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2011 Buccaneer Classic Relays

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Royce Turnbull11.39aCharlotte Country Day      
2.12Jonathan Bridges11.48aVictory Christian Ce...      
3.12Jeremiah Walker11.53aConcord First Assembly      
4.12Simms McElfresh11.57aCharlotte Christian      
5.12Eric Schmidt11.73aMetrolina Christian ...      
6.11Fred Bates11.84aConcord First Assembly      
7.12Riley Davis11.93aCharlotte Christian      
8.12Taj Mitchell11.95aVictory Christian Ce...      
9.11Greg Goff11.99aProvidence Day      
9.11William Roberts11.99aCharlotte Country Day      
11.11Jeffrey Roberts12.04aCharlotte Country Day      
12.9Matt Newman12.08aConcord First Assembly      
13.10Joshua Harris12.26aVictory Christian Ce...      
14.12Dylan Gaffney12.51aWestchester Country ...      
15.11Justin Fisher12.71aCovenant Day      
16.9Kahlil Bost13.29aSun Valley      
17.9Michael Collins16.41aSun Valley      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kevin Permenter49.78aWestchester Country ...      
2.12Chris Clark52.08aCharlotte Christian      
3.10Jeff Green52.82aWestchester Country ...      
4.12Mark Young53.06aProvidence Day      
5.11Erik Venderbush53.19aLake Norman Charter      
6.11Sidney Ward53.20aCharlotte Christian      
7.11Carrington Thomas53.44aVictory Christian Ce...      
8.11Lee Bobo53.66aLake Norman Charter      
9.12Nate Holstead53.75aConcord First Assembly      
10.12Mike McConoughey53.86aProvidence Day      
11.12Stephen Dillon53.97aCovenant Day      
12.12Collin Kepley54.13aLake Norman Charter      
13.12Bryan Funderburg56.73aCovenant Day      
14.11Derek Barrett57.56aSun Valley      
15.9Grayson Cole59.00aCovenant Day      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Casey Buddenbaum4:25.6hHickory Ridge      
2.12Sawyer Bowman4:31.5hWoodlawn      
3.11Rob Saunders4:33.9hCharlotte Country Day      
4.12Jordan Phillips4:34.7hLake Norman Charter      
5.11Chris Anderson4:39.3hWestchester Country ...      
6.11Michael Westbay4:45.1hLake Norman Charter      
7.11John Good4:46.0hCharlotte Christian      
8.12Steven Starr4:55.9hProvidence Day      
9.12David Stern4:57.3hProvidence Day      
10.12Adam Goho5:00.2hWestchester Country ...      
11.11Conor Jones5:01.6hCharlotte Country Day      
12.11Nick Fink5:04.1hSun Valley      
13.10Nicholas Rhyne5:11.4hCharlotte Country Day      
14.10Caleb Breeden5:12.6hMetrolina Christian ...      
15.9John Gaebe5:19.4hCovenant Day      
16.9Josh Biggerstaff5:21.5hCovenant Day      
17.9Jonathan Dabbs5:25.1hCovenant Day      
X 400m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Cyrus Bahram59.12aCharlotte Country Day      
2.9Jason Pierre1:05.22aSun Valley      
3.11Nick Berman1:06.90aCharlotte Country Day      
4.11Kenneth Barrett1:07.26aSun Valley      
5.10Parker Thompson1:18.75aCharlotte Country Day      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Matthiase Farley
Riley Davis
Simms McElfresh
Chris Clark
44.07aCharlotte Christian      
2.-Cyrus Bahram
William Roberts
Adam Kridler
Royce Turnbull
44.74aCharlotte Country Day      
3.-Jacob Sims
Taj Mitchell
Joshua Harris
Jonathan Bridges
44.83aVictory Christian Ce...      
4.-Daniel Smart
Haamid Williams
Chris McDonagh
Mark Young
45.26aProvidence Day      
5.-Jeremy Herba
Johnny Sprinkle
Eric Schmidt
Alex Lewis
46.33aMetrolina Christian ...      
