Tailwind Invitational

Saturday, April 02, 2011
  New Mexico, Albuquerque - Map
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Arizona - NCAA
GrCUGrand Canyon
NAUNorthern Arizona
Oklahoma - NCAA
OkStOklahoma State
Texas - NAIA
LubCLubbock Christian
Utah - NCAA
UtStUtah State
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrArmahd Lewis10.47aUtah State
2.JrSilas Pimentel10.65aUtah State
3.JrThomas Trujillo10.77aNew Mexico
3.SoMiles DiSebella10.77aNorthern Arizona
5.SoDerek Montoya10.85aNew Mexico
6.SoDrew Coleman10.98aAir Force
7.SrChris Burris11.10aWestern State
8.FrMichael Craig11.13aAir Force
9.SoJames MacAndrew11.27aAir Force
10.Thomas Scholler11.46aUnattached
11.Joshua Lofton11.47aUnat-New Mex
13.Terry Smith11.52aUnat-New Mex
14.Derick Smith14.37aUnattached
--FrZach SmithDNSNew Mexico
--FrParker BluthDNSUtah State
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrArmahd Lewis21.54aUtah State
3.SoMiles DiSebella22.23aNorthern Arizona
4.JrReger Craigo22.44aWestern State
5.SoTanner Hunt22.60aUtah State
6.SoDrew Coleman22.73aAir Force
7.SrChris Burris22.86aWestern State
8.SrBrian Wilson22.95aNew Mexico
9.SoJacob Peterson23.07aUtah State
10.FrMichael Craig23.09aAir Force
11.FrJonathan Wright23.16aUC - Colorado Springs
12.SoJames MacAndrew23.22aAir Force
13.Wesley Jackson23.37aUnat-New Mex
14.FrDaniel Bieber23.40aAir Force
15.Terry Smith23.98aUnat-New Mex
16.Joshua Lofton24.19aUnat-New Mex
---Luke WilsonDNSColorado College
--JrJeff AlleyDNSUtah State
---Stefan JohnsonDNSNorthern Arizona
--SrDeVaughn SheadDNSNorthern Arizona
--FrParker BluthDNSUtah State
--JrSilas PimentelDNSUtah State
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrDeVaughn Shead48.59aNorthern Arizona
2.SrAndy Crook48.97aWestern State
3.SrJosh Heck49.00aNorthern Arizona
4.FrCody Bell49.92aNorthern Arizona
5.FrDavid Ptacek49.98aAir Force
6.FrJonathan Wright50.02aUC - Colorado Springs
7.-Stefan Johnson50.64aNorthern Arizona
8.JrJeff Alley50.68aUtah State
9.FrDaniel Bieber51.56aAir Force
10.Gizeh Ibanez52.08aUnat-New Mex
11.JrCree Clark52.27aWestern State
12.FrEli Williams55.64aColorado College
13.Ben Fletcher56.91aUnattached
---Luke WilsonDNSColorado College
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrJason Holt1:51.18aUtah State
2.SrTyler Stanley1:51.72aAir Force
3.SrMercer Owen1:53.48aUtah State
4.SrEric Larson1:53.91aUtah State
5.SoCameron Edwards1:54.47aAir Force
6.FrScott Nelson1:55.12aWestern State
7.SrJerrett Swarr1:55.24aWestern State
8.JrTyler Killpack1:55.71aUtah State
9.JrAlex Zubey1:55.90aAir Force
10.JrCorey Breeden1:56.09aWestern State
11.SrNick Matsueda1:56.20aNorthern Arizona
12.FrCaleb Potts1:56.21aNorthern Arizona
13.SoJulio Zuniga1:56.52aGrand Canyon
14.JrChad Standifer1:57.54aGrand Canyon
15.SrTyler Pennel1:57.85aWestern State
16.FrRyan Haebe1:58.35aWestern State
17.SrSean Brown1:58.38aWestern State
18.SoDavid Flynn1:58.73aWestern State
19.SrTyler Rasmussen1:58.75aWestern State
20.SrWill Porter1:59.14aNorthern Arizona
21.-Sam Hutchison2:00.03aNorthern Arizona
22.-Jonathan Teske2:00.08aNew Mexico State
23.FrTyler Williams2:01.16aNew Mexico State
24.Ben Fletcher2:01.85aUnattached
25.JrKaleb Fergin2:02.96aColorado College
26.SoGage Owens2:03.12aAir Force
27.SoTrevor Blackman2:03.52aWestern State
28.SrBradley Dsida2:08.39aColorado College
29.JrIan Shiach2:11.70aColorado College
--JrMax MarinelliDNSColorado College
--SrHunter NelsonDNSUtah State
--JrAaron ClementsDNSUtah State
--JrJohn YatskoDNSNorthern Arizona
--JrVictor SanchezDNSNew Mexico State
--SoDevin LangDNSUtah State
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrEric Larson3:52.20aUtah State
