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Bronco Open

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Boise State, Nampa

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 60 Meter Dash - Varsity - Finals
1.SrArmahd Lewis6.86aUtah State      
2.SrMike Pyrtle6.93aUtah State      
3.FrParker Bluth7.00aUtah State      
4.JrEric Capelle7.03aBoise State      
5.SrJames Ghormley7.06aBYU      
6.SoRemigius Roskosch7.16aAcademy of Art Univ      
7.FrJordan Magnusson7.17aBYU      
9.FrKarrie Butler7.29aBoise State      
10.SoCameron Colby7.37aNorthwest Nazarene      
11.JrAnthony Belcher7.38aBoise State      
12.SoMikey Payne7.39aUtah State      
13.JrRobbie Haynie7.41aEastern Oregon      
X 60 Meter Dash - Heptathlon - Finals
1.-Thomas Kassa7.11aEastern Washington      
2.SrKurt Felix7.15aBoise State      
3.SrPhillip Bettis7.28aBYU      
4.Mike Hurd7.40aUnattached      
5.SoGreyson Kilgore7.47aNorthwest Nazarene      
6.Eric Zwiefelhofer7.48aUnat-Northwe      
7.JrBen Heidegger7.49aNorthwest Nazarene      
8.FrJoshua Weirich7.53aBYU      
9.JrTim Armstrong7.56aEastern Washington      
10.-Chris Rusnak7.61aCollege of Idaho      
11.FrAustin Basterrechea7.65aCollege of Idaho      
12.Kersee Lind Lind7.68aUnattached      
13.JrTek Fish7.69aBYU      
14.SrTim Greene7.70aNorthwest Nazarene      
15.SrStuart Montgomery8.08aNorthwest Nazarene      
16.JrMark Wade8.49aNorthwest Nazarene      
X 60 Meter Dash - Varsity - Prelims
1.SrArmahd Lewis6.88aUtah State      
2.SrMike Pyrtle6.94aUtah State      
3.FrParker Bluth7.01aUtah State      
4.JrEric Capelle7.02aBoise State      
5.SrJames Ghormley7.11aBYU      
6.FrJordan Magnusson7.15aBYU      
7.trae pflueger7.21aUnattached      
8.SoRemigius Roskosch7.22aAcademy of Art Univ      
9.FrKarrie Butler7.27aBoise State      
10.JrJeff Alley7.29aUtah State      
11.SoKendale Hamlett7.30aUtah State      
12.SoMikey Payne7.36aUtah State      
13.SoCameron Colby7.36aNorthwest Nazarene      
14.JrRobbie Haynie7.36aEastern Oregon      
15.JrAnthony Belcher7.40aBoise State      
16.Kevin Sthen7.47aUnattached      
17.SoEric Peidad7.49aAcademy of Art Univ      
18.Zach Christensen7.51aUnattached - Email      
19.SrDustin Cloud7.53aEastern Oregon      
20.Tyler June7.55aChris Wilson      
21.Chris Wilson7.64aUnattached      
22.Nur Sofe8.09aUnattached      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrArmahd Lewis21.34aUtah State      
2.SoManoah Wesson21.70aBoise State      
3.FrParker Bluth21.92aUtah State      
4.SoJames Derek McAllister22.19aBYU      
5.SrMike Pyrtle22.27aUtah State      
6.FrTanner Hunt22.29aUtah State      
7.FrAj Boully22.34aUtah State      
8.FrKarrie Butler22.35aBoise State      
9.FrJordan Magnusson22.39aBYU      
9.JrSteven Hart22.39aBYU      
11.SoMikey Payne22.57aUtah State      
12.JrJeff Alley22.60aUtah State      
13.FrMark Carlson22.83aBYU      
14.SrJames Allred22.88aUtah State      
15.FrJustin Malnes22.91aBoise State      
16.trae pflueger22.99aUnattached      
17.JrPerson Chirtlow23.00aAcademy of Art Univ      
18.SrEric Armon23.01aAcademy of Art Univ      
19.SoEric Peidad23.44aAcademy of Art Univ      
20.SoAlexander Craig23.50aAcademy of Art Univ      
21.JrEmil Tolliver23.53aAcademy of Art Univ      
22.SrDan Hill23.61aNorthwest Nazarene      
23.SoCameron Colby23.71aNorthwest Nazarene      
24.JrJordan McMurray23.94aUtah State      
25.JrSam Hawkins24.16aUtah State      
26.SrMarc Lannon24.98aNorthwest Nazarene      
27.SoBrandon Humble25.36aNorthwest Nazarene      
28.FrBobby Mueller26.10aBoise State Universi...      
