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Southern Region Championships

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Lane, Eugene

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Washington - JC
Clark College
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoDusty Jarvis10.94aLane (OR)
2.FrBen Rich11.03aSouthwestern Oregon
3.FrKeelynn Johnson11.14aClackamas
4.FrKyle Obbink11.30aClark College
5.FrJustin Oliveri11.31aMt Hood
6.SoNick Mulick11.36aMt Hood
7.FrTrent Acree11.41aClackamas
8.FrJunel Cervantes11.50aClark College
9.FrIsaiha Huff11.73aMt Hood
10.SoZach Young11.78aMt Hood
11.SoDavid Shamberger11.96aSouthwestern Oregon
12.FrZach Mart11.98aClark College
13.FrChris Morgan12.05aClark College
14.FrBruno Ebukam12.15aClark College
15.FrRonelle McGraw III12.17aMt Hood
16.SoBrian Howelton12.20aMt Hood
17.FrChris Gill12.54aSouthwestern Oregon
X 100 Meters - Decathlon - Finals
1.SoChris Zeller11.38aMt Hood
2.FrDavid Formolo11.54aLane (OR)
3.JrDominick Walker11.64aClackamas
4.FrTrent Acree11.75aClackamas
6.FrTrevor Prater11.82aLane (OR)
7.SoCarlos Vazquez11.89aClackamas
8.SoJames Ratliff11.99aClackamas
9.FrRobert Hanke12.02aMt Hood
10.FrTyson Bennett12.42aClark College
11.FrMichael Oman12.52aClark College
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoDusty Jarvis22.28aLane (OR)
2.FrJordan Latt22.30aLane (OR)
3.FrZach Rial22.47aClackamas
4.FrKeelynn Johnson22.65aClackamas
5.SoNick Mulick23.06aMt Hood
6.FrTrent Acree23.22aClackamas
7.FrKyle Obbink23.33aClark College
8.SoRicky Garcia23.42aClark College
9.FrRyan Spilsbury23.71aClackamas
10.FrJustin Oliveri23.77aMt Hood
11.FrIsaiha Huff23.79aMt Hood
12.FrJunel Cervantes24.30aClark College
13.SoDavid Shamberger25.12aSouthwestern Oregon
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrJordan Latt48.95aLane (OR)
2.FrZach Rial49.21aClackamas
3.SoRicky Garcia49.26aClark College
4.JrChris Stubbs49.33aLane (OR)
5.FrRyan Spilsbury52.10aClackamas
6.FrTillerman Kroon52.95aSouthwestern Oregon
7.SrEmmanuel Urias58.05aSouthwestern Oregon
X 400 Meters - Decathlon - Finals
1.SoZach Young50.63aMt Hood
2.SoJames Ratliff50.77aClackamas
3.JrDominick Walker50.84aClackamas
4.FrRobert Hanke50.92aMt Hood
5.FrDavid Formolo51.17aLane (OR)
6.SoCarlos Vazquez53.12aClackamas
7.FrTrevor Prater53.19aLane (OR)
8.FrTrent Acree53.87aClackamas
9.FrTyson Bennett57.27aClark College
10.FrMichael Oman58.54aClark College
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
SoNick Mulick51.31aMt Hood
SoZach Young52.37aMt Hood
FrRonelle McGraw III52.38aMt Hood
SoBrian Howelton54.75aMt Hood
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.RSKyle Vuksich1:55.63aClackamas
2.SoBen Miramontes1:58.26aClark College
3.JrMichael Bellamy1:59.06aLane (OR)
4.FrLarry Powell2:00.49aLane (OR)
5.FrDane Steeves2:00.53aLane (OR)
6.FrTroy Prettyman2:03.30aMt Hood
7.FrChris Newell2:05.75aMt Hood
8.FrSky Lofgran2:06.88aMt Hood
9.FrRuben Garcia2:07.33aClackamas
10.FrPerry Moore2:13.97aSouthwestern Oregon
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoChris Olsen4:00.28aClackamas
2.FrJacob Berkner4:05.27aLane (OR)
3.SoCesar Perez4:06.17aLane (OR)
