Mark Collins Invitational

Friday, April 08, 2011
  All Saints Episcopal, Fort Worth - Map

  Field Events Start: 4:00 PM  Track Events Start: 4:00 PM
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Texas - District 2
WCSWeatherford Christian
Texas - Region 1
NSFt Worth North Side
Texas - Region 1
NRHRN Richland Hills Richland
Texas - Region 2
UPNHUplift North Hills
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Gold - Finals
1.9Kwatavious Jones10.92aBishop Dunne Catholic
2.11Brian Vaughn10.94aAll Saints Episcopal
3.11Cody Sixkiller11.27aSt Marks Of Texas
4.9Brodrick Umblance11.30aOakridge
5.11Thomas Cook Jr.11.32aBishop Dunne Catholic
10Ken RichardsonDNSN Richland Hills Ric...
12Jesse MilburnDNSFellowship Academy
12Dylan LeverettDNSThe Fulton
X 100 Meters - Silver - Finals
1.12DeVonte Waters11.59aN Richland Hills Ric...
2.11Heiu Thai11.79aN Richland Hills Ric...
3.11Charlie Garcia11.97aSt Marks Of Texas
4.11Chance Bowmen12.07aN Richland Hills Ric...
5.11Zach Stryker12.09aBethesda Christian
6.10Estabean Zagal12.12aFt Worth North Side
7.10Jonathon Hayden12.17aLake Country Christian
8.10Armon Williams12.22aBishop Dunne Catholic
X 100 Meters - Gold - Prelims
1.11Brian Vaughn11.01aAll Saints Episcopal
2.9Kwatavious Jones11.04aBishop Dunne Catholic
3.11Thomas Cook Jr.11.18aBishop Dunne Catholic
4.11Cody Sixkiller11.18aSt Marks Of Texas
5.10Brandon Austin11.21aOmega Academy
6.12Dylan Leverett11.23aThe Fulton
7.9Brodrick Umblance11.28aOakridge
8.12Jesse Milburn11.30aFellowship Academy
8.10Ken Richardson11.30aN Richland Hills Ric...
11.12Tyrell Strickland11.32aN Richland Hills Ric...
11.11Josh Atkinson11.32aOakridge
12.10Charlie Reid11.38aAll Saints Episcopal
13.12Brandall Bell11.47aOakridge
14.12Eric Jackson II11.48aBishop Dunne Catholic
15.9Austin Becera11.59aFort Worth Country Day
16.12Grant Hardaway11.64aFellowship Academy
17.10Xavian Jackson11.74aAll Saints Episcopal
18.10Tyler Gurley11.76aWaxahachie Prep
19.10Jerald Rogers11.82aSouthwest Christian ...
20.11Zarick Cervantes11.83aLake Country Christian
21.9Jonas Lee11.98aTrinity Valley
22.11Ardis Graham12.13aSt Marks Of Texas
23.10Austin Henyon12.94aTrinity Valley
10Travis MilesDNSTrinity Valley
11Stephen GonalesDNSFt Worth North Side
11Bruce SmithDNSSouthwest Christian ...
12Mario AlvaradoDNSFt Worth North Side
12Kevin GonzalezDNSLake Country Christian
10Zach DajdaDNSN Richland Hills Ric...
X 100 Meters - Silver - Prelims
1.12DeVonte Waters11.53aN Richland Hills Ric...
2.11Heiu Thai11.70aN Richland Hills Ric...
3.10Jonathon Hayden11.88aLake Country Christian
4.11Charlie Garcia11.95aSt Marks Of Texas
5.11Chance Bowmen11.99aN Richland Hills Ric...
6.11Zach Stryker11.99aBethesda Christian
7.10Armon Williams12.19aBishop Dunne Catholic
8.10Estabean Zagal12.19aFt Worth North Side
9.9Hayden Leverett12.20aThe Fulton
10.10Jonathan King12.22aSouthwest Christian ...
11.11David Hopkins12.27aBethesda Christian
12.10Jake Bomar12.30aWeatherford Christian
13.11Austin Gonzales12.40aHarvest Christian
14.12Wesley Edwards12.42aCalvary
15.10Alex Ramirez12.46aBishop Dunne Catholic
16.12Tony Brodner12.47aBishop Dunne Catholic
17.10Martin Rueda12.49aCalvary
18.10Julian Howard12.52aSouthwest Christian ...
19.12Henry Eckels12.52aCovenant Classical
20.10Nathan Purczinsky12.52aCovenant Classical
21.10Andrew Fitch12.57aBethesda Christian
22.10Lane Watson12.76aHSA (Home School Ath...
23.9Justin Rogers12.81aHarvest Christian
24.9Corey Boone12.93aWeatherford Christian
25.12Jonathan Tran13.01aUplift North Hills
26.10James Paullin13.03aUplift North Hills
27.10Jordan Williams13.07aLake Country Christian
28.9Royce Parkhurst13.12aGrace Prep
29.9Kai Matthews13.17aLake Country Christian
30.10Jose Jurez13.20aFt Worth North Side
31.9Stephen Arnold13.23aHSA (Home School Ath...
32.9Jackson Bogle13.54aTrinity Valley
33.9Michael Morrell14.55aTrinity Valley
11Brandon RobertsDNSFt Worth North Side
11Hudson MillerDNSCovenant Classical
9Dylan McRayDNSGrace Prep
10Antonio CastilloDNSUplift North Hills
10John KohDNSOakridge
12Brett SteffenDNSThe Fulton
9Brad HornerDNSGrace Prep
10Ayed Al DossariDNSUplift North Hills
12Asad JiwaniDNSUplift North Hills
11Dylan FrenchDNSSouthwest Christian ...
11Jacob JohnsonDNSFellowship Academy
X 200 Meters - Gold - Finals
1.10Jordan Epps22.63aBishop Dunne Catholic
2.11Cameron Kline23.15aSt Marks Of Texas
3.11Cody Sixkiller23.58aSt Marks Of Texas
4.12Christian Taylor23.76aN Richland Hills Ric...
5.10Justin Hawthorne23.88aBishop Dunne Catholic
6.12Brandall Bell24.00aOakridge
7.12DeVonte Waters24.51aN Richland Hills Ric...
12Jesse MilburnDNSFellowship Academy
X 200 Meters - Silver - Finals
1.9Dylan Altschuler24.50aSt Marks Of Texas
2.11Zach Stryker24.52aBethesda Christian
3.10Kumani Armstead24.69aN Richland Hills Ric...
4.11Charlie Garcia25.05aSt Marks Of Texas
5.11Chance Bowmen25.25aN Richland Hills Ric...
5.12Hasan Rabah25.25aThe Fulton
7.10Sebastian Taylor25.47aN Richland Hills Ric...
11Tanner OldenburghDNSFellowship Academy
X 200 Meters - Gold - Prelims
1.10Jordan Epps23.27aBishop Dunne Catholic
2.11Cameron Kline23.37aSt Marks Of Texas
3.12Jesse Milburn23.58aFellowship Academy
4.11Cody Sixkiller23.71aSt Marks Of Texas
5.12Brandall Bell23.87aOakridge
6.10Justin Hawthorne23.98aBishop Dunne Catholic
6.12Christian Taylor23.98aN Richland Hills Ric...
8.12DeVonte Waters24.02aN Richland Hills Ric...
9.11Zarick Cervantes24.12aLake Country Christian
10.12Eric Jackson II24.17aBishop Dunne Catholic
11.9Brodrick Umblance24.23aOakridge
12.9Austin Becera24.29aFort Worth Country Day
13.10Xavian Jackson24.33aAll Saints Episcopal
14.9Malcolm Bowman24.42aSt Marks Of Texas
15.11Josh Atkinson24.65aOakridge
16.12Grant Hardaway24.81aFellowship Academy
17.12Travis Cornett25.01aTrinity Valley
18.10Travis Miles25.51aTrinity Valley
19.12Vinni Guerrero25.89aTrinity Valley
10Daniel FauberDNSTrinity Valley
11Kai MarshallDNSCovenant Classical
10Brandon AustinDNSOmega Academy
12Mario AlvaradoDNSFt Worth North Side
11Bruce SmithDNSSouthwest Christian ...
12Kevin GonzalezDNSLake Country Christian
12Kyle AdamsDNSLake Country Christian
12Brandon SelenasDNSN Richland Hills Ric...
11Austin GonzalesDNSHarvest Christian
X 200 Meters - Silver - Prelims
1.10Kumani Armstead24.91aN Richland Hills Ric...
2.11Zach Stryker24.91aBethesda Christian
3.11Tanner Oldenburgh24.96aFellowship Academy
4.9Dylan Altschuler25.03aSt Marks Of Texas
5.10Sebastian Taylor25.33aN Richland Hills Ric...
6.11Chance Bowmen25.35aN Richland Hills Ric...
7.11Charlie Garcia25.38aSt Marks Of Texas
8.12Hasan Rabah25.56aThe Fulton
9.10John Koh25.60aOakridge
10.10Micah Benson25.66aHSA (Home School Ath...
11.10Estabean Zagal25.72aFt Worth North Side
12.10Armon Williams25.87aBishop Dunne Catholic
13.10Will Arnold25.90aFort Worth Country Day
14.11David Hopkins25.96aBethesda Christian
15.10Jordan Williams25.97aLake Country Christian
15.9Denver Gravitt25.97aWeatherford Christian
17.12Asad Jiwani26.02aUplift North Hills
18.10Martin Rueda26.33aCalvary
19.10Alex Ramirez26.34aBishop Dunne Catholic
20.12Tony Brodner26.71aBishop Dunne Catholic
21.10Antonio Castillo27.21aUplift North Hills
22.10Jose Jurez27.60aFt Worth North Side
23.10Nathan Purczinsky27.63aCovenant Classical
24.9Royce Parkhurst27.66aGrace Prep
25.10Austin Jett27.77aWaxahachie Prep
26.9Kai Matthews28.08aLake Country Christian
27.11Brandon Roberts28.17aFt Worth North Side
28.10Lane Watson28.32aHSA (Home School Ath...
