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HSA Small School Challenge #1

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Texas - 2A
Lakehill Prep
Texas - Tarrant County Private
HSA (Home School Athletics)
Texas - Texas
Integrity Track
Texas - Texas
New Heights
Texas - Uncategorized Middle Schools
New Heights
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - High School - Finals
1.9Ryan Hatcher11.40Fellowship Academy
2.12Jesse Milburn11.50Fellowship Academy
3.12Grant Hardaway11.70Fellowship Academy
4.11Roger Scurlark11.80Granbury North Centr...
5.9Dennis Miller, II11.90New Heights
5.12John Levitt11.90Faustina Academy
7.11Jacob Johnson12.00Fellowship Academy
8.10Micah Benson12.10HSA (Home School Ath...
8.10Cris McCarty12.10Lakehill Prep
8.12Charles Burch12.10Lakehill Prep
11.11Ceyvon Fields12.20Granbury North Centr...
12.9Alvin Chickease12.40Granbury North Centr...
13.12Dayton Hunn12.60Northstar
13.9Ethan Whalen12.60New Heights
15.11Thomasz Wood12.70Lakehill Prep
15.9Jie Wang12.70Granbury North Centr...
17.11Thomas Stauffer12.80Northstar
17.11AJ Knickerbocker12.80Northstar
19.10Lane Watson13.20HSA (Home School Ath...
20.9Nick Cook13.90Faustina Academy
X 100 Meters - Junior High - Finals
1.8Christian Downing13.40Granbury North Centr...
2.8Russell Huffines13.70Faustina Academy
3.-Michael Tercero14.30Granbury North Centr...
4.8Riley Bierbach14.60Northstar
5.-Matthew Willis15.00Granbury North Centr...
6.7John Mark Burress16.00Aledo Christian
X 400 Meters - High School - Finals
1.12Charles Burch55.50Lakehill Prep
2.12Chris Sanchez56.10Granbury North Centr...
3.10Cris McCarty56.20Lakehill Prep
4.9Abel Matthews57.70Fellowship Academy
5.11Josh Mozley58.40Fellowship Academy
6.11Tanner Oldenburgh59.20Fellowship Academy
7.11Sam Reinmiller1:02.70HSA (Home School Ath...
8.12Brett Trutna1:03.00Lakehill Prep
9.9Nick Howard1:06.60Faustina Academy
10.9Stephen Arnold1:06.80HSA (Home School Ath...
X 400 Meters - Junior High - Finals
1.7Seve Mata1:06.00HSA (Home School Ath...
2.7John Mark Burress1:11.00Aledo Christian
3.8Nick White1:11.50Faustina Academy
4.-Panashe Mangwiro1:15.20Granbury North Centr...
5.-Josh White1:17.20Granbury North Centr...
6.8Kyle Alexander1:20.60HSA (Home School Ath...
7.-Quiton Felton1:26.00Granbury North Centr...
8.-Kurtis Kolanek1:29.80Granbury North Centr...
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - High School - Finals
10Lane Watson64.4HSA (Home School Ath...
X 800 Meters - Relay Split - High School - Finals
12Joseph Hale2:07.7HSA (Home School Ath...
9Timothy Clifford2:31.5Northstar
10Peter Arnold2:42.1HSA (Home School Ath...
X 1200 Meters - High School - Finals
10Micah Benson3:50.1HSA (Home School Ath...
X 1600 Meters - Relay Split - High School - Finals
12Joseph Hale5:00.1HSA (Home School Ath...
X 3000 Meters - High School - Finals
1.12Joseph Nall11:04.60Lakehill Prep
2.11Brandon Gollhofer11:12.10Faustina Academy
3.9David Bell11:13.20HSA (Home School Ath...
4.10Peter Arnold11:29.70HSA (Home School Ath...
5.12Brett Trutna12:50.30Lakehill Prep
6.12David Ruyter13:02.20Aledo Christian
7.9Nicholas Anastasi14:27.00Lakehill Prep
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Junior High - Finals
1.8Seun Williams20.80Granbury North Centr...
2.8Riley Bierbach22.90Northstar
3.8Christian Downing23.90Granbury North Centr...
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - High School - Finals
1.11Roger Scurlark18.20Granbury North Centr...
2.9Alvin Chickease18.70Granbury North Centr...
3.12Ethan Coonce19.10Fellowship Academy
4.12David Ruyter23.80Aledo Christian
5.11Austin Ploetz25.80Northstar
X SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8] - High School - Finals
1.-Aaron Leake
Roger Scurlark
Ceyvon Fields
Chris Sanchez
3:59.00Granbury North Centr...
2.-Stephen Arnold
Lane Watson
Micah Benson
Joseph Hale
4:02.90HSA (Home School Ath...