--FrJacob PetersonDQUtah State      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoJeff Daw48.51aBoise State      
2.SoRolando Trammel48.53aBoise State      
3.JrSteven Hart48.75aBYU      
4.FrTanner Hunt48.90aUtah State      
5.SoPaul Robertson48.91aBoise State      
6.SoJames Derek McAllister49.35aBYU      
7.Corey Nelson51.18aNorCal Striders      
8.SrEric Armon51.19aAcademy of Art Univ      
9.SoAlexander Craig51.52aAcademy of Art Univ      
10.SrDan Hill51.72aNorthwest Nazarene      
11.Kevin Sthen52.58aUnattached      
12.Tyler June52.74aChris Wilson      
13.JrPerson Chirtlow53.30aAcademy of Art Univ      
14.Chris Wilson53.52aUnattached      
15.-Danny Babb53.63aTreasure Valley      
16.JrMathias Nees53.71aLewis-Clark State      
17.Nur Sofe56.55aUnattached      
18.SoBrandon Humble56.93aNorthwest Nazarene      
--FrAj BoullyDQUtah State      
--JrEmil TolliverDNFAcademy of Art Univ      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrMercer Owen1:54.63aUtah State      
2.JrDusty Klein-Una1:54.84aBoise State      
3.JrAustin Edwards-Una1:55.19aBoise State      
4.JrMatt Stark1:55.98aNorthwest Nazarene      
5.FrHans Roelle1:56.38aEastern Oregon      
6.JrNick Tatro1:56.95aBoise State      
7.SoEthan Slight1:57.05aBoise State      
8.SrScott Foley1:57.07aBoise State      
9.FrDrew O'Donoghue McDonald1:57.32aBoise State      
10.SrKevin Higgs-Una1:57.97aBoise State      
11.FrJacob Peterson1:58.61aUtah State      
12.SoDevin Lang1:59.19aUtah State      
13.SrBrian Pierre2:00.34aBoise State      
14.JrTyler Killpack2:00.70aUtah State      
15.JrJoey Villasenor2:00.94aAcademy of Art Univ      
16.SoJustin Webb2:01.04aNorthwest Nazarene      
17.SoTrevor Skidmore2:01.19aTreasure Valley      
18.JrBanard Ngeno2:01.94aNorthwest Nazarene      
19.JrLuke Hetrick2:04.98aNorthwest Nazarene      
20.JrJosh Merioles2:05.39aNorthwest Nazarene      
21.FrSam Romney2:06.56aTreasure Valley      
22.SrCaleb Reynolds2:08.67aNorthwest Nazarene      
23.JrMathias Nees2:09.67aLewis-Clark State      
24.JrFreddy Hernandez2:11.70aTreasure Valley      
X 1000 Meters - Heptathlon - Finals
1.Kersee Lind Lind2:42.71aUnattached      
2.JrTim Armstrong2:47.21aEastern Washington      
3.SrKurt Felix2:50.15aBoise State      
4.-Chris Rusnak2:55.02aCollege of Idaho      
5.SrStuart Montgomery2:57.43aNorthwest Nazarene      
6.FrAustin Basterrechea2:58.77aCollege of Idaho      
7.SrPhillip Bettis3:00.86aBYU      
8.JrTek Fish3:01.21aBYU      
9.FrJoshua Weirich3:01.50aBYU      
10.SrTim Greene3:01.54aNorthwest Nazarene      
11.Eric Zwiefelhofer3:04.91aUnat-Northwe      
12.JrMark Wade3:09.96aNorthwest Nazarene      
X 1 Mile - Varsity - Finals
1.SoDevin Lang4:18.93aUtah State      
2.FrDJ Flores4:20.06aEastern Oregon      
3.JrRyan Booth4:20.97aEastern Oregon      
4.SoBarak Watson4:21.73aNorthwest Nazarene      
5.SoFernando Esparanza4:21.99aLewis-Clark State      
6.SoJeff Howard4:22.93aBoise State      
7.Nick Robbins4:25.00aUnattached - Email      
8.FrAllan Schroeder4:27.80aBoise State      
9.JrNeil Easter4:33.95aNorthwest Nazarene      
10.JrLuke Hetrick4:34.63aNorthwest Nazarene      
11.FrDavid Cluff4:35.54aUtah State      
12.FrMatt Vance4:36.93aUtah State      
13.FrNick Pierson4:39.68aLewis-Clark State      
14.JrTyler Towner4:43.67aBoise State Universi...      
15.SoMatt Rankin4:43.74aNorthwest Nazarene      
16.JrMark Bretan4:46.65aAcademy of Art Univ      
17.JrAlexander Crystal5:01.32aNorthwest Nazarene      
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrBrian Pierre8:38.81aBoise State      
2.FrDrew O'Donoghue McDonald8:39.81aBoise State      
3.Doug Benson8:40.91aUnattached      
4.FrKyle McKenna8:42.52aUtah State      
5.SoFernando Esparanza8:42.68aLewis-Clark State      
6.SoJimmy Oribo8:45.36aLewis-Clark State      
7.SrScott Foley8:46.56aBoise State      
8.SrKevin Higgs-Una8:52.32aBoise State      
9.SoJacob Barton8:59.04aUtah State      
10.SoJesse Bagganstos9:05.50aNorthwest Nazarene      
11.JrMichael Budge9:13.05aUtah State      
12.Forrest Lumpry9:13.97aUnattached      
13.FrKade Jensen9:14.90aUtah State      
14.FrJeff Taylor9:23.75aUtah State      
15.SoMatt Rankin9:23.82aNorthwest Nazarene      
16.FrNick Pierson9:43.41aLewis-Clark State      
17.Michael Wanta9:44.66aUnattached      
18.FrTommy Bollinger9:48.85aLewis-Clark State      
19.JrAlexander Crystal9:59.40aNorthwest Nazarene      
X 5000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoJimmy Oribo15:11.36aLewis-Clark State      
