IML Double Dual - Kellogg, Priest River, St. Maries

Tuesday, April 26, 2011
  Priest River, Priest River - Map

  Field Events Start: 4:00 PM  Track Events Start: 4:00 PM
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Idaho - 2A
SMARSt Maries
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Rock Stapley11.52Bonners Ferry
2.11Chris Spiers11.56Kellogg
3.12Devin Vint11.90St Maries
4.12Jesse Johnson12.40St Maries
5.11Matt Peterson12.50Priest River Lamanna
6.11Alexander DeMarco12.52Bonners Ferry
7.12Nathan Grow12.58Bonners Ferry
8.11Christopher Van der heijden12.71Priest River Lamanna
9.9Cody Howard13.00St Maries
10.9Bryan Yeomans13.03Bonners Ferry
11.12Cody Karber13.09St Maries
12.11Pablo Arias13.21St Maries
13.11Pierce Otto13.47Kellogg
14.11Nick Sholey13.88Kellogg
15.9Jonathan Larsen14.14Kellogg
9Tevin PerryNTPriest River Lamanna
9Quinn CummingsNTBonners Ferry
9Micah SimontonNTBonners Ferry
9Jesus MendezNTBonners Ferry
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Chris Spiers23.30Kellogg
2.11Rock Stapley23.70Bonners Ferry
3.11Ryne Stull23.90Kellogg
4.11Alexander DeMarco25.30Bonners Ferry
5.11Matt Peterson25.60Priest River Lamanna
6.12Jesse Johnson25.70St Maries
7.11Zach Clanton26.70Kellogg
8.9Cody Howard27.10St Maries
9.12Cody Karber27.50St Maries
10.9Jesus Mendez28.20Bonners Ferry
11.9Luke Feasline29.90St Maries
9Andrew BaileyNTSt Maries
12Nathan GrowNTBonners Ferry
9Bryan YeomansNTBonners Ferry
9Quinn CummingsNTBonners Ferry
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ryne Stull53.20Kellogg
2.10Garret Wendt55.00Kellogg
3.12Nick Cordell57.60St Maries
4.9Dallas Hopkins58.70Priest River Lamanna
5.11Mathew Greer1:00.00St Maries
6.10Austin Cordell1:01.50St Maries
7.10Kody Rice1:04.80Bonners Ferry
8.11Pablo Arias1:07.60St Maries
9Ben BeirNTKellogg
12Tyler AndersenNTSt Maries
12Jesse GondekNTBonners Ferry
12Nathan GrowNTBonners Ferry
12Taylor TompkeNTBonners Ferry
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Justin Ewing2:05.80Priest River Lamanna
2.12Johnny Moore2:07.10Kellogg
3.12Nick Cordell2:07.50St Maries
4.12Tyler Andersen2:10.90St Maries
5.10Jared Lysne2:13.90Bonners Ferry
6.10Adrian Beehner2:17.20Kellogg
7.9Collin Cossairt2:19.00Bonners Ferry
8.12David Bell2:20.00Priest River Lamanna
9.12Matt Schryock2:20.70Bonners Ferry
10.10Austin Cordell2:25.50St Maries
11.11Kody Rees2:26.80St Maries
12.12Nicholas Gorino2:28.00Bonners Ferry
13.9Dalin Hubbard2:51.00Bonners Ferry
10Adam AlverezNTBonners Ferry
11Gavin FlowerNTBonners Ferry
9Casey SmithNTBonners Ferry
9Sean VarelmanNTBonners Ferry
9Diamond RobinsonNTPriest River Lamanna
9Brad ThompsonNTBonners Ferry
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Micah Krmpotich4:56.50Bonners Ferry
2.12James Hegge5:01.50Priest River Lamanna
3.12Justin Ewing5:04.10Priest River Lamanna
4.11Gavin Peterson5:04.30Kellogg
5.10Jared Lysne5:09.70Bonners Ferry
6.11Mathew Greer5:14.70St Maries
7.9Brad Thompson5:15.90Bonners Ferry
8.12Alec Vonner5:18.00Priest River Lamanna
