Del Sol-Rancho-Boulder City

Tuesday, April 05, 2011 - Meet Website
  Del Sol HS, Las Vegas - Map

  Field Events Start: 3:30 PM  Track Events Start: 3:30 PM
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Nevada - Division 1
DSDel Sol
Nevada - Division 1-A
BOCIBoulder City
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Joseph Woodbury11.77aBoulder City
2.11Dwayne Kirkland11.87aDel Sol
3.11Christopher Beverly12.02aRancho
4.11Chris Marshall12.10aDel Sol
5.9Xavier Steel12.20aBoulder City
6.11Tremar Pike12.28aDel Sol
7.12D'Andre Mason12.29aRancho
8.12Shamel David12.33aRancho
9.12Trevor Montgomery12.36aBoulder City
10.11Daniel Leigh12.49aRancho
11.12Gabriel Franklin12.53aBoulder City
12.11Jason Ferrell12.56aRancho
13.11Adam Villegas12.87aRancho
14.9Jacorey Dixon13.12aBoulder City
15.12Francisco Romero13.13aDel Sol
16.12Karl Bettencourt13.46aRancho
17.11Jose Bettencourt13.61aRancho
18.10Austin Donnelly13.70aBoulder City
19.11Christopher Goodney13.98aRancho
20.11Derick Eliason14.11aRancho
21.11Dustin Mantia17.32aBoulder City
12Davon ButtsDNSRancho
11Viktor VeynovichDNSRancho
9Charles AlgerDNSBoulder City
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Joseph Woodbury23.39aBoulder City
2.12D'Andre Mason24.06aRancho
3.11Tremar Pike24.63aDel Sol
4.12Trevor Montgomery24.71aBoulder City
5.9Xavier Steel24.80aBoulder City
6.12Mortez Bradley25.09aRancho
7.11Christopher Beverly25.28aRancho
8.9Isaiah Culverson25.75aRancho
9.9Jacorey Dixon26.01aBoulder City
10.10Xavier Taylor26.08aRancho
11.10Chris Carnes26.19aBoulder City
12.12Cameron Thomas26.76aRancho
13.12Francisco Romero27.08aDel Sol
14.11Jason Ferrell27.14aRancho
15.9Trent Miller27.29aDel Sol
16.12Karl Bettencourt27.97aRancho
17.11Jose Bettencourt28.35aRancho
18.11Christopher Goodney28.58aRancho
19.10Austin Donnelly28.71aBoulder City
20.9Tyler Webb28.75aBoulder City
21.11Marcos Cruz Ortiz29.00aDel Sol
22.11Derick Eliason29.85aRancho
23.9Charles Alger35.30aBoulder City
11Viktor VeynovichDNSRancho
12Davon ButtsDNSRancho
11Adam VillegasDNSRancho
11Daniel LeighDNSRancho
11Dustin MantiaDNSBoulder City
11Charles JohnsonDNSRancho
9Naajee JohnsonDNSRancho
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Mathew Moses54.94aRancho
2.11Soma Ishihara55.93aDel Sol
3.10Xavier Taylor56.06aRancho
4.9Isaiah Culverson56.78aRancho
5.10Cristian Petriuc56.97aDel Sol
6.12Richard Vince58.32aBoulder City
7.10Shay Severns58.53aBoulder City
8.12Cameron Thomas58.56aRancho
9.12Casey Walter58.99aDel Sol
10.10Billy Viera59.38aBoulder City
11.11Charles Johnson59.47aRancho
12.9Yann Moncayo59.74aBoulder City
13.9Samer Omer1:00.46aDel Sol
14.11Marcos Cruz Ortiz1:04.83aDel Sol
15.9Tyler Webb1:06.39aBoulder City
16.10William Dimdiman1:08.13aDel Sol
17.9Mark Martinez1:09.77aDel Sol
18.10Daniel Barlow1:13.32aDel Sol
19.11Edmond Rangel1:15.69aDel Sol
9Naajee JohnsonDNSRancho
