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Yreka Lions Invitational

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Yreka , YrekaMeet History

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CA: Northern - Div 2
Oregon - 6A
North Medford
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1st12Andrew Soltis11.53aCascade Christian
11Kyle Gomez11.77aBonanza
12Ryan VanCleave11.78aHidden Valley
9Billy Fourney11.59Fall River
12Nick Linfoot11.86aHappy Camp
5.12Artie Lawniczak11.89aAshland
11Robby Leonis11.92aSt Mary's
12Nick Linfoot11.93aHappy Camp
9Manny Barragan11.95aYreka
10Antonio LoMonaco11.96aSt Mary's
12Trevor Howerton12.02aNew Hope Christian
10Bryce Potridge12.15aMazama
12Sam Dollarhide12.18aHidden Valley
9Brandon Larreau12.29aYreka
11Preston Wipf12.32aCascade Christian
9Daniel Mitchell12.37aEagle Point
11Gabe Quesenberry-Gunsen12.46aAshland
10Josh Hogeland12.48aAshland
11Kurt Schneider12.26Fall River
11Josh Heidegger12.55aCascade Christian
10Ryan Garcia12.56aNew Hope Christian
10Kris Schouw12.60aNorth Valley
10Brian Christian12.87aEagle Point
12Andrew Liddycoat12.67Lakeview
12Ryan Yates12.78Lakeview
10Brian Arnold13.13aNorth Valley
9Evan Camidge13.27aMazama
9Spencer Greenbank13.28Tulelake
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kyle Gomez22.98aBonanza
12Andrew Soltis23.58aCascade Christian
11Jordan Ockunzzi23.64aCascade Christian
5.12Artie Lawniczak24.14aAshland
12Shawn Reinhardt24.45aAshland
9Daniel Mitchell24.65aEagle Point
10Bryce Potridge24.70aMazama
10Saxon Gotfried24.88aHidden Valley
9Billy Fourney24.69Fall River
11Alex Stewart25.19aMazama
9Kasey Siliga25.23aCascade Christian
9Cy Senestraro25.32aAshland
10Kris Schouw25.34aNorth Valley
11Kurt Schneider25.22Fall River
11Clay Damuth25.62aLakeview
10Robert Porter25.64aNorth Valley
9Donald O'Reilly25.66aHappy Camp
10Brian Christian25.72aEagle Point
9Nick Lakey25.89Fall River
11Ben Bowdoin26.18aNew Hope Christian
12Ryan Yates26.25aLakeview
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
2.11Kyle Gomez51.89aBonanza
3.11Jordan Ockunzzi52.29aCascade Christian
4.11Max Miller53.04aSt Mary's
12Zach Schlichting53.83aYreka
12Jordan Kasler54.60aHidden Valley
12Steven Hames54.96aNew Hope Christian
12Shawn Reinhardt55.81aAshland
11Ben Bowdoin56.51aNew Hope Christian
10Tony Pinedo57.24Eagle Point
10Cody Nicholas57.90aNorth Valley
10Sky Smith58.21aBonanza
11Josh Smith58.21aCascade Christian
10Paul Henderson58.6aCascade Christian
10Chase Estep58.88aHidden Valley
11John Schneider58.74Fall River
11Kurt Schneider59.07Fall River
9Nick Lakey59.15Fall River
11Shawn Purkis60.50aYreka
9Zack Boyd62.03Tulelake
9Taro Shido1:05aAshland
9Brent Corning65.0Lakeview
10Myles Pelton1:05.38aMazama
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
10Ryan Garcia55.8New Hope Christian
12Steven Hames56.1New Hope Christian
11Ben Bowdoin57.2New Hope Christian
9Jacob Bowdoin58.2New Hope Christian
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Blake Estep1:59.2aHidden Valley
2.12Nathan Lee2:00.74aCascade Christian
3.11Mike Seus2:02.00aSt Mary's
4.12Levi Roudebush2:04.21North Valley
12Zach Schlichting2:05.44aYreka
9Jacob Bowdoin2:07.21aNew Hope Christian
12Jeramiah Richardson2:07.98aHidden Valley
11Frankie Chappell2:09.28aEagle Point
10Ryan Pyles2:10.0Yreka
11Caleb Howard2:12.06Lakeview
10Andrew Eddy2:14.96aMazama