29.9Cris Palencia28.46aBethesda Christian
30.10Spencer Carroll29.93aUplift North Hills
31.9Michael Morrell30.97aTrinity Valley
12Jonathan TranDNSUplift North Hills
9Dylan McRayDNSGrace Prep
11Hudson MillerDNSCovenant Classical
12Henry EckelsDNSCovenant Classical
10Nathaniel PlemonsDNSOakridge
11Josh MozleyDNSFellowship Academy
12Brett SteffenDNSThe Fulton
9Brad HornerDNSGrace Prep
10Ayed Al DossariDNSUplift North Hills
9Justin RogersDNSHarvest Christian
11Michael ReichertDNSHarvest Christian
9Matthew SayersDNSLake Country Christian
11Dylan FrenchDNSSouthwest Christian ...
10Jerald RogersDNSSouthwest Christian ...
10Daniel BlockDNSThe Fulton
X 400 Meters - Gold - Finals
1.12Kyle Adams51.80aLake Country Christian
2.11Cameron Krc52.69aSouthwest Christian ...
3.11Will Morris53.15aSt Marks Of Texas
4.11Cameron Kline53.22aSt Marks Of Texas
5.12Samuel Murphy53.79aTrinity Valley
6.11Charles Mott54.87aSouthwest Christian ...
7.10Wm Thomas55.19aN Richland Hills Ric...
12Erik JacobsDNSOakridge
X 400 Meters - Silver - Finals
1.12Matthew West56.94aCalvary
2.10Mike Gagdonali57.09aN Richland Hills Ric...
3.9Jalen Gowans58.21aBishop Dunne Catholic
4.9Dylan Altschuler59.67aSt Marks Of Texas
5.10Danny Gasparovic59.69aSouthwest Christian ...
10Gabe DiazDNSN Richland Hills Ric...
9Nick WatkinsDNSBishop Dunne Catholic
12Rohit BachalDNSUplift North Hills
X 400 Meters - Gold - Prelims
1.12Kyle Adams51.64aLake Country Christian
2.11Cameron Krc52.34aSouthwest Christian ...
3.12Erik Jacobs52.40aOakridge
4.11Will Morris53.19aSt Marks Of Texas
5.11Charles Mott53.25aSouthwest Christian ...
6.11Cameron Kline54.31aSt Marks Of Texas
7.10Wm Thomas54.84aN Richland Hills Ric...
8.12Samuel Murphy55.04aTrinity Valley
9.9Malcolm Bowman55.14aSt Marks Of Texas
10.10Tyler Gurley55.71aWaxahachie Prep
11.11Calvin Garrett56.49aOakridge
12.10Collin Horner56.57aBishop Dunne Catholic
13.12Vinni Guerrero57.69aTrinity Valley
14.11David Villilobos57.91aN Richland Hills Ric...
15.12Jonathan Kurth59.39aBethesda Christian
10Colin EnglishDNSN Richland Hills Ric...
12Alex KeeferDNSSouthwest Christian ...
X 400 Meters - Silver - Prelims
1.10Gabe Diaz56.30aN Richland Hills Ric...
2.12Matthew West56.45aCalvary
3.10Mike Gagdonali56.57aN Richland Hills Ric...
4.9Jalen Gowans57.12aBishop Dunne Catholic
5.9Dylan Altschuler57.27aSt Marks Of Texas
6.12Rohit Bachal57.42aUplift North Hills
7.10Danny Gasparovic57.50aSouthwest Christian ...
8.9Nick Watkins57.84aBishop Dunne Catholic
9.10Will Arnold57.89aFort Worth Country Day
10.10Andrew Fitch58.19aBethesda Christian
11.9Patrick Binzer58.37aWeatherford Christian
12.10Micah Benson58.84aHSA (Home School Ath...
13.10John Kulik59.04aUplift North Hills
14.10Jonathon Hayden59.07aLake Country Christian
15.9Abel Matthews59.39aFellowship Academy
16.10Corbin Thomas59.82aSouthwest Christian ...
17.10Nathaniel Plemons60.51aOakridge
18.9Michael Cannaday60.63aUplift North Hills
19.11Tanner Oldenburgh60.99aFellowship Academy
20.11Ryan Klenzendorf61.09aNorthstar
21.10Lane Watson62.56aHSA (Home School Ath...
22.9Matthew Kirby62.99aBethesda Christian
23.10Chris Ransom63.19aSouthwest Christian ...
24.11David Hopkins63.70aBethesda Christian
25.9Joshua Kathramalla63.81aLake Country Christian
26.9max Martinez64.59aFt Worth North Side
27.11Thomas Stauffer64.78aNorthstar
28.9David Block75.61aThe Fulton
9Patrick TriceDNSSouthwest Christian ...
10Joel DavisDNSUplift North Hills
10Shashank KalanithDNSUplift North Hills
12Josh OttesonDNSN Richland Hills Ric...
X 800 Meters - Gold - Finals
1.12Austin Yaeger2:05.87aBishop Dunne Catholic
2.12Scott Popplewell2:06.01aSt Marks Of Texas
3.12Sonny Stepp2:08.04aFort Worth Country Day
4.11Will Morris2:08.49aSt Marks Of Texas
5.10Chris Wallace2:08.76aN Richland Hills Ric...
7.9Richard McCants2:11.70aSt Marks Of Texas
8.11Joel Warren2:13.06aN Richland Hills Ric...
9.10Jeremy Roberson2:13.11aN Richland Hills Ric...
10.9Jason Cline2:15.18aTrinity Valley
11.11Michael Hall2:16.17aAll Saints Episcopal
12.12Alex Keefer2:16.22aSouthwest Christian ...
13.12Christian Sandoval2:17.63aBishop Dunne Catholic
14.11Matthew Michener2:20.10aSouthwest Christian ...
15.12Matthew West2:21.35aCalvary
16.10Tyler Ford2:22.13aOakridge
17.10Micah Benson2:23.54aHSA (Home School Ath...
18.11Mariano Aufiero2:24.85aFort Worth Country Day
19.12Nick Ramirez2:26.80aBishop Dunne Catholic
20.12Joseph Hayden2:30.32aLake Country Christian
21.11Andrew Martinez2:33.11aBishop Dunne Catholic
10George CuadraDNSN Richland Hills Ric...
9Christin CuadraDNSN Richland Hills Ric...
10Michael VarghaDNSLake Country Christian
10Daniel FauberDNSTrinity Valley
11Mike PatisonDNSSt Marks Of Texas
11Samir SaidiDNSSt Marks Of Texas
11Stephen GonalesDNSFt Worth North Side
9Abel MatthewsDNSFellowship Academy
X 800 Meters - Silver - Finals
2.12Jonathan Kurth2:18.17aBethesda Christian
3.10Carson Ray2:20.77aFort Worth Country Day
4.10Bobby Stroup2:21.94aSouthwest Christian ...
5.9John Factor2:26.39aTrinity Valley
6.10Gaddis House2:26.48aFort Worth Country Day
7.10Vince Evans2:27.43aSouthwest Christian ...
8.9Timothy Clifford2:29.10aNorthstar
9.9Robbie Stackhouse2:29.30aFort Worth Country Day
10.9Nic Klein2:29.41aFort Worth Country Day
11.10Jesus Riera2:30.06aFt Worth North Side
12.10Chris Ransom2:32.00aSouthwest Christian ...
13.10Abel Cerros2:43.33aFt Worth North Side
14.9Josh Hilman3:01.23aWaxahachie Prep
9Brandan HassanDNSUplift North Hills
9Wasiq NadeemDNSUplift North Hills
10John KulikDNSUplift North Hills
9Mark WilsonDNSLake Country Christian
9max MartinezDNSFt Worth North Side
12Francisco SanchezDNSFt Worth North Side
9Jared LankfordDNSFort Worth Country Day
10Gabe DiazDNSN Richland Hills Ric...
10Ryan HaynesDNSN Richland Hills Ric...
11Brandon RogersDNSHarvest Christian
X 800 Meters - Relay Split - Gold - Finals
11Ryan Klenzendorf2:24.6Northstar
11AJ Knickerbocker2:29.4Northstar
9Timothy Clifford2:29.5Northstar
11Thomas Stauffer2:41.1Northstar
X 1600 Meters - Gold - Finals
2.10Chris Wallace4:52.44aN Richland Hills Ric...
3.9Matthew Brown4:53.89aSt Marks Of Texas
4.12Austin Yaeger4:55.01aBishop Dunne Catholic
5.11Zachary Winger4:59.48aBethesda Christian
6.10Jacob Benavides5:03.61aBishop Dunne Catholic
7.10Garrett Alexander5:04.59aGrace Prep
8.9Richard McCants5:05.37aSt Marks Of Texas
9.9Trevor Berkowitz5:08.28aTrinity Valley
10.11Jared Cline5:08.54aTrinity Valley
11.11Mark Lutz5:08.56aSt Marks Of Texas
12.10Jeremy Roberson5:08.93aN Richland Hills Ric...
13.9Tristan Carroll5:09.53aAll Saints Episcopal
14.9Vishal Gokani5:09.74aSt Marks Of Texas
15.12Scott Popplewell5:12.36aSt Marks Of Texas
16.12Luis Gomez5:14.37aFt Worth North Side
17.11Matthew Michener5:14.72aSouthwest Christian ...
18.9Jacob Beaver5:17.79aBethesda Christian
19.12Christian Sandoval5:29.95aBishop Dunne Catholic
20.12Nick Ramirez6:00.33aBishop Dunne Catholic
21.11Andrew Martinez6:10.26aBishop Dunne Catholic
10George CuadraDNSN Richland Hills Ric...
9Christin CuadraDNSN Richland Hills Ric...
12Francisco SanchezDNSFt Worth North Side
11Victor GallardoDNSFt Worth North Side
11Steven PierceDNSN Richland Hills Ric...
9Jamie ArenasDNSFt Worth North Side
X 1600 Meters - Silver - Finals
1.10Daniel Corley5:30.25aCovenant Classical
2.10Zack Herd5:30.27aN Richland Hills Ric...