11Egber PizaDNSDel Sol
9Trent MillerDNSDel Sol
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Nick Priego2:04.97aDel Sol
2.10Tommy Perkins2:06.28aRancho
3.12Richard Vince2:21.52aBoulder City
4.11Jordon Kelly2:24.75aRancho
5.11George Pesqueira2:24.79aDel Sol
6.11Thomas Ybarra2:28.24aBoulder City
7.12Hudson Buzby2:32.26aBoulder City
8.10Shay Severns2:34.19aBoulder City
9.9Chandler Harkins2:34.24aBoulder City
10.9Logan Messick2:38.53aDel Sol
11.12Hidelbrando Manrique2:42.02aDel Sol
12.10William Dimdiman2:43.81aDel Sol
13.9Gary Miller2:48.99aBoulder City
14.11Edmond Rangel2:49.87aDel Sol
12Bryant GarciaDNSRancho
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Anthony Pintor5:12.74aRancho
2.12Bryant Garcia5:13.37aRancho
3.9Logan Messick5:19.92aDel Sol
4.11Johnny Hilario5:22.85aDel Sol
5.9Chandler Harkins5:23.00aBoulder City
6.10Harrison Brown5:27.64aBoulder City
7.11Flavio Monarrez5:28.20aRancho
3.9Logan Messick5:28.26aDel Sol
8.12Hidelbrando Manrique5:28.26aDel Sol
9.11Thomas Ybarra5:30.98aBoulder City
10.10Jordan Livingston5:34.72aRancho
11.11George Pesqueira5:34.79aDel Sol
12.11Aaron Moss5:37.38aDel Sol
13.9Trysten Clifford5:39.39aBoulder City
14.9Colton Honey5:46.43aBoulder City
12Hidelbrando Manrique6:02.02aDel Sol
15.11Jordon Kelly6:02.02aRancho
16.12Nathan Richner6:10.17aBoulder City
17.11Riley Murnane6:19.61aBoulder City
18.11Edmond Rangel6:40.41aDel Sol
19.9Austin Reynolds6:49.81aRancho
20.10Zac Stepke7:05.19aRancho
12Dewit AssafaDNSRancho
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Naol Mahamud10:45.99aRancho
2.12Anthony Pintor11:32.45aRancho
3.10Harrison Brown12:03.18aBoulder City
4.11Johnny Hilario12:04.35aDel Sol
5.11Aaron Moss12:40.14aDel Sol
6.12Nathan Richner13:06.65aBoulder City
7.9Colton Honey13:10.07aBoulder City
9Kenny MayDNSBoulder City
11Riley MurnaneDNSBoulder City
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Joseph Woodbury17.30aBoulder City
2.12Hudson Buzby17.83aBoulder City
3.11Tanner Cranor20.10aDel Sol
4.9Alex Baglione21.71aDel Sol
12Mortez BradleyDNSRancho
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Troy Miller43.81aDel Sol
2.12Hudson Buzby43.90aBoulder City
3.11Lars Bremer47.95aBoulder City
4.12Mortez Bradley48.08aRancho
5.9Alex Baglione58.00aDel Sol
6.11Jonathan Cuevas58.43aDel Sol
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 44.86aDel Sol
-D'Andre Mason
Christopher Beverly
Jason Ferrell
Charles Johnson
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:37.05aRancho
2.-Obed Mireku
Nick Priego
Casey Walter
Cristian Petriuc
1:42.79aDel Sol
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Xavier Taylor
Diante Rainwater
Mathew Moses
Tommy Perkins
2.-Obed Mireku
Nick Priego
Casey Walter
Cristian Petriuc
3:56.92aDel Sol
3.-Billy Viera
Gary Miller
Shay Severns
Yann Moncayo
4:04.05aBoulder City