6.-Fred Bates
Gabe Vargas
Jeremiah Walker
Matt Newman
47.63aConcord First Assembly      
7.-Tim Madden
Will Bouhuys
Jeffrey Roberts
Jordan Taylor
49.35aCharlotte Country Day      
8.-Bryan Funderburg
Kurt Weisheit
Justin Fisher
Grayson Cole
49.47aCovenant Day      
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Chris Clark
Simms McElfresh
Riley Davis
Matthiase Farley
1:31.25aCharlotte Christian      
2.-Jonathan Bridges
Carrington Thomas
Hezekiah McKinnon
Jacob Sims
1:34.79aVictory Christian Ce...      
3.-Haamid Williams
Daniel Smart
Greg Goff
Chris McDonagh
1:35.42aProvidence Day      
4.-Relay Team 1:39.12aWestchester Country ...      
5.-Jeremy Herba
Nathan Richardson
Johnny Sprinkle
Alex Lewis
1:40.11aMetrolina Christian ...      
6.-Kenneth Barrett
Clarence Tate
Ty Thompson
Derrick Hibbert
1:40.17aSun Valley      
7.-Nate Holstead
Matt Newman
Gabe Vargas
Fred Bates
1:40.22aConcord First Assembly      
8.-Grayson Cole
Kurt Weisheit
Justin Fisher
Stephen Dillon
1:41.99aCovenant Day      
9.-Jeffrey Roberts
Pete Showalter
Will Bouhuys
Baxley Pierce
1:44.26aCharlotte Country Day      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:33.58aWestchester Country ...      
2.-Lee Bobo
Collin Kepley
Chris Hack
Erik Venderbush
3:34.79aLake Norman Charter      
3.-Eric Lemon
Carrington Thomas
Samuel Sims
Isaiah Ford
3:39.65aVictory Christian Ce...      
4.-Chris Clark
John Good
Garrett Huneycutt
Mark Igbinadolor
3:39.70aCharlotte Christian      
5.-Mark Young
Daniel Smart
Chris McDonagh
Mike McConoughey
3:42.26aProvidence Day      
6.-Jeremy Herba
Johnny Sprinkle
Nathan Richardson
Will Melton
3:49.64aMetrolina Christian ...      
7.-Grayson Cole
Justin Fisher
Bryan Funderburg
Stephen Dillon
3:49.81aCovenant Day      
8.-Cyrus Bahram
Stephen Deal
Adam Kridler
Justin Robinson
3:50.49aCharlotte Country Day      
9.-Kenneth Barrett
Clarence Tate
Ty Thompson
Derrick Hibbert
3:52.84aSun Valley      
10.-Wesley Brandenberg
John Holland
Alex Nolan
John Allen
3:52.97aMetrolina Christian ...      
11.-Andrew Kral
David Stern
Austin Gray
Patrick Shearer
3:59.12aProvidence Day      
12.-Jonathan Dabbs
Kurt Weisheit
Kris Madden
Josh Biggerstaff
4:10.09aCovenant Day      
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Chris Hack
Michael Westbay
Jordan Phillips
Bryant Hooker
8:25.92aLake Norman Charter      
2.-Andrew Kral
David Stern
Patrick Shearer
Steven Starr
8:36.84aProvidence Day      
3.-Justin Robinson
Conor Jones
Nicholas Rhyne
Rob Saunders
9:05.92aCharlotte Country Day      
4.-Caleb Breeden
Will Melton
John Holland
Nathan Richardson
9:15.99aMetrolina Christian ...      
5.-Madison Heaton
Erik Foran
Matt Osborn
Stephen Hack
9:16.73aLake Norman Charter      
6.-John Good
Michael Good
Kyle Lubinsky
Nathan Walker
9:28.75aCharlotte Christian      
7.-Josh Biggerstaff
John Gaebe
Jonathan Dabbs
Grayson Cole
9:42.22aCovenant Day      
8.-Matthew McCorkle
Austin Gray
Reed Payne
Ryan Melton
9:43.95aProvidence Day      
9.-John Allen
Alex Nolan
Ian Fletcher
Wesley Brandenberg
10:08.14aMetrolina Christian ...      
