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Orange and Brown Invitational

Friday, February 18, 2011

RIT, Rochester

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 55 Meter Dash - Varsity - Finals
1.FrBret Harrington6.59aSUNY Alfred State      
2.SrWebster Thomas6.63aSUNY Fredonia State      
3.SoThierry Diessongo6.64aMohawk Valley      
4.JrMatthew Hart6.74aSUNY Geneseo      
5.FrQuentin Joseph6.77aMohawk Valley      
6.SoCameron Lee6.79aRochester IT      
7.SoRobert Graham6.88aSUNY Delhi      
8.SoMarquis Armstrong7.97aMohawk Valley      
X 55 Meter Dash - Varsity - Prelims
1.SoMarquis Armstrong6.63aMohawk Valley      
2.FrBret Harrington6.68aSUNY Alfred State      
3.SrWebster Thomas6.69aSUNY Fredonia State      
4.SoRobert Graham6.70aSUNY Delhi      
5.SoThierry Diessongo6.71aMohawk Valley      
6.JrMatthew Hart6.79aSUNY Geneseo      
7.FrQuentin Joseph6.82aMohawk Valley      
8.SoCameron Lee6.83aRochester IT      
9.SoShamar Johnson6.84aMohawk Valley      
10.SoChris Lopez6.93aAlfred U      
11.FrMarcellus Jones6.95aMohawk Valley      
12.FrJoel Lantigua6.95aMohawk Valley      
13.SoIan Besso6.97aSUNY Geneseo      
14.SoJosh Shelton7.00aSUNY Geneseo      
15.SrBill Caton7.02aRochester IT      
16.JrDerek Echevarria7.03aAlfred U      
17.JrRandy Brito7.04aAlfred U      
18.FrKevin Defranco7.04aUniversity of Roches...      
19.SoZach Pfister7.04aRochester IT      
20.FrAlex Hewlett7.06aSUNY Alfred State      
21.SoRicky Shorette7.06aMohawk Valley      
22.FrMarcus Mersereau7.08aNazareth      
23.FrBenjamin Kelley7.16aRochester IT      
24.FrJeremy Cantello7.24aMohawk Valley      
25.FrJonathan Gamble7.38aNazareth      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrRawle Crawford23.26aSUNY Alfred State      
2.SoThierry Diessongo23.59aMohawk Valley      
3.FrCraig Gaymon23.59aAlfred U      
4.JrRichard Scott23.66aAlfred U      
5.FrKen Boyer23.70aSUNY Alfred State      
6.FrAndre Adkins23.73aSUNY Delhi      
7.FrJake Lafaver23.89aNazareth      
8.SoIan Besso24.00aSUNY Geneseo      
9.SoZach Pfister24.36aRochester IT      
10.FrMarcellus Jones24.37aMohawk Valley      
11.FrJoel Lantigua24.51aMohawk Valley      
12.SoShamar Johnson24.54aMohawk Valley      
13.SoChris Lopez24.60aAlfred U      
14.SoPhillip Schier24.63aNazareth      
15.FrRobert Watson24.65aSUNY Delhi      
16.SoAndrew McGinnis24.86aHoughton      
17.SoScott Hambleton24.95aRochester IT      
18.FrAlex Nassrelgrgawi24.96aNazareth      
19.SoJosh Shelton24.99aSUNY Geneseo      
20.FrMarcus Mersereau25.17aNazareth      
21.SoAaron Fitzgerald25.32aHoughton      
22.JrMike Taylor25.43aSUNY Fredonia State      
23.FrZach Lafaver25.45aNazareth      
24.JrJustin Shardlow25.48aAlfred U      
25.JrDerek Echevarria25.58aAlfred U      
26.SoSpencer Adams25.58aHoughton      
27.FrEdwin Farquharson25.70aMohawk Valley      
28.SoRoberto Hernadez25.95aAlfred U      
29.FrSteve Jackson26.00aSUNY Cobleskill      
30.FrJoel Diaz26.12aSUNY Delhi      
31.JrPat Kelly26.15aNazareth      
32.JrJordan Barnum26.28aHoughton      
33.FrJonathan Gamble27.30aNazareth      
34.SrPaul Thompson28.94aNazareth      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoShaquelle Windley50.16aSUNY Cobleskill      
2.FrKen Boyer51.15aSUNY Alfred State      
3.SrBrecht Moulin51.76aRochester IT      
4.FrJake Lafaver51.80aNazareth      
5.SrNiko Brown51.91aSUNY Geneseo      
6.FrRawle Crawford52.34aSUNY Alfred State      
7.SoRobert Graham52.76aSUNY Delhi      
8.JrDan Polino53.28aNazareth      
9.JrRon Wasik53.69aSUNY Fredonia State      
10.JrColin Keenan53.77aSUNY Geneseo      
11.FrRony St. Simon53.83aSUNY Alfred State      
12.SoJesse Cleary-Krell53.86aSUNY Geneseo      
13.JrDan Wright54.32aSUNY Fredonia State      
14.FrRussell Shirley54.74aSUNY Delhi      
15.SoScott Hambleton54.78aRochester IT      
16.JrRandy Brito55.04aAlfred U      
17.FrZach Lafaver55.50aNazareth      
18.FrSteve Jackson58.28aSUNY Cobleskill      
19.SoRoberto Hernadez61.04aAlfred U      
20.SrPaul Thompson64.03aNazareth      
X 500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoZavior Brown65.36aSUNY Delhi      
2.FrMarcquis Johnson-Broughton67.75aSUNY Alfred State      
3.SoBrandon Lewis68.74aSUNY Alfred State      
4.FrRussel Yerger-Moe70.08aSUNY Alfred State      
5.JrStephen Hine70.15aHoughton      
6.SoJeremy Weaver71.54aAlfred U      
7.SoRicky Shorette71.81aMohawk Valley      
8.JrTravis Bevington72.52aUniversity of Roches...      