2.SrHunter Nelson3:54.12aUtah State
3.FrRyan Haebe3:55.91aWestern State
4.SrSean Brown3:58.17aWestern State
5.SrTyler Pennel4:00.02aWestern State
6.JrJohn Yatsko4:00.06aNorthern Arizona
7.JrAaron Clements4:00.48aUtah State
8.SoDavid Flynn4:00.64aWestern State
9.SrTyler Rasmussen4:01.89aWestern State
10.SoDevin Lang4:02.17aUtah State
11.Ian Ruybalid4:02.52aUnat-New Mex
12.SoKevin Hemphill4:03.45aNew Mexico State
13.SoTrevor Blackman4:04.59aWestern State
14.Kyle Pittman4:04.77aUnat-New Mex
15.SrAndrew Wagner4:06.25aColorado College
16.SoJonah Ruybalid4:07.07aNew Mexico State
17.JrSteven Atkinson4:07.64aUtah State
18.Petrus Malherbe4:07.74aUnat-New Mex
19.JrKevin Taft4:07.84aNew Mexico State
20.JrMyles Kloer4:08.34aNorthern Arizona
21.FrKevin Palmer4:08.35aNew Mexico State
22.SrWill Porter4:08.39aNorthern Arizona
23.James Senior4:08.83aUnat-New Mex
24.Vincent Montoya4:10.68aUnat-New Mex
25.JrVictor Sanchez4:12.98aNew Mexico State
26.SoRobert Selph4:13.16aNew Mexico State
27.JrAnthony Ellis4:13.43aNew Mexico State
28.Michael Asay4:13.83aUnat-New Mex
29.Chris Montoya4:14.32aUnat-New Mex
30.SrDaniel Kraft4:15.30aColorado College
31.FrChris Edmonds4:15.48aColorado College
32.-Jonathan Teske4:16.37aNew Mexico State
33.SoTerry Williams4:17.43aNew Mexico State
34.FrBryan Simison4:21.80aNew Mexico State
35.SoIzzy Miranda4:23.29aLubbock Christian
36.JrMax Marinelli4:23.57aColorado College
37.FrSam Pratt-Otto4:33.92aColorado College
38.FrGrant Rice4:37.92aColorado College
--SoSean StamDNSNew Mexico
--SrKameron HolbrookDNSNorthern Arizona
--JrCharles ShawDNSColorado College
--SrNathan LeeDNSLubbock Christian
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.Scott Dahlberg8:39.04aBrc/Adidas
2.SoGabe Proctor8:42.25aWestern State
3.FrBahlbi Gebreyohanns8:43.51aNorthern Arizona
4.Patrick Ortiz8:48.09aUnat-New Mex
5.JrAllen Pittman8:49.37aNew Mexico
6.Kyle Pittman8:52.00aUnat-New Mex
7.JrZack Minard8:53.52aWestern State
8.FrKevin Palmer8:54.89aNew Mexico State
9.JrMatt VanDyke8:55.88aWestern State
10.JrLuke Ott8:59.58aWestern State
11.SoAndrew Quallio9:01.63aAir Force
12.FrMichael Schmidt9:02.99aWestern State
13.Ian Ruybalid9:04.85aUnat-New Mex
14.SoKevin Hemphill9:05.33aNew Mexico State
15.Ben Fletcher9:07.77aUnattached
16.Vincent Montoya9:07.83aUnat-New Mex
17.Matt Everett9:08.12aUnat-New Mex
18.SoJonah Ruybalid9:09.56aNew Mexico State
19.JrKevin Taft9:11.37aNew Mexico State
20.Daniel Castaneda9:14.12aUnat-Colorad
21.SoSeth Pelletier9:14.25aAir Force
22.SoRyan Fenton9:15.41aNew Mexico State
23.Michael Asay9:16.73aUnat-New Mex
24.SoTerry Williams9:18.55aNew Mexico State
25.Petrus Malherbe9:19.70aUnat-New Mex
26.FrJake Hawkins9:21.11aAir Force
27.FrTrevor Serrao9:24.58aNew Mexico State
28.Chris Montoya9:25.23aUnat-New Mex
29.Jesse Chettle9:41.67aBrc/Adidas
30.SoAndrew Vierra9:56.69aColorado College
31.JrChris Galli9:58.69aNew Mexico State
--SoRobert SelphDNSNew Mexico State
--FrBryan SimisonDNFNew Mexico State
--JrSteven AtkinsonDNSUtah State
--SoIzzy MirandaDNFLubbock Christian
--SrEric LarsonDNSUtah State
--FrCarl EifertDNSAir Force
--FrGavin OwensDNFAir Force
--FrLance WolfsmithDNFAir Force
--SoCameron EdwardsDNFAir Force
--SoGage OwensDNFAir Force
--JrAlex ZubeyDNFAir Force
--JrAnthony EllisDNFNew Mexico State
X 110m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Finals
1.SoWilliam Cranford14.78aWestern State
2.SrBrian Wilson14.89aNew Mexico
3.SrCody Sanders15.11aWestern State
4.SoJacob Peterson15.16aUtah State
5.SoMichael Tibbs15.44aAir Force
6.JrJordan McMurray15.65aUtah State
7.JrChad Clark15.75aNew Mexico
8.SrScott Murtaugh15.79aWestern State
9.Thomas Scholler15.82aUnattached