2.SrJustin Dean15:48.16aEastern Oregon      
3.SoKody Coxen15:51.59aEastern Oregon      
4.SoJesse Bagganstos15:59.80aNorthwest Nazarene      
5.SrBrian Bragg16:53.77aEastern Oregon      
6.FrTommy Bollinger17:15.46aLewis-Clark State      
X 60m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Finals
1.SoRolando Trammel8.08aBoise State      
2.FrJustin Malnes8.30aBoise State      
3.FrAj Boully8.48aUtah State      
4.JrJordan McMurray8.80aUtah State      
5.SrPhilip Noble8.87aUtah State      
6.JrAnthony Belcher9.05aBoise State      
7.JrSam Hawkins10.11aUtah State      
X 60m Hurdles - 42" - Heptathlon - Finals
1.SrKurt Felix8.38aBoise State      
2.SrPhillip Bettis8.53aBYU      
3.JrTek Fish8.68aBYU      
4.JrTim Armstrong8.69aEastern Washington      
5.Kersee Lind Lind8.93aUnattached      
6.FrJoshua Weirich8.95aBYU      
7.Mike Hurd8.97aUnattached      
8.SoGreyson Kilgore9.73aNorthwest Nazarene      
9.Eric Zwiefelhofer9.95aUnat-Northwe      
10.FrAustin Basterrechea9.97aCollege of Idaho      
11.-Chris Rusnak10.72aCollege of Idaho      
12.SrStuart Montgomery10.82aNorthwest Nazarene      
13.SrTim Greene11.11aNorthwest Nazarene      
X 60m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Prelims
1.SoRolando Trammel8.16aBoise State      
2.FrAj Boully8.23aUtah State      
3.FrJustin Malnes8.32aBoise State      
4.SrPhilip Noble8.68aUtah State      
5.SrDustin Cloud8.87aEastern Oregon      
6.JrJordan McMurray8.95aUtah State      
7.JrAnthony Belcher9.50aBoise State      
8.JrSam Hawkins9.73aUtah State      
--FrJacob PetersonFSUtah State      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Anthony Belcher
Dusty Klein-Una
Eric Capelle
Nick Tatro
3:19.79aBoise State      
2.-Person Chirtlow
Emil Tolliver
Marquis Scruggs
Mark Bretan
3:27.10aAcademy of Art Univ      
---Karrie Butler
Manoah Wesson
Jeff Daw
Rolando Trammel
NTBoise State      
---Aj Boully
Jordan McMurray
Tanner Hunt
Parker Bluth
NTUtah State      
---Alexander Craig
Eric Armon
Eric Peidad
Joey Villasenor
NTAcademy of Art Univ      
---Chris Carter
Steven Hart
James Derek McCallister
Rob Skidmore
X DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 10:09.57aEastern Oregon      
2.-Matt Stark
Maurus Hope
Justin Webb
Barak Watson
10:19.05aNorthwest Nazarene      
3.-Nick Tatro
Anthony Belcher
Dusty Klein-Una
Austin Edwards-Una
10:20.42aBoise State      
4.-Relay Team 10:50.60aBoise State Universi...      
X Shot Put - 16lb - Varsity - Finals
1.Ryan Crouser63-11.00Unattached      
2.JrChase Sexton54-10.25Boise State      
3.FrZachary Stetler53-04.25BYU      
4.Will Lohman52-02.75Unattached - Email      
5.SoCarter Comito52-00.50Whitworth      
6.FrSamuel Wright50-01.25Whitworth      
7.SrGrant Miller50-00.00Northwest Nazarene      
8.SrDiego Estrada43-07.00Northwest Nazarene      
9.SoJake Wilcox40-06.75Eastern Oregon      
10.FrJason Hendricks40-02.00Eastern Oregon      
11.SoReid White39-04.00Northwest Nazarene      
12.FrTravis Sharp37-03.00College of Idaho      
--FrJesse KorbFOULNorthwest Nazarene      
X Shot Put - 16lb - Heptathlon - Finals
1.SrKurt Felix44-03.25Boise State      
2.SrPhillip Bettis41-04.25BYU      
3.JrTim Armstrong38-00.75Eastern Washington      
4.JrTek Fish35-11.50BYU      
5.Kersee Lind Lind35-08.00Unattached      
6.JrMark Wade35-07.25Northwest Nazarene      
6.SoGreyson Kilgore35-07.25Northwest Nazarene      
8.-Thomas Kassa34-09.75Eastern Washington      
9.FrJoshua Weirich34-06.25BYU      
10.FrAustin Basterrechea34-01.25College of Idaho      
11.JrBen Heidegger33-06.75Northwest Nazarene      
12.Eric Zwiefelhofer33-05.25Unat-Northwe      
13.SrStuart Montgomery32-05.00Northwest Nazarene      
14.SrTim Greene32-04.25Northwest Nazarene      
15.-Chris Rusnak31-00.00College of Idaho      
16.Mike Hurd30-02.25Unattached      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrClint Silcock7-00.25Utah State      
2.SoEric Follet6-06.25Utah State      
3.FrJosh Butler6-04.25Boise State      
4.FrParker Cressman6-04.25BYU      
5.FrBrian Beaty5-10.50Northwest Nazarene      
X High Jump - Heptathlon - Finals
1.SrKurt Felix6-11.00Boise State      
2.SrPhillip Bettis6-08.75BYU      
3.FrJoshua Weirich6-05.00BYU      
3.Kersee Lind Lind6-05.00Unattached      
5.-Thomas Kassa6-01.50Eastern Washington      
6.FrAustin Basterrechea5-11.25College of Idaho      
7.JrTim Armstrong5-07.75Eastern Washington      
7.JrTek Fish5-07.75BYU      
9.Eric Zwiefelhofer5-05.25Unat-Northwe      