10.-Thomas Lynch
Hunter Ubersox
Tanner McColl
Court Haworth
10:48.99aCharlotte Country Day      
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ward Showalter40-02.25Charlotte Country Day      
2.12Sarge Kinlin39-05.75Providence Day      
3.11Marcel Souffrant37-07.75Charlotte Country Day      
4.12Andy Vinson37-06.00Sun Valley      
5.10Kyle Shackleford36-04.75Metrolina Christian ...      
6.12Gasser Elsayed35-07.50Westchester Country ...      
7.9Brian Teutonico34-10.50Sun Valley      
8.12Dylan Penner33-04.50Providence Day      
9.12Graham Kirby33-04.25Providence Day      
10.12Mike McConoughey33-04.00Providence Day      
11.11Robert James32-10.25Concord First Assembly      
12.12Bryce Stout32-06.25Covenant Day      
13.12Nick Mark32-04.00Concord First Assembly      
14.9Dalton Waite31-11.00Charlotte Country Day      
15.10Joshua Harris31-10.25Victory Christian Ce...      
16.11Delvin Cue31-07.25Victory Christian Ce...      
17.12Kevin Permenter31-02.75Westchester Country ...      
18.10Jonathan Harris30-09.25Victory Christian Ce...      
19.10Jordan Randall29-07.00Metrolina Christian ...      
20.11Sunam Dhakal29-06.75Westchester Country ...      
21.9Ian Fletcher22-09.50Metrolina Christian ...      
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ward Showalter109-01Charlotte Country Day      
2.10Derek Makous108-00Providence Day      
3.12Bryce Stout103-11.75Covenant Day      
4.11Robert James94-01.50Concord First Assembly      
5.10Jonathan Harris92-00.50Victory Christian Ce...      
6.12Brent Thompson91-07.50Charlotte Country Day      
7.11Marcel Souffrant89-10.50Charlotte Country Day      
8.12Sarge Kinlin89-00Providence Day      
9.12Gasser Elsayed85-06Westchester Country ...      
10.12Graham Kirby82-09Providence Day      
11.9Dalton Waite77-11Charlotte Country Day      
12.12Nick Mark75-11.50Concord First Assembly      
13.10Jordan Randall75-05Metrolina Christian ...      
14.11Sunam Dhakal70-08Westchester Country ...      
15.9Ian Fletcher57-10Metrolina Christian ...      
16.10Christopher Alexander57-05.50Victory Christian Ce...      
17.10Kyle Shackleford52-07.50Metrolina Christian ...      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Charlie Sowers5-04.00Providence Day      
1.11Haamid Williams5-04.00Providence Day      
3.9Hezekiah McKinnon5-02.00Victory Christian Ce...      
3.12Matthew Scheppman5-02.00Westchester Country ...      
5.10Will Thomas5-00.00Westchester Country ...      
5.9Melvin Howie5-00.00Providence Day      
5.12Stephen Deal5-00.00Charlotte Country Day      
5.11Cameron Ball5-00.00Westchester Country ...      
--12Taj MitchellNHVictory Christian Ce...      
--12Jonathan BridgesNHVictory Christian Ce...      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Taylor Bowers12-00.00Jay M Robinson      
2.12Will Walton10-06.00Providence Day      
3.12Suraj Suri10-00.00Charlotte Country Day      
4.11Dan McCauley9-00.00Providence Day      
4.11Matt Humphrey9-00.00Providence Day      
6.10Will Thomas8-06.00Westchester Country ...      
6.12Stephen Deal8-06.00Charlotte Country Day      
8.9Pete Showalter8-00.00Charlotte Country Day      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11George Freiberger21-04.25Westchester Country ...      
