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3A District 1&2 Championships Day 2

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Timberlake , Spirit Lake

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Idaho - 2A
St Maries
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Chris Spiers11.4hKellogg
2.12Chris Williams11.6hTimberlake
3.11Rock Stapley11.8hBonners Ferry
4.11Ryne Stull11.8hKellogg
5.11Freddie Cecil12.0hTimberlake
6.12Devin Vint12.0hSt Maries
7.12Austin Phillips12.3hTimberlake
7.12Jesse Johnson12.3hSt Maries
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Rock Stapley11.4hBonners Ferry
2.11Chris Spiers11.5hKellogg
3.12Chris Williams11.7hTimberlake
3.12Devin Vint11.7hSt Maries
5.12Austin Phillips11.9hTimberlake
6.12Jesse Johnson12.1hSt Maries
6.11Ryne Stull12.1hKellogg
6.11Freddie Cecil12.1hTimberlake
9.11Chad Aga12.3hTimberlake
9.9Quinn Cummings12.3hBonners Ferry
11.11Christopher Van der heijden12.5hPriest River Lamanna
12.11Matt Peterson12.8hPriest River Lamanna
13.9Cody Howard13.0hSt Maries
14.11Nick Sholey13.4hKellogg
15.9Jesus Mendez13.5hBonners Ferry
9Micah SimontonNTBonners Ferry
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Rock Stapley23.4hBonners Ferry
2.11Chris Spiers23.4hKellogg
3.12Chris Williams23.7hTimberlake
4.12Dalton Chamberlin23.8hTimberlake
5.10Matt Kelso24.9hTimberlake
6.12Jesse Johnson25.2hSt Maries
7.9Quinn Cummings25.9hBonners Ferry
7.11Matt Peterson25.9hPriest River Lamanna
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Rock Stapley23.2hBonners Ferry
2.11Chris Spiers23.4hKellogg
3.12Dalton Chamberlin23.8hTimberlake
4.12Chris Williams24.3hTimberlake
5.10Matt Kelso24.3hTimberlake
6.12Jesse Johnson25.1hSt Maries
7.9Quinn Cummings25.71Bonners Ferry
8.11Matt Peterson25.78Priest River Lamanna
9.10Forrest Herring26.6hTimberlake
10.9Cody Howard27.0hSt Maries
11.12Cody Karber27.2hSt Maries
12.11Christopher Van der heijden27.79Priest River Lamanna
13.11Zach Clanton27.80Kellogg
14.9Jesus Mendez29.5hBonners Ferry
14.9Luke Feasline29.5hSt Maries
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ryne Stull52.0hKellogg
2.10Chase Blayne53.4hTimberlake
3.10Garret Wendt53.9hKellogg
4.11Freddie Cecil56.1hTimberlake
5.9Dallas Hopkins56.7hPriest River Lamanna
6.12Nathan Grow58.4hBonners Ferry
7.10Forrest Herring58.8hTimberlake
8.9Ben Beir59.9hKellogg
9.9Hunter Phelps1:02.2hTimberlake
10.10Adam Alverez1:04.9hBonners Ferry
11.9Jake Perez1:07.2hBonners Ferry
11Jacob CallisterNTBonners Ferry
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Johnny Moore2:06.4hKellogg
2.12Justin Ewing2:06.7hPriest River Lamanna
3.12James Hegge2:07.1hPriest River Lamanna
4.12Nick Cordell2:07.4hSt Maries
5.9Sam St. Mars2:12.7hTimberlake
6.12Nicholas Gorino2:18.3hBonners Ferry
7.9Collin Cossairt2:20.2hBonners Ferry
8.11Christian Heth2:20.4hTimberlake
9.12Matt Schryock2:21.1hBonners Ferry
10.10Adrian Beehner2:22.2hKellogg
11.10Austin Cordell2:26.1hSt Maries
