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Brook Hill Middle School Relays

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

THe Brook Hill School, Bullard

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - 7th grade - Finals
1.7Seth Brasher12.19aBrook Hill
2.8Chase McDermott12.69aBrook Hill
3.8Spencer Ball13.01aAll Saints Episcopal
4.8Chandler Nutt13.04aGrace Community
5.8Jay You13.06aAll Saints Episcopal
5.8Michael Caruso13.06aAll Saints Episcopal
7.8Harrison Hodges13.07aMcKinney Christian
8.-Daniel Priddy13.16aBrook Hill
9.8D'Luis West13.21aGorman (Tyler)
10.8Jake Billings13.29aGrace Community
11.8Daniel McKnight13.56aGorman (Tyler)
12.8Phillip Kitt13.71aBrook Hill
13.8Cade Lacic13.78aHeritage Christian A...
14.13-14Quondratez Brown13.86aTyler Metro Track
15.8James Squiric13.87aMcKinney Christian
16.8Joby Cox14.18aChristian Heritage (...
17.8Joseph Lovett14.55aSt Patrick
18.8Caleb Wysong14.72aMcKinney Christian
19.8Jace Henson15.25aHeritage Christian A...
20.8Elijah Dyess15.30aChristian Heritage (...
21.7Tom Whitfield16.13aChristian Heritage (...
8Cartrell FreemanNTGorman (Tyler)
8Jonathan SpitzerNTGrace Community
X 100 Meters - 8th grade - Finals
1.7Jacob Dummesnil13.23aBrook Hill
2.7Kory Hudson13.63aGrace Community
3.7Daniel Schulze13.78aAll Saints Episcopal
4.7Drew Cotton13.88aGrace Community
5.7Brooks Garner14.12aBrook Hill
6.7Thomas Nance14.50aGrace Community
7.7Colton Kerr14.80aAll Saints Episcopal
8.6Anthony Allen14.82aPhoenix Charter
9.7Tanner Smith15.10aGreenville Christian
10.7Wesley Castenada15.20aPhoenix Charter
11.7Christian Jordan15.23aHeritage Christian A...
12.6Steven Hood15.44aBrook Hill
13.7Clayton Engel15.48aBrook Hill
14.7Mauricio Mendoza15.70aSt Patrick
15.6Brock Jackson15.79aMcKinney Christian
16.6Carter Flournoy16.47aChristian Heritage (...
17.7Micah Cathey16.58aHeritage Christian A...
18.6Jacob Perez16.76aPhoenix Charter
19.6Bryce Cunningham16.84aChristian Heritage (...
20.6Ethan Dorrough16.99aChristian Heritage (...
21.6Tucker Webb18.33aGreenville Christian
22.6Kyle Cariveau19.39aGreenville Christian
8Joseph LovettNTSt Patrick
7Matthew CaliNTGorman (Tyler)
7Demetri JassoNTGorman (Tyler)
7Joshua FlorenceNTMarshall Christian A...
7Ivan HernandezNTSt Patrick
X 200 Meters - 7th grade - Finals
1.8Nicholas Hardy26.30aAll Saints Episcopal
2.8Brice Borgeson26.77aAll Saints Episcopal
3.8Ty Brown27.26aBrook Hill
4.8Harrison Hodges27.35aMcKinney Christian
5.8Grady Atkins28.06aAll Saints Episcopal
6.8Will McEvoy28.24aHeritage Christian A...
7.8Phillip McKinney28.52aHome Education Athle...
8.8Jesse Edwards28.88aGrace Community
9.13-14Quondratez Brown29.12aTyler Metro Track
10.8Devonte Milton29.96aGorman (Tyler)
11.8Hudson Arrant30.02aRegents Academy
12.8Joseph Moore30.62aSt Mary's (Longview)
13.8Elijah Hency30.65aMarshall Christian A...
14.8Ben O'neil31.29aGrace Community
15.8Caleb Wysong31.35aMcKinney Christian
16.8Andrew Watts31.80aGorman (Tyler)
17.8Parker Smalley32.12aHeritage Christian A...
18.8Jace Henson32.57aHeritage Christian A...
19.8Bryce Arnet33.44aSt Mary's (Longview)
20.8Bailey Barnes33.86aGorman (Tyler)
8Chandler NuttNTGrace Community
7Durrett BentleyNTBrook Hill
8Phillip KittNTBrook Hill
-Chris RobertsonNTTyler Metro Track
X 200 Meters - 8th grade - Finals
1.7Luke Lee27.94aAll Saints Episcopal
2.7Joshua Florence28.63aMarshall Christian A...
3.7Matthew Cali28.76aGorman (Tyler)
4.6Isaac Little29.86aHome Education Athle...
5.7Thomas Nance30.13aGrace Community
6.7Wade Burton30.57aGrace Community
7.7Jackson Nickel31.10aGrace Community
8.6Anthony Allen31.72aPhoenix Charter
9.7Grayson Faulconer31.77aAll Saints Episcopal
10.7Wesley Castenada31.94aPhoenix Charter
11.7Sam Walker32.26aAll Saints Episcopal
12.7Lanson Bennett32.42aHeritage Christian A...
13.7Tanner Smith32.54aGreenville Christian
14.6Brock Jackson33.17aMcKinney Christian
15.7Jordan Morales33.82aGorman (Tyler)
16.7Micah Cathey34.63aHeritage Christian A...
17.7Tom Whitfield35.32aChristian Heritage (...
18.6Bryce Cunningham35.36aChristian Heritage (...
19.7Francisco Marrufo35.49aSt Mary's (Longview)
20.7Jacob Carter35.74aBrook Hill
21.6Hayden Cox37.14aChristian Heritage (...
22.6Noah Bahm38.39aGreenville Christian
23.6Alex Lammers41.16aSt Mary's (Longview)
24.6Ike Bowers42.15aGreenville Christian
7Mauricio MendozaNTSt Patrick
6Steven HoodNTBrook Hill
7Caden WaffordNTBrook Hill
7Hunter KnightNTBrook Hill
7Griffin BethNTHeritage Christian A...
6Jacob PerezNTPhoenix Charter
8Evan GilloryNTSt Patrick
7Ivan HernandezNTSt Patrick
X 400 Meters - 7th grade - Finals
1.8Nick Weideman1:01.20aMcKinney Christian
2.8Trey Rowe1:02.56aAll Saints Episcopal
3.8Phillip McKinney1:03.60aHome Education Athle...
4.8Jesse Edwards1:03.80aGrace Community
5.8Grady Atkins1:04.50aAll Saints Episcopal
6.8Jordan Walla1:04.58aGrace Community
7.8Jared Walla1:05.18aGrace Community
8.7Jacob Dummesnil1:05.53aBrook Hill
9.8Connor Hobbs1:05.71aGorman (Tyler)
10.8Joseph Moore1:06.92aSt Mary's (Longview)
11.8Daniel McKnight1:08.74aGorman (Tyler)
12.8Akilesh Bapu1:10.21aRegents Academy
13.8Elijah Hency1:13.86aMarshall Christian A...
14.8James Baber1:15.31aHome Education Athle...
15.8Bryce Arnet1:24.51aSt Mary's (Longview)
8Graham CulpepperNTRegents Academy
7Durrett BentleyNTBrook Hill
8Avery BiscombNTGorman (Tyler)
X 400 Meters - 8th grade - Finals
1.6David Florence1:06.48aMarshall Christian A...
