
58.56aTrafton Academy
4.-Morgan Howard
Taylor Bannister
Davette Stegman
Toni Oladute
61.06aFort Bend Christian ...
5.-Esther Yeboah
Hannah Dargahi
Lauren Park
Kelsie Shoemake
66.61aSecond Baptist
6.-Claire Grable
Victoria Veltri
Emily DeHoyos
Kimberly Davie
66.86aLutheran South Academy
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Sarah Lewis
Shelby Zimmerman
Kirby Bowers
Natalie Geisler
2.-Relay Team 5:00.69aAwty International
3.-Anna Lee Carothers
Chinaza Ndee
Sarah Oldfield
Miriam Ramirez
5:02.25aHoly Spirit Episcopal
4.-Abby Anello
Carly Weidemann
Michelle Chauvin
Carly Jackson
5:08.81aLutheran South Academy
5.-Muna Uzodike
Celeste Terni
Ashri Anurudran
Simone Bergsrud
5:08.83aJohn Cooper
6.-Meagan Applebaum
Erika Weissman
Kelly Finnerman
Sara Olshefski
5:50.35aTrafton Academy
X 4x400 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Margo Cox
Caroline Ankoma-Sey
Gracey Wallace
Jessica Simon
2.-Nicole Salet
Carine Rizk
Isabella Crane
Sydney Arceneaux
4:55.90aAwty International
3.-Elizabeth Andress
Sadie Crumley
Kimberly Davie
Emily DeHoyos
5:36.57aLutheran South Academy
4.-Noura Mahaini
Camryn Odom
Olivia Cohn
Rebecca Leisten
5:52.44aTrafton Academy
X Shot Put - 6lb - Varsity - Finals
1.8Muna Uzodike28-00.00John Cooper
2.8Diamond Braxton24-09.00Trafton Academy
3.8Simone Bergsrud24-07.00John Cooper
4.8Carol Bottaro22-08.50Awty International
5.8Amanda Charreton21-06.00Awty International
6.8Elizabeth Lipscomb21-00.50John Cooper
7.8Michelle Chauvin20-07.50Lutheran South Academy
8.8Serena Tohme20-01.00Awty International
9.8Teddy Utley19-07.00Holy Spirit Episcopal
10.8Katie Dibble18-01.50Fort Bend Christian ...
11.8Anna Lee Carothers18-00.50Holy Spirit Episcopal
12.8Sophie Baggott17-04.50Lutheran South Academy
13.6Laisha Ochu16-05.50Holy Spirit Episcopal
8Kimia AriannejadDNSSecond Baptist
7Sara OlshefskiDNSTrafton Academy
8Carly WeidemannDNSLutheran South Academy
7Georgia MichaudDNSTrafton Academy
X Shot Put - 6lb - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.6Christina Rockrise18-08.50Presbyterian
2.7Taylor Kollmorgen18-03.50Second Baptist
3.7Lerah Lockett18-01.00Presbyterian
4.7Amanda Gerlach17-10.00Awty International
5.7Eva Sload16-11.00Awty International
6.6Eva Schneller16-09.00Presbyterian
7.7Hannah Dargahi16-05.50Second Baptist
8.6Michelle Meadows16-05.00Trafton Academy
9.7Sara Olshefski16-04.00Trafton Academy
10.7Christa Winburn16-00.50Second Baptist
11.6Maddie Shutack15-07.00Lutheran South Academy
12.6Valentine Grinstead15-01.50Fort Bend Christian ...
13.7Victoria Veltri15-00.50Lutheran South Academy
14.7Shrishti Seth13-04.50Awty International
7Camryn OdomDNSTrafton Academy
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.8Diamond Braxton74-06Trafton Academy
2.8Muna Uzodike57-11John Cooper
3.8Stephanie Lucena55-00Holy Spirit Episcopal
4.8Amanda Charreton52-03Awty International
5.8Simone Bergsrud50-08John Cooper
6.8Carol Bottaro50-08Awty International
7.8Teddy Utley49-02Holy Spirit Episcopal
8.8Katie Dibble48-01Fort Bend Christian ...
9.8Anna Lee Carothers46-10Holy Spirit Episcopal
10.8Serena Tohme44-09Awty International
11.8Elizabeth Lipscomb36-06John Cooper
12.8Sophie Baggott31-01Lutheran South Academy
13.8Michelle Chauvin30-07Lutheran South Academy
7Georgia MichaudDNSTrafton Academy
8Kimia AriannejadDNSSecond Baptist
X Discus - 1kg - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Eva Sload47-09Awty International
2.6Valentine Grinstead46-02Fort Bend Christian ...
3.6Christina Rockrise40-05Presbyterian
4.7Elizabeth Andress37-06Lutheran South Academy
5.7Victoria Veltri34-10Lutheran South Academy
6.7Amanda Gerlach34-07Awty International
7.6Michelle Meadows34-06Trafton Academy
8.7Camryn Odom33-07Trafton Academy
9.7Christa Winburn32-06Second Baptist
10.7Shrishti Seth31-00Awty International
11.7Laura Laughead30-08Second Baptist
12.7Lerah Lockett30-07Presbyterian
13.6Eva Schneller30-00Presbyterian
14.6Maddie Shutack28-10Lutheran South Academy
6Callie HeggenessDNSTrafton Academy
8Katie DibbleDNSFort Bend Christian ...