9.11Kody Rees5:18.90St Maries
10.10Jeff Campo5:22.70Kellogg
11.12Nick Cordell5:26.00St Maries
12.9Collin Cossairt5:27.10Bonners Ferry
13.10Adrian Beehner5:30.30Kellogg
14.10Austin Cordell5:30.50St Maries
15.12Alex Minor5:39.40Bonners Ferry
16.9Alex Galford5:44.10Kellogg
17.11Gavin Flower5:53.00Bonners Ferry
18.9Dalin Hubbard6:18.90Bonners Ferry
19.9Sean Varelman6:54.00Bonners Ferry
9Casey SmithNTBonners Ferry
9Jake PerezNTBonners Ferry
12Nicholas GorinoNTBonners Ferry
10Adam AlverezNTBonners Ferry
12Matt SchryockNTBonners Ferry
9Diamond RobinsonNTPriest River Lamanna
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Micah Krmpotich10:35.00Bonners Ferry
2.9Brad Thompson11:02.00Bonners Ferry
3.11Gavin Peterson11:03.00Kellogg
4.11Kody Rees11:06.00St Maries
5.12David Bell11:08.00Priest River Lamanna
6.11Silas Domy11:27.00Kellogg
7.10Jeff Campo11:39.00Kellogg
8.12Nicholas Gorino11:43.00Bonners Ferry
9.12Alex Minor12:26.00Bonners Ferry
10.9Alex Galford12:59.00Kellogg
12Matt SchryockNTBonners Ferry
10Jared LysneNTBonners Ferry
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Matt Kelso17.92Kellogg
2.11William Kramer18.47Priest River Lamanna
3.12Kenny Mayer18.55Kellogg
4.12Thomas Storey19.16Priest River Lamanna
5.9Kyler Rice19.80Bonners Ferry
6.12Nathan Grow19.88Bonners Ferry
7.11Matt Nelson20.18Priest River Lamanna
8.11Andrew Huddleston21.41Priest River Lamanna
9Conner BennettNTBonners Ferry
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Tyler Andersen44.00St Maries
2.12Steele Jones47.30Kellogg
3.11Matt Kelso47.50Kellogg
4.11Andrew Huddleston47.70Priest River Lamanna
5.12Thomas Storey48.70Priest River Lamanna
6.11Matt Nelson49.30Priest River Lamanna
6.9Kyler Rice49.30Bonners Ferry
8.12Nathan Grow49.90Bonners Ferry
9.9Conner Bennett50.00Bonners Ferry
10.12Kenny Mayer50.10Kellogg
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Chris Spiers
Cody Seaton
Jacob Flores
Matt Kelso
2.-Robert Lundgren
Rock Stapley
Alexander DeMarco
Jesse Luther
48.50Bonners Ferry
3.-Jesse Johnson
Cody Howard
Pablo Arias
Cody Karber
50.80St Maries
4.-Neal Johnson
Matt Peterson
Alec Vonner
Christopher Van der heijden
51.00Priest River Lamanna
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Quinn Cummings
Alexander DeMarco
Taylor Tompke
Robert Lundgren
1:38.10Bonners Ferry
2.-Mike Bach
Matt Peterson
Evan Holmes
James Hegge
1:38.70Priest River Lamanna
3.-Zach Clanton
Jonathan Larsen
Nick Sholey
Dan Bren
4.-Luke Feasline
Andrew Bailey
Matt Warner
Cody Karber
1:54.70St Maries
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Ryne Stull
Garret Wendt
Matt Kelso
Johnny Moore
2.-Collin Cossairt
Conner Bennett
Kody Rice
Rock Stapley
3:46.10Bonners Ferry
3.-David Bell
William Kramer
Andrew Huddleston
Dallas Hopkins
3:58.90Priest River Lamanna
X SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8] - Varsity - Finals
1.-Mike Bach
Evan Holmes
James Hegge
Justin Ewing
3:52.40Priest River Lamanna
2.-Cody Seaton
Johnny Moore
Jacob Flores
Ryne Stull
3.-Jesse Johnson