4.-Relay Team 4:06.83aRancho
5.-Richard Vince
Thomas Ybarra
Tyler Webb
Trysten Clifford
4:29.62aBoulder City
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Naol Mahamud
Tommy Perkins
Mathew Moses
Diante Rainwater
2.-Chandler Harkins
Harrison Brown
Trysten Clifford
Colton Honey
10:05.26aBoulder City
3.-Kenny May
Gary Miller
Riley Murnane
Nathan Richner
10:57.29aBoulder City
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11James Morgan51-00.00Boulder City
2.12Bleu Huxford42-05.50Boulder City
3.11Matt Johnson39-00.50Boulder City
4.12Kyle Erickson38-09.25Boulder City
5.12Ian Tunney38-01.00Del Sol
6.11Tanner Cranor37-04.50Del Sol
7.12Robert Andrade37-03.00Rancho
8.12Clarence Smith37-02.25Rancho
9.12Derrick Washington36-04.25Rancho
10.11Larry Ivey36-01.75Del Sol
11.10Christian Nilsen35-04.75Boulder City
12.9Austin Smith35-01.50Boulder City
13.11Jonathan Cuevas34-08.00Del Sol
14.9Trent Miller33-05.75Del Sol
15.12Darius Neumann33-03.75Boulder City
16.10Patrick Vallely32-10.50Boulder City
17.10Willie Reyes32-09.75Boulder City
18.10Robert Bennett32-06.25Boulder City
19.9Seth Gardner32-04.00Del Sol
20.11Billy Rotroff31-11.75Boulder City
21.10Brandon Foster31-11.25Boulder City
22.12Jorge Bernal30-10.50Rancho
23.9Jackson Dunagan30-02.75Boulder City
24.9Kason Clary28-07.50Boulder City
25.11Austin Chapman27-09.50Del Sol
26.10Austin Roefer27-08.00Boulder City
27.9Matt Litke27-01.00Boulder City
28.10Zach Seehafer25-01.00Del Sol
29.9Trevor Thompson23-06.75Boulder City
30.9Alex Baglione20-11.25Del Sol
31.9Joshua Jarvis19-00.00Boulder City
12Troy MillerDNSDel Sol
11Brandon WatsonDNSRancho
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11James Morgan124-09Boulder City
2.12Kyle Erickson115-11Boulder City
3.11Adam Villegas109-06Rancho
4.12Bleu Huxford107-01Boulder City
5.11Matt Johnson101-05Boulder City
6.12Richard Vince98-07Boulder City
7.12Troy Miller97-09Del Sol
8.9Austin Smith97-06Boulder City
9.12Ian Tunney95-07Del Sol
10.11Tanner Cranor93-09Del Sol
11.10Christian Nilsen91-03Boulder City
12.9Seth Gardner91-01Del Sol
13.12Jorge Bernal86-10Rancho
14.10Brandon Foster85-10Boulder City
15.10Willie Reyes84-03Boulder City
16.12Clarence Smith83-04Rancho
17.12Darius Neumann80-02Boulder City
18.10Robert Bennett78-08Boulder City
19.12Robert Andrade77-01Rancho
20.11Jonathan Cuevas75-03Del Sol
21.11Austin Chapman75-01Del Sol
22.9Jackson Dunagan73-02Boulder City
23.9Kason Clary72-04Boulder City
24.10Zach Seehafer71-01Del Sol
25.9Trent Miller69-08Del Sol
26.10Patrick Vallely68-05Boulder City
26.9Matt Litke68-05Boulder City
28.11Billy Rotroff67-03Boulder City
29.10Austin Roefer65-00Boulder City
30.9Trevor Thompson60-07Boulder City
31.9Joshua Jarvis43-09Boulder City
12Derrick WashingtonDNSRancho
11Brandon WatsonDNSRancho
11Lars BremerDNSBoulder City
11Larry IveyDNSDel Sol
10Michael KelsoDNSBoulder City
