Bradley V. Urschel Invitational

Saturday, March 26, 2011
  St. Mark's School of Texas, Dallas - Map

  Field Events Start: 9:00 AM  Track Events Start: 11:00 AM
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Texas - 2A
DACSDallas Covenant
Texas - District 1
LUCHLucas Christian
Texas - Division 2
IRUAIrving Universal Academy
Texas - Region 2
DALCDallas Life Oak Cliff
Texas - Region 2
UPNHUplift North Hills
Texas - Texas
OMEGOmega Academy
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity-Boys - Finals
1.12Casey Kassem11.14aGreenhill
2.11Roderick Lancaster11.19aDallas Life Oak Cliff
3.12Jarod Haynes11.29aDallas HSAA
4.10Zac Shelley11.32aParish Episcopal
5.11Cody Sixkiller11.34aSt Marks Of Texas
6.10Brandon Austin11.37aOmega Academy
7.12Dane Earl11.43aDallas HSAA
8.12Parker Overberg11.52aTrinity Christian (A...
9.12Faris Chehabi11.55aGreenhill
10.10Ben Luedtke11.55aThe Shelton
11.11Micheal Williams11.56aDallas Life Oak Cliff
12.11Marcel Baptiste11.58aLucas Christian
13.9Jalen Sharp11.67aGreenhill
14.11Austin Hartline11.71aGreenhill
15.12Ty Montgomery11.86aSt Marks Of Texas
16.12Kenny Culbertson11.92aPrince Of Peace
17.9Kevin Morrison11.94aIrving Universal Aca...
18.9Clarke Wilson11.97aEpiscopal School Of ...
18.12Jake Quatrochi11.97aCovenant Christian
20.11William Montgomery12.04aGreenhill
21.11Jalen Richardson12.05aTrinity Christian (C...
22.9Colby Boozer12.06aDallas Covenant
23.12Melvin Coumpy12.13aTrinity Christian (C...
24.10Josh Elliott12.16aCoram Deo Academy
25.10Bryan Marino12.18aLegacy Christian (Fr...
26.10Max Morrow12.19aPrince Of Peace
27.10Omar Ahmed12.21aSt Marks Of Texas
28.10Daniel Davidson12.22aTrinity Christian (A...
29.11Charlie Garcia12.23aSt Marks Of Texas
31.10Barkley Wilson12.24aCistercian Prep
32.10Nicholas Chee-Awai12.25aCistercian Prep
33.10Adam Beck12.31aLegacy Christian (Fr...
34.11Michael Machak12.37aCistercian Prep
35.10Oliver Charon12.38aCovenant Christian
36.12Brent Isaac12.41aTrinity Christian (C...
37.10Chase McCoy12.45aJohn Paul II
38.9Patrick Rea12.46aTrinity Christian (A...
39.9Brooks Friedman12.49aCovenant Christian
40.12Hunter Deal12.51aCoram Deo Academy
41.11Zach Stryker12.67aBethesda Christian
42.11David Hopkins12.70aBethesda Christian
43.9Mac Sellers12.74aDallas Covenant
44.9Will Tarnasky12.82aDallas Covenant
45.12Asad Jiwani12.83aUplift North Hills
46.10Robert Ward12.83aDallas HSAA
47.9Phillip Yan12.84aSt Marks Of Texas
48.9Jacob Young12.86aDallas Covenant
49.10Logan Price12.89aCoram Deo Academy
50.9Creighton Gerlach12.93aTrinity Christian (A...
51.12Jonathan Tran12.94aUplift North Hills
52.9Kenny Slawson13.01aCarrollton Christian
53.10Ayed Al Dossari13.07aUplift North Hills
54.12Preston Tidwell13.14aLegacy Christian (Fr...
55.9Reagan Roberts13.17aPrince Of Peace
56.9Tanner Owens13.29aThe Shelton
57.9Peter Grant13.31aDallas HSAA
58.9Ryan Shahan13.40aJohn Paul II
59.9Jason Lee13.44aJohn Paul II
60.9Thomas Brown13.48aTrinity Christian (A...
61.11Colin Wisdom13.54aCarrollton Christian
62.11Ethan Noel13.61aCistercian Prep
63.9Jay Pierre14.04aTrinity Christian (C...
64.12Preston Bloskas14.76aDallas HSAA
65.10Gabriel Sagert14.95aCoram Deo Academy
66.10Joel Davis15.18aUplift North Hills
X 200 Meters - Varsity-Boys - Finals
1.10Zac Shelley23.00aParish Episcopal
2.12Nate Jones23.16aTrinity Christian (A...
3.12Jarod Haynes23.17aDallas HSAA
4.12Dane Earl23.35aDallas HSAA
5.12Dean Itani23.38aSt Marks Of Texas
6.11Cameron Kline23.59aSt Marks Of Texas
7.11Marcel Baptiste23.59aLucas Christian
8.10Brandon Austin23.74aOmega Academy
9.11Cody Sixkiller24.00aSt Marks Of Texas
10.11Trey Haggerty24.01aTrinity Christian (C...
11.11Aaron Layman24.11aLucas Christian
12.10Daniel Kim24.29aCovenant Christian
13.12Tevrick Boyd24.29aDallas Life Oak Cliff
14.10Trent Jackson24.30aCovenant Christian
15.12Faris Chehabi24.40aGreenhill
16.10Ovie Urevbu24.49aLegacy Christian (Fr...
17.10Caleb Brake24.50aCoram Deo Academy
18.11Bart Thomas24.56aTrinity Christian (A...
19.10Chris Szymczyk24.64aDallas HSAA
20.10Omar Ahmed24.83aSt Marks Of Texas
21.11Ivan Kumamoto24.83aGreenhill
22.10Kareem Itani24.87aSt Marks Of Texas
23.9Clarke Wilson24.91aEpiscopal School Of ...
24.9Malcolm Bowman24.97aSt Marks Of Texas
25.12Jake Quatrochi25.01aCovenant Christian
26.10Daniel Davidson25.15aTrinity Christian (A...
27.10Paul Kim25.21aCistercian Prep
28.11Jalen Richardson25.37aTrinity Christian (C...
29.10Oliver Charon25.39aCovenant Christian
30.11Jerome Fellows25.41aDallas Life Oak Cliff
31.10Adam Beck25.44aLegacy Christian (Fr...
32.11Jake Borchardt25.44aLegacy Christian (Fr...
33.9Kevin Morrison25.49aIrving Universal Aca...
34.11Hudson Leiser25.56aEpiscopal School Of ...
35.10Chase McCoy25.63aJohn Paul II
36.10Max Morrow25.65aPrince Of Peace
37.9Austin Barnes25.69aJohn Paul II
38.11Charlie Garcia25.70aSt Marks Of Texas
39.9Dylan Altschuler25.70aSt Marks Of Texas
40.9David Niermann25.84aCarrollton Christian
41.11Deunte Levine25.94aDallas Life Oak Cliff
42.11Ethan Noel25.99aCistercian Prep
43.10Joseph James26.27aIrving Universal Aca...
44.10Tyler Young26.35aCistercian Prep
45.10Clayton Logan26.45aTrinity Christian (C...
46.9Mac Sellers26.56aDallas Covenant
47.9Shedrick Collins26.80aTrinity Christian (C...
48.9Andy Cook27.00aCistercian Prep
49.9Michael Cannaday27.27aUplift North Hills
50.12Preston Tidwell27.28aLegacy Christian (Fr...
51.9Phillip Yan27.46aSt Marks Of Texas
52.12Jonathan Tran27.47aUplift North Hills
53.11Josh Olson27.55aLucas Christian
54.9Rafael Sandoval28.01aJohn Paul II
55.9Thomas Brown28.30aTrinity Christian (A...
56.9Kenny Slawson28.39aCarrollton Christian
57.9Jason Lee28.63aJohn Paul II
58.9Ryan Shahan28.93aJohn Paul II
59.11Colin Wisdom28.95aCarrollton Christian
60.9Will Tarnasky29.15aDallas Covenant
61.10Michael Blodgett29.27aDallas HSAA
62.12William Bloskas29.94aDallas HSAA
63.9Samuel Perrone31.95aCoram Deo Academy
X 200 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity-Boys - Finals
10Ben Koop23.37Dallas Covenant
12Michael Hendricks24.10Dallas Covenant
9Colby Boozer24.78Dallas Covenant
9Jacob Young26.41Dallas Covenant
X 400 Meters - Varsity-Boys - Finals
1.12Dane Earl51.52aDallas HSAA
2.10Colton Uzelac52.63aParish Episcopal
3.10Taylor Billingsley52.93aTrinity Christian (A...
4.10Forrest Greenwalt53.13aSt Mary's Hall
5.11Jairus McElroy53.20aTrinity Christian (C...
6.10Chris Kennard53.22aParish Episcopal
7.11Cameron Kline53.67aSt Marks Of Texas
8.12Chase Stewart53.73aCovenant Christian
9.11James Steele54.12aDallas Life Oak Cliff
10.11Luke Smith54.59aSt Marks Of Texas
11.10Chad Kennington54.68aPrince Of Peace
12.11Sam Blow54.72aSt Mary's Hall
13.10Charlie Hilger54.87aTrinity Christian (A...
14.12Dean Itani55.28aSt Marks Of Texas
15.11Aaron Layman55.61aLucas Christian
16.12Henry Spellings55.68aEpiscopal School Of ...
17.9Malcolm Bowman56.30aSt Marks Of Texas
18.10Justin Harris56.40aTrinity Christian (C...
19.10Kareem Itani56.71aSt Marks Of Texas
20.11David Novinski56.95aCistercian Prep
21.9David Niermann57.08aCarrollton Christian
22.10Derrick Peace57.09aDallas Life Oak Cliff
23.10Chris Davis57.25aTrinity Christian (A...
24.12Andres Bonilla57.37aSt Mary's Hall
25.11Jordan Foster57.39aTrinity Christian (C...
26.9Dylan Altschuler57.54aSt Marks Of Texas
27.9Trey Albritten57.76aGreenhill
28.10Barkley Wilson57.82aCistercian Prep
29.11Jake Borchardt57.93aLegacy Christian (Fr...