10.JrSam Potter15.89aNew Mexico
11.Derick Smith15.91aUnattached
12.FrBrad Hackert16.42aAir Force
13.Dakari McCoy16.45aUnat-New Mex
--SoDe'Vron WalkerDNSNew Mexico
X 400m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.FrAdel al Nasser52.30aNorthern Arizona
2.FrCharles Lewis53.17aNew Mexico
3.FrYusuf Muhammad53.66aNew Mexico
4.SrMatthew Jones54.84aAir Force
5.JrChad Clark54.90aNew Mexico
6.SoJosh Lovato55.72aNew Mexico
7.JrDerek Halladay56.42aNew Mexico
8.SoJacob Peterson57.33aUtah State
9.FrVince Hunt59.62aWestern State
10.SrScott Murtaugh59.80aWestern State
--SrMark HughesDNFNorthern Arizona
X 3k Steeplechase - Varsity - Finals
1.JrDavid Goodman9:14.59aWestern State
2.SrLoren Ahonen9:24.80aWestern State
3.FrGarrett Wilson9:36.54aWestern State
4.SrJason Pedersen9:42.12aNorthern Arizona
5.SoRyan Fenton9:45.22aNew Mexico State
6.SrKameron Holbrook9:45.53aNorthern Arizona
7.JrJoe Withers9:55.79aNorthern Arizona
8.FrTyler Williams10:03.67aNew Mexico State
9.JrChris Galli10:57.11aNew Mexico State
--JrNicholas KiprutoDNSNew Mexico
--FrCarl EifertDNSAir Force
--FrLance WolfsmithDNFAir Force
--FrGavin OwensDNFAir Force
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Silas Pimentel
Armahd Lewis
Jeff Alley
Tanner Hunt
41.01aUtah State
2.-Josh Heck
Cody Bell
Mark Hughes
Miles DiSebella
41.37aNorthern Arizona
3.-William Cranford
Reger Craigo
Chris Burris
Andy Crook
42.63aWestern State
---Thomas Trujillo
Derek Montoya
De'Vron Walker
Richard York
DQNew Mexico
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Cody Bell
Josh Heck
Mark Hughes
Stefan Johnson
3:13.79aNorthern Arizona
2.-Thomas Trujillo
Derek Montoya
Warrick Campbell
Charles Lewis
3:14.52aNew Mexico
3.-Gabe Aragon
John Cordova
Sam Evans
Sam Potter
3:14.93aNew Mexico
4.-Relay Team 3:19.70aUtah State
5.-Jerrett Swarr
Reger Craigo
Corey Breeden
Andy Crook
3:22.87aWestern State
6.-Matthew Jones
Michael Craig
David Ptacek
Tyler Stanley
3:23.22aAir Force
7.-Yusuf Muhammad
Chad Clark
Derek Halladay
Josh Lovato
3:24.80aNew Mexico
8.-Cree Clark
Scott Murtaugh
Vince Hunt
Scott Nelson
3:30.22aWestern State
9.-Bradley Dsida
Kaleb Fergin
Andrew Wagner
Chris Edmonds
3:40.67aColorado College
10.-Ian Shiach
Daniel Kraft
Luke Wilson
Eli Williams
3:55.22aColorado College
---Sam Hutchison
John Yatsko
Nick Matsueda
Caleb Potts
DNSNorthern Arizona
---Ryan Haebe
Sean Brown
David Flynn
Tyler Rasmussen
DNSWestern State
X Shot Put - 16lb - Varsity - Finals
1.SrJosef Canavan16.74mUtah State
2.FrPaul Osunwa15.19mNorthern Arizona
3.SrJacob Nicol14.66mNorthern Arizona
4.JrSpencer Hall14.43mUtah State
5.FrSpencer Baldwin13.86mAir Force
6.Alan Perez12.92mUnattached
7.JrJared Barkemeyer12.45mAir Force
8.FrNathan Bratka12.36mAir Force
9.SoRichard York11.35mNew Mexico
10.FrBrad Hackert11.19mAir Force
11.JrJordan McMurray10.66mUtah State
12.SoShane Cox10.63mAir Force
--FrJalen Fooster-BarrinoNDAir Force
X Discus - 2kg - Varsity - Finals
1.SrMatthew Henry-Marshall47.74mNew Mexico
2.JrPatrick Colonnelli46.40mNorthern Arizona
3.FrNathan Bratka46.10mAir Force
4.JrSpencer Hall45.69mUtah State
5.FrSpencer Baldwin45.66mAir Force
6.SrJacob Nicol44.91mNorthern Arizona
7.SoShane Cox38.37mAir Force
8.SrBrian Wilson37.40mNew Mexico
9.FrJalen Fooster-Barrino36.82mAir Force
10.SrPascal Tang36.45mNorthern Arizona
11.SoBradley Maestas36.18mNew Mexico
12.Alan Perez35.99mUnattached
13.FrPaul Osunwa35.57mNorthern Arizona
14.SoRichard York35.55mNew Mexico
15.JrSam Potter31.01mNew Mexico
--SrJosef CanavanDNSUtah State
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.FrMichael Lauritzen58.07mAir Force
2.SrAndres Rossini55.73mNorthern Arizona
3.FrMichael Ellis55.22mNew Mexico