2.7Ty Hunter1:07.56aGrace Community
3.7Collin Brown1:08.63aAll Saints Episcopal
4.7Joshua Florence1:09.62aMarshall Christian A...
5.6Isaac Little1:09.85aHome Education Athle...
6.7Jacob Carter1:11.21aBrook Hill
7.7Elias Kasue1:12.02aAll Saints Episcopal
8.7Tyler Bate1:12.60aGorman (Tyler)
9.7Cody Jenkins1:12.80aChristian Heritage (...
10.7Christian Jordan1:12.94aHeritage Christian A...
11.7Mason Dacus1:13.09aGorman (Tyler)
12.7Jackson Jontra1:16.10aGrace Community
13.7Michael Schwarzbach1:16.13aGorman (Tyler)
14.6Wesley Young1:17.38aRegents Academy
15.6Alec Kitt1:17.43aBrook Hill
16.7Wesley Castenada1:18.81aPhoenix Charter
17.7Tanner Smith1:19.10aGreenville Christian
18.6Michael Kirkpatrick1:20.50aBrook Hill
19.7Corbin McCown1:22.20aGrace Community
20.7Francisco Marrufo1:22.90aSt Mary's (Longview)
21.6Daniel Moore1:24.90aSt Mary's (Longview)
22.7Zach Chitwood1:26.40aChristian Heritage (...
23.7Tanner Smith1:34.14aBrook Hill
24.7Matthew Baker1:35.27aHome Education Athle...
25.6Alex Lammers1:35.88aSt Mary's (Longview)
26.6Kyle Cariveau1:42.02aGreenville Christian
27.6Ike Bowers1:45.65aGreenville Christian
7Mauricio MendozaNTSt Patrick
7Joshua WallaceNTPhoenix Charter
7Aaron CoyleNTPhoenix Charter
8Evan GilloryNTSt Patrick
X 800 Meters - 7th grade - Finals
1.8James Burden2:16.77aGrace Community
2.8Noah Fanous2:19.04aAll Saints Episcopal
3.8Trey Rowe2:33.87aAll Saints Episcopal
4.8Mason Aldredge2:41.26aGrace Community
5.8Bryce Arnet2:42.16aSt Mary's (Longview)
6.8Graham Culpepper2:42.36aRegents Academy
8Jeremy BrandtNTGrace Community
8James BaberNTHome Education Athle...
8Alex OzmentNTChristian Heritage (...
8Elijah DyessNTChristian Heritage (...
8Ethan ElkinsNTGorman (Tyler)
6Jordan WyattNTBrook Hill
9Buddy AndersonNTGorman (Tyler)
8Connor WrightNTGorman (Tyler)
8Akilesh BapuNTRegents Academy
8Jace KuechleNTBrook Hill
8Ryan WoolseyNTHome Education Athle...
8Ozair KhanNTAll Saints Episcopal
X 800 Meters - 8th grade - Finals
1.7Carter Koehler2:34.29aAll Saints Episcopal
2.7Jairus Allen2:38.47aMarshall Christian A...
3.7Elias Kasue2:39.08aAll Saints Episcopal
4.7Jackson Jontra2:39.56aGrace Community
5.7Daniel Beggs2:40.91aHome Education Athle...
6.6Wesley Young2:53.21aRegents Academy
7Matthew McgeheeNTGorman (Tyler)
7Payton FanningNTGorman (Tyler)
7Cameron ForehandNTGrace Community
6Samuel LeboNTBrook Hill
6Kyle WebbNTBrook Hill
7Luke DyessNTChristian Heritage (...
7Will HurstNTChristian Heritage (...
7Griffin BethNTHeritage Christian A...
6Daniel MooreNTSt Mary's (Longview)
6Tucker WebbNTGreenville Christian
6Kyle CariveauNTGreenville Christian
6Ike BowersNTGreenville Christian
7Cameron HuntNTGrace Community
7Joshua WallaceNTPhoenix Charter
7Aaron CoyleNTPhoenix Charter
7Brooks GarnerNTBrook Hill
7Matthew BakerNTHome Education Athle...
7Ivan HernandezNTSt Patrick
8Evan GilloryNTSt Patrick
X 1600 Meters - 7th grade - Finals
1.8Will Young5:11.55aRegents Academy
2.8Noah Fanous5:47.28aAll Saints Episcopal
3.7Que Harris5:52.92aMcKinney Christian
4.8Nicholas Klouda6:11.07aAll Saints Episcopal
5.8Bruce Brookshire6:23.93aGrace Community
6.8Alex Ozment6:37.07aChristian Heritage (...
8Andrew BaasNTChristian Heritage (...
8Ozair KhanNTAll Saints Episcopal
8Jace KuechleNTBrook Hill
8Alex BerneNTGorman (Tyler)
6Jordan WyattNTBrook Hill
8Mason AldredgeNTGrace Community
8Joshuah PierceNTGrace Community
8Chance FindleyNTGorman (Tyler)
X 1600 Meters - 8th grade - Finals
1.7Jairus Allen5:55.19aMarshall Christian A...
2.7Benton Owen5:58.16aAll Saints Episcopal
3.7Carter Koehler6:09.51aAll Saints Episcopal
4.7Daniel Beggs6:20.55aHome Education Athle...
5.6Eric Eaton6:26.72aSt Mary's (Longview)
6.7Chet Wynne6:55.35aAll Saints Episcopal
7.6Jake Peterman6:58.69aChristian Heritage (...
8.7Will Hurst7:27.67aChristian Heritage (...
9.6Samuel Lebo7:37.76aBrook Hill
7Ancel CarsonNTGrace Community
7Cameron HuntNTGrace Community
7Javier DestaracNTGorman (Tyler)
7Martin GuzmanNTGorman (Tyler)
6Michael KirkpatrickNTBrook Hill
6Kyle WebbNTBrook Hill
7Conrad DellerNTSt Mary's (Longview)
7William HencyNTMarshall Christian A...
7Russell WatermanNTGrace Community
X 2400 Meters - 7th grade - Finals
1.8Will Young7:54.47aRegents Academy
2.8James Burden8:28.28aGrace Community
3.8Mason Aldredge9:18.45aGrace Community
4.8Ryan Woolsey9:19.94aHome Education Athle...
5.8Nicholas Klouda9:44.71aAll Saints Episcopal
6.8Brian Humphreys9:44.79aSt Patrick
8Joby CoxNTChristian Heritage (...
8Nate SmithNTGrace Community
8Joseph LovettNTSt Patrick
8Alex BerneNTGorman (Tyler)
8Collin HowmanNTGorman (Tyler)
8Anthony CulpepperNTGorman (Tyler)
6Jordan WyattNTBrook Hill
X 2400 Meters - 8th grade - Finals
1.7Jairus Allen8:52.30aMarshall Christian A...
2.7Benton Owen8:54.80aAll Saints Episcopal
3.7Cody Jenkins9:24.26aChristian Heritage (...
4.6Marshall Woodson9:28.68aChristian Heritage (...
5.7Derrick Wong9:38.11aGrace Community
6.7Conrad Deller9:44.00aSt Mary's (Longview)
7.6Eric Eaton10:10.33aSt Mary's (Longview)
8.7McCray Fletcher10:23.92aBrook Hill
9.7Chet Wynne10:24.71aAll Saints Episcopal
10.6Jordan Wyatt11:12.60aBrook Hill
7Russell WatermanNTGrace Community
8Brian HumphreysNTSt Patrick
7Brooks GarnerNTBrook Hill
6Michael KirkpatrickNTBrook Hill
7Jack RobertsNTAll Saints Episcopal
7Martin GuzmanNTGorman (Tyler)
8Joseph LovettNTSt Patrick
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - 7th grade - Finals
1.8Zach Tatman19.18aGrace Community
2.8James Edwards19.67aGrace Community
3.8Nathan Beggs21.27aHome Education Athle...
