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CSAA Championship Meet

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Justin Currie11.09aBig Rapids      
2.12Alonzo Vela11.19aMorley-Stanwood      
3.10Jared Emerson11.42aRemus Chippewa Hills      
4.11Tyler Hanks11.47aMorley-Stanwood      
5.11Eric Reed11.69aReed City      
6.11Joe Main11.78aLakeview      
7.12Andrew Peacock11.85aMorley-Stanwood      
8.9Skyler Barnum11.99aRemus Chippewa Hills      
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Jared Emerson11.81aRemus Chippewa Hills      
2.12Alonzo Vela11.85aMorley-Stanwood      
3.12Justin Currie11.91aBig Rapids      
4.11Tyler Hanks11.92aMorley-Stanwood      
5.11Joe Main12.02aLakeview      
6.11Eric Reed12.04aReed City      
7.12Andrew Peacock12.09aMorley-Stanwood      
8.9Skyler Barnum12.15aRemus Chippewa Hills      
9.11Garrett Morris12.46aStanton Central Mont...      
10.10James Wood12.52aRemus Chippewa Hills      
11.12Seth Anderson12.57aStanton Central Mont...      
12.9Jeff Rumsey12.58aHesperia      
13.11Tyler Rasmussen12.62aLakeview      
14.11Cody Roberts12.63aLakeview      
15.9Brett Salisbury12.65aHesperia      
15.9Paris Jones12.65aReed City      
17.9Colin Kleiner12.88aHesperia      
18.9Montana Bupp13.02aStanton Central Mont...      
19.9John Crowell13.28aHolton      
19.9Chris Gingrich13.28aWhite Cloud      
21.-David Feldpausch13.57aWhite Cloud      
11Alex StoutSCRWhite Cloud      
10Zack JonesSCRHolton      
9Robert GreenSCRBig Rapids      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Justin Currie22.76aBig Rapids      
2.12Jeremiah Adams23.13aLakeview      
3.11Tyler Hanks23.46aMorley-Stanwood      
4.10Trent Karcher24.09aRemus Chippewa Hills      
5.12Andrew Peacock24.36aMorley-Stanwood      
6.11Zach Tanis24.50aLakeview      
7.12Matt Anderson24.60aHesperia      
8.11Tyler Helms25.05aStanton Central Mont...      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Justin Currie24.27aBig Rapids      
2.11Tyler Hanks24.40aMorley-Stanwood      
4.12Andrew Peacock24.42aMorley-Stanwood      
7.11Zach Tanis24.48aLakeview      
5.10Trent Karcher24.55aRemus Chippewa Hills      
8.11Tyler Helms24.58aStanton Central Mont...      
3.12Jeremiah Adams24.92aLakeview      
9.11Kyle Perfitt25.13aReed City      
10.9Jeff Rumsey25.14aHesperia      
11.10James Wood25.18aRemus Chippewa Hills      
12.12Seth Anderson25.31aStanton Central Mont...      
13.12Mike Cherry25.41aHesperia      
6.12Matt Anderson25.53aHesperia      
14.10Eric Voelker25.74aReed City      
15.11Tyler Rasmussen25.85aLakeview      
16.9Montana Bupp26.66aStanton Central Mont...      
17.9Chris Gingrich27.77aWhite Cloud      
18.-David Feldpausch27.83aWhite Cloud      
19.10Austin Martin27.97aRemus Chippewa Hills      
20.10Nathan Bennett30.85aHolton      
9Robert GreenSCRBig Rapids      
11Ben KosterSCRMorley-Stanwood      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jeremiah Adams52.03aLakeview      
2.10Alex Prado52.11aHesperia      
3.10Latear Dukes53.90aRemus Chippewa Hills      
4.11Kelly Simmons53.91aHolton      
5.10Jared Emerson54.10aRemus Chippewa Hills      
6.10Hunter Redman54.93aWhite Cloud      
7.12Joe Kakoczki54.94aWhite Cloud      
8.11Kyle Perfitt55.53aReed City      
9.9Chase Smith55.91Holton      
10.12Spencer VanSickle56.27aMorley-Stanwood      
11.11Coty Withrow56.46aWhite Cloud      
13.11Kyle Ringlever56.60aLakeview      
12.9Eric Chase56.48Big Rapids      
14.9David Painter56.98aRemus Chippewa Hills      
15.10Kenny Eckles57.12Big Rapids      
16.11Jordan Beach58.38Stanton Central Mont...      
17.9Peter Betten59.53Lakeview      
18.12Wyatt Withers1:00.90aMorley-Stanwood      
19.10Dan Dischler1:03.11Holton      
20.9Jayson Beckley1:04.39Stanton Central Mont...      
12Mike CherrySCRHesperia      
10Michael BradfordSCRReed City      
11Travis HartlineFSMorley-Stanwood      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Matt Parrish2:01.29aMorley-Stanwood      
2.11Tim (Joe) Oehril2:02.14aReed City      
3.12Matt Peacock2:02.46aHesperia      
4.12Tyler Sackett2:05.05aRemus Chippewa Hills      
5.9Travess Smith2:08.33aHesperia      
6.11Mark Alvarado2:09.03aRemus Chippewa Hills      
7.9Chase Smith2:10.30aHolton      
8.11Robert Dean2:10.63aMorley-Stanwood      
9.10Charles Piatt2:15.91aRemus Chippewa Hills      
10.11Nik Schroeder2:17.76aBig Rapids      
11.10Dillon Cook2:19.39aHesperia      
12.9Adam Kehr2:20.01aReed City      
13.10Ethan Goodman2:21.92aBig Rapids      
14.11Kelly Simmons2:22.98aHolton      
15.-Hugo Tang2:24.41aWhite Cloud      
16.11Collin Woodruff2:26.45aLakeview      
17.-Cyle Barrett2:26.65aWhite Cloud      
18.11Chase Sutherland2:29.85aStanton Central Mont...      