9.SoPhillip Schier73.25aNazareth      
10.SoRay Biggs73.31aMohawk Valley      
11.FrSam Butler74.48aUniversity of Roches...      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrChris Carter1:56.69aSUNY Geneseo      
2.SrLee Gabler1:56.88aSUNY Geneseo      
3.FrNathaniel DeBoever1:58.57aSUNY Geneseo      
4.JrEddie Novara1:59.00aSUNY Geneseo      
5.JrLee Berube1:59.25aSUNY Geneseo      
6.FrIsiah Whiting1:59.57aSUNY Alfred State      
7.FrMike Ballow2:00.56aRochester IT      
8.SoTim Scudds2:00.87aSUNY Delhi      
9.JrBen Peterson2:01.48aSUNY Geneseo      
10.SoZach Borden2:01.60aRochester IT      
11.FrJosh Barber2:04.29aRochester IT      
12.FrIan Kowalchuk2:04.38aSUNY Delhi      
13.FrJohn Quatroche2:05.41aRochester IT      
14.FrVincent Semeraro2:06.08aMohawk Valley      
15.SoJames Rogers2:06.55aUniversity of Roches...      
16.SoAlex Brimstein2:06.60aSUNY Geneseo      
17.FrJoey Moschitto2:07.00aMohawk Valley      
18.FrCal Heyward2:08.27aSUNY Fredonia State      
19.SrJesse McConnell2:09.47aHoughton      
20.FrBobby Donadio2:10.38aMohawk Valley      
21.SoMatthew Metz2:10.72aUniversity of Roches...      
22.FrDavid Mayette2:11.03aSUNY Cobleskill      
23.SoTim Chambers2:11.17aSUNY Geneseo      
24.JrTim Rutan2:12.84aNazareth      
25.FrJoe Wehrle2:13.64aRochester IT      
26.SrJonathan Spear2:19.47aHoughton      
27.FrMark Rabideau2:23.62aSUNY Cobleskill      
28.SrJosiah Proia2:24.22aHoughton      
29.FrPatrick Wortner2:24.43aSUNY Geneseo      
X 1000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrConnor Cashin2:34.02aSUNY Cobleskill      
2.FrMatt Giannino2:34.54aRochester IT      
3.JrLee Berube2:35.06aSUNY Geneseo      
4.FrDylan Lowry2:35.50aSUNY Delhi      
5.JrAndrew Gotham2:35.82aRochester IT      
6.SrNick Meeker2:36.28aRochester IT      
7.SoBrandon Kenny2:36.48aRochester IT      
8.FrSam Ohure2:37.73aSUNY Delhi      
9.SoCaryl Brunner2:38.86aRochester IT      
10.JrMartin Peterson2:38.88aSUNY Cobleskill      
11.FrJosh Miller2:39.74aSUNY Cobleskill      
12.JrThomas Benner2:39.91aRochester IT      
13.SrJohn Holleran2:40.96aRochester IT      
14.FrJonathan Cyganik2:41.10aUniversity of Roches...      
15.FrKenneth Wamui2:42.75aRochester IT      
16.JrStephen Hine2:43.37aHoughton      
17.FrAlex Farrell2:43.84aSUNY Alfred State      
18.SrJonathan Podeszek2:48.50aRochester IT      
19.FrElliot Matthews2:48.95aMohawk Valley      
20.SrLee Gabler2:50.41aSUNY Geneseo      
21.SoGriffin Gyr3:07.23aUniversity of Roches...      
22.SoErick Selzo3:16.37aAlfred U      
X 1 Mile - Varsity - Finals
1.SrBobby Henchen4:27.37aSUNY Geneseo      
2.SoTim Chambers4:28.47aSUNY Geneseo      
3.SrBill Juda4:29.15aSUNY Geneseo      
4.SrTyler Welsh4:29.48aHoughton      
5.SoAdam Irr4:30.69aRochester IT      
6.SoLyle Haywood4:31.88aSUNY Delhi      
7.SoJack Bennett4:36.68aSUNY Fredonia State      
8.SrJonathan Pinto4:37.07aUniversity of Roches...      
9.FrSteve Whittemoore4:37.26aSUNY Fredonia State      
10.SrJeremy Cook4:37.46aRochester IT      
11.JrKevin Pond4:37.85aSUNY Geneseo      
12.FrJesse Mintz4:40.75aSUNY Fredonia State      
13.JrJohn Schoeniger4:48.16aUniversity of Roches...      