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kaleb Bailey5-10.00Boulder City
2.9Samer Omer5-10.00Del Sol
3.12Shamel David5-08.00Rancho
4.12Gabriel Franklin5-04.00Boulder City
5.11Lars Bremer5-04.00Boulder City
6.12Austyn Hyde5-02.00Boulder City
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Chris Carnes9-00.00Boulder City
2.10Braize Huxford8-06.00Boulder City
3.12Karl Bettencourt8-06.00Rancho
5.10Steve Merrick8-06.00Boulder City
4.10Tanner Imlay8-00.00Boulder City
6.11Egber Piza7-06.00Del Sol
11Tyrus BishopDNSBoulder City
10Daniel BarlowNHDel Sol
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Chris Marshall21-00.00Del Sol
2.12Trevor Montgomery19-08.00Boulder City
3.11Dwayne Kirkland19-01.00Del Sol
4.12Austyn Hyde18-10.00Boulder City
5.11Daniel Leigh16-10.25Rancho
6.10Kaleb Bailey16-08.50Boulder City
7.10Michael Kelso16-08.00Boulder City
8.12Francisco Romero16-03.75Del Sol
9.10Austin Donnelly16-00.00Boulder City
10.12Gabriel Franklin15-06.25Boulder City
11.11Tremar Pike15-01.50Del Sol
12.9Mark Martinez12-03.50Del Sol
13.11Lars Bremer12-03.25Boulder City
14.9Charles Alger9-08.00Boulder City
10Kenneth JilesDNSDel Sol
12Shamel DavidDNSRancho
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Chris Marshall40-07.00Del Sol
2.10Michael Kelso39-00.50Boulder City
3.12Austyn Hyde38-08.50Boulder City
4.11Lars Bremer35-07.50Boulder City
5.10Kaleb Bailey35-03.50Boulder City
6.10Austin Donnelly31-08.25Boulder City
12Diante RainwaterDNSRancho

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Gayle Wilmot13.41aRancho
2.12Jasmine Hawkins13.71aDel Sol
3.9Terry Green14.03aDel Sol
4.9Kaylee Domzalski14.22aBoulder City
5.9BREENNA LAW14.39aRancho
6.10Kirsten Rockenfeller14.41aBoulder City
7.9Ashlen Bhatia14.75aBoulder City
8.9Savannah Boleky14.81aRancho
9.9Bianca Montalvo-hoffman14.82aRancho
10.11Jamie Monday14.95aRancho
11.10Ashley Labarre15.08aRancho
12.9Miyah Wilson15.45aRancho
13.12Karen Gabitannan15.67aRancho
14.12Mercedes Barnes15.76aRancho
15.10Khira Momodu15.78aRancho
16.12Malin Molden15.90aBoulder City
17.9Jessie Alva16.17aBoulder City
18.9Jesmari Acala16.55aRancho
19.9Paige Pellouchoud16.61aBoulder City
20.9Erica Taylor16.62aRancho
21.9Michelle Trujillo16.89aRancho
11Keyania MoyeDNSRancho
9Mackenzie PearsonDNSRancho
9Anjalina PerkinsDNSRancho
10Yixel TeranDNSDel Sol
11Carmen JohnsonDNSDel Sol
9Kanosha GrayDNSRancho
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ashley Gordon27.46aRancho
2.11Na'koie Wilbon27.90aRancho
2.12Lucrecia Escovar27.90aRancho
3.9Kanosha Gray29.31aRancho
4.9BREENNA LAW29.40aRancho
5.9Kaylee Domzalski30.15aBoulder City
6.11Tasja Toumasis30.27aBoulder City
7.10Ashley Labarre30.72aRancho
8.9Ashlen Bhatia30.86aBoulder City
9.10Kirsten Rockenfeller31.05aBoulder City
10.10Khira Momodu32.20aRancho
11.10Eliza Jeppsen32.31aBoulder City
12.10Aaliyah Arnold32.38aDel Sol
