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Spartan Relays

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Case Western Reserve, Cleveland

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 55 Meter Dash - Varsity - Finals
1.JrMatt Jurcak6.68aCase Western Reserve      
2.SrErik Williams6.82aCase Western Reserve      
3.JrShawn Chrapczynski6.83aOberlin      
4.SoAlexander (Alex) Guo6.88aOberlin      
5.-Charlie Dorflinger6.98aCase Western Reserve      
6.FrAndrew Barnhart7.03aCase Western Reserve      
7.SrMichael Kelley7.08aSUNY Fredonia State      
8.JrRon Wasik7.18aSUNY Fredonia State      
9.FrAlex Brennan7.23aSUNY Fredonia State      
10.-Michael Everdall7.57aOberlin      
11.-Navein Arumugasaamy8.03aCase Western Reserve      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrShawn Chrapczynski23.70aOberlin      
2.-Charlie Dorflinger24.26aCase Western Reserve      
3.SrDavid Jones24.40aHoughton      
4.JrMike Taylor24.95aSUNY Fredonia State      
5.JrRon Wasik25.02aSUNY Fredonia State      
6.SoSpencer Adams25.65aHoughton      
7.-Michael Everdall27.53aOberlin      
8.-Navein Arumugasaamy29.21aCase Western Reserve      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrJim Mather51.70aCase Western Reserve      
2.JrReshard El-Shair54.00aOberlin      
3.SrKiron Roy54.36aOberlin      
4.JrRon Wasik54.56aSUNY Fredonia State      
5.JrDan Wright54.64aSUNY Fredonia State      
6.SrPeter Morris55.14aOberlin      
7.SoTerrance Embry55.87aOberlin      
8.Paul Wise57.24aUnattached      
9.SoAaron Fitzgerald58.37aHoughton      
10.SrJosiah Proia1:03.27aHoughton      
11.SoNick Quigley1:03.97aHoughton      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrNick Guarino1:53.97aSUNY Fredonia State      
2.SrJosh Guarino1:56.63aSUNY Fredonia State      
3.FrQuinn Hull1:57.88aOberlin      
4.SoMichael Perisa2:00.91aCase Western Reserve      
5.FrAnthony Piacentini2:01.24aSUNY Fredonia State      
6.SrBrett Beaugureau2:03.56aCase Western Reserve      
7.JrAndrew Appelbaum2:05.13aCase Western Reserve      
8.SrBobby Voigt2:06.19aCase Western Reserve      
9.FrJesse Mintz2:08.45aSUNY Fredonia State      
10.SrTyler Welsh2:08.63aHoughton      
11.-nathan Mercer2:10.63aCase Western Reserve      
12.-Eric Dong2:11.02aCase Western Reserve      
13.JrStephen Hine2:12.25aHoughton      
14.-Jarred Napier2:14.63aCase Western Reserve      
15.SrJesse McConnell2:16.94aHoughton      
16.-Joseph Heebner2:17.93aCase Western Reserve      
17.Will Rial2:18.60aUnattached      
18.-Ethan Seery2:18.86aCase Western Reserve      
19.JrRyan Remington2:22.54aHoughton      
20.JrJustin Moser2:27.83aHoughton      
--SrDavid CarterDNFCase Western Reserve      
X 1 Mile - Varsity - Finals
1.SoChris Kelly4:27.55aCase Western Reserve      
2.SoDavid Ballard4:39.50aSUNY Fredonia State      
3.FrCal Heyward4:44.64aSUNY Fredonia State      
4.FrDavid Dixon4:45.56aCase Western Reserve      
5.-Nick Hewitt4:45.88aCase Western Reserve      
6.JrStephen Hine4:46.08aHoughton      
7.-Jonathon Frey4:47.21aCase Western Reserve      
8.SrJesse McConnell4:57.18aHoughton      
9.-Joseph Heebner4:59.70aCase Western Reserve      
10.Kevin Mallone5:03.17aUnattached      
11.JrIan Gates5:12.58aHoughton      
12.Kevin Landis5:14.23aUnattached      
13.JrRyan Remington5:16.54aHoughton      
14.JrJeffrey Atkinson5:26.44aCase Western Reserve      