14.FrChance Cook4:49.22aSUNY Delhi      
15.SoAdam Wild4:50.58aSUNY Cobleskill      
16.FrPatrick Wortner4:51.06aSUNY Geneseo      
17.JrTim Rutan4:55.83aNazareth      
18.SoJon Williams4:59.23aSUNY Fredonia State      
19.SrJonathan Spear5:01.79aHoughton      
20.SoHarrison Clarke5:25.84aMohawk Valley      
21.SrDave Cogswell5:44.68aAlfred U      
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrRyan O'Connor8:37.86aSUNY Geneseo      
2.JrLee Berube8:38.33aSUNY Geneseo      
3.JrJason Zayac8:59.47aUniversity of Roches...      
4.SoJason Phillips8:59.67aSUNY Delhi      
5.SoKenny Miller9:02.57aRochester IT      
6.FrAnthony Piacentini9:06.42aSUNY Fredonia State      
7.JrTony Kaminska9:07.12aSUNY Geneseo      
8.SrTyle Stelzig9:11.60aUniversity of Roches...      
9.FrDavid Richards9:14.64aHoughton      
10.SrTyler Welsh9:17.67aHoughton      
11.FrDavid Delong9:19.28aUniversity of Roches...      
12.SoTom Morello9:24.18aUniversity of Roches...      
13.FrJohn Bernstein9:27.18aUniversity of Roches...      
14.SoMichael Krenzer9:33.85aRochester IT      
15.FrAndrew Bogdan9:33.86aRochester IT      
16.FrChance Cook9:37.91aSUNY Delhi      
17.FrTyler Pettit9:44.59aSUNY Alfred State      
18.FrZack Dockstader9:58.72aSUNY Cobleskill      
19.SoVincent Savastano10:01.60aMohawk Valley      
20.SoJames Rindfuss10:02.30aUniversity of Roches...      
21.JrIan Gates10:22.47aHoughton      
22.SoDave Lewis10:34.56aMohawk Valley      
23.FrNathan Hurley11:01.98aAlfred U      
X 5000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrDavid Richards15:33.03aHoughton      
2.FrGuerin Gagliastri16:11.41aRochester IT      
3.FrJamie Hospers16:12.49aUniversity of Roches...      
4.FrBrian Barker16:25.77aUniversity of Roches...      
5.FrMichael Peterson16:40.70aRochester IT      
6.SoJoseph Mozingo16:46.88aUniversity of Roches...      
7.FrEvan Vanosdol16:52.75aSUNY Delhi      
8.SoVincent Savastano17:03.13aMohawk Valley      
9.FrSamuel Rondeau17:11.48aRochester IT      
10.SrMatt Morales17:11.51aNazareth      
11.JrIan Gates17:30.67aHoughton      
12.SoDavid Lewis17:55.31aMohawk Valley      
13.SoSam Predmore18:21.63aSUNY Delhi      
14.FrSam Miller19:38.65aRochester IT      
X 55m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Finals
1.FrBret Harrington7.64aSUNY Alfred State      
2.SoCameron Lee7.91aRochester IT      
3.JrCarl Caughell7.94aSUNY Fredonia State      
4.SrDustin Rabideau8.05aSUNY Geneseo      
5.SrMatt Marion8.26aRochester IT      
6.SrDavid Jones8.27aHoughton      
7.FrBenjamin Kelley8.39aRochester IT      
X 55m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Prelims
1.FrBret Harrington7.77aSUNY Alfred State      
2.SoMarquis Armstrong7.89aMohawk Valley      
3.JrCarl Caughell7.96aSUNY Fredonia State      
4.SrDustin Rabideau8.01aSUNY Geneseo      
5.SrMatt Marion8.02aRochester IT      
6.SoCameron Lee8.05aRochester IT      
7.FrBenjamin Kelley8.26aRochester IT      
8.SrDavid Jones8.30aHoughton      
9.FrRaul Payton Rivers8.46aMohawk Valley      
10.SoZach Pfister8.48aRochester IT      
11.SoRyan Amodeo8.58aMohawk Valley      
12.SoJason Demidow8.58aSUNY Delhi      
13.FrAndrew McGrath9.17aUniversity of Roches...      
14.FrAustin Ridley9.29aSUNY Alfred State      
15.SoGriffin Gyr9.56aUniversity of Roches...      
--SoPatrick SluderDQSUNY Delhi      
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:32.48aSUNY Geneseo      
2.-Relay Team 1:32.65aAlfred U      
3.-Relay Team 1:35.36aRochester IT      
---Relay Team DNFHoughton      
---Relay Team DNFAlfred U      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:25.64aSUNY Delhi      
2.-Relay Team 3:32.88aAlfred U      
3.-Relay Team 3:34.24aSUNY Alfred State      
4.-Relay Team 3:39.87aMohawk Valley      
5.-Relay Team 3:41.06aSUNY Fredonia State      
6.-Relay Team 3:41.49aHoughton      
7.-Relay Team 3:41.54aUniversity of Roches...      
8.-Relay Team 3:41.97aSUNY Delhi      
9.-Relay Team 3:47.49aSUNY Geneseo      
10.-Relay Team 3:49.43aUniversity of Roches...      