2.10Royce Turnbull20-00.50Charlotte Country Day      
3.11Jacob Sims19-10.00Victory Christian Ce...      
4.10Derek Makous18-02.50Providence Day      
5.11Haamid Williams17-06.50Providence Day      
5.9Jason Pierre17-06.50Sun Valley      
5.12Jeremiah Walker17-06.50Concord First Assembly      
8.9Melvin Howie17-03.50Providence Day      
9.12Luke Robinson17-03.00Charlotte Christian      
10.11Carrington Thomas16-04.00Victory Christian Ce...      
11.12Gabe Vargas15-06.50Concord First Assembly      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11George Freiberger44-06.00Westchester Country ...      
2.12Chris McDonagh40-11.50Providence Day      
3.11Jacob Sims40-08.00Victory Christian Ce...      
4.12Adam Kridler39-11.75Charlotte Country Day      
5.11Mark Igbinadolor39-02.00Charlotte Christian      
6.12Stephen Deal38-05.25Charlotte Country Day      
7.9Jackson Goode34-06.50Charlotte Country Day      
8.10Tyler Fairly34-06.00Westchester Country ...      
9.10Will Thomas33-06.00Westchester Country ...      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Varonica Johnson12.34aProvidence Day      
2.12Ariel Gates12.86aScotland      
3.11Larcenia Easterling13.13aScotland      
4.12Morgan Kirk13.24aCharlotte Christian      
5.11Courtney Thomas13.29aVictory Christian Ce...      
6.12Shantel Smith13.31aScotland      
7.10Arielle Massillon13.52aProvidence Day      
8.10Kelsie Grice13.56aCharlotte Country Day      
9.10Hannah Holbrook13.89aCovenant Day      
10.10Jessica Gregory14.34aCharlotte Country Day      
11.10Jordan Osborne14.41aVictory Christian Ce...      
12.11Lundyn Harris14.63aConcord First Assembly      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Varonica Johnson58.71aProvidence Day      
2.12Itohowo Eyo59.81aCharlotte Country Day      
3.11Rickell Reid1:00.96aSun Valley      
4.12Davida Scoggins1:03.07aVictory Christian Ce...      
5.12Sydney Jones1:04.11aCharlotte Country Day      
6.9Mictasha Mickle1:04.50aVictory Christian Ce...      
7.11Hannah Wilson1:05.01aProvidence Day      
8.10Rachael Snapper1:05.68aCovenant Day      
9.10Reilly Baxter1:09.10aCovenant Day      
10.12Jordan Hattaway1:09.23aCovenant Day      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Sarah Hardin5:37.77aLake Norman Charter      
2.9Allyson Quillin5:38.13aCharlotte Country Day      
3.12Hannah Cline5:49.94aCharlotte Country Day      
4.10Stephanie Zaino5:52.23aLake Norman Charter      
5.10Eden Bayuk6:05.94aSun Valley      
6.11Sarah Morales6:17.10aSun Valley      
7.11Molly Yandle6:18.31aProvidence Day      
8.11Molly Quillin6:33.20aCharlotte Country Day      
9.10Stephanie Marek6:50.93aSun Valley      
10.11Mary Henderson6:53.78aSun Valley      
X 400m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ariel Gates1:12.16aScotland      
2.10Madison Reasor1:13.64aSun Valley      
3.11Dominica Norris1:14.85aCox Mill      
4.10Tiffany Martin1:19.97aVictory Christian Ce...      
5.10Aatianna Willliams1:24.21aScotland      
6.11Samril Ratcliff1:24.32aScotland      
7.11Tamaya Bennett1:27.80aScotland      
8.10Zanetha Allen1:50.16aVictory Christian Ce...      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Tashonda Marshall
Larcenia Easterling
Erin Cromartie
Ariel Gates
2.-Laura Hogan
Katelyn Gill
Madison Kofoed
Morgan Kirk
51.17aCharlotte Christian      
3.-Kierra Davis
Tiffany Martin
Mictasha Mickle
Courtney Thomas
51.29aVictory Christian Ce...      