Devin Vint
Tyler Andersen
Nick Cordell
4:07.00St Maries
4.-Nicholas Gorino
Robert Lundgren
Nathan Grow
Conner Bennett
4:15.20Bonners Ferry
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Steele Jones40-08.00Kellogg
2.10Carmen Krichbaum40-03.50Bonners Ferry
3.12Brandon Ratcliff39-10.00Bonners Ferry
4.12Devin Vint39-05.00St Maries
5.12Jacob Flores36-11.75Kellogg
6.12Austin Kriedeman34-09.25Kellogg
7.11William Kramer34-04.50Priest River Lamanna
8.11Neal Johnson33-01.25Priest River Lamanna
9.11Jesse Luther32-08.75Bonners Ferry
10.12Matt Warner32-07.25St Maries
11.11Pierce Otto32-04.50Kellogg
12.9Luke Feasline31-01.00St Maries
13.11Thomas Amoth30-09.00Bonners Ferry
14.12Tyler Swafford29-10.50Priest River Lamanna
15.11Ricky OBrien27-11.00Kellogg
16.9Robert Swanson27-00.00Bonners Ferry
17.9James Reed25-03.00Kellogg
18.9Travis Hewitt23-11.25Kellogg
9Andrew BaileyNDSt Maries
11Devin SchaulkNDBonners Ferry
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Devin Vint131-07St Maries
2.12Steele Jones117-09Kellogg
3.12Brandon Ratcliff111-09Bonners Ferry
4.12Tyler Swafford102-09Priest River Lamanna
5.10Carmen Krichbaum102-03Bonners Ferry
6.9Tevin Perry99-00Priest River Lamanna
7.9Luke Feasline97-08St Maries
8.12Matt Warner95-00St Maries
9.12Austin Kriedeman92-05Kellogg
10.11Neal Johnson92-04Priest River Lamanna
11.11Pierce Otto91-05Kellogg
12.9James Reed83-00Kellogg
13.11Thomas Amoth80-00Bonners Ferry
14.9Robert Swanson74-06Bonners Ferry
15.11Pablo Arias69-03St Maries
16.11Ricky OBrien68-00Kellogg
17.9Travis Hewitt64-00Kellogg
9Andrew BaileyNDSt Maries
11Devin SchaulkNDBonners Ferry
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Garret Wendt5-10.00Kellogg
2.11William Kramer5-08.00Priest River Lamanna
3.9Kyler Rice5-04.00Bonners Ferry
11Mathew GreerNHSt Maries
11Gage ZielinskiNHBonners Ferry
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Taylor Tompke10-06.00Bonners Ferry
2.12Alec Vonner10-06.00Priest River Lamanna
3.12Robert Lundgren9-06.00Bonners Ferry
4.9Conner Bennett9-00.00Bonners Ferry
5.11Jesse Luther9-00.00Bonners Ferry
6.11Neal Johnson8-06.00Priest River Lamanna
7.9Jake Perez8-06.00Bonners Ferry
8.9Luke Soumas8-00.00Priest River Lamanna
9.11Silas Domy8-00.00Kellogg
11Dan BrenNHKellogg
10Cooper CoyleNHKellogg
11Nick SholeyNHKellogg
12James HeggeNHPriest River Lamanna
12Jesse GondekNHBonners Ferry
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Mike Bach20-06.00Priest River Lamanna
2.10Cody Seaton18-00.00Kellogg
3.10Garret Wendt17-09.00Kellogg
4.12Evan Holmes17-05.50Priest River Lamanna
5.12Jacob Flores16-09.00Kellogg
6.11Andrew Huddleston15-00.50Priest River Lamanna
7.9Dallas Hopkins15-00.00Priest River Lamanna
8.11Nick Rossi11-11.00Bonners Ferry
9.9Micah Simonton11-00.00Bonners Ferry
9Ben BeirNDKellogg
9Jonathan LarsenNDKellogg
12Jesse GondekNDBonners Ferry
9Cody HowardNDSt Maries
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Mike Bach40-06.00Priest River Lamanna
2.12Evan Holmes37-01.50Priest River Lamanna