4.FrBrandon Sherier4:06.22aClackamas
5.FrTroy Prettyman4:15.18aMt Hood
6.FrCarlos Monrroy4:16.46aLane (OR)
7.FrChris Newell4:17.90aMt Hood
8.FrJonathan Butcher4:37.79aMt Hood
9.FrDustin Reis4:46.07aSouthwestern Oregon
X 1500 Meters - Decathlon - Finals
1.JrDominick Walker4:35.61aClackamas
2.SoJames Ratliff4:35.85aClackamas
3.FrDavid Formolo4:54.25aLane (OR)
4.SoZach Young4:56.32aMt Hood
5.FrRobert Hanke4:56.40aMt Hood
6.FrTrevor Prater5:02.02aLane (OR)
7.SoCarlos Vazquez5:08.88aClackamas
8.FrMichael Oman5:13.27aClark College
9.FrTyson Bennett5:33.08aClark College
X 5000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoCesar Perez15:34.46aLane (OR)
2.FrJacob Berkner15:42.29aLane (OR)
3.FrBrad Prettyman15:46.52aClackamas
4.FrCarlos Monrroy15:58.96aLane (OR)
5.FrNathan Perry16:03.10aClark College
6.FrTroy Prettyman16:29.93aMt Hood
7.FrChris Newell16:33.18aMt Hood
8.FrDonnie Coulson16:39.70aMt Hood
9.SoJared Obrien16:41.80aClark College
10.SoWes Hughes16:49.65aMt Hood
11.FrBen Stephens17:18.73aSouthwestern Oregon
12.FrJonathan Butcher17:46.79aMt Hood
13.FrNick Maudlin17:52.30aClark College
14.FrDustin Reis17:55.99aSouthwestern Oregon
X 110m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Finals
1.SoJames Ratliff15.14aClackamas
2.SoBrian Howelton15.47aMt Hood
3.JrRichard Arnold15.55aLane (OR)
4.SoKevin James15.68aSouthwestern Oregon
5.SoZach Young15.75aMt Hood
6.JrDominick Walker15.98aClackamas
7.SoChristian Grossnicklaus16.43aLane (OR)
8.FrDavid Formolo16.71aLane (OR)
9.FrTyson Bennett17.37aClark College
10.FrMichael Oman17.39aClark College
X 110m Hurdles - 42" - Decathlon - Finals
1.SoJames Ratliff15.41aClackamas
2.JrDominick Walker15.78aClackamas
4.FrDavid Formolo16.80aLane (OR)
5.FrRobert Hanke17.30aMt Hood
6.FrTyson Bennett17.49aClark College
7.FrMichael Oman17.89aClark College
8.SoCarlos Vazquez17.90aClackamas
9.FrTrevor Prater17.91aLane (OR)
X 400m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.SoJames Ratliff54.59aClackamas
2.SoZach Young56.27aMt Hood
3.JrRichard Arnold56.87aLane (OR)
4.SoBrian Howelton57.44aMt Hood
5.SoBrian McMaster58.78aClark College
6.SoChristian Grossnicklaus1:00.28aLane (OR)
7.FrRonelle McGraw III1:00.29aMt Hood
8.FrClint Von Linsowe1:00.87aSouthwestern Oregon
9.FrCole Scherer1:00.97aSouthwestern Oregon
10.SrEmmanuel Urias1:01.64aSouthwestern Oregon
11.FrRyan Rau1:02.28aClackamas
12.FrMichael Archer1:11.56aSouthwestern Oregon
X 3k Steeplechase - Varsity - Finals
1.SoWes Hughes10:13.58aMt Hood
2.FrSky Lofgran10:23.87aMt Hood
3.FrBen Stephens10:28.73aSouthwestern Oregon
4.FrDonnie Coulson10:29.03aMt Hood
5.FrBen Melles10:32.95aClackamas
6.FrDominique Douglas10:34.98aClackamas
7.FrWill Fandrey10:56.25aLane (OR)
8.FrClint Von Linsowe10:58.67aSouthwestern Oregon
9.FrRaoul Robles11:37.54aClackamas
10.FrReyes Rivera11:59.56aLane (OR)
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-David Formolo
Trevor Prater
Jordan Latt
Dusty Jarvis
42.42aLane (OR)
2.-Justin Oliveri
Nick Mulick
Zach Young
Isaiha Huff
42.66aMt Hood
3.-Carlos Vazquez
Keelynn Johnson
Ryan Spilsbury
Zach Rial
4.-Junel Cervantes
Kyle Obbink
Chris Morgan
Zach Mart
44.09aClark College
5.-David Shamberger
