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Saturday, December 11, 2010
  Kansas State, Manhattan - Map
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Kansas - JC
ClCoCloud County
Kansas - NAIA
Missouri - NAIA
WJCWilliam Jewell
Missouri - NCAA
SLUSaint Louis U
Oklahoma - NAIA
Oklahoma - NCAA
OkStOklahoma State
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 60 Meter Dash - Varsity - Finals
1.SrJosh Schuler6.78aEmporia State
2.FrJJ Marshall6.95aKansas State
3.SoClyde Young6.97aLangston
5.SrJason Coniglio7.01aKansas State
6.SoShjaun Richardson7.04aEmporia State
7.SoClint Ederer7.05aWilliam Jewell
8.Brian Vanorsby7.05aUnattached
9.Darryl Harris7.06aUnattached
10.Jamal Roberts7.06aUnattached
11.JrDerwin Hall7.07aEmporia State
12.FrRyan Dickson7.09aEmporia State
13.Rob Rolfe7.10aFallen Stars
14.Marwin Simmons7.18aUnattached
15.FrAustin Willis7.18aEmporia State
16.SoJamison Green7.20aFort Hays State
17.Bruce Field7.21aUnattached
18.Allen Gilbert7.23aUnattached
19.Dentri Moss7.23aUnattached
20.JrJosh Duncan7.33aWilliam Jewell
21.Lucas Grgurich7.33aFallen Stars
22.Aaron Pablo7.37aUnattached
23.Kurt Corbie7.37aFallen Stars
24.Bryce Allen7.39aUnattached
25.SoDerrick Snodgrass7.39aFort Hays State
26.FrMarcus Irons7.46aFort Hays State
27.Andre Carter7.47aUnattached
28.Tim Florence7.52aUnity track
29.SoAustin Bialas7.52aCloud County
30.FrColby Fauser7.55aWilliam Jewell
31.FrQuentin McAfee7.70aCloud County
32.FrDJ Lindenthal7.81aFort Hays State
33.FrDixon Olson7.89aCloud County
34.Darren Muci8.63aUnattached
35.Ken Ross9.91aUnity track
--SoDevin WilsonFSBaker
X 300 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrJosh Schuler35.15aEmporia State
2.SoClint Ederer35.43aWilliam Jewell
3.FrBlaine Cash35.61aKansas State
4.Franciso Colomar35.97aUnattached
5.SoGrant Loescher36.08aKansas State
6.-Ashton Draper36.38aKansas State
7.Gus Vasquez Milan36.56aUnattached
8.SoDustin Schmitz36.62aCloud County
9.SoJamison Green36.77aFort Hays State
10.FrRyan Dickson36.77aEmporia State
11.Brian Vanorsby36.80aUnattached
12.Kurt Corbie36.80aFallen Stars
13.FrCJ Wilson36.83aFort Hays State
14.-Aeron Gilson37.10aEmporia State
15.Ellon Orange37.16aUnattached
16.Bruce Field37.20aUnattached
17.SoAlex Hughes37.32aWilliam Jewell
18.Frederick Avery37.57aUnattached
19.SoDevin Wilson37.61aBaker
20.Evant Orange37.93aUnattached
21.SoJanis Silinieks38.07aCloud County
22.FrColby Fauser38.44aWilliam Jewell
23.SoTyler Swalley38.51aEmporia State
24.SoAustin Bialas38.52aCloud County
25.JrJosh Duncan38.64aWilliam Jewell
26.Lucas Grgurich39.26aFallen Stars
27.FrRico McCall39.27aCloud County
28.FrGarrett Breech39.45aEmporia State
29.FrJose Gutierrez40.66aEmporia State
--FrAndrew EtheridgeDQEmporia State
X 600 Yards - Varsity - Finals
1.SrMario McCottrell1:12.54aLangston
2.SrBen Love1:13.93aKansas State
3.JrEvan Walter1:14.03aLangston
4.SoHilary Seurey1:14.38aCloud County
5.FrOliver Smith1:14.72aCloud County
6.Rob Rolfe1:15.01aFallen Stars
7.SoDontavius Robinson1:15.23aLangston
8.SoLuke Hibbler1:15.63aKansas State
9.FrCody Miller1:16.31aEmporia State
10.-Chase Mahurin1:16.82aEmporia State
11.FrKory Pesek1:17.35aEmporia State
12.SoFrankie Cortez1:17.79aEmporia State
13.FrJon Eickenberg1:17.94aEmporia State
14.SoKyle Downing1:18.53aEmporia State
15.SrGavin Robey1:18.86aSaint Louis U
16.FrJustin Lawrence1:19.08aEmporia State
17.FrOctavio Palma1:19.34aFort Hays State
X 1000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrArmando Del Valle2:26.98aKansas State
2.SrJack Sachse2:27.04aKansas State
3.SrSamuel James2:28.40aKansas State