4.8Jarod Pamatmat21.77aAll Saints Episcopal
5.8Kyle Johnson21.84aMcKinney Christian
6.8Chance Findley22.67aGorman (Tyler)
7.8Hudson Arrant22.87aRegents Academy
8.8Jaired Maddox23.82aAll Saints Episcopal
9.8Clayton Smith26.74aAll Saints Episcopal
8Blake RasburyNTHeritage Christian A...
8Collin HowmanNTGorman (Tyler)
8Brennan FanningNTGorman (Tyler)
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - 8th grade - Finals
1.7Ty Hunter21.78aGrace Community
2.7Kory Hudson22.40aGrace Community
3.7Nick Ochran23.44aGrace Community
4.7Carter Blackstone23.73aAll Saints Episcopal
5.6Anthony Allen23.76aPhoenix Charter
6.7Javier Destarac23.90aGorman (Tyler)
7.7Paul Ryder26.64aGorman (Tyler)
6Jacob PerezNTPhoenix Charter
7Wesley CastenadaNTPhoenix Charter
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - 7th grade - Finals
1.8Zach Tatman48.43aGrace Community
2.8Nathan Beggs50.92aHome Education Athle...
4.8James Edwards52.64aGrace Community
5.7Que Harris52.97aMcKinney Christian
6.8Jordan Walla53.39aGrace Community
7.8Kyle Johnson53.80aMcKinney Christian
9.8Blake Rasbury55.01aHeritage Christian A...
10.8Nicolas DiPaolo55.70aGorman (Tyler)
11.8Collin Howman56.71aGorman (Tyler)
4.7Carter Blackstone58.15aAll Saints Episcopal
13.8Brennan Fanning1:04.03aGorman (Tyler)
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - 8th grade - Finals
3.8Jarod Pamatmat51.44aAll Saints Episcopal
8.8Jaired Maddox54.36aAll Saints Episcopal
1.7Ty Hunter54.96aGrace Community
2.7Christian Hooper55.51aGrace Community
3.7David Lastra56.72aMarshall Christian A...
5.7Joshua Wallace59.28aPhoenix Charter
12.8Clayton Smith1:01.31aAll Saints Episcopal
6.7Cameron Forehand1:01.45aGrace Community
7.7Aaron Coyle1:03.58aPhoenix Charter
8.7Joseph Mallari1:08.93aGorman (Tyler)
9.7Matthew Mcgehee1:17.32aGorman (Tyler)
7Paul RyderNTGorman (Tyler)
X 4x100 Relay - 7th grade - Finals
2.-Phillip Kitt
Seth Brasher
Chase McDermott
Ty Brown
50.65aBrook Hill
3.-Jake Billings
Trevor Gunter
Chandler Nutt
Jonathan Spitzer
51.73aGrace Community
4.-Cartrell Freeman
Matthew Brunson
D'Luis West
Daniel McKnight
52.25aGorman (Tyler)
5.-Kyle Johnson
James Squiric
Nick Weideman
Caleb Wysong
53.75aMcKinney Christian
6.-Cade Lacic
Colin Westmoreland
Parker Smalley
Will McEvoy
55.25aHeritage Christian A...
2.-Colton Kerr
Sam Walker
Luke Lee
Grayson Faulconer
56.19aAll Saints Episcopal
7.-Wesley Young
Hudson Arrant
Graham Culpepper
Akilesh Bapu
56.66aRegents Academy
X 4x100 Relay - 8th grade - Finals
1.-Nicholas Hardy
Spencer Ball
Jay You
Brice Borgeson
49.93aAll Saints Episcopal
1.-Alec Kitt
Steven Hood
Caden Wafford
Jacob Dummesnil
55.99aBrook Hill
3.-Tyler Bate
Matthew Cali
Mason Dacus
Nelson Manziel
56.79aGorman (Tyler)
4.-Wade Burton
Kory Hudson
Drew Cotton
Nick Ochran
59.19aGrace Community
5.-David Florence
David Lastra
William Hency
Jairus Allen
59.87aMarshall Christian A...
6.-Wesley Castenada
Alfredo Orsonio
Joshua Wallace
Anthony Allen
1:00.60aPhoenix Charter
7.-Lanson Bennett
Micah Cathey
Trey Harmon
Colton Blankenship
1:00.68aHeritage Christian A...
8.-Bryce Cunningham
Carter Flournoy
Ethan Dorrough
Jake Peterman
1:05.53aChristian Heritage (...
X 4x200 Relay - 7th grade - Finals
2.-Clayton Engel
Chase McDermott
Seth Brasher
Nolan Thompson
1:46.68aBrook Hill
3.-Jonathan Spitzer
Chandler Nutt
Trevor Gunter
Jake Billings
1:49.29aGrace Community
4.-Connor Hobbs
D'Luis West
Devonte Milton
Alex Berne
1:54.42aGorman (Tyler)
1.-Colton Kerr
Collin Brown
Daniel Schulze
Luke Lee
1:55.73aAll Saints Episcopal
5.-Cade Lacic
Colin Westmoreland
Blake Rasbury
Will McEvoy
1:57.72aHeritage Christian A...
6.-Andrew Baas
Zach Chitwood
Zach Thompson
Jonathan Tarkington
2:11.10aChristian Heritage (...
X 4x200 Relay - 8th grade - Finals
1.-Nicholas Hardy
Brice Borgeson
Spencer Ball
Michael Caruso
1:45.09aAll Saints Episcopal
2.-Tyler Bate
Nelson Manziel
Joseph Mallari
Mason Dacus
2:05.99aGorman (Tyler)
3.-Wade Burton
Kory Hudson
Drew Cotton
Nick Ochran
2:06.61aGrace Community
4.-Lanson Bennett
Colton Blankenship
Trey Harmon
Zach Brashears
2:08.41aHeritage Christian A...
5.-McCray Fletcher
Alec Kitt
Hunter Knight
Caden Wafford
2:09.80aBrook Hill
6.-Alfredo Orsonio
Anthony Allen
Aaron Coyle
Joshua Wallace
2:09.87aPhoenix Charter
7.-Luke Dyess
Parker Jackson
Ronald Horaney
Tom Whitfield
2:26.87aChristian Heritage (...
X 4x400 Relay - 7th grade - Finals
2.-Jared Walla
Jordan Walla
James Burden
Jesse Edwards
4:20.48aGrace Community
3.-Matthew Brunson
Devonte Milton
Cartrell Freeman
Connor Hobbs
4:37.75aGorman (Tyler)
1.-Grayson Faulconer
Carter Blackston
Collin Brown
Elias Kasue
4:43.47aAll Saints Episcopal
4.-Nick Weideman
James Squiric
Que Harris
Hodges Harrison
4:48.44aMcKinney Christian
-Marshall Woodson
Joby Cox
Ronald Horaney
Cody Jenkins
NTChristian Heritage (...
X 4x400 Relay - 8th grade - Finals
1.-Jarod Pamatmat
Noah Fanous
Grady Atkins
Trey Rowe
4:18.93aAll Saints Episcopal
2.-David Florence
Jairus Allen
David Lastra
William Hency
4:51.96aMarshall Christian A...