Perry Moore
Cole Scherer
Ben Rich
44.09aSouthwestern Oregon
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-James Ratliff
Chris Olsen
Kyle Vuksich
Zach Rial
2.-David Formolo
Richard Arnold
Chris Stubbs
Jordan Latt
3:20.28aLane (OR)
3.-Kyle Obbink
Ben Miramontes
Brian McMaster
Ricky Garcia
3:23.41aClark College
4.-Zach Young
Nick Mulick
Brian Howelton
Ronelle McGraw III
3:31.09aMt Hood
5.-Perry Moore
Emmanuel Urias
Cole Scherer
Tillerman Kroon
3:32.75aSouthwestern Oregon
X Shot Put - 16lb - Varsity - Finals
1.SoKevin Weidemann14.15mSouthwestern Oregon
2.FrAlan Ibara12.83mMt Hood
3.FrZack Stephens12.64mMt Hood
4.FrChris Benson12.57mMt Hood
5.FrNathan Blair12.12mClark College
6.FrJames Price11.79mMt Hood
7.FrTyler Callahan11.09mMt Hood
8.FrDanny Parks10.57mLane (OR)
9.FrCody Morris10.31mSouthwestern Oregon
10.FrTrevor Prater9.39mLane (OR)
X Shot Put - 16lb - Decathlon - Finals
1.SoJames Ratliff10.79mClackamas
2.JrDominick Walker10.54mClackamas
3.FrTyson Bennett10.07mClark College
4.FrTrevor Prater9.96mLane (OR)
5.SoCarlos Vazquez9.79mClackamas
6.FrTrent Acree9.57mClackamas
7.FrDavid Formolo9.40mLane (OR)
8.FrMichael Oman9.36mClark College
9.FrRobert Hanke8.05mMt Hood
10.SoZach Young7.60mMt Hood
X Discus - 2kg - Varsity - Finals
1.FrZack Stephens42.27mMt Hood
2.FrDanny Parks42.04mLane (OR)
3.FrChris Benson39.18mMt Hood
4.FrAlan Ibara38.41mMt Hood
5.FrTyler Callahan35.94mMt Hood
6.FrNathan Blair35.71mClark College
7.SoJames Ratliff32.80mClackamas
8.FrTrevor Prater31.28mLane (OR)
9.FrMichael Oman29.45mClark College
10.FrJames Price26.56mMt Hood
--FrChris GillFOULSouthwestern Oregon
X Discus - 2kg - Decathlon - Finals
1.SoCarlos Vazquez31.78mClackamas
2.FrMichael Oman30.75mClark College
3.SoJames Ratliff30.06mClackamas
4.FrDavid Formolo26.57mLane (OR)
5.FrTyson Bennett25.86mClark College
6.FrTrevor Prater23.54mLane (OR)
7.SoZach Young20.33mMt Hood
8.FrRobert Hanke18.81mMt Hood
--JrDominick WalkerFOULClackamas
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.FrTyler Callahan60.00mMt Hood
2.SoCarlos Vazquez56.51mClackamas
3.SoKurt Brandenburg50.98mClark College
4.FrAlan Ibara50.42mMt Hood
5.FrAngel Ocasio49.76mClark College
6.FrDanny Parks49.25mLane (OR)
7.SoJustin Hansen47.38mClark College
8.FrRobbie Hawkins44.06mSouthwestern Oregon
9.FrCody Morris41.21mSouthwestern Oregon
10.FrTrevor Prater40.83mLane (OR)
11.FrChris Gill38.42mSouthwestern Oregon
12.-Jordan Rogers38.10mSouthwestern Oregon
X Javelin - 800g - Decathlon - Finals
1.SoCarlos Vazquez52.16mClackamas
2.SoJames Ratliff50.51mClackamas
3.FrDavid Formolo45.06mLane (OR)
4.FrTrevor Prater41.26mLane (OR)
5.JrDominick Walker40.82mClackamas
6.FrTyson Bennett37.79mClark College
7.FrRobert Hanke36.28mMt Hood
8.FrMichael Oman31.85mClark College
9.SoZach Young30.78mMt Hood
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoTyler Lane1.98mClark College
2.FrJacob Korsness1.86mClackamas
2.FrJosh Pecktol1.86mLane (OR)
4.JrDominick Walker1.86mClackamas
5.SoClark Parra1.86mLane (OR)
6.SoKyle Hadenfeld1.80mClark College
6.FrTyson Bennett1.80mClark College
8.SoTerry Norris1.74mLane (OR)
9.FrKenny Schoenfeld1.68mClackamas
X High Jump - Decathlon - Finals