11Kevin Cook2:15.53aAshland
12Shad Worden2:18.43aBonanza
10Tanner Arndt2:18.73aAshland
10Ryan Garcia2:21.12aNew Hope Christian
10Eric Hiler2:23.11aNorth Valley
10Kyle Tulare2:30.62North Valley
11Andy Seck2:32.93aMazama
12Jesse Cornett2:33.20aCascade Christian
10Paul Henderson2:45.28aCascade Christian
9Cody Thomas3:08.41aHappy Camp
9Michael Beall3:14.19aHappy Camp
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
12Michael Mrkvicka4:22.3cNew Hope Christian
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Levi Roudebush4:36.21North Valley
12Michael Mrkvicka4:39.78aNew Hope Christian
12Nathan Lee4:40.04aCascade Christian
11Frankie Chappell4:48.49aEagle Point
11Caleb Howard4:52Lakeview
9Ryland Karlovich5:02Ashland
10Andrew Eddy5:13.12aMazama
12Jesse Cornett5:36.14aCascade Christian
11Andy Seck5:38.41aMazama
11Jared Hooper5:41.68aCascade Christian
10Mel Cunningham5:53.93aMazama
9Cody Thomas6:45.45Happy Camp
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
12Michael Mrkvicka9:45.4cNew Hope Christian
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Dennis McCaffrey10:16.96aAshland
2.12Spencer Bonney10:19.33aAshland
4.12Michael Mrkvicka10:24.44aNew Hope Christian
12Kip Hamilton10:57.81North Valley
11Solomon Fernandez11:03.42aYreka
10Seth Walker11:07Lakeview
12Steven Libby11:56.9aMazama
11Jared Hooper12:02.71aCascade Christian
9Andrew Daw12:09.18aMazama
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Andy Davis15.47aBonanza
12Nick Linfoot15.77aHappy Camp
12Nick Linfoot16.0aHappy Camp
10Daniel Cropper16.15aAshland
3.10Jacob Ringrose16.24aEagle Point
6.11Mike Jiron16.87aHidden Valley
11Jeremy Carter16.96aHidden Valley
8.12Loren Picard17.07aEagle Point
12Jake Colley17.26aEagle Point
11Justin Thorpe17.71aMazama
10Cody Stoy17.90aAshland
12Ian Cropper18.02aAshland
12Jake Kyle17.71Fall River
11Kevin Golly18.67aYreka
11Matt Hillier19.45aNew Hope Christian
10Isaac Kaiser20.16Lakeview
11Ben Cummings21.38aCascade Christian
12Trevor Spano22.85aNew Hope Christian
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1st12Jake Kyle42.43Fall River
3.11Mike Jiron43.93aHidden Valley
4.11Jeremy Carter44.03aHidden Valley
12Nick Linfoot44.53aHappy Camp
6.9Stephen Dickinson45.76aBonanza
11Kevin Golly45.95aYreka
10Daniel Cropper46.23aAshland
12Ian Cropper46.26aAshland
11Alex Stewart47.66aMazama
9Billy Fourney48.53Fall River
11Ben Cummings49.06aCascade Christian
10Isaac Kaiser49.78Lakeview
12Trevor Spano50.01aNew Hope Christian
9Zack Boyd50.81Tulelake
11Matt Hillier51.74aNew Hope Christian
10Cody Stoy51.78aAshland
10Jeremy DeGroot52.74aNew Hope Christian
10Myles Pelton54.65aMazama
9J.D. Urbach60.38aBonanza
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
2.-Relay Team 46.51aEagle Point
4.-Ryan Garcia
Matt Hillier
Steven Hames
Trevor Howerton
47.13aNew Hope Christian
-Preston Wipf
Kasey Siliga
Josh Smith
Jordan Ockunzzi
47.22aCascade Christian
-Bryce Potridge
Jordan Daniels
Alex Stewart
Justin Thorpe
-Matt Camire
Brian Arnold
Tanner Cowens
Kris Schouw
49.54North Valley
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Sam Dollarhide
Jordan VanCleave
Jeramiah Richardson
Blake Estep
3:32.2aHidden Valley
-Preston Wipf
Kasey Siliga
Nathan Lee
Jordan Ockunzzi
3:39.19aCascade Christian
4.-Jacob Bowdoin
Steven Hames
Ben Bowdoin
Ryan Garcia
3:47.40aNew Hope Christian
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