3.-Wesley Castenada
Anthony Allen
Joshua Wallace
Aaron Coyle
5:17.43aPhoenix Charter
4.-Ty Hunter
Corbin McCown
Kory Hudson
Cameron Forehand
5:33.12aGrace Community
5.-Nelson Manziel
Paul Ryder
Michael Schwarzbach
Joseph Mallari
5:38.83aGorman (Tyler)
6.-Tanner Smith
Hunter Knight
Steven Hood
McCray Fletcher
6:04.22aBrook Hill
-Relay Team NTSt Patrick
X Shot Put - 6lb - 7th grade - Finals
1.8Matthew Weeks42-02.00Gorman (Tyler)
2.8Cartrell Freeman35-04.00Gorman (Tyler)
3.8Elijah Hency30-00.50Marshall Christian A...
4.8Kaleb Snodgrass29-04.00Grace Community
5.8Jace Henson28-08.00Heritage Christian A...
6.8Grant Jones28-00.00Brook Hill
7.8Brett McKenzie27-10.00All Saints Episcopal
8.8Joseph Moore27-09.00St Mary's (Longview)
9.8Loyce Brooks26-09.50All Saints Episcopal
10.8Bryce Arnet26-08.50St Mary's (Longview)
7Bryant RobinsonNDBrook Hill
8Hunter HitzNDSt Mary's (Longview)
8Mathew KimballNDBrook Hill
8Will McEvoyNDHeritage Christian A...
8Phillip McKinneyNDHome Education Athle...
8Ryan WoolseyNDHome Education Athle...
8Jon HaydenNDHeritage Christian A...
8Gabe LucioNDGrace Community
8Jarod PamatmatNDAll Saints Episcopal
10Noel GamezNDGorman (Tyler)
8LUKE LEENDGrace Community
8Hunter SattlerNDGorman (Tyler)
8Adam TraylorNDBrook Hill
X Shot Put - 6lb - 8th grade - Finals
1.7Caleb Beesinger27-08.50Marshall Christian A...
2.7Bryant Robinson24-06.00Brook Hill
3.7Drew Cotton24-05.00Grace Community
4.7Garrett Pierce23-06.00Grace Community
5.7KJ Bickham23-04.50All Saints Episcopal
6.7Austin Warren23-01.00Grace Community
7.7Jordan Morales22-03.50Gorman (Tyler)
8.7Zach Brashears22-00.50Heritage Christian A...
9.7Chet Wynne21-07.00All Saints Episcopal
7Francisco MarrufoNDSt Mary's (Longview)
6Alex EllisNDBrook Hill
7Daniel SchulzeNDAll Saints Episcopal
7Matthew BakerNDHome Education Athle...
7Matthew StokellNDMarshall Christian A...
7Zachary WheelerNDGorman (Tyler)
6Chad NilesNDBrook Hill
6Alex LammersNDSt Mary's (Longview)
7Nelson ManzielNDGorman (Tyler)
7Tanner SmithNDGreenville Christian
6Noah BahmNDGreenville Christian
6Tucker WebbNDGreenville Christian
6Mack ShawNDHome Education Athle...
7Sam CallawayNDSt Patrick
7Andrew BowleyNDSt Patrick
8Garrett AshabrannerNDSt Patrick
7Dustin OxfordNDMarshall Christian A...
7VJ MehthaNDBrook Hill
7Chipper AdamsNDBrook Hill
6Aaron HolleNDMcKinney Christian
X Discus - 1kg - 7th grade - Finals
1.8Gabe Lucio98-06Grace Community
2.8Ryan Woolsey91-11Home Education Athle...
3.8Kaleb Snodgrass79-11Grace Community
4.8Jaired Maddox78-06All Saints Episcopal
5.8Justin Lockhart76-06Christian Heritage (...
6.8Adam Traylor76-04Brook Hill
8Grady AtkinsNDAll Saints Episcopal
8Nicolas MelendezNDGorman (Tyler)
8Connor WrightNDGorman (Tyler)
8Elijah HencyNDMarshall Christian A...
8Joseph MooreNDSt Mary's (Longview)
8Grant JonesNDBrook Hill
8Leo ConnerNDChristian Heritage (...
8Jon HaydenNDHeritage Christian A...
8Jace HensonNDHeritage Christian A...
8Will McEvoyNDHeritage Christian A...
8Nathan BeggsNDHome Education Athle...
8Loyce BrooksNDAll Saints Episcopal
8Jacob LivingstonNDGorman (Tyler)
8Mathew KimballNDBrook Hill
7Bryant RobinsonNDBrook Hill
8Hunter MosesNDGrace Community
7Caleb BeesingerNDMarshall Christian A...
X High Jump - 7th grade - Finals
1.8Trevor Gunter5-02.00Grace Community
2.8Connor Hobbs5-00.00Gorman (Tyler)
3.8Spencer Ball5-00.00All Saints Episcopal
4.8Jonathan Spitzer5-00.00Grace Community
5.8Phillip McKinney4-10.00Home Education Athle...
6.8Jay You4-10.00All Saints Episcopal
6.8Phillip Kitt4-10.00Brook Hill
8.8Devonte Milton4-10.00Gorman (Tyler)
9.8D'Luis West4-06.00Gorman (Tyler)
10.8Ben O'neil4-03.00Grace Community
X High Jump - 8th grade - Finals
1.7Seth Brasher5-02.00Brook Hill
2.7Luke Lee5-00.00All Saints Episcopal
3.6Isaac Little4-04.00Home Education Athle...
7Thomas NanceNHGrace Community
7Javier DestaracNHGorman (Tyler)
7Martin GuzmanNHGorman (Tyler)
7William HencyNHMarshall Christian A...
X Pole Vault - 7th grade - Finals
1.8James Edwards9-03.00Grace Community
2.8Matthew Bockover8-06.00Gorman (Tyler)
3.8Bruce Brookshire7-06.00Grace Community
4.9Buddy Anderson6-06.00Gorman (Tyler)
4.8Nathan Beggs6-06.00Home Education Athle...
6.8Michael Caruso6-00.00All Saints Episcopal
8Clayton SmithNHAll Saints Episcopal
8Zach TatmanNHGrace Community
8Zachary HoltNHGorman (Tyler)
X Long Jump - 7th grade - Finals
1.8Brice Borgeson18-01.00All Saints Episcopal
2.8Chase McDermott17-07.00Brook Hill
2.8Nolan Thompson17-07.00Brook Hill
4.8Phillip Kitt17-05.00Brook Hill
5.8Jake Billings16-09.00Grace Community
6.8D'Luis West16-07.50Gorman (Tyler)
7.8Trey Rowe16-03.00All Saints Episcopal
8.8Zach Tatman16-01.00Grace Community
9.8Chandler Nutt15-09.00Grace Community
10.8Nick Weideman15-08.00McKinney Christian
11.8Cade Lacic15-01.00Heritage Christian A...
12.8Graham Culpepper14-08.00Regents Academy
13.8Harrison Hodges14-07.00McKinney Christian
14.8Joseph Moore14-05.00St Mary's (Longview)
15.8Joby Cox14-04.50Christian Heritage (...
16.8Nathan Beggs14-02.50Home Education Athle...
17.8Devonte Milton14-02.00Gorman (Tyler)
18.8Blake Rasbury13-09.00Heritage Christian A...