3.10Nathan Allen5:30.87aGrace Prep
4.12Travis Haile5:45.55aTrinity Valley
5.9Ben Mosley5:51.59aGrace Prep
6.9Tucker Freeland5:53.29aCovenant Classical
7.9James Mahler5:56.69aBethesda Christian
8.9K. Welch6:03.78aN Richland Hills Ric...
9.9Henry Butz6:12.03aAll Saints Episcopal
10.9Gabe Boswell6:30.04aCalvary
11.12Tyler Johnson6:40.91aThe Fulton
12.12Kendall Johnson6:52.85aThe Fulton
13.9Josh Hilman6:55.45aWaxahachie Prep
9Brandan HassanDNSUplift North Hills
9John SchmisekDNSUplift North Hills
10Garrett AlexanderDNSGrace Prep
10Tyler FordDNSOakridge
12Chris CollierDNSFellowship Academy
11Stewart DrahiemDNSThe Fulton
10Mark KnackstedtDNSUplift North Hills
9Luis RodriquezDNSFt Worth North Side
10Jesus RieraDNSFt Worth North Side
10Abel CerrosDNSFt Worth North Side
X 3200 Meters - Gold - Finals
1.9Matthew Brown10:16.99aSt Marks Of Texas
2.12Austin Yaeger10:29.52aBishop Dunne Catholic
3.11Zachary Winger10:35.55aBethesda Christian
4.9Trevor Berkowitz10:48.19aTrinity Valley
5.9Vishal Gokani10:48.83aSt Marks Of Texas
6.10Jacob Benavides10:58.54aBishop Dunne Catholic
7.9Jacob Beaver10:59.49aBethesda Christian
8.10Christian Cruz11:03.41aN Richland Hills Ric...
9.10Mark Knackstedt11:11.08aUplift North Hills
10.11Jared Cline11:34.49aTrinity Valley
11.12Eric Graffy11:36.96aSt Marks Of Texas
11Victor GallardoDNSFt Worth North Side
12Luis GomezDNSFt Worth North Side
11Steven PierceDNSN Richland Hills Ric...
9Jamie ArenasDNSFt Worth North Side
X 3200 Meters - Silver - Finals
1.9Dean Addy11:16.76aSt Marks Of Texas
2.10Garrett Alexander11:18.58aGrace Prep
3.10Zack Herd11:48.46aN Richland Hills Ric...
4.9Robert He11:52.01aSt Marks Of Texas
5.9Ryan Hunt12:20.08aFort Worth Country Day
6.9Tucker Freeland12:36.11aCovenant Classical
7.9Ben Mosley12:43.03aGrace Prep
8.12Travis Haile12:50.02aTrinity Valley
9.9Timothy Clifford13:10.34aNorthstar
10.9K. Welch13:30.70aN Richland Hills Ric...
11.10Andrew Estes13:46.00aGrace Prep
12.9James Mahler14:02.22aBethesda Christian
13.12Kendall Johnson15:09.42aThe Fulton
14.12Tyler Johnson16:16.57aThe Fulton
11Stewart DrahiemDNSThe Fulton
10Daniel CorleyDNSCovenant Classical
9Luis RodriquezDNSFt Worth North Side
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Gold - Finals
1.11Muhummad Benson15.14aOakridge
2.10Aaron Beck15.32aOakridge
3.10Bryce Holcomb15.46aSt Marks Of Texas
4.10Kendrick Spraglin15.67aSt Marks Of Texas
5.12Daymond Gardner15.74aBishop Dunne Catholic
6.12Gus Blessing16.82aSt Marks Of Texas
7.11Mitchell Hardee17.81aN Richland Hills Ric...
10Rudy DelgadoDNSN Richland Hills Ric...
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Silver - Finals
1.9Brandon Mathews16.81aN Richland Hills Ric...
2.10Harrison Hewitt17.51aSt Marks Of Texas
3.9Andrew Rolf18.99aN Richland Hills Ric...
4.9Krishna Tiwari20.48aTrinity Valley
5.9Ben Johnston21.08aSouthwest Christian ...
12Ethan CoonceDNSFellowship Academy
12Rohit BachalDNSUplift North Hills
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Gold - Prelims
1.10Aaron Beck15.45aOakridge
2.11Muhummad Benson15.47aOakridge
3.10Kendrick Spraglin15.51aSt Marks Of Texas
4.10Bryce Holcomb15.60aSt Marks Of Texas
5.12Daymond Gardner16.37aBishop Dunne Catholic
6.12Gus Blessing16.53aSt Marks Of Texas
7.10Rudy Delgado16.75aN Richland Hills Ric...
8.11Mitchell Hardee17.93aN Richland Hills Ric...
9.11Nick Tomerlin17.94aN Richland Hills Ric...
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Silver - Prelims
1.9Brandon Mathews17.12aN Richland Hills Ric...
2.10Harrison Hewitt17.69aSt Marks Of Texas
3.12Ethan Coonce19.12aFellowship Academy
4.9Andrew Rolf19.50aN Richland Hills Ric...
5.9Krishna Tiwari21.01aTrinity Valley
6.9Ben Johnston21.40aSouthwest Christian ...
7.12Rohit Bachal22.25aUplift North Hills
10Spencer CarrollDNFUplift North Hills
11Lee HernandezDNSFt Worth North Side
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Gold - Finals
1.10Bryce Holcomb42.96aSt Marks Of Texas
2.11Muhummad Benson43.61aOakridge
3.12Trae Todd43.65aOakridge
4.10Aaron Beck45.00aOakridge
5.10Kendrick Spraglin45.37aSt Marks Of Texas
6.12Gus Blessing45.52aSt Marks Of Texas
7.10Harrison Hewitt46.67aSt Marks Of Texas
11Nick TomerlinDNSN Richland Hills Ric...
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Silver - Finals
1.9Brandon Mathews48.83aN Richland Hills Ric...
2.10Bobby Stroup49.05aSouthwest Christian ...
3.9Andrew Rolf54.44aN Richland Hills Ric...
4.9Krishna Tiwari55.84aTrinity Valley
5.9Stephen Arnold56.34aHSA (Home School Ath...
6.9Ben Johnston56.42aSouthwest Christian ...
10Austin JettDNSWaxahachie Prep
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Gold - Prelims
1.10Bryce Holcomb41.81aSt Marks Of Texas
2.12Trae Todd43.01aOakridge
3.10Aaron Beck43.36aOakridge
4.11Muhummad Benson43.50aOakridge
5.10Kendrick Spraglin43.84aSt Marks Of Texas
6.12Gus Blessing44.18aSt Marks Of Texas
7.10Harrison Hewitt45.37aSt Marks Of Texas
8.11Nick Tomerlin47.09aN Richland Hills Ric...
9.11Mitchell Hardee47.42aN Richland Hills Ric...
10.11Zach Conner47.93aTrinity Valley
11.9John Factor48.70aTrinity Valley
12.12Daymond Gardner53.42aBishop Dunne Catholic
10Rudy DelgadoDNSN Richland Hills Ric...
11Jake MillerDNSSouthwest Christian ...
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Silver - Prelims
1.9Brandon Mathews48.17aN Richland Hills Ric...
2.10Bobby Stroup48.29aSouthwest Christian ...
3.10Austin Jett52.05aWaxahachie Prep
4.9Andrew Rolf53.77aN Richland Hills Ric...
5.9Krishna Tiwari54.14aTrinity Valley
6.9Stephen Arnold55.40aHSA (Home School Ath...
7.9Ben Johnston56.58aSouthwest Christian ...
12Rohit BachalDNSUplift North Hills
11Lee HernandezDNSFt Worth North Side
X 4x100 Relay - Gold - Finals
1.-Relay Team 44.63aBishop Dunne Catholic
-Relay Team 45.57aOakridge
2.-Relay Team 46.47aOakridge
3.-Relay Team 49.27aTrinity Valley
-Relay Team DNSN Richland Hills Ric...
-Relay Team DNSFellowship Academy
-Relay Team DNSWeatherford Christian
X 4x100 Relay - Silver - Finals
1.-Relay Team 47.37aN Richland Hills Ric...
2.-Relay Team 48.83aSouthwest Christian ...
3.-Relay Team 55.07aTrinity Valley
-Relay Team DNSUplift North Hills
-Relay Team DNSThe Fulton
X 4x100 Relay - Gold - Prelims
1.-Thomas Cook Jr
Kwatavious Jones
Eric Jackson II
Jordan Epps
45.13aBishop Dunne Catholic
2.-Brandon Selenas
Christian Taylor
Tyrell Strickland
Ken Richardson
46.13aN Richland Hills Ric...
3.-Jacob Johnson
Grant Hardaway
Jesse Milburn
Josh Mozley
47.03aFellowship Academy
4.-Calvin Garrett
Muhummad Benson
Nathaniel Plemons
Trae Todd
5.-Travis Cornett
Travis Miles
Jonas Lee
Austin Henyon
49.03aTrinity Valley
6.-Jake Bomar
Patrick Binzer
Denver Gravitt
Corey Boone
49.80aWeatherford Christian
-Brandall Bell
Josh Atkinson
Aaron Beck
Brodrick Umblance
-Jonathon Hayden
Kyle Adams
Jordan Williams
Zarick Cervantes
DNSLake Country Christian
X 4x100 Relay - Silver - Prelims
1.-Chance Bowmen
Sean Pruitt
Sebastian Taylor
Heiu Thai
47.09aN Richland Hills Ric...
2.-Hasan Rabah
Dylan Leverett
Hayden Leverett
Daniel Block
48.48aThe Fulton
3.-Danny Gasparovic
Julian Howard
Jonathan King
Jerald Rogers
49.15aSouthwest Christian ...
4.-Rohit Bachal
Jonathan Tran
Ayed Al Dossari
Asad Jiwani
50.53aUplift North Hills
5.-Jackson Bogle
John Factor
Michael Morrell
Krishna Tiwari
54.04aTrinity Valley
X 4x200 Relay - Gold - Finals
1.-Thomas Cook Jr
Kwatavious Jones
Jordan Epps
Braelon Roberts
1:33.57aBishop Dunne Catholic
2.-Christian Taylor
Brandon Selenas
Tyrell Strickland
Kumani Armstead
1:37.54aN Richland Hills Ric...