11Jason Slowey46'4.5North Medford
4.11John Laidet46'Bonanza
5.12Jaxon Williams44'10.5Ashland
12Daniel Clogston42'5"Cascade Christian
12Darren Hull41'5.5Yreka
12Tyler Cam41'5Eagle Point
12Matt Musselman41'3.75Hidden Valley
11Jordan Burchfiel40'9.5"Cascade Christian
11Joe Cornett39'2Hidden Valley
11Robby Leonis38'11"St Mary's
11Clay Damuth37'2Lakeview
12Chris Buck36'8"Cascade Christian
12Kyle Eastlick36'5.5Happy Camp
9Austin Rowley35'8Eagle Point
11Cory Phillips34'9Lakeview
11Chris Rasch34'8Lakeview
10Sean McClaflin34'3Yreka
12Nick Haney33'4.5Mazama
9Joe Hatch32'2.5Ashland
9Ryan McKy31' 07North Valley
12Robert Hastings29' 5.75North Valley
9Jesse Robinson29' 5.5"Mazama
10Walter Ross29' .5"Mazama
10Kyle Fauley29' 0North Valley
9Matthew Bohn28'11Ashland
11Michael Bromley26'11"Fall River
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jason Slowey142'3.5North Medford
3.12Jaxon Williams138'10Ashland
5.11Robby Leonis134'11"St Mary's
11Jordan Burchfiel134'Cascade Christian
12Daniel Clogston126'10"Cascade Christian
12Tim Endecott122'0North Medford
12Tyler Cam120'.5Eagle Point
12Darren Hull117'6Yreka
11Joe Cornett112'6Hidden Valley
10Benner Cox110'8.5Lakeview
9Austin Rowley107'9Eagle Point
9Ryan McKy106' 0North Valley
12Chris Buck104'2"Cascade Christian
12Matt Musselman103'0Hidden Valley
10Sean McClaflin99'5Yreka
12Andrew Liddycoat97' 10Lakeview
12Kyle Eastlick93'2Happy Camp
11Cory Phillips91'6Lakeview
12Richard Eatinger90'10.5Ashland
10Kyle Fauley89' 8.5North Valley
12Nick Haney87' 9"Mazama
11Matt Johnson78'8Hidden Valley
9Jesse Robinson77'8Mazama
12Robert Hastings74' 10.5North Valley
11Michael Bromley74'8"Fall River
10Dan Lee73'8Mazama
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ryan Pittman6'4Ashland
2.12Jake Colley6'2Eagle Point
10Josh Houghton5'8Ashland
9Stephen Dickinson5'8Bonanza
11Josh Smith5'6"Cascade Christian
12Ryan Greene5'6"St Mary's
11Chris Sutton5'6"St Mary's
12Steven Hames5'6New Hope Christian
12Trevor Howerton5'4New Hope Christian
11Tommy Burgess5'4Hidden Valley
10Saxon Gotfried5'4Hidden Valley
10Kyle Tulare5'2North Valley
10Daniel Clark5'Bonanza
10Cody Nicholas5' 0North Valley
9Evan Camidge5'0Mazama
11Preston WipfNHCascade Christian
11Justin ThorpeNHMazama
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
2.11Brandt Nevin13'Eagle Point
3.10Jacob Ringrose12'6Eagle Point
4.12Jeramiah Richardson12'0Hidden Valley
12Justin Thompson11'6Yreka
10Ryan Pyles11'6Yreka
6.11Jeremy Carter11'6Hidden Valley
8.10Robby Mannenbach11'6Eagle Point
11Shawn Purkis11'Yreka
11Chris Sutton9'6"St Mary's
10Seth Walker8'6Lakeview
9Chris Jurief8'0Mazama
9Victor ThompsonNHMazama
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ryan VanCleave20'4Hidden Valley
4.12Ryan Pittman19'7.5Ashland
11Kyle Gomez18'11Bonanza
9Justin Severson18'9North Medford
11Josh Heidegger18'6"Cascade Christian
12Trevor Howerton18'4New Hope Christian
10Josh Houghton18'4Ashland
9Daniel Mitchell17'7.5Eagle Point
11Jordan VanCleave17'6Hidden Valley
10Kyson Culp17'4.5Yreka
10Brian Christian16'9.5Eagle Point
10Robert Porter15'11North Valley
12Matt Camire15' 9North Valley
9Mike McKay15'1"Mazama
12Trevor Spano14'10.5New Hope Christian
9Justin Jones13'10"St Mary's
10Daniel Clark13'6Bonanza
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
10Kyson Culp40'6Yreka
3.11Jeremy Carter40'4Hidden Valley