19.8Joseph Lovett13-05.00St Patrick
20.8Bryce Arnet13-03.00St Mary's (Longview)
21.8Brennan Fanning13-00.00Gorman (Tyler)
22.8Andrew Baas12-02.50Christian Heritage (...
23.8Alex Ozment12-00.00Christian Heritage (...
8Colin WestmorelandNDHeritage Christian A...
8Kyle JohnsonNDMcKinney Christian
X Long Jump - 8th grade - Finals
1.7Daniel Schulze15-06.00All Saints Episcopal
2.6Isaac Little15-04.50Home Education Athle...
3.7Jackson Nickel15-04.00Grace Community
4.6Anthony Allen15-01.50Phoenix Charter
5.7Cody Jenkins14-05.50Christian Heritage (...
6.7Thomas Nance14-04.50Grace Community
7.7Tanner Smith14-04.00Greenville Christian
8.7Colton Kerr14-03.00All Saints Episcopal
9.7Christian Jordan14-00.00Heritage Christian A...
10.6Wesley Young13-08.50Regents Academy
10.7Conrad Deller13-08.50St Mary's (Longview)
12.7Matthew Cali13-06.00Gorman (Tyler)
13.7David Lastra13-04.00Marshall Christian A...
14.7Mason Dacus13-03.50Gorman (Tyler)
15.6Carter Flournoy12-10.75Christian Heritage (...
15.7William Hency12-10.75Marshall Christian A...
17.7Alfredo Orsonio12-09.50Phoenix Charter
18.7Colton Blankenship12-09.00Heritage Christian A...
19.7Daniel Beggs12-06.50Home Education Athle...
20.7Wade Burton12-05.00Grace Community
20.6Alec Kitt12-05.00Brook Hill
22.7Javier Destarac11-10.50Gorman (Tyler)
23.6Ethan Dorrough11-09.00Christian Heritage (...
24.6Noah Bahm10-11.50Greenville Christian
25.7Wesley Castenada10-06.00Phoenix Charter
26.7Hunter Knight10-01.50Brook Hill
27.6Michael Kirkpatrick10-01.00Brook Hill
27.6Kyle Cariveau10-01.00Greenville Christian
7Mauricio MendozaNDSt Patrick
8Joseph LovettNDSt Patrick
7Jacob CarterNDBrook Hill
7Collin BrownNDAll Saints Episcopal
X Triple Jump - 7th grade - Finals
1.8Jake Billings34-05.50Grace Community
2.8Graham Culpepper33-10.75Regents Academy
3.8Jay You32-09.25All Saints Episcopal
4.8Brice Borgeson31-10.50All Saints Episcopal
5.8Chandler Nutt31-03.25Grace Community
6.8Daniel McKnight28-05.75Gorman (Tyler)
7.8Matthew Brunson27-10.00Gorman (Tyler)
8.8Nicolas DiPaolo27-00.00Gorman (Tyler)
8Nate SmithNDGrace Community
8Ty BrownNDBrook Hill
X Triple Jump - 8th grade - Finals
1.7Jackson Nickel29-07.00Grace Community
2.7McCray Fletcher28-09.50Brook Hill
3.7Clayton Engel28-05.75Brook Hill
4.7Matthew Cali28-02.25Gorman (Tyler)
5.7Wade Burton27-09.00Grace Community
6.7Tyler Bate26-06.25Gorman (Tyler)
7.7Daniel Beggs26-04.00Home Education Athle...
8.7Aaron Coyle25-05.50Phoenix Charter
9.6Daniel Moore25-01.50St Mary's (Longview)
10.7Russell Waterman24-09.50Grace Community
11.6Anthony Allen24-06.50Phoenix Charter
7Wesley CastenadaNDPhoenix Charter
6Samuel LeboNDBrook Hill

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - 7th grade - Finals
1.13-14Brittany Browning13.27aTyler Metro Track
2.8Emma Philips13.29aMcKinney Christian
3.7Morgan Moss13.68aBrook Hill
4.8Betsy McKinney14.17aAll Saints Episcopal
5.8Maddie Smith14.30aHeritage Christian A...
6.8Meaghan Brown14.37aGreenville Christian
7.8Destiny Bell14.55aHome Education Athle...
8.8Alex Harper14.58aMcKinney Christian
9.8Rylee Milliken14.61aRegents Academy
10.8Lauren Bone14.64aGrace Community
11.8Rachel Balser14.85aGrace Community
12.8Olivia Dugan14.89aGorman (Tyler)
13.8Caroline Camp14.94aGorman (Tyler)
14.8Madison Newman15.01aGrace Community
15.8Tiana Otis15.15aPhoenix Charter
16.13-14Ronjenee Williams15.23aTyler Metro Track
17.8Ashleigh Malen15.70aSt Mary's (Longview)
18.7Gabrielle Stanley15.89aChristian Heritage (...
19.8Haley Pettit16.66aHeritage Christian A...
20.7Sophia Wimberley16.82aGreenville Christian
21.7D'Kaira Otis16.93aPhoenix Charter
22.8Valentina Soto17.31aSt Mary's (Longview)
23.7Bailee Floyd17.59aChristian Heritage (...
8Sydney BarrettNTAll Saints Episcopal
15-16Sydney JenkinsNTTyler Metro Track
8Meredith BuzbeeNTGorman (Tyler)
X 100 Meters - 8th grade - Finals
1.7Leah Latham14.03aMarshall Christian A...
2.6Katie Dossey14.68aMcKinney Christian
3.7Allie Werner14.73aAll Saints Episcopal
4.7Emauri Watson14.81aAll Saints Episcopal
5.7Claire Alden14.99aGrace Community
6.6Cassandra Smith15.21aPhoenix Charter
7.7Hannah Wright15.33aGrace Community
8.7Parker Daughtry15.49aGrace Community
9.7Brooke Pearson15.64aHome Education Athle...
10.6Brittney Brown16.13aPhoenix Charter
11.7Maddie Romeo16.17aGorman (Tyler)
12.6Keira Eynon16.25aChristian Heritage (...
13.7Elisa Fredella16.27aMarshall Christian A...
14.7Vallerie Allen16.50aBrook Hill
15.6Sarah Chinners16.53aMcKinney Christian
16.7Tori Blaylock16.65aHeritage Christian A...
17.7Caroline Bertram17.10aGorman (Tyler)
18.6Claire Culpepper17.24aRegents Academy
19.6Ashtyn King17.26aMcKinney Christian
20.6Lesly Rojas18.55aPhoenix Charter
21.6Hannah Crouch18.66aChristian Heritage (...
22.6Karinthia Fradella19.52aMarshall Christian A...
7Kailtin ChaumpNTGorman (Tyler)
7Makenna MeeksNTHeritage Christian A...
X 200 Meters - 7th grade - Finals
1.13-14Brittany Browning27.20aTyler Metro Track
2.8Emma Philips27.86aMcKinney Christian
3.7Morgan Moss28.50aBrook Hill
4.8Monica Hand29.22aGorman (Tyler)
5.8Betsy McKinney29.94aAll Saints Episcopal
6.8Alex Harper30.28aMcKinney Christian
7.8Rylee Milliken30.30aRegents Academy
8.13-14Amber Foster31.08aTyler Metro Track
9.8Madison Newman31.25aGrace Community
10.8Destiny Bell31.54aHome Education Athle...