3.-Cris McCarty
Thomasz Woods
Charles Burch
Joseph Nall
4:03.20Lakehill Prep
4.-Ryan Hatcher
Jesse Milburn
Josh Mozley
Tyler Brady
4:20.10Fellowship Academy
5.-Thomas Stauffer
Dayton Hunn
AJ Knickerbocker
Tim Clifford
6.-Zach Sipe
John Levitt
Nick Howard
Brandon Gollhofer
4:31.40Faustina Academy
7.-Jacob Johnson
Grant Hardaway
Ethan Coonce
Chris Collier
4:32.80Fellowship Academy
X SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8] - Junior High - Finals
1.-Greg Chickaeze
Seun Williams
Matt Torres
Michael Tercero
4:52.50Granbury North Centr...
2.-Joel Arnold
Riley Bierbach
Kyle Alexander
Seve Mata
5:07.50Integrity Track
3.-Russell Huffines
Ross Killian
Xaier Liao
Nick White
5:17.10Faustina Academy
X DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - High School - Finals
1.-Micah Benson
Lane Watson
Peter Arnold
Joseph Hale
12:36.70HSA (Home School Ath...
2.-Elias Fekadu
Aaron Leake
Cale Dodson
Chris Sanchez
13:21.80Granbury North Centr...
3.-Tyler Brady
Tanner Oldenburgh
Abel Matthews
Chris Collier
14:13.50Fellowship Academy
X Shot Put - 4kg - Junior High - Finals
1.-Panashe Mangwiro30'08.50Granbury North Centr...
2.-Matt Torres23'09.00Granbury North Centr...
3.-Matthew Willis22'07.50Granbury North Centr...
4.-Josh Oma21'08.75Granbury North Centr...
5.-Cody Shehan20'02.75Granbury North Centr...
6.-Kurtis Kolanek19'11.00Granbury North Centr...
7.8Adam Abegaz18'07.75Faustina Academy
X Shot Put - 12lb - High School - Finals
1.12Brendon Monreal35'07.25Fellowship Academy
2.12Joseph Gettles34'01.00Granbury North Centr...
3.11Landon Hulcy32'02.50HSA (Home School Ath...
4.10Caleb Finley29'07.50Granbury North Centr...
5.11Sam Reinmiller29'07.00HSA (Home School Ath...
6.10Mason Hooser29'06.50Fellowship Academy
6.9Zach Sipe29'06.50Faustina Academy
8.11Beau Bunger29'04.50Lakehill Prep
9.10Ryan Currier29'00.00Granbury North Centr...
10.12Stephen Thompson28'03.00Lakehill Prep
11.9Ryan Kelley24'05.00Faustina Academy
12.10Josh Wood24'00.00Lakehill Prep
X Triple Jump - High School - Finals
1.9Alvin Chickease38'00.00Granbury North Centr...
2.12Tyler Brady37'09.50Fellowship Academy
3.11Ceyvon Fields36'02.50Granbury North Centr...
4.11Roger Scurlark34'09.00Granbury North Centr...
5.11Aaron Leake33'07.50Granbury North Centr...
6.9Timothy Clifford31'10.00Northstar
7.9Stephen Arnold30'03.75HSA (Home School Ath...
8.10Lane Watson27'03.00HSA (Home School Ath...
X Triple Jump - Junior High - Finals
1.8Seun Williams33'09.50Granbury North Centr...
2.8Kyle Alexander24'00.50HSA (Home School Ath...
2.8Kyle Alexander24'00.50HSA (Home School Ath...

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - High School - Finals
1.10Alexis Johnson12.90Lakehill Prep
2.12Kara Gamboa13.20Lakehill Prep
3.10Mattie Rhodes13.80Fellowship Academy
4.12Emily Benson14.00HSA (Home School Ath...
4.11Ayana Heard14.00Lakehill Prep
4.9Maia Heard14.00Lakehill Prep
7.10Jenna Burch14.20Lakehill Prep
7.10Shelby Valle14.20Fellowship Academy
7.11Halley King14.20Fellowship Academy
10.9Brooke Moss14.30Granbury North Centr...
11.12Denicia Miller14.90New Heights
11.9Kellie Hunn14.90Northstar
13.10Blane Abegaz15.10Faustina Academy
14.10Autumn Cummings15.20Aledo Christian
15.12Delaney Bentley15.30Aledo Christian
16.9Callie Puckett15.70New Heights
17.10Shantel Gray16.40Granbury North Centr...
18.9Maddison Lawless16.70Granbury North Centr...
19.11Bonnie Mills17.80New Heights
X 100 Meters - Junior High - Finals
1.8Nicole Ploetz15.20Northstar
2.7Victoria Cotten15.30Aledo Christian
3.6Caroline Alexander15.70HSA (Home School Ath...
4.5Alyssa Jones15.80HSA (Home School Ath...
5.7Fiona McLain16.00Faustina Academy
6.8Paida Mangwiro16.20Granbury North Centr...