11.-Relay Team 3:50.00aSUNY Fredonia State      
12.-Relay Team 3:55.61aSUNY Cobleskill      
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 8:25.79aSUNY Delhi      
2.-Relay Team 8:36.69aSUNY Cobleskill      
3.-Relay Team 8:37.72aSUNY Fredonia State      
4.-Relay Team 8:42.34aSUNY Alfred State      
5.-Relay Team 9:11.65aMohawk Valley      
6.-Relay Team 9:23.59aHoughton      
X Shot Put - 16lb - Varsity - Finals
1.David Gross54-06.75Unattached      
2.FrChristopher Brooks50-01.25Mohawk Valley      
3.JrZach Markel49-10.00SUNY Geneseo      
4.SrEric Rickman48-02.00SUNY Geneseo      
5.SrShawn Ross47-04.50Alfred U      
6.SrBrian Walker47-03.50Rochester IT      
7.SoChris Gattman44-00.50Mohawk Valley      
8.SoBrendan Murphy43-01.75SUNY Geneseo      
9.SoTroy Johnson43-00.25Rochester IT      
10.SoAlex Schultz42-11.00Mohawk Valley      
11.FrBrandon Bordeau42-02.00SUNY Delhi      
12.SoMichael Haynes41-04.25Rochester IT      
13.FrTyler Foulds41-00.25SUNY Delhi      
14.SoNick D'Amuro40-04.25SUNY Geneseo      
15.JrPatrick Single40-02.75University of Roches...      
16.FrJon Mordoff38-09.00SUNY Brockport      
17.SoSteven Arni38-02.75Rochester IT      
18.SoAndrew Jones37-01.75SUNY Alfred State      
19.-Stanley Kammal36-11.50SUNY Delhi      
20.FrChristopher Chippero36-01.25Rochester IT      
21.FrWill Houlihan34-09.50SUNY Alfred State      
22.SrJames McQuinn32-08.25SUNY Brockport      
23.SrMatt Marion31-06.00Rochester IT      
24.SoJordan Casper30-02.00University of Roches...      
25.FrLuke Ogden28-11.00Houghton      
26.FrMatthew de Novio28-09.25Rochester IT      
--SoMax RadleyFOULSUNY Fredonia State      
--JrZachary EldridgeFOULSUNY Fredonia State      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrSeth Kane6-02.00Rochester IT      
2.FrTyree Contantine6-02.00SUNY Alfred State      
2.FrIsaiah Cassin6-02.00Alfred U      
4.FrCraig Gaymon6-00.00Alfred U      
4.FrGrantley Mcleod6-00.00SUNY Cobleskill      
4.SoSpencer Lefort6-00.00SUNY Fredonia State      
7.FrRobert Watson5-08.00SUNY Delhi      
7.FrJake Calabrese5-08.00Rochester IT      
7.FrShevar Thomas5-08.00Mohawk Valley      
7.FrJoey Moschitto5-08.00Mohawk Valley      
11.FrElliot Matthews5-06.00Mohawk Valley      
11.FrAlex Hewlett5-06.00SUNY Alfred State      
11.SoPatrick Sluder5-06.00SUNY Delhi      
11.SrMatt Marion5-06.00Rochester IT      
15.FrRandy Kelly5-04.25SUNY Alfred State      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.SrMichael Dempsey16-04.75Rochester IT      
2.SrBroncho Rollins14-11.00SUNY Fredonia State      
2.FrDavid Miller14-11.00SUNY Alfred State      
4.JrCody Dahleiden14-05.25SUNY Fredonia State      
5.FrBen Nalette13-11.25SUNY Fredonia State      
6.FrCaleb Brochu13-05.25Rochester IT      
6.FrZack Stewart13-05.25Mohawk Valley      
6.SrGreg Craft13-05.25SUNY Fredonia State      
9.FrBryan Smith12-09.50Mohawk Valley      
9.FrJake Pasanen12-09.50SUNY Geneseo      
9.FrAndre Adkins12-09.50SUNY Delhi      
12.FrJordan Friedman12-01.50SUNY Alfred State      
12.-Joseph Pagano12-01.50SUNY Fredonia State      
12.SoJoseph Biscardi12-01.50SUNY Geneseo      
--SoAndrew McGinnisNHHoughton      
--FrJeremy CantelloNHMohawk Valley      
--FrJordan TrainaNHSUNY Alfred State      
--FrBen GoebelNHSUNY Fredonia State      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.JrNwana Okafor22-09.00SUNY Geneseo      
2.FrQuentin Ortiz21-11.75SUNY Delhi      
3.JrAndrew Charsky21-07.25SUNY Fredonia State      
4.FrBryan Smith21-02.75Mohawk Valley      
5.FrBret Harrington20-10.50SUNY Alfred State      
6.FrByron Jones20-09.25SUNY Alfred State      
7.FrTristan deJesus20-08.00Rochester IT      
8.SrMichael Kelley20-07.00SUNY Fredonia State      
9.JrChris Hartmann20-05.00Rochester IT      
10.SoChris Lopez20-01.75Alfred U      
11.FrAlex Hewlett19-11.50SUNY Alfred State      
12.SrMatt DeRosa19-06.25Rochester IT      
13.FrJason DiNola19-06.00Rochester IT      
14.FrJames Courte19-05.50SUNY Alfred State      
15.SoRyan Amodeo18-07.00Mohawk Valley      
16.FrGrantley Mcleod18-04.50SUNY Cobleskill      
17.FrNamib Harris18-03.75SUNY Cobleskill      
18.SoGriffin Gyr18-00.50University of Roches...      