9.SoGreyson Kilgore5-05.25Northwest Nazarene      
11.SrTim Greene5-04.25Northwest Nazarene      
12.JrBen Heidegger5-03.00Northwest Nazarene      
12.SrStuart Montgomery5-03.00Northwest Nazarene      
14.-Chris Rusnak5-00.50College of Idaho      
15.Mike Hurd4-11.50Unattached      
16.JrMark Wade4-06.75Northwest Nazarene      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.SrChris Little17-04.50BYU      
2.JrVictor Weirich17-00.75BYU      
3.JrRobbie Haynie17-00.75Eastern Oregon      
4.SrTanner Emrich17-00.75BYU      
6.SoTyler Brown15-11.00BYU      
7.SrPhilip Noble15-05.00Utah State      
8.SrMax Hansen14-11.00Utah State      
9.JrSteve Pierce13-11.25Utah State      
9.Luke Schafer13-11.25YMCA Team Idaho      
11.FrNathan Balcirak13-11.25Boise State      
--SoCasey StaleyNHUtah State      
--JrJohn JohnsonNHUtah State      
X Pole Vault - Heptathlon - Finals
1.SrPhillip Bettis15-07.00BYU      
2.FrJoshua Weirich14-11.00BYU      
3.JrTek Fish14-07.25BYU      
4.FrAustin Basterrechea14-03.25College of Idaho      
4.Kersee Lind Lind14-03.25Unattached      
6.JrTim Armstrong13-11.25Eastern Washington      
7.SrKurt Felix13-07.25Boise State      
7.Eric Zwiefelhofer13-07.25Unat-Northwe      
9.SoGreyson Kilgore11-03.75Northwest Nazarene      
10.-Chris Rusnak10-04.00College of Idaho      
11.SrStuart Montgomery8-08.25Northwest Nazarene      
12.SrTim Greene7-08.50Northwest Nazarene      
--JrMark WadeNHNorthwest Nazarene      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoRemigius Roskosch24-07.25Academy of Art Univ      
2.SrAaron Powell23-10.00BYU      
3.JrDamian Szade23-05.25Utah State      
4.FrDrew Tingey22-07.00BYU      
5.SoRolando Trammel22-05.75Boise State      
6.SrAnse Myller DeAraujo21-06.75BYU      
7.JrKyle Mills21-06.25BYU      
8.FrStephen Larlee21-00.75Northwest Nazarene      
9.FrJustin Malishan21-00.00Boise State      
10.SoKenneth Hamlett20-09.00Utah State      
11.SoKendale Hamlett20-06.25Utah State      
12.SoEric Follet19-02.00Utah State      
--FrBrian BeatyFOULNorthwest Nazarene      
--FrCJ O'NealFOULUtah State      
X Long Jump - Heptathlon - Finals
1.SrKurt Felix24-05.75Boise State      
2.-Thomas Kassa22-11.00Eastern Washington      
3.SrPhillip Bettis22-09.00BYU      
4.FrJoshua Weirich21-01.25BYU      
5.Kersee Lind Lind21-00.75Unattached      
6.JrTim Armstrong20-09.25Eastern Washington      
7.Mike Hurd19-11.00Unattached      
8.JrTek Fish19-10.75BYU      
9.-Chris Rusnak19-08.75College of Idaho      
10.FrAustin Basterrechea19-04.25College of Idaho      
11.SrStuart Montgomery18-09.25Northwest Nazarene      
12.SoGreyson Kilgore18-05.25Northwest Nazarene      
13.SrTim Greene18-03.75Northwest Nazarene      
14.JrBen Heidegger17-06.75Northwest Nazarene      
15.JrMark Wade16-05.75Northwest Nazarene      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.Zacharias Arnos51-08.25Unattached - Email      
2.JrKyle Mills47-11.75BYU      
3.SoRemigius Roskosch47-05.00Academy of Art Univ      
4.SrAnse Myller DeAraujo47-03.00BYU      
5.FrStephen Larlee46-01.50Northwest Nazarene      
6.JrDamian Szade45-04.25Utah State      
7.FrJustin Malishan44-06.25Boise State      
8.FrDrew Tingey44-05.50BYU      
9.SoKenneth Hamlett42-10.75Utah State      
--FrCJ O'NealFOULUtah State      
--SrAaron PowellFOULBYU      
X Weight Throw - 35lb - Varsity - Finals
1.Michael Mai75-05.25US Army      
2.JrTrevor Kraychir65-09.00Boise State      
3.JrAlex Nelson61-02.25Boise State      
4.SrGrant Miller58-08.00Northwest Nazarene      
5.JrSpencer Hall54-07.50Utah State      
6.SoElmer Williams46-04.00Northwest Nazarene      
7.SoCarson Hendryx45-11.75Eastern Oregon      
8.FrJesse Korb44-04.25Northwest Nazarene      
9.SoJake Meyer44-02.00Lewis-Clark State      
10.SrDiego Estrada43-03.25Northwest Nazarene      
11.SoJake Wilcox41-01.00Eastern Oregon      
12.FrJason Hendricks38-06.25Eastern Oregon      
13.SoReid White36-01.25Northwest Nazarene      
14.FrTravis Sharp32-03.50College of Idaho      
X Heptathlon Score - Varsity - Finals
1.SrKurt Felix5669Boise State      
2.SrPhillip Bettis5418BYU      
3.Kersee Lind Lind4961Unattached      
4.FrJoshua Weirich4851BYU      
5.JrTim Armstrong4794Eastern Washington      
6.JrTek Fish4572BYU      
7.FrAustin Basterrechea4314College of Idaho      
8.-Chris Rusnak3659College of Idaho      
9.Eric Zwiefelhofer3555Unat-Northwe      
10.SrStuart Montgomery3368Northwest Nazarene      
11.SrTim Greene3323Northwest Nazarene      

Womens Results