30.12Jonathan Kurth58.43aBethesda Christian
31.10Andrew Fitch58.85aBethesda Christian
32.11Eugene Lockhart59.22aParish Episcopal
33.10David Oxenreiter59.36aThe Shelton
34.9Ryan Lee59.43aLucas Christian
35.12Ryan Martinez59.55aCistercian Prep
36.11Blake Berry59.60aLegacy Christian (Fr...
37.9Jacob Hickerson59.73aDallas Covenant
38.12Rohit Bachal59.97aUplift North Hills
39.10Sean Whitney1:00.15aLegacy Christian (Fr...
40.9Patrick Rea1:00.51aTrinity Christian (A...
41.9Will Glenn1:00.67aJohn Paul II
42.11Alex Steinkirchner1:00.91aJohn Paul II
43.10Ryan Pappal1:01.00aSt Mary's Hall
44.11Alec Bradley1:01.21aJohn Paul II
45.12Andrew Scott1:01.83aCoram Deo Academy
46.9Creighton Gerlach1:03.33aTrinity Christian (A...
47.12Preston Tidwell1:03.50aLegacy Christian (Fr...
48.10Bryce Martin1:03.55aLucas Christian
49.11Cameron Pruitt1:03.63aIrving Universal Aca...
50.9Matthew Kirby1:04.69aBethesda Christian
51.9Anthony Ikeudiba1:08.93aIrving Universal Aca...
52.10Sterling Brown1:12.14aIrving Universal Aca...
53.9Jose Luna1:13.09aUplift North Hills
54.9Samuel Perrone1:15.42aCoram Deo Academy
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity-Boys - Finals
9Colby Boozer56.78Dallas Covenant
9Jacob Young57.37Dallas Covenant
9Mac Sellers59.16Dallas Covenant
9Benson Moore1:01.91Dallas Covenant
X 800 Meters - Varsity-Boys - Finals
1.12Scott Popplewell2:04.39aSt Marks Of Texas
2.11Will Morris2:06.05aSt Marks Of Texas
3.12Abram Kepes2:06.52aSt Mary's Hall
4.10Dylan Kirksey2:07.83aSt Marks Of Texas
5.12Henry Spellings2:09.18aEpiscopal School Of ...
6.9Richard McCants2:10.27aSt Marks Of Texas
7.12Spencer Heim2:12.25aSt Marks Of Texas
8.12Zach Strater2:14.51aPrince Of Peace
9.9Harrison Perkins2:14.69aSt Marks Of Texas
10.12Chris Vorgert2:15.01aDallas HSAA
11.11Samir Saidi2:16.14aSt Marks Of Texas
12.11Mike Patison2:16.66aSt Marks Of Texas
13.11Ian King2:17.04aThe Shelton
14.11Rhett Allen2:18.58aLegacy Christian (Fr...
15.11Austin Hill2:18.73aCistercian Prep
16.10Ben Legband2:19.26aTrinity Christian (A...
17.9Dean Addy2:19.44aSt Marks Of Texas
18.10Dalton Heath2:19.85aTrinity Christian (A...
19.11John Davis2:21.33aPrince Of Peace
20.10David Oxenreiter2:21.73aThe Shelton
21.9Israel Soto2:21.88aSt Marks Of Texas
22.9Cameron Savage2:22.08aCovenant Christian
23.11David Kolski2:22.77aCistercian Prep
24.12Shashank Mittal2:22.98aSt Marks Of Texas
25.10Alex Beane2:23.00aEpiscopal School Of ...
26.10Matt Willis2:24.03aParish Episcopal
27.9Andrew Beytagh2:25.23aCistercian Prep
28.10Daniel Hull2:25.51aEpiscopal School Of ...
29.11Jordan Foster2:27.43aTrinity Christian (C...
30.10Jeremy Auerbach2:27.85aGreenhill
31.10Sean Whitney2:28.10aLegacy Christian (Fr...
32.9Mark Rodriguez2:28.61aJohn Paul II
33.11Cameron Pruitt2:29.23aIrving Universal Aca...
34.9Trevor Pownell2:30.39aTrinity Christian (A...
35.10Judah Johnson2:30.67aDallas HSAA
36.9Connor Bessell2:33.25aThe Shelton
37.9Nick Kraus2:34.30aGreenhill
38.10Tyler Brooks2:37.01aTrinity Christian (C...
39.9Anthony Ikeudiba2:40.49aIrving Universal Aca...
40.10Anton Yu2:40.87aGreenhill
41.10Brian Funderburke2:42.89aDallas Life Oak Cliff
42.9Shawn Reese2:44.68aJohn Paul II
43.9Andres Velasquez2:47.60aJohn Paul II
44.9Garret Godwin2:52.64aJohn Paul II
45.9Jose Luna2:56.45aUplift North Hills
46.9John Schmisek3:01.32aUplift North Hills
47.9Caleb Mathews3:08.05aDallas HSAA
X 800 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity-Boys - Finals
11Ryan Doshier2:20.91Dallas Covenant
9Jacob Hickerson2:21.71Dallas Covenant
9William Simmons2:26.94Dallas Covenant
9Clark Martin2:35.72Dallas Covenant
X 1600 Meters - Varsity-Boys - Finals
1.11Garrett McCurrach4:42.18aDallas HSAA
2.9Matthew Brown4:45.09aSt Marks Of Texas
3.12Tyler Patterson4:45.40aSt Mary's Hall
4.10Dylan Kirksey4:47.19aSt Marks Of Texas
5.10Robbey Orth4:49.52aSt Marks Of Texas
6.12Scott Popplewell4:52.41aSt Marks Of Texas
7.11Zachary Winger4:53.25aBethesda Christian
8.10Chandler Burke4:55.68aSt Marks Of Texas
9.11Gus Newkirk4:57.65aPrince Of Peace
10.9Richard McCants4:57.88aSt Marks Of Texas
11.11Mark Lutz4:57.97aSt Marks Of Texas
12.12Spencer Heim4:59.32aSt Marks Of Texas
13.9Alex Thomas4:59.65aPrince Of Peace
14.11David Munoz5:00.02aSt Marks Of Texas
15.11Garrett Watumull5:02.23aSt Marks Of Texas
16.9Vishal Gokani5:02.35aSt Marks Of Texas
17.10Ben Legband5:05.65aTrinity Christian (A...
18.11Mike Patison5:05.88aSt Marks Of Texas
19.12Issac Johnston5:10.32aCistercian Prep
20.10Conner Chambers5:11.29aLucas Christian
21.11Samir Saidi5:12.87aSt Marks Of Texas
22.9Dean Addy5:13.30aSt Marks Of Texas
23.9Jackson Parrish5:14.68aSt Mary's Hall
24.11Austin Burns5:15.02aCistercian Prep
25.9Jacob Beaver5:15.90aBethesda Christian
26.12Andy Knox5:16.81aTrinity Christian (A...
27.10Josh King5:17.36aSt Mary's Hall
28.11Jacob Mayer5:17.83aJohn Paul II
29.10Borren Moe5:19.40aGreenhill
30.9Robert He5:20.02aSt Marks Of Texas
31.12Eric Graffy5:20.25aSt Marks Of Texas
32.9Harrison Perkins5:20.63aSt Marks Of Texas
33.11Zander Leeke5:23.27aLucas Christian
34.9Israel Soto5:25.50aSt Marks Of Texas
35.9William Simmons5:26.03aDallas Covenant
36.10Mason Porter5:28.55aTrinity Christian (A...
37.11Rhett Allen5:28.56aLegacy Christian (Fr...
38.12Aidan Kirksey5:30.37aSt Marks Of Texas
39.9Andrew Beytagh5:31.13aCistercian Prep
40.9Cameron Savage5:32.26aCovenant Christian
41.9Joseph Brands5:32.34aLegacy Christian (Fr...
42.12Jeff Baker5:32.46aThe Shelton
43.10Max Naseck5:33.86aSt Marks Of Texas
44.10Calvin Berg5:34.12aGreenhill
45.12Shashank Mittal5:36.47aSt Marks Of Texas
46.10Matt Willis5:39.42aParish Episcopal
47.10Crawford Kob5:40.03aEpiscopal School Of ...
48.9Mikey Halperin5:47.67aThe Shelton
49.9Anthony Garcia5:48.04aSt Marks Of Texas
50.10Luke Robertson5:48.79aLucas Christian
51.9Victor Zhou5:48.97aSt Marks Of Texas
52.9Eric Edwards5:50.09aParish Episcopal
53.11Collin Small5:50.92aTrinity Christian (A...
54.11Max Kirkby5:52.99aJohn Paul II
55.9Christian Lopez5:55.02aSt Mary's Hall
56.10Judah Johnson5:55.34aDallas HSAA
57.9Adam Mayer6:11.40aJohn Paul II
58.11Cliff Ritter6:17.70aEpiscopal School Of ...
59.9Shawn Reese6:20.92aJohn Paul II
60.9James Mahler6:33.98aBethesda Christian
61.9John Schmisek6:44.28aUplift North Hills
62.9Caleb Mathews7:16.93aDallas HSAA
X 3200 Meters - Varsity-Boys - Finals
1.9Matthew Brown10:19.49aSt Marks Of Texas
2.10Robbey Orth10:25.21aSt Marks Of Texas
3.12Issac Johnston10:40.22aCistercian Prep
4.10Chandler Burke10:45.15aSt Marks Of Texas
5.9Vishal Gokani10:55.00aSt Marks Of Texas
6.11Garrett Watumull10:56.63aSt Marks Of Texas
7.11Gus Newkirk10:57.73aPrince Of Peace
8.11Mark Lutz10:58.71aSt Marks Of Texas
9.11David Munoz11:00.12aSt Marks Of Texas
10.11Zachary Winger11:04.61aBethesda Christian
11.9Jacob Beaver11:10.07aBethesda Christian
12.9Alex Thomas11:20.44aPrince Of Peace
13.12Andy Knox11:27.71aTrinity Christian (A...