11.8Tiana Otis31.67aPhoenix Charter
12.8Ashleigh Malen32.29aSt Mary's (Longview)
13.8Sydney Barrett32.81aAll Saints Episcopal
14.8Loise Perry32.86aMcKinney Christian
15.8Sarah Smith33.44aAll Saints Episcopal
15.7Katherine Stair33.44aBrook Hill
17.7Gabrielle Stanley34.06aChristian Heritage (...
18.7Sophia Wimberley34.19aGreenville Christian
19.7Hanna Glenn34.24aBrook Hill
20.8Erin Hancock35.38aGorman (Tyler)
21.8Haley Pettit35.60aHeritage Christian A...
22.8Briana Martin36.59aGorman (Tyler)
23.7Jordan Philips36.65aGorman (Tyler)
24.7Bailee Floyd37.39aChristian Heritage (...
25.8Valentina Soto37.59aSt Mary's (Longview)
13-14Katrina NoyolaNTTyler Metro Track
8Meaghan BrownNTGreenville Christian
8Madeline SchroepferNTHeritage Christian A...
8Jessica EvansNTGreenville Christian
8Brinley CzurakNTTyler East Texas Chr...
8Mitali GhugeNTGrace Community
8Allison PaulNTGrace Community
X 200 Meters - 8th grade - Finals
1.7Leah Latham29.01aMarshall Christian A...
2.7Allie Werner30.29aAll Saints Episcopal
3.7Hannah Thibodeaux31.14aGrace Community
4.7Brooke Pearson32.26aHome Education Athle...
5.7Hannah Wright32.31aGrace Community
6.7Emauri Watson33.22aAll Saints Episcopal
7.7Grace Findley34.17aGorman (Tyler)
8.6Keira Eynon34.45aChristian Heritage (...
9.7Elisa Fredella34.72aMarshall Christian A...
10.6Claire Culpepper34.94aRegents Academy
11.7Anaelisa Vasquez35.44aGorman (Tyler)
12.7Caroline Walker36.09aHeritage Christian A...
13.6Hannah Crouch36.16aChristian Heritage (...
14.7Tori Blaylock37.13aHeritage Christian A...
15.8Nikki Vann37.14aSt Patrick
16.7Tori Intlehouse37.46aGrace Community
17.7Savannah Reeves37.52aGorman (Tyler)
18.7Natali Hall37.54aBrook Hill
19.6Amelia Daughtry41.26aMarshall Christian A...
20.7Michelle Garay-Duran44.68aSt Patrick
7Makenna MeeksNTHeritage Christian A...
6Sarah ChinnersNTMcKinney Christian
7Anna DohanichNTSt Mary's (Longview)
6Katie DosseyNTMcKinney Christian
6Brooklin MillerNTMcKinney Christian
6Lizabeth SanchezNTPhoenix Charter
7D'Kaira OtisNTPhoenix Charter
X 400 Meters - 7th grade - Finals
1.13-14Shania Ford1:06.83aTyler Metro Track
2.8Rylee Milliken1:09.06aRegents Academy
3.8Destiny Bell1:11.28aHome Education Athle...
4.7Avery Langemeier1:12.22aBrook Hill
5.8Brinley Czurak1:14.37aTyler East Texas Chr...
6.11-12Ka'leigh Hinton1:14.41aTyler Metro Track
7.8Mary-Birdsong Gabriel1:15.09aGrace Community
8.8Loise Perry1:15.37aMcKinney Christian
9.8Allison Paul1:15.85aGrace Community
10.8Carmen Viloria1:15.93aSt Mary's (Longview)
11.8Erin Hancock1:16.83aGorman (Tyler)
12.8Victoria MacClements1:18.78aGorman (Tyler)
13.8Meaghan Brown1:20.13aGreenville Christian
14.7Sophia Wimberley1:22.33aGreenville Christian
15.13-14Cordelia Watson1:22.43aTyler Metro Track
16.8Morgan Blacketer1:24.82aGrace Community
17.8Sharon Kariampuzha1:24.83aGorman (Tyler)
18.8Jessica Evans1:34.48aGreenville Christian
X 400 Meters - 8th grade - Finals
1.7Charlie Niles1:12.46aBrook Hill
2.7Marie Bowen1:15.55aGrace Community
3.6Audrey Madden1:19.20aChristian Heritage (...
4.7Tiffany Lim1:20.18aGrace Community
5.7Jaydee Edwards1:20.73aGrace Community
6.7Olivia Martin1:26.55aGorman (Tyler)
7.7Anna Dohanich1:27.27aSt Mary's (Longview)
8.7Natali Hall1:28.35aBrook Hill
9.6Danielle Poss1:30.88aChristian Heritage (...
10.6Rhema Payne1:35.32aMarshall Christian A...
11.6Alexis DelGado1:35.51aPhoenix Charter
12.6Amelia Daughtry1:36.35aMarshall Christian A...
13.6Lesly Rojas1:45.16aPhoenix Charter
14.7Michelle Garay-Duran1:47.21aSt Patrick
6Camryn LoggainsNTMcKinney Christian
6Brooklin MillerNTMcKinney Christian
7D'Kaira OtisNTPhoenix Charter
X 800 Meters - 7th grade - Finals
1.8Julie James2:24.89aMcKinney Christian
2.13-14Shania Ford2:25.90aTyler Metro Track
3.7Avery Langemeier2:41.27aBrook Hill
4.8Morgan Blacketer2:51.36aGrace Community
5.8Carmen Viloria2:54.32aSt Mary's (Longview)
6.8Katie Falconer2:59.45aAll Saints Episcopal
7Joanna BartleyNTGorman (Tyler)
7Sophia WimberleyNTGreenville Christian
8Kathy JosephNTGorman (Tyler)
8Shelby MonsivaisNTGorman (Tyler)
8Brinley CzurakNTTyler East Texas Chr...
8Mary-Birdsong GabrielNTGrace Community
8Bradie RoseberryNTGrace Community
X 800 Meters - 8th grade - Finals
1.7Allie McCracken2:51.41aGrace Community
2.6Megan Priddy3:00.58aBrook Hill
3.7Caroline Boylan3:02.64aGrace Community
4.6Bethany Baber3:03.79aHome Education Athle...
5.7Abigail Beggs3:06.41aHome Education Athle...
6.7Lindsey Jenkins3:08.49aChristian Heritage (...
7Natali HallNTBrook Hill
7Mary Brian ClarkeNTGorman (Tyler)
7Libby BarretNTGrace Community
6Hannah CrouchNTChristian Heritage (...
6Rhema PayneNTMarshall Christian A...
8Sharon KariampuzhaNTGorman (Tyler)
6Cassandra SmithNTPhoenix Charter
6Brittney BrownNTPhoenix Charter
6Montana SandlinNTPhoenix Charter
X 1600 Meters - 7th grade - Finals
1.8Julie James5:39.22aMcKinney Christian
2.8Victoria MacClements6:40.07aGorman (Tyler)
3.8Megan Marshall6:44.54aRegents Academy
4.8Katie Falconer6:45.58aAll Saints Episcopal
5.8Gaby Kubicek7:03.13aSt Mary's (Longview)
6.8Kelly Frossard7:04.07aGorman (Tyler)
8Alex SchroederNTGrace Community
8Sharon KariampuzhNTGorman (Tyler)
8Betty HoraneyNTChristian Heritage (...
8Chelsea ClarkNTGrace Community
8Mary-Birdsong GabrielNTGrace Community
X 1600 Meters - 8th grade - Finals
1.7Allie McCracken6:34.09aGrace Community
2.7Emily Hinkie7:12.53aGrace Community
3.7Lindsey Jenkins7:30.94aChristian Heritage (...