19.9Peter Betten2:31.08aLakeview      
20.10Michael Rolfe2:31.31aStanton Central Mont...      
21.12Derek Sova2:32.31aHolton      
22.10Brent Heberling2:34.71aBig Rapids      
23.9Brandon Schumacker2:39.70aWhite Cloud      
24.11Joe Palinkas2:42.18aStanton Central Mont...      
-Markus LamceSCRWhite Cloud      
11Mitchel FlachsSCRMorley-Stanwood      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Clark Ruiz4:27.19aBig Rapids      
2.11Tim (Joe) Oehril4:31.65aReed City      
3.11Matt Parrish4:33.05aMorley-Stanwood      
4.12Tyler Sackett4:45.40aRemus Chippewa Hills      
5.12Derek Shumway4:49.00aRemus Chippewa Hills      
6.11Jeff Cherry4:54.68aHesperia      
7.11Mark Alvarado4:56.73aRemus Chippewa Hills      
8.11Nik Schroeder4:58.15aBig Rapids      
9.11Michael Bolton4:59.22aHesperia      
10.11Matt Almond4:59.62aHolton      
11.11Colton Dillree5:06.69aMorley-Stanwood      
12.10Trever Schnick5:07.12aLakeview      
13.-Steve Bailey5:19.98aWhite Cloud      
14.-Hugo Tang5:21.51aWhite Cloud      
15.10Caden King5:22.79aStanton Central Mont...      
16.-Cyle Barrett5:24.89aWhite Cloud      
17.9Drake Walker5:35.44aReed City      
18.10Michael Rolfe5:35.64aStanton Central Mont...      
19.9Aaron Daggett5:44.65aStanton Central Mont...      
20.12Justin Gamble-Brown6:01.92aReed City      
21.11Joey Almond6:09.68aHolton      
12Keith RadomskiSCRHolton      
9Travess SmithSCRHesperia      
9Devin CornellSCRLakeview      
-Markus LamceSCRWhite Cloud      
9Brandon SchumackerSCRWhite Cloud      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Clark Ruiz9:59.73aBig Rapids      
2.11Jeff Cherry10:19.85aHesperia      
3.12Derek Shumway10:31.84aRemus Chippewa Hills      
4.10Ben Shaffer10:39.01aBig Rapids      
5.9Chase Smith10:41.65aHolton      
6.12Brock Crystal11:02.73aRemus Chippewa Hills      
7.11Matt Almond11:19.41aHolton      
8.10Trever Schnick11:28.99aLakeview      
9.10Caden King11:42.24aStanton Central Mont...      
10.10Aaron Richard11:47.74aRemus Chippewa Hills      
11.9Caydon Weeks12:00.12aMorley-Stanwood      
12.9Drake Walker12:10.15aReed City      
13.9Andrew Sackett12:27.60aMorley-Stanwood      
14.-Markus Lamce12:32.37aWhite Cloud      
15.11Mike Bieri12:32.42aHesperia      
16.9Aaron Daggett12:34.16aStanton Central Mont...      
17.12Austin Earles13:07.48aLakeview      
18.11Joey Almond13:48.02aHolton      
19.9Devin Cornell14:41.25aLakeview      
11Michael BoltonSCRHesperia      
12Justin Gamble-BrownSCRReed City      
10Michael RolfeSCRStanton Central Mont...      
11Colton DillreeSCRMorley-Stanwood      
11Lukas SchroederSCRBig Rapids      
9Brandon SchumackerSCRWhite Cloud      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jordan Bates15.39aHesperia      
2.12Jacob Braman15.95aStanton Central Mont...      
3.12Martin Unaeze16.36aBig Rapids      
4.10Travis McCuaig16.56aMorley-Stanwood      
5.12Dylan Kosaski16.99aMorley-Stanwood      
6.12Jordan Mcdonald17.13aMorley-Stanwood      
7.12Jason Taylor17.42aHolton      
8.10Andrew Mahaffey17.42aRemus Chippewa Hills      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Jacob Braman16.13aStanton Central Mont...      
2.12Jordan Bates16.57aHesperia      
4.12Martin Unaeze16.71aBig Rapids      
7.12Jordan Mcdonald16.87aMorley-Stanwood      
5.12Dylan Kosaski17.22aMorley-Stanwood      
3.10Travis McCuaig17.41aMorley-Stanwood      
6.12Jason Taylor17.75aHolton      
8.10Andrew Mahaffey17.76aRemus Chippewa Hills      
9.11Kolter Schwartz17.87aLakeview      
10.12B.J. Smith18.20aHolton      
11.10Corey Saladin18.24aReed City      
12.11Robert Lance18.32aWhite Cloud      
13.9David Dykstra18.56aWhite Cloud      
14.11Nathan Lalk18.57aRemus Chippewa Hills      
15.9Joseph Mckeown18.86aHesperia      
16.-Steve Bailey18.93aWhite Cloud      
17.12Austin Earles21.19aLakeview      
18.9Robert Klug21.80aStanton Central Mont...      