19.FrDavid Mayette16-05.25SUNY Cobleskill      
20.FrIsaiah Cassin16-02.25Alfred U      
21.FrJeremy Cantello15-08.25Mohawk Valley      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrMichael Kelley46-05.50SUNY Fredonia State      
2.FrByron Jones46-02.50SUNY Alfred State      
3.FrNamib Harris43-09.00SUNY Cobleskill      
4.JrAndrew Charsky43-07.75SUNY Fredonia State      
5.JrDan Polino42-03.25Nazareth      
6.FrQuentin Ortiz41-08.75SUNY Delhi      
7.FrAlex Brennan40-10.50SUNY Fredonia State      
8.FrJames Courte40-04.25SUNY Alfred State      
9.FrBryan Smith40-02.00Mohawk Valley      
10.FrJason DiNola39-07.75Rochester IT      
11.FrAustin Ridley38-02.75SUNY Alfred State      
--SrMatt DeRosaNDRochester IT      
--JrEvan RoushNDAlfred U      
X Weight Throw - 35lb - Varsity - Finals
1.SoChris Gattman57-09.00Mohawk Valley      
2.SrBrian Walker55-10.25Rochester IT      
3.SrEric Rickman47-10.50SUNY Geneseo      
4.SoAndrew Jones47-05.25SUNY Alfred State      
5.JrZach Markel46-10.00SUNY Geneseo      
6.SoTroy Johnson46-01.50Rochester IT      
7.SoMichael Haynes45-07.25Rochester IT      
8.JrZachary Eldridge45-05.00SUNY Fredonia State      
9.SoBrendan Murphy43-00.50SUNY Geneseo      
10.SoMax Radley41-08.50SUNY Fredonia State      
11.FrRalph Molu41-07.25Mohawk Valley      
12.SoNick D'Amuro38-10.50SUNY Geneseo      
13.FrJon Mordoff38-06.00SUNY Brockport      
14.SoJordan Casper37-00.25University of Roches...      
15.FrWill Houlihan36-06.75SUNY Alfred State      
16.FrDandre Ellerbe36-01.25SUNY Delhi      
17.FrChristopher Chippero35-05.00Rochester IT      
18.FrBrandon Bordeau34-04.25SUNY Delhi      
19.SoSteven Arni34-04.00Rochester IT      
20.JrZachary Smalley33-03.25Houghton      
21.SrJames McQuinn32-06.25SUNY Brockport      
22.FrLuke Ogden26-02.25Houghton      
--FrTyler FouldsFOULSUNY Delhi      
--SrCasey DotyFOULRochester IT      

Womens Results

X 55 Meter Dash - Varsity - Finals
1.SoDiahann Cuevo7.50aSUNY Geneseo      
2.SrKate Brett7.62aSUNY Fredonia State      
3.FrTara Noble7.69aSUNY Alfred State      
4.SrKatie WoodCock7.75aHoughton      
5.SoJordyn Larkins7.79aAlfred U      
6.FrDeborah Howard7.85aSUNY Delhi      
7.SoLisa Powers7.93aRochester IT      
8.JrSara Bilz7.99aSUNY Delhi      
X 55 Meter Dash - Varsity - Prelims
1.SoDiahann Cuevo7.61aSUNY Geneseo      
2.FrTara Noble7.68aSUNY Alfred State      
3.FrDeborah Howard7.70aSUNY Delhi      
4.SrKate Brett7.72aSUNY Fredonia State      
5.SrKatie WoodCock7.78aHoughton      
6.SoJordyn Larkins7.88aAlfred U      
7.SoLisa Powers7.94aRochester IT      
8.JrSara Bilz8.00aSUNY Delhi      
9.FrAndrea Sonnacchio8.01aSUNY Delhi      
10.FrAlexis Perez8.02aSUNY Fredonia State      
11.SrKristi Custer8.04aNazareth      
12.FrArmoni Jeffries8.19aAlfred U      
13.FrRebecca Olivier8.65aMohawk Valley      
14.SoDanielle Breslin8.70aRochester IT      
15.SoAlexandra Smith9.06aNazareth      
16.FrCorrinne Giller9.47aNazareth      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrAfrica Harper27.44aSUNY Cobleskill      
2.FrBriana Dorsey27.46aSUNY Alfred State      
3.SoDiahann Cuevo27.87aSUNY Geneseo      
4.FrTara Noble27.87aSUNY Alfred State      
5.FrSamantha Hudson27.97aSUNY Geneseo      
6.SoPamela Breedlove28.36aSUNY Alfred State      
7.SoAmanda Gordon28.53aRochester IT      
8.SoJordyn Larkins28.57aAlfred U      
9.JrTamarra Jenkins28.65aSUNY Cobleskill      
10.SoSarah Eichelberger28.66aNazareth      
11.FrAlexis Perez28.81aSUNY Fredonia State      
12.FrMyla Allen28.88aSUNY Delhi      
13.FrArmoni Jeffries28.89aAlfred U      
14.FrSarah MunKitrick29.14aHoughton      
15.JrLauren Rock29.16aRochester IT      
16.SoCarolyn Mahon29.26aSUNY Geneseo      
17.FrKatlyn McManamon29.81aSUNY Cobleskill      
18.JrSara Bilz29.82aSUNY Delhi      
19.SrAlexandra Bush30.22aRochester IT      
20.JrAlexa Thayer30.56aHoughton      
21.FrEmilie Edwards30.71aHoughton      
22.FrRebecca Olivier30.91aMohawk Valley      
23.FrSamantha Rojas31.03aAlfred U      
24.SoDanielle Breslin31.12aRochester IT      
25.Maria Barouti31.21aUnattached      