1.JrDominick Walker1.81mClackamas
1.FrTrent Acree1.81mClackamas
3.SoCarlos Vazquez1.78mClackamas
4.FrTyson Bennett1.75mClark College
5.FrDavid Formolo1.72mLane (OR)
6.FrTrevor Prater1.66mLane (OR)
6.SoJames Ratliff1.66mClackamas
6.SoZach Young1.66mMt Hood
9.FrRobert Hanke1.57mMt Hood
--FrMichael OmanNHClark College
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.SoJordan Parker4.80mLane (OR)
2.FrDavid Formolo4.60mLane (OR)
3.FrZaine Stapleton4.25mLane (OR)
4.JrAlex Ericksen4.10mLane (OR)
5.FrTrevor Prater3.80mLane (OR)
--FrJohnny EllingsonNHClackamas
--SoCarlos VazquezNHClackamas
X Pole Vault - Decathlon - Finals
1.FrDavid Formolo4.95mLane (OR)
2.FrTrevor Prater4.15mLane (OR)
3.SoCarlos Vazquez3.65mClackamas
4.JrDominick Walker3.55mClackamas
5.FrTyson Bennett3.45mClark College
6.SoZach Young3.35mMt Hood
7.FrRobert Hanke3.15mMt Hood
8.FrMichael Oman3.05mClark College
9.SoJames Ratliff2.65mClackamas
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoTerry Norris6.52mLane (OR)
2.JrDominick Walker6.49mClackamas
3.FrDavid Formolo6.48mLane (OR)
3.SoCarlos Vazquez6.48mClackamas
5.SoTyler Lane6.32mClark College
6.FrZach Mart6.30mClark College
7.FrMorgan Anthony6.28mClark College
8.SoClark Parra6.20mLane (OR)
9.FrTrent Acree6.15mClackamas
10.FrTyson Bennett6.12mClark College
11.SoBrian Howelton6.04mMt Hood
12.FrKenny Schoenfeld6.00mClackamas
13.SoKyle Hadenfeld5.92mClark College
14.FrTillerman Kroon5.91mSouthwestern Oregon
15.FrBruno Ebukam5.87mClark College
16.-Jordan Rogers5.70mSouthwestern Oregon
17.FrHugo Chevarria5.58mSouthwestern Oregon
18.FrRobbie Hawkins5.47mSouthwestern Oregon
19.SoDavid Shamberger5.43mSouthwestern Oregon
20.SoKevin James4.84mSouthwestern Oregon
X Long Jump - Decathlon - Finals
1.SoCarlos Vazquez6.47mClackamas
2.JrDominick Walker6.35mClackamas
3.FrDavid Formolo6.11mLane (OR)
4.FrTrent Acree5.95mClackamas
5.SoJames Ratliff5.92mClackamas
6.SoZach Young5.87mMt Hood
7.FrTrevor Prater5.85mLane (OR)
8.FrRobert Hanke5.51mMt Hood
9.SoChris Zeller5.40mMt Hood
10.FrMichael Oman5.32mClark College
11.FrTyson Bennett4.65mClark College
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.FrTrent Acree13.52mClackamas
2.SoTerry Norris13.08mLane (OR)
3.SoClark Parra12.91mLane (OR)
4.FrTillerman Kroon12.87mSouthwestern Oregon
5.FrTyson Bennett12.83mClark College
6.SoKevin James12.52mSouthwestern Oregon
7.FrHugo Chevarria12.51mSouthwestern Oregon
8.SoKyle Hadenfeld12.10mClark College
9.SoDavid Shamberger12.09mSouthwestern Oregon
10.SoBrian Howelton11.89mMt Hood
11.FrBruno Ebukam11.71mClark College
12.-Jordan Rogers11.21mSouthwestern Oregon
X Hammer - 16lb - Varsity - Finals
1.FrZack Stephens41.90mMt Hood
2.SoKevin Weidemann41.39mSouthwestern Oregon
3.FrChris Benson36.47mMt Hood
4.FrNathan Blair34.53mClark College
5.FrJames Price30.73mMt Hood
6.FrCody Morris26.61mSouthwestern Oregon
7.FrDanny Parks20.00mLane (OR)
X Decathlon Score - Varsity - Finals
1.FrDavid Formolo6171Lane (OR)
2.SoJames Ratliff5891Clackamas
3.SoCarlos Vazquez5810Clackamas
4.JrDominick Walker5733Clackamas
5.FrTrevor Prater5448Lane (OR)
6.SoZach Young5264Mt Hood
7.FrRobert Hanke4918Mt Hood
8.FrTyson Bennett4695Clark College