X 60 Meter Dash - Varsity - Finals
1.SrPorshe Giddings7.64aBYU      
2.SoEmily Blok7.73aNevada-Las Vegas      
3.JrBriana Stewart7.77aAcademy of Art Univ      
4.SoRacquel Jones7.81aBoise State      
5.FrAubrey Hale7.85aBYU      
6.FrArlene Gowar7.85aBYU      
7.JrFatima Makakala7.88aBYU      
8.SoBailee Whitworth7.90aUtah State      
8.SrKristen Lee7.90aAcademy of Art Univ      
10.SrDavina Collins8.01aNevada-Las Vegas      
11.JrZadia Bryant8.06aNevada-Las Vegas      
12.FrLauren Hoskie8.09aUtah State      
12.SrJazmin White8.09aAcademy of Art Univ      
14.FrShannon Jacobs8.12aBoise State      
X 60 Meter Dash - Varsity - Prelims
1.SrPorshe Giddings7.67aBYU      
2.JrBriana Stewart7.69aAcademy of Art Univ      
3.SoEmily Blok7.74aNevada-Las Vegas      
4.FrArlene Gowar7.84aBYU      
5.FrAubrey Hale7.87aBYU      
6.SrKristen Lee7.89aAcademy of Art Univ      
7.SoRacquel Jones7.91aBoise State      
8.JrFatima Makakala7.92aBYU      
9.JrZadia Bryant7.93aNevada-Las Vegas      
9.SoBailee Whitworth7.93aUtah State      
11.JrLindsay Roach7.96aNevada-Las Vegas      
12.FrShannon Jacobs7.98aBoise State      
13.SrDavina Collins8.03aNevada-Las Vegas      
14.FrLauren Hoskie8.04aUtah State      
14.JrBrittany Sims8.04aEastern Oregon      
16.SrJazmin White8.05aAcademy of Art Univ      
17.FrAshley Franklin8.06aNevada-Las Vegas      
18.JrSecoral Yanez8.07aNevada-Las Vegas      
19.Cyntrail Pierce8.08aUnattached - Email      
20.SoMercedes Blackwood8.09aUtah State      
21.Ashlee Cannon8.10aUnattached      
22.SrKatie Eddington8.19aBYU      
23.JrDeja Edwards8.25aNevada-Las Vegas      
23.Yvonne Bennett8.25aUnattached - Email      
25.SoMaryBeth Small8.33aBYU      
26.Kelsey Kinzer8.40aUnattached      
27.SoAndrea Wilson8.55aBoise State      
28.Cory O'Neill8.57aUnattached      
29.SoJessica Case8.76aNorthwest Nazarene      
30.FrAllison Escobar8.90aEastern Oregon      
31.Morgan Weidmeier8.99aUnattached      
32.Imani Pearson9.44aTeekay Track Club      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrPorshe Giddings24.23aBYU      
2.SoEmily Blok24.64aNevada-Las Vegas      
3.FrMackenzie Flannigan24.88aBoise State      
4.SoRacquel Jones25.07aBoise State      
5.SoDynasty Gammage25.23aBoise State      
6.SoBailee Whitworth25.24aUtah State      
7.SoTaryn Campos25.26aBoise State      
7.SrKatelyn Jensen25.26aUtah State      
9.SoKelsey Williamson25.29aNevada-Las Vegas      
10.JrFatima Makakala25.41aBYU      
11.SoAubrie Haymore25.51aUtah State      
12.SrKristen Lee25.53aAcademy of Art Univ      
13.Cyntrail Pierce25.58aUnattached - Email      
14.FrSteffanie Jordan25.63aBoise State      
15.Ashlee Cannon25.65aUnattached      
16.FrDanielle Figgins25.77aBYU      
17.FrAubrey Hale25.80aBYU      
18.SrDavina Collins25.88aNevada-Las Vegas      
18.FrBrooke Hansen25.88aBYU      
20.JrSecoral Yanez25.94aNevada-Las Vegas      
20.JrZadia Bryant25.94aNevada-Las Vegas      
22.FrArlene Gowar25.95aBYU      
23.Yvonne Bennett26.00aUnattached - Email      
24.SoMercedes Blackwood26.04aUtah State      
25.FrAshley Franklin26.08aNevada-Las Vegas      
26.SrJazmin White26.17aAcademy of Art Univ      
27.JrHeidi Peterson26.32aUtah State      
28.SoEmily Allis26.34aAcademy of Art Univ      
29.FrEmily Field26.41aBoise State      
30.SoHollie Bosworth26.52aUtah State      
31.JrChalese West26.67aUtah State      
32.SrCamile Fehlberg26.72aUtah State      
33.SrKatie Eddington26.87aBYU      
34.JrKimmy Moore26.93aEastern Oregon      
35.FrLauren Hoskie26.95aUtah State      
36.SrJessie Nielson26.98aUtah State      
37.FrBrooke Jensen27.11aBYU      
38.FrKate Holman27.21aBoise State      
39.SoAndrea Wilson27.22aBoise State      
40.SoShanna Rippy27.32aNorthwest Nazarene      
41.SoCassie Berg27.60aUtah State      
42.Cory O'Neill27.68aUnattached      
43.SrErin Straughter27.69aNevada-Las Vegas      
44.Kelsey Kinzer27.72aUnattached      
45.FrJasmine Sibert27.81aCollege of Idaho      
46.SoMaryBeth Small27.86aBYU      
47.SoSam Alderman27.97aBoise State      
48.SoLaura Pridgen29.29aNorthwest Nazarene      
49.Morgan Weidmeier29.35aUnattached      
--JrLindsay RoachFSNevada-Las Vegas      
--FrChantel KingFSAcademy of Art Univ      
--FrShannon JacobsDQBoise State      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrKatelyn Jensen55.47aUtah State      
2.SoKelsey Williamson55.64aNevada-Las Vegas      
3.SoAubrie Haymore57.17aUtah State      
4.JrHeidi Peterson57.35aUtah State      
5.FrMackenzie Flannigan57.68aBoise State      