26.FrBeth Watson31.54aSUNY Cobleskill      
27.JrAlyssa Lindstrom31.74aNazareth      
28.FrCorrinne Giller34.11aNazareth      
29.SoAlexandra Smith34.60aNazareth      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrTara Murphy61.53aSUNY Alfred State      
2.JrKelly Brunscheen61.96aSUNY Geneseo      
3.FrAfrica Harper62.46aSUNY Cobleskill      
4.JrTamarra Jenkins63.11aSUNY Cobleskill      
5.SoKatie Wyant63.18aNazareth      
6.FrBriana Dorsey63.28aSUNY Alfred State      
7.SoCarolyn Mahon63.91aSUNY Geneseo      
8.FrSamantha Hudson64.41aSUNY Geneseo      
9.SoAmy Morrissey65.03aAlfred U      
10.FrSarah MunKitrick65.29aHoughton      
11.JrCourtney Coiro65.90aHoughton      
12.JrLauren Rock66.24aRochester IT      
13.SoColleen Murphy66.50aSUNY Geneseo      
14.FrMorgan Hawkins66.60aSUNY Fredonia State      
15.FrJackie Bakken67.47aMohawk Valley      
16.SoSim Cheema69.02aUniversity of Roches...      
17.SoAlexis Hoffman69.38aNazareth      
18.SrAlexandra Bush69.41aRochester IT      
19.FrKim Foltz69.69aSUNY Fredonia State      
20.FrSamantha Rojas70.84aAlfred U      
21.SoDanielle Breslin71.23aRochester IT      
22.SoJennifer Miranda74.15aAlfred U      
X 500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrDeborah Howard1:26.03aSUNY Delhi      
2.SoBrianne Yannotta1:26.40aRochester IT      
3.SoJennie Springer1:26.46aRochester IT      
4.FrTaryn VanValen1:30.26aSUNY Delhi      
5.FrShelby Fiorini1:36.94aMohawk Valley      
6.JrTiffany Buck1:47.83aAlfred U      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoCailin Kowalewski2:20.91aSUNY Geneseo      
2.JrAlyssa Smith2:20.96aSUNY Geneseo      
3.SoEmily Sullivan2:21.93aSUNY Geneseo      
4.SoMarissa Liberati2:24.77aSUNY Geneseo      
5.FrTara Murphy2:27.96aSUNY Alfred State      
6.JrJulie Dmochowski2:29.41aSUNY Geneseo      
7.FrRebekah Steinke2:29.43aSUNY Geneseo      
8.SoKatie Wyant2:30.48aNazareth      
9.SoKateri Walsh2:34.02aSUNY Fredonia State      
10.SoKelsey Mash2:34.91aNazareth      
11.FrJennifer Havens2:35.43aSUNY Cobleskill      
12.SrMelissa Haahr2:36.44aAlfred U      
13.FrKayleigh Olive2:37.92aNazareth      
14.SrVeronica Caldwell2:38.81aHoughton      
15.FrKristin Callaghan2:39.06aSUNY Delhi      
16.FrSamantha Moade2:41.79aSUNY Cobleskill      
17.SoMichelle Page2:41.98aMohawk Valley      
18.FrJenny Mooney2:45.45aSUNY Fredonia State      
19.FrShelby Knapp2:46.93aMohawk Valley      
20.SoKayla Murphy2:48.10aNazareth      
21.FrKirsten Schoenborn2:49.34aNazareth      
22.SoCrista Johnson2:54.46aNazareth      
23.SoAlivia Bayley3:12.91aSUNY Cobleskill      
24.FrChristina Ilowiecki3:27.83aSUNY Cobleskill      
X 1000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrRyan Kelly3:09.35aSUNY Cobleskill      
2.SrJouhan Allende3:09.54aRochester IT      
3.FrCeleste Hoelzl3:09.62aSUNY Geneseo      
4.SoLauren Jamieson3:19.25aNazareth      
5.FrLeah Williams3:21.46aHoughton      
6.FrLauren Schuppel3:26.50aSUNY Delhi      
7.SoAnnelise Hein3:40.65aHoughton      
8.-Casey Kane3:44.74aMohawk Valley      
9.FrShelby Fiorini3:47.44aMohawk Valley      
10.JrTiffany Buck3:56.94aAlfred U      
X 1 Mile - Varsity - Finals
1.JrDanielle Brennon5:15.47aHoughton      
2.FrMary Aldridge5:19.30aSUNY Geneseo      
3.JrJulie Dmochowski5:19.68aSUNY Geneseo      
4.SoBrigid Heenan5:25.43aSUNY Geneseo      
5.SoDanae Polsin5:26.61aSUNY Geneseo      
6.FrLeah Williams5:33.72aHoughton      
7.SoLauren Jamieson5:34.98aNazareth      
8.SoKateri Walsh5:37.91aSUNY Fredonia State      
9.SoKatrijn Moulin5:38.59aRochester IT      
10.FrSavannah Boucher5:38.94aMohawk Valley      
11.JrElizabeth Phillips-Jones5:40.84aAlfred U      
12.FrLauren Truby5:42.50aSUNY Fredonia State      
13.FrMeghan Visser5:47.27aSUNY Delhi      
14.FrBecca List5:57.20aSUNY Fredonia State      
15.SoAnnelise Hein5:58.69aHoughton      
16.SoBritleigh Levens6:02.29aSUNY Delhi      
17.SrVeronica Caldwell6:06.30aHoughton      
18.SoLauren Niswander6:14.30aHoughton      
19.SrSamantha Hickok6:16.05aNazareth      
20.SoNicole Hughes6:16.96aMohawk Valley      
21.FrZoe Edmunds6:17.59aUniversity of Roches...      
