GHSA Region 6-AAAA Championships - Boys

Monday, May 03, 2010
  Panthersville Stadium, Atlanta - Map
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Georgia - AAAA
STMOStone Mountain
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Antoine Cantrell-Hightower10.82aMiller Grove
2.-Johnathan Mincy11.03aSouthwest Dekalb
3.11Brandon Jackson-bell11.09aMiller Grove
4.11Mychal Cofield11.12aSouthwest Dekalb
5.-Edmund Williams11.13aTucker
6.-Dinham Christobal11.14aLithonia
7.12Desmond Powell11.19aLakeside DeKalb
8.9Myles Willis11.45aMarist
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Antoine Cantrell-Hightower10.93aMiller Grove
1.11Brandon Jackson-bell11.12aMiller Grove
1.11Mychal Cofield11.16aSouthwest Dekalb
2.-Johnathan Mincy11.18aSouthwest Dekalb
2.-Dinham Christobal11.25aLithonia
3.12Desmond Powell11.32aLakeside DeKalb
2.-Edmund Williams11.33aTucker
3.9Myles Willis11.34aMarist
4.12Anthony Carter11.36aStone Mountain
5.-Derrick Cook11.39aChamblee
4.12Terrence Griffith11.41aChamblee
3.-Marquese McNeal11.45aTucker
4.12Derrick Harris11.47aStone Mountain
5.12William Priest11.89aLakeside DeKalb
6.-Diavonte Smith12.00aLithonia
5.-Jeremy Kovach12.08aForsyth Central
6.11Jason Bailey12.16aNorth Springs
6.9Andrew Catherman12.24aMarist
7.-Trevor Johnson12.25aForsyth Central
7.10Marcus Pitts13.33aNorth Springs
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Tamaric Johnson21.74aStone Mountain
2.-Seantavious Jones21.82aTucker
3.12Antoine Cantrell-Hightower21.93aMiller Grove
4.-Sidney Buchanon22.09aLithonia
5.11Mychal Cofield22.33aSouthwest Dekalb
6.-N'Quan Maggett22.52aTucker
7.11Cortez Beck22.65aSouthwest Dekalb
8.10Fredarious Scott23.53aStone Mountain
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.-Seantavious Jones22.02aTucker
1.10Tamaric Johnson22.27aStone Mountain
1.12Antoine Cantrell-Hightower22.31aMiller Grove
2.11Mychal Cofield22.55aSouthwest Dekalb
3.-N'Quan Maggett22.58aTucker
4.-Sidney Buchanon22.63aLithonia
2.10Fredarious Scott22.64aStone Mountain
2.11Cortez Beck22.76aSouthwest Dekalb
3.-Zacchius Sumbry23.03aLithonia
3.12Desmond Powell23.12aLakeside DeKalb
4.12Yeroc Golden23.26aLakeside DeKalb
4.12Terrence Griffith23.39aChamblee
5.10Terrell Booker23.63aChamblee
5.11Jonathan Norris23.75aMiller Grove
6.11Jason Bailey24.56aNorth Springs
6.11Jamal Husband25.03aNorth Springs
5.-Christian Burlock25.24aMarist
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Tamaric Johnson49.27aStone Mountain
2.-Octavious Andrews49.52aStone Mountain
3.11Cortez Beck49.83aSouthwest Dekalb
4.11Cedric Colson49.89aTucker
5.12Yeroc Golden51.80aLakeside DeKalb
6.9Brent Reynolds52.28aLakeside DeKalb
7.11Jordan Snellings54.17aMarist
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.-Octavious Andrews49.18aStone Mountain
2.11Cortez Beck49.55aSouthwest Dekalb
1.10Tamaric Johnson49.76aStone Mountain
1.11Cedric Colson50.25aTucker
2.12Yeroc Golden51.23aLakeside DeKalb
2.11Jordan Snellings51.54aMarist
3.9Brent Reynolds51.58aLakeside DeKalb
3.12Blake Summers51.64aMiller Grove
4.11Zachary Fitch51.95aSouthwest Dekalb
3.-N'Quan Maggett51.97aTucker
4.-Torrence Booker53.64aChamblee