6.SoTaryn Campos57.93aBoise State      
7.FrEmily Field58.45aBoise State      
8.SrJazmin White59.14aAcademy of Art Univ      
9.SoHollie Bosworth59.19aUtah State      
10.FrAllysa Hansen59.50aBYU      
11.JrChalese West59.53aUtah State      
12.JrChristine Lowe59.65aNevada-Las Vegas      
13.SoShanna Rippy1:00.12aNorthwest Nazarene      
14.JrKimmy Moore1:00.28aEastern Oregon      
15.SrElisa Decker1:00.71aNorthwest Nazarene      
16.FrDanielle Figgins1:01.07aBYU      
17.SrKristen Lee1:01.32aAcademy of Art Univ      
18.FrLauren Richardson1:01.40aBYU      
19.SrJessie Nielson1:02.84aUtah State      
20.Kelsey Kinzer1:04.20aUnattached      
21.SoKim Talford1:04.89aTreasure Valley      
22.FrAllison Rodgers1:05.78aEastern Oregon      
23.FrIrene Olivo1:06.12aTreasure Valley      
24.FrAllison Escobar1:06.69aEastern Oregon      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrAlma Garcilazo2:15.89aEastern Oregon      
2.FrKylie Hirschi2:16.25aUtah State      
3.Ashley Puga2:17.03aUnattached      
4.SoBrett Zorich2:18.23aNevada-Las Vegas      
5.FrRici Morrill2:19.73aBoise State      
6.FrKylie Long2:19.78aAcademy of Art Univ      
7.JrPaige Orcutt2:19.83aBoise State      
8.SrJaclyn Puga2:20.03aNorthwest Nazarene      
9.SoAlisa Sheffer2:20.40aUtah State      
10.FrLaura Affeld2:21.05aNevada-Las Vegas      
11.FrKate Jette2:21.14aBoise State      
12.FrHaley Ence2:21.17aUtah State      
13.FrNatalie Evans2:22.23aNorthwest Nazarene      
14.SoTalissa Baldovino2:22.36aEastern Oregon      
15.FrKailee Poetsch2:25.27aBoise State      
16.SoMichelle Kaaen2:26.11aUtah State      
17.SoChristine Harwood2:26.44aNorthwest Nazarene      
18.SoAlison Motor2:26.60aNevada-Las Vegas      
19.JrLeticia Saldana2:27.92aAcademy of Art Univ      
20.SoPiper Delaney2:28.63aBoise State      
21.SoChrystal Moore2:29.09aBoise State      
22.SoCourtney Allen2:29.75aNevada-Las Vegas      
23.SoChelsea Layne2:29.94aNorthwest Nazarene      
24.SrCarly Gerard2:31.60aBoise State      
25.SoSarah Olsen2:32.78aUtah State      
26.SoMeagan Swenson2:35.97aNorthwest Nazarene      
27.FrMissy Tento2:36.32aNorthwest Nazarene      
28.FrAudie Balue2:37.45aBoise State      
29.FrKendall Long2:40.04aAcademy of Art Univ      
30.FrDanielle Zehrung2:40.42aBoise State      
X 800 Meters - Indoor Pentathlon - Finals
1.SrMindy Robins2:30.53aBYU      
2.FrKathryn Barnitz2:32.87aEastern Washington      
3.FrAlexi Morton2:36.72aBoise State      
4.FrMarie Smith2:39.52aNorthwest Nazarene      
5.FrTaylar Mills2:43.53aNevada-Las Vegas      
6.SrTalyah Polee2:49.03aNevada-Las Vegas      
7.SoTaymussa Miller3:00.25aEastern Washington      
X 1 Mile - Varsity - Finals
1.FrHannah Williams5:05.98aUtah State      
2.Jen Puzey5:07.43aBrooks ID      
3.SrJaclyn Puga5:10.74aNorthwest Nazarene      
4.FrAmy Witt5:13.53aBYU      
5.JrShea Hanson5:19.34aBoise State      
6.FrCherice Chugg5:21.29aUtah State      
7.SrBrittnee Sanchez5:21.32aBoise State      
8.FrErin McLaughlin5:21.42aBoise State      
9.SrChristine Eckstein5:22.99aEastern Oregon      
10.FrMaren Hanson5:23.63aBYU      
11.SrAlexis Meyer5:23.65aUtah State      
12.SoBrittany Fisher5:27.99aUtah State      
13.JrAli Bartosch5:30.71aNevada-Las Vegas      
14.FrLaura Hansen5:33.36aEastern Oregon      
15.SoCourtney Allen5:40.61aNevada-Las Vegas      
16.SoMeagan Swenson5:42.01aNorthwest Nazarene      
17.JrLarissa Davis5:42.34aNevada-Las Vegas      
18.SoAlison Motor5:43.00aNevada-Las Vegas      
19.-Alyssa Boucher5:43.13aBoise State      
20.SrAlexandria Bell5:46.84aBoise State      
21.FrJenna Carlson5:47.93aBoise State Universi...      
22.JrMelody Braden5:50.28aBoise State      
23.FrMarie Miller5:58.73aNorthwest Nazarene      
24.SoSamantha Hill6:11.71aNorthwest Nazarene      
25.JrDanielle Beesley6:24.74aNorthwest Nazarene      
--SoJamie KnappDNFBoise State      
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.Jen Puzey10:15.51aBrooks ID      
2.FrEmma Bates10:18.70aBoise State      
3.SoLauren Peterson10:26.84aNevada-Las Vegas      
4.FrAmy Witt10:27.88aBYU      
5.SoMarissa Flodman10:36.22aUtah State      
6.-Marisa VanderMalle10:39.20aBoise State      
7.SrCarly Gerard10:42.06aBoise State      
8.SoMadelyn Lowder10:43.59aBYU      
9.FrLauren Lucas10:56.00aBoise State      
10.FrTaryn Treadway11:07.86aBoise State      
11.SrAshley Rendahl11:25.49aNorthwest Nazarene      
12.JrLarissa Davis11:29.82aNevada-Las Vegas      
13.FrBecca Powell11:40.41aBoise State Universi...      