22.SoErin Johnstone6:20.45aAlfred U      
23.FrZakiyah Woodosn6:42.00aSUNY Fredonia State      
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrDanielle Brennon10:37.62aHoughton      
2.JrAshley Jones10:58.30aSUNY Geneseo      
3.FrDanielle Bessette11:04.78aUniversity of Roches...      
4.SoMeghan Ogle11:21.94aUniversity of Roches...      
5.SoCassie White11:27.72aMohawk Valley      
6.FrSavannah Boucher11:41.42aMohawk Valley      
7.FrKatherine Thomas11:48.08aUniversity of Roches...      
8.SrAudrey Gillette11:53.78aHoughton      
9.SoJillian Lewis12:16.65aHoughton      
10.JrMegan Platt12:24.87aHoughton      
11.FrZoe Catalano12:35.86aRochester IT      
12.SoVictoria Kodak12:38.09aSUNY Cobleskill      
13.SrJessica Stanchus12:44.06aNazareth      
14.SoLauren Niswander13:15.69aHoughton      
15.SoMaura Parks14:45.08aSUNY Alfred State      
X 5000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoEsther Lok19:25.34aSUNY Geneseo      
2.SoCassie White19:44.58aMohawk Valley      
3.JrMichelle Gilette20:10.59aNazareth      
4.FrBethany Althaus20:44.89aNazareth      
5.SrSarah Wilcox20:47.22aNazareth      
6.SoAnna Bower21:24.32aRochester IT      
7.SoKathryn Mutter21:42.94aNazareth      
X 55m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.SrKate Brett8.81aSUNY Fredonia State      
2.FrEliza Parker8.87aAlfred U      
3.JrJessica Jaroszko9.26aSUNY Geneseo      
4.JrAnnie Mills9.33aAlfred U      
5.FrEmilie Edwards9.41aHoughton      
6.FrChelsea Hall9.64aAlfred U      
X 55m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.FrEliza Parker8.94aAlfred U      
2.SrKate Brett9.04aSUNY Fredonia State      
3.JrJessica Jaroszko9.25aSUNY Geneseo      
4.FrEmilie Edwards9.40aHoughton      
5.JrAnnie Mills9.56aAlfred U      
6.FrChelsea Hall9.58aAlfred U      
7.FrCarly Biondi9.75aSUNY Geneseo      
8.SoClaire Reynolds9.82aSUNY Cobleskill      
9.SoKayla May10.12aMohawk Valley      
10.SoSim Cheema10.13aUniversity of Roches...      
11.JrMarissa Eccleston10.71aUniversity of Roches...      