14.10Madison Van de Hey11:29.06aParish Episcopal
15.10Josh King11:37.21aSt Mary's Hall
16.9Jackson Parrish11:53.33aSt Mary's Hall
17.9Joseph Brands11:56.30aLegacy Christian (Fr...
18.9Nick Kraus12:00.18aGreenhill
19.9Robert He12:00.25aSt Marks Of Texas
20.12Alex Curiel12:00.62aSt Mary's Hall
21.12Jeff Baker12:02.41aThe Shelton
22.11Zander Leeke12:04.60aLucas Christian
23.10Crawford Kob12:04.77aEpiscopal School Of ...
24.10Rachit Mohan12:08.70aSt Marks Of Texas
25.10Max Naseck12:12.70aSt Marks Of Texas
26.10Mark Knackstedt12:16.50aUplift North Hills
27.10Ben Horlick12:21.70aCistercian Prep
28.9Mikey Halperin12:33.79aThe Shelton
29.9Anthony Garcia12:55.23aSt Marks Of Texas
30.10Anton Yu12:56.05aGreenhill
31.9Victor Zhou12:56.91aSt Marks Of Texas
32.9Eric Edwards12:57.50aParish Episcopal
33.9Jeremy Garica13:02.32aCistercian Prep
34.10Kyle Lamse13:11.39aLegacy Christian (Fr...
35.9Aarohan Burma13:28.04aSt Marks Of Texas
36.9Adam Mayer13:41.76aJohn Paul II
37.11Collin Small13:44.75aTrinity Christian (A...
38.9Jacob Warner13:51.25aTrinity Christian (A...
39.9Christian Lopez13:52.42aSt Mary's Hall
40.11Cliff Ritter14:30.05aEpiscopal School Of ...
41.9Justin Cho14:38.99aTrinity Christian (A...
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity-Boys - Finals
1.12Jarod Haynes15.72aDallas HSAA
2.10Kendrick Spraglin16.03aSt Marks Of Texas
3.12Christopher Saunders16.42aDallas Life Oak Cliff
4.10Bryce Holcomb16.65aSt Marks Of Texas
5.10Pal Bajwa16.77aPrince Of Peace
6.12Carter Henderson17.14aCovenant Christian
7.12Trenton Seale17.15aGreenhill
8.12Trevor Millet17.50aTrinity Christian (A...
9.12Gus Blessing17.62aSt Marks Of Texas
10.10Alexander Holland17.77aTrinity Christian (A...
11.11Alex Relihan17.94aCistercian Prep
12.10Brian Kegerreis18.09aTrinity Christian (A...
13.11Bilal Evans18.13aCistercian Prep
14.11Sam McGraw18.53aCistercian Prep
15.9Drue Allen19.26aTrinity Christian (A...
16.11Hunter McGaughey19.67aDallas HSAA
17.11Hunter Lewis19.68aLegacy Christian (Fr...
18.11John Paul Spence20.32aCistercian Prep
19.10Ryan Newman20.35aDallas Life Oak Cliff
20.10Darius Simmons20.72aLegacy Christian (Fr...
21.10Antanas Madhavapeddy20.76aCistercian Prep
22.9Benson Moore21.10aDallas Covenant
23.12Rohit Bachal21.71aUplift North Hills
24.9Zak Norris22.47aCarrollton Christian
25.11Micah Baxter26.57aLegacy Christian (Fr...
--10Joshua WoodsDNFTrinity Christian (C...
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity-Boys - Finals
1.10Bryce Holcomb41.38aSt Marks Of Texas
2.12Connor Ryan41.71aPrince Of Peace
3.12Gus Blessing43.97aSt Marks Of Texas
4.10Joshua Woods44.23aTrinity Christian (C...
5.11Luke Tomaso44.47aCistercian Prep
6.9Brooks Friedman44.77aCovenant Christian
7.12Trevor Millet44.90aTrinity Christian (A...
8.10Ryan Newman45.34aDallas Life Oak Cliff
9.10Pal Bajwa45.97aPrince Of Peace
10.11Cole McClellan46.10aLucas Christian
11.12Christopher Saunders46.14aDallas Life Oak Cliff
12.10Harrison Hewitt46.17aSt Marks Of Texas
13.11Alex Relihan46.40aCistercian Prep
14.10Kendrick Spraglin46.42aSt Marks Of Texas
15.11Hunter Lewis46.71aLegacy Christian (Fr...
16.9Drue Allen46.97aTrinity Christian (A...
17.10Brian Kegerreis47.08aTrinity Christian (A...
18.10Darius Simmons47.15aLegacy Christian (Fr...
19.10Antanas Madhavapeddy47.43aCistercian Prep
20.11Bilal Evans47.57aCistercian Prep
21.9Justin Honore47.80aJohn Paul II
22.9Cannon Karns47.82aEpiscopal School Of ...
23.10Alexander Holland48.45aTrinity Christian (A...
24.11Cedric Pitts48.88aIrving Universal Aca...
25.9Austin Barnes48.97aJohn Paul II
26.11Hunter McGaughey49.47aDallas HSAA
27.9Peter Grant50.58aDallas HSAA
28.10Alex Beane51.61aEpiscopal School Of ...
29.9Darius Paris52.41aIrving Universal Aca...
30.11Micah Baxter52.85aLegacy Christian (Fr...
31.10Hunter Prater53.40aParish Episcopal
32.9Sam McClellan57.52aLucas Christian
X 2k Steeplechase - Varsity-Boys - Finals
1.12Hayden Wolf7:17.34aSt Marks Of Texas
2.10Conner Chambers7:19.02aLucas Christian
3.12Eric Graffy7:22.20aSt Marks Of Texas
4.9Drew Morgan7:32.89aDallas HSAA
5.11Jared Cline7:47.42aTrinity Valley
6.9Trevor Berkowitz7:47.73aTrinity Valley
7.10Daniel Hull7:55.14aEpiscopal School Of ...
8.9Clark Martin8:23.11aDallas Covenant
9.9William Simmons8:28.47aDallas Covenant
10.10Shashank Kalanith8:28.93aUplift North Hills
11.12Ethan Cummings8:31.77aDallas HSAA
12.9Jacob Barlowe9:03.51aLucas Christian
13.11Zach Conner9:10.62aTrinity Valley
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity-Boys - Finals
1.-Relay Team 44.27aDallas Life Oak Cliff
2.-Kareem Itani
Cameron Kline
Cody Sixkiller
Ty Montgomery
44.36aSt Marks Of Texas
3.-Relay Team 44.77aGreenhill
4.-Relay Team 45.19aPrince Of Peace
5.-Relay Team 45.41aCovenant Christian
6.-Relay Team 45.42aTrinity Christian (C...
7.-Relay Team 47.04aCistercian Prep
8.-Relay Team 47.37aLegacy Christian (Fr...
9.-Relay Team 47.58aCoram Deo Academy
10.-Relay Team 47.96aEpiscopal School Of ...
11.-Relay Team 48.31aIrving Universal Aca...
12.-Relay Team 48.50aLucas Christian
13.-Relay Team 50.71aUplift North Hills
14.-Relay Team 51.19aJohn Paul II
15.-Relay Team 53.68aCarrollton Christian
16.-Relay Team 55.38aDallas HSAA
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity-Boys - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:34.09aTrinity Christian (A...
2.-Relay Team 1:34.36aDallas Life Oak Cliff
3.-Relay Team 1:35.19aParish Episcopal
4.-Relay Team 1:36.54aCovenant Christian
5.-Relay Team 1:37.43aTrinity Christian (C...
6.-Kareem Itani
Luke Smith
Dylan Altschuler
Omar Ahmed
1:38.45aSt Marks Of Texas
7.-Relay Team 1:39.13aDallas Covenant
8.-Relay Team 1:39.19aGreenhill
9.-Relay Team 1:39.77aLegacy Christian (Fr...
10.-Relay Team 1:40.89aCoram Deo Academy
11.-Relay Team 1:41.30aCistercian Prep
12.-Relay Team 1:41.96aJohn Paul II
13.-Relay Team 1:43.59aPrince Of Peace
14.-Relay Team 1:55.73aUplift North Hills
15.-Relay Team 1:56.99aDallas HSAA
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity-Boys - Finals
1.-Will Morris
Luke Smith
Dean Itani
Cameron Kline
3:34.02aSt Marks Of Texas
2.-Relay Team 3:35.91aCovenant Christian
3.-Relay Team 3:37.31aPrince Of Peace
4.-Relay Team 3:37.93aParish Episcopal
5.-Relay Team 3:42.13aTrinity Christian (A...
6.-Relay Team 3:42.67aSt Mary's Hall
7.-Relay Team 3:42.94aTrinity Christian (C...
8.-Relay Team 3:44.03aGreenhill
9.-Relay Team 3:45.13aEpiscopal School Of ...
10.-Relay Team 3:47.03aLegacy Christian (Fr...
11.-Relay Team 3:47.32aCistercian Prep
12.-Relay Team 3:47.40aCoram Deo Academy
13.-Relay Team 3:54.64aDallas HSAA
14.-Relay Team 3:55.51aDallas Covenant
15.-Relay Team 3:56.23aDallas Life Oak Cliff
16.-Relay Team 4:02.63aJohn Paul II
17.-Relay Team 4:09.52aBethesda Christian
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity-Boys - Finals
1.-Relay Team 8:40.75aSt Mary's Hall
2.-Relay Team 8:59.10aDallas HSAA
3.-Relay Team 9:03.37aEpiscopal School Of ...
4.-Relay Team 9:11.86aCistercian Prep
5.-Relay Team 9:12.25aCoram Deo Academy
6.-Relay Team 9:15.30aGreenhill
7.-Relay Team 9:18.26aTrinity Christian (A...