12.9Alex Galford2:28.4hKellogg
9Austin AndersonNTTimberlake
9Josh WaldramNTTimberlake
9Diamond RobinsonNTPriest River Lamanna
10Jared LysneNTBonners Ferry
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Micah Krmpotich4:51.4hBonners Ferry
2.12James Hegge4:57.5hPriest River Lamanna
3.9Sam St. Mars4:57.7hTimberlake
4.11Gavin Peterson4:58.4hKellogg
5.9Ryan Richardson5:01.0hTimberlake
6.9Brad Thompson5:09.9hBonners Ferry
7.12Nick Cordell5:12.3hSt Maries
8.11Kody Rees5:16.1hSt Maries
9.10Jeff Campo5:17.5hKellogg
10.12Nicholas Gorino5:17.9hBonners Ferry
11.9Keegan Lawler5:18.5hTimberlake
12.9Collin Cossairt5:23.6hBonners Ferry
13.12Justin Ewing5:26.3hPriest River Lamanna
14.12David Bell5:26.6hPriest River Lamanna
15.12Alec Vonner5:29.5hPriest River Lamanna
16.10Austin Cordell5:30.4hSt Maries
17.10Adrian Beehner5:31.0hKellogg
18.9Austin Anderson5:37.7hTimberlake
19.9Alex Galford5:55.6hKellogg
11Mathew GreerNTSt Maries
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Micah Krmpotich10:32.2hBonners Ferry
2.9Ryan Richardson10:59.3hTimberlake
3.9Brad Thompson11:03.8hBonners Ferry
4.11Gavin Peterson11:04.5hKellogg
5.11Kody Rees11:07.4hSt Maries
6.12David Bell11:10.9hPriest River Lamanna
7.11Silas Domy11:19.0hKellogg
8.12Nicholas Gorino11:20.7hBonners Ferry
9.10Jeff Campo11:32.2hKellogg
10.9Josh Waldram12:00.0hTimberlake
11.9Keegan Lawler12:07.3hTimberlake
12.12Alex Minor12:29.0hBonners Ferry
13.9Alex Galford12:36.3hKellogg
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Brian Cronnelly15.9hTimberlake
2.12Cooper Simpson16.0hTimberlake
3.12Tyler Andersen17.1hSt Maries
4.11Matt Kelso17.3hKellogg
5.9Ben Austin17.3hTimberlake
6.12Kenny Mayer17.7hKellogg
6.11Andrew Huddleston17.7hPriest River Lamanna
8.11William Kramer18.3hPriest River Lamanna
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Brian Cronnelly15.9hTimberlake
2.12Cooper Simpson16.7hTimberlake
3.12Tyler Andersen17.4hSt Maries
4.9Ben Austin17.6hTimberlake
5.11Matt Kelso18.1hKellogg
6.11Andrew Huddleston18.3hPriest River Lamanna
7.12Kenny Mayer18.5hKellogg
8.11William Kramer19.3hPriest River Lamanna
9.11Matt Nelson19.4hPriest River Lamanna
10.12Nathan Grow19.9hBonners Ferry
11.9Kyler Rice20.5hBonners Ferry
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Tyler Andersen42.4hSt Maries
2.11Zack Ward42.5hTimberlake
3.12Cooper Simpson43.4hTimberlake
4.11Brian Cronnelly44.8hTimberlake
5.9Ben Austin45.2hTimberlake
6.9Kyler Rice47.9hBonners Ferry
7.12Steele Jones48.3hKellogg
8.11Matt Nelson48.6hPriest River Lamanna
9.11Matt Kelso49.1hKellogg
9.11Andrew Huddleston49.1hPriest River Lamanna
11.12Kenny Mayer49.4hKellogg
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Dalton Chamberlin
Austin Phillips
Chris Williams
Zack Ward
2.-Chris Spiers
Cody Seaton
Matt Kelso
Gavin Peterson
3.-Nathan Grow
Conner Bennett
Quinn Cummings
Jesus Mendez
49.7hBonners Ferry
4.-Jesse Johnson
Cody Howard
Pablo Arias
Cody Karber
49.9hSt Maries