4.7Joanna Bartley7:32.50aGorman (Tyler)
5.7Makensie Cowart7:39.28aGrace Community
7Mary Brian ClarkeNTGorman (Tyler)
7Carissa ZubroNTTyler East Texas Chr...
7Grace KnightNTGorman (Tyler)
X 2400 Meters - 7th grade - Finals
1.8Alex Schroeder10:16.79aGrace Community
2.8Megan Marshall10:17.59aRegents Academy
3.8Gaby Kubicek10:48.51aSt Mary's (Longview)
4.8Kelly Frossard10:53.73aGorman (Tyler)
7Avery LangemeierNTBrook Hill
7Addie MayNTGorman (Tyler)
8Mitali GhugeNTGrace Community
X 2400 Meters - 8th grade - Finals
1.7Allie McCracken9:54.72aGrace Community
2.7Ashton Bellamy10:29.20aGrace Community
3.7Joanna Bartley10:31.60aGorman (Tyler)
4.6Megan Priddy10:55.14aBrook Hill
5.7Caroline Boylan11:02.80aGrace Community
6.7Abigail Beggs11:14.85aHome Education Athle...
7Emily HinkieNTGrace Community
7Carissa ZubroNTTyler East Texas Chr...
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - 7th grade - Finals
1.8Meaghan Brown18.97aGreenville Christian
2.8Abbie Guevara20.74aGorman (Tyler)
3.8Nikki Evans21.37aBrook Hill
4.8Kristin Chaump21.93aGorman (Tyler)
8Hadlee DixonNTGrace Community
8Bethany KimmeyNTGrace Community
8Taylor KingsleyNTGrace Community
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - 8th grade - Finals
1.7Kendall Spinks21.15aAll Saints Episcopal
2.6Montana Sandlin23.41aPhoenix Charter
3.7Savannah Reeves25.05aGorman (Tyler)
4.7Taylor Ballou25.64aHome Education Athle...
5.6Anna Little26.85aHome Education Athle...
6.6Emma Little28.97aHome Education Athle...
7Maddie ParkerNTGrace Community
7Madison HammerNTGrace Community
7Claire AldenNTGrace Community
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - 7th grade - Finals
1.8Abbie Guevara1:04.99aGorman (Tyler)
8Bethany KimmeyNTGrace Community
8Taylor KingsleyNTGrace Community
8Alex SchroederNTGrace Community
8Nikki EvansNTBrook Hill
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - 8th grade - Finals
1.7Kendall Spinks1:00.58aAll Saints Episcopal
2.6Montana Sandlin1:03.71aPhoenix Charter
3.6Bethany Baber1:15.58aHome Education Athle...
4.7Taylor Ballou1:17.01aHome Education Athle...
7Lily EmersonNTGrace Community
7Hannah ThibodeauxNTGrace Community
X 4x100 Relay - 7th grade - Finals
1.-Brittany Browning
Sydney Jenkins
Ka'leigh Hinton
Ronjenee Williams
56.10aTyler Metro Track
2.-Julie James
Emma Philips
Alex Harper
Loise Perry
56.23aMcKinney Christian
3.-Katherine Stair
Morgan Moss
Avery Langemeier
Charlie Niles
57.22aBrook Hill
4.-Madison Newman
Rachel Balser
Hadlee Dixon
Lauren Bone
57.42aGrace Community
5.-Meredith Buzbee
Caroline Camp
Monica Hand
Carter Anne Jones
57.72aGorman (Tyler)
6.-Madeline Schroepfer
Sammi Robertson
Caroline Walker
Tori Blaylock
1:05.23aHeritage Christian A...
X 4x100 Relay - 8th grade - Finals
1.-Brittney Brown
Cassandra Smith
D'Kaira Otis
Tiana Otis
1:01.60aPhoenix Charter
2.-Liliana Vasquez
Maddie Romeo
Olivia Dugan
Kailtin Chaump
1:01.88aGorman (Tyler)
3.-Bailey Bickerstaff
Madeline Travis
Vallerie Allen
Hanna Glenn
1:03.85aBrook Hill
4.-Gabrielle Stanley
Audrey Madden
Keira Eynon
Danielle Poss
1:04.95aChristian Heritage (...
5.-Relay Team 1:05.40aMcKinney Christian
6.-Lily Emerson
Maddie Parker
Kailey Cotter
Claire Alden
1:09.68aGrace Community
-Relay Team NTSt Patrick
X 4x200 Relay - 7th grade - Finals
1.-Sydney Jenkins
Kennedy Jenkins
Amber Foster
Katrina Noyola
2:01.90aTyler Metro Track
2.-Erin Allen
Sarah Smith
Sydney Barrett
Betsy McKinney
2:02.27aAll Saints Episcopal
3.-Rebecca Bowles
Monica Hand
Carter Anne Jones
Caroline Camp
2:02.32aGorman (Tyler)
4.-Rachel Balser
Claire Smith
Bethany Kimmey
Lauren Bone
2:08.14aGrace Community
5.-Madeline Schroepfer
Caroline Walker
Sammi Robertson
Makenna Meeks
2:22.27aHeritage Christian A...
X 4x200 Relay - 8th grade - Finals
1.-Sarah Bracken
Kendall Spinks
Emauri Watson
Allie Werner
2:05.83aAll Saints Episcopal
2.-Cassandra Smith
Brittney Brown
Tiana Otis
D'Kaira Otis
2:10.75aPhoenix Charter
3.-Kailtin Chaump
Grace Knight
Kristin Loving
Maddie Romeo
2:14.20aGorman (Tyler)
4.-Mikalea Juarez
Marie Bowen
Hannah Thibodeaux
Parker Daughtry
2:15.72aGrace Community
5.-Ashtyn KIng
Camryn Loggains
Katie Dossey
Brooklin Miller
2:20.54aMcKinney Christian
6.-Anna Little
Bethany Baber
Emma Little
Taylor Ballou
2:29.00aHome Education Athle...
X 4x400 Relay - 7th grade - Finals
1.-Katrina Noyola
Kennedy Jenkins
Shania Ford
Cordelia Watson
5:13.62aTyler Metro Track
2.-Briana Martin
Sharon Kariampuzha
Victoria MacClements
Rebecca Bowles
5:18.39aGorman (Tyler)
3.-Hanna Glenn
Katherine Stair
Charlie Niles
Nikki Evans
5:37.91aBrook Hill
-Jaydee Edwards
Marie Bowen
Mikalea Juarez
Tiffany Lim
NTGrace Community
X 4x400 Relay - 8th grade - Finals
1.-Abigail Beggs
Brooke Pearson
Emma Little
Anna Little
5:32.45aHome Education Athle...
2.-Bailey Bickerstaff
Madeline Travis
Vallerie Allen
Megan Priddy
5:34.56aBrook Hill
3.-Erin Hancock
Grace Findley
Olivia Martin
Mary Brian Clarke
5:51.96aGorman (Tyler)
4.-Montana Sandlin
Lesly Rojas
Lizabeth Sanchez
Alexis Delgado
5:53.74aPhoenix Charter
-Claire Smith
Bradie Roseberry
Allison Paul
Brooke Taylor
NTGrace Community
X Shot Put - 6lb - 7th grade - Finals
1.8Haley Pettit25-10.50Heritage Christian A...