8.-Relay Team 9:45.68aDallas Covenant
9.-Relay Team 10:00.35aLucas Christian
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity-Boys - Finals
1.12Reese Cannady46-03.00St Marks Of Texas
2.11Ikkenna Nwafor46-00.00Cistercian Prep
3.9Victor Calvillo43-08.00St Marks Of Texas
4.12Ian Lopez43-07.00St Mary's Hall
5.11Sam Box43-00.00St Marks Of Texas
6.10Alex Wright42-09.00Parish Episcopal
7.11Eric Klein42-04.00Greenhill
8.11Niko Padilla41-02.00Parish Episcopal
9.11Zac Elsenbroek40-10.00Prestonwood Christian
9.11Forest Rahn40-10.00Cistercian Prep
11.11TJ Lovell39-00.00Bethesda Christian
12.11Antonio Benavides38-11.00St Marks Of Texas
13.12Jesus Aleman37-11.00St Mary's Hall
14.11Mark Lohstroh36-11.00Dallas HSAA
15.11Tim Mask36-07.00Legacy Christian (Fr...
16.11Todd Smith36-02.00Carrollton Christian
17.10Dominic Garcia36-01.00St Marks Of Texas
18.Tim Corbell36-00.00Westwood Academy
19.12Kenny Culbertson35-11.00Prince Of Peace
20.11William Ruppert35-08.00Episcopal School Of ...
21.12Jeremy Chiang35-01.00Greenhill
22.11Lucas King35-00.00Dallas Life Oak Cliff
22.11Cedric Pitts35-00.00Irving Universal Aca...
24.11Wilson Smitham34-04.00Dallas HSAA
25.11Seth Goodwyn34-03.00The Shelton
26.11Tyler Sharpless34-02.00Dallas Covenant
27.10Ryan Ragnell33-07.00Parish Episcopal
28.12Terry Smith33-01.00Dallas Life Oak Cliff
28.9Peter Grant33-01.00Dallas HSAA
30.11Josh Olson33-00.00Lucas Christian
31.12Clay Tillotson32-09.00Cistercian Prep
32.11Lucas Hildenbrand32-06.00The Shelton
32.11Michael Zorro32-06.00Legacy Christian (Fr...
34.12Colin Lind32-03.00St Marks Of Texas
35.9Daniel Solis31-11.00St Marks Of Texas
36.11Andres Miller31-06.00St Marks Of Texas
37.10Connor Novotny31-04.00The Shelton
38.11Nick Sembrick31-02.00Prince Of Peace
39.12Ben Trotter30-09.00Legacy Christian (Fr...
40.9Ian Bonnick30-06.00The Shelton
41.9Cord Stahl30-02.00John Paul II
42.11Travis Brody30-01.00St Marks Of Texas
43.10Brandon Baca29-05.00The Shelton
43.11Adrian Rojas29-05.00John Paul II
45.10Caleb Plemons28-10.00Trinity Christian (A...
46.10Austin Buch28-08.00John Paul II
47.11Don Buckholz28-07.00Episcopal School Of ...
48.11Sam Grant28-06.00Dallas HSAA
49.10Alex Gregg28-01.00Trinity Christian (A...
50.9Cris Palencia28-00.00Bethesda Christian
50.9Brandon Rose28-00.00John Paul II
52.9Ross Lopez27-07.00Trinity Christian (A...
53.9Sam Perry27-05.00Trinity Christian (A...
54.11Drew Ortiz27-04.00Bethesda Christian
55.10Paul Gudmundsson26-10.00St Marks Of Texas
56.9Sam Barth26-07.00Dallas Covenant
56.12Dustin Saulle26-07.00St Mary's Hall
58.9Nathan Ahle26-06.00Dallas HSAA
59.11Caleb Palmer26-05.00Carrollton Christian
59.9William Van Fleet26-05.00Trinity Christian (A...
61.9Andrew Balog25-10.00St Marks Of Texas
62.10Sterling Brown25-09.00Irving Universal Aca...
63.9Jacob Hickerson25-04.00Dallas Covenant
64.10Andrew Goodman24-01.00St Marks Of Texas
65.12Christian Windley23-03.00Prince Of Peace
66.9Ronald Turley22-02.00Greenhill
67.10Cullen Petrey21-06.00Lucas Christian
67.12John Yates21-06.00Lucas Christian
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity-Boys - Finals
1.12Zach Christian141-05St Marks Of Texas
2.12Reese Cannady136-04St Marks Of Texas
3.11TJ Lovell135-10Bethesda Christian
4.11Zac Elsenbroek130-07Prestonwood Christian
5.9Victor Calvillo128-11St Marks Of Texas
6.12Ian Lopez114-00St Mary's Hall
7.11Ikkenna Nwafor113-08Cistercian Prep
8.11Forest Rahn113-07Cistercian Prep
9.11Niko Padilla112-07Parish Episcopal
10.12Stephen Bass111-10Carrollton Christian
11.10Josh Elliott110-05Coram Deo Academy
12.11Mark Lohstroh110-02Dallas HSAA
13.11William Ruppert109-09Episcopal School Of ...
14.12Jeremy Chiang107-03Greenhill
15.9Peter Grant106-06Dallas HSAA
16.11Michael Shadley106-01Prince Of Peace
17.11Eric Klein104-05Greenhill
18.11Seth Goodwyn104-04The Shelton
19.12Kenny Culbertson103-03Prince Of Peace
20.11Wilson Smitham102-08Dallas HSAA
21.12Seagal Dauglas100-10Covenant Christian
22.10Andrew Morgan100-03John Paul II
23.11Don Buckholz98-05Episcopal School Of ...
24.10Dominic Garcia98-04St Marks Of Texas
25.12Colin Lind96-06St Marks Of Texas
26.11Deunte Levine95-09Dallas Life Oak Cliff
27.12Jalon Brown94-05Dallas Life Oak Cliff
28.11Drew Ortiz93-07Bethesda Christian
29.10Paul Gudmundsson93-00St Marks Of Texas
30.11Tim Mask92-09Legacy Christian (Fr...
31.11Antonio Benavides92-00St Marks Of Texas
32.12Omar Munoz91-10Greenhill
33.10Peter Thompson90-00Cistercian Prep
33.11Christian Boese90-00John Paul II
35.9Sam Perry89-07Trinity Christian (A...
36.12Carter Henderson88-09Covenant Christian
37.11Cole McClellan88-08Lucas Christian
37.12Pedro Pompa88-08Dallas Life Oak Cliff
39.10Brian Maleska87-10John Paul II
40.10Alex Gregg87-09Trinity Christian (A...
41.9Xavier Owens87-03Dallas Life Oak Cliff
42.10Austin Buch86-05John Paul II
43.11Michael Zorro86-02Legacy Christian (Fr...
44.11Phillip Bouillion86-00The Shelton
45.9Cord Stahl84-02John Paul II
46.10Forrest Walsted83-06Dallas HSAA
47.12Ben Trotter82-06Legacy Christian (Fr...
48.9Ian Bonnick81-04The Shelton
49.10Alex Wright81-02Parish Episcopal
50.9Daniel Solis80-09St Marks Of Texas
51.11Lucas Hildenbrand80-01The Shelton
52.11Nick Sembrick79-10Prince Of Peace
53.11Andres Miller79-06St Marks Of Texas
54.12Dustin Saulle78-04St Mary's Hall
55.10James Miller77-08Coram Deo Academy
56.11Tyler Sharpless77-03Dallas Covenant
57.9Cris Palencia75-10Bethesda Christian
58.10Ryan Ragnell73-10Parish Episcopal
59.10Andrew Goodman72-01St Marks Of Texas
60.10Michael Novakovich70-10Trinity Christian (A...
61.11Josh Olson70-06Lucas Christian
62.9Andrew Balog69-07St Marks Of Texas
63.9William Van Fleet69-06Trinity Christian (A...
64.11Sam Grant67-10Dallas HSAA
65.11Travis Brody65-05St Marks Of Texas
66.11Michael Lawrence62-07Covenant Christian
67.9Ricky McMurry62-06Greenhill
68.12John Yates59-10Lucas Christian
69.9Jacob Hickerson59-01Dallas Covenant
70.9Ross Lopez58-02Trinity Christian (A...
71.9Sam Barth57-11Dallas Covenant
72.10Cullen Petrey54-02Lucas Christian
73.9Clark Martin53-04Dallas Covenant
74.9Anthony Ikeudiba50-06Irving Universal Aca...
75.10Sterling Brown47-08Irving Universal Aca...
--12Christian WindleyFOULPrince Of Peace
--12Tracey BowsherFOULThe Shelton
--12Jesus AlemanFOULSt Mary's Hall
--9Bailey StahlFOULCarrollton Christian
X High Jump - Varsity-Boys - Finals
1.12Jarod Haynes6-02.00Dallas HSAA
2.10Bryce Holcomb5-10.00St Marks Of Texas
3.10Chris Szymczyk5'08.00Dallas HSAA
5.11Ivan Kumamoto5-08.00Greenhill
5.12Kevin Phillips5-08.00Greenhill
7.10Elliott Fry5-08.00Prince Of Peace
3.10Kendrick Spraglin5.50St Marks Of Texas
9.10Tyler Young5-06.00Cistercian Prep
11.9Will Meyer5-04.00Cistercian Prep
11.11Alex Steinkirchner5-04.00John Paul II
11.11Cole McClellan5-04.00Lucas Christian
11.10Conner Chambers5-04.00Lucas Christian
11.11Jerome Fellows5-04.00Dallas Life Oak Cliff
16.9Corey Henderson5-02.00Episcopal School Of ...
16.9Benson Moore5-02.00Dallas Covenant
18.11Hudson Leiser5-00.00Episcopal School Of ...
18.11Trey Haggerty5-00.00Trinity Christian (C...
18.9Stephen Bevilacqua5-00.00John Paul II
18.9Darius Paris5-00.00Irving Universal Aca...
8.11Austin Hartline0.50Greenhill
8.10Pal Bajwa0.50Prince Of Peace
--10Ovie UrevbuNHLegacy Christian (Fr...
--10Bryan MarinoNHLegacy Christian (Fr...
--10Darius SimmonsNHLegacy Christian (Fr...