5.-Neal Johnson
Matt Peterson
Alec Vonner
Christopher Van der heijden
50.0hPriest River Lamanna
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Dalton Chamberlin
Austin Phillips
Chase Blayne
Zack Ward
2.-Dallas Hopkins
Christopher Van der heijden
Matt Peterson
Andrew Huddleston
1:43.5hPriest River Lamanna
3.-Zach Clanton
Dan Bren
Nick Sholey
Ben Beir
4.-Luke Feasline
Pablo Arias
Andrew Bailey
Matt Warner
1:58.0hSt Maries
-Rock Stapley
Jacob Callister
Jesse Gondek
Taylor Tompke
NTBonners Ferry
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Dalton Chamberlin
Zack Ward
Chase Blayne
Cooper Simpson
2.-Ryne Stull
Garret Wendt
Cody Seaton
Johnny Moore
3.-Taylor Tompke
Jacob Callister
Robert Lundgren
Jesse Gondek
3:42.9hBonners Ferry
4.-Austin Cordell
Kody Rees
Mathew Greer
Pablo Arias
4:00.1hSt Maries
X SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8] - Varsity - Finals
1.-Taylor Tompke
Jesse Gondek
Jacob Callister
Rock Stapley
3:42.7hBonners Ferry
2.-Johnny Moore
Ryne Stull
Matt Kelso
Chris Spiers
3.-Mike Bach
Justin Ewing
James Hegge
Evan Holmes
3:48.1hPriest River Lamanna
4.-Jesse Johnson
Devin Vint
Tyler Andersen
Nick Cordell
3:55.1hSt Maries
5.-Christian Heth
Chase Blayne
Austin Phillips
Chris Williams
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Devin Vint44-06.50St Maries
2.12Brandon Ratcliff42-06.50Bonners Ferry
3.10Carmen Krichbaum41-00.50Bonners Ferry
4.12Steele Jones39-09.50Kellogg
5.12Caleb Lange39-01.00Timberlake
6.12Austin Kriedeman37-07.50Kellogg
7.12Matt Warner37-03.00St Maries
8.11Allen Foote36-09.50Timberlake
9.9Luke Feasline35-11.00St Maries
10.9Tevin Perry35-08.50Priest River Lamanna
11.11Neal Johnson34-05.00Priest River Lamanna
12.11Pierce Otto33-06.00Kellogg
13.11William Kramer32-02.00Priest River Lamanna
14.9Robert Swanson29-03.50Bonners Ferry
15.9Andrew Bailey26-04.50St Maries
12Tyler SwaffordNDPriest River Lamanna
11Thomas AmothNDBonners Ferry
12Jacob FloresNDKellogg
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Steele Jones130-11Kellogg
2.12Devin Vint123-05St Maries
3.12Brandon Ratcliff116-08Bonners Ferry
4.10Carmen Krichbaum111-01Bonners Ferry
5.9Luke Feasline109-01St Maries
6.11Pierce Otto102-07Kellogg
7.12Caleb Lange96-08Timberlake
8.11Thomas Amoth95-04Bonners Ferry
9.9Tevin Perry92-06Priest River Lamanna
10.12Tyler Swafford91-11Priest River Lamanna
11.9Bob Cronnelly90-07Timberlake
12.11Allen Foote87-03Timberlake
13.9Robert Swanson85-09Bonners Ferry
14.12Matt Warner84-02St Maries
15.9James Reed82-06Kellogg
16.12Austin Kriedeman80-01Kellogg
17.11Neal Johnson79-04Priest River Lamanna
18.9Andrew Bailey68-10St Maries
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Brian Cronnelly6-02.00Timberlake
2.10Garret Wendt6-00.00Kellogg
3.12Mike Bach5-08.00Priest River Lamanna
4.11William Kramer5-06.00Priest River Lamanna
5.9Kyler Rice5-04.00Bonners Ferry
6.9Hunter Phelps5-02.00Timberlake
10Ian DretkeNHTimberlake
12Evan HolmesNHPriest River Lamanna