9.FrMichael Oman4102Clark College

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrErica Drake12.70aMt Hood
2.SoJennifer Roberts12.87aClackamas
3.SoNichole Leaf13.13aSouthwestern Oregon
4.SoAddie Gallagher13.15aClackamas
5.FrTerra Zodrow13.16aMt Hood
6.FrMariah Crumpler13.19aMt Hood
7.SoChelsea Standley13.42aSouthwestern Oregon
8.FrAmber Bolen13.42aLane (OR)
9.FrLaura Knudson13.43aMt Hood
10.FrKorbi Blanchard13.54aLane (OR)
11.FrJenny Stevenson13.55aClackamas
12.FrWhitney Swenson13.66aMt Hood
13.FrStephanie Anthony13.91aMt Hood
--SoAmy HermansenDNFClackamas
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrMariah Crumpler26.74aMt Hood
2.SoJennifer Roberts26.89aClackamas
3.FrLaura Knudson27.07aMt Hood
4.FrErica Drake27.17aMt Hood
5.SoAddie Gallagher27.48aClackamas
6.SoChelsea Standley27.74aSouthwestern Oregon
7.FrKorbi Blanchard27.80aLane (OR)
8.FrJenny Stevenson28.08aClackamas
9.FrTerra Zodrow28.32aMt Hood
10.FrAmber Bolen28.57aLane (OR)
11.FrKelsi Vincent29.24aLane (OR)
12.FrKristina Hossley29.25aSouthwestern Oregon
13.FrStephanie Anthony29.53aMt Hood
X 200 Meters - Heptathlon - Finals
1.FrTerra Zodrow26.44aMt Hood
2.SoJennifer Roberts26.65aClackamas
3.SoAddie Gallagher26.82aClackamas
4.FrKristina Hossley27.16aSouthwestern Oregon
5.SoMichaela McNairy27.65aClackamas
6.SoChelsea Standley27.67aSouthwestern Oregon
7.SoNichole Leaf28.02aSouthwestern Oregon
8.FrMariah Villa28.12aClackamas
9.FrJeanessa Durham28.16aSouthwestern Oregon
10.SoJacee Retherford29.31aLane (OR)
11.SoSamantha Poppe29.61aLane (OR)
12.SoMcKenzie Scott29.87aLane (OR)
13.SoKelly Millager29.88aSouthwestern Oregon
14.FrChristine Carter32.42aSouthwestern Oregon
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrLaura Knudson1:00.65aMt Hood
2.FrMariah Crumpler1:00.72aMt Hood
3.FrBarry McLaren1:01.35aLane (OR)
4.FrJeanessa Durham1:01.77aSouthwestern Oregon
5.SoShawndra Ferris1:02.78aLane (OR)
6.FrKelsi Vincent1:04.17aLane (OR)
7.FrCary Ann Lohof1:07.42aSouthwestern Oregon
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrRachel Jensen2:21.20aLane (OR)
2.FrBarry McLaren2:25.86aLane (OR)
3.FrKD Solomon2:27.59aLane (OR)
4.FrGabriella Diaz2:28.99aMt Hood
5.FrJennifer Tina2:30.69aMt Hood
6.FrHolly Meler2:32.14aClark College
7.SoAmanda Smith2:33.14aMt Hood
8.FrEmily James2:33.34aSouthwestern Oregon
9.JrShontae Brown2:45.31aSouthwestern Oregon
X 800 Meters - Heptathlon - Finals
1.SoJennifer Roberts2:29.16aClackamas
2.FrTerra Zodrow2:31.46aMt Hood
3.FrJeanessa Durham2:31.67aSouthwestern Oregon
4.SoAddie Gallagher2:37.28aClackamas
5.FrKristina Hossley2:40.87aSouthwestern Oregon
6.SoMichaela McNairy2:41.61aClackamas
7.SoChelsea Standley2:41.76aSouthwestern Oregon
8.FrMariah Villa2:45.09aClackamas
9.SoJacee Retherford2:46.68aLane (OR)
10.SoMcKenzie Scott2:47.29aLane (OR)
11.SoNichole Leaf2:55.35aSouthwestern Oregon
12.SoKelly Millager2:56.96aSouthwestern Oregon
13.SoSamantha Poppe2:57.95aLane (OR)
14.FrChristine Carter3:12.48aSouthwestern Oregon
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrRachel Jensen4:46.86aLane (OR)
2.-Mary Botsford4:52.88aClackamas
3.FrLori Jackson4:56.09aLane (OR)
4.FrKD Solomon5:01.81aLane (OR)