4.-Kelsie Grice
Mia Wilson
Sydney Jones
Itohowo Eyo
52.24aCharlotte Country Day      
5.-Fiyonnia Baldwin
Cherel Monroe
Tytianna McIntyre
Jatoya Williams
6.-Natalie Kamerer
Mary Hill Brooks
Hunter Hess
Jessica Gregory
57.00aCharlotte Country Day      
7.-Angelina Ingrassia
Madison Perkins
Victoria Langley
Mira Puetz
58.69aMetrolina Christian ...      
8.-Annie Allison
Ashley Jackson
Emily Jarrett
Emma Smith
58.82aCovenant Day      
---Simone Gwehi
Brianna Rhynes
Reyanna Stevenson
Alexis Jones
DQSun Valley      
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Shantel Smith
Erin Cromartie
Larcenia Easterling
Ariel Gates
2.-Katelyn Gill
Madison Kofoed
Laura Hogan
Morgan Kirk
1:50.63aCharlotte Christian      
3.-Tiffany Martin
Mictasha Mickle
Davida Scoggins
Courtney Thomas
1:51.10aVictory Christian Ce...      
4.-Fiyonnia Baldwin
ShiEra Hall
Jatoya Williams
TeBorah Hollingsworth
5.-Kelsie Grice
Sydney Jones
Esty Byrd
Itohowo Eyo
1:52.74aCharlotte Country Day      
6.-Alexis Jones
Reyanna Stevenson
Madison Reasor
Simone Gwehi
1:53.29aSun Valley      
7.-Hunter Hess
Mary Hill Brooks
Jessica Gregory
Linda Horn
2:04.37aCharlotte Country Day      
8.-Angelina Ingrassia
McKenzie Warnock
Victoria Langley
Mira Puetz
2:06.33aMetrolina Christian ...      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Amanda McFeeley
Hannah Wilson
Arielle Massillon
Varonica Johnson
4:09.50aProvidence Day      
2.-Itohowo Eyo
Lauren McFayden
Caroline Plyler
Sydney Jones
4:20.10aCharlotte Country Day      
3.-TeBorah Hollingsworth
Tashonda Marshall
Erin Cromartie
Larcenia Easterling
4.-Tiffany Martin
Mictasha Mickle
Courtney Thomas
Davida Scoggins
4:27.48aVictory Christian Ce...      
5.-Laura Hogan
Catherine McCreary
Madison Kofoed
Mari Pillmore
4:29.34aCharlotte Christian      
6.-Reilly Baxter
Rachael Snapper
Henny Rau
Jordan Hattaway
4:46.12aCovenant Day      
7.-Colleen Heberle
Bethany Rost
Bethany Johnson
Laura Ward
4:52.00aLake Norman Charter      
8.-Natalie Kamerer
Kathryn Kennedy
Lara Handelsman
Catherine Armistead
5:07.03aCharlotte Country Day      
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Haylee Dawe
Ally Finical
Tricia Murphy
Kameron Spence
9:43.89aCharlotte Latin      
2.-Caroline Plyler
Allyson Quillin
Hannah Cline
Lauren McFayden
10:39.32aCharlotte Country Day      
3.-Amanda McFeeley
Molly Yandle
Hannah Wilson
Emily Holway
10:47.52aProvidence Day      
4.-Sarah Hardin
Stephanie Zaino
Bridgette Siemon
Colleen Heberle
10:49.67aLake Norman Charter      
5.-Eden Bayuk
Quanasia Mckoy
Ashley Johnson
Sam Overbay
10:51.14aSun Valley      
5.-Danielle DeLawter
Kennedy Phillips
Katherine Puckett
Bethany Johnson
10:51.14aLake Norman Charter      
7.-Erin Snead
Caroline Pridgen
Courtney Poole
Shyanne Pate
8.-Angelina Ingrassia
Madison Perkins
McKenzie Warnock
Mira Puetz
11:33.79aMetrolina Christian ...      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Dacia Thompson36-00.00Providence Day      
2.12Hana Metzinger29-10.25Bunn      
3.12LaShanda McAllister29-06.75Scotland      
4.12Kayla Inouye28-02.50Sun Valley      
5.11Lundyn Harris27-11.00Concord First Assembly      
6.10Sarah Drummond27-09.00Charlotte Christian      
7.9Kianna Goodson24-00.00Victory Christian Ce...      