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Mariah Brown4-10.00John Cooper
2.8Jessica Gonzalez4-08.00Awty International
3.8Shelby Zimmerman4-06.00Presbyterian
4.8Ruth Farmer4-04.00Holy Spirit Episcopal
5.8Casey Craft4-02.00Holy Spirit Episcopal
5.8Breanna Aaron4-02.00Lutheran South Academy
5.7Maddie Zimmermann4-02.00Lutheran South Academy
8.8Marie Corcoran4-02.00Awty International
9.6Chinaza Ndee4-02.00Holy Spirit Episcopal
10.8Muna Uzodike4-00.00John Cooper
10.8Pauline Duhen4-00.00Awty International
12.8Alex McMurtry3-10.00Trafton Academy
8Carly WeidemannDNSLutheran South Academy
8Kelly FinnermanDNSTrafton Academy
8Alexandra SillerDNSTrafton Academy
X High Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Emma Cohn4-02.00Trafton Academy
2.7Isabella Crane4-00.00Awty International
3.7Sydney Arceneaux3-10.00Awty International
4.7Joni Grommesh3-10.00Awty International
5.6Gabi Daugherty3-10.00Trafton Academy
6.6Olivia Cohn3-08.00Trafton Academy
10Leah RichmondDNSFort Bend Christian ...
7Meredith PradoDNSFort Bend Christian ...
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Casey Craft13-09.00Holy Spirit Episcopal
2.8Mena Barakat13-07.25Awty International
3.8Marie Corcoran13-04.50Awty International
4.8Sydney Ladner13-02.75Awty International
5.8Elizabeth Shu13-02.25Second Baptist
6.8Ruth Farmer13-01.25Holy Spirit Episcopal
7.7Elizabeth Hart12-09.75Lutheran South Academy
8.8Kirby Bowers12-07.00Presbyterian
9.8Mariah Brown12-03.50John Cooper
10.8Maci Billiot12-02.00John Cooper
11.8Stephanie Lucena12-00.50Holy Spirit Episcopal
12.6Marleen Guerrero11-11.50Lutheran South Academy
13.8Stephanie Zeller11-09.50Lutheran South Academy
14.7Natalie Sos11-09.50John Cooper
15.8Sarah Lewis11-09.50Presbyterian
16.8Alex McMurtry10-05.50Trafton Academy
7Georgia MichaudDNSTrafton Academy
8Alexandra SillerDNSTrafton Academy
8London LaneDNSFort Bend Christian ...
X Long Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Marianne Sauvagnac12-10.75Awty International
2.7Clara Dubois11-10.25Awty International
3.6Bola Adeyeri11-08.00Trafton Academy
4.6Elyse Anaya11-03.00Fort Bend Christian ...
5.7Margo Cox11-02.25Presbyterian
6.7Claire Grable10-07.00Lutheran South Academy
7.6Gabi Daugherty10-05.75Trafton Academy
8.6Jessica Simon10-05.50Presbyterian
9.7Taylor Kollmorgen9-11.00Second Baptist
10.6Olivia Cohn9-07.75Trafton Academy
11.6Kimberly Davie9-04.75Lutheran South Academy
7Gracey WallaceDNSPresbyterian
6Morgan HowardDNSFort Bend Christian ...
6Davette StegmanDNSFort Bend Christian ...
7Sydney ArceneauxNDAwty International
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Mena Barakat28-11.25Awty International
2.8Jessica Gonzalez28-04.00Awty International
3.8Elizabeth Shu28-00.00Second Baptist
4.8Sydney Ladner26-10.25Awty International
5.7Bella Evans26-01.50John Cooper
6.7Maddie Zimmermann25-04.00Lutheran South Academy
7.8Maci Billiot25-04.00John Cooper
8.8Stephanie Zeller24-00.00Lutheran South Academy
9.7Elizabeth Hart23-08.50Lutheran South Academy
10.8Sarah Oldfield22-03.00Holy Spirit Episcopal
11.6Laisha Ochu21-01.50Holy Spirit Episcopal
12.6Chinaza Ndee19-11.00Holy Spirit Episcopal
8Ashley LachtermanDNSJohn Cooper
8Kelly FinnermanDNSTrafton Academy
8Alexandra SillerDNSTrafton Academy
8Alex McMurtryDNSTrafton Academy
X Triple Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Hannah Isaksen24-03.25Awty International
2.7Nicole Salet23-02.75Awty International
3.7Simona Everts22-08.50Awty International
4.7Emma Cohn22-07.50Trafton Academy
5.7Claire Grable22-07.25Lutheran South Academy
6.6Gabi Daugherty22-05.25Trafton Academy
7.6Bola Adeyeri20-08.50Trafton Academy
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