5.FrGabriella Diaz5:04.65aMt Hood
6.FrHolly Meler5:06.71aClark College
7.FrJennifer Tina5:15.01aMt Hood
8.SoAmanda Smith5:18.08aMt Hood
9.FrEmily James5:23.00aSouthwestern Oregon
10.JrShontae Brown5:32.55aSouthwestern Oregon
X 5000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrGylany Crossman18:08.34aLane (OR)
2.SoMaCayla Claver18:24.59aLane (OR)
3.FrKatarina Mueller18:49.85aClark College
4.FrLori Jackson19:07.39aLane (OR)
5.SoAmanda Smith19:45.32aMt Hood
6.FrGabriella Diaz19:49.58aMt Hood
7.JrMegan Hale20:03.19aLane (OR)
8.FrShelby Beaudoin20:12.91aClark College
9.SoAlesha Gipe20:24.73aClark College
10.SoMelanie Peters20:25.40aClackamas
11.FrJennifer Tina20:41.77aMt Hood
12.FrTamara Kulla21:26.92aClark College
13.SoHolli Davis21:29.54aMt Hood
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.FrTiara Fuller15.29aClackamas
2.FrKristina Hossley15.65aSouthwestern Oregon
3.FrTerra Zodrow15.76aMt Hood
4.FrWhitney Swenson15.86aMt Hood
5.SoSamantha Poppe15.94aLane (OR)
6.SoAddie Gallagher16.09aClackamas
7.FrMariah Villa16.13aClackamas
8.SoJacee Retherford16.20aLane (OR)
9.SoKatie Davis16.68aLane (OR)
10.SoMcKenzie Scott16.75aLane (OR)
11.SoKelly Millager16.86aSouthwestern Oregon
12.SoMiranda Hatcher17.47aLane (OR)
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Heptathlon - Finals
1.FrTerra Zodrow15.49aMt Hood
2.SoMichaela McNairy15.71aClackamas
3.FrKristina Hossley15.83aSouthwestern Oregon
4.SoAddie Gallagher16.15aClackamas
5.SoSamantha Poppe16.23aLane (OR)
6.FrMariah Villa16.47aClackamas
7.SoJennifer Roberts16.72aClackamas
8.SoJacee Retherford16.98aLane (OR)
9.SoKelly Millager17.23aSouthwestern Oregon
10.SoMcKenzie Scott17.41aLane (OR)
11.SoChelsea Standley18.43aSouthwestern Oregon
12.FrJeanessa Durham18.85aSouthwestern Oregon
13.SoNichole Leaf20.36aSouthwestern Oregon
14.FrChristine Carter22.03aSouthwestern Oregon
X 400m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.FrTiara Fuller1:06.71aClackamas
2.FrTerra Zodrow1:06.99aMt Hood
3.FrLaniece Luster1:12.07aClark College
4.FrJeanessa Durham1:13.87aSouthwestern Oregon
5.SoMcKenzie Scott1:15.33aLane (OR)
6.SoMiranda Hatcher1:15.81aLane (OR)
7.FrJessica Smith1:17.31aClark College
8.FrWhitney Swenson1:21.28aMt Hood
X 3k Steeplechase - Varsity - Finals
1.SoLaura Copenhagen12:06.56aClackamas
2.FrChandra Johanningmeier12:32.43aLane (OR)
3.FrTamara Kulla12:58.94aClark College
4.SoHolli Davis13:10.25aMt Hood
--FrRandi ChanceDNFClackamas
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Erica Drake
Laura Knudson
Terra Zodrow
Mariah Crumpler
48.29aMt Hood
2.-Addie Gallagher
Jennifer Roberts
Michaela McNairy
Tiara Fuller
3.-Chelsea Standley
Nichole Leaf
Jeanessa Durham
Kristina Hossley
50.57aSouthwestern Oregon
4.-Jacee Retherford
Amber Bolen
Shawndra Ferris
Korbi Blanchard
51.73aLane (OR)
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Tiara Fuller
Laura Copenhagen
Jenny Stevenson
Mary Botsford
2.-Barry McLaren
Rachel Jensen
Shawndra Ferris
Chandra Johanningmeier
4:13.01aLane (OR)
3.-Jeanessa Durham
Chelsea Standley
Kelly Millager
Nichole Leaf
4:25.59aSouthwestern Oregon
4.-Mariah Crumpler
Laura Knudson
Terra Zodrow