3.-Cameron Krc
Jake Miller
Charles Mott
Bruce Smith
1:40.11aSouthwest Christian ...
4.-Hasan Rabah
Dylan Leverett
Hayden Leverett
Daniel Block
1:41.76aThe Fulton
5.-Ethan Coonce
Tyler Brady
Josh Mozley
Tanner Oldenburgh
1:43.58aFellowship Academy
6.-Jake Bomar
Denver Gravitt
Patrick Binzer
Corey Boone
1:44.11aWeatherford Christian
7.-Austin Henyon
Jackson Bogle
Zach Conner
Jonas Lee
1:47.13aTrinity Valley
-Xavier Phillips
Xavien Jackson
Charlie Reid
Brian Vaughn
DNSAll Saints Episcopal
X 4x400 Relay - Gold - Finals
1.-Trae Todd
Sean Davidson
Brandall Bell
Erik Jacobs
2.-Thomas Cook Jr
Daymond Gardner
Collin Horner
Braelon Roberts
3:42.65aBishop Dunne Catholic
3.-Charles Mott
Danny Gasparovic
Alex Keefer
Cameron Krc
3:44.85aSouthwest Christian ...
4.-Colin English
Wm Thomas
David Villilobos
George Cuadra
3:45.10aN Richland Hills Ric...
5.-Vinni Guerrero
Travis Cornett
Samuel Murphy
Jason Cline
3:49.54aTrinity Valley
6.-Calvin Garrett
John Barulich
Muhummad Benson
Aaron Beck
X 4x400 Relay - Silver - Finals
1.-Gabe Diaz
Ryan Suggs
Mike Guadagnoli
Christin Cuadra
3:59.00aN Richland Hills Ric...
2.-Andrew Fitch
Zach Stryker
Matthew Kirby
Jonathan Kurth
4:01.75aBethesda Christian
3.-Corbin Thomas
Jonathan King
Vince Evans
Matthew Michener
4:06.85aSouthwest Christian ...
-Michael Cannaday
Shashank Kalanith
Antonio Castillo
John Kulik
DNSUplift North Hills
X 4x800 Relay - Gold - Finals
1.-John Barulich
Sean Davidson
Tyler Ford
Erik Jacobs
2.-Jeremy Roberson
Gabe Diaz
Chris Wallace
Christian Cruz
8:55.12aN Richland Hills Ric...
3.-Trevor Berkowitz
Jason Cline
Samuel Murphy
Daniel Fauber
9:00.36aTrinity Valley
4.-Christian Sandoval
Andrew Martinez
Nick Ramirez
Jacob Benavides
9:45.29aBishop Dunne Catholic
5.-Garrett Alexander
Nathan Allen
Ben Mosley
Daniel Fennig
9:59.91aGrace Prep
6.-AJ Knickerbocker
Tim Clifford
Thomas Stauffer
Ryan Klenzendorf
X Shot Put - 12lb - Gold - Finals
1.9Victor Calvillo48-03.25St Marks Of Texas
2.12Reese Cannady45-04.25St Marks Of Texas
3.12Scott Schriber43-11.50N Richland Hills Ric...
4.11Sam Box43-04.75St Marks Of Texas
5.10Deven Gray40-11.25All Saints Episcopal
6.12Krisha Babber37-02.00N Richland Hills Ric...
7.9Sami Zeqiraj35-04.25N Richland Hills Ric...
11Jared McCluskeyDNSLake Country Christian
11Chase BoenkerDNSLake Country Christian
11Chris MedinaDNSLake Country Christian
X Shot Put - 12lb - Silver - Finals
1.11Jacob Flores43'03.00Grace Prep
2.9Charlie Flores40'10.00Grace Prep
1.9Demetrius Knox39-00.00All Saints Episcopal
2.11TJ Lovell38-09.00Bethesda Christian
3.11Rowland Pettit38-04.00Trinity Valley
4.10Carson Ware37-06.00Trinity Valley
5.10Lukas Groves37-03.00Oakridge
6.9Canon Maki36-10.50All Saints Episcopal
7.12Jordan Harris36-05.00Bishop Dunne Catholic
8.12Matthew Galvan35-04.00Bishop Dunne Catholic
9.10Matt Pebworth34-08.50N Richland Hills Ric...
10.12Brendon Monreal34-04.00Fellowship Academy
11.9John Callaway34-03.00Fort Worth Country Day
12.12Eric Jackson II33-08.00Bishop Dunne Catholic
13.10Adam Barrera32-03.00Southwest Christian ...
14.10Rick Ortiz31-08.00N Richland Hills Ric...
15.10Paul Gudmundsson31-03.00St Marks Of Texas
16.12Brett Steffen30-06.00The Fulton
17.10Mason Hooser29-11.00Fellowship Academy
18.11Zach Dempsey29-10.00Weatherford Christian
19.9Brad Horner28-09.50Grace Prep
20.11Drew Ortiz28-00.00Bethesda Christian
21.9Cris Palencia27-06.00Bethesda Christian
22.9Austin Shaffer27-05.50Oakridge
23.10Grant Johnson26-11.00Oakridge
24.10Caleb Vasquez25-00.00Calvary
25.9David Block23-00.00The Fulton
26.10Aaron Davis20-04.00Southwest Christian ...
9Zachary HarlleeDNSLake Country Christian
11Jack BentleDNSLake Country Christian
10Dillon WoodDNSLake Country Christian
11Miles WilsonDNSOakridge
9Jose LunaDNSUplift North Hills
9Tanner MossDNSN Richland Hills Ric...
11Grahme BorchardtDNSAll Saints Episcopal
10Jeremy CarrollDNSSouthwest Christian ...
11Tim BorgenDNSThe Fulton
X Discus - 1.6kg - Gold - Finals
1.11TJ Lovell152-08Bethesda Christian
2.12Reese Cannady137-11St Marks Of Texas
3.10Kody Young136-05Southwest Christian ...
4.9Victor Calvillo130-08St Marks Of Texas
5.11Wyatt Wilson123-00N Richland Hills Ric...
6.12Scott Schriber116-10N Richland Hills Ric...
7.10Deven Gray111-09All Saints Episcopal
8.12Tyler Brady109-10Fellowship Academy
9.9Sami Zeqiraj91-09N Richland Hills Ric...
11Jared McCluskeyDNSLake Country Christian
11Chris MedinaDNSLake Country Christian
X Discus - 1.6kg - Silver - Finals
1.11Jacob Flores133'09Grace Prep
2.9Charlie Flores117'03Grace Prep
1.10Rick Ortiz99-11N Richland Hills Ric...
2.9Canon Maki99-09All Saints Episcopal
3.11Drew Ortiz95-02Bethesda Christian
4.10Paul Gudmundsson91-08St Marks Of Texas
5.11Rowland Pettit90-01Trinity Valley
6.10Lucas D'Agostino89-11Oakridge
7.10Trevor Wright88-11All Saints Episcopal
8.10Dave Smith87-02N Richland Hills Ric...
9.10Adam Barrera85-03Southwest Christian ...
10.12Jordan Harris84-01Bishop Dunne Catholic
10.10Austin Henyon84-01Trinity Valley
12.10Walker Dyess78-05All Saints Episcopal
13.10Carson Ware77-09Trinity Valley
14.9Denver Gravitt76-09Weatherford Christian
15.9Stephen Johnson75-01Oakridge
16.9Cris Palencia74-02Bethesda Christian
17.10Lukas Groves73-11Oakridge
17.11Zach Dempsey73-11Weatherford Christian
19.12Brett Steffen73-10The Fulton
20.12Brendon Monreal73-09Fellowship Academy
21.9Brad Horner72-10Grace Prep
22.12Colby Forshee72-04Bishop Dunne Catholic
23.9Krishna Tiwari69-11Trinity Valley
24.9John Callaway69-01Fort Worth Country Day
25.10Mason Hooser68-05Fellowship Academy
26.12Matthew Galvan67-01Bishop Dunne Catholic
27.10John Briggs65-07Bethesda Christian
28.9David Block63-06The Fulton
29.10Aaron Davis55-02Southwest Christian ...
11Jack BentleDNSLake Country Christian
10Dillon WoodDNSLake Country Christian
9Zachary HarlleeDNSLake Country Christian
9Jose LunaDNSUplift North Hills
9Tanner MossDNSN Richland Hills Ric...
10Jeremy CarrollDNSSouthwest Christian ...
11Tim BorgenDNSThe Fulton
11Matt ScarboroughDNSOakridge
X High Jump - Gold - Finals
1.11Muhummad Benson6-00.00Oakridge
2.12Daymond Gardner6-00.00Bishop Dunne Catholic
3.10Bryce Holcomb5-10.00St Marks Of Texas
4.10Kendrick Spraglin5-06.00St Marks Of Texas
4.10Kumani Armstead5-06.00N Richland Hills Ric...
4.11Josh Atkinson5-06.00Oakridge
11Jerimiah TshamingaDNSN Richland Hills Ric...
12Tyrell StricklandDNSN Richland Hills Ric...
10Aaron BeckNHOakridge
11James PeguesDNSOakridge
X High Jump - Silver - Finals
1.12Alex Reeb5-06.00Fort Worth Country Day
2.10Daniel Corley5-04.00Covenant Classical
3.10Chris Ransom4-08.00Southwest Christian ...
4.11AJ Knickerbocker4-08.00Northstar
5.10Lane Watson4-06.00HSA (Home School Ath...
6.9Stephen Arnold4-06.00HSA (Home School Ath...
7.11Thomas Stauffer4-04.00Northstar
10Vince EvansDNSSouthwest Christian ...
9Harrison MillerDNSLake Country Christian
10Travis MilesDNSTrinity Valley
10Julian HowardDNSSouthwest Christian ...
10Tyler GurleyDNSWaxahachie Prep
12Ryan SuggsDNSN Richland Hills Ric...
9Ryan LebaronDNSN Richland Hills Ric...
X Pole Vault - Gold - Finals
1.9Clinton Harlin10-06.00Fort Worth Country Day
12Travis CornettNHTrinity Valley
11Cooper TownsleyDNSOakridge
X Pole Vault - Silver - Finals
1.10Justin Hawthorne10-00.00Bishop Dunne Catholic
2.9Jackson Bogle8-00.00Trinity Valley
10Ryan HaynesDNSN Richland Hills Ric...