19.9Shane Walls21.98aReed City      
12Ben RandleSCRBig Rapids      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jake Braman42.31aStanton Central Mont...      
2.11Dillon Wood42.98aLakeview      
3.11Eric Reed43.42aReed City      
4.12Dylan Kosaski44.39aMorley-Stanwood      
5.10Andrew Mahaffey44.52aRemus Chippewa Hills      
6.12Jordan Mcdonald45.72aMorley-Stanwood      
7.11Robert Lance46.02aWhite Cloud      
8.10Travis McCuaig46.32aMorley-Stanwood      
9.12Brock Crystal47.32aRemus Chippewa Hills      
10.11Nathan Lalk47.50aRemus Chippewa Hills      
11.10Corey Saladin47.53aReed City      
12.9David Dykstra48.61aWhite Cloud      
13.9Joseph Mckeown49.42aHesperia      
14.12Martin Unaeze49.50aBig Rapids      
15.-Steve Bailey51.36aWhite Cloud      
16.12Austin Earles51.66aLakeview      
17.9Robert Klug52.69aStanton Central Mont...      
18.9John Crowell56.24aHolton      
9Elijah OlsonSCRHesperia      
12Brian MitchellSCRReed City      
12Jordan BatesSCRHesperia      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Martin Unaeze
Aaron Daugherty
Robert Green
Justin Currie
44.67aBig Rapids      
2.-Andrew Peacock
Ben Koster
Steven Hopkins
Tyler Hanks
3.-Skyler Barnum
Trent Karcher
Lateer Dukes
Jared Emerson
45.11aRemus Chippewa Hills      
4.-Jeremiah Adams
Kyle Ringlever
Joe Main
Zach Tanis
5.-Brian Michell
Eric Bradford
Michael Bradford
Eric Reed
46.80aReed City      
6.-Tyler Helms
Garrett Morris
Jacob Braman
Vernon Adams
47.37aStanton Central Mont...      
7.-Hunter Redman
Daniel Gibson
Joe Kakoczki
Zack Martin
47.69aWhite Cloud      
8.-Matt Anderson
Eldon Graham
Colin Kleiner
Brett Salisbury
9.-Nathan Bennett
Zack Boyette
John Crowell
Dan Dischler
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Adam Wheeler
Harvey King
Tyler Hanks
Alonzo Vela
2.-Martin Unaeze
Justin Currie
Aaron Daugherty
Robert Green
1:35.00aBig Rapids      
3.-Matt Anderson
Mike Cherry
Brett Salisbury
Alex Prado
4.-Tyler Helms
Seth Anderson
Jacob Braman
Vernon Adams
1:38.62aStanton Central Mont...      
5.-Joe Main
Zach Tanis
Cody Roberts
Kyle Ringlever
6.-Joe Kakoczki
Zack Martin
Coty Withrow
Hunter Redman
1:39.37aWhite Cloud      
7.-Paris Jones
Eric Voelker
Kyle Voelker
Kyle Perfitt
1:41.39aReed City      
8.-Johnny Wernette
Luke Werenette
Andrew Mahaffey
Lateer Dukes
1:41.55aRemus Chippewa Hills      
9.-Dan Dischler
John Crowell
Zack Boyette
Nathan Bennett
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Matt Parrish
Harvey King
Adam Wheeler
Travis Hartline
2.-Jeremiah Adams
Kyle Ringlever
Zach Tanis
Dillon Wood
3.-Eric Reed
Eric Bradford
Michael Bradford
Tim (Joe) Oehril
3:36.72aReed City      
4.-Joe Kakoczki
Zack Martin
Coty Withrow
Hunter Redman
3:41.61aWhite Cloud      
5.-Lateer Dukes
Trent Karcher
David Painter
Tyler Sackett
3:49.37aRemus Chippewa Hills      
6.-Matt Anderson
Mike Cherry
Jordan Bates
Alex Prado
7.-Jordan Beach
James Fancett
Jayson Beckley
Brendan O'Brien
4:02.95aStanton Central Mont...      
8.-Dan Dischler
Zack Boyette
Matt Almond
Kelly Simmons
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Adam Wheeler
Harvey King
Matt Parrish
Robert Dean
2.-Mark Alverado
Charles Piatt
Derick Shumway
Tyler Sackett
8:23.84aRemus Chippewa Hills      
3.-Jeff Cherry
Travess Smith
Matt Peacock
Michael Bolton
4.-Collin Woodruff
Dillon Wood
Trever Schnick
Peter Betten
5.-Derek Sova
Joey Almond
Kelly Simmons
Matt Almond
6.-Cyle Barrett
Hugo Tang
Markus Lamce
Brandon Schumacker
9:54.61aWhite Cloud      
7.-Caden King
Michael Rolfe
James Fancett
Chase Sutherland
10:04.10aStanton Central Mont...      
8.-Justin Gamble-Brown
Drake Walker
Kyle Wilson
Adam Kehr
10:14.13aReed City      
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Tyler Wilcox46-04.00Morley-Stanwood      
2.12Ben Randle46-01.75Big Rapids      
3.11Ben Koster44-05.00Morley-Stanwood      
4.12B.J. Smith44-00.50Holton      
5.11Alex Barron43-06.50Remus Chippewa Hills      
6.11Garrett Morris40-04.75Stanton Central Mont...      
7.12Cody Wolevar39-07.00Hesperia      
8.11Brandon Antes38-02.50Stanton Central Mont...      