Stephanie Anthony
4:30.57aMt Hood
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.FrMcKenzie Henderson11.92mLane (OR)
2.SoGuzman Jennifer11.41mLane (OR)
3.FrHannah Francis10.77mSouthwestern Oregon
4.SoAddie Gallagher10.62mClackamas
5.FrKatie Higgins10.47mClackamas
6.FrLinsey Kau9.80mLane (OR)
7.FrCourtney Hutchens9.71mSouthwestern Oregon
8.FrJordan Brunetti9.55mLane (OR)
9.FrChristine Carter9.42mSouthwestern Oregon
10.SoChelsea Standley9.33mSouthwestern Oregon
11.FrMelania Kutsev8.84mClackamas
12.FrJeanessa Durham8.50mSouthwestern Oregon
X Shot Put - 4kg - Heptathlon - Finals
1.SoAddie Gallagher10.53mClackamas
2.FrChristine Carter9.88mSouthwestern Oregon
3.FrJeanessa Durham8.93mSouthwestern Oregon
4.SoChelsea Standley8.75mSouthwestern Oregon
5.SoNichole Leaf8.58mSouthwestern Oregon
6.SoKelly Millager8.48mSouthwestern Oregon
7.SoJacee Retherford8.46mLane (OR)
8.FrMariah Villa8.28mClackamas
9.SoSamantha Poppe8.04mLane (OR)
10.SoJennifer Roberts7.97mClackamas
11.FrKristina Hossley7.84mSouthwestern Oregon
12.SoMichaela McNairy7.72mClackamas
13.SoMcKenzie Scott7.10mLane (OR)
14.FrTerra Zodrow6.74mMt Hood
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.FrKatie Higgins39.61mClackamas
2.FrHannah Francis35.11mSouthwestern Oregon
3.SoGuzman Jennifer33.25mLane (OR)
4.FrJordan Brunetti32.56mLane (OR)
5.FrLinsey Kau31.98mLane (OR)
6.FrChristine Carter28.94mSouthwestern Oregon
7.FrMelania Kutsev27.27mClackamas
8.FrCourtney Hutchens26.02mSouthwestern Oregon
9.FrMcKenzie Henderson25.45mLane (OR)
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.SoAli Super45.62mClackamas
2.FrJordan Brunetti40.90mLane (OR)
3.FrMelania Kutsev36.65mClackamas
4.FrLinsey Kau35.97mLane (OR)
5.FrHannah Francis35.12mSouthwestern Oregon
6.FrCourtney Hutchens33.63mSouthwestern Oregon
6.FrChristine Carter33.63mSouthwestern Oregon
8.FrKatie Banta33.29mSouthwestern Oregon
9.FrJeanessa Durham32.93mSouthwestern Oregon
10.SoKelly Millager26.20mSouthwestern Oregon
11.FrNorma Perez26.13mClark College
12.SoNichole Leaf24.11mSouthwestern Oregon
13.SoChelsea Standley19.92mSouthwestern Oregon
X Javelin - 600g - Heptathlon - Finals
1.FrJeanessa Durham34.20mSouthwestern Oregon
2.SoAddie Gallagher32.28mClackamas
3.FrChristine Carter32.16mSouthwestern Oregon
4.SoKelly Millager27.36mSouthwestern Oregon
5.SoNichole Leaf27.05mSouthwestern Oregon
6.FrKristina Hossley26.42mSouthwestern Oregon
7.SoJennifer Roberts25.48mClackamas
8.FrTerra Zodrow23.63mMt Hood
9.SoMichaela McNairy23.49mClackamas
10.SoJacee Retherford23.19mLane (OR)
11.SoChelsea Standley22.17mSouthwestern Oregon
12.SoMcKenzie Scott22.15mLane (OR)
13.FrMariah Villa21.80mClackamas
14.SoSamantha Poppe20.16mLane (OR)
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoKelly Millager1.59mSouthwestern Oregon
2.SoSamantha Poppe1.53mLane (OR)
3.SoKatie Davis1.53mLane (OR)
4.FrMariah Villa1.41mClackamas
4.FrLeina Buchanan1.41mClark College
6.FrJessica Smith1.41mClark College
6.FrKristina Hossley1.41mSouthwestern Oregon
--FrAlex HoweFAILClackamas
X High Jump - Heptathlon - Finals
1.SoKelly Millager1.63mSouthwestern Oregon
2.SoSamantha Poppe1.57mLane (OR)
3.SoJennifer Roberts1.51mClackamas