11Josh Heidegger39'7"Cascade Christian
11Matt Hillier36'2.5New Hope Christian
11Tommy Burgess35'8Hidden Valley
10Kyle Walton35'2.5Yreka
11Alex Stewart34' 10"Mazama
11Brandt Nevin34'7.5Eagle Point
9Donald O'Reilly34'5Happy Camp
10Eric Hiler34' 2.5North Valley
10Myles Pelton33'8Mazama
9Mike McKay33' 5"Mazama
11Ben Cummings32'11"Cascade Christian
9Brent Corning31'1Lakeview

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
2.10Jordan Kling13.19aAshland
11Lashell Larman13.67aMazama
10Christina Lawton-Diez13.74aAshland
9Ashleigh Soltis13.74aCascade Christian
4.9Talissa Baldovino13.43Lakeview
11Cicily Crechriou13.96aYreka
10Brandi Miller13.84North Valley
10Ashley Vernon13.84Lakeview
10Julie Weber14.16aYreka
11Vicki Davis14.85aHidden Valley
11Catherine Dole14.89aHidden Valley
10Whitney Fitzpatrick14.94aHappy Camp
12Danni Lindgren15.22aHidden Valley
10Ayla Stargill15.29aAshland
10Mandy Hull15.2Fall River
10Ashley Palmerton15.50aMazama
10Kim Blair15.3Lakeview
11Kylee Rohrbacker15.82aMazama
10Brooke Love16.0North Valley
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
2.10Keli Hall26.50aLakeview
3.10Jordan Kling26.93aAshland
12Kayla Eichamer28.53aSt Mary's
9Ashleigh Soltis28.57aCascade Christian
11Lashell Larman28.63aMazama
9Carrie Turner28.70aYreka
11Bethany Hunt29.03aHidden Valley
12Christina Muswick29.4aCascade Christian
10Karli Clark29.47aNorth Valley
9Kelsey Robberson29.85aYreka
11Catherine Dole31.21aHidden Valley
10Whitney Fitzpatrick31.52aHappy Camp
12Danni Lindgren31.60aHidden Valley
10Ashley Palmerton31.73aMazama
9Nycole Raab-Klauder33.93aMazama
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
10Keli Hall60.91aLakeview
2.9Taylor Vandehey63.14aNorth Valley
3.12Kayla Eichamer64.01aSt Mary's
11Amber Tomaszewski66.09aHidden Valley
9Carrie Turner66.20aYreka
10Anna Silva67.26aNorth Valley
10Megan Beard1:08.88aCascade Christian
11Wendy Minty69.19aHidden Valley
10Alicia Fanning69.91Tulelake
11Rachel Vincent1:10.6aCascade Christian
11Erica Jensen1:13.88aMazama
10Whitney Fitzpatrick78.31aHappy Camp
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
3.11Lindsay Gasik2:37.54aSt Mary's
11Lindsay Schlaefli2:38.29aCascade Christian
5.9Talissa Baldovino2:41.84Lakeview
9Dahna Black2:44.91aAshland
11Rachel Vincent2:48.13aCascade Christian
11Jessie Klauder3:01.61aMazama
11Annabel Dollarhide3:07.58aHidden Valley
10Jenna Gularte3:46.47Fall River
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Lindsay Gasik5:38.44aSt Mary's
2.12Emily Morehouse5:41.02North Valley
3.9Haley Beal5:46.86aAshland
5.10Erika Hultz5:53.64aAshland
6.10Miceala Bishop5:56.20aAshland
10Megan Beard5:56.64aCascade Christian
11Emily Miljkovic6:20.2aHidden Valley
9Nycole Raab-Klauder6:36.41aMazama
9Kimberly Moser7:14.95aMazama
11Annabel Dollarhide7:20.2aHidden Valley
11Meredith Daw7:33.5aMazama
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
2.9Ariel Barton12:37.51North Valley
3.12Emily Morehouse12:46.52North Valley
11Krista Yardley13:34.05aYreka
10Kate Ortwein13: 59.46aLakeview
12Angela White15:38.46aYreka
11Katie McIntyre17:21.67aMazama
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Brandi Miller17.41aNorth Valley
2.11Samantha Abel17.43aHidden Valley
10Jill Bennett18.06aCascade Christian
12Anna Gonzales18.41aMazama
11Rachael Richardson18.50aHidden Valley
12Isabel Keller18.86aSt Mary's
10Karli Clark19.03North Valley