4.FrAdam Porter2:29.33aKansas State
5.SrJordan Jennings2:30.36aSaint Louis U
6.JrDillon Cowing2:35.67aEmporia State
7.JrJacob Davies2:36.75aKansas State
8.-Ryan Bond2:38.00aEmporia State
9.SoAdderley Gonzalez2:38.12aCloud County
10.FrGrady Goff2:41.62aEmporia State
X 1 Mile - Varsity - Finals
1.SoAaron Caldwell4:27.99aBaker
2.FrShane Giannetti4:35.12aWilliam Jewell
3.FrTravis Diener4:42.09aFort Hays State
4.Morgan Riggs4:43.69aUnattached
5.SoHunter Stayton4:44.47aCloud County
6.jason kinder4:47.13aUnattached
X 60m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Finals
1.Tre' Lathan7.99aUnattached
2.FrAndrew Etheridge8.14aEmporia State
3.rolston braithwaite8.35aUnattached
4.SoClyde Young8.36aLangston
5.Sharaden Staten8.76aUnattached
6.FrJosh Newland8.89aEmporia State
7.SoTyler Swalley8.91aEmporia State
8.SoJakob Groskurth8.98aFort Hays State
9.Allen Gilbert9.00aUnattached
10.FrMarcus Irons9.08aFort Hays State
11.Tayler Dietz9.30aUnattached
12.SoStephen Ike9.66aFort Hays State
13.SoMarcus Pratt10.54aCloud County
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:23.61aKansas State
2.-Relay Team 3:26.02aEmporia State
3.-Relay Team 3:26.52aCloud County
4.-Relay Team 3:28.52aKansas State
5.-Relay Team 3:31.70aEmporia State
6.Relay Team3:33.68aUnattached
7.-Relay Team 3:36.08aEmporia State
8.-Relay Team 3:42.93aEmporia State
9.-Relay Team 3:48.09aCloud County
X Shot Put - 16lb - Varsity - Finals
1.FrRyan Hershberger52-08.75Kansas State
2.Zak Thompson51-11.75Unattached
3.Charles James51-08.50Unattached
4.SrMitch Sahlfeld51-02.25Fort Hays State
5.FrNick Klenda48-11.75Emporia State
6.Dustin Green48-07.50Unattached
7.Dakota Webber47-02.50Unattached
8.Junior Harper46-02.00Unattached
9.Taeshon Agee46-00.50Unattached
10.Joe Cordell44-08.25Unattached
11.Garrett Appier44-02.50Unattached
12.SrColby Lehman41-01.00William Jewell
13.Shon Kyle40-07.75Unattached
14.Mikhail Roedel39-06.00Unattached
15.SoBrett Whisler38-00.75William Jewell
16.Stephen Wilson36-07.00Unattached
17.SoTroy Fletcher36-03.00William Jewell
18.FrTrevor Logan35-03.25William Jewell
19.SoMarcus Pratt27-11.50Cloud County
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoErik Kynard7-05.25Kansas State
2.SoCameron Taylor6-10.25Cloud County
3.SoBriar Ploude6-10.25Emporia State
4.SrMichael Healey6-08.25Kansas State
5.Sharaden Staten6-06.25Unattached
6.Marcus Calleja6-06.25Unattached
7.-James Kirbie6-04.25Emporia State
8.Rob Rolfe6-04.25Fallen Stars
9.Kurt Corbie6-02.25Fallen Stars
10.FrBryant Bombardier6-02.25Fort Hays State
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.SrZach Rosenberger16-00.75Emporia State
2.FrKyle Wait15-07.00Kansas State
3.FrJeremy Swaim14-07.25Emporia State
3.SoIsaac Mallory14-07.25Kansas State
6.SoMarcus Pratt14-01.25Cloud County
7.FrTim McCale14-01.25Emporia State
8.FrBrett Ottley14-01.25Fort Hays State
9.SoBrett Gross13-07.25Emporia State
10.Will Pendleton13-01.50Unattached
--FrQuentin McAfeeNHCloud County
--SoDerrick SnodgrassNHFort Hays State
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.Marwin Simmons23-04.50Unattached
2.SoCameron Taylor23-00.50Cloud County
3.SrJosh Honeycutt22-10.00Emporia State
4.SoDwayne Wall22-00.25Emporia State
5.FrDonald Wilcox21-11.00Emporia State
6.FrMark Riordan21-00.75Fort Hays State
6.Kurt Corbie21-00.75Fallen Stars
8.FrMarcus Irons20-11.25Fort Hays State
9.Sharaden Staten20-01.00Unattached
10.SoDustin Schmitz19-08.00Cloud County
11.FrAdonis Jones18-09.00Fort Hays State
12.FrQuentin McAfee17-01.50Cloud County
13.FrDixon Olson16-06.00Cloud County
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.J'Vente Deveaux52-10.75Unattached