9Justin ClarkDNSN Richland Hills Ric...
X Long Jump - Gold - Finals
1.10Bryce Holcomb20-07.00St Marks Of Texas
2.11Thomas Cook Jr.20-03.50Bishop Dunne Catholic
3.10Justin Hawthorne19-09.00Bishop Dunne Catholic
4.11Josh Atkinson19-07.00Oakridge
5.10Kendrick Spraglin18-09.50St Marks Of Texas
6.10Corbin Thomas18-08.00Southwest Christian ...
7.10Sean Pruitt18-06.00N Richland Hills Ric...
7.10Travis Miles18-06.00Trinity Valley
9.12Pat Evans18-00.50N Richland Hills Ric...
10.9Zach Haynes18-00.00Bishop Dunne Catholic
9Jonas LeeDNSTrinity Valley
11Zarick CervantesDNSLake Country Christian
11Cody SixkillerDNSSt Marks Of Texas
11Stephen GonalesDNSFt Worth North Side
12Samuel MurphyDNSTrinity Valley
X Long Jump - Silver - Finals
1.10Tyler Gurley19-00.00Waxahachie Prep
2.9Brodrick Umblance18-06.00Oakridge
3.11Zach Stryker16-08.00Bethesda Christian
4.9Patrick Binzer16-07.00Weatherford Christian
5.9Jalen Gowans16-04.00Bishop Dunne Catholic
5.10Andrew Fitch16-04.00Bethesda Christian
7.9Hayden Leverett16-02.00The Fulton
8.9Corey Boone15-08.00Weatherford Christian
9.10Lane Watson15-06.00HSA (Home School Ath...
10.11AJ Knickerbocker15-04.00Northstar
11.12Matthew West14-11.00Calvary
12.10Estabean Zagal14-09.00Ft Worth North Side
12.10Micah Benson14-09.00HSA (Home School Ath...
14.9Stephen Arnold13-11.00HSA (Home School Ath...
15.10Jesus Riera13-09.00Ft Worth North Side
16.10Daniel Block11-03.00The Fulton
11Tanner OldenburghDNSFellowship Academy
11Jacob JohnsonDNSFellowship Academy
12Wesley EdwardsFOULCalvary
10Martin RuedaDNSCalvary
12Jonathan KurthDNSBethesda Christian
11Michael ReichertDNSHarvest Christian
10Sebastian TaylorDNSN Richland Hills Ric...
9Jordon WhitfieldDNSN Richland Hills Ric...
10Shashank KalanithDNSUplift North Hills
10Austin JettDNSWaxahachie Prep
10Nathaniel PlemonsFOULOakridge
12Hasan RabahFOULThe Fulton
12Trae ToddDNSOakridge
9Caleb PenkertDNSLake Country Christian
9Erik AckleyDNSLake Country Christian
10Vince EvansDNSSouthwest Christian ...
10Jose JurezFOULFt Worth North Side
X Triple Jump - Gold - Finals
1.10Kendrick Spraglin43-09.00St Marks Of Texas
2.10Bryce Holcomb43-02.50St Marks Of Texas
3.11Thomas Cook Jr.41-00.00Bishop Dunne Catholic
4.12Pat Evans40-02.00N Richland Hills Ric...
5.10Justin Hawthorne39-01.00Bishop Dunne Catholic
6.10Sean Pruitt38-04.00N Richland Hills Ric...
7.10Aaron Beck36-06.00Oakridge
8.9John Factor34-09.50Trinity Valley
X Triple Jump - Silver - Finals
1.12Dylan Leverett41-04.50The Fulton
2.10Daniel Corley38-05.00Covenant Classical
3.9Zach Haynes38-02.00Bishop Dunne Catholic
4.11Charlie Garcia37-01.00St Marks Of Texas
5.9Dominic Whitfield36-01.00N Richland Hills Ric...
6.11Skylar Hotze35-11.00N Richland Hills Ric...
7.9Hayden Leverett34-11.00The Fulton
8.11David Hopkins34-10.00Bethesda Christian
9.10Sebastian Taylor34-05.00N Richland Hills Ric...
9.9Jalen Gowans34-05.00Bishop Dunne Catholic
11.11Calvin Garrett33-08.00Oakridge
12.11AJ Knickerbocker33-00.00Northstar
13.12Jonathan Kurth32-01.50Bethesda Christian
14.9Stephen Arnold31-04.00HSA (Home School Ath...
15.11Ryan Klenzendorf31-01.00Northstar
16.9Timothy Clifford31-00.00Northstar
9Erik AckleyDNSLake Country Christian

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Gold - Finals
1.11Tierra Joiner12.51aFt Worth North Side
2.11Shelby Sanders12.75aBishop Dunne Catholic
3.10Kym Young12.76aN Richland Hills Ric...
4.10Jordan Duggan12.80aOakridge
5.10Isabella Williams12.83aAll Saints Episcopal
6.10Natalie Williams13.21aUrsuline Academy
7.12Joy Woods13.38aCalvary
9Faith SmithDNSN Richland Hills Ric...
X 100 Meters - Silver - Finals
1.10Bria Burciaga13.69aUrsuline Academy
2.10Mattie Rhodes13.81aFellowship Academy
3.9Nidia Carrasco13.97aFt Worth North Side
4.12Emily Benson14.02aHSA (Home School Ath...
5.9Jamilah Felix14.12aHarvest Christian
6.9Mandy Clyde14.24aGrace Prep
7.11Ashley Williams14.57aN Richland Hills Ric...
9Lydia PiferDNSN Richland Hills Ric...
X 100 Meters - Gold - Prelims
1.11Shelby Sanders12.69aBishop Dunne Catholic
2.10Kym Young12.76aN Richland Hills Ric...
3.10Jordan Duggan12.80aOakridge
4.11Tierra Joiner12.83aFt Worth North Side
5.10Isabella Williams13.08aAll Saints Episcopal
6.9Faith Smith13.14aN Richland Hills Ric...
6.10Natalie Williams13.14aUrsuline Academy
8.12Joy Woods13.23aCalvary
9.11Missy Bush13.34aSouthwest Christian ...
10.12Brittney Luckey13.36aN Richland Hills Ric...
11.10Megan Gardner13.38aN Richland Hills Ric...
12.10Faith Dickerson13.39aCalvary
13.12Briana Collins13.49aUrsuline Academy
14.12Ali Johnson13.52aUrsuline Academy
15.11Lauren Bowers13.53aOakridge
16.9Katherine Allen13.66aUrsuline Academy
17.11Jordan Warren13.68aWeatherford Christian
18.11Maria Curiel13.70aBishop Dunne Catholic
19.11Chelsea Crawford13.95aWeatherford Christian
20.10Toure Manning13.96aHarvest Christian
21.10Hannah Morrow14.27aTrinity Valley
22.10Caitlyn Yorek14.53aLake Country Christian
23.10Sophie Hoch15.12aTrinity Valley
24.9Brenna Sheridan15.23aLake Country Christian
9Alexis McCollumDNSLake Country Christian
11Rachel HaileDNSTrinity Valley
X 100 Meters - Silver - Prelims
1.10Mattie Rhodes13.71aFellowship Academy
2.10Bria Burciaga13.74aUrsuline Academy
3.9Lydia Pifer13.83aN Richland Hills Ric...
4.9Nidia Carrasco13.89aFt Worth North Side
5.9Mandy Clyde13.96aGrace Prep
6.12Emily Benson14.04aHSA (Home School Ath...
7.9Jamilah Felix14.08aHarvest Christian
8.11Ashley Williams14.28aN Richland Hills Ric...
9.11Halley King14.31aFellowship Academy
10.10Shelby Valle14.38aFellowship Academy
11.9Hannah Beethe14.48aSouthwest Christian ...
12.9Kennedy Combs14.50aWeatherford Christian
13.9Marie Claire Wharton14.56aUplift North Hills
13.10Paulette Zapata14.56aFt Worth North Side
15.10Sarah Tipping14.59aTrinity Valley
16.10Sara Gomez14.63aFt Worth North Side
17.11Danica Brooks14.68aFellowship Academy
18.10Savana Dodson14.70aLake Country Christian
19.10Danielle Goodman14.72aGrace Prep
20.9Noemi Lara Perez14.73aUplift North Hills
21.9Emily Blake14.76aSouthwest Christian ...
22.9Kristina Parent-Brito14.80aUplift North Hills
23.9Caroline Settle14.89aOakridge
24.10Nellie Ficke15.10aSouthwest Christian ...
25.10Cassie McNeal15.15aN Richland Hills Ric...
26.9Anne Claire Cosby15.51aTrinity Valley
27.10Lizzie Shults15.54aTrinity Valley
28.9Alara Stuckey15.56aTrinity Valley
29.11Vanessa Hatcher15.69aN Richland Hills Ric...
30.10Ashanti Smith15.75aThe Fulton
31.9Sloane Mulroy16.69aTrinity Valley
32.9Abby Wilson16.84aThe Fulton
10Mia CookDNSN Richland Hills Ric...
9Bethany NeymeyerDNSHarvest Christian
10Jessica DornakDNSLake Country Christian
9Maddie SmithDNSLake Country Christian
X 200 Meters - Gold - Finals
1.10Bekah Brouse26.50aN Richland Hills Ric...
2.11Tierra Joiner26.52aFt Worth North Side
3.11Shelby Sanders27.00aBishop Dunne Catholic
4.10Jordan Duggan27.04aOakridge
5.10Faith Dickerson27.64aCalvary
6.12Pearlene Cheah27.65aTrinity Valley
7.9Faith Smith27.94aN Richland Hills Ric...
8.10Chrissy Madsen27.97aUrsuline Academy
X 200 Meters - Silver - Finals
1.11Lauren Bowers28.47aOakridge
2.9Rachel Guess28.63aGrace Prep
3.10Annika Morgado28.65aUrsuline Academy
4.9Nidia Carrasco28.83aFt Worth North Side
5.11Sarah Caty Cochrum29.27aTrinity Valley
6.12Emily Benson29.30aHSA (Home School Ath...