9.11Mike Addis38-00.75White Cloud      
10.11Tyler Smith37-10.50White Cloud      
11.11Clarence Jack37-06.50Morley-Stanwood      
12.12Arik Schmitt37-02.25White Cloud      
13.12Levi Mehl36-08.50Big Rapids      
14.11Matt MacDonald36-07.50Reed City      
15.11Ridge Saladin36-05.75Reed City      
16.10Eric Hillard36-03.50Remus Chippewa Hills      
17.11Dakota Abbott35-07.00Reed City      
17.11Jordan Betham35-07.00Lakeview      
19.11Kolter Schwartz35-06.50Lakeview      
20.12Sean Bruce35-05.75Holton      
21.10Gus Ward35-00.50Lakeview      
22.11Jeff Sherman31-07.25Remus Chippewa Hills      
23.9Cory Kindlle31-05.00Stanton Central Mont...      
24.12Keith Radomski31-01.25Holton      
25.9Bryan Heaven28-03.25Hesperia      
10Ryan ManorSCRWhite Cloud      
9Jeff RumseySCRHesperia      
11Matt TanisSCRWhite Cloud      
10Shalen McIntyerSCRBig Rapids      
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ben Koster141-03Morley-Stanwood      
2.12Cody Wolevar125-02Hesperia      
3.10Hans Hotlzsd122-05Stanton Central Mont...      
4.11Tyler Smith118-11White Cloud      
4.11Dakota Abbott114-03Reed City      
5.12Sean Bruce114-03Holton      
7.9Eldon Graham109-08Hesperia      
8.12Ben Randle108-06Big Rapids      
9.11Tyler Wilcox108-02Morley-Stanwood      
10.11Garrett Morris106-08Stanton Central Mont...      
11.11Mike Addis106-06White Cloud      
12.12Dylan Kosaski105-06Morley-Stanwood      
13.11Matt MacDonald105-02Reed City      
14.12Jason Taylor105-01Holton      
15.11Jordan Betham104-08Lakeview      
16.12Arik Schmitt104-01White Cloud      
17.11Kolter Schwartz103-08Lakeview      
18.9Dominick Taylor101-06Big Rapids      
19.10Gus Ward101-05Lakeview      
20.11Alex Barron100-10Remus Chippewa Hills      
21.11Jeff Sherman99-02Remus Chippewa Hills      
22.10Jacob Vincent97-10Reed City      
23.12Keith Radomski91-02Holton      
24.10Eric Hillard81-01Remus Chippewa Hills      
11Matt TanisSCRWhite Cloud      
12Levi MehlNDBig Rapids      
11Brandon AntesSCRStanton Central Mont...      
10Ryan ManorSCRWhite Cloud      
9Bryan HeavenSCRHesperia      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Aaron Daugherty6-06.00Big Rapids      
2.10Travis McCuaig6-04.00Morley-Stanwood      
3.12Brendan O'Brien6-04.00Stanton Central Mont...      
4.11Adam Wheeler6-00.00Morley-Stanwood      
5.12Zack Martin6-00.00White Cloud      
6.12Daniel Gibson5-08.00White Cloud      
7.11Travis Hartline5-08.00Morley-Stanwood      
8.11Collin Woodruff5-08.00Lakeview      
9.12Vernon Adams5-06.00Stanton Central Mont...      
10.9Joseph Mckeown5-04.00Hesperia      
10.12Luke Werenette5-04.00Remus Chippewa Hills      
12.12Jason Taylor5-02.00Holton      
13.10Zack Boyette5-00.00Holton      
9Eldon GrahamSCRHesperia      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brian Mitchell15-00.00Reed City      
2.12Luke Werenette13-00.00Remus Chippewa Hills      
3.12Vernon Adams12-00.00Stanton Central Mont...      
4.12Harvey King11-06.00Morley-Stanwood      
5.11Cody Roberts11-00.00Lakeview      
6.12Adam Noyes10-06.00Lakeview      
7.11Brian Whipple10-00.00Morley-Stanwood      
8.11Mitchel Flachs10-00.00Morley-Stanwood      
9.9Tristan Guibord9-06.00Big Rapids      
9.10Eric Voelker9-06.00Reed City      
9.10Kyle Voelker9-06.00Reed City      
9.9Jeffrey Krager9-06.00Big Rapids      
13.10Andrew Mahaffey9-00.00Remus Chippewa Hills      
13.12Jason Taylor9-00.00Holton      
13.11Alex Stout9-00.00White Cloud      
13.9Trevor Humphrey9-00.00Remus Chippewa Hills      
13.9David Dykstra9-00.00White Cloud      
13.10JT Hendricks9-00.00Big Rapids      
19.9James Fancett8-06.00Stanton Central Mont...      
19.9Peter Betten8-06.00Lakeview      
21.9Jayson Beckley8-00.00Stanton Central Mont...      
12Keith RadomskiNHHolton      
9Elijah OlsonSCRHesperia      
9Jeff RumseyNHHesperia      
12Jordan BatesNHHesperia      
12Joe KakoczkiSCRWhite Cloud      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Aaron Daugherty22-05.75Big Rapids      
2.11Dillon Wood22-00.25Lakeview      
3.12Alonzo Vela20-04.00Morley-Stanwood      
4.10Jared Emerson19-11.00Remus Chippewa Hills      
5.10Michael Bradford19-03.75Reed City      
6.12Luke Werenette19-03.00Remus Chippewa Hills      
7.12Daniel Gibson19-02.00White Cloud      
8.10Trent Karcher18-09.00Remus Chippewa Hills      
9.12Seth Anderson17-07.50Stanton Central Mont...      