2.SrJosh Honeycutt49-03.50Emporia State
3.SoJeremy Gathright47-00.75Baker
4.SoDwayne Wall45-01.00Emporia State
5.FrMark Riordan44-09.50Fort Hays State
6.Marwin Simmons44-03.50Unattached
7.SoAlex Hughes42-04.00William Jewell
8.FrMarcus Irons41-01.75Fort Hays State
X Weight Throw - 35lb - Varsity - Finals
1.SrMitch Sahlfeld59-10.25Fort Hays State
2.SrKevin Roulhac59-07.00Emporia State
3.SrJustin Kwasa58-03.75Saint Louis U
4.JrTomaz Bogovic57-09.75Kansas State
5.Taeshon Agee57-07.75Unattached
6.FrJordan Bauer53-02.75Kansas State
7.SrKeith Maples50-02.00Emporia State
8.Junior Harper49-07.75Unattached
9.Chris Seiler48-00.00Unattached
10.SrColby Lehman47-02.25William Jewell
11.Mason Putman47-00.75Unattached
12.Shon Kyle46-05.50Unattached
13.Charles James43-06.00Unattached
14.Edric White43-05.25Unattached
15.Dustin Green42-03.50Unattached
16.Dakota Webber41-11.25Unattached
17.FrNick Klenda40-11.50Emporia State
18.Shane Lundquist40-06.00Unattached
19.SoTroy Fletcher39-09.75William Jewell
20.-Michael Smith39-08.00Oklahoma State
21.Stephen Wilson37-02.50Unattached
22.SoBrett Whisler36-05.00William Jewell
23.FrTrevor Logan29-06.00William Jewell

Womens Results

X 60 Meter Dash - Varsity - Finals
1.SoSamantha McKnight7.88aKansas State
2.FrCarley Herring7.90aEmporia State
3.SoMarqueita Marisette8.11aEmporia State
4.JrKristen Fleharty8.14aFort Hays State
5.SrClarissa Andrews8.15aOklahoma State
6.SrAshley Turpin8.18aFort Hays State
7.FrBrook Niehues8.28aEmporia State
9.Kiandra Jones8.35aUnattached
10.-JaNelle Wright8.36aOklahoma State
11.SrLeeanna Dale8.41aFort Hays State
12.SoAutumn Moses8.67aOklahoma State
13.-Lorna Lawrence8.73aOklahoma State
14.Shari Brock8.98aUnattached
X 300 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrCarley Herring41.61aEmporia State
2.SrTiffany Alexander41.94aSaint Louis U
3.SoMarqueita Marisette42.10aEmporia State
4.-JaNelle Wright42.35aOklahoma State
5.SrCarissa Heim42.53aFort Hays State
6.FrMercedes Perry42.56aKansas State
7.SoSamantha McKnight42.56aKansas State
8.Alicia Service42.90aUnattached
9.FrJaBryanna Wellington43.25aBaker
10.JrKayce Yelliott44.09aEmporia State
11.FrBrook Niehues44.13aEmporia State
12.FrJodi Russell44.43aEmporia State
13.SoAutumn Moses44.61aOklahoma State
14.FrKothney-Issa Guillaume44.71aWilliam Jewell
15.Bryte Moore44.82aUnattached
16.SoShelby Pettz45.02aWilliam Jewell
17.FrNikki Wetstein45.44aEmporia State
18.porscha anderson45.52aUnattached
19.SrAshley Turpin45.60aFort Hays State
20.FrAlaina Fairbanks45.62aEmporia State
21.Kristen Harris45.88aUnattached
22.SrLeeanna Dale47.05aFort Hays State
23.-Lorna Lawrence49.94aOklahoma State
X 600 Yards - Varsity - Finals
1.FrMihaela Bobos1:27.36aOklahoma State
2.SrMaddie O'Quinn1:28.07aSaint Louis U
3.Sean'e Mapson1:29.93aUnattached
4.SrLashunna Jimmerson1:30.68aLangston
5.FrKristen Sponsel1:33.65aEmporia State
6.SoKailea Hayes1:34.56aEmporia State
7.-Victoria Sims1:35.19aEmporia State
8.FrAriella Harrison1:36.83aBaker
X 1000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrBrandi Andrews2:59.80aOklahoma State
2.SrSara Fraley3:03.68aSaint Louis U
X 60m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.JrRyann Krais8.66aKansas State
2.SrDenise Baker8.80aKansas State
3.FrAngela Hart9.13aKansas State
4.Sashawna Bennett9.24aUnattached
5.JrSara Shippy9.26aWilliam Jewell
6.SrTiffany Alexander9.27aSaint Louis U
7.JrKristen Fleharty9.27aFort Hays State
8.SrKelsey Martin9.32aFort Hays State
9.Jereece Maxwell9.34aUnattached
10.FrAnna Eigruber9.44aFort Hays State