11Karen Libby19.46aMazama
10Heather Fledderjohann19.34Lakeview
9Caitlin Lightner21.84aMazama
10Mandy Hull22.1Fall River
10Ayla Stargill22.65aAshland
9Heather SchlaefliDNFCascade Christian
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.9Taylor Vandehey49.11aNorth Valley
10Jill Bennett52.48aCascade Christian
11Chelsey Boehnke53.11aAshland
10Heather Fledderjohann55.21Lakeview
11Cicily Crechriou56.88aYreka
10Ayla Stargill58.48aAshland
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
4.-Mary Bailey
Jessie Hanger
Denise Powell
Jamie Richardson
54.30aHidden Valley
-Relay Team 59.11aCascade Christian
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Denise Powell
Samantha Abel
Jamie Richardson
Ashley Gilkey
4:15.7aHidden Valley
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Anja Crawford35'10.5Hidden Valley
7.11Kelley Porter30' 10.5North Valley
11Casi Carpenter29'6"Fall River
12Heather Anderson29'0.25Yreka
11Kayla Gill28'7Hidden Valley
12Alysa Pennington28'7Hidden Valley
10Mandy Hull27'11"Fall River
9Rachelle Buck26'9.5"Cascade Christian
10Lindsay Scott25'7Yreka
9Diana Jennings25'4.75Yreka
9Catie Allen24'6.75Yreka
9Jennie Dicus23'8"Cascade Christian
11Kayelynn Harris23' 7.5North Valley
12Jessica Reusze23'1Yreka
9Aqua Leet22'10Lakeview
11Jessie Klauder22'7.25Mazama
11Karen Libby22'6Mazama
10Sharyn Flores22' 03.5North Valley
11Megan Schaefer21'2.75"Cascade Christian
11Kasey Brown19'11.5"Fall River
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Anja Crawford115'1Hidden Valley
12Heather Anderson103'7Yreka
9Rachelle Buck88'6"Cascade Christian
11Kayla Gill86'8Hidden Valley
11Casi Carpenter85'3"Fall River
10Whitney Dunlap85'Rogue River
11Kaitlin Sanger84'10Rogue River
12Alysa Pennington82'4Hidden Valley
9Diana Jennings80'0.5Yreka
12Jessica Reusze77'5.5Yreka
10Lindsay Scott77'3Yreka
9Catie Allen73'11Yreka
10Mandy Hull71'11"Fall River
10Sharyn Flores70' 04North Valley
10Brittany Pennington66'11.5Mazama
11Megan Schaefer61'10"Cascade Christian
9Aqua Leet54'2Lakeview
9Britney Byington52'8Mazama
10Jenna Gularte49'8.5"Fall River
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
4.12Isabel Keller4'6"St Mary's
5.11Bethany Hunt4'6Hidden Valley
11Vicki Davis4'3Hidden Valley
9Heather Schlaefli4'2"Cascade Christian
9Caitlin Lightner4'2Mazama
12Christina MuswickNHCascade Christian
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
11Sabrina Donahoo9'6Yreka
3.11Rachael Richardson9'0Hidden Valley
5.11Amber Tomaszewski8'0Hidden Valley
11Ana Torres7'6Hidden Valley
9Kelsey Robberson7'0Yreka
11Saba Mohsin7'0Yreka
10Kim Blair6'6Lakeview
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Keli Hall17' 2.5Lakeview
4.10Jordan Kling15'9.5Ashland
9Carrie Turner14'9.5Yreka
11Chelsey Boehnke14'2.5Ashland
12Christina Muswick13'5.5Cascade Christian
11Maya Nerenberg13'.5Ashland
11Bethany Hunt12'10Hidden Valley
10Megan Beard12'6.75"Cascade Christian
12Soo Jee Hahn11'11Lakeview
12Fiona Nguyen10'3New Hope Christian
11Kylee Rohrbacker10'1Mazama
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
2.10Keli Hall32'4.5Lakeview
3.11Maya Nerenberg31'2.5Ashland
11Chelsey Boehnke30'3.5Ashland
9Carrie Turner30'3.5Yreka
10Jill Bennett28'11.75"Cascade Christian
11Rachael Richardson28'11.5Hidden Valley
11Wendy Minty28'5Hidden Valley
12Soo Jee Hahn24'Lakeview
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