7.10Mattie Rhodes29.33aFellowship Academy
11Alexa EdwardsDNSUplift North Hills
X 200 Meters - Gold - Prelims
1.11Tierra Joiner26.53aFt Worth North Side
2.10Bekah Brouse26.99aN Richland Hills Ric...
3.10Jordan Duggan27.05aOakridge
4.11Shelby Sanders27.45aBishop Dunne Catholic
5.10Chrissy Madsen27.60aUrsuline Academy
6.12Pearlene Cheah27.61aTrinity Valley
7.10Faith Dickerson28.24aCalvary
8.9Faith Smith28.28aN Richland Hills Ric...
9.11Maria Curiel28.45aBishop Dunne Catholic
10.11Jordan Warren28.80aWeatherford Christian
11.10Natalie Williams29.09aUrsuline Academy
12.9Alexis McCollum30.00aLake Country Christian
13.10Hannah Morrow31.07aTrinity Valley
9Maddie SmithDNSLake Country Christian
9Brenna SheridanDNSLake Country Christian
9Sydney BrockDNSN Richland Hills Ric...
10Megan GardnerNTN Richland Hills Ric...
10Toure ManningDNSHarvest Christian
10Caitlyn YorekNTLake Country Christian
12Emily SmithNTAll Saints Episcopal
12Ali JohnsonNTUrsuline Academy
11Hallie PirozzoDNSWaxahachie Prep
X 200 Meters - Silver - Prelims
1.11Lauren Bowers28.54aOakridge
2.9Rachel Guess28.80aGrace Prep
3.11Alexa Edwards29.02aUplift North Hills
4.9Nidia Carrasco29.07aFt Worth North Side
5.10Mattie Rhodes29.36aFellowship Academy
6.10Annika Morgado29.46aUrsuline Academy
7.11Sarah Caty Cochrum29.73aTrinity Valley
8.12Emily Benson29.98aHSA (Home School Ath...
9.9Lydia Pifer30.02aN Richland Hills Ric...
10.11Victoria Agogo30.13aFt Worth North Side
11.10Chelsea Cook30.21aWeatherford Christian
12.9Jamilah Felix30.37aHarvest Christian
13.10Samantha Ferraro30.40aGrace Prep
14.10Lindsey Boldon30.68aBishop Dunne Catholic
15.10Shelby Valle30.71aFellowship Academy
16.10Katy Nash30.81aUrsuline Academy
17.11Halley King31.00aFellowship Academy
18.9Kennedy Combs31.30aWeatherford Christian
19.9Noemi Lara Perez31.60aUplift North Hills
20.11Ashley Williams31.64aN Richland Hills Ric...
21.10Nellie Ficke31.74aSouthwest Christian ...
22.11Madeline Baker31.89aNorthstar
23.11Danica Brooks32.18aFellowship Academy
24.9Anne Claire Cosby32.79aTrinity Valley
25.9Bethany Neymeyer32.87aHarvest Christian
26.11Chelsea Slater33.75aN Richland Hills Ric...
27.10Sophie Hoch33.87aTrinity Valley
28.9Pamela Ruz33.89aUplift North Hills
29.10Mia Cook33.92aN Richland Hills Ric...
30.10Ashanti Smith35.66aThe Fulton
31.9Sloane Mulroy35.94aTrinity Valley
32.9Kushboo Panjwani36.22aUplift North Hills
33.10Lulu Wilson37.18aThe Fulton
34.9Abby Wilson38.08aThe Fulton
9Caroline SettleDNSOakridge
9Marie Claire WhartonDNSUplift North Hills
9Erin VanMeterNTGrace Prep
9Alara StuckeyNTTrinity Valley
10Paulette ZapataNTFt Worth North Side
9Makia TaylorNTN Richland Hills Ric...
10Alex ThorpDNSLake Country Christian
9Annie GeislerDNSLake Country Christian
X 400 Meters - Gold - Finals
1.10Bekah Brouse60.84aN Richland Hills Ric...
2.12Pearlene Cheah62.10aTrinity Valley
3.12Ashlei Fong-Kutchins63.80aOakridge
4.10Gianna Redeemer64.46aOakridge
5.9Bunmi Solano64.76aOakridge
6.9Lauren Younger65.62aUrsuline Academy
7.11Missy Bush66.16aSouthwest Christian ...
8.9Dani Shewmake68.38aTrinity Valley
X 400 Meters - Silver - Finals
1.12Joy Woods66.20aCalvary
2.9Omoa Riera68.59aFt Worth North Side
3.11Chelsea Crawford72.01aWeatherford Christian
4.10Samantha Ferraro73.08aGrace Prep
5.9Janet Gonzales74.73aFt Worth North Side
6.10Courtney West76.46aCalvary
7.10Noemi Payta77.32aFt Worth North Side
8.10Jacqueline Young78.65aLake Country Christian
X 400 Meters - Gold - Prelims
1.10Bekah Brouse63.61aN Richland Hills Ric...
2.12Pearlene Cheah63.63aTrinity Valley
3.11Missy Bush64.29aSouthwest Christian ...
4.9Lauren Younger65.08aUrsuline Academy
5.9Bunmi Solano65.18aOakridge
6.10Gianna Redeemer65.22aOakridge
7.9Dani Shewmake65.98aTrinity Valley
8.12Ashlei Fong-Kutchins66.25aOakridge
9.9Julia King66.41aAll Saints Episcopal
10.9Maddi Stripling69.95aFort Worth Country Day
11.11Hallie Pirozzo70.37aWaxahachie Prep
12.10Caitlyn Yorek72.61aLake Country Christian
13.12Nicole Wansing77.74aLake Country Christian
14.10Megan Maynard1:20.69aLake Country Christian
X 400 Meters - Silver - Prelims
1.12Joy Woods64.05aCalvary
2.9Omoa Riera67.77aFt Worth North Side
3.11Chelsea Crawford71.07aWeatherford Christian
4.10Courtney West71.08aCalvary
5.10Jacqueline Young71.47aLake Country Christian
6.10Noemi Payta71.64aFt Worth North Side
7.9Janet Gonzales72.48aFt Worth North Side
8.10Samantha Ferraro72.57aGrace Prep
9.11Alexa Edwards72.77aUplift North Hills
10.12Emily Benson74.01aHSA (Home School Ath...
11.9Emily Blake75.75aSouthwest Christian ...
12.11Madeline Baker75.98aNorthstar
13.9Kristina Parent-Brito76.35aUplift North Hills
14.9Breaih Allen76.79aSouthwest Christian ...
15.9Cheyenne Sartor77.76aWeatherford Christian
16.10Nellie Ficke77.93aSouthwest Christian ...
17.9Aliya Haq78.61aUplift North Hills
18.11Shelby Kreger79.95aThe Fulton
19.10Elizabeth Fargo1:20.45aSouthwest Christian ...
20.9Pamela Ruz1:20.97aUplift North Hills
21.10Bailey Burks1:21.57aWeatherford Christian
22.10Garner Grabowski1:22.40aGrace Prep
23.9Maddie Madill1:22.42aLake Country Christian
24.11Taylor McDaniel1:28.74aSouthwest Christian ...
25.10Taylor Hale1:32.72aThe Fulton
26.11Adrienne Downey1:33.80aUplift North Hills
27.10Ashanti Smith1:41.92aThe Fulton
12Jessica DickersonDNSFellowship Academy
11Amy LyleDNSFellowship Academy
9Alexis McCollumDNSLake Country Christian
X 800 Meters - Gold - Finals
1.9Rakel Barrientos2:33.71aBishop Dunne Catholic
2.9Lauren Younger2:34.22aUrsuline Academy
3.9Eliza Wagner2:35.42aFort Worth Country Day
4.10Kayla Jacobs2:38.88aOakridge
5.9Lauren Wagner2:40.51aFort Worth Country Day
6.10Caroline Cochran2:41.58aUrsuline Academy
7.12Alice Doyle2:42.30aUrsuline Academy
8.10Nallelie Macha2:43.40aBishop Dunne Catholic
9.9Shelbee Gilmore2:45.05aOakridge
10.9Tara Martinez2:48.25aOakridge
11.9Alynna Knaub2:54.81aSouthwest Christian ...
12.10Shekinah Sharpe3:16.07aAll Saints Episcopal
12Katelyn O'TooleDNSN Richland Hills Ric...
12Ana SegoviaDNSFt Worth North Side
11Malak Al DossariDNSUplift North Hills
X 800 Meters - Silver - Finals
1.9Maddi Stripling2:44.19aFort Worth Country Day
2.10Noemi Payta2:50.10aFt Worth North Side
3.11Adi Arredondo2:51.80aFt Worth North Side
4.11Mary Amelia Williamson2:54.89aTrinity Valley
5.11Josephine Manzano2:56.89aFt Worth North Side
6.9Grace Lewis3:02.71aOakridge
7.12Demi Desalvo3:03.30aUrsuline Academy
8.10Courtney West3:03.61aCalvary
9.10Elizabeth Fargo3:08.49aSouthwest Christian ...
10.10Meg Moran3:09.17aUrsuline Academy
11.9Cheyenne Sartor3:10.04aWeatherford Christian
12.11Amy Lyle3:11.32aFellowship Academy
13.9Tiffany Tran3:17.68aN Richland Hills Ric...
14.11Shelby Kreger3:22.85aThe Fulton
15.10Taylor Hale3:53.02aThe Fulton
16.11Taylor Gannon3:55.02aBethesda Christian
17.10Lulu Wilson4:02.68aThe Fulton
10Elizabeth AbshireDNSLake Country Christian
X 1600 Meters - Gold - Finals
1.10Natalie Miller6:00.65aUrsuline Academy
2.10Caroline Cochran6:01.96aUrsuline Academy
3.10Abby Holloway6:05.43aBethesda Christian
4.11Parker Ackerman6:08.50aEpiscopal School Of ...