--11Alec BradleyNHJohn Paul II
X Pole Vault - Varsity-Boys - Finals
1.10Ben Taussig12-06.00Greenhill
2.11Brennan Beeson12-00.00Prestonwood Christian
3.11Andrew Kadesky12-00.00Parish Episcopal
4.12Trenton Seale12-00.00Greenhill
5.10Harrison Hewitt11-00.00St Marks Of Texas
6.12Peter Hill10-06.00Greenhill
7.11Alex Kadesky10-06.00St Marks Of Texas
8.12Michael Chavoya10-00.00Greenhill
8.11Jerry Webb10-00.00Greenhill
12.12Shawn Adams9-06.00Episcopal School Of ...
12.9Michael Roach9-06.00Prestonwood Christian
14.9Chase Chandler9-00.00Trinity Christian (A...
14.11Steven Shirley9-00.00Trinity Christian (A...
14.9Kyle O'Neal9-00.00Trinity Christian (A...
14.11Riley Goethals9-00.00Cistercian Prep
14.10Bennett Turner9-00.00Cistercian Prep
14.9Mason Conine9-00.00Episcopal School Of ...
8.9Andrew Grayson0.50Prestonwood Christian
8.11Michael Shadley0.50Prince Of Peace
X Long Jump - Varsity-Boys - Finals
1.10Bryce Holcomb21-04.50St Marks Of Texas
2.11Austin Welch21-02.50Covenant Christian
3.12Jarod Haynes20-11.50Dallas HSAA
4.12Ty Montgomery20-04.00St Marks Of Texas
5.11Austin Hartline19-09.50Greenhill
6.12Aurel Baker19-08.00Greenhill
7.12Tevrick Boyd19-08.00Dallas Life Oak Cliff
8.10Kendrick Spraglin19-07.75St Marks Of Texas
9.10Ben Luedtke19-06.00The Shelton
10.11John Newcomb19-04.25Cistercian Prep
11.12Jordan Cross19-04.00Covenant Christian
12.11Cedric Pitts19-02.50Irving Universal Aca...
12.11William Montgomery19-02.50Greenhill
14.11Hudson Leiser19-02.00Episcopal School Of ...
15.11Aaron Layman18-11.25Lucas Christian
16.9Jalen Sharp18-10.00Greenhill
17.11Cody Sixkiller18-08.00St Marks Of Texas
18.11Jordan Foster18-06.00Trinity Christian (C...
19.9Shedrick Collins18-04.25Trinity Christian (C...
20.12Mark Hartman18-03.00Cistercian Prep
21.10Brian Funderburke18-02.00Dallas Life Oak Cliff
21.11Jerome Fellows18-02.00Dallas Life Oak Cliff
23.10Joshua Woods18-00.00Trinity Christian (C...
23.11Alex Steinkirchner18-00.00John Paul II
23.11David Hopkins18-00.00Bethesda Christian
26.9Colby Boozer17-10.50Dallas Covenant
27.10Andrew Fitch17-09.75Bethesda Christian
28.9Tanner Owens17-08.00The Shelton
29.11Ivan Kumamoto17-07.00Greenhill
30.10Justin Harris17-06.00Trinity Christian (C...
31.10Omar Ahmed17-04.75St Marks Of Texas
32.9Clarke Wilson17-04.50Episcopal School Of ...
33.9Will Glenn17-03.00John Paul II
33.9Mac Sellers17-03.00Dallas Covenant
35.10Caleb Brake17-01.50Coram Deo Academy
35.11Charlie Garcia17-01.50St Marks Of Texas
37.11Deunte Levine17-01.00Dallas Life Oak Cliff
38.9Daniel Avedikian17-00.50Dallas HSAA
39.9Corey Henderson16-10.50Episcopal School Of ...
40.11Hunter McGaughey16-08.50Dallas HSAA
41.9Kevin Morrison16-05.00Irving Universal Aca...
42.11Hunter Lewis16-04.50Legacy Christian (Fr...
43.11Alec Bradley16-04.25John Paul II
44.11Sam McGraw16-00.50Cistercian Prep
44.9Darius Paris16-00.50Irving Universal Aca...
46.10Nick Finer15-09.00John Paul II
46.9Stephen Bevilacqua15-09.00John Paul II
48.9David Niermann15-08.50Carrollton Christian
49.10Sterling Brown15-05.00Irving Universal Aca...
50.11Micheal Williams15-01.00Dallas Life Oak Cliff
51.9Jacob Young14-10.00Dallas Covenant
52.11Zach Stryker14-09.00Bethesda Christian
53.9Sam McClellan14-00.50Lucas Christian
X Triple Jump - Varsity-Boys - Finals
1.10Bryce Holcomb41-08.00St Marks Of Texas
2.10Kendrick Spraglin41-07.25St Marks Of Texas
3.11Cedric Pitts41-03.75Irving Universal Aca...
4.9Drue Allen38-03.00Trinity Christian (A...
5.11Charlie Garcia37-05.50St Marks Of Texas
6.9Trey Albritten37-01.75Greenhill
7.10Pal Bajwa36-10.50Prince Of Peace
8.9Brooks Friedman36-07.75Covenant Christian
9.11William Montgomery36-07.25Greenhill
10.10Derrick Peace36-01.25Dallas Life Oak Cliff
11.9Tim Stuard35-06.50Cistercian Prep
12.11Aaron Layman34-09.50Lucas Christian
13.10Justin Harris34-08.75Trinity Christian (C...
14.10Omar Ahmed34-08.50St Marks Of Texas
15.9Dylan Roberts34-06.50Greenhill
16.11Hunter Lewis34-05.25Legacy Christian (Fr...
17.9Davis Wolf34-03.00Prince Of Peace
18.11Alec Bradley33-11.50John Paul II
19.11David Hopkins33-01.50Bethesda Christian
20.9Darius Paris32-11.50Irving Universal Aca...
21.12Jonathan Kurth32-06.75Bethesda Christian
--10Joseph JamesFOULIrving Universal Aca...
--9Garret GodwinFOULJohn Paul II

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity-Boys - Finals
1.12Stephanie Kalu11.61aUrsuline Academy
2.12Joanna Anyanwu12.60aLegacy Christian (Fr...
3.12Taylor Reed12.81aDallas Life Oak Cliff
4.10Stephanie Seale13.32aGreenhill
5.10Stacey Johnson13.40aIrving Universal Aca...
6.10Natalie Williams13.41aUrsuline Academy
7.11Bridgett Graham13.44aBethesda Christian
8.12Claire Knobbe13.47aJohn Paul II
9.10Brianna Coats13.69aDallas Life Oak Cliff
10.12Ali Johnson13.72aUrsuline Academy
11.9Dillon Duchesne13.75aDallas HSAA
12.11Brittney Taylor13.81aIrving Universal Aca...
13.12Jenny Utterback13.82aLucas Christian
14.9Morgan Winspear13.82aJohn Paul II
15.9Jules Wheeler13.85aParish Episcopal
16.11Gina Mills13.89aGreenhill
17.10Tylre Roberson13.93aTrinity Christian (A...
18.11Gabrielle Miller13.98aCoram Deo Academy
19.9Jessica McCawley13.99aDallas HSAA
20.10Ariel Thomas14.01aTrinity Christian (C...
21.9Kristin Payne14.10aLegacy Christian (Fr...
22.9Emily Wilson14.15aDallas Covenant
23.10Bria Burciaga14.15aUrsuline Academy
24.12Kathleen Strauss14.16aSt Mary's Hall
25.10Maggie Thomas14.16aThe Shelton
26.11Katie Sheinfeld14.17aGreenhill
27.9Claire Fagin14.17aParish Episcopal
28.9Cristin Berardo14.18aSt Mary's Hall
29.10Lindsie Green14.19aTrinity Christian (A...
30.10Amanda Trevino14.20aUrsuline Academy
31.12Corey Kelton14.28aCarrollton Christian
32.9Mason Mills14.31aThe Shelton
33.11Lindy Smellage14.33aTrinity Christian (A...
34.10Morgan Pearlman14.49aGreenhill
35.10Avery Wickes14.58aTrinity Christian (A...
36.11Alexis Brantley14.58aDallas HSAA
37.10Shania Dauglas14.61aCovenant Christian
38.9Gabby Laurendine14.63aEpiscopal School Of ...
39.12Madison Cantu14.65aPrince Of Peace
40.10Haelie Green14.72aTrinity Christian (A...
41.9Taylor Pak14.76aHockaday
42.10Emily Sadler14.82aCoram Deo Academy
43.9Marie Claire Wharton14.91aUplift North Hills
44.10Katie Lonquist14.91aPrince Of Peace
45.12Rachel Bowen14.97aDallas HSAA
46.10Alexondria Hudson15.05aIrving Universal Aca...
47.11Janette Rojos15.06aEpiscopal School Of ...
48.9Breawna NeSmith15.08aTrinity Christian (C...
49.9Brynn Sutherland15.08aThe Shelton
50.9Jasmine Amerasekera15.09aParish Episcopal
51.9Kristina Parent-Brito15.20aUplift North Hills
52.9Noemi Lara Perez15.23aUplift North Hills
53.11Megan Newman15.35aDallas HSAA
54.10Elsbeth Weempe15.49aDallas Covenant
55.9Ashley Old15.53aSt Mary's Hall
56.11Kathryn Rhoades15.58aCovenant Christian
57.9Sophie Sisson15.69aEpiscopal School Of ...
58.12Lauren Aitken15.80aPrince Of Peace
59.9Lauren Boyer16.10aCoram Deo Academy
60.12Victoria Resendez16.54aSt Mary's Hall
X 200 Meters - Varsity-Boys - Finals
1.12Stephanie Kalu24.62aUrsuline Academy
2.12Joanna Anyanwu26.85aLegacy Christian (Fr...
3.12Chesnie Brackens27.18aParish Episcopal
4.9Taylor Pak27.24aHockaday
5.11Lauren Phillips27.73aDallas Life Oak Cliff
6.10Natalie Williams28.04aUrsuline Academy
7.10Sophie Southwell28.18aGreenhill
8.11Madison Wisdom28.25aCarrollton Christian
9.11Bridgett Graham28.28aBethesda Christian
10.9Shelby Beauchamp28.34aGreenhill
11.11Devi Nair28.51aEpiscopal School Of ...