4.Ralph Romero52.95mUnattached
5.SrAlex DuPlesis52.30mUtah State
6.SoMichael Tibbs48.82mAir Force
7.JrPatrick Colonnelli45.93mNorthern Arizona
8.FrBrad Hackert44.78mAir Force
9.-Blake Moorhead44.38mAir Force
10.FrNathan Bratka42.78mAir Force
--SrCody SandersDNSWestern State
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrClint Silcock2.14mUtah State
2.JrOliver Harsanyi2.14mWestern State
3.SrJon Spruil2.04mWestern State
4.SoEric Follet2.04mUtah State
5.FrJackson Pleis1.84mNorthern Arizona
5.FrMatt Schull1.84mColorado College
7.JrSam Potter1.74mNew Mexico
--SrBrian WilsonDNSNew Mexico
--SoMichael TibbsDNSAir Force
--SoZach WoodDNSAir Force
--FrAndre GainesNHNorthern Arizona
--SrCody SandersNHWestern State
--SrAkil GipsonDNSWestern State
--SrPhilip NobleNHUtah State
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.FrLogan Pflibsen4.95mNew Mexico
2.SrPhilip Noble4.65mUtah State
3.SoChris Dodds4.65mNew Mexico
6.FrElliott Beski4.35mAir Force
6.SoMichael Tibbs4.35mAir Force
8.SoElliott Varga4.35mWestern State
9.Tyson Quiller3.90mUnat-New Mex
--SoChase CooperNHAir Force
--FrBrad HackertNHAir Force
--JrJohn JohnsonNHUtah State
--SrMax HansenNHUtah State
---Hal BoernerNHWestern State
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoKendall Spencer7.55mNew Mexico
2.FrAndre Gaines7.16mNorthern Arizona
3.FrDavid Brown7.13mNew Mexico
4.FrZach Smith7.07mNew Mexico
5.SoWilliam Cranford6.77mWestern State
6.SoEdgar Panford6.69mNorthern Arizona
7.FrChris Keranen6.10mAir Force
8.Dakari McCoy5.32mUnat-New Mex
--FrWarrick CampbellDNSNew Mexico
--JrZachary LittleDNSWestern State
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.FrWarrick Campbell15.54mNew Mexico
2.FrDavid Brown14.66mNew Mexico
3.SrAkil Gipson13.81mWestern State
--FrDaniel FunkNDAir Force
--FrChris KeranenDNSAir Force
X Hammer - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.SrPascal Tang59.70mNorthern Arizona
2.SrJacob Nicol56.69mNorthern Arizona
3.JrSpencer Hall52.49mUtah State
4.SrJosef Canavan49.10mUtah State
5.FrJalen Fooster-Barrino48.19mAir Force
6.JrJared Barkemeyer47.74mAir Force
7.SoBradley Maestas46.62mNew Mexico
8.FrSpencer Baldwin42.14mAir Force
9.FrNathan Bratka40.79mAir Force
10.SoShane Cox38.48mAir Force
11.Alan Perez30.33mUnattached
--SrMatthew Henry-MarshallFOULNew Mexico

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrShavine Hodges11.54aGrand Canyon
2.JrJillisa Grant11.69aNew Mexico Highlands
3.SrAlesha Walker11.81aNew Mexico
4.FrShaneika Rochester11.82aNew Mexico Highlands
5.FrKayla Fisher-Taylor11.97aNew Mexico
6.FrBrianne Kee12.06aGrand Canyon
7.SoBailee Whitworth12.07aUtah State
8.SoMorgan Pope12.11aNorthern Arizona
9.SrAshlee Cannon12.17aUtah State
10.FrAlishia Perkins12.27aNew Mexico State
11.SoMercedes Blackwood12.33aUtah State
12.SoAmber Christenberry12.48aGrand Canyon
13.FrAlexis Jackson12.56aNew Mexico Highlands
13.FrLaShondra Ray12.56aNew Mexico Highlands
15.SoLesilia Foster12.67aGrand Canyon
16.SoAlicia Rus12.84aWestern State
17.Alycia Pressley12.92aUnat-New Mex
18.JrDeann Williams12.99aNew Mexico State
19.SoDeserae Cota13.09aNew Mexico State
20.FrMollie Hayden13.54aColorado College
21.Victoria French13.57aUnat-New Mex
22.SoAmy Tafoya14.27aNew Mexico Highlands
--JrQiauna FairDNSNew Mexico Highlands
--JrCiara WilliamsDNSNorthern Arizona
--FrKaylah BurtonDNSNew Mexico State
--JrJessamy BartonDNSAir Force
--SoCallie DavisDNSGrand Canyon
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrJillisa Grant23.82aNew Mexico Highlands
2.FrKayla Fisher-Taylor24.65aNew Mexico
3.SoAubrie Haymore24.69aUtah State
4.SoShirley Pitts24.72aNew Mexico
5.FrShavine Hodges24.75aGrand Canyon