3.10Cody Seaton35-09.50Kellogg
4.10Kody Rice35-01.00Bonners Ferry
5.9Dallas Hopkins32-10.50Priest River Lamanna

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Courtney Tucker13.13Bonners Ferry
2.9Amber Trantum13.73Priest River Lamanna
3.10Elizabeth Racer13.94Bonners Ferry
4.11Meg Newell14.10Bonners Ferry
5.10Brady Nelson14.22Priest River Lamanna
6.10Chloe Buchanan14.30Kellogg
7.9Brittany Calderone14.32Bonners Ferry
8.9Kelsey Shutes14.76Bonners Ferry
9.10McKenzie Jelinek15.04Bonners Ferry
10.11Hunter Rainio15.11Kellogg
11.11Kaitlyn Wohlman15.21Kellogg
12.9Gabrielle Munson15.60Bonners Ferry
13.9Kaitlyn Lynch15.73Kellogg
14.12Payton VanVorce15.80St Maries
15.9Darci Carter15.81Priest River Lamanna
16.9Ariana Eisler15.89Priest River Lamanna
17.11Hallie Bonnicksen16.58Kellogg
18.10Erin Nelson16.72Priest River Lamanna
19.12Tei-Anna Osborn18.15St Maries
20.12Alissa Buckham19.18St Maries
20.10Whitney Urmann19.18Priest River Lamanna
9Kelci StantonNTSt Maries
10Darian TompkinsNTBonners Ferry
12Tiffani McGlothlinNTSt Maries
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Chloe Buchanan27.90Kellogg
2.10Steffie Pavey28.50Priest River Lamanna
3.11Meg Newell29.70Bonners Ferry
4.9Kaitlyn Lynch30.50Kellogg
5.10McKenzie Jelinek31.00Bonners Ferry
6.9Chelsea Thaut31.10St Maries
7.9Jordan Smith31.30Kellogg
8.9Brittany Calderone31.90Bonners Ferry
9.11Kaitlyn Wohlman32.00Kellogg
10.12Payton VanVorce33.90St Maries
11.9Ariana Eisler34.40Priest River Lamanna
12.11Leslie Scott37.90St Maries
13.9Melissa Warner42.00St Maries
10Courtney TuckerNTBonners Ferry
12Jennifer TisdellNTPriest River Lamanna
9Gabrielle MunsonNTBonners Ferry
9Kelsey ShutesNTBonners Ferry
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Courtney Tucker1:02.00Bonners Ferry
2.10Brady Nelson1:06.30Priest River Lamanna
3.9Chelsea Thaut1:08.20St Maries
4.11Christina Gibbs1:11.10Kellogg
5.9Anna Pavey1:11.80Priest River Lamanna
6.10Haley Brooks1:17.90Kellogg
9Kelci StantonNTSt Maries
12Amber TowlesNTPriest River Lamanna
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Chelsea Thaut2:41.40St Maries
2.11Kendra Buell2:41.70St Maries
3.11Sheila Briggs2:47.60Kellogg
4.9Wendy Stokes2:48.50Priest River Lamanna
5.11Natasha Litterall2:55.20Bonners Ferry
6.11Kaytrin Thaut2:57.80St Maries
7.12Crystal Pamplin2:59.20Bonners Ferry
8.11Brianna Stofiel3:05.40Bonners Ferry
9.11Katy Hiatt3:21.50Bonners Ferry
11Leticia ScottNTSt Maries
12Jessica MerzNTBonners Ferry
10Sally BalceanNTBonners Ferry
9Brook WilsonNTBonners Ferry
10Amanda HunterNTPriest River Lamanna
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Sheila Briggs6:14.20Kellogg
2.11Kendra Buell6:15.40St Maries
3.12Alisha Blair6:27.90Bonners Ferry
4.11Kaytrin Thaut6:32.50St Maries
5.9Wendy Stokes6:33.40Priest River Lamanna
6.10Kourtney Aldridge6:53.80Priest River Lamanna
7.11Katy Hiatt7:16.00Bonners Ferry
8.11Brianna Stofiel7:18.90Bonners Ferry
9.11Leticia Scott7:24.20St Maries
10.12Lorena LaBarbera7:28.60Bonners Ferry
11.10Sally Balcean7:43.30Bonners Ferry