11Gage ZielinskiNHBonners Ferry
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Taylor Tompke12-00.00Bonners Ferry
2.12Jesse Gondek11-00.00Bonners Ferry
3.12Alec Vonner10-06.00Priest River Lamanna
4.9Preston Rhodes10-06.00Timberlake
5.12Robert Lundgren9-06.00Bonners Ferry
6.10Colin Guzman9-00.00Timberlake
11Silas DomyNHKellogg
9Luke SoumasNHPriest River Lamanna
11Nick SholeyNHKellogg
10Cooper CoyleNHKellogg
11Dan BrenNHKellogg
9Conner BennettNHBonners Ferry
11Neal JohnsonNHPriest River Lamanna
10Forrest HerringNHTimberlake
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Mike Bach19-05.00Priest River Lamanna
2.10Garret Wendt19-02.50Kellogg
3.12Evan Holmes18-09.00Priest River Lamanna
4.10Cody Seaton18-08.00Kellogg
5.10Matt Kelso18-06.50Timberlake
6.12Tyler Andersen18-05.50St Maries
7.11Chad Aga18-03.50Timberlake
8.10Ian Dretke18-03.00Timberlake
9.11John Schnider16-05.50Timberlake
10.9Dallas Hopkins15-07.00Priest River Lamanna
11.9Ben Beir14-01.50Kellogg
12.11Nick Rossi14-01.00Bonners Ferry
13.9Micah Simonton10-10.00Bonners Ferry
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Mike Bach41-02.00Priest River Lamanna
2.12Cooper Simpson40-11.50Timberlake
3.10Cody Seaton38-10.00Kellogg
4.11John Schnider38-05.50Timberlake
5.12Evan Holmes38-02.00Priest River Lamanna
6.10Ian Dretke37-10.75Timberlake
7.11Brian Cronnelly37-03.00Timberlake
8.10Kody Rice35-11.50Bonners Ferry
9.9Dallas Hopkins35-04.00Priest River Lamanna
10.11William Kramer35-00.75Priest River Lamanna

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Courtney Tucker13.5hBonners Ferry
2.10Chloe Buchanan13.6hKellogg
3.12Malin Bergenholm13.8hTimberlake
4.11Sam Simmons14.2hTimberlake
5.12Olivia Langs14.3hBonners Ferry
6.9Ayla Jelinek14.5hTimberlake
7.11Kara Wenstrom14.6hTimberlake
8.9Kelsey Shutes15.1hBonners Ferry
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Courtney Tucker13.2hBonners Ferry
2.12Malin Bergenholm13.3hTimberlake
3.10Chloe Buchanan13.4hKellogg
4.12Olivia Langs13.6hBonners Ferry
5.11Sam Simmons13.8hTimberlake
6.9Ayla Jelinek14.0hTimberlake
7.11Kara Wenstrom14.4hTimberlake
8.9Kelsey Shutes14.5hBonners Ferry
9.9Kelci Stanton15.2hSt Maries
10.9Ariana Eisler16.0hPriest River Lamanna
11.11Hallie Bonnicksen16.4hKellogg
12.9Alecia Hester16.6hPriest River Lamanna
13.10Whitney Urmann19.5hPriest River Lamanna
9Darci CarterNTPriest River Lamanna
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Caitlyn Nichols26.6hTimberlake
2.10Courtney Tucker26.9hBonners Ferry
3.10Chloe Buchanan27.4hKellogg
4.10April Sutton28.5hTimberlake
5.10Brady Nelson28.5hPriest River Lamanna
6.9Ayla Jelinek29.9hTimberlake
7.11Kara Wenstrom30.5hTimberlake
8.9Kelsey Shutes31.5hBonners Ferry
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Courtney Tucker26.8hBonners Ferry
3.10Chloe Buchanan27.2hKellogg
2.12Caitlyn Nichols28.0hTimberlake
4.10April Sutton28.8hTimberlake
5.10Brady Nelson29.2hPriest River Lamanna