10.12B.J. Smith17-05.00Holton      
11.10Eric Bradford16-10.50Reed City      
12.11Steven Hopkins16-10.00Morley-Stanwood      
12.11Kolter Schwartz16-10.00Lakeview      
14.9Colin Kleiner16-09.00Hesperia      
15.9Eldon Graham16-08.50Hesperia      
16.9Robert Green16-08.00Big Rapids      
17.9Chase Smith16-06.50Holton      
18.-David Feldpausch14-08.00White Cloud      
19.9Chris Gingrich14-03.00White Cloud      
20.11Tyler Rasmussen14-01.25Lakeview      
21.10Shawn Soule12-09.50Stanton Central Mont...      
11Jordan BeachSCRStanton Central Mont...      
10Justin McClellandSCRBig Rapids      
12Jordan McdonaldNDMorley-Stanwood      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Samantha Michell12.78aReed City      
2.10LaShae Wright13.18aStanton Central Mont...      
3.9Stephanie Hutchins13.25aBig Rapids      
4.11Mydrisha Brown13.44aBig Rapids      
5.12Allison Weaver13.61aWhite Cloud      
6.9Tasha Sanders13.67aLakeview      
7.11Dallas Hornof13.77aHolton      
8.12Renee Humphrey14.29aRemus Chippewa Hills      
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10LaShae Wright13.34aStanton Central Mont...      
2.11Mydrisha Brown13.41aBig Rapids      
3.10Samantha Michell13.44aReed City      
5.11Dallas Hornof13.58aHolton      
6.12Allison Weaver13.72aWhite Cloud      
7.9Tasha Sanders13.73aLakeview      
4.9Stephanie Hutchins13.81aBig Rapids      
8.12Renee Humphrey13.86aRemus Chippewa Hills      
9.10Shannon Slasor13.92aRemus Chippewa Hills      
10.9Triston Rogers14.04aReed City      
10.10Katie Rae14.04aBig Rapids      
12.12Nicolle Ostrander14.17aReed City      
13.12Ashley Story14.19aStanton Central Mont...      
14.9Amanda Gilliam14.31aMorley-Stanwood      
15.12Mya Barnwell14.40aStanton Central Mont...      
16.9Katelyn Williams14.88aWhite Cloud      
17.11Jessica Foster14.89aHolton      
18.10Kiley Simon14.91aRemus Chippewa Hills      
19.9Chevelle West15.03aWhite Cloud      
20.9Megan Latsch15.16aHolton      
21.10Christen Underhill15.30aMorley-Stanwood      
22.9Kaitlyn Smith15.42aHesperia      
23.10Faliesha Lloyd16.81aHesperia      
10Jessi LinebaughSCRLakeview      
12Brandy FosterSCRStanton Central Mont...      
-Sarah MolinaSCRLakeview      
X 100 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
11Alyssa Holtzlander13.4aWhite Cloud      
9Chevelle West14.3aWhite Cloud      
11Brooke Martin14.4aWhite Cloud      
9Katelyn Williams14.9aWhite Cloud      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Samantha Michell25.74aReed City      
2.12Katie Courtright27.30aMorley-Stanwood      
3.10LaShae Wright27.39aStanton Central Mont...      
4.11Jamillah Brown27.61aBig Rapids      
5.11Jacklyn Yates27.83aHesperia      
6.12Emma Hinds27.96aMorley-Stanwood      
7.9Tasha Sanders28.03aLakeview      
8.12Allison Weaver28.31aWhite Cloud      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Samantha Michell27.39aReed City      
2.12Allison Weaver27.80aWhite Cloud      
3.12Emma Hinds27.86aMorley-Stanwood      
5.11Jamillah Brown27.93aBig Rapids      
6.9Tasha Sanders28.16aLakeview      
7.10LaShae Wright28.21aStanton Central Mont...      
9.10Katie Rae28.76aBig Rapids      
4.12Katie Courtright29.05aMorley-Stanwood      
10.11Shandaria Carter29.12aHesperia      
8.11Jacklyn Yates29.35aHesperia      
11.9Triston Rogers29.35aReed City      
12.12Ashley Story29.72aStanton Central Mont...      
13.9Mckyla Schneider30.30aRemus Chippewa Hills      
14.11Roxanne Harrington30.56aLakeview      
15.11Cierra Sutherland30.82aStanton Central Mont...      
16.10Eliza McGowan-Stinski30.96aMorley-Stanwood      
17.12Amanda Davidson31.16aReed City      
18.10Regina Hartwell31.34aHolton      
19.11Christie Plewinski31.75aHesperia      
20.11Jessica Foster31.85aHolton      
21.11Mandy Wallstead32.14aHolton      
22.12Sinah Iwaschewski32.50aHesperia      
23.9Kaitlyn Smith32.52aHesperia      
24.11Jolee Smith34.48aWhite Cloud      
25.12Rachel Hall36.97aWhite Cloud      
-Sarah MolinaSCRLakeview      
12Kelsey BunceSCRBig Rapids      
10Kiley SimonSCRRemus Chippewa Hills      
X 200 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
9Rachel Weaver28.7aWhite Cloud      
11Alyssa Holtzlander29.0aWhite Cloud      
10Kadie Griffes30.8aWhite Cloud      
9Katelyn Williams31.9aWhite Cloud      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Allison Weaver1:02.42aWhite Cloud      
2.9Lauren Zeerip1:02.59aHesperia      
3.12Rachel Wood1:03.67aRemus Chippewa Hills      
4.12Chandra Martin1:03.81aRemus Chippewa Hills      
5.11Shandaria Carter1:05.64aHesperia      
6.10Rachel Herron1:07.02aStanton Central Mont...      
