Don Kirby Team Invitational

Friday, February 11, 2011 - Meet Website
  Albuquerque Convention Center, Albuquerque - Map

  Field Events Start: 4:00 PM  Track Events Start: 5:00 PM
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California - NCAA
LBSLong Beach State
SDSUSan Diego State
New Mexico - JC
NMJCNew Mexico (JC)
New Mexico - NCAA
UNMNew Mexico
NMSNew Mexico State
Ohio - NCAA
OhStOhio State
Oregon - NCAA
PoStPortland State
Texas - NCAA
Wyoming - NCAA
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 60 Meter Dash - Varsity - Finals
3.JrTrevante Rhodes6.76aTexas
4.SoDJ Monroe6.81aTexas
5.JrLamaar Thomas6.87aNew Mexico
6.SrTyrone McGraw6.90aStanford
7.JrTravis Gunderson6.91aWyoming
8.SoAlex Williams6.96aTexas
X 60 Meter Dash - Varsity - Prelims
2.JrTrevante Rhodes6.78aTexas
3.SoDJ Monroe6.80aTexas
4.Ronald Arajs6.82aUnattached
5.SoAlex Williams6.84aTexas
6.JrLamaar Thomas6.86aNew Mexico
7.SrTyrone McGraw6.87aStanford
8.JrTravis Gunderson6.95aWyoming
9.FrColin Hepburn6.99aStanford
10.SrRichard Crawford7.00aLong Beach State
11.JrThomas Trujillo7.03aNew Mexico
12.-Deon Long7.06aNew Mexico
13.SrMark Mueller7.07aStanford
14.FrAlex Lee7.09aStanford
15.FrRyan Brown7.15aStanford
--SoMario HarrisDNSWyoming
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrTrevante Rhodes21.22aTexas
2.JrAmaechi Morton21.27aStanford
3.JrThomas Trujillo21.86aNew Mexico
4.SrRichard Crawford21.88aLong Beach State
5.FrColin Hepburn21.96aStanford
6.SrMark Mueller22.43aStanford
7.SrTyrone McGraw22.52aStanford
8.FrAlex Lee22.64aStanford
9.JrTravis Gunderson22.79aWyoming
10.SrNimrod Piggee22.99aLong Beach State
11.FrColin Hester23.24aStanford
--FrRyan BrownDNSStanford
--SoMario HarrisDNSWyoming
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrThomas Murdaugh46.52aOhio State
2.SrDanzell Fortson46.75aTexas
3.SrAndre Thomas48.21aTexas
4.SoSpencer Chase48.25aStanford
5.SoKorbin Smith48.42aOhio State
6.JrDerek Dreyer48.53aTexas
7.FrAlfredo Corral48.59aStanford
8.JrChristopher Sweeney49.01aLong Beach State
9.SrSam Jeter49.34aLong Beach State
10.SrChristopher Lawson49.84aLong Beach State
11.FrCharles Lewis50.14aNew Mexico
12.SoDerek Montoya50.37aNew Mexico
13.SoJosh Lovato51.27aNew Mexico
14.JrChad Clark51.52aNew Mexico
--FrJake WohlfordDNSTexas
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoGabe Aragon1:50.10aNew Mexico
2.SoSam Evans1:50.14aNew Mexico
3.JrJared Hall1:50.98aOhio State
4.FrJohn Cordova1:51.74aNew Mexico
5.FrBronson Duran1:56.05aStanford
6.JrCory Kalm1:59.24aNew Mexico
X 60m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Finals
1.Omo Osaghae7.69aUnattached
2.SoKeiron Stewart7.75aTexas
3.FrJake Wohlford7.93aTexas
4.SoDe'Vron Walker7.94aNew Mexico
5.FrDemoye Bogle8.10aOhio State
6.SrNimrod Piggee8.20aLong Beach State
7.SoBarron Witherspoon8.29aOhio State
8.SrBrian Wilson8.36aNew Mexico
X 60m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Prelims
1.Omo Osaghae7.67aUnattached
2.SoKeiron Stewart7.80aTexas
3.FrJake Wohlford7.99aTexas