5.9Ayla Jelinek29.2hTimberlake
7.9Kelsey Shutes30.0hBonners Ferry
8.11Kara Wenstrom30.2hTimberlake
9.9Gabrielle Munson31.0hBonners Ferry
10.9Jordan Smith31.6hKellogg
11.9Ariana Eisler34.8hPriest River Lamanna
12.9Alecia Hester35.6hPriest River Lamanna
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Courtney Tucker1:00.3hBonners Ferry
2.10Elizabeth Racer1:02.3hBonners Ferry
3.10April Sutton1:03.0hTimberlake
4.10Allyson Merrifield1:03.5hBonners Ferry
5.10Brady Nelson1:04.1hPriest River Lamanna
6.12Emily Cazier1:04.4hTimberlake
7.11Taylor Mason1:06.6hTimberlake
8.12Amber Towles1:08.1hPriest River Lamanna
9.11Christina Gibbs1:08.7hKellogg
10.9Chelsea Thaut1:09.4hSt Maries
11.9Kaitlyn Lynch1:12.0hKellogg
12.9Anna Pavey1:13.0hPriest River Lamanna
13.10Haley Brooks1:14.1hKellogg
9Kelci StantonNTSt Maries
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Ashly George2:28.4hTimberlake
2.9Chelsea Thaut2:34.6hSt Maries
3.12Kelsey McCaslin2:37.6hTimberlake
4.10Steffie Pavey2:40.1hPriest River Lamanna
5.9Kaitlyn Lynch2:42.3hKellogg
6.12Crystal Pamplin2:49.9hBonners Ferry
7.11Kendra Buell2:50.8hSt Maries
8.11Brianna Stofiel2:52.5hBonners Ferry
9.9Jenny Hughes2:54.5hTimberlake
10.11Leticia Scott2:55.7hSt Maries
11.11Sheila Briggs2:56.4hKellogg
11.11Kaytrin Thaut2:56.4hSt Maries
13.11Blaire Nowlan2:57.2hTimberlake
14.10Sally Balcean2:58.2hBonners Ferry
15.10Amanda Hunter2:58.6hPriest River Lamanna
11Natasha LitterallNTBonners Ferry
9Wendy StokesNTPriest River Lamanna
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Ashly George5:33.7hTimberlake
2.11Brooke Nowlan5:44.6hTimberlake
3.11Dominique Vanderwilt5:57.5hTimberlake
4.9Lindsay Richardson6:07.0hTimberlake
5.11Sheila Briggs6:19.3hKellogg
6.11Kendra Buell6:21.8hSt Maries
7.12Alisha Blair6:26.7hBonners Ferry
8.10Kourtney Aldridge6:33.3hPriest River Lamanna
9.9Kinya Morrison6:37.2hPriest River Lamanna
10.11Leticia Scott6:40.2hSt Maries
11.9Chelsea Thaut6:48.6hSt Maries
12.11Katy Hiatt6:53.5hBonners Ferry
13.12Lorena LaBarbera7:11.4hBonners Ferry
14.11Brianna Stofiel7:15.9hBonners Ferry
15.11Hallie Bonnicksen8:04.7hKellogg
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Brooke Nowlan12:32.3hTimberlake
2.11Dominique Vanderwilt12:46.4hTimberlake
3.12Kelsey McCaslin13:05.3hTimberlake
4.11Kendra Buell13:24.0hSt Maries
5.9Lindsay Richardson13:28.2hTimberlake
6.11Kaytrin Thaut14:01.1hSt Maries
7.9Kinya Morrison14:02.1hPriest River Lamanna
8.12Alisha Blair14:09.6hBonners Ferry
8.11Leticia Scott14:09.6hSt Maries
10.11Katy Hiatt14:31.8hBonners Ferry
11.9Brook Wilson14:43.4hBonners Ferry
11.10Amanda Hunter14:43.4hPriest River Lamanna
13.10Kourtney Aldridge15:10.1hPriest River Lamanna
14.12Lorena LaBarbera15:12.8hBonners Ferry
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Rachel Ward16.5hTimberlake
2.10Taylor Sheppard17.6hKellogg
3.10Sydney Hubbard17.9hBonners Ferry
4.10Kaitlyn Flores17.9hKellogg
5.12Devin Olmstead18.6hTimberlake