7.10Regina Hartwell1:12.63aHolton      
8.9Ashton Jones1:14.11aMorley-Stanwood      
9.11Dallas Hornof1:15.17aHolton      
10.9Savanah Case1:17.01aStanton Central Mont...      
10Eliza McGowan-StinskiSCRMorley-Stanwood      
10Hollie BowersSCRMorley-Stanwood      
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
9Katelyn Williams1:09.4aWhite Cloud      
9Rachel Weaver1:11.6aWhite Cloud      
11Alyssa Holtzlander1:12.9aWhite Cloud      
10Kadie Griffes1:15.8aWhite Cloud      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Megan O'Neil2:25.07aRemus Chippewa Hills      
2.12Morgan Wixson2:28.11aRemus Chippewa Hills      
3.11Alexa Rumsey2:29.23aHesperia      
4.12Rachel Wood2:36.04aRemus Chippewa Hills      
5.11Rachel Joseph2:36.36aBig Rapids      
6.12Kristin Forman2:36.52aReed City      
7.11Donna Aslakson2:41.44aHesperia      
8.10Jasmine Hall2:44.88aHesperia      
9.11Elyse Starck2:48.43aMorley-Stanwood      
10.9Rachel Weaver2:48.85aWhite Cloud      
11.12Lauren Hoisington2:51.68aStanton Central Mont...      
12.11Jenny Swymeler2:56.57aBig Rapids      
13.-Rebecca Matthews3:01.10aLakeview      
14.9Ashton Jones3:10.40aMorley-Stanwood      
15.9Rebecca Hartwell3:19.74aHolton      
16.-Abigail Vernon3:23.72aMorley-Stanwood      
17.10Cassie Johnson3:23.78aLakeview      
9Lauren ZeeripSCRHesperia      
12Shannon SupenskiSCRBig Rapids      
10Hannah EllisonSCRLakeview      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Megan O'Neil5:13.64aRemus Chippewa Hills      
2.11Alexa Rumsey5:19.23aHesperia      
3.11Gabbie Bates5:37.09aHesperia      
4.11Rachel Joseph5:39.58aBig Rapids      
5.12Kristin Forman5:53.71aReed City      
6.10Jasmine Hall5:55.91aHesperia      
7.11Elyse Starck5:59.87aMorley-Stanwood      
8.10Larissa Umbleby6:04.73aRemus Chippewa Hills      
9.11Jenny Swymeler6:15.31aBig Rapids      
10.12Amanda Batenburg6:18.48aRemus Chippewa Hills      
11.10Haley Terpenning6:32.24aHolton      
12.9Ann Karwoski6:33.38aStanton Central Mont...      
13.12Jenny Schuster6:43.19aLakeview      
14.9Rebecca Hartwell6:52.39aHolton      
15.9Bethany Wheeler6:52.94aStanton Central Mont...      
16.10Grace Sudinski7:01.86aMorley-Stanwood      
17.10Daycia Case7:14.46aStanton Central Mont...      
18.9Lexi Smythe7:49.03aLakeview      
19.12Paige Armstrong8:00.27aLakeview      
9Ashton JonesSCRMorley-Stanwood      
12Logan O'NeilSCRBig Rapids      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Megan O'Neil11:46.60aRemus Chippewa Hills      
2.11Gabbie Bates12:12.66aHesperia      
3.10Larissa Umbleby13:23.51aRemus Chippewa Hills      
4.12Amanda Batenburg14:09.98aRemus Chippewa Hills      
5.9Maddie Zadvinskis14:24.28aBig Rapids      
6.12Jenny Schuster14:28.21aLakeview      
7.12Drew Goodman15:02.54aBig Rapids      
8.10Grace Sudinski15:05.41aMorley-Stanwood      
9.10Daycia Case15:11.24aStanton Central Mont...      
10.10Nikki Herrick15:18.85aBig Rapids      
11.9Kalia Kosten15:29.61aStanton Central Mont...      
12.9Rebecca Hartwell16:30.91aHolton      
10Haley TerpenningSCRHolton      
11Alexa RumseySCRHesperia      
11Donna AslaksonSCRHesperia      
12Kristin FormanSCRReed City      
9Ann KarwoskiSCRStanton Central Mont...      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Alex King16.25aLakeview      
2.10Braeden Gosma16.29aBig Rapids      
3.12Kianna Granlund16.92aRemus Chippewa Hills      
4.11Mandy Wallstead17.50aHolton      
5.12Jasmin Wyatt17.66aStanton Central Mont...      
6.12Tamika Hitts17.89aMorley-Stanwood      
7.11Haley Wiseman19.18aHesperia      
8.10Christa DePue19.55aStanton Central Mont...      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Mandy Wallstead17.64aHolton      
4.12Kianna Granlund17.67aRemus Chippewa Hills      
2.10Braeden Gosma17.71aBig Rapids      
3.11Alex King18.09aLakeview      
5.12Tamika Hitts18.20aMorley-Stanwood      
6.12Jasmin Wyatt18.64aStanton Central Mont...      
7.10Christa DePue19.14aStanton Central Mont...      