4.SoDe'Vron Walker8.09aNew Mexico
5.SoBarron Witherspoon8.10aOhio State
6.FrDemoye Bogle8.18aOhio State
7.SrNimrod Piggee8.22aLong Beach State
8.SrBrian Wilson8.39aNew Mexico
9.SoRichard York8.50aNew Mexico
10.JrChad Clark8.56aNew Mexico
11.JrSam Potter9.41aNew Mexico
--SoNicholas ArmstrongDNSLong Beach State
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Korbin Smith
Thomas Murdaugh
Demoye Bogle
Jared Hall
3:10.13aOhio State
2.-Danzell Fortson
Keiron Stewart
Andre Thomas
Kenny Greaves
3.-Christopher Sweeney
Christopher Lawson
Richard Crawford
Sam Jeter
3:15.48aLong Beach State
4.-Richard York
Gabe Aragon
Charles Lewis
Sam Evans
3:17.81aNew Mexico
5.-Bronson Duran
Alfredo Corral
Spencer Chase
Ryan Brown
---Warrick Campbell
Chad Clark
Josh Lovato
Derek Montoya
DNFNew Mexico
X Shot Put - 16lb - Varsity - Finals
1.SoHayden Baillio61-05.75Texas
2.JrJacob Thormaehlen60-05.00Texas
3.SrBrandon Drenon59-04.75Texas
4.SrColin Dunbar56-06.00Long Beach State
5.JrJoe Riccio55-05.75Wyoming
6.JrJacob Weintraub53-05.75Long Beach State
7.SrRajan Baines50-07.25Long Beach State
8.JrJoe Plante50-02.00Wyoming
9.SrKenny Greaves39-05.25Texas
10.SrBrian Wilson38-04.00New Mexico
11.JrSam Potter34-00.75New Mexico
--SoRichard YorkDNSNew Mexico
--SoNicholas ArmstrongDNSLong Beach State
--SoMark SparksDNSWyoming
--SoDalton SybrantDNSWyoming
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrJamal Wilson7-04.25Texas
2.SoJules Sharpe7-03.00Stanford
3.JrSam Potter5-10.75New Mexico
4.SrBrian Wilson5-10.75New Mexico
--SoNicholas ArmstrongDNSLong Beach State
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.SrKenny Greaves17-01.50Texas
2.FrLogan Pflibsen17-01.50New Mexico
3.FrCasey Wicker16-07.50Texas
4.SrKyle Walker16-01.75New Mexico
5.SoHayden Clark16-01.75Texas
6.JrTyler Wallace15-01.75Long Beach State
--SoChris DoddsNHNew Mexico
--FrMark ThomasNHTexas
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoMarquise Goodwin25-11.00Texas
2.JaRod Tobler25-10.25USOC
3.SoMike Hartfield25-06.75Ohio State
4.FrMark Jackson24-07.25Texas
5.SoDerek Blevins23-05.25Ohio State
5.FrDavid Brown23-05.25New Mexico
7.FrWarrick Campbell21-08.75New Mexico
7.SoKevin Cardey21-08.75Stanford
9.FrColin Hester21-05.25Stanford
10.JrTy Kirk20-11.25New Mexico
--SrKenny GreavesDNSTexas
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.FrMark Jackson52-05.25Texas
2.SoMike Hartfield51-10.00Ohio State
3.FrWarrick Campbell49-00.25New Mexico
4.SoDerek Blevins48-07.50Ohio State
5.FrDavid Brown48-05.25New Mexico
6.JrJarard Bruner47-10.00Texas
--JrTy KirkDNSNew Mexico
--SoKevin CardeyDNSStanford
X Weight Throw - 35lb - Varsity - Finals
1.SrColin Dunbar65-00.75Long Beach State
2.JrJoe Plante61-10.50Wyoming
3.SrMatthew Henry-Marshall60-03.00New Mexico
4.SrRajan Baines58-03.75Long Beach State
5.SoMark Sparks56-04.00Wyoming
6.SoDalton Sybrant54-02.50Wyoming
7.SoBradley Maestas49-00.75New Mexico

Womens Results

X 60 Meter Dash - Varsity - Finals
1.JrShanae Roach7.42aSan Diego State