6.9Jill Weimer19.0hPriest River Lamanna
7.10Amy Maggi19.1hBonners Ferry
8.10BreeAnna Marks19.4hPriest River Lamanna
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Rachel Ward16.5hTimberlake
2.10Taylor Sheppard17.3hKellogg
3.10Kaitlyn Flores18.1hKellogg
4.10Sydney Hubbard18.2hBonners Ferry
5.12Devin Olmstead18.8hTimberlake
6.9Jill Weimer19.1hPriest River Lamanna
7.10Amy Maggi19.4hBonners Ferry
8.10BreeAnna Marks19.5hPriest River Lamanna
9.11Kelly Madsen19.9hTimberlake
10.10Amanda Hardy20.0hTimberlake
11.9Liz Short21.0hSt Maries
12.9Jordan Smith21.1hKellogg
9Emma KellyNTBonners Ferry
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Rachel Ward48.0hTimberlake
2.10Taylor Sheppard50.5hKellogg
3.10Tori Foutz50.9hSt Maries
4.10Steffie Pavey51.9hPriest River Lamanna
5.12Devin Olmstead53.8hTimberlake
6.10Amanda Hardy55.1hTimberlake
7.10Kaitlyn Flores58.6hKellogg
8.10Amy Maggi59.2hBonners Ferry
9.10Sydney Hubbard59.4hBonners Ferry
10.9Jordan Smith1:00.9hKellogg
9Jill WeimerNTPriest River Lamanna
12Olivia LangsNTBonners Ferry
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Caitlyn Nichols
Sam Simmons
Malin Bergenholm
Kara Wenstrom
2.-Chloe Buchanan
Kaitlyn Flores
Lily Weske
Hunter Rainio
3.-Amber Trantum
Amber Towles
BreeAnna Marks
Jennifer Tisdell
55.3hPriest River Lamanna
4.-Rachel Endicott
Kelsey Shutes
Gabrielle Munson
Sydney Hubbard
57.4hBonners Ferry
5.-Kodie Wight
Melissa Warner
Leslie Scott
Tei-Anna Osborn
1:07.3hSt Maries
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Emily Cazier
Malin Bergenholm
April Sutton
Rachel Ward
2.-Allyson Merrifield
Elizabeth Racer
Olivia Langs
Amy Andrews
1:50.7hBonners Ferry
3.-Kaitlyn Lynch
Sheila Briggs
Jordan Smith
Kaitlyn Flores
4.-Brady Nelson
Jennifer Tisdell
Steffie Pavey
Jill Weimer
2:02.9hPriest River Lamanna
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Rachel Ward
Ashly George
Caitlyn Nichols
Emily Cazier
2.-Allyson Merrifield
Anika Blackmore
Amy Andrews
Elizabeth Racer
4:24.8hBonners Ferry
3.-Kourtney Aldridge
Anna Pavey
Wendy Stokes
Amber Towles
4:35.3hPriest River Lamanna
4.-Christina Gibbs
Haley Brooks
Hallie Bonnicksen
Marah Ashcraft
5.-Leticia Scott
Tori Foutz
Kendra Buell
Kaytrin Thaut
4:56.9hSt Maries
X SMR 100-100-200-400m - Varsity - Finals
1.-Sam Simmons
Emily Cazier
Ayla Jelinek
Ashly George
2.-Amy Andrews
Olivia Langs
Elizabeth Racer
Courtney Tucker
1:56.2hBonners Ferry
3.-Taylor Sheppard
Lily Weske
Chloe Buchanan
Hunter Rainio
4.-Brady Nelson
Jennifer Tisdell
Steffie Pavey
Amber Trantum
1:59.9hPriest River Lamanna
5.-Liz Short
Kelci Stanton
Chelsea Thaut
Tori Foutz
2:04.4hSt Maries
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Lauren Cooper36-03.00Kellogg
2.12Markayle Acord32-08.00Bonners Ferry
3.9Beth Bykerk32-01.25Priest River Lamanna
4.12Jamie Broaddus32-00.50Kellogg
5.11Liz Halcro31-05.50Priest River Lamanna
6.12Tei-Anna Osborn30-09.50St Maries
7.12Malin Bergenholm30-01.50Timberlake
8.10Sarah Schuman30-00.00Bonners Ferry