8.10Brittany Stout21-02.75Covenant Day      
9.12Natalie Burke20-07.00Providence Day      
10.10Anna Wyman20-06.50Covenant Day      
11.10Charisma Graham20-04.00Scotland      
12.12Hannah Muolo20-00.50Concord First Assembly      
13.10Holly Skinner19-11.00Covenant Day      
14.9Audrey Cook18-07.75Sun Valley      
15.12Emily Holway17-07.50Providence Day      
16.12Jordan Gray15-08.00Providence Day      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Hana Metzinger122-06Bunn      
2.12LaShanda McAllister102-02Scotland      
3.10Sarah Drummond78-04.50Charlotte Christian      
4.11Lundyn Harris77-02.50Concord First Assembly      
5.9Kianna Goodson76-09Victory Christian Ce...      
6.10Brittany Stout74-03Covenant Day      
6.10Madeline Kestler74-03Providence Day      
8.10Charisma Graham55-08Scotland      
9.9Audrey Cook52-08.50Sun Valley      
10.12Emily Holway52-06Providence Day      
11.10Hunter Hess51-01.50Charlotte Country Day      
12.10Anna Wyman49-09.50Covenant Day      
13.12Hannah Muolo43-04.50Concord First Assembly      
14.10Holly Skinner37-09.50Covenant Day      
15.12Natalie Burke35-06.50Providence Day      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Danielle Hawkins4-10.00Cardinal Gibbons      
2.9Kierra Davis4-08.00Victory Christian Ce...      
3.11TeBorah Hollingsworth4-06.00Scotland      
3.9Tytianna McIntyre4-06.00Scotland      
5.10Erin Snead4-04.00Scotland      
5.9Allyson Quillin4-04.00Charlotte Country Day      
5.11Samril Ratcliff4-04.00Scotland      
8.10Jordan Osborne4-02.00Victory Christian Ce...      
8.10Zanetha Allen4-02.00Victory Christian Ce...      
8.9Fiyonnia Baldwin4-02.00Scotland      
8.9Jatoya Williams4-02.00Scotland      
12.10Alyssa Berman4-00.00Providence Day      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Sarah Findlay6-06.00Providence Day      
2.11Sophia Tucker6-00.00Providence Day      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Shantel Smith17-02.25Scotland      
2.12Danielle Hawkins15-09.00Cardinal Gibbons      
3.9Kierra Davis15-04.25Victory Christian Ce...      
4.10Aatianna Willliams15-02.25Scotland      
5.12ShiEra Hall13-09.50Scotland      
6.10Zanetha Allen13-05.75Victory Christian Ce...      
7.9Tytianna McIntyre12-07.00Scotland      
8.10Alyssa Berman12-03.50Providence Day      
9.10Madeline Kestler11-03.50Providence Day      
10.-Brittany Pankey10-08.00Scotland      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Shantel Smith35-03.00Scotland      
2.12Danielle Hawkins32-07.00Cardinal Gibbons      
3.10Zanetha Allen31-04.25Victory Christian Ce...      
4.10Carson Kowar31-02.50Charlotte Christian      
5.9Kierra Davis31-02.00Victory Christian Ce...      
6.10Aatianna Willliams30-11.00Scotland      
7.12ShiEra Hall30-09.00Scotland      
8.11TeBorah Hollingsworth30-04.50Scotland      
9.10Hunter Hess22-06.50Charlotte Country Day      
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