2.SoCarissa Levingston7.44aStanford
3.SoGeronne Black7.45aPortland State
4.FrMeritzer Williams7.51aNew Mexico (JC)
5.FrChristy Udoh7.51aTexas
6.SoChalonda Goodman7.56aTexas
7.FrAllison Peter7.60aTexas
--SrKarene KingDNSPortland State
X 60 Meter Dash - Varsity - Prelims
1.SoChalonda Goodman7.48aTexas
2.FrChristy Udoh7.49aTexas
3.SoGeronne Black7.52aPortland State
4.JrShanae Roach7.53aSan Diego State
5.SoCarissa Levingston7.55aStanford
6.FrMeritzer Williams7.59aNew Mexico (JC)
7.FrAllison Peter7.61aTexas
8.SrKarene King7.65aPortland State
9.SrLeah Benton7.70aNew Mexico State
10.JrAnaiah Rhodes7.71aPortland State
11.FrAlishia Perkins7.77aNew Mexico State
12.JrChantel Bernabo7.78aWyoming
13.JrP'Lar Dorsett7.91aPortland State
14.SoPaula Bowens7.99aNew Mexico (JC)
15.FrKaylah Burton8.12aNew Mexico State
16.-Megan Economides8.96aNew Mexico
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrChristy Udoh23.75aTexas
2.JrAngele Cooper23.86aTexas
3.FrAllison Peter23.93aTexas
4.JrShanae Roach23.94aSan Diego State
5.SrKarene King24.02aPortland State
6.SrBritt Dixon-Smith24.49aStanford
7.FrKellie Schueler24.64aStanford
8.FrKori Carter24.68aStanford
9.SrLeah Benton24.71aNew Mexico State
10.SoHannah Farley24.74aStanford
11.SoYolanda Suggs24.99aNew Mexico (JC)
12.FrAlishia Perkins24.99aNew Mexico State
13.FrAntonique Campbell25.11aNew Mexico (JC)
14.JrAnaiah Rhodes25.26aPortland State
15.JrChantel Bernabo25.27aWyoming
16.FrMeritzer Williams25.47aNew Mexico (JC)
17.SoTrudy-ann Mclean25.56aNew Mexico (JC)
18.FrTaylor Dewberry25.63aStanford
19.FrKayla Fisher-Taylor25.75aNew Mexico
20.SoGeronne Black25.75aPortland State
21.FrAlex Kruthers25.77aLong Beach State
22.SrKim Perkins25.82aNew Mexico
23.SoPaula Bowens25.87aNew Mexico (JC)
24.FrTynesha Gamble26.17aNew Mexico (JC)
25.FrBianca Stokes26.31aNew Mexico (JC)
26.FrKaylah Burton26.69aNew Mexico State
--SoDeserae CotaDNSNew Mexico State
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrBriana Nelson53.21aTexas
2.SrChantel Malone53.23aTexas
3.SoKendra Chambers53.89aTexas
4.SrAfiya Walker53.93aWyoming
5.SoAlicia Peterson54.14aTexas
6.JrStacey-ann Smith54.47aTexas
7.FrDanielle Dowie55.17aTexas
8.FrKellie Schueler55.25aStanford
9.SoHannah Farley55.25aStanford
10.SoShirley Pitts56.34aNew Mexico
11.SoLaSasha Aldredge56.62aNew Mexico State
12.SoOlivia Lewis56.99aNew Mexico (JC)
13.JrLindsey Simmons57.27aWyoming
14.FrAntonique Campbell57.45aNew Mexico (JC)
15.SoYolanda Suggs57.59aNew Mexico (JC)
16.FrTaylor Dewberry57.61aStanford
17.SoTrudy-ann Mclean57.67aNew Mexico (JC)
18.FrCandace Wollert58.22aWyoming
19.SrKim Perkins58.95aNew Mexico
20.FrAlex Kruthers59.84aLong Beach State
21.FrHorlexus Willis1:00.71aNew Mexico State
22.FrTynesha Gamble1:01.70aNew Mexico (JC)
23.SrKristen Kiefer1:01.75aLong Beach State
24.SrAlyssa Flores1:02.04aNew Mexico State
25.FrBianca Stokes1:04.33aNew Mexico (JC)
--JrShakina PhillipsDNSLong Beach State
--JrRachel KelchnerDNSNew Mexico