12.SoMaura Parks10.79aSUNY Alfred State      
13.FrJackie Bakken10.91aMohawk Valley      
14.JrAlyssa Lindstrom11.27aNazareth      
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:51.02aSUNY Geneseo      
2.-Relay Team 1:51.63aAlfred U      
3.-Relay Team 1:51.64aRochester IT      
4.-Relay Team 1:51.78aHoughton      
5.-Relay Team 1:56.62aAlfred U      
6.-Relay Team 1:56.76aSUNY Geneseo      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:11.15aSUNY Alfred State      
2.-Relay Team 4:18.90aSUNY Geneseo      
3.-Relay Team 4:21.84aSUNY Cobleskill      
4.-Relay Team 4:31.04aAlfred U      
5.-Relay Team 4:32.51aSUNY Geneseo      
6.-Relay Team 4:35.96aHoughton      
7.-Relay Team 5:11.36aSUNY Cobleskill      
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 10:50.49aSUNY Delhi      
2.-Relay Team 11:03.87aHoughton      
3.-Relay Team 11:12.37aSUNY Fredonia State      
4.-Relay Team 11:42.44aMohawk Valley      
5.-Relay Team 14:28.81aSUNY Alfred State      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.SrBrittany Talani36-02.00SUNY Geneseo      
2.FrTeysia Parks33-09.25Rochester IT      
3.SoKathleen Gooberlet33-06.50SUNY Fredonia State      
4.SoKelly-Jo Beck33-02.50Alfred U      
5.FrAdianna Sidell32-10.25Houghton      
6.FrJennifer Kirsch30-08.25Alfred U      
7.SoMegan Vollmer29-05.50Mohawk Valley      
7.JrElizabeth Mason29-05.50Houghton      
9.JrHeather Irish28-07.50Nazareth      
10.JrGen Dzialo28-01.50Mohawk Valley      
11.SoKayla May26-03.50Mohawk Valley      
12.SrKayla Summerville26-03.00Alfred U      
13.SoMaura Parks18-05.00SUNY Alfred State      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoMelinda Niebuhr5-02.25Nazareth      
2.JrAlexa Thayer5-00.25Houghton      
2.FrCarly Biondi5-00.25SUNY Geneseo      
2.JrShannon King5-00.25SUNY Geneseo      
5.JrJulie Cook4-10.25SUNY Geneseo      
5.FrElizabeth DeMonte4-10.25Alfred U      
5.FrRebecca Graudons4-10.25Alfred U      
5.FrCarrie Levinn4-10.25SUNY Geneseo      
5.JrKeisha Stokes4-10.25SUNY Geneseo      
5.FrBeth Watson4-10.25SUNY Cobleskill      
11.FrBeitris McKeon4-08.25Rochester IT      
12.FrJackie Bakken4-06.25Mohawk Valley      
12.SrHailey Guard4-06.25SUNY Fredonia State      
14.SoBrandy Maas4-04.25Houghton      
14.FrDiana Williams4-04.25SUNY Fredonia State      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.SoChelsea Caruso10-06.00SUNY Fredonia State      
2.FrRebecca Graudons10-06.00Alfred U      
2.FrKelci Yousett10-06.00SUNY Fredonia State      
4.SoRachel Serpe9-06.25SUNY Geneseo      
5.SoEmily Valle8-02.50Rochester IT      
6.FrMorgan Hawkins7-06.50SUNY Fredonia State      
6.FrLaura Lyons7-06.50University of Roches...      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrJasmine Maisonet17-10.25Rochester IT      
2.FrAndrea Sonnacchio16-09.25SUNY Delhi      
3.FrMackenzie Neal16-07.75Rochester IT      
4.SoKatherine Sessions16-03.25Rochester IT      
5.FrEmily Cummiskey15-11.50SUNY Fredonia State      
6.FrMelissa Cummiskey15-10.25SUNY Fredonia State      
7.FrCorine Pettit15-07.50Alfred U      
8.SoPamela Breedlove15-02.75SUNY Alfred State      
9.FrCarly Biondi14-10.50SUNY Geneseo      
10.FrJackie Bakken14-05.00Mohawk Valley      
11.FrKatlyn McManamon14-03.75SUNY Cobleskill      
12.SoPaige Vandemark14-01.00University of Roches...      
13.FrTara Noble14-00.50SUNY Alfred State      
14.JrMarissa Eccleston12-06.50University of Roches...      
15.SoJennifer Miranda12-05.25Alfred U      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrKristi Custer36-05.75Nazareth      
2.SrJasmine Maisonet35-08.00Rochester IT      
3.FrEmily Cummiskey35-06.50SUNY Fredonia State      
4.SoKatherine Sessions35-00.25Rochester IT      
5.FrMyla Allen34-10.25SUNY Delhi      
6.FrAndrea Sonnacchio34-05.75SUNY Delhi      
7.SoClaire Reynolds33-08.75SUNY Cobleskill      
8.SoPamela Breedlove33-08.50SUNY Alfred State      
9.FrMackenzie Neal33-05.25Rochester IT      
10.FrCorine Pettit32-03.00Alfred U      
11.SoNatalie May32-02.25Rochester IT      
12.JrJulie Cook30-09.25SUNY Geneseo      
13.FrJessica Strozyk30-06.25SUNY Fredonia State      
14.SoPaige Vandemark29-10.75University of Roches...      
15.FrBriana Dorsey29-07.25SUNY Alfred State      
--FrKatlyn McManamonFOULSUNY Cobleskill      
X Weight Throw - 20lb - Varsity - Finals
1.SrMaria Barbaglia45-03.50SUNY Geneseo      
2.SoKathleen Gooberlet42-08.00SUNY Fredonia State      
3.SrLindsey Clark41-09.25Rochester IT      
4.FrJessica McClean38-10.50SUNY Fredonia State      
5.SoAshanna Lynch37-09.50University of Roches...      
6.JrElizabeth Mason36-11.50Houghton      
7.FrAdianna Sidell36-00.75Houghton      
8.JrGen Dzialo36-00.75Mohawk Valley      
9.SoAmber Craig35-02.50Mohawk Valley      
10.SrKayla Summerville33-05.25Alfred U      
11.SoMegan Vollmer32-07.00Mohawk Valley      
12.SoMaura Parks31-09.50SUNY Alfred State      
13.JrHeather Irish31-02.50Nazareth      
14.FrLoren Metzger30-06.25SUNY Fredonia State      
15.FrTeysia Parks27-04.75Rochester IT      
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