11.FrNikki Wetstein9.56aEmporia State
12.JrJustine Davenport9.60aEmporia State
13.FrCarley Herring9.75aEmporia State
14.Shari Brock9.99aUnattached
15.SoShelby Pettz10.38aWilliam Jewell
16.FrAriella Harrison10.62aBaker
17.FrKothney-Issa Guillaume11.31aWilliam Jewell
18.FrAlaina Fairbanks11.89aEmporia State
--FrJodi RussellFSEmporia State
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:57.93aKansas State
2.-Relay Team 4:02.39aCloud County
3.-Relay Team 4:05.25aKansas State
4.-Relay Team 4:26.18aEmporia State
---Relay Team DNFKansas State
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.SrChrista Bergmann43-11.25Fort Hays State
2.SrCarrie Lister39-08.75Baker
3.JrAshley Watkins39-02.25Emporia State
4.FrBrooke Gritters38-07.75Oklahoma State
5.FrElizabeth Lewis37-07.25Emporia State
6.JrBrittany Riley37-05.25William Jewell
7.Misty Lowe36-10.50Unattached
8.Kim Holt35-05.25Unattached
9.SoSarah Stadnik33-01.00William Jewell
10.SoAmber Schroeder32-09.50Baker
11.SrHanne Mickelson31-04.50William Jewell
12.SrBillie Lou Watts30-03.00William Jewell
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
2.JrMorgan Witzel5-06.00Fort Hays State
4.FrSharp Brooke5-02.25Kansas State
5.FrJasa Dumontelle5-02.25Emporia State
6.SrCarissa Heim5-00.25Fort Hays State
7.FrDarrah Miller5-00.25Emporia State
--JrSara ShippyNHWilliam Jewell
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
2.SrMeriel Harwood10-11.75Kansas State
3.FrAlaina Fairbanks10-11.75Emporia State
4.SrKimberly Schmelzle10-06.00Fort Hays State
5.SoJessica Borey10-00.00William Jewell
5.JrHannah Cooper10-00.00William Jewell
7.FrSonya Schement10-00.00Emporia State
--FrHaley MarchantNHEmporia State
--FrCarly HansenNHEmporia State
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrClarissa Andrews19-00.50Oklahoma State
2.Keythra Richards18-11.25Unattached
3.JrKim Haberman18-09.00Kansas State
4.JrBrittney Cloudy18-07.75Saint Louis U
5.SrTiAra Walpool18-00.25Kansas State
6.JrDarcie Schmitz17-09.50Fort Hays State
7.SoJessica Murphy17-09.50Oklahoma State
8.SrCarissa Heim17-09.00Fort Hays State
9.SrKelsey Martin17-00.75Fort Hays State
10.JrJustine Davenport16-06.50Emporia State
11.JrVanessa Saphangthong15-08.75Baker
12.SoAutumn Moses15-02.75Oklahoma State
13.Sarah Rautio15-02.25Unattached
15.FrKothney-Issa Guillaume13-09.50William Jewell
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.JrBrittney Cloudy39-02.25Saint Louis U
2.SrClarissa Andrews38-04.00Oklahoma State
3.Keythra Richards38-02.00Unattached
4.JrDarcie Schmitz36-09.75Fort Hays State
5.SoJessica Murphy35-00.25Oklahoma State
6.JrVanessa Saphangthong34-11.00Baker
7.Sarah Rautio33-08.50Unattached
X Weight Throw - 20lb - Varsity - Finals
1.SrChrista Bergmann56-05.75Fort Hays State
2.SrAmanda Boor56-01.75Kansas State
3.SrChelsie Bonds56-01.25Kansas State
4.Ammina AgBoga55-00.75Unattached
5.JrDeja Jackson51-04.25Emporia State
6.FrJenna Yoder51-03.75Kansas State
7.Jackie Rodgers50-08.25Unattached
8.JrValeria Jordan47-08.50Emporia State
9.JrBrittany Riley46-01.25William Jewell
10.SoAlyssa Henrichs44-02.75Oklahoma State
11.SoSarah Stadnik42-07.50William Jewell
12.SrHanne Mickelson40-00.00William Jewell
13.SoElizabeth Stover39-11.25Emporia State
14.Kim Holt39-06.00Unattached
15.Misty Lowe39-02.50Unattached
16.SrBillie Lou Watts37-10.75William Jewell
17.JrAshley Watkins37-03.75Emporia State
18.FrElizabeth Lewis35-09.50Emporia State
19.SoJessica Lewis33-08.50Oklahoma State
20.-Ashley Parrot29-05.25Emporia State
--SrAli PistoraFOULKansas State
--FrCaitlin WayFOULOklahoma State
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