6.SoLaSasha Aldredge24.81aNew Mexico State
7.SoMorgan Pope24.91aNorthern Arizona
8.FrFiona James24.95aNew Mexico Highlands
9.SoBailee Whitworth24.97aUtah State
10.SoBethany Gross25.15aAir Force
11.FrShaneika Rochester25.20aNew Mexico Highlands
12.JrPrecious Amukamara25.32aGrand Canyon
13.SrKatelyn Heiner25.59aUtah State
14.SoMercedes Blackwood25.60aUtah State
15.JrSimone Holder25.61aNorthern Arizona
16.FrBrianne Kee26.08aGrand Canyon
17.FrAlexis Jackson26.11aNew Mexico Highlands
18.JrJessie Nielson26.73aUtah State
19.FrHorlexus Willis26.88aNew Mexico State
20.FrKylie Hirschi26.90aUtah State
21.Alycia Pressley27.09aUnat-New Mex
22.SoArianna Andreatta27.22aNew Mexico Highlands
23.JrCiara Williams27.23aNorthern Arizona
24.SoLauren Graham27.24aUC - Colorado Springs
25.SoAlicia Rus27.45aWestern State
26.FrShantella McCoy27.54aNew Mexico Highlands
27.FrDanisha Phipps27.94aNew Mexico Highlands
28.SoMarin Schweigert27.95aNew Mexico
29.FrKatrina Williams28.46aNew Mexico State
30.SoCassie Berg28.65aUtah State
31.FrMollie Hayden29.02aColorado College
32.SoAmy Tafoya30.75aNew Mexico Highlands
--SoBhupinder SandhuDNSNew Mexico Highlands
--JrQiauna FairDNSNew Mexico Highlands
--SoPrecious SelmonDNSNew Mexico
--FrAlishia PerkinsDNSNew Mexico State
--SrAshlee CannonDNSUtah State
--FrAlexa UrbanDNSUC - Colorado Springs
--SoAshley BenfieldDNSUC - Colorado Springs
--SrLeah BentonDNSNew Mexico State
--JrJessamy BartonDNSAir Force
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoLaSasha Aldredge55.27aNew Mexico State
2.SoShirley Pitts55.94aNew Mexico
3.FrFiona James55.98aNew Mexico Highlands
4.JrPrecious Amukamara56.77aGrand Canyon
5.SoTawsha Brazley56.99aNew Mexico
6.JrChalese West57.61aUtah State
7.JrRashida McKinnon57.65aNorthern Arizona
8.JrMelanie Clay57.73aNew Mexico State
9.SoHollie Bosworth57.78aUtah State
10.SrJessica Hadford58.02aWestern State
11.JrRachel Kelchner59.51aNew Mexico
12.SoKatie Kielian1:00.29aWestern State
13.JrJessie Nielson1:00.81aUtah State
14.SoSessyon Crawford1:00.98aNew Mexico Highlands
15.SoArianna Andreatta1:06.62aNew Mexico Highlands
16.SrLeah Benton1:29.85aNew Mexico State
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoSamantha Thompson2:13.85aNew Mexico State
2.JrAlex Darling2:14.11aNew Mexico
3.SrAlexis Meyer2:15.14aUtah State
4.JrMelanie Clay2:16.08aNew Mexico State
5.FrAlexa Urban2:16.19aUC - Colorado Springs
6.FrSarah Raber2:18.69aNorthern Arizona
7.FrTasha Mayne2:19.43aAir Force
8.FrJulie Brasher2:20.75aNew Mexico
9.SoMcKayla Williams2:21.64aUtah State
10.SoSophie McNeely2:22.20aWestern State
11.JrMarvia Lewin2:22.37aNew Mexico Highlands
12.FrKayla Nagunst2:22.84aNew Mexico State
13.FrHaley Ence2:23.04aUtah State
14.FrNicola Hood2:25.19aNew Mexico
15.SrHaley Lawrence2:25.59aNorthern Arizona
16.FrCarly Porter2:26.41aNew Mexico State
17.JrEmily Kirchhofer2:27.54aWestern State
18.SoMichelle Kaaen2:27.59aUtah State
19.FrJessica Munoz2:28.17aGrand Canyon
20.Mary Ballinger2:29.95aUnattached
21.SoJulianne Payton2:34.29aWestern State
22.SrChelsea Herzog2:35.46aColorado College
23.FrGael Sanchez2:37.64aNew Mexico State
24.FrCaitlin Osborn2:37.78aNew Mexico State
25.SoMary Wang2:38.85aColorado College
26.-Samantha Salaz2:43.00aNew Mexico
--JrShawna WinnegarDNSNew Mexico
--FrKaitlyn BarryDNSNew Mexico
--SrHillory DavisDNSWestern State
--FrAnnette EichenbergerDNSAir Force
--FrMelanie BecicDNSWestern State
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrShawna Winnegar4:42.33aNew Mexico
2.FrHannah Williams4:42.44aUtah State
3.SoAlex Litzsinger4:44.05aUtah State
4.SoSophie McNeely4:45.79aWestern State
5.Mary Ballinger4:46.44aUnattached