14.Nancy Cardenas12:10.86aUnattached      
15.FrAnnie Kate Olson13:06.10aLewis-Clark State      
X 5000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoKathryn Vidmar18:40.99aBYU      
2.FrLoren Wynn18:45.96aBYU      
3.SoMadelyn Lowder18:46.18aBYU      
4.FrKelsi Tippets18:53.75aBYU      
--SrAshley RendahlDNFNorthwest Nazarene      
X 60m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.JrBriana Stewart8.57aAcademy of Art Univ      
2.JrHeidi Peterson8.92aUtah State      
3.Ashlee Cannon9.03aUnattached      
4.FrChari Hawkins9.06aUtah State      
5.SoEmily Allis9.27aAcademy of Art Univ      
6.SrAlyssa Christensen9.28aBYU      
7.FrBrooke Jensen9.32aBYU      
8.SrErin Straughter9.33aNevada-Las Vegas      
9.SoTaylor Stapley9.75aBYU      
10.SoElizabeth Wilson9.76aBYU      
11.SrCamile Fehlberg9.82aUtah State      
12.FrJasmine Sibert9.97aCollege of Idaho      
13.SoLaura Pridgen9.99aNorthwest Nazarene      
14.SoBrianne Campbell11.07aUtah State      
X 60m Hurdles - 33" - Indoor Pentathlon - Finals
1.SrMindy Robins8.61aBYU      
2.FrAlexi Morton8.92aBoise State      
3.FrMarie Smith9.46aNorthwest Nazarene      
4.SrTalyah Polee9.54aNevada-Las Vegas      
5.FrTaylar Mills9.71aNevada-Las Vegas      
6.FrKathryn Barnitz9.73aEastern Washington      
7.FrRita Rudell9.75aNevada-Las Vegas      
8.SoTaymussa Miller9.87aEastern Washington      
X 60m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.JrBriana Stewart8.58aAcademy of Art Univ      
2.SrAlyssa Christensen8.76aBYU      
3.JrHeidi Peterson8.92aUtah State      
4.FrChari Hawkins8.94aUtah State      
5.Ashlee Cannon9.00aUnattached      
6.SoTaylor Stapley9.22aBYU      
7.FrBrooke Jensen9.28aBYU      
8.SoEmily Allis9.29aAcademy of Art Univ      
9.SrErin Straughter9.33aNevada-Las Vegas      
10.SoBrianne Campbell9.37aUtah State      
11.FrAllysa Hansen9.58aBYU      
12.FrJasmine Sibert9.60aCollege of Idaho      
13.SrCamile Fehlberg9.72aUtah State      
14.SoElizabeth Wilson9.76aBYU      
15.SoLaura Pridgen10.08aNorthwest Nazarene      
16.FrIrene Olivo10.73aTreasure Valley      
17.JrAmy Ciaccio10.73aNorthwest Nazarene      
18.FrAllison Rodgers11.43aEastern Oregon      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Emily Blok
Lindsay Roach
Christine Lowe
Kelsey Williamson
3:49.64aNevada-Las Vegas      
2.-Mackenzie Flannigan
Emily Field
Steffanie Jordan
Taryn Campos
3:56.10aBoise State      
3.-Jazmin White
Kylie Long
Kendall Long
Leticia Saldana
3:58.17aAcademy of Art Univ      
4.-Melissa Grammer
Christine Harwood
Elisa Decker
Natalie Evans
4:04.55aNorthwest Nazarene      
5.-Paige Orcutt
Shannon Jacobs
Andrea Wilson
Sam Alderman
4:10.36aBoise State      
X DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - Varsity - Finals
1.-Natalie Evans
Elisa Decker
Christine Harwood
Jaclyn Puga
12:17.15aNorthwest Nazarene      
2.-Kate Jette
Emily Funkhouser
Kailee Poetsch
Rici Morrill
12:37.78aBoise State      
3.-Laura Hansen
Telissa Baldovino
Sarah Hanchett
Christine Eckstein
12:38.08aEastern Oregon      
4.-Laura Affeld
Christine Lowe
Brett Zorich
Ali Bartosch
12:40.40aNevada-Las Vegas      
5.-Jamie Knapp
Tajanee Simmons
Brittnee Sanchez
Piper Delaney
12:44.96aBoise State      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.JrSpela Hus46-06.00Utah State      
2.SrMele Vaisima45-02.25Boise State      
3.JrJoy Warrington44-10.75Northwest Nazarene      
4.JrMegan Tyler43-04.50BYU      
5.SoMartha Shepard43-01.00BYU      
6.JrCassandra Woodall42-06.00BYU      
7.SrAshlee Mickleson41-04.50Eastern Oregon      
8.JrAnnie Barnett41-03.75Eastern Oregon      
9.SoAshley Rencher39-10.50BYU      
10.SrShannon Prince39-07.25Utah State      
11.SrShayna Shute38-03.25Northwest Nazarene      
12.Victoria Rodriguez38-01.50Unattached      
13.SrNadine Russell38-01.25Boise State      
14.FrKeeley Eldredge37-03.25Utah State      
15.FrPatrice Sapiga36-09.00BYU      
16.SoElizabeth Wilson35-03.25BYU      
17.FrMarie Smith34-10.50Northwest Nazarene      
--SrLindsey SpencerFOULUtah State      
--SoCarly DranginisFOULNorthwest Nazarene      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Indoor Pentathlon - Finals
1.SrMindy Robins35-07.25BYU      
2.FrAlexi Morton34-00.75Boise State      
3.FrRita Rudell31-06.00Nevada-Las Vegas      
4.FrTaylar Mills30-11.25Nevada-Las Vegas      
5.FrKathryn Barnitz30-00.75Eastern Washington      
6.SoTaymussa Miller29-05.50Eastern Washington      
7.SrTalyah Polee25-02.50Nevada-Las Vegas      