12.10Tianna Barber28.60aTrinity Christian (C...
13.11Brie Stokes28.65aTrinity Christian (C...
14.11Alexa Edwards29.10aUplift North Hills
15.11Karina Rambeau29.41aGreenhill
16.9Morgan Winspear29.53aJohn Paul II
17.9Jules Wheeler29.60aParish Episcopal
18.12Dominique Trudelle29.60aSt Mary's Hall
19.12Jenny Utterback29.71aLucas Christian
20.11Loren Griffin29.75aDallas Life Oak Cliff
21.11Coco Freling29.76aHockaday
22.12Briana Collins29.78aUrsuline Academy
23.9Emily Wilson29.93aDallas Covenant
24.10Ariel Thomas29.97aTrinity Christian (C...
25.12Kathleen Strauss30.07aSt Mary's Hall
26.11Lindy Smellage30.11aTrinity Christian (A...
27.9Claire Fagin30.23aParish Episcopal
28.10Megan Miller30.27aUrsuline Academy
29.11Katie Schumacher30.30aJohn Paul II
30.10Maggie Thomas30.38aThe Shelton
31.10Amanda Trevino30.45aUrsuline Academy
32.9Lindsey Mahomes30.50aGreenhill
33.12Corey Kelton30.87aCarrollton Christian
34.10Margot Massinter30.89aGreenhill
35.10Lindsie Green30.93aTrinity Christian (A...
36.11Allie Vinson31.01aDallas HSAA
37.9Mason Mills31.19aThe Shelton
38.12Madison Cantu31.35aPrince Of Peace
39.9Emily Marucci31.38aHockaday
40.10Sydney Jordaan31.50aEpiscopal School Of ...
41.10Shania Dauglas31.87aCovenant Christian
42.11Olivia Donoghue31.96aTrinity Christian (A...
43.10Haelie Green32.21aTrinity Christian (A...
44.9Jasmine Amerasekera32.57aParish Episcopal
45.9Ashley Old32.57aSt Mary's Hall
46.9Gabby Laurendine32.73aEpiscopal School Of ...
47.9Daija Smith32.84aIrving Universal Aca...
48.12Marissa Harrell32.86aThe Shelton
49.11Reagan Thomson33.22aDallas HSAA
50.12Ashley Bloskas33.60aDallas HSAA
51.10Elsbeth Weempe33.62aDallas Covenant
52.10Brianna Carver33.65aDallas HSAA
53.12Lauren Aitken33.67aPrince Of Peace
54.9Megan Rinker33.80aTrinity Christian (A...
55.9Sophie Sisson33.88aEpiscopal School Of ...
56.11Kathryn Rhoades33.90aCovenant Christian
57.9Kiersten Goff34.40aCarrollton Christian
58.9Pamela Ruz34.66aUplift North Hills
59.12Victoria Resendez34.70aSt Mary's Hall
60.9Kushboo Panjwani36.95aUplift North Hills
--10Stacey JohnsonDNFIrving Universal Aca...
X 400 Meters - Varsity-Boys - Finals
1.11Alex Twiss1:00.40aPrince Of Peace
2.12Tessa Granowski1:01.53aHockaday
3.11Allie Vinson1:02.35aDallas HSAA
4.10Sophie Southwell1:02.60aGreenhill
5.12Victoria Barenberg1:04.23aUrsuline Academy
6.11Devi Nair1:04.69aEpiscopal School Of ...
7.11Madison Wisdom1:04.84aCarrollton Christian
8.10Chrissy Madsen1:05.04aUrsuline Academy
9.11Blake Pruitt1:05.06aGreenhill
10.9Lauren Younger1:05.36aUrsuline Academy
11.9Morgan Winspear1:05.55aJohn Paul II
12.11Diana Davis1:06.20aSt Mary's Hall
13.11Karina Rambeau1:06.21aGreenhill
14.12Elise Hansell1:06.64aEpiscopal School Of ...
15.12Danielle Miller1:06.97aCoram Deo Academy
16.12Asha Mahatma1:07.03aHockaday
17.10Tianna Barber1:07.22aTrinity Christian (C...
18.11Sarah Miller1:07.54aUrsuline Academy
19.10Sarah Voelker1:07.76aTrinity Christian (A...
20.11Morgan Caraway1:08.83aDallas Life Oak Cliff
21.12Laura Berardo1:09.14aSt Mary's Hall
22.12Dominique Trudelle1:09.79aSt Mary's Hall
23.9Berry Boeckman1:10.03aEpiscopal School Of ...
24.12Jenny Utterback1:10.79aLucas Christian
25.11Alexa Edwards1:11.96aUplift North Hills
26.10Mandaline Kam1:12.57aTrinity Christian (A...
27.11Brie Stokes1:12.87aTrinity Christian (C...
28.9Caroline Wilson1:12.97aCovenant Christian
29.10Sarah Spellings1:13.21aEpiscopal School Of ...
30.9Alex Jackson1:13.30aDallas Covenant
31.11Olivia Donoghue1:14.01aTrinity Christian (A...
32.9Morgan Compton1:18.67aParish Episcopal
33.9Kiersten Goff1:23.20aCarrollton Christian
34.9Meredith Pullen1:26.36aThe Shelton
35.10Quinn Emery1:29.80aDallas HSAA
36.10Lindsey Smith1:40.05aUplift North Hills
X 800 Meters - Varsity-Boys - Finals
1.9Stephanie Shadley2:28.10aPrince Of Peace
2.10Lexie Hood2:28.22aHockaday
3.12Grace Meyer2:29.33aUrsuline Academy
4.9Rowan Persson2:30.42aSt Mary's Hall
5.10Chandler Crumblish2:37.55aThe Shelton
6.9Berry Boeckman2:42.08aEpiscopal School Of ...
7.10Zerlina Fung2:44.10aCoram Deo Academy
8.9Kaylee Montgomery2:44.33aLucas Christian
9.10Catherine Cochran2:46.46aUrsuline Academy
10.12Elise Hansell2:47.52aEpiscopal School Of ...
11.10Tess Sailor-Tynes2:47.67aSt Mary's Hall
12.11Malak Al Dossari2:48.24aUplift North Hills
13.9Madison Garrett2:49.18aJohn Paul II
14.10Mandaline Kam2:49.90aTrinity Christian (A...
15.11Everest Goldstein2:51.79aHockaday
16.12Abigail Grant2:51.88aDallas HSAA
17.9Rachel Portner2:51.98aUrsuline Academy
18.10Natalie O'Brien2:53.02aJohn Paul II
19.10Christina Lang2:53.65aPrince Of Peace
20.11Madison Wisdom2:54.02aCarrollton Christian
21.12Jesenia Melendez2:57.59aDallas Life Oak Cliff
22.11Emma Cramm2:57.77aUplift North Hills
23.10T.J. Jackson2:57.90aTrinity Christian (A...
24.11Morgan Caraway2:59.26aDallas Life Oak Cliff
25.10Marie Trudelle3:01.14aSt Mary's Hall
26.9Megan Silver3:02.44aHockaday
27.9Elle Glatz3:06.08aDallas Life Oak Cliff
28.11Olivia Tse3:06.08aSt Mary's Hall
29.11Katherine Baird3:07.74aUrsuline Academy
30.9Morgan Compton3:10.90aParish Episcopal
31.11Naomi McDowell3:15.19aTrinity Christian (C...
32.9Emily Agullion3:17.23aIrving Universal Aca...
33.12Mary Clare Dorsey3:22.30aUrsuline Academy
34.10Cassie Yuan3:25.83aHockaday
35.9Meredith Pullen3:29.77aThe Shelton
36.10Helen He3:33.34aHockaday
37.10Quinn Emery3:35.60aDallas HSAA
38.10Lindsey Smith3:59.17aUplift North Hills
X 1600 Meters - Varsity-Boys - Finals
1.10Chandler Crumblish5:28.94aThe Shelton
2.10Lexie Hood5:34.45aHockaday
3.10Kennedi Henneberger5:42.94aUrsuline Academy
4.11Allison Golden5:48.13aUrsuline Academy
5.10Abby Holloway5:49.99aBethesda Christian
6.10Caroline Cochran5:52.40aUrsuline Academy
7.11Parker Ackerman5:56.52aEpiscopal School Of ...
8.10Claire Holder5:57.83aTrinity Christian (A...
9.9Megan Grannemann5:58.25aCarrollton Christian
10.9Melissa Whitman5:58.42aCarrollton Christian
11.10Sarah Dyer6:00.99aTrinity Christian (A...
12.9Brittany Martin6:02.51aLegacy Christian (Fr...
13.12Morgan Addis6:05.57aSt Mary's Hall
14.11Caroline Howard6:06.75aSt Mary's Hall
15.10Catherine Cochran6:10.87aUrsuline Academy
16.10Julia Henry6:13.37aUrsuline Academy
17.11Christen Scaggs6:14.73aDallas HSAA
18.9Eliza Cope6:17.08aHockaday
19.11Everest Goldstein6:20.07aHockaday
20.10Zerlina Fung6:24.53aCoram Deo Academy
21.11Emma Cramm6:27.03aUplift North Hills
22.10Christina Lang6:27.33aPrince Of Peace
23.11Brooklyn Hill6:27.75aTrinity Christian (A...
24.9Amanda Schrank6:34.03aPrince Of Peace
25.12Abigail Grant6:36.19aDallas HSAA
26.9Haley Griffin6:43.07aBethesda Christian
27.10Marie Trudelle6:53.62aSt Mary's Hall
28.10Hannah Crowe7:00.20aHockaday
29.11Olivia Tse7:01.27aSt Mary's Hall
30.9Alex Jackson7:03.66aDallas Covenant
31.9Karyna Valencia7:04.06aDallas Life Oak Cliff
32.12Jesenia Melendez7:09.66aDallas Life Oak Cliff
33.11Kinsey Budager7:11.25aParish Episcopal
34.9Elle Glatz7:19.13aDallas Life Oak Cliff
35.10Corley Erika7:35.41aParish Episcopal
36.11Naomi McDowell7:46.24aTrinity Christian (C...