9.12Leila Riley29-07.25Timberlake
10.11Cassandra Stagner28-04.50Priest River Lamanna
11.11Leslie Scott26-08.75St Maries
12.12Tiffani McGlothlin26-07.75St Maries
13.10Michaela Sumner26-00.00Priest River Lamanna
14.12Martine Norstad24-03.50Timberlake
15.9Brandy Schuman22-09.00Bonners Ferry
16.9Melissa Warner20-05.00St Maries
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Markayle Acord113-09Bonners Ferry
2.12Leila Riley102-06Timberlake
3.10Lauren Cooper98-03Kellogg
4.9Beth Bykerk96-01Priest River Lamanna
5.10Sarah Schuman91-08Bonners Ferry
6.11Liz Halcro90-08Priest River Lamanna
7.12Tiffani McGlothlin87-09St Maries
8.11Cassandra Stagner86-02Priest River Lamanna
9.11Sabrina Aguayo80-00Priest River Lamanna
10.11Leslie Scott69-08St Maries
11.10Erika Norlander68-05Timberlake
12.9Brandy Schuman66-06Bonners Ferry
13.9Kodie Wight55-06St Maries
14.12Martine Norstad53-01Timberlake
15.12Jamie Broaddus52-02Kellogg
10Haley BrooksNDKellogg
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Marah Ashcraft5-00.00Kellogg
2.10Taylor Sheppard4-10.00Kellogg
3.12Jessica Merz4-10.00Bonners Ferry
4.9Anika Blackmore4-10.00Bonners Ferry
5.11Taylor Mason4-06.00Timberlake
5.11Kelly Madsen4-06.00Timberlake
7.9Jill Weimer4-06.00Priest River Lamanna
8.10Erika Norlander4-00.00Timberlake
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Sam Simmons11-00.00Timberlake
2.11Lily Weske10-00.00Kellogg
3.11Hunter Rainio8-06.00Kellogg
4.12Jennifer Tisdell8-00.00Priest River Lamanna
5.9Gabrielle Munson8-00.00Bonners Ferry
6.9Emma Kelly8-00.00Bonners Ferry
7.10Rachel Endicott7-06.00Bonners Ferry
7.9Lilian York7-06.00Bonners Ferry
10Darian BrillonNHTimberlake
10Stephanie SimonNHTimberlake
9Alecia HesterNHPriest River Lamanna
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Caitlyn Nichols16-01.50Timberlake
2.12Marah Ashcraft14-11.00Kellogg
3.11Sheila Briggs14-02.50Kellogg
4.9Amber Trantum14-01.00Priest River Lamanna
5.11Taylor Mason13-05.50Timberlake
6.11Natasha Litterall13-05.00Bonners Ferry
7.11Kelly Madsen12-09.50Timberlake
7.11Christina Gibbs12-09.50Kellogg
9.9Anika Blackmore12-07.00Bonners Ferry
10.10Allyson Merrifield12-06.00Bonners Ferry
11.10Erika Norlander12-05.00Timberlake
12.9Kelci Stanton11-02.00St Maries
13.9Liz Short11-00.00St Maries
14.11Taryn Eldor10-08.00Priest River Lamanna
15.10Whitney Urmann8-07.50Priest River Lamanna
10Erin NelsonNDPriest River Lamanna
12Natasha FinniganNDBonners Ferry
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Taylor Mason33-01.50Timberlake
2.9Amber Trantum31-06.50Priest River Lamanna
3.12Amy Andrews31-05.00Bonners Ferry
4.12Marah Ashcraft31-04.50Kellogg
5.11Kelly Madsen29-07.50Timberlake
6.10Haley Brooks29-03.25Kellogg
7.11Christina Gibbs27-05.00Kellogg
8.11Kaytrin Thaut27-02.50St Maries
9.12Martine Norstad25-07.00Timberlake
10Erin NelsonNDPriest River Lamanna
11Taryn EldorNDPriest River Lamanna
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