13.12Karen Gabitannan32.82aRancho
14.12Mercedes Barnes33.05aRancho
15.9Megan Pellouchoud33.30aBoulder City
16.9Jessie Alva34.41aBoulder City
17.9Paige Pellouchoud34.81aBoulder City
18.9Michelle Trujillo36.44aRancho
9Bianca Montalvo-hoffmanDNSRancho
9Erica TaylorDNSRancho
12Ida JohanssonDNSBoulder City
12Malin MoldenDNSBoulder City
10Yixel TeranDNSDel Sol
11Carmen JohnsonDNSDel Sol
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ashley Gordon1:02.54aRancho
2.11Tasja Toumasis1:06.49aBoulder City
3.10Ashley Labarre1:09.91aRancho
4.10Kirsten Rockenfeller1:10.41aBoulder City
4.12Ida Johansson1:10.41aBoulder City
5.12Teyler Williams1:11.66aRancho
6.10Eliza Jeppsen1:13.02aBoulder City
7.10Jessica Tobler1:13.93aBoulder City
8.11Na'koie Wilbon1:15.75aRancho
9.12Ashley Anderson1:17.20aDel Sol
12Shawtrice LewisDNSRancho
9Bianca Montalvo-hoffmanDNSRancho
12Karen GabitannanDNSRancho
10Khira MomoduDNSRancho
12Lucrecia EscovarDNSRancho
9Megan PellouchoudDNSBoulder City
11Sterling TorresDNSDel Sol
9Kanosha GrayDNSRancho
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jessica Tobler2:39.58aBoulder City
2.12Shawtrice Lewis2:46.62aRancho
3.10Alexandria Gonzales2:49.42aBoulder City
4.11Janika Ross2:52.23aBoulder City
5.10Emy Rodriguez2:52.39aRancho
6.12Ashley Anderson3:00.97aDel Sol
7.12Teyler Williams3:04.46aRancho
8.11Helena Decev3:16.73aDel Sol
11Sterling TorresDNSDel Sol
10Natalie MartinezDNSBoulder City
9Niquel NussearDNSBoulder City
11Zaira Jacuinde-GarciaDNSRancho
10Fatima AguirreDNSDel Sol
11Na'koie WilbonDNSRancho
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Deanna Kassa6:22.19aRancho
2.11Mikelle Torgesen6:44.97aBoulder City
3.11Helena Decev6:55.99aDel Sol
4.10Erin Cranor6:56.98aDel Sol
5.11Patricia Mecinas-santiago6:57.42aRancho
5.11Patricia Mecinas6:57.42aRancho
6.11Jena Sillitoe7:06.90aBoulder City
7.9Niquel Nussear7:07.08aBoulder City
10Fatima AguirreDNSDel Sol
10Emy RodriguezDNSRancho
12Lucrecia EscovarDNSRancho
12Karen GabitannanDNSRancho
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Angela Johnson17.81aDel Sol
2.11Caroline Hart18.28aDel Sol
3.10Rachel Stewart18.46aRancho
9Miyah Wilson21.05aRancho
4.10Lisa Stone21.13aDel Sol
5.9Anjalina Perkins21.80aRancho
6.10Aaliyah Arnold22.38aDel Sol
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Gayle Wilmot50.75aRancho
2.11Angela Johnson51.21aDel Sol
3.10Rachel Stewart54.58aRancho
4.9Savannah Boleky56.17aRancho
5.11Caroline Hart56.97aDel Sol
6.9Miyah Wilson59.09aRancho
7.10Lisa Stone1:02.93aDel Sol
8.11Jamie Monday1:05.15aRancho
9.9Anjalina Perkins1:06.34aRancho
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
-Relay Team DQDel Sol
-Relay Team DNSRancho
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:54.55aRancho
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:51.02aRancho
2.-Janika Ross