37.-Laura Johnson7:50.42aHockaday
--11Malak Al DossariDNFUplift North Hills
X 3200 Meters - Varsity-Boys - Finals
1.10Abby Holloway12:16.91aBethesda Christian
2.9Melissa Whitman12:41.42aCarrollton Christian
3.10Natalie Miller12:59.06aUrsuline Academy
4.12Katie Hebeler13:02.00aHockaday
5.11Parker Ackerman13:02.63aEpiscopal School Of ...
6.12Alice Doyle13:03.33aUrsuline Academy
7.9Brittany Martin13:29.57aLegacy Christian (Fr...
8.9Megan Grannemann13:33.29aCarrollton Christian
9.11Caroline Howard13:39.23aSt Mary's Hall
10.10Sarah Dyer13:50.97aTrinity Christian (A...
11.11Erin Turner14:02.93aHockaday
12.10Julia Henry14:06.17aUrsuline Academy
13.11Brooklyn Hill14:11.67aTrinity Christian (A...
14.9Madison Garrett14:18.61aJohn Paul II
15.10Katherine Archer14:35.31aHockaday
16.12Lauren Miller14:56.99aDallas HSAA
17.12Demi Desalvo15:03.24aUrsuline Academy
18.9Haley Griffin15:05.90aBethesda Christian
19.11Kinsey Budager15:09.66aParish Episcopal
20.10Meg Moran15:11.94aUrsuline Academy
21.9Paige Goodman15:32.07aHockaday
22.10Corley Erika16:26.28aParish Episcopal
23.11Abigail Becker16:44.36aHockaday
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity-Boys - Finals
1.11Emily Montgomery15.12aLucas Christian
2.11Belle MacFarlane15.90aUrsuline Academy
3.9Caroline Cotten16.09aHockaday
4.11Christy Thelen16.27aTrinity Christian (A...
5.Caitlin Jones16.61aUnattached
6.9Dillon Duchesne16.71aDallas HSAA
7.10Cate Crow17.52aParish Episcopal
8.11Susannah Powell17.85aUplift North Hills
9.10Michelle Hagan18.31aUrsuline Academy
10.10Anna Bergman18.37aTrinity Christian (A...
11.12Riley Brandon18.75aPrince Of Peace
12.10Liz Livingston18.77aGreenhill
13.10Anne Marie Priddy18.91aUrsuline Academy
14.11Elecia Selmon19.05aDallas Life Oak Cliff
15.10Natalie O'Brien19.22aJohn Paul II
16.11Emily Evans19.25aUrsuline Academy
17.9Sammi Hofstra19.49aPrince Of Peace
18.11Senora Moore19.79aDallas Life Oak Cliff
19.11Melissa Torgerson20.57aJohn Paul II
20.9Alex Jackson20.89aDallas Covenant
21.10Emma Brandeis21.17aUrsuline Academy
22.10Brianna Carver21.69aDallas HSAA
23.11Alexis Brantley22.04aDallas HSAA
24.12Julie Hudson22.29aThe Shelton
25.9Madi Schuldt22.51aSt Mary's Hall
26.9Breawna NeSmith23.11aTrinity Christian (C...
27.10Sam Bachynski28.38aDallas HSAA
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity-Boys - Finals
1.11Emily Montgomery47.35aLucas Christian
2.11Belle MacFarlane48.19aUrsuline Academy
3.11Christy Thelen49.82aTrinity Christian (A...
4.9Caroline Cotten50.47aHockaday
5.9Dillon Duchesne51.08aDallas HSAA
6.10Cate Crow51.57aParish Episcopal
7.11Hannah Pavey51.65aTrinity Christian (A...
8.11Bridgett Graham51.77aBethesda Christian
9.11Susannah Powell52.12aUplift North Hills
10.10Michelle Hagan53.51aUrsuline Academy
11.10Liz Livingston55.02aGreenhill
12.10Natalie O'Brien55.05aJohn Paul II
13.10Anne Marie Priddy55.05aUrsuline Academy
14.11Alexis Brantley55.26aDallas HSAA
15.11Elecia Selmon55.27aDallas Life Oak Cliff
16.9Sammi Hofstra55.71aPrince Of Peace
17.10Kathryn Lacey55.90aUrsuline Academy
18.12Rachel Bowen56.00aDallas HSAA
19.11Emily Evans56.88aUrsuline Academy
20.9Payton Shores56.89aCarrollton Christian
21.9Haley Griffin58.35aBethesda Christian
22.11Melissa Torgerson1:00.48aJohn Paul II
23.10Tess Sailor-Tynes1:01.25aSt Mary's Hall
24.11Leticia Guevara1:06.95aIrving Universal Aca...
25.11Senora Moore1:07.98aDallas Life Oak Cliff
26.10Sam Bachynski1:11.53aDallas HSAA
--11Dana HanleyDNFJohn Paul II
X 2k Steeplechase - Varsity-Boys - Finals
1.10Kennedi Henneberger8:32.40aUrsuline Academy
2.12Morgan Addis8:45.20aSt Mary's Hall
3.10Michelle Hagan8:48.95aUrsuline Academy
4.12Katie Hebeler8:58.17aHockaday
5.11Emily Evans9:01.32aUrsuline Academy
6.12Elise Hansell9:12.97aEpiscopal School Of ...
7.11Sarah Caty Cochrum9:27.53aTrinity Valley
8.11Erin Turner9:32.60aHockaday
9.11Christen Scaggs9:38.31aDallas HSAA
10.11Adrienne Downey9:47.31aUplift North Hills
11.11Malak Al Dossari9:49.68aUplift North Hills
12.11Mary Amelia Williamson10:12.39aTrinity Valley
13.10Mary Faith Banken10:21.57aTrinity Valley
14.11Susannah Powell10:26.41aUplift North Hills
15.10Kathryn Lacey10:36.86aUrsuline Academy
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity-Boys - Finals
1.-Dominique Hever
Victoria Barenberg
Ann Marie Dunson
Stephanie Kalu
50.23aUrsuline Academy
2.-Relay Team 52.07aDallas Life Oak Cliff
3.-Relay Team 52.80aPrince Of Peace
4.-Relay Team 52.90aGreenhill
5.-Relay Team 54.36aLegacy Christian (Fr...
6.-Relay Team 54.64aParish Episcopal
7.-Relay Team 55.03aCovenant Christian
8.-Relay Team 55.58aSt Mary's Hall
9.-Relay Team 55.64aTrinity Christian (C...
10.-Relay Team 55.95aTrinity Christian (A...
11.-Relay Team 56.46aIrving Universal Aca...
12.-Relay Team 56.47aCoram Deo Academy
13.-Relay Team 57.82aEpiscopal School Of ...
14.-Relay Team 57.85aCarrollton Christian
15.-Relay Team 1:00.45aThe Shelton
16.-Relay Team 1:00.89aUplift North Hills
17.-Relay Team 1:01.51aDallas HSAA
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity-Boys - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:50.05aUrsuline Academy
2.-Relay Team 1:50.33aParish Episcopal
3.-Relay Team 1:50.85aDallas Life Oak Cliff
4.-Relay Team 1:52.01aPrince Of Peace
5.-Relay Team 1:55.26aCovenant Christian
6.-Relay Team 1:56.12aLegacy Christian (Fr...
7.-Relay Team 1:56.89aTrinity Christian (A...
8.-Relay Team 1:57.53aGreenhill
9.-Relay Team 1:58.18aCoram Deo Academy
10.-Relay Team 2:03.41aDallas HSAA
11.-Relay Team 2:03.69aHockaday
12.-Relay Team 2:10.99aThe Shelton
13.-Relay Team 2:16.58aUplift North Hills
---Relay Team DNFEpiscopal School Of ...
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity-Boys - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:19.46aPrince Of Peace
2.-Relay Team 4:22.74aParish Episcopal
3.-Relay Team 4:28.69aTrinity Christian (A...
4.-Relay Team 4:29.26aUrsuline Academy
5.-Relay Team 4:30.83aSt Mary's Hall
6.-Relay Team 4:36.02aEpiscopal School Of ...
7.-Relay Team 4:39.55aCovenant Christian
8.-Relay Team 5:03.11aDallas Life Oak Cliff
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity-Boys - Finals
1.-Grace Meyer
Allison Golden
Caroline Cochran
Lauren Younger
10:19.82aUrsuline Academy
2.-Relay Team 11:07.56aHockaday
3.-Relay Team 11:41.45aTrinity Christian (A...
4.-Relay Team 12:23.62aPrince Of Peace
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity-Boys - Finals
1.12Claire Uke45-02.00Ursuline Academy
2.12Chontiquah White37-01.00Dallas Life Oak Cliff
3.12Aubrey Elliott33-06.00Ursuline Academy
4.11Audrey Dearlen33-04.00Legacy Christian (Fr...
5.11Kyshonna Johnson33-01.00Trinity Christian (C...
6.12Dionne O'Bannon30-08.00Hockaday
7.12Ali Johnson30-06.00Ursuline Academy
8.12April McCreary27-09.00Bethesda Christian
9.10Janell Kolins27-07.00Dallas HSAA
10.11Loren Griffin26-09.00Dallas Life Oak Cliff
10.10Anna Bergman26-09.00Trinity Christian (A...
10.9Jazmine Williams26-09.00Parish Episcopal
13.9Abby Agwunobi26-07.00Hockaday
14.11Katie Litman26-02.00Greenhill
15.11Katie Schumacher25-07.00John Paul II
16.10Kara Crosby25-00.00Trinity Christian (A...
17.9Bricia Arzabala24-02.00Irving Universal Aca...
18.11Caroline Chatham23-08.00Covenant Christian
19.9Brittany Baca23-05.00The Shelton
19.10Keisha Smith23-05.00Prince Of Peace
21.10Diamond Gray22-01.00Irving Universal Aca...
22.11Allison Schrank21-11.00Prince Of Peace
23.9Hailey O'Hanlon21-09.00Legacy Christian (Fr...