4.-Erik Hemanes54.73aLithonia
5.-Marquise Freeman55.80aNorth Springs
5.11Jamal Husband56.98aNorth Springs
6.-Trae Lewis57.11aMarist
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Antoino Carter1:55.63aMiller Grove
2.12Lawson Mahoney1:57.10aMarist
3.12Ed Austin1:57.94aSouthwest Dekalb
4.9Brent Reynolds1:59.57aLakeside DeKalb
5.12Anthony Wolliston1:59.63aSouthwest Dekalb
6.12Devonte Driessen2:00.72aMiller Grove
7.-Quavonte Evans2:01.13aTucker
8.11Abaho Katabarwa2:01.45aLakeside DeKalb
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Lawson Mahoney1:58.29aMarist
1.12Ed Austin1:58.43aSouthwest Dekalb
2.12Anthony Wolliston1:58.64aSouthwest Dekalb
2.12Devonte Driessen2:01.41aMiller Grove
3.-Quavonte Evans2:01.54aTucker
1.11Antoino Carter2:01.89aMiller Grove
2.9Brent Reynolds2:03.00aLakeside DeKalb
3.11Abaho Katabarwa2:05.82aLakeside DeKalb
3.12Nok Abdelkarim2:07.04aChamblee
4.-Drakar Townsend2:07.28aTucker
4.12Carlen Lovence2:08.07aStone Mountain
4.10Matt Mcmurray2:08.27aMarist
5.10Aaron Edeus2:11.71aForsyth Central
5.-Harrold Wells2:12.10aNorth Springs
5.11Brandon Lee2:14.62aChamblee
6.11Connor Isham2:27.63aNorth Springs
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Antoino Carter4:26.24aMiller Grove
2.11Scott Selvey4:29.08aMarist
3.11John Ewing4:30.29aLakeside DeKalb
4.11Jared Williams4:40.31aSouthwest Dekalb
5.12David Dixon4:47.63aLakeside DeKalb
6.10Malik Wheeler4:50.26aChamblee
7.11Malcom Wright4:53.41aSouthwest Dekalb
8.11Mario Morales4:53.51aMiller Grove
9.11Cody Matheson4:55.13aForsyth Central
10.9Laurence Innerarity5:04.01aTucker
11.10Eric Wolgamott5:14.79aTucker
1.9Josh Stanley5:15.35aChamblee
2.-Harrold Wells5:15.89aNorth Springs
3.11Connor Isham5:26.46aNorth Springs
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Scott Selvey9:59.31aMarist
2.11John Ewing10:01.08aLakeside DeKalb
3.11Jared Williams10:04.99aSouthwest Dekalb
4.12David Dixon10:13.61aLakeside DeKalb
5.11Ben Campbell10:17.18aMarist
6.12Joshua Kelly10:34.72aStone Mountain
7.10Michael Jordan10:39.87aSouthwest Dekalb
8.10Malik Wheeler10:45.68aChamblee
9.11Mario Morales11:03.42aMiller Grove
10.10Sean Purcell11:35.36aTucker
11.9Josh Stanley11:43.71aChamblee
12.10Eric Wolgamott11:43.82aTucker
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.9Christopher Morris15.38aSouthwest Dekalb
2.-Kristion Collins16.84aTucker
3.-Ricky Nelson17.31aMarist
4.-Chris Gilbert17.68aChamblee
5.12Nicholas Upshaw17.70aStone Mountain
6.12Cardinal Clarke17.72aLakeside DeKalb
7.12George Lincoln19.28aLakeside DeKalb
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.9Christopher Morris15.84aSouthwest Dekalb
1.12George Lincoln16.96aLakeside DeKalb
2.-Kristion Collins16.97aTucker
2.12Nicholas Upshaw18.09aStone Mountain
3.-Ricky Nelson18.55aMarist
3.12Cardinal Clarke18.62aLakeside DeKalb
4.-C. Delgado18.83aChamblee
4.-Chris Gilbert19.00aChamblee
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.9Christopher Morris39.63aSouthwest Dekalb
2.11Malcolm Brock40.05aSouthwest Dekalb
3.12Jacob Yount40.99aLakeside DeKalb
4.12Nicholas Upshaw41.19aStone Mountain
5.12Cardinal Clarke44.79aLakeside DeKalb