4.FrKristina Hossley1.45mSouthwestern Oregon
5.SoMichaela McNairy1.42mClackamas
6.FrTerra Zodrow1.39mMt Hood
7.FrMariah Villa1.36mClackamas
7.SoAddie Gallagher1.36mClackamas
9.SoJacee Retherford1.33mLane (OR)
10.FrJeanessa Durham1.30mSouthwestern Oregon
10.SoChelsea Standley1.30mSouthwestern Oregon
10.SoNichole Leaf1.30mSouthwestern Oregon
13.FrChristine Carter1.27mSouthwestern Oregon
13.SoMcKenzie Scott1.27mLane (OR)
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.JrKeisa Monterola4.22mClackamas
2.SoLindsay Beard3.68mLane (OR)
3.SoSamantha Poppe3.08mLane (OR)
4.FrBarry McLaren2.93mLane (OR)
5.FrAmber Bolen2.48mLane (OR)
6.SoMiranda Hatcher2.18mLane (OR)
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.JrKeisa Monterola5.39mClackamas
2.FrTerra Zodrow5.22mMt Hood
3.SoMichaela McNairy5.18mClackamas
4.SoJennifer Roberts5.07mClackamas
5.SoSamantha Poppe5.01mLane (OR)
6.FrKristina Hossley4.92mSouthwestern Oregon
7.SoJacee Retherford4.80mLane (OR)
8.SoKatie Davis4.77mLane (OR)
9.SoNichole Leaf4.68mSouthwestern Oregon
10.FrAlex Howe4.66mClackamas
11.FrLeina Buchanan4.59mClark College
12.SoChelsea Standley4.46mSouthwestern Oregon
13.FrCary Ann Lohof4.26mSouthwestern Oregon
14.FrStephanie Anthony4.24mMt Hood
15.FrBrooke Nelson3.89mSouthwestern Oregon
X Long Jump - Heptathlon - Finals
1.FrTerra Zodrow5.23mMt Hood
2.SoMichaela McNairy5.15mClackamas
3.SoChelsea Standley4.99mSouthwestern Oregon
4.SoSamantha Poppe4.93mLane (OR)
5.SoJacee Retherford4.87mLane (OR)
6.FrKristina Hossley4.86mSouthwestern Oregon
7.SoNichole Leaf4.74mSouthwestern Oregon
8.SoJennifer Roberts4.65mClackamas
9.FrMariah Villa4.62mClackamas
10.SoAddie Gallagher4.55mClackamas
11.SoKelly Millager4.41mSouthwestern Oregon
12.FrJeanessa Durham4.31mSouthwestern Oregon
13.SoMcKenzie Scott4.10mLane (OR)
14.FrChristine Carter3.86mSouthwestern Oregon
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoKatie Davis10.90mLane (OR)
2.SoJennifer Roberts10.49mClackamas
3.SoJacee Retherford10.30mLane (OR)
4.FrCary Ann Lohof10.18mSouthwestern Oregon
5.SoNichole Leaf10.09mSouthwestern Oregon
6.SoMcKenzie Scott9.94mLane (OR)
7.FrAlex Howe9.75mClackamas
8.FrBrooke Nelson9.32mSouthwestern Oregon
X Hammer - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.FrKatie Higgins46.11mClackamas
2.SoGuzman Jennifer39.26mLane (OR)
3.FrMelania Kutsev34.40mClackamas
4.FrLinsey Kau31.55mLane (OR)
5.SoAddie Gallagher29.25mClackamas
6.FrMcKenzie Henderson28.31mLane (OR)
7.FrCourtney Hutchens28.16mSouthwestern Oregon
8.FrChristine Carter24.45mSouthwestern Oregon
X Heptathlon Score - Varsity - Finals
1.SoAddie Gallagher4022Clackamas
2.FrTerra Zodrow4012Mt Hood
3.SoJennifer Roberts3958Clackamas
4.FrKristina Hossley3883Southwestern Oregon
5.SoMichaela McNairy3834Clackamas
6.SoSamantha Poppe3515Lane (OR)
7.FrJeanessa Durham3500Southwestern Oregon
8.SoKelly Millager3490Southwestern Oregon
9.FrMariah Villa3463Clackamas
10.SoChelsea Standley3398Southwestern Oregon
11.SoJacee Retherford3369Lane (OR)
12.SoNichole Leaf3069Southwestern Oregon
13.SoMcKenzie Scott2914Lane (OR)
14.FrChristine Carter2435Southwestern Oregon
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