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrMarielle Hall2:12.80aTexas
2.SoKeno Heavens2:15.46aNew Mexico (JC)
3.JrMelanie Clay2:15.84aNew Mexico State
4.FrNiki Novak2:19.97aSan Diego State
5.FrChristy Barela2:22.13aNew Mexico State
6.FrCarly Porter2:22.28aNew Mexico State
7.FrKayla Nagunst2:25.82aNew Mexico State
8.SoAnsherae Devine2:26.23aSan Diego State
9.JrJessica Payne2:30.13aNew Mexico State
--FrJulie BrasherDNSNew Mexico
X 60m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.FrKori Carter8.41aStanford
2.FrAllison Reaser8.62aSan Diego State
3.SrPhylicia Johnson8.67aLong Beach State
4.JrShakina Phillips8.72aLong Beach State
5.JrKiersten Kirkland8.86aSan Diego State
6.SoPrecious Selmon8.92aNew Mexico
7.JrJndia Cleveland13.37aNew Mexico State
--FrKatie NelmsDNFStanford
X 60m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.FrKori Carter8.33aStanford
2.FrKatie Nelms8.41aStanford
3.SoPrecious Selmon8.41aNew Mexico
4.JrJndia Cleveland8.63aNew Mexico State
5.FrAllison Reaser8.71aSan Diego State
6.JrShakina Phillips8.72aLong Beach State
7.SrPhylicia Johnson8.73aLong Beach State
8.JrKiersten Kirkland8.82aSan Diego State
9.JrP'Lar Dorsett8.85aPortland State
10.FrDanielle Dowie8.86aTexas
11.FrErin Kirby8.95aWyoming
12.SoAleese Pittman9.01aNew Mexico (JC)
13.SrKristen Kiefer9.05aLong Beach State
14.SoChristina Barret9.37aNew Mexico (JC)
15.FrZoe Meade9.43aNew Mexico State
16.SrAlyssa Flores10.28aNew Mexico State
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Stacey-ann Smith
Chantel Malone
Briana Nelson
Angele Cooper
2.-Relay Team 3:47.67aWyoming
3.-LaSasha Aldredge
Leah Benton
Jndia Cleveland
Zoe Meade
3:51.52aNew Mexico State
4.-Melanie Clay
Alyssa Flores
Kayla Nagunst
Horlexus Willis
4:11.13aNew Mexico State
---Christy Barela
Carly Porter
Jessica Payne
Alishia Perkins
DNSNew Mexico State
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.JrAmanda Van Dyke51-07.00Texas
2.SoHelen Ubabuike51-03.75Texas
3.JrWhitney Ashley50-04.50San Diego State
4.SrAshley Hutchinson45-11.25Wyoming
5.SrJeanette McConnell45-10.75San Diego State
6.FrJillian Weir45-05.00Long Beach State
7.FrLima Lefiti43-07.00San Diego State
8.SrLaura Boggeln42-02.00San Diego State
9.JrBellosie Frazier41-03.75New Mexico State
10.SoAnna George40-08.25Wyoming
11.FrRamiah Rhay38-06.00Long Beach State
12.SoAlexandria Cervantes38-05.00Long Beach State
13.FrKrystal Flemings36-11.50New Mexico (JC)
13.FrAllison Reaser36-11.50San Diego State
15.SoShelby Chancellor36-08.25New Mexico (JC)
16.SrPhylicia Johnson36-05.75Long Beach State
17.SoAshleigh Alfaro35-01.75New Mexico (JC)
--SoPrecious SelmonDNSNew Mexico
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.FrShanay Briscoe5-11.50Texas
2.JrVictoria Lucas5-09.25Texas
3.SoAlicia Peterson5-09.25Texas
4.JrKatrina Graves-Johnson5-08.00Long Beach State
5.JrBeverly Owoyele5-07.00Texas
6.JrJanelle Coulter5-05.00Long Beach State
7.FrStephanie Armstrong5-05.00Long Beach State
8.FrShanieka Thomas5-05.00San Diego State
8.FrZoe Meade5-05.00New Mexico State