6.-Devon Bulgin44.85aTucker
7.-Ricky Nelson45.05aMarist
8.-Kristion Collins45.90aTucker
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Malcolm Brock39.99aSouthwest Dekalb
2.12Jacob Yount41.50aLakeside DeKalb
3.12Nicholas Upshaw41.98aStone Mountain
1.9Christopher Morris42.09aSouthwest Dekalb
4.-Ricky Nelson44.73aMarist
5.12Cardinal Clarke44.76aLakeside DeKalb
2.-Kristion Collins45.73aTucker
3.-Devon Bulgin46.34aTucker
4.-Chris Gilbert47.15aChamblee
5.-Tyreace Thompson47.60aLithonia
6.-Aric Jones48.44aChamblee
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jonathan Norris
Blake Norris
Kristoff Ricks
An Cantrell-hightower
41.67aMiller Grove
2.-Johnathan Mincy
Cortez Beck
Mychal Cofield
Allen Stripling
41.74aSouthwest Dekalb
3.-Relay Team 42.14aStone Mountain
4.-Seantavious Jones
Devon Bulgin
N'Quan Maggett
Edmund Williams
5.-Octavious Andrews
Aaron Sibley
Willie Parker
Korey Bryant
43.51aStone Mountain
6.-Zacchius Sumbry
Diavonte Smith
Dinham Christobal
Sidney Buchanon
7.-Derrick Cook
Femi Bab-oke
Terrence Griffith
Terrell Booker
8.-Andrew Catherman
Jordan Snellings
Christian Burlock
Myles Willis
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Prelims
1.-Johnathan Mincy
Cortez Beck
Mychal Cofield
Allen Stripling
41.83aSouthwest Dekalb
1.-Relay Team 42.01aStone Mountain
2.-Jonathan Norris
Blake Norris
Kristoff Ricks
An Cantrell-hightower
42.24aMiller Grove
2.-Seantavious Jones
Devon Bulgin
N'Quan Maggett
Edmund Williams
3.-Derrick Cook
Femi Bab-oke
Terrence Griffith
Terrell Booker
4.-Octavious Andrews
Aaron Sibley
Willie Parker
Korey Bryant
43.47aStone Mountain
5.-Zacchius Sumbry
Diavonte Smith
Dinham Christobal
Sidney Buchanon
3.-Andrew Catherman
Jordan Snellings
Christian Burlock
Myles Willis
4.-Tim Branch
William Weeks
Khalik Hazelton
Torrence Booker
5.-Jason Bailey
Jamal Husband
Marquise Freeman
Max Pierre
46.01aNorth Springs
---Justin Garrett
Norman Hayes
Greg Brown
Juwaan Williams
---Yeroc Golden
Lamar Castle
Desmond Powell
William Priest
DQLakeside DeKalb
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Cedric Colson
N'Quan Maggett
Edmund Williams
Seantavious Jones
2.-Cortez Beck
Mychal Cofield
Anthony Wolliston
Christopher Morris
3:17.87aSouthwest Dekalb
3.-Relay Team 3:18.05aStone Mountain
4.-Devonte Driessen
Brandon Jackson-bell
Blake Summers
An Cantrell-hightower
3:19.92aMiller Grove
5.-Yeroc Golden
Abaho Katabarwa
Brent Reynolds
Desmond Powell
3:30.07aLakeside DeKalb
6.-Josh Brown
Torrence Booker
Femi Bab-oke
Sayed Gebriel
7.-Yusef Minor
Quavonte Evans
Justin Garrett
Juwaan Williams
8.-Derrick Harris
Aaron Sibley
Willie Parker
Idris Olayiwola
3:33.18aStone Mountain
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Prelims
1.-Relay Team 3:20.06aStone Mountain
2.-Cortez Beck
Mychal Cofield
Anthony Wolliston
Christopher Morris
3:20.50aSouthwest Dekalb
1.-Cedric Colson
N'Quan Maggett
Edmund Williams
Seantavious Jones
2.-Devonte Driessen
Brandon Jackson-bell
Blake Summers
An Cantrell-hightower
3:24.54aMiller Grove
3.-Yeroc Golden
Abaho Katabarwa
Brent Reynolds
Desmond Powell
3:31.37aLakeside DeKalb
4.-Derrick Harris
Aaron Sibley
Willie Parker