15.SoPhillip Miller5:27.16aSUNY Fredonia State      
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrMark Grogan8:54.23aCase Western Reserve      
2.SrDavid Carter8:58.72aCase Western Reserve      
3.FrDavid Richards9:06.40aHoughton      
4.JrChris Wade9:10.39aCase Western Reserve      
5.SoJack Bennett9:12.94aSUNY Fredonia State      
6.Dominic Smith9:14.61aBanana Runni      
7.JrEthan Teare9:16.50aCase Western Reserve      
8.Chris Peverada9:19.18aUnattached      
9.FrSteve Whittemoore9:21.85aSUNY Fredonia State      
10.SrTimothy Smith9:25.34aCase Western Reserve      
11.SoMatt Bernstein9:30.91aOberlin      
12.Will Rial9:38.48aUnattached      
13.SrTyler Welsh10:17.46aHoughton      
14.SrJustin Warner10:24.54aOberlin      
15.JrJacob Lameroux10:53.10aOberlin      
16.JrIan Gates10:59.93aHoughton      
17.SrSean Dunne11:15.86aOberlin      
18.JrJustin Moser11:34.10aHoughton      
X 5000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrCorey Williams16:12.96aCase Western Reserve      
2.Chris Peverada16:38.01aUnattached      
3.-Mitchell Haynes16:58.13aCase Western Reserve      
4.FrPeter Walls17:03.31aCase Western Reserve      
5.Kevin Mallone17:40.02aUnattached      
6.Henry Goodnough18:19.39aUnattached      
X 55m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Finals
1.JrMatt Jurcak7.71aCase Western Reserve      
2.SrDavid Jones8.20aHoughton      
3.JrNick Nelson8.45aCase Western Reserve      
4.SoMichael Cohara8.47aCase Western Reserve      
5.SoSpencer Lefort8.57aSUNY Fredonia State      
6.JrJacob Miller8.74aCase Western Reserve      
7.-Ray Zhang8.78aCase Western Reserve      
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:38.54aCase Western Reserve      
2.-Peter Morris
Terrance Embry
Shawn Chrapczynski
Reshard El-Shair
3.-Spencer Adams
Aaron Fitzgerald
David Jones
Andrew McGinnis
---Carl Caughell
Mike Kelley
Alex Brennan
Spencer Lefort
DQSUNY Fredonia State      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Spencer Lefort
Josh Guarino
Anthony Piacentini
Nick Guarino
3:29.84aSUNY Fredonia State      
2.-Relay Team 3:30.75aCase Western Reserve      
3.-Shawn Chrapczynski
Reshard El-Shair
Terrance Embry
Peter Morris
4.-David Dixon
Chris Kelly
Andrew Appelbaum
Mark Grogan
3:41.50aCase Western Reserve      
5.-Spencer Adams
Stephen Hine
David Jones
Tyler Welsh
6.-Relay Team 3:52.10aSUNY Fredonia State      
7.-Kyle Austin
Ian Gates
David Richards
Nick Quigley
X Shot Put - 16lb - Varsity - Finals
--Obinna Nwanna47-00.75Unattached      
1.JrZachary Eldridge41-03.75SUNY Fredonia State      
2.JrJeremy Gdaniec40-09.50Case Western Reserve      
3.JrStephen Evankovich39-08.50Case Western Reserve      
4.FrDavid Leishman39-05.75Case Western Reserve      
5.SrEben Via39-05.25Case Western Reserve      
6.-Peter Lam38-02.75Case Western Reserve      
7.SoMichael Cohara38-02.00Case Western Reserve      
8.SoMax Radley36-05.75SUNY Fredonia State      
9.-Austin Boggs34-09.00Case Western Reserve      
10.JrIzzy Budnick34-08.25Case Western Reserve      
11.-Nick Jones32-07.50Case Western Reserve      
12.JrDan Lalich32-02.25Case Western Reserve      
13.JrMichael Franklin29-03.75Case Western Reserve      
14.FrGuy Baratz28-05.50Case Western Reserve      
15.FrLuke Ogden28-03.75Houghton      
16.FrToby Kilroy26-11.25Case Western Reserve      