8.FrMarie Smith22-00.25Northwest Nazarene      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
2.JrAda Robinson5-08.75BYU      
3.JrDiana Blauer5-07.00BYU      
4.FrSarah Vaughn5-05.00BYU      
5.JrJennifer Schiess5-05.00Utah State      
6.SoBrianne Campbell5-05.00Utah State      
7.JrMadison Jensen5-05.00Utah State      
7.FrCandace Moyes5-05.00Utah State      
9.Panagiota Louka5-03.00Unattached - Email      
10.SoTaylor Stapley5-03.00BYU      
11.SoLauren Gwilliam4-11.00Utah State      
12.SoElise Nelson4-11.00BYU      
X High Jump - Indoor Pentathlon - Finals
1.SoTaymussa Miller5-02.50Eastern Washington      
2.FrAlexi Morton5-01.25Boise State      
3.FrRita Rudell5-00.25Nevada-Las Vegas      
3.SrTalyah Polee5-00.25Nevada-Las Vegas      
5.SrMindy Robins4-11.00BYU      
5.FrKathryn Barnitz4-11.00Eastern Washington      
7.FrMarie Smith4-08.75Northwest Nazarene      
7.FrTaylar Mills4-08.75Nevada-Las Vegas      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.SoRachel Brooke Fisher13-03.50BYU      
2.SrSonia Grabowska12-07.50Utah State      
3.JrRachelle St. Jeor11-05.75Utah State      
4.FrElizabeth Portanova11-05.75BYU      
5.SoChelsea Barr11-05.75Northwest Nazarene      
6.SrAmanda Konzol10-00.00Northwest Nazarene      
7.SoJolyn Wendt9-06.25Utah State      
7.-Alexis Folkinga9-06.25Boise State      
--JrKelli EhardtNHBYU      
--JrShanie BushmanNHBYU      
--JrChristen Botteron-GunthNHBYU      
--JrCatherine BallardNHBYU      
--SoAmber ThompsonNHUtah State      
--SrAshley EggerNHNorthwest Nazarene      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoRacquel Jones18-05.75Boise State      
2.JrDeja Edwards18-02.50Nevada-Las Vegas      
3.FrShannon Jacobs18-01.75Boise State      
4.FrDaphne Jones18-01.00Utah State      
5.JrErica Shields18-00.50BYU      
6.FrChari Hawkins17-11.75Utah State      
7.SrDavina Collins17-07.50Nevada-Las Vegas      
8.FrKimberly Miller17-05.50Boise State      
9.SoElizabeth Wilson17-04.75BYU      
10.JrRia Daniels17-02.25Nevada-Las Vegas      
11.FrCandace Moyes16-10.75Utah State      
12.FrOlivia Hudson16-08.00Nevada-Las Vegas      
13.FrBrooke Hansen16-07.00BYU      
13.JrMolly Reid16-07.00Northwest Nazarene      
15.SoJasmyn Jewitt16-03.75Northwest Nazarene      
16.SrAnnie Larlee15-10.25Northwest Nazarene      
17.JrJennifer Schiess14-09.75Utah State      
18.SrMaycee Bekkedahl14-08.75Northwest Nazarene      
19.SoJessica Case13-10.50Northwest Nazarene      
X Long Jump - Indoor Pentathlon - Finals
1.SrMindy Robins17-11.00BYU      
2.SrTalyah Polee17-09.75Nevada-Las Vegas      
3.FrAlexi Morton17-03.25Boise State      
4.SoTaymussa Miller15-09.50Eastern Washington      
5.FrKathryn Barnitz15-05.00Eastern Washington      
6.FrTaylar Mills14-11.25Nevada-Las Vegas      
7.FrMarie Smith14-07.25Northwest Nazarene      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoMelissa Keltner37-10.50BYU      
2.JrRia Daniels36-03.50Nevada-Las Vegas      
3.SoJasmyn Jewitt36-01.25Northwest Nazarene      
4.JrDeja Edwards36-00.25Nevada-Las Vegas      
5.FrDaphne Jones35-10.00Utah State      
6.JrMolly Reid35-05.75Northwest Nazarene      
7.FrOlivia Hudson35-05.25Nevada-Las Vegas      
8.JrZadia Bryant35-03.75Nevada-Las Vegas      
9.SrAnnie Larlee35-02.00Northwest Nazarene      
10.SrMaycee Bekkedahl34-07.50Northwest Nazarene      
--JrJulia StewartFOULUtah State      
--SoJolyn WendtFOULUtah State      
X Weight Throw - 20lb - Varsity - Finals
1.SrMele Vaisima61-10.50Boise State      
2.SrNadine Russell55-01.00Boise State      
3.JrAlyssa Osai52-02.75Boise State      
4.JrSpela Hus50-04.00Utah State      
5.JrAnnie Barnett50-02.00Eastern Oregon      
6.SoAshley Rencher50-00.75BYU      
7.JrCassandra Woodall49-11.00BYU      
8.SrShayna Shute49-05.00Northwest Nazarene      
9.SoMartha Shepard48-09.50BYU      
10.JrJoy Warrington46-07.50Northwest Nazarene      
11.SoCarly Dranginis46-05.50Northwest Nazarene      
12.FrKady Stafford45-01.50Boise State      
13.FrPatrice Sapiga41-06.00BYU      
14.FrKeeley Eldredge41-02.25Utah State      
15.SoAlicia Hedrick40-08.25Northwest Nazarene      
16.FrMarie Smith36-06.75Northwest Nazarene      
X Pentathlon Score (Indoor) - Varsity - Finals
1.SrMindy Robins3573BYU      
2.FrAlexi Morton3412Boise State      
3.FrKathryn Barnitz2995Eastern Washington      
4.SrTalyah Polee2988Nevada-Las Vegas      
5.SoTaymussa Miller2795Eastern Washington      
6.FrTaylar Mills2788Nevada-Las Vegas      
7.FrMarie Smith2681Northwest Nazarene      
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