5.12Alice Doyle6:12.26aUrsuline Academy
6.10Catherine Cochran6:27.41aUrsuline Academy
7.9Shelbee Gilmore6:38.64aOakridge
8.11Sarah Caty Cochrum8:01.57aTrinity Valley
12Ana SegoviaDNSFt Worth North Side
12Nicole WansingDNSLake Country Christian
12Katelyn O'TooleDNSN Richland Hills Ric...
10Stephanie RodriguezDNSFt Worth North Side
10Nallelie MachaDNSBishop Dunne Catholic
X 1600 Meters - Silver - Finals
1.9Margaret Neal6:27.32aGrace Prep
2.9Olivia Osterowski6:27.93aGrace Prep
3.12Demi Desalvo6:50.88aUrsuline Academy
4.9Alynna Knaub6:53.14aSouthwest Christian ...
5.9Haley Griffin7:02.48aBethesda Christian
6.11Ana Esquivel7:10.60aFt Worth North Side
7.9Grace Lewis7:12.22aOakridge
8.11Hallie Pirozzo7:17.56aWaxahachie Prep
9.11Quinn Ellison7:22.30aThe Fulton
10.11Taylor Gannon9:17.10aBethesda Christian
10Madison BrownDNSN Richland Hills Ric...
12Codie FradyDNSHarvest Christian
11Emma CrammDNSUplift North Hills
10Lindsey SmithDNSUplift North Hills
11Malak Al DossariDNSUplift North Hills
11Brenda DelaRosaDNSFt Worth North Side
X 3200 Meters - Gold - Finals
1.10Kennedi Henneberger11:51.56aUrsuline Academy
2.9Rakel Barrientos12:05.64aBishop Dunne Catholic
3.10Abby Holloway12:35.76aBethesda Christian
4.12Grace Meyer12:36.88aUrsuline Academy
5.11Allison Golden12:43.93aUrsuline Academy
6.10Natalie Miller12:58.15aUrsuline Academy
7.11Parker Ackerman13:24.61aEpiscopal School Of ...
8.10Julia Henry13:52.37aUrsuline Academy
9.10Elizabeth Fargo14:31.40aSouthwest Christian ...
X 3200 Meters - Silver - Finals
1.9Olivia Osterowski13:56.34aGrace Prep
2.11Emma Cramm14:48.43aUplift North Hills
3.11Quinn Ellison14:49.51aThe Fulton
4.12Codie Frady14:52.15aHarvest Christian
5.9Haley Griffin15:14.04aBethesda Christian
6.11Ana Esquivel15:41.77aFt Worth North Side
7.11Brenda DelaRosa15:43.00aFt Worth North Side
8.10Madison Brown16:06.56aN Richland Hills Ric...
9.11Allison Hunt16:48.89aFort Worth Country Day
10.10Stephanie Rodriguez17:06.21aFt Worth North Side
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Gold - Finals
1.12KK Maddox17.07aFort Worth Country Day
2.9Kendall Danley17.71aCovenant Classical
3.9Ellen Jacobs17.79aTrinity Valley
4.12Dusti Gasparovic18.59aSouthwest Christian ...
12Tiffany StarghillDNSBishop Dunne Catholic
11Mallori SmithDNSN Richland Hills Ric...
11Susannah PowellDNSUplift North Hills
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Silver - Finals
1.10Chelsea Cook18.21aWeatherford Christian
2.9Mandy Miller19.13aCovenant Classical
3.11Brandy Maltos19.73aFt Worth North Side
4.10Kathryn Lacey19.78aUrsuline Academy
5.9Breaih Allen20.90aSouthwest Christian ...
6.10Angela Adhikari21.68aWeatherford Christian
10Emma BrandeisDNSUrsuline Academy
11Jessica RolfDNSN Richland Hills Ric...
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Gold - Prelims
1.12Tiffany Starghill15.80aBishop Dunne Catholic
2.11Susannah Powell16.93aUplift North Hills
3.11Mallori Smith17.18aN Richland Hills Ric...
4.9Kendall Danley17.82aCovenant Classical
5.9Ellen Jacobs18.00aTrinity Valley
6.12KK Maddox18.22aFort Worth Country Day
7.12Dusti Gasparovic18.53aSouthwest Christian ...
10Michelle HaganDNSUrsuline Academy
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Silver - Prelims
1.11Jessica Rolf17.93aN Richland Hills Ric...
2.10Chelsea Cook18.53aWeatherford Christian
3.9Mandy Miller19.13aCovenant Classical
4.11Brandy Maltos19.61aFt Worth North Side
5.9Breaih Allen20.70aSouthwest Christian ...
6.10Kathryn Lacey20.71aUrsuline Academy
7.10Emma Brandeis22.07aUrsuline Academy
8.10Angela Adhikari23.05aWeatherford Christian
9.9Lexi Lewis26.42aTrinity Valley
9Jessica WyantDNSLake Country Christian
10Adyson MitchellDNSLake Country Christian
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Gold - Finals
1.10Michelle Hagan51.67aUrsuline Academy
2.12Dusti Gasparovic53.59aSouthwest Christian ...
3.11Mary Amelia Williamson55.31aTrinity Valley
4.9Mandy Miller57.79aCovenant Classical
10Kathryn LaceyDNSUrsuline Academy
11Susannah PowellDNSUplift North Hills
12Tiffany StarghillDNSBishop Dunne Catholic
11Mallori SmithDNSN Richland Hills Ric...
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Silver - Finals
1.11Brandy Maltos59.99aFt Worth North Side
2.9Haley Griffin61.44aBethesda Christian
3.10Angela Adhikari64.28aWeatherford Christian
4.9Lexi Lewis68.53aTrinity Valley
11Adrienne DowneyDNSUplift North Hills
10Emma BrandeisDNSUrsuline Academy
9Thea WilsonDNSAll Saints Episcopal
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Gold - Prelims
1.11Mallori Smith48.44aN Richland Hills Ric...
2.12Tiffany Starghill51.82aBishop Dunne Catholic
3.11Susannah Powell51.91aUplift North Hills
4.10Michelle Hagan51.94aUrsuline Academy
5.12Dusti Gasparovic52.79aSouthwest Christian ...
6.11Mary Amelia Williamson53.10aTrinity Valley
7.9Mandy Miller54.56aCovenant Classical
8.10Kathryn Lacey56.83aUrsuline Academy
12KK MaddoxDNSFort Worth Country Day
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Silver - Prelims
1.9Thea Wilson53.72aAll Saints Episcopal
2.11Brandy Maltos55.74aFt Worth North Side
3.9Haley Griffin58.17aBethesda Christian
4.10Angela Adhikari61.45aWeatherford Christian
5.10Emma Brandeis62.39aUrsuline Academy
6.9Lexi Lewis68.85aTrinity Valley
7.11Adrienne Downey73.33aUplift North Hills
9Breaih AllenDNSSouthwest Christian ...
12Sara MorganDNSLake Country Christian
11Kathleen ChiltonDNSAll Saints Episcopal
10Adyson MitchellDNSLake Country Christian
9Jessica WyantDNSLake Country Christian
X 4x100 Relay - Gold - Finals
1.-Relay Team 51.80aN Richland Hills Ric...
2.-Relay Team 52.94aUrsuline Academy
3.-Relay Team 52.99aOakridge
4.-Rachel Guess
Samantha Ferraro
Danielle Goodman
Jocie Morgan
57.84aGrace Prep
-Relay Team DNSAll Saints Episcopal
X 4x100 Relay - Silver - Finals
1.-Relay Team 55.58aUrsuline Academy
2.-Relay Team 55.98aWeatherford Christian
3.-Relay Team 56.55aTrinity Valley
4.-Relay Team 57.87aN Richland Hills Ric...
5.-Relay Team 58.02aOakridge
-Relay Team DNSUplift North Hills
-Relay Team DNSFellowship Academy
-Relay Team DNSHarvest Christian
X 4x100 Relay - Gold - Prelims
1.-Tamara Mejia
Katie McKenzie
Julie Kleberg
Isabella Williams
50.80aAll Saints Episcopal
2.-Sydney Brock
Brittney Luckey
Mallori Smith
Megan Gardner
51.67aN Richland Hills Ric...
3.-Ashlei Fong-Kutchins
Jordan Duggan
Gianna Redeemer
Bunmi Solano
4.-Briana Collins
Ayana McWoods
Natalie Williams
Katherine Allen
53.12aUrsuline Academy
5.-Rachel Guess
Samantha Ferraro
Danielle Goodman
Jocie Morgan
56.64aGrace Prep
X 4x100 Relay - Silver - Prelims
1.-Amanda Trevino
Megan Miller
Annika Morgado
Britney Sullivan
55.43aUrsuline Academy
2.-Angela Adhikari
Jordan Warren
Chelsea Cook
Chelsea Crawford
56.14aWeatherford Christian
3.-Chelsea Slater
Jessica Rolf
Ashley Williams
Lydia Pifer
57.18aN Richland Hills Ric...
4.-Relay Team 57.54aOakridge
5.-Toure Manning
Jamilah Felix
Rachel Lane
Bethany Neymeyer
58.01aHarvest Christian
6.-Mattie Rhodes
Shelby Valle
Halley King
Amy Lyle
58.26aFellowship Academy
7.-Shelby Donovan
Dani Shewmake
Hannah Morrow
Ellen Jacobs
59.65aTrinity Valley
8.-Noemi Lara Perez
Marie Claire Wharton
Pamela Ruz
Kristina Parent-Brito
60.13aUplift North Hills
9.-Jessica Dornak
Savana Dodson
Jacqueline Young
Maddie Smith
60.45aLake Country Christian
-Sloane Mulroy
Sophie Hoch
Lizzie Shults
Rachel Haile
DNSTrinity Valley
X 4x200 Relay - Gold - Finals
1.-Briana Collins
Ali Johnson
Katy Nash
Ayana McWoods
1:57.05aUrsuline Academy
2.-Amanda Trevino
Megan Miller
Britney Sullivan
Bria Burciaga
1:57.41aUrsuline Academy
3.-Pearlene Cheah
Rachel Haile
Ellen Jacobs
Shelby Donovan
1:58.07aTrinity Valley
4.-Mandy Clyde
Rachel Guess
Danielle Goodman
Jocie Morgan
1:59.66aGrace Prep
5.-Anne Claire Cosby
Lexi Lewis
Lizzie Shults
Alara Stuckey
2:13.69aTrinity Valley
6.-Quinn Ellison
Taylor Hale
Lulu Wilson
Shelby Kreger
2:27.54aThe Fulton
X 4x400 Relay - Gold - Finals
1.-Gianna Redeemer
Bunmi Solano
Jordan Duggan
Ashlei Fong-Kutchins
2.-Dusti Gasparovic
Alynna Knaubb
Taylor Hamstra
Missy Bush
4:42.87aSouthwest Christian ...