17.-Alex Ruiz24-05.00Case Western Reserve      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoSpencer Lefort6-02.75SUNY Fredonia State      
2.SoMichael Cohara5-07.00Case Western Reserve      
3.-Austin Boggs5-01.00Case Western Reserve      
4.FrToby Kilroy5-01.00Case Western Reserve      
5.-Alex Ruiz4-07.00Case Western Reserve      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.SrBroncho Rollins15-01.00SUNY Fredonia State      
2.JrCody Dahleiden15-01.00SUNY Fredonia State      
3.SrGreg Craft13-05.25SUNY Fredonia State      
4.FrBen Nalette13-05.25SUNY Fredonia State      
5.FrBen Goebel12-11.50SUNY Fredonia State      
6.SoAndrew McGinnis12-11.50Houghton      
7.JrNick Errico12-05.50Case Western Reserve      
8.SrCollin Cowdery12-05.50Oberlin      
9.SoVlad Bursic11-11.75Oberlin      
--JrKyle SponenbergNHCase Western Reserve      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoAlexander (Alex) Guo21-03.50Oberlin      
2.JrShawn Chrapczynski20-05.75Oberlin      
3.FrAndrew Barnhart20-00.50Case Western Reserve      
4.SoMichael Cohara18-03.25Case Western Reserve      
5.FrToby Kilroy16-05.75Case Western Reserve      
6.-Alex Ruiz15-06.00Case Western Reserve      
7.-Austin Boggs14-07.25Case Western Reserve      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoAlexander (Alex) Guo45-02.25Oberlin      
2.SrMichael Kelley42-07.00SUNY Fredonia State      
2.JrAndrew Charsky42-07.00SUNY Fredonia State      
4.FrAlex Brennan39-10.75SUNY Fredonia State      
5.FrAndrew Barnhart38-04.25Case Western Reserve      
X Weight Throw - 35lb - Varsity - Finals
1.JrJeremy Gdaniec51-11.25Case Western Reserve      
2.FrHarry Weintraub49-10.50Case Western Reserve      
3.JrZachary Eldridge44-06.25SUNY Fredonia State      
4.JrStephen Evankovich43-03.00Case Western Reserve      
5.FrDavid Leishman39-07.00Case Western Reserve      
6.SoMax Radley38-09.00SUNY Fredonia State      
7.JrIzzy Budnick35-04.50Case Western Reserve      
8.-Nick Jones35-01.00Case Western Reserve      
9.JrDan Lalich34-06.25Case Western Reserve      
10.FrGuy Baratz28-11.00Case Western Reserve      
11.FrLuke Ogden27-00.00Houghton      
12.-Peter Lam26-08.25Case Western Reserve      

Womens Results

X 55 Meter Dash - Varsity - Finals
1.SoLeslie Stanard7.46aCase Western Reserve      
2.SoLauren Lyles7.70aCuyahoga      
3.SrKatie WoodCock7.76aHoughton      
4.JrNataija Brown7.81aCase Western Reserve      
5.JrMelissa Elie7.83aOberlin      
6.JrSamantha Friedman7.88aCase Western Reserve      
7.FrAlexis Perez7.90aSUNY Fredonia State      
8.JrNaomi Onsongo7.99aOberlin      
9.-Irina Yakubenko8.08aCase Western Reserve      
10.FrJessica Strozyk8.31aSUNY Fredonia State      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrMelissa Elie28.23aOberlin      
2.SrKatie WoodCock28.53aHoughton      
3.SrLydia Parsons29.08aHoughton      
4.JrNaomi Onsongo29.39aOberlin      
5.FrAlexis Perez29.82aSUNY Fredonia State      
6.FrTonaisha Williams30.26aCuyahoga      
7.FrJayme Thomas30.28aCuyahoga      
8.FrJessica Strozyk30.41aSUNY Fredonia State      
9.FrEmilie Edwards30.65aHoughton      
10.FrDiana Williams31.94aSUNY Fredonia State      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoMarisa Clardy1:00.71aOberlin      
2.SrAmanda Miller1:02.76aOberlin      
3.SrKate Brett1:03.11aSUNY Fredonia State      
4.SoAlyssa Harker1:03.74aCase Western Reserve      
5.SoKateri Walsh1:05.52aSUNY Fredonia State      