2.8Abbie Rives25-03.00Grace Community
3.8Chelsea Clark24-00.50Grace Community
4.8Marializa Martinez23-05.00Gorman (Tyler)
5.8Cheyenne Benner20-08.00Grace Community
6.8Rachel Necessary20-06.00Gorman (Tyler)
7.8Maddie Smith19-03.00Heritage Christian A...
8.7Miles Inglish18-05.50Brook Hill
9.8Valentina Soto17-11.50St Mary's (Longview)
8Jessica EvansNDGreenville Christian
8Scierra WaldronNDGorman (Tyler)
X Shot Put - 6lb - 8th grade - Finals
1.7Allie Werner28-05.00All Saints Episcopal
2.7Parker Daughtry22-01.00Grace Community
3.6Emma Little21-07.00Home Education Athle...
4.7Tori Intlehouse20-11.00Grace Community
5.7Hannah Wright20-04.50Grace Community
6.7Katy McEvoy19-09.00Heritage Christian A...
7.7Molly Rust17-05.00Gorman (Tyler)
7Beatriz AvilesNDGorman (Tyler)
6Karinthia FradellaNDMarshall Christian A...
6Lizabeth SanchezNDPhoenix Charter
6Lizzy HarperNDMcKinney Christian
6Camryn LoggainsNDMcKinney Christian
8Alana DuncanNDGorman (Tyler)
6Alexis DelGadoNDPhoenix Charter
6Lesly RojasNDPhoenix Charter
8Nikki VannNDSt Patrick
X Discus - 1kg - 7th grade - Finals
1.8Nikki Evans65-08Brook Hill
2.8Haley Pettit56-10Heritage Christian A...
3.8Sydney Barrett54-08All Saints Episcopal
4.7Miles Inglish48-11Brook Hill
5.8Sarah Smith48-11All Saints Episcopal
6.8Kelli Miller46-01Grace Community
8Paige StewartNDGrace Community
8Maddie SmithNDHeritage Christian A...
8Jessica EvansNDGreenville Christian
8Rachel NecessaryNDGorman (Tyler)
8Scierra WaldronNDGorman (Tyler)
8Nikki VannNDSt Patrick
8Marieliza MartinezNDGorman (Tyler)
8Bonnie TesseymanNDGrace Community
8Carmen ViloriaNDSt Mary's (Longview)
X High Jump - 7th grade - Finals
1.8Nikki Evans4-07.00Brook Hill
2.8Bethany Kimmey4-06.00Grace Community
3.8Taylor Kingsley4-02.00Grace Community
4.7Grace Knight4-00.00Gorman (Tyler)
4.8Haley Russell4-00.00Grace Community
4.8Kristin Chaump4-00.00Gorman (Tyler)
X High Jump - 8th grade - Finals
1.7Jaydee Edwards4-04.00Grace Community
2.7Claire Alden4-00.00Grace Community
3.7Charlie Niles3-10.00Brook Hill
4.6Madeline Travis3-06.00Brook Hill
4.7Jordan Philips3-06.00Gorman (Tyler)
7Olivia MartinNHGorman (Tyler)
6Ashtyn KingNHMcKinney Christian
X Pole Vault - 7th grade - Finals
1.8Meredith Buzbee8-00.00Gorman (Tyler)
2.8Cheyenne Benner5-06.00Grace Community
8Brooke TaylorNHGrace Community
8Mitali GhugeNHGrace Community
X Pole Vault - 8th grade - Finals
7Parker DaughtryNHGrace Community
7Libby BrandenburgNHGrace Community
X Long Jump - 7th grade - Finals
1.8Emma Philips15-10.50McKinney Christian
2.8Madison Newman15-05.00Grace Community
2.7Morgan Moss15-05.00Brook Hill
4.8Monica Hand15-03.50Gorman (Tyler)
5.8Rebecca Bowles13-06.50Gorman (Tyler)
6.8Meaghan Brown13-05.50Greenville Christian
7.8Tiana Otis13-01.50Phoenix Charter
8.8Lauren Bone12-06.50Grace Community
9.7Katherine Stair12-02.50Brook Hill
10.8Madeline Schroepfer12-02.00Heritage Christian A...
11.8Kelly Frossard11-10.75Gorman (Tyler)
12.7Sophia Wimberley11-10.50Greenville Christian
13.8Allison Paul11-09.00Grace Community
14.7Hanna Glenn11-05.50Brook Hill
15.7Gabrielle Stanley11-02.50Christian Heritage (...
16.8Ashleigh Malen11-02.00St Mary's (Longview)
17.8Destiny Bell10-10.50Home Education Athle...
13-14Amber FosterNDTyler Metro Track
13-14Cordelia WatsonNDTyler Metro Track
13-14Ronjenee WilliamsNDTyler Metro Track
8Valentina SotoNDSt Mary's (Longview)
X Long Jump - 8th grade - Finals
1.7Leah Latham15-04.50Marshall Christian A...
2.6Katie Dossey13-09.25McKinney Christian
3.7Bailey Bickerstaff13-01.75Brook Hill
4.7D'Kaira Otis12-07.00Phoenix Charter
5.7Charlie Niles12-04.50Brook Hill
6.6Keira Eynon12-02.00Christian Heritage (...
7.6Audrey Madden11-11.50Christian Heritage (...
8.7Sammi Robertson11-08.50Heritage Christian A...
9.7Elisa Fredella11-05.00Marshall Christian A...
10.7Kailtin Chaump11-03.50Gorman (Tyler)
10.6Cassandra Smith11-03.50Phoenix Charter
10.6Madeline Travis11-03.50Brook Hill
13.7Brooke Pearson10-10.00Home Education Athle...
14.6Claire Culpepper10-08.25Regents Academy
15.7Beatriz Aviles10-05.50Gorman (Tyler)
16.7Natali Hall10-01.00Brook Hill
16.6Ashtyn King10-01.00McKinney Christian
18.6Bethany Baber9-11.00Home Education Athle...
7Madison HammerNDGrace Community
7Libby BrandenburgNDGrace Community
7Makenna MeeksNDHeritage Christian A...
7Lily EmersonNDGrace Community
7Taylor BallouNDHome Education Athle...
6Danielle PossNDChristian Heritage (...
7Maddie RomeoNDGorman (Tyler)
6Montana SandlinNDPhoenix Charter
8Andee MoorerNDSt Patrick
X Triple Jump - 7th grade - Finals
1.7Morgan Moss32-01.50Brook Hill
2.8Mary-Birdsong Gabriel28-09.50Grace Community
3.8Taylor Kingsley28-08.00Grace Community
4.8Meredith Buzbee27-10.50Gorman (Tyler)
5.8Lauren Bone27-01.75Grace Community
6.8Rebecca Bowles25-10.25Gorman (Tyler)
7.8Tiana Otis23-04.00Phoenix Charter
8Carmen ViloriaNDSt Mary's (Longview)
8Emma PhilipsNDMcKinney Christian
X Triple Jump - 8th grade - Finals
1.7Marie Bowen25-06.50Grace Community
2.7Anna Dohanich25-01.50St Mary's (Longview)
3.7Jaydee Edwards24-07.50Grace Community
4.7Tiffany Lim24-06.75Grace Community
5.7Brooke Pearson22-06.00Home Education Athle...
6Anna LittleNDHome Education Athle...
7Natali HallNDBrook Hill
6Cassandra SmithNDPhoenix Charter
6Brittney BrownNDPhoenix Charter
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