8.FrAdrienne Johnson5-05.00Stanford
11.FrAllison Reaser5-03.00San Diego State
12.SoMarin Schweigert5-03.00New Mexico
13.SoChristina Barret4-11.00New Mexico (JC)
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.Kylie Hutson14-07.25Unattached
2.Kelsie Hendry13-03.50Unattached
3.SoKelsy Hintz12-10.00San Diego State
4.FrMargo Tucker12-10.00New Mexico
5.SrAmber Menke12-10.00New Mexico
6.JrJessica Doyle12-10.00Texas
7.SoNatasha Masterson12-04.00Texas
8.FrHolly Waseloff11-10.00San Diego State
8.SrKatie Vo11-10.00San Diego State
10.FrJulia Cook11-10.00New Mexico
10.SrLauren Jaramillo11-10.00New Mexico
10.SoMoriah Roberge11-10.00San Diego State
10.FrKelsie Jarratt11-10.00San Diego State
10.FrHeather Arseneau11-10.00San Diego State
15.FrNathalie Busk11-04.25New Mexico
15.SrKatelyn Beighton11-04.25Long Beach State
15.SoCheryl Smith11-04.25Long Beach State
18.SoKayla Kamaka10-10.25Long Beach State
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.Brianna Glen21-02.75USOC
2.SrWhitney Liehr20-04.25Stanford
3.SrAlesha Walker19-11.50New Mexico
4.SoKarynn Dunn19-09.00Stanford
5.FrA'Lexus Brannon19-07.00Texas
6.SoPrecious Selmon19-02.75New Mexico
7.FrAllison Reaser19-02.50San Diego State
8.SrDeanna Young18-10.75New Mexico
9.JrBeverly Owoyele18-10.75Texas
10.JrJndia Cleveland18-05.75New Mexico State
11.SrBritt Dixon-Smith18-02.50Stanford
12.SrAsal Salehpoor17-08.75New Mexico
13.SrPhylicia Johnson17-07.50Long Beach State
14.FrKaylah Burton17-06.25New Mexico State
15.FrZoe Meade17-05.50New Mexico State
16.SoAlex Evans16-10.75San Diego State
17.JrThoraya Maronsey16-08.75San Diego State
18.FrDiera Davis15-07.00New Mexico (JC)
19.FrKatrina Williams14-08.00New Mexico State
--SrChantel MaloneDNSTexas
--SoDeserae CotaDNSNew Mexico State
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.Crystal Manning44-06.25USOC
2.SrChantel Malone43-05.75Texas
3.SrDeanna Young42-05.25New Mexico
4.FrShanieka Thomas42-01.50San Diego State
5.SrWhitney Liehr41-07.25Stanford
6.SoAlex Evans39-01.00San Diego State
7.FrHorlexus Willis39-00.50New Mexico State
8.JrThoraya Maronsey37-09.25San Diego State
9.FrDiera Davis36-08.50New Mexico (JC)
--FrJerri ManuelFOULNew Mexico (JC)
--FrKaylah BurtonFOULNew Mexico State
--SoKarynn DunnFOULStanford
--SrAsal SalehpoorFOULNew Mexico
X Weight Throw - 20lb - Varsity - Finals
1.JrWhitney Ashley61-05.00San Diego State
2.SrAshley Hutchinson61-01.25Wyoming
3.SrAmanda Aimone53-09.75Wyoming
4.JrEleveni Fanaika53-02.25San Diego State
5.SoShari Harris51-00.75Long Beach State
6.FrRamiah Rhay50-00.00Long Beach State
7.SoAnna George47-11.75Wyoming
8.JrOkwukwe Okolie47-11.75Texas
9.SoAlexandria Cervantes45-03.00Long Beach State
10.SoAshleigh Alfaro45-01.75New Mexico (JC)
11.SoBertha Sencherey43-09.00Texas
12.SoShelby Chancellor41-01.50New Mexico (JC)
13.FrKrystal Flemings39-03.75New Mexico (JC)
14.FrStephany Southward36-02.00New Mexico State
--JrBellosie FrazierFOULNew Mexico State
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