X 4x400 Relay - Silver - Finals
1.-Shelby Donovan
Dani Shewmake
Mary Amelia Williamson
Callie Hadobas
4:42.14aTrinity Valley
2.-Caroline Settle
Kayla Jacobs
Tara Martinez
Lauren Bowers
-Alice Doyle
Catherine Cochran
Caroline Cochran
Natalie Miller
DNSUrsuline Academy
X 4x800 Relay - Gold - Finals
1.-Lauren Younger
Kennedi Henneberger
Allison Golden
Grace Meyer
10:17.11aUrsuline Academy
2.-Kayla Jacobs
Tara Martinez
Mica Brown
Shelbee Gilmore
3.-Julia King
Shakinah Sharpe
Riley Smith
Katherine White
11:12.70aAll Saints Episcopal
4.-Catherine Cochran
Rachel Portner
Julia Henry
Michelle Hagan
11:34.96aUrsuline Academy
5.-Garner Grabowski
Margaret Neal
Erin VanMeter
Olivia Osterowski
12:44.05aGrace Prep
X Shot Put - 4kg - Gold - Finals
1.12Alyssa Wyre35-11.50Oakridge
2.12Ali Johnson32-02.50Ursuline Academy
3.12Jade Balogun31-06.25N Richland Hills Ric...
4.10Lindsey Boldon31-04.00Bishop Dunne Catholic
5.10Dreu Dixson30-11.00Bishop Dunne Catholic
6.11Taylor Craig30-07.25Oakridge
7.9McKenna Breedlove29-04.50Fort Worth Country Day
8.12April McCreary29-00.00Bethesda Christian
9.12Abby Kizer28-01.50Trinity Valley
10.12Merry Hodge27-05.75N Richland Hills Ric...
11.12Shelby Stripling27-00.00Fort Worth Country Day
12.10Taylor Talley26-11.25Southwest Christian ...
13.10Kensi Boenker24-02.50Lake Country Christian
14.12Stephanie Puga24-00.00Ft Worth North Side
15.12Abby Villagrama23-02.00Ft Worth North Side
16.10Savana Dodson22-10.75Lake Country Christian
17.9Katherine Rehor21-04.00Lake Country Christian
X Shot Put - 4kg - Silver - Finals
1.11Chelsea Crawford29-09.00Weatherford Christian
2.10Diana Meza25-08.00Ft Worth North Side
3.9Akeira Warner25-07.00Fort Worth Country Day
4.10Paulette Zapata25-03.00Ft Worth North Side
5.9Hannah Beethe24-10.00Southwest Christian ...
6.12Lizette Flores24'06.00Grace Prep
7.9Miranda Ziesman23'11.00Grace Prep
8.10Anna Lococo22-11.00All Saints Episcopal
9.11Danica Brooks22-05.00Fellowship Academy
10.10Madi Bass21-11.00Fort Worth Country Day
11.9Elle Hamstra21-10.00Southwest Christian ...
12.10Chloe Walker21-06.00Calvary
12.10Jordan Ferguson21-06.00N Richland Hills Ric...
14.10Dara Palencia21-05.00Bethesda Christian
14.10Stubbs Katlin21-05.00Bishop Dunne Catholic
16.9Iris Hernandez21-02.00Ft Worth North Side
17.9Margaret Neal20-07.00Grace Prep
11Tori McLaurinDNSSouthwest Christian ...
12Sara MorganDNSLake Country Christian
10Calee DillDNSLake Country Christian
X Discus - 1kg - Gold - Finals
1.12Alyssa Wyre113-10Oakridge
2.12Jade Balogun112-02N Richland Hills Ric...
3.12Brooke Daugerty99-02N Richland Hills Ric...
4.11Rachel McEuen99-00Oakridge
5.10Taylor Talley89-01Southwest Christian ...
6.9McKenna Breedlove87-03Fort Worth Country Day
7.12Shelby Stripling85-00Fort Worth Country Day
8.12Abby Kizer84-07Trinity Valley
9.12Connor Flatley84-06Ursuline Academy
10.10Dara Palencia80-09Bethesda Christian
11.12April McCreary78-00Bethesda Christian
12.12Ali Johnson77-03Ursuline Academy
13.11Taylor Craig77-01Oakridge
14.10Kensi Boenker59-10Lake Country Christian
15.9Katherine Rehor41-07Lake Country Christian
12Stephanie PugaSCRFt Worth North Side
X Discus - 1kg - Silver - Finals
1.9Cheyenne Neighbors79-03N Richland Hills Ric...
2.12Taylor Smith78-11Bethesda Christian
3.10Diana Meza70-09Ft Worth North Side
4.10Jordan Ferguson70-08N Richland Hills Ric...
5.10Dreu Dixson69-11Bishop Dunne Catholic
6.10Anna Lococo69-06All Saints Episcopal
7.12Lizette Flores68'06Grace Prep
8.9Miranda Ziesman62'02Grace Prep
9.9Iris Hernandez56-08Ft Worth North Side
10.9Hannah Beethe56-07Southwest Christian ...
11.9Margaret Neal55-09Grace Prep
12.10Elizabeth Abshire53-06Lake Country Christian
13.9Akeira Warner52-11Fort Worth Country Day
14.10Madi Bass48-09Fort Worth Country Day
15.10Stubbs Katlin39-10Bishop Dunne Catholic
11Rachel HaileDNSTrinity Valley
10Hannah MorrowDNSTrinity Valley
10Jacqueline YoungDNSLake Country Christian
10Calee DillDNSLake Country Christian
10Lindsey BoldonDNSBishop Dunne Catholic
9Rebekah LaneDNSHarvest Christian
X High Jump - Gold - Finals
1.10Chrissy Madsen4-10.00Ursuline Academy
2.9Charlotte Knowlton4-10.00Ursuline Academy
3.10Shekinah Sharpe4-08.00All Saints Episcopal
X High Jump - Silver - Finals
1.9Dani Shewmake4-06.00Trinity Valley
2.9Lydia Pifer4-04.00N Richland Hills Ric...
3.10Destiny Anamege4-04.00Oakridge
9Kendall DanleyNHCovenant Classical
9Mandy MillerDNSCovenant Classical
X Pole Vault - Gold - Finals
1.11Callie Hadobas10-06.00Trinity Valley
2.12Liz Vache8-06.00Ursuline Academy
10Megan GardnerDNSN Richland Hills Ric...
X Pole Vault - Silver - Finals
1.10Maggie Vache8-00.00Ursuline Academy
2.9Nadine Bowling8-00.00Oakridge
3.9Maddi Stripling7-06.00Fort Worth Country Day
4.9Mandy Clyde7'00.00Grace Prep
5.9Ashley Batjer6-06.00Oakridge
6.10Destiny Anamege6-06.00Oakridge
7.9Dani Shewmake5-06.00Trinity Valley
X Long Jump - Gold - Finals
1.9Britney Sullivan15-06.50Ursuline Academy
2.9Ellen Jacobs15-03.50Trinity Valley
3.11Missy Bush15-03.00Southwest Christian ...
4.12Pearlene Cheah15-00.50Trinity Valley
5.11Jordan Warren14-11.00Weatherford Christian
6.11Tierra Joiner14-09.50Ft Worth North Side
7.10Gianna Redeemer14-04.75Oakridge
8.11Taylor Hamstra14-04.50Southwest Christian ...
9.12Ayana McWoods14-01.50Ursuline Academy
11Bridgett GrahamDNSBethesda Christian
X Long Jump - Silver - Finals
1.9Rachel Guess14'11.00Grace Prep
2.9Kendall Danley14-03.00Covenant Classical
9Katherine Allen14-00.50Ursuline Academy
3.10Chelsea Cook13-09.00Weatherford Christian
4.10Elizabeth Fargo13-07.50Southwest Christian ...
5.9Janet Gonzales13-06.00Ft Worth North Side
6.9Rebecca Maltos13-02.00Ft Worth North Side
7.9Elle Hamstra12-11.50Southwest Christian ...
8.10Noemi Payta12-05.00Ft Worth North Side
9.12Emily Benson11-06.00HSA (Home School Ath...
9Mandy MillerDNSCovenant Classical
10Jocie MorganDNSGrace Prep
9Kennedy CombsDNSWeatherford Christian
11Taylor McDanielDNSSouthwest Christian ...
11Amy LyleDNSFellowship Academy
12Rebecca ClaytonFOULCalvary
X Triple Jump - Gold - Finals
1.12Ayana McWoods33-03.50Ursuline Academy
2.11Julie Kleberg33-00.25All Saints Episcopal
3.10Brooklyn Billner32-06.00N Richland Hills Ric...
4.12Pearlene Cheah32-05.50Trinity Valley
5.11Bridgett Graham32-03.00Bethesda Christian
6.11Taylor Hamstra31-01.00Southwest Christian ...
7.9Kendall Danley30-03.00Covenant Classical
8.11Mary Amelia Williamson30-02.00Trinity Valley
9.9Mandy Miller28-03.00Covenant Classical
10Gianna RedeemerFOULOakridge
X Triple Jump - Silver - Finals
1.9Britney Sullivan31-02.00Ursuline Academy
2.9Rachel Guess30'04.00Grace Prep
3.10Elizabeth Fargo29-04.00Southwest Christian ...
4.9Katherine Allen28-11.50Ursuline Academy
5.11Amy Lyle28-06.00Fellowship Academy
6.9Omoa Riera27-11.00Ft Worth North Side
7.11Madeline Baker26-06.50Northstar
10Jocie MorganDNSGrace Prep
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