12.11Hallie Bonnicksen7:55.80Kellogg
9Kinya MorrisonNTPriest River Lamanna
9Brook WilsonNTBonners Ferry
10Amanda HunterNTPriest River Lamanna
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Alisha Blair13:54.00Bonners Ferry
2.10Kourtney Aldridge14:31.00Priest River Lamanna
3.12Lorena LaBarbera14:49.00Bonners Ferry
4.9Kinya Morrison14:54.00Priest River Lamanna
5.11Leticia Scott15:35.00St Maries
6.11Katy Hiatt17:25.00Bonners Ferry
10Amanda HunterNTPriest River Lamanna
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Taylor Sheppard17.62Kellogg
2.10Kaitlyn Flores17.70Kellogg
3.9Jill Weimer18.18Priest River Lamanna
4.12Olivia Langs18.47Bonners Ferry
5.10Makaila Endicott18.94Priest River Lamanna
6.10Sydney Hubbard19.08Bonners Ferry
7.10BreeAnna Marks19.62Priest River Lamanna
8.10Amy Maggi19.91Bonners Ferry
9.9Jordan Smith20.80Kellogg
10.9Liz Short20.92St Maries
11.9Lilian York21.09Bonners Ferry
12.9Emma Kelly21.44Bonners Ferry
12Letisia PerezNTBonners Ferry
9Lexie JonesNTBonners Ferry
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Steffie Pavey50.80Priest River Lamanna
2.10Taylor Sheppard51.20Kellogg
3.10Tori Foutz51.50St Maries
4.9Jill Weimer52.40Priest River Lamanna
5.12Olivia Langs53.60Bonners Ferry
6.10Sydney Hubbard57.60Bonners Ferry
7.10Amy Maggi59.20Bonners Ferry
9Lexie JonesNTBonners Ferry
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Chloe Buchanan
Kaitlyn Flores
Hunter Rainio
Lily Weske
2.-Amy Andrews
Olivia Langs
Allyson Merrifield
Elizabeth Racer
54.30Bonners Ferry
3.-BreeAnna Marks
Jennifer Tisdell
Amber Towles
Alecia Hester
1:00.00Priest River Lamanna
4.-Alissa Buckham
Tiffani McGlothlin
Tei-Anna Osborn
Kodie Wight
1:08.00St Maries
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Amy Andrews
Olivia Langs
Allyson Merrifield
Elizabeth Racer
1:54.40Bonners Ferry
2.-Brady Nelson
Steffie Pavey
Amber Towles
Amber Trantum
1:58.50Priest River Lamanna
3.-Jordan Smith
Kaitlyn Wohlman
Kaitlyn Lynch
Kaitlyn Flores
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Amy Andrews
Elizabeth Racer
Allyson Merrifield
Lilian York
4:28.60Bonners Ferry
2.-Brady Nelson
Steffie Pavey
Jill Weimer
Amber Towles
4:34.00Priest River Lamanna
3.-Lily Weske
Sheila Briggs
Taylor Sheppard
Christina Gibbs
4.-Tori Foutz
Kendra Buell
Kaytrin Thaut
Leticia Scott
4:57.70St Maries
X SMR 100-100-200-400m - Varsity - Finals
1.-Marah Ashcraft
Kaitlyn Lynch
Lily Weske
Jordan Smith
2.-Anika Blackmore
Gabrielle Munson
Kelsey Shutes
Crystal Pamplin
2:10.30Bonners Ferry
3.-Makaila Endicott
Anna Pavey
BreeAnna Marks
Jennifer Tisdell
2:12.70Priest River Lamanna
4.-Liz Short
Kelci Stanton
Chelsea Thaut
Tori Foutz
2:22.10St Maries
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Liz Halcro31-03.00Priest River Lamanna
2.12Markayle Acord29-11.50Bonners Ferry
3.12Jamie Broaddus29-11.25Kellogg
4.9Beth Bykerk29-01.25Priest River Lamanna
5.12Tei-Anna Osborn28-07.25St Maries
6.11Felisha Johnson28-04.50Priest River Lamanna