23.11Rachel D'Apice21-09.00Greenhill
23.9Tori Hauser21-09.00Covenant Christian
26.9Catherine Lovitt21-08.00Episcopal School Of ...
27.9Hilary Woodard21-01.00Trinity Christian (A...
27.9Breanna Cruise21-01.00Hockaday
29.10Abbie Miller20-10.00Trinity Christian (A...
29.10Lauren Griffin20-10.00Episcopal School Of ...
29.12Abigail Grant20-10.00Dallas HSAA
32.11Shitara Taylor20-09.00Trinity Christian (C...
33.12Maddie Giroir20-07.00The Shelton
34.10Emily Sadler20-06.00Coram Deo Academy
34.9Lauren Breeding20-06.00Trinity Christian (A...
36.12Taylor Smith20-02.00Bethesda Christian
37.9Kiersten Goff20-01.00Carrollton Christian
38.10Sam Bachynski19-11.00Dallas HSAA
39.10Arabella Jimenez19-08.00The Shelton
40.10McKenzie Ramirez19-02.00Prince Of Peace
41.9Lauren Boyer19-00.00Coram Deo Academy
42.11Natasha Goode17-11.00Covenant Christian
43.9Daisy Tackett17-07.00Hockaday
44.11Rachel Barton16-07.00The Shelton
45.9Kelsey Powell15-08.00Hockaday
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity-Boys - Finals
1.12Claire Uke124-07Ursuline Academy
2.12Aubrey Elliott113-06Ursuline Academy
3.12April McCreary86-03Bethesda Christian
4.11Alexus Deman84-10Trinity Christian (C...
5.11Kyshonna Johnson82-10Trinity Christian (C...
6.12Connor Flatley82-01Ursuline Academy
7.10Janell Kolins81-08Dallas HSAA
8.12Taylor Smith79-04Bethesda Christian
9.10Anna Bergman77-05Trinity Christian (A...
10.10Stephanie Seale75-05Greenhill
11.9Jazmine Williams75-00Parish Episcopal
12.9Bricia Arzabala73-07Irving Universal Aca...
13.11Audrey Dearlen71-09Legacy Christian (Fr...
14.10Keisha Smith68-08Prince Of Peace
15.10Abbie Miller68-05Trinity Christian (A...
16.11Chloe Warnberg68-01Hockaday
17.10Lauren Griffin67-06Episcopal School Of ...
18.10Kara Crosby65-09Trinity Christian (A...
19.9Catherine Lovitt65-01Episcopal School Of ...
20.11Allison Schrank63-06Prince Of Peace
21.9Hilary Woodard63-04Trinity Christian (A...
22.9Brittany Baca62-11The Shelton
23.9Breanna Cruise62-08Hockaday
24.10Emily Woodmansee61-05Hockaday
25.11Katie Schumacher60-03John Paul II
26.9Lauren Breeding55-10Trinity Christian (A...
27.11Shitara Taylor55-07Trinity Christian (C...
28.11Natasha Goode54-05Covenant Christian
29.12Maddie Giroir54-03The Shelton
30.9Tori Hauser52-05Covenant Christian
31.10Sam Bachynski52-03Dallas HSAA
32.9Hailey O'Hanlon50-09Legacy Christian (Fr...
33.10McKenzie Ramirez49-11Prince Of Peace
34.11Caroline Chatham48-02Covenant Christian
35.9Kiersten Goff47-04Carrollton Christian
36.12Abigail Grant47-03Dallas HSAA
37.11Peyton Lambert46-09Greenhill
38.12Marquita Bugg43-09Dallas Covenant
39.10Diamond Gray40-04Irving Universal Aca...
40.9Daisy Tackett39-00Hockaday
41.11Rachel Barton33-10The Shelton
X High Jump - Varsity-Boys - Finals
2.11Emily Montgomery5-04.00Lucas Christian
3.9Caroline Cotten5-02.00Hockaday
4.12Claire Knobbe5-00.00John Paul II
5.12Taylor Reed4-10.00Dallas Life Oak Cliff
5.12Riley Brandon4-10.00Prince Of Peace
5.9Shannon O'Connor4-10.00Episcopal School Of ...
8.9Logan McGill4-10.00Greenhill
8.10Chrissy Madsen4-10.00Ursuline Academy
9.9Stephanie Shadley4-10.00Prince Of Peace
11.9Dylan Huey4-08.00Episcopal School Of ...
11.11Lauren Phillips4-08.00Dallas Life Oak Cliff
13.11Ashley Kenkel4-06.00Episcopal School Of ...
13.12Emory May4-06.00Covenant Christian
13.9Claire Fagin4-06.00Parish Episcopal
13.12Emily Troup4-06.00Covenant Christian
17.9Jennifer Young4-04.00John Paul II
17.10Renee Cai4-04.00Hockaday
17.10Anne Marie Priddy4-04.00Ursuline Academy
20.9Morgan Compton4-02.00Parish Episcopal
20.11Olivia Tse4-02.00St Mary's Hall
20.9Caroline Wilson4-02.00Covenant Christian
20.12Lindsey Goolsby4-02.00Episcopal School Of ...
--10Elsbeth WeempeNHDallas Covenant
--11Leticia GuevaraNHIrving Universal Aca...
--12Victoria StrooNHCarrollton Christian
--9Alex JacksonNHDallas Covenant
--10Stacey JohnsonNHIrving Universal Aca...
--11Amanda KolleNHCarrollton Christian
X Pole Vault - Varsity-Boys - Finals
1.10Sophie Southwell11-06.00Greenhill
2.12Marielle Brisbois11-00.00Prestonwood Christian
3.12Olivia Nicolais10-06.00Greenhill
4.11Callie Hadobas10-00.00Trinity Valley
5.11Jessica Wicker9-06.00John Paul II
6.9Madi Schuldt9-00.00St Mary's Hall
7.12Allison Bulkley8-06.00Greenhill
8.12Riley Brandon8-06.00Prince Of Peace
9.9Shelby Beauchamp8-06.00Greenhill
10.12Liz Vache8-06.00Ursuline Academy
11.10Stephanie Seale8-00.00Greenhill
11.9Stephanie Shadley8-00.00Prince Of Peace
13.9Claire Fagin7-06.00Parish Episcopal
14.9Savannah Seiler7-00.00Prestonwood Christian
15.10Sarah Spellings6-06.00Episcopal School Of ...
X Long Jump - Varsity-Boys - Finals
1.11Emily Montgomery17-02.00Lucas Christian
2.9Caroline Cotten17-01.00Hockaday
3.Caitlin Jones16-07.25Unattached
4.12Joanna Anyanwu16-00.50Legacy Christian (Fr...
5.12Ann Marie Dunson15-11.75Ursuline Academy
6.11Bridgett Graham15-04.75Bethesda Christian
7.12Ayana McWoods15-02.00Ursuline Academy
8.12Danielle Miller15-01.75Coram Deo Academy
9.10Brianna Coats14-10.00Dallas Life Oak Cliff
10.10Janell Kolins14-08.25Dallas HSAA
11.9Lindsey Mahomes14-08.00Greenhill
12.10Aubrey Brawner14-07.75Dallas Covenant
13.9Sara Jane Emmons14-05.50Episcopal School Of ...
14.11Jessica Wicker14-04.00John Paul II
15.9Shelby Conine14-03.75Episcopal School Of ...
16.11Ashley Kenkel14-01.50Episcopal School Of ...
17.10Tylre Roberson14-01.00Trinity Christian (A...
18.10Cate Crow14-00.00Parish Episcopal
18.11Lindy Smellage14-00.00Trinity Christian (A...
20.9Emily Wilson13-10.25Dallas Covenant
21.12Jenny Utterback13-09.00Lucas Christian
22.11Amanda Kolle13-08.50Carrollton Christian
23.9Michelle Sanders13-07.50Ursuline Academy
24.9Kaylee Montgomery13-03.00Lucas Christian
25.10Sydney Jordaan13-02.00Episcopal School Of ...
26.10Natalie O'Brien12-11.50John Paul II
27.9Lindsay Struthers12-11.25Prince Of Peace
28.10Hannah Crowe12-10.50Hockaday
29.12Abigail Garcia12-09.75Parish Episcopal
30.9Jennifer Young12-09.25John Paul II
31.10Margot Massinter12-08.00Greenhill
32.11Gabrielle Miller12-05.25Coram Deo Academy
33.10Elsbeth Weempe12-03.50Dallas Covenant
34.11Brittney Taylor12-00.75Irving Universal Aca...
35.12Madison Cantu11-11.25Prince Of Peace
36.11Leticia Guevara11-11.00Irving Universal Aca...
37.10Alexondria Hudson11-07.00Irving Universal Aca...
38.9Daija Smith11-06.50Irving Universal Aca...
39.9Megan Rinker10-10.50Trinity Christian (A...
--9Diamond WilliamsNDDallas Life Oak Cliff
--12Riley BrandonNDPrince Of Peace
X Triple Jump - Varsity-Boys - Finals
1.11Bridgett Graham33-08.25Bethesda Christian
2.12Ann Marie Dunson33-04.75Ursuline Academy
3.12Joanna Anyanwu33-04.25Legacy Christian (Fr...
4.11Lauren Phillips33-03.50Dallas Life Oak Cliff
5.12Victoria Barenberg32-03.50Ursuline Academy
6.12Ayana McWoods32-02.00Ursuline Academy
7.12Jenny Utterback31-11.25Lucas Christian
8.12Claire Knobbe31-01.00John Paul II
9.11Lindy Smellage30-10.50Trinity Christian (A...
10.10Brianna Coats30-06.00Dallas Life Oak Cliff
11.12Tessa Granowski29-11.50Hockaday
12.11Amanda Kolle27-09.25Carrollton Christian
13.10Katie Lonquist26-11.00Prince Of Peace
14.9Sammi Hofstra26-10.00Prince Of Peace
15.10Alexondria Hudson26-08.25Irving Universal Aca...
16.11Coco Freling26-08.00Hockaday
17.11Leticia Guevara25-08.50Irving Universal Aca...
--10Anne Marie PriddyNDUrsuline Academy
--9Daija SmithNDIrving Universal Aca...
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