6.SrLaura Vernon1:05.95aOberlin      
7.FrTonaisha Williams1:07.58aCuyahoga      
--JrCourtney CoiroDNFHoughton      
--FrSarah MunKitrickDNFHoughton      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrJustine Jeroski2:29.15aCase Western Reserve      
2.JrBettina Kaphingst2:30.73aCase Western Reserve      
3.FrBrooke Simpson2:31.73aCase Western Reserve      
4.JrCindy Spahn2:32.03aCase Western Reserve      
5.FrKaitlin Fanning2:32.56aCase Western Reserve      
6.SrAlyssa Wozniak2:32.98aCase Western Reserve      
7.SoMeghan Thommes2:37.90aCase Western Reserve      
8.SrHeather Sayre2:41.63aHoughton      
9.FrLeah Williams2:44.14aHoughton      
10.SoSusie Nelson2:44.88aCuyahoga      
11.SrAudrey Gillette2:48.04aHoughton      
12.FrAlison McDaniel2:48.17aCuyahoga      
13.FrStephanie Baker2:51.01aCuyahoga      
14.FrKim Hunt2:51.40aCuyahoga      
15.SoAnnelise Hein2:53.14aHoughton      
16.SoLauren Niswander2:57.08aHoughton      
17.JrMegan Platt3:00.94aHoughton      
X 1 Mile - Varsity - Finals
1.Nicole Camp5:19.90aUnattached      
2.Elizabeth Hansen5:20.31aUnattached      
3.JrCindy Spahn5:29.20aCase Western Reserve      
4.FrBrooke Simpson5:30.27aCase Western Reserve      
5.SoCorin Bowen5:36.76aCase Western Reserve      
6.Mary Dougherty5:42.98aUnattached      
7.FrLeah Williams5:49.44aHoughton      
8.FrAlison McDaniel5:58.85aCuyahoga      
9.SoSusie Nelson6:03.38aCuyahoga      
10.FrBecca List6:04.08aSUNY Fredonia State      
11.SoAnnelise Hein6:05.73aHoughton      
12.FrKim Foltz6:09.29aSUNY Fredonia State      
13.FrJenny Mooney6:09.37aSUNY Fredonia State      
14.SoLauren Niswander6:14.28aHoughton      
15.FrStephanie Baker6:20.20aCuyahoga      
16.SrVeronica Caldwell6:22.08aHoughton      
17.Barb Broad6:24.01aUnattached      
18.FrKim Hunt6:34.29aCuyahoga      
19.FrZakiyah Woodosn6:38.58aSUNY Fredonia State      
20.FrTanisha Marshall6:44.88aCuyahoga      
21.-Kristina Nagy6:46.34aCase Western Reserve      
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.Nicole Camp10:03.82aUnattached      
2.JrDanielle Brennon10:05.01aHoughton      
3.SrJoanna Johnson10:11.47aOberlin      
4.JrJustine Jeroski10:18.36aCase Western Reserve      
5.Elizabeth Hansen10:24.18aUnattached      
6.FrMolly Martorella10:32.89aOberlin      
7.SrHeather Sayre10:44.32aHoughton      
8.JrAndrea Fischione10:45.86aCase Western Reserve      
9.SrHillary Tipton11:10.63aOberlin      
10.SoThea Emmons11:29.87aCase Western Reserve      
11.FrHannah Wolfe11:31.61aOberlin      
12.FrLauren Truby11:43.48aSUNY Fredonia State      
13.SoPiper Niehaus11:49.58aOberlin      
14.FrEmilie Dunham12:12.92aCase Western Reserve      
15.SrAudrey Gillette12:16.12aHoughton      
16.FrGretchen Herb12:16.82aSUNY Fredonia State      
17.Barb Broad12:28.39aUnattached      
18.SoMegan Milne12:45.81aCase Western Reserve      
19.JrMegan Platt12:45.84aHoughton      
20.FrAnna Hourihan13:20.87aSUNY Fredonia State      
X 55m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.SoLauren Lyles8.74aCuyahoga      
2.JrNataija Brown9.17aCase Western Reserve      
3.FrEmilie Edwards9.47aHoughton      
4.SoValoryn Whitelock9.55aCase Western Reserve      
5.FrAmanda Mikiciuk10.90aSUNY Fredonia State      
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:52.74aCase Western Reserve      
2.-Courtney Coiro
Emilie Edwards
Sarah MunKitrick
Lydia Parsons