8.11Haley Wiseman19.20aHesperia      
9.12Samantha Browne19.31aMorley-Stanwood      
10.9Skler Coon19.65aHesperia      
11.10Mckenzie Swartz20.21aLakeview      
12.10Kiley Simon20.44aRemus Chippewa Hills      
13.9Megan Latsch20.70aHolton      
14.9Drue Thornton21.11aRemus Chippewa Hills      
15.11Roxanne Harrington21.47aLakeview      
16.11Katie Inman22.13aMorley-Stanwood      
17.9Savanah Case22.25aStanton Central Mont...      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Samantha Michell45.17aReed City      
2.12Kianna Granlund48.79aRemus Chippewa Hills      
3.10Braeden Gosma50.97aBig Rapids      
4.12Jasmin Wyatt52.53aStanton Central Mont...      
5.11Haley Wiseman52.78aHesperia      
6.12Tamika Hitts53.62aMorley-Stanwood      
7.9Skler Coon54.34aHesperia      
8.12Alyssa Gregory54.35aLakeview      
9.9Megan Latsch56.59aHolton      
10.11Roxanne Harrington57.41aLakeview      
11.11Mandy Wallstead58.21aHolton      
12.10Christa DePue59.52aStanton Central Mont...      
13.9Drue Thornton1:00.56aRemus Chippewa Hills      
14.-Allison Veersma1:00.59aMorley-Stanwood      
15.12Samantha Browne1:01.36aMorley-Stanwood      
9Mckyla SchneiderSCRRemus Chippewa Hills      
10Mckenzie SwartzSCRLakeview      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Braeden Gosma
Stephanie Hutchins
Mydrisha Brown
Jamillah Brown
51.77aBig Rapids      
2.-Emma Hinds
Bailey Cairnduff
Andie Paulson
Katie Courtright
3.-Mya Barnwell
Cierra Sutherland
LaShae Wright
Jasmin Wyatt
53.15aStanton Central Mont...      
4.-Kianna Granlund
Renee Humphrey
Mckyla Schneider
Shannon Slasor
53.45aRemus Chippewa Hills      
5.-Relay Team 54.38aLakeview      
6.-Peyton Henderson
Triston Rogers
Amanda Davidson
Nicolle Ostrander
55.10aReed City      
7.-Skler Coon
Paige Lavin
Christie Plewinski
Jacklyn Yates
8.-Katelynn Williams
Brooke Martin
Chevelle West
Alyssa Holtzlander
57.54aWhite Cloud      
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Stephanie Hutchins
Braeden Gosma
Kelsey Bunce
Jamillah Brown
1:49.63aBig Rapids      
2.-Emma Hinds
Bailey Cairnduff
Andie Paulson
Katie Courtright
3.-Relay Team 1:53.60aLakeview      
4.-Renee Humphrey
Chandra Martin
Rachal Wood
Shannon Slasor
1:55.25aRemus Chippewa Hills      
5.-Shandaria Carter
Jacklyn Yates
Christie Plewinski
Paige Lavin
6.-Mya Barnwell
Cierra Sutherland
Ashley Story
LaShae Wright
2:00.34aStanton Central Mont...      
7.-Katelynn Williams
Rachel Weaver
Kadie Griffes
Alyssa Holtzlander
2:00.93aWhite Cloud      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Chandra Martin
Morgan Wixson
Kianna Granlund
Rachal Wood
4:16.37aRemus Chippewa Hills      
2.-Gabbie Bates
Haley Wiseman
Jacklyn Yates
Lauren Zeerip
3.-Eliza McGowan-Stinski
Tamika Hitts
Elyse Starck
Bailey Cairnduff
4.-Relay Team 4:41.95aLakeview      
5.-Rachel Herron
Jasmin Wyatt
Lauren Hoisington
Savanah Case
4:49.79aStanton Central Mont...      
6.-Kadie Griffes
Rachel Weaver
Alyssa Holtzlander
Katelynn Williams
4:52.44aWhite Cloud      
-Haley Terpenning
Nicole Walsworth
Dallas Hornof
Regina Hartwell
-Stephanie Hutchins
Katie Rae
Taylor Gibson
Rachel Joseph
SCRBig Rapids      
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Chandra Martin
Morgan Wixson
Megan O'Neil
Larissa Umbleby
10:26.76aRemus Chippewa Hills      
2.-Donna Aslakson
Alexa Rumsey
Jasmine Hall
Lauren Zeerip
3.-Relay Team 12:01.78aLakeview      
4.-Ashton Jones
Grace Sudinski
Abigail Vernon
Hollie Bowers
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Brooke Martin36-00.00White Cloud      
2.11Erin O'Brien34-03.00Big Rapids      
3.10Myriah Schwartz32-01.50Lakeview      
4.9Amanda Koepf31-03.75Remus Chippewa Hills      
5.10Corey Robison30-01.50Remus Chippewa Hills      
6.11Gizell Young29-05.00Remus Chippewa Hills      
7.12Nicole Walsworth29-04.50Holton      
8.11Brianna Smith28-01.00Hesperia      
9.11Morgan Lindsey27-09.00Lakeview      
10.11Megan Quilitzch26-01.75Morley-Stanwood      
11.10Breanna Collins25-09.00Stanton Central Mont...      