7.-Sydney Lindsey17.90Granbury North Centr...
X 400 Meters - High School - Finals
1.9Maia Heard1:08.80Lakehill Prep
2.11Samantha Oshiro1:10.70Granbury North Centr...
3.9Olya Haun1:11.20Granbury North Centr...
4.11Ayana Heard1:12.10Lakehill Prep
5.10Allie Killian1:12.90Faustina Academy
6.11Amy Lyle1:13.00Fellowship Academy
7.10Autumn Cummings1:14.80Aledo Christian
8.9Sydney Thompson1:15.50Lakehill Prep
9.11Madeline Baker1:16.40Northstar
10.12Denicia Miller1:19.60New Heights
11.9Callie Puckett1:20.50New Heights
12.11Abigail Gilliam1:30.50Faustina Academy
13.12Delaney Bentley1:34.00Aledo Christian
14.11Bonnie Mills1:36.90New Heights
X 400 Meters - Junior High - Finals
1.8Amy Klenzendorf1:13.50Northstar
2.9Kaci Mulcahy1:24.80Granbury North Centr...
3.4Sarah Clifford1:26.70Integrity Track
4.-Emily Wilbourne1:27.70Granbury North Centr...
5.4Abby Clifford1:43.80Integrity Track
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - High School - Finals
12Emily Benson75.9HSA (Home School Ath...
X 800 Meters - Relay Split - High School - Finals
9Jessica Jones2:47.9HSA (Home School Ath...
6Caroline Alexander3:10.2HSA (Home School Ath...
8Amy Klenzendorf3:29.6Northstar
X 1200 Meters - High School - Finals
10Carlye Mings5:03.0HSA (Home School Ath...
X 1600 Meters - Relay Split - High School - Finals
9Jessica Jones6:35.8HSA (Home School Ath...
X 3000 Meters - High School - Finals
1.9Emily Allton14:04.90Lakehill Prep
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Junior High - Finals
1.-Tess Stirton20.30Faustina Academy
2.-Ana Norman20.80Faustina Academy
3.7Kathryn Rohter20.90Faustina Academy
4.7Victoria Cotten21.80Aledo Christian
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - High School - Finals
1.9Olya Haun20.80Granbury North Centr...
2.12Delaney Bentley23.10Aledo Christian
3.12Kaitlyn Wilson24.10Lakehill Prep
4.12Hannah Zehnder24.90Aledo Christian
X SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8] - High School - Finals
1.-Alexis Johnson
Ayana Heard
Jenna Burch
Emily Allton
5:02.70Lakehill Prep
2.-Caroline Alexander
Emily Benson
Carlye Mings
Jessica Jones
5:07.70HSA (Home School Ath...
3.-Shelby Valle
Mattie Rhodes
Halley King
Amy Lyle
5:16.10Fellowship Academy
4.-Brooke Moss
Maddison Lawless
Samantha Oshiro
Olya Haun
5:23.80Granbury North Centr...
5.-Blane Abegaz
Kimberly Zamora
Hannah Yost
Allie Killian
5:36.00Faustina Academy
6.-Denicia Miller
Callie Puckett
Adrieana Barber
Jewelya Jones
5:47.20New Heights
7.-Nicole Ploetz
Kellie Hunn
Maddie Baker
Amy Klenzendorf
X SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8] - Junior High - Finals
1.-Ana Norman
Tess Stirton
Fiona McLain
Kathryn Rohter
5:50.00Faustina Academy
X DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - High School - Finals
1.-Carlye Mings
Emily Benson
Caroline Alexander
Jessica Jones
16:04.90HSA (Home School Ath...
X Shot Put - 6lb - Junior High - Finals
1.5Alyssa Jones28'03.00HSA (Home School Ath...
2.-Kali Mulcahy16'01.00Granbury North Centr...
X Shot Put - 4kg - High School - Finals
1.12Breanna Conway27'00.00Granbury North Centr...
2.11Alexis Franklin25'09.50Lakehill Prep
3.-Bri Jones24'11.50Granbury North Centr...
4.10Shantel Gray23'06.25Granbury North Centr...
5.11Hannah Marshall22'10.50Granbury North Centr...
X Triple Jump - High School - Finals
1.11Amy Lyle27'07.50Fellowship Academy
2.11Samantha Oshiro26'02.75Granbury North Centr...
3.11Madeline Baker25'02.00Northstar
4.9Kellie Hunn24'08.75Northstar
X Triple Jump - Junior High - Finals
1.8Nicole Ploetz26'07.75Northstar
2.8Amy Klenzendorf25'10.50Northstar
3.8Paida Mangwiro24'07.50Granbury North Centr...
4.-Sydney Lindsey24'03.75Granbury North Centr...
5.6Caroline Alexander21'09.25HSA (Home School Ath...
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