7.11Sabrina Aguayo28-00.50Priest River Lamanna
8.11Cassandra Stagner27-11.25Priest River Lamanna
9.10Michaela Sumner27-01.25Priest River Lamanna
10.11Leslie Scott26-09.00St Maries
11.10Sarah Schuman26-08.50Bonners Ferry
12.12Tiffani McGlothlin25-11.25St Maries
13.9Brandy Schuman23-06.50Bonners Ferry
14.9Kodie Wight20-06.25St Maries
15.9Melissa Warner20-04.50St Maries
16.12Alissa Buckham16-10.00St Maries
12Natasha FinniganNDBonners Ferry
10Sydney HubbardNDBonners Ferry
12Letisia PerezNDBonners Ferry
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Markayle Acord118-07Bonners Ferry
2.12Tiffani McGlothlin91-09St Maries
3.10Sarah Schuman91-06Bonners Ferry
4.11Liz Halcro88-09Priest River Lamanna
5.11Cassandra Stagner85-07Priest River Lamanna
6.9Beth Bykerk85-05Priest River Lamanna
7.12Tei-Anna Osborn77-06St Maries
8.11Felisha Johnson70-02Priest River Lamanna
9.11Sabrina Aguayo70-00Priest River Lamanna
10.10Michaela Sumner69-09Priest River Lamanna
11.11Leslie Scott67-08St Maries
12.9Brandy Schuman61-00Bonners Ferry
13.12Jamie Broaddus52-00Kellogg
14.9Kodie Wight51-00St Maries
15.9Melissa Warner50-07St Maries
16.12Alissa Buckham47-07St Maries
17.10Haley Brooks44-10Kellogg
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Marah Ashcraft4-10.00Kellogg
2.10Taylor Sheppard4-10.00Kellogg
3.9Jill Weimer4-08.00Priest River Lamanna
4.9Anika Blackmore4-08.00Bonners Ferry
5.12Jessica Merz4-08.00Bonners Ferry
6.10Christina Soriano4-02.00Bonners Ferry
10Makaila EndicottNHPriest River Lamanna
12Payton VanVorceNHSt Maries
10Amy MaggiNHBonners Ferry
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Lily Weske9-00.00Kellogg
2.11Hunter Rainio8-00.00Kellogg
3.12Jennifer Tisdell8-00.00Priest River Lamanna
4.10Rachel Endicott7-06.00Bonners Ferry
4.9Gabrielle Munson7-06.00Bonners Ferry
6.9Lilian York7-06.00Bonners Ferry
7.10Christina Soriano7-00.00Bonners Ferry
7.10Makaila Endicott7-00.00Priest River Lamanna
7.10Chloe Buchanan7-00.00Kellogg
10Amy MaggiNHBonners Ferry
9Alecia HesterNHPriest River Lamanna
9Anika BlackmoreNHBonners Ferry
9Emma KellyNHBonners Ferry
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Marah Ashcraft13-08.50Kellogg
2.10Allyson Merrifield13-07.00Bonners Ferry
3.12Jamie Broaddus13-06.50Kellogg
4.9Amber Trantum13-03.50Priest River Lamanna
5.9Anika Blackmore12-09.50Bonners Ferry
6.11Christina Gibbs12-09.00Kellogg
7.11Sheila Briggs12-05.50Kellogg
8.11Natasha Litterall12-05.00Bonners Ferry
9.10Erin Nelson11-09.50Priest River Lamanna
10.12Natasha Finnigan11-08.00Bonners Ferry
11.9Liz Short11-00.00St Maries
12.10Whitney Urmann7-11.00Priest River Lamanna
9Kelci StantonNDSt Maries
10Tori FoutzNDSt Maries
9Brittany CalderoneNDBonners Ferry
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Christina Gibbs30-05.00Kellogg
2.12Amy Andrews30-04.00Bonners Ferry
3.9Amber Trantum28-03.50Priest River Lamanna
4.12Marah Ashcraft28-03.00Kellogg
5.11Kaytrin Thaut27-01.50St Maries
10Erin NelsonNDPriest River Lamanna
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