12.9Bethany Church25-06.75Reed City      
13.11Naomi Elenbaas25-01.25Hesperia      
14.11Melissa Holland24-03.50Morley-Stanwood      
15.9Areonna Wilson24-01.50Big Rapids      
16.9Miranda Guerin24-01.00Reed City      
17.12Missy Waite23-11.25Lakeview      
18.9Emily Burke22-10.00Reed City      
19.9Rebecca Hartwell22-00.25Holton      
20.9Reagan Villet21-10.00Stanton Central Mont...      
21.9Madison Grossbauer21-01.50Stanton Central Mont...      
22.11Kayley Daniels20-11.25White Cloud      
23.11Ashley Rivera20-07.50Hesperia      
24.12Rachel Hall20-06.50White Cloud      
12Megan GrangerSCRMorley-Stanwood      
10Katie LefevreSCRHolton      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Corey Robison108-09Remus Chippewa Hills      
2.11Brooke Martin105-09White Cloud      
3.10Myriah Schwartz101-03Lakeview      
4.9Amanda Koepf88-01Remus Chippewa Hills      
5.10Breanna Collins87-06Stanton Central Mont...      
6.11Elyse Starck87-00Morley-Stanwood      
7.11Naomi Elenbaas78-03Hesperia      
8.12Nicole Walsworth76-04Holton      
9.11Erin O'Brien69-11Big Rapids      
10.9Bethany Church69-05Reed City      
11.12Sinah Iwaschewski69-04Hesperia      
12.11Brianna Smith68-04Hesperia      
13.12Missy Waite67-03Lakeview      
14.11Katelyn Sackett67-02Morley-Stanwood      
15.12Kayla Smith66-10Remus Chippewa Hills      
16.9Areonna Wilson65-08Big Rapids      
17.11Megan Quilitzch63-04Morley-Stanwood      
17.9Miranda Guerin63-04Reed City      
19.12Rachel Hall61-07White Cloud      
20.11Ashley Rivera58-02Hesperia      
21.9Madison Grossbauer57-11Stanton Central Mont...      
22.9Allyson James55-10Stanton Central Mont...      
23.11Kayley Daniels52-02White Cloud      
24.9Emily Burke52-02Reed City      
25.12Kelsey Bunce50-05Big Rapids      
11Morgan LindseySCRLakeview      
10Katie LefevreSCRHolton      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Rachel Weaver5-01.00White Cloud      
2.12Tamika Hitts4-08.00Morley-Stanwood      
3.12Morgan Wixson4-08.00Remus Chippewa Hills      
4.10Cassedi Vrbensky4-08.00Remus Chippewa Hills      
4.10Kadie Griffes4-08.00White Cloud      
6.9Megan Latsch4-06.00Holton      
7.10Haley Terpenning4-06.00Holton      
7.10Rachel Herron4-06.00Stanton Central Mont...      
9.9Savanah Case4-04.00Stanton Central Mont...      
-Allison VeersmaNHMorley-Stanwood      
9Jasmin McGarrahNHBig Rapids      
12Tiffani WoodNHRemus Chippewa Hills      
12Ashley StoryNHStanton Central Mont...      
12Robin CunninghamNHHesperia      
9Autumn RedmanNHWhite Cloud      
12Sinah IwaschewskiNHHesperia      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.9Erin Drouillard9-00.00Remus Chippewa Hills      
2.12Renee Humphrey9-00.00Remus Chippewa Hills      
3.12Katie Courtright8-06.00Morley-Stanwood      
4.10Andie Paulson8-06.00Morley-Stanwood      
5.9Drue Thornton7-06.00Remus Chippewa Hills      
6.11Gabbie Bates7-00.00Hesperia      
7.11Taylor Gibson7-00.00Big Rapids      
7.11Andrea Osborne7-00.00Lakeview      
9.-Destiny Fletcher6-00.00Morley-Stanwood      
9Paige LavinSCRHesperia      
9Katie NicklasSCRReed City      
11Erika PartloSCRStanton Central Mont...      
11Sarah MattixSCRLakeview      
-Keely OutmanSCRLakeview      
9Chevelle WestNHWhite Cloud      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Samantha Michell16-11.00Reed City      
2.12Allison Weaver16-07.00White Cloud      
3.11Mandy Wallstead16-03.00Holton      
4.11Bailey Cairnduff15-06.00Morley-Stanwood      
5.12Emma Hinds14-05.50Morley-Stanwood      
6.11Cierra Sutherland14-03.75Stanton Central Mont...      
7.10Corey Robison13-10.00Remus Chippewa Hills      
8.9Paige Lavin13-09.00Hesperia      
9.11Dallas Hornof13-08.00Holton      
10.11Sarah Mattix13-06.50Lakeview      
11.12Nicolle Ostrander13-06.00Reed City      
12.10Shannon Slasor13-02.00Remus Chippewa Hills      
13.10Eliza McGowan-Stinski12-08.50Morley-Stanwood      
14.12Sinah Iwaschewski12-07.75Hesperia      
15.9Kaitlyn Smith12-01.50Hesperia      
16.9Chevelle West12-01.00White Cloud      
17.11Jessica Foster11-10.00Holton      
18.12Rachel Hall11-04.00White Cloud      
19.10Jordan VanSyckle11-03.00Remus Chippewa Hills      
20.11Britni Dixon10-02.00Hesperia      
21.11Brianna Smith9-07.00Hesperia      
22.10Faliesha Lloyd9-00.00Hesperia      
9Jessica DixonSCRHesperia      
9Ali GowinSCRHesperia      
11Vanessa DavilaSCRHesperia      
10Brooke ReilSCRLakeview      
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