3.-Melissa Elie
Laura Vernon
Amanda Miller
Marisa Clardy
4.-Relay Team 1:59.47aCuyahoga      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Melissa Elie
Amanda Miller
Laura Vernon
Marisa Clardy
2.-Relay Team 4:16.52aCase Western Reserve      
3.-Samantha Friedman
Meghan Thommes
Bettina Kaphingst
Alyssa Wozniak
4:23.84aCase Western Reserve      
4.-Kim Foltz
Amanda Mikiciuk
Kateri Walsh
Kate Brett
4:28.08aSUNY Fredonia State      
5.-Courtney Coiro
Danielle Brennon
Lydia Parsons
Sarah MunKitrick
6.-Relay Team 5:02.10aHoughton      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.JrAmanda Kline37-09.50Case Western Reserve      
2.FrHillary Perrea34-05.75Cuyahoga      
3.SoKathleen Gooberlet34-01.25SUNY Fredonia State      
4.JrEmily Tran30-11.25Case Western Reserve      
5.SrAmanda Miller30-03.50Oberlin      
6.FrAdianna Sidell30-01.50Houghton      
7.SrHannah Gardner29-10.00Houghton      
8.SoShavonne Price28-11.25Cuyahoga      
9.JrElizabeth Mason28-11.00Houghton      
10.FrChristina Tam27-11.00Case Western Reserve      
11.FrJessica McClean27-06.75SUNY Fredonia State      
12.JrJenna Pansky27-06.50Case Western Reserve      
13.FrLoren Metzger26-05.75SUNY Fredonia State      
14.JrLauren Bokovitz23-00.00Case Western Reserve      
15.-Kristen Brouwer18-03.75Case Western Reserve      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.JrAlexa Thayer5-04.50Houghton      
2.SoLauren Lyles5-01.00Cuyahoga      
3.SoAriell Akel4-11.00Cuyahoga      
4.JrLauren Bokovitz4-11.00Case Western Reserve      
4.JrJenna Pansky4-11.00Case Western Reserve      
6.FrJayme Thomas4-05.00Cuyahoga      
7.FrAmanda Mikiciuk4-05.00SUNY Fredonia State      
7.FrDiana Williams4-05.00SUNY Fredonia State      
---Kristen BrouwerNHCase Western Reserve      
--SoBrandy MaasNHHoughton      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.SoChelsea Caruso9-10.00SUNY Fredonia State      
2.FrKelci Yousett9-06.25SUNY Fredonia State      
3.SrLaura Vernon8-10.25Oberlin      
4.SrKaytlynn Peecook8-06.25Cuyahoga      
5.FrTiffany Platko7-10.50Cuyahoga      
6.SoAriell Akel7-02.50Cuyahoga      
7.SoClara Fitzpatrick6-10.75Case Western Reserve      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.FrJayme Thomas17-10.75Cuyahoga      
2.SoLauren Lyles16-08.75Cuyahoga      
3.SoValoryn Whitelock15-09.75Case Western Reserve      
4.JrNataija Brown15-06.25Case Western Reserve      
5.JrJenna Pansky14-08.00Case Western Reserve      
6.JrLauren Bokovitz14-05.25Case Western Reserve      
7.-Kristen Brouwer11-07.00Case Western Reserve      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.JrJenna Pansky32-05.50Case Western Reserve      
2.SrMelissa DeLombaert32-01.50Oberlin      
3.JrLauren Bokovitz31-09.25Case Western Reserve      
4.FrJessica Strozyk30-03.75SUNY Fredonia State      
X Weight Throw - 20lb - Varsity - Finals
1.JrAmanda Kline45-04.50Case Western Reserve      
2.FrHillary Perrea43-08.50Cuyahoga      
3.SoShavonne Price41-10.00Cuyahoga      
4.SrHannah Gardner41-04.50Houghton      
5.SoKathleen Gooberlet38-06.25SUNY Fredonia State      
6.FrJessica McClean38-02.75SUNY Fredonia State      
7.FrChristina Tam37-03.75Case Western Reserve      
8.JrElizabeth Mason33-10.00Houghton      
9.FrAdianna Sidell33-00.25Houghton      
10.FrLoren Metzger24-04.50SUNY Fredonia State      
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