6.FrNicola Hood4:46.56aNew Mexico
7.SrDelyth James4:46.87aNew Mexico
8.SoRochelle Kanuho4:47.38aNorthern Arizona
9.SrVanessa Ortiz4:48.65aNew Mexico
10.SrHaley Lawrence4:50.81aNorthern Arizona
11.JrEmily Kirchhofer4:56.43aWestern State
12.FrChristy Barela4:58.34aNew Mexico State
13.JrLisette Michaels4:59.01aNorthern Arizona
14.JrLauren Hill4:59.15aNorthern Arizona
15.FrKaitlyn Barry5:00.81aNew Mexico
16.FrStephanie Saari5:03.10aAir Force
17.FrCarissa Gwerder5:03.66aNorthern Arizona
18.-Mary Rhoades5:05.60aNorthern Arizona
19.Sophia Torres5:06.44aUnat-New Mex
20.JrMadelyn Stoltze5:08.29aNew Mexico State
21.FrCarley Gross5:08.31aAir Force
22.SoJulianne Payton5:09.36aWestern State
23.FrCherice Chugg5:11.78aUtah State
24.SrDanielle Hunt5:12.53aNorthern Arizona
25.SoMary Wang5:24.35aColorado College
26.FrGael Sanchez5:25.17aNew Mexico State
27.JrAlexa Ramsier5:29.96aAir Force
28.SoCharis Whitnah6:07.14aColorado College
--SrLouisa TurDNSColorado College
--JrAlex DarlingDNFNew Mexico
--SoStephanie BurtDNSUtah State
--SrHillory DavisDNFWestern State
--FrSammy HamiltonDNSNew Mexico State
--FrMelanie BecicDNSWestern State
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoCourtney Schultz10:01.82aNew Mexico State
2.SoCamille Schultz10:02.24aNew Mexico State
3.SoRochelle Kanuho10:34.99aNorthern Arizona
4.Irena Ossola10:46.70aUnattached
5.JrMadelyn Stoltze11:10.18aNew Mexico State
6.Carolyn Boozy11:21.03aUnat-New Mex
7.FrAmanda Blain11:32.86aAir Force
8.FrNatalie Gomez12:20.80aNew Mexico State
9.SoMegan Young-Rivera12:39.36aGrand Canyon
--SoKali ReiersonDNSGrand Canyon
--FrCherice ChuggDNSUtah State
--FrSammy HamiltonDNSNew Mexico State
--SrDanielle HuntDNSNorthern Arizona
--SoChelsa McDonnellDNSNew Mexico State
--JrLisette MichaelsDNSNorthern Arizona
--JrApril LewisDNSNew Mexico State
--JrAlexa RamsierDNFAir Force
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.SoPrecious Selmon13.62aNew Mexico
2.SrAshlee Cannon13.90aUtah State
3.SoCallie Davis14.56aGrand Canyon
4.JrSarah Stemm14.86aGrand Canyon
5.FrKylie Hirschi15.09aUtah State
6.JrCiara Williams15.12aNorthern Arizona
7.SoLesly Torres15.35aAir Force
8.JrJenne Childs15.46aNorthern Arizona
9.SoLindsay Hart15.58aWestern State
10.SoBrianne Campbell15.62aUtah State
11.FrZoe Meade15.99aNew Mexico State
12.FrJamie Hart16.22aAir Force
13.FrDanisha Phipps16.33aNew Mexico Highlands
14.FrKallee Cool16.51aWestern State
15.SoCassie Berg16.78aUtah State
16.SoRachel Weakland16.99aWestern State
--FrCiCi CordovaDNSNew Mexico Highlands
--JrJillisa GrantDNSNew Mexico Highlands
--SrAlyssa FloresDNSNew Mexico State
--JrJndia ClevelandDNSNew Mexico State
X 400m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.FrKylie Hirschi1:01.17aUtah State
2.JrRachel Thomas1:02.50aAir Force
3.SrKim Perkins1:02.62aNew Mexico
4.SoAshley Benfield1:03.24aUC - Colorado Springs
5.JrEmily Cotharn1:03.86aAir Force
6.SoAmber Christenberry1:05.04aGrand Canyon
7.SrAlyssa Flores1:05.78aNew Mexico State
8.JrJackie Shea1:05.81aNorthern Arizona
9.SoCassie Berg1:06.95aUtah State
10.FrKallee Cool1:11.71aWestern State
--JrSarah StemmDNSGrand Canyon
--JrJndia ClevelandDNSNew Mexico State
--SoSessyon CrawfordDNSNew Mexico Highlands
X 3k Steeplechase - Varsity - Finals
1.SrEmma Reed11:31.25aNew Mexico
2.FrSarah Higgens11:40.89aNew Mexico
3.SoChelsa McDonnell11:49.42aNew Mexico State
4.FrJenna Padilla12:07.45aNew Mexico State
5.SoAdrienne Larson12:39.62aNew Mexico State
6.JrApril Lewis12:43.60aNew Mexico State
--JrJessica PayneDNFNew Mexico State
--FrChelsey OefflerDNSWestern State
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Amber Christenberry
Brianne Kee
Lesilia Foster