Heather Phelps
Mikelle Torgesen
Niquel Nussear
4:57.94aBoulder City
3.-Megan Pellouchoud
Jessica Tobler
Natalie Martinez
Jena Sillitoe
4:59.94aBoulder City
-Relay Team DNSDel Sol
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jessica Tobler
Janika Ross
Natalie Martinez
Mikelle Torgesen
11:18.99aBoulder City
2.-Relay Team 11:29.54aRancho
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.9Miracle Blalark34-11.00Rancho
2.12Jasmine Lewis28-05.50Del Sol
3.12Mackinzie Kilgore26-05.25Rancho
4.11Brittany Rieth26-04.00Rancho
5.12Annelli Torres25-11.50Rancho
6.12Felicia Walker25-04.00Boulder City
7.9Jazmyne Pascual25-00.75Del Sol
8.11Jasmine Wilson24-11.50Del Sol
9.9Yasmeena Zouita24-04.50Rancho
10.11Keyania Moye23-02.75Rancho
11.10Emilia Oscilowicz22-11.50Boulder City
12.11Danyell Harding22-09.75Boulder City
13.9Jordan Williams22-08.50Rancho
14.9Anjalina Perkins22-02.00Rancho
15.9Kiera Hundley20-02.25Del Sol
16.9Mary-Rose Mitra19-07.25Del Sol
17.9Jesmari Acala17-05.75Rancho
18.11Kandice Busby17-01.25Del Sol
19.9Eileen Hernandez16-03.75Del Sol
10Avalon FrantzDNSBoulder City
11Abigal Ontiveros-martinezDNSRancho
9Mackenzie PearsonDNSRancho
11Katie WhiteDNSRancho
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Brittany Rieth85-00Rancho
2.9Miracle Blalark84-09Rancho
3.10Avalon Frantz83-06Boulder City
4.12Jasmine Lewis79-04Del Sol
5.12Annelli Torres78-11Rancho
6.11Angela Johnson74-09Del Sol
7.11Keyania Moye72-09Rancho
8.10Emilia Oscilowicz71-04Boulder City
9.11Jasmine Wilson69-06Del Sol
20.9Jazmyne Pascual69'00Del Sol
10.12Mackinzie Kilgore65-07Rancho
11.11Danyell Harding64-07Boulder City
12.9Anjalina Perkins61-06Rancho
13.9Mary-Rose Mitra59-06Del Sol
14.12Felicia Walker58-04Boulder City
15.9Kiera Hundley58-00Del Sol
16.9Eileen Hernandez51-00Del Sol
17.11Katie White48-03Rancho
18.9Jesmari Acala46-08Rancho
19.11Kandice Busby45-04Del Sol
20.9Jazmyne Pascual9-00Del Sol
9Jordan WilliamsDNSRancho
11Abigal Ontiveros-martinezDNSRancho
9Yasmeena ZouitaDNSRancho
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jasmine Hawkins4-10.00Del Sol
10Aaliyah ArnoldNHDel Sol
9Terry GreenDNSDel Sol
9Jordan WilliamsDNSRancho
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Alicia Villa7-00.00Del Sol
2.12Sara Camino6-06.00Boulder City
3.10Kayla Aldrich6-00.00Del Sol
4.11Alurea Stevens5-06.00Rancho
5.10Erin Cranor5-06.00Del Sol
6.9Amy Pellouchoud5-00.00Boulder City
9Madison CaminoDNSBoulder City
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jamie Monday13-09.50Rancho
2.10Heather Phelps12-10.75Boulder City
3.9Savannah Boleky12-09.75Rancho
9Kanosha GrayDNSRancho
11Carmen JohnsonDNSDel Sol
9Amy PellouchoudDNSBoulder City
12Felicia WalkerDNSBoulder City
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Heather Phelps29-03.00Boulder City
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