Idris Olayiwola
3:35.04aStone Mountain
5.-Josh Brown
Torrence Booker
Femi Bab-oke
Sayed Gebriel
3.-Yusef Minor
Quavonte Evans
Justin Garrett
Juwaan Williams
6.-Jason Bailey
Jamal Husband
Marquise Freeman
Max Pierre
3:40.62aNorth Springs
4.-Zacchius Sumbry
Erik Hemanes
Eric McLeod
Sidney Buchanon
7.-John Ewing
Ryan Kelly
Charles Lindquist
Sebastian Moreno
3:48.17aLakeside DeKalb
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.10Burke Mccarty50-00.00Marist
2.12Trey Nordone47-09.00Marist
3.-Aaron Bell47-02.00Tucker
4.-Anthony Allen45-07.00Southwest Dekalb
5.-Brent Riley45-02.00Lakeside DeKalb
6.12Domineek King44-11.00Stone Mountain
7.-Derrick Sibley44-09.00Stone Mountain
1.12Mike Ugenyi44-04.00North Springs
2.-Maleek Allen43-07.00Tucker
3.-Chris Gilbert39-10.00Chamblee
4.12Laderrius Nealy39-08.00Chamblee
5.12Pablo Montilla39-00.00Lakeside DeKalb
6.-Jacob Nesmith38-00.00Forsyth Central
7.-Jt Tassitano37-10.00Forsyth Central
8.-John Dixon35-03.00North Springs
X Shot Put - 12lb - Wheelchair - Finals
1.-Mark Fuentes10-07.00Forsyth Central
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Burke Mccarty177-01Marist
2.-Bryan Gardner126-06Forsyth Central
3.-Chris Gilbert125-09Chamblee
4.-Brent Riley124-10Lakeside DeKalb
1.12Mike Ugenyi121-00North Springs
5.12Domineek King114-01Stone Mountain
6.11Erin Epps112-04Tucker
2.12Laderrius Nealy103-07Chamblee
3.-Jacob Nesmith102-06Forsyth Central
4.12Jacob Yount99-06Lakeside DeKalb
7.10Nick Collins97-04Tucker
5.-Derrick Sibley93-07Stone Mountain
8.11Christian Antos92-05Marist
6.-Allen Stripling82-01Southwest Dekalb
7.10Marcus Pitts74-00North Springs
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Malcolm Brock6-00.00Southwest Dekalb
2.10Devante Provost5-11.00Miller Grove
3.-Gus Wheeler5-10.00Marist
3.-Quincy Watford5-10.00Chamblee
3.-Sheldon Strickland5-10.00Lakeside DeKalb
6.-Jonathan Goodson5-06.00Lakeside DeKalb
6.-Devon Bulgin5-06.00Tucker
6.-Eric Rivers5-06.00Tucker
6.12Sheldon Limehouse5-06.00Stone Mountain
--10Tamaric JohnsonNHStone Mountain
--11Kevin LongNHMarist
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Nathan Daniel11-06.00Marist
1.11Daniel Arias11-06.00Marist
1.-Wymbs Lonnie11-06.00Southwest Dekalb
4.11Nathan Brown11-00.00Lakeside DeKalb
4.11Chris Carter11-00.00Lakeside DeKalb
6.11Nicholas McKoon10-06.00Chamblee
7.9Jeff Jernigan9-00.00Chamblee
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kevin Vincent22-06.50Chamblee
2.-Seantavious Jones21-10.75Tucker
3.11Kyle Grant21-08.50Lakeside DeKalb
1.-Diavonte Smith21-06.00Lithonia
4.10Fredarious Scott21-03.00Stone Mountain
2.10Devante Provost20-06.25Miller Grove
3.9Chris Bryant20-04.25Marist
5.-Lamar Castle20-02.00Lakeside DeKalb
6.12Anthony Carter19-04.50Stone Mountain
4.11Jason Bailey17-04.00North Springs
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Malcolm Brock46-07.00Southwest Dekalb
2.-Seantavious Jones45-00.50Tucker
3.-Octavious Andrews43-05.50Stone Mountain
1.-Eric Rivers42-06.00Tucker
4.11Sayed Gebriel41-10.25Chamblee
5.11Kyle Grant41-02.00Lakeside DeKalb
2.11Don Cox39-10.00Lakeside DeKalb
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