Shavine Hodges
46.69aGrand Canyon
2.-Ashlee Cannon
Aubrie Haymore
Chari Hawkins
Bailee Witworth
46.78aUtah State
2.-Leah Benton
Alishia Perkins
LaSasha Aldredge
Jndia Cleveland
46.78aNew Mexico State
4.-Qiauna Fair
Jillisa Grant
Shantella McCoy
Shaneika Rochester
47.35aNew Mexico Highlands
5.-Kaylah Burton
Horlexus Willis
Deann Williams
Deserae Cota
50.47aNew Mexico State
6.-Alexis Jackson
LaShondra Ray
Danisha Phipps
Amy Tafoya
50.82aNew Mexico Highlands
---Amber Anderson
Jenne Childs
Simone Holder
Morgan Pope
DNFNorthern Arizona
---Kayla Fisher-Taylor
Alesha Walker
Precious Selmon
Deanna Young
DNFNew Mexico
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-LaSasha Aldredge
Leah Benton
Jndia Cleveland
Melanie Clay
3:47.15aNew Mexico State
2.-Fiona James
Marvia Lewin
Jillisa Grant
Sessyon Crawford
3:47.39aNew Mexico Highlands
3.-Shirley Pitts
Kim Perkins
Tawsha Brazley
Rachel Kelchner
3:48.76aNew Mexico
4.-Simone Holder
Rashida McKinnon
Morgan Pope
Jackie Shea
3:50.77aNorthern Arizona
5.-Emily Cotharn
Bethany Gross
Rachel Thomas
Tasha Mayne
3:53.75aAir Force
6.-Hollie Bosworth
Chalese West
Aubrie Haymore
Katelyn Heiner
3:55.67aUtah State
7.-Amber Christenberry
Shavine Hodges
Lesilia Foster
Precious Amukamara
4:00.51aGrand Canyon
8.-Christy Barela
Kayla Nagunst
Carly Porter
Horlexus Willis
4:15.47aNew Mexico State
9.-LaShondra Ray
Arianna Andreatta
Alexis Jackson
Shaneika Rochester
4:20.90aNew Mexico Highlands
---Jessica Payne
Caitlin Osborn
Katrina Williams
Kaylah Burton
DNSNew Mexico State
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.JrSpela Hus14.23mUtah State
2.JrBellosie Frazier13.44mNew Mexico State
3.FrJessica Bush13.13mNorthern Arizona
4.SrNicole Elliott13.05mNorthern Arizona
5.SrShannon Prince12.76mUtah State
6.FrBrooke Gritters12.74mOklahoma State
7.JrRachel Gebauer12.05mAir Force
8.SoKaty Moorkamp11.61mAir Force
9.SoKasandra Vegas11.36mNorthern Arizona
10.FrKeeley Eldredge10.29mUtah State
11.FrRebecca Bauman10.09mAir Force
12.JrGeorgia Ivsin6.65mColorado College
--FrDanisha PhippsDNSNew Mexico Highlands
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.SrShannon Prince46.58mUtah State
2.FrBrooke Gritters44.55mOklahoma State
3.SrChristina Burke42.21mAir Force
4.SrMichelle Baltimore42.07mNorthern Arizona
5.FrRebecca Bauman42.03mAir Force
6.JrBellosie Frazier40.15mNew Mexico State
7.JrSpela Hus38.89mUtah State
8.JrVictoria Dominguez37.03mNew Mexico Highlands
9.SoKasandra Vegas36.08mNorthern Arizona
10.SoKemoy Christie35.83mNew Mexico Highlands
11.JrLydia Aligaz35.72mNew Mexico Highlands
12.FrJessica Bush35.36mNorthern Arizona
13.Megan Economides27.61mUnat-New Mex
--SoKaty MoorkampNDAir Force
--FrStephany SouthwardNDNew Mexico State
--FrCaitlin WayDNSOklahoma State
--SoDylaina MorelliNDWestern State
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.Katie Coronado53.61mUnat-New Mex
2.JrCarissa Alexander39.11mNew Mexico Highlands
3.SoKemoy Christie35.51mNew Mexico Highlands
4.FrAlana Piccone34.84mAir Force
5.FrAshley Christ32.41mAir Force
6.SrJordan Wood31.52mNew Mexico State
7.SoRachel Weakland29.77mWestern State
8.SoLesly Torres27.38mAir Force
9.FrStephany Southward26.53mNew Mexico State
10.FrJamie Hart23.70mAir Force
11.FrZoe Meade21.56mNew Mexico State
12.SoLindsay Hart19.19mWestern State
--FrDanisha PhippsDNSNew Mexico Highlands
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.FrBarbara Szabo1.76mWestern State
2.SoBrianne Campbell1.68mUtah State
3.FrRegan Rogers1.68mAir Force
4.FrLauren Laszczak1.63mNorthern Arizona
5.JrMadison Jensen1.63mUtah State
6.SoLesly Torres1.58mAir Force
6.FrCandace Moyes1.58mUtah State
8.SoLacey Modzeleski1.58mGrand Canyon
9.FrJamie Hart1.58mAir Force
10.SoMarin Schweigert1.58mNew Mexico
11.-Alyssa Northam1.43mColorado College
12.FrDanisha Phipps1.43mNew Mexico Highlands
--FrRachel HeraldDNSAir Force
--JrBrittney WarrenDNSGrand Canyon
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.SoLauren Graham3.98mUC - Colorado Springs
2.SrAmber Menke3.98mNew Mexico
3.FrMargo Tucker3.98mNew Mexico
4.SoBizzy Mellado3.83mAir Force
5.Kelly Fortner3.68mUnat-New Mex
6.SrMelissa Beerse3.68mAir Force
7.FrNathalie Busk3.53mNew Mexico
7.FrJulia Cook3.53mNew Mexico
10.FrRachelle St. Jeor3.53mUtah State
11.JrBrittney Warren3.53mGrand Canyon
12.SrLauren Jaramillo3.38mNew Mexico
12.SrAirrie Robinson3.38mWestern State
14.JrJesse Howe3.38mWestern State
15.Emily Heisler3.23mUnat-New Mex
15.FrKeegan Williams3.23mGrand Canyon
17.FrCiCi Cordova3.23mNew Mexico Highlands
18.SoAmber Thompson3.23mUtah State
19.-Beth Asher2.78mColorado College
20.FrKatie Roberts2.63mNew Mexico State
--FrAllison GlascoNHNew Mexico State
--SrJami MichaudNHNorthern Arizona
--SrMerissa MontoyaNHNew Mexico State
--JrJessamy BartonNHAir Force
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.JrJillisa Grant6.22mNew Mexico Highlands
2.SrAlesha Walker6.20mNew Mexico
3.SrAmber Anderson6.19mNorthern Arizona
4.SoPrecious Selmon6.07mNew Mexico
5.SrDeanna Young5.81mNew Mexico
6.SrClarissa Andrews5.78mOklahoma State
7.SrAsal Salehpoor5.58mNew Mexico
8.SoAmber Yingling5.56mGrand Canyon
9.SoLesilia Foster5.46mGrand Canyon
10.FrBrianne Kee5.39mGrand Canyon
11.SoJessica Murphy5.28mOklahoma State
12.SoBrianne Campbell5.20mUtah State
13.SoLesly Torres5.14mAir Force
14.SrHannah Concannon5.07mColorado College
15.FrZoe Meade5.03mNew Mexico State
16.JrJenne Childs5.02mNorthern Arizona
17.FrShantella McCoy4.96mNew Mexico Highlands
18.SoDeserae Cota4.86mNew Mexico State
19.JrDeann Williams4.70mNew Mexico State
20.FrJamie Hart4.45mAir Force
21.FrKatrina Williams4.44mNew Mexico State
--FrKaylah BurtonDNSNew Mexico State
--FrDanisha PhippsDNSNew Mexico Highlands
--FrLaShondra RayDNSNew Mexico Highlands
--SrKatelyn HeinerDNSUtah State
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrDeanna Young13.17mNew Mexico
2.SrClarissa Andrews12.39mOklahoma State
3.SrAmber Anderson12.31mNorthern Arizona
4.FrKassie Gurnell11.92mAir Force
5.SoAmber Yingling11.87mGrand Canyon
6.FrHorlexus Willis11.34mNew Mexico State
7.SoMeri Linkama11.02mWestern State
8.SoDeserae Cota10.82mNew Mexico State
9.SoJessica Murphy10.75mOklahoma State
9.SrAsal Salehpoor10.75mNew Mexico
11.SrHannah Concannon10.61mColorado College
12.SoLacey Modzeleski10.50mGrand Canyon
12.SoRachel Weakland10.50mWestern State
14.FrShantella McCoy10.45mNew Mexico Highlands
15.-Alyssa Northam9.77mColorado College
--JrDeann WilliamsDNSNew Mexico State
--FrKaylah BurtonDNSNew Mexico State
--SoBhupinder SandhuDNSNew Mexico Highlands
--FrLaShondra RayDNSNew Mexico Highlands
X Hammer - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.FrCaitlin Way50.72mOklahoma State
2.SrNicole Elliott50.15mNorthern Arizona
3.SrMichelle Baltimore50.01mNorthern Arizona
4.JrCarissa Alexander49.02mNew Mexico Highlands
5.JrSpela Hus49.00mUtah State
6.SoKasandra Vegas47.78mNorthern Arizona
7.FrKeeley Eldredge46.01mUtah State
8.FrRebecca Bauman45.94mAir Force
9.SrChristina Burke42.98mAir Force
10.JrBellosie Frazier41.62mNew Mexico State
11.SoDylaina Morelli40.04mWestern State
12.SoKemoy Christie38.20mNew Mexico Highlands
13.JrLydia Aligaz38.09mNew Mexico Highlands
14.FrStephany Southward38.01mNew Mexico State
15.JrRachel Gebauer38.00mAir Force
16.JrJessie Nielson35.94mUtah State
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